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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT123381CASIvesia shockleyiShockley, William Hillman4661886-07-21 MonoWhite Mountains
CAS-BOT142326CASIvesia shockleyiKeck, David D.49601938-08-20 MonoDana Plateau (north of Mt. Dana), near the summit of the Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142327CASIvesia shockleyiKeck, David D.49601938-08-20 MonoDana Plateau (north of Mt. Dana), near the summit of the Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142328CASIvesia shockleyiKeck, David D.49601938-08-20 MonoDana Plateau (north of Mt. Dana), near the summit of the Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142329CASIvesia shockleyiDeRoy, Jr., B. E.931934-08-09 MonoDana Plateau, Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT142330CASIvesia shockleyiSharsmith, C. W.27911937-07-28 MonoEast slope Leevining Peak, Tioga Pass region, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142331CASIvesia shockleyiDuran, Victor28281930-07-28 MonoMcAfee Meadow, Whtie Mountains
CAS-BOT142332CASIvesia shockleyiDuran, Victor28281930-07-28 MonoMcAfee Meadow, White Mountains
CAS-BOT142333CASIvesia shockleyiPollard, Henry M.s.n.1944-07-26 MonoNear Duck Pass, Mono-Fresno Co.
CAS-BOT142334CASIvesia shockleyiZufelt, Syril N.1061971-08-15 MonoOn Dana Plateau - Inyo National Forest
CAS-BOT142335CASIvesia shockleyiMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.8491962-07-25 MonoAbove Eva Bell Mine, White Mts.
CAS-BOT142336CASIvesia shockleyiMiller, Brian9671981-08-06 MonoMammoth Mountain, Inyo National Forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains
CAS-BOT142361CASIvesia shockleyiThomas, John H.104931964-09-10 FresnoEdge of ridge between Pioneer Basin and McGee Creek. Vicinity of Mono Pass, 4th Recess, Pioneer Basin, and upper Mono Creek - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142362CASIvesia shockleyiSonne, C. F.841885-08-23 NevadaTinker′s Knob - Sierra Nevada Mts.
CAS-BOT142363CASIvesia shockleyiChickering, Shermans.n.1978-07-13 NevadaTinker′s Knob, south of Donner Summit
CAS-BOT142364CASIvesia shockleyiChickering, Shermans.n.1978-07-13 NevadaSummit of Tinker′s Knob, south of Donner Summit
CAS-BOT142365CASIvesia shockleyiPeirson, Frank W.85021929-07-20 InyoGreen Lake Valley, Bishop Creek
CAS-BOT142366CASIvesia shockleyiFerris, Roxana S.89171934-07-22 InyoAt timberline along chain of lakes, Piute Pass, North Lake Trail - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142367CASIvesia shockleyiRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. L.2261950-08-07 InyoCoyote Ridge - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142368CASIvesia shockleyiRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. L.2351950-08-07 InyoCoyote Ridge - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142369CASIvesia shockleyiHowell, John Thomas240131947-08-11 InyoSouth end of Coyote Ridge
CAS-BOT142370CASIvesia shockleyiHowell, John Thomas239871947-08-11 InyoInconsolable Range
CAS-BOT142371CASIvesia shockleyiKruckeberg, A. R.36151954-07-27 MonoOn steep talus, east slope of Dana Plateau, 2 miles east of Tioga Pass, Inyo N.F.
CAS-BOT142372CASIvesia shockleyiMason, Herbert L.113971936-07-28 MonoDana Plateau, vicinity of Mount Dana - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142373CASIvesia shockleyiYadon, Vernal L.s.n.1980-07-31 MonoAbove old Mammoth mine, Twin Lakes and vicinity, Mammoth Lakes area - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142374CASIvesia shockleyiVale, James T.s.n.1972-01-01 MonoDana Plateau - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142375CASIvesia shockleyiKeck, David D.49601938-08-20 MonoDana Plateau (north of Mt. Dana), near the summit of the Sierra Nevada
CSLA015083CSLAIvesia shockleyiE.L. Peterson33581954-07-04 MonoPallisier Flats [Pellisier Flat], White Mts.
FSC0011788FSCIvesia shockleyiH. L. Buckalew578581953-07-26 ?  MonoMt. Dana Areal-Yosemite Nat′l. Park. Ivesia Shockleyi- S. wats. On Dana Plateau on gently up-sloping gradient only 20 to 50 feet from the eastern escarpment overlooking Leevining Canon and Mono Lake. Rock buttresses to north, sharper slopes to south leading to knife-edge ridge connecting to Mt. Dana.
