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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
HSC100672HSCMimulus microphyllusCarl C. Marshall3871887-04-01 HumboldtSupply Creek, near Hoopa.
JEPS10450UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusVesta F. Hesse3691943-09-17 Santa Cruznear Boulder Creek; Cool Creek Canon
JEPS10453UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusMrs. Mary Van E. Ferguson1919-04-13 Napanear Atlas
JEPS10464UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson205151941-04-30 San BernardinoStevens Reservoir, east side of Old Dad Mountains, near Waterloo Wash, Mohave Desert
JEPS10468UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJoseph P. Tracy125011933-06-06 HumboldtTrinidad
JEPS10494UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJoseph P. Tracy55961921-05-18 CalaverasCopperopolis
JEPS10498UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusS. B., W. F. Parish1888-07-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
JEPS10501UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusMary Van E. Ferguson1919-04-13 NapaAtlas Peak
JEPS11343UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson4274a1911-06-25 MariposaYosemite Falls
JEPS11351UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson7m1893-05-02 Napae Calistoga (on the New Pope Valley grade); Napa River Basin, Napa Range
JEPS11436UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson91681921-05-06 NapaYountville
JEPS11437UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson91731921-05-06 NapaYountville
JEPS11439UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson91711921-05-06 NapaCalistoga
JEPS11440UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson73m1893-04-28 Napan Mt. George (on Wooden Valley grade); Napa Range
JEPS11441UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson9m1893-04-28 NapaWooden Valley grade Napa River Basin, Napa range
JEPS11442UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson10m1893-05-08 NapaLa Jota Plateau Napa River Basin, Howell Mountain
JEPS11448UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson49091912-06-29 Tularenear Trout Meadows; Little Kern River
JEPS11522UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusAlma Ames181913-06-01 Sierrasummit Yuba Pass
JEPS11524UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson83701919-06-28 Mariposanear Royal Arches; Yosemite Valley
JEPS11540UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson26861907-05-11 MontereyPriest Valley
JEPS11553UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson41421910-06-16 PlumasQuincy
JEPS11558UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusAdele Lewis Grant1309d1918-06-23 Maderaabove Fresno Dome (at Harts Meadow)
JEPS11562UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson91701921-05-06 NapaYountville
JEPS11567UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson89941920-05-23 LakeIndian Valley
JEPS12346UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusF. W. Pennell, H. L. Mason255001940-05-21 Mendocino10-11 mi above mouth Navarro River (Route 28)
JEPS18005UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusGeorge B. Rossbach5021955-05-22 El Doradoe Shingle Springs
JEPS18006UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusGeorge B. Rossbach5011955-05-22 El Doradoe Shingle Springs
JEPS18289UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusPeter H. Raven107541957-05-05 Napanear Airport; Calistoga
JEPS28984UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusFrances D. Payne611929-07-07 ModocPine Creek Basin Warner Mountains
JEPS28993UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusFrances D. Payne1541931-06-12 Modocw slope Warner Mountains; Parker Creek watershed
JEPS30969UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusD. E. Breedlove35551962-06-13 El Dorado3 mi s Meyers (along State Highway 89); Sierra Nevada
JEPS3685UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusV. F. Hesse11061953-05-30 Santa Cruz3 mi from Boulder Creek (Basin Way)
JEPS4705UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusA. A. Heller150601938-05-04 Buttee Chico (near covered bridge over creek); Butte Creek
