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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
PASA760PASALinanthus montanus1929-5-17 KernKern River Canon near Hobo Hot Springs
PASA762PASALinanthus montanus1929-5-17 KernKern River Canon near Hobo Hot Springs
FSC0019047FSCLinanthus montanus1953-7-17 Fresno
FSC0019051FSCLinanthus montanus1954-4-15 Fresno
FSC0019054FSCLinanthus montanus1949-4-17 Fresno
FSC0019062FSCLinanthus montanus1956-3-28 Fresno
FSC0019063FSCLinanthus montanus1954-8-8 Kern
FSC0019070FSCLinanthus montanus1941-7-4 Fresno
FSC0019073FSCLinanthus montanus1953-7-20 Tulare
FSC0019075FSCLinanthus montanus1959-6-16 Tulare
FSC0019081FSCLinanthus montanus1958-9-1 Tulare
SFV111027SFVLeptosiphon montanusA. Dittmer872006-5-29 KernSierra Nevada; Greenhorn Mountains. About 7 miles west of Alta Sierra on Highway 155.
RSA122096RSALeptosiphon montanusA. E. Wieslander781929-5-26 TuolumneRd. between Confidence and Tuolumne. Big Trees. Stanislaus forest.; Big Trees
UC567183UCJEPSLinanthus montanusA. E. Wieslander781929-5-26 Tuolumneroad between Confidence and Tuolumne
UC506961UCJEPSLinanthus montanusA. HormayH-1311933-4-28 Maderanear The Sierra Forest (Brownell Ranch)
JEPS121527UCJEPSLeptosiphon montanusAdam C. Schneider, Steve Schoenig2522013-6-14 TulareAlong tributary of Woodward Creek, off State Highway 198 (General's Highway), Three Rivers, CA
JEPS58499UCJEPSLinanthus montanusAdele Lewis Grant7061916-5-09 TuolumnePine Log South Fork of Stanislaus River
POM304516RSALeptosiphon montanusAlice Eastwood96521941-5-17 KernNear Democrat Springs.
UC879869UCJEPSLinanthus montanusAlice Eastwood42161915-4-17 MariposaBlochman's ranch
UC1554397UCJEPSLeptosiphon montanusAlice M. Ottley14041921-5-31 FresnoPinehurst to Badger
UC599615UCJEPSLinanthus montanusAlice, C. R. Quick12221934-4-17 Fresnofrom Orange Cove, Fresno County to General Grant National Park (Sand Creek Road, Sierra Nevada foothills); Sierra Nevada
JEPS58491UCJEPSLinanthus montanusAllison Krames1935-4-21 KernKern River Canon Greenhorn Mts.
POM364718RSALeptosiphon montanusAnstruther Davidson19361908-7-1 TulareSequoia National Park [county not specified].
DAV301112DAVLeptosiphon montanusArnold Wilhelmi7016d1951-4-20 FresnoFresno County: Burrough Valley Road, 0.25 mile from the junction of the road that runs between Humphreys' Station and Tollhouse.
JEPS22477UCJEPSLinanthus montanusArnold Wilhelmi1951-4-20 Fresno0.25 mi from Burrough Valley Rd jct w/Humphrey's Station to Tollhouse Rd
RSA369653RSALeptosiphon montanusB. A. Prigge70891986-4-27 FresnoMill Creek, within 1 mile of Kings River; Sierra Nevada.
UC2081512UCJEPSLinanthus montanusBarbara Ertter141101995-5-15 MariposaWhite Rock Road ca 8 air miles S side of Mariposa, 3 mi S of Old Highway junction, along creek on NE side of Ward Mountains.
UC2081498UCJEPSLinanthus montanusBarbara Ertter141581995-5-16 MaderaRoad 600 (Ahwahnee Road, Grub Gulch road) ca 5 mi SW of Highway 49 junction, ca 6 air miles W of Oakhurst.
UCR0095192UCRLeptosiphon montanusBarry A. Prigge70891986-4-27 FresnoMill Creek, within 1 mile of Kings River
POM346559RSALeptosiphon montanusBarry Burnell3831971-5-02 KernFirst summit between Glenville and wood
AHUC101283DAVLeptosiphon montanusBeecher Crampton7431952-4-20 TulareTulare County, about 6 miles east of Orange Cove, Sand Creek.
AHUC101282DAVLeptosiphon montanusBeecher Crampton4381949-4-29 MariposaMariposa County, along north bank of Mariposa Creek, near confluence with Agua Frio Creek.
UC1278058UCJEPSLinanthus montanusBeecher Crampton7431952-4-20 Tulareabout 6 mi e Orange Cove; Sand Creek
UC1278059UCJEPSLinanthus montanusBeecher Crampton4381949-4-29 MariposaMariposa Creek junction with Agua Frio Creek (n bank of Mariposa Creek); Mariposa Creek
UC23372UCJEPSLinanthus montanusBolander64431800-1-01 Unknown
THRI-SEKI6254THRILinanthus montanusBourquin, Sharon66-01951966-7-20 UnknownMarble Fk Kaweah R
UCSB013476UCSBLeptosiphon montanusBruce K. Orr1141978-5-25 KernFoothills of Greenhorn Mountains; Calif. Hwy. 155, ca. 3 mi. east of intersection w/ Bakersfield-Glennville Road
THRI-SEKI6248THRILinanthus montanusBuchanan, Hayle5921963-6-30 UnknownNear Lodgepole Cg
UC126105UCJEPSLeptosiphon montanusC. A. Purpus13531895 TulareAlong the Middle Tule River
UC126106UCJEPSLeptosiphon montanusC. A. Purpus13071895-5-01 TulareSpringville
RSA6849RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf47711933-5-18 FresnoW. of Burrough Valley, on rd to Huntington Lake. Digger Pines.
RSA7190RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf50611933-6-27 Fresno2.8 mi above Dunlap on Sand Creek Cut-off to Miramonte.
RSA6940RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf48751933-5-22 TuolumneWest slope Sierra Nevada: Above road, Moccasin Creek, 3 4/10 mi. south of Moccasin Power House on Coulterville - Big Oak Flat Road.
RSA12349RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf57241934-5-23 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
RSA6817RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf47401933-5-16 Fresno2.8 mi above Dunlap on Sand Creek Cut-off. to Miramonte.
RSA21510RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf86961937-5-16 TehamaNorthern Siera Nevavda Foothills, Red Bluff - Susanville Road, 3 mi. below Paynes Creek P. O.
RSA7003RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf46801933-5-14 TulareNorth Fork of Tule River, 1.2 miles above Milo.
RSA6945RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf46371933-5-13 TulareMiddle fork of Tule River, 4 4/10 mi. above Springville.
UC1124036UCJEPSLinanthus montanusC. M. Belshaw18851936-4-16 Calaveras0.75 mi w Stanislaus River Bridge (Columbia - Murphy's); Big Trees Quad.
POM364720RSALeptosiphon montanusC. R. Quicks.n.1930-6-15 TuolumneSonora Pass Road, Patterson Grade. Rocky Point.
SJSU13415SJSULeptosiphon montanusC.W. Sharsmith45311943-6-26 TuolumneBig Oak Flat-old Tioga Rd S of Ackerson Cr
DAV301124DAVLeptosiphon montanusCNPS SN Foothill TeamSNNR-00242005-5-15 TehamaTehama County: On private property.
