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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
AHUC105972DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorP. B. Kennedys.n.1921-06-03 San MateoSan Mateo County: back of Millbrae Ranch.
AHUC105973DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorA. A. Heller56971902-06-12 San FranciscoSan Francisco County: Presidio.
AHUC105974DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorP. B. Kennedy261915-05-31 SonomaSonoma County: along roadside, Del Mar.
AHUC105977DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorBeecher Crampton94941977-05-02 MendocinoMendocino County: 3.5 miles north of Fort Bragg and 1 mile north of Laguna Point.
AHUC105978DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorBeecher Crampton77801966-06-29 MendocinoMendocino County: 2 miles north of Westport on State Hwy. 1.
AHUC105979DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorRimo Bacigalupi89381964-04-29 MarinMarin County: Drake′s Beach County Park, 3 miles n.e. of Point Reyes.
AHUC105984DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorHelen K. Sharsmith52711963-03-30 MarinMarin County: headlands of Point Reyes Peninsula near lighthouse.
DAV340521DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorJohn M. Tucker32881957-04-07 SonomaSonoma County: Chaney Gulch, beside road to Bodega Bay, ca. 3 miles east of the community of Bodega Bay.
DAV340522DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorAlan T. Whittemore1271976-05-30 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County: Junction of Hwy. 9 and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park access road, 1 mile south of Felton Stream.
DAV340523DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorEric Davidson335b1971-06-29 SonomaSonoma County: Salt Point State Park, north of Fort Ross.
DAV340524DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorJames Neilson2921961-04-15 SonomaSonoma County: Coastal hills. Collected on heights, ca. 2 mi from the area of the coast that overlooks Bodega Bay. [Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.]
DAV340525DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorEric Davidson3311971-06-28 San MateoSan Mateo County: Half Moon Bay State Park.
DAV340526DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorCollector Unknown17451925-06-15 County UnknownCounty Unknown: Pescadero-Santa Cruz Rd.
DAV340527DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorEric Davidson3411971-07-02 Del NorteDel Norte County: on Fort Dick Road north of Crescent City.
DAV340528DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorEric Davidson3911972-05-27 SonomaSonoma County: near University of California′s Bodega Marine Lab, Bodega Head.
DAV340529DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorEllen Dean20352004-05-09 MarinMarin County: Drake′s Beach. Along trail going up onto bluffs west of parking area.
DAV340532DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorJ. C. Downeys.n.1956-03-30 MarinMarin County: ca. 1 mile from ocean; near lighthouse, Point Reyes.
DAV340533DAVLupinus littoralis var. variicolorKathyrn L. Koch471965-05-01 San MateoSan Mateo County: just south of State Highway 1 junction, across from Playa de las Frijoles State Park.
MCCC2301MCCCLupinus littoralis var. variicolorClare R. Wheeler11821979-06-13 MendocinoW. of Havens Neck, 4 N of Gualala
MCCC3411MCCCLupinus littoralis var. variicolorTeresa Sholars6691987-05-13 MarinPt. Reyes, Kehoe Beach Trail
CDA0009351CDALupinus variicolorM. Beyers10332013-03-30 San MateoSouth of the parking turn-out and east of Highway 1.
CDA0027598CDALupinus variicolorT.C. Fuller158831967-05-19 SonomaAt the entrance of Doran Park on the Coast Highway (Highway 1), 1 mile south of the town of Bodega Bay.
CDA0027599CDALupinus variicolorT.C. Fuller145861966-06-20 SonomaRoad to Petaluma, 1 mile east of Valley Ford.
CDA0027600CDALupinus variicolorG.D. Barbe36311982-05-28 Mendocino0.6 mile south of West port on Highway 1.
CHSC20379CHSCLupinus variicolorZ. Parkevich1975-06-20 MendocinoAll along the bluffs overlooking the ocean in Mendocino. About .5 mi from Hwy. 101.
CHSC59538CHSCLupinus variicolorMaibelle Williams1929-05-10 San MateoMoss Beach.
CHSC943CHSCLupinus variicolorM. Underhill1952-07-13 Humboldt
DAV70199DAVLupinus variicolorEric Davidson3201971-06-25 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Nipomo Park.
