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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    PASA2203PASAHelenium hoopesiiFrank W. Peirson1932-7-23 MonoEast slope Sonora Pass
    PUA30249PUAHelenium hoopesiiG.L. Clifton1979-9-16 MonoLocal landmark: Rough Creek. Bodie Quad.
    PUA3032PUAHelenium hoopesiiG.L. Clifton1971-8-18 AlpineLocal landmark: Sonora Peak. Sonora Pass Quad.
    PUA49719PUAHelenium hoopesiiG.L. Clifton1981-7-07 MonoLocal landmark: Sweetwater Canon. Fales Hot Springs Quad.
    RSA0036082RSAHelenium hoopesiiDavid Charltons.n.1986-6-07 TulareAlong the trail up Ninemile Creek between Jordan Hot Springs and Casa Vieja Meadows.Golden Trout Wilderness, southern Sierra Nevada Mountains.
    RSA608215RSAHelenium hoopesiiR. S. Woglum32461941-8-28 UnknownSonora Pass. Mono/Tuolumne/Alpine Co.
    RSA783829RSAHelenium hoopesiiJ. D. Olmsted2471958-10-12 TulareSierra Nevada Mt. Range: S. Fk. Kaweah R.[River]. Mineral King, Sequoia National Park on trail to Crystal lake at junction with trail over Sawtooth pass.
    RSA801228RSAHelenium hoopesiiJames Wiley Tatum1351975-7-17 TulareBrush Meadows. Located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha.
    UCR133184UCRHelenium hoopesiiRichard D. Goeden30894--141994-8-03 TulareSequoia National Forest, Sirretta Meadows, Fire Safe area
    UCR251167UCRHelenium hoopesiiTasha La Doux6742010-7-29 Inyoalong Coyote Road, Coyote Plateau, c. 11 road miles south-southwest of Bishop at historic Peterson Mill site, near creek
    UCR34503UCRHelenium hoopesiiRichard D. Goedens.n.1984-7-10 TulareSequoia National Forest, Jackass Meadow on Jackass Creek, north of Fish Creek Campground; Sierra Nevada Mountains
    UCR50501UCRHelenium hoopesiiKathy Harpers.n.1986-8-15 InyoSouth Fork Bishop Creek along road between South Lake and Four Jeffrey Campground, west of Bishop; Eastern Sierra Nevada Mtns
    UCR53360UCRHelenium hoopesiiRichard D. Goedens.n.1988-9-08 TuolumneStanislaus National Forest, Dead Man Creek on State Hwy 108, west of Sonora Pass; Sierra Nevada Mtns
    UCR53482UCRHelenium hoopesiiDavid Charlton23621988-6-30 Inyohike from South Lake, Parchers Trail Camp to Bishop Pass, 20 miles southwest] of Bishop; Sierra Nevada Mtns.
    UCR56833UCRHelenium hoopesiiRichard D. Goeden890620--51989-6-20 TuolumneDeadman Creek, west of Sonora Pass on St. Hwy 108.; Stanislaus Nat'l Forest
    UCR57190UCRHelenium hoopesiiB.G. Pitzer11381988-8-15 InyoJohn Muir Wilderness. Windy Gap, 1.0 to 1.5 miles northeast of Golden Trout Camp; Eastern Sierra Nevada Mtns.
    UCR78584UCRHelenium hoopesiiRichard D. Goeden893 - -91993-8-17 MonoToiyabe Natioal Forest, along McKay Creek in Sardine Meadow, southeast of Sonora Pass
    UCR80722UCRHelenium hoopesiiRichard D. Goeden92--171992-7-28 MonoToiyabe National Forest, Sonora Pass Rd., (Hwy 108), east of Sonora Pass above Sardine Creek; Sierra Nevada Mtns
    UCR86001UCRHelenium hoopesiiRichard D. Goedens.n.1993-7-14 TulareSequoia National Forest, Jackass Meadows; Sierra Nevada Mountains
    UCR88081UCRHelenium hoopesiiN. Meng4471967-7-30 TulareKern Plateau, border of Troy Meadow, west of the campground; Sierra Nevada Mountains
    UCR88329UCRHelenium hoopesiiGeorge K. Helmkamp950923--231995-9-23 Alpinewest side of Sonora Pass, just beyond the Mono County line; Sierra Nevada Mtns
    UCR89322UCRHelenium hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann188031972-7-07 TulareKern Plateau, Monache Meadow, Olivas Canon the NE side; Sierra Nevada Mtns
    UCR97071UCRHelenium hoopesiiRichard D. Goedens.n.1993-7-15 TulareSequoia National Forest, SE of Granite Knob.; Sierra Nevada Mountains
    AHUC103490DAVHymenoxys hoopesiiBeecher Crampton65511962-8-13 TuolumneTuolumne County: 4.2 miles east of Dardanelle, State Hwy. 108.
    CAS-BOT14801CASHymenoxys hoopesiiApplegate, Elmer Ivan76201932-7-9 ModocBidwell Creek above Ft. Bidwell, Surprise Valley
    CAS-BOT14802CASHymenoxys hoopesiiPayne, Francis Dorriss.n.1931-1-1 ModocWarner Mts.
    CAS-BOT14803CASHymenoxys hoopesiiAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.51141946-8-3 ModocHead of Eagle Creek, Warner Mountains
    CAS-BOT14804CASHymenoxys hoopesiiAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.49501946-7-7 ModocEight Mile Creek, northeast corner of county
    CAS-BOT14805CASHymenoxys hoopesiiSmith, Leland S.1531917-8-30 ModocMt Bidwell and Vida.
