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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CDA0013384CDAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG.F. Hrusa132331996-7-16 PlumasAbove headwaters of Bull Run Creek off USFS 2 N12E. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0013527CDAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG.F. Hrusa133531996-7-22 ShastaUSFS S16 in Bunchgrass Valley, approx. 4 W of Hwy 89. Lassen National Forest.
    CDA0014381CDAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG.D. Barbe28721980-7-15 TulareCherry Hill Road to Pine Flat, 1.6 miles southeast of Horse Meadow junction. Plants of Kern Plateau.
    CDA0015678CDAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG.F. Hrusa152281999-7-18 PlacerWooded slopes betw. Squaw Ck, Hwy 89, and Squaw Valley Rd. Lake Tahoe.
    CDA0015897CDAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataB. Smiths.n.1996-7-16 PlumasHeadwaters of Bull Run Creek off USFS 2 N12E. Plumas National Forest.
    CDA0017055CDAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG.F. Hrusa161252003-7-22 AmadorKirkwood Ski Resort. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0033951CDAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataM. Beyers7462010-8-27 ?  AlpineHighway 89 (Luther Pass Road).
    CHSC117796CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataB. Castro214832016-8-1 TrinityKalamath Ranges. Tamarack Lake, Trinity Mountains. T3 N R0 W S32 SE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Chicken Hawk Hill 1:24,000
    CHSC11955CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataE. B. Copeland3941929-7-24 ButteJonesville.
    CHSC119570CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataLowell Ahart216272017-7-19 NevadaForest floor, about 2 yards east of the poor dirt road, about 60 yards north of the bridge across Prosser Creek, about 4.9 miles (air) west of Hobart Mills, about 6.1 miles (air) northwest of Truckee, basin of Prosser Creek, Carpenter Valley. T1 N R15N S23 NE1/4
    CHSC120935CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataLowell Ahart217912018-6-29 PlumasAbout 300 yards southwest of the hydraulic mine (north side), about 3/4 mile southwest of Monitor Flat, about 2 _ miles (air) northwest of Pilot Peak, about 9 miles (air) northeast of La Porte. T2 N R10E S0 W1/4
    CHSC1230CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataK. Chew1954-7-07 LassenNW end of Eagle Lake.
    CHSC1231CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataV. Holt1932-6-21 SiskiyouBlack Butte meadow.
    CHSC12453CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataRobert W. Severin461969-7-10 LassenFound on Galatin Peak, in burn area; 2 mi s of E.L.B.S.
    CHSC13883CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataS. Villard651973-7-12 LassenGallatin Peak.
    CHSC23091CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataRobert A. Schlising24111962-9-12 AlpineNear Canon Pass.
    CHSC23502CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataWayne O. Baum70-11970-6-30 LassenE. slope of Gallatin Peak.
    CHSC24190CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataT. P. Spira531976-7-04 MonoSlope above Hwy. 108, ca. 2 mi e of Sonora Pass.
    CHSC26181CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJ. P. Kroessig491977-8-05 SiskiyouRoadside, s of jct of Everitt Memorial Hwy and McBridge Springs Campground access road, ca 4.5 km n of Mt Shasta City. T4 N R0 W S35 SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Weed 1:64,000
    CHSC33596CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataM. S. Taylor38991981-6-15 PlumasS side of Bucks Lake Rd, ca. 50 ft e of its jct with 2 N29 (rd to Deanes Valley), ca. 2 mi ne of Meadow Valley. T24N R08E S1 W1/2 of NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Bucks Lake NE
    CHSC39307CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataL. Ahart43341983-8-17 PlumasNear Onion Valley, west of Pilot Peak, near the Quincy-LaPorte Rd, northeast of La Porte.