GH02129078GHLupinus variicolorP. H. Raven19931950-04-30 San Mateo[data not captured]
GH02129079GHLupinus variicolorC. B. Wolf57691934-06-28 Marin[data not captured]
GH02129080GHLupinus variicolorJ. T. Howell147361939-06-04 Marin[data not captured]
GH02129081GHLupinus variicolorA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell45101937-05-31 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH02129082GHLupinus variicolorL. S. Rose411951941-05-05 Monterey[data not captured]
GH02129083GHLupinus variicolorA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell43231937-05-07 San Mateo[data not captured]
GH02129084GHLupinus variicolorA. Eastwood2561912-06-07 San Francisco[data not captured]
GH02129085GHLupinus variicolorA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell44461937-05-31 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH02129086GHLupinus variicolorA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell60761938-06-26 San Mateo[data not captured]
GH02129087GHLupinus variicolorH. A. Walker29821913-06-01 San Mateo[data not captured]
GH02129088GHLupinus variicolorE. L. Greene1887-04-20 San Francisco[data not captured]
GH02129089GHLupinus variicolorT. Coulter3931936-07-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02129090GHLupinus variicolorT. Coulter3931929-12-19 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02129091GHLupinus variicolorE. L. Greene1887-04-30 San Francisco[data not captured]
GH02129092GHLupinus variicolorE. L. Greene1893-05-27 San Francisco[data not captured]
GH02129093GHLupinus variicolorE. L. Greene421874-04-07 San Francisco[data not captured]
GH02129094GHLupinus variicolorC. Wright1853-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02129095GHLupinus variicolorA. A. Heller56971902-06-12 San Francisco[data not captured]
GH02129096GHLupinus variicolorE. B. Copeland33011903-06-03 San Mateo[data not captured]
GH02129097GHLupinus variicolorE. B. Copeland33021903-06-03 San Mateo[data not captured]
GH02129098GHLupinus variicolorA. Eastwood1895-04-01 San Francisco[data not captured]
GH02129099GHLupinus variicolorJ. W. Congdon4491881-03-25 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH02129100GHLupinus variicolorJ. W. Congdon4701880-06-02 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH02129101GHLupinus variicolorJ. W. Congdon4671880-06-07 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH02129103GHLupinus variicolorA. A. Heller65791903-04-14 Monterey[data not captured]
HSC14891HSCLupinus variicolorR.I. Bonn421965-05-09 Humboldt4 W of Arcata on Lanphere Rd.
HSC222884HSCLupinus variicolorClare R. Wheeler11821979-06-13 MendocinoHavens Neck, 4 N of Gualala
HSC222885HSCLupinus variicolorFrancis Wintersn1960-04-19 HumboldtSamoa Pennisula 6 W of Arcata.
HSC222887HSCLupinus variicolorR.T. Forester71963-04-20 Humboldt1 N of Fairhaven on Samoa Rd.
HSC222888HSCLupinus variicolorGladys L. Smith56341979-06-14 MendocinoMinor Hole Rd., 3.2 N of Point Arena
HSC222889HSCLupinus variicolorGladys L. Smith73951982-06-09 MendocinoS of Navarro River mouth, State Route 1.
HSC222890HSCLupinus variicolorPeter Sorensensn1976-05-29 HumboldtKing Salmon
HSC222891HSCLupinus variicolorJ.W. Johnson12791962-04-19 HumboldtManila, Samoa Peninsula
HSC222892HSCLupinus variicolorJ.W. Johnson11141961-09-10 HumboldtArcata, Christenson Farm or Hunt Farm, Samoa Peninsula
HSC222893HSCLupinus variicolorAnanda Dickie571996-05-12 HumboldtArcata bottoms, intersection of Janes Rd. and Jackson Ranch Rd., 200 m E of the Simpson Administration Bldg.
HSC222894HSCLupinus variicolorRick Lundquist21979-04-06 HumboldtArcata, SE Corner of 7th and Union St.
HSC222895HSCLupinus variicolorF. Morrell61949-04-13 HumboldtBayside Rd.
HSC223695HSCLupinus variicolorPeter Sorensensn1976-05-29 HumboldtKing Salmon
JEPS116509UCJEPSLupinus variicolorPeter Warner1182009-06-02 SonomaPoff Ranch, Wright Hill Road off State Hwy 1, on N-facing slope about 1.5 km ENE of ranch house and barn
JEPS127737UCJEPSLupinus variicolorB. Keller, Pacifica, G., Valov, DebraUCBG 362009-05-07 SonomaBodega Marine Reserve, about 14 km west of the town of Bodega & 7.1 km west of Bodega Bay.
