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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT112388CASIsolepis carinataAhart, Lowell40481983-06-12 ButteAbout 1 mile south of Crystal Hill, near Oregon Gulch, near Lake Oroville, about 7 miles SW of Feather Falls.
CAS-BOT112389CASIsolepis carinataHowell, John Thomas; Stacey, J. W.130271937-06-06 SonomaPitkin Marsh
CAS-BOT112390CASIsolepis carinataHowell, John Thomas393221963-05-18 MontereyOpen hills, 2.5 miles S of Aromas
CAS-BOT112391CASIsolepis carinataHowell, John Thomas181541943-05-22 MarinLagunitas Meadows
CAS-BOT112392CASIsolepis carinataHowell, John Thomas217121946-05-04 MarinEast of Aurora School at Sonoma Co. line.
CAS-BOT112393CASIsolepis carinataHowell, John Thomas23691927-05-08 MarinLow place in grassland north of Lake Lagunitas
CAS-BOT112394CASIsolepis carinataHowell, John Thomas; Eastwood, Alice26201936-05-21 MendocinoCleone
CAS-BOT112395CASIsolepis carinataHowell, John Thomas; Eastwood, Alice44441937-05-31 MendocinoNear Elk
CAS-BOT112396CASIsolepis carinataAbrams, LeRoy52131915-04-01 MontereyMeadow near Carmel
CAS-BOT112397CASIsolepis carinataHeller, A. A.67711903-05-23 MontereyOn the Salinas road near Del Monte
CAS-BOT112398CASIsolepis carinataHesse, V. F.15571955-05-24 Santa CruzEmpire grade, north of Santa Cruz
CAS-BOT112399CASIsolepis carinataHeller, A. A.67711903-05-23 MontereyNear Del Monte on the Salinas road.
CAS-BOT112400CASIsolepis carinataHeller, A. A.67711903-05-23 MontereyNear Del Monte on the Salinas road.
CAS-BOT112401CASIsolepis carinataMason, Herbert L.127831946-05-19 MendocinoCleone Lake, north of Fort Bragg
CAS-BOT112402CASIsolepis carinataHardham, Clare Butterworth42271959-04-12 San Luis ObispoCommon in open spots that are damp during the rainy season, Santa Lucia Mts.
CAS-BOT112403CASIsolepis carinataHardham, Clare Butterworth37271958-06-27 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts.
CAS-BOT112404CASIsolepis carinataHardham, Clare Butterworth108301963-06-18 San Luis Obispo
CAS-BOT112405CASIsolepis carinataTrue, Gordon H.; Hardham, Clare Butterworth34651967-05-20 Mendocino2 miles N of Point Arena, between Hwy and beach.
CAS-BOT112406CASIsolepis carinataSmith, Doreens.n.2002-04-07 MarinBy muddy trail in area to north of entrance to Indian Valley Colleges, Novato.
CAS-BOT112407CASIsolepis carinataBolander, Henry Nicholas47571864-01-01 Unknown
CAS-BOT112408CASIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter56961966-04-30 SonomaTodd Road 1.4 mi. from Hwy 116 and 0.6 mi. from Llamo Road.
CAS-BOT112409CASIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter17761955-04-23 SonomaBennett Mtn Lake.
CAS-BOT112410CASIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter10091952-05-10 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville: Lower part of the Upper Marsh
CAS-BOT112411CASIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter10091952-05-10 SonomaPitkin Marsh, near Forestville: Uppermost part of the western branch of the Upper Marsh.
CAS-BOT112412CASIsolepis carinataHowell, John Thomas326201957-06-13 SonomaPitkin Marsh
CAS-BOT112413CASIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter10251952-05-10 SonomaPitkin Marsh near Forestville: Eastern branch of the Upper March.
CAS-BOT112414CASIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter10091952-05-10 SonomaPitkin Marsh near Forestville: Lower part of the Upper Marsh.
CAS-BOT112415CASIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter74511974-05-19 SonomaTodd Road 1.4 mi from Hwy 116 and 0.6 mi from Llano Road.
CAS-BOT112416CASIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter51401963-05-26 SonomaBennett Mtn. Lake.
CAS-BOT112417CASIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter; Froebe, Hans A.64851971-05-30 SonomaDry bed of vernal pool 4.25 mi. west of Glen Ellen on Bennett Valley Road.
