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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT123097CASLithophragma austromontanumHeller, Amos Arthur78061905-05-01 KernKeene Station
CAS-BOT123098CASLithophragma austromontanumHeller, Amos Arthur78061905-05-01 KernKeene
GH00042850GHLithophragma austromontanumA. A. Heller78061905-05-01 KernKeene Station
AHUC102976DAVLithophragma parviflorumBeecher Crampton98351982-05-29 El DoradoEl Dorado County, Stateline.
AHUC102977DAVLithophragma parviflorumBeecher Crampton98351982-05-29 El DoradoEl Dorado County, Stateline.
CAS-BOT225823CASLithophragma parviflorumBartholomew, Bruce63121992-05-15 ModocUpper end of Pleasants Canyon, W side of Warner Mountains.
CAS-BOT225824CASLithophragma parviflorumBartholomew, Bruce62791992-05-14 ModocSW side of White Horse Mountains, SW of White Horse Flat Reservoir.
CAS-BOT225825CASLithophragma parviflorumAustin, R. M.s.n.1995-06-23 ModocModoc County.
CAS-BOT225826CASLithophragma parviflorumBartholomew, Bruce; Gilbert, M.; Skog, L. E.64851993-05-11 Modoc2.4 km E of Crowder Flat Road on road to S end of Big Sage Reservoir.
CAS-BOT225827CASLithophragma parviflorumCantelow, Mrs. H. C.01941-05-23 Modoc2 mi. W of Adin Pass Summit, W of Alturas, near U.S. Hwy 299.
CAS-BOT225828CASLithophragma parviflorumBabcock, Ernest Brown; Stebbins, George Ledyard18371936-06-09 ModocSummit of Cedar Pass, Warner Mts.
CAS-BOT225829CASLithophragma parviflorumBartholomew, Bruce5792B1991-06-20 ModocFox Mountain Spring, ca. 10 km NW of Adin.
CAS-BOT225830CASLithophragma parviflorumBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett47451989-06-01 Modocca. 0.5 km S of State Hwy 299 on road to Shaker Spring.
CAS-BOT225831CASLithophragma parviflorumBartholomew, Bruce65941993-06-12 ModocTop of ridge directly above Day Rock.
CAS-BOT225832CASLithophragma parviflorumBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett46181989-04-27 Modoc2.1 km SSE of Day on road to State Highway 299.
CAS-BOT225833CASLithophragma parviflorumBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett46631989-04-29 ModocW side of Upper Alkali Lake, 7 km S of Fort Bidwell, Surprise Valley.
CAS-BOT225834CASLithophragma parviflorumPayne, Francis Dorris5431932-06-12 ModocDry Creek Canyon.
CAS-BOT293725CASLithophragma parviflorumBourell, Mona; Patterson, Bob17381982-05-15 PlumasBeckworth, Sierra Valley Marsh
CAS-BOT428427CASLithophragma parviflorumCantelow, Ella Dales43311941-05-18 Plumas1 mi. w. of Mohawk Rd. to Johnsville.
CAS-BOT437160CASLithophragma parviflorumMcDonald, Julias.n.1929-05-01 FresnoSugar PIne
CAS-BOT437161CASLithophragma parviflorumWiggins, Ira L.123411950-04-09 FresnoHillside 12-13 miles north of Coalinga along road to Hernandez
CAS-BOT437162CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas35322A1940-06-06 FresnoKings Canyon road 8 mi. w. of Horseshoe Bend
CAS-BOT437163CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas58391931-03-18 FresnoMoist shaded slope, Jacalitos Canyon
CAS-BOT437164CASLithophragma parviflorumYork, Dana17661997-05-02 FresnoCa. 48 km NE of Fresno (FSC), 10.9 km E-NE of Tollhouse, Sierra National Forest, Rush Creek;
CAS-BOT437165CASLithophragma parviflorumAbrams, L. R.117401927-04-30 KernFort Tejon
CAS-BOT437166CASLithophragma parviflorumEvermann, Dr. Barton W.s.n.1915-04-20 KernHavilah
CAS-BOT437167CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.112561965-07-27 KernNortheast slope of Breckenridge Mountain, 0.6 mile east of Breckenridge Public Camp
CAS-BOT437169CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.19741955-05-12 KernSummit of Associated Canyon, near power line, Temblor Mountains
CAS-BOT437170CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.105171965-04-14 KernWest slope of Breckenridge Mountain at Parker Creek.
CAS-BOT437171CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.19671955-05-12 KernRock outcrops at summit of Messa Ridge, Temblor Mountains.
CAS-BOT437172CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.27151956-04-23 KernRimrock at western summit of Orchard Peak (Antelope Mountain), western Kern County.
CAS-BOT437173CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.26481956-04-20 KernKern River Canyon near Miracle (Hobo) Hot Springs.
CAS-BOT437174CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.26481956-04-20 KernKern River Canyon near Miracle (Hobo) Hot Springs.
CAS-BOT437175CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.36391957-06-05 KernPiute Mountains: Bodfish Road, 0.5 mile northwest of Saddle Springs.
CAS-BOT437176CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.41931958-03-22 KernPoso Creek Road, 4 miles east of Mon Bluff.
CAS-BOT437178CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.s.n.1955-05-12 KernSummit of Associated Canyon, near power line, Temblor Mountains
CAS-BOT437179CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.85801963-07-09 KernWest slope of Black Mountain
CAS-BOT437180CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.69011962-04-09 KernKern Canyon, about 2 miles west of Isabella.
CAS-BOT437181CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.6381953-04-11 KernTemblor Ranch: Sulfur Spring.
CAS-BOT437183CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.83371963-06-03 KernBlack Bob Canyon.
CAS-BOT437184CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.41931958-03-22 KernPoso Creek Road, 4 miles east of Mon Bluff.
CAS-BOT437185CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.27151956-04-23 KernRimrock at western summit of Orchard Peak (Antelope Mountain), western Kern County.
CAS-BOT437186CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.69861962-04-19 KernWoody Road, 3.7 miles west of Glennville.
CAS-BOT437187CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.109801965-06-04 KernPetitt Meadow
CAS-BOT437188CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.36391957-06-05 KernPiute Mountains: Bodfish Road, 0.5 mile northwest of Saddle Springs.
CAS-BOT437189CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.69011962-04-09 KernKern Canyon, about 2 miles west of Isabella.
CAS-BOT437190CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.61011961-05-04 KernBurke Hill, 3.2 miles east of Poso Flat
CAS-BOT437191CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.61011961-05-04 KernBurke Hill, 3.2 miles east of Poso Flat
CAS-BOT437192CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.85301963-06-27 KernBasket Pass
CAS-BOT437748CASLithophragma parviflorumCantelow, Ella Dales35301941-05-23 Modoc2 mi. W of Adin Summit, W of Alturas near US Highway 299.
CAS-BOT437749CASLithophragma parviflorumMott, Lillian S.66531966-05-29 NevadaCave Lake; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT437750CASLithophragma parviflorumTrue, Gordon H.14951964-06-17 Nevada2 miles north of Truckee on Truckee-Sierra Valley Road; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT437751CASLithophragma parviflorumTrue, Gordon H.14831964-06-17 NevadaAbout 1 mile north of Cisco Grove on Rattlesnake Creek; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT437752CASLithophragma parviflorumTrue, Gordon H.28381966-05-24 NevadaNear East Boca Spring, 2.6 miles east of Boca Dam Road.
CAS-BOT437753CASLithophragma parviflorumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas53791970-05-28 NevadaBear Valley on Highway 20, ca. 20 miles E of Nevada City
CAS-BOT437754CASLithophragma parviflorumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas66181971-05-25 NevadaPuddingstone ridge 5 mi. east of North Columbia on Graniteville Road.
CAS-BOT437755CASLithophragma parviflorumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas65761971-05-24 NevadaSouth Fork of Yuba River; ca. 1 mi. below Washington
CAS-BOT437756CASLithophragma parviflorumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, J. T.48111969-04-10 NevadaDry Creek just east of county line and 1 1-2 mi. west of Spenceville site.
CAS-BOT437757CASLithophragma parviflorumTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, J. T.23011965-07-14 NevadaLoney Meadow on Texas Creek 1 1-2 miles south of Bowman Lake; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT437758CASLithophragma parviflorumRose, Lewis S.540211954-04-26 Trinity3 miles NE of Douglas City.
CAS-BOT437759CASLithophragma parviflorumCarter, Eugene; Munz2221971-06-10 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi. NW of Weaverville) Hobo Gulch Camp.
CAS-BOT437760CASLithophragma parviflorumKleeberger, Herb. G.R.s.n.1880-01-01 TrinityUnspecified.
CAS-BOT437761CASLithophragma parviflorumEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas50081937-06-25 TrinityScott Mts. N of Carrville.
CAS-BOT437762CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.130441967-05-18 San BenitoCanyon of the San Benito River, just above Picacho.
CAS-BOT437763CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.130441967-05-18 San BenitoCanyon of the San Benito River, just above Picacho.
CAS-BOT437764CASLithophragma parviflorumBreedlove, D. E.22221962-04-08 San Benito15.5 road miles northeast of New Idria
CAS-BOT437765CASLithophragma parviflorumWiggins, Ira L.; Rollins, Reed C.231941-04-19 San Benito0.7 mile north of Peralta School.
CAS-BOT437766CASLithophragma parviflorumQuibell, Chas. H.8931952-03-29 San BenitoNorth side of 2300′ spur of Griswold Hills, Panoche Country. 2- miles S of entrance of Highway 180 from Fresno Co.
CAS-BOT437767CASLithophragma parviflorumWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-04-09 San BenitoNear Idria
CAS-BOT437768CASLithophragma parviflorumEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas51311938-04-19 San BenitoLittle Panoche Pass
CAS-BOT437769CASLithophragma parviflorumEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas52381938-04-20 San Benito14 miles W of Panoche
CAS-BOT437770CASLithophragma parviflorumFerris, Roxana S.7016A1928-04-08 San BenitoNo 2 mine, New Idria Minning Co., Idria
CAS-BOT437771CASLithophragma parviflorumLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1903-04-25 San BenitoHernandez
CAS-BOT437772CASLithophragma parviflorumLuthey, Robert1391969-05-17 TulareRincon Trail. Just south of Salmon Creek crossing. 16 miles north of Kernville; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT437773CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.443831968-05-14 TulareCherry Hill Road at Rincon Trail, Brush Creek Canyon; Kern Plateau, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT437774CASLithophragma parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.141581968-05-09 TulareSouth Fork crossing, 15.3 miles above the lumber mill; Canyon of the South Fork of the Tule River; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT437775CASLithophragma parviflorumShevock, Jim2871970-06-08 TulareIn Lloyd Meadows Basin
CAS-BOT437951CASLithophragma parviflorumShevock, James R.50821976-05-31 TulareAlong Bear Creek near Coy Flat Campground, approx. 1 mile south of Camp Nelson; Sierra Nevada; Tule River Drainage; Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT438076CASLithophragma parviflorumPeirson, Frank W.88891930-05-15 Kernhills nw of Glenville, Greenhorn mts.
CAS-BOT438077CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.480901971-06-17 KernOn the border of pinyon and Jeffrey pine, ca., 2.5 miles southeast of Bald Eagle Peak
CAS-BOT438078CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.478561971-06-15 Kernedge of brush, 0.3 miles from lighthouse Flat on road from Mt. breckenridge to Havilah
CAS-BOT438079CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas517181976-05-18 KernNear Alta Sierra, along old road to Wofford Heights, Greenhorn Mountains
CAS-BOT438080CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas517411976-05-18 Kern2.7 miles from Alta sierra, along old road to Wofford Heights, Greenhorn Mountains
CAS-BOT438081CASLithophragma parviflorumShevock, James R.92631982-04-19 KernPiute Mountains, Kern River Basin. Along California highway 178, 0.3 mile east of Paradise Cove paralleling Lake Isabella Reservoir
CAS-BOT438082CASLithophragma parviflorumShevock, James R.; Zaninovich, Jack101861982-04-19 KernGreenhorn Mountains. along Bakersfield-granite road (county road 363) at junction with Round Mountain road along Poso Creek.