JEPS23918UCJEPSLupinus variicolorW. R. Dudley1899-05-14 San Mateonear Baden; Santa Cruz Peninsula, near Baden
JEPS34416UCJEPSLupinus variicolorRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard, Tsan-Iang Chuang88921963-06-12 Marinat junction of Sir Francis Drake highwat and road to Tomales Bay State Park (Inverness Ridge); Inverness Ridge
JEPS34467UCJEPSLupinus variicolorLawrence R. Heckard, Rimo C. Bacigalupi13561963-07-02 San Mateotrail to Montara Peak above old county road
JEPS35804UCJEPSLupinus variicolorRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard89431964-04-29 Marin3-4 mi e lighthouse (just n of radio tower at Point Reyes); Point Reyes
JEPS35808UCJEPSLupinus variicolorRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard89391964-04-29 Marin3 mi ne Point Reyes (along inner edge of strand above edge of marsh at Drake′s Beach, near Sir Francis Drake Historical Monument); Drake′s Beach County Park, ne of Point Reyes
JEPS35809UCJEPSLupinus variicolorRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard89381964-04-29 Marin3 mi ne Point Reyes (Drake′s Beach County Park); Drakes Beach County Park, ne of Point Reyes
JEPS65500UCJEPSLupinus variicolorWillis L. Jepson62t1891-05-20 San FranciscoPresidio
JEPS65501UCJEPSLupinus variicolorWillis L. Jepson103331924-04-12 San FranciscoMt. Davidson
JEPS65502UCJEPSLupinus variicolorWillis L. Jepson38t1891-05-20 San FranciscoSan Francisco Presidio
JEPS73582UCJEPSLupinus variicolorEdward Lee7961934-04-30 Marin1.8 mi from Schoolhouse (Estero district school) (nw of Tomales); nw of Tomales
JEPS78254UCJEPSLupinus variicolorL. R. Heckard, R. Bacigalupi50051979-05-13 MontereyPt. Joe Monterey Peninsula
JEPS82804UCJEPSLupinus variicolorRoy E. Buck, James A. West2911983-05-22 Santa Cruzapprox 17 mi nw Santa Cruz (just s of Gulch #4, located between California 1 (Cabrillo Highway) and Swanton Road, se of Greyhound Rock and w and nw of Old Seaside School); sw of Santa Cruz, se of Greyhound Rock, H-H Ranch
JEPS84506UCJEPSLupinus variicolorJack Stratford1981-05-17 AlamedaMarciel Road between double gate and El Venado Gate (Anthony Chabot Regional Park); Anthony Chabot Regional Park
NY2602503NYLupinus variicolorJ. I. W. McMurphy1451902-05-01 ?  MendocinoAlbion.
NY2602504NYLupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer47551903-07-01 ?  MarinPoint Reyes.
NY2602505NYLupinus variicolorJ. Torrey861865-01-01 ?  San FranciscoSan Francisco.
NY2602506NYLupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer44071903-06-01 ?  MontereyPacific Grove.
NY2602507NYLupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer47091903-05-01 ?  San MateoSan Pedro.
NY2602509NYLupinus variicolorA. A. Heller65791903-04-14 ?  MontereyPacific Grove in pine woods.
NY2602510NYLupinus variicolorH. E. Brown9181898-05-01 ?  MendocinoNear Mendocino.
NY2602511NYLupinus variicolorM. E. Jones32741874-01-01 ?  San FranciscoSan Francisco.
NY2602514NYLupinus variicolorA. A. Heller56971902-06-12 ?  San FranciscoPresidio, San Francisco.
NY2602516NYLupinus variicolorE. L. Greenes.n.1887-05-01 ?  San FranciscoSan Francisco.
NY2602521NYLupinus variicolorP. H. Raven25791950-07-12 ?  MontereyCarmel.
NY2602527NYLupinus variicolorE. L. Greenes.n.1887-05-20 ?  San FranciscoSan Francisco.
NY2602533NYLupinus variicolorCollector unspecified91867-01-01 ?  San FranciscoSan Francisco.
NY2602540NYLupinus variicolorA. Eastwoods.n.1898-02-10 ?  AlamedaBerkeley.
NY42977NYLupinus variicolorJ. B. Walker13501995-04-15 ?  MontereyLos Padres National Forest, along coast at Plaskett Creek
OBI122152OBILupinus variicolorMonika Richardson1062017-07-13 Santa CruzGrowing on Santa Cruz Terrace.
OBI122153OBILupinus variicolorRobert F. Hoover86831964-04-10 San MateoHill just S of Pedro Valley
OBI122154OBILupinus variicolorLewis S. Rose630511963-05-17 San FranciscoE slope, Mt Davidson
OBI161272OBILupinus variicolorReed Kenny2672019-04-09 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
OBI161365OBILupinus variicolorReed Kenny6472019-05-20 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
PASA1683PASALupinus variicolorAnnetta Carter1929-03-02 MontereyCarmel River
PGM2164PGMLupinus variicolorYadon, Vern1982-05-11 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest 17 Mi Drive, 1-4 N of Bird Rock seaward side
PGM24PGMLupinus variicolorYadon, Vern1967-03-14 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Carmel Meadows Hwy 1 Westerly loop of what is now Ribera Rd
PGM580PGMLupinus variicolorYadon, Vern1960-04-15 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Malpaso Cyn, Nr mouth in grassy location
PGM6148PGMLupinus variicolorHowitt, Beatrice F00151955-03-06 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Yankee Point Carmel Riviera, West of Hwy 1
PGM6149PGMLupinus variicolorHowitt, Beatrice F08661956-04-14 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Carmel Meadows on hill top, Carmel River Mouth near
PGM6150PGMLupinus variicolorHowitt, Beatrice F32361972-05-09 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, Along 17 Mile Dr near Pt Joe
POM10752RSALupinus variicolorA. A. Heller65791903-04-14 MontereyPacific Grove.
