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Synonyms for lewisia cotyledon cotyledon were NOT found.

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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
HSC102247HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonM. R. Mesler12062012-7-12 Del NorteRidge between Broken Rib Mtn and Wounded Knee Mtn
HSC51523HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonOverton51951979-6-19 Del NorteNear Bear Basin Butte, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC51667HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonG.L. Clifton57221979-6-22 Del NorteNear Bear Basin, close to the town of Gasquet.
HSC52589HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonOverton52741979-6-19 Del NorteNear Bear Basin, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC99205HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonOverton51941979-6-19 Del NorteNear Bear Basin Butte, close to the town of Gasquet
JEPS95782UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonWayne Rolle9261995-7-16 Del NorteNE slope of Broken Rib Mtn.
HSC66273HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonM.A. Baker31961980-7-24 HumboldtNear Orleans Mtn.
UC1488740UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonMarc Baker31961980-7-24 Humboldtnear Orleans Moutain; Forks of Salmon Quad., 239 ft.; 41 17' 28 left 123 27' 21 bottom
RSA183431RSALewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonJ. M. Tucker37131963-7-07 SiskiyouIn vicinity of Paradise Lake, at base of Kings Canon the east side, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
DAV329801DAVLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonClyde ByfieldS-1641973-7-01 SiskiyouCALIFORNIA: Siskiyou CO. Klamath National Forest, on U.S.F.S. trail 1 W 23, 5 miles west of Hayes Canon 5700 feet.
HSC63484HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonM.A. Baker10661979-7-29 Siskiyou
HSC68543HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonMaralyn A. Renner10771980-6-24 Siskiyou1/2 mi. E of Cook and Green Pass
HSC69030HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonMaralyn A. Renner21791980-7-28 SiskiyouAbove Pacific Crest Trail, near ridge
HSC74920HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonJ.P. Smith99651978-7-02 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, ridge trail E of Cook and Green Pass
HSC82171HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonT. Jimersonsn1985-7-13 SiskiyouAround Devil's Punchbowl
CHSC99690CHSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonL. P. Janeway94662008-7-24 SiskiyouKlamath Ranges. Siskiyou Mountains; at end of short spur road into top of Alex Hole; 1.0 km east-southeast of Condrey Mountain. T4 N R1 W S11 SE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Condrey Mtn. 1:24,000
CHSC95122CHSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonL. P. Janeway87712006-7-3 SiskiyouKlamath Ranges. Salmon Mountains; 100 m west of the Taylor Lake Trailhead Road 0.8 km south of the main road. North-facing edge at top of narrow rocky spur ridge. T4 N R1 W S22 SW1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Etna 1:24,000
UC163731UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonGeo. D. Butler4601909-7-20 SiskiyouHighland Mine
JEPS127644UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonJurriaan M. de Vos3122014-7-10 SiskiyouKlamath NF. Along and just S of Pacific Crest Trail, E from Cook and Green pass (Forest Road 1055).
JEPS96888UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonDean W. Taylor172531999-6-10 SiskiyouMarble Mountains, Mill Creek, ca. 4 miles W from Mugginsville in Quartz Valley, northerly facing slopes near watershed divide with Kidder Creek
UC1299367UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonFreed W. Hoffman40111950-7-13 SiskiyouBaldy Mt.
UC1483549UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonJohn Palmer6431980-7-24 SiskiyouDillon Divide Klamath Mational Forest, Dillon Mtn. Quad.
UC163730UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonGeo. D. Butler11908-8-07 Siskiyoudivide between < Woo? > lly and Independence Creek
UC1190111UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonIra L. Wiggins135381955-7-27 SiskiyouCaribou Lake Salmon-Trinity Alps Primitive Area, Caribou Lake
UC1312937UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonJohn M. Tucker37131963-7-07 Siskiyouvicinity of Paradise Lake (base on e side of Kings Castle); Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, Kings Castle
JEPS17195UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonWillis L. Jepson28171907-7-04 SiskiyouShackelford Canon
UC630395UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonAnnetta Carter14661939-8-21 Siskiyou12 mi sw Etna (above se end of Taylor Lake); Salmon Mountains
UC852030UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonJohn Thomas Howell149541939-8-03 SiskiyouSpirit Lake Marble Mts., Spirit Lake
UC922366UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg58161949-7-20 SiskiyouParadise Lake Marble Mountains, Paradise Lake
UC7801UCJEPSLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonHarley P. Chandler15941901-6-01 Siskiyouridges and meadows near Marble Mountain; North Coast Ranges
HSC17663HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonR. Spellenberg10981965-6-12 TrinityUnderwood Mtn. Rd. about 10 mi. SW of Burnt Ranch
HSC23606HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonJ.O. Sawyer2593A1970-5-02 TrinityAbove New River
HSC32300HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonSteven Lagos791974-5-19 TrinityHobo Gulch Campground
HSC59297HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonR. York2621979-4-29 TrinityAlong the Gray's Falls Trail above confluence of New and Trinity Rivers
HSC79061HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonT. Jimersonsn1983-5-17 TrinityS Fork Trinity Trail near Hell's Half Acre Creek
HSC99887HSCLewisia cotyledon var. cotyledonK.A. Wayman2872011-6-21 TrinityKlamath National Forest, E of Cook and Green Pass, along the Pacific Crest Trail

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