    CHSC44160CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataV. Oswald36541988-7-29 ButteCa. 5 mi (air) se of Jonesville on the ridge running eastwards from the peak of Snow Mtn. T2 N R05E S0 W1/4
    CHSC44315CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataLowell Ahart9051975-7-20 PlumasAbout 1 mile north of the Bunker Hill Mine, about 12 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC44316CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataLowell Ahart5651974-7-30 PlumasWest of Bunker Hill Creek, about 1/2 mile north of the Bunker Hill Mine, about 12 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC45349CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataVernon Oswald21931986-7-10 PlumasForest Service Rd. (Pacific Crest Trail) 0.9 mi w of LaPorte-Quincy Rd. On a roadcut. T2 N R10E S07 center
    CHSC46647CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataLowell Ahart63511989-7-02 PlumasNorth of where the dirt road forks, the south fork leads to the Lookout on Pilot Peak, about 1/4 mile north of Pilot Peak, about 10 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC46806CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataR. A. Schlising46461988-7-30 ButteN part of county on Snow Mountain ridge. T2 N R05E S33
    CHSC53039CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataL. P. Janeway35691989-8-10 SierraPlumas National Forest. NE'ern slopes between Hasekll Pk and Hwy 89/Sulphur Cr. T2 N R13E S17 SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Sierra City NE
    CHSC53144CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataL. P. Janeway33911989-6-23 PlumasPlumas National Forest. Upper slopes of ridge overlooking Crocker Cr from the east. T2 N R14E S33 E1/2 middle USGS Quadrangle: Crocker Mtn. 1:24,000
    CHSC57295CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataL. P. Janeway9911984-8-11 SierraRidge backbone above and west of Tamarack Lakes. Near top on east side of the ridge. T2 N R12E S18 NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Sierra City SW
    CHSC6203CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataP. Balch1955-7-17 LassenEagle Lake. Mouth of Papoose Creek, near Gallatin Beach.
    CHSC63609CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataVernon H. Oswald64631994-8-10 SiskiyouFS 31 0.6 mi E of Ski Park Hwy. (FS 88), ca. 5 mi (air) NW of McCloud. Edge of road. T4 N R0 W S16 center
    CHSC65501CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataMaria Ulloa-Cruz681994-8-03 SiskiyouShasta-Trinity National Forests. Mount Shasta Ranger District. West arm of Panther Creek. On slope next to road. T4 N R0 W S04 SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Shasta SW
    CHSC66543CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataVernon H. Oswald79991996-7-12 SiskiyouHigh Cascade Range. Everitt Memorial Hwy. (A10) E of Mt. Shasta city between mileposts 5 & 6. Roadside. T4 N R0 W S uncertain
    CHSC71588CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataVernon H. Oswald94551998-8-03 SiskiyouEast end of Rock Fence Lake Rd. (USFS 4 N18) in the Scott Mtns. east of Kangaroo Lake. Near Rock Fence Creek. T40N R0 W S12
    CHSC73972CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataB. Castro8431998-9-24 PlumasCa 3 air mi W of Pilot Peak, on spine of W-trending ridge, S of USFS Rd 2 N60 ca 50 ft N of the Pacific Crest Trail. T22N R09E S12 SE1/4 of NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Onion Valley 1:24,000
    CHSC80026CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataHelen Constantine-Shull6841995-9-03 MonoSan Joaquin Roadless Area, Inyo National Forest. In red fir forest below Deadman Creek S canyon. T03S R26E S11 USGS Quadrangle: Mammoth Mtn.
    CHSC82635CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataL. P. Janeway72632001-7-3 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Top of south-facing slope overlooking Middle Fork Feather River; head of Sherman Creek. T2 N R08E S23 NE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Dogwood Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC9507CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJ. F. Goodwin1431971-7-03 SiskiyouSouth side of road, 9.5 mi. south of Mt. Shasta Ski Bowl area.
    CHSC97305CHSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataLowell Ahart144472007-8-9 PlumasAbout 100 yards east of the poor dirt road, about 1/2 mile south of Mount Ingalls, about 5 1/2 miles (air) northwest of the north end of Lake Davis. T2 N R12E S2 W1/4
    DAV238914DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataDaniel Potter9742020-7-4 TrinityTrinity National Forest, Yolla Bollly - Middle Eel Wilderness. Saddle SW of North Yolla Bolly Peak and SE of Black Rock Mountain summit. West of Pettijohn Trail.
    DAV301750DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-6-30 ShastaLassen National Forest-Lassen Volcanic National Park. Open white fir forests.
    DAV304510DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataHannah Kang2922019-7-21 PlacerPLACER COUNTY: Northern Sierra Nevada. Approximately 3.0 miles south of Norden. East off Soda Springs Road. Near Serene Lakes.
    DAV323713DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataK. M. Meyer1722007-7-29 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Shasta-Trinity National Forest, 0.3 mile on 4 N25 Road, off Siskiyou County Road, A10/Everitt Memorial Highway.
    DAV323714DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG. K. Helmkamp125502007-7-17 AlpineAlpine County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains Blue Lake Road about nine miles south of its junction with CA-88.
    DAV323715DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG. K. Helmkamp124702007-7-7 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains along CA-89, 0.9 mile west of Luther Pass in the Grass Lake area.
    DAV323716DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG. K. Helmkamp110362006-7-28 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mtns 2.5 miles south of Hwy US-50, beside Phillips on Sierra-at-Tahoe Rd.