POM10761RSALupinus variicolorA. A. Heller56971902-06-12 San FranciscoPresidio, San Francisco.
POM10796RSALupinus variicolorE. B. Copeland33011903-06-03 San MateoMontara Point
POM10801RSALupinus variicolorE. B. Copeland33021903-06-03 San MateoMontara Point
POM10883RSALupinus variicolorIvar Tidestrom73031893-06-06 MontereyPacific Grove.
POM11075RSALupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer44071903-06-01 MontereyPacific Grove.
POM118220RSALupinus variicolorHarriet Ann Walker29821913-06-01 San MateoTobin
POM180983RSALupinus variicolorJ. T. Howell47401930-04-20 MarinPt. Reyes.
POM181506RSALupinus variicolorH. F. Copeland9831928-02-25 San MateoMontara.
POM190281RSALupinus variicolorD. D. Keck19671932-05-11 San MateoTwo miles north of San Gregorio.
POM199644RSALupinus variicolorMarcus E. Jones289571931-07-10 MendocinoMendocino.
POM226366RSALupinus variicolorAdele Lewis Grant9381917-05-06 San MateoPebble Beach near Pescadero.
POM231113RSALupinus variicolorJens Clausen10891935-05-24 Sonoma5.1 mi. S of Jenner on the Bodega road.
POM248727RSALupinus variicolorAlice Eastwood60761938-06-26 San MateoKings Mt.
POM253010RSALupinus variicolorA. A. Heller153291937-05-08 MendocinoAbout Noyo, just south of Fort Bragg, near the ocean.
POM266583RSALupinus variicolorYnez Whilton Winblads.n.1941-05-31 San FranciscoMt. Davidson, San Francisco.
POM27637RSALupinus variicolorMarcus E. Jones32741882-05-16 San FranciscoSan Francisco.
POM276546RSALupinus variicolorRimo Bacigalupi18951928-06-18 SonomaBeach at the mouth of Salmon Creek 2 miles north of Bodega Bay.
POM276547RSALupinus variicolorLyman D. Benson20411930-04-06 San MateoMoss Beach. West slope.
POM276548RSALupinus variicolorLyman D. Benson26191931-03-03 San MateoMoss Beach
POM276549RSALupinus variicolorLyman D. Benson61601934-09-03 MendocinoPt. Arena.
POM304143RSALupinus variicolorH. C. Cantelows.n.1940-04-20 Marin3 miles north of Point Reyes, on Hwy. 1.
POM304144RSALupinus variicolorH. C. Cantelows.n.1940-04-20 Sonoma2 miles S of S. end of Russian River Bridge, Highway 1.
PUA2127PUALupinus variicolorLavern C. Wolcott1951-07-01 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
RSA0036442RSALupinus variicolorDaisie Huang060530152006-05-30 SonomaBodega Marine Laboratory. Coastal bluff near building. (waypt 30D).
RSA0036487RSALupinus variicolorDaisie Huang060530052006-05-30 SonomaBodega Marine Laboratory. Costal bluff near building (waypt 30B).
RSA0070026RSALupinus variicolorDaisie Huang060530152006-05-30 SonomaBodega Marine Laboratory. Coastal bluff near building. (waypt 30D).
RSA0177636RSALupinus variicolorL. Maynard Moe8221972-05-07 SonomaBodego Bay Marine Lab. Along strand north of labs.
RSA120702RSALupinus variicolorS. S. Tillett5671956-06-30 MarinOn hillside overlooking Drake Memorial, Drakes Bay, Point Reyes Peninsula.
RSA130662RSALupinus variicolorR. W. Summerss.n.1914-04-01 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo.
RSA130922RSALupinus variicolorE. K. Balls235741958-07-20 MarinPt. Reyes Peninsula, about jct. of roads to Drakes Bay and Lighthouse.
RSA134069RSALupinus variicolorW. R. Dudleys.n.1900-03-17 San MateoGrade south side Montara Mts.
RSA134070RSALupinus variicolorW. R. Dudleys.n.1895-04-14 San FranciscoBetween California Street Station and Presidio.
