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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CLARK-A1528-1101CLARKAster canescensJohn C. Roos59411953-08-08 InyoInyo Mountains
CLARK-A1528-1603CLARKAster canescensJohn C. Roos59411953-08-08 InyoInyo Mountains
PASA1801PASAAster canescensFrank W. Peirson1923-08-30 Los AngelesNorth of Big Pines Auto Camp
PASA1802PASAAster canescensFrank W. Peirson1922-08-23 San BernardinoSouth Fork Santa Ana River, San Bernardino Mts.
PASA2795PASAAster canescensF.W. Peirson1921-08-19 InyoTaboose
RSA0091048RSAAster canescensBonnie C. Templeton15941931-09-07 San BernardinoNear Baldwin Lake flat, San Bernardino Mts.
RSA670598RSAAster canescensB. C. Templeton15931931-09-07 San BernardinoNear Big Bear Lake.
CAS-BOT27563CASAster inornatusGreene, Edward Lees.n.1876-01-01 Siskiyou
GH00003660GHAster inornatusE. L. Greene10381876-08-31 SiskiyouNear Yreka, Siskiyou Co
AHUC106995DAVDieteria canescensBeecher Crampton87511971-08-16 PlacerPlacer County: Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Vista.
AHUC106996DAVDieteria canescensBeecher Crampton38641956-08-22 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: South slope of Mt. Shasta, Wagon Camp Road, about 4 miles southwest of Panther Meadow.
CAS-BOT177148CASDieteria canescensShevock, James R.100161982-08-03 TulareKern Plateau. Off of forest road 21S57 northeast of Bonita Meadow. Kern River Basin
CAS-BOT183239CASDieteria canescensShevock, James R.105531983-07-06 KernPiute Mountains. Along county road 501 at base of Harris Grade between Landers Meadow and Sageland
CAS-BOT205207CASDieteria canescensShevock, James R.; Bartel, Jim; York, Rick117281986-07-13 KernEastern slope of the Southern Sierra Nevada. Kern Plateau. BLM-Owens Peak Wilderness. Just below the summit on northeast ridge of Owens Peak
CAS-BOT205660CASDieteria canescensShevock, James R.; Bartel, Jim; McNeal, Dale113031985-06-29 KernWestern slope of the Southern Sierra Nevada. Kern Plateau, BLM-Owens Peak Wilderness. Along the Pacific Crest Trail, northwestern slope of Spanish Needle about 2.5 miles southeast of Lamont Meadow
CAS-BOT224938CASDieteria canescensHowald, Ann26542010-09-05 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada Mtns.: Convict Creek, UC Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab, Mt. Morrison Rd, 0.8 mi NW of intersection with Hwy 395 Elev. given as 7070 ft.
CAS-BOT292252CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta531131978-06-27 AlpineEast side of Ebbetts Pass on road to Markleeville
CAS-BOT292253CASDieteria canescensHardham, Clare B.17711 I1970-08-11 AlpineBetween Raymond Lake & Pleasant Valley
CAS-BOT292254CASDieteria canescensWilliams, Loring R.321972-09-23 AlpineWoodfords Canyon near Woodfords
CAS-BOT292255CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas525251977-08-03 AlpineJust north of Ebbetts Pass
CAS-BOT292256CASDieteria canescensGrant, Verne; Grant, Alva78261946-07-29 El DoradoCrest of Angora Ridge above tree-line
CAS-BOT292257CASDieteria canescensMyrick, Donald261958-06-20 InyoSlopes of Sherwin Grade. Highway 395 about 10 miles north of Bishop
CAS-BOT292258CASDieteria canescensHardham, Clare B.174301969-08-28 LassenWest of Janesville
CAS-BOT292259CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas504701974-07-08 LassenSusanville
CAS-BOT292260CASDieteria canescensWilliams, Margaret; Williams, Steven74-L-211974-07-26 LassenNear Hallelujah Junction, west of Hwy 395 and south of Hwy 70
CAS-BOT292261CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas413961965-09-15 MonoCanyon of West Walker River
CAS-BOT292262CASDieteria canescensMcPherson, Emily75-79-51975-09-09 NevadaOn west side of Canyon 24, Interstate 80 at Nevada-California line
CAS-BOT292263CASDieteria canescensWilliams, Margarets.n.1972-08-27 NevadaBoca
CAS-BOT292264CASDieteria canescensTrue, Gordon H.13091963-08-06 NevadaBetween Boca & Reservoir, Boca
CAS-BOT292265CASDieteria canescensTrue, Gordon H.45381968-08-01 NevadaDonner Lake at foot of old Donner Pass Road
CAS-BOT292266CASDieteria canescensTrue, Gordon H.25951965-09-14 NevadaTruckee River near Mystic R.R. Bridge just west of Sierra County line
CAS-BOT292267CASDieteria canescensTrue, Gordon H.24041965-08-05 NevadaEuer Valley on south fork of Prosser Creek, 2 1-2 miles north of Donner Lake
CAS-BOT292268CASDieteria canescensTrue, Gordon H.16951964-10-05 NevadaTruckee River about 2 1-2 miles below Hirschdale, nr. mouth of Gray Creek
CAS-BOT292269CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas533481978-07-29 Nevada5 miles north of Truckee on road to Sierraville
CAS-BOT292270CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas490391972-09-15 NevadaDonner Lake vista point on Highway 80
CAS-BOT292271CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas490381972-09-15 NevadaDonner Lake vista point on Highway 80
CAS-BOT292272CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas307391955-07-19 PlumasBeckwourth
CAS-BOT292273CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas526741977-08-11 PlumasCanyon of Little Last Chance Creek between Chilcoot and Frenchmans Reservoir
CAS-BOT292274CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas349741959-09-24 PlumasBeckwourth
CAS-BOT292275CASDieteria canescensHardham, Clare B.204881975-08-02 PlumasBlack Mt.
CAS-BOT293001CASDieteria canescensTaylor, M. S.50151982-08-17 PlumasMt Ingalls summit, ca. 9 air mi ne of Sloat
CAS-BOT293002CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.439161967-09-20 Tulare3.3 miles from Fish Creek bridge on road to Kennedy Meadows. Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT293003CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.438001967-09-18 TulareLong Valley. Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT293004CASDieteria canescensHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.435681967-08-08 TulareSoutheast of Long Valley on road to Lamont Meadow. Kern Plateau
CDA0033947CDADieteria canescensM. Beyers8072010-08-27 AlpineHIghway 4: East fork of the Canon River, where highway bridges the river.
CHSC108496CHSCDieteria canescensNaomi Fraga8862003-07-05 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: The Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Spur trail to Morris Peak. USGS Quadrangle: Owens Peak 1:24,000
CHSC20916CHSCDieteria canescensRobert A. Schlising30011971-10-19 Los AngelesLopez Canon, north of Pacoima.
CHSC34409CHSCDieteria canescensTerrance Finn111979-07-14 Lassen+-- .75 mi. from Hallelujah Junction, dirt road towards well. T2 N R17E S11
CHSC36922CHSCDieteria canescensM. S. Taylor50461982-08-27 PlumasSW corner of jct of Hwy 70 and rd to Loyalton, in Vinton. T2 N R16E S34 SE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chilcoot SW
CHSC37667CHSCDieteria canescensT. B. Devine7751981-09-06 ShastaHwy 8 N of Lassen Park, ca. 6 mi S of Hat Creek Ranger Station. T33N R04E S01 USGS Quadrangle: Prospect Peak
CHSC4539CHSCDieteria canescensJ. E. Bowlin511967-07-18 SiskiyouCa. 12 W of Mount Shasta Ski Bowl.
CHSC9028CHSCDieteria canescensNancy Nolan481970-07-10 LassenGallatin Peak or burn.
DAV375805DAVDieteria canescensJames Neilson19981970-01-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Tahoe Basin. [Collector notes say South Rubicon and Mountain Drive. The only Mountain Drive found is in Nevada. South Rubicon may reference Rubicon Point or Creek. Georeferenced south of Rubicon Point. Date estimated by label maker.].
DAV375806DAVDieteria canescensJames Neilson26051971-09-05 PlacerPlacer County: Kings Beach. Oakmont. [Other Neilson collections state Kings Beach, Oakmont. Oakmont locality not found in Tahoe Basin. Georeferenced at Kings Beach. Exact location unknown; coordinates added by label maker.]
DAV375807DAVDieteria canescensEllen Dean98692018-07-20 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. On Emerald Point along southwest edge..
DAV375808DAVDieteria canescensEllen Dean94272017-07-06 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Lake Tahoe. Emerald Bay State Park. Emerald Point. Eastern side near lake.
DAV375809DAVDieteria canescensEllen Dean85792014-08-12 El DoradoEl Dorado County. West side of Lake Tahoe, Sugar Pine Point State Park. Western part of the park, north of General Creek, west of easternmost bridge connecting North and South Fire Roads.
DAV375810DAVDieteria canescensJack Majors.n.1971-09-11 MonoMono County: Inyo National Forest. Deadman′s Pass. (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV375811DAVDieteria canescensE. BortiriWFC-822002-07-19 LassenLassen County: Poison Lake, in pine forest on side of road, Lassen NF, off Hwy 44
DAV375812DAVDieteria canescensEmily McPherson75--79--51975-09-09 NevadaNevada County: west side of Canon 24, near Interstate Hwy at Nevada-California border.
DAV375832DAVDieteria canescensG. F. Hrusa54861987-09-12 KernKern County: summit of Mt. Pinos at Ventura County boundary.
GH02203537GHDieteria canescensJ. C. Fremont3651845-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02203538GHDieteria canescensJ. C. Fremont1051845-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02203539GHDieteria canescensA. Eastwood109111921-07-28 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02203540GHDieteria canescensA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg26391941-09-03 Fresno[data not captured]
GH02203542GHDieteria canescensJ. T. Howell349741959-09-24 Plumas[data not captured]
GH02203545GHDieteria canescensP. A. Munz107831926-07-22 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02203546GHDieteria canescensR. S. Ferris ; W. R. Ernst131191957-09-15 Mono[data not captured]
GH02203547GHDieteria canescensS. F. Blake102881927-08-15 El Dorado[data not captured]
GH02203548GHDieteria canescensW. M. Hiesey4081939-09-17 Mono[data not captured]
GH02203549GHDieteria canescensL. Constance24081938-08-06 Mono[data not captured]
GH02203550GHDieteria canescensB. Maguire ; A. H. Holmgren261571945-08-08 Mono[data not captured]
GH02203551GHDieteria canescensI. L. Wiggins ; R. C. Rollins5481845-08-03 Mono[data not captured]
GH02203552GHDieteria canescensJ. C. Phillips ; C. S. Sargent1878-09-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02203553GHDieteria canescensL. Constance24121938-08-07 Mono[data not captured]
GH02203554GHDieteria canescensG. H. True ; J. T. Howell62191970-08-11 Nevada[data not captured]
GH02203555GHDieteria canescensI. M. Johnston16471917-08-22 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02203556GHDieteria canescensA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg45281945-07-25 Mono[data not captured]
GH02203557GHDieteria canescensA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg39951944-08-03 Mono[data not captured]
GH02203558GHDieteria canescensP. A. Munz183161970-09-09 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH02203559GHDieteria canescensL. C. Anderson20381961-09-23 Ventura[data not captured]
GH02203625GHDieteria canescensJohn Torrey2221865-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
JEPS122370UCJEPSDieteria canescensJoseph BrobergCA320-1312012-09-06 ShastaFrom Alturas head Southwest on Highway 299 towards Fall River Mills. Turn left onto Cassel Fall River road and continue 3.2 miles to Cinder Cone Road. Follow Cinder Cone Road until it you reach burned and logged area. Turn left onto road that goes to Lion′s reservoir. Collection is on both sides of road in a sandy cleared area
LAVO1619LVNPDieteria canescensGillett, George2261952-08-25 ShastaChaos Jumbles trail, between Tent City and Museum, Lassen Volcanic National Park (LAVO).
LAVO1620LVNPDieteria canescensBurgess, J.E.2601952-08-25 UnknownLassen Volcanic National Park (LAVO).
NY2728862NYDieteria canescensG. K. Helmkamp230642014-08-27 ?  MonoNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Monitor Pass along CA-89, 4.7 miles west of the junction with CA-395 (Topaz Lake 7.5 Q.; +- 100m).
RSA0073895RSADieteria canescensErika M. Gardner4062013-06-16 KernAlong the Pacific Crest Trail.; Horse Canon 7.5
RSA0149794RSADieteria canescensGary D. Wallace24261985-08-18 InyoRock Creek Basin, WNW of Bishop. Kenneth Lake, west side of Wheeler ridge.
SBBG102898SBBGDieteria canescensR. D. Goeden291991-09-19 InyoBig Pine Crk, above first cmpgrd
SBBG104715SBBGDieteria canescensR. Goeden, J. Teerink92-231992-07-29 MonoSonora Pass Rd, E of Pass at crossing of Sardine Crk
SBBG108558SBBGDieteria canescensNoraine Meng4721967-08-19 TulareKennedy-Troy Rd (Bittercreek), 1 W of South Fork Bridge
SBBG114442SBBGDieteria canescensCarol Bornstein1989-09-21 Monoroad to Lundy Lake Resort
SBBG125123SBBGDieteria canescensR. Burgess17671995-08-26 VenturaN side of Mt Pinos Rd, W of McGill Campground, in drainage tributary to Amargosa Crk
SBBG125124SBBGDieteria canescensR. Burgess18011995-08-26 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; vicinity of Mount Pinos summit
SBBG12568SBBGDieteria canescensDonald Myrick26b1958-06-20 MonoSherwin GradeUS Hwy 395 ca. 10 N of Bishop
SBBG137765SBBGDieteria canescensR. Burgess84832009-08-07 VenturaMt. Pinos, vicinity of summit
SBBG14611SBBGDieteria canescensErnest C. Twisselmann78021962-09-19 Tulareridge at NW end of Rodeo Flat; Kern Plateau
SBBG182853SBBGDieteria canescensR. Burgess114012019-08-21 VenturaMount Pinos, subalpine fell-fields S of Mount Pinos summit, Los Padres National Forest
SBBG19063SBBGDieteria canescensDonald Myrick4691961-07-23 Mononear Warren Fork of Lee Vining Crk, Tioga Pass
SBBG19754SBBGDieteria canescensDonald Myrick7301963-10-10 El DoradoN rdway to Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe
SBBG20664SBBGDieteria canescensDonald Myrick7301963-10-10 El DoradoN rdway to Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe
SBBG21541SBBGDieteria canescensErnest C. Twisselmann99751964-08-21 Tularebetween Troy Meadow and Beach Meadow; Kern Plateau
SBBG23316SBBGDieteria canescensDonald Myrick12661965-09-27 El Doradoaround quarry on rd to N side of Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe
SBBG24101SBBGDieteria canescensClare B. Hardham65301960-08-06 AlpineRaymond Pk
SBBG26079SBBGDieteria canescensErnest C. Twisselmann126061966-07-13 KernLos Padres National Forest; end of Iris Point spur rd, Mt Pinos
SBBG28113SBBGDieteria canescensDonald Myrick17581967-09-03 Monointersection of Lee Vining Crk and Tioga Pass Rd
SBBG34515SBBGDieteria canescensDonald Myrick21271969-10-20 Riversidenear Mt San Jacinto College, San Jacinto
SBBG40583SBBGDieteria canescensWilliam J. Dress1954-07-20 MonoLee Vining Crk Rd, ca. 0.5 NE of Ellery Lake
SBBG51938SBBGDieteria canescensC. Davidson32211975-08-30 San BernardinoUSFS Rd 2N10, 4.2 mi E of jct with rd to Clark Ranch (USFS Rd 1N54)
SBBG54347SBBGDieteria canescensC. Davidson, J. A. Churchill47571976-09-16 KernLos Padres National Forest; USFS Rd 8N18 (Fir Ridge Rd), branching N of paved rd to Pine Mtn [Mt Pinos] Summit, ca. 12.6 N of Frazier Park jct
SBBG60644SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1929-05-20 KernRedman to Muroc, border of Los Angeles and Kern counties
SBBG60665SBBGDieteria canescensMark Kerr1937-07-19 Inyohead of Mazourka Cyn
SBBG60666SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1930-07-11 MonoVirginia Lakes
SBBG60667SBBGDieteria canescensMrs. J. D. Wright1929-07-09 Monoaround Gem Lake
SBBG60668SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1931-08-28 InyoWestgard Pass [Rd]
SBBG60669SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1927-07-18 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Mount Pinos
SBBG60670SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1931-10-24 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Mount Pinos
SBBG60671SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1927-07-18 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Mount Pinos
SBBG60672SBBGDieteria canescensJ. R. and R. C. Robbins1932-07-17 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Tioga Pass Rd
SBBG60673SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1927-07-17 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Mount Pinos
SBBG60674SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1927-07-19 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Mount Pinos
SBBG60676SBBGDieteria canescensS. W. Hutchinson2071928-03-01 Riversidenear Blythe
SBBG60677SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1930-07-10 MonoJune Lake
SBBG60678SBBGDieteria canescensRalph Hoffmann1930-07-11 InyoWestgard Pass [Rd]
SBBG7663SBBGDieteria canescensH. and M. Dearing25271937-08-21 InyoLone Pine Crk trail to Mt Whitney
SBBG7665SBBGDieteria canescensH. and M. Dearing23441936-07-22 MonoMinaret Summit
SBBG7666SBBGDieteria canescensH. and M. Dearing46701941-08-11 Alpinepeak E of Ebbetts Pass
SBBG7667SBBGDieteria canescensH. and M. Dearing47241941-08-22 Alpineabove Sonora Pass
SBBG7764SBBGDieteria canescensH. and M. Dearing25601936-07-17 InyoN Fk of Bishop Crk
SBBG81772SBBGDieteria canescensSteven A. Junak12241982-05-16 San Bernardino6.9 mi SE of Ivanpah on Ivanpah Rd
SBBG8572SBBGDieteria canescensDonald Myrick1411960-07-24 MonoMinaret Summit Ridge, 1 N of lookout above Mammoth Mtn Inn
SBBG89135SBBGDieteria canescensD. Charlton, A. Romsport21431988-06-14 San BernardinoHart Mine, Southern Castle Mtns, E of New York Mtns, SE of Baker and Landfair Valley
SCFS0637SCFSDieteria canescensB. Trowbridge17101970-08-18 NevadaNear Rock Spring
SD00036673SDDieteria canescensMitch Provance907-262007-09-24 AlpineSierra Nevada Mountains: West Canon Canon, adjacent to W. Fork Canon River, near entrance to Crystal Springs Campground, about 1.5 miles SW of Woodfords and Alpine Village.
SD106418SDDieteria canescensWayne P. Armstrongs.n.1980-08-10 Mono2.4 km southwest of June Lake near Reversed Creek.
