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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT123403CASHorkelia gordonii var. megalopetalaBolander, Henry Nicholass.n.1888-06-08 MonoMount Dana
CAS-BOT123439CASHorkelia scandularisShockley, William Hillman5721888-08-18 MonoWhite Mts.
GH00026529GHHorkelia scandularisW. H. Shockley5721863-01-01 MonoWhite Mountains, 12000 feet
CAS-BOT94845CASIvesia lycopodioidesWenk, R. C.6832007-06-24 InyoAlong trail from South Lake to Brown Lake, N end of Brown Lake
CLARK-A1045-1029CLARKIvesia lycopodioidesGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-07-03 MonoSierra Nevada flat, dry rocky area on the road to the Lake;; Mount Dana 7.5′Q
DAV326175DAVIvesia lycopodioidesA. S. Crafts4791932-08-05 FresnoFresno County: Pioneer Basin.
DAV326176DAVIvesia lycopodioidesMiss Butler5591932-08-02 InyoInyo County: Mtn meadow, 1-4 mile south of Mosquito Flat, Rock Creek.
DAV326177DAVIvesia lycopodioidesNathan B. Benedict2511979-09-03 TulareTulare County: Wallace Creek, Sequoia National Park.
FSC0011811FSCIvesia lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell4286a1954-08-10 FresnoGranitic glaciated pavement sloping gently w. from lake saddle between 11,192′ volcanic Saddle mt. & brd. 10,975′ granite pk. n. across saddle; 8 map m. n. of Mono Hot Spg.; Headrick mead. 2000 below and 1 m. w.
FSC0011812FSCIvesia lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell65611957-08-02 Fresnos-sw. facing slope from top lake to Lamarck Col. E. Fk. Darwin Canon between 13,690 Mt. Mendel & 13,417 Mt. Lamarck on Sierran Crest. Floor of Canon occupied by 5 lakes, 15 airline M. e-se of Florence L Mt. Goddard Quad.
FSC0011813FSCIvesia lycopodioidesChas H. Quibell63821957-07-29 FresnoFrom Darwin Bench (11,200′) below junction 2 branches Darin Creek to 1st of paired lakes (11,590′) in lower section of muriel branch, 15 map miles east-south east of florence lake. Surrounding peaks of glacier divide and sierran crest ca 13,000 or over. This green ivesia on ice planed slope below first of paired lake
FSC0011815FSCIvesia lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell65091957-08-01 Fresno
FSC0011816FSCIvesia lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell42861954-08-10 FresnoGranitic glaciated pavement sloping gently w. from lake saddle between 11,193 volcanic Saddle My. and brd. 10,975′ granite pk. n. across saddle; 8 map m. n. of Mono Hot Spg. N. face Saddle Mt. sterile - no soil - s. face 10,975′ ample Pinus alibicaulis Krumholtz. Margin lake and slopes above floriferous. Pavement with Ivesia, Sibbaldia, Solidago, Erigero increvices and soil pockets pitches into broad, smooth 1500′ granite avalance slope to Headrick mead. 2000 below and 1 m.2.
FSC0011817FSCIvesia lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell; Chas. F. Quibell78611958-08-30 FresnoFrom high on e. edge slope at ca. 11,500.
FSC0011818FSCIvesia lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell52441955-07-28 FresnoHumphreys Basin, headwaters Piute Crk., trib. S. Fk. San Joaquin Riv., w. over Sierran crest from Bishop.; Mt. Humphreys e-ne. 13,986′; lowest spots on rim ne. around e. to sw. 12,400; This Ivesia; along trail to Piute Pass; below Summit Lake (in se. corner of Basin)
FSC0011819FSCIvesia lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell62961957-07-27 Fresno11,580′ notch w. wall n-s tending Evolution Basin, 17 map m. se. of Florence L. Below e. 10,980′ Saphire L. beyond it 13,000′ Sierran Crest; to w. upper multiple lake sect. McGee Canon (10,830′ with 12,360′ hermit on n., 12,699 Mt. McGee s. Ivesia in saddle.
FSC0011820FSCIvesia lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell62291957-07-24 FresnoLower north sectio of north-south tending evolution basin. 15 air miles east-south east of Florence Lake and just west of Sierran crest. Floor of this section of basin 10,850-11,000′, western glaciated wall ca 11,500′, ne high point 12,260, eastern wall 13,500
FSC0011821FSCIvesia lycopodioidesD. Warnock411951-07-17 UnknownYosemite National Park. Mt. Cana. Tioga Pass Transect. on w. slope of 13,050′ Mt. Dana above 9940 Tioga Pass 1 mile to w. On small flat below main peak of Mt. Dana.
GH00345700GHIvesia lycopodioidesH. L. Mason11296B1936-07-23 Tuolumnealpine slopes of Mount Conness, Sierra Nevada
GH00345701GHIvesia lycopodioidesA. Eastwood5561907-08-21 UnknownMono Pass
GH00345702GHIvesia lycopodioidesH. L. Mason114281936-07-29 Monoterminal moraine of Conness Glacier, Sierra Nevada
GH00345703GHIvesia lycopodioidesR. A. Ware2621 C1907-07-16 TuolumneMt. Dana. Sierra Nevada Mountains.
GH00345704GHIvesia lycopodioidesF. J. Smiley7321916-08-12 MariposaMt. Dana
GH00345705GHIvesia lycopodioidesR. T. Clausen ; H. Trapido48531940-07-09 MonoSierra Nevada. Mono Lake. Dana Plateau.
GH00345706GHIvesia lycopodioidesD. D. Keck49751938-08-23 TuolumneMount Dana, crest of Sierra Nevada, east side of summit.
GH00345707GHIvesia lycopodioidesD. D. Keck49271938-08-20 MonoWhite Mt., north side
GH00345708GHIvesia lycopodioidesR. A. Ware2621 C1907-07-16 TuolumneMt. Dana. Sierra Nevada Mountains.
GH00345709GHIvesia lycopodioidesB. Maguire ; A. H. Holmgren260881945-08-06 Monoabove McAfee Meadows
GH00345710GHIvesia lycopodioidesJ. T. Howell168591941-08-08 MonoSan Joaquin Mt.
GH00345788GHIvesia lycopodioidesH. P. Bracelin541930-08-18 TuolumneMt. Dana
GH00345794GHIvesia lycopodioidesC. W. Sharsmith25311937-07-17 Tuolumnebelow summit of saddle between Mount Dana and Mount Gibs, Sierra Nevada
GH00443837GHIvesia lycopodioidesW. H. Brewer17461863-01-01 UnknownMt. Dana
GH00443839GHIvesia lycopodioidesH. Errington1955-08-18 UnknownBear Mountain, Mariposa
NY833906NYIvesia lycopodioidesN. H. Holmgren110221985-08-13 ?  MonoWhite Mountains, White Mountain road, 6.8 km (4.2 mi) north of Patriarch Grove turnoff, east side of road, 26.5 km (16.5 mi) air distance northeast (35 ° ) of downtown Bishop
NY833907NYIvesia lycopodioidesR. S. Mitchell21961964-07-20 ?  MonoPellisier Flats just south of Mt. Dubois
NY833908NYIvesia lycopodioidesR. M. Lloyd32481963-08-10 ?  MonoWhite Mountain Summit Road
NY833909NYIvesia lycopodioidesR. S. Mitchell21321964-07-09 ?  MonoOn the north side of Sheep Mountain
OBI133417OBIIvesia lycopodioidesDavid Fross251977-07-23 MonoDana Plateau
POM192695RSAIvesia lycopodioidesH. P. Bracelin541930-08-18 TuolumneMt. Dana, near top in little Earth Pocket.
