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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
RSA469545RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. arizonicaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1904-05-16 InyoBishop Creek, Bishop
RSA469548RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. arizonicaM. B. Dunkle23261929-08-26 TulareSeq. N.P., Upper Kern Basin, Golden Trout Creek
CDA0040072CDAIpomopsis arizonicaT.C. Fuller72611961-05-10 San BernardinoMouth of Live Oak Canon in Keystone Canon, east slope of the New York Mountains, 2 miles southeast of Barnwell.
CHSC35798CHSCIpomopsis arizonicaBarry Prigge11011973-05-26 San BernardinoClark Mt Range, near Greens Well, 6.4 miles N of Mt Pass.
CHSC4534CHSCIpomopsis arizonicaJ. E. Bowlin581967-07-18 SiskiyouOn roadside, ca. 4 mi w of Mount Shasta Ski Bowl.
DAV323604DAVIpomopsis arizonicaCharles M. Knapps.n.1979-08-21 MonoMono County: Ridge north of Minaret Summit.
GH00985746GHIpomopsis arizonica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1860-01-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH00985751GHIpomopsis arizonica;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1897-07-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GMDRC2099GMDRCIpomopsis arizonicaT. La Doux742006-05-12 San BernardinoNew York Mtns: New York Mtns: on ridge above Thornes Buckwheat population, SW drainage of 4th of July Cyn. Elev. 1959 m.
JEPS123790UCJEPSIpomopsis arizonicaJ. Andre105882009-05-13 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: Keystone Canon, approx. 1 mi up (west) from mouth of canyon, 2.2 W of junction with Ivanpah Road. 7.5 Quad: Ivanpah.
POM124006RSAIpomopsis arizonicaP. A. Munz138731935-10-13 San BernardinoBelow canyon of Keystone Spring, base of New York Mountains, eastern Mohave Desert
POM230574RSAIpomopsis arizonicaM. French Gilmans.n.1937-07-08 InyoDry flats, Telescope Peak, Panamint Mts.
RSA0059410RSAIpomopsis arizonicaS. Grangers.n.1979-06-07 San BernardinoMojave Desert; East Mojave Desert Region: New York Mountains.
RSA0126974RSAIpomopsis arizonicaJim M. Andre326292015-06-23 San BernardinoNPSClark Mountain Range: Mojave National Preserve; SE side of range just west of picnic area, about 4 miles NW of Mountain Pass.
RSA0139241RSAIpomopsis arizonicaJim M. Andre327892015-06-04 San BernardinoNPSNew York Mountains: Mojave National Preserve; upper Canon, approx 0.5 mi. north of trailhead-parking area.; Pinto Valley 7.5
RSA124653RSAIpomopsis arizonicaPercy C. Everett231641958-05-13 San BernardinoKeystone Canon, E. slopes New York Mts.
RSA16008RSAIpomopsis arizonicaC. B. Wolf70721935-05-28 San BernardinoClark Mountain, 1 mi. so. of Coliseum Mine. Ft.
RSA23509RSAIpomopsis arizonicaC. B. Wolf96601940-05-27 San BernardinoNew york MTS. Keystone canyon, Keystone Spring.
RSA251080RSAIpomopsis arizonicaR. F. Thorne436301973-05-30 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert, New York Mountains: upper portion of Canon.
RSA252060RSAIpomopsis arizonicaR. F. Thorne441171973-06-21 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: W branch of Fourth of July Canon.
RSA269662RSAIpomopsis arizonicaB. A. Prigge11981973-07-06 San BernardinoClark MT Range, ca 4 1-2 miles NW of Mt Pass, on ridge E of Clark Mt.
RSA269663RSAIpomopsis arizonicaB. A. Prigge11831973-06-23 San BernardinoClark MT Range, Fir Cyn, ca 6 miles NWof Mt pass.
RSA269664RSAIpomopsis arizonicaAnonymous11011973-05-26 San BernardinoClark MT Range,Near Greens Wells, 6.4 miles N of Mt Pass
RSA275464RSAIpomopsis arizonicaR. F. Thorne49,4551977-06-24 San BernardinoE Mojave Desert, Clark Mountains: at head of NE-trending Forsellesia Canon, ca. 1 mile S of Jupiter Claims
RSA278679RSAIpomopsis arizonicaB. A. Prigge29681978-05-09 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range: Forsellsia Canon. Below Juniper Claims
RSA278826RSAIpomopsis arizonicaR. F. Thorne444421974-05-10 San BernardinoMojave Desert, New York Mountains: along road S of Lecyr Well toward Sagemore Canon.
RSA284252RSAIpomopsis arizonicaR. F. Thorne479631976-10-29 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: Keystone Canon.
RSA290782RSAIpomopsis arizonicaLarry E. DeBuhr448281974-07-10 InyoDeath Valley National Monument, Panamint Mts.: Telescope Peak, along summit ridge at N end on dry, rocky slope.
RSA45474RSAIpomopsis arizonicaJ. C. Roos40651948-09-18 San BernardinoClark Mts.,
RSA469546RSAIpomopsis arizonicaNoel WallaceK-1241938-08-19 InyoTelescope Peak, Panamint Mts.