SD40761SDLeptosiphon montanusCarl B. Wolf50611933-6-27 FresnoWest slope Sierra Nevada, 2.8 miles above Dunlap on Sand Creek cut-off to Miramonte.
SD40798SDLeptosiphon montanusCarl B. Wolf46801933-5-14 TulareWest slope Sierra Nevada; North Fork Tule River, 1.2 miles above Milo
SD40825SDLeptosiphon montanusCarl B. Wolf47401933-5-16 FresnoWest slope Sierra Nevada; 2.8 miles above Dunlap on Sand Creek cut-off to Miramonte.
UC880264UCJEPSLinanthus montanusCarl B. Wolf1933-5-14 Tulare1.2 mi above Milo (w slope of Sierra Nevada); Sierra Nevada, North Fork Tule River
UC880265UCJEPSLinanthus montanusCarl B. Wolf1933-6-27 Fresno2.8 mi above Dunlap (on Sand Creek cut-off to Miramonte, w slope of Sierra Nevada); Sierra Nevada
RSA133538RSALeptosiphon montanusCarl Wilson81957-4-27 FresnoImmediately below Kerchoff Dam (base at 1000' contour) on San Joaquin R. ca. 3 W of Auberry. Canon tending NW-SE with high points of 2100' to 2500' N, S, E, & W. Abandoned rock quarry ca. 200 yds. SW of dam on S. (Fresno Co.) side.
JEPS58487UCJEPSLinanthus montanusCharlotte N. Smith6361942-6-10 Kernabout 2-3 mi n Davis Ranger Station (near the Summit Road); Greenhorn Mts.
JEPS58494UCJEPSLinanthus montanusCharlotte N. Smith5081941-6-07 Tulareabout 2 mi nw Jack Ranch Resort (Posey Post Office) (near summit, Greenhorn Mts.); Greenhorn Mts.
JEPS58488UCJEPSLinanthus montanusCharlotte N. Smith5191941-6-09 Kernabout 1 mi w below Eugene Grade summit (near Coffee Creek); Greenhorn Mts.
RSA96448RSALeptosiphon montanusChas. H. Quibell19281953-5-12 FresnoOld Road, south side Kings River, about 2m beyond Trimmer and SE of mouth of Sycamore Creek
POM225406RSALeptosiphon montanusChas. H. Quibell12381929-5-11 FresnoSqaw Valley area on the Grant's Pk. Rd.
UC1043457UCJEPSLinanthus montanusChas. H. Quibell19281953-5-12 Fresnoabout 2 mi beyond Trimmer (Old Rd s side Kings River, and se of mouth of Sycamore Creek)
SD72396SDLeptosiphon montanusChris Hennes.n.1963-4-06 KernKern River Canon, Greenhorn Mountains.
RSA562306RSALeptosiphon montanusD. Charlton43381990-6-03 KernHwy 155 between Alta Sierra and Glenville near Kern River
RSA563456RSALeptosiphon montanusD. Charlton43331990-6-03 KernWestern slope of the Greenhorn Range, 5-10 miles west of Alta Sierra on Hwy 155 and east of Glenville.
RSA600931RSALinanthus montanusD. D. Keck32621935-5-11 KernKern River Canon: 12 miles above mouth of canyon.
POM216164RSALeptosiphon montanusD. D. Keck24461933-6-01 TuolumneHarden Flat, below Berkeley Camp, South Fork, Tuolumne River.
POM225669RSALeptosiphon montanusD. D. Keck33261935-5-16 TulareSummit 3 W. of California Hot Springs, on road to White River.
RSA122095RSALeptosiphon montanusD. F. Schlobohm1321935-5-15 Mariposa1 1/2 miles N.E. of Lookout Mtn.
UC572636UCJEPSLinanthus montanusD. F. Schlobohm1321935-5-15 Mariposa1.5 mi ne Lookout Mountain; Mariposa Quad.
UC1124033UCJEPSLinanthus montanusD. F. Schlobohm961935-5-05 Mariposa0.75 mi s Bridgeport; Indian Gulch Quad.
DAV301127DAVLeptosiphon montanusD. Smart21984-4-14 El DoradoEl Dorado Co.; Bucks Bar, North Fork of Cosumnes River; in Chapparal/shrub community dominanted by Quercus Wislizenii, Quecus lobata, Arctostaphylos, Adenostoma, grasses, Erodium, and Trifolium; common annual herb, 3-5 dm. tall, with white-yellow flowers; growing in sandy/rocky soil with granite parent material in full sun.
JEPS119078UCJEPSLeptosiphon montanusDana York16921997-4-06 FresnoCa. 32 NE of Fresno, 6.6 km S-SW of Tollhouse, lower slope of Red Mountain (serpentine soil)
SD7452SDLeptosiphon montanusDaniel Clevelands.n.1880-6-12 CalaverasCalifornia [Calaveras] Big Trees.
SD60994SDLeptosiphon montanusDarley F. Howe37771964-5-18 Tulare10 miles from Glennville on road to Porterville.
HSC215639HSCLeptosiphon montanusDavid Bradford6701011967-4-21 TulareAdjacent to Sand Creek Rd., about 2 mi. S of Fresno Co. line
UC518940UCJEPSLinanthus montanusDavid D. Keck24461933-6-01 Tuolumnebelow Berkeley Camp; South Fork Tuolumne River, Hardin Flat
UC577263UCJEPSLinanthus montanusDavid D. Keck, Palmer Stockwell32621935-5-11 Kern12 mi above mouth of Kern River Canon; Kern River Canon
UC584100UCJEPSLinanthus montanusDavid D. Keck, Palmer Stockwell33261935-5-16 Tulare3 mi w California Hot Springs (summit on road to White River)
RSA131558RSALeptosiphon montanusDavid Hendsch11957-4-22 Fresno3/4 m. S.E. Dunlap jct. 180 to Dunlap. Road cut on N. slope, 1/4 m past road bend.
OBI118273OBILeptosiphon montanusDavid J. Keil307162010-4-25 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada west of Lake Isabella. Highway 178, ca. 0.5 miles west from western junction with Kern Canon Road. Sequoia National Forest
RSA151754RSALeptosiphon montanusDavid P. Gregory4481960-7-01 Tulare5 miles E of Bearpaw Meadow Canong the High Sierra Trail.
UC1236218UCJEPSLinanthus montanusDavid P. Gregory4481960-7-01 Tulare5 mi e Bearpaw Meadow
CAS-BOT637660CASLeptosiphon montanusDe Groot, Sarah J.; Columbus, J. Travis52342006-4-23 KernAlong Hwy 178 W of Lake Isabella, Democrat Flat area.
SBBG183655SBBGLeptosiphon montanusDonald Myrick12011965-6-27 TulareSequoia National Park; Crescent Meadow Rd
SBBG183654SBBGLeptosiphon montanusDonald Myrick19121968-5-03 KernBakersfield Rd, up Breckenridge Mtn
RSA563399RSALeptosiphon montanusE. C. Twisselmann94741964-5-15 TulareArrastre Creek, 5.7 miles east of White River.
