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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
UC134696UCJEPSHieracium tristeJ. W. Congdon1894-08-14 MariposaLake Tenaya
UC92025UCJEPSHieracium tristeJ. W. Congdon1895-08-05 MariposaLake Chiquita
CAS-BOT312957CASHieracium tristeCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-08-16 MaderaChiquita Lake Mts.
CAS-BOT312973CASHieracium tristeDudley, W. R.24301897-08-02 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevadas. Region of Kaweah Peaks: Arroya-Kern Divide summit
UC63100UCJEPSHieracium tristeH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler5991900-07-01 FresnoMeadows near Black Mountain; Sierra Nevada Mountains
CAS-BOT312989CASHieracium tristeHall, H. M.; Chandler, H. P.5991900-07-01 FresnoSierra Nevada Mountains. Meadows near Black Mountain
POM52585RSAHieracium gracileH. M. Halls.n.1902-06-01 MariposaVicinity of Lake Tenaya, Yosemite National Park.
CAS-BOT312962CASHieracium tristeHall, H. M.; Babcock, E. B.36401902-06-01 MariposaYosemite National Park. Vicinity of Lake Tenaya
UC63498UCJEPSHieracium tristeH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock55951904-08-05 TulareHockett Meadows; Southern Sierra Nevada
UC63499UCJEPSHieracium tristeH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock55991904-08-05 TulareHockett Meadows; Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains
CAS-BOT312976CASHieracium tristeHall, H. M.; Babcock, H. D.55951904-08-05 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Hockett Meadows
CAS-BOT312977CASHieracium tristeHall, H. M.; Babcock, H. D.55951904-08-05 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Hockett Meadows
CAS-BOT312951CASHieracium tristeEastwood, Alice13061906-09-05 El DoradoGlen Alpine Region. Mt. Tallac trail
CAS-BOT312996CASHieracium tristeEastwood, Alice2301907-08-11 MonoYosemite National Park. Harden Lake
CAS-BOT312978CASHieracium tristeEastwood, Alice5171907-08-19 TuolumneYosemite National Park. Tuolumne Meadows
CAS-BOT312961CASHieracium tristeEastwood, Alice6471907-08-26 MariposaYosemite National Park. Near Lake Tenaya
UC32802UCJEPSHieracium tristeBrewer19831908-06-15 Unknown
JEPS36665UCJEPSHieracium tristeWillis L. Jepson33731909-07-21 TuolumneBenson Pass
CAS-BOT312952CASHieracium tristeMcGregor, E. A.1981909-08-25 El DoradoLake Tahoe Region. Heather Lake
UC149002UCJEPSHieracium tristeH. M. Hall88061910-07-01 El DoradoVelma Lakes; Sierra Nevada Mountains
CAS-BOT312953CASHieracium tristeHall, H. M.88061910-07-01 El DoradoSierra Nevada Mountains. Velma Lakes
CAS-BOT312948CASHieracium tristeEastwood, Alice18421912-08-22 UnknownTrail from Morgans Springs to Lassen Butte
RSA95163RSAHieracium gracileF. W. Peirson15011914-08-19 MaderaShadow Creek, Sierra Nevada.
UC565524UCJEPSHieracium tristeH. L. Mason7071923-08-03 Tuolumnew of Unicorn Creek; Yosemite National Park, Tuolumne Meadows
JEPS36669UCJEPSHieracium tristeWillis L. Jepson101611923-08-13 Alpinemts. w Pacific Valley
UC34703UCJEPSHieracium tristeH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock36401923-08-17 Mariposavicinity of Lake Tenaya; Yosemite National Park
YM-YOSE64279YMHieracium gracileMICHAEL, ENID441923-09-06 ?  MonoMINARETS
CAS-BOT320109CASHieracium tristeBohmannson, R. H.s.n.1926-07-16 SiskiyouMt. Shasta
RSA95169RSAHieracium gracileF. W. Peirson76111927-08-01 TuolumneWoods on S side of Tuolumne Meadows.