CAS-BOT112418CASIsolepis carinataOberlander, George Thomas8721950-05-06 San MateoMarsh, San Andreas Lake.
CAS-BOT112419CASIsolepis carinataHesse, V. F.6061950-05-03 Santa CruzNear Big Basin Hwy, 3 mi. no. of Boulder Creek.
CAS-BOT112420CASIsolepis carinataHoover, R. F.78541950-04-21 San Luis ObispoCambria, in Monterey Pine Woods.
CAS-BOT112421CASIsolepis carinataHoover, R. F.94051965-05-22 San Luis ObispoCambria, among pines north of town
CAS-BOT112422CASIsolepis carinataHoover, R. F.94051965-05-22 San Luis ObispoCambria, among pines north of town
CAS-BOT586394CASIsolepis carinataWilliams, A.170222017-09-08 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Seep W of Pine Mtn. Road, just N of Oat Hill
CHSC112318CHSCIsolepis carinataLowell Ahart185752013-04-24 MendocinoNorth Coast. South of the entrance and road, 2.9 miles (air) northwest of Pt. Arena, 3.3 miles (air) southwest of Manchester. T1 N R1 W S02 N1-2
CHSC119592CHSCIsolepis carinataLowell Ahart185942013-04-25 SonomaDistrubed edge of residential driveway, 0.7 miles (air) east of Pacific Ocean, 0.8 miles (air) west of Gualala River. T1 N R1 W S USGS Quadrangle: North Coast
CHSC83148CHSCIsolepis carinataBeecher Crampton56151960-06-08 MarinPoint Reyes Peninsula, western slope of Inverness Ridge near entrance to Tomales Bay State Park. Ditch along the road.
DAV238699DAVIsolepis carinataRobert E. Preston32972021-04-06 MendocinoLittle Lake Valley, 0.5 NNE of Willits Wastewater Treatment Plant.
DAV334351DAVIsolepis carinataAyzik Solomescshs.n.2009-05-14 SonomaSonoma County: 2.3 km. southeast of city of Sebastopol. Santa Rosa Plain, Cooper Site, pool 1. Elevation estimated from Google Earth by label maker.
DAV334352DAVIsolepis carinataAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-04-08 MontereyMonterey County: Fort Ord, Butterfly Valley.
DAV334354DAVIsolepis carinataAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-05-12 SonomaSonoma County: Along Bennett Valley Road (between Santa Rosa and Glen Ellen).
DAV334355DAVIsolepis carinataHerbert L. Mason127831946-05-19 Mendocino(S. carinatus Gray). Cleone Lake, north of Fort Bragg, Mendocino County.
HSC100952HSCIsolepis carinataPeter Warner1912011-05-13 SonomaJenner Headlands, Upper Russian Gulch Pasture, near S fence-line with Boat Field, small drainage flowing NW towards Russian Gulch.
HSC92757HSCIsolepis carinataThomas W. Nelson67741982-04-24 Mendocino0.5 mi. S of Manchester, along W side of Hwy. 1
JEPS101890UCJEPSIsolepis carinataDean W. Taylor174482000-05-02 Santa Cruz1.2 air mi NNE of Dominican Hospital; Northern end of Thurber Lane; remnant native coastal priaire site at Northern end of Thurber Lane (site is 1.2 air mi NNE of Dominican Hospital)
JEPS102932UCJEPSIsolepis carinataThomas W. Nelson, Jane P. Nelson67741982-04-24 MendocinoS of Manchester
JEPS121148UCJEPSIsolepis carinataLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino185752013-04-24 MendocinoSouth of the entrance and road, 2.9 air miles NW of Point Arena, 3.3 air miles SW of Manchester
JEPS121159UCJEPSIsolepis carinataLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino, Dr. Marge Anthony185942013-04-25 Sonoma0.7 air miles E of Pacific Ocean, 0.8 air miles W of Gualala River.