    CAS-BOT14806CASHymenoxys hoopesiiBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett45651988-7-23 ModocDismal Swamp, Warner Mts..
    CAS-BOT14807CASHymenoxys hoopesiiPatterson, Robert; Bourell, Mona52331993-8-14 ModocPatterson Lake. South Warner Wilderness Area. Warner Mountains.
    CAS-BOT14850CASHymenoxys hoopesiiApplegate, Elmer Ivan80461932-8-1 ModocArid E slope of Warren Peak near summit, Warner Mountains
    CAS-BOT257164CASHymenoxys hoopesiiGross, LeRoy; Paolini, Joshua; Sedgwick, Aaron C.57982012-8-7 TulareSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: Floristic inventory of the Jennie Lakes Wilderness: Large meadow at head of Gannon Creek, just off the trail to Seville Lake Elev. given as 9000 ft
    CAS-BOT258341CASHymenoxys hoopesiiGross, LeRoy; Paolini, Joshua; Sedgwick, Aaron C.57292012-7-26 TulareSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: Floristic inventory of the Jennie Lakes Wilderness: Meadow just below Marvin Pass Elev. given as 8995 ft
    CAS-BOT312740CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHatton, J. H.; Maule, W. M.X-281912-8-4 UnknownStanislaus National Forest (in a Mono collection)
    CAS-BOT312741CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas525761977-8-3 AlpineEbbetts Pass Road, 4.5 miles east of Lake Alpine
    CAS-BOT312742CASHymenoxys hoopesiiCovel, Paul F.5241936-8-16 El DoradoStrawberry on American River
    CAS-BOT312743CASHymenoxys hoopesiiRaven, Peter H.; Stebbins, Jr., G. L.2461950-8-7 InyoGreen Lake, above South Lake
    CAS-BOT312744CASHymenoxys hoopesiiFerris, Roxana S.90131934-7-26 InyoOnion Valley on trail to Kearsarge Pass
    CAS-BOT312745CASHymenoxys hoopesiiAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise31451942-7-24 InyoSierra Nevada. Onion Valley, west of Independence
    CAS-BOT312746CASHymenoxys hoopesiiZufelt, Syril N.; Gierisch, Ralph K.851969-8-13 InyoNear Ford Flat in Coyote
    CAS-BOT312747CASHymenoxys hoopesiiMcPherson, Emily; Tiehm, Arnold; Williams, Margaret74-P1-431969-8-4 PlacerMurphy's Meadow, 5 miles southeast of Hirschdale
    CAS-BOT312748CASHymenoxys hoopesiiCovel, Paul F.10481937-7-20 PlumasApproximately 6 miles north of Quincy
    CAS-BOT312749CASHymenoxys hoopesiiVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1931-6-23 TrinityNash Mine, above Carville [Carrville]
    CAS-BOT312750CASHymenoxys hoopesiiCampbell, Mrs. Marian L.s.n.1916-7-4 TulareNelsons
    CAS-BOT312751CASHymenoxys hoopesiiCulbertson43591904-7-30 TulareCoyote Creek
    CAS-BOT312752CASHymenoxys hoopesiiBeane, Lawrence16421949-7-26 FresnoHuntington Lake. Meadow below Mt. Givens
    CAS-BOT312753CASHymenoxys hoopesiiBeane, Lawrence16421949-7-26 FresnoHuntington Lake. Meadow below Mt. Givens
    CAS-BOT312754CASHymenoxys hoopesiiRaven, Peter H.72731954-7-10 FresnoHilgard Branch, Bear Creek
    CAS-BOT312755CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas251791948-7-29 FresnoBubbs Creek Canyon
    CAS-BOT312756CASHymenoxys hoopesiiAllen, Lewiss.n.1920-8-1 FresnoSierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT312757CASHymenoxys hoopesiiEverett, P. C.; Johnson, E. R.72811935-7-15 FresnoSierra Nevada. Mono Creek Canyon, base of Vermilion Cliffs, about 2 mi. E. of Vermilion Valley
    CAS-BOT312758CASHymenoxys hoopesiiKruckeberg, A. R.34941954-7-18 FresnoOne mile below Sally Keys Lake. Sierra N.F.
    CAS-BOT312759CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.5351900-7-1 FresnoSierra Nevada Mountains. Collins Meadow
    CAS-BOT312760CASHymenoxys hoopesiiPawek, Jean L.1291956-6-26 FresnoNear Highway 168, between Dinkey Creek campground and Shaver Lake
    CAS-BOT312761CASHymenoxys hoopesiiBaker, Milo S.92051938-8-2 MonoCa. half way up road to Sonora Pass on east side along Hiwy. 108
    CAS-BOT312762CASHymenoxys hoopesiiThomas, J. H.100011962-9-14 MonoSonora Pass
    CAS-BOT312763CASHymenoxys hoopesiiAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise44901945-7-20 MonoRoad north of Bodie
    CAS-BOT312764CASHymenoxys hoopesiiWinblad, Ynez W.s.n.1938-7-28 MonoBetween Fale's Hot Springs and Mono Lake
    CAS-BOT312765CASHymenoxys hoopesiiCongdon, J. W.s.n.1898-8-22 MonoLeavitt's Meadows
    CAS-BOT312766CASHymenoxys hoopesiiLavin, M.; Smith, F.SW991980-7-29 Mono1 mi S of Sanora [Sonora] Pass, Sierra NV
    CAS-BOT312767CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHardham, Clare B.300511985-7-24 MonoMolybdenite Canyon
    CAS-BOT312768CASHymenoxys hoopesiiThorne, Robert F.; Henrickson, J.331401963-8-10 Mono1.3 miles beyond Sardine Creek meadow, ca. 1 mile E of Sonora Pass, Toiyabe National Forest
    CAS-BOT312769CASHymenoxys hoopesiiKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja20261966-7-18 MonoSardine Creek - east side of Sonora Pass
    CAS-BOT312770CASHymenoxys hoopesiiKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Vale, James42591981-7-18 MonoEast of Sonora Pass summit
    CAS-BOT312771CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTrue, Gordon H.73931972-8-9 MonoJust southeast of Lake Leavitt cirque
    CAS-BOT312772CASHymenoxys hoopesiiRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.98981948-7-16 MonoSonora Pass, E. slope
    CAS-BOT312773CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHardham, Clare B.64311961-7-25 MonoSweetwater Mountains, Swager Cr.