YM-YOSE64278YMHieracium gracileMICHAEL, ENID5901927-08-12 ?  MaderaMC GEE LAKE
CAS-BOT312968CASHieracium tristeSmith, L. S.24811928-07-18 PlacerTahoe National Forest. Ward Peak and down slope
CAS-BOT312993CASHieracium tristeClausen, J.5141932-07-29 MonoSlate Creek Valley, east of Mount Conness. Along Slate Creek
RSA95164RSAHieracium gracileF. W. Peirson108011933-08-14 InyoSlopes above the Morgan Pass Lakes, Rock Creek Lake Basin, northern Inyo County.
UC511742UCJEPSHieracium tristeFrank W. Peirson108011933-08-14 Inyoabove the Morgan Pass Lakes; Rock Cr. Lake Basin
UC625165UCJEPSHieracium tristePaul S. Bartholomew1934-07-28 Tuolumnenear n boundary of Park Kerrick Meadow; Yosemite National Park
UC625199UCJEPSHieracium tristePaul S. Bartholomew1934-08-02 Tuolumnew of Virginia Canon; Yosemite National Park, Spiller Creek
UC551728UCJEPSHieracium tristeBeryl O. Schreiber18481935-07-25 MariposaLyell Cirque; Yosemite National Park
UC581816UCJEPSHieracium tristeJoseph P. Tracy145931935-08-07 Trinityat head of White′s Creek; Devil′s Canon Mountains
CAS-BOT312972CASHieracium tristeTracy, Joseph P.145931935-08-07 TrinityDevil′s Canyon Mts. at head of White′s Creek
UC1179073UCJEPSHieracium tristeHerbert L. Mason148191936-07-30 TuolumneTilden Lake; Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT312980CASHieracium tristeMason, Herbert L.148191936-07-30 TuolumneSierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park. Tilden Lake
UC712546UCJEPSHieracium tristeH. K. Sharsmith38231936-08-16 Tuolumneat head of Matterhorn Canon; Sierra Nevada
JEPS73591UCJEPSHieracium tristeEdward Lee25351936-08-17 MaderaMt. Lyell; n side, lower slopes
CAS-BOT320106CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas133921937-07-24 SiskiyouCaribou Basin, Salmon-Trinity Alps
CAS-BOT312992CASHieracium tristeClausen, J.16141937-08-03 MonoNorth side of Slate Creek Valley, east of Mt. Conness, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area
UC1179072UCJEPSHieracium tristeHerbert L. Mason148381937-08-31 Tuolumnew of Saurian Crest; Yosemite National Park. Grace Meadow
CAS-BOT312979CASHieracium tristeMason, Herbert L.148381937-08-31 TuolumneSierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park. Grace Meadow, west of Saurian Crest
CAS-BOT312959CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas144771938-08-10 MaderaNear Devil′s Postpile
UC618676UCJEPSHieracium tristeW. Bridge Cooke115001938-08-18 Siskiyouabove Horse Camp; Mount Shasta
UC712547UCJEPSHieracium tristeC. W. Sharsmith37931938-08-18 Tularecirque just n of the At head of Big Arroyo. Black Kaweah; Sierra Nevada. Nine Lakes Basin
CAS-BOT312950CASHieracium tristeCooke, Wm. Bridge115001938-08-18 SiskiyouMount Shasta. Horse Camp Slopes
CAS-BOT312974CASHieracium tristeSharsmith, C. W.37931938-08-18 TulareJust north of the Black Kaweah, Nine Lakes Basin, at head of Big Arroyo, Sierra Nevada
UC712548UCJEPSHieracium tristeC. W. Sharsmith37981938-08-19 TulareNine Lakes Basin; Sierra Nevada. Head of Big Arroyo
CAS-BOT320102CASHieracium tristeCooke, Wm. Bridge116331938-09-08 SiskiyouMount Shasta. South Gate Springs. Around the upper ends of Panther and Squaw Creeks
UC897858UCJEPSHieracium tristeJohn Thomas Howell151521939-08-08 SiskiyouBlack Mts, Marble Mts
CAS-BOT320105CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas151521939-08-08 SiskiyouBlack Mt., Marble Mts.