SD132250SDDieteria canescensG. HelmkampG-81990-09-23 LassenNorth of Ravendale.
SD132251SDDieteria canescensR. D. Goeden231990-10-10 InyoPine Creek Road; Inyo National forest.
SD37232SDDieteria canescensDarley F. Howes.n.1945-09-22 InyoBig Pine
SD37233SDDieteria canescensDarley F. Howe13571945-10-22 InyoSilver Canon
SD42491SDDieteria canescensCarl B. Wolf96871940-05-29 San BernardinoWest side of Ivanpah Mountains; 7.5 miles north of Kessler Spring on road to Mexican Well.
SD64331SDDieteria canescensDarley F. Howes.n.1966-08-24 PlumasNortheast of Lake Almanor.
SD73129SDDieteria canescensDarley F. Howes.n.1969-08-04 MonoEast of Sonora Pass
SD73134SDDieteria canescensDarley F. Howes.n.1969-08-30 Siskiyou1.3 miles south of Weed on Highway 5.
SD77839SDDieteria canescensDarley F. Howes.n.1970-08-24 InyoWhite Mountains
SD81119SDDieteria canescensDarley F. Howes.n.1971-08-23 Inyo8 miles from entrance to Inyo National Forest, east of Big Pine.
SD82876SDDieteria canescensR. F. Thorne385391969-07-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Angeles National Forest; summit of Table Mountain above Big Pines Ranger Station.
SD87649SDDieteria canescensF. W. Peirson32261922-07-30 VenturaMount Pinos
SDSU04714SDSUDieteria canescensHowe, D.F.13581945-10-21 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
SDSU04720SDSUDieteria canescensHowe, D.F.13571945-10-22 MonoHighway north of Paradise Camp.
SFV101915SFVDieteria canescensT. R. Gordon11021975-08-02 InyoSierra Nevada; Southeast facing slope along Taboose Creek.
SFV101916SFVDieteria canescensM. H. Grayums. n.1974-08-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Adjacent to Lower Fish Creek Meadow.
SFV101917SFVDieteria canescensT. R. Gordon15971976-06-17 San BernardinoMojave Desert; New York Mountains of eastern Mojave Desert. Near wash of Keystone Canon.
SJSU13913SJSUDieteria canescensN.A. Hopkins13821986-08-28 Lassenalong County Road 33 (Scott Road), Lower Long Valley, N of Highway 70 & E of the Beckwourth Pass
SJSU7652SJSUDieteria canescensR.C. McGehee3401970-09-06 San Bernardinoby memorial-cross on pass on rd between Cima & Halloran Springs, 4 miles NE of Teutonia Peak, northeastern San Bernardino County
STNF-4646806-TEMPAIDSTNFDieteria canescens1990-09-11 Tehama1.3 mi s. of Tedoc Gap
UC1929806UCJEPSDieteria canescensScott D. White, Bill La Haye87552001-08-03 San BernardinoSAN BERNARDINO MOUNTAINS: Big Bear Valley and west. USFS Road 2N13 between YMCA Camp Whittle (T2N - R1W - Sect 3) and Green Valley Lake (T2N - R2W - Sect 23).
UC2073478UCJEPSDieteria canescensSusan Fawcett8452017-08-05 AlpineEl Dorado National Forest, 10 road miles N and E of Canon Pass.
UCR257895UCRDieteria canescensGeorge K. Helmkamp230502014-08-27 MonoMonitor Pass along CA-89, 0.6 mile south of the junction with Big Springs Road
UCR257899UCRDieteria canescensGeorge K. Helmkamp230642014-08-27 MonoMonitor Pass along CA-89, 4.7 miles west of the junction with CA-395
UCR287424UCRDieteria canescensD.E. Bramlet47522010-08-09 RiversideDiamond Valley Lake, proposed East Lake Recreation Site
UCSB024992UCSBDieteria canescensJohn R. Hodgson1611928-07-09 VenturaFrazier Mt.; Santa Barbara Forest
UCSB024993UCSBDieteria canescensJohn C. Roos1966-08-13 San BernardinoFish Creek, San Bernardino Mtns.
UCSB024994UCSBDieteria canescensAnn M. Howald8441976-08-01 MonoUniv. of Calif. Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve, Old Mammoth Rd., 2.5 mi. SW of Highway 203
UCSB024995UCSBDieteria canescensParikh, Anuja; Capralis, D.MP 641988-08-05 VenturaNear the condor lookout parking area
UCSB024996UCSBDieteria canescensJohn C. Roos1966-08-13 San BernardinoFish Creek, San Bernardino Mtns.
UCSB024997UCSBDieteria canescensBrian C. Miller1962-08-18 KernMcGill Campground, Mt. Pinos
UCSB024998UCSBDieteria canescensBrian C. Miller1962-08-18 KernCamp McGill
US3706027USDieteria canescensL. Ahart190252013-09-11 UnknownPlumas County. T27N, R12E, northeast 1-4 Section 24. On the north side of Antelope Lake, about 1-2 mile west of Antelope Creek, about 16 miles (air) northeast of Taylorsville.
CAS-BOT290938CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas228421946-07-29 MonoRock Creek Canyon, S. Mono Co.
CAS-BOT295372CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensWenk, R. C.3932005-09-15 InyoInyo National Forest, west of Big Pine, end of Glacier Lodge Road, North Fork of Big Pine Creek, along trail to First Lake
CAS-BOT299757CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise26391941-09-03 FresnoUpper Paradise Valley, near junction of Woods Creek and South Fork of the Kings River, Kings Canyon National Park, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299758CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRaven, Peter H.34881951-07-15 MaderaMinaret Summit
CAS-BOT299759CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensMcPherson, Emily76-29-21976-10-10 NevadaEast slope of Boca Ridge above Interstate 80 nnear Farad, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299760CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensMcPherson, Emily75-53-11975-08-08 NevadaEastern border of Canyon 22 near Interstate 80
CAS-BOT299761CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTaylor, M. S.50461982-08-27 PlumasSW corner of jct. of Hwy. 70 and road to Loyalton, in Vinton
CAS-BOT299762CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensJaneway, L. P.38491990-09-14 PlumasSoutheast-facing slope above Meadow Creek about half way between Mt. Ingalls and Red Clover Creek, Beckwourth Ranger District, Mt. Ingalls Compartment, Plumas National Forest
CAS-BOT299763CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensJaneway, L. P.; Lamm, Laurie42801992-07-28 Plumas1.25 mi. north-northeast of Dotta Saddle, 2 mi. northwest of Reconnaissance Peak, ca. 9 mi. northeast of Portola, Beckwourth Ranger District, Dotta Compartment, Plumas National Forest
CAS-BOT299764CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensDunkle, M. B.92811945-08-02 SiskiyouKings Castle, Klamath Forest
CAS-BOT299765CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensFerris, Roxana S.98191939-08-15 TuolumneSummit of Sonora Pass, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299766CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensEastwood, Alice1911907-08-09 TuolumneTioga Road near Harden Lake
CAS-BOT299767CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensAnderson, Loran C.20381961-08-02 Venturasummit of Mount Pinos
CAS-BOT299768CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.126061966-07-13 VenturaEnd of Iris Point spur road, Mt. Pinos, San Emigdio Range and teh Mt. Pinos Region
CAS-BOT299769CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.126061966-07-13 VenturaEnd of Iris Point spur road, Mt. Pinos, San Emigdio Range and teh Mt. Pinos Region
CAS-BOT299770CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRowntree, Lesters.n.1934-01-01 AlpineSonora Peak
CAS-BOT299771CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensBreedlove, D. E.56131963-07-13 AlpineOn Calif. Hwy. #4, 3 miles E of Ebbets Pass
CAS-BOT299772CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRose, Lewis S.407501940-06-18 AlpineEbbett′s Pass
CAS-BOT299773CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensAbrams, L. R.68391917-09-23 El DoradoMyers, Fallen Leaf Region, Lake Tahoe
CAS-BOT299774CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensCantelow, E. D.s.n.1935-07-28 El DoradoCarson Pass
CAS-BOT299775CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensLovegrove, Elsie Zeiles.n.1941-09-11 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake Road, Lake Tahoe Basin
CAS-BOT299776CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensEastwood, Alice188801934-09-21 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake Road
CAS-BOT299777CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensEastwood, Alices.n.1934-09-21 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake Road
CAS-BOT299778CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. L.211950-07-29 InyoSchober′s Pack Station to Table Mtn. near Lake Sabrina
CAS-BOT299779CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensDeDecker, Mary54831983-08-11 InyoDeep Springs Valley drainage, Wyman Canyon, Inyo Mountains
CAS-BOT299781CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensKerr, Marks.n.1939-08-30 InyoEnd of Division Creek Road
CAS-BOT299782CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensC., A.; H., M.4721932-08-06 InyoRock Creek
CAS-BOT299783CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas39381928-06-15 InyoUpper part of Surprise Canyon, Panamint Mts.
CAS-BOT299784CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas223691946-07-15 InyoMosquito Flat, Rock Creek Lake Basin
CAS-BOT299785CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas273781950-07-26 InyoOlancha Pass to Sage Flat
CAS-BOT299786CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas253921949-07-17 InyoWonoga Peak
CAS-BOT299787CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas241571947-08-16 InyoBig Pine Lakes Trail
CAS-BOT299788CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas409891964-10-23 InyoWhitney Portal Road, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299789CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas401991963-08-20 InyoWhitney Portal Road, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299790CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas402561963-08-21 InyoBishop Creek, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299791CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas274441950-08-29 InyoOnion Valley Road, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299792CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas274441950-08-29 InyoOnion Valley Road, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299793CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas262971949-08-13 InyoEast slpe of Wonoga Peak
CAS-BOT299794CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas240511947-08-13 InyoBig Pine Creek Trail
CAS-BOT299795CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas223691946-07-15 InyoMosquito Flat, Rock Creek Lake Basin
CAS-BOT299796CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensMac Fadden, Fay A.152411940-07-01 InyoRock Creek, Inyo National Forest
CAS-BOT299797CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensPittman, Edward1581965-09-29 InyoRidge north of New York Butte, Inyo Range
CAS-BOT299798CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensFerris, Roxana S.111851946-07-27 InyoMono Pass Trail, Rock Creek Drainage, Inyo National Forest
CAS-BOT299799CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensFerris, Roxana S.65981926-08-30 InyoEast side of Westgard Pass
CAS-BOT299800CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensCrafts, A. S.; Halperin, M.4721932-08-06 InyoRock Creek
CAS-BOT299801CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensGieschen, L. E.; Gieschen, V. B.591983-07-16 InyoGrandview Campground, Bristlecone Pine National Forest
CAS-BOT299802CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.3411961-07-04 InyoWestgard Road to White Mt.
CAS-BOT299803CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.58101959-09-15 InyoSummit road 9.1 miles north of Westgard Pass, White Mountains
CAS-BOT299804CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.58101959-09-15 InyoSummit road 9.1 miles north of Westgard Pass, White Mountains
CAS-BOT299805CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.137231967-09-19 KernSummit ridge of Scodie (Kiahvah) Mountain, Tehachapi-Kernville Region
CAS-BOT299806CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.102041964-09-16 KernHarris Grade 5.8 miles east of Landers Meadow, East slope of Piute Mountain, Tehachapi-Kernville Region
CAS-BOT299807CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.102041964-09-16 KernHarris Grade 5.8 miles east of Landers Meadow, East slope of Piute Mountain, Tehachapi-Kernville Region
CAS-BOT299808CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensShevock, James R.89041981-07-30 KernBeartrap fork of Erskine Creek approx. 1-4 mile east of Inspiration Point, Piute Mountains, Sequoia National Forest, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299809CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensSchoolcraft, G.18581988-08-24 Lassen16 miles east of Adin
CAS-BOT299810CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensCantelow, Ella Dales34121940-10-05 LassenN.W. of Johnstonville
CAS-BOT299811CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1940-10-05 LassenAbout 1 1-2 mi. N.W. of Johnstonville, east of Sierra Nevada Mts.
CAS-BOT299812CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensApplegate, Elmer I.40311923-09-30 LassenDoyle
CAS-BOT299813CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensJohnston, I. M.16471917-08-22 Los AngelesPraire Fk. of San Gabriel R., San Antonio Mountains
CAS-BOT299814CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensGrinnell Jr., F.s.n.1917-08-29 Los AngelesNorth sid eof Mt. Waterman, San Gabriel Mountains
CAS-BOT299815CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensThorne, R. F.; Tilforth, C. W.; Dourley, J.; Scoggin, R.422001972-08-11 Los AngelesAlong Angeles Crest Hwy. near Three Points, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains
CAS-BOT299816CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.56491959-09-10 MonoMinaret Summit Ridge, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299817CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRose, Lewis S.353501935-07-15 MonoConvict Lake, Mammoth Lakes Region
CAS-BOT299819CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRowntree, Lesters.n.1935-07-20 MonoMinaret Summit
CAS-BOT299820CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRowntree, Lesters.n.1934-01-01 MonoTioga Grade
CAS-BOT299822CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensFerris, Roxana S.125861952-09-05 MonoConvict Lake
CAS-BOT299823CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensWillard, Beatrice1201945-06-15 MonoW. side of Convict Lake, Mammoth Lakes Area, Inyo National Forest
CAS-BOT299824CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.544431981-08-10 MonoMammoth Lakes, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299825CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.544821981-08-11 Mono4 miles northeast of Highway 395 on Benton Crossing Road, Long Valley, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299826CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.544581981-08-11 MonoNorth side of Convict Lake, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299827CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Vale, James42671981-07-17 MonoOn road to Virginia Lakes basin from Highway 395
CAS-BOT299828CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensBamberg, Samuel A.; Major, Jack8941963-08-20 MonoConvict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299829CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensYadon, Vernal L.s.n.1980-08-02 MonoMammoth, Mammoth Lakes area, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299831CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensFerris, Roxana S.14311918-07-19 Mono3 miles from Mammoth Camp
CAS-BOT299832CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensFerris, Roxana S.125851952-09-05 MonoNorth side of Sherwin Grade along Rock Creek, U.S. Highway 395
CAS-BOT299833CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensFerris, Roxana S.135751961-09-15 MonoE side of Sonora Pass, State Highway 108
CAS-BOT299834CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRaven, Peter H.37041951-07-29 Mono1-2 mi. e. Mammoth Post Office
CAS-BOT299835CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHiesey, Wm. M.4081939-09-17 MonoLeevining Canyon, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299837CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas144191938-08-08 MonoMammouth Lakes Basin
CAS-BOT299838CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensWagner, Richard H.2921995-08-18 MonoSlinkard Valley
CAS-BOT299839CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHardham, Clare B.175481969-09-02 MonoHeadwaters of Sweetwater Creek on Sweetwater Mt.
CAS-BOT299840CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensMunz, Philip A.211491955-07-22 MonoSweetwater Creek, Sweetwater Mts.
CAS-BOT299841CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensClausen, J.7931933-08-23 MonoAt the foot of Leevining Grade, Leevining Canyon
CAS-BOT299842CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensClausen, J.7931933-08-23 MonoAt the foot of Leevining Grade, Leevining Canyon
CAS-BOT299843CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensApplegate, Elmer I.69191931-11-06 MonoAbout 3 miles west of Benton
CAS-BOT299844CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRoos, John; Roos, Lucille51821951-08-11 MonoBig Prospector Meadow, Whtie Mts.
CAS-BOT299845CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensWiggins, Ira L.; Rollins, R. C.5481945-08-03 MonoNear Lakeview Spring 6.5 miles from Bridgeport-Sweetwater Highway
CAS-BOT299846CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensWiggins, Ira L.; Rollins, R. C.5481945-08-03 MonoNear Lakeview Spring 6.5 miles from Bridgeport-Sweetwater Highway
CAS-BOT299848CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise45281945-07-25 MonoBodie
CAS-BOT299849CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensFerris, Roxana S.; Ernst, W. R.131191957-09-15 MonoAlong road to Little Ant Valley, 3.3 mi. from junction with U.S. 395 at Casa Diablo Hot Springs
CAS-BOT299850CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensBurch, J.; Robins, J.; Wainwright, T.3121976-08-21 MonoNorth of Lee Vining, Mono Lake and vicinity
CAS-BOT299851CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.4271961-07-19 MonoRidge between Crooked Creek and Cottonwood Creek
CAS-BOT299852CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensRose, Lewis S.377041937-09-29 MonoLeevining Grade
CAS-BOT299853CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensKeck, David D.50271939-09-10 MonoLeevining Grade, Leevining Canyon
CAS-BOT299854CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensKeck, David D.29191934-07-01 MonoWest Walker River, 17 mi. S. of Coleville
CAS-BOT299855CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensJaeger, Edmund C.s.n.1939-09-05 MonoPlateau between Hawthorne and Bodie
CAS-BOT299856CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-08-24 MonoMono Lake
CAS-BOT299857CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensFrenkel, R. E.8161964-08-30 MonoOn California Hwy. 108 in the grade immediately upslope of Sardine Flats
CAS-BOT299858CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.57191959-09-12 MonoBenton Road, 17.7 miles east of Highway 395 at Mono Lake, Mono Basin
CAS-BOT299859CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensEastwood, Alices.n.1906-08-19 MonoGreen Cr.
CAS-BOT299860CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas1455131938-08-10 MonoLeevining Canyon
CAS-BOT299861CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas236131947-07-25 San BernardinoDry Lake Trail, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT299862CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensJohnston, I. M.16471917-08-22 San BernardinoPrairie Fk. of San Gabriel R.
CAS-BOT299863CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHart, Cecils.n.1930-08-17 San BernardinoSugar Loaf Peak, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT299864CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHenrickson, James126521973-08-29 San BernardinoCa. 45 (air) miles E of Baker, ca. 5 1-2 (air) miles S of Ivanpah, New York Mts., in Mid-Keystone cAnyon, ca. 2.5 miles W of Ivanpah Road
CAS-BOT299865CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHenrickson, James103361973-06-02 San BernardinoCa. 5 1-2 miles E of Cima, in Cottonwood Canyon near Cottonwood Spring, in SW New York Mts.
