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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CHSC99845CHSCHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiP. A. Munz105541926-04-29 San BernardinoIn Bear Valley, San Bernardino Mountains. The present specimens were collected near a small stream below the Fish Hatchery.
CLARK-A1528-3999CLARKHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiJohn C. RoosRoos No. 23741937-07-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CLARK-A1528-4000CLARKHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiRoos No. 7431937-07-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CLARK-A1528-7755CLARKHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiJohn C. Roos18541940-07-16 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CSLA015061CSLAHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiDieter H. Wilken5251965-08-10 San BernardinoSnow valley, San Bernardino Mts.; 34.22444444 -117.0358333
CSLA015062CSLAHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiW. O. Griesel1958-07-10 Los AngelesAngeles Nat′l Forest, Charlton Flats
CSLA015063CSLAHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiWesley O. Griesel1959-07-11 VenturaPine Springs Camp, Los Padres National Forest
CSLA015064CSLAHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiWesley Griesel1953-07-16 Los AngelesCharleton Flats, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains
CSLA015068CSLAHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiDick Potter191967-08-05 San BernardinoSan Bernardino mtns., Hwy. 18 and Hilltop Road
GH01610727GHHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryi;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-04-07 Los Angeles[data not captured]
LA336971LAHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiVictor Duran35171933-07-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Sulphur Springs
NY2811569NYHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiS. J. De Groot61182009-06-16 ?  San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Tributary of Coon Creek, off FS road 1N02. Wider open area along creek. (Onyx Peak)
NY2811585NYHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiL. Abrams28371902-07-31 ?  San BernardinoBear Valley, San Bernardino Mts.
NY2811586NYHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiS. B. Parish108881916-06-16 ?  San BernardinoBear Valley; San Bernardino Mts.
NY2811587NYHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiM. E. Jones62991900-07-19 UnknownBear Valley, San Bernardino Mts.
PUA68046PUAHorkelia bolanderi subsp. parryiG.L. Clifton1988-08-13 San BernardinoLocal landmark: Baldwin Lake. Lucerne Valley Quad.
AHUC100634DAVHorkelia parryiBeecher Crampton67281963-04-23 ?  AmadorAmador County: 2.5 miles south of Ione, Buena Vista Road.
CAS-BOT144061CASHorkelia parryiRattans.n.1927-05-10 Unknown
CAS-BOT144062CASHorkelia parryiRattan, Volneys.n.1880-05-01 ButteBrownsville
CAS-BOT144063CASHorkelia parryiKing, M. Alices.n.1923-05-01 El DoradoPlacerville
CAS-BOT144064CASHorkelia parryiRobbins, G. Thomas19511945-05-27 El DoradoAlong Camino-Pleasant Valley road, about 1 1-2 mi. n. of Pleasant Valley
CAS-BOT144065CASHorkelia parryiBreedlove, D. E.395021976-05-22 MariposaOff Dogtown Road near Coulterville
CAS-BOT144066CASHorkelia parryiSmith, Gladys L.46171976-06-07 YubaAbout 15 miles southwest of La Porte
CAS-BOT144067CASHorkelia parryiSmith, Jr., James Payne73391974-03-27 AmadorState Route 88, 5.9 miles east of the Amador Co. line, just beyond the turnoff to Ione
CAS-BOT144068CASHorkelia parryiHansen, Geo.7411892-05-01 AmadorIone
CAS-BOT144069CASHorkelia parryiMason, H. L.69781932-04-24 AmadorThree miles south of Ione
CAS-BOT144070CASHorkelia parryiMason, Herbert L.69781932-04-24 AmadorThree mi. so. of Ione
CAS-BOT144071CASHorkelia parryiMason, H. L.72531933-05-29 AmadorTwo miles south of Ione
CAS-BOT144072CASHorkelia parryiShevock, James R.113301985-07-31 AmadorCarbondale Mesa site near the town of Ione
CAS-BOT144073CASHorkelia parryiHoover, Robert F.24211937-06-10 AmadorIone
CAS-BOT144074CASHorkelia parryiCrum, E.17521936-04-12 AmadorTwo miles south of Ione on the Ione-Jackson Highway
CAS-BOT144075CASHorkelia parryiCrum, E.17521936-04-12 AmadorTwo miles south of Ione on Ione-Jackson Highway
CAS-BOT144076CASHorkelia parryiParry, C. C.s.n.1887-01-01 AmadorIone
CAS-BOT144077CASHorkelia parryiHoover, R. F.111431968-05-29 Amador2 mi. s. of Ione
CAS-BOT144078CASHorkelia parryiEastwood, Alice124081925-03-03 AmadorIone
CAS-BOT144079CASHorkelia parryiEastwood, Alice100661921-03-18 AmadorIone
CAS-BOT144080CASHorkelia parryiKawahara, Saichi721968-03-23 AmadorHarbison-Walker Refractories Company Ione Works site, Ione
CAS-BOT205647CASHorkelia parryiShevock, James R.113301985-07-31 AmadorWestern slope of the Central Sierra Nevada. Carbondale Mesa site near the town of Ione
CDA0025949CDAHorkelia parryiL. Brown1962-04-05 Amador2 miles south of Ione.