JEPS36568UCJEPSHieracium tristeR. F. Hoover44751940-08-01 Tuolumneupper end Emigrant Lake
JEPS36658UCJEPSHieracium tristeR. F. Hoover44751940-08-01 Tuolumneupper end Emigrant Lake
CAS-BOT312994CASHieracium tristeClausen, J.18231940-09-08 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, Lake Valley, near pond below Spuller Lake. E. base of White Mountain
UC703070UCJEPSHieracium tristeJohn Thomas Howell166731941-08-02 Maderanear Garnet Lake
CAS-BOT312958CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas166731941-08-02 MaderaNear Garnet Lake
CAS-BOT312975CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas174071942-07-29 TulareLittle Five Lakes Basin
UC1035784UCJEPSHieracium tristeAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg35091943-08-27 El DoradoDicks Lake; Lake Tahoe Region
CAS-BOT312949CASHieracium tristeRose, Lewis S.441941944-07-21 AlpineWinnemucca Lake, 3 mi. s. of Kit Carson Pass
CAS-BOT312995CASHieracium tristePollard, Henry M.s.n.1944-08-04 MonoWest side of Horseshoe Lake
CAS-BOT312982CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas200451944-08-06 TuolumneDog Lake
CAS-BOT312983CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas204921944-08-14 TuolumneTuolumne Canyon above Glen Aulin
UC907787UCJEPSHieracium tristeG. Thomas Robbins20771945-08-04 El DoradoHighland lake; Desolation Valley Wilderness Area
CAS-BOT312956CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas228191946-07-28 InyoGem Lake, Rock Creek Lake Basin
UC1564235UCJEPSHieracium tristeHarold, Virginia Bailey23871948-07-18 Tulareabove Middle Hamilton Lake; Sequoia National Park, High Sierra Trail
UC1558219UCJEPSHieracium tristeHarold, Virginia Bailey2937a1948-08-27 ShastaUpper Kings Creek Meadow; Lassen Volcanic National Park
UC922283UCJEPSHieracium tristeAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg58371949-07-22 SiskiyouTrail to Paradise Lake. Kings Castle; Marble Mountains
CAS-BOT320107CASHieracium tristeAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise58371949-07-22 SiskiyouTrail to Kings Castle, Paradise Lake, Marble Mountains
UC922282UCJEPSHieracium tristeAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg58961949-07-29 Siskiyouabove Sky High Lake; Marble Mountains. Near Hiddenlake
CAS-BOT320108CASHieracium tristeAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise58961949-07-29 SiskiyouNear Hidden Lake, above Sky High Lake, Sky High Valley, Marble Mountains
SJSU13425SJSUHieracium tristeC.W. Sharsmith57971949-08-28 TuolumneW base Mt Dana, Yosemite National Park
DAV345954DAVHieracium tristeJ. M. Tucker19421950-07-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Panther Meadows, south slope of Mount Shasta.
CAS-BOT320110CASHieracium tristeTucker, J. M.19421950-07-23 SiskiyouPanther Meadows, south slope of Mount Shasta
CAS-BOT312954CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas279221951-07-18 TulareMineral King and vicinity. West side, Franklin Pass
RSA88427RSAHieracium gracilePeter H. Raven36151951-07-27 MaderaLake Ediza
CAS-BOT312987CASHieracium tristeRaven, Peter H.50161952-08-10 FresnoEast side of Hell-for-sure Pass
RSA89319RSAHieracium gracileChas. H. Quibell15491952-08-31 Fresno10,700′ near Bighorn Lake at headwaters North Fork Mono Creek, 2 miles west of 12,841 Red and White Mountain on Sierran crest.
JEPS11872UCJEPSHieracium tristePeter H. Raven57541953-07-23 FresnoSecond Recess Sierra Nevada (wet spot)
CAS-BOT312988CASHieracium tristeRaven, Peter H.57541953-07-23 FresnoSecond Recess
RSA132430RSAHieracium gracileSue Quibell31981953-08-05 FresnoAlong Badger Flats Kinkey Lakes Trail, about 1-4m S of E Fork Big Creek jct.