    CAS-BOT312774CASHymenoxys hoopesiiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1941-7-24 Mono4 miles west of Leavitt Meadows
    CAS-BOT312775CASHymenoxys hoopesiiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas74891939-7-20 MonoSonora Pass
    CAS-BOT312776CASHymenoxys hoopesiiBranson, Ivans.n.1929-7-28 MonoSonora Pass, Sierra Nevada Mts.
    CAS-BOT312777CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHardham, Clare B.206031975-8-13 MonoSonora Pass
    CAS-BOT312778CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas459261969-8-26 TulareMonarch Creek Trail near Mineral King
    CAS-BOT312779CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas171981942-7-26 TulareMineral King
    CAS-BOT312780CASHymenoxys hoopesiiMeng, Noraine5731968-7-13 TulareSouth Fork of Kern River at the north end of Bakeoven Meadow
    CAS-BOT312781CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.157911969-7-30 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Salmon Creek on the east slope of Sirretta Peak
    CAS-BOT312782CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.75541962-7-20 TularePoison Meadow, Kern Plateau, southern Tulare County
    CAS-BOT312783CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.137841967-9-20 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Powell Meadow
    CAS-BOT312784CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.114911965-8-19 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Mahogany Creek
    CAS-BOT312785CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.126371966-8-3 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Flat below the summit ridge of Bald Mountain
    CAS-BOT312786CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.100421964-8-21 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Ridge between Troy Meadow and Beach Meadow
    CAS-BOT312787CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.55301959-7-8 TulareKern Plateau: Poison Meadow Creek
    CAS-BOT312788CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben149391968-9-26 TulareSierra Nevada, Mineral King. Streambank, 0.25 mile above the end of the road
    CAS-BOT312789CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben146381968-7-16 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Little Buck Meadow
    CAS-BOT312790CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; Bedell, Donald J.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.171791970-7-28 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Meadow at the head of Kern Peak Stringer
    CAS-BOT312791CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; Bedell, Donald J.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.172631970-7-27 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Templeton Meadow: Movie Stringer above the old Templeton Cow Camp
    CAS-BOT312792CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas268341950-7-14 TulareBakeoven Meadows, South Fork of Kern River
    CAS-BOT312793CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas157681940-7-31 TulareEast Lake
    CAS-BOT312794CASHymenoxys hoopesiiShevock, Jim3481970-6-30 TulareNear Lion Mdws.
    CAS-BOT312795CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.179301971-7-14 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Deadwood Meadow
    CAS-BOT312796CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.179441971-7-14 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Round Meadow
    CAS-BOT312797CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.99901964-8-21 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Fish Creek, 0.9 mile north of Troy Meadow
    CAS-BOT312798CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; Bedell, Donald J.140081967-10-13 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Durrwood Meadow
    CAS-BOT312799CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; Bedell, Donald J.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.170541970-7-26 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Rocky Basin Lakes
    CAS-BOT312800CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.; Burkhart, Robert180851971-8-28 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Casa Vieja Meadow
    CAS-BOT312801CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.; Burkhart, Robert184291971-9-1 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Osa Meadow
    CAS-BOT312802CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Nathan, Liberto R.; Burkhart, Robert183631971-9-1 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau. Burkhart Meadow
    CAS-BOT312803CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHall, H. M.; Babcock, H. D.55201904-6-25 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Olancha Mountain
    CAS-BOT312804CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHall, H. M.; Babcock, H. D.55481904-7-1 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Basin of the Upper Kern River. Langley's Camp; Mt. Whitney
    CAS-BOT312805CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDudley, W. R.15831896-8-9 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Mineral King. Region of Mineral King: Monarch Lake and Sawtooth Pk.
    CAS-BOT312806CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-7-13 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. By east fork of Kaweah River, Black Pine Camp
    CAS-BOT312807CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDudley, W. R.1074a1895-8-4 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Trail, Little Kern River to Farewell Gap
    CAS-BOT312808CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDudley, W. R.19351897-7-17 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Head of Kern River: Soda Creek
    CAS-BOT312809CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDudley, W. R.10741895-8-2 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Fork of Hocket [Hockett] and Soda Creek Trails. Hocket [Hockett] Trail to Little Kern River
    CAS-BOT312810CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDudley, W. R.20581897-7-20 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Lower Kern Lake. Region of Little Kern River and Kern Lakes
    CAS-BOT312811CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDudley, W. R.15871896-8-9 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Mineral King. Region of Mineral King: Monarch Lake and Sawtooth Pk.
