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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CSLA008607CSLAGilia ciliata var. montanaI. W. Clokey; E. G. Anderson63171935-6-05 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead-Squint's Ranch
    LA51565LALeptosiphon montanusJane Turner20201961-5-28 KernGreenhorn Mountains; 1 NE of the Oak Flat Lookout station on Rancheria Road
    OBI118273OBILeptosiphon montanusDavid J. Keil307162010-4-25 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada west of Lake Isabella. Highway 178, ca. 0.5 miles west from western junction with Kern Canon Road. Sequoia National Forest
    OBI118269OBILeptosiphon montanusEric Luning312003-5-11 KernKern Cyn, Sequoia Natl Forest, Lower Richbar Picnic Ground
    OBI118270OBILeptosiphon montanusV.L. Holland631965-4-23 FresnoFound South of Pine Flat Dam above Kings River in serpentine soil.
    OBI118272OBILeptosiphon montanusLarry Kelly1981988-5-23 MaderaRd. 274 next to Bass Lake a few miles South of Beasore Rd. Lower fringes of montane mixed coniferous forest.
    SBBG183662SBBGLeptosiphon montanusH. and M. Dearing43221940-6-02 Maderaabove Coarsegold
    SBBG183655SBBGLeptosiphon montanusDonald Myrick12011965-6-27 TulareSequoia National Park; Crescent Meadow Rd
    SBBG183661SBBGLeptosiphon montanusH. and M. Dearing59421945-5-08 MaderaN fork of Willow Crk, above Bass Lake
    SBBG183651SBBGLeptosiphon montanusRalph Hoffmann1929-5-09 Kerneast of Democrat
    SBBG183658SBBGLeptosiphon montanusE. R. Blakley68641967-8-26 TulareSequoia National Park; Lodgepole Cmpgrd
    SBBG183660SBBGLeptosiphon montanusMiss George1932-5-31 ?  KernWhite River
    SBBG183654SBBGLeptosiphon montanusDonald Myrick19121968-5-03 KernBakersfield Rd, up Breckenridge Mtn
    SBBG183663SBBGLeptosiphon montanusH. and M. Dearing13941937-5-30 TulareEshom Valley
    SBBG183656SBBGLeptosiphon montanusErnest C. Twisselmann82491963-5-17 Kernca. 1 mi E of Poso Crk Narrows
    SBBG183653SBBGLeptosiphon montanusK. Harper1989-5-21 KernRancheria Rd from Eugene Grade to Hwy 178, Sequoia Nat Forest
    SBBG183665SBBGLeptosiphon montanusS. W. Hutchinson8261927-6-1 TulareSequoia National Park; Sequoia Nat Park
    SBBG183657SBBGLeptosiphon montanusErnest C. Twisselmann94741964-5-15 TulareArrastre Crk, 5.7 mi E of White River
    SBBG183659SBBGLeptosiphon montanusT. Criswell601977-5-27 MariposaYosemite National Park; SW side of Hwy 140, 10 mi SW of Arch Rock Entrance Stn
    SBBG183664SBBGLeptosiphon montanusH. and M. Dearing27331939-4-28 Tulareabove Kaweah River near Lemon Cove [Lemoncove]
    SBBG183652SBBGLeptosiphon montanusNoraine Meng1211964-6-02 Kern1.5 W of Poso Crk bridge and St Hwy 155, Lavers Ranch
    SDSU03191SDSULeptosiphon montanusHowe, D. F.37771964-5-18 Tulare10 miles from Glennville on road to Porterville.