PUA66816PUAIvesia lycopodioidesL.R. Abrams1987-07-16 FresnoLocal landmark: Summit Lake. Mt. Abbott Quad.
PUA68245PUAIvesia lycopodioidesG.L. Clifton1988-06-29 MonoLocal landmark: Tioga Crest. Tuolumne Meadows Quad.
PUA68463PUAIvesia lycopodioidesG.L. Clifton1988-07-30 MonoLocal landmark: Dana Plateau. Mono Craters Quad.
RSA122950RSAIvesia lycopodioidesWinston S. Thomas3631935-08-20 TuolumneSummit of White Mtn.
RSA122953RSAIvesia lycopodioidesT. M. Hendrix3711937-07-17 Mono1 mile SW of Hunewill Lake.; Bridgeport
RSA146178RSAIvesia lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell33581958-08-30 Fresno1-4 mile wide down NNW from unnamed 12146 ft Peak (1 3-4 miles N of 12349 ft Mt. Hooper and 1 mile NW 10500 ft Rose. Great Alpine Cirques drop off NE and SE on W steep Krumholtz slope.
RSA166004RSAIvesia lycopodioidesDonald Myrick6701962-08-21 MonoDana Plateau, off Tioga Pass, Yosemite National Park.
RSA178608RSAIvesia lycopodioidesD. D. Keck49751938-08-23 TuolumneMt. Dana, Crest of Sierra Nevada, E side of summit. Highest station for the species of the mtn
RSA250774RSAIvesia lycopodioidesD. D. Keck49271938-08-20 MonoWhite Mt. N side on cliff ledges in moist soil, S of Big Horn Lake
RSA451584RSAIvesia lycopodioidesJens Clausen7761933-08-20 TuolumneW slope of Mt. Dana. The first colony met with going down the Mtn
RSA499315RSAIvesia lycopodioidesAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1914-07-18 TuolumneYosemite National Park, near Summit of Mt. Dana.
RSA508533RSAIvesia lycopodioidesA. Tiehm81531983-07-13 MonoSweetwater Mts, SE side of Wheeler Peak on the SE side of the range.
RSA509483RSAIvesia lycopodioidesB. Pitzer11671988-08-16 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada Mtns John Muir Wilderness, Cottonwood Lakes area.
RSA509494RSAIvesia lycopodioidesB. Pitzer12311988-08-19 InyoInyo National Forest, High Lake, just below New Army Pass.
RSA53792RSAIvesia lycopodioidesH. M. Pollards.n.1944-08-05 MonoMommoth Crest, S of Crystal Lake.
RSA620368RSAIvesia lycopodioidesMary DeDecker48901979-08-10 MonoSierra Nevada, north of Saddlebag Lake; MDBandM.
RSA700633RSAIvesia lycopodioidesGary D. Wallace26761987-06-25 TuolumneS of Tioga Pass, Mt. Dana Trail.
RSA725345RSAIvesia lycopodioidesSteve D. Boyd117582007-09-12 MonoPass between Virginia Lakes Basin and Summit Lake, ca. 2 airline miles southwest of Dunderberg Peak and 1 airline mile west of Black Mountain.
RSA74219RSAIvesia lycopodioidesD. Warnock411951-07-17 MonoOn W slope of 13050ft Mt. Dana above 9940ft Tioga Pass 1 mile to W
RSA787140RSAIvesia lycopodioidesDoris Bowers8811965-08-05 MonoMammoth Rim, Mammoth Lakes Area
RSA86329RSAIvesia lycopodioidesF. W. Peirson111931934-07-12 MonoIn pass at the head of upper Virginia Lakes Basin
RSA96266RSAIvesia lycopodioidesPhilip A. Munz201151954-08-23 MonoNE base of White Mtn, Slate Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada.
SD00045496SDIvesia lycopodioidesFrank W. Peirson129611940-08-10 InyoRock Creek Lake Basin, on the delta at the inlet of Ryby Lake
SD00045497SDIvesia lycopodioidesReid Moran243121977-07-12 TuolumneMeadow in Lyle Canon
UC1282638UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioidesS. F. Cook1951-07-09 MonoWhite Mountains, White Mountain, Upper Station (Barcroft Laboratory) Upper Station (Barcroft Laboratory); White Mountains, White Mountain
UC1318276UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioidesS. F. Cook1951-08-07 Mono1 1-2 mi se of White Mountain Peak (White Mountains, Estey Plateau); White Mountains, Estey Plateau
UC1928422UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioidesSteve Boyd, Carol Boyd117582007-09-12 MonoSierra Nevada; Pass between Virginia Lakes Basin and Summit Lake, ca. 2 airline miles southwest of Dunderberg Peak and 1 airline mile west of Black Mountain.
UCR0043356UCRIvesia lycopodioidesB.G. Pitzer11671988-08-16 InyoJohn Muir Wilderness, Cottonwood Lakes area
UCR0043359UCRIvesia lycopodioidesKathy Harpers.n.1989-07-24 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Tioga Pass Rd. at Tuolumne Meadows
UCR0043360UCRIvesia lycopodioidesB.G. Pitzer12311988-08-19 InyoInyo National Forest, High Lake, just below New Army Pass
UCR0043361UCRIvesia lycopodioidesDavid Charlton23911988-08-01 Inyoalong trail from South Lake, Parchers Trail Camp to Bishop Pass, 20 miles [SW] of Bishop
UCR0043364UCRIvesia lycopodioidesDavid Charlton3331986-06-06 TulareGolden Trout Wilderness. Redrock Meadows on upper Redrock Creek
YM-YOSE118700YMIvesia lycopodioidesGrossenbacher, DenaDG06-1052006-07-05 TuolumneSouth side of valley between Mount Dana and Mount Gibbs, Dana Fork of the Tuolumne River. Datum: NAD83.
YM-YOSE59679YMIvesia lycopodioidesHAWBECKER, A.12311936-08-12 ?  TuolumneJUST E OF COLDO (COLD?) CANYON MEADOW
DAV326178DAVIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesR. H. Pemble21-671967-08-12 MonoMono County: Dore Pass, Tioga Crest.
DAV326179DAVIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesR. H. Pemble23-671967-08-12 MonoMono County: Tioga Crest below Dore Cliff.
DAV326180DAVIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesR. H. Pemble40-671967-08-22 MonoMono County: Dore Pass, Tioga Crest.
DAV326181DAVIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesR. H. Pemble55-671967-08-27 TuolumneTuolumne County: Southwest of White Mountain crest.
DAV326182DAVIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesR. H. Pemble58-671967-08-28 MonoMono County: Above and west of Big Horn Lake, Hall Natural Area.
DAV326183DAVIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesR. H. Pemble89-681968-09-04 MonoMono County: Dana Plateau.