    CAS-BOT312812CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDudley, W. R.22461897-7-24 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Region of Kaweah Peaks: Chagoopa Creek Meadows
    CAS-BOT312813CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDudley, W. R.21631897-7-21 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Region of Kaweah Peaks: Funston's Meadows
    CAS-BOT312814CASHymenoxys hoopesiiFerris, R. S.; Bacigalupi, R.38041923-9-1 TulareLower end of East Lake, Southern Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT312815CASHymenoxys hoopesiiFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura107521942-7-22 TulareGround Hog Meadow, Sequoia National Forest
    CAS-BOT312816CASHymenoxys hoopesiiBacigalupi, Rimo17811927-8-3 TulareMeadows on Deadman Canyon 1 mile below base of Dollar Mt
    CAS-BOT312817CASHymenoxys hoopesiiDerby, Mrs. Charless.n.1928-7-1 TulareSequoia National Park
    CAS-BOT312818CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas255411949-7-20 TulareRock Creek
    CAS-BOT312819CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas260011949-8-3 TulareSky Blue Lake
    CAS-BOT312820CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.430211967-7-4 TulareFish Creek about 3.5 miles south of Troy Meadow, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT312821CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.466561970-6-23 TulareNE end of Big Meadow, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT312822CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.434401967-8-7 TulareOn Lion Creek just north of Beach Meadow, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT312823CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.484791971-7-14 TulareWest end of Deadwood Meadow (about 1.5 miles northwest of Sirretta Peak), Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT312824CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.472261970-7-30 TulareNear Salmon Creek at north end of Big Meadow. Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT312825CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.416421966-7-11 TularePoison Meadow, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT312826CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHardham, Clare B.121891964-7-3 TulareRock House Basin
    CAS-BOT312827CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHardham, Clare B.122491964-7-3 TulareTrout Creek
    CAS-BOT312828CASHymenoxys hoopesiiZeile, E. M.s.n.1924-7-9 TulareBedrock Mdws., nr. Jordan Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT312829CASHymenoxys hoopesiiMorton, C. V.118391959-8-30 TulareCrabtree Lake, Sequoia National Park
    CAS-BOT312830CASHymenoxys hoopesiiLeskinen, Paul858A1972-7-11 TulareBlack Rock Station, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT312831CASHymenoxys hoopesiiLeskinen, Paul8581972-7-11 TulareBald Mountain. In canyon, Kern Plateau
    CAS-BOT312832CASHymenoxys hoopesiiKeefe, Joseph M.13-5361973-6-30 TulareAlong Nine-mile Creek Trail, 0.5 mile north of Casa Vieja Meadow. Inyo National Forest
    CAS-BOT312833CASHymenoxys hoopesiiKeefe, Joseph M.13-6121973-6-30 Tulare0.5 mile west of trail to Casa Vieja Meadow (Pacific Crest Trail), Long Canyon, Inyo National Forest
    CAS-BOT312834CASHymenoxys hoopesiiJussel, M. S.s.n.1930-7-20 TuolumneTrail to Dardanells [Dardanelles], Camp Baxter
    CAS-BOT312835CASHymenoxys hoopesiiTrue, Gordon H.73111972-8-7 Tuolumne0.8 miles west of Sonora Pass
    CAS-BOT312836CASHymenoxys hoopesiiCantelow, Mrs. Ella D.s.n.1957-7-20 TuolumneNearly one mile east of Sonora Summit
    CAS-BOT312837CASHymenoxys hoopesiiClass Collections.n.1940-7-15 TuolumneVicinity of Sonora Pass
    CAS-BOT312838CASHymenoxys hoopesiiWiggins, Ira L.80711935-7-6 TuolumneChipmunk Flats about 5 mi. w. of Sonora Pass
    CAS-BOT312839CASHymenoxys hoopesiiWiggins, Ira L.217331971-7-28 TuolumneBank of Clavey River, near Forest Service Road 3N21, Stanislaus National Forest
    CAS-BOT312840CASHymenoxys hoopesiiRose, Lewis S.681221968-7-15 TuolumneBelow Sonora Pass
    CAS-BOT312841CASHymenoxys hoopesiiFuller, T. C.124151964-8-4 TuolumneBluff Meadow, 1 mi. n.w. of Castle Rock, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT312842CASHymenoxys hoopesiiFuller, T. C.124241964-8-4 TuolumneCastle Meadow, 1 mi. n. of Castle Rock, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT552745CASHymenoxys hoopesiiHowald, Ann43332017-7-19 MonoEast of Sierra Nevada: Bodie Hills, Rough Creek above Geiger Grade crossing, c. 4.2 miles north of intersection w/Bodie Road
    CDA004592CDAHymenoxys hoopesiiMcCarty1954-10-04 MonoSonora Pass.
    CDA004593CDAHymenoxys hoopesiiT.C. Fuller69141961-8-23 MonoEast slope Sonora Pass, 4.5 miles west of Leavitt Meadows.
    CDA004594CDAHymenoxys hoopesiiT.C. Fuller69141961-8-23 MonoEast slope Sonora Pass, 4.5 miles west of Leavitt Meadows.
    CDA004595CDAHymenoxys hoopesiiT.C. Fuller69141961-8-23 MonoEast slope Sonora Pass, 4.5 miles west of Leavitt Meadows.