RSA169177RSALeptosiphon montanusE. C. Twisselmann94741964-5-15 TulareArrastre Creek, 5.7 miles east of White River.
RSA563326RSALeptosiphon montanusE. C. Twisselmann76181962-8-07 TulareGeneral's Highway, 3.4 miles south of Dorst Creek.
RSA0043197RSALeptosiphon montanusE. C. Twisselmann141431968-5-09 TulareMain road, 2.4 miles above the lumber mill.
POM364716RSALeptosiphon montanusE. E. Stanford21061933-8-10 AmadorSilver Lake Region, Amador and Alpine Counties.
SD46446SDLeptosiphon montanusE. K. Balls215261956-4-17 TulareBelow Coffee Creek, east of Springville.
RSA112930RSALeptosiphon montanusE. K. Balls215261956-4-17 TulareBelow Coffee Creek, E of Springville.
DAV301119DAVLeptosiphon montanusE. M. Giffords.n.1950-4-27 KernKern County: Democrat Springs.
SBBG183658SBBGLeptosiphon montanusE. R. Blakley68641967-8-26 TulareSequoia National Park; Lodgepole Cmpgrd
UC69913UCJEPSLinanthus montanusEarle Mulliken1001904-6-01 Amadornear Jackson (Caminetti Ranch); Sierra Nevada Mountains
SD29550SDLeptosiphon montanusEdward R. Crosss.n.1942-6-24 UnknownMoro Rock Trail, Sequoia National Park.
DAV301121DAVLeptosiphon montanusEllen Dean26212005-5-14 El DoradoEl Dorado County. North of Placerville. North side of Hwy 49, ca. 3 miles W of intersection with Hwy 50. Flume trail area.
DAV301122DAVLeptosiphon montanusEllen Dean29602006-4-19 TulareTulare County: Lake Success Reservoir. North side of Lake Success. South side of Road J28, 2.4 road miles west of intersection with Hwy. 190.
DAV301123DAVLeptosiphon montanusEllen Dean56022009-5-16 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Flume trail along Hwy 49.
RSA64879RSALeptosiphon montanusElroy Robinson21a1935-5-19 FresnoHillside at junction of Tollhouse and Watts Valley roads.
UC908487UCJEPSLinanthus montanusElsie Eizinger801934-4-20 Stanislausbetween Merced and Modesto (main highway); San Joaquin Valley
SHTC3969SHTCLinanthus montanusEngfer, Steven Jay481996-5-08 MariposaProperty at 4579, Hwy 132, 1 mile west of Coulterville, north of Hwy 132.
OBI118269OBILeptosiphon montanusEric Luning312003-5-11 KernKern Cyn, Sequoia Natl Forest, Lower Richbar Picnic Ground
SBBG183656SBBGLeptosiphon montanusErnest C. Twisselmann82491963-5-17 Kernca. 1 mi E of Poso Crk Narrows
SBBG183657SBBGLeptosiphon montanusErnest C. Twisselmann94741964-5-15 TulareArrastre Crk, 5.7 mi E of White River
SD135568SDLeptosiphon montanusErnest C. Twisselmann76181962-8-07 TulareGeneral's Highway, 3.4 miles south of Dorst Creek.
SD143494SDLeptosiphon montanusErnest C. Twisselmann94971964-5-15 ?  TulareArrastre Creek, 5.7 miles east of White River.
UCR0095194UCRLeptosiphon montanusErnest C. Twisselmann37041957-6-21 KernRattlesnake Grade, 0.2 mile northeast of Davis Guard Station.
UC908486UCJEPSLinanthus montanusEthel Crum16701934-4-22 Amadornear Forest Home (Ione- Latrobe Highway, Sierra Nevada); Sierra Nevada Foothills
UC908496UCJEPSLinanthus montanusEthel Crum16721934-4-22 Amadorat bridge on Ione to Latrobe highway (on banks of Cosumnes River); Sierra Nevada Foothills, Cosumnes River
UC908495UCJEPSLinanthus montanusEthel Crum16721934-4-22 Amadorat bridge on Ione to Latrobe highway (on banks of Cosumnes River); Sierra Nevada Foothills, Cosumnes River
UCR0095195UCRLeptosiphon montanusEvalyn L. Farnsworth0361985-5-27 KernFarnsworth Ranch near Glennville
RSA73067RSALeptosiphon montanusF. W. Peirson73131927-5-28 KernKern River road, 22 miles from Bakersfield
RSA73066RSALeptosiphon montanusF. W. Peirson88961930-5-15 KernGreenhorn Range, in hills northwest of Glenville
YM-YOSE67230YMLinanthus montanusFULLERTON (MRS.)7731928-6-10 UnknownBIG OAK FLAT ROAD
UCR0095193UCRLeptosiphon montanusFrank C. Vasek2351955-4-29 FresnoSand Creek Road [ 'Orange Cove Creek - Sand Creek' ]
SD87526SDLeptosiphon montanusFrank W. Peirson88961930-5-15 KernGreenhorn Range.
SD87617SDLeptosiphon montanusFrank W. Peirson73131927-5-28 Kern22 miles from Bakersfield; Kern River Road.
PASA761PASALinanthus montanusFrank W. Peirson1930-5-15 KernHills NW. of Glenville, Greenhorn Mts.
SHTC3965SHTCLinanthus montanusFranzese, T.W.391996-3-18 Merced6 miles north of Hwy. 99., 1 mile east on Donna Road
DAV301125DAVLeptosiphon montanusFrederica Bowcutt341984-4-17 TuolumneTuolumne County: Clavey River about 1 mile from confluence with Tuolumne River. About 20 air miles ESE of Sonora.
DAV301118DAVLeptosiphon montanusG. K. Helmkamp106362006-6-4 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada foothills Rock Creek Road at the crossing over Rock Creek, 6.8 miles east of the junction with Calif. Hwy 193.
RSA122097RSALeptosiphon montanusG. T. Nordstrom7431936-4-24 Amador0.6 mile SSE of Bisbee Peak. Jackson.
UC572643UCJEPSLinanthus montanusG. T. Nordstrom7431936-4-24 Amador0.6 mi se Bisbee Peak; Jackson Quad.
RSA98609RSALeptosiphon montanusG. Thomas Robbins19861945-6-17 El Doradoabove Camp Creek near Baltic Peak.
UC1008646UCJEPSLinanthus montanusG. Thomas Robbins15601944-4-23 El Doradoabout 4 mi nw Camino (along Chute Camp Road, above Iowa Creek)
UC747605UCJEPSLinanthus montanusG. Thomas Robbins19861945-6-17 El Doradonear Baltic Peak (above Camp Creek)
UC747474UCJEPSLinanthus montanusG. Thomas Robbins16311944-5-22 El Doradoca 3 mi e Placerville (along U.S. Highway 50)
UC908911UCJEPSLinanthus montanusG. Thomas Robbins16311944-5-22 El Dorado2-3 mi e Placerville (along U.S. Hwy 50)
JEPS7962UCJEPSLinanthus montanusG. Thomas Robbins35161953-5-07 Calaverasabout 2 mi s Vallecito (on road to Columbia)
PUA68512PUALinanthus montanusG.L. Clifton1985-5-02 MaderaLocal landmark: Bass Lake. Bass Lake Se Quad.