    DAV323717DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG. K. Helmkamp109712006-7-12 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mtns Sierra-at-Tahoe road (west end of Phillips), 1.5 miles south of Hwy US-50.
    DAV323718DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG. K. Helmkamp109712006-7-12 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mtns Sierra-at-Tahoe road (west end of Phillips), 1.5 miles south of Hwy US-50.
    DAV323719DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG. K. Helmkamp108472006-7-7 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Wright's Lake Road, 4.1 miles north of Highway US-50, northeast of Kyburz.
    DAV323720DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataEllen Dean42352007-7-21 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Washoe Meadows State Park. Southern part of park, southwest of restored quarry and south of sewer manhole #66.
    DAV323721DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataE. A. Dean8311999-6-26 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Sierra Nevada, El Dorado National Forest, NWW of the jct. of Hwys 88 and 89, along Hwy 89, just west of Luther Pass. Growing on N side of Hwy 89.
    DAV323722DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataEllen Dean40602007-6-16 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Washoe Meadows State Park. Southwest area of the park in vicinity of sewer manhole #66, uphill of restored quarry area.
    DAV323724DAVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataAlbert Grigarick2992011-8-15 PlumasPlumas County: 5 miles W of Hwy 8 N. From Gray Eagle Resort turn off of Gold Lake Hwy., approx. .7 miles W from Graeagle Trailhead to Hawley Falls.
    GMDRC8457GMDRCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJ. M. Andre351942015-6-19 Tularesouthern Sierra Nevada (west of crest): Sequoia Natl. Forest, headwaters of Woodward Creek, along dirt road 1.5 mi. east of Hwy 198, approx 5 mi. east of General Grant Grove, 2 mi. west of Big Mdw Campground
    HSC215244HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataM. R. Mesler964B2011-7-13 HumboldtForest edge surrounding Patterson Meadows
    HSC215249HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataRuby Van Deventersn1939-7-18 SiskiyouTwin Valley
    HSC215252HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataM.A. Baker9391979-6-28 HumboldtJct. of Tish Tang A Tang Creek and trail N of Grogan Hole
    HSC215253HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataFrederick W. Oettinger12821969-8-08 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, Sundew Bog near English Lake
    HSC215254HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataFrederick W. Oettinger5511968-8-17 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, on steep switchback slope on Pine Lake trail
    HSC215260HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataRichard Runyon411979-6-27 TrinityNE of Trinity Summit Station along ridge trail
    HSC215300HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJennifer Whipple18211976-9-27 TrinityS facing slopes N of Deadfall Lake in the Deadfall drainage
    HSC215301HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJennifer Whipple13911976-7-09 SiskiyouDale Creek Drainage on the N face of Mt. Eddy
    HSC215302HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJennifer Whipple22491977-8-06 TrinityS facing slopes N of Deadfall Creek.
    HSC215312HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJ.P. Smith71821973-7-27 TrinityTrail to Deadfall Lakes
    HSC215313HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataThomas W. Nelson60931980-7-17 SiskiyouAlong FS Rd. 17, 0.5 N of summit at county line
    HSC215314HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataThomas W. Nelson50291979-7-11 HumboldtAlong trail from Grogan's Hole to summit of N Trinity Mtn.
    HSC215316HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataM. R. Mesler13852012-7-27 Del NorteBlue Ridge, FS road 1 N02
    HSC216862HSCIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataM. R. Mesler15762013-6-28 HumboldtSlopes above Bret Hole and below trail 6E18, 1.5 km SSW of Trinity Summit.
    JEPS103742UCJEPSIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataD. Wilken, E. Painter161682003-7-17 Trinitynear confluence of Crosby Gulch and Coffee Crk.
    JEPS128576UCJEPSIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataLowell Ahart, John Dittes216272017-7-19 NevadaAbout 2 yards east of the poor dirt road, about 60 yards north of the bridge across Prosser Creek, about 4.9 miles (air) west of Hobart Mills, about 6.1 miles (air) northwest of Truckee, basin of Prosser Creek, Carpenter Valley.
    JEPS129234UCJEPSIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataLowell Ahart, John Deurloo217912018-6-29 PlumasAbout 3/4 mile southwest of Monitor Flat, about 2 1/4 miles (air) northwest of Pilot Peak, about 9 miles (air) northeast of La Porte.
    LOB107689LOBIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataA.E. Fisher10522020-7-9 MonoSierra Nevada Mountains, transmontane, Rock Creek Canon, Inyo National Forest, Upper Rock Creek Canon Trail
    OBI118111OBIIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataDavid J. Keil209751988-8-22 AlpineSierra Nevada. Toiyabe National Forest. Hwy 4, 6.6 miles east of Ebbetts Pass Summit.
