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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
A01548447ALepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1921-07-15 Contra Costa[data not captured]
CHSC100224CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJohn Dittes3691991-06-01 ModocModoc Plateau; Big Valley; Ash Creek Wildlife Area; ca. 5.7 air-miles northeast of Bieber, ca. 7.6 air-miles west of Adin, ca. 1.5 air-mile southeast of Pilot Butte Summit, at southeast base of Pilot Butte. T3 N R08E S30 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Big Swamp 1:24,000
CHSC107952CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensB. Castro18342011-04-20 ColusaSacramento Valley. Extreme W edge of Sacramento Valley; ca 5 air mi NW of Maxwell, 0.8 mi SE of Funks Reservoir and 650 ft northeast of Tehama-Colusa Canal. Off northwest corner of large +- saline-alkaline wetland-marsh, scattered in vernally moist flats, vernal pools and large bald patch of bare whitish soil. T1 N R0 W S23 NE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Sites 1:24,000
CHSC46256CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensVernon Oswald37441989-04-20 ButteGray Lodge Wildlife Area, s side of Rutherford Rd and w side of the road to Parking Areas 12 & 13. T1 N R01E S14 SE1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC46257CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensV. Oswald37361989-04-17 ButteButte Sink Wildlife Area (w portion of Schohr Ranch), between the ranch road and Little Dry Creek near the s gate on Gridley-Colusa Hwy. T1 N R01E S32 SE1-4 of SW1-4
CHSC55375CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. P. Janeway25921988-03-04 San Luis ObispoSouth end of Cholame Valley; just S of jct hwys 46 and 41. T25S R16E S3 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Cholame 1:24,000
CHSC55376CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. P. Janeway26071988-03-29 KernN-facing slope above cyn bottom at E end of Bluestone Ridge; ca 3 NE of Keck′s Corner, 1 1-2 W of Keck′s Rd. T25S R18E S31 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Sawtooth Ridge 1:24,000
CHSC60667CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensVernon H. Oswald53241993-04-26 GlennSacramento National Wildlife Refuge. Main unit of refuge located ca. 7 mi S of Willows, S side of Norman Rd, NW corner of Tract G. T1 N R0 W S24 NW1-4 of NE1-4
CHSC62870CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensVernon H. Oswald59951994-03-14 GlennSacramento National Wildlife Refuge. Refuge located ca. 7 mi S of Willows, along the NE side of Cell 2, Pool 10. Between the dike road and Logan Creek. T1 N R0 W S25 NE1-4
CHSC66929CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJames D. Jokerst40911995-04-19 KernSan Joaquin Valley. East of Hwy. 33 at a point 1 mi S of McKittrick. T30S R22E S2 W1-4 SE corner
CHSC67094CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJames D. Jokerst30901989-04-07 AlamedaSite N of Livermore Valley along Los Vasqueros Rd. relocation study area, bottom of side canyon off main N-S oriented main canyon draining Brushy Peak. T02S R02E S2 W1-4 of NE1-4 N edge
CHSC67910CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJames D. Jokerst30681989-03-29 Contra Costa0.25 mi S of Byron Hot Springs NE of Livermore. T01S R03E S1 W1-4 of NE1-4 S edge
CHSC67911CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJames D. Jokerst30691989-03-29 Contra Costa0.25 mi S of Byron Hot Springs NE of Livermore. T01S R03E S1 W1-4 of NE1-4 S edge
CHSC67912CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJames D. Jokerst30741989-03-29 Contra CostaByron Hot Springs area NE of Livermore, adjacent to pipeline on terrace S of ephemeral creek. T01S R03E S1 W1-4 of NE1-4 SE corner
CHSC67913CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJames D. Jokerst27901987-04-13 AlamedaSpringtown Cordylanthus site in Livermore Valley, SW of Ramond Rd., ca. 200 m SE of NE corner of houses. T02S R02E S2 W1-4 of NE1-4 center
CHSC69636CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJames D. Jokerst29741988-03-08 KernElk Hills Prison project site just N of Buena Vista Hills, ca. 0.33 mi E of Hwy. 33 at a point 1 mi S of McKittrick (at Skyline Rd.). T30S R22E S2 W1-4 of NW1-4
CHSC77322CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. P. Janeway64021999-04-13 GlennVicinity of Logan Ridge anda Hunters Creek. Along drainage. T1 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Logan Ridge 1:24,000
CHSC79481CHSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. P. Janeway66362000-03-23 ColusaVicinity of Funks Creek and Glenn-Colusa Canal. T1 N R0 W S USGS Quadrangle: Sites 1:24,000
ELH01248ELHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensGary Schoolcraft21391991-05-23 ModocNorth side of Westlake Creek, 1 mile west of Canby California
FSC0010235FSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensDean William Taylor411969-04-14 FresnoAlong Highway 180 7 1-2 miles West of Kerman
FSC0010236FSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensFrank Gilstrap67-1611967-05-05 FresnoCollected just off the Highway 180 in the game refuge at Mendota Slough
FSC0010237FSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJohn Shive680181968-03-09 TulareHighway 63, 1 mile north of Sequoia Home turnoff where road sign reads 63-TUL-17
FSC0010238FSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA. P. Nelson61201961-02-27 San Joaquinalong Greenville road near Western Pacific railroad tracks just south of US highway 50 at the east end of Libermore Valley.