CAS-BOT438083CASLithophragma parviflorumWeston, E. Roy6181927-04-24 KernGreenhorn Mountains. Woody road.
CAS-BOT438084CASLithophragma parviflorumFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, R.80491932-04-16 KernNear Keene Station. Tehachapi grade.
CAS-BOT438085CASLithophragma parviflorumBacigalupi, R.; Ferris, Roxana S.; Holm, R. W.40291932-04-18 KernAlong roadside cliff, junction of Breckenridge Mountain road and main Kern river Canyon road (State Highway 178), and just above Democrat Hot Springs
CAS-BOT438086CASLithophragma parviflorumBacigalupi, R.; Robbins, G. T.45421954-06-01 KernOn fine sand of steep slopes above road, one-half mile west of and below Kern County Park at summit of grade over Greenhorn Mountains
CAS-BOT438088CASLithophragma parviflorumBenson, Lyman33621932-04-23 KernMt Breckenridge, Greenhorn Mountain range. Cotton wood Creek Watershed.
CAS-BOT438113CASLithophragma parviflorumKeck, David D.; Clausen, J.31291935-04-10 KernKern-San Luis Obispo County Line, 13 miles northwest of McKittrick, on road to Simmler, east slope of Temblor Range (Inner Coast Range)
CAS-BOT438114CASLithophragma parviflorumFarley, James P.F-101927-04-29 UnknownClear Creek Drainage, Sequoia Forest probably either Fresno or San Benito County
CAS-BOT438115CASLithophragma parviflorumBeeson, R. W.B81925-05-22 UnknownBrowne C and H division
CAS-BOT438116CASLithophragma parviflorumGeldern, Charles vons.n.1912-05-01 UnknownAmerican River El Dorado County, Placer County, and Sacramento County
CAS-BOT438117CASLithophragma parviflorumCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1940-04-07 LakeEast of Lower Lake, Monticello Rd.
CAS-BOT438118CASLithophragma parviflorumParks, H. E.; Parks, S. T.241221938-04-10 Del NorteDarlingtonia, Smith River
CAS-BOT438119CASLithophragma parviflorumSharsmith, H. K.34961936-04-21 AlamedaHeadwaters of Arroyo Mocho, Mount Hamilton Range just north of Santa Clara County boundary
CAS-BOT438120CASLithophragma parviflorumAlmeda, Frank43641979-04-22 AmadorApproximately 1.5 mi N of Fiddletown off of the Fiddletown-Shenandoah Rd.
CAS-BOT438121CASLithophragma parviflorumWall, Mrs. Mary E.s.n.1938-04-15 ButteLas Plumas
CAS-BOT438122CASLithophragma parviflorumSmith, Gladyss.n.1976-04-08 ButteTable Mountain
CAS-BOT438123CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta529761978-05-17 CalaverasSan Antonio Creek at Sheepranch
CAS-BOT438124CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.; Menzies, Barbara T.; Shockey, Roberta527741978-04-05 CalaverasCamp Nine Road, northeast of Vallecito
CAS-BOT438125CASLithophragma parviflorumBreedlove, D. E.35591962-06-13 El Dorado3 miles south of Meyers on State Highway 89; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT441126CASLithophragma parviflorumBreedlove, D. E.35591962-06-13 El Dorado3 miles south of Meyers on State Highway 89; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT441127CASLithophragma parviflorumCrampton, Beecher98351982-05-29 El DoradoStateline. Edge of meadow
CAS-BOT441128CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomass.n.1944-07-16 GlennSnow Basin north of Black Butte
CAS-BOT441129CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas197491944-07-13 GlennSummit ridge north of Black Butte
CAS-BOT441130CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas197491944-07-13 GlennSummit ridge north of Black Butte
CAS-BOT441131CASLithophragma parviflorumRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve78221994-05-11 Los AngelesSawmill Mountain: N slope of the W summit area, about headwaters of West Fork Devils Gulch. Burnt Peak.
CAS-BOT441133CASLithophragma parviflorumHead, Annas.n.1906-06-01 MariposaYosemite Valley
CAS-BOT441134CASLithophragma parviflorumHowell, John Thomas487131972-04-25 MariposaCascade Falls, west of Yosemite Valley
CAS-BOT441135CASLithophragma parviflorumHesse, V. F.29811961-04-14 MariposaWhitlock area, near Mariposa
CAS-BOT441136CASLithophragma parviflorumWheeler, Clare R.; Lempke, Betty; Smith, Gladys L.35381983-07-14 MendocinoMendocino National Forest. Cushman Lake off Road 21N17 ca 1.5 miles N and downgrade from Hells Half Acre
CAS-BOT441137CASLithophragma parviflorumKeck, David D.21271933-05-03 MontereySummit of Grade above Parkfield on Estrella road, Cholame Hills
CAS-BOT441138CASLithophragma parviflorumBreedlove, D. E.23831962-04-18 Monterey3.2 miles west of priest Valley on State highway 198
CAS-BOT441139CASLithophragma parviflorumStebbins, G. L.78911978-05-28 PlacerEast end of Ralston Ridge
CAS-BOT441140CASLithophragma parviflorumHeller, A. A.126981917-06-17 PlacerLow, gravelly places along the YUba River below Cisco
CAS-BOT441141CASLithophragma parviflorumHeller, A. A.126981917-06-17 PlacerLow, gravelly places along the YUba River below Cisco
CAS-BOT443341CASLithophragma parviflorumCoombs, Mrs. A. L.s.n.1906-01-01 PlumasPrattville
CAS-BOT443342CASLithophragma parviflorumEastwood, Alice149021927-06-27 PlumasIn woods, on road from Chilcott
CAS-BOT443343CASLithophragma parviflorumEastwood, Alice144811927-06-01 PlumasForest Lodge, Greenville
CAS-BOT443344CASLithophragma parviflorumApplegate, Elmer I.89031934-05-03 PlumasNear and south of Mohawk
CAS-BOT443345CASLithophragma parviflorumFerris, Roxana S.94091938-04-15 San JoaquinOn well-watered grassy hill-slope, 1-2 mile west of gravel pit at mouth of Corral Hollow on the Livermore Road.
CAS-BOT443346CASLithophragma parviflorumBlakley, E. R.34231960-05-19 Santa BarbaraEats fork of Lion Canyon, Pine Corral potrero
CAS-BOT443347CASLithophragma parviflorumGedik, Tamara; Heinz, Thom; Siegle, Rebecca271996-04-20 Shasta0.4 miles from Hwy. 36 on Rt. A-16 to Redding
CAS-BOT443348CASLithophragma parviflorumBreedlove, D. E.34871962-06-13 Sierraalong State Highway 89, 9.3 miles north of Sierraville
CAS-BOT443349CASLithophragma parviflorumBreedlove, D. E.34871962-06-13 Sierraalong State Highway 89, 9.3 miles north of Sierraville
CAS-BOT443351CASLithophragma parviflorumEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas17551931-04-20 SiskiyouNear Yreka, on Ft. Jones road
CAS-BOT443352CASLithophragma parviflorumSands, Margit151985-04-07 SutterDean Place, Sutter Buttes
CAS-BOT443353CASLithophragma parviflorumJussel, M. S.s.n.1930-06-27 TuolumneCamp Baxter, North Fork of the Stanislaus River
CAS-BOT443354CASLithophragma parviflorumFerris, Roxana S.16011919-04-11 TuolumneRed Hills above Peoria Flat
CAS-BOT443355CASLithophragma parviflorumFerris, Roxana S.16011919-04-11 TuolumneRed Hills above Peoria Flat
CAS-BOT443356CASLithophragma parviflorumWiggins, Ira L.207541967-06-16 TuolumneRocky slope near heliport of Little Sweden Ski area, east of Long Barn
CDA0011070CDALithophragma parviflorumG.F. Hrusa117581994-04-10 SacramentoImmediately north of Meiss Rd. ca. 3 m. SE of Dillard Rd. Cosumnes River Drainage.
CDA0011952CDALithophragma parviflorumG.F. Hrusa59181989-04-15 ButteCoal Canon, North Table Mountain, approx. 1-4 mi below waterfall. Sierra Nevada.
CDA0012881CDALithophragma parviflorumG.F. Hrusa127211996-03-26 SacramentoCosumnes River drainage on S side of Laguna Creek.
CDA0015793CDALithophragma parviflorumG.F. Hrusa108111993-04-21 CalaverasImmediately E of bridge over San Antonio Creek on Dogtown Rd. 4.5 km. E of San Andreas.
CDA0025423CDALithophragma parviflorumG.D. Barbe11491973-03-28 Stanislaus3.9 miles west of Interstate 5, Del Puerto Canon Road, Del Puerto Canon, Diablo Range, western Stanislaus County.
CHSC14091CHSCLithophragma parviflorumL. V. Ritter1641969-04-16 ButteCa. 4.2 mi s of Cherokee, ca. 100 yds w of Cherokee Rd, on Table Mountain, ca. 6 mi n of Oroville.
CHSC27069CHSCLithophragma parviflorumSandra C. Morey81978-03-25 TuolumneRed Hills Road, and .75 mi e of junction with La Grange Road, and 13.2 mi n of La Grange.
CHSC27539CHSCLithophragma parviflorumLynn D. Collins11978-04-08 LakePinkeye Lake, ca. 2.0 mi w of Lower Lake. T1 N R0 W S08 N central portion USGS Quadrangle: Lower Lake
CHSC28033CHSCLithophragma parviflorumJ. D. Jokerst1711979-03-18 Butte200 yds off Hwy 32, 3 mi e of Chico.
CHSC33014CHSCLithophragma parviflorumRobert Banchero81979-04-09 CalaverasCa. 3.6 mi n of Hwy 4 on Poole Station Rd, 0.5 mi s of Bear Creek. T0 N R12E S2 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Salt Springs 1:24,000
CHSC3405CHSCLithophragma parviflorumAlice L. Stoll811966-03-26 ButteOn Humbug Road near the Covered Bridge on way to Paradise.
CHSC34429CHSCLithophragma parviflorumKen Cole351972-05-14 TulareCa. 14 NE of Springville, 4 mi. NE of Hwy. 190 at Canon in Sequoia Nat′l Forest.
CHSC36161CHSCLithophragma parviflorumK. Bridwell901978-04-15 SiskiyouAlong Copco Rd and n bank of Irongate Reservoir (upper Klamath River), ca. 15 mi ne of Hornbrook. T4 N R0 W S34 NW1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC36357CHSCLithophragma parviflorumJ. D. Jokerst15881982-06-04 ButteAt the headwaters of Concow Creek. South of and adjacent to Flea Valley. T2 N R04E S26 NE1-4
CHSC3951CHSCLithophragma parviflorumKathy Sommarstrom181967-04-08 ButteFound 6.8 mi on Cherokee Rd, Table Mtn., 300 yds from road to the left.
CHSC3999CHSCLithophragma parviflorumL. R. Alexander81967-04-09 ButteFound 4.5 mi. from Chico on Paradise road ca. 300 yds. off the left hand side of the road.
CHSC4010CHSCLithophragma parviflorumD. B. Joley221967-04-14 ButteNear the railroad tracks, ca. 30 feet from Skyway and ca. 1.8 miles e of corner of Skyway and Humbug Rd., Chico.