POM90207RSALeptosiphon montanusGeo Hansen12781895-5-10 AmadorNew York Falls.
POM73984RSALeptosiphon montanusGeo Hansen16331896-5-13 AmadorWhite Bar. Mokelumne River and immediate tributaries. Amador and Calaveras Counties.
UC125005UCJEPSLinanthus montanusGeo. Hansen12781895-5-01 AmadorNew York Falls
DAV301117DAVLeptosiphon montanusGeoffrey Levin1741974-5-12 KernKern County: 4 miles southwest of Glennville at Raljon Ranch. Greenhorn Mountain Range.
SD257343SDLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp204472013-5-2 El DoradoFoothills, northern Sierra Nevada Mountains; Canong Happy Valley Cutoff Road, 0.6 mile east of junction with Mt. Aukum Road, 1.35 air miles NE (62ΓΈ) of Spmerset (Camino 7.5'Q)
UCR0109624UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp102652006-4-29 El DoradoRock Creek Road, 0.9 mi. east of Canong the S Fork of the American River
UCR0109625UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp106362006-6-4 El DoradoRock Creek Road at the crossing over Rock Creek, 6.8 miles east of the junction with CA Hwy 193
UCR0109619UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp121542007-5-27 El Dorado0.7 mile down a hiking trail northeast of CA-49; trail starting 3.5 miles northwest of Placerville
UCR0109610UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp147142009-5-19 El DoradoHappy Valley Road, 0.2 miles west of its junction with Happy Valley Cutoff road
UCR0109615UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp145282009-4-21 El Doradojunction of Rock Creek Road and CA-193, north of Chili Bar and the South Fork of the American River
UCR0109616UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp160132010-5-13 El DoradoMosquito Road, 4.4 miles northeast of its junction with US-50 in Placerville
UCR0109617UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp160212010-5-14 El Doradoalong Bucks Bar Road, 1.6 miles northwest of Somerset
UCR0095190UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp174062011-5-31 El DoradoHappy Valley Cutoff Road on the southeast side of the bridge over the North Fork of the Cosumnes River, 1.4 NE (61 ° ) of Somerset
UCR0095189UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp204472013-5-2 El DoradoCanong Happy Valley Cutoff Road, 0.6 mile east of junction with Mt. Aukum Road, 1.35 air miles NE (62 ° ) of Somerset
UCR0095188UCRLeptosiphon montanusGeorge K. Helmkamp229122014-5-21 El DoradoBucks Bar Road, 0.8 mile northwest of the bridge over North Fork Cosumnes River
RSA596239RSALeptosiphon montanusGladys L. Smiths.n.1978-5-24 MariposaAlong Colorado Road ca. 4 miles north of Mariposa.
RSA523359RSALeptosiphon montanusGordon H. True, Jr.6571937-4-18 FresnoBetween Badger and Dinuba.
RSA523354RSALeptosiphon montanusGordon H. True, Jr.4091936-4-09 El DoradoRidge between Eldorado and Shingle Springs.
UC1537469UCJEPSLinanthus montanusGordon H. True, Jr.4091936-4-09 El Doradoridge between El Dorado and Shingle Springs
UC1537463UCJEPSLinanthus montanusGordon H. True, Jr.6571937-4-18 Fresnobetween Badger and Dinuba
CAS-BOT555002CASLeptosiphon montanusGriffith, Gerald1661937-5-2 KernWoody, Greenhorn Mt. Range
UC908936UCJEPSLinanthus montanusH. E. Parks1928-4-08 TulareThree Rivers
UC419053UCJEPSLinanthus montanusH. E., S. T. Parks5471930-4-01 Fresnovicinity Squaw Valley
POM264403RSALeptosiphon montanusH. L. Mason62621935-4-30 KernBelow Hobo Hot Springs, lower Kern River Canon
UC164557UCJEPSLinanthus montanusH. M. Hall88951911-6-09 Mariposanear Sequoia P. O.; Yosemite National Park
UC186128UCJEPSLinanthus montanusH. M. Hall100511915-6-18 MariposaJerseydale Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC63281UCJEPSLinanthus montanusH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock50261904-6-02 KernGreenhorn Range Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC63295UCJEPSLinanthus montanusH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock50601904-6-02 KernGreenhorn Range Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains
UC52471UCJEPSLinanthus montanusH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler2461900-6-15 FresnoPine Ridge Sierra Nevada Mountains
SBBG183662SBBGLeptosiphon montanusH. and M. Dearing43221940-6-02 Maderaabove Coarsegold
SBBG183661SBBGLeptosiphon montanusH. and M. Dearing59421945-5-08 MaderaN fork of Willow Crk, above Bass Lake
SBBG183663SBBGLeptosiphon montanusH. and M. Dearing13941937-5-30 TulareEshom Valley
SBBG183664SBBGLeptosiphon montanusH. and M. Dearing27331939-4-28 Tulareabove Kaweah River near Lemon Cove [Lemoncove]
HSC215637HSCLeptosiphon montanusH.E. Parks5471930-4-1 FresnoOn hillside near Squaw Valley
SJSU8720SJSULeptosiphon montanusH.F. Sebring1956-4-10 Fresnoby Pine Flat Reservoir dam c. 20 NE of Fresno
SJSU2868SJSULeptosiphon montanusH.T. Harvey3561964-8-08 TulareRedwood Mt Grove of Big Trees at junction of Buena Vista Cr & Redwood Cr, Sequoia National Park
RSA150049RSALeptosiphon montanusHarold Basey51954-4-24 Fresno1.5 m. above Dunlap, old highway 180.
RSA150048RSALeptosiphon montanusHarold Basey51954-4-24 Fresno1.5 mi above Dunlap, old Hwy 180.
JEPS58501UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHarriet P. Kelley1919-5-31 Fresnonear Millwood; Sequoia Lake
POM304927RSALeptosiphon montanusHenry J. Ramsey3141938-8-06 TulareMineral King. [Tehama County incorrectly cited on label.]
POM304925RSALeptosiphon montanusHenry J. Ramsey3161938-8-01 TulareMineral King. [Tehama County incorrectly cited on label.]
UC908494UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHerbert L. Mason70231932-4-25 El DoradoShingle Springs
UC963779UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHerbert L. Mason44831928-5-03 Amadors of Cosumnes River (opposite Clark Creek)
UC908749UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHerbert L. Mason118171938-5-10 Tularenear Auckland Ranch (road sw of Badger); General Grant National Park
UC908488UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHerbert L. Mason80041934-3-28 KernKern River Canon
UC665602UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHerbert L. Mason62621935-4-30 Kernbelow Hobo Hot Springs (lower Kern River Canon); Sierra Nevada, Kern River Canon
UC972233UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHerbert L. Mason111141936-5-15 Mariposa3 mi e Coulterville
UC1093656UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHerbert L. Mason146871957-4-28 El Doradon of Placerville; Rubicon River
UC907892UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHerbert L. Mason140061949-4-23 Kern1 mi below Hobo Hot Springs; Kern River Canon
UC52812UCJEPSLinanthus montanusHerbert M. Evans1901-7-12 TuolumneMiddle Fork of Tuolumne
POM364717RSALeptosiphon montanusHoward de Forest176701931-6-09 TulareSequoia National Park
SDSU03191SDSULeptosiphon montanusHowe, D. F.37771964-5-18 Tulare10 miles from Glennville on road to Porterville.