RSA134071RSALupinus variicolorW. R. Dudleys.n.1995-06-24 San FranciscoPresidio near slope.
RSA141065RSALupinus variicolorClare B. Hardham56321960-05-07 MontereyMill Creek
RSA141828RSALupinus variicolorClare B. Hardham58171960-05-20 MontereyRedwood Gulch trail to Villa Cr.
RSA160039RSALupinus variicolorDavid B. Dunn25831946-05-15 Santa ClaraOn edge of Highway 1, 5.5 North of Moss Beach (tower).
RSA162482RSALupinus variicolorE. K. Balls120671963-05-22 San Mateo2 N. from turn out to San Gregorio, State Hwy. #1.
RSA162483RSALupinus variicolorE. K. Balls120651963-05-22 San Mateo4.1 miles N of Moss Beach, along Hwy 1.
RSA165867RSALupinus variicolorPhilip A. Munz245281963-06-19 HumboldtPatrick′s Point.
RSA167382RSALupinus variicolorJoseph P. Tracy16046A1938-07-11 HumboldtBrainards Point, sandy soil along highway between Eureka and Arcata.
RSA167383RSALupinus variicolorJoseph P. Tracy159401938-06-16 HumboldtBrainards Point, sandy soil along highway between Eureka and Arcata.
RSA169468RSALupinus variicolorL. S. Rose630511963-05-17 San FranciscoMount Davidson
RSA176707RSALupinus variicolorJohn H. Thomas104371964-06-28 San MateoAlong highway 1 near Pedro Point.
RSA177074RSALupinus variicolorJohn H. Thomas104321964-06-19 San MateoNear Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse.
RSA177910RSALupinus variicolorRobert F. Thorne344021965-04-21 MarinNear Drakes Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore.
RSA179755RSALupinus variicolorE. K. Balls120921965-06-29 MontereyCarmel Highlands opposite Yankee Point.
RSA187418RSALupinus variicolorJohn H. Thomas114781966-03-16 Santa CruzWestern slope of Ben Lomond Mountain, about 2.2 miles inland as measured along the road from Davenport on way to Warrenella.
RSA195162RSALupinus variicolorE. C. Twisselmann130041967-04-27 MontereyPt. Joe
RSA21949RSALupinus variicolorAlice Eastwood60761938-06-26 San MateoKings Mt.
RSA22011RSALupinus variicolorAlice Eastwood7362A1939-04-02 SonomaLarkspur Rock
RSA224314RSALupinus variicolorJ. T. Howell321791957-05-05 San FranciscoSierra and 22nd Sts.
RSA249488RSALupinus variicolorJohn F. Emmel3951972-03-26 San MateoAlong Guadalupe Cyn. Parkway near NE-facing slope 0.4 air mile SSW of Midway Village School, San Bruno Mts.
RSA258893RSALupinus variicolorThomas W. Nelson12171974-04-22 MarinRock Springs beside the road out Bolinas Ridge.
RSA263038RSALupinus variicolorMorris4381973-06-08 MendocinoAlong Hwy 1, following the Pacific Ocean; 4 mi S of Westport.
RSA296809RSALupinus variicolorW. L. Jepson103331924-04-12 San FranciscoMt. Davidson.
RSA303903RSALupinus variicolorJames R. Shevock8781971-04-04 San Luis ObispoCoon Creek, Montana de Oro State Park.
RSA330430RSALupinus variicolorRobert A. Norris48341985-03-23 San FranciscoJust SE of Sutro TV-transmitting Tower.
RSA396863RSALupinus variicolorGladys L. Smith73951982-06-09 MendocinoSouth of Navarro River mouth, State Route 1, the Coast Highway.
RSA40116RSALupinus variicolorL. S. Rose481031948-05-07 San FranciscoTwin Peaks
RSA40401RSALupinus variicolorPhilip A. Munz122841948-05-28 Del NorteGrown at botanists house in Botanic Garden.
RSA414416RSALupinus variicolorH. F. Copelands.n.1934-05-27 MarinDillons Beach.
RSA617124RSALupinus variicolorR. S. Woglum11571935-05-25 AlamedaCentral Coast: San Francisco area.
RSA643827RSALupinus variicolorE. R. Blakley58541963-05-23 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island. W of Canon del Mar and S of Cuyler Harbor.
RSA700181RSALupinus variicolorKeith E. Hoffmasters.n.1946-03-09 MarinSouth hill slope, Roadside near Bodega.
RSA87229RSALupinus variicolorF. W. Peirson22281920-07-31 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay.
RSA96807RSALupinus variicolorE. K. Balls190641954-04-26 Del NorteBotanic Garden.