FSC0010239FSCLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJim BartelFK0051975-11-19 FresnoCollected 4.5 miles west of James Rd. along Highway 180 within the Fresno K-rat study area.
GH01548444GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1961-04-22 Alameda[data not captured]
GH01548445GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-03-21 Contra Costa[data not captured]
GH01548446GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1918-05-25 Merced[data not captured]
GH01548448GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-06-28 San Luis Obispo[data not captured]
GH01548449GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1863-01-01 Contra Costa[data not captured]
GH01548450GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-06-14 Fresno[data not captured]
GH01548451GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1882-07-01 Yolo[data not captured]
GH01548452GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1985-05-14 Contra Costa[data not captured]
GH01548453GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1954-08-22 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01548455GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-05-15 Stanislaus[data not captured]
GH01548456GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1917-07-01 Madera[data not captured]
GH01548457GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1935-05-03 Alameda[data not captured]
GH01548458GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-07-25 Alameda[data not captured]
GH01548459GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1936-05-06 Kern[data not captured]
GH01548460GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1863-01-01 Merced[data not captured]
GH01548461GHLepidium dictyotum var. acutidens;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1920-06-20 Contra Costa[data not captured]
JEPS105143UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensDean W. Taylor147661995-03-17 Yoloca. 100 m SE junction Road 102 and Road 25 (site is 6 miles N of Davis)
JEPS18128UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, H. L. Mason55631956-03-30 San Luis Obispoin triangular field formed by junction of U.S. 466 and Calif. Hwy. 41; Cholame Valley
JEPS18129UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, H. L. Mason5563A1956-03-30 San Luis Obispoin triangular field formed by junction of U.S. 466 and Calif. Hwy. 41; Cholame Valley
JEPS18450UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensRimo Bacigalupi, S. G. Smith, Don Stone58481957-04-17 Alameda0.5 mi s U.S. Hwy. 50 (on Greenville Rd, along S.P. tracks and between these and W.P. tracks, e edge of Livermore Valley); Livermore Valley
JEPS21344UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJ. Burtt Davy1898-05-01 Contra CostaDanville Mount Diablo Region
JEPS21345UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJ. Burtt Davy1898-05-01 Contra CostaDanville Mount Diablo Region
JEPS21347UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensWillis L. Jepson120301927-04-27 San Luis ObispoCholame
JEPS21349UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensWillis L. Jepson5371900-03-14 SolanoLittle Oak Vacaville
JEPS21351UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensWillis L. Jepson115761927-04-08 MercedLos Banos
JEPS21352UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensWillis L. Jepson115731927-04-08 MercedDos Palos
JEPS21353UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensWillis L. Jepson115741926-04-08 MercedDos Palos
JEPS21354UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensWillis L. Jepson133641885-03-08 Solanonear Vacaville; Little Oak
JEPS21356UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJ. Burtt Davy1898-05-01 Contra CostaLivermore Valley Mount Diablo Region
JEPS21357UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensWillis L. Jepson133711892-05-14 Solanos of Muzzy′s Ranch; Montezuma Hills
JEPS27270UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensRimo Bacigalupi75401961-02-27 Alamedajust e Greenville Road (where it parallels the S.P. right-out-way, 0.5 mi s of underpass under U.S. Hwy 50, at base of hill VABM 717 on Altamont U.S.G.S. Quad. 1953); Altamont U.S.G.S. Quad. 1953
JEPS48644UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensElsa Kraeger1926-03-27 NapaCalistoga, near geyser Calistoga
JEPS53720UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensAllison Krames1935-03-31 KernKern River Park
JEPS53724UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensAllison Krames1935-03-31 KernKern River Park
JEPS73691UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. R. Heckard, Wm. Hirano, Ted Niehaus17601968-03-03 Contra Costaabout 3 mi se Byron (at junction of Holey Road, along Byron-Bethany road)
JEPS81233UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman58291982-04-07 Yoloabout 3 mi se Woodland (at corner of road 25A and Road 103)
JEPS81849UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensLawrence R. Heckard60861983-03-22 Alamedane of Springtown (s of Hartford Avenue and e of Livermore Avenue, Livermore); Livermore
JEPS90382UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensDean Wm. Taylor, Roy E. Buck101801989-03-21 San Luis Obispos end of lake 0.2 mi e junction of Soda Lake Road with Simler Road (on low ridge forming e rim of s arm of lake, (Painted Rock 7 1-2 quadrangle, 1959 edition)); Carrizo Plain, Soda Lake
JEPS90388UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensDean Wm. Taylor, Glenn Clifton111861990-06-26 PlumasDyson Lane ca. 1.5 mi e junction of road A23; Sierra Valley
JEPS96787UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensDean W. Taylor162891998-04-08 Merced8 mi SE of Merced, S of Sandy Mush road and E of Combs Road
LA00605991LALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensAnnetta M. Carter7531935-03-10 Contra Costas of Kirker Pass road junction with Nortonville road (Kirker Pass road)
LA00605992LALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensC. B. Wolf83731937-03-31 San JoaquinSan Joaquin Valley. 1 mi S of Stockton on Tracy Rd.