    CDA004596CDAHymenoxys hoopesiiT.C. Fuller124241964-8-04 TuolumneCastle Meadow, 1 mile north of Castle Rock. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA004597CDAHymenoxys hoopesiiT.C. Fuller124241964-8-04 TuolumneCastle Meadow, 1 mile north of Castle Rock. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA004598CDAHymenoxys hoopesiiT.C. Fuller124151964-8-04 TuolumneBluff Meadow, 1 mile northwest of Castle Rock. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0052968CDAHymenoxys hoopesiiAnn Howald46192018-6-30 MonoEast of Sierra Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, California, Bishop Field Office, Area of Critical Concern Bodie Bowl, Bodie Hills, Geiger Grade, c. 2 miles northwest of its intersection with Bodie-Aurora Rd. TRS 4N 27E S6 (Bodie 7.5' Q.), 38 13 50.6, -119 2 27.4 (38.230722, -119.040944). Elev 2768 m, 9083 ft. Moist sagebrush flat with Artemisia tridentata vaseyana, Carex douglasii, Lupinus breweri bryoides, Hymenoxys hoopseii. Scattered perennial herb, corollas golden yellow; in shallow swales, gray clay.
    CHSC109445CHSCHymenoxys hoopesiiL. P. Janeway109722012-7-24 ModocWarner Mountains. Northwestern flank of Mount Bidwell; 1.2 air km south of Dismal Swamp. T4 N R16E S0 W1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mount Bidwell 1:24,000
    CHSC109485CHSCHymenoxys hoopesiiL. P. Janeway109782012-7-25 ModocWarner Mountains. Slope along north side of Dismal Swamp. T4 N R16E S31 SE1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mount Bidwell 1:24,000
    CHSC63379CHSCHymenoxys hoopesiiV. H. Oswald63711994-7-09 ModocDismal Swamp ca. 6 mi (air) E of Hwy. 395, just S of the Oregon border. Meadow surrounding Dismal Creek. T4 N R16E S31
    DAV346170DAVHymenoxys hoopesiiJack Major13281963-8-19 TuolumneTuolumne County: Eagle Meadow, south of Dardanelle, State Highway 108 (Sonora Pass).
    DAV346171DAVHymenoxys hoopesiiJeanne Nouriss.n.1967-8-04 MonoMono County: Sonora Pass. State Highway 108.
    DAV346172DAVHymenoxys hoopesiiBarbara L. Rice1921966-6-28 TulareTulare County: Upper Franklin Lakes, Mineral King Game Refuge, Sequoia National Forest.
    DAV346173DAVHymenoxys hoopesiiBarbara L. Rice2101966-6-30 TulareTulare County: Mineral King, Mineral King Game Refuge, Sequoia National Forest.
    DAV346174DAVHymenoxys hoopesiiBarbara L. Rice4491966-7-28 TulareTulare County: Crystal Creek, ca. 1/4-1/2 mile east of point where East Fork Kaweah River enters, ca. 1 mile south of Mineral King village, Mineral King Game Refuge, Sequoia National Forest.
    DAV346175DAVHymenoxys hoopesiiDean W. Taylor27401973-7-31 AlpineAlpine County: about 3/4 of a mile north of the summit of Sonora Pass near the Mono and Tuolumne County lines.
    DAV346176DAVHymenoxys hoopesiiDean W. Taylor44821974-7-27 AlpineMono County: Sweetwater Mountains. Canon of Swauger Creek.
    DAV346177DAVHymenoxys hoopesiiJ. M. Tucker21991951-7-16 MonoMono County: east side of Sonora Pass, 3.9 miles below the summit.
    GMDRC7128GMDRCHymenoxys hoopesiiJ. M. Andre318552015-7-18 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada: along Dunderburg Meadow Rd, 0.2 mi. north of Virginia Lakes Rd, 4.5 mi. west of US Hwy 395, just NE of Virginia Lakes
    HSC59908HSCHymenoxys hoopesiiG.M. Riegel5951979-7-24 ModocSouth Warner Mt. Wilderness Area
    HSC59909HSCHymenoxys hoopesiiG.M. Riegel7661979-9-08 ModocSouth Warner Mt. Wilderness Area
    HSC80533HSCHymenoxys hoopesiiTim Messick8141979-8-02 MonoNE slope of Bodie Mtn., beside Geiger Grade, 0.4 mi. E of where road crosses Rough Creek
    HSC80534HSCHymenoxys hoopesiiTim Messick17401981-7-25 MonoOn N slope of Potato Peak, near summit
    JEPS11870UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiPeter H. Raven45181952-7-19 FresnoBlaney Meadows
    JEPS123795UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiJ. Andre106602006-7-23 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: Big Pine Canon, at Glacier Lodge. USGS 7.5' Quad: Coyote Flat.
    JEPS17893UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, G. Bacigalupi, Jr.55191955-8-12 TuolumneSonora Pass road about 1/2 mi w summit; Sonora Pass
    JEPS26455UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiPeter H. Raven142531959-5-27 Inyoalong Big Pine Creek (Flat Campground)
    JEPS27840UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann55301959-7-08 TularePoison Meadow Creek Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Poison Meadow Creek
    JEPS30156UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiChas. H. Quibell78711958-8-31 Fresnonear inlet on e edge of large wet mead (3 - 4 times area of Marcell Lake) encroaching from sse Bear Crk., Cirque Crk., Marcell Lake
    JEPS31263UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann75541962-7-20 TularePoison Meadow, s Tulare County Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Poison Meadow
    JEPS35422UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiOtto Renner901900-5-26 InyoOnion Valley
    JEPS35525UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiWillis L. Jepson9491900-7-23 TulareVolcano Creek Sierra Nevadas, Volcano Creek
    JEPS35526UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiWillis L. Jepson10091900-7-23 TulareShotgun Creek to Farewell Gap; Sierra Nevadas, Shotgun Creek, Farewell Gap
    JEPS35527UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiWillis L. Jepson49851912-7-07 TulareLower Furston Mdw. Kern Canon, Lower Furston Mdw.
