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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT320461CASLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesRubtzoff, Peter71251973-07-18 El DoradoGeorgetown Divide: U.S. Blodgett Forest Research Station, Mainline Road, 0.05 miles north of Mutton Creek Road Junction.
CAS-BOT323940CASLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesTaylor, M. S.18221978-07-21 ButteOn S side of Oroville-Quincy Hwy, ca 14 mi N of Lake Madrone.
CAS-BOT323941CASLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesTaylor, M. S.; Ahart, L.41971981-08-16 ButteJones Meadow, ca 3 mi S of Philbrook Reservoir, ca. 6 mi NE of Stirling City.
CAS-BOT329258CASLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesTaylor, M. S.48241982-07-12 PlumasAt junction of small creek to Jamison Creek, on N side of Rd 507, just W of Plumas-Eureka State Park boundary, 2.0 mi SW of Johnsville
GH02176793GHLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesP. H. Raven46021952-07-20 Fresno[data not captured]
GH02176794GHLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesF. W. Hunnewell78171921-07-13 Placer[data not captured]
GH02176795GHLupinus latifolius subsp. longipes;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;2881927-07-15 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH02176797GHLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesA. A. Heller132201919-05-24 Nevada[data not captured]
GH02176798GHLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesH. M. Hall ; H. P. Chandler47891903-08-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH02176799GHLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesKenney ;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;5951973-06-24 Fresno[data not captured]
HSC222942HSCLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesP. Kenney5951973-06-24 Fresno1 NE of jct. of Big Creek Canon Rd. and Rd. to Huntington Lake, along roadside to Huntington Lake, at N end of Shaver Lake.
HSC222943HSCLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesP. Kenney5781973-06-22 Fresno1-2 mi. above Pine Ridge store on Rd. to Huntington Lake
POM10709RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesCulbertson42741904-08-03 KernKern River.
POM128103RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesL. R. Abrams46401911-07-06 MariposaYosemite Valley; Yosemite National Park.
POM19189RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesPhilip A. Munz73731923-07-17 TuolumneMather.
POM19414RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesW. J. Williamson371919-05-06 TuolumneSpring Gulch near Bear Creek.
POM194758RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesD. D. Keck2881927-07-15 TuolumneHog Ranch, Mather.
POM226668RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesAdele Lewis Grant571915-07-13 TuolumneStrawberry Lake.
POM226718RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesAdele Lewis Grant7751916-05-16 TuolumneNear Jupiter.
POM256516RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesJ. L. Morrison21681938-04-29 El DoradoNear north fork of the Cosumnes River 8 miles south of El Dorado, Sierra Nevada foothills.
POM27145RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesC. C. Bruce24371898-05-01 ButteDoe mill
POM27146RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesC. C. Bruce24551898-05-01 ButteParadise.
POM312150RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesN. C. Cooper13361944-06-04 OrangeSan Juan Canon.
POM71738RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesD. D. Keck1701925-06-30 MariposaYosemite National Park, Yosemite Valley
RSA0023017RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesPeter Rubtzoff71251973-07-18 El DoradoGeorgetown Divide: US Blodgett Forest Research Station, Mainline Road, 0.05 miles north of Mutton Creek Road Junction.
RSA107857RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesChas. H. Quibell39751954-07-21 Fresno2 m north of Shaver Lake left off Highway 168 to Big Creek onto road to Music Mountain Lookout, then within 100 yards right and down onto old road to former logging camp on saddle and around on east side of canyon.At foot 6801 Music Mt. - before road crosses to w. side.
RSA110055RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesPhilip A. Munz213451955-07-29 AlpineNoble Canon, east base of Ebbetts Pass, Sierra Nevada.
RSA115739RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesPercy C. Everett220161956-07-10 Calaveras5 miles southeast of Vallecito on road to Sonora.
RSA127605RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesLester Rowntrees.n.1952-06-01 MaderaAbove Sugar Pine.
RSA143144RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesChas. H. Quibell58291955-08-17 FresnoHutchinson Meadow area (9400 ft) jct Piute and Fr. Canons (immed. W of 12245 ft Pilot Knob) Trib. S Fork San Joaquin River, 10 map miles E Florence L., crests N and S 12100-12500 ft.
RSA145599RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesNorma Mastin59-971959-07-18 Fresno4 miles south China Peak Lodge on Highway 168.
RSA158046RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesJ. M. Tucker35751959-07-19 TehamaUpper (south) side of South Yolla Bolly Mountain.
RSA160034RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesDavid B. Dunn119081955-08-26 FresnoBetween Dinky Creek R. S. and McKinley Grove of Sequaiadendrosa.
RSA160044RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesDavid B. Dunn119071955-08-26 FresnoAbout 3 miles east of the road junction at Shaver Lake Heights.
RSA164140RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesE. C. Twisselmann90611963-10-03 TulareThe Needles Springs
RSA166043RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesDonald Myrick4441961-07-22 TuolumneTuolumne: Mt. Dana Ridge, above Tioga Pass.
RSA16934RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesR. S. Woglums.n.1932-09-01 TulareMineral King.
RSA16968RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesR. S. Woglums.n.1932-09-01 TulareMonarch Lakes, Mineral King, Sequoia Nevada.
RSA26143RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesJ. T. Howell276621951-06-28 PlacerJamison Creek.
RSA26270RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesJ. T. Howell156141940-07-28 FresnoNear Sphinx Creek, Bubbs Creek.
RSA337376RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesL. Ahart46831984-06-08 ButteAlong the edge of the dirt road that goes to Lumpkin Ridge Road, ca. 6 miles northeast of Ponderosa Dam, ca. 4 miles southeast of Feather Falls.
RSA413737RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesN. C. Cooper27491944-08-31 MonoJune Lake
RSA413740RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesPercy C. Everett72831935-07-15 FresnoMono creek canyon, base of Vermilion Cliffs, about 2 miles E of Vermilion Valley.
RSA414795RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesE. A. Purer51251933-07-23 MariposaYosemite National Park.
RSA414796RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesE. A. Purer53081933-07-26 MariposaOak Flat, Yosemite National Park.
RSA48605RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesPhilip A. Munz133311949-05-19 Glenn2 miles north of Alder Springs.
RSA6178RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesCarl B. Wolf49201933-05-24 Amador4.8 miles along Pine Grove on Canon Pass Highway, western slope of the Sierra Nevadas.
RSA7072RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesCarl B. Wolf50971933-06-28 MaderaAlong west side of Bass Lake, 2.5 miles above the Dam.
RSA87414RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesF. W. Peirson92271930-08-15 MariposaMurphy Creek, Lake Tenaya region, Yosemite National Park.
RSA91266RSALupinus latifolius subsp. longipesF. W. Peirson112621934-07-18 MaderaNear Reds Meadow, Middle Fork of San Joaquin River, Sierra Nevada.
UCR248913UCRLupinus latifolius subsp. longipesPeter Rubtzoff71251973-07-18 El DoradoGeorgetown Divide; Blodgett Forest Research Station, Mainline Road c. 0.05 mi. north of Mutton Creek Road junction

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