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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    BLMRD0147BLMRDHieracium scouleriJ. Mattison1977-7-12 SiskiyouSheep Mt. - Mt. Dome
    CAS-BOT49514CASHieracium scouleriHowell, John Thomas119551934-6-11 ModocParker Creek, Warner Mountains
    CAS-BOT49515CASHieracium scouleriSmith, Leland S.14281924-6-22 ModocLava beds West Lava Ranger Station.
    CAS-BOT49476CASHieracium scouleriBartholomew, Bruce50081989-7-15 ModocManzanita Lookout, top of Manzanita Mountain.
    CAS-BOT49483CASHieracium scouleriPayne, Francis Dorris1041929-7-20 ModocParker Creek, Warner Mtns.
    CAS-BOT49516CASHieracium scouleriApplegate, Elmer Ivan82361932-8-7 ModocLily Lake, Bidwell Pass, Warner Mountains
    CAS-BOT49477CASHieracium scouleriBartholomew, Bruce51161989-8-12 ModocSouth Fork of Pine Creek just N of trailhead to Pine Creek Basin, W side of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT49520CASHieracium scouleriEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas80631940-6-12 ModocBetwen Likely and Jess Valley.
    CAS-BOT49478CASHieracium scouleriBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett54741990-7-20 Modoc10.3 km N of Buck Creek Ranger Station, crest of Warner Mountains W side of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT49517CASHieracium scouleriHowell, John Thomas119551934-6-11 ModocParker Creek.
    CAS-BOT49524CASHieracium scouleriBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett45551988-7-23 ModocRoad beyond Poison Lake ca. 8 km S of the road from U.S. Highway 395 to Lily Lake, Warner Mts..
    CAS-BOT49521CASHieracium scouleriAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.49351946-7-7 ModocEight Mile Creek, NE corner of county
    CAS-BOT49482CASHieracium scouleriFerris, Roxana Stinchfield; Lorraine, L.105781941-8-14 Modoc3 mi. from Patterson Ranger Station on road to Eagleville, Warner Mtns., Modoc N.F.
    CAS-BOT49525CASHieracium scouleriBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett54181990-7-19 ModocTop of Hunters Ridge S of Rush Creek.
    CAS-BOT49480CASHieracium scouleriSmith, Leland S.761917-7-18 ModocSoldier Creek, Modoc N.F.
    CAS-BOT49518CASHieracium scouleriHowell, John Thomas120761934-6-13 ModocFandango Pass, Warner Mountains
    CAS-BOT49484CASHieracium scouleriApplegate, Elmer Ivan79571932-7-31 ModocMill Creek Meadow, Warner Mountains
    CAS-BOT49519CASHieracium scouleriFerris, Roxana Stinchfield; Lorraine, L.10610A1941-8-14 ModocSummit of Fandango Pass, on road between Fort Bidwell and Pine Creek, Warner Mtns., Modoc N.F.
    CAS-BOT49485CASHieracium scouleriEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas82841940-6-15 ModocAbout 15 mi. N of Lookout.
    CAS-BOT49481CASHieracium scouleriWheeler, Louis Cutter38371935-8-14 ModocPine Creek, Warner Mts., Modoc N.F.
    CAS-BOT94812CASHieracium scouleriWenk, R. C.5562006-9-2 SiskiyouTrail to Caribou Lakes from Big Flat Meadow, above Big Conrad Gulch
    CAS-BOT49522CASHieracium scouleriSmith, Leland S.9831918-7-11 ModocMill Creek-Sec 22
    CAS-BOT49523CASHieracium scouleriAnderson, Barrett31401986-7-9 ModocRoney Flat Rd just off Hwy 299.
    CAS-BOT49479CASHieracium scouleriBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett54751990-7-20 Modoc10.3 km N of Buck Creek Ranger Station, crest of Warner Mountains W side of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT316021CASHieracium scouleriMunz, P. A.166021951-7-17 SiskiyouGrasshopper Public Camp 2.5 mi. n.w. of Stuart Gap, North Yolla Bolly Mts.