CAS-BOT299866CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensWilder, Mrs. C. M.s.n.1907-08-16 San BernardinoSummit of Bear Valley Road, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT299867CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensParish, S. B.103521915-06-03 San BernardinoMojave Desert
CAS-BOT299868CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensWolf, Carl B.107081941-05-26 San BernardinoW. slope of Providence Mts., vicinity of Coloumbia Mine, Mojave Desert
CAS-BOT299869CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensLemmons.n.1878-01-01 San BernardinoMt. San Bernardino
CAS-BOT299870CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensLemmon51521924-09-01 San BernardinoJohnson′s Grade, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT299871CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensPeirson, Frank W.85931929-09-16 San BernardinoNear Baldwin Lake, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT299872CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensShevock, James R.30791973-08-14 TulareApprox. 1-2 mile below Pyles Camp adjacent to Freeman Carek, Lloyd Meadows Basin, Sequoia National Forest, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299873CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensShevock, James R.53411976-09-12 TulareApprox. 1-2 mile north of the Swinging Bridge on the Little Kern, Lloyd Meadows Basin, Sequoia National Forest, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299874CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensErtter, Barbara; Strachan, Jeffrey L.49871983-07-29 TulareCa. halfway between Troy Meadows and Kennedy Meadows north side of Pine Mountain, Kern Plateau, Sequoia Natl. For.
CAS-BOT299875CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nicoll, John148741968-08-13 TulareTroy Meadow Road on the slope above Bitter Creek, Kern Plateau, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299876CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.99751964-08-21 TulareRidge between Troy Meadow and Beach Meadow, Kern Plateau, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299877CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.158351969-08-01 TulareChimney Creek, 1.3 mile above Reinhart Spring, Kern Plateau, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299878CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.103141964-10-21 TulareHead of Chimney Creek, Kern Plateau, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299879CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.78021962-09-19 TulareRidge at the northwest end of Rodeo Flat, Kern Plateau, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299880CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensTwisselmann, Ernest C.48631958-10-01 TulareSouth fork of Kern River at Kennedy Meadows, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT299881CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowell, John Thomas271621950-07-21 TulareMonache Mt.
CAS-BOT494108CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHarnach, William10032000-09-03 PlumasGold Mountain Development, along the river trail
CAS-BOT520430CASDieteria canescens subsp. canescensHowald, Ann33092014-09-11 AlpineSierra Nevada Mtns.: Hwy 89, 0.9 mi E of jct with Hwy 4
CHSC124388CHSCDieteria canescens subsp. canescensL. P. Janeway105642011-07-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains. San Bernardino National Forest; small carbonite (white rock) rocky knoll 6.1 air-km southeast of Big Bear Lake (the lake), 1.0 km west-southwest of Gold Mine Ski Area. T2N, R1E, SW 1-4 of SW 1-4 of sec. 27. Moonridge 7.5 quad.
SBBG219202SBBGDieteria canescens subsp. canescensR. Burgess65622004-10-01 Ventura[near] summit of Mt. Pinos, woodland E of wildlife viewing area
SBBG230827SBBGDieteria canescens subsp. canescensSean Carson1492020-06-07 Mono200 meters off 395 on Green Creek Rd. Take first left on dirt rd about another 200 meters
CDA0052938CDADieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald33032014-08-22 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Upper Hope Valley, Blue Lakes Road, ca. 1 mile south of Hwy 88. TRS 1 N 19E 6 (Canon Pass 7.5 Q.), 38 44 19.4, -119 56 2.7 (38.738722, -119.934083). Elev 2182 m, 7159 ft. Flat terrain, roadside near riprapped creekbank, gravel; Elymus multisetus, Artemisia tridentata vaseyana; Pinus contorta murrayana nearby. Perennial herb, ligules purple, disk flowers yellow. Abundant along ca. 0.1 miles of roadside. Non-native form. Invasive.
CDA0052940CDADieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald35492015-09-01 MonoEast of Sierra Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, California, Bishop Field Office, Little Round Valley Grazing Allotment, Local Government management, Long Valley, Crowley Lake Dr, at intersection of McGee Creek Rd. TRS 4S 29E 21 (Convict Lake 7.5 Q.), 37 35 11.4, -118 47 4.3 (37.5865, -118.784528). Elev 2109 m, 6919 ft. Roadside, sandy-gravelly soil w- Ambrosia acanthicarpa, Lupinus argenteus heteranthus, Ericameria nauseosa. Perennial from woody taproot, ligules purple, disks yellow. Form not native to CA, invasive in Mammoth Lakes region.
CDA0052941CDADieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald35502015-09-01 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada, Inyo National Forest, East base of Sierra Nevada, Crowley Lake Drive, 0.4 mile S of intersection with South Landing Rd. TRS 4S 29E 35 (Toms Place 7.5 Q.), 37 33 44.6, -118 44 10.3 (37.562389, -118.736194). Elev 2158 m, 7080 ft. Base of steep east-facing slope, on roadside, w- Melilotus albus, Ericameria nauseosa, Purshia tridentata. Perennial from woody taproot; stems to 1m tall; ligules purple, disks yellow. Form not native to CA, invasive in Mammoth Lakes region.
CHSC107470CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensM. Simenc282009-09-06 TrinityThe Eddys, Klamath Ranges, Shasta National Forest. 470m South on Pacific Crest Trail from Parks Creek Trail Head at 4 N17 rd. about 48 km from Mt. Shasta Ranger Station. Growing in rocky soil near Quercus vaccinifolia bushes, partially shaded by Yellow Pine. T40N R0 W S10 NW1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: South China Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC11025CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensNick Santamaria1631969-06-23 LassenNext to road 5 approx 0.1 miles east of junction of road 5.19 east of Eagle Lake.
CHSC112607CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensLowell Ahart190252013-09-11 PlumasOn both sides of the paved road, on the north side of Antelope Lake, about 1-2 mile west of Antelope Creek, about 16 miles (air) northeast of Taylorsville. T2 N R12E S24 NE1-4
CHSC14068CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensK .R. Stern58171974-06-22 LassenCa. 16.5 mi w of Madeline, on Madeline-Adin Road. T3 N R11E S32 USGS Quadrangle: Likely
CHSC50821CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensVernon Oswald43851990-07-25 SierraCa. 1.5 mi south of Staverville Rd between Balls Ranch and Old Fish Farm. T2 N R17E S3 W corner
CHSC53133CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensL. P. Janeway38491990-09-14 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Slope above Meadow Creek about half way between Mt Ingalls and Red Clover Creek. On bed of unused logging road. T2 N R12E S22 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Babcock Peak 1:24,000
CHSC59902CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensL. P. Janeway42801992-07-28 PlumasPlumas National Forest. 1.25 mi north-northeast of Dotta Saddle, 2 mi northwest of Reconnaissance Peak; ca 9 mi northeast of Portola. T2 N R15E S31 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Dixie Mtn. 1:24,000
CHSC62432CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensL. P. Janeway45201993-08-12 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Northwestern corner of Sierra Valley; south of the Middle Fork Feather River and west of the Beckwourth-Calpine Road; ca 0.7 mi west-southwest of Beckwourth. T2 N R14E S27 NE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Portola 1:24,000
CHSC6435CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensPress Powell471968-07-10 LassenRoadside of Murersville Road 1 mile south of junction with Highway 139.
CHSC65488CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensL. P. Janeway49341995-09-19 Plumas0.9 mi east of Crocker Creek and Crocker Guard Station and Crocker Campground. Roadside. T2 N R14E S34 SE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Crocker Mtn. 1:24,000
CHSC65624CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensL. P. Janeway49181995-09-08 PlumasEast side of Lake Davis about 0.8 mi north-northeast of the dam. Along Road 2 N73Y (which starts opposite Grizzly Flat Boat Ramp) 0.5 mi east of the county road (Road 112). On road shoulder. T24N R13E S36 SE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Crocker Mtn. 1:24,000
CHSC67428CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensJames D. Jokerst31741990-07-27 SierraBalls Ranch. Summit of Bald Mtn. Range at N end. T2 N R17E S31 SE1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC7235CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensBruce K. Briggs861969-08-08 LassenShady area of Deans Meadow.
CHSC7273CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensBruce K. Briggs1171969-08-08 LassenOn NW. side of Eagle Lake.
CHSC97063CHSCDieteria canescens var. canescensLowell Ahart143792007-07-21 PlumasAround pine trees, about 100 yards northeast of the bridge, about 80 yards east of the intersection, on the north side of the Beckwourth Taylorsville Road, about 2 1-2 miles (air) northwest of the most northwest part of Lake Davis. T2 N R12E S11 SE1-4
DAV375816DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor11271971-08-09 AlpineAlpine County: at base of Elephant′s Back, Canon Pass (State Highway 88).
DAV375817DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor17061972-07-09 AlpineAlpine County: East of Winnemucca Lake at Canon Pass.
DAV375818DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor26241973-07-15 AlpineAlpine County: Along road from Red Lake to Upper Blue Lakes area, near Forestdale Creek headwater.
DAV375819DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor43401974-07-23 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass, above Crater Lake.
DAV375820DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor61191976-08-02 MonoMono County: Sweetwater Mountains, sites along Sweetwater Creek, near Nugent Cabin.
DAV375822DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor42901974-07-20 AlpineAlpine County: Round Top about 1 km south of Winnemucca Lake.
DAV375823DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor45001974-07-27 MonoMono County: Sweetwater Mountains, Canon of Swauger Creek.
DAV375824DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensDean Wm. Taylor75061979-07-22 MonoMono County: Above town of Lee Vining, Mono Basin.
DAV375825DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensT. E. Weiers.n.1940-07-25 AmadorAmador County: 2 miles south of Canon Spur.
DAV375826DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensR. H. Pembles.n.1968-08-11 MonoMono County: Convict Creek; ridge NW of Mt. Baldwin.
DAV375827DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensJack Major12911962-08-17 MonoMono County: northwest of Mount Baldwin, Convict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada.
DAV375828DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensL. E. Gieschen661983-07-20 AlpineAlpine County: Hwy 89, just east of Luther Pass.
DAV375829DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensEllen Dean68832010-09-20 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Near lower reaches of Shay Creek where it merges with runnoff from hot springs and passes under road to campgrounds.
DAV375830DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensA.S. Crafts4721932-08-06 InyoInyo County: Rock Creek.
DAV375831DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensMorris Halperin9101932-08-14 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Strawberry.
DAV375833DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensJack Major11791962-08-14 MonoMono County: Convict Lake, Convict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada.
DAV375834DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensCharles M. Knapps.n.-1979-08-23 MonoMono County: San Joaquin Ridge, north of Minaret Summit, and south of Deadman Pass.
DAV375835DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensOrlando Mistretta34112008-07-17 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Transverse Ranges: San Bernardino Mountains region: Santa Ana River Canon, near junction of Forest Road 2N21 and 2N06.
DAV375836DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensJack Major14841962-08-30 MonoMono County: west of Bright Dot Lake, Convict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada.
DAV375837DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensR. H. Pembles.n.1968-08-11 MonoMono County: Convict Creek; SW of Mt. Baldwin.
DAV375838DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensSamuel A. Bamberg8941963-08-20 MonoMono County: Convict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada.
DAV375839DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensG. F. Hrusa130231996-06-11 ShastaShasta County: W side of Hwy 89-44 approx. 1-4 mile S of Big Spring. Lassen National Forest.
DAV375840DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor6351970-08-15 AlpineAlpine County: near Winnemucca Lake, Canon Pass.
DAV375841DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensJ. C. Rooss.n.1965-10-05 RiversideRiverside County: Exact location unknown.
DAV375842DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensR. H. Pembles.n.1968-08-11 MonoMono County: Convict Creek; ridge W of Bright Dot Lake.
DAV375843DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensR. H. Pembles.n.1968-08-11 MonoMono County: Convict Creek, ridge NW of Mt. Baldwin.
DAV375844DAVDieteria canescens var. canescensR. H. Pembles.n.1968-08-12 MonoMono County: Convict Creek; SW slope of Mt. Baldwin.
GMDRC5665GMDRCDieteria canescens var. canescensJ. Andre230652010-07-29 InyoSierra Nevada: along Coyote Rd, Coyote Plateau, approx. 12 road miles SSW of Bishop
HSC24497HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensP.A. Munz183161970-09-09 San BernardinoOn Hwy. 38 1-4 N of Onyx Pass, San Bernardino Mtns.
HSC5953HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensC. S. Chavez1731965-08-26 MonoAt Mammoth Lakes R.S.
HSC5954HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensB.D. Rogerssn1964-07-01 MonoMono Lake
HSC5957HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensD.M. Thomson2021965-08-21 SiskiyouCalifornia Lava Beds National Monument; 1-2 N of Devils Homestead Lava Flow
HSC5958HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensR.C. Wunner4521965-08-21 SiskiyouCalifornia Lava Beds National Monument; on main road at Crescent Butte
HSC5959HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensR.C. Wunner4881965-08-27 SiskiyouCalifornia Lava Beds National Monument; 1-2 mi. from Devils Homestead Overlook on Gillems Bluff
HSC5961HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensR.C. Wunner4531965-08-21 SiskiyouCalifornia Lava Beds National Monument; on main road at Crescent Butte
HSC63945HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensTeresa Prendusisn1980-07-01 LassenLittle Antelope Valley
HSC81136HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensG.M. Riegel11321980-09-03 ModocSouth Warner Mountains
HSC81302HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensTim Messick11541980-07-14 MonoW of road to Bridgeport Canon, 0.6 mi. S of Mormon Meadow
HSC81303HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensTim Messick7481979-07-30 Mono1.5 miles SSW of Bodie
HSC81304HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensTim Messick17321981-07-25 MonoE slope of Potato Pk., 0.3 mi. E of the summit
HSC81305HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensTim Messick17171981-07-24 Mono0.2 mi. SW of New York Hill, N end of Masonic Mtn.
HSC81307HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensTim Messick13811980-08-18 MonoHillside N of Hwy. 395 on Conway Summit grade, 0.5 mi. E of Mono Lake Vista
HSC81308HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensTim Messick8031979-08-02 MonoNE slope of Bodie Mtn., beside Geiger Grade, 0.4 mi. E of where road crosses Rough Creek
HSC82268HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensThomas W. Nelson5996A1980-07-06 LassenAlong Adin-Madelin Rd., (Ash Valley Rd.), 16 mi. E of Adin in Ash Valley
HSC94599HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensHelen Constantine-Shull2941994-08-06 MonoUpper Glass Creek Meadows
HSC94600HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensHelen Constantine-Shull5781995-08-18 MonoAlong top of San Joaquin Ridge
HSC94609HSCDieteria canescens var. canescensHelen Constantine-Shull9001996-07-14 MonoBench between Glass and Deadman Creek Drainages.
JEPS100473UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor175692000-08-12 Plumasca. 5 air miles SE from Antelope Lake; drainage of Last Chance Creek; Camp 14 (ca. 5 air miles SE from Antelope Lake), drainage of Last Chance Creek, along Forest Road 2 N07
JEPS112702UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensDean Wm. Taylor, S. Rae, Mary Dedecker72681978-09-13 InyoInyo Mountains, summit of Wacouba Road 0.5 miles West of the junction with the Saline Valley Road
JEPS112922UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor49811974-09-08 AlpineWest Fork Canon River canyon ca. 1.3 miles W of Woodfords
JEPS113539UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensLowell Ahart, Josephine Guardino143792007-07-21 PlumasAround pine trees, about 100 yards northeast of the bridge, about 80 yards east of the intersection, on the north side of the Beckwourth Taylorsville Road, about 2 1-2 miles (air) northwest of the most northwest part of Lake Davis
JEPS113931UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensW., N. Harnach10032000-09-03 PlumasSierra Valley, Gold Development, along the river trail.
JEPS120754UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensLowell Ahart190252013-09-11 PlumasOn both sides of the paved road, on the north side of Antelope Lake, about 1-2 mile west of Antelope Creek, about 16 air miles NE of Taylorsville.
JEPS125088UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensD. M. Neubauer4952015-08-03 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: North Fork Crooked Creek drainage, .86 air-mile ene UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
JEPS125263UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensDylan M. Neubauer4972015-08-02 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: drainage draining into North Fork Crooked Creek, .99 air-mile ne UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
JEPS15653UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensV. F. Hesse20651956-07-21 Mono5.8 mi e Sonora
JEPS18924UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard60631957-08-19 Alpineat Woodfords
JEPS19975UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAdele Lewis Grant9041916-08-04 TuolumneKennedy′s Meadow
JEPS21596UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRoxana S. Ferris, W. R. Ernst131191957-09-15 Mono3.3 mi from U.S. 395 at Casa Diablo Hot Springs (along road to Little Ant Valley)
JEPS22292UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensErnest C. Twisselmann48631958-10-01 TulareKennedy Meadows Sierra Nevada, South Fork of Kern River
JEPS26625UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRoxana S. Ferris135751961-09-15 Monoe side Sonora Pass (State Hwy 108)
JEPS27851UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensErnest C. Twisselmann57191959-09-12 MonoBenton Road 17.7 mi e Highway 395 at Mono Lake; Mono Basin
JEPS28092UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRimo Bacigalupi [and P. C. Hutchison, L. Heckard]80101961-07-28 Monoalong Hwy 108 7.4 mi w end of Highway 108 at junction with US 395 ((exactly 8 mi e of summit of Sonora Pass), cabin area of Lodge); Leavitt Meadows Lodge
JEPS28168UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRimo Bacigalupi, P. C. Hutchison80581961-07-29 Monohill w High Altitude Research Station (at head of creek); White Mountains, N. Fk. Crooked Creek
JEPS31037UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensErnest C. Twisselmann58101959-09-15 Inyosummit road 9.1 mi n Westgard Pass; White Mountains
JEPS31138UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensErnest C. Twisselmann78021962-09-19 Tulareridge at the nw end Rodeo Flat; Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau
JEPS33222UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard86851962-08-06 Alpineslopes due se Ebbetts Pass (boundary between Stanislaus and Toiyabe National Forests); crest of Sierra Nevada
JEPS3352UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRoxana S. Ferris125851952-09-05 MonoHwy 395 along Rock Creek; north slope Sherman Grade
JEPS35265UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg41501944-08-25 MonoMolybdenite Creek Molybdenite Creek (in basin below cliffs of divide)
JEPS35993UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensErnest C. Twisselmann102041964-09-16 KernHarris Grade 5.8 mi e Landers Meadow; Tehachapi-Kernville Region, east slope of Piute Mountain
JEPS36189UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensErnest C. Twisselmann99751964-08-21 Tulareridge between Troy Meadow and Beach Meadow; Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau
JEPS40707UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensR. F. Hoover15181936-07-10 Alpinelower valley Clark′s Fork
JEPS40708UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensMiss Helen D. Geis941912-06-01 El DoradoLakeside
JEPS40710UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJos. Grinnell1917-10-02 Inyo3 mi e Jackass Spr.; Panamint Mts.
