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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT94932CASLinanthus nuttalliiWenk, R. C.5292006-07-23 SiskiyouCoffee Creek Road, Big Flat Meadow, along Yellow Rose Mine trail to Dorleska Mine
CLARK-A1528-3478CLARKLinanthus nuttalliiJohn C. Roos23651937-07-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CLARK-A1528-3479CLARKLinanthus nuttalliiJohn C. Roos, Lucille Roos50931951-08-08 InyoWhite Mountains
CLARK-A1528-3480CLARKLinanthus nuttalliiJohn C. Roos1965-06-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CLARK-A1528-3483CLARKLinanthus nuttalliiJohn C. Roos44691949-06-23 San BernardinoCanon Pass
CLARK-A1528-3484CLARKLinanthus nuttalliiJohn C. Roos9291937-06-14 San Diego
FSC0018988FSCLinanthus nuttalliiPaul A. Mitchell2081960-07-10 UnknownD. L. Bliss State Park.; Flat near Emerald Point.
FSC0018989FSCLinanthus nuttalliiB. Lindner; E. Robinson561936-06-06 MonoAlong Leevining Crk., near Leevining Ranger Stat., e. end of Tioga Pass Rd.;
FSC0018990FSCLinanthus nuttalliiE. Robinsonb1011936-07-16 InyoBelow Mono Pass on e. side of crest
FSC0018991FSCLinanthus nuttalliiH. L. Buckalews.n.1956-06-27 MonoCollected in the White Mts., on hillsides along the north fork of Crooked Creek.
IRVC20897IRVCLinanthus nuttalliiD. Hansens.n.1972-06-29 InyoWhite Mts., Grand View [Grandview] Campground.
JEPS74391UCJEPSLinanthus nuttalliiLawrence R. Heckard38111974-08-07 Inyoshore of Long Lake Little Lakes Valley, Rock Creek Lakes Basin, Lone Lake
JEPS74450UCJEPSLinanthus nuttalliiW. J. Ferlatte3081966-08-04 TrinityDorleska Mine Trinity Alps
JEPS76677UCJEPSLinanthus nuttalliiG. L. Stebbins1972-06-16 Tehamanw side Tedoc
LOB110071LOBLinanthus nuttalliiMelvin G. Kunkle581971-04-21 RiversideLower Rice Canon, Santa Ana Mountains
LOB110072LOBLinanthus nuttalliiSteve Ganley1973-07-15 InyoInyo National Forest, on Forest Service Rd. 4S01 near Sierra View.
LOB110073LOBLinanthus nuttalliiD. W. Sada471976-04-17 OrangeSilverado Canon, north-facing slope, 3 miles east of Silverado.
LOB110074LOBLinanthus nuttalliiM. Mispagel; S. Bamberg1971-09-14 MonoConvict Creek Basin, Convict Lake.
PUA10969PUALinanthus nuttalliiF.W. Oettinger1969-09-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Hamilton Camp. Forks Of Salmon Quad.
PUA40770PUALinanthus nuttalliiThomas Nelson1980-06-22 TrinityLocal landmark: Mt. Tedoc. Chanchelulla Peak Quad.
PUA49706PUALinanthus nuttalliiG.L. Clifton1981-07-07 MonoLocal landmark: Sweetwater Canon. Fales Hot Springs Quad.
PUA65193PUALinanthus nuttalliiG.L. Clifton1986-06-07 KernLocal landmark: Bodfish Creek. Isabella Quad.
PUA6818PUALinanthus nuttalliiG.L. Clifton1972-07-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Haypress Meadows. Ukonom Lake Quad.
PUA9223PUALinanthus nuttalliiG.L. Clifton1974-06-11 InyoLocal landmark: Reed Flat. Blanco Mtn. Quad.
RSA783377RSALinanthus nuttalliiJ. D. Olmsted4161959-04-17 RiversideHagador Canon 1-4 mile downstream from old tin mine along trail for water supply southwest of Corona
THRI-SEKI6257THRILinanthus nuttalliiStocking, S.K.65-741965-07-14 UnknownLookout Pk
UC1409391UCJEPSLinanthus nuttalliiFrederick W. Oettinger16871969-09-05 Siskiyounear Abbotts Lake (next basin e of Salamander Pond, vicinity of English Peak, w Siskiyou County); Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, English P
UC1409392UCJEPSLinanthus nuttalliiFrederick W. Oettinger15161969-08-23 Siskiyouvicinity English Peak (Hamilton Camp, w Siskiyou County); Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, English P
VVC1605VVCLinanthus nuttalliiTim Thomas40192006-08-10 MonoJust west of the UC Crooked Creek Research Station, Archies study plot site.White Mountains
YM-YOSE67231YMLinanthus nuttalliiMICHAEL, ENID1731922-09-14 ?  MonoMONO PASS
CLARK-A1528-3481CLARKLinanthus nuttallii subsp. floribundusJohn C. Roos20731937-05-10 Orange
CLARK-A1528-3482CLARKLinanthus nuttallii subsp. floribundusJohn C. Roos1962-05-19 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains
LOB110063LOBLinanthus nuttallii subsp. floribundusP.C. Baker56811966-04-28 RiversideRoad from Murrieta to De Luz then back to Murrieta via Tenaja Station.