UCSB013480UCSBLeptosiphon montanusHugh Dearing13941937-5-30 TulareEshorn Valley
CDA0040065CDALeptosiphon montanusHunt & Kiefers.n.1935-5-22 Amador.
SD120820SDLeptosiphon montanusI. T. Walkers.n.1923-5-01 FresnoBig Creek
JEPS58495UCJEPSLinanthus montanusI. T. Walker1923-5-01 FresnoBig Creek
CSLA008607CSLAGilia ciliata var. montanaI. W. Clokey; E. G. Anderson63171935-6-05 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead-Squint's Ranch
UC23726UCJEPSLinanthus montanusJ. Burtt Davy14121895-5-18 Calaverasnear Copperopolis
UC23727UCJEPSLinanthus montanusJ. Burtt Davy14021895-5-18 Calaverasnear Copperopolis; Sierra Foothills
UC23722UCJEPSLinanthus montanusJ. Burtt Davy16041895-5-18 Calaverasnear El Dorado Reservoir; Table Hills
RSA78367RSALeptosiphon montanusJ. C. Roos50391951-5-26 MariposaHills about 7 miles east of Mariposa.
POM65232RSALeptosiphon montanusJ. D. Culbertson44141904-7-21 TulareSo. Fork Kaweah River.
CDA0019370CDALeptosiphon montanusJ. DunnicliffPDR 5837691986-5-09 FresnoSquaw Leap, 3 W of Auberry, < 1 mi E of San Joaquin R. Sierra Nevada.
UC1368740UCJEPSLinanthus montanusJ. L. Strother, A. R. Smith9271970-5-03 Amador1 mi n Calaveras County boundary (near Highway 49)
UC1052823UCJEPSLinanthus montanusJ. R. Fisher411956-5-08 Fresno2 mi nnw New Auberry; Sierra National Forest
RSA304674RSALeptosiphon montanusJ. R. Shevock2041970-5-11 MaderaAlong Hw 41
SFV111026SFVLeptosiphon montanusJ. Turner20201961-5-28 KernSierra Nevada; Greenhorn Mountains. 1 mile northeast of the Oak Flat Lookout Station on Rancheria Road.
RSA311019RSALeptosiphon montanusJack Rockwells.n.1968-3-29 TulareNorth Fork Road ca. 3 1/2 miles north of Three Rivers.
DAV301120DAVLeptosiphon montanusJames B. Garner831956-5-08 KernKern County: on Highway 178, 10 miles southeast of Bakersfield.
SHTC3964SHTCLinanthus montanusJames, SusanS-201996-5-10 MariposaHites Cove about 60 miles east on Hwy 140; take the trail 1 mile south
LA51565LALeptosiphon montanusJane Turner20201961-5-28 KernGreenhorn Mountains; 1 NE of the Oak Flat Lookout station on Rancheria Road
RSA0101107RSALeptosiphon montanusJessica Orozco2010-4-12 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
RSA0100059RSALeptosiphon montanusJessica Orozco2008-7-7 Tularelocality redacted by RSA
JEPS27893UCJEPSLinanthus montanusJim Blake, Crystal Erickson121962-4-18 Fresno0.8 mi e Dinkey Creek road (road along Big Creek from Trimmer to Balch Camp road, at upper end of Pine Flat Reservoir); Pine Flat Reservoir, Big Creek
SD126475SDLeptosiphon montanusJohn Adams7661966-4-30 TulareSierra Nevada Mountains, 8.0 miles from Highway 198 along Mineral King Road.
RSA511247RSALeptosiphon montanusJohn Adams7661966-4-30 TulareSierra Nevada Mountains, 8 mi. from Hwy 298 along Mineral King Road.
UCR0095198UCRLeptosiphon montanusJohn C. Roos50391951-5-26 Mariposahills about 7 miles east of Mariposa
UCSB013477UCSBLeptosiphon montanusJohn C. Roos; Lucille Roos50391951-5-26 MariposaHills about 7 miles east of Mariposa
HSC215638HSCLeptosiphon montanusJohn Harlan171962-4-22 TulareAlong N Fork of the Kaweah River, 12 N of Three Rivers
UCSB013478UCSBLeptosiphon montanusJohn R. Haller22811969-7-12 TulareSouthern boundary of Whitaker Forest, about 1 1/2 mile by road northeast of Eshom Creek Campground and 4 miles southwest of General's Highway
UC1010243UCJEPSLinanthus montanusJohn, Lucille Roos50391951-5-26 Mariposa7 mi e Mariposa
SBBG183653SBBGLeptosiphon montanusK. Harper1989-5-21 KernRancheria Rd from Eugene Grade to Hwy 178, Sequoia Nat Forest
SD129479SDLeptosiphon montanusK. Harpers.n.1989-5-21 KernSequoia National Forest, Greenhorn Mountains, Rancheria Road from Eugene Grade to Highway 178.
UC133852UCJEPSLinanthus montanusKatharine Brandegee1905-7-27 TulareMarble Fork of Kaweah
UC101985UCJEPSLinanthus montanusKatharine Brandegee1907-5-20 El DoradoWeber Creek Bridge
UC133853UCJEPSLinanthus montanusKatharine Brandegee1905-7-27 TulareOld Colony Mill
UCR0095199UCRLeptosiphon montanusKathy Harpers.n.1986-6-23 TulareSequoia National Forest. Along road [Forest Route 14S75] north of the road between Hartland and the Sequoia Ranger Station (near Eshom Campground), to a point c. 4.1 miles NE of Eshom Campground and 1.1 mile west of Hwy 180[=Hwy198]
UCR0095196UCRLeptosiphon montanusKathy Harpers.n.1989-5-21 KernSequoia National Forest, Greenhorn Mountains, Rancheria Road from Eugene Grade to Hwy 178
CDA0049007CDALeptosiphon montanusKrystal Avalos182016-4-25 FresnoFound near 34207 Black Mountain Rd. 37.0369, -119.4653.
RSA60520RSALeptosiphon montanusL. Beane8271950-5-15 FresnoIn meadow at road side, 3/4 mi. e. of Meadow Lakes.
RSA601528RSALeptosiphon montanusL. C. Wheeler34471935-4-28 ShastaO'Brien Creek off Sacramento River. (Mt. Diablow Mer.)