NY3178555NYLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA. Eastwood37711914-03-14 ?  Contra CostaByron Springs
NY3178568NYLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. S. Rose370121937-03-26 ?  Contra CostaByron
PUA44305PUALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJoe Callizo1980-02-25 NapaLocal landmark: Grant Avenue. Calistoga Quad.
PUA61263PUALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensG.L. Clifton1981-04-12 ColusaLocal landmark: Williams. Williams Quad.
RSA0186056RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJ. T. Howell108941933-03-29 Contra CostaNortonville.
RSA0186058RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensGeorge K. Helmkamp65392001-04-27 KernCentral CA Valley; Enos Lane Rd., 1.9 mi S of CA-11 NE of Taft).
RSA0186060RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. R. Abrams107511925-03-24 Merced3 mi E of Los Banos.
RSA0186061RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensBarbara Ertter80931989-03-24 MercedAcross road and railroad from Volta State Wildlife Refuge NW of Los Banos.
RSA0186062RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA. C. Sanders136701993-04-01 RiversideWestern Edge of Hemet, 14 acre parcel at NE corner of intersection of Myers and Devonshire Ave., 0.75 NE of intersection of Florida Ave. (Hwy 74) and Warren Rd. just south of Tres Cerritos.
RSA0186063RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensSteve Boyd85951996-04-19 RiversideSan Jacinto Valley, ca 2 air miles NE of Winchester and 0.5 W of Ryan Airfield in the upper Salt Creek floodplain, at the N end of California Avenue, N of Stetson Avenue, W of the Metropolitan Water District canal.
RSA0186064RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensScott D. White89722003-04-09 RiversidePrivate, proposed for development.Northeast corner of Devonshire Ave. and Warren Road, immediately southwest of Tres Cerritos. Former chicken farm.; Lakeview Quad.
RSA0186065RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA. C. Sanders136831993-04-05 RiversideWestern edge of Hemet, along S side of Devonshire Ave. between Old Warren and Warren roads, SW of Tres Cerritos and N of Florida Ave. (Hwy 74).
RSA0186066RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensAlice Eastwood20101935-03-25 San Luis ObispoCholame.
RSA0186067RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensC. B. Wolf83231937-03-28 YoloSacramento Valley, 6.5 miles south of Woodland.
RSA0186102RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensElizabeth McClintocks.n.1950-03-26 AlamedaIn Livermore Valley a few miles west of Livermore.
RSA0186103RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. S. Rose330411933-03-29 Contra CostaNortonville.
RSA0186104RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensE. C. Twisselmann104661965-03-17 KernKern National Wildlife Refuge; Goose Lake Canal near the S boundary of the Refuge.
RSA0186105RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensD. E. Bramlet24931997-03-13 RiversideNichols Road Wetlands. The site is located approximately 275 m SE of Nichols Road, 9 W of Collier Ave and 305 m W of the I-15. The locality is E of the existing dirt road extending S from Nichols Road and adjacent to Alberhill Creek.; Lake Elsinore 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0186106RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensScott D. White11431993-03-12 RiversideSan Jacinto Valley: pools between aqueduct and Warren Road.; Winchester 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0186107RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensC. B. Wolf83731937-03-31 San JoaquinSan Joaquin Valley. 1 mi S of Stockton on Tracy Rd.