JEPS40713UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensMiss Maud Minthorn1581908-08-26 Monovicinity Lundy
JEPS40714UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJoseph Grinnell911905-08-26 San BernardinoGold Mt. San Bernardino Mts. (shaded n slope)
JEPS40715UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensFrank W. Peirson40081923-08-30 Los AngelesMescal Creek San Gabriel Mountains (very head)
JEPS40722UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensWillis L. Jepson158301931-06-02 San BernardinoKessler Peak eastern Mohave Desert, Ivanpah Mts.
JEPS40725UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensF. W. Peirson112461934-07-16 MonoVirginia Lake Resort
JEPS40726UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAdele Lewis Grant4251915-08-29 Tuolumnefoot of mountain Mt. Leavitt (ne Tuolumne County)
JEPS40727UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAdele Lewis Grant3171915-08-15 Tuolumnesummit Sonora Pass (Mono-Tuolumne County line)
JEPS40847UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensR. F. Hoover15181936-07-10 Alpinelower valley Clark′s Fork
JEPS42528UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensLoran C. Anderson20381961-08-02 Venturasummit Mount Pinos
JEPS52257UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensErnest C. Twisselmann126061966-07-13 Venturaend of Iris Point spur road San Emigdio Range and Mt. Pinos Region, Mt. Pinos
JEPS60875UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensErnest C. Twisselmann158351969-08-01 Tularecreek 1.3 mi above Reinhart Spring; Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Chimney Creek
JEPS71551UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensGladys L. Smith, Alasdair H. Neilson25311970-07-27 El Doradosummit area Echo Peak
JEPS71609UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensGladys L. Smith34881972-08-24 El DoradoUpper Truckee Valley
JEPS71610UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensGladys L. Smith, Alasdair H. Neilson25321970-07-27 El Doradosummit area Echo Peak
JEPS82237UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRoger Raiche306691983-08-26 Alpineroad to Monitor Pass (Route 89) near road marker 89 ALP 7oo
JEPS85814UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRoy E. Buck13951989-09-01 Mono28 air km nw Bishop (0.8 air km nnw of confluence of Rock Creek and Birch Creek, e side of lower Rock Creek, along Lower Rock Creek Rd., just below bridge); Lower Rock Creek
JEPS96600UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensDean W. Taylor46491974-07-27 MonoSweetwater Mountains, upper Swauger Creek drainage
LA25910LADieteria canescens var. canescensM. Lewis5891955-08-01 MonoLeevinng Creek Camp Ground
OBI162337OBIDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald32342014-07-25 Monotown of Mammoth Lakes, east side of Minaret Road, 0.1 mile north of intersection with Meridian Road. Old Mammoth 7.5 Q. Roadside adjacent to golf course
OBI164850OBIDieteria canescens var. canescensDylan M. Neubauer12932018-08-07 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: Cottonwood Creek drainage, 2.12 air-miles west-northwest Station Peak, 2 air-miles northeast UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
OBI168127OBIDieteria canescens var. canescensDavid J. Keil210321988-08-24 MonoWest shore of Mono Lake and adjacent slopes ca. 2 miles north of Lee Vining along Hwy 395.
OBI168128OBIDieteria canescens var. canescensDavid J. Keil210111988-08-23 AlpineSierra Nevada; 3.4 road miles east of junction Hwy 4 on Hwy 89, 4.9 miles west of Monitor Pass Summit
POM117426RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-08-25 InyoBishop Creek.
POM17606RSADieteria canescens var. canescensP. A. Munz76641923-08-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Swartout Valley. North of Big Pines.
POM188449RSADieteria canescens var. canescensE. C. Jaegers.n.1933-09-15 Inyo[Unspecified]
POM214893RSADieteria canescens var. canescensAdele Lewis Grant4251915-08-29 TuolumneFoot of Mt. Leavitt, e. boundary of Tuolumne Co.
POM223641RSADieteria canescens var. canescensL. S. Rose353501935-07-15 MonoConvict Lake. Mammoth Lakes region.
POM244319RSADieteria canescens var. canescensE. C. Jaegers.n.1938-09-07 InyoWestgaurd Summit.
POM250064RSADieteria canescens var. canescensE. C. Jaegers.n.1939-05-29 InyoTeufel Canon, southern Inyo Mountains
POM267787RSADieteria canescens var. canescensWm. Hiesey4081939-09-17 MonoLeevining Canon, along road ca. 2-3 way down
POM362031RSADieteria canescens var. canescensRobert L. RutherfordC24511944-08-25 MonoBode [Bodie]
POM362032RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJens Clausen7931933-08-23 MonoAt the foot of Leevining grade, Leevining Canon.
POM362033RSADieteria canescens var. canescensN. C. Cooper24561944-08-25 MonoBode.
POM362034RSADieteria canescens var. canescensL. E. Hoffmans.n.1933-08-10 MonoVirginia Lake, Mono National Forest.
POM362035RSADieteria canescens var. canescensFreda Detmerss.n.1933-08-27 MonoJune Lake
POM362036RSADieteria canescens var. canescensDorothy Pool8351939-07-30 MonoSherwin Lakes, Inyo Nat′l Forest.
POM362037RSADieteria canescens var. canescensW. D. Pierce9611939-08-05 MonoMammoth Dog Teams, Inyo Natl. Forest
POM362039RSADieteria canescens var. canescensLester Rowntrees.n.1930-08-20 AlpineEbbetts Pass.
POM4786RSADieteria canescens var. canescensI. M. Johnston16471917-08-22 Los AngelesPrairie Fork of San Gabriel River.
RSA0020777RSADieteria canescens var. canescensNaomi Fraga40362012-07-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSmall drainage along Polique Canon Road (2N09), just north of its intersection with FS Road 2N71.; Fawnskin 7.5 quadrangle
RSA0047360RSADieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald8441976-08-01 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203; Old Mammoth 7.5 Q.
RSA0054010RSADieteria canescens var. canescensDuncan S. Bell74492014-07-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; collecting on limestone ridge above the Rose Mine area, about a 1-2 mile west of TipTop Mountain, along Forest Service Road 2N90.
RSA0088949RSADieteria canescens var. canescensBonnie C. Templetons.n.1968-09-28 San BernardinoBig Bear.
RSA0106545RSADieteria canescens var. canescensBonnie C. Templetons.n.1940-08-05 InyoBetween Parchers and Andrews Camps [Sierra Nevada, Bishop Creek drainage].
RSA0112642RSADieteria canescens var. canescensLowell Ahart190252013-09-11 PlumasOn both sides of the paved road, on the north side of Antelope Lake, about 1-2 miles west of Antelope Creek, about 16 miles (air) northeast of Taylorsville.
RSA0123097RSADieteria canescens var. canescensDuncan S. Bell101062016-08-09 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; collecting on the ridge between the North Fork and South Fork of Mission Creek, in the vicinity of Mission Springs.; San Gorgonio Mountain
RSA0123381RSADieteria canescens var. canescensDuncan S. Bell100092016-07-14 San BernardinoSan Gorgonio Wilderness; San Bernardino National Forest; collecting on the summit area of Ten Thousand Foot Ridge.; San Gorgonio Mountain
RSA0125119RSADieteria canescens var. canescensDuncan S. Bell101542016-08-16 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestAt the head of Big Morongo and Little Morongo Canons, in the vicinity of the Coon Creek Jumpoff, approximately 1.75 air miles east of the Coon Creek Cabin.; Onyx Peak
RSA0146005RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJim M. Andre353302015-07-23 San BernardinoUSFSSan Bernardino Mountains: Just south of Holcomb Valley, along Poligue Cyn Rd, 5.0 mi. north of jct Hwy 3 N Big Bear Lake).
RSA0149793RSADieteria canescens var. canescensF. W. Peirson94991931-07-23 InyoEast of Heart Lake, Rock Creek Lake Basin, northern Inyo Co.
RSA0378905RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMaria Jesus8612019-08-16 InyoInyo Mountains, Mexican Spring.
RSA116030RSADieteria canescens var. canescensP. A. Munz211491955-07-22 MonoSweetwater Creek, Sweetwater Mtns.
RSA122560RSADieteria canescens var. canescensT. M. Hendrix4571937-07-28 Mono2.8 miles north of Eagle Peak; Mono National Forest; Bridgeport
RSA122561RSADieteria canescens var. canescensC. W. Hanks611934-08-30 PlumasRidge top 3-4 mile south of Bald Peak; Plumas National Forest; Sierraville
RSA122562RSADieteria canescens var. canescensW. A. Peterson5771936-08-29 MonoInk Rocks.; Bridgeport Quad.
RSA122563RSADieteria canescens var. canescensP. L. Johannsen4741934-09-07 El Dorado1 mile south-southwest of Meyers; Pyramid Peak
RSA135712RSADieteria canescens var. canescensRoxana S. Ferris131191957-09-15 MonoAlong road to Little Ant Valley, 3.3 miles from junction with U. S. 395 at Casa Diablo Hot Springs
RSA165456RSADieteria canescens var. canescensClare B. Hardham64361960-07-25 MonoEast side Sonora Pass, Sierra Nevada
RSA167147RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJack Major14841962-08-30 MonoRidge west of Bright Dot Lake, Convict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada
RSA172719RSADieteria canescens var. canescensE. C. Twisselmann99751964-08-21 TulareRidge between Troy Meadows and Beach Meadow, Kern Plateau
RSA186980RSADieteria canescens var. canescensE. C. Twisselmann126061966-07-13 VenturaEnd of Iris Point spur road, Mt. Pinos
RSA230671RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. F. Thorne385391969-07-09 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest: summit of Table Mountain above Big Pines Ranger Station.
RSA250366RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. F. Thorne422001972-08-11 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest; Along Angeles Crest Hwy near Three Points.
RSA252467RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. F. Thorne392681969-09-06 LassenC. 0.7 mi. SE of Milford, along Hwy. 39 W. of Honey Lake).
RSA263868RSADieteria canescens var. canescensC. W. Tilforth11771975-05-10 InyoRoad along Big Pine Creek, west of Big Pine.
RSA289168RSADieteria canescens var. canescensC. W. Tilforth20981981-07-29 San Bernardino4.5 miles N-E of Seven Oaks along Forest road 2N06
RSA293320RSADieteria canescens var. canescensC. W. Tilforth21781981-05-29 InyoSlopes above Big Pine Creek, west of Big Pine.
RSA302631RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJ. R. Shevock21551972-07-22 MonoTioga Pass.
RSA305917RSADieteria canescens var. canescensFay A. MacFadden125931934-07-18 El DoradoTruckee River, on road to Reno.
RSA313081RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. F. Thorne329271963-08-09 MonoAlong Leavitt Creek, 9 miles west of Sonora Junction, Toiyabe National Forest.
RSA313082RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. F. Thorne330991963-08-10 Mono1.3 miles beyond Sardine Creek Meadow, ca. 1 mile E of Sonora Pass, Toiyabe National Forest
RSA374303RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMary DeDecker54831983-07-18 InyoWhite Mtns, Deep Springs Valley drainage, Wyman Canon
RSA381642RSADieteria canescens var. canescensL. E. Gieschen611983-07-18 MonoLee Vining, in old dump overlooking Mono Lake
RSA43558RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMark Kerrs.n.1939-08-30 InyoEmd of Division Creek Road
RSA44440RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJ. T. Howell241571947-08-16 InyoBig Pine Lakes Trail.
RSA463621RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJames D. Morefield40971986-07-13 MonoWhite Mountains: East spur of hill 11513 on the Montgomery-Marble Creek divide, 1.9 miles south 41 degrees west of Montgomery Peak. Owens Valley drainage.
RSA511562RSADieteria canescens var. canescensGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1988-09-08 MonoLundy Creek Campground #1, ca. 3 miles west of Highway 395
RSA518407RSADieteria canescens var. canescensGeorge K. HelmkampM-51990-10-04 LassenSouth of Susanville in Plumas National Forest; north of Milford Pass.
RSA518416RSADieteria canescens var. canescensGeorge K. HelmkampG-81990-09-23 LassenN of Ravendale
RSA522329RSADieteria canescens var. canescensTimothy S. Ross32861990-10-03 Los AngelesUpper portions of the Tie Canon, Tujunga Ranger District, Angeles National Forest.; Pacifico Mountain
RSA529182RSADieteria canescens var. canescensTimothy S. Ross56371991-07-24 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Granite Mountain: NNE slope; Pacifico Mountain 7.5
RSA562686RSADieteria canescens var. canescensD. Charlton55481991-08-12 MonoHot Creek. near Convict Lake turnoff, Owens River south of Mammoth Lakes.
RSA58403RSADieteria canescens var. canescensP. A. Munz154511950-07-28 MonoFlats near hot springs, 1 mile southeast of Bridgeport.
RSA60606RSADieteria canescens var. canescensBeatrice Willard1201945-00-01 MonoWest side of Convict Lake, Mammoth Lakes area, Inyo National Forest
RSA607394RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. S. Woglum28971940-08-24 MonoCentral Sierra Nevada Mtns.: Ellery Lake, Yosemite Park; Ansel Adams Wilderness.
RSA607395RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. S. Woglum27901940-05-31 San BernardinoNew York Mountains; Keystone Canon.
RSA607408RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. S. Woglum11981937-10-20 RiversidePeninsular Ranges, Santa Rosa Mountains.
RSA613851RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMary DeDecker4721956-07-21 InyoInyo Mountains: Owens Valley Drainage above Tamarack Canon.; Independence
RSA615910RSADieteria canescens var. canescensSteve Boyd102691998-08-10 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Northwest flank of Sugarlump (aka Bear Mountain), head of Deer Canon.; Moonridge
RSA617817RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMary DeDecker29951972-07-19 InyoSierra Nevada: Southwest of Bishop; Coyote Creek, Peterson Mill. Owens Valley drainage.
RSA618486RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMary DeDecker23701969-08-30 InyoSierra Nevada: Big Pine Canon, north fork, near end of road
RSA619875RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMary DeDecker50891980-07-18 InyoInyo Mountains: Eureka Valley drainage; divide between Papoose and Badger Flats.
RSA625418RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMary DeDecker54831983-08-11 InyoInyo Mountains: Deep Springs Valley drainage; Wyman Canon.
RSA632098RSADieteria canescens var. canescensScott D. White69221998-07-27 San BernardinoFawnskin- Big Bear City Area: At and near toe of southwest facing slope of Bertha Ridge.; Big Bear City 7.5
RSA638227RSADieteria canescens var. canescensL. C. Wheeler108241967-09-16 San BernardinoEast San Gabriel Mountains: Southeast end Swarthout Valley
RSA638235RSADieteria canescens var. canescensL. C. Wheeler106881967-09-05 Los AngelesLupine Campground, Prairie Fork.
RSA642273RSADieteria canescens var. canescensOrlando Mistretta19501995-11-08 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains.
RSA653985RSADieteria canescens var. canescensBeecher Crampton38641956-08-22 SiskiyouSouth slope of Mt. Shasta, Wagon Camp Road, about 4 miles southwest of Panther Meadow
RSA654162RSADieteria canescens var. canescensA. C. Sanders222821998-10-25 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns.: Pine Meadow along Hwy 74 in Garner Valley (eastern), 1 W of Hwy 371 junction to Anza; Butterfly Peak 7.5 Q.
RSA683283RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMichael Denslow14282003-07-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestCoon Creek Drainage, Tayles Hidden Acres, just east of Coon Creek cabin group above 1N02 RD.; Onyx Peak Quad
RSA685465RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMichael Honer10302001-06-29 MonoInyo National ForestDry Fork drainage to Adobe Valley. Appx. 1 N of FS Rd. 1S01 (Sawmill Mdw. Rd), along and below 4WD ranch road running N.; Glass Mtn. quad
RSA702217RSADieteria canescens var. canescensScott D. White106952004-08-11 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSan Gabriel Mountains: About 8 air miles west - northwest of Wrightwood. East of Fenner Saddle Rd. on Pacific Crest Trail.; Valyermo
RSA713378RSADieteria canescens var. canescensLeRoy Gross24222005-10-04 InyoWest of the town of Lone Pine. Off road 14S04, from Hogback Creek Road. Road just south of the mouth of Hogback Creek. Near end of this road.; Mount Langley
RSA713384RSADieteria canescens var. canescensLeRoy Gross24282005-10-04 InyoWest of the town of Lone Pine. Off road 14S04, from Hogback Creek Road. This road ends just inside the mouth of Hogback Creek.; Mount Langley
RSA718408RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMichael Honer23302006-08-11 InyoInyo National ForestN Fork of Bishop Creek: 2 NE of North Lake outlet. Ridge and slopes along vague stock trail from Aspendell to North Lake.; Mt. Thompson quad
RSA719594RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. G. Swinney56891997-07-17 Los AngelesSummit of Table Mountain, NW of Wrightwood.
RSA719820RSADieteria canescens var. canescensR. G. Swinney56791997-07-14 Los AngelesWest of Wrightwood, Table Mtn. area, approx. 1 W of amphitheater and Table Mtn. Campground.; Mescal Creek 7.5
RSA72069RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJ. C. Roos51821951-08-11 MonoBig Prospector Meadow, White Mountains.
RSA728875RSADieteria canescens var. canescensNaomi Fraga8862003-07-05 KernBLMThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Spur trail to Morris Peak.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
RSA753338RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJ. Barth6452005-10-13 San DiegoJacumba Valley, on the shoulders of Old High Way 80 between the town of Jacumba and Jacumba Airstrip, approx 1.5 mi. SSE of Round Mtn, and 0.3 N of the international border.
RSA754275RSADieteria canescens var. canescensOrlando Mistretta34112008-07-17 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Canon, near junction of Forest Road 2N21 and 2N06; Big Bear Lake
RSA763883RSADieteria canescens var. canescensThomas Stoughton4212010-07-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Watershed, Heart Bar peak area. Road to Heartbar Peak (FS road 1n38); Moonridge 7.5 USGS
RSA764953RSADieteria canescens var. canescensThomas Stoughton4142010-07-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Watershed, Heart Bar peak area. Road to Heartbar Peak (FS road 1n38); Moonridge 7.5 USGS
RSA765015RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMichael Honer36442010-08-04 San BernardinoSBNF: Downslope from Wildhorse Road, appx. 0.6 N of Highway 38, 1.5 mi. SSE of Wildhorse Meadow.
RSA765227RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMichael Honer36552010-08-05 San BernardinoSBNF: Rocky ridge appx. 0.5 mi. E of Sugarloaf Mountain peak.
RSA770256RSADieteria canescens var. canescensDuncan S. Bell17282010-08-04 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: in the vicinity of Green Spot; collecting on slopes of a hill just east of junction of Wildhorse Meadows road and forest service road 2N48Y.; Moonridge Quad.
RSA770322RSADieteria canescens var. canescensDuncan S. Bell17592010-08-10 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: east ridgeline of Sugarloaf mountain, approximately 0.9 air mile east of Sugarloaf summit; peak 9775.; Moonridge Quad.