UC614688UCJEPSLinanthus montanusL. Constance22161938-5-08 Fresno0.6 mi sw Tollhouse (e bank of Tollhouse Creek, Sierra Nevada foothills); Sierra Nevada, Tollhouse Creek
UC624279UCJEPSLinanthus montanusL. Constance, C. P. Smith24691939-5-06 El Dorado1.4 mi n Nashville (Sierra Nevada foothills); Sierra Nevada
JEPS58496UCJEPSLinanthus montanusL. M. Newlon1761921-5-31 Fresnoroad from Pinehurst to Badger
RSA724927RSALeptosiphon montanusL. P. Janeway85852006-5-10 El DoradoNorthern High Sierra Nevada. At the sharp turn in Bucks Bar Road 0.5 km northeast of Bucks Bar on the North Fork Consumnes River.; Camino 7.5'
CHSC96406CHSCLeptosiphon montanusL. P. Janeway85852006-5-10 El DoradoNorthern High Sierra Nevada. At the sharp turn in Bucks Bar Road 0.5 km northeast of Bucks Bar on the North Fork Cosumnes River. Grassy south-facing opening probably disturbed in the past during construction of the bridge. T0 N R11E S12 NE1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Camino 1:24,000
POM145738RSALeptosiphon montanusL. R. Abrams119601927-5-02 KernHobo Hot Springs, Kern River Canon
UC880268UCJEPSLinanthus montanusL. R. Abrams119601927-5-02 KernHobo Hot Springs Kern River Canon
JEPS74850UCJEPSLinanthus montanusL. R. Heckard, T. I. Chuang, R. Bacigalupi40591975-5-22 Mariposa1.4 mi w Trinagle Road junction with Darrah road (along Triangle Road, ne of Mariposa)
RSA75552RSALeptosiphon montanusL. S. Rose510851951-7-15 TulareEast Fork of Kaweah River.
HSC215641HSCLeptosiphon montanusL. Sieburth231977-7-14 ShastaBasin Gulch Campground
DAV301126DAVLeptosiphon montanusL. Turner121995-5-24 El DoradoEl Dorado County: in scree on E-facing slope along Highway 193, 0.8 North of junction with Highway 49.
OBI118272OBILeptosiphon montanusLarry Kelly1981988-5-23 MaderaRd. 274 next to Bass Lake a few miles South of Beasore Rd. Lower fringes of montane mixed coniferous forest.
RSA0081015RSALeptosiphon montanusLarry Kelly1981988-5-23 MaderaRd. 274 next to Bass Lake a few miles S of Beasore Rd.
UC903423UCJEPSLinanthus montanusLawrence Beane8271950-5-15 Fresno0.75 mi e Meadow Lakes
UCSB013475UCSBLeptosiphon montanusLawrence, M.1121982-5-20 KernCalifornia 155, 5 miles east of junction with Bakersfield-Glennville Road, 12 miles west of Glennville; foothill of Greenhorn Mountains
RSA0113898RSALeptosiphon montanusLeRoy Gross74482016-4-13 TulareAlong Ash Peaks Ridge to Comb Rocks. North of Three Rivers, between The Kaweah River and Nork Fork.
POM257162RSALeptosiphon montanusLincoln Constance24691939-5-06 El Dorado1.4 miles N of Nashville, Sierra Nevada foothills
UC908834UCJEPSLinanthus montanusLoyd Swift1928-5-05 El Doradon of Placerville; Big Canon
POM282364RSALeptosiphon montanusLyman Benson34831932-5-01 KernKern Canon. Greenhorn. Watershed Kern River.
UC511199UCJEPSLinanthus montanusLyman Benson34831932-5-01 KernKern Canon, Kern River watershed Greenhorn Mt. Range, Kern Canon, Kern River
SHTC3967SHTCLinanthus montanusLysaythong, L.431996-4-29 MariposaOld Hwy, 5 miles from Hwy 140
RSA150851RSALeptosiphon montanusM. A. Piehl624471962-8-03 Santa BarbaraGrown at the S.B. Botanic Garden. Seed source uncertain.
UC23721UCJEPSLinanthus montanusM. H. Gates1879-1-01 El DoradoRose Springs
DAV301114DAVLeptosiphon montanusM. Sidells271996-5-25 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 7 miles southeast of Placerville, path south of Bucks Bar Road, path leading into canyon housing Cosumnes River.
SJSU8726SJSULeptosiphon montanusM.E. Ruby1661961-5-06 Kern24 NE of Bakersfield on Mt Breckenridge Rd
PASA759PASALinanthus montanusMargaret Stason3531932-5-28 TulareFoothills east of Porterville
RSA311018RSALeptosiphon montanusMary Shannons.n.1969-4-23 FresnoPine Flat Dam, south side.
UCSB039210UCSBLeptosiphon montanusMichael E. Theroux2941982-5-26 KernKern Canon; Dourghty Creek and slopes to W of creek; Sequoia Natl Forest.
UCSB039211UCSBLeptosiphon montanusMichael E. Theroux4651982-6-28 KernAlta Sierra, Greenhorn Mt. 8 miles above Lake Isabella, off Hwy 155. Private Property (L. Theroux) abutting Sequuoia Nat'l Forest.; 35.738698 -118.555895
RSA764567RSALeptosiphon montanusMichael Wall5652010-6-21 TulareBLMSalt Creek drainage north of the town of Three Rivers along dirt road just west of the Salt Ponds; Case Mt.
UC505706UCJEPSLinanthus montanusMilford Lundgren1933-6-03 Tuolumnenear Columbia; Five Mile Creek
UC73622UCJEPSLinanthus montanusMiss Charlotte M. Hoak1905-5-01 Mariposanear Kinsley
UC23365UCJEPSLeptosiphon montanusMiss Edith M. Day1896-5-01 Kernnear Bakersfield
SBBG183660SBBGLeptosiphon montanusMiss George1932-5-31 ?  KernWhite River
UC133786UCJEPSLinanthus montanusMiss Harrison1878-6-01 Alameda
JEPS58500UCJEPSLinanthus montanusMrs. Harriet P. Kelley1919-4-05 Tularebetween Oak Flat and Badger; Sierra Nevada Foothills
UC880269UCJEPSLinanthus montanusMrs. W. J. Williamson181919-4-28 Tuolumnenear Bear Creek; Spring Gulch
JEPS32174UCJEPSLinanthus montanusN. Mastin60-191960-4-04 Madera6 mi e Raymond (on Raymond-Coarsegold Road)
SJSU8714SJSULeptosiphon montanusN.B. Carr1963-7-14 Tulare0.5 N of confluence of Clover Cr & Marble Fork Kaweah R, Sequoia National Park
SHTC3968SHTCLinanthus montanusNelson, N.861996-4-22 MariposaLake McClure, 3 miles into park, access road on west side
SBBG183652SBBGLeptosiphon montanusNoraine Meng1211964-6-02 Kern1.5 W of Poso Crk bridge and St Hwy 155, Lavers Ranch
THRI-SEKI6255THRILinanthus montanusNorris, Larry L.4631983-7-06 UnknownS Crescent Mdw Rd,giant Forest
RSA49299RSALeptosiphon montanusP. A. Munz131821949-5-13 Kern5 miles north of Glennville
RSA16465RSALeptosiphon montanusP. C. Everett66971935-4-29 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
RSA17191RSALeptosiphon montanusP. C. Everett78941936-5-26 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
SFV111028SFVLeptosiphon montanusP. S. Wilson33881996-6-08 TulareSierra Nevada; Canon off Highway 190.