JEPS111271UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesSteve Matson15092005-08-21 MonoDana Plateau, south central area, east of Tioga Pass: 37.9 N, 119.2 W
JEPS44352UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesWillis L. Jepson32971909-07-14 TuolumneMt. Dana
JEPS87125UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesC. F. Quibell23011992-08-05 Fresnobelow Rosy Finch Lake (in next drainage s of lake outlet, headwaters of n fork of Mono Creek); Mono Creek
JEPS91212UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesDean W. Taylor13151971-08-29 Monoon a spur near North Peak, above Saddlebag Lake,
JEPS91213UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesDean W. Taylor6851970-08-23 El Doradowest slope of Job′s Sister,
JEPS97802UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesC. F. Quibell2000-07-22 Fresnoslope above Bighorn Lake
RSA620449RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesMary DeDecker39151975-07-12 MonoSweetwater Mountains: Wheeler Peak.
RSA86300RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesF. W. Peirson76321927-08-03 Tuolumnewest slope of Mt. Dana, Sierra Nevada.
UC1005792UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesPeter H. Raven60501953-08-04 Fresnow side Pioneer Basin; Sierra Nevada
UC1128219UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesW. D. Thomas3631935-08-20 TuolumneSummit of White Mtn.; Yosemite National Park, Mt. Lyell Quad.
UC1128220UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesT. M. Hendrix3711937-07-17 Mono1 mi sw Hunewill Lake; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quad.
UC1128221UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesA. H. Hawbecker1936-08-13 Tuolumne0.75 mi ne McCabe Lake; Yosemite National ParK, Mt. Lyell
UC1128222UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesW. Augustine191934-07-25 MariposaMt. Clark; Yosemite National Park, Mt. Lyell
UC1215472UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesChas. H. Quibell, Chas. F. Quibell78611958-08-30 Fresno1.75 mi n Mt. Hooper (1 mi nw of Rose Lake)
UC12360UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesW. H. Brewer17461863-06-29 TuolumneMt. Dana
UC1375597UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesPetrides892000-05-05 MariposaYosemite National Park
UC1505760UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesRobert T. Clausen, Harold Trapido48531940-07-09 MonoDana Plateau; Sierra Nevada, Mono Lake Basin
UC1540213UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesDean W. Taylor92061987-08-01 MonoHeadwaters of Parker Creek Sierra Nevada, Mono Basin, Parker Creek (along trail between Parker Pass and Koip Pass, at nw base of steep climb up switchbacks to saddle between Koip Peak and Parker Peak)
UC1559687UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesArnold Tiehm, Matt Lavin81531983-07-13 Monose side Wheeler Peak (nw of a small lake, on se side of Sweetwater Mts); Sweetwaters Mts.
UC2085311UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesDean W. Taylor210472010-09-04 TuolumneYosemite National Park, Mt. Lewis, northwestern flank of the mountain along the summit ridge; Koip Peak, CA USGS quadrangle
UC306902UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesunknown1920-07-11 El Dorado800 ft below summit Freel; Sierra Nevada
UC419741UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesMrs. H. P. Bracelin541930-08-18 TuolumneMt. Davis
UC551575UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesFrances Christensen19931935-07-23 TuolumneMount Donohue; Yosemite National Park
UC55883UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock36091902-07-01 TuolumneMt. Dana
UC604147UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesDavid D. Keck49491938-08-20 Monosummit of w peak White Mtn. (Mono-Tuolumne County boundary)
UC604170UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesDavid D. Keck49271938-08-20 Monos of Big Horn Lake (n side of White Mtn); White Mtn.
UC618375UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesJohn Thomas Howell145331938-08-11 TuolumneMt. Dana
UC624831UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesDavid D. Keck49691938-08-23 Monon of Mt. Dana (Dana Plateau); Dana Plateau
UC642662UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesH. L. Mason114281936-07-29 MonoConness Glacier; Sierra Nevada
UC642664UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesH. L. Mason11325B1936-07-24 TuolumneWhite Mountain; Sierra Nevada, Mount Conness Range
UC642665UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesH. L. Mason11296B1936-07-23 TuolumneMount Conness; Sierra Nevada
UC642667UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesC. W. Sharsmith41031939-08-01 Tuolumnevicinity Mount Conness (valley of Shepherds Crest); Sierra Nevada, Shepherds Crest
UC642914UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesC. W. Sharsmith29371937-08-02 Monoe slope Dunderberg Peak; Sierra Nevada
UC642916UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesC. W. Sharsmith1581933-07-19 Tuolumnew slope Mount Dana; Sierra Nevada
UC642917UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesC. W. Sharsmith23901936-09-19 Monovicinity Mt. Dana (ne rim of Dana Plateau); Sierra Nevada, Dana Plateau
UC642932UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesC. W. Sharsmith22371936-07-25 Tuolumnevicinity Mount Conness (w slope of North Peak); Sierra Nevada
UC64871UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock36091902-07-01 TuolumneMt. Dana
UC797804UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesG. L. Stebbins, Jr.26231938-08-12 Monosummit of Mammoth Crest Mammoth Crest (Mono and Fresno Counties)
UC860288UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesAlice Eastwood5561907-08-21 TuolumneMono Pass
UC860289UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesJohn Thomas Howell145331938-08-11 TuolumneMt. Dana
UC912427UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesM. S. Jussel1928-07-11 AlpineJob′s Sister Peak
UCSB017098UCSBIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesGardner, Ivana1631963-08-09 Mariposa1-4 mile SE of Vogelsang High Sierra Canon Vogelsang Pass Trail, Yosemite National Park
YM-YOSE232206YMIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesGrossenbacher, Dena --Smith, Joel17292010-08-30 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Unglaciated alpine landform about 0.25 miles east of Skelton Lakes
YM-YOSE232207YMIvesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioidesGrossenbacher, Dena --Smith, Joel17292010-08-30 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Unglaciated alpine landform about 0.25 miles east of Skelton Lakes
CAS-BOT139793CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaEastwood, Alice5221907-08-20 TuolumneMono Pass Trail, Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT139794CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaKeck, David D.49851938-08-26 TuolumneYosemite Nat′l. Park, slope east of upper McCabe Lake Elev. given as 10,800 ft.
CAS-BOT139795CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaKeck, David D.50041938-09-01 TuolumneYosemite Nat′l Park, at Middle McCabe Lake Elev. given as 10,200 ft.
CAS-BOT139796CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaHowell, John Thomas200841944-08-07 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows
CAS-BOT139797CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaKeck, David D.50041938-09-01 TuolumneYosemite Nat′l Park, at Middle McCabe Lake Elev. given as 10,200 ft.
CAS-BOT139798CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaKeck, David D.50041938-09-01 TuolumneYosemite Nat′l Park, at Middle McCabe Lake Elev. given as 10,200 ft.
CAS-BOT139799CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaKeck, David D.49851938-08-26 TuolumneYosemite Nat′l Park, slope east of upper McCabe Lake Elev. given as 10,800 ft.
CAS-BOT139800CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaEastwood, Alice4891907-08-19 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows, Soda Springs, Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT139801CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaBaker, M. S.116a-251925-09-07 TuolumneNear Soda Sp. Rang. Sta., Tuolumne Meadows
CAS-BOT139802CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaBaker, M. S.116c-251925-09-06 TuolumneNear Soda Sp. Rang. Sta., Tuolumne Meadows
CAS-BOT139803CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaHowell, John Thomas206161944-08-16 TuolumneMono Pass
CAS-BOT139804CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaRaven, Peter H.83591955-07-24 TulareWright Creek
CAS-BOT139805CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaBedell, Donald J.77-101962-09-04 TulareBlack Rock Pass, Great Western Divide
CAS-BOT139806CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaRaven, Peter H.75121954-07-22 TulareCrabtree Meadows
CAS-BOT139807CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaHowell, John Thomas175391942-08-01 TulareSky Parlor Meadow, Chagoopa Plateau
CAS-BOT139808CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaTwisselmann, Ernest C.168951970-06-26 TulareBig Meadow
CAS-BOT139809CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaDudley, W. R.10011895-08-01 TulareRegion of Tule-Little Kern Divide: [Hocket] Hockett Meadow
CAS-BOT139810CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaKruckeberg, A. R.34031954-07-09 TulareHockett Meadow, Sequoia N.P.