JEPS121362UCJEPSIsolepis carinataJake Ruygt18371986-06-21 NapaFagans Marsh
JEPS131621UCJEPSIsolepis carinataKen Hickman, John Rawlings27132021-05-09 San MateoSan Mateo County, Wavecrest
JEPS63787UCJEPSIsolepis carinataA. A. Heller67711903-05-23 MontereyDel Monte
JEPS63788UCJEPSIsolepis carinataH. N. Bolander47571866-10-05 MendocinoMendocino
JEPS81526UCJEPSIsolepis carinataRoy E. Buck, James A. West, Tom Hawke31982-05-24 Santa Cruzapprox. 17 mi nw Santa Cruz (H-H Ranch, located between California 1 (Cabrillo Highway) and Swanton Road, se of Greyhound Rock and w and nw of Old Seaside School, Swanton); se of Greyhound Rock, nw of Santa Cruz, H-H Ranch
JEPS82799UCJEPSIsolepis carinataRoy E. Buck2971983-05-28 Santa Cruzin depression approx. 750 m sse west campus entrance (sw of Empire Grade, in area of Mima mounds in heavy hard-packed soil..thick subsurface clay layer derived from terrace deposits); University of California, Santa Cruz Campus
JEPS99175UCJEPSIsolepis carinataClare B. Hardham42271959-04-12 San Luis ObispoCambria Santa Lucia Mountains
JEPS99326UCJEPSIsolepis carinataClare Hardham37271958-06-27 San Luis ObispoCambria
NCC16828NCCIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter10091952-05-10 SonomaPitkin Marsh, lower part of upper marsh
NCC16829NCCIsolepis carinataKoch, Leo9621940-05-04 MendocinoHwy between Pt. Arena and Manchester
NCC23369NCCIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter51401963-05-26 SonomaBennett Mtn. Lake
NCC23371NCCIsolepis carinataRubtzoff, Peter56961966-04-30 SonomaTodd Road, 1.4 mi fr Hwy 116, 0.6 mi fr Llano Rd
NCC23692NCCIsolepis carinataHarrison, Nancy J.1539; 15401978-05-08 SonomaAbramson Road elbow, N of Guerneville Rd, S of Piner area, Santa Rosa
NCC23693NCCIsolepis carinataHarrison, Nancy J.17271978-05-22 SonomaE side Abramson Rd at elbow, N of Guerneville Rd, S of Piner area, Santa Rosa
NCC25242NCCIsolepis carinataBaker, Milo S.96851940-05-04 SonomaBodega
OBI146792OBIIsolepis carinataDavid J. Keil215331991-05-18 San Luis ObispoC.T. Ranch on E and N outskirts of Cambria
OBI146793OBIIsolepis carinataRobert F. Hoover69401947-04-18 San Luis ObispoCambria
OBI146794OBIIsolepis carinataRobert F. Hoover78541950-04-21 San Luis ObispoCambria
OBI146795OBIIsolepis carinataDavid J. Keil297662002-03-25 San Luis ObispoRidges south of Arroyo de la Cruz bridge, between Highway 1 and Arroyo de la Cruz
OBI146796OBIIsolepis carinataRobert F. Hoover94051965-05-22 San Luis ObispoCambria, N of town
OBI146797OBIIsolepis carinataDylan M. Neubauer78a2014-05-28 Santa CruzOriginal Highway 1 roadbed at north end of Swanton Road
OBI158487OBIIsolepis carinataReed Kenny4152019-04-17 Santa CruzSwanton Pacific Ranch
OBI169028OBIIsolepis carinataDavid J. Keil265291998-04-02 San Luis ObispoEast-West Ranch, Cambria
PGM1779PGMIsolepis carinataLind, Helen1978-05-29 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, Gowen Cypress Area
PGM3504PGMIsolepis carinataYadon, Vern1995-04-21 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Ft Ord Machine Gun Meadows, Eucalyptus Rd & Pond between
PGM4211PGMIsolepis carinataYadon, Vern1994-04-17 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Tarpey Flats vernal pools Hwy 68, Mnt Pen Airport and Jacks Peak between
PGM7618PGMIsolepis carinataVern Yadon2010-05-02 MontereyNorthern Monterey County, Ft. Ord. Butterfly Valley, Vernal areas
POM185671RSAIsolepis carinataA. A. Heller67711903-05-23 MontereyNear Del Monte on the Salinas Road.
POM196451RSAIsolepis carinataJ. T. Howell23691927-05-08 MarinNorth of Lake Lagunitas.
RSA114299RSAIsolepis carinataJ. T. Howell326201957-06-13 SonomaPitkin Marsh.
