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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT150495CASMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusCramsie, Mrs. J. E.s.n.1923-05-22 YubaSmartsville
HSC219478HSCMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusR.G. Means161962-06-22 Sierra1.2 mi. E of Downieville, Hwy. 49
HSC219479HSCMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusM.S. Taylor34811981-04-08 ButteE side of Dark Canon Rd., 2.2 mi. S of jct. with Big Bend Rds., 3 mi. S of Jarbo Gap on Hwy. 70
HSC219480HSCMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusG.L. Cranford291968-04-23 Butte4 mi. E of Chico, on Covered Bridge Rd.
HSC219481HSCMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusR. Spellenberg3911964-06-14 Sierra3 W of Sierra City
HSC219482HSCMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusJames Henrickson34391969-05-25 Sierra45 NE of Yuba City, 7 W of Downieville, 4 mi. E of Yuba Co. border
JEPS10233UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusGeorgiana P. Ballard1935-01-01 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
JEPS27290UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard75591961-03-21 Monterey1 1-2 mi above and sw Arroyo Seco Guard Station (about 1-2 mi n of crossing of creek, along dirt road from Arroyo Seco to the Indians (Indians Road) above canyon of Arroyo Seco); Santa Lucia Creek
JEPS28075UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRimo Bacigalupi, L. Heckard78301961-06-16 Yubae end Bullards Bar Dam (along road from highway 49 to Dobbins); Canon of North Fork of Yuba River
JEPS4595UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRimo Bacigalupi, A. Hawkes, G. L. Stebbins, J. Hunziker, D. Zohary, H. Stutz, F. Ehrendorfer38931952-07-20 Placerabout 2 mi below and e Forest Hills (along n side of canyon); Canon of Middle Fork of American River, Volcano Canon
JEPS4597UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMatt Herbrand1916-07-02 PlacerEmigrant Gap
JEPS4599UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusWillis L. Jepson41501910-06-18 PlumasBelden
JEPS4600UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusI. M. Follett1401943-05-21 Monterey0.8 mi above entrance Frances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation (at second bridge, tributary of Cachagua Creek); Finch Creek
JEPS65203UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusErnest C. Twisselmann166521970-06-11 Monterey1.4 mi s, along Plaskett Ridge Road Nacimiento Summit; Santa Lucia Range
JEPS87269UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson11231992-06-09 NevadaWest of Lake Spaulding, 2.4 mi north of Hwy 20 along Bowman Lake Road
OBI105304OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusLewis S. Rose392421939-06-07 YubaN Fork of Feather River, 3 mi S of Pulga
OBI105305OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH.E. McMinn55011945-10-20 NevadaOn rocks ca. 1.5 W of Lake Spaulding and about 400 yds from Bear River Bridge, E end of Bear River Flat above flume canal
OBI105306OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson11231992-06-09 NevadaW of Lake Spaulding. 2.4 N of hwy 20 along Bowman Lake Rd; T17N, R12E, SW 1-4 S17
OBI138166OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH.E. McMinn54701945-05-11 San BenitoFrom 1-4 mi beyond gate to Pinnacles Natl monument, on roadside leading into park
OBI138167OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH.E. McMinn54771945-05-11 San BenitoFrom Station approx 300 ft further up road from station #5471 (1-4 mi inside entrance to Pinnacles Natl Monument)
OBI138168OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH.E. McMinn26651931-08-30 MontereyOn a branch of the Arroyo Seco, from Pineys to Jamesburg
OBI138169OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRobert F. Hoover84941959-05-09 San Luis ObispoSix mi W of Paso Robles on Adelaida rd
OBI138170OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRobert F. Hoover90661964-06-12 San Luis ObispoNear rocky Butte fire lookout
OBI138171OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRobert F. Hoover84941959-05-09 San Luis Obispo6 W of Paso Robles on Adelaida rd
OBI138172OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRobert F. Hoover113131969-05-20 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Range; 5 W of Paso Robles on Adelaida rd
OBI138173OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRobert F. Hoover75381948-05-22 San Luis ObispoSummit on road from Paso Robles to Adelaida
OBI138174OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusWalter F. Chesebro1731978-05-12 MontereyIn Arroyo Seco campground, along Arroyo Seco Rd
OBI138175OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid J. Keil123631977-05-14 MontereyJust E of Ponderosa campground along Nacimiento-Ferguson rd
OBI138176OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid J. Keil149121981-06-20 San Luis ObispoN of San Simeon along thechannel and banks of Arroyo de la Cruz E of hwy 1
OBI138177OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid J. Keil195971986-05-26 San Luis ObispoOak Shores develoment on northern shore of Nacimiento Lake
OBI138178OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid J. Keil138471980-04-26 San Luis ObispoAlong Town Crk near Lime Mtn Mine, W of Paso Robles
OBI138179OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid J. Keil161081982-05-15 MontereySanta Lucia Mts along Cone Peak rd between nacimiento-fergusson rd and parking area at end of rd
OBI138180OBIMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid J. Keil185721985-04-27 San Luis Obispo19.5 mi from Canong San Simeon Creek rd, N of Rocky butte lookout at locked gate
POM127202RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusL. R. Abrams74221920-05-12 MontereyPine Ridge, Santa Lucia Mts, south slope
POM127849RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRoxana S. Ferris37041923-04-22 Montereynear big Sur P.O. Riverside
POM163337RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusR. C. Bacigalupi11161925-04-10 MontereyTony′s Blvd Grade above Tassajara Hot Springs.