RSA771156RSADieteria canescens var. canescensLeRoy Gross54242010-08-31 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSpur canyon off Coon Creek, up to and beyond the meadow. Started near 34.15 N, 116.74 W, off Forest Service Road (1N02) and ended near 34.15866N, 116.72662W.; Onyx Peak 7.5 quad.
RSA771380RSADieteria canescens var. canescensLeRoy Gross51702010-08-09 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestFrom the Aspen Grove in Fish Creek near 34.14 N, 116.78 W, traveled down canyon to the mouth of a north flowing creek coming from the Wilderness, north of Grinnell Mountain, near 34.14994N, 116.80429W.; Moonridge 7.5 quad.Climbed this tributary to the first fork, the east branch, near 34.14408N, 116.80386W.
RSA777313RSADieteria canescens var. canescensMichael Wall5912010-09-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestEast of Hwy. 38 south of Onyx Summit.; Onyx Peak
RSA780532RSADieteria canescens var. canescensNaomi Fraga36342010-07-19 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestKnoll near intersection of 2N10 and Radford Road; Big Bear Lake 7.5 minute
RSA788482RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJ. R. Shevock117281986-07-13 KernKern Plateau. BLM-Owen′s Peak Wilderness. Just below the summit on NE ridge of Owen′s Peak.
RSA788769RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJ. R. Shevock117821986-07-13 KernKern Plateau. BLM-Owen′s Peak Wilderness. Just below the summit on NE ridge of Owen′s Peak.
RSA789850RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJ. R. Shevock113031985-06-29 KernKern Plateau, BLM-Owens Peak Wilderness. Above the Pacific Crest Trail, northwestern slope of Spanish Needle about 2.5 miles southeast of Lamont Meadow.
RSA790369RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJ. R. Shevock100161982-08-03 TulareSequoia National Forest: Kern Plateau. Off of forest road 21 NE of Bonita Meadow. Kern River Basin.
RSA794121RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJ. Andre202932011-08-06 InyoBig Pine Canon; Eastern Sierra; along Big Pine Creek at Hines property, approx. 8.5 mi. west of Big Pine along banks of creek.; 7.5 Coyote Flat
RSA794607RSADieteria canescens var. canescensJoshua Paolini412010-08-04 San BernardinoNorth of Sugarloaf Mountain, by road 2N48Y, San Bernardino Mountains
RSA93171RSADieteria canescens var. canescensF. W. Peirson112461934-07-16 MonoMoraine near Virginia Lakes Resort, Virginia Lakes Basin, Sierra Nevada
RSA93173RSADieteria canescens var. canescensF. W. Peirson40081923-08-30 Los AngelesLe Montaine, north of Big Pines, [′Mescal Creek′]
SBBG133252SBBGDieteria canescens var. canescensR. Burgess89652011-08-05 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Mt Pinos, subalpine fell-fields E of Condor Observatory
SBBG165490SBBGDieteria canescens var. canescensBonnie C. Templeton1940-08-05 Inyobetween Parchers and Andrews Camps (Sierra Nevada, Bishop Creek drainage)
SD00007948SDDieteria canescens var. canescensJon P. Rebman36941996-10-25 ImperialIn-ko-pah area, along Boulder Creek and just east of San Diego-Imperial County line, near small oasis. (IPB 10-07)
SD00059361SDDieteria canescens var. canescensJoe Barth6452005-10-13 San DiegoJacumba Valley, on the shoulders of Old Highway 80 between the town of Jacumba and Jacumba Airstrip, approx 1.5 miles SSE of Round Mtn, and 0.3 mile N of the international border.
SD107794SDDieteria canescens var. canescensC. W. Tilforth11771975-10-05 InyoWest of Big Pine, road along Big Pine Creek
SD112557SDDieteria canescens var. canescensDarley F. Howe29991960-06-30 MonoFales Hot Springs
SD12386SDDieteria canescens var. canescensFrank F. Gander277-11935-10-31 San DiegoJacumba
SD128759SDDieteria canescens var. canescensDarley F. Howes.n.1980-09-27 InyoInyo Mountains, 19 miles east of Big Pine (Highway 395) on Highway 168
SD148231SDDieteria canescens var. canescensG. K. Helmkamp68232001-07-08 MonoVirginia Lakes Road, 2.4 miles from U. S. 395.
SD229083SDDieteria canescens var. canescensDick Schwenkmeyer7962012-08-07 RiversideSanta Rosa Mountain Cabin, 10 miles southeast of the intersection of Highway 74 and Santa Rosa Mountain road.
SD50678SDDieteria canescens var. canescensDarley F. Howe27391959-07-30 Mono14 miles west of [highway] 395 on Sonora Pass road
SDSU04726SDSUDieteria canescens var. canescensHowe, D.F.27391959-07-30 Mono14 mi. west of #395 on Sonora Pass road.
SFV101918SFVDieteria canescens var. canescensT. R. Gordon7781974-11-16 RiversideBottomlands of Colorado River along Agnes Wilson Road. About 1.5 miles east of U.S. Highway 95.
SFV101919SFVDieteria canescens var. canescensP. S. Wilson39762004-06-25 InyoSierra Nevada; Trail from Aspendell to North Lake.
SJSU13892SJSUDieteria canescens var. canescensN.A. Hopkins13291985-08-30 PlumasMarble Hot Springs Road near Marble Hot Springs, Sierra Valley
SJSU13906SJSUDieteria canescens var. canescensN.A. Hopkins13711986-06-24 Plumaslower end of Red Clover Valley, 8 miles N of Beckwourth on Beckwourth-Genesee Road
SJSU13992SJSUDieteria canescens var. canescensN.A. Hopkins14561988-08-09 Sierranear Filippini Road ca. 4 miles W. of Loyalton, Sierra Valley
SJSU14027SJSUDieteria canescens var. canescensN.A. Hopkins14541988-08-09 SierraHighway 49, about midway between Sattley & Sierraville, Sierra Valley
SJSU14557SJSUDieteria canescens var. canescensC.W. Sharsmith91801990-09-12 Inyoby Warren Creek, Leevining drainage
SJSU7653SJSUDieteria canescens var. canescensH.L. Buckalew1958-07-26 Inyoentrance of Mono Pass Trail on Rock Creek, Sierra Nevada
SJSU9660SJSUDieteria canescens var. canescensW. Savage14981979-07-09 ModocRound Valley, Triangle, Devils Garden District, Modoc National Forest
SPIF01783SPIFDieteria canescens var. canescensMatthew C. Bergers.n.2018-07-31 LassenPoison Lake 7.5 USGS quad. Growing in openings in yellow pine forest.
SPIF02146SPIFDieteria canescens var. canescensMatthew C. Bergers.n.2018-09-18 LassenJohnstonville 7.5 USGS quad. Near Susanville, growing on roadside in sagebrush. Coordinates estimated.
UC101097UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensH. M. Hall65971905-07-10 VenturaFrazier Mt.
UC101105UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensH. M. Hall66781905-07-01 Venturahead of Seymour Cr. Mt. Pinos
UC1035733UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensKay H. Beach12701941-07-20 El Doradonear Bijou; Lake Tahoe
UC1035891UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg51651946-08-31 MonoMammoth Lakes
UC1041130UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJ. W. Congdon1894-08-17 MonoWalker Lake
UC1081550UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensHerbert L. Mason114831936-08-01 MonoLeevining Canon Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park
UC111291UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensCharlotte M. Wilder7371907-08-16 San Bernardinonear highest point Bear Valley road; Bear Valley
UC111569UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensH. M. Hall76721906-08-06 San BernardinoSouth Fork Meadows San Bernardino Mountains, Santa Ana Canon
UC111570UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensH. M. Hall76201906-08-01 San BernardinoDry Lake San Bernardino Mountains, San Gorgonio Mt.
UC111581UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensH. M. Hall75251906-07-20 San BernardinoUpper Santa Ana Canon San Bernardino Mountains
UC1119601UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensH. S. Yates40121934-07-01 Alpinee of Ebbet Pass; Mono National Forest, Markleeville Quad.
UC1119604UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensG. A. Graham1121937-07-30 Mono9.6 mi se Simpson; Mono National Forest, Wellington Quad.
UC1119605UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensW. A. Peterson5921936-09-11 Mono1.5 mi ssw Bush Mtn.; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quad.
UC1119610UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensA. Lewis271931-09-17 TulareLong Canon Olancha Quad., Long Canon
UC1119611UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensA. Lewis361931-09-18 Tularew side Long Canon; Olancha Quad.
UC1119613UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensH. Lee571934-09-15 Alpine0.5 mi w Snodgrass-Silver King Crs.; Mono National Forest, Markleeville Quad.
UC1213902UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensVerne Grant, Alva Grant78261946-07-29 El DoradoAngora Ridge
UC1223695UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensSamuel A. Bamberg, Jack Major8941963-08-20 MonoConvict Creek Basin Sierra Nevada, Convict Creek
UC1285739UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg41001944-08-19 MonoTwin Lakes
UC1297668UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensVictor DuranM341930-08-06 InyoMarble Canon Spring, branch of Black Canon White Mountains, Black Canon
UC1297669UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensVictor Duran17021926-07-03 Inyo1 mi below Roberts Ranch; White Mountains, Wyman Creek
UC1297670UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensVictor Duran25611929-07-13 MonoChiatovich Flats White Mountains, White Mts.Quad.
UC1300069UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRobert M. Lloyd2941a1963-07-11 Inyo3 mi n Westgard Pass; White Mountains, Mollie Gibson Canon
UC1300172UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRobert M. Lloyd31431963-08-07 Mono0.5 mi wsw Crooked Creek Lab; White Mountains
UC1300260UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRobert M. Lloyd32951963-08-14 MonoCottonwood Creek White Mountains
UC1311864UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensM. J. Tauber, C. A. Toschi301965-09-03 MonoTom′s Place, Lower Rock Creek campground Lower Rock Creek
UC1389254UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensRobert M. Lloyd38861965-08-22 Inyohead Wyman Canon (on white Mountain Road); White Mountains
UC1424909UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensC. W. Tilforth13651977-08-08 San BernardinoKeystone Canon, e San Bernardino County New York Mts.
UC1478784UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensBarry A. Prigge33491979-06-05 San BernardinoCanon, e Mojave Desert, ne San Bernardino County Mojave Desert, New York Mts.
UC1483392UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensC. W. Tilforth, Dorothy Tilforth11771975-10-05 Inyoroad along creek w Big Pine; Big Pine Creek
UC1483928UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensR. F. Thorne, C. W. Tilforth, L. DeBuhr479371976-10-29 San Bernardinonear mouth of Keystone Canon (e Mojave Desert); Mojave Desert, New York Mts.
UC1510874UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJohn Mooring3551A1985-09-17 Santa Claragrown in a garden in Santa Clara
UC1523714UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensGary Schoolcraft5421981-07-21 Lassen
UC1523806UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensGary Schoolcraft7691982-07-07 LassenFt. Sage Mtns.
UC1562327UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensVernon Oswald, Lowell Ahart43851990-07-25 Sierraca 1.5 mi s Staverville (between Balls Ranch and Old Fish Farm)
UC1571567UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensL. E. Gieschen, V. B. Gieschen611983-07-18 MonoLee Vining, overlooking Mono Lake Lee Vining
UC1584082UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensSteve Boyd52431990-10-04 San Bernardinoupper part Canon slopes and ridgetops); Eastern Mojave Desert, New York Mountains
UC159910UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensA. Davidson, M. D.25651911-07-01 InyoAndrews Camp Bishop Creek
UC1786848UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensMichael Honer4342000-07-24 MonoGlass Mountain Region; South Glass Mtn. Ridge: Along 4WD road running past radar dishes to peak 3094.
UC1787265UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensMichael Honer3392000-07-17 MonoGlass Mountain Region: Slopes below (SE) of South Bald Mountain Peak. Near last rocky outcrop overlooking Long Valley. (Crestview quad.)
UC1922535UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensNaomi Fraga, Valerie Soza8862003-07-05 KernSierra Nevada: Southern Sierra Nevada region: THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. Spur trail to Morris Peak.
UC193342UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensunknown1878-05-01 San BernardinoMt. San Bernardino
UC1947576UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensI. M. Johnston16471917-08-22 Los AngelesPrairie Fork San Antonio Mountains, Prairie Fork of San Gabriel River
UC1949986UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensNaomi Fraga, Duncan Bell31372009-08-04 San BernardinoTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains region: Along Coon Creek Road ca. .75 mi west of Coon Creek jumpoff.
UC1952647UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJoe Barth6452005-10-13 San DiegoJacumba Valley, on the shoulders of Old Highway 880 between the town of Jacumba and Jacumba Airstrip, approx. 1.5 miles SSE of Round Mtn, and 0.3 mile N of the international border.
UC1952695UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJim Lightner10502005-10-03 San DiegoJacumba, south side of Old Highway 80, half mile east of town center.
UC2014172UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensEllen Dean, A. Sauceda68832010-09-20 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Near lower reaches of Shay Creek where it merges with runnoff from hot springs and passes under road to campgrounds.
UC2027288UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensDavid Keil210321988-08-24 MonoWest shore of Mono Lake and adjacent slopes ca. 2 miles north of Lee Vining along Highway 395.
UC218273UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensP. A. Munz61701922-08-22 San BernardinoSouth Fork of Santa Ana San Bernardino Mts.
UC223695UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensElmer I. Applegate40311923-09-30 LassenDoyle Money Lake Valley
UC284827UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensP. A. Munz76641923-08-30 Los Angelesn of Big Pines; San Gabriel Mts., Swartout Valley
UC29570UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensS. W. Austin3381938-05-28 Inyo
UC29821UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensW. H. Brewer18731863-07-15 Mononear Canonora Trail
UC29823UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensH. N. Bolander61471866-09-01 MonoMono Lake
UC310233UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensPhilip A. Munz107831926-07-22 San Bernardinon base Sugarloaf Mt.; San Bernardino Mts.
UC337523UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensunknown1876-01-01 San BernardinoCrafton
UC338676UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJ. G. Lemmon3221990-10-17 TuolumneTop of Eagle Rock Yosemite
UC405396UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensH. M. Hall1905-07-01 VenturaMt. Pinos Summit
UC469010UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensKatharine Brandegee1911-05-01 San BernardinoBarnwell
UC469024UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensKatharine Brandegee1925-08-13 El Doradoabove Placerville
UC473489UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJohn Thomas Howell39381928-06-15 InyoUpper Surpise Canon Panamint Mts.
UC569697UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensC. W. Hanks611934-08-30 Plumas0.75 mi s Bald Peak; Sierraville Quad.
UC569848UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensP. L. Johannsen4741934-09-07 El Dorado1 mi sw Meyers; Pyramid Pk. Quad.
UC573488UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensW. A. Peterson5771936-08-29 MonoInk Rocks Mono National Forest, Ink Rocks
UC573512UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensW. A. Peterson5921936-09-11 Mono1.5 mi sw Bush Mountain; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quad.
UC577661UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensT. M. Hendrix4571937-07-28 Mono2.8 mi n Eagle Peak (sw of Bridgeport, Buckeye Creek drainage,); Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quad., Buckeye Creek
UC614639UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensL. Constance24121938-08-07 Mono1.25 mi n Mono Lake (Post Office near w edge of Mono Lake)
UC614640UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensL. Constance20481938-08-06 Monoe slope Sonora Pass; Sierra Nevada, Sonora Pass
UC61705UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensGeo. R. Hall1904-09-01 Los AngelesSwartout Canon San Antonio Mts.
UC628471UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensDavid D. Keck50271939-09-10 MonoLeevining Grade Leevining Canon
UC669171UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAnnie M. Alexander18571940-07-05 Monoe slope Summit Sonora Pass
UC669174UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAnnie M. Alexander18391940-07-04 MonoWest Fork of Walker River
UC669335UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg26391941-09-03 Fresnonear junction of Woods Creek and South Fork of the Kings River; Kings Canon National Park, Upper Paradise Valley
UC672286UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensFrank W. Peirson25261921-08-06 Inyotrail out of Big Pine to Baker Creek
UC69273UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJoseph Grinnell911905-08-26 San Bernardinoshaded n slope Gold Mt.; San Bernardino Mts.
UC69894UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensMrs. C. M. Wilder6031905-08-28 San Bernardinotrail to South Fork Santa Ana River (via Barton Flats)
UC701605UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensBassett Maguire, Arthur H. Holmgren261571945-08-08 Monohead s fork Cottonwood Canon White Mountains, Inyo National Forest, Cottonwood Canon
UC702114UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg39951944-08-03 MonoDeep Creek Sweetwater Mountains (s slope)
UC727209UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensIra L. Wiggins, R. C. Rollins5481945-08-03 Mono6.5 mi from Bridgeport-Sweetwater highway (near Lakeview Spring)
UC736193UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg45281945-07-25 MonoBodie
UC73995UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensJ. Burtt Davy1897-06-17 LassenAmedee Honey Lake Valley
UC86823UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensW. H. Shockley4741937-05-08 MonoWhite Mountains
UC86887UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensT. S. Brandegee1902-05-25 San BernardinoProvidence Mts.
UC892738UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensLewis S. Rose377041937-09-29 MonoLeevining Grade
UC912501UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. canescensFrank W. Peirson25881920-08-22 San Bernardinoridge e Foxesee Creek; San Bernardino Mts.