LOB110064LOBLinanthus nuttallii subsp. floribundusJim Dacey1031973-05-11 Orange4.0 miles east of paved Silverado Canon Road.
LOB110066LOBLinanthus nuttallii subsp. floribundusR. E. Landry1421975-05-04 Orange1 mi up wash in Harding Cyn.
LOB110067LOBLinanthus nuttallii subsp. floribundusF. DeVito1091970-05-30 RiversideBedford Motorway and Main Divide Rd., Bald Peak, 12 miles S of Corona.
LOB110069LOBLinanthus nuttallii subsp. floribundusR.A. Paneros.n.1935-05-05 RiversideOrtega Road.
CAS-BOT123060CASLinanthus nuttallii subsp. howelliiNelson, T. W.; Nelson, J. P.58471980-06-22 TehamaYolla Bolly Quad. 1.5 miles N of Tedoc Gap along Forest Service road 45, west side of Mount Tedoc.
GH00091311GHLinanthus nuttallii subsp. howelliiT. W. Nelson ; J. P. Nelson58471980-06-22 Tehama1.5 miles north of Tedoc Gap along forest service road 45, west side of Mount Tedoc, Yolla Bolly Quad., T28N, R9W, Sec. 28, 1500 m.
JEPS83257UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. howelliiThomas W. Nelson, Jane P. Nelson49301979-06-25 TehamaMount Tedoc North Coast Ranges, Yolla Bolly Quad. (w slope, along Forest Service Rd 45 at mile post 11)
NY336946NYLinanthus nuttallii subsp. howelliiT. W. Nelson58471980-06-22 ?  TehamaYolla Bolly Quad, 1.5 miles N of Tedoc Gap along Forest Service road 45, W side of Mount Tedoc
RSA0004840RSALinanthus nuttallii subsp. howelliiThomas W. Nelson74381983-11-01 TehamaAlong Forest Service road 2 N12. 3 miles from junction with road 27N13.; Yolla Bolly
CAS-BOT198026CASLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiPaulson, K.; Paulson, Robert1791989-07-14 ModocVicinity of Little Lily Lake, ca. 2.5 mi. S of the Oregon border, N end of Warner Mts.
CAS-BOT198027CASLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiSmith, Leland S.9911918-07-13 ModocMill Creek, Nevada Sheep Range.
CAS-BOT198028CASLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett45521988-07-23 ModocRoad beyond Poison Lake ca. 8 km S of the road from U.S. Highway 395 to Lily Lake, Warner Mts..
CAS-BOT198029CASLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiWheeler, Louis Cutter37891935-08-05 ModocLittle Lily Lake, Warner Mts.
CAS-BOT198030CASLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiPaulson, K.; Paulson, Robert701988-07-09 ModocNear Poison Lake, Warner Mts..
ELH01263ELHLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiSchoolcraft et al.29162000-07-17 ModocNorth Warner Mountains east of Poison Lake
JEPS103192UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiG. Schoolcraft29162000-07-17 ModocN Warner Mountains East of Poison Lake
JEPS58519UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiWillis L. Jepson28541907-07-06 Siskiyouon ridge overlooking Klamath; Cuddihy Valley
JEPS58522UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiLeland S. Smith9911918-07-13 ModocMill Creek Warner Mountains, Nevada Sheep Range (w slope)
THRI-SEKI5256THRILinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiRice, Barbara2301966-07-04 UnknownFranklin Pass-farewell Gap Tr, Min King
UC1197835UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiJoseph P. Tracy129391933-08-06 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge
UC1197836UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiJoseph P. Tracy150631936-08-02 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge
UC130599UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiH. M. Hall86571909-07-01 TrinityDorleska Salmon Mountains
UC190693UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiM. F. Gilman6451947-06-15 Modoc
UC213380UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiJoseph P. Tracy53491920-08-13 Humboldtw of Klamath River (between Pine Creek and Tuley Creek, French Camp Ridge); Northern Coast Ranges, French Camp Ridge
UC60872UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiHarley P. Chandler15871901-06-01 Siskiyounear Marble Mountain; North Coast Ranges
UC609327UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiEleanor Burks Hart9431938-08-20 Siskiyoubelow Red Cap
UC629053UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiLouis C. Wheeler37891935-08-05 ModocLittle Lily Lake Warner Mts., Pine Creek
UC908619UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. nuttalliiJoseph P. Tracy139681935-06-23 HumboldtFrench Camp Ridge
JEPS101671UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensDean W. Taylor168621998-07-20 MonoGlass Mountain, Sawmill Meadow, Inyo National Forest
JEPS28155UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensRimo Bacigalupi, P. C. Hutchison, L. Heckard80451961-07-28 Monow-facing slope e High Altitude Research Station (head of creek); White Mountains, N. Fk. Crooked Creek
JEPS32949UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensE. R. Blakley, K. K. Muller35651960-07-13 MonoCrooked Creek Laboratory White Mountains
JEPS39960UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensCharlotte N. Smith12521963-08-28 Inyon of Schulman Bristle Cone Grove; White Mts.