UC23489UCJEPSLinanthus montanusP. S. Woolsey1898-4-03 Fresnocanyon above Grapevine Springs (Sierra foothills); Sierra, Head of San Joaquin Valley
UCSB013479UCSBLeptosiphon montanusPatterson, R.12861978-5-20 TulareBalch Park Rd ca. 1.2 mi. E of jct. w/ county Rd. J37
UCSB013481UCSBLeptosiphon montanusPatterson, R.10351976-5-15 MaderaNorth end of Bass Lake, along Willow Creek
UCR0095365UCRLeptosiphon montanusPeter L. Morrell4461994-5-25 Santa Clara0.8 mile west of bridge on Mt. Hamilton Rd., road cut on south side of road, c. 9 miles (air) east of San Jose
RSA264702RSALeptosiphon montanusPeter Rubtzoff84761976-4-28 FresnoEast side of Watts Valley Road 0.8 mi. north of Maxson Road junction, Watts Valley area.
THRI-SEKI18885THRILinanthus montanusPilewski, L.; Roll, A.2001-5-17 UnknownVM.SEKI.0199. Colony Mill Road
SHTC3977SHTCLinanthus montanusPoulson, A. L.842004-4-25 TuolumneLocated on road 3N03 about 1.2 mile north of junction with Italian Bar Road. North east of Columbia State historic park
LOB110095LOBLinanthus montanusR. A. Panero1936-7-08 TulareSierra Nevada Mtns.
POM282365RSALeptosiphon montanusR. D. Harwoods.n.1924-7-05 TulareWillow Meadow, Sequoia Park. Sierra Nevada; Kaweah River watershed.
UC963936UCJEPSLinanthus montanusR. F. Hoover34331938-5-16 Mariposa2 mi s Mormon Bar
UC963933UCJEPSLinanthus montanusR. F. Hoover23411937-5-29 CalaverasMercer's Cave
UC963932UCJEPSLinanthus montanusR. F. Hoover33871938-5-09 Tuolumnenear Moccasin Creek powerhouse
RSA334156RSALeptosiphon montanusR. F. Thorne347951965-6-04 FresnoSequoia National Forest. Above King's River along Hwy. 180.
RSA191241RSALeptosiphon montanusR. F. Thorne370541967-6-09 Tulareca. 5 miles NNE of Kaweah along N Fork of Kaweah River.
RSA191242RSALeptosiphon montanusR. F. Thorne369801967-6-08 Tulare2.1 NE of Milo on road to Balch Park.
RSA191240RSALeptosiphon montanusR. F. Thorne370441967-6-08 Tulare5.7 miles WNW of Milo on Blue Ridge above Milo Fire Station on road to Yokohl Valley.
RSA749249RSALeptosiphon montanusR. F. Thorne396581971-5-25 Fresno4.9 miles E of Auberry along crest of Bald Mt., slopes above Bald Mill Creek.
DAV301115DAVLeptosiphon montanusR. N. Raynors.n.1943-8-01 TulareTulare County: Whitaker's Forest.
JEPS83751UCJEPSLinanthus montanusR. Raiche, Kurt Zadnik, Mark Walstrom702251987-5-29 Kernsw of Bodfish (Kern River Canon Rd, just w of Hobo Cmapground); Kern River Canon
HSC215640HSCLeptosiphon montanusR.A. Magie1171964-7-16 TulareAtwell Mill Ranger Station on Mineral King Rd.
OBI118271OBILinanthus montanusR.F. Thorne347951965-6-04 FresnoSequoia National Forest, above King's River along Hwy 180. Rocky bluff with chaparral.
UCR0095191UCRLeptosiphon montanusR.F. Thorne396581971-5-25 Fresno4.9 mi east of Auberry along crest of Bald Mountain, slopes above Bald Mill Creek
CDA0040063CDALeptosiphon montanusR.P. Allen40711960-4-18 FresnoSquaw Valley.
SBBG183651SBBGLeptosiphon montanusRalph Hoffmann1929-5-09 Kerneast of Democrat
UC52430UCJEPSLinanthus montanusRalph Hopping1631901-4-15 TulareKaweah River Basin
JEPS12998UCJEPSLinanthus montanusRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins50491955-5-06 Amador4.7 mi n road to Latrobe junction with State Highway 16 (along road to Latrobe)
JEPS17646UCJEPSLinanthus montanusRimo Bacigalupi, John Dawson, L. Constance49471955-4-29 Tuolumne1 mi s Stent (just s of bridge crossing main stream, in canyon of Sullivan Creek); Sullivan Creek
JEPS17717UCJEPSLinanthus montanusRimo Bacigalupi, John Dawson, L. Constance49321955-4-28 Mariposa1 mi n Bear Creek (and 4.5 mi n of Canon, on Canong road from Cathay to Hornitos)
JEPS50803UCJEPSLinanthus montanusRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison92501967-5-20 Tuolumne2.5 mi s road from Jacksonville to Stent (1 mi s of crossing of Sullivan Creek (high bridge), on slopes above and e of Woods Creek); Woods Creek
JEPS23142UCJEPSLinanthus montanusRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64661958-7-22 Tulare0.25 mi e turn-off road for Big Meadow (along Generals Highway, in watershed of Woodward Creek); Sequoia National Forest, Woodward Creek
CHSC20583CHSCLeptosiphon montanusRobert A. Schlising28091965-4-24 AmadorSierra Nevada. Foothills. Consumnes River, at Latrobe Road.
DAV301113DAVLeptosiphon montanusRobert F. Thorne369801967-6-08 TulareTulare County: 2.1 miles NE of Milo on road to Balch Park.
THRI-SEKI6247THRILinanthus montanusRockwell, Jack A.68-4121968-4-18 UnknownBuckeye Flat Rd
THRI-SEKI6249THRILinanthus montanusRockwell, Jack A.69-06561969-8-20 UnknownHst, Between Panther & Mehrten Cr
THRI-SEKI6250THRILinanthus montanusRockwell, Jack A.67-01851967-7-17 UnknownLodgepole
THRI-SEKI6252THRILinanthus montanusRockwell, Jack A.1968-3-29 UnknownNorth Fork Rd, 3.5 N Three Rivers
SHTC3890SHTCLinanthus montanusRoemer, T.N.391995-5-15 Tuolumne4 miles down Italian Bar Rd. from downtown Columbia
POM308774RSALeptosiphon montanusRoxana S. Ferris106871942-7-17 TulareHalfway between Silver City and Mineral King. Sequoia National Forest.
RSA27126RSALeptosiphon montanusRoxana S. Ferris104011941-5-29 MariposaHill slope at road ford 4 miles north of Ben Hur P. O. on road to Mormon Bar.
UC1001772UCJEPSLinanthus montanusRoxana S. Ferris127721954-5-30 Kernca 2 mi w Sequoia National Forest boundary (Kernville-Glennville road); Greenhorn Mountains
UC708721UCJEPSLinanthus montanusRoxana S. Ferris, Rimo Bacigalupi104011941-5-29 Mariposa4 mi n Ben Hur P. O. (on road to Mormon Bar)
SBBG157829SBBGLeptosiphon montanusRyan O'Dell2018-5-28 TulareRoute M-5 NE of California Hot Springs]
RSA0305558RSALinanthus montanusS. CooleyW-901981-5-13 KernBreckenridge Road, 18 miles east of Comanche Drive.
RSA0081014RSALeptosiphon montanusS. Grangers.n.1978-4-27 FresnoBig Creek.
