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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
DAV335836DAVLilaeopsis occidentalisMalcolm A. Nobs11661949-08-03 HumboldtHumboldt County: Eel River Valley, 1 mile south of Fields Landing.
HSC21519HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisJerry Parker2111968-10-26 HumboldtBig Lagoon shoreline, near Sphagnum Bog outlet
HSC21520HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisR.W. Spjut2151968-10-26 HumboldtBig Lagoon County Park, SW corner of Big Lagoon.
HSC21521HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisJ.W. Johnsonsn1962-06-05 HumboldtLanphere Farm, Samoa Peninsula, Hollow 10
HSC21522HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisD.E. Anderson22721962-07-14 HumboldtW edge of Freshwater Lagoon
HSC21523HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisE. Hunt211949-05-18 HumboldtHumboldt Bay
HSC36102HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisDavid Sohrakoff31972-12-11 HumboldtNorthern most Clam Beach Pond
HSC38445HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisJ.P. Smith89371976-07-03 HumboldtManila, Samoa Peninsula
HSC66834HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisMelany Seacat167 A1979-06-07 MendocinoBig River Estuary, N side of river, 5 mi. up river.
HSC90663HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisGail Newton36361982-06-10 HumboldtElk River Wildlife Area, Eureka
HSC95380HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisAndrea Pickart1702002-07-09 HumboldtBracut Marsh at freshwater outlet into salt marsh
HSC95764HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisJ.D. Mastrogiuseppe1571974-08-28 Del NorteAbout 3.5 W of Hwy. 101 and 1 mi. E of mouth of Klamath River, S side of river.
HSC98373HSCLilaeopsis occidentalisMelany Seacat167B1979-06-03 MendocinoBig River Estuary, 5 miles up river, S side of river.
JEPS17499UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisWillis L. Jepson93331921-08-07 HumboldtStone Lagoon
JEPS17500UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisWillis L. Jepson11651900-09-14 Marinnear Abbott′s Lagoon (Point Reyes Peninsula); Point Reyes Peninsula
MCCC2829MCCCLilaeopsis occidentalisGladys L. Smith64631981-05-27 MendocinoRound Pond, summit of Eden Valley Ranch Road
MCCC2830MCCCLilaeopsis occidentalisClare R. Wheeler37191984-05-15 MendocinoBig River estuary, about 2 mi. E. and upstream from rivers mouth, growing at rivers edge
RSA276592RSALilaeopsis occidentalisLincoln Constance38801999-09-21 SonomaSonoma County: Shallow water with Salix Bodega Bay
SBBG40153SBBGLilaeopsis occidentalisJ. T. Howell221641946-06-30 MarinRodeo Lagoon
SD71224SDLilaeopsis occidentalisJohn Thomas Howell221641946-06-30 MarinRodeo Lagoon
UC1023780UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisLincoln Constance36141955-07-24 Marin4.5 mi. n.w. Inverness (s.e. corner of Abbott′s Lagoon, toward McClure Beach); Point Reyes Peninsula, Abbott′s Lagoon
UC1101449UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith11581949-08-03 Mendocinon. border Fort Bragg (along Noyo R.);, Noyo R.
UC1101450UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith12921949-08-11 Del Norten. Crescent City (e. side of Lake Earl); Lake Earl
UC1101451UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith11661949-08-03 Humboldt1 mi. s. Fields Landing (Eel R. Valley); Eel R. Valley
UC1103400UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisW. L. Jepson, Joseph P. Tracy58661921-08-07 HumboldtStone Lagoon Northern Coast Region, Stone Lagoon
UC1400384UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisRobert F. Thorne, P. Everett352071965-08-07 HumboldtSamoa Peninsula
UC154089UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisJoseph P. Tracy31021909-09-19 Humboldtnear Samoa; Northern Coast Region, Humboldt Bay
UC173370UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisKatharine Brandegee1905-06-01 SonomaBodega Head
UC205462UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisJoseph P. Tracy53911920-08-29 Humboldtmouth of Little R.; Northern Coast Ranges
UC32472UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisJ. Burtt Davy64811900-06-27 MarinPt. Reyes, Adams & Lindley Ranch
UC32473UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisJ. Burtt Davy64811900-06-27 MarinPt. Reyes, Adams & Lindley Ranch
UC566864UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisFrank W. Peirson39421923-07-08 Mendocino0.5 mi. n. mendocino City (Jug Handle Creek); Jug Handle Creek
UC566870UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisH. L. Mason54021929-08-24 MendocinoFort Bragg, Pudding Creek Slough
UC572969UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisLouis C. Wheeler36451935-07-03 Siskiyou2 mi. n.w. Montague; Shasta R.
UC598610UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisL. C. Wheeler36451935-07-02 SiskiyouShasta River, 2 W Montague
UC642325UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisJoseph P. Tracy132891934-07-02 Humboldtmouth of Little R.
UC750742UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisHenry M. Pollard1945-08-26 HumboldtPond near Harley place. Near Orleans
UC903288UCJEPSLilaeopsis occidentalisEthel Crum15761933-10-08 Marinshore of Drakes Estero (Point Reyes Peninsula);, Drakes Estero
UCR0104941UCRLilaeopsis occidentalisLouis C. Wheeler036451935-07-03 SiskiyouShasta River. 2 W Montague

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