UC1294284UCJEPSHieracium tristeSue, Chas. H. Quibell31981953-08-05 Fresnoabout 1-4 m s of E. Fk. Big Crk jct. Lodgepole For; Badger Flats-Dinkey Lakes Trail
CAS-BOT312985CASHieracium tristeQuibell, Sue; Quibell, Chas. H.31981953-08-05 FresnoAlong Badget Flats - Dinkey Lakes Trail (about 8700′) about 1-4 m. s. of E. Fk. Big Crk. jct.
UC1036225UCJEPSHieracium tristeGeorge W. Gillett3381953-08-21 Shasta0.25 mi below Summit Lake; Lassen Volcanic National Park. Trail to Corral Meadow
RSA124646RSAHieracium gracileChas. H. Quibell33561953-08-29 Fresno1-5 mi. up crk. (draining 2 large lakes 1 W of 14,163 Red Slate Mt. on Sierran crest) from point on McGee Pass trail on Fish Crk. at 10,160.
DAV345948DAVHieracium tristeChas H. Quibell33561953-08-29 FresnoFresno County: 1-5 mile up creek (draining 2 large lakes 1 mile west of 13,163′ Red Slate Mt. on Sierran crest) from point on McGee Pass Trail on fish Creek at 10,160. Top of 90 south facing slope head 1 bench meadow on creek.
UC1080328UCJEPSHieracium tristeChas. H. Quibell, Edith M. Quibell33561953-08-29 Fresno1-5 m up crk McGee Pass Trail; Fish Crk.
CAS-BOT312986CASHieracium tristeRaven, Peter H.77111954-08-02 Fresno″Bear Cub″ Lakes, about 1 mi. n.w. of junction of Hilgard Branch with Bear Creek
LAVO1959LVNPHieracium gracileGillett, George4491955-08-02 UnknownJust below lower Kings Creek Mdw. on trail to Kings Creek falls, Lassen Volcanic National Park.
JEPS28733UCJEPSHieracium tristeGeorge W. Gillett9971957-08-08 ShastaWet Meadow ne Lassen Peak (above Paradise Meadow); Lassen Volcanic National Park
JEPS28740UCJEPSHieracium tristeGeorge W. Gillett10171957-08-10 Shastalwer e slopes Lassen Volcanic National Park, Eagle Peak
CAS-BOT312970CASHieracium tristeGillett, George W.10171957-08-10 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Eagle Peak
CAS-BOT312971CASHieracium tristeErnst, W. R.2021957-08-10 ShastaMt. Lassen National Volcanic Park. Trailside about 0.5 mile off the Lassen Peak Highway on the Kings Creek Falls trail
JEPS28763UCJEPSHieracium tristeGeorge W. Gillett10581957-08-13 Tehamaon Brokeoff Trail 1-2 mi from Supphur Works Checking Station (near base of extensive talus slope near first major stream crossing); Lassen Vocanic National Park, Brokeoff Mountain
CAS-BOT312969CASHieracium tristeGillett, George W.10581957-08-13 TehamaLassen Volcanic National Park. Brokeoff Mountain. 1-2-mile from Sulphur Works Checking Station on Brokeoff Trail
RSA146193RSAHieracium gracileChas. H. Quibell70351957-08-17 FresnoNW facing pocket ca. 11,050′ on S wall N Goddard Creek Canon (shows on W edge Mt. Goddard Quad. joining Blackcap Mt. Quad. and draining in direct line NW into NW tending lower section of N Goddard Creek).12,500′-13,000′ peaks to Ne and SE; 11,500′-12,000 Le Conte Divide W across Goddard Canon ( S Fork San Joaquin River).