    CAS-BOT316022CASHieracium scouleriHerrin, Wm. F.s.n.1921-6-28 SiskiyouShasta Springs
    CAS-BOT316023CASHieracium scouleriDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-8-13 Del NorteNear Nabar Meadows
    CAS-BOT316024CASHieracium scouleriStebbins, Jr., G. L.; Jenkins, J. A.24741937-7-19 TrinityAbout 1 mile north of Trinity Center
    CAS-BOT316025CASHieracium scouleriApplegate, Elmer I.94251935-6-8 ModocBear Paw Cave, Lava Beds National Monument
    CAS-BOT316026CASHieracium scouleriAbrams, L. R.85931922-6-27 Del NorteSummit Crescent City - Grants Pass Road
    CAS-BOT316027CASHieracium scouleriApplegate, Elmer I.94251925-6-8 SiskiyouBear Paw Cave, Lava Beds National Monument
    CAS-BOT316028CASHieracium scouleriKildale, Doris K.86331929-7-20 SiskiyouTrail up South Fork of Indian Creek to Elk Lick
    CAS-BOT316029CASHieracium scouleriBreedlove, D. E.31501962-6-9 Del NorteSmith River, along U.S. Highway 199 3.2 miles north of Gasquet
    CAS-BOT316030CASHieracium scouleriEastwood, Alice122101923-8-9 Del NorteFrench Hill near Adams
    CAS-BOT316031CASHieracium scouleriRose, Lewis S.367041936-7-29 SiskiyouShasta Springs
    CAS-BOT316032CASHieracium scouleriAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise58121949-7-20 SiskiyouParadise Lake, Marble Mountains
    CAS-BOT316033CASHieracium scouleriHeller, A. A.80881905-6-22 SiskiyouAlong the railroad near Igerna
    CAS-BOT316034CASHieracium scouleriHeller, A. A.; Babcock, E. B.42251903-6-1 ShastaNorth-eastern Shasta County, Sierra Nevada Mountains
    CAS-BOT316035CASHieracium scouleriHeller, A. A.s.n.1905-6-22 SiskiyouIgerna
    CAS-BOT316036CASHieracium scouleriHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.542111981-6-24 PlumasAbout 5 miles southeast of Mt. Hough on the road to Quincy, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT316037CASHieracium scouleriRattan, Volneys.n.1879-6-1 Siskiyou
    CAS-BOT316038CASHieracium scouleriRattan, Volneys.n.1879-1-1 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mts.
    CAS-BOT316039CASHieracium scouleriTempleton, K.; Love, B.s.n.1988-8-6 PlacerMiddle Fork American River
    CAS-BOT316040CASHieracium scouleriHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.; Williams, Margaret494651973-6-28 LassenElysian Valley west of Janesville, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT316041CASHieracium scouleriHenninger, Eleanors.n.1959-8-2 MariposaAdolph Haninger yard at Foresta, Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT316042CASHieracium scouleriMcPherson, Emily75-74-41975-8-31 PlumasAbove Gold Lake to Mt. Elwell in Lakes Basin, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT316043CASHieracium scouleriBecking; Lenihan52241982-7-1 Del NorteNear Craigs Creek
    CAS-BOT316044CASHieracium scouleriTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas24561965-8-23 NevadaGaston Ridge 5 miles northeast of Washington, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT316045CASHieracium scouleriTrue, Gordon H.; Howell, John Thomas68371971-7-1 NevadaRoad between Columbia Hill adn Footes Crossing on Middle Yuba River, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT316046CASHieracium scouleriTrue, Gordon H.68921971-7-24 NevadaRoad between Columbia Hill adn Footes Crossing on Middle Yuba River, Sierra Nevada
    CAS-BOT316047CASHieracium scouleriKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja16321966-6-19 PlumasSlightley past Fern Glen en route to Quincy, Butterfly Botanical Area and Vicinity
    CAS-BOT316048CASHieracium scouleriAlmeda, F.73331993-7-29 TrinityAbout 2-4 miles beyond the Gates Property off of Coffee Creek Road on an unmarked rocky trail through private property to Josephine Lake, Trinity Alps
    CAS-BOT316049CASHieracium scouleriCarter, Eugene6201973-7-24 TrinityLower Grizzly Meadows, North Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity 18 mi. NW of Weaverville
    CAS-BOT652402CASHieracium scouleriErtter, Barbara; DiNicola, Alexa; Lo, B.; Randolph-Lowe, Alex; Shevock, J. R.232252018-7-10 Trinityin basin S of Lilypad Lake, headwaters of North Fork Swift Creek/Poison Canyon, Trinity Alps, ca. 6 air miles WNW of Trinity Center
    CDA0007974CDAHieracium scouleriT.C. Fuller19111958-7-07 Butte1 mile north of Pulga Station.