RSA311002RSALeptosiphon montanusS. K. Stocking67-0871967-6-14 FresnoSequoia National Forest. Near Yucca Point heliport.
DAV301116DAVLeptosiphon montanusS. P. Lynch4071974-4-17 FresnoFresno County: on Elwood Road, 1 mile north of Wonder Valley Dude Ranch (8 miles north of Squaw Valley.)
RSA120686RSALeptosiphon montanusS. S. Tillett4461956-6-15 TulareAbove road to Crystal Cave, 0.7 mi. from General's Highway; Sequoia National Park.
SBBG183665SBBGLeptosiphon montanusS. W. Hutchinson8261927-6-1 TulareSequoia National Park; Sequoia Nat Park
RSA0206172RSALinanthus montanusSarah J. De Groot52342006-4-23 KernSequoia National ForestAlong Hwy 1 W of Lake Isabella, Democrat Flat area.
CAS-BOT516258CASLeptosiphon montanusShevock, James R.86291981-5-25 KernAlong Eugene Grade (county road 146), 1.4 mi from Rancheria Road, Sequoia National Forest
UCR0095200UCRLeptosiphon montanusStanley C. Warners.n.1956-3-30 TulareNE of Elderwood, 0.5 mi from the end of Ave. 206 and hill 200 yd east
THRI-SEKI6251THRILinanthus montanusStocking, S.K.67-871967-6-14 UnknownNear Yucca Pt Heliport
UCSB013483UCSBLeptosiphon montanusSundvold, Marti261979-5-19 KernPonderosa Hollow; California 49 through Ahwahnee and Nipinnawassee Roads to Triangle Road, about 11 miles
SBBG183659SBBGLeptosiphon montanusT. Criswell601977-5-27 MariposaYosemite National Park; SW side of Hwy 140, 10 mi SW of Arch Rock Entrance Stn
CDA0040064CDALeptosiphon montanusT.C. Fuller204601992-4-29 FresnoSt. Nicholas Ranch, 38526 Dunlap Road, ca. 1.5 km north of Dunlap. Sierra Nevada.
SJSU8724SJSULeptosiphon montanusT.N. Seeno2091962-5-20 El Doradonear bridge crossing Cosumnes R, Crystal Cave Rd, 8 mi SE of Somerset
UC1246742UCJEPSLinanthus montanusV. June Wetherell, C. F. Quibell2321960-4-08 Fresno20 mi e Fresno (and 2.5 mi sw of Hawkins School, Watts Valley Road)
UC30186UCJEPSLinanthus montanusV. Rattan2121860-1-01 Unknown
OBI118270OBILeptosiphon montanusV.L. Holland631965-4-23 FresnoFound South of Pine Flat Dam above Kings River in serpentine soil.
RSA77980RSALeptosiphon montanusVerne Grant84621948-5-08 KernIn granite talus on north-facing slope, on road from Bakersfield to Kern Canon, two miles above power plant.
RSA67284RSALeptosiphon montanusVerne Grant175661952-4-22 KernAbove Dam #1, in Kern Canon
UC932046UCJEPSLinanthus montanusVerne Grant, Alva Grant84621948-5-08 Kernon road from Bakersfield to Kern Canon (2 mi above power plant)
SFV111025SFVLeptosiphon montanusW. A. Kelleys. n.1973-6-02 KernSierra Nevada; Greenhorn Mountains. Davis Campground. 12 miles south of Greenhorn Summit.
SFV111029SFVLeptosiphon montanusW. A. Kelley1972-611-201972-6-11 TulareSierra Nevada; Dorst Creek Campground.
UC879868UCJEPSLinanthus montanusW. B. Duncan1923-3-05 Fresnojunction of North Fork Kings River and South Fork Kings River (Base Camp); Fresno
RSA122098RSALeptosiphon montanusW. E. Bullard371935-6-06 FresnoSummit of Black Mtn. Kaiser.; Kaiser
UC1124032UCJEPSLinanthus montanusW. E. Bullard1231935-7-03 Fresno1 mi ene Hutchins; Sierra National Forest, Kaiser Quad.
UC572514UCJEPSLinanthus montanusW. E. Bullard371935-6-06 FresnoSummit of Black Mountain Sierra National Forest, Kaiser Quad.
POM64848RSALeptosiphon montanusW. J. Williamson181919-4-28 TuolumneAlong Spring Gulch, near Bear Creek.
YM-YOSE67228YMLinanthus montanusWRIGHT, GEORGE6051928-8-05 UnknownYOSEMITE HIGHWAY
UC1558495UCJEPSLinanthus montanusWagner2201936-6-13 TulareRedwood Meadow Ranger Station Sequoia National Park
UC1324043UCJEPSLinanthus montanusWagner2601936-6-02 TulareParadise Creek and Middle Fork of Kaweah River Sequoia National Park
SD93014SDLeptosiphon montanusWalter Bertsch1321953-5-17 KernGreenhorn Mountains, 20 miles northeast of Bakersfield.
JEPS58497UCJEPSLinanthus montanusWalter Fry3311914-1-01 Tularee of Three Rivers; Sequoia National Park
POM364719RSALeptosiphon montanusWalter Kelley0611-1972-201972-6-11 TulareDorst Creek Campground. Sequoia National Park.
UCSB013482UCSBLeptosiphon montanusWedberg, H.70161957-6-23 MaderaKerkoff Power House Rd.
CAS-BOT94931CASLeptosiphon montanusWenk, R. C.; Wenk, E. S.5032006-7-7 TulareSequoia N.P., 2 mi. from Giant Forest Museum, next to Crescent Creek, just off Sugar Pine Trail
JEPS58490UCJEPSLinanthus montanusWillis L. Jepson27521907-5-17 Fresnobetween Squaw Valley and Dunlap
JEPS58492UCJEPSLinanthus montanusWillis L. Jepson6651900-6-23 TulareColony Mill to Marble Fork; Sierras Nevadas, Sequoia National Park
JEPS58489UCJEPSLinanthus montanusWillis L. Jepson128991928-5-22 Fresnon of Auberry; Rogers Valley
JEPS58498UCJEPSLinanthus montanusWillis L. Jepson18061902-5-17 CalaverasGwin Mine
JEPS58493UCJEPSLinanthus montanusWillis L. Jepson198941940-5-06 KernDemocrat, lower Kern River Kern River
POM299234RSALeptosiphon montanusYnez Whilton Winblads.n.1941-5-22 TulareThree Rivers near Jack Ranch.
UC880267UCJEPSLinanthus montanusYnez Whilton Winblad1933-6-05 Tularebelow Badger (along General Grant National Park Road)
UC648316UCJEPSLinanthus montanusYnez Whilton Winblad1937-6-07 TulareBalch Park
CAS-BOT65312CASLeptosiphon montanusYork, Dana; Shevock, Jim5091996-4-14 FresnoCa. 33 km NE of Fresno, 6.3 km SSW of Tollhouse, Big Dry Creek Basin, slope of Red Mountain
UC52742UCJEPSLinanthus montanusunknown1887-7-12 TuolumneLake Eleanor
UC106673UCJEPSLinanthus montanusunknown1891-5-28 TulareCoburn Mill

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