UCR228687UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensJoe Barth6452005-10-13 San Diegoshoulders of Old Hwy 80 between the town of Jacumba and Jacumba Airstrip, c. 1.5 mi south southeast of Round Mountain, and 0.3 mi north of the international border. Square: U28
UCR243266UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald8441976-08-01 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203
UCR243865UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensJim Andre204142011-07-11 MonoGlass Mountain, along Big Springs Rd, 4.2 mi. north of Owens River Rd, c. 20 mi. south of Mono Lake, 1.3 mi. west of Bald Mtn, c. 4.5 mi. east of US 395
UCR244251UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensJim Andre219902012-07-19 MonoMcGee Creek trailhead area, along creek; Sierra Nevada
UCR250806UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensJim Andre230652010-07-29 Inyoalong Coyote Road, Coyote Plateau, west fork of Coyote Creek, 13.2 road miles south-southwest of Bishop
UCR255409UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald31872014-07-17 MonoSan Joaquin Ridge, c. 0.3 mi north of Minaret Summit
UCR255560UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald32882014-08-19 Monotown of Mammoth Lakes, Snowcreek condominiums, east side of Fairway Drive, 0.3 mile south of Old Mammoth Road
UCR255574UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald32912014-08-19 Monoupper Old Mammoth Road, 0.9 mile below intersection with Lake Mary Road
UCR255575UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald32902014-08-19 Monoupper Old Mammoth Road, 0.9 mile below intersection with Lake Mary Road
UCR255576UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald32892014-08-19 Monoupper Old Mammoth Road, 0.9 mile below intersection with Lake Mary Road
UCR255588UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald32342014-07-25 Monotown of Mammoth Lakes, east side of Minaret Road, 0.1 mile north of intersection with Meridian Road
UCR255616UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald32982014-08-20 Monotown of Mammoth Lakes, west end of Meridian Blvd, base of Chair 15 ski lift
UCR255619UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald33032014-08-22 Alpineupper Hope Valley, Blue Lakes Road, c. 1 mile south of Hwy 88
UCR255621UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald33092014-09-11 AlpineHwy 89, 0.9 mile east of intersection with Hwy 4
UCR255627UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald33022014-08-22 Alpineupper Hope Valley, Blue Lakes Road, c. 1.5 miles south of Hwy 88
UCR255628UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald33002014-08-20 Monotown of Mammoth Lakes, north side of Meridian Blvd, c. 0.6 mile west of intersection with Minaret Road
UCR262345UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensLeRoy Gross51702010-08-09 San Bernardinofrom the Aspen Grove in Fish Creek to the mouth of a north-flowing creek, north of Grinnell Mountain, to the first fork, the east branch
UCR265667UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald35502015-09-01 MonoEast base of Sierra Nevada, Crowley Lake Drive, 0.4 mile S of intersection with South Landing Rd.
UCR265694UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald35492015-09-01 MonoLong Valley, Crowley Lake Dr, at intersection of McGee Creek Rd.
UCR292048UCRDieteria canescens var. canescensAnn Howald46922018-07-09 MonoBodie Hills, summit of rocky ridge that extends northeast from Potato Peak, c. 0.5 mile above Geiger Grade; East of Sierra Nevada
UCSB025000UCSBDieteria canescens var. canescensAlan P. Romspert172(1)1973-07-31 InyoFrenchman & Johnson Cayns., Panamint Mts.
JEPS40718UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. incanaGeo. D. Butler18691911-09-11 Siskiyou
CAS-BOT290934CASDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaKerr, Marks.n.1937-07-19 InyoHead of Mazourka Canyon, Inyo Mts.
CAS-BOT290935CASDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaFerris, Roxana S.13581918-07-15 InyoDeep Springs Valley
CAS-BOT290936CASDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaLarson, Enid A.s.n.1972-07-19 InyoCoyote Ridge
CAS-BOT290937CASDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaBreedlove, D. E.10551961-09-02 Inyo4 miles north of Westgard Pass; White Mountains
CAS-BOT290939CASDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaFulton, Chas. W.; King, R.41, 44 and K-481911-08-17 MonoMono National Forest
CAS-BOT290940CASDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJaeger, Edmund C.s.n.1939-04-07 San BernardinoMid Hills, north of the Providence Mts.
CAS-BOT290941CASDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.471041970-07-29 TulareOn road from Cannell Meadow to Pine Flat. Kern Plateau
CAS-BOT401167CASDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaDe Groot, Sarah J.; Garbat, April70092013-05-01 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: West Well area, by corrals and road NS520 Elev. given as 735 ft
CAS-BOT589454CASDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaHowald, Ann43512017-07-19 MonoEast of Sierra Nevada; Bodie Hills, Geiger Grade, c. 2.2 miles north of intersection w-Bodie Road
GH02203764GHDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaE. C. Jaeger1938-05-20 Inyo[data not captured]
GH02203765GHDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaS. F. Blake102881927-08-15 El Dorado[data not captured]
GMDRC13176GMDRCDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJ. M. Andre433782020-05-23 San BernardinoCima Dome: just north of Cima Rd, 0.3 miles west of Cima
GMDRC14127GMDRCDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJ. M. Andre445242021-08-23 San BernardinoMid Hills: Mojave National Preserve; just north of Cedar Canon Rd, 0.9 miles east of Black Canon Rd
HSC82684HSCDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJames D. Morefield30641985-08-11 MonoN side of McAfee Creek near its mouth, 1.2 N40E of Red Mt., Fishlake Valley drainage
JEPS40704UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaMary Beal9341941-06-13 San BernardinoDevils Playground, Kelso Mojave Desert
JEPS40705UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaWillis L. Jepson158521931-06-02 San BernardinoCima, e Mohave Desert Mohave Desert
JEPS40706UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaWillis L. Jepson205411941-05-01 San Bernardinoe end Kelso Sand Dunes; Mohave Desert
JEPS68766UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg18391940-07-04 MonoWest Fork Walker River
JEPS76606UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaLawrence R. Heckard47011977-10-13 KernRogers Lake Edwards Air Force Base (sw end)
JEPS85003UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaLawrence R. Heckard47011977-10-13 KernRogers Lake Edwards Air Force Base (sw end)
OBI168140OBIDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaCarl B. Wolf96871940-05-29 San BernardinoMojave Desert, W side of Ivanpah Mts about 7.5 N of Kessler Spring on rd to Mexican Well
OBI168141OBIDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaDavid J. Keils.n.1992-04-27 San BernardinoAlong Zzyx Rd S of I15, ca 11 mi SW of Baker
OBI168142OBIDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaDavid J. Keil210831988-08-24 InyoInyo National Forest. Inyo Mountains. Junction of Little Cowhorn - Joshua Flats Road (Death Valley Road) [road to Eureka Valley] with Waucoba-Saline Rd.
POM129251RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaRoxana S. Ferris65981926-08-30 InyoEast side of Westgard Pass.
POM184013RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaP. A. Munz128581932-09-15 San BernardinoIn Clark Mountains.
POM362040RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaL. C. Wheeler296-A1931-10-24 VenturaS side Mt. Pinos.
RSA0020055RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaDavid J. Keil210831988-08-24 InyoInyo Mountains, Inyo National Forest. Junction of Little Cowhorn - Joshua Flats Road (Death Valley Road) (road to Eureka Valley) with Waucoba-Saline Rd.
RSA0020981RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre223072011-08-18 San BernardinoCima Dome: Mojave National Preserve. Along Cima Road, 5.3 miles north of Cima at Kessler Spring area.; 7.5 Cima Dome
RSA0033746RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre253792013-09-02 San BernardinoBureau of Land ManagementCastle Mountains; W end of range, 0.2 mi. SE of Hart Mine Rd., 9.1 mi. E of Barnwell (jct. Ivanpah Rd), approx. 1 W of Hart Mine complex.; Hart Peak 7.5 Quad
RSA0041736RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaSarah J. De Groot70092013-05-01 San BernardinoWhipple Mountains: West Well area, by corrals and road NS520.
RSA0062501RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJ. M. Andre305562014-09-10 San BernardinoNPSNew York Mountains: Mouth of Keystone Canon, 2.0 mi. west of Ivanpah Rd.; Ivanpah 7.5
RSA0064302RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJohn F. Emmel12991994-05-13 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert; along road south of Kelso Dunes, 0.5 miles east of crossing of Bull Canon wash.
RSA0085144RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre260322013-05-21 San BernardinoNPSMid Hills: Mojave National Preserve; 1 W of Pinto Mtn at unnamed spring site 1.5 mi. south of Bathtub Spring, approx. 4.5 mi. west of NY Mtns Rd.; Pinto Valley 7.5
RSA0117644RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaSarah J. De Groot49992005-05-22 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve. South end of Kelso Dunes, off Kelso Dune Road.
RSA0126839RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim M. Andre328922014-08-15 San BernardinoNPSClark Mountain Range: Mojave National Preserve; SE end of range at picnic area, 5.6 W from Bailey Rd junction at Interstate 15.; Clark Mountain 7.5
RSA0144623RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim M. Andre337512015-09-26 San BernardinoNPSKelso Dunes: SE of dunes 1.8 mi. west of Kelbaker Rd, 0.3 mi. south of Kelso Dunes access road.
RSA0174265RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaMarc A. Baker188132017-05-03 San Bernardino4.6 km SW of the summit of Old Dad Mountain, 27 km SSE of Baker.; Cowhide Moutains 7.5
RSA0184645RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim M. Andre369412016-09-08 San BernardinoUnknownMescal Range. Mountain pass, along frontage road 0.6 mi. ese of junction of interstate 15 and bailey rd .; Mescal Range 7.5
RSA0387829RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaMaria Jesus5992019-06-06 InyoInyo Mountains, ˜ 0.8 air miles SW of Conglomerate Mesa summit.
RSA246768RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaE. C. Jaegers.n.1938-08-17 Inyo4 miles north of Westgaard Summit.
RSA265675RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaC. W. Tilforth14781930-09-30 InyoAlong Hwy 16 Westgard Pass Rd) in the area of Batchelder Spring, n.e. of Big Pine.
RSA278885RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaR. F. Thorne512321978-05-09 San BernardinoKelso Dunes: southern edge of Kelso Dunes near Bull Canon Wash from Granite Mountains.
RSA280796RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaB. A. Stein951978-05-29 San BernardinoGranite Mountains.
RSA295852RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaMarla LaCass1891980-05-13 San Bernardino3 miles N, 9.75 miles West of Kelso.
RSA306008RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaR. F. Thorne538541979-10-19 San BernardinoKelso Dunes: N of and along Power Line Rd. (E of Bull Cyn Wash), 5 miles W of Kelbaker Rd.
RSA346925RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJames D. Morefield30641985-08-11 Mono1.15 N 32 deg. E of Red Mtn in hills just N of the mouth of McAfee Creek, in Fishlake Valley drainage.
RSA362086RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaG. Willetts.n.1932-10-09 InyoJackass Springs, Panamint Range.
RSA626457RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaMary DeDecker63591992-07-22 InyoSierra Nevada: Owens Valley drainage; Symmes Creek at Shepherd Pass roadhead.
RSA654150RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaA. C. Sanders219541998-06-04 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert: Devil′s Playground, along the powerline road in the northern part of the valley near Old Dad Mtn.; Old Dad Mtn. 7.5 Q.
RSA777204RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaSteve Boyd115752004-10-13 San BernardinoBLM[SE] end of the Mescal Mtns, south of Clark Mountain and Interstate 15, [SE] of Mountain Pass; Mineral Hill 7.5 Q.
RSA78960RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaP. A. Munz174731952-05-31 San BernardinoNorth end of Kelso Sand Dunes, Mojave Desert.
RSA797069RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre221432012-09-27 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve: Castle Peaks. East of the New York Mtns, along Hart Mine Road 0.7 mi east of Jct with Ivanpah Rd., just north of old windmill and road.; 7.5 Castle Peaks
RSA800883RSADieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre222342012-09-18 San BernardinoIvanpah Mtns: along primary dirt road 1.5 mi west of Kokoweef Peak, 1.4 mi SE of Iron Horse Mine.; 7.5 Mescal Range
SD00059362SDDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaBarbara Booth4182010-10-09 San DiegoAguanga Mountain, Cleveland National Forest, High Point Road (Forest Service 8S05) at intersection of Cutca Trail, near 3 miles S of junction Highway 79 and Cahuilla Road (SR 371)
SD240290SDDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJ. M. Andre264412013-10-23 San BernardinoRegion: MNP; Mid Hills Mojave National Preserve; 0.3 mi. west of Black Cyn Rd, 5.6 mi. north of Hole-in-the-Wall Campground.
SD240291SDDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJ. M. Andre260322013-05-21 San BernardinoRegion: MNP; Mid Hills Mojave National Preserve; 1 W of Pinto Mtn at unnamed spring site 1.5 mi. south of Bathtub Spring, approx. 4.5 mi. west of NY Mtns Rd
SD249641SDDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJ. M. Andre258932013-05-28 San BernardinoRegion: M; Mescal Mountains east side of Mescal Range (BLM land) at Blue Buzzard Mine area
SD252827SDDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJ. Andre229282012-09-05 San BernardinoRegion: MNP; Mid Hills along Cedar Canon Rd, 4.6 NE of Jct with Cima Rd
SD258874SDDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaSarah J. De Groot49992005-05-22 San BernardinoSouth end of Kelso Dunes, off Kelso Dune Road
SD259979SDDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJ.M. Andre254672013-08-28 San BernardinoMid Hills; Mojave National Preserve; along Cedar Canon Rd, 4.1 mi. east of Jct w-Cima Rd, at Cedar Wash crossing.
SD259980SDDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJ.M. Andre253792013-09-02 San BernardinoCastle Mountains; BLM lands; W end of range, 0.2 mi. SE of Hart Mine Re, 9.1 mi. E. of Barnwell (Jct Ivanpah Rd), approx. 1 W of Hart Mine complex.
UC1300324UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaRobert M. Lloyd29791963-07-12 Inyomouth of Birch Creek Canon Westgard Pass Road; White Mountains
UC1478622UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaRobert F. Thorne, C. W. Tilforth, A. Shmida, B. Prigge512321978-05-09 San Bernardinos edge of dunes near Bull Canon Wash (from Granite Mts.); E. Mojave Desert, Kelso Dunes
UC1523915UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJames D. Morefield30641985-08-11 Mono1.2 mi n 40 < degrees > e, n side of McAfee Creek near its mouth Red Mountain; White Mountains, Fishlake Valley drainage
UC2027327UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaDavid Keil210831988-08-24 InyoInyo National Forest. Inyo Mountains. Junction of Little Cowhorn - Joshua Flats Road (Death Valley Road) [road to Eureka Valley] with Waucoba-Saline Road.
UC496511UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaPhilip A. Munz128581932-09-15 San BernardinoClark Mtn. Clark Mtn. (e San Bernardino County)
UC666196UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg14571940-05-14 San Bernardino4th of July Canon New York Mts. (on edges of wash); (actually Canon, fide Tom Schweich)
UC697248UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg31131942-07-16 Inyoone-half m n New York Butte; Inyo Mountains
UC704004UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg34351942-09-03 MonoSherwin Hill Sherwin Hill (along road n)
UC774559UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaCarl B. Wolf96871940-05-29 San Bernardinoabout 7 1-2 mi n Kessler Springs (on road to Mexican Wells, 1st summit); Mojave Desert, W. side of Ivanpah Mts.
UCR253439UCRDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre221432012-09-27 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; east of the New York Mtns, along Hart Mine Road 0.7 mile east of the junction with Ivanpah Road; Castle Peaks
UCR254315UCRDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre226972012-08-31 San BernardinoGranite Mountains, UC Granite Mtns. Desert Research Center; lower Cottonwood Basin on east side; Granite Mountains
UCR267552UCRDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre299442014-09-24 San BernardinoCastle Peaks, Mojave National Preserve, south of Castle Peaks, east of New York Mountains, 1.8 miles ESE of Barnwell, 0.2 mile south of Hart Mine Road
UCR268209UCRDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre290522014-05-15 San BernardinoIvanpah Mountains; Mojave National Preserve, along north-south dirt road [20739] between Kokoweef and Striped Mountain
UCR268832UCRDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre255292013-09-14 San BernardinoIvanpah Mountains, Mojave National Preserve, south end of Striped Mountain, 3.8 mi east of Cima Road, 0.3 mi north of Kessler Peak Road
UCR278905UCRDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaJim Andre369222016-09-02 San BernardinoMid Hills, along road to Butcherknife Canon, northwest of Cabin Spring, 4.6 miles southeast of Cima
UCR284273UCRDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaAnn Howald43512017-07-19 MonoBodie Hills, Geiger Grade, c. 2.2 miles north of intersection w- Bodie Rd.
UCR295585UCRDieteria canescens var. leucanthemifoliaMaria Jesus5992019-06-06 InyoSouthern Inyo Mountains. About 0.8 air mile southwest of Conglomerate Mesa summit
CAS-BOT290942CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHardham, Clare B.17713 K1970-08-11 AlpineBetween Raymond Lake & Pleasant Valley
CAS-BOT290943CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisTaylor, Dean W.49451974-09-06 AlpineCarson Pass. In saddle above Emigrant Lake to the east of Emigrant Peak
CAS-BOT290944CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowitt, Beatrice F.2701962-07-19 AlpineBy side of Monitor Pass Highway
CAS-BOT290945CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas192551943-08-10 GlennBlack Butte
CAS-BOT290946CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisBaker, Milo S.103491942-08-20 GlennBlack Butte
CAS-BOT290947CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas192551943-08-10 GlennBlack Butte
CAS-BOT290948CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice2481909-01-01 PlacerLake Tahoe Region. Deer Park
CAS-BOT290949CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisDudley, W. R.s.n.1909-08-29 SierraSierra Valley
CAS-BOT290950CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHoffman, Freed28331949-07-21 TehamaTedoc Gap, extreme nw. Tehama Co.
CAS-BOT290951CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas127161936-08-24 Trinity6 1-2 miles n. of Carrville
CAS-BOT290952CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas49511937-06-25 TrinityBetween Coffee and Eagle creeks
CAS-BOT290953CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHardham, Clare B.50021959-07-10 TuolumneSonora Pass
CAS-BOT290954CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowitt, Beatrice F.2811962-07-20 El DoradoMeyers along Luther Pass Highway to Tahoe
CAS-BOT290956CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas12911925-07-01 El DoradoHighway above Armstrong′s, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
CAS-BOT290958CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas124341934-07-06 LassenHarvey Valley
CAS-BOT290959CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisMonnet, P.7891939-04-07 LassenHot Springs Peak, S.E. of Lassen County
CAS-BOT290960CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisJokerst, James18791983-07-24 LassenNear Madeline Plains
CAS-BOT290961CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisMajor, Jack; Bamberg, Samuel A.12911962-08-17 MonoOn flank northwest of Mt. Baldwin; Convict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT290962CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSmith, Malcolm; Smith, Laura3151965-08-01 MonoGreen Creek Trail
CAS-BOT290963CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSmith, Malcolm; Smith, Laura3221965-08-01 MonoGreen Creek Trail
CAS-BOT290964CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisWilliams, Margaret J.; Campbell, Dan; Klement, Peter83-141-31983-08-27 MonoRoad leading into Virginia Lakes, 3 mi from Conway Summit, just inside the National Forest
CAS-BOT290965CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisLavin, M.; Stevens, M.42391982-08-03 MonoWest of Lost Cannon Peak, Central Sierra Nevada, 5 mi. due west of Walker
CAS-BOT290966CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowitt, Beatrice F.54151967-08-15 MonoWest side of Sonora Pass
CAS-BOT290967CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas75231939-07-20 MonoSonora Pass
CAS-BOT290968CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisRaven, Peter H.2444A1950-06-29 NevadaAt the E. end of Donner Lake near the Monument
CAS-BOT290969CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisMacF., F. A.125931934-07-18 NevadaTruckee River, crossing on Highway from Truckee to Reno, Nevada
CAS-BOT290970CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSonne, C. F.1461885-08-16 NevadaSierra Nevada Mts. Truckee
CAS-BOT290971CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisCantelow, Mrs. H. C.91951-07-22 NevadaHwy 89, Truckee to Hobart Mills
CAS-BOT290972CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHeller, A. A.71281902-08-08 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake
CAS-BOT290973CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHeller, A. A.71281902-08-08 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake
CAS-BOT290974CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHeller, A. A.71281902-08-08 NevadaLower end of Donner Lake
CAS-BOT290975CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisMcPherson, Emily75-50-111975-08-02 NevadaMt. Lola
CAS-BOT290976CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisBest, Catherines.n.1981-06-17 NevadaGrowing behind an Arco Gas Station on the south side of Truckee
CAS-BOT290977CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisTrue, Gordon H.69551971-08-25 NevadaSummit and extreme upper slopes of Mt. Lola
CAS-BOT290978CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas62191970-08-11 NevadaCarpenter Ridge, Independence Lake drainage, ca. 7.5 miles west of Truckee-Sierraville Highway
CAS-BOT290979CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas32431966-08-29 NevadaFlats southwest of Prosser Reservoir
CAS-BOT290980CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisMcpherson, Emily K.76-32-61976-11-07 Plumas5 miles north of Beckwourth
CAS-BOT290981CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisWolf, Carl B.92911937-09-05 PlumasNorthern Sierra Nevada, Lake Almanor to Westwood at Lassen Co. line
CAS-BOT290982CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisWolf, Carl B.92911937-09-05 PlumasNorthern Sierra Nevada, Lake Almanor to Westwood at Lassen Co. line
CAS-BOT290983CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisTaylor, M. S.47821982-06-28 PlumasRamelli Ranch, at gate on Calpine Rd, ca. 1-4 mi s of Hwy 70, ca. 1 mi sw of Beckwourth
CAS-BOT290984CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisBalls, E. K.158591950-09-15 PlumasSouth tip Lake Almanor, near P.G.E. dam, Hwy 89
CAS-BOT290985CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHanna, G. D.s.n.1958-09-18 PlumasCrystal Mt., Eastern Plumas Co.