    CDA0018468CDAHieracium scouleriG.D. Barbe31981981-6-24 Plumas0.5 mile north of Taylor Creek Road (to Solomon Saddle) junction, on Mt. Hough-Crystal Lake Road. Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0007975CDAHieracium scouleriT.C. Fuller129041963-7-15 LassenPrescott Canon, 2.5 miles north of Hayden Hill, ca. 15.5 miles south of Adin.
    CDA0013093CDAHieracium scouleri var. nudicauleG.F. Hrusa130271996-6-11 ShastaW side of Hwy 89-44 approx. 1/2 mile S of Big Spring. Lassen National Forest.
    CDA0013553CDAHieracium scouleri var. nudicauleG.F. Hrusa133791996-7-22 ShastaE end of Bunchgrass Valley W of Hwy 89 on USFS S16. Lassen National Forest.
    CDA0013928CDAHieracium scouleri var. nudicauleG.F. Hrusa138531997-5-30 Plumas1/2 NE of intersection of Hwy 70 and Rattlesnake Creek Rd (to N; USFS 508)/and Sloat Rd. (to S). Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0013935CDAHieracium scouleri var. nudicauleG.F. Hrusa138731997-6-26 Plumas1/2 NE of intersection of Hwy 70 and Rattlesnake Creek Rd (to N; USFS 508)/and Sloat Rd. (to S). Sierra Nevada.
    CHSC31231CHSCHieracium scouleriM. S. Taylor30041980-6-30 TrinityOn n side of jeep trail ca. 0.2 mi w of Hwy 3, ca. 1 mi n of Covington Mill.
    CHSC31232CHSCHieracium scouleriM. S. Taylor30171980-7-01 Trinity0.5 mi e of Hwy 3 at Trinity Center, s of Swift Creek Rd at turnout where Osprey nest is viewed. T3 N R0 W S18 NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Trinity Dam
    CHSC34939CHSCHieracium scouleriM. S. Taylor40161981-7-14 PlumasSaddle at head of Bullfrog Ravine, off rd 2 N18, ca. 3 air mi nw of Indian Falls. T26N R09E S30 NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Almanor SE
    CHSC360CHSCHieracium scouleriV. Holt1943-8-14 SiskiyouMarble mountains.
    CHSC38986CHSCHieracium scouleriJ. D. Jokerst18601983-6-18 ModocForest adjacent to meadow. 0.4 miles south of Crowder Flat on forest service road 73. T4 N R11E S30
    CHSC41147CHSCHieracium scouleriJ. D. Jokerst20831984-7-05 YubaOn crest of spur ridge. N of the junction of N Fork Yuba River and Deadwood Creek. T1 N R08E S0 W1/4 of NW1/4
    CHSC41924CHSCHieracium scouleriLowell Ahart42101983-7-24 ButteForbestown Res., about 5 miles north-east of Forbestown.
    CHSC48166CHSCHieracium scouleriVernon Oswald21531986-6-23 TehamaM2 N01) 25.7 mi w of Paskenta. Roadside. T24N R8W center S4.
    CHSC50820CHSCHieracium scouleriLowell Ahart65721990-7-19 ButteOn the south side of the road, at the Forbestown Reservoir (dam), about 5 miles north-east of Forbestown. T2 N R07E S3 W1/4
    CHSC51353CHSCHieracium scouleriVernon Oswald43581990-7-10 ButteFeather Falls Trail between California Nutmeg Spring and Fall River, ca. 4 mi north of the town of Feather Falls. T2 N R6E sections not surveyed.