JEPS58514UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensWillis L. Jepson72341917-07-23 InyoSilver Canon to Prospector Meadow (Summit Trail); White Mts.
PUA66434PUALinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensG.L. Clifton1987-07-13 MonoLocal landmark: Cottonwood Creek. Mt. Barcroft Quad.
RSA0014786RSALinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensMary DeDecker4731956-07-21 InyoHillside Spring area on west slope of crest of Inyo Range.
RSA443507RSALinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1987-06-17 MonoOwens River, alkaline flats between river and Glass Mtn, ca. 6 NE of Benton′s Crossing.
RSA616478RSALinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensMary DeDecker8741958-07-07 MonoLong Valley: South side of Crowley Lake.
RSA682434RSALinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensMichael Honer11872001-07-21 MonoInyo National ForestSentinel Meadow Research Natural Area; ridgetop overlooking Long Valley, near W end of RNA.; Dexter Cyn. 7.5
RSA747322RSALinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensK. M. Meyer2252007-09-18 InyoInyo National Forest, White Mountain Ranger District, SW on Hwy 168 from Bishop, CA, 10.7 mi. from NF boundary. North Lake parking area.
UC1075827UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensPhilip A. Munz210341955-07-19 Inyonear Reed Flat; White Mts.
UC1282192UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensRichard S. Mitchell, Robert M. Lloyd17091963-07-10 Monoroad leading down to Poison Creek White Mountains
UC1299932UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensRobert M. Lloyd21761964-07-21 Monocliffs overlooking the South Fork of Chiatovitch Creek White Mountains, Pellisier Flats
UC1300006UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensRobert M. Lloyd28131963-06-22 InyoWyman Canon White Mountains
UC1300013UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensRobert M. Lloyd28041963-06-22 InyoWyman Canon White Mountains
UC1311792UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensRobert M. Lloyd30781963-01-01 Monovicinity Crooked Creek Cave; White Mountains, Crooked Creek Canon
UC1415277UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensR. Patterson10091970-08-02 Inyojunction of White Mountain Road and Silver Canon Road; White Mountains; White Mts., Inyo Co.
UC1735971UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensDean W. Taylor52061975-07-14 MonoWhite Mountains, near Barcroft Lab, on hill south of Mt. Barcroft
UC572179UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensWilliam Hovanitz1937-06-07 InyoHead of Mazourka Canon Inyo Mountains
UC577678UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensG. A. Graham1351937-08-06 Mono1 mi se Wheeler Peak (nw of Masonic)
UC701732UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensBassett Maguire, Arthur H. Holmgren261361945-08-01 Monohead of Crooked Creek White Mountains, Crooked Creek
UC908297UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg30831942-07-11 Inyo1.5 mi n New York Butte; Inyo Mountains
UC909110UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensVictor Duran15191926-06-22 InyoSilver Canon White Mountains
UC909137UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensVictor Duran30481931-05-29 Inyo2.5 mi below Roberts (Wyman Creek); White Mountains, Wyman Creek
UC984782UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensJ. M. Tucker22251951-08-11 Monojust n Inyo-Mono County line (vicinity of Univ of Calif White Mountain Research Station); White Mountains, White Mountain Research Station
UC990924UCJEPSLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensMrs. May Canfield1921-07-21 Mono8 mi s Benton Station (Taylor′s Ranch)
UCSB28998UCSBLinanthus nuttallii subsp. pubescensR. Patterson10131970-08-02 InyoWhite Mountains, junction of White Mnt. and Silver Canon Roads.

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