JEPS68340UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusErnest C. Twisselmann178691971-07-15 KernNorth Fork of the Head of Bartolas Creek Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau
JEPS77348UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusRobert M. Lloyd25711963-04-27 Mariposa8.8 mi s Coulterville (on Highway 49)
JEPS85027UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusLarry Heckard, Mary Ashton22121969-05-03 Napaca. 7 mi ne Napa (Mead Ranch, off the Atlas Peak Rd., above and w of meadow)
JEPS98444UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusLowell Ahart84282000-05-31 Butte3 miles SE of Paradise (below the high water line of Lake Oroville, about 400 yds E of where Kunkle Creek enters Lake Oroville)
UC1012153UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusF. W. Pennell, H. L. Mason255481940-05-23 Lake3 mi ne Middletown
UC1012155UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusFrancis W. Pennell255841940-05-29 MariposaMormon Bar
UC1012403UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusF. W. Pennell, H. L. Mason255001940-05-21 Mendocino10-11 mi above mouth Navarro River (Route 28)
UC1034004UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusFrancis W. Pennell261631940-07-16 Siskiyou5 mi sw yreka
UC103794UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusC. F. Baker19801903-04-19 NapaCalistoga
UC1063149UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusH. S. Yates51711935-04-26 Calaveras2 mi w Compo Seco; Jackson Quadrangle
UC1063152UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusG. T. Nordstrom7521936-04-24 Amador1.1 mi wsw Bisbee Peak; Jackson Quadrangle
UC111521UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusH. M. Hall75731906-07-26 San BernardinoBig Meadows San Bernardino Mountains, Upper Santa Ana Canon
UC112827UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusKatharine Brandegee1908-06-05 PlacerMagra Station
UC1196829UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusH. E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy94621931-05-30 Del Norte5 mi above mouth Smith River; North Coast Region, Smith River
UC1196830UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJoseph P. Tracy129321933-08-06 HumboldtLyons Ranch Bald Hills
UC1239045UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusFreed W. Hoffman24311948-07-01 TehamaEagle Peak North Coast Ranges
UC1239065UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusFreed W. Hoffman18901947-04-10 SonomaThe Geysers North Coast Ranges
UC124413UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusGeo. Hansen10501895-04-01 AmadorWhite Bar Sequoia Gigantea Region, Mokelumne River
UC124414UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusGeo. Hansen11231895-05-01 AmadorArmstrong′s Sta. Sequoia Gigantea Region
UC124415UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusGeo. Hansen70481895-05-01 AmadorIrishtown Sequoia Gigantea Region
UC124416UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusT. S. Brandegee1891-05-29 TulareCoburn Mill
UC1245391UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJoseph T. Gregory11311936-04-11 Merced9 mi n Merced (on Snelling Road)
UC1282716UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJ. R. Sweeney9991953-05-08 Lake0.4 mi se Black Oak Villa (1.1 mi from Lake-Napa county line on Pope Valley road); Butts Canon
UC1301190UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusHelen K. Sharsmith52161963-03-17 Napas side Mt. Atlas; San Francisco Bay Region
UC147909UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJ. P. Tracy15841902-05-21 Napa3-4 mi e Angwin′s (head of Moore′s Creek); Howell Mountain
UC147923UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJoseph P. Tracy28261908-06-27 Humboldtnw slope Buck Mountain; Northern Coast Ranges
UC1552715UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusFrederica Bowcutt4951985-04-24 Lakenw Lake Berryessa (just w of Old Berryessa-Knoxville Road, in Homestake Gold Mining area prior to expansion, nw of Knoxville)
UC1563705UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusBarbara Ertter62361989-04-16 Mendocino6.2 mi w Mountain House Road (on Hwy 128 between Cloverdale and Yorkville, s of hwy.)