GH00345726GHIvesia shockleyiF. J. Smiley7751916-08-14 UnknownMt. Gibbs
GH00345727GHIvesia shockleyiC. F. Sonne1897-07-18 PlacerTinker′s Knob
GH00345728GHIvesia shockleyiJ. H. Pierce5381936-07-01 MonoDana Plateau
GH00345729GHIvesia shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith27911937-07-28 Monoeast slope Leevining peak, Tioga Pass region. Sierra Nevada
GH00345730GHIvesia shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith21151935-07-15 MonoDana Plateau, vicinity of Mount Dana, Sierra Nevada
GH00345731GHIvesia shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith1141933-07-17 Monorim of eastern escarpment of Dana Plateau, vicinity of Mount Dana, Sierra Nevada
GH00345732GHIvesia shockleyiVict. Duran28281930-07-28 MonoMcAfee Meadow, White Mountains
GH00345733GHIvesia shockleyiF. V. Coville ; F. Funston18001891-07-08 MonoBlack Canon, White Mountains
GH00345734GHIvesia shockleyiD. D. Keck49601938-08-20 MonoDana Plateau (north of Mt. Dana), near the summit of the Sierra Nevada
GH00345735GHIvesia shockleyiH. L. Mason113981936-07-28 MonoDana plateau, vicinity of Mount Dana, Sierra Nevada
GH00443849GHIvesia shockleyiW. H. Shockley4661886-07-22 MonoWhite Mts.
GH00443850GHIvesia shockleyiJ. G. Lemmon1873-01-01 AlpineSummit of Silver Peak
NY847499NYIvesia shockleyiJ. D. Morefield48141988-07-25 ?  InyoWhite Mountains: along Methuselah Trail near Schulman Grove, 2.0 miles S16 ° E of Coldwater Spring
NY847500NYIvesia shockleyiJ. D. Morefield40751986-07-09 ?  MonoWhite Mountains: drainage of McAfee Meadow 1.5 miles N80 ° E of Mt. Barcroft summit.
NY847501NYIvesia shockleyiJ. D. Morefield40921986-07-13 ?  MonoWhite Mountains: south saddle of hill 11513 on the Montgomery-Marble Creek divide, 2.5 miles S43 ° W of Montgomery Peak
POM250754RSAIvesia shockleyiD. D. Keck49601938-08-20 MonoDana Plateau (N of Mt. Dana), near the summit of the Sierra Nevada.
POM35127RSAIvesia shockleyiC. F. Sonne28331897-07-01 Inyo[No location information provided.]
PUA67451PUAIvesia shockleyiG.L. Clifton1988-07-29 MonoLocal landmark: Mammoth Rock. Mt. Morrison Quad.
PUA68170PUAIvesia shockleyiG.L. Clifton1988-07-01 MonoLocal landmark: Glass Mountain. Glass Mountain Quad.
PUA68454PUAIvesia shockleyiG.L. Clifton1988-07-30 MonoLocal landmark: Dana Plateau. Mono Craters Quad.
RSA123316RSAIvesia shockleyiA. D. Gifford7521936-09-06 Alpine1 mile north-west of White Moutain.
RSA123317RSAIvesia shockleyiT. M. Hendrix4791937-08-03 Mono2 miles east of Green Lake, south of Bridgeport
RSA125449RSAIvesia shockleyiArthur R. Kruckeberg36151954-07-27 Mono2 miles east of Tioga Pass. Inyo N.F.
RSA34212RSAIvesia shockleyiD. D. Keck49601938-08-20 MonoDana Plateau (N of Mt. Dana), near the summit of the Sierra Nevada.
RSA4337RSAIvesia shockleyiVictor Duran28281930-07-28 MonoMcAfee Meadow, White Moutains.
RSA463608RSAIvesia shockleyiJames D. Morefield40751986-07-09 MonoDrainage of McAfee Meadow 1.5 mile N80 begrees E of Mt. Barcroft summit. Fishlake drainage
RSA463666RSAIvesia shockleyiJames D. Morefield40921986-07-13 MonoWhite Mountains: S saddle of hill 11513 on the Montgomery-Marble Creek divide, 2.5 miles S43degrees W of Montgomery Pk. Owens Valley drainage.