    OBI118112OBIIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataDavid J. Keil209881988-8-22 AlpineSierra Nevada. Toiyabe National Forest. Hwy 4, 6.6 miles east of Ebbetts Pass Summit.
    RSA0081088RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJim M. Andre318792012-7-18 MonoUSFSEastern Sierra Nevada; along June Lake Loop at south end of Grant Lake.; June Lake 7.5'
    RSA0100129RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataBonnie C. Templetons.n.1940-8-06 MariposaSierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park, Snow Flat near Tioga Pass.
    RSA0200959RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataSarah J. De Groot53472006-6-18 ModocWarner Mountains, along CR 2.
    RSA0319454RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataL. M. Moe444a1984-7-20 SierraAlong Hwy #49, 3 miles west of Yuba Pass.
    RSA0336654RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataL. M. Moe3261970-7-13 El DoradoAlong Hwy #89 on southwest side of Lake Tahoe, about one mile north of Canon.
    RSA172192RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataR. F. Thorne329761963-8-09 MonoToiyabe National Forest, 9 miles W of Sonora Junction, along Leavitt Creek.
    RSA787707RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJames Wiley Tatum2731975-7-31 TulareNorth fork of Monache Creek. Located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha.
    RSA795672RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJ. Andre216782012-7-12 MonoSierra Nevada; Inyo National Forest along Highway 203 (Minaret Highway) 5.3 miles west of town of Mammoth.; Mammoth Mountain 7.5'
    RSA796281RSAIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJames Wiley Tatum4031976-7-08 TulareLocated on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha. West slope of Olancha Peak.
    SBBG185265SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataRalph Hoffmann1931-8-27 InyoBig Pine Crk
    SBBG185266SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataD. Wilken w/ E. Painter161682003-7-17 Trinitynear confluence of Crosby Gulch and Coffee Crk
    SBBG185267SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataMark Kerr1937-8-29 Inyocyn S of Onion Valley
    SBBG185268SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataM. A. Piehl637121963-7-28 MonoMinaret Vista
    SBBG185269SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataM. A. Piehl595101959-8-02 AlpineSt Highway 88, near Canon Pass
    SBBG185270SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataD. H. Wilken148481987-8-11 El DoradoSt Hwy 89, 1.2 W of Luther Pass
    SBBG185271SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataD. H. Wilken153481997-8-06 MonoW side of Rock Crk, 2.9 km SE of Red Mtn
    SBBG185272SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataDonald Myrick751958-6-29 El Doradosouth of Lake Tahoe
    SBBG185273SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataDonald Myrick221958-9-22 El Doradoabout Fallen Leaf Lake
    SBBG185274SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataDonald Myrick1461960-7-24 MonoMammoth Lakes, near lookout on Minaret Summit Ridge above Mammoth Mtn Inn
    SBBG185275SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataKatherine K. Muller10811960-7-18 El Dorado5 mi S of Meyers on rd to Luther Pass (St Hwy 89)
    SBBG185276SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataMrs. J. D. Wright1929-7-06 MonoTwin Lakes
    SBBG185277SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJ. R. and R. C. Robbins1932-7-17 MonoTioga Pass
    SBBG185278SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataW. G. Abbott1965-7-02 MonoLake Mary, Mammoth Lakes
    SBBG185279SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataMilo H. Gates1879 El DoradoStrawberry
    SBBG185280SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataM. N. Ackley8131925-6-1 PlacerGold Run
    SBBG185281SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataH. and M. Dearing1936-7-29 InyoBishop Crk
    SBBG185282SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataClare B. Hardham1960-6-1 MonoSonora Pass
    SBBG185283SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataE. Collins1990-9-02 Inyoridge S of Bishop Crk
    SBBG185284SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataD. Wilken w/ E. Painter179102010-8-4 Maderanear jct of Pacific Crest Trail and trail to Mammoth Pass, just S of Reds Meadow
    SBBG185285SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataD. H. Wilken, E. L. Painter, M. Wetherwax180002015-8-5 Sierraslope above upper Yuba River, near mouth of Lunch Crk, ca. 1 W of Yuba Pass
    SBBG185286SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG. K. Helmkamp193922012-7-14 Amadoredge of Martin Meadow along CA-88 (Canon Pass Hwy), 2.2 N of Silver Lake
    SBBG230224SBBGIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataR. C. Benkendorf10202017-7-22 Alpine[between Freel Peak and Horse Meadow]
    SD00039300SDIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataSarah J. De Groot53472006-6-18 ModocWarner Mountains, along CR 2.