    JEPS35528UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiWillis L. Jepson65371915-7-21 TuolumneKennedy Mdws.
    JEPS35529UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiWillis L. Jepson65761915-7-26 MonoSonora Pass
    JEPS35530UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiWillis L. Jepson78731918-8-07 ModocMount Bidwell
    JEPS35539UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiGeo. D. Butler3181908-8-02 SiskiyouLog Lake Shackelford Creek, Log Lake
    JEPS35553UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiWillis L. Jepson9661900-7-27 TulareVolcano Creek Sierra Nevedas, Natural Bridges, Volcano Creek
    JEPS36068UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann100421964-8-21 Tulareridge between Troy Meadow and Beach Meadow; Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau
    JEPS50675UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiCharlotte N. Smith14931966-7-16 Tularenear the trail s from Crabtree Meadow
    JEPS50738UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiCharlotte N. Smith1466B-1966-7-13 Tularebordering bank of Kern River (Funston Meadow; about 4.5 or more mi n from the Ranger Station); Funston Meadow, Kern River
    JEPS52052UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann114911965-8-19 Tularein canyon along Mahogany Creek
    JEPS52262UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann126371966-8-03 Tulareflat below summit ridge of Bald Mountain
    JEPS54362UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann, Donald J. Bedell140081967-10-13 TulareDurrwood Meadow Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Durrwood Meadow
    JEPS54432UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann137841967-9-20 TularePowell Meadow Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Powell Meadow
    JEPS54438UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann137841967-9-20 TularePowell Meadow Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Powell Meadow
    JEPS57882UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann, Eben McMillan146381968-7-16 TulareLittle Buck Meadow Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Little Buck Meadow
    JEPS5987UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiFrances D. Payne3081931-6-29 Modoce slope of Warren Peak; Warner Mountains, Warren Peak
    JEPS60880UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann157911969-7-30 TulareSalmon Creek on the e slope of Sirretta Peak; Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, , Salmon Creek
    JEPS64580UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann, Donald J. Bedell, Eben McMillan, Liberto R. Nathan172631970-7-27 TulareTempleton Meadow: Movie Stringer above the old Templeton Cow camp Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Templeton Meadow
    JEPS64664UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann, Donald J. Bedell, Eben McMillan, Liberto R. Nathan170541970-7-26 TulareRocky Basin Lakes, timberline Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Rocky Basin Lakes
    JEPS68279UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann, Eben McMillan, Liberto R. Nathan, Robert Burkhart184291971-9-01 TulareOsa Meadow Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Osa Meadow
    JEPS68295UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann179301971-7-14 TulareDeadwood Meadow Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Deadwood Meadow
    JEPS68314UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann, Eben McMillan, Liberto R. Nathan, Robert Burkhart180851971-8-28 TulareCasa Vieja Meadow Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Casa Vieja Meadow
    JEPS85600UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins, G. Bacigalupi, Jr.55191955-8-12 TuolumneSonora Pass road about 1/2 mi w summit; Sonora Pass
    OBI173420OBIHymenoxys hoopesiiKurt R. Neisess911976-8-04 TuolumneBlue Canon, Stanislaus National Forest
    OBI173422OBIHymenoxys hoopesiiDavid Keils.n.1933-9-07 FresnoSierra National Forest. Vicinity of trail eastward from southern end of Florence Lake to boundary of Kings Canon National Park
    OBI173426OBIHymenoxys hoopesiiLewis S. Rose407461940-7-03 MonoSonora Pass, summit
    RSA0083046RSAHymenoxys hoopesiiJim M. Andre317772015-7-17 MonoUSFSSweetwater Range; Swauger Creek Rd, 3.1 mi. north of US Hwy 395 at Pimentel Mdws.; Mount Patterson 7.5' Quad.
    RSA0083533RSAHymenoxys hoopesiiTyler StarbardCA170-1602015-8-12 MonoBLM (Bishop FO). Population located in an exclosure area of the east side of Geiger grade road, approximately 1 mile south from the intersection at the top of Aurora canyon road.
    RSA0101537RSAHymenoxys hoopesiiBonnie C. Templetons.n.1940-8-05 InyoParcher's Camp [Sierra Nevada, Bishop Creek drainage].
    RSA794426RSAHymenoxys hoopesiiLeRoy Gross56162012-7-11 TulareSequoia National ForestFloristic inventory of the Jennie Lakes Wilderness: Rowell Meadow.; Mt. Silliman 7.5 Quad.
    RSA795010RSAHymenoxys hoopesiiLeRoy Gross57982012-8-7 TulareSequoia National ForestLarge meadow at head of Gannon Creek, just off the trail to Seville Lake.; Mt. Silliman 7.5 Quad.
    RSA795574RSAHymenoxys hoopesiiLeRoy Gross57292012-7-26 TulareSequoia National ForestFloristic inventory of the Jennie Lakes Wilderness: Meadow just below Marvin Pass.; Mt. Silliman 7.5 quad.