CAS-BOT290986CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisRose, Lewis S.452591945-09-06 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Manzanita Creek
CAS-BOT290987CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisKramer, A. H.231930-07-19 ShastaProspect Pk., Lassen National Park
CAS-BOT290988CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura104901941-08-10 ShastaState Highway 89, 3-4 miles east of McCloud and Bratle
CAS-BOT290989CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisGillett, George W.11561958-06-30 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. West and below Crescent Crater along braided stream channel
CAS-BOT290990CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisKramer, A. H.s.n.1929-01-01 ShastaProspect Peak
CAS-BOT290991CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisGillett, George W.11591958-06-30 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Saddle between Chaos Crags and the first basalt formation to the northeast
CAS-BOT290992CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisWheeler, Louis C.32181934-08-24 SiskiyouTrapper Creek, Siskiyou Mts.
CAS-BOT290993CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisApplegate, Elmer I.100111935-08-03 SiskiyouCaldwell Butte, Lava Beds National Monument
CAS-BOT290994CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisMuth, Gilbert J.13021969-08-08 SiskiyouBoulder Peak Ridge
CAS-BOT290995CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisCongdon, J. W.s.n.1900-08-12 SiskiyouFoot Mt. Shasta
CAS-BOT290996CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas136781937-07-29 SiskiyouNorth slope of Scott Mts.
CAS-BOT290997CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisWheeler, Louis C.32181934-08-24 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest. Trapper Creek
CAS-BOT290998CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisWheeler, Louis C.32181934-08-24 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest. Trapper Creek
CAS-BOT290999CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisCooke, Wm. Bridge114391938-08-05 SiskiyouMount Shasta. MacBridge Spring Road
CAS-BOT291000CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice108561921-07-25 SiskiyouBigelows, on the McCloud
CAS-BOT291001CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice109111921-07-28 SiskiyouMedicine Lake
CAS-BOT291002CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice11201912-07-16 SiskiyouMcCloud
CAS-BOT291003CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice11201912-07-16 SiskiyouMcCloud
CAS-BOT291004CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisThorne, Robert F.; Oettinger, Fred390031969-08-10 SiskiyouMt. Shasta National Forest: S slope of Mt. Shasta
CAS-BOT291005CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisFrenkel, R. E.9001964-10-02 SiskiyouOn Everitt Memorial Hwy., 1.7 miles north of McCloud River RR crossing, near Mount Shasta
CAS-BOT291006CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHeller, A. A.135211920-08-12 SiskiyouBetween Horse Camp and the spring, Mt. Shasta
CAS-BOT291007CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSmith, L. E.s.n.1915-08-01 SiskiyouBray
CAS-BOT291008CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSmith, L. E.s.n.1915-08-01 SiskiyouBray
CAS-BOT291009CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHeller, A. A.117191914-08-26 SiskiyouWeed
CAS-BOT291010CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHeller, A. A.117191914-08-26 SiskiyouWeed
CAS-BOT291011CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisWheeler, Louis C.32181934-08-24 SiskiyouTrapper Creek, Siskiyou Mts.
CAS-BOT291012CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisApplegate, Elmer I.39001923-08-20 SiskiyouRanger station, west end of Medicine Lake
CAS-BOT291013CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice20701912-09-01 SiskiyouMount Shasta
CAS-BOT291014CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice20741912-09-01 SiskiyouHorse Camp, Mount Shasta
CAS-BOT291015CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSmith, L. E.s.n.1912-08-01 SiskiyouWeed
CAS-BOT291016CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisGrant51191902-09-07 SiskiyouMt. Shasta
CAS-BOT291017CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisBohmannson, R. H.s.n.1926-07-01 SiskiyouMt. Shasta
CAS-BOT291018CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisCooke, Wm. Bridge115361938-08-21 SiskiyouMount Shasta. Horse Camp flats
CAS-BOT291019CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSmith, L. E.s.n.1915-07-01 SiskiyouBray
CAS-BOT291020CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisCooke, W. B.; Cooke, V. G.343331963-07-12 SiskiyouMemorial Highway, Mt. Shasta
CAS-BOT291021CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisCooke, Wm. Bridge113651938-07-28 SiskiyouMount Shasta. North Ridges
CAS-BOT291022CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisCooke, Wm. Bridge114391938-08-05 SiskiyouMount Shasta. MacBridge Spring Road
CAS-BOT291023CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas123911934-07-04 SiskiyouSe. corner of Siskiyou Co.
CAS-BOT291024CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisButler, Geo. D.18691910-09-11 SiskiyouWeed
CAS-BOT291025CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas136781937-07-29 SiskiyouNorth slope of Scott Mts.
CAS-BOT291026CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas150451939-08-04 SiskiyouMarble Rim, Marble Mts.
CAS-BOT299818CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisRose, Lewis S.407501940-07-03 MonoSonoma Pass summit
CAS-BOT299821CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisRaven, Peter H.s.n.1950-07-29 MonoSonora Pass summit
CAS-BOT299836CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisAlexander, Annie M.18571940-07-05 MonoSummit Sonora Pass
CAS-BOT299847CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise39951944-08-03 MonoDeep Creek, Sweetwater Mountains
CAS-BOT49463CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisApplegate, Elmer Ivan33411923-03-17 ModocDry Lake, SE of Tule Lake.
CAS-BOT49464CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSmith, Leland S.1551917-09-08 ModocFandango Valley, Warner Mountains
CAS-BOT49465CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSmith, Leland S.14001924-06-15 ModocLava Bed Ranger Station.
CAS-BOT49467CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisBartholomew, Bruce60241991-08-05 ModocSummit Trail between Pepperdine and Squaw Peak, W side of Warner Mts.
CAS-BOT49468CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisBartholomew, Bruce50451989-08-10 Modoc8.7 km E of Day on County Road 94.
CAS-BOT49469CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisSmith, Leland S.11411919-08-08 ModocHilton Dairy.
CAS-BOT49470CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas82481940-06-14 ModocBetween Mammoth Cave and Lava Beds Nat. Mon.
CAS-BOT49471CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisHowell, John Thomas123211934-07-01 ModocDuncan Horse Camp.
CAS-BOT590121CASDieteria canescens var. shastensisBurgess, R.; Elvin, M.100652015-07-31 VenturaSouth slope of Mt. Pinos, just SW (upslope) of Mt. Pinos Campground, Los Padres National Forest
CHSC102555CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. P. Janeway98892009-08-03 SiskiyouHigh Cascade Range. Mt. Shasta, east-northeast slope 2.4 air km southwest of Brewer Creek Trailhead; about 20 m south of Brewer Creek. T4 N R0 W S11 NE1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Shasta 1:24,000
CHSC102559CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. P. Janeway98942009-08-04 SiskiyouHigh Cascade Range. Flat open area along Military Pass Road (A4 N19) 3.4 km east of Military Pass, 6.4 air km northwest of Ash Creek Butte. T42N R0 W S17 NW1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Ash Creek Butte 1:24,000
CHSC105925CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisB. Castro1034I1999-08-23 TehamaHigh North Coast Ranges. Yolla-Bolly Wilderness, on ridge along E side of Summit Trail, ca 0.4 N of jcn Tehama, Trinity, and Mendocino Co. lines. T25N R1 W S35 NW1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Buck Rock 1:24,000
CHSC119824CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisLowell Ahart215802017-07-19 NevadaAbout 100 yards north of Carpenter Meadow, about 4.9 miles (air) west of Hobart Mills, about 6.1 miles (air) northwest of Truckee, basin of Posser Creek, Capenter Valley. T1 N R15E S23 NE1-4
CHSC14038CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisS. Villard621973-07-12 LassenSlopes of Galatin Peak.
CHSC30917CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisM. S. Taylor3178A1980-07-23 TrinityIn loop in rd 4 N17, on n side of the road, ca. 14.5 mi ne of its jct with Hwy 3, at Trunble′s Ranch, 0.7 mi s of 40N45 turnoff. T40N R0 W S15 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: China Mt.
CHSC32167CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJames Jokerst10291980-07-31 MendocinoNorth Coast Ranges. Near UHL Peak. USGS Quadrangle: Mendocino Pass
CHSC32197CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJames Jokerst10841980-08-08 ColusaNorth Coast Ranges. Near Snow Mountain (west). USGS Quadrangle: Crockett Peak
CHSC45007CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisLowell Ahart5391974-07-09 LassenNear the south edge of Eagle Lake.
CHSC4538CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. E. Bowlin511967-07-18 SiskiyouCa. 12 W of Mount Shasta Ski Bowl.
CHSC60322CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisMary Ann Showers26101992-06-27 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Pumice flat northwest of Crescent Crater. T3 N R04E S22 SE1-4
CHSC60820CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald55961993-06-28 LassenHarvey Valley Rd. (3 N02), 2.0 mi N of Hwy 44, between Grays Valley and Harvey Valley, E of Poison Lake. T32N R08E S05 SE1-4 of NW1-4
CHSC63499CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald64341994-08-01 TrinityJunction of Forest Rds. 17 & 4 N45, ca. 3 mi (air) WNW of Mt. Eddy. Along road. T40N R0 W S15 NE1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC63598CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald64571994-08-10 SiskiyouFS 4 N01Y at Elk Flat, ca. 1 mi N of Pilgrim Creek Rd. (FS13), ca. 11 mi (air) NE of McCloud. T41N R0 W S28 NW1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC64867CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald69371995-06-26 LassenModoc Plateau. Gravel pit on the e side of Ash Valley Rd. (Lassen 527) 0.2 mi n of Spooner Rd. in Ash Valley. T3 N R11E S3 W1-4
CHSC69072CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon Oswald87781997-07-28 SiskiyouForest Route 56 N56) 3.7 mi east of Forest Route 49, edge of Burnt Lava Flow Virgin Area at Yellow Jacket Ice Cave. T42N R04E S06 NE1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC69473CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJames D. Jokerst34211992-07-30 SiskiyouTop of divide between Trinity River, summit of reddish mountain S of road crossing saddle.
CHSC71866CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald96111998-09-08 SiskiyouJunction of USFS 3 and 24 ca. 2.5 mi west-southwest of Hambone Butte, ca. 30 air mi north of Burney. T4 N R02E S01 SE1-4
CHSC81101CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisLowell Ahart92232001-08-29 PlumasOn the north side of Doyle Grade Road, about 1-4 mile west of Meadow View Station, about 6 miles (air) north of Frenchman Lake. T2 N R16E S0 W1-4
CHSC86974CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. P. Janeway72022001-06-20 LassenHigh Cascade Range. 0.6 km east of Road 111 and 1.3 km south of Road 3 N60; about 11 km west of Little Valley, 3.9 km east-northeast of Coble Mountain. T35N R06E S21 NE1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Coble Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC97261CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisLowell Ahart144462007-08-09 PlumasOn the north side of the poor dirt road, about 400 yards southwest of Mount Ingalls, about 6 miles (air) northwest of the north end of Lake Davis. T2 N R12E S28 NE1-4
CHSC97928CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisG. D. Barbe44381991-08-27 ModocIn loose pumice at roadside, Hwy 395, 7.3 mi northeast of Alturas, northeast of Chimney Rock. N. Fk Pitt River. T4 N R13E S14
CHSC98341CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisB. Castro15042005-07-10 LassenNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Ca 1-2 mi E of Westwood, on N side of Hwy 36. In flat open ridge area within Jeffrey pine-Pondersosa pine forest. Township-Range approximate location. T2 N R09E S04 USGS Quadrangle: Westwood E 1:24,000
CHSC99210CHSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. P. Janeway91262007-07-28 SiskiyouHigh Cascade Range. Medicine Lake Highlands; west side of Arnica Sink about 6.5 km west of Glass Mountain. T4 N R03E S01 NE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Medicine Lake 1:24,000
DAV375813DAVDieteria canescens var. shastensisDaryl Koutnik5911979-09-10 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Five miles SW of Yreka, on Fort Jones Road.
DAV375814DAVDieteria canescens var. shastensisD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1997-09-18 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Mount Shasta-Lake Siskiyou-Gumboot Lake. South Fork (Sacramento River) Road.
DAV375815DAVDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. M. Tucker19491950-07-24 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: beside Highway 89, 7.5 miles east of McCloud.
GH00872268GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisMrs. R. M. Austin1879-01-01 ShastaLassen′s Peak
GH02203806GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisS. K. Harris ; Roger Leland54791938-09-01 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02203807GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisA. A. Heller71281902-08-08 Nevada[data not captured]
GH02203808GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisMrs. R. M. Austin1832-01-01 Plumas[data not captured]
GH02203809GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. T. Howell124341934-07-06 Lassen[data not captured]
GH02203810GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisA. Eastwood1441909-07-01 Placer[data not captured]
GH02203811GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. C. Wheeler39241935-08-27 Modoc[data not captured]
GH02203812GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. E. Smith1915-08-01 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02203813GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisA. A. Heller117191914-08-26 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02203814GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisA. Eastwood1912-09-01 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02203815GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisR. S. Ferris ; L. Lorraine104901941-08-10 Shasta[data not captured]
GH02203816GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. M. Canby1381897-09-07 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02203817GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisT. C. Bridges2251938-09-04 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02203818GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. T. Rothrock3591875-09-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02203819GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisA. Eastwood1431909-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02203820GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. C. Fremont1843-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02203821GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisC. G. Pringle71881-08-23 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02203822GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. D. Hooker ; A. Gray1877-09-01 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02203823GHDieteria canescens var. shastensis;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;113651938-07-28 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH02203824GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. S. Rose422071942-08-02 Mono[data not captured]
GH02203825GHDieteria canescens var. shastensisA. Eastwood11201912-07-16 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GMDRC11297GMDRCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. M. Andre403332012-08-14 Lassennorthern Sierra Nevada: west end of Grays Valley just south of Hwy 44 at FS Rd #3 N60, approximately 34 mi west of Susanville, 2 mi. SE of Poison Lake
HSC103593HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisThomas W. Nelson81401986-06-23 LassenAlong State Route 44, 10.9 mi. SE of Old Station junction.
HSC103635HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisThomas W. Nelson75911983-08-12 SiskiyouAlong Forest Service Rd. 4 N08, ˜ 1 mi. from junction with State Route 3 at Scott Mountain summit
HSC42427HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisBarbara Kelly5621977-08-09 Lassen16 1-4 miles E of Madeline
HSC5092HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisM.S. Bakersn ModocEgg Lake
HSC5960HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisD.M. Thomson2061965-08-21 SiskiyouCalifornia Lava Beds National Monument; Devils Homestead Lava Flow
HSC5962HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisD.M. Thomson2051965-08-21 SiskiyouCalifornia Lava Beds National Monument; 1-4 N of Devils Homestead
HSC72375HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ.P. Smith89731976-09-05 SiskiyouHwy. 3, 4 N of Siskyou-Trinity Co. line
HSC75049HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ.P. Smith100421978-07-22 TehamaShasta-Trinity National Forest. On the road to Mt. Tedoc
HSC76730HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisK.T. Stillman3921976-08-08 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, ridge W of jump off.
HSC92172HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJennifer Whipple21421977-08-04 SiskiyouS Face of Mt. Eddy draining into the N Fork of the Sacramento River
HSC92173HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJennifer Whipple23921978-10-06 SiskiyouN-facing slopes in the Eddy Creek Drainage
HSC92174HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJennifer Whipple17051976-08-20 SiskiyouSummit region of Mt. Eddy
HSC92724HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisJennifer Whipple15481976-07-24 SiskiyouDobkins Lake Drainage on East-facing slopes above Dobkins Lake
HSC96161HSCDieteria canescens var. shastensisThomas W. Nelson77591984-07-28 TrinityAlong trail to Mumbo Peak
JEPS101587UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisDean W. Taylor161381997-07-18 Tehamaheadwaters North Fork Elder Creek
JEPS113436UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisLowell Ahart, John Dittes144462007-08-09 PlumasOn the north side of the poor dirt road, about 400 yards southwest of Mount Ingalls, about 6 miles (air) northwest of the north end of Lake Davis.
JEPS11908UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisRimo Bacigalupi, C. L. Custer, G. T. Robbins47941954-08-13 Siskiyou5 mi w junction with U. S. Highway 99 (on road from Yreka to Fort Jones)
JEPS11952UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins46001954-06-24 Lakeclose summit of Hull Mountain (Mendocino-Lake County boundary); Hull Mountain
JEPS128642UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisLowell Ahart, John Dittes215802017-07-19 NevadaAbout 100 yards north of Carpenter Meadow, about 4.9 miles (air) west of Hobart Mills, about 6.1 miles (air) northwest of Truckee, Basin of Prosser Creek, Carpenter Valley.
JEPS15555UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisG. Thomas Robbins, Lawrence R. Heckard37271956-07-25 Lakew and 0.25 mi s summit of Snow Mt. (ridge forming southern extension of Snow Mt., Lake-Colusa County boundary); Snow Mt.