    SJSU2868SJSULeptosiphon montanusH.T. Harvey3561964-8-08 TulareRedwood Mt Grove of Big Trees at junction of Buena Vista Cr & Redwood Cr, Sequoia National Park
    SJSU8714SJSULeptosiphon montanusN.B. Carr1963-7-14 Tulare0.5 N of confluence of Clover Cr & Marble Fork Kaweah R, Sequoia National Park
    SJSU8720SJSULeptosiphon montanusH.F. Sebring1956-4-10 Fresnoby Pine Flat Reservoir dam c. 20 NE of Fresno
    SJSU8724SJSULeptosiphon montanusT.N. Seeno2091962-5-20 El Doradonear bridge crossing Cosumnes R, Crystal Cave Rd, 8 mi SE of Somerset
    SJSU8726SJSULeptosiphon montanusM.E. Ruby1661961-5-06 Kern24 NE of Bakersfield on Mt Breckenridge Rd
    SJSU13415SJSULeptosiphon montanusC.W. Sharsmith45311943-6-26 TuolumneBig Oak Flat-old Tioga Rd S of Ackerson Cr
    UCSB013475UCSBLeptosiphon montanusLawrence, M.1121982-5-20 KernCalifornia 155, 5 miles east of junction with Bakersfield-Glennville Road, 12 miles west of Glennville; foothill of Greenhorn Mountains
    UCSB013476UCSBLeptosiphon montanusBruce K. Orr1141978-5-25 KernFoothills of Greenhorn Mountains; Calif. Hwy. 155, ca. 3 mi. east of intersection w/ Bakersfield-Glennville Road
    UCSB013477UCSBLeptosiphon montanusJohn C. Roos; Lucille Roos50391951-5-26 MariposaHills about 7 miles east of Mariposa
    UCSB013478UCSBLeptosiphon montanusJohn R. Haller22811969-7-12 TulareSouthern boundary of Whitaker Forest, about 1 1/2 mile by road northeast of Eshom Creek Campground and 4 miles southwest of General's Highway
    UCSB013479UCSBLeptosiphon montanusPatterson, R.12861978-5-20 TulareBalch Park Rd ca. 1.2 mi. E of jct. w/ county Rd. J37
    UCSB013480UCSBLeptosiphon montanusHugh Dearing13941937-5-30 TulareEshorn Valley
    UCSB013481UCSBLeptosiphon montanusPatterson, R.10351976-5-15 MaderaNorth end of Bass Lake, along Willow Creek
    UCSB013482UCSBLeptosiphon montanusWedberg, H.70161957-6-23 MaderaKerkoff Power House Rd.
    UCSB013483UCSBLeptosiphon montanusSundvold, Marti261979-5-19 KernPonderosa Hollow; California 49 through Ahwahnee and Nipinnawassee Roads to Triangle Road, about 11 miles
    RSA96448RSALeptosiphon montanusChas. H. Quibell19281953-5-12 FresnoOld Road, south side Kings River, about 2m beyond Trimmer and SE of mouth of Sycamore Creek
    RSA334156RSALeptosiphon montanusR. F. Thorne347951965-6-04 FresnoSequoia National Forest. Above King's River along Hwy. 180.
    RSA311002RSALeptosiphon montanusS. K. Stocking67-0871967-6-14 FresnoSequoia National Forest. Near Yucca Point heliport.
    RSA77980RSALeptosiphon montanusVerne Grant84621948-5-08 KernIn granite talus on north-facing slope, on road from Bakersfield to Kern Canon, two miles above power plant.
    RSA73067RSALeptosiphon montanusF. W. Peirson73131927-5-28 KernKern River road, 22 miles from Bakersfield
    RSA764567RSALeptosiphon montanusMichael Wall5652010-6-21 TulareBLMSalt Creek drainage north of the town of Three Rivers along dirt road just west of the Salt Ponds; Case Mt.
    RSA16465RSALeptosiphon montanusP. C. Everett66971935-4-29 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
    RSA311018RSALeptosiphon montanusMary Shannons.n.1969-4-23 FresnoPine Flat Dam, south side.
    POM257162RSALeptosiphon montanusLincoln Constance24691939-5-06 El Dorado1.4 miles N of Nashville, Sierra Nevada foothills
    RSA6849RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf47711933-5-18 FresnoW. of Burrough Valley, on rd to Huntington Lake. Digger Pines.