DAV326065DAVHorkelia parryiRobert Robichaux821975-05-03 AmadorCALIFORNIA: Amador CO. Ione Barrens. State Highway 88, 0.5 mile east of junction with State Highway 104.
DAV326066DAVHorkelia parryiDena Grossenbacher9812009-04-30 CalaverasCalaveras Co.: Along Fricot City Road about 4.8 miles west of Sheep Ranch.
DAV326067DAVHorkelia parryiTerri Williamson291990-04-28 AmadorAmador County: 2 mi. S. of Ione Hwy. 124.
DAV326068DAVHorkelia parryiShelley Mealers.n.1983-04-09 CalaverasCalaveras County: Near Ione at the intersection of Highway 88 and Buena-Vista Road.
DAV335796DAVHorkelia parryiHannah Kang5352020-06-08 El DoradoEL DORADO COUNTY: +- 6.2 air miles southwest of Georgetown. Near Laumann Ridge. Rock creek watershed. A few hundred feet east of Eels Ranch Road.
FSC0011866FSCHorkelia parryiDean William Taylor1231969-04-20 AmadorFound along Jackson Valley Road 1 mile South of the Junction of Highway 88 South of Ione.
FSC0011867FSCHorkelia parryiVera Miller; Dan Miller33571941-05-12 MariposaDate Flat, about 9 miles east of Coulterville
FSC0011868FSCHorkelia parryiJohn C. Stebbins72-0701972-03-29 AmadorAlong Highway 88, 0.6 miles east of Highway 124.
GH00345640GHHorkelia parryiA. Eastwood100661921-03-18 AmadorIone
GH00345641GHHorkelia parryiH. L. Mason69781932-04-24 AmadorThree miles south of Ione
GH00345642GHHorkelia parryiE. K. Crum11041931-05-17 Amadortwo miles south of Ione
GH00345643GHHorkelia parryiH. L. Mason72531933-05-29 Amadortwo miles south of Ione
GH00345644GHHorkelia parryiG. T. Robbins19511945-05-27 El Doradoalong Camino-Pleasant Valley road, ca. 1 1-2 mi. n. of Pleasant Valley
GH00345645GHHorkelia parryiW. L. Jepson99621923-05-30 AmadorBuena Vista
GH00345646GHHorkelia parryiR. F. Hoover24211937-06-10 AmadorIone
GH00345647GHHorkelia parryiE. K. Crum17521936-04-12 AmadorTwo miles south of Ione on Ione-Jackson Highway
GH00345648GHHorkelia parryiH. L. Mason44641928-05-03 AmadorOne mile south of Ione
GH01610908GHHorkelia parryi;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1876-07-10 Amador[data not captured]
GH01610909GHHorkelia parryi;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-09-18 Amador[data not captured]
HSC227047HSCHorkelia parryiGary J. Stebbins401970-03-28 CalaverasAlong Ponderosa Way at jct. with Sierra Vista fire lookout rd.