CAS-BOT139811CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaMcCracken, Isabels.n.1926-08-16 TulareUpper Crabtree Meadow
CAS-BOT139812CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaDudley, W. R.21581897-07-27 TulareRegion of Kaweah Peaks: Funston′s Meadows
CAS-BOT139813CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaDudley, W. R.18701897-07-15 TulareGrant National Park: Vicinity of [Hocket] Hockett Meadow
CAS-BOT139814CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaHall, H. M.; Babcock, H. D.54671904-07-01 TulareBasin of Upper Kern River, at Volcano Meadows (originally known as Whitney Meadows)
CAS-BOT139815CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaTwisselmann, Ernest C.125031966-06-24 TulareSouth end of Big Meadows
CAS-BOT142784CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaMott, LillianLM428711971-08-05 MariposaVicinity of Vogelsang Lake, Yosemite National Park - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142785CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaSmith, Malcolm G.s.n.1939-07-01 FresnoDusy Basin
CAS-BOT142786CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaSmith, Malcolm G.s.n.1939-07-01 FresnoVicinity of Piute Pass and Pilot Knob
CAS-BOT142787CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaIverson, Grace B.s.n.1955-09-10 FresnoUpper part of 4th Recess - Sierra Nevada, vicinity of Mono Pass, Pioneer Basin, and adjacent Mono Creek
CAS-BOT142788CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaThomas, John H.99871962-09-10 Fresno4th Recess just west of Lower Snow Lake - Sierra Nevada, vicinity of Mono Pass, Pioneer Basin, and upper Mono Creek
CAS-BOT142789CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaThomas, John H.54341955-09-10 FresnoAlong Golden Creek between 4th Recess and Golden Lake - Sierra Nevada, vicinity of Mono Pass, Pioneer Basin, and adjacent Mono Creek
CAS-BOT142790CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaThomas, John H.; Thomas, H. A.46261954-09-13 Fresno4th Recess - Sierra Nevada, vicinity of Mono Pass, Pioneer Basin, and adjacent Mono Creek
CAS-BOT142791CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaRaven, Peter H.47261952-07-29 FresnoColby Meadows
CAS-BOT142792CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaRaven, Peter H.48111952-08-01 FresnoEvolution Meadows
CAS-BOT142793CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaRaven, Peter H.44151952-07-17 FresnoMcClure Meadows
CAS-BOT142794CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaHelmkamp, G. K.; Helmkamp, E. A.43701998-08-12 InyoEastern High Sierra Mountains: Rock Crk Valley, 1.0 mi S of Rock Creek Lake
CAS-BOT142795CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaPawek, Jean L.4561958-07-04 InyoRoads end of Rock Creek Road
CAS-BOT142796CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaButler, Miss E. J.5591932-08-02 InyoMosquito Flat, Rock Creek
CAS-BOT142797CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaRobinson, E.B391936-07-17 InyoOn side of small (11,898′) peak immediately s.e. of Ruby Lake, just south of Mono Pass east side.
CAS-BOT142798CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaKlyver, Fred D.s.n.1926-08-01 InyoUpper Rock Creek, east slope of Mono Pass
CAS-BOT142799CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura110751945-08-25 InyoIn meadow at Heart Lake, Rock Creek Basin - Inyo National Forest
CAS-BOT142800CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise33121942-08-17 InyoOuter edge of meadow, Cottonwood Lakes, southwest of Lone Pine - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142801CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaHalperin, M.5941932-07-31 InyoMosquito Flat, Rock Creek
CAS-BOT142802CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaHowell, John Thomas222381946-07-14 InyoMosquito Flat, Rock Creek Lake Basin
CAS-BOT142803CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaHowell, John Thomas163991941-07-22 InyoMono Pass Trail
CAS-BOT142804CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaMunz, Philip A.200991954-08-22 MonoFantail Lake, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural ARea, east slope of Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142805CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaSmith, Malcolm; Smith, Laura3761965-08-01 MonoFrog Lakes - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142806CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaHardham, Clare B.51101959-07-20 MonoSummit Lake
CAS-BOT142807CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaClausen, J.18061940-08-08 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, along Fantail Lake, Lake Valley, east base of White Mountain - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142808CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaKeck, David D.49591938-08-23 MonoCamp Tioga, N. of Tioga Lake - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142809CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaKeck, David D.49591938-08-23 MonoCamp Tioga, N. of Tioga Lake - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142810CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaStockwell, Palmer13511935-08-25 MonoLake Valley, S.E. base of White Mountain, on a quaking bog island in Fantail Lake, southeastern boundary of Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area
CAS-BOT142811CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaStockwell, Palmer13511935-08-25 MonoLake Valley, S.E. base of White Mountain, on a quaking bog island in Fantail Lake, southeastern boundary of Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area
CDA0018642CDAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaG.D. Barbe35311981-08-12 InyoMosquito Flat trailhead, Little Lakes Valley, Rock creek Basin, Inyo National Forest. ,Sierra Nevada.
CSLA015072CSLAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaE. L. Peterson1957-06-30 InyoNear Reeds Flat, White Mts.
DAV326173DAVIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaJack Major6701961-08-28 InyoInyo County: Upper end of Long Lake, Rock Creek, Inyo National Forest.
FSC0011822FSCIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaChas. H. Quibell59621955-08-22 FresnoFrench Crk. Canon (Trib. Piute Crk. & S. Fk. San Joaquin) w. over Sierran Crest from Bishop, Inyo Co.; below jct. with crk from Merriam Lake. 12,077′ Merriam Pk. directly n., 12,245 Pilot Knob sw.
FSC0011823FSCIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaChas. H. Quibell; Chas. F. Quibell70501957-08-17 FresnoSlope at base of peak 12,438′ & overlooking 3 lakelets about s. wall of N. Goddard Crk. canyon below Davis Lakes, & with 12,969 Mt. McGee directly n. across canyon (w. edge Mt. Goddard Quad.). Goddard Canon (S. Fk. San Joaquin Riv.) 1 m. w. (Blackcap Mt. Quad.); this Ivesia down over the rocks at the Lake view.
FSC0011824FSCIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaChas. H. Quibell71761957-08-20 FresnoThe Conte Divide forming w. wall (11,400′-12,265′) of Great Head Waters Basin (10,400′-10,800′) of S. Fk. San Joaquin River (Goddard Cany.) Mt. Goddard 18,568′ [unreadable] across the basin ([unreadable] < t. and Mt. Goddard Quads.). Lake in 11,400′ saddle of the divide & iceplaned 11,640 ridge to S. of Lake extends 1-2 mile SE. of toe of pk. 12,241. Excess ice from headwaters basin of S. Fk. San Joaquin once flowed over this ridge into N. Fk. Kings River drainage.
