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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT173558CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiRubtzoff, Peter94591980-7-12 MarinSan Anselmo
    CAS-BOT308944CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMcClintock, Elizabeth; Reeberg, Pauls.n.1988-4-26 San MateoGuadalupe Hills
    CAS-BOT311158CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.4071868-1-1 Unknown
    CAS-BOT311159CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas14321925-9-12 AlamedaOakland Hills
    CAS-BOT311160CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas54161930-7-31 Contra CostaNorth Berkeley Hills
    CAS-BOT311161CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas53421930-7-13 SonomaBlack Point Road
    CAS-BOT311162CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWolf, Carl B.13451927-9-2 Sonoma2 miles south of Anchor Cove
    CAS-BOT311163CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiCongdon, J. W.s.n.1880-7-1 SonomaTwo Rock
    CAS-BOT311164CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiClark, RoniePR 83-0571983-8-25 MarinPoint Reyes National Seashore. Sir Francis Drake Hwy. to N. Beach Road - AT&T property east of road
    CAS-BOT311165CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWagner, R. H.4081979-6-13 MarinAlong trail to Marshall Beach, Point Reyes N.S.
    CAS-BOT311166CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiElmer, A. D. E.45561903-7-1 MarinPoint Reyes Post Office
    CAS-BOT311167CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBioletti, F. T.s.n.1892-6-19 Marin
    CAS-BOT311168CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas114671933-7-30 Marin1.5 miles n. of Olema
    CAS-BOT311169CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBurke, Ranger Cassie; Day, Alva80-461980-6-18 MarinAngel Island near summit of Mt. Livermore, North Ridge Trail on north-east slope
    CAS-BOT311170CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiEastwood, Alices.n.1921-6-29 MarinFort Baker
    CAS-BOT311171CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiRaven, Peter H.; Johnson, Michael P.211711967-5-1 MarinAngel Island. On south ridge of Mount Ida
    CAS-BOT311172CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas148311939-7-2 MarinRidge between Tennessee Cove and Pirates Cove
    CAS-BOT311173CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomass.n.1939-5-21 MarinW. Tiburon
    CAS-BOT311174CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiEastwood, Alice2961912-6-9 MarinSausalito
    CAS-BOT311175CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas213041945-7-15 MarinNear Meadow Club near Fairfax
    CAS-BOT311176CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomass.n.1943-6-13 MarinSausalito
    CAS-BOT311177CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas228901946-8-23 MarinPierce Pt. road, Pt. Reyes Peninsula
    CAS-BOT311178CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas148021939-6-25 MarinSummit Avenue, Mill Valley
    CAS-BOT311179CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas114651933-7-30 Marin1 mile east of Forest Knolls
    CAS-BOT311180CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiPenalosa, Javier19771961-7-15 MarinTiburon Peninsula
    CAS-BOT311181CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiEastwood, Alice139141926-6-9 MarinSausalito
    CAS-BOT311182CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiEastwood, Alice100151920-8-15 MarinWhites Hill
    CAS-BOT311183CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiKeck, David D.26761933-11-7 Mendocino4.2 mi. N. of Fort Bragg
    CAS-BOT311184CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiKeck, David D.59571948-6-30 MendocinoOne mile south of Elk
    CAS-BOT311185CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiKeck, David D.26761933-11-7 Mendocino4.2 mi. N. of Fort Bragg
    CAS-BOT311186CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiKeck, David D.59571948-6-30 MendocinoOne mile south of Elk
    CAS-BOT311187CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiJones, Marcus E.291401931-7-10 MendocinoMendocino
    CAS-BOT311188CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiJones, Marcus E.291401931-7-10 MendocinoMendocino
    CAS-BOT311189CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiEastwood, Alice16411912-8-8 MendocinoFort Bragg
    CAS-BOT311190CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiFerris, Roxana S.93811937-8-19 MendocinoPoint Arena Light House
    CAS-BOT311191CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiDuncan, Carl D.2701920-7-15 MendocinoNoyo
    CAS-BOT311192CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiAbrams, L. R.75911920-7-3 MendocinoNear Anchor Bay
    CAS-BOT311193CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiFerris, Roxana S.93811937-8-19 MendocinoPoint Arena Light House
    CAS-BOT311194CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBaker, Milo S.52561931-6-27 MendocinoAlong Highway between Pt. Arena and Anchor Bay
    CAS-BOT311195CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas54771930-9-14 MendocinoMendocino coastal plain 4.5 miles n. of Ft. Bragg
    CAS-BOT311196CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiPeirson, Frank W.38911923-7-7 MendocinoNear Little River
    CAS-BOT311197CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMillion, Louises.n.1964-9-3 MendocinoFort Bragg