CHSC4032CHSCLithophragma parviflorumSadie Gualtieri1967-03-06 ButteCollected: On Skyway to Paradise, 3 to 5 miles outside Chico, open fields on N. side hiway.
CHSC4085CHSCLithophragma parviflorumJ. E. Bowlin221967-04-14 ButteNear the railroad tracks, ca. 30 feet from Skyway and ca. 1.8 miles e of corner of Skyway and Humbug Rd., Chico.
CHSC42290CHSCLithophragma parviflorumL. P. Janeway14181986-03-25 MercedNorth side of cyn of Los Banos Cr between Los Banos Detention Reservoir and Los Banos Valley. T11S R09E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Ortigalita Peak NW 1:24,000
CHSC6294CHSCLithophragma parviflorumL. Lyons1967-04-27 ButteOn south side of Rcihardson′s Spring Rd. 1.8 mi e of entrance on n Cohasset Rd. 3.5 mi from Chico.
CHSC67300CHSCLithophragma parviflorumJames D. Jokerst16921983-03-08 TehamaWurlitzer Ranch on Pine Creek, 1.5 mi E of Meridian Rd., on the N bank of Zimmershed Creek ca. 100 m E of its junction with the powerlines. T2 N R01E S29 NE1-4
CHSC70399CHSCLithophragma parviflorumC. A. Janeway1986-03-27 MercedIn the canyon of South Fork Los Banos Creek about 2-3 mi south of its confluence with North Fork. T11S R08E S33 USGS Quadrangle: Los Banos Valley
CHSC86635CHSCLithophragma parviflorumJenny Marr181993-07-01 SiskiyouButte Valley Wildlife Area, +-- 7 air miles NW of the town of MacDoel. Meadow NW of Meiss Lake. T4 N R0 W S06 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Panther Rock 1:24,000
CHSC88850CHSCLithophragma parviflorumA. Peterson382003-04-17 TehamaTehama Wildlife Area. Couple miles south of Paynes Creek. Oak Creek Rd. UTM: 593570E 4462 N.
CHSC90016CHSCLithophragma parviflorumPeggy Fain211991-04-21 ButteCa. 2.5 km. E. of Richardson Springs Hotel (S. bank of Walker Creek just east of Spanish Corrals).
CLARK-A1528-4107CLARKLithophragma parviflorumJohn C. Roos1965-06-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CSLA016674CSLALithophragma parviflorumR. M. Straw; B. Miller; M. Kamins26621965-05-09 Tularenear Wishon campground, Sequoia N.F.
CSLA016682CSLALithophragma parviflorumKen ColeCC-35-a1972-05-14 Tulare14 NE of Springville, 4 mi. NE of Hwy. 190 at Canon in Sequoia Nat′l Forest
DAV335771DAVLithophragma parviflorumHannah Kang4452020-04-25 NevadaNEVADA COUNTY: Tyler Foote Crossing Road. Middle Yuba River Canon. ca. 0.6 air miles west of Footes Crossing Bridge.
DAV395462DAVLithophragma parviflorumRyan Knox252002-04-13 YoloYolo Co., McLaughlin UC Reserve, W side of Davis Creek Reservoir, along road that goes from Soda Spring area to Rayhouse Rd. 0.5 airline mile due N of Soda Springs and 1.0 airline mile WNW of UC Davis Aquatic Lab facility.
DAV395464DAVLithophragma parviflorumEllen Dean24592005-04-24 LakeLake County, McLaughlin UC Reserve, along Rieff Rd, 100-150 ft E of Morgan Valley Rd, S side of Rieff Rd.
DAV395466DAVLithophragma parviflorumMatt Georgeff221992-05-18 PlumasPlumas County: Near Portola, right at Davis Lake turnoff, meadow on left at Davis Lake.
DAV395467DAVLithophragma parviflorumCNPS SN Foothill TeamSNFN-0133d2005-04-19 TuolumneTuolumne County: BLM, Red Hills ACEC, 150 meters south of Upper Serpentine Loop Road.
DAV395468DAVLithophragma parviflorumE.W. Jamesons.n.1949-04-28 SierraSierra County: Sierra Valley.
DAV395469DAVLithophragma parviflorumEllen Dean28102006-03-18 MercedMerced County: Arburua Ranch.
DAV395470DAVLithophragma parviflorumRobin McMaster3521973-04-15 LakeLake Co.: W side of Bear Valley.
DAV395471DAVLithophragma parviflorumMichele H. Mills2311998-04-24 MarinMarin County: Mt. Tamalpais, Marin Municipal Water District property, N of Ridge Rd approx. 3-4 W of intersection with Pan Toll Rd
DAV395472DAVLithophragma parviflorumRex PalmerN-2171979-06-19 PlacerPlacer County: Headwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River.
DAV395473DAVLithophragma parviflorumRobert E. Preston20552003-03-26 MercedMerced County: Ca. 9.5 mi SW of Los Banos, ca. 0.5 mi S of Los Banos Reservoir.
DAV395474DAVLithophragma parviflorumR. Randell221996-05-26 SierraSierra County: Tahoe National Forest, Wild Plum Loop Road, 0.8 miles from Wild Plum Road, 1.25 miles from highway 49.
DAV395475DAVLithophragma parviflorumG. L. Webster77951993-05-16 ShastaShasta County: Along Little Cow Creek, NE of Ingot.
FSC0011163FSCLithophragma parviflorumRichard Ribarich31971965-03-26 FresnoOn Maxon Road about 4 miles west of Trimmer at Watts Creek Bridge.
FSC0011164FSCLithophragma parviflorumTakeshi Kagawa67-0921967-04-21 FresnoMaxon Road at Watts Creek.
FSC0011165FSCLithophragma parviflorumElroy Robinson1933-03-21 FresnoCollected on shady hillside on the Watts Valley road about 6 miles North of Trimmer Springs.
FSC0011166FSCLithophragma parviflorumStan W. Elems31971956-05-16 FresnoHighway between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove, Kings Canon Natl. Park, 1 1-2 miles E. of Indian Basin Logging Camp; N.E. side of mountain; along road bank, lower yellowpine forest and upper chaparral.
FSC0011167FSCLithophragma parviflorumH. Williams4496 or 31971933-04-21 FresnoUpper end of Watts Valley on the road to Kings river
FSC0011168FSCLithophragma parviflorumJim D. Clark1962-04-22 FresnoRoadside, approx. one mi. from Fence Mdw.
FSC0011169FSCLithophragma parviflorumRay E. Draper381973-05-01 KernLocated in the Williams Preserve, 4 1-2 miles southeast of Glennville.
FSC0011170FSCLithophragma parviflorumJohn H. Weiler601421960-05-30 LakeGrowing intermingled with another species of Lithophragma on a deeply shaded north slope at Bear Creek Public Camp, Snow Mountain.
FSC0011171FSCLithophragma parviflorumQuibell28881932-04-02 FresnoHill slope beyond Cherry Hill School, West of Panoche Valley
FSC0011172FSCLithophragma parviflorumChas H. Quibell8931952-03-29 San BenitoNorth side of 2300 spur of Griswold Hills, Panoche Country, 2- miles south of entrance of Hwy. 180 from Fresno County
FSC0011173FSCLithophragma parviflorumDouglass R. Carter1958-05-11 FresnoJoaquin Ridge area, 7 miles north of Coalinga. Fire control road north of Oilfields. S.P. microwave station on ridge crest.
FSC0011174FSCLithophragma parviflorumRon Bynum31971957-04-16 FresnoLos Gatos Creek Road, 1 mile inside W. county line
FSC0011175FSCLithophragma parviflorumF. J. Fuller231982-04-18 Butteca. 400 ft w of Hwy 32, 9 mi nw of Chico, 2.0 mi sw of Crown Pt Rd. Paradise West Quad. 7.5, T2 N, R2E, center sec. 35.
FSC0011176FSCLithophragma parviflorumRJ Jebelakis1958-04-27 FresnoSerpentine area approx. 3 mi. in on dirt road to Joaquin mill area farm Las Gatas Road; about 25 W. of Coalinga.
GH00348521GHLithophragma parviflorumJ. G. Lemmon1873-01-01 UnknownSierra Valley
GH00363751GHLithophragma parviflorumA. Eastwood3761912-06-15 UnknownDeer Park, Lake Tahoe Region
GH00363762GHLithophragma parviflorumA. A. Heller126981917-06-17 Placeralong the Yuba river below Cisco
GH00363763GHLithophragma parviflorumH. E. Parks ; S. T. Parks241221938-04-10 Del NorteDarlingtonia, Smith River
GH00363764GHLithophragma parviflorumL. Constance ; J. L. Morrison2186a.1938-05-01 Glennnear Stony Creek 2 mi. S. of Elk Creek, Inner North Coast Ranges
GH00363765GHLithophragma parviflorumB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson40101986-05-04 San Benito3.4 km S of Idria on road to San Benito Mountain
GH00363766GHLithophragma parviflorumL. S. Rose410911941-04-08 MariposaEl Portal
GH00363767GHLithophragma parviflorumB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson47451989-06-01 Modocca. 0.5 km S of State Hwy 299 on road to Shaker Spring. T41N R9E S21
GH00363768GHLithophragma parviflorumH. K. Sharsmith44031953-07-01 Colusaabove Linger Longer Camp, Goat Mountain, Mendocino National Forest
GH00363769GHLithophragma parviflorumRoy L. Taylor45291961-06-10 El Dorado3.1 miles south of Meyer′s junction on Hwy. 89
GH00363770GHLithophragma parviflorumRoy L. Taylor45241961-05-15 Kern8.25 miles east of Fulton Ranger Station on road to Greenhorn Mountain Park at Cedar Creek Campground
GH00363771GHLithophragma parviflorumL. Abrams45281911-06-28 MariposaYosemite Valley
GH00363772GHLithophragma parviflorumF. J. Smiley921913-07-16 UnknownDesolation Valley, edge of forest. Tahoe
GH00363803GHLithophragma parviflorumC. R. Wheeler; Glad. S. Smith ; B. Lembke35381983-07-14 MendocinoMendocino National Forest. Cushman Lake off Rd 21N17 about 1.5 mi N and downgrade from Hell′s Half Acre
HSC20219HSCLithophragma parviflorumM.T. Milligan771964-06-25 ModocUpper Lassen Creek
HSC230142HSCLithophragma parviflorumS. Carothers2101998-08-20 TrinitySix Rivers National Forest; Clover Gulch.
HSC31613HSCLithophragma parviflorumMaralyn O′Meara3401974-05-04 LakeWalker Ridge Rd., 0.5 N from junction with Hwy. 20
HSC32713HSCLithophragma parviflorumThomas W. Nelson7661973-04-23 MendocinoE of Eden Valley Ranch along Toney Creek.
HSC34546HSCLithophragma parviflorumLon Hall3711975-05-18 TrinitySE of confluence of Panwauket Gulch and Reading Creek
HSC34815HSCLithophragma parviflorumRobert M. Specht2171975-05-16 TrinityTrails above the Trinity River at Grays Falls Campground
HSC39743HSCLithophragma parviflorumJ.O. Sawyer20921970-04-04 SiskiyouAlong Sugar Creek
HSC44433HSCLithophragma parviflorumD.L. Goforth341977-04-29 TrinityBlue Ridge
HSC45627HSCLithophragma parviflorumDiane L. Reed1341978-05-27 HumboldtHorse Mountain. Titlow Hill Road, 2.7 mi. from Hwy. 299
HSC48452HSCLithophragma parviflorumJ.P. Smith96731978-04-09 ShastaCounty Rd. A16, 7 mi. from junction with Hwy. 36
HSC63953HSCLithophragma parviflorumTeresa Prendusi11131980-04-30 LassenShaffer Mtn., 2 W of Hwy. 395 and 28 mi. S of Ravendale
HSC64834HSCLithophragma parviflorumJ.P. Smith66131973-05-06 TrinityBlanchert Flats near Douglas City
HSC64841HSCLithophragma parviflorumJ.P. Smith65311973-05-05 SiskiyouScott Bar along the Scott River
HSC64863HSCLithophragma parviflorumJ.P. Smith87051976-05-05 SiskiyouRoad between Forks of Salmon and Somes Bar.