HSC227048HSCHorkelia parryiTim Messick14931981-03-27 AmadorE side of Ione-Buena Vista Rd., 0.1 W of intersection with Hwy. 88
HSC227049HSCHorkelia parryiChristopher Davidson44631976-06-26 San BernardinoNW end of Baldwin Lake, NW of Highway 38
HSC227050HSCHorkelia parryiChristopher Davidson45661976-08-14 San BernardinoFish Creek Meadows, at the end of Forest Service Road 1N05, South of Heart Bar State Park
HSC227051HSCHorkelia parryiJ.P. Smith73391974-03-27 AmadorHwy. 88, 5.9 miles east of the Amador County line, just beyond the turnoff to Ione
JEPS100880UCJEPSHorkelia parryiDean W. Taylor171871999-05-21 CalaverasFricot Ranch Road 2.2 road miles East from Fricot Ranch School
JEPS100883UCJEPSHorkelia parryiDean W. Taylor171431999-04-29 Calaverasdirt road on ridgetop on North rim Murray Creek canyon, ca. 1 mile E of Quiggs Mountain, access via Murray Creek Road ca. 1.6 road mi W of junction Whisky Slide Road (ca. 2 air mi W of Mountain Ranch)
JEPS100884UCJEPSHorkelia parryiDean W. Taylor171481999-04-29 CalaverasHigh Mountain, on the South rim Murray Creek canyon (ca. 1 mile SE of Fricot Ranch School), along the fire trail on SW flank of summit
JEPS100885UCJEPSHorkelia parryiDean W. Taylor171791999-05-21 CalaverasFricot Ranch Road 1.5 miles by road East of Fricot Ranch School, on ridge forming North rim San Antonio Creek
JEPS112669UCJEPSHorkelia parryiDean W. Taylor31831974-04-15 AmadorSierra Nevada; Ione region, Jackson Valley Road 1 mi S of Hwy 88
JEPS116677UCJEPSHorkelia parryiJoanna M. Clines, Jessica Richmond17002003-09-11 MariposaFeliciana Mountain, along Forest Road 4S11, 1.5 miles northwest of junction with Road 4S12 Sierra National Forest; Sierra Nevada Mountains
JEPS125957UCJEPSHorkelia parryiD. W. Taylor171801999-05-21 CalaverasLucky Jim Mine, on ridge forming south rim of Murray Creek canyon,
JEPS12987UCJEPSHorkelia parryiRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins50341955-05-06 AmadorHeath-like mesa above old quarry just e Ione
JEPS21823UCJEPSHorkelia parryiAlvin W. Urquhart651958-04-27 Calaveras2 mi n Sheepranch (on Mountain Ranch Road)
JEPS29814UCJEPSHorkelia parryiRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard85581962-05-31 Amador2 mi s Canone formation)
JEPS44514UCJEPSHorkelia parryiWillis L. Jepson99621923-05-30 AmadorBuena Vista
JEPS50795UCJEPSHorkelia parryiRimo Bacigalupi, Paul Hutchison92581967-05-21 Calaverasnw McKinney Creek (on road from Sheep Ranch to Railroad Flat, 3.9 mi nw of Sheep Ranch)
JEPS78336UCJEPSHorkelia parryiEdward Lee19441936-04-10 CalaverasSan Antonio Canon
JEPS78337UCJEPSHorkelia parryiEdward Lee19441936-04-10 CalaverasSan Antonio Canon
JEPS79107UCJEPSHorkelia parryiLawrence R. Heckard52001980-05-18 Amadors of Ione (s of Manzanita Hill, along Highway 88); Highway 88
JEPS95259UCJEPSHorkelia parryiJennie Haas1993-05-07 Mariposaca 6 air mi ese Coulterville (detailed driving directions in packet)
LA207974LAHorkelia parryiE. Crum17521936-04-12 Amador2 mi. S of Ione on Ione-Jackson Hwy
LA207975LAHorkelia parryiA.M. Johnson42891933-05-20 Los AngelesAsuza flats
OBI133397OBIHorkelia parryiRobert F. Hoover111431968-05-29 Amador2 mi S of Ione
POM125322RSAHorkelia parryiAlice Eastwoods.n.1925-03-03 AmadorIone.