    CAS-BOT311198CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiSmith, Gladys L.53501979-5-24 MendocinoCentral 10-Mile Dunes north of Fort Bragg, Rte. 1
    CAS-BOT311199CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiSmith, Gladys L.55961979-6-13 MendocinoHavens Neck, a sea bluff 8 km. n. of Gualala
    CAS-BOT311200CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiSmith, Gladys L.72101981-7-30 MendocinoBetween Rte. 1 & logging road on beach, Ten-Mile dunes just south of bridge over Ten-Mile River
    CAS-BOT311201CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiSmith, Gladys L.5857-A1980-5-29 MendocinoN. of Inglenook Fen near Grange Hall. 5 mi. N. of Ft. Bragg
    CAS-BOT311202CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.65161981-5-30 MendocinoAt Havens Neck, 8.2 km. N. of Gualala on Hwy. 1
    CAS-BOT311203CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.72991981-8-3 MendocinoAt Collins Landing, 4.0 km. n. of Gualala
    CAS-BOT311204CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWheeler, Clare R.34241983-6-4 MendocinoMacKerricher State Park. 5 mi. N. of Ft. Bragg. N. of Ward Avenue
    CAS-BOT311205CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBacigalupi, Rimo18011927-9-4 MendocinoAnchor Bay 3 miles north of Gualala
    CAS-BOT311206CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiJones, Marcus E.291401931-7-10 MendocinoMendocino
    CAS-BOT311207CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiDudley, W. R.s.n.1896-9-20 MendocinoPunta Cabrillo
    CAS-BOT311208CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMcMurphy, Jas.3451903-7-1 MendocinoBig River
    CAS-BOT311209CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHeller, A. A.153131938-8-10 MendocinoJust north of Albion
    CAS-BOT311210CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMunz, Philip A.227271957-8-31 MendocinoThree miles north of Mendocino
    CAS-BOT311296CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas317221956-7-22 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Bayview Hills
    CAS-BOT311298CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiRubtzoff, Peter34201957-7-14 San FranciscoSan Francisco. San Miguel Hills. Hillslopes east of O'Shaughnessy Blvd.
    CAS-BOT311299CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas317221956-7-22 San FranciscoSan Francisco. Summit ridge, Bayview Hills
    CAS-BOT311300CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiDudley, W. R.s.n.1896-11-8 San FranciscoSanta Cruz Peninsula. Ocean View
    CAS-BOT311301CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiAlexander, Mrs. Annie E.s.n.1936-5-29 San FranciscoMt. Davidson, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT311302CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowell, John Thomas114351933-7-9 San FranciscoHills south of Visitacion Valley, San Francisco
    CAS-BOT32783CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiElmer, Adolph Daniel Edward45561903-7-1 MarinPoint Reyes Post Office
    CAS-BOT422432CASHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWilliams, A.; Brusati, E.; Kercado, E.; Bronstrom, R.140532014-6-14 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Less than 0.25 miles up Azalea Hill Trail from intersection with Bolinas-Fairfax Road. Plot on north side of trail near shallow drainage.
    CDA0007945CDAHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiA.G. Murdock942003-6-18 SolanoMare Island. ,Canon.
    CHSC22920CHSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiRobert A. Schlising26361963-7-30 MendocinoCoast Ranges. About 6 miles north of Fort Bragg, between Hwy 1 and the Pacific Ocean.
    CHSC48139CHSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiVernon Oswald16611984-8-22 MendocinoManchester Beach State Park. In the back dunes. T1 N R1 W S13 SW1/4
    CHSC86091CHSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiR. D. Fischer272003-12-29 MendocinoNorth Coast Range, outer, off Hwy 1 near Mendocino. Collected off of grassy parking area at the end of the southern most, cul-de-sac, entrance into Russian Gulch SP. The first ocean side road north of Mendocino.
    DAV345923DAVHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiPeter Rubtzoff94591980-7-12 MarinMarin County: San Anselmo.
    DAV345924DAVHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiGordon Leppig8941998-7-04 MendocinoMendocino County: Mackerricher State Park, Ingelnook Fen. Just north of Fen on dunes. [Original UTM 433 E, 4 N, which are partial and just the leading digits]. Voucher specimen, NIH Antitumour Project.
    DAV345925DAVHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiEllen Dean92942017-3-29 YoloYolo County: Audubon Bobcat Ranch, west side of ranch, north of Hwy 128, near western property boundary. Top of rock outcrops above Hwy 128 and Bray Canon north of transmission power lines tower. Area has burned three times in the last three years.
    DAV345926DAVHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2014-6-11 MarinMarin County: Lucas Valley Open Space Preserve, plot LVP 03. UTM Zone 10 E 535 N 4210876. (Coorindates converted from UTM data by label maker.)
    DAV345927DAVHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMary M. Hektner2691976-9-16 SonomaSonoma County: below south end of yardarm Drive, Unit 15 Owners' Map, Sea Ranch, near State Highway 1.