HSC65412HSCLithophragma parviflorumRich White227B1978-07-05 Del Norte1-4 mi. uphill from Harrington Lake by Kelsey Trail
HSC66159HSCLithophragma parviflorumD. Boyd591980-05-03 TrinityPhilpot Creek Campground.
HSC69775HSCLithophragma parviflorumR. Kalal871979-04-14 Lake0.4 N of SR 20 Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC71206HSCLithophragma parviflorumThomas W. Nelson46831979-05-19 TrinityAlong Hwy. 3, about 1-2 mi. S of Hayfork
HSC72155HSCLithophragma parviflorumJ.P. Smith95681978-04-02 ColusaBear Valley Rd., 2.1 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 20
HSC75384HSCLithophragma parviflorumJ.O. Sawyer34511980-06-18 TrinityYolla Bolly Wilderness, Cedar Basin
HSC78485HSCLithophragma parviflorumJohn S. Palmer1031973-07-01 TrinityS of Tangle Blue Lake
HSC80735HSCLithophragma parviflorumG.M. Riegel16b1978-06-26 ModocS Warner Mtns.
HSC82068HSCLithophragma parviflorumThomas W. Nelson51181980-04-27 MendocinoAt mile post 55.38 along old Hwy. 1 N of Willits
HSC94247HSCLithophragma parviflorumD. Atwood176811993-03-26 RiversideSanta Ana Mtns., 4.8 mi. S of Lake Elsinore along Hwy. 74
HSC95163HSCLithophragma parviflorumA. Hove231999-04-17 TehamaHwy. 36
HSC96204HSCLithophragma parviflorumJennifer Lumbert12005-06-03 Humboldt19.3 mi. S of Hwy. 299 NF 1
HSC96950HSCLithophragma parviflorumElizabeth Kimbrough22007-06-04 HumboldtCold Springs Camp, 7.4 mi. S of Hwy. 299 off FS Rd. NF1 on FS Rd. 5N27
JEPS14625UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumHelen K. Sharsmith43801953-06-27 Trinity2 mi below Pickett Peak (on Horse Ridge leading s from South Fork Mountain); Inner North Coast Ranges, Trinity National Forest
JEPS16678UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumRimo Bacigalupi, R. S. Ferris, Richard Holm40291953-04-18 Kernjust above Democrat Hot Springs (junction of Breckenridge Mountain road and main Kern River Canon road (State Hwy 178)); jct Breckenridge Mountain rd and Kern River Canon rd
JEPS33525UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumT. L. Secrest1950-05-21 Venturaalong Highway 399 Pine Mt. (Pine Mt., nw Ventura Co.)
JEPS3945UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumN. T. Mirov1929-06-22 Modocnear Fandango Valley; Warner Mountains, near Fandango Valley
JEPS3971UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumC. N. Smith295b1941-04-08 KernPoso Mine; Greenhorn Mountains, Poso Mine
JEPS47483UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumGeo. D. Butler6871909-05-01 SiskiyouKlamath Hills
JEPS47484UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumGeo. D. Butler7821904-04-25 SiskiyouQuartz Valley
JEPS47506UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumWillis L. Jepson95711922-04-02 San JoaquinCorral Hollow Mt. Hamilton Range, Corral Hollow (w San Joaquin County)
JEPS47536UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumElna Long1934-04-26 Siskiyouhead of Sacramento River Shasta City (at Summer School of Chico State College);, Shasta City
JEPS47654UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumT. S. Brandegee1892-07-02 LassenSusanville
JEPS47672UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumMilo S. Baker1893-01-01 ModocBig Valley; Craig′s
JEPS47673UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumJos. Burtt Davy20571914-04-14 KernSan Emigdio Canon
JEPS47675UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumWillis L. Jepson67261916-04-14 KernRowen; Tehachapi Mts., Rowen
JEPS5958UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumFrances D. Payne55A1929-07-07 Modoc2 mi sw Mt. Warren (Pine Creek Basin, se Modoc County); Warner Mts., sw of Mt. Warren, Pine Creek Basin
JEPS6904UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumRoland A. Dede6341949-04-15 San Luis ObispoTemblor Mountain
JEPS6905UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumRoland A. Dede28151952-04-07 Alamedahills S of Livermore
JEPS73604UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumLawrence R. Heckard25001971-04-24 AlamedaSE of Livermore (along Mines Road (Arroyo Mocho), about 12 mi S of Tesla Road junction)
JEPS77408UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumRobert M. Lloyd35581965-03-26 San Benito16 mi. s. Tres Pinos (on rd. to Pinnacles National Monument); on rd to Pinnacles National Monument
JEPS85028UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumLarry Heckard, Mary Ashton22111969-05-03 Napaca 7 mi ne Napa (Mead Ranch, off the Atlas Peak Rd.); ne of Napa, off Atlas Peak Rd., Mead Ranch
JEPS8566UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, L. R. Heckard37071952-05-03 Kern4 mi s Havilah (upper reaches of grade in Havilah Canon); upper reaches of grade in Havilah Canon
JEPS9287UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins45421954-06-01 Kernone-half mi w of and below Kern County Park (at summit of grade over Greenhorn Mountains); grade over Greenhorn Mountains, below Kern County Park
LA96007LALithophragma parviflorumJane Turner5551961-05-28 KernGreenhorn Mountains; About 0.5 mi SW of the junction with Eugene Grade on dirt road running along the crest of the Greenhorn Mts
LOB106811LOBLithophragma parviflorumJames R. Shevock50821976-05-31 Tulare1 mile S of Canon. Along Bear Creek near Coy Flat Campground
LOB106812LOBLithophragma parviflorumP.C. Baker72531973-05-30 Tulare.25 miles E. of Johnsondale, on main road. N. side of road opposite lumbermill. Yellow Pine Forest.
NY02550906NYLithophragma parviflorumK. R. Genz91471979-05-25 ?  MonoMasonic Mountain, north of Chemung Mine and east of main road - from Forest Boundary it is 3.1 miles to site.
NY02550913NYLithophragma parviflorumB. Bartholomew46181989-04-27 ?  Modoc2.1 km SSE of Day on road to State Highway 299.
NY02550914NYLithophragma parviflorumB. Bartholomew47451989-06-01 ?  ModocCa. 0.5 km S of State Hwy 299 on road to Shaker Spring.
NY3471261NYLithophragma parviflorumL. S. Rose410911941-04-08 ?  MariposaEl Portal.
OBI137060OBILithophragma parviflorumDavid J. Keil12655-11978-03-19 Kern12 W of Bodfish Rd along Calif hwy 178 in Kern River Cyn area
OBI137061OBILithophragma parviflorumDavid J. Keil127341978-04-27 KernAlong Cerro Noroeste Rd at Valle vista campground on lower slopes of Mt Abel
OBI137063OBILithophragma parviflorumPam Wolfe1511976-05-07 VenturaMt. Abel campground
PGM3990PGMLithophragma parviflorumGriffin, James R.1983-03-30 MontereyDiablo Range, Priest Valley North Fork Rd, North Fork Rd N of Hwy 198
POM123667RSALithophragma parviflorumL. R. Abrams45281911-06-27 MariposaYosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park
POM141936RSALithophragma parviflorumRoxana S. Ferris16011919-04-11 TuolumneIn Red Hills above Peoria Flat.
POM142573RSALithophragma parviflorumW. L. Jepsons.n. San Francisco[Unspecified]
POM146151RSALithophragma parviflorumE. E. Stanford3601927-05-21 Unknown[Unspecified.]
POM257441RSALithophragma parviflorumH. E. Parks241221938-04-10 Del NorteDarlingtonia, Smith River.
POM274331RSALithophragma parviflorumArthur L. Cohen5291935-03-28 KernKern Canon; Watershed: Kern River; Mt. Range: Greenhorn
POM274332RSALithophragma parviflorumLoren Yaussys.n.1936-03-15 KernTejon Canon.
POM274333RSALithophragma parviflorumRoxana S. Ferris7016-A1928-04-08 San BenitoNo. 2 Mine; New Idria Mining Co., Idria.
POM274335RSALithophragma parviflorumLyman Benson32861932-04-10 KernWoody - Glennville. Greenhorn Mountains; Poso Creek Watershed.
POM274336RSALithophragma parviflorumLyman Benson33621932-04-23 KernMt. Breckenridge, Greenhorn Mt. Range. Kern river watershed.
POM274338RSALithophragma parviflorumLyman Benson83471937-05-23 KernLittle Poso Creek Falls
POM332458RSALithophragma parviflorumJ. P. Smith66131973-05-06 TrinityBlanchert Flats near Douglas City
POM92052RSALithophragma parviflorumGeo. D. Butler6871909-05-01 SiskiyouKlamath Hills.
POM92055RSALithophragma parviflorumGeo. D. Butler13071910-05-08 SiskiyouNear Yreka.
POM92060RSALithophragma parviflorumMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-06-30 PlacerEmigrant Gap.
POM92062RSALithophragma parviflorumMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-06-27 PlacerEmigrant Gap.
POM92072RSALithophragma parviflorumMarcus E. Joness.n.1883-05-08 LakeKelsey.
POM98114RSALithophragma parviflorumP. A. Munz91961925-03-24 MontereySW of Parkfield.
PUA12522PUALithophragma parviflorumC.A. Ground1971-06-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Clear Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA1599PUALithophragma parviflorumWhite1969-07-07 GlennLocal landmark: Plaskett Meadows. Hull Mt Quad.
PUA38868PUALithophragma parviflorumDwain Goforth1980-04-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Grant Bluffs. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA38984PUALithophragma parviflorumDwain Goforth1980-04-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Mckinney Creek. Condrey Mt Quad.
PUA38997PUALithophragma parviflorumDwain Goforth1980-04-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: French Gulch. Condrey Mt Quad.
PUA43033PUALithophragma parviflorumMaralyn Renner1980-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Copper Butte. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA7939PUALithophragma parviflorumG.L. Clifton1971-06-29 PlumasLocal landmark: Mt. Hough. Greenville Quad.
RSA0011083RSALithophragma parviflorumRon Bynums.n.1957-04-16 FresnoLos Gatos Creek Rd. 1 mile inside western county line.
RSA0380861RSALithophragma parviflorumV. Ruth Stenger79(05)-801979-05-04 KernBreckenridge Mountain Road about 14.5 miles east of Comanche Road.
RSA101447RSALithophragma parviflorumR. Weatherby15921955-07-02 PlumasWilcox Valley.
RSA125700RSALithophragma parviflorumE. K. Balls225721957-05-25 TrinityMad River Ranger Station. 1.5 miles E of Trinity-Humboldt Co. line. State Hwy 36.
RSA15642RSALithophragma parviflorumCarl B. Wolf17681928-04-08 San Benito1 N of New Idria on San Carlos Creek.
RSA176460RSALithophragma parviflorumRoxana S. Ferris80491932-04-16 KernNear Keene Station, Tehachapi Grade.
RSA185472RSALithophragma parviflorumClare B. Hardham89961962-04-16 San Luis ObispoPozo Hi Mtn. Paso Robles.