RSA623661RSAIvesia shockleyiMary DeDecker9701958-09-06 InyoWhite Mountains: East of Reed Flat, above oldest living tree.
SBBG168896SBBGIvesia shockleyiDavid D. Keck49601938-08-20 MonoDana Plateau (N of Mt Dana) on the granitic portion of the Plateau, near the summit of the Sierra Nevada
SD00045487SDIvesia shockleyiVictor Duran28281930-07-28 MonoMcAfee Meadow, White Mountains
SD00045488SDIvesia shockleyiFrank W. Peirson85021929-07-20 InyoGreen Lake Valley, Bishop Creek
UCR0043407UCRIvesia shockleyiKathy Harpers.n.1990-08-14 MonoToiyabe National Forest, top of Kavanaugh Ridge, just north of Dunderberg Peak, at edge of Hoover Wilderness. Just E and above East Lake (visible from top of ridge)
UCSB017119UCSBIvesia shockleyiMosquin, Theodore; Haller, John39071957-09-02 FresnoAlong trail from Mono Pass to the Fourth Recess
YM-YOSE59686YMIvesia shockleyiHAINES, A.LEENONE GIVEN1936-07-28 ?  MonoMT. DANA PLATEAU
YM-YOSE64396YMIvesia shockleyiPIERCE, JOHN H.5381935-07-30 ?  TuolumneDANA PLATEAU
CHSC108658CHSCIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiB. Castro13222000-08-01 InyoSouthern High Sierra Nevada. Ca 1 mi E of coyote Ridge, on the hills above the E side of Coyote Lake. T08S R31E S3 NE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Thompson
DAV326221DAVIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiR. H. Pembles.n.1968-09-04 MonoMono County: Dana Plateau.
DAV326222DAVIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiR. H. Pembles.n.1968-07-18 MonoMono County: Dana Plateau.
DAV326223DAVIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiJack Major8711962-07-07 MonoMono County: Below Bright Dot Lake, Convict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada.
HSC227203HSCIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiTim Messick12861980-07-27 MonoNear crest of ridge 1.5 mi. ENE of Dunderberg Peak
JEPS100653UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiDean W. Taylor175222000-07-13 Monounglaciated ridge 1 mile west of summit Wells Peak, drainage of Silver Creek (crest of Sierra Nevada ca. 5 air mi North from Sonora Pass)
JEPS104887UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiDean W. Taylor130281992-07-10 MonoN base Bloody Mountain above Laurel Lakes; at mining prospects at end of trail
JEPS44165UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiR. L. Pendleton3881906-07-01 Santa ClaraSaratoga < see note field > Saratoga
JEPS44485UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. F. Sonne1897-07-18 PlacerTinker′s Knob; Sierra Nevada Mountains
JEPS44486UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. F. Sonne841887-07-10 PlacerTinker′s Knob; Sierra Nevada Mountains
JEPS87088UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiTeresa Sholars, Martha Benioff951a1988-07-15 Fresnoridge between Duck Pass and Deer Lake (just n of Mammoth Pass)
LA207998LAIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiDavid D. Keck49601938-08-20 MonoDana Plateau ( N of Mt. Dana ), near the summit of Sierra Nevada
LA207999LAIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiA.L. Hainess.n.1936-07-28 TuolumneMt. Dana Plateau
LA208000LAIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiVictor Duran28281930-07-28 MonoWhite Mountains; McAfee Meadow
OBI133428OBIIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiDylan M. Neubauer8292016-07-16 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: wnw base Blanco Mountain above dry drainage, 2.21 air-miles s UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
RSA630735RSAIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiMary DeDecker47851978-08-02 MonoSierra Nevada, Convict Creek drainage;: Slope over ridge from Lake Genevieve. Between Laurel and Bloody Mountains. MDBandM.
RSA699945RSAIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiMichael Honer1982000-06-12 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Peak: around USFS radio structure.; Glass Mtn. quad
UC1085301UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith1141933-07-17 Monoedge Dana Plateau (Eastern escarpment); Eastern Escarpment, edge of Dana Plateau
UC1128262UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiT. M. Hendrix4791937-08-03 Mono2 mi e Green Lake; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quad.
UC1128263UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiA. D. Gifford7521936-09-09 Alpine1.1 mi nnw White Mt.; Mono National Forest, Dardanelles Quad.