JEPS19525UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisPeter H. Raven103951956-09-04 Siskiyoupass just s Mt. Eddy
JEPS19969UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisMilo S. Baker1893-06-01 Modoc
JEPS19970UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisAlma U. Ames551911-10-09 Shasta25 mi n Mt. Lassen (Hat Creek Road, near the Longquist Ranch)
JEPS19972UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisWillis L. Jepson57761914-08-11 ShastaUpper Fall River Valley, ne Shasta County Upper Fall River Valley
JEPS24630UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. Reino, Aloha Alava67861958-09-01 Siskiyou2.3 mi above town of Mt. Shasta (Sisson) (along Everett Memorial Highway, at sw base of mt.); Mt. Shasta
JEPS28811UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisGeorge W. Gillett11561958-06-30 Shastaflats w and n Crescent Crater; Lassen Volcanic National Park
JEPS28814UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisGeorge W. Gillett11591958-06-30 Shastasaddle between the first basalt formation to the ne and Chaos Crags; Lassen Volcanic National Park
JEPS30487UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisPeter H. Raven, Otto T. Solbrig132441958-06-15 Lassen5.7 mi w Westwood (on State Highway 36)
JEPS3310UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisGeorge Gillett2261952-08-25 Shastaalong trail between Tent City and Park Museum; Lassen Volcanic National Park, Chaos Jumbles
JEPS40709UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisWillis L. Jepson200821940-07-01 Siskiyou6 mi e McCloud (Fowlers Camp); McCloud River
JEPS40711UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisMiss Helen D. Geis1731912-06-01 PlacerDeer Park
JEPS40712UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisWillis L. Jepson19384b1939-08-12 PlumasBlack Mountain
JEPS40723UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisDuncan Dunning1921-08-15 Lassennear Facht (railroad station) (sw of Westwood Junction); Robbers Creek
JEPS40724UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisJoseph Grinnell1925-07-27 TehamaBroke-off Mountain
JEPS44099UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. B., V. G. Cooke351911965-07-12 SiskiyouBolam Road Mt. Shasta
JEPS45940UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard91841966-06-20 Siskiyouon n side Mt. Shasta (along upper part of Bolam Logging road)
JEPS57152UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisLawrence R. Heckard16711967-08-12 Trinityabout 2 air mi nw summit of Mt. Eddy
JEPS80330UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. R. Heckard, J. Hickman55671981-06-20 Lakeabove outlet of Middle Fork Stony Creek (from lower Milk Ranch); Snow Mt.
JEPS80804UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman57741981-07-30 Colusaabout 1.7 km air miles from West Peak (e summit of ridge running e of West Peak); Snow Mt.
JEPS81794UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. Reino, Aloha Alava67861958-09-01 Siskiyou2.3 mi above town of Mt. Shasta (Sisson) (along Everett Memorial Highway, at sw base of mt.); Mt. Shasta
JEPS87533UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart55961993-06-28 LassenHarvey Valley Rd. (3 N02) 2.0 mi n Hwy 44 (between Grays Valley and Harvey Valley, e of Poison Lake)
JEPS89646UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisDean W. Taylor54591975-08-14 Siskiyoubetween Shasta Ski area and Green Butte (Mt. Shasta); Mt. Shasta
JEPS94395UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon Oswald, Lowell Ahart87781997-07-28 SiskiyouForest Route 56 N56) 3.7 mi e of Forest Route 49, edge of Burnt Lava Flow Virgin Area at Yellow Jacket Ice Cave Yellow Jacket Ice Cave; Burnt Lava Flow Virgin Area at Yellow Jacket Ice Cave
JEPS94734UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart96111998-09-08 Siskiyoujunction of USFS 3 and 24 2.5 mi w-sw of Hambone Butte (30 air mi n of Burney); junction of USFS 3 and 24
JEPS95372UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart64571994-08-10 Siskiyouca 11 mi (air) ne of McCloud (FS 4 N01Y at Elk Flat, ca 1 mi N of Pilgrim creek Rd (FS 13))
JEPS95391UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart64341994-08-01 TrinityT4 N R6W NE1-4 NE1-4 Sec. 15, 6200 ft, Red Fir Forest. Junction of Forest Rds. 17 & 40N45, ca. 3 mi (air) WNW of Mt. Eddy
OBI148620OBIDieteria canescens var. shastensisGeorge K. Helmkamp221721983-04-23 Alpinealong CA-89, 0.6 mile south of Markleeville
OBI168145OBIDieteria canescens var. shastensisDavid Keil343232016-09-19 SiskiyouCalifornia Highway 89, east of McCloud
OBI168146OBIDieteria canescens var. shastensisKurt R. Neisess771986-10-18 TuolumneBlue Cyn, Stanislaus Natl Forest. Beside hwy 108 near base camp, aobut 0.5 mi below the entrance to Blue Cyn
OBI168147OBIDieteria canescens var. shastensisCarl B. Wolf1937-09-05 PlumasNorthern Sierra Nevada, Lake Almanor to Westwood at Lassen Co line
OBI168148OBIDieteria canescens var. shastensisKurt R. Neisess771986-10-18 TuolumneBlue Cyn, Stanislaus Natl Forest. Beside hwy 108 near base camp, aobut 0.5 mi below the entrance to Blue Cyn
OBI168149OBIDieteria canescens var. shastensisRobert J. Rodin64401959-07-17 VenturaOn top of Mt Pinos
OBI168150OBIDieteria canescens var. shastensisRimo Bacigalupi46001954-06-24 MendocinoMendocino-Lake County boundary. Close to summit of Hull Mtn
OBI168151OBIDieteria canescens var. shastensisDavid J. Keil235091992-07-20 SiskiyouKlamath Natl forest, SW of Fort Jones. Along forest rd 4 N64, 8.2 W of Scott river Rd
OBI168152OBIDieteria canescens var. shastensisDavid J. Keil303142004-07-10 ShastaAlong California Routes 44-89 southwest of Old Station. Lassen National Forest. Vicinity of 40 ° 37.6 N x 121 ° 28.6 W
RSA0187465RSADieteria canescens var. shastensisW. Harnach10032000-09-03 PlumasSierra Valley. Gold Mountain Development, along the river trail.
SBBG134118SBBGDieteria canescens var. shastensisR. Burgess, M. Elvin100682015-07-31 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; S slope of Mt Pinos, just SW (upslope) of Mt Pinos Cmpgrd
SBBG134128SBBGDieteria canescens var. shastensisR. Burgess, M. Elvin100672015-07-31 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; S slope of Mt Pinos, just SW (upslope) of Mt Pinos Cmpgrd
SBBG134214SBBGDieteria canescens var. shastensisR. Burgess100602015-07-03 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; S side of Mt Pinos along trail between Mt Pinos Campground and Iris Point, beside trail
SBBG182112SBBGDieteria canescens var. shastensisR. Burgess114122019-08-21 VenturaMount Pinos, S side of Mount Pinos Rd, W of Mount Pinos Campground, Los Padres National Forest
SD00035175SDDieteria canescens var. shastensisR. Burgess100662015-07-31 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. S slope of Mt. Pinos, just SW (upslope) of Mt. Pinos Campground.
SD00035176SDDieteria canescens var. shastensisR. Burgess100672015-07-31 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. S slope of Mt. Pinos, just SW (upslope) of Mt. Pinos Campground.
SD112556SDDieteria canescens var. shastensisDarley F. Howe46711969-08-30 Siskiyou1.3 miles south of Weed on [interstate] 5
SFV101920SFVDieteria canescens var. shastensisT. W. Nelson87731990-07-14 LassenBogard rest area.
UC1036222UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisGeorge W. Gillett3361953-08-20 Shastabetween Tent City and Museum (Chaos Jumbles Trail); Lassen Volcanic National Park
UC1037236UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisLeo Whitney30681934-08-29 Plumasnear Murdock Crossing, Plumas National Forest
UC1037283UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisLeo Whitney17161933-08-21 Lassenca 14 mi w Eagle Lake (Harvey Mountain near Harvey Valley); Lassen National Forest, Harvey Mountain
UC1041122UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. W. Congdon1900-08-13 Siskiyounear and above timber line; Mt. Shasta
UC1096784UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisWagnon17011957-08-11 Siskiyouca. 1 mi w, along rd. to Brewer′s Creek Military Pass Rd.; North Coast Ranges, e slope of Mt. Shasta, Brewer′s Creek
UC1119608UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisH. S. Yates60771936-08-11 Lassennear Johnstonville; Susanville Quad.
UC1136761UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisIrwin H. JohnsonF2681933-07-14 LassenLassen Forest
UC1136762UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. R. ShortS-4271936-06-25 LassenBurgess Spring Experiment Range Lassen National Forest, Burgess Spring Experiment Range
UC1188084UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisPhilip A. Munz241831960-08-22 SiskiyouPanther Meadows Mt. Shasta, Panther Meadows
UC1223211UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisJoseph P. Tracy185641949-09-16 Siskiyou1 mi e Etna (in Scott Valley); Scott Valley
UC1286474UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. B., V. G. Cooke343331963-07-12 Siskiyoualong Memorial Highway (Mt. Shasta); Mt. Shasta
UC1299459UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisFreed W. Hoffman28331949-07-21 TehamaMt. Tedoc Gap North Coast Ranges, Mt. Tedoc Gap
UC1332426UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. Bridge Cooke153361940-07-12 Siskiyoualong Memorial Highway; Mount Shasta
UC1408805UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisRobert F. Thorne, Fred Oettinger389451969-08-10 Siskiyoualong Ski Bowl Road (sw slope of Mt. Shata, Mt. Shasta National Forest); Mt. Shasta National Forest, sw slope of Mt. Shasta
UC1443486UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. L. Strother12831977-07-26 Lake200-400 m e Horse Ridge lookout station (along Horse Ridge, Hull Mt.); Hull Mt., Horse Ridge
UC1518760UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisRobert F. Thorne, J. Henrickson330991963-08-10 Monoca. 1 mi e Sonora Pass (1.3 mi beyond Sardine Creek Meadow); Toiyabe National Forest
UC1536890UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisG. H. True, Jr.5321936-06-25 Lassenflats e of Harvey Ranger Station; Harvey Valley
UC1558196UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisHarold, Virginia Bailey28881948-08-27 ShastaBadger Flat Lassen Volcanic National Park
UC1609238UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart55961993-06-28 LassenHarvey Valley Rd. (3 N02) 2.0 mi n Hwy 44 (between Grays Valley and Harvey Valley, e of Poison Lake)
UC179691UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisA. A. Heller117191914-08-26 Siskiyouin a field at Weed
UC190626UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisM. F. Gilman6541888-01-01 Modoc
UC194305UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisC. F. Sonne1884-08-01 NevadaTruckee
UC196626UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisC. F. Sonne1885-08-01 PlacerTinker′s Knob
UC219328UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisElmer I. Applegate33411921-09-02 Modocnear Tule Lake; Dry Lake, near Tule Lake
UC220185UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisKatharine Brandegee1908-07-01 NevadaTruckee
UC223704UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisElmer I. Applegate39001923-08-20 SiskiyouMedicine Lake
UC296074UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisE. B. Babcock, J. L. Collins851926-07-20 Modocabout 10 mi s Alturas
UC29822UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. H. Brewer21521863-08-01 Placere side Lake Tahoe (near Camp 140); e side of Lake Tahoe
UC29894UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. A. Setchell, C. C. Dobie1902-07-15 SiskiyouSisson, Mount Shasta Mount Shasta
UC29895UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisMilo S. Baker1893-06-01 Modoc
UC303520UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisGeo. B. Grant51111902-09-07 SiskiyouMt. Shasta
UC444348UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisE. L. Greene1876-01-01 SiskiyouShasta River
UC469011UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisFranklin P. Nutting1930-07-16 ModocForrestdale
UC506907UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisGeorge A. Fischer, Irwin H. JohnsonF-2681933-07-14 LassenLassen Forest
UC562939UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisElmer I. Applegate39001923-08-20 SiskiyouRanger Station w end Medicine Lake (w end Medicine Lake)
UC572807UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. Bridge Cooke91721937-08-06 SiskiyouMt. Shasta
UC577166UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisAlice Eastwood188801934-09-21 El Doradoalong road (Fallen Leaf Lake); Fallen Leaf Lake
UC57897UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisA. A. Heller71281902-08-08 Nevadalower end Donner Lake; lower end Donner Lake
UC584280UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisG. L. Stebbins, Jr., J. A. Jenkins23921937-07-16 Shastaw Fall River Mills; slopes of Saddle Mt.
UC598535UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisC. Hart Merriam31898-07-17 SiskiyouMt. Shasta
UC609337UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisEleanor Burks Hart9431938-08-16 SiskiyouLower Wright Lake
UC614961UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisBeryl O. Schreiber7741932-09-11 NevadaTruckee Junction
UC61649UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisGeo. B. Grant51191902-09-01 SiskiyouHorse Camp, Mt. Shasta Mt. Shasta
UC618849UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. Bridge Cooke115361938-08-21 SiskiyouHorse Canonian Mount Shasta, Horse Canonian < zone >
UC618850UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. Bridge Cooke114391938-08-05 SiskiyouMacBride Spring Road Mount Shasta, MacBride Spring Road
UC711855UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine104901941-08-10 Shasta3-4 mi e of McCloud and Bratle (State Highway 89)
UC71574UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisMrs. M. H. Manning1903-09-02 ModocWood-road Canon Wood-road Canon (north-eastern Modoc County)
UC73890UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisMilo S. Baker1893-06-01 Modoc
UC748385UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg51221946-08-08 ModocPatterson Lake Trail Warner Mountains, Patterson Lake Trail
UC75817UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisMilo S. Baker4741898-08-01 SiskiyouMedicine Lake
UC773957UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisL. R. ShortS-4271936-06-25 LassenBurgess Spring Experiment Range Lassen National Forest, Burgess Spring Experiment Range
UC774939UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisCarl B. Wolf92911937-09-05 PlumasLake Almanor to Westwood (at Lassen Co. Line, Prop. No. 305 Northern Sierra Nevada, Lake Almanor to Westwood at Lassen C
UC830810UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisAlice Eastwood109111921-07-28 SiskiyouMedicine Lake
UC86845UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisM. K. Curran1887-07-01 SiskiyouEdgewood
UC86846UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisT. S. Brandegee1895-08-01 Lassen
UC86847UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisK. Brandegee1884-07-01 SiskiyouAger Klamath River, Ager
UC86848UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. D. Hooker, A. Gray1877-01-01 SiskiyouShasta Mt.
UC86849UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisBrandegee1892-08-01 LakeSnow Mountain
UC86850UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisWm. M. Canby1381897-09-01 LassenMt. Shasta
UC86882UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. W. Congdon1900-08-13 SiskiyouMt. Shasta
UC904782UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisW. Bridge Cooke256631949-08-26 Siskiyouold logging rd above Bolam Station; Mount Shasta
UC912550UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisH. L. Mason71791932-09-09 PlacerTruckee Junction
UC991121UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. shastensisJ. M. Tucker19491950-07-24 Siskiyou7.5 mi e McCloud (beside Highway 89)
UCR244154UCRDieteria canescens var. shastensisJim Andre216782012-07-12 MonoInyo National Forest, along Hwy 203 (Minaret Hwy) 5.3 mi. west of town of Mammoth
UCSB025001UCSBDieteria canescens var. shastensisVernon H. Oswald87781997-07-28 SiskiyouForest Route 56 N56)3.7 mi. east of Forest Route 49, edge of Burnt Lava Flow Virgin Area at Yellow Jacket Ice Cave; T42N R4E NE1-4 NE1-4 Sect.6
UCSB025002UCSBDieteria canescens var. shastensisDieter H. Wilken47911968-09-12 LassenAlong California Highway 36, 11.2 miles east of Chester
UCSB025003UCSBDieteria canescens var. shastensisDieter H. Wilken; John R. Haller; A. Langford48001968-09-13 InyoAlong road 6.8 miles north of Westgard Pass White Mtns.
CAS-BOT131051CASDieteria canescens var. ziegleriMunz, Philip A.153321938-08-13 RiversideNear Santa Rosa Peak
OBI168154OBIDieteria canescens var. ziegleriJ. Derbys.n.1977-10-01 RiversideSanta rosa Mt., along road to Santa Rosa summit
POM259193RSADieteria canescens var. ziegleriP. A. Munz153321938-08-13 RiversideNear Santa Rosa Peak
RSA0095205RSADieteria canescens var. ziegleriDuncan S. Bell87182015-10-20 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Rosa Mountains; along forest service road, approximately 0.5 air mile northwest of the summit of Santa Rosa Mountain, just above Santa Rosa Spring.; Toro Peak
RSA219228RSADieteria canescens var. ziegleriC. W. Tilforth2981970-09-02 RiversideAlong road to santa Rosa Mountain
RSA78306RSADieteria canescens var. ziegleriP. A. Munz179851952-08-21 RiversideRoad, Vandeventer Flat to Santa Rosa Peak
SD00000166SDDieteria canescens var. ziegleriLouis B. Zieglers.n.1969-09-30 RiversideNorth slope of Santa Rosa Mountains
SD115008SDDieteria canescens var. ziegleriFred T. Sproul1851977-08-13 RiversideAlong road to Santa Rosa Pk. At beginning of Pine-Oak Woodland (mak 11-07)
SD67904SDDieteria canescens var. ziegleriReid Moran153541968-08-03 RiversideRidge 1.0 mile northwest of Toro Peak
UC1007168UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. ziegleriPhilip A. Munz153321938-08-13 Riversideridge near Santa Rosa Peak
UC1422542UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. ziegleriJeanine Derby, Tim Krantz1977-10-13 Riversideon 7SO2 3.6 mi se junction with highway 74 turnoff to Santa Rosa Peak; Santa Rosa Mts.
UC1463883UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. ziegleriJ. Derby, T. Krantz1977-10-01 Riversidealong 7SO2 road to Santa Rosa Summit at turn-off for peak; Santa Rosa Mt.
UC1494274UCJEPSDieteria canescens var. ziegleriJ. C. Roos29201946-08-27 RiversideSanta Rosa Mountain
CDA0008224CDAMachaeranthera canescensT.C. Fuller127031964-10-08 LassenHead of Secret Valley, south of Ravendale.
CDA0008226CDAMachaeranthera canescensT.C. Fuller111581963-08-27 SiskiyouHighway 97 Weed, 5.7 miles south of Grass Lake Campground.
CDA0008227CDAMachaeranthera canescensT.C. Fuller97881962-10-17 ImperialL. Levy property, Route 1, Box 366, road to Bard, 1.6 miles north of Winterhaven.
CDA0008228CDAMachaeranthera canescensA.C. Browne1953-10-22 ImperialWinterhaven.