UC1614081UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusCharles M. Belshaw8001935-05-30 AmadorIone
UC1614607UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusCharles M. Belshaw11331935-07-09 El DoradoCentral Sierra Nevada near 41 milestone, 1.5 miles W of Strawberry along Placerville road to Tahoe
UC162709UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJoseph P. Tracy33671911-07-07 Humboldt3 mi nw of junction of Willow Creek with Trinity River (near Beebe′s Ranch); Northern Coast Ranges
UC1755234UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusDean W. Taylor111991990-06-27 MonoMono Lake, just N of the town of Lee Vining, and ca. 300 m east of Highway 395 at the site of the old marina
UC183649UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusS. B. Parish105351915-06-25 San BernardinoVictorville Mojave Desert
UC26937UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusF. T. Bioletti1892-01-01 SonomaSonoma
UC26939UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson1894-05-01 NapaConn Valley Napa River Basin
UC26981UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusState Survey9741949-04-20 SonomaSonoma
UC26985UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson1893-04-26 Napanear La Lomita; Napa River Basin; Napa River Basin, near La Lomita
UC26986UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson1893-04-26 Napanear La Lomita; Napa River Basin; Napa River Basin, near La Lomita
UC26987UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusMichener, Bioletti1893-04-01 SonomaAdobe Canon
UC26988UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusIvar Tidestrom1895-06-03 Sonoma
UC26989UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson1893-04-26 Napanear La Lomita; Napa River Basin; Napa River Basin, near La Lomita
UC26994UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusWillis L. Jepson1892-07-01 NapaKnoxville
UC27014UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusW. H. Brewer9741862-04-18 Sonomanear Sonoma
UC27020UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJ. Burtt Davy12251895-05-18 Calaverasnear Milton
UC27021UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJ. Burtt Davy6471894-04-06 Santa Clarae slope Loma Prieta
UC27029UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJ. A. Sanford1621890-01-01 San JoaquinWaverly
UC27030UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusF. W. Bancroft1895-04-09 StanislausKnight′s Ferry
UC311593UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusHerbert McLean Evans1918-07-30 NevadaTruckee Canon Sierra Nevada
UC445154UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusH. M. Hall87211910-06-28 Placeropposite Cisco; Sierra Nevada Mts., Rattlesnake Creek
UC445157UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusMrs. R. M. Austin851899-04-01 Butteplains e Chico
UC505674UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusE. W. Voegelin651933-05-05 Kern2 mi n Weldon (Steban Miranda′s rancheria)
UC505675UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusE. W. Voegelin1921933-05-16 Kern1 1-2 mi ne Kernville; Hot Springs
UC567202UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusH. S. Yates51721935-04-26 Calaveras1 mi s Harmon Peak; Jackson Quadrangle
UC582696UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJoseph P. Tracy148181936-05-29 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge
UC582701UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusJoseph P. Tracy128551933-07-25 HumboldtGrouse Mountain North Coast Ranges
UC597350UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusH. K. Sharsmith17761935-04-21 StanislausEl Puerto Creek Mount Hamilton Range, Arroyo del Puerto
UC614484UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusL. Constance20401938-03-27 Napaabove Wooden Valley (8 mi ne of Napa, e slope of mountains); Coast Ranges, Howell Mountains
UC625480UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusFrank W. Gould4661938-06-26 Tehamajust w Plumas Co. line (near highway 89)
UC672534UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusH. L. Mason5931923-07-13 TuolumneHog Ranch Mather
UC725337UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusA. A. Heller131471919-05-10 LakeValley below Summit
UC725532UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusA. A. Heller161201941-05-10 Placer1 mi n Lincoln (along U. S. Highway #99E)
UC725533UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusA. A. Heller160981941-05-05 Lake1 mi e Middletown (along State Highway #53)
UC726348UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusA. A. Heller150281938-04-14 Buttesummit Table Mountain
UC726509UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusA. A. Heller165091942-06-16 Plumas1-4 mi w Grizzley Dome Tunnel
UC728646UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusLeo Koch711938-03-28 Mendocinoe Booneville (along s side of Highway #28)
UC747096UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusG. Thomas Robbins10221943-04-21 El Dorado3 mi e Placerville (near Institute of Forest Genetics)
UC76065UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusMisses Jones, Alexander1902-06-16 ShastaRedding
UC768821UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusR. F. Hoover21651937-05-19 Mariposa3 mi nw Coulterville
UC886179UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusA. A. Heller127711917-07-04 GlennAlder Springs Coast Range
UC886231UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusAlice Eastwood42951915-04-18 MariposaBlochman′s ranch
UC886232UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusRoxana S. Ferris14791919-04-11 Tuolumnenear Rawhide (above Bear Creek); Table Mt.
UC886234UCJEPSMimulus microphyllusA. A. Heller122991911-04-07 El Doradobetween Shingle Springs and El Dorado

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