CAS-BOT312960CASHieracium tristeHowell, John Thomas344021958-08-13 MaderaNear Isberg Lake
JEPS24379UCJEPSHieracium tristeRimo Bacigalupi, Charles H. Quibell66591958-08-17 Fresnoin bottom of a wide draw on trail between First Dinkey Lake and Quail′s Camp (at headwaters of Helms Creek, just s of Black Peak (Potato Hill), e of Dinkey Lakes Basin); Sierra National Forest
CAS-BOT312984CASHieracium tristeQuibell, Chas. H.79091958-09-01 FresnoBelow Apollo (Cub) L. which is 1-2 m. s. at headwaters of a trib. of Bear Crk. (s.w. quarter Mt. Abbot Quad.). 12,146′ high pont 2 m. s. To n. below & on far side ridge to w. & on n. shore Apollo L.
CAS-BOT312997CASHieracium tristeHardham, Clare B.51411959-07-20 MonoEdges of Green Creek
HSC62044HSCHieracium tristeRuby Van Deventersn1960-07-07 SiskiyouRaspberry Lake 2 W of Copper Mtn.
RSA142677RSAHieracium gracileP. A. Munz241761960-08-22 SiskiyouPanther Meadows, Mt. Shasta.
CAS-BOT312981CASHieracium tristeMajor, J.5681961-07-04 TuolumneEdge of Bluejay Creek. S26, near plots. Yosemite Research Reserve, near White Wolf
CAS-BOT312990CASHieracium tristeHardham, Clare B.87561961-08-16 FresnoRed Mountain Basin, north fork Kings River
JEPS32672UCJEPSHieracium tristePaul C. Hutchison9391962-08-02 Siskiyoubetween Panther Meadow top of ski lift; Mt. Shasta
JEPS33137UCJEPSHieracium tristeRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard86471962-08-06 Alpinein woods just above meadows Pacific Valley
SD53141SDHieracium tristeDarley F. Howe34471962-08-17 Fresno12 miles east of shaver Lake on Highway 168; Sierra National Forest.
SDSU01682SDSUHieracium tristeHowe, D.F.34471962-08-17 Fresno12 miles east of Shaver Lake on #168, Sierra National Forest.
DAV345951DAVHieracium tristeJack Major13991962-08-21 MonoMono County: Above Lake Dorothy, Convict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada.
RSA183492RSAHieracium gracileJ. M. Tucker37831963-08-19 SiskiyouHeadwaters of Canon Creek, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
DAV345953DAVHieracium tristeJ. M. Tucker37831963-08-19 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Canon Creek, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
UC1313023UCJEPSHieracium tristeJ. M. Tucker, L. K. Mann37831963-08-19 Siskiyouheadwaters of Canon Creek; Marble Mountain Wilderness Area
CAS-BOT320103CASHieracium tristeTucker, J. M.; Mann, L. K.37831963-08-19 SiskiyouHeadwaters of Canyon Creek, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area
CAS-BOT320104CASHieracium tristeTucker, J. M.; Mann, L. K.37831963-08-19 SiskiyouHeadwaters of Canyon Creek, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area
RSA183733RSAHieracium gracileGilbert Muths.n.1965-08-11 SiskiyouMarble Valley. Marble Mtns.
JEPS82483UCJEPSHieracium tristeGilbert Muth2041965-08-11 SiskiyouBlack Mt. Marble Mt. Wilderness Area (meadow near summit, rim trail)
PUA005356PUAHieracium gracileGilbert Jerome Muth1965-08-11 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Marble Valley. Scott Bar Quad.
KNFY-2887099-TEMPAIDKNFYHieracium gracileGilbert Muth2031965-08-11 SiskiyouThroughout woods of Marble Valley; Klamoth National Forest
CAS-BOT313000CASHieracium tristeMuth, Gilberts.n.1965-08-11 SiskiyouMarble Valley
CAS-BOT320101CASHieracium tristeMuth, Gilberts.n.1965-08-11 SiskiyouMarble Valley
KNFY-2887100-TEMPAIDKNFYHieracium gracileGilbert Muth2031966-08-11 SiskiyouThroughout woods; Klamoth National Forest
HSC60908HSCHieracium tristeAl Hobartsn1967-07-26 SiskiyouBlack Butte
JEPS50869UCJEPSHieracium tristeAl Hobart1967-08-08 Siskiyouon a spur of the peak nw summit (extreme western Siskiyou County); Siskiyou Mountain Range, Preston Peak
DAV345950DAVHieracium tristeR. H. Pembles.n.1967-08-23 MonoMono County: east exposure; above Finger lakes at base of White Mountain.