    RSA799688RSAHymenoxys hoopesiiT. La Doux6742010-7-29 InyoSierra Nevada; along Coyote Road, Coyote Plateau, approximately 11 road miles SSW of Bishop. At historic Peterson Mill site.; Bishop 7.5'
    SBBG108683SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiNoraine Meng4471967-7-30 TulareW edge of Troy Meadow Cmpgrd
    SBBG108686SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiNoraine Meng5731968-7-13 TulareN end of Monarch Meadow, ca. 100 ft from S Fork Kern River
    SBBG109190SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiD. H. Wilken153601997-8-11 Tulareupper Curliss Meadow, ca. 0.7 map km NW of head of Paloma Meadows, ca. 3.5 map km SW of confluence of Bonita and Rattlesnake Crks Kern Plateau
    SBBG114957SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiD. Wilken w/ E. Painter, G. Wilken159462002-6-29 TulareE side of E Fk of Kaweah River, near mouth of Monarch Crk
    SBBG14662SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann72831962-9-19 TulareFish Crk, just below Troy Meadow; Kern Plateau
    SBBG21693SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiErnest C. Twisselmann100421964-8-21 Tulareridge between Troy Meadow and Beach Meadow; Kern Plateau
    SBBG229470SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiBonnie C. Templetons.n.1940-8-05 InyoParcher's Camp (Sierra Nevada, Bishop Creek drainage)
    SBBG65777SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiL. Rowntree1929-9-20 TuolumneSonora Pass
    SBBG8392SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiH. and M. Dearing47211941-8-22 Alpineabove Sonora Pass
    SBBG95013SBBGHymenoxys hoopesiiCarol Bornstein2000-6-19 Tularedirt rd to Jackass Meadow, ca. 2.2 N of jct with Hwy J41 [CR41, Sherman Pass Road]
    SD109276SDHymenoxys hoopesiiJack L. Reveal26561980-8-11 Mono600 meters south of Lobdell Lake
    SD109300SDHymenoxys hoopesiiJack L. Reveal26231980-7-16 MonoSlope south of Burcham Pond.
    SD111986SDHymenoxys hoopesiiBarbara Ertter39171980-8-02 MonoNorth side Highway 108, 0.5 mile east of Sonora Pass.
    SD112531SDHymenoxys hoopesiiDarley F. Howe46571969-8-04 MonoEast of Sonora Pass
    SD50934SDHymenoxys hoopesiiDarley F. Howe26801958-7-29 Mono13 miles west of Highway 395 on Sonora Pass road./
    SD77863SDHymenoxys hoopesiiDarley F. Howes.n.1970-8-26 Mono14.7 miles west of Sonora Junction on Sonora Pass Road.
    SD87638SDHymenoxys hoopesiiFrank W. Peirson85551929-7-24 InyoGreen Lake Region, Bishop Creek.
    SDSU03861SDSUHymenoxys hoopesiiunknown26801958-7-29 Mono13 mi. west of #395 on Sonora Pass Road.
    SFV102493SFVHymenoxys hoopesiiS. Kimball3322001-7-25 InyoSierra Nevada; Plot B138 (B38?) of Bishop Creek drainage gradient analysis.
    SFV102494SFVHymenoxys hoopesiiJ. N. Hogue278.052006-7-25 TuolumneSierra Nevada; Sonora Pass. Immediately west of summit.
    SJSU4463SJSUHymenoxys hoopesiiH.L. Buckalew1963-8-25 TulareFish Cr near Fish Cr Meadow, Kern Plateau, S Sierra Nevada
    SJSU7607SJSUHymenoxys hoopesiiK.A. Soper211974-10-20 Tuolumneslope by summit of Sonora Pass on State Rte 108; Tuolumne & Mono county boundary
    THRI-SEKI21771THRIHymenoxys hoopesiiDoyle, G.NPS-SIEN-W-323.62352008-7-28 UnknownNPS-SIEN-W-323, Upper Range Meadow
    THRI-SEKI21776THRIHymenoxys hoopesiiDoyle, G.NPS-SIEN-W-317.94772008-7-31 UnknownNPS-SIEN-W-317, Sentinel Ridge Meadow
    THRI-SEKI22962THRIHymenoxys hoopesiiCann, CorieSEKI-16-WM-343-4652015-6-4 Unknown
    UC1032167UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiC. G. Albertus3661936-9-08 Alpine1.4 mi wsw Sonora Pk.; Mono National Forest, Dardanelles Quadrangle
    UC1032168UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiT. M. Hendrix3391937-7-12 Mono1 mi up Eagle Creek; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quadrangle
    UC1075844UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiPhilip A. Munz212431955-7-26 MonoNorth Fork Sweetwater Creek Sweetwater Mountains, North Fork Sweetwater Creek
    UC1177092UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiPeter H. Raven26911950-7-29 Monosummit Sonora Pass
    UC1178027UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiHerbert L. Mason, L. W. Reinecke148091937-7-31 TuolumneUpper Huckleberry Meadow Sierra Nevada, Upper Huckleberry Meadow
    UC1215479UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiChas. H. Quibell79831958-9-03 Fresnomoist slope in seepage area e of depressed lake; Mt. Abbot Quadrangle
    UC1252138UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg41121944-8-22 MonoMolybdenite Creek
    UC134352UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiC. A. Purpus51901897-9-01 TulareLittle Kern River
    UC144258UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiCulbertson43591904-7-30 TulareCoyote Creek
    UC1564259UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiHarold, Virginia Bailey21881948-7-12 Tularevicinity mouth of Rattlesnake Creek; Sequoia National Park, Kern Canon
    UC1564263UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiHarold, Virginia Bailey22381948-7-13 Tulareupper Cow Camp Sequoia National Park, Rattlesnake Creek, upper Cow Camp
    UC159915UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiA. Davidson, M. D.25951911-7-01 InyoAndrews Camp Bishop Creek
    UC163510UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiP. J. Giraud11906-9-1 Inyo
    UC185596UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiKatharine Brandegee1918-7-01 InyoAndrew's, near Bishop (w slope of Sierra Nevada ); Owen's Valley, Bishop Creek
    UC187589UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiT. S. Brandegee1892-7-28 TulareMineral King
    UC1922257UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiMichael Honer23472006-8-12 InyoSierra Nevada; Central Sierra Nevada Region: Middle Fork Bishop Creek: wet meadow between Aspendell and Intake No. 2; approx 100m SE of Highway 168, 3 N of Aspendell subdivision. Mt. Thompson 7.5' Quad.