SBBG207695SBBGLupinus variicolorClare B. Hardham56321960-05-07 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; Mill Crk
SBBG207696SBBGLupinus variicolorClare B. Hardham146761967-05-22 MontereyMoss Landing
SBBG207697SBBGLupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer44071903-06-01 MontereyPacific Grove
SBBG207698SBBGLupinus variicolorH. F. Copeland1934-05-27 MarinDillon Beach
SBBG207699SBBGLupinus variicolorDonald Myrick10061964-07-28 Mendocinoocean bluff at Heritage House Pt, Little River
SBBG207700SBBGLupinus variicolorH. and M. Dearing33491939-05-14 Sonomacoast on Russian River
SBBG207701SBBGLupinus variicolorErnest C. Twisselmann130041967-04-27 MontereyPoint Joe
SBBG207702SBBGLupinus variicolorD. Huang060530062006-05-30 SonomaBodega Marine Laboratory, coastal bluff near building
SD113428SDLupinus variicolorDarley F. Howe35931963-07-03 Mendocino10.4 miles north of Sonoma-Mendocino county line
SD130261SDLupinus variicolorGeorge Helmkamps.n.1989-04-17 San Luis ObispoIrish Hills, at the crest of Prefumo Canon Road, open grassy hillsides
SD232688SDLupinus variicolorG. Helmkamp10621996-05-25 San Luis ObispoDried vernal pools between CA-1 and the ocean 1.5 miles north of Piedras Blancas lighthouse near the northern border of the county.
SD37933SDLupinus variicolorEdith A. Purers.n.1931-08-06 San Luis ObispoAlong roadside near Oceano, grassy slope near dunes
SD53197SDLupinus variicolorDarley F. Howes.n.1962-05-21 Humboldt11.5 miles north of Garberville on Hwy 101
SD90154SDLupinus variicolorBenjamin C. Stone2171952-09-01 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park, among willows
SDSU05022SDSULupinus variicolorGallup, A.H.2201948-09-05 MendocinoFt. Bragg on Highway #1 along side of road.
SFSU005219SFSULupinus variicolorJ D Ripley321966-03-05 San Franciscotwin peaks
SFV106734SFVLupinus variicolorV. E. Rudd35751977-11-05 Mendocino2-3 miles north of Fort Bragg.
SFV106735SFVLupinus variicolorV. E. Rudd35761977-11-05 MendocinoMendocino headlands.
SFV106736SFVLupinus variicolorK. A. Wilson12451961-06-24 MontereySea bluffs 10 miles north of San Luis Obispo County line on Highway 1.
SJSU10694SJSULupinus variicolorHatsume Kosakai1958-04-20 MontereyOcean View Ave at Asilomar Blvd, Pacific Grove
SJSU16062SJSULupinus variicolorToni Corelli5152010-04-09 San MateoRockaway Headlands, southwest of Rockaway Beach, Pacifica
SJSU2300SJSULupinus variicolorC.W. Sharsmith66291950-04-16 San Mateonear Pescadero Point near Pescadero
UC1129736UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. E. Wieslander3101933-06-11 Marin2.5 mi sw Point Reyes; Point Reyes Quad.
UC1129737UCJEPSLupinus variicolorH. S. Yates37761934-04-21 Sonomanear Bodega; Sebastopol Quadrangle
UC1129738UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. E. Wieslander4161934-03-18 MarinPoint Reyes; Point Reyes Quad., Point Reyes
UC1129739UCJEPSLupinus variicolorH. S. Yates52251935-02-08 San Mateo1 mi e Franklin Pt.; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1129740UCJEPSLupinus variicolorW. W. Akey161935-05-16 Santa Cruz3-4 mi ne Greyhound Rock; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1129741UCJEPSLupinus variicolorN. Carlson261935-05-31 Santa Cruz1 1-2 mi nw Swanton; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1129742UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. E. Wieslander4171934-03-18 MarinPoint Reyes; Point Reyes Quad., Point Reyes
UC1129743UCJEPSLupinus variicolorH. S. Yates50051935-02-03 San Mateo1-2 mi se Pigeon Pt.; Santa Cruz Quad.
