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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT560234CASJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusRawlings, John; Corelli, Toni20012017-6-5 San MateoWavecrest Open Space, Half Moon Bay
    CAS-BOT646222CASJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusRawlings, John; Hickman, Ken26062019-7-7 San MateoSan Bruno Mountain Park; lower eastern slopes; Shearwater.
    CDA0015284CDAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusG.F. Hrusa147221998-7-17 Contra CostaAntioch-Pittsburg Hwy. at E end of Dow Chemical property. Sacramento Delta.
    CDA0020027CDAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusK. PeekPDR 12368202002-8-27 AlamedaPalomares Rd. San Francisco Bay Area.
    CHSC104066CHSCJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusVern Yadon2009-7-2 MontereyHennikens Flats, BLM section of former Ft. Ord.
    CHSC105154CHSCJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusPeter F. Zika239112008-7-16 MarinDisturbed damp ground, near Westside Road, with Juncus bufonius, J. bolanderi, Cyperus eragrostis, W shore of Bodega Harbor (Central Coast, CCo)
    DAV334960DAVJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJake Ruygt3998b1998-5-25 NapaNapa County: Napa River Ecological Reserve, Yountville.
    DAV334961DAVJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-6 MontereyMonterey County: Fort Ord, Trail 17.
    HSC85846HSCJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusL.P. Janeway6981983-9-24 HumboldtS side of Big Lagoon at county camp ground, 10-30 ft. from water line
    IRVC30629IRVCJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusMark A. Elvin; L. Schicker, LynneDee Althouse54912007-5-31 San Luis ObispoS of Los Osos.
    JEPS111079UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusLee Echolss.n.2003-6-2 Contra CostaN of Lark Drive in SW portion of grassland within UC Berkeley's Richmond Field Station, app. .5 miles from Hwy 580 off Bayview Ave, Richmond
    JEPS122665UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJake Ruygt12241982-5-04 NapaSuscol plain, between Kaiser and Highway 29 (Rocktram). Quad: Napa.
    JEPS45899UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR. Verl. Gardner1916-8-29 San Franciscos of Cliff House; San Francisco
    JEPS67075UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJ. B. Davy7561893-6-22 San MateoLake Pilarcitas
    JEPS67077UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusM. E., E. Van E. Ferguson2911919-6-20 MontereyCarmel Bay
    JEPS67081UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusM. E., E. Van E. Ferguson2931919-6-22 MontereyCarmel Bay
    JEPS67129UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusunknown11925-5-28 San MateoSalada
    JEPS73297UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusEdward Lee8701934-6-09 San FranciscoSan Francisco, Twin Peaks
    OBI155846OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusRenee Jahlik251992-5-02 Santa BarbaraNorth Base, Along San Antonio Creek between El Rancho Road and Southern Pacific railroad trestle
    OBI155847OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR.F. Hoover73281947-7-26 San Luis ObispoNear Piedras Blancas Point (just N of) in swampy area at head of small ravine about 1.5 mi from ocean
    OBI155849OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusH.E. Jones321981-5-18 San Luis ObispoPoint Piedras Blancas. Restricted to grass near water seepage or spring; south of road 1/2 mile from gate 200 yards off road behind stabilized dune-scrub
    OBI155850OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR.F. Hoover73891947-8-17 San Luis ObispoBetween San Carpoforo Creek and Arroyo do la Cruz, near ocean
    OBI155853OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJulie Oxford2161981-5-17 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base; Lompoc-Casmalia Rd N of San Antonio Rd; Vandenberg Air Force Base
    OBI155856OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusEric Wise8221981-6-29 San Luis ObispoTwin Lake of Dune Lakes
    OBI155861OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR.F. Hoover94921965-7-12 MontereyMonterey, adjacent to Deer Flat Park
    OBI155862OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusF. Rush451956-3-1 San Luis ObispoSoggy, SE wash, Mt. SLO
    OBI155866OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR.F. Hoover79181950-5-15 San Luis ObispoNear northwest end of Laguna, San Luis Obispo, in low meadow
    OBI155872OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusE. PainterHL29071996-8-26 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: El Piojo Crk, ca. 0.75 km S of reservoir N of Sam Jones Rd, ca. 4.5 WNW of Bald Mtn; Ft Hunter Liggett
    OBI155875OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusEric Wise9621981-7-26 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn
    OBI155876OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusL.R. Abrams109631925-8-16 Montereynear the reservoir, Monterey Peninsula
    OBI155877OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusLynne Dee Oyler5461988-6-23 San Luis ObispoUpper Prefumo Cyn rd near summit. Sec 3, T31S, R11E
    OBI155880OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJan Barber21993-6-14 San Luis ObispoN of parking lot at W end of Laguna Park in San Luis Obispo
    OBI155881OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusDavid Keil241411993-5-22 Santa BarbaraNorth Base. Along Lompoc-Casmalia Rd, 0-0.4 mile N of junction with San Antonio Rd. W. Roadside
    OBI155883OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR.F. Hoover71181947-5-02 San Luis ObispoAtascadero
    OBI155884OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusDavid Keil146641981-5-16 San Luis ObispoArea around Arroyo de la Cruz near its crossing of Calif Hwy 1
    OBI155885OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJulie M. Vanderwier251979-5-11 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
    OBI155887OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusEric Wise814-b1981-6-29 San Luis ObispoCelery Lake of Dune Lakes
    OBI155888OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusEric Wise7251981-6-26 San Luis ObispoArroyo Laguna. 15.2 mi S of Monterey border
    OBI155889OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusDavid Keil1981-5-31 San Luis ObispoCounty Educational Facility at Rancho El Chorro.