    UC195008UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiW. P. Taylor, H. C. Bryant1910-7-24 ModocSquaw Pk. Warner Mountains, Squaw Pk.
    UC32230UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiH. N. Bolander61571866-9-01 MonoSonora Pass
    UC32232UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiJ. W. Congdon1898-8-20 Mono14 Mile Station, Bridgeport [Aurora(?)] [Rd.(?)]
    UC32233UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiunknown1898-8-25 MonoLeavitts Meadow
    UC335099UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiunknown1941-8-9 UnknownU.S. Pacific Slope
    UC54152UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiS. W. Austin5521935-4-10 InyoOnion Valley
    UC573270UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiW. A. Peterson4561936-8-07 TuolumneUpper Relief Valley Stanislaus National Forest, Dardanelles Quadrangle, Upper Re
    UC579282UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiH. S. Yates53111935-7-02 Tuolumne2 mi sw Sonora Pass; Dardanelles Quadrangle
    UC579353UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiT. M. Hendrix5731937-8-17 Mono0.2 mi nw Blue Lake (near Virginia Lakes); Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quadrangle
    UC604500UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiC. W. Sharsmith37791938-8-17 Tularebelow Little Five Lakes; Kern River drainage, Big Arroyo
    UC62992UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler5351900-7-01 Fresnohead of Tehipite Trail; Collins Meadow
    UC63474UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock53391904-7-01 TulareCoyote Creek Upper Kern River Basin, Coyote Creek
    UC63475UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock51441904-6-17 TulareSalmon Creek
    UC63476UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock55481904-7-01 TulareLangley's Camp Upper Kern River Basin, Mt. Whitney
    UC63477UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock52201904-6-25 Tulareborders of Monache Meadows; Olancha Mountain
    UC669162UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander18341940-7-04 MonoLeavitt Meadows
    UC671631UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg25701941-7-14 InyoBig Pine Creek
    UC694278UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg31451942-7-24 Inyow Independence; Onion Valley
    UC702116UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg40661944-8-10 MonoDeep Creek Sweetwater Mountains, Deep Creek
    UC702232UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg37691944-6-25 TuolumneDardanelle
    UC703160UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiJohn Thomas Howell171981942-7-26 TulareMineral King
    UC703252UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg38801944-7-14 MonoSweetwater Canon Sweetwater Mountains, Sweetwater Canon
    UC704039UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg33331942-8-18 Inyow Lone Pine (between woods and meadow); Cottonwood Lakes
    UC712286UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiCarl W. Sharsmith28841937-7-31 Tuolumneon sw slope of divide leading from Sonora Pass to Leavitt Peak; Sierra Nevada
    UC721885UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine107521942-7-22 TulareGround Hog Meadow Sequoia National Forest, Ground Hog Meadow
    UC736038UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg44901945-7-20 Monoroad n Bodie
    UC748088UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg49501946-7-07 ModocEight Mile Creek
    UC748090UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg51141946-8-03 Modochead Eagle Creek; Warner Mountains
    UC762751UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiRobert F. Hoover13211936-6-18 AlpineDouglas Station
    UC762752UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiRobert F. Hoover14521936-7-01 Tuolumnetrail to Kennedy Lake
    UC897336UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiIra L. Wiggins80711935-7-06 Tuolumne5 mi w Sonora Pass; Chipmunk Flats
    UC897337UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiLewis S. Rose376851937-9-28 Tuolumnesummit Sonora Pass
    UC897344UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiElvin Frey1935-8-17 FresnoPiute Creek
    UC914589UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiPeter H. Raven, G. L. Stebbins, Jr.2461950-8-07 Inyoabove South Lake; Green Lake
    UC941157UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiIra L. Wiggins80711935-7-06 Tuolumne5 mi w Sonora Pass; Chipmunk Flats
    UC942965UCJEPSHymenoxys hoopesiiLewis S. Rose510881951-7-16 TulareMineral King
    UCR284323UCRHymenoxys hoopesiiAnn Howald43332017-7-19 MonoBodie Hills, Rough Crk above Geiger Grade crossing, c. 4.2 miles north of intersection w/ Bodie Rd.
    UCSB026257UCSBHymenoxys hoopesiiJames W. Tatum1351975-7-17 TulareBrush Meadow; located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha.
    UCSB026258UCSBHymenoxys hoopesiiJames W. Tatum3651976-6-22 TulareOn the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha; north fork of Monache Creek meadow
    UCSB026259UCSBHymenoxys hoopesiiDieter H. Wilken; A. Lopez; I. Roland42441968-8-14 InyoUpper Cottonwood Creek, about 1 mile east of Cottonwood Pass, Sierra Nevada
    UCSB026260UCSBHymenoxys hoopesiiHugh Dearing47211941-8-22 MariposaAbove Sonora Pass.
    VVC1304VVCHymenoxys hoopesiiP.J. MacKay4841997-7-07 InyoCottonwood Lakes Basin, Golden Trout Camp.
    VVC2684VVCHymenoxys hoopesiiP.J. MacKays.n.2011-7-7 InyoCottonwood Lakes Basin, Jenny Lk.
    VVC3890VVCHymenoxys hoopesiiTim Thomas5191982-8-11 InyoCottonwood Lakes Basin, trail jct S.Fk. Lk. and Lake 1.

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