RSA0186128RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensC. B. Wolf62961935-03-24 Los Angeles1 mile north of Buena Park in valley to W of W Coyote Hills. [Specimen is 0.1 W of the Orange County line in L.A. County. Ref; Mr. Fred Roberts and Tom Chester]
RSA0186130RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJulie Greene10631993-03-13 RiversideOn the berm north of the western ponds.; El Casco 7.5 Quad.
RSA0186131RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensF. W. Peirson87711930-05-10 Riverside1 mile east of Perris.
RSA0186132RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensI. L. Wiggins57861932-03-20 San Luis ObispoHillsides in immediate vicinity of Cholame.
RSA66572RSALepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJ. T. Howell108941933-03-29 Contra CostaNortonville.
UC10609UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensF. T. Bioletti1892-01-01 San JoaquinLower San Joaquin
UC10677UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-07-05 LassenDixie Valley
UC117575UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensMichener, Bioletti1892-04-01 AlamedaLivermore
UC117628UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensK. Brandegee1889-04-01 ColusaColusa Junction
UC1211931UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJohn H. Weiler, A. P. Nelson6991961-02-27 Alamedajust s U.S. Hwy. 50 (alogn Greenville Road near Western Pacific Railroad tracks, e end of Livermore Valley); Livermore Valley
UC1296289UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensR. F. Hoover81091952-04-10 San Luis Obispo1 mi s Simmler; Carrizo Plain, Howell
UC1563653UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensBarbara Ertter, Jan Larson80931989-03-24 Mercednw of Los Banos (across road and railroad from Volta State Wildlife Refuge)
UC1563899UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensBarbara Ertter, Jan Larson80931989-03-24 Mercednw of Los Banos (across road and railroad from Volta State Wildlife Refuge)
UC1563917UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensBarbara Ertter, Jan Larson80891989-03-24 Mercedne of Gustine (s of Hwy 140, Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge, not far from Parking Area 1); Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge
UC178940UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensKatharine Brandegee1906-03-01 San DiegoFirst St. between Redwood and Upas. San Diego
UC178941UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensKatharine Brandegee1906-03-01 San DiegoFirst St. between Redwood and Upas. San Diego
UC178968UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensD. Cleveland, M. E. Jones1882-03-18 San Diegosan diego
UC511096UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensLyman Benson29691932-02-13 KernMouth of Cottonwood Creek, Kern River watershed Greenhorn Mt. Range, Mouth of Kern Canon, Kern River
UC517476UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJohn Thomas Howell108731933-03-26 Alamedanear Livermore; Livermore Valley
UC518001UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensLewis S. Rose330411933-03-29 Contra CostaNortonville
UC524096UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensIra L. Wiggins57861932-03-20 San Luis Obispoimmediate vicinity Cholame
UC545796UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensAnnetta M. Carter7531935-03-10 Contra Costas of Kirker Pass road junction with Nortonville road (Kirker Pass road)
UC556399UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensDavid D. Keck, J. Clausen31021935-04-09 San Luis Obispoe of Cholame; Cholame Creek
UC725791UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA. A. Heller153621939-03-29 Glenn4 mi s Willows
UC762906UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensR. F. Hoover43351940-04-12 Stanislausnear San Joaquin River (Carpenter Road)
UC764776UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensR. F. Hoover16861937-03-25 Madera8 mi w Chowchilla
UC764777UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensRobert F. Hoover2511935-03-01 San Joaquinw of Ripon (San Joaquin River Bridge); San Joaquin River
UC764779UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensR. F. Hoover16371937-03-25 Stanislausnear Crows Landing bridge (e side of San Joaquin River)
UC765122UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensR. F. Hoover17851937-04-10 Fresno3 mi s Helm
UC856365UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensLewis S. Rose370121937-03-26 Contra CostaByron
UC856366UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensLewis S. Rose330151933-03-17 AlamedaMountain House
UC856367UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensMilo S. Baker75711936-04-01 NapaCalistoga Geysers
UC856415UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensMarcus E. Jones30611882-03-14 San DiegoSan Diego
UC856531UCJEPSLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensL. R. Abrams107511925-03-24 Merced3 mi e Los Banos
UCR0082462UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA.C. Sanders218581998-05-21 RiversideAlkaline flats west of town, east of the canal, south of Hwy 74 (Florida) and c. 1-4 mi. west of Warren Rd.; Hemet
UCR0082463UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensO.F. Clarkes.n.1973-03-10 RiversideLakeview Area, 2.5 miles north of Ramona Expressway on Davis Rd.