RSA192286RSALithophragma parviflorumC Davidsons.n.1967-04-10 Mariposa1 mile W of El Portal on State 140. By Merced River.
RSA195291RSALithophragma parviflorumGilbert Muth6631967-04-30 NapaNear entrance to Shell Valley.
RSA226734RSALithophragma parviflorumI. L. Wiggins207531967-06-16 TuolumneNear heliport of Little Sweden Ski Area. E of Long Barn.
RSA274337RSALithophragma parviflorumLyman Benson77601936-06-29 Mariposa1 mile east of Sentinel Dome. Sierra Nevada Mtn range. Yosemite Valley watershed.
RSA304717RSALithophragma parviflorumJames R. Shevock8011971-03-20 TuolumneAlong Tuolumne River.
RSA305521RSALithophragma parviflorumRoy L. Taylor45171961-05-15 Kern3.8 miles E of jtn. of Shirley road with Evans road on way to Wofford Heights.
RSA354516RSALithophragma parviflorumClare R. Wheeler35381983-07-14 MendocinoMendocino National Forest. Cushman Lake off Rd 2 N17, about 1.5 miles N and downgrade from Hells Half Acre.
RSA38473RSALithophragma parviflorumP. A. Munz118621947-05-18 LassenFredonyer Forestry Public Camp Ground. W of Susanville.
RSA40256RSALithophragma parviflorumL. S. Rose470521947-03-24 MariposaBriceburg. Merved River Canon.
RSA45359RSALithophragma parviflorumI. L. Wiggins231941-04-19 San Benito0.7 mile N of Peralta School.
RSA468258RSALithophragma parviflorumChristopher Davidson26681975-06-05 Siskiyou0.8 mi. from gate on special service rd. branching SE of rd from Gazelle to Callahan, ca. 9.3 miles W of Gazelle. Klamath Nat. Forest.
RSA48743RSALithophragma parviflorumG. R. Campbell134141949-05-24 KernCedar Creek Camp, Greenhorn Road, Greenhorn Mountains.
RSA49641RSALithophragma parviflorumP. A. Munz131741949-05-12 KernCedar Creek Public Camp Ground, west slope of Greenhorn Mts.
RSA520362RSALithophragma parviflorumBruce Bartholomew46631989-04-29 ModocW side of Upper Alkali Lake. 7 km S of Fort Bidwell. Surprise Valley.
RSA560925RSALithophragma parviflorumD. Charlton50201991-04-28 KernHwy 58, near the San Luis Obispo County Line, Temblor Range.
RSA592851RSALithophragma parviflorumSteve Boyd87551996-05-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, Sawmill Mountain, upper slopes and summit at head of Heryford Canon, east of the junction of 7N23 and 7N08.
RSA59724RSALithophragma parviflorumE. K. Balls147501950-05-18 ModocN of Upper Rush Creek Public Camp; 2.5 mi. east from Hwy. 299
RSA633337RSALithophragma parviflorumMichael A. Vincent81331998-04-06 ButteTable Mountain
RSA67566RSALithophragma parviflorumP. A. Munz162881951-04-12 San Luis Obispo13 miles from McKittrick, St. Hwy 178, towards Simmler, Temblor Range.
RSA74268RSALithophragma parviflorumChas. H. Quibell8931952-03-29 San BenitoN side of 2300′ spur of Griswold Hills. Panoche Country. 2 miles S of entrance of Hwy 180 from Fresno Co.
RSA760880RSALithophragma parviflorumJames R. Shevock101861983-03-14 KernGreenhorn Mountains. Along Bakersfield-Granite Road (county road 363) at junction with Round mountain road along Poso Creek.
RSA761125RSALithophragma parviflorumLeRoy Gross45792010-05-15 KernUS Fish and WildlifeBitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge: Far west end of the San Emigdio Mountains; Unit # 3. Headwall of Bitter Creek, east of Pelato Peak, and north of Cerro Noroeste Road.; Ballinger Canon 7.5 quad.Surveyed from 34.91 N, 119.38 W near top to about 34.91876N, 119.38396.
RSA84387RSALithophragma parviflorumF. W. Peirson88891930-05-15 KernNorthwest of Glenville.
SBBG101878SBBGLithophragma parviflorumClifton F. Smith84931964-06-16 VenturaLos Padres National Forest ca 3 mi E of Pine Mtn summit on rd to Reyes Pk
SBBG136487SBBGLithophragma parviflorumR. C. Benkendorf2462017-03-06 San Benito[W of Silver Creek, Griswold Hills]
SBBG139011SBBGLithophragma parviflorumR. Burgess86482010-04-25 VenturaValle Vista Campground, N slope Mt Abel, Los Padres National Forest.
SBBG17379SBBGLithophragma parviflorumM. Vincent151961-03-28 Butteoverlooking Butte Crk; Skyway, 4 W of Paradise on rd to Chico
SBBG214163SBBGLithophragma parviflorumRobert F. Thorne395761971-05-24 Fresnofoothills of Sierra Nevada: ca. 2 mi beyond turn-off to Maxon Rd
SBBG26903SBBGLithophragma parviflorumH. E. and S. T. Parks241221938-04-10 Del NorteDarlingtonia, Smith River
SBBG30291SBBGLithophragma parviflorumDonald Myrick18851968-05-01 KernThompson Cyn, Piute Pk
SBBG30540SBBGLithophragma parviflorumDonald Myrick20101968-06-25 SiskiyouMountain Meadow Ranch, Big Flat, head of Coffee Crk; Trinity Alps
SBBG40411SBBGLithophragma parviflorumJ. Ingram5061960-04-06 Buttebelow Pentz Rd, ca. 1 N of jct with Nelson Bar Rd, S of Paradise
SD43499SDLithophragma parviflorumPhilip A. Munz118621947-05-18 LassenFredonyer Forestry Public Camp Ground, west of Susanville
SD60171SDLithophragma parviflorumRoxana S. Ferris80491932-04-16 KernNear Keene Station, Tehachapi Grade
SFV113371SFVLithophragma parviflorumM. L. Vincent7081967-06-27 GlennNorth Coast Ranges; Above Plaskett Meadows, 11.5 miles from Board Tree Campground.
SFV113372SFVLithophragma parviflorumJ. A. Kelleys. n.1973-06-02 KernSierra Nevada; Greenhorn Mountains. Davis Campground. 12 miles south of Greenhorn Summit. On west slope.
SFV113373SFVLithophragma parviflorumJ. Turner5551961-05-28 KernSierra Nevada; Greenhorn Mountains. About 0.5 miles southwest of the junction with Eugene Grade on dirt road running along the crest of the Greenhorn Mountains.
SFV113374SFVLithophragma parviflorumM. L. Vincent5831964-06-24 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Wrightwood Road at Old Ice Skating Rink on road to Wrightwood across from Camp Centinella Valley. 3 miles west of Wrightwood.
SFV113375SFVLithophragma parviflorumT. R. Gordon9481975-04-26 San BenitoSouth Coast Ranges; Gabilan Range. Marshy area of creek south of Hawkins Peak.
SFV113376SFVLithophragma parviflorumD. Parker1081949-05-26 SiskiyouKlamath Mountains; Salmon Mountains. Along the banks of Wildcat Creek.
SHTC2643SHTCLithophragma parviflorumFowler S.322012-04-10 TuolumneRed Hills, 1.1 miles along Red Hills Rd, 2.5 miles east of Hwy 120-108, 21.4 miles north east of Oakdale. Around rocks in road cut, 6m north of road
SHTC2644SHTCLithophragma parviflorumPartida F.72012-03-13 Tuolumne1.26 miles north-east along Red Hills Rd., 2.42 miles east of Hwy 120-108, 21.4 miles east of Oakdale.
SHTC2997SHTCLithophragma parviflorumSantino, David261995-04-12 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, at Frank Greens Park
SHTC2998SHTCLithophragma parviflorumHall, Renee31995-03-07 TuolumneWilms Road, 3-4 miles south of Hwy 120
SHTC2999SHTCLithophragma parviflorumTeunissen, Heidi291995-04-12 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, at Frank Greens Park
SHTC3000SHTCLithophragma parviflorumShuttera, T.L.131995-03-07 StanislausWillams Road, 1 miles south from Hwy 120
SHTC3001SHTCLithophragma parviflorumShuttera, T.L.531995-04-11 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, Frank Raines County Park
SHTC3002SHTCLithophragma parviflorumNielsen A.D.221995-04-11 StanislausFrank Raines County Park; Del Puerto Canon Road
SHTC3003SHTCLithophragma parviflorumScott, B.L.441996-04-03 StanislausDel Puerto Canon at Frank Raines Park
SHTC3004SHTCLithophragma parviflorumRunyon, Sean91997-03-11 StanislausGrunder Property, 1 and 1-2 miles southeast of highway 120 Willms Road
SHTC3005SHTCLithophragma parviflorumMartin, John401997-04-08 StanislausFrank Raines County Park, Del Puerto Canon
SHTC3006SHTCLithophragma parviflorumLysaythong, L.271996-04-03 StanislausFrank Raines Park, Del Puerto Canon about 20 mile west of Interstate 5
SHTC3007SHTCLithophragma parviflorumWagle, M.K.321996-04-03 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, Frank Raines Park
SHTC3008SHTCLithophragma parviflorumShaeffer B.101998-03-10 StanislausGrunder Property, Willms Road, 0.75 miles south of Hwy. 120
SHTC7291SHTCLithophragma parviflorumA. Garcia & J. Loll12016-03-31 TuolumneRed Hills Recreation Management Area, CA: growing on right hand side of main trail in the shade of a Ceanothus cuneatus shrub on a slight slope facing East.
THRI-SEKI18008THRILithophragma parviflorumJohnson, Brent22451998-04-18 UnknownYucca Creek, North Fork Kaweah River
UC1127231UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumA. D. Gifford6011935-04-19 Kern5 1-2 mi n Quail Lake; Tejon Quadrangle, n of Quail Lake
UC1127232UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumG. T. Nordstrom4761935-04-22 Kern3.2 mi sse mouth of Pastoria Creek; Tejon Quad., sse of mouth of Pastoria Creek
UC11880UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumGeo. Hansen1891-01-01 Amador
UC11881UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumCarl Purdy1821-01-01 Mendocinonear Ukiah; near Ukiah
UC11927UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumMichener, Bioletti1892-04-01 AlamedaLivermore
UC1377728UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumJohn Ingram5061960-04-06 Buttebelow Pentz Road about 1 mi n of junction with Nelson Bar Road s Paradise
UC144391UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumA. A. Heller78061905-05-01 KernKeene Station;; Keene Station, Kern Co.
UC14490UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumMilo S. Baker1893-07-18 Modoc
UC14491UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumMilo S. Baker1893-01-01 Unknown
UC166556UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumGeo. D. Butler7821909-04-25 SiskiyouQuartz Valley
UC190608UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumM. F. Gilman5431892-04-16 Modoc
UC1982163UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumLeRoy Gross, Pamela Conway45792010-05-15 KernCoast Ranges; Temblor Mountains region: Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge: Far west end of the San Emigdio Mountains; Unit # 3. Headwall of Bitter Creek, east of Pelato Peak, and north of Cerro Noroeste Road. Surveyed from 34.91 N, 119.38 W near top to about 34.91876N, 119.38396. Collection site was nearest 34.91520 0′N, 119.38393 0′W. Ballinger Canon 7.5 Quad.
UC2071878UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumA. C. Sanders, G. Waines, B. Ehdaie, A. Aryavand198981997-03-12 RiversideLake Skinner area: upper Rawson Canon, 2.5 NNE of Skinner Lake, 1 mil. SW of Crown Valley.