    CHSC51354CHSCHieracium scouleriVernon Oswald43541990-7-07 ButteNear the south end of Butte Creek Trail, ca. 2.25 mi east of Forest Ranch, ca. 1 mi northwest of De Sabla. T2 N R03E S03 NE1/4 of NW1/4
    CHSC54551CHSCHieracium scouleriLowell Ahart66721991-7-22 SierraOn the west side of a dirt road, near a small hydrolic mine, near Burlington, about 1 mile north-east of Harris Meadow, about 1 1/4 miles north-east of Granite Mountain. T1 N R11E S1 W1/4
    CHSC57262CHSCHieracium scouleriL. P. Janeway9801984-8-11 SierraNorthwest of Sierra Buttes. T2 N R12E S1 W1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Sierra City SW
    CHSC59132CHSCHieracium scouleriVernon H. Oswald51441992-8-05 ShastaLassen Volcanic National Park. Abandoned stone quarry located on the W side of the Old Emigrant Trail along the E foot of Raker Peak, ca. 1.3 N of Lassen Hwy. T31N R05E S2 W1/4 of NW1/4
    CHSC64947CHSCHieracium scouleriVernon H. Oswald70581995-7-12 TehamaHigh North Coast Ranges. W of Red Bluff and S of Platina on Forest Route 41, 4.0 N of its junction with Forest Road 28N36 (N of Stuart Gap). T28N R1 W S13 SW1/4
    CHSC65298CHSCHieracium scouleriVernon H. Oswald72061995-8-21 LassenWarner Mtns. Blue Lake located ca. 13 mi SE of Likely. On the W side of the lake. T3 N R15E S20 NE1/4
    CHSC65542CHSCHieracium scouleriVernon H. Oswald48811991-10-09 ShastaLassen Volcanic Park. Nobles Emigrant Trail along the base slopes on the east edge of Raker Peak, ca. 1.5 miles north of Hat Lake. T3 N R05E S2 W1/4
    CHSC69177CHSCHieracium scouleriVernon Oswald88431997-8-19 NevadaForest Rt. 36 between North Bloomfield and Washington, 0.3 mi west of Roscoe Creek. Roadside. T1 N R10E S03
    CHSC69414CHSCHieracium scouleriLowell Ahart78731997-8-28 PlumasOn the retaining wall, on the south side of the dirt road, just west of Hopkins Creek, about 1 mile east of the Bunker Hill Mine. T2 N R10E S1 W1/4
    CHSC70715CHSCHieracium scouleriA. Sanger24261996-7-16 Siskiyou200 N of road to Burnt Lava Flow, on Rd 56. On E side of road. T43N R03E S3 W1/4 of SW1/4
    CHSC86850CHSCHieracium scouleriL. P. Janeway78952003-7-11 ButteNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Along east side of North Fork Feather River arm of Lake Oroville; 835 m north-northeast of mouth of French Creek. Along edge and cutbank of roadbed. T2 N R05E S0 W1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Berry Creek 1:24,000
    CHSC87105CHSCHieracium scouleriL. P. Janeway71962001-6-20 LassenModoc Plateau. Along 22 Road about 1.8 km west of Black Hole, about 11.9 km north-northeast of Harvey Mountain. T3 N R09E S0 W1/4 of NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Bullard Lake 1:24,000
    CHSC7529CHSCHieracium scouleriNick Santamaria3491969-7-28 LassenAlongside road approximately 1/4 mile north of Coleman lake east of Eagle lake.
    CHSC7362CHSCHieracium scouleriBruce K. Briggs1731969-8-24 LassenDeans meadow.
    CHSC7534CHSCHieracium scouleriNick Santamaria3441969-8-02 LassenAlongside Merrill Flat road approximately 4.5 miles from county road A-1 south of Eagle lake.
    CHSC105926CHSCHieracium scouleriB. Castro1034H1999-8-23 TehamaHigh North Coast Ranges. Yolla bolly Wilderness, on ridge along E side of Summit Trail, ca 0.7 N of jcn Tehama, Trinity, and Mendocino Co lines. T25N R1 W S26 SW1/4 of SE1/4
    CHSC109209CHSCHieracium scouleriL. P. Janeway109652012-7-24 ModocWarner Mountains. Along Forest Road/County Road 2 (the road from New Pine Creek to Fort Bidwell) 1.0 air km west of Lily Lake and 1.4 air km northwest of Yellow Mountain. T4 N R15E S02 SE1/4 of NW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mount Bidwell 1:24,000
    CHSC109466CHSCHieracium scouleriL. P. Janeway110352012-7-28 ModocWarner Mountains. Along the major eastern tributary of Pine Creek where the road to Poison Lake crosses it (the road washed out here). T4 N R15E S02 NE1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mount Bidwell 1:24,000
    CHSC109426CHSCHieracium scouleriL. P. Janeway109732012-7-24 ModocWarner Mountains. Northwestern flank of Mount Bidwell; 1.2 air km south of Dismal Swamp. T4 N R16E S0 W1/4 of NE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Mount Bidwell 1:24,000
    CHSC113985CHSCHieracium scouleri