PUA005354PUAHieracium gracileF.W. Oettinger1968-08-04 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Diamond Lake. Sawyer′s Bar Quad.
HSC29126HSCHieracium tristeFrederick W. Oettinger4481968-08-08 SiskiyouHigh Lake Basins near English Peak; Marble Mtn. Wilderness Area: Ridge above Upper English Lake near trail to English Peak
RSA237532RSAHieracium gracileFrederick W. Oettinger4481968-08-08 SiskiyouRidge above Upper English Lake near trail to English Peak. The Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
UCSB026170UCSBHieracium tristeDieter H. Wilken; A. Lopez; I. Roland42391968-08-14 Inyo1 mile east of Cottonwood Pass, upper Cottonwood Creek, Sierra Nevada
HSC39818HSCHieracium tristeJ.O. Sawyer17261969-08-02 SiskiyouE facing slope SW of Little Duck Lake
HSC22178HSCHieracium tristeJ.O. Sawyer17261969-08-03 SiskiyouW of Little Duck Lake
RSA237531RSAHieracium gracileFrederick W. Oettinger11631969-08-04 SiskiyouDiamond Lake. The Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
PUA005355PUAHieracium gracileGilbert Jerome Muth1969-08-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Boulder Peak. Scott Bar Quad.
RSA215640RSAHieracium gracileGilbert Muth12911969-08-08 SiskiyouGap Meadow, Boulder Peak Ridge.
KNFY-2887104-TEMPAIDKNFYHieracium gracileGilbert Muth12911969-08-08 SiskiyouGap Meadow, Boulder Peak Ridge; Klamoth National Forest
CAS-BOT312999CASHieracium tristeMuth, G. J.12911969-08-08 SiskiyouGap Meadow, Boulder Peak Ridge
RSA233675RSAHieracium gracileR. F. Thorne389751969-08-10 SiskiyouS slope of Mt. Shasta, Panther Creek Meadows
UC1408806UCJEPSHieracium tristeRobert F. Thorne, Fred Oettinger389751969-08-10 Siskiyous slope of Mt. Shasta, Panther Creek Meadows; Mount Shasta National Forest
PUA005357PUAHieracium gracileGilbert Jerome Muth1969-08-11 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Boulder Peak. Scott Bar Quad.
KNFY-2887106-TEMPAIDKNFYHieracium gracileGilbert Muth13581969-08-11 SiskiyouBoulder Peak; Klamoth National Forest
CAS-BOT312998CASHieracium tristeMuth, Gilbert J.13581969-08-11 Siskiyou
HSC29149HSCHieracium tristeFrederick W. Oettinger16731969-09-05 SiskiyouHigh Lake Basins near English Peak; Marble Mtn. Wilderness Area: Upper English Lake
RSA237530RSAHieracium gracileFrederick W. Oettinger16731969-09-05 SiskiyouUpper English Lake. The Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
UC1409289UCJEPSHieracium tristeFrederick W. Oettinger16731969-09-05 SiskiyouUpper English Lake; Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
CAS-BOT312966CASHieracium tristeMott, Lillian S.LM69351969-09-07 NevadaNorth slope of Basin Peak
PUA005358PUAHieracium gracileC.A. Ground1970-08-05 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Preston Peak. Preston Peak Quad.
KNFY-2887105-TEMPAIDKNFYHieracium gracileC.A. Ground7651970-08-05 SiskiyouCirque S side of Preston Peak; Klamoth National Forest
HSC12472HSCHieracium tristeWilliam J. Ferlatte12991970-08-11 TrinityThompson Pk.; Ridge S of summit
RSA276664RSAHieracium gracileWilliam J. Ferlatte12991970-08-11 TrinityThompson Peak.
DAV345952DAVHieracium tristeWilliam J. Ferlatte12991970-08-11 TrinityTrinity County: Trinity Alps. Thomson Pk. Ridge south of summit.