    SDSU23012SDSUIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataSimpson, Michael G.38302014-8-1 Tulare Co.Sequoia National Forest. Along Forest Rte. 21S02, ca. 0.4 mile southwest of junction with Beach Creek, ca. 4.8 miles west of junction with Forest Rte. 21S05 and 21S03. East facing bank of roadside, elevated above and ca. 100 feet west of Beach Creek.
    SFV110967SFVIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataS. Kimball1091999-8-22 InyoSierra Nevada; Aspendell, off Highway 168. Along Bishop Creek.
    SPIF02114SPIFIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataMatthew C. Berger2018-8-1 LassenAlmanor District. Slope THP. Growing on forest floor in flat, open yellow pine forest. Poison Lake Quadrangle
    UC2015612UCJEPSIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataG. Helmkamp3-281995-9-23 AlpineWest side of Sonora Pass just beyond the Mono County line.
    UC2044517UCJEPSIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataBelinda Lo1092014-8-23 AlpineStanislaus National Forest, Highland Lakes, near Tryon Meadow
    UCR0108766UCRIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataAnn Howald37912016-6-27 MonoMammoth Lakes Basin, trail to Heart Lake, c. 0.5 trail mile above the trailhead
    UCR0108767UCRIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1974-7-27 MonoOwens River, Big Springs
    UCR0108768UCRIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataAnn Howald31902014-7-17 MonoSan Joaquin Ridge, c. 0.3 mi north of Minaret Summit
    UCR0108769UCRIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataAnn Howald6001975-7-28 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203
    UCR0108787UCRIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataGeorge K. Helmkamp193922012-7-14 Amadoredge of Martin Meadow along CA-88 (Canon Pass Hwy), 2.2 miles north of Silver Lake
    UCSB013299UCSBIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataAnn M. Howald6001975-7-28 MonoUniv. of Calif. Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve
    UCSB013300UCSBIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataKatherine K. Muller10811960-7-18 El Dorado5 miles S. of Meyers on road to Luther Pass (State Highway 89); Sierra Nevada
    UCSB013301UCSBIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJames W. Tatum2731975-7-31 TulareNorth Fork of Monache Creek; Olancha Peak
    UCSB013302UCSBIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataJames W. Tatum4031976-7-08 TulareWest slope of Olancha Peak
    UCSB013303UCSBIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataDennis E. Breedlove35491962-6-13 PlacerWestern bank of Lake Tahoe along State Highway 89, 8.3 miles south of Tahoe City; Sierra Nevada
    UCSB013304UCSBIpomopsis aggregata subsp. aggregataDieter H. Wilken80541969-7-24 SierraSalmon Creek, 2 miles north of california State Highway 49, along road to graeagle, Sierra Buttes Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT190647CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataMonnet, P.8951913-7-1 ModocWarner's Range.
    CAS-BOT190648CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataPaulson, K.; Paulson, Robert471988-6-19 ModocN of Happy Camp Guard Station.
    CAS-BOT190649CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataSteffen, E. H.891917-7-1 ModocGranger Ranger Station.
    CAS-BOT190650CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataHowell, John Thomas119511934-6-11 ModocParker Creek, Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT190651CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataPatterson, Robert; Bourell, Mona52401993-8-15 ModocWarner Mountains. Along trail from Patterson Lake to ca. 2 mi north towards Pepperdine Trailhead.
    CAS-BOT190652CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataPaulson, K.; Paulson, Robert1631989-7-2 ModocNear Grouse Springs.
    CAS-BOT190653CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataApplegate, Elmer Ivan79921932-7-31 ModocMill Creek Meadows, W slope of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT190654CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataFerris, Roxana Stinchfield; Duthie, R.1851919-6-14 ModocAbove Parker Creek at Modoc Nat. Forest Boundary.
    CAS-BOT190655CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataBartholomew, Bruce49521989-7-14 Modocca. 6.5 km NE of Egg Lake and 0.8 km E of Survice Gulch.
    CAS-BOT190656CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataHatton, John H.1551911-6-23 ModocModoc County.
    CAS-BOT257129CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataWilken, D. H.; Painter, E. L.179102010-8-4 MaderaNear jct of Pacific Crest Trail and trail to Mammoth Pass, just S of Reds Meadow
    CAS-BOT497309CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataBartholomew, B.56871990-8-5 ModocSummit Trail, ca. 3 km N of Patterson Ranger Station, W side of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT575334CASIpomopsis aggregata var. aggregataHowald, Ann37912016-6-27 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada: Mammoth Lakes Basin, trail toHeart Lake, c. 0.5 trail mi. above the trailhead

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