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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT123269CASJuncus capillarisParry, Charles Christophers.n.1881-06-01 MariposaYosemite Valley
CAS-BOT566755CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas279561951-07-19 TulareMonarch Lakes Trail
CAS-BOT566756CASJuncus capillarisQuick, Clarence R.; London, Arthur52-252a1952-08-07 TulareDorset Creek, Sequoia park
CAS-BOT566757CASJuncus capillarisRaven, Peter H.83391955-07-20 Tularee. of point at head of Kern River
CAS-BOT566758CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas256821949-07-24 TulareRock Creek
CAS-BOT566759CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas256821942-07-28 TulareBetween Pinto Lake and Black Rock Pass
CAS-BOT566760CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas173281942-07-27 TulareCliff Creek between Deer Creek and Pinto Lake
CAS-BOT566761CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas159041940-08-02 TulareRocky slope above Reflection Lake
CAS-BOT566762CASJuncus capillarisShevock, James R.106101983-07-27 TulareEast base of Moses Mountain, Wishon Fork Tule River. Golden Trout Wilderness, Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT566763CASJuncus capillarisHesse, V. F.2326a1957-07-20 TuolumneKennedy Meadows
CAS-BOT566765CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas204871944-08-14 TuolumneTuolumne Canyon above Glen Aulin
CAS-BOT566766CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas204411944-08-13 TuolumneBetween Dog Lake and Tuolumne Meadows
CAS-BOT566767CASJuncus capillarisKeck, David D.; Clausen, J.52891941-05-11 TuolumneWest end of Hetch Hetchy Valley, Yosemite Nat′l Park, 1.5 mi. N. of O′shaughnessy Dam
CAS-BOT566768CASJuncus capillarisKeck, David D.; Clausen, J.52891941-05-11 TuolumneWest end of Hetch Hetchy Valley, Yosemite Nat′l Park, 1.5 mi. N. of O′shaughnessy Dam
CAS-BOT566769CASJuncus capillarisErtter, Barbara; Strachan, Jeffrey39281980-08-04 TuolumneSouthwest side Glen Aulin trail between Delany and Dingley Creeks, Tuolumne meadows, Yosemite National Park.
CAS-BOT568755CASJuncus capillarisHardham, Clare B.21821b1978-08-14 AlpineWolf Creek
CAS-BOT568756CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas339481958-07-26 FresnoSierra Nevada: Simpson Meadow, Middle Fork of the Kings River
CAS-BOT568757CASJuncus capillarisRaven, Peter H.56761953-07-14 FresnoMills Creek
CAS-BOT568758CASJuncus capillarisRaven, Peter H.73421954-07-11 FresnoBear Creek, near Kip Camp
CAS-BOT568759CASJuncus capillarisRaven, Peter H.60201953-08-02 FresnoPocket Meadow
CAS-BOT568760CASJuncus capillarisRaven, Peter H.58021953-07-25 FresnoMono Creek
CAS-BOT568761CASJuncus capillarisRaven, Peter H.32351951-07-01 MaderaAgnew Meadows to Lake Olane
CAS-BOT568762CASJuncus capillarisRaven, Peter H.33751951-07-12 MaderaRidge n of Lake Ediza
CAS-BOT568763CASJuncus capillarisErtter, B.; Strachan, J.30731979-07-11 MariposaYosemite Nat′l Park: 6 mi E of Porcupine Cr Campground on NW side of Tioga Rd (Hwy 120) SW of Tenaya Lake
CAS-BOT568764CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas155641940-06-01 MariposaYosemite Nat′l Park: Snow Creek Trail, Tenaya Canyon
CAS-BOT568765CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas198911944-08-03 MonoEast side Sonora Pass
CAS-BOT568766CASJuncus capillarisHowell, John Thomas198921944-08-03 MonoEast side Sonora Pass
CAS-BOT568767CASJuncus capillarisTaylor, Dean W.80841982-09-09 MonoSouth facing slope, Hall Natural Area along Slate Creek, Lee Vining Creek drainage
CAS-BOT568768CASJuncus capillarisErtter, B.30291979-07-02 Mono4 1-2 mi E of Sonora Pass on Hwy 108
CHSC122777CHSCJuncus capillarisBelinda Lo4972019-07-05 SierraHenness Pass Road, 1 mile east of Webber Lake.