JEPS74620UCJEPSHieracium tristeWilliam J. Ferlatte, Alice Q. Howard12991970-08-11 TrinityThompson Pk. Trinity Alps (ridge s of summit)
CAS-BOT312963CASHieracium tristeTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas62771970-08-12 NevadaStringer at road intersection ca. 6 miles northeast of Cisco Grove and 2 miles south of Magonigal Camp
CAS-BOT312965CASHieracium tristeTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas63361970-08-12 NevadaMagonigal Camp ca. 8 miles north-east of Cisco Grove and 1.5 miles east of Lake Fordyce
CAS-BOT312964CASHieracium tristeTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas63631970-08-25 NevadaBasin Peak ca. 1 mile north of Castle Peak and 3 miles north of Highway 80, at Uhlen Valley
KNFY-2887107-TEMPAIDKNFYHieracium gracileJ.L. Kraemer2541971-08-02 SiskiyouTop of El Capitan; Klamoth National Forest
RSA638981RSAHieracium gracileR. F. Thorne412291971-08-04 MonoSierra Nevada Mountains; Inyo National Forest. Mammoth Lakes, along Cold Water Creek and trail to Way Lake.
HSC30239HSCHieracium tristeWilliam J. Ferlatte13801971-09-18 SiskiyouCaribou Basin
PUA005359PUAHieracium gracileG.L. Clifton1972-08-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Horse Range Lake. Sawyer′s Bar Quad.
DAV345949DAVHieracium tristeDean W. Taylor26601974-07-21 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass. 1-2 mile west of the summit of Highway 88 at Canon Pass.
DAV345947DAVHieracium tristeDean W. Taylor48571974-08-25 AmadorAmador County: northeast face of Mokelumne Peak.
PUA005353PUAHieracium gracileGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-30 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Kangaroo Mountain. Seiad Valley Quad.
CAS-BOT312967CASHieracium tristeTrowbridge, Barbara80411976-07-28 NevadaWhite Rock Lake, one mile SW of Mt. Lola on a ridge south of the lake
PUA005349PUAHieracium gracileClifton And Griswold1979-08-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Windy Canondrey Mt Quad.
HSC70611HSCHieracium tristeJ.O. Sawyer41641981-08-02 TrinityE side of Sawtooth Mtn. above Devils Canon.
THRI-SEKI4419THRIHieracium gracile var. detonsumNeuman, M.541985-08-08 UnknownEmerald Lake Basin
JEPS84048UCJEPSHieracium tristeL. R. Heckard, S. D′Alcamo, J. Hickman, S. Winchester64221986-07-16 Siskiyoucirque at head Hell′s Canon (e slope of mountain, ca 5 mi n of town of Seiad Valley); Kangaroo Mountain
CHSC45683CHSCHieracium tristeVernon Oswald22271986-07-24 TehamaBrokeoff Mountain Trail, Lassen Volcanic National Park (T3 N R4E sw corner S21).
THRI-SEKI4421THRIHieracium gracile var. detonsumNeuman, M.711986-08-17 UnknownEmerald Lake Basin
YM-YOSE80366YMHieracium gracileBOTTI, STEVE3081987-08-15 ?  TuolumneBETWEEN UPPER AND LOWER CATHEDRAL LAKES.
PUA005348PUAHieracium gracile var. detonsumG.L. Clifton1988-07-28 MonoLocal landmark: Burro Lake. Matterhorn Peak Quad.
HSC90218HSCHieracium tristeMichael P. Murray11991-07-20 SiskiyouMarble Mountain Wilderness Area; On ridge between Kings Castle and Jumpoff
LAVO6358LVNPHieracium tristeOswald, Vernon H.48001991-08-05 PlumasLittle Willow Lake located near the south boundary of the park, ca. 2.5 miles (air) south-southeast of Drakesbad.