POM202464RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusL. S. Rose331861933-05-26 ButteFeather River Canon 5 mi. e. of Oroville
POM267770RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRoxana S. Ferris83271933-04-26 MontereyGrade 3 miles above Tassajara Hot Springs, Santa Lucia Mountains.
POM43870RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusC. C. Bruce20991897-05-01 ButteButte Creek.
POM43872RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMarcus E. Jones32881882-06-28 PlacerEmigrant Gap.
POM43874RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusR. M. Austins.n.1880-05-17 Butte[Unspecified]
POM5101RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusArthur Boltins.n.1897-07-01 MontereyBig sur River
RSA0114654RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusLowell A. Ahart201302015-04-30 YubaOn the east side of the quarry, about 1.25 mile (air) southwest of the Bullards Bar Dam, about 3 miles (air) northeast of Dobbins.
RSA101669RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusT. C. Porters.n. Unknown[No location data on label]
RSA105927RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusHarry L. Buckalew7524-a1956-05-12 San BenitoAlong Hiway into Pinnacles Nat. Monument
RSA113199RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusP. A. Munz206201955-05-07 Monterey1 mile below Arroyo Seco Public camp, e. base Santa Lucia Mts.
RSA116085RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusP. A. Munz209331955-06-18 MontereySouth trail to Cone Peak, Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA118023RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusJ. T. Howell301801955-05-18 MontereyWest of saddle between Junipero Serra and pinyon peaks.
RSA126024RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusE. K. Balls225021957-05-22 ButteU.S. Hwy 40, 12 mi. ne. of Oroville.
RSA14132RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusElmer I. Applegate88971934-05-02 SierraSierra city, dry hillside along highway
RSA149055RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDorothy Wiggins163121961-06-10 Butte0.2 mile E of Cresta Dan Power Station n Feather river, along U.S. Hwy Alternate 40
RSA150968RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusClare B. Hardham90621962-04-22 MontereyHills northwest of San Antonio Museum
RSA163717RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusClare B. Hardham10-681962-05-05 MontereySteep south slopes, Pine Canon, West of King City
RSA163719RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusClare B. Hardham100271962-04-28 MontereyPine Canon west of King City.
RSA169398RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusL. S. Rose631391963-06-05 ButteNorth Fork of Feather River, Arch Rock Tunnel.
RSA285894RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusD. C. Michener40191981-07-17 PlumasSierra Nevada. CA 70 ca 1.3 miles north of Tobin. Dry rock outcrop-road cut above North Fork of the Feather River.
RSA285896RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusD. C. Michener40821982-07-22 MontereySanta Lucia Mtns. Nacimiento campground area, Nacimiento-Fergusson road ca 11.1 miles from jct with CA 1.
RSA285897RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusD. C. Michener40331981-09-03 MontereySanta Lucia Mnts. East side of cone Peak ca 1-3 mile beyond end of road [at current wilderness boundary]
RSA339151RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMargaret J. Williams84-24-11984-05-25 ButteFeather River Canon, Hwy 70, near arch Rock Tunnel
RSA39190RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusP. A. Munz123171948-08-11 NevadaBridge over South Fork of Yuba River (Highway 49) on ry disintegrated granite on road cut
RSA420290RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusR. S. Woglum16701938-05-14 San Luis ObispoJolon to San Simeon, along Nacimiento River
RSA435493RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusFrancis W. Pennell256731940-06-05 Butteroute 24, 6 mi. up, along Feather River, above Oroville
RSA435494RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusFrancis W. Pennell256771940-06-05 Butteroute 24 Stony bank, red clay, along Featerh Rvier above Oroville, 10-12 mi. above
RSA435495RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRobert Gustafson29411984-05-15 Nevadaalong Hwy. 49, near North San Juan
RSA550839RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson11241992-06-09 Placer13.4 mi SE of Foresthill Road ( and town of Foresthill) along Mosquito Ridge Road.
RSA550840RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson11231992-06-09 NevadaW of Lake Spaulding. 2.4 N of Hwy 20 along Bowman Lake road
RSA550841RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson11211992-06-09 SierraDownieville. 1.1 mi E of bridge over Downie river along Hwy 49
RSA550842RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson11201992-06-09 PlumasJust NE of bridge over North fork of Feather River, 2.0 NE of Elephant Butte Tunnel along Hwy 70
RSA550845RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson10881992-05-26 San Luis Obispo6.0 W of Nacimiento Lake Drive along Adelaida Road
RSA550846RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson10911992-05-28 Monterey0.8 N of Nacimiento Fergusson Rd along cone Peak Rd (signed Central Coast Ridge Road (20S05)
RSA551149RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson10931992-05-28 Monterey3.9 mi SW of Carmel Valley Road along Arroyo Seco Road
RSA60457RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusAlbert M. Vollmers.n.1950-06-06 MontereyAbout 11 miles from Jolon, on road to coast, Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA70710RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusL. S. Rose510181951-06-26 ButteFeather River Canon, NE of Oroville
RSA74135RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMilo S. Baker124741952-05-27 PlumasFeather River Canon at Camp Storrie. In rock crevices along Hwy 24
RSA89785RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusE. K. Balls185641953-10-07 Monterey0.4 mi. w. along Pine Ridge Trail, from China Camp, between Jamesburg and Tassajara Spgs.