POM199446RSAHorkelia parryiH. L. Mason69781932-04-24 Amador3 miles S of Ione
POM224392RSAHorkelia parryiE. Crum17521936-04-12 Amador2 miles S of Ione on Ione-Jackson Hwy
POM34030RSAHorkelia parryiGeo. Hansen7411894-07-01 AmadorIone.
RSA0149091RSAHorkelia parryiDean Wm. Taylor171481999-04-29 CalaverasHigh Mountain, on the south rim of Murray Creek Canon (ca. 1 mile SE of Frichot Ranch School), along the fire trail on SW flank of summit.; Calaveritas 7.5
RSA121094RSAHorkelia parryiH. S. Yates51491935-04-26 Amador1.5 miles south of Ione.; Jackson
RSA121095RSAHorkelia parryiR. D. Roseberry691935-04-18 Amador1 mile north of Buena Vista; Jackson
RSA13747RSAHorkelia parryiE. Crum17521936-04-12 Amador2 miles S of Ione on Ione-Jackson Hwy
RSA14950RSAHorkelia parryiL. S. Roses.n.1933-05-13 AmadorIone.
RSA191764RSAHorkelia parryiRobert F. Thorne337461964-04-16 Amador2.5 miles S or SSE of Ione.
RSA191765RSAHorkelia parryiRobert F. Thorne337481964-04-16 Amador2 miles NE of Buena Vista, 5 miles SE of Ione
RSA249422RSAHorkelia parryiJ. P. Smith73391974-03-27 AmadorState Route 88, 5.9 miles east of the Amador County line, just beyond the turnoff to Ione
RSA298506RSAHorkelia parryiEdward Lee19441936-04-10 CalaverasSan Antonio Canon
RSA789654RSAHorkelia parryiJames R. Shevock113301985-07-31 AmadorWestern slope of the Central Sierra Nevada: Canondale Mesa site near the town of Ione.
RSA85235RSAHorkelia parryiE. Crum11041931-05-17 Amador2 miles south of Ione
RSA8832RSAHorkelia parryiE. Crum14111932-05-01 AmadorIone.
SBBG161950SBBGHorkelia parryiDean Wm. Taylor171791999-05-21 CalaverasFricot Ranch Rd 1.5 mi by rd E of Fricot Ranch School, on ridge forming N rim San Antonio Creek
SJSU12683SJSUHorkelia parryiA.A. Matteson1986-04-30 MariposaJackass Mt near Marble Gulch
SJSU8592SJSUHorkelia parryiT.N. Seeno1621962-04-28 Amador2 mi S of Ione
SJSU8665SJSUHorkelia parryiC.W. Sharsmith83831980-05-18 Amador2.5 mi S of Ione
SPIF01166SPIFHorkelia parryiAnn Willyard7152001-05-21 El DoradoCamino 7.5 USGS quad. Along Camino-Pleasant Valley Rd., ca 0.5 miles north of Pleasant Valley. Grassy roadside under manzanita. This is NDDB Occurrence #11.
SPIF01167SPIFHorkelia parryiDean Wm. Taylor, Ph.D.171791999-05-21 CalaverasCalaveritas 7.5 USGS quad. Fricot Ranch Rd. 1.5 miles by road East of Fricot Ranch School, on ridge forming North rim San Antonio Creek. Open, recently burned brushy ridge with a few surviving Pinus ponderosa, Heteromeles arbutifolia and Toxicodendron diversilobum dominant, on deep well drained soils derived from slate; forming large clumps in graded disturbed area where rubbish is dumped, more sparse elsewhere.