UCR0082464UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA.C. Sanders137601993-04-01 Riversidewestern edge of Hemet, 14 acre parcel at NE corner of intersection of Myers St. and Devonshire Ave., 0.75 mile NE of the intersection of Florida Ave (Hwy 74) and Warren Rd, just south of Tres Cerritos
UCR0082465UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJohn C. Roos47121950-03-18 Riverside1 mile SE of Perris
UCR0082466UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensJulie A. Greene11091993-04-03 RiversideSan Jacinto Wildlife Area. Around pond #3
UCR0082467UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA.C. Sanders180561996-04-20 RiversideSan Jacinto River between Nuevo and Lakeview, from 11th to 13th Streets, E side of the river channel
UCR0082468UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensScott D. White13231993-04-30 RiversideNear intersection of Warren Rd. and Stetson Ave.
UCR0082469UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensScott D. White39651996-04-20 Riversidenear Perris Airport; c. 100 m south of Case Road and 100 m west of the San Jacinto River Channel
UCR0082470UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA.C. Sanders136831993-04-05 Riversidewest edge of Hemet, along south side of Devonshire Ave. between Old Warren and Warren Roads, SW of Tres Cerritos and north of Florida Ave.- Hwy 74
UCR0082471UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensMitch Provance65722005-05-17 RiversideTerra Cotta, Nichols Rd. Wetland at Alberhill Creek, c. 100 yards SE of the Durant RR siding, the site bordered along the NW by Pierce St. and on the N by Alberhill Creek, with Baker St. more or less bisecting the collection site
UCR0082472UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensKarin Cleary-Roses.n.1998-03-06 RiversidePalmieri property, 25 acre parcel in western Hemet, south of Hwy 74, west of Warren Rd, directly east of the San Diego Aqueduct and c. 500 ft. east of Salt Creek, north of Stetson Ave.
UCR0082473UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensFred M. Roberts61522005-04-01 RiversideW of Hemet, parcel between Devonshire and Florida, c. 0.2 N of Florida and 0.2 W San Diego Aquaduct; c. 2km NW Ryan Field
UCR0082474UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensD.E. Bramlet24931997-03-13 RiversideNichols Road Wetlands, c. 275-335m SE of Nichols Road, 91m west of Collier Ave. and 196-305 m west of the I-5, east of the dirt road extending S from Nichols Rd. and adjacent to Alberhill Creek
UCR0082475UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA.C. Sanders240442001-04-17 Riversidewest edge of Hemet, SW corner of Florida Ave. (Hwy 74) and Warren Rd.
UCR0082476UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA.C. Sanders240552001-04-17 Riversidesouthwest edge of Hemet, north of Stetson Av. midway between Warren Rd. and California Av., east of canal
UCR0082477UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensA.C. Sanders240602001-04-17 Riversidesouthwest edge of Hemet, NW of intersection of Stowe Rd. and California Av., 2 miles NE of Winchester
UCR0082478UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensFred M. Roberts48741992-04-25 RiversideUpper Salt Creek Watershed adjacent to Hemet, NW corner of California Avenue and Stowe Road, 3.3km ENE Winchester; San Jacinto Valley
UCR0082521UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensD.E. Bramlet36482005-03-01 RiversideBetween Hemet & Winchester, upper Salt Creek, west of Warren Rd. & south of Stetson Ave., parcel, # 465100040, east of San Diego Canal and north of RR tracks
UCR0082522UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensD.E. Bramlet39842006-05-05 Riversidewest Hemet area, north of Stetson Ave. and east of the MWD [San Diego] canal
UCR0082527UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensDavid J. Keil14488--21981-04-24 San Luis Obisporoad at south end of Soda Lake c. 0.25 mile east of Soda Lake Road
UCR0082530UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensWilliam R. Bowen1121962-05-01 Tularealong Central Valley Highway c. 5 mi north of Kernell Siding (AT&SF) near Delano
UCR0082589UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensD.E. Bramlet37162005-03-16 RiversideHemet, Wilhelm property, south side of Florida Ave (Hwy 74) c. 0.25 mile west of San Diego canal
UCR0082607UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensGeorge K. Helmkamp65392001-04-27 KernEnos Lane Rd., 1.9 miles south of Calif. Hwy 1 NE of Taft
UCR0115067UCRLepidium dictyotum var. acutidensD.E. Bramlet36952005-03-14 Riverside6 W Stetson Ave., Highway 79 realignment project between Domenigoni Pkwy and Gilman Springs Road, generally west of Hemet, Assessors Parcel 465100036, 8.86 ac. rectangular parcel on south side of Stetson east of the San Diego Aqueduct

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