    POM264403RSALeptosiphon montanusH. L. Mason62621935-4-30 KernBelow Hobo Hot Springs, lower Kern River Canon
    RSA369653RSALeptosiphon montanusB. A. Prigge70891986-4-27 FresnoMill Creek, within 1 mile of Kings River; Sierra Nevada.
    RSA562306RSALeptosiphon montanusD. Charlton43381990-6-03 KernHwy 155 between Alta Sierra and Glenville near Kern River
    POM64848RSALeptosiphon montanusW. J. Williamson181919-4-28 TuolumneAlong Spring Gulch, near Bear Creek.
    POM299234RSALeptosiphon montanusYnez Whilton Winblads.n.1941-5-22 TulareThree Rivers near Jack Ranch.
    RSA131558RSALeptosiphon montanusDavid Hendsch11957-4-22 Fresno3/4 m. S.E. Dunlap jct. 180 to Dunlap. Road cut on N. slope, 1/4 m past road bend.
    POM225406RSALeptosiphon montanusChas. H. Quibell12381929-5-11 FresnoSqaw Valley area on the Grant's Pk. Rd.
    POM282365RSALeptosiphon montanusR. D. Harwoods.n.1924-7-05 TulareWillow Meadow, Sequoia Park. Sierra Nevada; Kaweah River watershed.
    POM364717RSALeptosiphon montanusHoward de Forest176701931-6-09 TulareSequoia National Park
    RSA7190RSALeptosiphon montanusC. B. Wolf50611933-6-27 Fresno2.8 mi above Dunlap on Sand Creek Cut-off to Miramonte.
    RSA150851RSALeptosiphon montanusM. A. Piehl624471962-8-03 Santa BarbaraGrown at the S.B. Botanic Garden. Seed source uncertain.
    RSA150049RSALeptosiphon montanusHarold Basey51954-4-24 Fresno1.5 m. above Dunlap, old highway 180.
    RSA151754RSALeptosiphon montanusDavid P. Gregory4481960-7-01 Tulare5 miles E of Bearpaw Meadow Canong the High Sierra Trail.
    RSA191241RSALeptosiphon montanusR. F. Thorne370541967-6-09 Tulareca. 5 miles NNE of Kaweah along N Fork of Kaweah River.
    RSA64879RSALeptosiphon montanusElroy Robinson21a1935-5-19 FresnoHillside at junction of Tollhouse and Watts Valley roads.
    POM282364RSALeptosiphon montanusLyman Benson34831932-5-01 KernKern Canon. Greenhorn. Watershed Kern River.
    RSA563399RSALeptosiphon montanusE. C. Twisselmann94741964-5-15 TulareArrastre Creek, 5.7 miles east of White River.
    SD7452SDLeptosiphon montanusDaniel Clevelands.n.1880-6-12 CalaverasCalifornia [Calaveras] Big Trees.
    SD29550SDLeptosiphon montanusEdward R. Crosss.n.1942-6-24 UnknownMoro Rock Trail, Sequoia National Park.
    SD40761SDLeptosiphon montanusCarl B. Wolf50611933-6-27 FresnoWest slope Sierra Nevada, 2.8 miles above Dunlap on Sand Creek cut-off to Miramonte.
    SD40798SDLeptosiphon montanusCarl B. Wolf46801933-5-14 TulareWest slope Sierra Nevada; North Fork Tule River, 1.2 miles above Milo
    SD40825SDLeptosiphon montanusCarl B. Wolf47401933-5-16 FresnoWest slope Sierra Nevada; 2.8 miles above Dunlap on Sand Creek cut-off to Miramonte.
    SD46446SDLeptosiphon montanusE. K. Balls215261956-4-17 TulareBelow Coffee Creek, east of Springville.
    SD60994SDLeptosiphon montanusDarley F. Howe37771964-5-18 Tulare10 miles from Glennville on road to Porterville.
    SD72396SDLeptosiphon montanusChris Hennes.n.1963-4-06 KernKern River Canon, Greenhorn Mountains.
    SD87526SDLeptosiphon montanusFrank W. Peirson8896