    OBI161363OBIJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusReed Kenny6452019-5-20 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
    PGM1770PGMJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusLind, Helen1978-5-07 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Monterey Iris Cyn Rd, Nr Sylvan Rd
    PGM3660PGMJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusYadon, Vern1987-6-07 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Ft Ord, Corner near Del Rey Oaks
    PGM4268PGMJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusYadon, Vern1998-5-30 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Ft Ord Henniken Ranch Rd, Henniken Flats E of Henniken Ranch Rd
    PGM4269PGMJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusYadon, Vern1998-5-30 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Ft Ord Henniken Ranch Rd, Henniken Flats E of Henniken Ranch Rd
    PGM4270PGMJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusYadon, Vern1998-5-30 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Ft Ord Henniken Ranch Rd, Henniken Flats E of Henniken Ranch Rd
    PGM785PGMJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusAllison & Lind1970-8-10 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, Gowen Cypress Area
    POM110924RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusMarcus E. Joness.n.1881-7-16 San FranciscoSan Francisco.
    POM110926RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusA. Kelloggs.n.1866--1 San FranciscoOn Lone Mountain, San Francisco.
    POM110927RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusMarcus E. Joness.n.1881-7-02 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
    POM170477RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusS. B. Parish114621917-8-1 MontereyAsilomar.
    POM180972RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusHarfords.n.1878-6-12 San FranciscoSan Francisco.
    POM190537RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusD. D. Keck14561932-5-06 San MateoBelmont.
    POM193866RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusW. R. Dudleys.n.1894-6-03 San FranciscoNear McAllister St. ca line NE Golden Gate Park. San Francisco.
    POM193867RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusW. R. Dudleys.n.1903-8-1 Santa ClaraNear railroad, Alviso. Santa Cruz Mountain Peninsula.
    POM227000RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusRoxana S. Ferris80901935-7-19 MarinSummit of divide between Inverness and Point Reyes Lighthouse, 2.5 miles from Inverness
    POM231581RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusFlorence J. Youngberg2141937-7-04 MontereyAsilomar.
    POM258839RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusFlorence J. Youngbergs.n.1938-7-1 MontereyNear Monterey.
    POM289958RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusLyman Benson65601935-5-16 MarinUS 1 N of San Rafael, Mt. Range: Seaward N coast; Watershed: San Francisco Bay.
    POM289959RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusLyman Benson84131937-7-03 MontereyAsilomar, Pacific Grove.
    POM289961RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusLyman Benson64941935-4-27 MontereyPacific Grove, Monterey Bay, Ocean Bluff.
    POM315980RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusPatricia Wilder37071965-6-11 MendocinoVicinity of Rourns Landing, S of Anchor Bay and slightly W of Calif. State Highway 1.
    RSA0110177RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusNoah D. BeckCA190-722006-7-11 MontereyEcoregion 15. Fort Ord project site - old military base near coast.
    RSA103796RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusA. Kellogg961866--1 San FranciscoOn Lone Mountain, San Francisco.
    RSA103797RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusA. Kelloggs.n.1866-8-02 San FranciscoBrooklyn Creek, opposite San Francisco.
    RSA103849RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusH. N. Bolanders.n.1866-9-1 UnknownHeadwaters of Tuolumne River.
    RSA119343RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusS. S. Tillett5871956-6-30 MarinAbove and E of old Life-Saving Station, W beach Point Reyes Peninsula, appr. 3.5 mi. from Pt. Reyes Light.
    RSA126568RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusB. O. Schreiber22731936-6-28 Marin1.5 miles NNW of Indian Beach.; Pt. Reyes (Marin)
    RSA126569RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusH. S. Yates56371936-6-14 Marin1 1/2 miles E of Aurora School.; Sebastopol (Marin)
    RSA127072RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJ. T. Howell209631945-6-12 MarinNear radio station, Pt. Reyes Peninsula.
    RSA168869RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJoseph P. Tracy133911934-7-13 HumboldtDow's Prairie.
    RSA171100RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusRobert F. Thorne189351957-8-29 MontereyMonterey Peninsula.
    RSA172676RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusErnest C. Twisselmann104251964-12-03 MontereyHighway 1, ca. 9 miles south of Big Sur, Santa Lucia Range.
    RSA176966RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJohn H. Thomas104071964-6-02 Santa CruzAbout 3 miles from Felton toward Santa Cruz along Graham Hill Road.
    RSA180167RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusClare B. Hardham33601958-5-13 San Luis ObispoCerro Alto. Santa Lucia Mountains.
    RSA180171RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusClare B. Hardham62841960-6-19 MontereyEl Piojo Creek 1 mile south of Corrals. South of Jolon.