UC338303UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumunknown1889-05-28 UnknownSierra Valley
UC402467UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumMrs. R. M. Austin1880-01-01 PlumasBig Meadows
UC402494UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumM. F. Gilman6201936-07-25 Modoc
UC511151UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumLyman Benson33621932-04-23 KernMr. Breckenridge Mt. Breckenridge (Cottonwood Creek Watershed); Greenhorn Mt. Range,, Cottonwood Cr watersh
UC585234UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumE. B. Babcock, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.18381936-06-09 Modocsummit of Cedar Pass; Warner Mts., summit of Cedar Pass
UC614600UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumL. Constance, J. L. Morrison2186a1938-05-01 Glennnear Stony Creek 2 mi s Elk Creek; Inner North Coast Ranges, nr Stony Creek, s of Elk Creek
UC614754UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumBeryl O. Schreiber23681937-04-11 Stanislaus9 mi sw Patterson; Salada Canon
UC679521UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumMilo S. Baker102951942-07-12 Glenne slope Black Butte (e of lunch place and 100 ft below); e slope of Black Butte
UC69129UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumH. M. Hall63971905-06-01 Kernne side Mt. Pinos; ne side Mt. Pinos
UC71789UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumMrs. M. H. Manning1051893-02-26 Modocnear Fort Bidwell (north-eastern Modoc County)
UC733653UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumDan Axelrod1241932-03-29 Alameda9 mi from Livermore (Tesla road)
UC764978UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumR. F. Hoover42211940-03-17 StanislausLas Garzas Creek Canon
UC903441UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorumIra L. Wiggins, Reed C. Rollins231941-04-19 San Benito0.7 mi n Peralta School
UCR0048670UCRLithophragma parviflorumMitch Provance107732009-04-05 KernTejon Ranch, El Paso Creek, 2.7 mi SE of Old Headquarters
UCR0048671UCRLithophragma parviflorumA.C. Sanders34038B2007-06-01 KernJohnson Canon above Bear Trap Canon, c. 7 miles NE of Lebec in vicinity of Calif. Aqueduct tunnel
UCR0048674UCRLithophragma parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1990-04-19 Kernalong CA Hwy 58, at Hart Flat Road, 2 miles west of Keene
UCR0048675UCRLithophragma parviflorumMichael Theroux2711982-05-23 KernAlta Sierra, Greenhorn Mountains, Sequoia National Forest, 8 miles north of Lake Isabella off Hwy 155 [Evans Road]
UCR0048676UCRLithophragma parviflorumMaile Neel291988-04-16 KernTejon Ranch, below the Microwave Road
UCR0048677UCRLithophragma parviflorumDavid J. Keil12655--11978-03-19 Kern12 mi. west of Bodfish Road along Canon area
UCR0048678UCRLithophragma parviflorumClark P. Cowan13601978-05-08 KernTehachapi Loop Road, 6 miles south of Hwy 58, toward Tehachapi
UCR0048679UCRLithophragma parviflorumMichael Theroux3821982-06-12 KernLos Padres National Forest, west shoulder of Tecuya Mtn. Tecuya Mtn. Road, 4.5 miles north of junction with Potrero Hwy; north of Frazier Park, at head of Black Bob Canon, on peak and saddle
UCR0048681UCRLithophragma parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamp160822010-05-22 El Doradoat the junction of Perry Creek Road and Slug Gulch Road, 0.5 mi. northeast of the village of Fairplay
UCR0048682UCRLithophragma parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamp160382010-05-14 El DoradoHappy Valley Road, 1.1 NE (69 ° ) of Somerset, just west of the bridge over the Cosumnes River
UCR0048686UCRLithophragma parviflorumHarold E. Parks241221938-04-10 Del NorteDarlingtonia, Smith River
UCR0048687UCRLithophragma parviflorumA.C. Sanders335502007-04-25 Los AngelesOso Canon near Kern Co. line, c. 0.1-0.2 mi. south of road on canyon bottom, c. 0.75 mi. east of powerlines
UCR0048688UCRLithophragma parviflorumSteve Boyd87551996-05-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mtns, Sawmill Mountain, upper slopes and summit at head of Heryford Canon, east of the junction of 7N23 and 7N08
UCR0048689UCRLithophragma parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1993-05-04 Modoc16.1 miles NW of Canong Calif. Hwy 139
UCR0048691UCRLithophragma parviflorumGordon H. True53791970-05-28 NevadaBear Valley on Hwy 20, c. 20 miles east of Nevada City
UCR0048692UCRLithophragma parviflorumScott D. White72361999-04-22 RiversideBachelor Mountain; ridgetop, north, west, and northwest facing slopes
UCR0048693UCRLithophragma parviflorumA.C. Sanders198981997-03-12 RiversideLake Skinner area, upper Rawson Canon, 2.5 miles NNE of Skinner Lake, 1 mile SW of Crown Valley; Lake Skinner area
UCR0048694UCRLithophragma parviflorumDavid Charlton19631988-05-21 RiversideThomas Mtn Rd, west of Garner Valley and south of Lake Hemet on Hwy 74
UCR0048696UCRLithophragma parviflorumJohn C. Rooss.n.1965-06-26 San BernardinoUpper Santa Ana River
UCR0048697UCRLithophragma parviflorumA. Skelly161996-04-20 ShastaShasta-Trinity: 4 mi west of Shasta-Tehama border off Hwy 36, 0.4 mi down route A-16 towards Redding
UCSB018465UCSBLithophragma parviflorumDennis E. Breedlove22221962-04-08 San Benito15.5 road miles northeast of New Idria
UCSB018466UCSBLithophragma parviflorumDennis E. Breedlove23831962-04-18 Monterey3.2 miles west of priest Valley on State Highway 198
UCSB018467UCSBLithophragma parviflorumDennis E. Breedlove35591962-06-13 El Dorado3 miles south of Meyers on State Highway 89; Sierra Nevada
UCSB018468UCSBLithophragma parviflorumClark Cowan; Fiona Hill13601978-05-08 KernTehachapi Loop RD, 6 mi. S of Hwy 58 toward Tehachapi
UCSB018469UCSBLithophragma parviflorumStraw, Richard; Miller, Brian; Kamins, M.26621965-05-09 Tularenear Wishon campground, Sequoia N.F
UCSB018470UCSBLithophragma parviflorumDennis E. Breedlove22791962-04-15 Monterey5.5 miles north of Mission San Antonio on Arroyo Seco Road; San Antonio Valley; Santa Lucia Mountains
US3242624USLithophragma parviflorumB. Bartholomew; M. Gilbert ; L. Skog64851993-05-11 UnknownModoc County: 2.4 km E of Crowder Flat Road on road to S end of Big Sage Reservoir.
BSCA5110BSCALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumRebman, Jon P.84002003-04-10 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch, northeast of pond; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna.
BSCA5111BSCALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumRebman, Jon P.90272003-05-13 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna.
CAS-BOT210176CASLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumYork, Dana6001996-04-26 FresnoKings River Basin. Ca. 79 km E of Fresno, 5.5 km W-NW of Boyden Cave, S of the Kings River, along Yucca Point Trail
CAS-BOT427001CASLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.73911962-06-21 KernTejon Ranch: Maxillano Ridge; Tehachapi Mountains
CAS-BOT427002CASLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.105551965-04-21 KernTejon Ranch; Tehachapi Mountains
CAS-BOT427003CASLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.61761961-05-23 KernTejon Ranch: El Paso Canyon, about 1 mile above the Meadows Place; Tehachapi Mountains
CAS-BOT437168CASLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.73911962-06-21 KernTejon Ranch: Maximillano Ridge.
CAS-BOT437177CASLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.61761961-05-23 KernTejon Ranch:El Paso Canyon, about 1 mile above the Meados Place.
CAS-BOT437182CASLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumTwisselmann, Ernest C.105551965-04-21 KernTejon Canyon
CAS-BOT65209CASLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumYork, Dana Adrian; Norris, Dan; Shevock, James R.6661996-05-03 FresnoCa 80 km E of Fresno, 1 km E of Lockwood Grove, adjacent to Forest Rd 13S05. Sequoia National Forest.
CHSC119005CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumRussell S. Woglum29661941-04-29 San Luis ObispoSan Joaquin Valley: Simmler; Carrizo Plain.
CHSC12180CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumLowell Ahart1969-04-08 ButteTable Mountain, Oroville.
CHSC123179CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumL. P. Janeway132392020-04-28 ShastaKlamath Ranges. Along Cline Gulch Road 1.6 road-km northeast of French Gulch Road. T3 N, R7W, NE 1-4 of SW 1-4 of sec. 14. French Gulch 7.5 quad.
CHSC2456CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. Carter1611965-03-13 ButteFound on North Table Mt. ca. 45 yds. SE of point where old Cherokee Rd. comes over rim of table at base of lava cliffs.
CHSC49846CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumVernon Oswald41551990-04-09 ButteFeather Falls Trail between Frey Creek and Wagners Valley, just s of the 1.5 mile marker. T2 N R06E S02 SE1-4 of NW1-4
CHSC54451CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumVernon H. Oswald47211991-07-10 GlennSnow basin located southwest of Alder Springs Rd (FH7), ca. 1 mile (air) west of Plaskett Guard Station, between Elk Creek and Covelo. On a meadow opening along Snow Basin Creek. T2 N R0 W S27 NW1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC57511CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumWillis Ball5221975-04-19 Contra CostaContra Loma Regional Park, in area #2. On n facing slope ca. 100 yds nw of boat ramp on w side of lake.
CHSC75303CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumVernon Oswald97151999-04-21 TehamaMcClure Place on the High Trestle-McClure Place Trail starting on Hogback Road ca. 0.5 mi northeast of Finley Lake. T2 N R01E S23 NE1-4
CHSC81407CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumL. P. Janeway49611996-05-07 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Soda Creek, between Road 2 N22 and the creek, 500 m northwest of Hwy 70 and East Branch North Fork Feather River. T25N R09E S08 NE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Twain 1:24,000
CHSC87426CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. D. Fischer1162004-03-20 ButteSierra Nevada foothills within upper Bidwell Park in Chico on the east-side addition along Hwy. 32. Along Guardian Trail, south of Pine Trail. UTM: 10609476E 4405 N. USGS Quadrangle: Paradise West 1:24,000
CHSC87432CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. D. Fischer952004-03-01 ButteSierra Nevada foothills within upper Bidwell Park in Chico on the east-side addition along Hwy. 32. Along the beginning of 10 Mile House Road near parking area at Hwy 32. USGS Quadrangle: Paradise West 1:24,000
CHSC93005CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. Fischer5782005-04-16 ShastaAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park, 3 miles N. of McArthur, on the western edge of the Modoc Plateau. Collected 200 yds north-west of camp 7. USGS Quadrangle: Fall River Mills 1:24,000
CHSC93039CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. Fischer4742005-05-21 ShastaAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park, 3 miles N. of McArthur, on the western edge of the Modoc Plateau. Near Fishhawk Trail west of Big Lake. USGS Quadrangle: Fall River Mills 1:24,000
CHSC96212CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. Fischer9562006-05-10 ShastaAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park, 3 miles N. of McArthur, on the western edge of the Modoc Plateau. Plants collected along the east side of Rat Farm Road (between ALSSP & McArthur) ca. 1 mile south of the boat launch. Plants growing adjacent vernal pools. USGS Quadrangle: Fall River Mills 1:24,000
CHSC96243CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. Fischer9862006-04-21 ButteSierra Nevada foothills within upper Bidwell Park in Chico on the east -side addition along Hwy. 32. Plants growing on a grassy hillside east of Big Chico Creek at the bottom of 10 Mile House Road, ca. 250 ft. s of gated park property line. USGS Quadrangle: Paradise West 1:24,000
CHSC96299CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. Fischer9062006-05-11 ShastaAhjumawi Lava Springs State Park, 3 miles N. of McArthur, on the western edge of the Modoc Plateau. Plant collected along Spattercone Trail in a brushy woodland. USGS Quadrangle: Fall River Mills 1:24,000
CHSC97145CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumLowell Ahart140592007-06-09 PlumasAbout 100 yards east of a poor dirt road, about a mile (air) north of the north end of Lake Davis. T2 N R13E S18
DAV239756DAVLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumShane HanofeeHAN-1742022-04-05 NevadaWildflower Ridge Trail, 35 W of intersection of Rough and Ready HWY and Ridge Rd.