CHSC41500CHSCJuncus capillarisB. Ertter30751979-07-11 Mariposa2.5 mi E of Porcupine Campground on N side of Tioga Rd (Hwy 120), Yosemite Nat′l Park. T01S R22E S USGS Quadrangle:
CHSC44245CHSCJuncus capillarisV. Oswald35741988-07-13 ButteRoad to High Lakes e of Philbrook Reservoir. T2 N R05E S1 W1-4 USGS Quadrangle:
CHSC93707CHSCJuncus capillarisLowell Ahart119592005-06-02 LassenMeadow, along a poor dirt road, about 1 mile east of the Anderson Ranch home, Long Valley, about 4 1-2 miles (air) north of the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 70, 6.0 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction. T2 N R17E S09 SE1-4
DAV334886DAVJuncus capillarisEllen Dean83392014-06-07 El DoradoEl Dorado County. SW corner of Tahoe Basin, Washoe Meadows State Park. Dry meadow in central part of the park.
DAV334887DAVJuncus capillarisBarbara Ertter38961980-08-02 MonoMono County: south side of Highway 108 along Sardine Creek 4.8 miles southwest of Sonora Pass Summit, Toiyabe National Forest.
FSC0003913FSCJuncus capillarisB. Ertter30751979-07-11 Mariposa2.5 mi E of Porcupine Campground on N side of Tioga Rd (Hwy 120), Yosemite Nat′l Park,; T1S R22E,
FSC0003914FSCJuncus capillarisChas. H. Quibell58211955-08-17 FresnoHutchinson Meadow area (9400 ft) jct Piute and Fr. Canons (immed. W of 12245 ft Pilot Knob) Trib. S Fork San Joaquin River, 10 map miles E Florence L., crests N and S 12100-12500 ft.
HSC78833HSCJuncus capillarisBarbara Ertter30751979-07-11 Mariposa2.5mi E of Porcupine Campground o N side of Tioga Rd. (Hwy. 20)
JEPS67118UCJEPSJuncus capillarisH. N. Bolander60341866-07-01 MariposaYosemite Valley
JEPS91277UCJEPSJuncus capillarisDean W. Taylor80841982-09-09 MonoHall Natural Area, Slate Creek section of Lee Vining Creek drainage
JEPS95185UCJEPSJuncus capillarisJames R. Shevock, Chenier Ng Su Tjoit17603A1998-09-06 Inyoalong Horseshoe Meadows Road (16S02) 2.4 mi e of Cottonwood Lakes Road junction and less than 1 mi from the crest of ridge, Inyo National Forest Inyo National Forest; Southern Sierra Nevada, Inyo National Forest
NY2381019NYJuncus capillarisB. Ertter38961980-08-02 UnknownSouth side Highway 108 along Sardine Creek 4.8 miles southeast of Sonora Pass Summit, Toiyabe National Forest.
NY2381020NYJuncus capillarisB. Ertter38971980-08-02 ?  MonoNortheast side of Sardine Creek southwest of Highway 108, 4.4 miles southeast of Sonora Pass Summit, Toiyabe National Forest.
NY2381021NYJuncus capillarisB. Ertter39341980-08-04 ?  TuolumneGlen Aulin & Dog Lake trailheads, Tuolumne Meadows west of Lembert Dome, Yosemite National Park.