FSC0011826FSCIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaE. Robinsonb391936-07-17 InyoOn side of small peak immediately s.e. of Ruby Lake, just s. of Mono Pass on e. side
GH00403544GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaW. H. Brewer16981863-01-01 UnknownSoda Springs, head of Tuolumne R.
GH00403545GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaW. H. Brewer17231863-01-01 UnknownMono Pass
GH01566104GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1957-09-16 Tulare[data not captured]
GH01566105GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1937-05-25 Inyo[data not captured]
GH01566106GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1960-03-26 Inyo[data not captured]
GH01566107GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1992-01-29 Mono[data not captured]
GH01566108GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1920-05-01 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH01566109GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1907-07-20 Tulare[data not captured]
GH01566110GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1993-03-21 Inyo[data not captured]
GH01566111GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1907-04-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01566112GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-07-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01566113GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1942-05-12 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH01566114GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1942-07-29 Fresno[data not captured]
GH01566115GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1952-09-18 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH01566116GHIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetala;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1927-03-18 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GMDRC4916GMDRCIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaJ. Andre156622008-07-28 InyoBig Pine Canon: along Glacier Trail below (0.5 mi. to north of) Palisade Glacier, above (0.5 mi to southeast) San Mack Basin
JEPS44346UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaWillis L. Jepson50471912-07-18 Tularemeadow on East Fork of Kern River
JEPS44349UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaWillis L. Jepson46811911-08-15 TulareHockett Meadow; Sierra Nevada
JEPS44350UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaWillis L. Jepson44361911-07-17 MonoBloody Canon
JEPS44351UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaWillis L. Jepson4429j1911-07-14 MariposaVogelsang Pass; Yosemite Park
JEPS44353UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaWillis L. Jepson32901909-07-14 TuolumneMt. Dana
JEPS44357UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaWalter Fry701913-09-01 TulareSequoia National Park
JEPS44360UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaP. B. Kennedy1916-08-01 MonoGem Pass; Yosemite Valley
JEPS73594UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaEdward Lee25431936-08-17 MaderaLyell Fork of Tuolumne River about 6 mi from Tuolumne Meadows; Lyell Fork of Tuolumne River
JEPS91106UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaDean W. Taylor155331995-09-19 Monoheadwaters Walker Creek in Bloody Canon (along the trail about 350 meters e of the summit, Inyo National Forest, Mono, Pass, Mono Lake Watershed); Sierra Nevada, Inyo National Forest, Mono Pass
LOB100903LOBIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaSteve Ganley16721972-07-21 TuolumneGrowing along the Tuolumne River near the soda springs, Tuolumne Meadows.
POM226259RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaAdele Lewis Grant16011918-08-25 MonoParker Pass.
POM36660RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaPhilip A. Munz75461923-07-28 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows. Yosemite National Park.
PUA66818PUAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaG.L. Clifton1987-07-15 InyoLocal landmark: Rock Creek. Mt. Tom Quad.
PUA68260PUAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaG.L. Clifton1988-06-29 MonoLocal landmark: Gardisky Lake. Tuolumne Meadows Quad.
RSA122958RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaT. M. Hendrix5261937-08-11 Mono0.9 mile W of Black Mtn, Mono National Forest
RSA131949RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaChas. H. Quibell65091957-08-01 FresnoMcClure Mead at 9650ft about Mid Point i 4m long E to W (A Little N) Tending Evolution Valley between 13000ft. Glacier Divide on N side and 12500ft Emeraid Peak Ridge to SW.; Mt Goddard
RSA16954RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaR. S. Woglums.n.1933-08-01 TulareHockett Meadow; Sequoia National Park.
RSA309590RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaJames R. Shevock21261972-07-21 TuolumneYosemite National Park.
RSA451582RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1963-05-15 UnknownN. Cal.
RSA86301RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaF. W. Peirson25321921-08-10 FresnoEvolution Meadow, Sierra Nevada.
RSA86327RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaF. W. Peirson90521930-08-03 InyoWest side of Heart Lake, Rock Creek Lake Basin, northern Inyo county
RSA86328RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaF. W. Peirson129611940-08-10 InyoDelta at inlet of Ruby Lake, Rock Creek Lake Basin, northern Inyo County
RSA96235RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaPhilip A. Munz200991954-08-22 MonoFantail Lake, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, E slope of Sierra Nevada.
THRI-SEKI19171THRIIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaRoll, A.; Pilewski, L.2001-08-27 UnknownVM.SEKI.0395. Evolution Valley
THRI-SEKI19948THRIIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaYork, Dana13321996-07-26 UnknownBishop Pass
THRI-SEKI20006THRIIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaYork, Dana13951996-07-29 UnknownSW of Bishop Pass
THRI-SEKI20007THRIIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaYork, Dana13951996-07-29 UnknownSW of Bishop Pass
THRI-SEKI21006THRIIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaNeuman, M.J.s.n.1988-07-30 UnknownHockett Meadow
THRI-SEKI6691THRIIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaNorris, Larry L.921980-07-17 UnknownHockett Mdws
UC1085302UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaC. W. Sharsmith3961933-08-14 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows; Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park
UC1128223UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaT. M. Hendrix5261937-08-11 Mono0.9 mi w Black Mt.; Mono National Forest, Hoover Primitive Area, Bridgeport Quad
UC114495UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaC. A. Purpus51721897-08-01 TulareKaweah Meadows
UC114514UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaJohn Muir1875-01-01 UnknownSierra Nevada
UC14233UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaChesnut, Drew1889-07-13 MariposaCloud′s Rest; Yosemite
UC1505707UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaRobert T. Clausen, Harold Trapido48371940-07-08 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows Sierra Nevada, San Joaquin Basin, Yosemite National Park (along Tuolumne River)
UC1787279UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaG. K. Helmkamp59292000-07-19 InyoEastern High Sierra Nevada Mountains: Mosquito Flat, 0.9 mi S of Rock Creek Lake.
UC284179UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaP. A. Munz75461923-07-28 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows
UC481102UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaW. P. Taylor1911-09-02 InyoCottonwood Lakes; Sierra Nevada Mts.