DAV358737DAVLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumEllen Dean59382010-04-24 LakeLake County: BLM Cache Creek Wilderness. NE corner of wilderness, Wilson Valley. Just east of confluence of Cache and Rocky Creeks.
DAV395461DAVLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumDaniel Potter7602015-03-14 NapaNapa County: Knoxville Wildlife Area, near small creek southwest of Zim Zim Creek.
DAV395463DAVLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumC. Matthews242001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve; SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam; 5 W of N. Decker Canon Rd.-West Rd. jct; N side of road.
DAV395465DAVLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumS. Colby252001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam, along South Decker Canon Rd., N of jct with Cut-Off Rd.
ELH01291ELHLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumGary Schoolcraft21321991-05-06 ModocAbout 1 mile north of Adin, CA
HSC97506HSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumC. Witte802007-05-22 HumboldtCold Spring. 1-2 mile south of Titlow Hill.
IRVC30529IRVCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR.G. Swinney35261995-04-22 San BernardinoLower Lytle Creek Ridge, 1.1 miles SW of junction of Swarthout Canon Rd. and Applewhite Rd., c. 0.75 mi. east of Applewhite Campground
JEPS107024UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumJ. Greenhouse51022005-03-26 AlamedaBar-diamond-bar Ranch, Mines Road
JEPS113784UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino140592007-06-09 PlumasAbout 100 yards east of a poor dirt road, about a mile (air) north of the north end of Lake Davis
JEPS118995UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumDana York17661997-05-02 FresnoCa. 48 NE of Fresno (FSC), 10.9 km E-NE of Tollhouse Sierra National Forest, Rush Creek.
JEPS77081UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumRobert M. Lloyd22221963-03-30 Stanislauson Highway 120, 10 mi e Oakdale
JEPS95953UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart97151999-04-21 TehamaMcClure Place on the High Trestle-McClure Place Trail starting on Hogback Road ca. 0.5 mi northeast of Finley Lake: T2 N R1E NE1-4 Sect. 23, 2000 ft, blue oak woodland
JEPS96694UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumDean W. Taylor162701998-03-26 TuolumnePeoria Pass, Peoria Pass Road 2.5 road miles N of Hwy 120; low relief rolling serpentine hills east from the roadway
JEPS97727UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumAnnetta M. Carter, Galen Smith, Mary Barnas30411951-04-01 SutterCa. 1-2 way down W face of South Butte (below main peak). Sutter Buttes.
OBI137058OBILithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumDavid J. Keil273861998-05-22 San Luis ObispoCanong Caliente Ridge Rd., 1.1 mi. SE from junction with Selby Rd.
OBI137059OBILithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumDavid J. Keil291962001-03-28 San Luis ObispoDiablo Range, Avenal Ridge. Cottonwood Pass along Highway 41, 1.1 mile west of Kern County line.
PGM7332PGMLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumYadon, Vern2004-04-02 San BenitoGriswold Canon S end of, Rte to New Idria from Panoche Rd (Burn)
PGM7333PGMLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumYadon, Vern2004-04-02 San BenitoGriswold Canon S end of, Rte to New Idria from Panoche Rd (Burn)
RSA0081650RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumErnest C. Twisselmann61761961-05-23 KernEl Paso Canon, 1 mile above Meadows Place.
RSA0098934RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumJessica Orozco1772013-06-03 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. On road to Eagle Meadow, near where the road crosses by Eagle Creek.
RSA0099554RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumJessica Orozco6592014-05-27 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. On main reservation road that leads to Eagle meadows, higher elevations of reservation, near the southeastern boundary, in the Parker Grove of Giant Sequoias.
RSA0100944RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumJessica Orozco10102015-04-18 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. At Cholollo falls, where the Windy Creek tributary dumps into the South Fork Tule river.
RSA0101101RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumJessica Orozco10002015-04-18 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Cholollo campgrounds, along banks of South Fork Tule River just before the waterfall.
RSA0114902RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumE. C. Twisselmann141581968-05-09 TulareCanon of the South Fork of the Tule River: South Fork crossing, 15.3 mi above the lumber mill
RSA0180769RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumWilliam Harnach13562013-05-21 SierraSierra Valley, On county road exiting Calpine to the north and paralleling Hwy 89.
RSA579494RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumT. S. Ross78221994-05-11 Los AngelesSawmill Mountain: N slope of the W summit area, about headwaters of West Fork Devils Gulch.; Burnt Peak
RSA599571RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumSteve Boyd95331997-04-20 KernSan Emigdio Range: San Emigdio Ranch, Los Lobos Canon.; Eagle Rest Peak
RSA608219RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. S. Woglum29661941-04-26 San Luis ObispoSan Joaquin Valley: Simmler; Carrizo Plain. .
RSA628248RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamp36771998-05-14 MontereyAlong CA Hwy 25, 17.6 NE of the jct with CA Hwy 198.
RSA708408RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumL. M. Moe22351902-04-09 KernJohnson Canon. Ft. Tejon State Park.
RSA746751RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumPam DeVries73912009-04-27 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mtns Region; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; ca. 2.0 air miles SE of junction of Cerro Noroeste and Klipstein Cyn Rd.; Ballinger Cnyn
RSA746890RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumPam DeVries73312009-04-20 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mtns. Region; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; ca. 5.0 air miles SE of the junction of Cerro Noroeste and Hwy 33.; Ballinger Canon 7.5
RSA747115RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumPam DeVries73412009-04-21 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mountains Region; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; ca. 5.5 air miles SE from the junction of Cerro Noreste and Hwy 33.; Ballinger Canon 7.5′
RSA757599RSALithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumPam DeVries76042010-03-17 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mountains Region; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge.; Santiago Creek 7.5′
SBBG125094SBBGLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. Burgess, J. Worden, P. Munro12681994-04-29 VenturaLos Padres National Foresthills between Long Cyn and Apache Cyn
SBBG127807SBBGLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. Burgess56022003-03-30 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Apache Cyn, shady slope on S side of Apache Cyn Crk; upper Cuyama Valley
SBBG129593SBBGLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumAnuja Parikh, N. Gale36262013-04-11 Kern1.8 km E of I-5, 1.1 km S of Edmonston Pumping Plant Rd
SBBG204314SBBGLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumR. Burgess64632004-06-04 VenturaN side of Pine Mtn Ridge, Boulder Trail, Los Padres National Forest
SD00018933SDLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumNancy Nenow10882010-05-08 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; Puerta La Cruz Road; about 1 mile SE Mitchell Camp Road and Chihuahua Valley Road; south-east of the junction with Puerta La Cruz Trail.
SD00062545SDLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumJon P. Rebman90272003-05-13 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
SD160493SDLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumJon P. Rebman84002003-04-10 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch, northeast of pond; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
SD21688SDLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumFrank F. Gander59181938-05-27 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
SFV113377SFVLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumD. N. Waller682002-05-04 MendocinoNorth Coast Ranges; Near Boonville. East side of Galbreath Ranch.
UC1562608UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumBarbara Ertter, David Thompson81981989-04-09 Placerne Auburn (halfway down road to Lake Clementine (= North Fork Lake)); dwn rd to Lake Clementine (= North Fork Lake), ne of Auburn
UC1586420UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart47211991-07-10 Glennca 1 air mi w Plaskett Guard Station (Snow Basin located sw of Alder Springs Rd (FH7), between Elk Creek and Covelo, along Snow Basin Creek); Snow Basin, Snow Basin Creek
UC1606425UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumBarbara Ertter, Lynne Hosley115521993-04-17 Alamedaca. 9 airmiles ESE of Livermore (top of hill ca. 1-4 mi E of Tesla Road summit)
UC1746016UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumAnnetta M. Carter, Galen Smith, Mary Barnas30411951-04-01 SutterCa. 1-2 way down W face of South Butte (below main peak). Sutter Buttes.
UC1787705UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumJon P. Rebman, Jeannie Gregory90272003-05-13 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
UCR0048669UCRLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumMitch Provance108052009-04-05 KernTejon Ranch, Tejon Hills, 4.3 NNE of Old Headquarters, 0.5 mi S of Comanche Creek, 1.4 mi N of Chanac Creek
UCR0048672UCRLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumPam DeVries76042010-03-17 KernBitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge
UCR0048673UCRLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamp41971998-06-29 KernTehachapi Mountain Park, 4.2 miles SW of Highline Road along Water Canon Road
UCR0048680UCRLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumAnn Howald2342A2003-05-26 ColusaIndian Valley, East Park Reservoir, Catholic Point peninsula, east of Coppermine Road, c. 0.2 mi north of intersection with East Ruby King Road
UCR0048683UCRLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamp102762006-04-29 El DoradoRock Creek Road, 5.7 mi. east of Calif. Hwy 1 N of the South Fork of the American River
UCR0048684UCRLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamp101642006-04-07 Amadoreast of Sacramento, SW of Shenandoah Valley; along Calif. Hwy 49, c. 4.5 miles north of Plymouth
UCR0048685UCRLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamp101922006-04-13 El DoradoEl Dorado National Forest; Along Calif. Hwy 193, 1 NE of Greenwood
UCR0048690UCRLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamp36771998-05-14 Montereyalong CA Hwy 25, 17.6 miles NE of the junction with CA Hwy 198
UCR0048695UCRLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumGeorge K. Helmkamp74272002-04-22 San BenitoRabbit Valley, along Calif. Hwy 25 [Airline Hwy]; 23.7 miles north of CA Hwy 198
UCSC100011036UCSCLithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorumBarbara Ertter with David Thompson81981989-04-09 PlacerHalfway down road to Lake Clementine (=North Fork Lake) NE of Auburn ca 1000ft. Lake Clementine (=North Fork Lake), Auburn.
CAS-BOT227828CASLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumCarter, Eugene7121974-05-02 TrinitySalmon-Trinity Alps and vicinity. On West side of saddle 4 1-2 miles up the East Fork of the North Fork Trinity River
CHSC114946CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatum2015-02-26 ButteOn the south side Beatson Hollow, south of where the small stream flows into the stream on the bottom of Beatson Hollow, about 1 1-4 miles (air) northwest of Cherokee Road, about 7 miles (air) north of Oroville. Foothill Woodland. T2 N R04E S18 near middle of west 1-2
CHSC12190CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumLowell Ahart1901973-04-15 ButteSwedes Flat Road, Bangor.
CHSC1654CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumV. Holt1935-03-27 ButteSalmon Hole on Chico Creek.
CHSC1655CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumB. Hetherington1935-03-27 ButteFoothills.
CHSC29225CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumM. S. Taylor24351980-04-06 ButteSE corner of jct of Rcky Honcut Creek and Swedes Flat Rd, ca. 2 mi e of Oroville-Banger Hwy, ca. 10 mi s of Oroville. T0 N R05E S03 border
CHSC31867CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumL. Ahart3281974-03-18 ButteNear a large rock, near Honcut Creek. Peter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
CHSC33697CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumL. Ahart27541981-04-09 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch. Under oak trees along banks of North Honcut Creek, ca. 1 mi n & 3 mi e of Honcut.