UC1177181UCJEPSLupinus variicolorJohn Thomas Howell14733D1939-06-04 MarinPt. Reyes Peninsula
UC1177212UCJEPSLupinus variicolorJohn Thomas Howell220511946-06-13 Marine Aurora School (at Sonoma Co. line)
UC1181569UCJEPSLupinus variicolorR. F. Hoover58821942-06-10 MontereyMoss Beach
UC1223255UCJEPSLupinus variicolorJoseph P. Tracy16046A1938-07-11 UnknownBrainards Point, sandy soil along highway between Eureka and Arcata
UC127021UCJEPSLupinus variicolorAlice Eastwood1896-04-01 San Mateobet. Crystal Springs and Millbrae; bet. Crystal Springs and Millbrae
UC127055UCJEPSLupinus variicolorE. L. Greene1893-05-27 San FranciscoSan Francisco
UC127063UCJEPSLupinus variicolorIvar Tidestrom1893-06-06 MontereyPacific Grove
UC127064UCJEPSLupinus variicolorIvar Tidestrom1893-05-12 Santa ClaraPalo Alto
UC1285105UCJEPSLupinus variicolorR. F. Hoover86831964-04-10 San Mateohill just S of Pedro Valley
UC1300903UCJEPSLupinus variicolorHelen K. Sharsmith50871962-05-30 MarinPoint Reyes Peninsula; San Francisco Bay Region
UC1300904UCJEPSLupinus variicolorHelen K. Sharsmith52711963-03-30 Marinheadlands of Point Reyes Peninsula near lighthouse.
UC130673UCJEPSLupinus variicolorH. M. Hall85141909-06-09 Marinsummit Mt. Vision Mt. Vision; summit Mt. Vision
UC138042UCJEPSLupinus variicolorMichener, Bioletti1391892-04-01 San Francisco
UC138044UCJEPSLupinus variicolorMichener, Bioletti1891-04-01 San FranciscoMission Hills
UC149920UCJEPSLupinus variicolorKatharine Brandegee1888-05-09 San Franciscocliffs along McDowell Ave. Presidio; San Francisco, Presidio
UC16036UCJEPSLupinus variicolorJ. Burtt Davy67161900-06-18 MarinPoint Reyes
UC16037UCJEPSLupinus variicolorJ. Burtt Davy1895-04-23 Alameda
UC170312UCJEPSLupinus variicolorDr. Coulter3931937-09-09 MontereyMonterey
UC1713710UCJEPSLupinus variicolorDouglas11833-01-01 MontereyMonterey
UC186145UCJEPSLupinus variicolorH. M. Hall100641915-07-23 Montereynear Mission Carmel (Carmel); South Coast Ranges,, near Mission
UC194788UCJEPSLupinus variicolorEdward Lee Greene1887-04-01 San FranciscoPresidio, Presidio (San Francisco)
UC198465UCJEPSLupinus variicolorKatharine Brandegee1933-06-28 San FranciscoVisitacion Valley
UC201121UCJEPSLupinus variicolorKatharine Brandegee1918-06-23 MontereyMoss Beach
UC201933UCJEPSLupinus variicolorMiss Harriet A. Walker38081915-04-24 San Mateoin field near road to Millbrae; near road to Millbrae
UC201941UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer47551903-07-01 MarinPoint Reyes Post Office
UC201944UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer44071903-06-01 MontereyPacific Grove
UC201947UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer47091903-05-01 San MateoSan Pedro
UC201984UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer46221903-07-01 MarinPoint Reyes Post Office
UC2082302UCJEPSLupinus variicolorH. Forbes, B. Anderson, C. Loughran, I. H. L. MarckPASU 4892017-05-30 MendocinoNE of corral. California Coastal National Monument. Point Arena-Stornetta Unit Voucher.
UC2082379UCJEPSLupinus variicolorH. Forbes, B. Anderson, C. Al-WitriPASU 0722016-06-21 MendocinoLighthouse, on bluff overlooking Garcia River. California Coastal National Monument. Point Arena-Stornetta Unit Voucher.
UC2082409UCJEPSLupinus variicolorH. Forbes, B. Anderson, C. Al-WitriPASU 0082016-06-20 MendocinoArena Cove. California Coastal National Monument. Point Arena-Stornetta Unit Voucher.