UC551629UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaBeryl O. Schreiber17591935-07-22 MariposaTuolumne Meadows; Yosemite National Park
UC624817UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaDavid D. Keck49851938-08-26 Tuolumnee of upper McCabe Lake; Yosemite National Park
UC624824UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaDavid D. Keck50041938-09-01 TuolumneMiddle McCabe Lake; Yosemite National Park
UC625178UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaPaul S. Bartholomew1934-08-03 Tuolumnen of Glen Aulin (Cold Canon and Virginia Canon); Yosemite National Park
UC639556UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaBeryl Kautz1930-08-01 TuolumneLyell Fork of Tuolumne River; Tuolumne Lodge, Tuolumne Meadows
UC642666UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaC. W. Sharsmith25311937-07-17 Tuolumnebelow summit saddle between Mount Dana and Mount Gibbs; Sierra Nevada
UC642913UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaC. W. Sharsmith33301937-08-08 Fresnobasin just e Mono Pass (e Fresno County); Sierra Nevada
UC64292UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock54671904-07-25 TulareVolcano Meadows (Whitney Meadows); Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Basin of the Upper Kern Ri
UC642928UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaC. W. Sharsmith3961933-08-14 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows; Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park
UC64293UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock51271904-06-15 TulareBrown Meadows Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains (se Tulare County)
UC643226UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaFrank W. Peirson1940-07-31 InyoHeart Lake Meadow; Rock Creek Lake Basin
UC648699UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaPalmer Stockwell13511935-08-25 Monobog inland in Fantail Lake (se base of White Mountain, se boundary of Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area); Sierra Nevada, White Mountain
UC64870UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock35961902-06-01 MariposaLyell Canon; Yosemite National Park, Mt. Lyell
UC704031UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg33121942-08-17 Inyosw of Lone Pine; Sierra Nevada, Cottonwood Lakes
UC733181UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine110751945-08-25 InyoHeart Lake; Inyo National Forest, Rock Creek Basin
UC860660UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaC. Epling, Wm. Robison1935-07-11 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows; Yosemite National Park
UC903170UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaMrs. H. P. Bracelin5251931-08-05 TuolumneMount Dana; Sierra Nevada
UCR0043353UCRIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaJim Andre156622008-07-28 InyoBig Pine Canon, along Glacier Trail below (0.5 mi to north of) Palisade Glacier and above(0.5 mi to southeast) San Mack Basin
UCR0043354UCRIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaGeorge K. Helmkamp43701998-08-12 InyoRock Creek Valley, 1.0 mile south of Rock Creek Lake
UCR0043355UCRIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaGeorge K. Helmkamp59292000-07-19 InyoMosquito Flat, 0.9 mile south of Rock Creek Lake, beside Rock Creek
UCR0043365UCRIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaO.F. Clarkes.n.1975-07-12 TuolumneTuolumne Meadows
UCSB017099UCSBIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaMosquin, Theodore; Haller, John38931957-09-02 FresnoMargin of Summit Lake, near Mono Pass
UCSB017100UCSBIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaF. T. Ralph2351959-06-27 MonoTioga Pass meadow, c. 300 N. of entrance to Yosemite Natl. Park and c. 14 miles W. of US 395 on Tioga Pass road, E. slope of Sierra Nevada.
UCSB017101UCSBIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaW. B. Augustine431934-07-25 MariposaMt. Clark, Yosemite, Sec. unsurveyed T.3S R.23E
YM-YOSE232164YMIvesia lycopodioides subsp. megalopetalaGrossenbacher, Dena --Smith, Joel17592010-09-01 TuolumneYosemite National Park; west slope of Mt. Gibbs
CAS-BOT139816CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.6371961-08-19 MonoS. fork of Perry Aiken Cr.
CAS-BOT139817CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisTwisselmann, Ernest C.; Bedell, Donald J.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.173601970-07-30 TulareArmy Pass, Tulare and Inyo counties
CAS-BOT139818CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisHowell, John Thomas251171948-07-28 TulareCenter Basin
CAS-BOT139819CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisHowell, John Thomas250551948-07-26 TulareCenter Basin
CAS-BOT139820CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisLeschke, Hanss.n.1944-08-03 InyoAbove Tyee Lakes
CAS-BOT139821CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisHowell, John Thomas239951947-08-11 InyoSouth end of Coyote Ridge
CAS-BOT139822CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. L.2321950-08-07 InyoCoyote Ridge, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT139823CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. L.2251950-08-07 InyoCoyote Ridge, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT139824CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisFerris, Roxana S.89521934-07-22 InyoPiute Pass, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT139825CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisMichael, Enids.n.1950-08-06 InyoTable Mtn., above Lake Sabrina
CAS-BOT139826CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisBlakley, E. R.; Muller, K. K.37151960-07-15 MonoBarcroft Laboratory, White Mountains
CAS-BOT139827CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisRoos, John; Roos, Lucille51391951-08-10 MonoSaddle 1 mile SE of White Mtn. Peak, White Mts.
CAS-BOT139828CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisMaguire, Bassett; Holmgren, Arthur H.260881945-08-06 MonoAbove McAfee Meadows, White Mountains, Inyo National Forest
CAS-BOT139829CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.4821961-07-22 MonoN. of Barcroft Laboratory
CAS-BOT139830CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisZufelt, Syril N.; Gierisch, Ralph K.721969-08-12 MonoEast of Barcroft gate
CAS-BOT139831CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisZufelt, S. N.; Gierisch, R. K.721969-08-12 MonoWhite Mtns., East of Barcroft Gate
CAS-BOT139832CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisVollmer, A. M.; Beane, L.2261951-07-01 MonoBetw. Naval Research Lab station, on slopes of White Mt. Pk., White Mts.
CAS-BOT139833CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisFeigen, Priscillas.n.1954-01-01 MonoUniversity of California White Mounts Research Station, White Mountains
CAS-BOT139834CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisTwisselmann, Ernest C.57761959-09-15 MonoWhite Mountains: slope below Barcroft Research Station
CAS-BOT139835CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisBlakley, E. R.; Muller, K. K.36101960-07-15 MonoEast slope White Mountain Peak, White Mountains
CAS-BOT139836CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisTucker, J. M.22621951-08-12 Mono1-4 mile below upper University of California Research Station, Barcroft Mountain, about 8 miles south of White Mountain Peak
CAS-BOT139837CASIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.8471962-07-25 MonoSheep Meadow
CSLA015076CSLAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisEdward L. Peterson1957-06-30 Inyonear Reed′s Flat, White Mtns.
CSLA015082CSLAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisE.L. Peterson33581954-07-04 MonoPallisier Flats [Pellisier Flat], White Mts.
DAV326174DAVIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisJ. M. Tucker22621951-08-12 MonoMono County: 1-4 mile below upper University of California Research Station, Barcroft Mountain, about 8 miles south of White Mountain Peak.
DAV95487DAVIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisGeoffrey A. Levin13141979-08-01 MonoMono County: White Mountains, near Paiute Peak.
IRVC19978IRVCIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisG. Marshs.n.1981-08-11 MonoWhite Mts., Barcroft Lab.
JEPS105039UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisDean W. Taylor154141995-08-08 InyoCoyote Ridge; southeast base of The Hunchback; Inyo National Forest
JEPS2633UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisW. H. Shockley5721909-04-28 MonoWhite Mts.;; White Mts., Mono Co.
JEPS28243UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisRimo Bacigalupi, P. C. Hutchison, L. Heckard81121961-07-30 Mono0.75 mi nw and above McAfee Meadow (about 0.5 mi n and above Barcroft High Altitude Research Laboratory); White Mountains
JEPS32929UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisE. R. Blakley, K. K. Muller37151960-07-15 MonoBarcroft Laboratory White Mountains (White Mountains)
JEPS44356UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisWillis L. Jepson73241917-07-27 MonoSheep Mt.; White Mts.
JEPS91210UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisDean W. Taylor52041975-07-14 MonoWhite Mountains, near Barcroft Lab
JEPS91211UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisDean W. Taylor65591977-07-02 InyoCoyote Ridge
POM231241RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisRobert Kesslers.n. InyoHead of Bishop Creek, Sierra Nevada.
POM304063RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisB. Maguire260881945-08-06 MonoInyo Nat′l Forest; Sheep Mountain
PUA66563PUAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisG.L. Clifton1987-07-13 MonoLocal landmark: Cottonwood Creek. Mt. Barcroft Quad.
RSA117222RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisChas. H. Quibell52441955-07-28 FresnoHumphreys Basin, Headwaters Piute Creek, Trib. S Fork San Joaquin River, W over sierran Crest from Bishop, Inyo County, Mt Humphreys ENE 13986ft. lowest spots on rim NE around E to SW 12400ft.