RSA127243RSAIsolepis carinataJ. T. Howell217121946-05-04 MarinEast of Aurora School at Sonoma County line.
RSA128645RSAIsolepis carinataPeter H. Raven20751950-05-13 MarinLagunitas Meadows, Mt. Tamalpias.
RSA142235RSAIsolepis carinataClare B. Hardham42271959-04-12 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains: Cambria.
RSA142268RSAIsolepis carinataClare B. Hardham37271958-06-27 San Luis ObispoCambria.
RSA163828RSAIsolepis carinataClare B. Hardham108301963-06-18 San Luis ObispoCambria.
RSA201582RSAIsolepis carinataRobert F. Hoover78541950-04-21 San Luis ObispoCambria.
RSA216124RSAIsolepis carinataJ. T. Howell393221963-05-18 Monterey2.5 miles south of Aromas.
RSA365358RSAIsolepis carinataAnstruther Davidsons.n.1923-05-01 San DiegoChula Vista.
RSA603701RSAIsolepis carinataL. C. Wheeler59461944-05-12 MontereyPoint Lobos: NE base Vierras Knoll.
RSA660590RSAIsolepis carinataR. E. Riefner20-6412000-07-10 OrangeNature Reserve of Orange County. Los Trancos Canon, E of Pelican Hill.; Laguna Beach
RSA755124RSAIsolepis carinataDavid J. Keil297662002-03-25 San Luis ObispoRidges S of Arroyo de la Cruz bridge, between Highway 1 and Arroyo de la Cruz.
RSA799892RSAIsolepis carinataJustin M. Wood41922011-06-21 VenturaTierra Rejada Valley: 0.25 miles northwest of intersection of Tierra Rejada Road and SR 23.; Simi Valley West 7.5′
RSA91469RSAIsolepis carinataJ. T. Howell130271937-06-06 SonomaPitkin Marsh.
SBBG109677SBBGIsolepis carinataClare B. Hardham37271958-06-27 San Luis ObispoCambria
SBBG122342SBBGIsolepis carinataDavid Keil265291998-04-02 San Luis ObispoEast-West Ranch, Cambria
SBBG12969SBBGIsolepis carinataClare B. Hardham42271959-04-12 San Luis ObispoCambria
SD134068SDIsolepis carinataPeter Rubtzoff56961966-04-30 SonomaTodd Road, 1.4 miles from Highway 116 and 0.6 mile from Llano Road, low, moist meadow.
SD134069SDIsolepis carinataPeter Rubtzoff51401963-05-26 SonomaBennett Mountain Lake, vernally wet, partially shaded ground.
SJSU10205SJSUIsolepis carinataC.W. Sharsmith87861983-05-15 Santa Cruzhills by Swanton above Scott cr 1 W of Santa Cruz, 2 mi S of San Mateo county line
SJSU15912SJSUIsolepis carinataJohn Rawlings, Sara Timby, Toni Corelli17382016-04-23 San MateoSouth end of Bean Hollow bluff trail west of Hwy 1 south of Pescadero
SJSU16039SJSUIsolepis carinataToni Corelli, John Rawlings17642016-04-29 San MateoCanong Cascade Cr. Trail, Ano Nuevo State Park
UC1056960UCJEPSIsolepis carinataHerbert L. Mason122971940-05-22 Mendocinos Albion (coastal bluff); s of Albion
UC1100839UCJEPSIsolepis carinataHerbert L. Mason127831946-05-19 Mendocinon Fort Bragg (Cleone Lake); n of Fort Bragg, Cleone Lake
UC1106075UCJEPSIsolepis carinataJohn Thomas Howell181541943-05-22 MarinLagunitas Meadows, Lagunitas Meadows (Mt. Tamalpais)
UC1146317UCJEPSIsolepis carinataR. F. Hoover94051965-05-22 San Luis Obispon Canong the pines); among pines n of Cambria
UC1146321UCJEPSIsolepis carinataR. F. Hoover78541950-04-21 San Luis ObispoCambria
UC1152073UCJEPSIsolepis carinataJoseph P. Tracy179821948-05-31 Humboldt1-2 mi ne Garberville (on the road to Harris); ne of Garberville
UC1187049UCJEPSIsolepis carinataV. F. Hesse2592s1959-04-21 Santa CruzEmpire Grade about 6 mi n Santa Cruz; n of Santa Cruz
UC2083505UCJEPSIsolepis carinataDean G. Kelch063552006-08-02 ButteAlong Butte Creek, north of Durham-Dayton Highway.