CHSC38675CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVernon Oswald1811983-03-14 ButteUpper Bidwell Park Chico, on the north rim ca. 0.9 mi e of the power lines.
CHSC51107CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumGerald A. Winter121989-04-15 ButteCa. 100 yds w of Cherokee Road on Table Mountain, ca. 5 mi ne of Oroville.
CHSC51110CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumGinger S. Gough201989-04-08 ButteCa. 9 m se of Coal Canon Falls, n Table Mt., ca. 10 km ne of Oroville.
CHSC53982CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVernon H. Oswald45361991-04-30 TehamaHwy 36, 0.4 mile west of Supan Gulch, 1.9 miles west of Dales. T2 N R0 W S04 SW1-4
CHSC53983CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVernon H. Oswald45411991-04-30 TehamaHwy 36, 6.3 miles east of Paynes Creek, 3.6 miles west of Ponderosa Way. T2 N R01E S2 W-14
CHSC55283CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumL. P. Janeway39051991-04-18 TehamaBattle Creek Wildlife Area. Upper slope of steep north-facing bluff on south side of and above Battle Creek, ca 1 1-2 mi east of the Sacramento River. T2 N R0 W S02 SW1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Balls Ferry 1:24,000
CHSC55407CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVivian L. Long41991-04-04 TehamaCa. 4 m e Hwy 36, 4.8 km ne Red Bluff. T2 N R0 W S02 middle USGS Quadrangle: Red Bluff
CHSC62001CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumRobert S. Compton181993-04-10 Tehama120 m n of Reed′s Creek Rd and 200 m w of the Reed′s Creek School, 10 km west of Red Bluff.
CHSC64371CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVernon H. Oswald65411995-03-19 TehamaCascade Range Foothills. Dales Lake Ecological Reserve. W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 2 mi n of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi ne of Red Bluff. Growing at the base of a large boulder in the boulder field extending nw of the borrow pit. T2 N R0 W S26 SE1-4 of NW1-4
CHSC65435CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVernon Oswald32611988-03-22 ButteHarter′s Cherokee Ranch located on the w side of Hwy 99 between Hwy 149 and Dry Creek. T2 N R02E S0 W1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC65436CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVernon Oswald1701983-03-14 ButteUpper Bidwell Park, Chico, on the north rim at the head of the ravine at the Rifle Range. T2 N R02E S0 W1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC65974CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVernon H. Oswald74341996-04-23 TehamaCascade Range Foothills. Hog Lake Plateau. BLM parcel along HWY. 3 NE of Red Bluff. Common on the brushy north-facing slope of Paynes Creek Canon near the power line and the N end of the Jeep Trail T28N R0 W S07 NE1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC7108CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumJames M. Watson41969-03-31 Butte4.3 mi e of upper Bidwell Park entrance 100 yds. s of road at edge of canyon.
CHSC92562CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumL. P. Janeway83542005-03-10 ButteCascade Range Foothills. East edge of city of Chico; north side of Humboldt Road 1.8 km northeast of Bruce Road. T2 N R02E S2 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chico 1:24,000
CHSC94024CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumR. D. Fischer7292005-04-09 ButteSierra Nevada foothills, adjacent Hwy. 32, below Forest Ranch in the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve off Lookout Trail. Plants growing in grassy openings on the north facing slope below main trail. USGS Quadrangle: Paradise West 1:24,000
CHSC96642CHSCLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumLowell Ahart136022007-03-28 ButteBy Jurassic-Triassic metavolcanic rocks, Peter Ahart Ranch, about 2 1-4 miles north and 2 1-3 miles east of Honcut, about 12 miles southeast of Oroville. T1 N R04E S0 W1-4
DAV395476DAVLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumRoman Gankin9981967-07-07 MendocinoMendocino County: Devil′s Rock Garden and vicinity, ca. 6 road miles north of Hull Mountain and 1-2 mile west of USFS Road 1 NO2.
JEPS104756UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumJohn L. Morrison2030B1937-04-04 Tuolumne1.5 mi SW from Chinese Camp
JEPS21870UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumAnnette Waters2471958-04-20 Tehama8.2 mi e Paynes Creek; e of Paynes Creek
JEPS47686UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumMrs. R. M. Austin, Bruce18441898-03-01 Butte
JEPS88468UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart74341996-04-23 TehamaBLM parcel along Hwy 36 ne of Red Bluff (n-facing slope of Paynes Creek Canon near the power line and n end of Jeep Trail, Cascade Range Foothills, Hog Lake Plateau); Hog Lake Plateau, Cascade Range Foothills
POM91966RSALithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumC. C. Bruce18441898-03-01 ButtePlains [no specific locality given]
POM91968RSALithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumC. C. Bruce184411897-04-01 Butte[No locality information provided]
RSA176430RSALithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumA. A. Heller135311921-03-27 ButteAlong Butte Creek E of Chico near the Honey Run grade bridge.
RSA275391RSALithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumDwain L. Goforth341977-04-29 TrinityBlue Ridge.; Helena
RSA32009RSALithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumA. A. Heller148301929-04-12 ButteRichardsons Springs
RSA715850RSALithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumL. P. Janeway83542005-03-10 ButteCascade Range Foothills [error: actually Sierra Nevada foothills] E edge of city of Chico, N side of Humboldt Road 1.8 NE of Bruce Road.; Chico 7.5′
SFV113378SFVLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumM. L. Vincent151961-03-28 ButteSierra Nevada; Skyway on road from Paradise to Chico; bluff overlooking Butte Creek 4 miles west of Paradise.
SJSU5717SJSULithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumT.C. DeWitt1971-04-02 ButteHumboldt Rd, 1 mi S of intersection with Hwy 32
UC1127233UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumG. E. Sindel331934-03-29 Sutter1 mi n and 3 mi w Union School; Marysville Buttes Quad.
UC11869UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumH. N. Bolander45251865-04-11 PlacerAuburn
UC11878UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumState Survey9401862-04-01 Marin
UC11879UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumunknown45251914-07-04 Unknown< near < Auburn > (hillsides around American River Canon..acc to Rimo Bacigalupi 1-52 > ); < hillsides around American River Canon >
UC137062UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumMrs. R. M. Austin2631896-04-01 ButteBluffs Little Chico Creek Little Chico Creek; Bluffs Little Chico Creek
UC530090UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumFrances Lindsay1935-03-29 Placerhilltop opposite Penryn flagstop station on S.P.R.R. cutoff (Rocky Ridge road between Loomis and Lincoln)
UC589702UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumR. Holdenried591938-04-02 ButteParadise
UC639140UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumL. Wohletz1933-04-01 Tehamacanyon wall Los Molinos River Los Molinos River; Los Molinos River canyon wall
UC726538UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumA. A. Heller148301929-04-12 ButteRichardson′s Springs
UC914247UCJEPSLithophragma parviflorum var. trifoliatumVerne Grant, Alva Grant76811946-03-10 Placeron Lincoln-Loomis road one-half mi e railway crossing
CAS-BOT123105CASLithophragma trifoliatumBruce, C. C. (Mrs.)18441897-04-01 Buttefoothills
CAS-BOT123106CASLithophragma trifoliatumBruce, C. C. (Mrs.)18441897-04-01 ButteFoothills near Chico
CAS-BOT428434CASLithophragma trifoliatumSmith, Gladys L.77121982-07-10 GlennMasterson Camp, Plaskett Meadows Recreation Area
CAS-BOT428435CASLithophragma trifoliatumBreedlove, D. E.173901970-04-12 MariposaAlong Maxwell Creek 5 miles east of Coulterville on Dogtown Road
CAS-BOT428436CASLithophragma trifoliatumTrue, Gordon H.3791962-04-12 NevadaG.H. True Ranch, 7 miles southwest of Grass Valley, on McCourtney Road.
CAS-BOT428437CASLithophragma trifoliatumTrue, Gordon H.12391963-05-12 NevadaJust west of Grass Valley on Marysville Highway
CAS-BOT428438CASLithophragma trifoliatumThomas, John H.204021981-04-20 SutterSutter Buttes. Dean Place.
CAS-BOT428439CASLithophragma trifoliatumSands, Margit111985-04-06 SutterDean Place. Sutter Buttes.
CAS-BOT428440CASLithophragma trifoliatumAhart, Lowell27661981-04-13 SutterNear Dean Cabin, Sutter Buttes.
CAS-BOT428441CASLithophragma trifoliatumSands, Margit43651983-04-17 SutterDean Ranch, Sutter Buttes
CAS-BOT428442CASLithophragma trifoliatumMiller, Homers.n.1917-05-01 Tehama
CAS-BOT428443CASLithophragma trifoliatumSheehan, Forests.n.1970-04-07 ButteTable Mt. near Oroville
CAS-BOT428444CASLithophragma trifoliatumHowell, John Thomas528451978-04-17 ButteTable Mountain.
CAS-BOT428445CASLithophragma trifoliatumKelley, Juneas.n.1920-04-24 ButteLos Verjils
CAS-BOT428446CASLithophragma trifoliatumFlower Shows.n.1928-04-01 ButteCherokee School
CAS-BOT428447CASLithophragma trifoliatumHeller, A. A.148301929-04-12 ButteSlope south side of the Richardson Springs road near the second crossing of Mud Creek.
CAS-BOT428448CASLithophragma trifoliatumHeller, A. A.135311921-03-27 ButteAlong Butte Creek east of Chico near the Honey Run grade bridge.
CAS-BOT428449CASLithophragma trifoliatumWall, Mary E.s.n.1935-04-14 ButteBetween Cherokee & Oregon City
CAS-BOT428450CASLithophragma trifoliatumWall, Mary E.s.n.1935-04-14 ButteBetween Cherokee & Oregon City
CAS-BOT428451CASLithophragma trifoliatumAhart, Lowell20511980-03-26 ButteAlong Swedes Flat Road, near Bangor.
CAS-BOT428452CASLithophragma trifoliatumAhart, Lowell27541981-04-09 ButteAlong banks of North Honcut Creek, Peter Ahart Ranch, about 1 mile north and 3 miles east of Honcut.
CSLA016679CSLALithophragma trifoliatumE. M. Iloff91965-04-14 TehamaNear Los Molinos
FSC0011178FSCLithophragma trifoliatumPete Page; Janet Page70-1751970-05-09 TehamaFound along Highway 32, 3 miles south of turn off to Windy Cut Lookout.
GH00363851GHLithophragma trifoliatumA. A. Heller135311921-03-27 Buttealong Butte Creek east of Chico near the Honey Run grade bridge
GH00363852GHLithophragma trifoliatumA. E. Bidwell1879-04-01 ButteChico
GH00363853GHLithophragma trifoliatumA. E. Bidwell641878-01-01 ButteChico
GH00363875GHLithophragma trifoliatumA. Gray1885-02-01 MarinSan Rafael
GH00363876GHLithophragma trifoliatumMrs. R. M. Austin1877-01-01 Plumas[no additional data]
GH00363877GHLithophragma trifoliatumH. N. Bolander45251865-01-01 PlacerAuburn
PUA16065PUALithophragma trifoliatumG.L. Clifton1976-04-30 ButteLocal landmark: Milsap Bar. Brush Creek Quad.
PUA47199PUALithophragma trifoliatumG.L. Clifton1981-04-10 ButteLocal landmark: Campbell Hills. Oroville Quad.
UCR0048771UCRLithophragma trifoliatumD.L. Goforth0341977-04-29 TrinityBlue Ridge

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