RSA98529RSAMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusJean M. Linsdales.n.1946-07-14 MontereyArnold Canon
UC1012167UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusF. W. Pennell, A. A. Heller256771940-06-05 Butte10-12 mi above Oroville (Route 24); Feather River
UC103638UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusAlice Eastwood1897-05-01 MontereyNacimiento River Santa Lucia Mountains
UC1239074UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusFreed W. Hoffman11111947-05-02 MontereyPine Ridge Trail Upper Big Sur
UC1278126UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusB. Crampton28931955-06-15 Placer8.5 mi w Iowa Hill (bottom of canyon); Shirttail Canon
UC444815UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMartha Brier1894-06-01 Placernear Towle; Bear Valley
UC445119UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusC. F. Sonne42681891-06-17 Placernear Colfax (at Cape Horn)
UC524258UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRoxana S. Ferris, R. Bacigalupi83271933-04-26 Montereygrade about 3 mi above Tassajara Hot Springs; Santa Lucia Mts.
UC673539UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH. L. Mason5481923-06-23 MontereyCarmel River
UC673541UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH. L. Mason57671930-10-25 MontereySan Antonio River
UC766310UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusRobert F. Hoover52661941-05-25 MontereyMill Creek Santa Lucia Mountains
UC886165UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMarcus E. Jones32881882-06-28 PlacerEmigrant Gap
UC943811UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH. E. McMinn55431947-05-25 Montereyca. 39 mi from King City (headwaters of Arroyo Seco, 2 mi n of campground on rocky outcropping near bridge)
UC943913UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH. E. McMinn54811945-05-12 MontereyPost Office at Big Sur Big Sur
UC943914UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH. E. McMinn54821945-05-12 MontereyPost Office at Big Sur Big Sur
UC943916UCJEPSMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusH. E. McMinn54841945-05-12 MontereyBig Sur Post Office Big Sur
UCR0053371UCRMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusGeorge K. Helmkamp204772013-05-03 PlacerMosquito Ridge Road, 4.7 miles south of Forest Hill Road, 1.8 mi. east (92 ° ) of Foresthill
UCR0053372UCRMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusB.G. Pitzer9011988-05-28 SierraNorth Yuba River. Convict Flat Picnic Area, 12 miles NE of Canonville on Hwy 49
UCR0053373UCRMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusDavid M. Thompson11211992-06-09 SierraDownieville. 1.1 mi east of bridge over Downie River along Hwy 49
UCSB009310UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMcMinn, H.54681945-05-11 San Benito200 yards inside entrance to Pinnacles Natl. Monument, plant located distance of 3 feet from #5467
UCSB009311UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMcMinn, H.54671945-05-11 San Benito200 yards inside entrance to Pinnacles NoH. Monument
UCSB009312UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusJim Blattau911962-04-15 Monterey13.1 miles south of Arroyo Seco Guard Station on road from The Indians Campground, 20.6 miles west of Greenfield Road junction with U.S. Highway 101
UCSB009313UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusFischer, Erica101959-04-11 MontereyNacimiento Pass Road, 7.5 miles from its jct. with Hwy. 1 at Kirk Creek, Santa Lucia Mtns.
UCSB009314UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusKnight, Mark341982-04-25 Monterey100 meters north of Arroyo Seco Road, 0.5 miles west of its junction with Jamesburg-Arroyo Seco Road
UCSB009315UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMcMinn, H.54631945-04-01 Contra CostaCultivated at Edmund′s place, Danville
UCSB009316UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusHenrikson, Peter231984-04-15 MontereyOn southside of Arroyo Seco Road, .5 miles west of Jamesburg-Arroyo Seco Road
UCSB009317UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusO′Roark, J.371982-04-25 Monterey1-2 mi. west of junction Jamesburg-Arroyo Seco Rd. wuith Arroyo Seco Rd., right side of Arroyo Seco Rd.
UCSB009318UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusMolden, Sara321983-04-17 MontereyOn north side of Arroyo Seco Road, .5 mile west of its intersection with Jamesburg-Arroyo Seco Road, about 75 feet above the road, Lower Arroyo Seco Canon
UCSB009319UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusStrong, Lisa281982-04-23 Monterey.5 mile west on Arroyo Seco Road from its junction with Jamesburg-Arroyo Seco Road
UCSB009320UCSBMimulus aurantiacus var. grandiflorusFugle, Craig10321982-04-25 MontereyWest side of Arroyo Seco Canon on Arroyo Seco Rd., Santa Lucia Mntns.

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