RSA166736RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisE. R. Blakley37151960-07-15 MonoBarcroft Laboratory, White Mtns
RSA624127RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisMary DeDecker12621960-07-24 MonoWhite Mountains: Southeast shoulder of White Mountain Peak, around base of rocky outcropping.
RSA71688RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisJ. C. Roos51391951-08-10 MonoSaddle 1 mile SE of White Mountain Peak.
RSA76839RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisE. Robinsonb-391936-07-17 InyoSlope of small peak immediately SE of Ruby Lake, just S of Mono Pass on E side.
RSA79522RSAIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisMary DeDecker911952-09-06 InyoWhitebark pine, Piute Pass, Sierra Nevada, W of Bishop.
THRI-SEKI19305THRIIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisBrodie, J.; Helmy, O.SEKI.0103.122000-08-14 UnknownVM.SEKI.0103. Tablelands, Sequoia National Park
THRI-SEKI23480THRIIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisCann, CorieSEKI-22-WM-332-10202016-09-09 UnknownWright Lakes
UC114507UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisW. H. Shockley5721888-08-01 MonoWhite Mts.;; White Mts., Mono Co.
UC1297380UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisVictor DuranM551930-07-28 MonoMcAfee Meadows; White Mountains
UC1297381UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisVictor DuranM541926-07-01 MonoMcAfee Meadows; White Mountains
UC1299801UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisRichard S. Mitchell21321964-07-09 Monon side Sheep Mountain; White Mountains
UC1299900UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisRichard S. Mitchell21961964-07-20 Monojust s Mt. Dubois (Pellisier Flats); White Mountains
UC1300204UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisRobert M. Lloyd32481963-08-10 MonoWhite Mountain Summit Road; White Mountains
UC1317744UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisVictor Duran16781926-06-30 Monoridge above Cottonwood Creek; White Mountains, White Mt. U.S.G.S. Quad.
UC1317745UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisVictor Duran25931929-07-21 MonoHead of Cottonwood Creek; White Mountains
UC1728154UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisNoel H. Holmgren, Patricia K. Holmgren110221985-08-13 Mono4.2 mi n of turnoff to Patriarch Grove (e side of road, 16.5 mi air distance ne (35deg) of downtown Bishop, White Mountains, White Mt. Road); White Mountains, White Mt. Road
UC485460UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisA. C. Shelton1917-08-09 MonoWhite Mts.
UC485461UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisA. C. Shelton1917-08-07 MonoWhite Mts.
UC562889UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisRoxana S. Ferris89521934-07-22 InyoPiute Pass; Sierra Nevada, Great Western Divide
UC739076UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisBassett Maguire, Arthur H. Holmgren260881945-08-06 Monoabove McAfee Meadows; White Mountains, Inyo National Forest
UC914612UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisPeter H. Raven, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.2251950-08-07 InyoCoyote Ridge; Sierra Nevada
UC984763UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisJ. M. Tucker22621951-08-12 Mono8 mi s White Mountain Peak (0.25 mi below upper Univ. of Canon, Barcroft Mountain); Barcroft Mountain
UCSB017102UCSBIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisJames K. McPherson1771965-10-09 Mononear Mt. Barcroft research station, White Mountains
VVC1608VVCIvesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularisTim Thomas40712006-08-11 Mono1.5 miles south of Barcroft Station just off main road.White Mountains
CAS-BOT142737CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesJussel, M. S.s.n.1928-07-11 El DoradoJob′s Sister Peak, Lake Tahoe region - El Dorado-Alpine Co. line, near Nevada border.
CAS-BOT142738CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesGrant, Adele Lewis16011918-08-25 MaderaParker Pass
CAS-BOT142739CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHeusi, William M.501930-07-25 MonoRidge north of North Peak, west of Saddlebag Lake - Sierra Nevada Mountains, near Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT142741CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHowell, John Thomas226631946-07-22 FresnoPioneer Basin
CAS-BOT142742CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHowell, John Thomas226631946-07-22 FresnoPioneer Basin
CAS-BOT142743CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesPayne, Francess.n.1946-07-24 FresnoFourth Recess
CAS-BOT142744CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesFerris, Roxana S.111661946-07-22 FresnoHaning Valley above falls, 4th Recess of Mono Creek
CAS-BOT142745CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesCrafts, A. S.4791932-08-05 FresnoPioneer Basin
CAS-BOT142746CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesRaven, Peter H.50021952-08-08 FresnoPlateau n. of Mt. Tamarack
CAS-BOT142747CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesRaven, Peter H.4774A1952-07-31 FresnoLake in Darwin Canyon
CAS-BOT142748CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesRaven, Peter H.60501953-08-04 FresnoW. side of Pioneer Basin
CAS-BOT142749CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKehrlein, Olivers.n.1953-07-22 FresnoMt. Mills
CAS-BOT142750CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesFerris, Roxana S.111651946-07-20 FresnoPioneer Basin (no. 3 Lake), Mono Creek Drainage
CAS-BOT142751CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesZufelt, Syril N.1071971-08-15 MonoDana Plateau
CAS-BOT142752CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesMyrick, Donald6701962-08-21 MonoDana Plateau, off Tioga pass, Yosemite national Park
CAS-BOT142753CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesSmith, Malcolm; Smith, Laura3521965-08-01 MonoFrog Lakes - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142754CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesClemens, Mrs. Josephs.n.1919-07-26 MonoMt. Conness - Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT142755CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesDeRoy, Jr., B. E.1061934-08-07 MonoDry plateau, Mt. Conness - Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT142756CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.49271938-08-20 MonoWhite Mt., north side, on cliff ledges, south of Big Horn Lake
CAS-BOT142757CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.49271938-08-20 MonoWhite Mt., north side, on cliff ledges, south of Big Horn Lake
CAS-BOT142758CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.49271938-08-20 MonoWhite Mt., north side, on cliff ledges, south of Big Horn Lake
CAS-BOT142759CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.49491938-08-20 MonoSummit of White Mtn., west peak, Mono-Tuolumne Co. line.
CAS-BOT142760CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.49691938-08-23 MonoDana Plateau, N. of Mt. Dana - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142761CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesPollard, Henry M.s.n.1944-08-05 MonoMammoth Crest, south of Crystal Lake
CAS-BOT142762CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesClausen, J.16631937-08-05 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, E. face of Mt. Conness, around and above two alpine lakes.
CAS-BOT142763CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesClausen, J.16631937-08-05 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, E. face of Mt. Conness, around and above two alpine lakes.
CAS-BOT142764CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesSharsmith, C. W.41031939-08-01 MonoValley of Shepherds Crest, vicinity of Mount Conness - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142765CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.49691938-08-23 MonoDana Plateau, N. of Mt. Dana - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142766CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHowell, John Thomas202851944-08-10 MonoDana Plateau
CAS-BOT142767CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHowell, John Thomas168591941-08-08 MonoSan Joaquin Mt.
CAS-BOT142768CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesEastwood, Alices.n.1907-08-21 MonoMono Pass
CAS-BOT142769CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesEastwood, Alice5561907-08-21 MonoMono Pass
CAS-BOT142770CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesEastwood, Alice6081907-08-23 TuolumneMt. Dana, type locality.