OBI155460OBIJuncus capillarisB. Ertter & J. Strachan30731979-07-11 Mariposa6 mi E of Porcupine Cr campground on NW side of Tioga Rd (hwy 120 W of Tenaya Lake, Yosemite Natl Park
POM261431RSAJuncus capillarisJ. T. Howell155641940-06-01 MariposaSnow Creek Trail
POM291120RSAJuncus capillarisLyman Benson78881936-07-17 MariposaAbove Wawona Road Tunnel, Yosemite Valley, Sierra Nevada
PUA40212PUAJuncus capillarisG.L. Clifton1980-07-06 PlumasLocal landmark:. Chilcoot Quad.
RSA19829RSAJuncus capillarisJ. T. Howell279561951-07-19 TulareMonarch Lakes trail.
RSA304300RSAJuncus capillarisBarbara Ertter39281980-08-04 TuolumneSouthwest side Glen Aulin trail between Delaney and Dingley Creeks, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park.
RSA51481RSAJuncus capillarisJ. T. Howell256821949-07-24 TulareRock Creek, Sierra Nevada
SBBG55214SBBGJuncus capillarisBarbara Ertter, J. L. Strachan30751979-07-11 MariposaYosemite National Park; 2.5 mi E of Porcupine Campground on N side of Tioga Rd (Hwy 120)
SD121495SDJuncus capillarisBarbara Ertter39281980-08-04 TuolumneSouthwest side of Glen Aulin Trail between Delaney and Dingley Creeks, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park. Large esposed granite flat near waterfall. Less common, closer to edges, on coarser sand.
SJSU12918SJSUJuncus capillarisC.W. Sharsmith44601942-07-19 TuolumneNW side of Puppy Dome (near Lembert Dome), Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park
UC1495733UCJEPSJuncus capillarisBarbara Ertter, Jeffrey Strachan38961980-08-02 Mono4.8 mi se Sonora Pass Summit (s side of Highway 108, along Sardine Creek); Toiyabe National Forest, Sardine Creek
UC1561237UCJEPSJuncus capillarisBarbara Ertter, James Shevock, Jim Bartel78761988-08-05 Maderaca 6 air mi ne Bass Lake (headwaters of Sand Creek on Chinquapin Rd, a few mi w of Little Shuteye Pass); Sand Creek
UC1601714UCJEPSJuncus capillarisBolander60341866-07-01 MariposaYosemite Valley
UC2081657UCJEPSJuncus capillarisBarbara Ertter148321996-06-08 FresnoDeer Creek Bridge on Sierra National Forest Road 10S24 just S of Wishon Road junction (Rt 40), ca 14 air miles SE of Shaver Lake.
UC613025UCJEPSJuncus capillarisC. W. Sharsmith21711938-06-28 Mariposajust above Bridal Veil Falls (by Bridal Veil Creek, vicinity of Yosemite Valley); Sierra Nevada, Yosemite Valley, Bridal Veil Creek
UC747764UCJEPSJuncus capillarisH. F. Copeland1947-07-15 El Doradonear Echo Summit; Benwood Meadows
UC880165UCJEPSJuncus capillarisAlice Eastwood1907-08-18 MariposaLake Tenaya Yosemite National Park
UCSB003379UCSBJuncus capillarisErtter, Barbara; Strachan, Jeffrey30761979-07-11 Tuolumne1 W of Olmstead Point on W side of Tioga Rd (Hw 120); seepage on exfoliating granite of E-facing roadcut; Yosemite Nat′l Park
YM-YOSE118447YMJuncus capillarisColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Grove, Sara - -Niederer, ChristalAC06-2182006-07-10 Tuolumne0.4 mile Northeast of Cathedral Creek - Tuolumne River confluence, Grand Canon of the Tuolumne. Datum: NAD83. GPS Error: 1 M.
YM-YOSE118464YMJuncus capillarisColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Grove, Sara - -Niederer, ChristalAC06-2322006-07-11 TuolumneAlong trail 0.1 mile East of Waterwheel Falls, Grand Canon of the Tuolumne. Datum: NAD83.

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