RSA469547RSAIpomopsis arizonicaChristopher Davidson58151977-05-28 San BernardinoAt Keystone Spring, toward head of Keystone Canon, east side of New York Mountains.
RSA469549RSAIpomopsis arizonicaM. B. Dunkle22231929-08-14 TulareElizabeth Pass, Sequoia National Park
RSA47194RSAIpomopsis arizonicaJ. C. Roos44481949-06-22 San BernardinoNew York Mountains. [Keystone Canon]
RSA518135RSAIpomopsis arizonicaSteve Boyd52271990-10-04 San BernardinoSouth base of New York Mountains, mouth of Canon, 1.4 mile N of New York Mountian Road
RSA552074RSAIpomopsis arizonicaAlan Romspert4281976-08-28 InyoTrail to Eagle Springs, Telescope Peak, Panamint Mts. Death Valley National Monument.
RSA623669RSAIpomopsis arizonicaMary DeDecker9801958-09-13 InyoSierra Nevada: West of Independence; north fork Independence Creek, near falls; drainage from Golden Trout Lakes.
RSA648688RSAIpomopsis arizonicaElizabeth Wiggins1321984-05-06 San BernardinoNew York Mts., .8 mi. SW. of Mail Springs Rd and Keystone Springs fork, on Mail Springs Rd. 5100 ft.
RSA704809RSAIpomopsis arizonicaTasha La Doux162001-06-20 San BernardinoMojave Desert; East Mojave Desert region: Clark Mountains, at base of Forsellesia Canon.
RSA75270RSAIpomopsis arizonicaT. S. Brandegees.n.1902-05-26 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains
RSA91770RSAIpomopsis arizonicaMary DeDecker2211954-07-18 InyoNE of Lone Pine, Toward summit of Mt. Keynot.
SBBG185294SBBGIpomopsis arizonicaD. Wilken, E. Painter, G. Wilken157911999-10-31 San Bernardinomouth of Caruthers Cyn, New York Mtns
SBBG185295SBBGIpomopsis arizonicaSteven A. Junak11821982-05-15 San BernardinoCedar Cyn Rd, 2 W of Black Cyn Rd, Mid Hills
SFV110971SFVIpomopsis arizonicaT. R. Gordon15771976-06-17 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Eastern Mojave Desert. New York Mountains. Keystone Canon.
UC106642UCJEPSIpomopsis arizonicaT. S. Brandegee1902-05-26 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns
UC1080275UCJEPSIpomopsis arizonicaP. C. Everett, E. K. Balls231641958-05-13 San BernardinoKeystone Canon e slopes of the New York Mtns
UC569088UCJEPSIpomopsis arizonicaP. A. Munz138731935-10-13 San BernardinoKeystone Spring Mojave Desert, New York Mtns
UC625594UCJEPSIpomopsis arizonicaAnnie M. Alexander8291939-06-25 San Bernardinon side Clark Mtn
UC666200UCJEPSIpomopsis arizonicaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg14521940-05-13 San Bernardino4th of July Canon New York Mtns; (actually Canon, fide Tom Schweich)
UC666340UCJEPSIpomopsis arizonicaAnnie M. Alexander13711940-05-07 San Bernardino4th of July Canon New York Mtns (upper end); (actually Canon, fide Tom Schweich)
UC718531UCJEPSIpomopsis arizonicaCarl B. Wolf70721935-05-28 San Bernardino1 mi s Coliseum Mine; Mojave Desert, Clark Mtn
UC774583UCJEPSIpomopsis arizonicaCarl B. Wolf96601940-05-27 San BernardinoKeystone Spring Mojave Desert, New York Mtns, Keystone Canon
UCR0108799UCRIpomopsis arizonicaJim Andre154782010-06-02 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, Mojave National Preserve; small canyon 0.2 mile west of Mail Spring, 0.3 mile northeast of mouth of Sagamore Canon, south of Keystone Canon
UCR0108800UCRIpomopsis arizonicaJim Andre154432010-11-05 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, Mojave National Preserve, south fork of Keystone Canon just upslope from confluence with north fork
UCR0108801UCRIpomopsis arizonicaJim Andre87522007-10-24 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range, Forsellesia Canon, on east side of Clark Mountain
UCR0108802UCRIpomopsis arizonicaJim Andre74732006-05-12 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, vicinity of the Thornes Buckwheat population, SW drainage of 4th of July Canon
UCR0108803UCRIpomopsis arizonicaJune Lattings.n.1978-05-28 San BernardinoClark Mountain, north of the peak in the canyon below the white fir grove
UCR0108804UCRIpomopsis arizonicaJohn C. Roos44481949-06-22 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, Keystone Canon
UCR0108805UCRIpomopsis arizonicaA.C. Sanders23651981-09-29 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, Keystone Canon 2.5 miles above Ivanpah Road
UCR0108806UCRIpomopsis arizonicaLoretta Batess.n.1978-05-14 San BernardinoCanon at end of Old Government Road
UCR0108808UCRIpomopsis arizonicaA.C. Sanders38631983-06-12 San Bernardinonorth side of Clark Mountain, upper Fir Canon including the white fir grove
UCSB013309UCSBIpomopsis arizonicaAlexis, Andrew1978-05-13 San BernardinoNew York Mtns.; along dirt road in Canon

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