UC1297375UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiVictor Duran16341926-06-28 MonoCottonwood Creek; White Mountains, White Mt. U.S.G.S. Quad.
UC1299909UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiRichard S. Mitchell21851964-07-20 Monow slope Pellisier Flats; White Mountains
UC1300279UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiRobert M. Lloyd33261963-08-16 MonoMcAfee Creek Canon; White Mountains
UC1505759UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiRobert T. Clausen, Harold Trapido48731940-07-12 Monoplateau nw Lake Mary; Sierra Nevada, Owens Lake Basin
UC1549877UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiJames D. Morefield, Mark Bagley, Douglas H. McCarty40921986-07-13 Mono2.5 mi sw (43d) of Montgomery Peak (s saddle of Hill 15513 on Montgomery-Marble Creek divide, Owens Valley drainage); White Mountains, Hill 15513
UC1550055UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty40751986-07-09 Mono1.5 mi ne (80d) of summit of Mount Barcroft (drainage of McAfee Meadow, Fishlake Valley drainage); White Mountains
UC1552066UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiJames D. Morefield48141988-07-25 Inyo2.0 mi s 16 degrees e Coldwater Spring (along Methuselah Trail, near Schulman Grove, Deep Valley Springs drainage); White Mountains, Deep Springs Valley
UC1736412UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiDean W. Taylor52961975-07-28 MonoDunderberg Peak, collected on the summit saddle and the drainage flowing N therefrom
UC1736413UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiDean W. Taylor66951977-07-28 MonoGlass Mountain summit,
UC1787081UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiMichael Honer1982000-06-12 MonoGreat Basin Province; East of Sierra Nevada; Glass Mountain Peak: around USFS radio structure.
UC191322UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. F. Sonne1879-08-01 Placernear Summit Tinkers Knob
UC2070503UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiBarbara Ertter, J. L. Strachan50141983-08-01 InyoHeadwaters of North Fork Bishop Creek SW of Bishop, granite outcrop on N side of trail to Piute Pass at Loch Leven.
UC338802UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiJ. G. Lemmon1581938-05-08 AlpineSummit of Silver Peak
UC477429UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiVictor Duran28281930-07-28 MonoMcAfee Meadow; White Mountains
UC562888UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiRoxana S. Ferris89171934-07-22 InyoNorth Lake Trail; Sierra Nevada, Piute Pass
UC624809UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiDavid D. Keck49601938-08-20 Monon of Mt. Dana (Dana Plateau, near the summit of the Sierra Nevada); Sierra Nevada, Dana Plateau
UC638462UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiFrank W. Peirson85021929-07-20 InyoGreen Lake Valley; Bishop Creek Region
UC642653UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiH. L. Mason113981936-07-28 Monovicinity Mount Dana (Dana Plateau); Sierra Nevada
UC642655UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith21151935-07-15 Monovicinity Mount Dana (Dana Plateau, rim of e escarpment); Sierra Nevada
UC642656UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith1141933-07-17 Monovicinity Mount Dana (Dana Plateau, rim of e escarpment); Sierra Nevada
UC642658UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith27911937-07-28 Monoe slope Leevining Peak; Sierra Nevada, Tioga Pass Region
UC642915UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith29221937-08-02 Monon slope Dunderberg Peak; Sierra Nevada
UC642918UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith29581937-08-02 Monon slope Dunderberg Peak; Sierra Nevada, Kavanaugh Ridge
UC642919UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiC. W. Sharsmith25121937-07-15 Monovicinity Mount Dana (Dana Plateau, e rim); Sierra Nevada
UC642920UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiH. L. Mason113971936-07-28 Monovicinity Mount Dana (Dana Plateau); Sierra Nevada
UC677517UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiFrederick V. Coville, Frederick Funston18001891-07-08 InyoBlack Canon; White Mountains
UC797802UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiG. L. Stebbins, Jr.26001938-08-10 Mono1 mi e Arrowhead Lake; Mammoth Lakes Basin
UC914644UCJEPSIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiPeter H. Raven, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.2261950-08-07 InyoCoyote Ridge; Sierra Nevada
UCR0043406UCRIvesia shockleyi var. shockleyiAnn Howald35222015-07-27 MonoDana Plateau, east edge, near Angel′s Flight and Third Pillar

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