CHSC54516CHSCHieracium tristeVernon H. Oswald48001991-08-05 PlumasLassen Volcanic National Park. Little Willow Lake located near the south boundary of the park, ca. 2.5 miles (air) south-southeast of Drakesbad. T3 N R05E S3 W1-4 of SE1-4
THRI-SEKI13373THRIHieracium gracileMcmillen, K.580-31992-08-21 UnknownNRI PLOT 580. 2.0 W Mt. Bolton Brown
LAVO6359LVNPHieracium tristeOswald, Vernon H.58571993-08-25 PlumasNorth Arm of Rice Creek SE of Twin Meadows., just upstream from the S boundary of the park.
CHSC61770CHSCHieracium tristeVernon H. Oswald58571993-08-25 PlumasLassen Volcanic National Park. North Arm of Rice Creek SE of Twin Mdws., just upstream from the S boundary of the park. T3 N R05E S3 W1-4 of SE1-4
CDA0013236CDAHieracium tristeG.F. Hrusa130831996-07-08 ButteOld Railroad Grade Rd. immed. above Paradise Lake dam, approx. 3 N of Magalia. Plumas National Forest.
CAS-BOT312991CASHieracium tristeYork, Dana12221996-07-14 FresnoKings River Basin. Ca. 73 km NE of Fresno (FSC), Sierra National Forest, Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, 740 m S-SW of Dogtooth Peak, along trail to Helms Meadow
THRI-SEKI19971THRIHieracium gracileYork, Dana13901996-07-28 UnknownNW of Knapsack Pass
HSC95124HSCHieracium tristeHelen Constantine-Shull10871996-08-20 MonoMinaret Meadow
SFV102465SFVHieracium tristeJ. N. Hogue229.32004-07-17 FresnoSierra Nevada; Near Kaiser Peak Meadows on Road 5.
LAVO7275LVNPHieracium gracileBartlett, C.K15.052005-08-02 ShastaImmediately adjacent to creek that drains Cliff Lake.
YM-YOSE118522YMHieracium gracileColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Ward, Kimiora - -Grove, SaraAC06-3872006-08-17 TuolumneMaclure Creek - Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River confluence, head of Lyell Canon. Datum: NAD83.
RSA757220RSAHieracium gracileMichael Honer26242007-06-27 FresnoSierra National ForestShady stream 1-2 mi. E of Courtright Resevoir Dam.
YM-YOSE217067YMHieracium gracileColwell, Alison - -Grossenbacher, Dena - -Dennis, Lauren07-2222007-07-21 TuolumneCirque basin on north side of Piute Peak, TOOC10-2 plot. Datum: NAD83. GPS Error: 1 meter
JEPS109334UCJEPSHieracium tristeDean W. Taylor206862009-07-28 MaderaYosemite National Park, trail from Turner Meadow to Crescent Lake just E of the Madera County line; Mariposa Grove, CA 7.5 USGS quadrangle
YM-YOSE231936YMHieracium tristeTaylor, Dean --Colwell, Alison --Shevock, James et. al.206862009-07-28 MaderaYosemite National Park: trail from Turner Meadow to Crescent Lake just E of the Madera County line
YM-YOSE231937YMHieracium tristeTaylor, Dean --Colwell, Alison --Shevock, James et. al.206862009-07-28 MaderaYosemite National Park: trail from Turner Meadow to Crescent Lake just E of the Madera County line
RSA794869RSAHieracium gracileGeorge K. Helmkamp181122011-08-19 AlpineTamarack Road, 0.1 mile east of its junction with Blue Lakes Road; Pacific Valley 7.5 Q.
UCR234625UCRHieracium gracileGeorge K. Helmkamp181122011-08-19 AlpineTamarack Road, 0.1 mile east of its junction with Blue Lakes Road
DAV345946DAVHieracium tristeRobert E. Preston30282015-07-29 AlpineAlpine County: Open Coniferous forest on the west side of Twin Lake.
SCFS1186SCFSHieracium tristeF. Felix2016-07-27 NevadaSagehen Basin. On roadside, at last creek crossing.
OBI158108OBIHieracium tristeDena Paolilli19-0182019-08-09 TulareSequoia National Park, .6 km S-Mt. Genevra, National Resource Inventory plot 249

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