UC1128252UCJEPSHorkelia parryiR. D. Roseberry691935-04-18 Amador1 mi n Buena Vista; Jackson quad
UC1128253UCJEPSHorkelia parryiH. S. Yates5149A1935-04-26 Amador1 1-2 mi s Ione; Jackson Quadrangle
UC114280UCJEPSHorkelia parryiJ. W. Congdon681894-04-06 Amadorbetween Ione and Buena Vista
UC114281UCJEPSHorkelia parryiGeo. Hansen2921892-07-07 AmadorSequoia Region; Silver Lake
UC114289UCJEPSHorkelia parryiC. C. Parry1886-05-01 AmadorIone
UC114290UCJEPSHorkelia parryiC. C. Parry1888-04-01 AmadorIone
UC1212035UCJEPSHorkelia parryiHelen K. Sharsmith1933-05-28 Amadorhills above Ione (general vicinity of type locality)
UC1221005UCJEPSHorkelia parryiBeecher Crampton67281963-04-23 Amador2.5 mi s Ione (Buena Vista Rd)
UC1329669UCJEPSHorkelia parryiVera, Dan Miller1941-05-12 Mariposaca 9 mi w Coulterville (Date Flat)
UC1736397UCJEPSHorkelia parryiDean W. Taylor3351970-03-27 Calaverasca. 0.5 miles N of Esperanza Fire Station, on county road N of Mountain Ranch near jct. Ponderosa Way
UC185284UCJEPSHorkelia parryiKatharine Brandegee1910-06-01 AmadorIone
UC186327UCJEPSHorkelia parryiGeo. Hansen7411893-05-01 AmadorIone Sequoia Region
UC186328UCJEPSHorkelia parryiC. C. Parry1888-05-01 AmadorIone
UC2062447UCJEPSHorkelia parryiBarbara Ertter, Dale McNeal68631987-04-18 AmadorOld Lambert Road ca 8 air miles NW of Ione.
UC2062448UCJEPSHorkelia parryiBarbara Ertter, Dale McNeal68621987-04-18 AmadorIone-Buena Vista Road S of Highway 88, roadside at junction of road to factory.
UC30036UCJEPSHorkelia parryiC. C. Parry1934-01-25 AmadorIone
UC338282UCJEPSHorkelia parryiunknown1936-03-26 Unknown
UC482962UCJEPSHorkelia parryiH. L. Mason69781932-04-24 Amador3 mi s Ione
UC525510UCJEPSHorkelia parryiEthel Crum14111932-05-01 AmadorIone
UC545835UCJEPSHorkelia parryiEthel Crum17521936-04-12 Amador2 mi s Ione (on Ione-Jackson Hwy)
UC545836UCJEPSHorkelia parryiE. Crum16541934-04-22 Amador2 mi s Ione (on Ione-Jackosn Hwy)
UC555628UCJEPSHorkelia parryiH. L. Mason69781932-04-24 Amador3 mi s Ione
UC555679UCJEPSHorkelia parryiH. L. Mason44641928-05-03 Amador1 mi s Ione
UC632736UCJEPSHorkelia parryiEthel Crum11041931-05-17 Amador2 mi s Ione
UC632737UCJEPSHorkelia parryiH. L. Mason72531933-05-29 Amador2 mi s Ione
UC69586UCJEPSHorkelia parryiJ. Burtt Davy16311895-05-18 Calaverasnear Eldorado Reservoir
UC764006UCJEPSHorkelia parryiR. F. Hoover24211937-06-10 AmadorIone
UC903292UCJEPSHorkelia parryiEthel Crum21191941-04-06 AmadorSierra Nevada foothills
UC907620UCJEPSHorkelia parryiG. Thomas Robbins19511945-05-27 El Doradoca 1.5 mi n Pleasant Valley (along Camino-Pleasant Valley Rd)
UC924249UCJEPSHorkelia parryiH. S. Reed1941-05-06 Amadornear Ione
UCR0043322UCRHorkelia parryiJune Lattings.n.1976-05-02 AmadorIone
RSA0332617RSAPotentilla parryiPaul H. Woods.n.1941-04-30 Los AngelesBaldwin Park.

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