    RSA180175RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusClare B. Hardham46101959-5-21 San Luis ObispoArroyo de la Cruz
    RSA180983RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusErnest C. Twisselmann117371965-11-02 MontereyMouth of Mill Creek.
    RSA18208RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusCarl B. Wolf5881927-7-12 San Francisco[No location data on label.]
    RSA187539RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJohn H. Thomas19221950-5-28 Santa CruzHilton Airport.
    RSA202730RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJohn H. Thomas33491953-6-14 Santa CruzMarsh at Camp Evers.
    RSA216707RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusRobert F. Hoover114041969-7-02 San Luis ObispoHazard Canon.
    RSA246808RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusRobert F. Thorne355241965-9-20 Del NorteNear North Fork Road, c. 1 mile E of Gasquet.
    RSA293429RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusReino Alava20471958-5-24 SonomaNorthern part of Pitkin Marsh.
    RSA3807RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusLe Roy Abrams109631925-8-16 MontereyNear the reservoir, Monterey Peninsula.
    RSA571884RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusGeo L. Moxley3191915-5-09 Los AngelesCanon in hills east of Occidental College
    RSA585666RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusF. L. JohnsonROBO6801993-5-27 San Luis ObispoPlant inventory of Camp Roberts and Camp San Luis Obispo: 1 NE of Chorro Reservoir. Camp San Luis Obispo.
    RSA586355RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusF. L. JohnsonROBO6801993-5-27 San Luis ObispoPlant inventory of Camp Roberts and Camp San Luis Obispo: 1 NE of Chorro Reservoir. Camp San Luis Obispo.
    RSA70263RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusF. W. Peirson36691923-7-11 Humboldt7 miles N of Arcata, Humboldt County
    RSA775552RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusW. R. FerrenLP4431983-5-01 Santa BarbaraLa Purisima Mission State Historic Park: 2 NE of Lompoc City limit. Upper reservoir area.
    RSA94015RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusPeter Rubtzoff5091951-7-21 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville; Between the Upper and the Lower marshes.
    RSA94072RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJ. T. Howell233001947-6-26 SonomaCunningham Marsh.
    RSA94456RSAJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusPeter Rubtzoff2011951-6-10 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville; Between the Upper and the Lower marshes.
    SBBG134031SBBGJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR. Burgess, C. Wishner68682005-5-2 VenturaNewbury Park, vacant parcel E of W terminus of Alice Drive; Thousand Oaks
    SBBG175840SBBGJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusK. Danielsen, A. Sawdo1988-7-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Lobos Cyn
    SD233646SDJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusG. Helmkamp10361996-5-24 San Luis ObispoState Park System north of Turri Road and 1.5 mi east of South Bay Blvd.
    SD280661SDJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusLyman Benson125931947-6-20 San DiegoMt. Palomar midway between Crestline and the observatory. Mt. Range: Palomar. Drainage area: Pacific Slope
    SJSU15417SJSUJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusToni Corelli4322009-9-23 San MateoTunitas Creek, San Mateo County west of Hwy. 1
    UC1106292UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusJohn Thomas Howell214641945-9-13 MarinPt. Reyes Peninsula, near radio station Pt. Reyes Peninsula
    UC1146342UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR. F. Hoover93971965-5-22 San Luis Obispon of Cambria
    UC1146343UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR. F. Hoover93981965-5-22 San Luis Obispon of Cambria
    UC1257333UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusR. F. Hoover114041969-7-02 San Luis ObispoHazard Canon
    UC903171UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusEthel Crum21131940-5-26 SonomaVine Hill North Coast Ranges, Pitkin Marsh
    UC971685UCJEPSJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusLeo Koch1004b1940-6-05 Contra Costa2 mi s San Rafael ferry dock (near highway)
    UCR121571UCRJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusGeorge K. Helmkamp50011999-6-28 San MateoPescadero Creek Watershed. Bean Hollow Road 0.3 mile south of Pescadero Road, southwest of Pescadero. Slopes above Butano Creek; Pescadero Crk Watershed
    UCR224704UCRJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-5-8 MontereyFort Ord, Mary's Valley
    UCR91690UCRJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusGeorge K. Helmkamp10361996-5-24 San Luis ObispoBaywood Park/Los Osos, state park system, north of Turri Road and 1.5 miles east of South Bay Blvd
    UCSB054639UCSBJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusPaula Power1311986-4-29 Santa BarbaraNext to W edge of Coal Oil Point Reserve behind foredunes.
    UCSB69774UCSBJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusWayne R. FerrenUO-1051984-10-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez River Estuary. La Graciosa Rd., 4.5 km south of Orcutt.
    UCSC100011226UCSCJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusReed C. Benkendorfs.n.2017-6-23 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
    UCSC100011227UCSCJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusNeal Kramer6231996-9-02 Santa CruzBonny Doon Ecological Reserve, hog wallow
    UCSC100011231UCSCJuncus phaeocephalus var. phaeocephalusAl KeuterAK00-0612013-5-14 Santa CruzAlong margin of meadow adjacent to willow grove near pond, Quail Hollow Ranch County Park

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