CAS-BOT142771CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesVale, Jamess.n.1976-07-20 TuolumneMono Pass Meadow - Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT142772CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesBracelin, Mrs. H. P.541930-08-18 TuolumneMt. Dana
CAS-BOT142773CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesBerwick, Dr. C. Colemans.n.1937-08-01 TuolumneMt. Rose
CAS-BOT142774CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesBracelin, Mrs. H. P.541930-08-18 TuolumneMt. Dana
CAS-BOT142775CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesClausen, J.7761933-08-20 TuolumneWest slope of Mt. Dana
CAS-BOT142776CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.43961936-08-18 TuolumneMt. Conness
CAS-BOT142777CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.43961936-08-18 TuolumneMt. Conness
CAS-BOT142778CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.49751938-08-23 TuolumneMount Dana, crest of Sierra Nevada, east side of summit.
CAS-BOT142779CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesKeck, David D.49491938-08-20 TuolumneSummit of White Mtn., west peak, Mono-Tuolumne Co. line.
CAS-BOT142780CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesMonroe, Dr. W.s.n.1922-08-01 TuolumneMt. Dana
CAS-BOT142781CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHowell, John Thomas205501944-08-15 TuolumneMt. Conness
CAS-BOT142782CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHowell, John Thomas203851944-08-12 TuolumneGaylor Lakes
CAS-BOT142783CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHowell, John Thomas145331938-08-11 TuolumneMt. Dana
CAS-BOT143400CASIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesPapenhagen, Betty Hammerly8021973-07-07 InyoWest of Long Lake, Rock Creek Lake Basin
HSC227208HSCIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHelen Constantine-Shull7901995-09-10 MonoSummit area of Joaquin Mtn.
HSC227209HSCIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesJ.P. Smith77571974-07-11 TuolumneRidge E of Granite Lakes, Yosemite National Park and Hall Natural Area
NY833903NYIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesA. Tiehm81531983-07-13 ?  MonoSweetwater Mountains, southeast side of Wheeler Peak on the southeast side of the range
SBBG165835SBBGIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesMrs. J. D. Wright1929-07-06 MonoSan Joaquin Peak
SBBG165836SBBGIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesDonald Myrick6701962-08-21 MonoDana Plateau
SBBG165837SBBGIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesHenry Chapman Ford TuolumneYosemite National Park near top of Mt Dana
SJSU13317SJSUIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesC.W. Sharsmith57231949-07-15 Tuolumnesummit of saddle between Mt Dana & Mt Gibbs, Yosemite National Park
UC2081590UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesBarbara Ertter67451986-09-06 MonoDana Plateau NE of Tioga Pass.
UC2081591UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesBarbara Ertter67441986-09-06 MonoDana Plateau NE of Tioga Pass.
UC2081592UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesBarbara Ertter67471986-09-06 MonoDana Plateau NE of Tioga Pass.
UC2082881UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesIsrael Borokini0262019-08-14 MonoWhite Mountains; White Mountain road, about 0.5 miles before the University of California Barcroft Field Station, along the road-trail to White Mountain Peak, Inyo National Forest.
UCR0043357UCRIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesAnn Howald39062016-07-24 MonoDana Plateau, southwest-facing lip, c. 1.3 miles east of Tioga Lake
UCR0043358UCRIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesAnn Howald35212015-07-27 MonoDana Plateau, east edge, near Angel′s Flight and Third Pillar
UCR0043362UCRIvesia lycopodioides var. lycopodioidesAnn Howald32762014-08-17 Monoupper Lee Vining Creek drainage, Gardisky Lake trail, c. 0.7 trail miles above trailhead
CHSC111010CHSCIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaL. P. Janeway111772013-06-27 MonoCentral High Sierra Nevada. At a pair of small shallow snow-melt ponds on the crest between the head of Virginia Lakes Basin and the southeastern head of East Fork Green Creek; drains northwest to Green Creek. T0 N R24E S11 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Dunderberg Peak 1:24,000
DAV326172DAVIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaMorris Halperin5941932-07-31 InyoInyo County: Mtn meadow, Mosquito Flat.
HSC227210HSCIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaJ.P. Smith76691974-07-08 MonoMinarets Wilderness adjacent to Yosemite National Park at Mono Pass
HSC227211HSCIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaSteve DeBenedetti1131974-07-09 TulareSequoia National Park, Hockett Meadow
LA207981LAIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaJ. E.s.n.1936-07-19 TuolumneCold Creek; Yosemite National Park; Mt. Dona
LA207982LAIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaMrs. H.P. Bracelin541930-08-18 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Mt. Dana
SBBG165838SBBGIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaH. and M. Dearing6301936-07-18 InyoTyee Lakes, Bishop Crk
SBBG165839SBBGIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaJ. R. and R. C. Robbins1932-07-16 TuolumneYosemite National Park; Tioga Pass Rd
SBBG165840SBBGIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaDonald Myrick17261967-08-30 Monomeadow off Tioga Rd 5 mi E of Tuolumne Meadows
SFV112540SFVIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaT. R. Gordon7121974-09-14 InyoSierra Nevada; Small meadow at east end of Cottonwood Lake #4.
SJSU13318SJSUIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaC.W. Sharsmith56091948-07-15 Tuolumneby Unicorn Cr Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park
SJSU7455SJSUIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaC.L. Schmidt241971-07-20 InyoL. Sabrina lake-basin, Middle Fork Bishop Cr drainage, Sierra Nevada
UC2081593UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaBarbara Ertter66961986-08-10 InyoUpper Rock Creek near Marsh Lake ca 10 air miles SSW of Tom′s Place, E side Sierra Nevada.
UCR0043352UCRIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaJim Andre220392008-08-26 Inyolower Horseshoe Meadows on gravelly margins of meadow, c. 0.5 mi southeast of developed picnic area at end of Horseshoe Meadows Road; Sierra Nevada
UCR0043363UCRIvesia lycopodioides var. megalopetalaAnn Howald32572014-07-29 Monoupper Tioga Lake basin, c. 0.5 mile south of Tioga Lake
DAV239032DAVIvesia lycopodioides var. scandularisDean Wm. Taylor52041975-07-14 MonoWhite Mountains, near Barcroft Lab.
JEPS127705UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides var. scandularisDean W. Taylor154231995-08-08 InyoCoyote Ridge; southeast base of the Hunchback (ca. 15 air miles SW of Bishop).
SBBG165841SBBGIvesia lycopodioides var. scandularisE. R. Blakley, K. K. Muller37151960-07-15 MonoBarcroft Laboratory
SBBG165842SBBGIvesia lycopodioides var. scandularisE. R. Blakley, K. K. Muller36101960-07-15 MonoE slope of White Mtn Peak
SBBG165843SBBGIvesia lycopodioides var. scandularisH. and M. Dearing6311936-07-18 InyoTyee Lakes
SD00045495SDIvesia lycopodioides var. scandularisE. R. Blakley37151960-07-15 MonoBarcroft Laboratory, White Mountains
UC2081586UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides var. scandularisBarbara Ertter50171983-08-01 FresnoHumphreys Basin SW of Bishop, rocky slope on S side of path on W side of Piute Pass.
UC2081587UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides var. scandularisBarbara Ertter50151983-08-01 InyoHead of Piute Lake just before final ascent to Piute Pass.
UC2081621UCJEPSIvesia lycopodioides var. scandularisDean Wm. Taylor1997-08-01 MonoWhite Mountains.

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