UC2093UCJEPSIsolepis carinataState Survey47571800-01-01 Mendocino
UC58167UCJEPSIsolepis carinataA. A. Heller67711903-05-23 Montereyon the Salinas Road near Del Monte; near Del Monte
UC70626UCJEPSIsolepis carinataJos. Burtt Davy6692-31900-06-01 MarinPoint Reyes Peninsula
UC765784UCJEPSIsolepis carinataR. F. Hoover51381941-05-20 Santa Cruzon Empire Grade Road 5 mi nw Santa Cruz; nw of Santa Cruz
UC903349UCJEPSIsolepis carinataV. F. Hesse6061950-05-03 Santa Cruz3 mi n Boulder Creek (near Big Basin Highway); n of Boulder Creek
UCR0020838UCRIsolepis carinataR.E. Riefner, Jr.20--6412000-07-10 OrangeNature Reserve of Orange Co., Los Trancos Canon, east of Pelican Hill
UCR0020839UCRIsolepis carinataGeorge K. Helmkamp81752003-09-26 San Luis ObispoSW edge of Oceano; border of sand dune recreation area
UCR0020840UCRIsolepis carinataAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2009-05-12 Sonoma[Bennett Valley] along Bennett Valley Road, between Santa Rosa and Glen Ellen
UCSC100006837UCSCIsolepis carinataRandall Morgan13821989-03-29 Santa CruzNorth of Meder Twin Meadow
UCSC100006838UCSCIsolepis carinataDylan M. Neubauer78b2014-05-28 Santa CruzOriginal Highway 1 roadbed at north end of Swanton Road
UCSC100006840UCSCIsolepis carinataRandall Morgan13791989-03-28 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, Meder Street neadow
UCSC8886UCSCIsolepis carinataDylan M. Neubauer78a2014-05-28 Santa CruzOriginal Highway 1 roadbed at north end of Swanton Road
UCSC9758UCSCIsolepis carinataD. Styer-P. Smith2712008-04-17 MontereyEl Toro Creek (Ft Ord Region J11)
NY2860068NYIsolepis koilolepisH. N. Bolander47571866-01-01 ?  Mendocino
CDA0039133CDAScirpus koilolepisR.T. Robbinss.n.1979-04-20 MarinPoint Reyes National Seashore. At base of trail from parking lot at McClure Beach.
CDA0039134CDAScirpus koilolepisGordon Leppig12571999-10-03 HumboldtBig Lagoon County Park, Big Lagoon Bog.
JEPS111880UCJEPSScirpus koilolepisA. G. Murdock2522004-04-30 Contra CostaMcEwen Road West side of road
JEPS121361UCJEPSScirpus koilolepisJake Ruygt23111989-05-09 NapaAmerican Canon, Avilla Ranch.
JEPS85228UCJEPSScirpus koilolepisRoy E. Buck, James A. West5261985-04-29 San Mateo1.9 air km. e.-n.e. Franklin Point (ca. 0.8 air km. n.e. of Whitehouse Canon Rd.-CA Hwy. 1 jct, just n. of Whitehouse Canon Rd., shallow watercourse at head of minor gulch); Cascade Ranch
PUA16057PUAScirpus koilolepisG.L. Clifton1977-07-01 YubaLocal landmark: Dobbins. French Corral Quad.
PUA67822PUAScirpus koilolepisG.L. Clifton1987-05-19 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Rodeo Gulch Road. Soquel Quad.
PUA9399PUAScirpus koilolepisLeon Stickney1968-06-27 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
UCR0021209UCRScirpus koilolepisAnn Howald30012014-05-02 Sonomac. 1.5 mi southeast of Del Mar Point
UCSC100006841UCSCScirpus koilolepisRandall Morgan24141995-04-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, Marshall field (Western), UCSC
UCSC100006842UCSCScirpus koilolepisRandall Morgan18761991-04-27 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, Winkle Avenue
UCSC6194UCSCScirpus koilolepisRandall Morgans.n.1982-04-06 Santa CruzSanta Cruz, Wildflower mini-paradise at end of Meder St.

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