UC311093UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. D. E. Elmer49151903-04-01 San MateoLake San Andreas
UC33442UCJEPSLupinus variicolorW. C. Blasdale1890-01-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
UC33443UCJEPSLupinus variicolorAlice Eastwood1896-03-14 San FranciscoPresidio, Presidio (San Francisco)
UC454098UCJEPSLupinus variicolorKatharine Brandegee1911-06-03 San FranciscoPresidio, Presidio (San Francisco)
UC511346UCJEPSLupinus variicolorLyman Benson26191931-03-03 San MateoOcean Bluff Moss Beach, Ocean Bluff (Moss Beach)
UC52019UCJEPSLupinus variicolorJoseph Burtt Davy1899-05-14 UnknownBotanic Garden Berkeley
UC58381UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. A. Heller65791903-04-14 MontereyPacific Grove
UC589372UCJEPSLupinus variicolorBeryl O. Schreiber5771932-06-29 MarinSand Dune Beach Tomales Bay (Tomales Bay);, Sand Dune Beach
UC683337UCJEPSLupinus variicolorMrs. H. P. Bracelin3411931-05-09 Sonomabeyond Dundee R.R. station and Molino nursery about one mi w Sebastopol
UC725888UCJEPSLupinus variicolorA. A. Heller15637a1940-05-17 Sonomaalong State Highway #1, 2 mi w Valley Ford; w of Valley Ford
UC764770UCJEPSLupinus variicolorR. F. Hoover51621941-05-21 MarinPoint Reyes
UC764772UCJEPSLupinus variicolorR. F. Hoover50701941-05-12 MarinPoint Reyes Peninsula w Drake′s Estero; Point Reyes Peninsula w of Drake′s Estero
UC82050UCJEPSLupinus variicolorMichener, Bioletti1893-05-01 San FranciscoMission Hills
UC82051UCJEPSLupinus variicolorDr. E. B. Copeland33021903-06-03 San MateoMontara Point
UC82052UCJEPSLupinus variicolorDr. E. B. Copeland33011903-06-03 San MateoMontara Point
UC82054UCJEPSLupinus variicolorE. Palmer921876-06-01 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo District
UC82131UCJEPSLupinus variicolorKatharine Brandegee1905-06-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
UC865001UCJEPSLupinus variicolorMarcus E. Jones32741882-05-16 San FranciscoSan Francisco
UC865524UCJEPSLupinus variicolorAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell60521938-06-26 San MateoMontara Mt., Montara Mt. (above Point San Pedro)
UC865525UCJEPSLupinus variicolorAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell60761938-06-26 San MateoKings Mt.
UC865526UCJEPSLupinus variicolorLewis S. Rose411951941-05-05 MontereyPacific Grove
UC903067UCJEPSLupinus variicolorEthel Crum16991934-04-29 San Mateo4 mi s Pescadero (open slope near ocean); s of Pescadero
UCR119937UCRLupinus variicolorGeorge K. Helmkamp4821a1999-05-20 Santa BarbaraCasmalia Hills; Corralitos Canon, southeast of Guadalupe, 3.8 miles southeast of CA Hwy 1 on Brown Road; Casmalia Hills
UCR130601UCRLupinus variicolorGeorge K. Helmkamp48431999-05-21 MontereyWillow Creek, north of Gorda beside CA Hwy 1; Santa Lucia Mtns.
UCR136430UCRLupinus variicolorBeecher Crampton94941977-05-02 Mendocino3.5 miles north of Fort Bragg and 1 mile north of Laguna Point
UCSB038483UCSBLupinus variicolorDennis E. Breedlove23551962-04-17 MarinNear lighthouse on Point Reyes Peninsula
UCSB038484UCSBLupinus variicolorDennis E. Breedlove23541962-04-17 MarinNear lighthouse on Point Reyes Peninsula
UCSB038485UCSBLupinus variicolorFlath, Carol481963-03-11 Santa Cruz5 W of Watsonville; 32 mi. N of Monterey
UCSB038486UCSBLupinus variicolorHugh Dearing33491939-05-14 SonomaFrom coast on Russian River
UCSB038487UCSBLupinus variicolorClare B. Hardham146761967-05-22 MontereyMoss Landing
UCSB038488UCSBLupinus variicolorWalker, Wendy341982-04-25 Monterey100 m. from Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd.; 6 mi. into Nacimiento River Canon
UCSB038489UCSBLupinus variicolorGray, John21A1976-05-01 SonomaAt N Salmon Creek Beach on Highway 1; T 6N R 1 W
UCSB038490UCSBLupinus variicolorGray, John151976-05-01 SonomaBluff above Salmon Creek State Beach; T6N R1 W
UCSB038491UCSBLupinus variicolorGlenn Keator1958-06-10 MontereyAbout 10 miles south of Big Sur, on Highway 1
UCSC100001706UCSCLupinus variicolorRandall Morgan12251988-06-01 Santa CruzSoquel, On terrace at end of Winkle Ave
UCSC100001707UCSCLupinus variicolorBeryl O. Schreiber721932-03-13 Marinexposed sandy hillside near road to Point Reyes Lighthouse
UCSC100003188UCSCLupinus variicolorHugh LeonardHL 00312019-04-16 Santa CruzApproximately 270-m S of the coastal biology campus gate entrance, 5-m west of east wall
UCSC100005834UCSCLupinus variicolorReed Kenny2671999-10-01 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
US2998921USLupinus variicolorJ. H. Thomas114781966-03-16 UnknownSanta Cruz County, Western slope of Ben Lomond Mountain, about 2.2 miles inland as measured along the road from Davenport on way to Warrenella

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