    DAV345928DAVHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiThomas Morley831940-11-10 MarinMarin County: on top of Bolina Ridge west of Bottini.
    HSC2210HSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiRoxana S. Ferris93811937-8-19 MendocinoPoint Arena Lighthouse
    HSC83146HSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiGladys L. Smith55961979-6-13 MendocinoHavens Neck, 8 N of Gualala
    HSC83147HSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiGladys L. Smith53501979-5-24 MendocinoCentral 10-mile Dunes N of Fort Bragg, Rte. 1
    HSC83157HSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiGladys L. Smith65161981-5-30 MendocinoAt Haven's Neck, 8.2 N of Gualala on Hwy. 1
    HSC83158HSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiGladys L. Smith72101981-7-30 MendocinoBetween Rte. 1 and Ten-Mile dunes just S of bridge over Ten-Mile River
    HSC83159HSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiGladys L. Smith72991981-8-03 MendocinoCollins Landing 4 N of Gualala
    HSC93514HSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiGordon Leppig8941998-7-04 MendocinoMackerricher State Park, just N of Ingelnook Fen
    JEPS111638UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiA. G. Murdock942003-6-18 SolanoMare Island Western slope of hill on south end of island
    JEPS125919UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiD. W. Taylor179132001-9-18 Contra CostaHillslopes above Kirker Pass road, drainage of Kirker Creek, along Nortonville Road directly under high-voltage steel tower electrical transmission lines.
    JEPS125948UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiD. W. Taylor175372000-7-20 San MateoMontara Mountain, on Montara State Beach, along dirt road 1 mile W from North Peak.
    JEPS127700UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiAdam C. Schneider, Robert Steers5252014-3-29 MarinAlong hill NE of Miwok Tr. Trailhead at Bunker Rd.
    JEPS129839UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiJohn Rawlings, Ken Hickman24462018-6-24 San MateoWest side of Scarper Ridge/Montara Mountain (NW of Scarper Peak), Santa Cruz Mountains; up-slope from PG & E access road.
    JEPS19532UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiPeter H. Raven113131957-9-01 San Franciscosummit of San Miguel Hills e Mt. Davidson; San Francisco
    JEPS22046UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiG. Thomas Robbins38811958-6-25 Marinabout 1 mi n Rodeo Lagoon; Fort Cronkhite Military Reservation
    JEPS2424UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWillis L. Jepson177391936-7-26 Mendocinosea-cliffs and meadows one-fifth mi n Pudding Creek (near Fort Bragg)
    JEPS2437UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWillis L. Jepson17091901-7-21 MarinInverness
    JEPS2438UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiF. T. Bioletti1892-6-19 Marin
    JEPS2455UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiF. T. Bioletti1891-8-01 AlamedaLake Temescal
    JEPS2456UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWillis L. Jepson146861897-7-31 MendocinoFt. Bragg
    JEPS2457UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWillis L. Jepson41731910-9-18 AlamedaGrizzly Peak Berkeley
    JEPS2459UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWillis L. Jepson98261922-9-27 AlamedaStrawberry Canon Berkeley
    JEPS2470UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWillis L. Jepson16550a1933-8-01 SonomaAgua Caliente
    JEPS2477UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWillis L. Jepson190131938-8-23 Alamedasummit Sugar Loaf; Berkeley Hills
    JEPS2484UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiWilliam S. Cooper991925-7-26 MendocinoTen Mile River
    JEPS49087UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiLewis S. Rose660871966-8-20 San Mateosummit San Bruno Mt.
    JEPS57415UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiL. R. Heckard, T. I. Chuang19971968-7-05 MendocinoCaspar Point
    JEPS7361UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiV. F. Hesse13791954-8-26 Santa CruzSan Vicente Road 3 mi from coast highway
    JEPS81545UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiRoy E. Buck, James A. West1111982-8-15 Santa Cruz6.0 mi nw Davenport (e of Calif Hwy 1 (Cabrillo Hwy) and across highway from Greyhound Rock parking lot, slope n of Lasher March Gulch, just n of n boundary of H-H Ranch)
    JEPS81546UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiRoy E. Buck, James A. West1101982-8-15 Santa Cruzon coastal terrace across from Greyhound Rock parking lot (e of CA 1 (Cabrillo Hwy), approx. 6.0 mi nw of Davenport (Lat. 37 N, Long. 112 W), slope n of Lasher Marsh Gulch...)
    LA203943LAHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiJohn Thomas Howell114651933-7-30 Marin1 mi. E of Forest Knolls
    MCCC1196MCCCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiTeresa Sholars1501982-7-05 MendocinoInglenook
    MCCC133MCCCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiTeresa Sholars1331981-7-16 MendocinoNorth of picnic area ca. 3/4 mi., Davis Lake, Manchester State Park
    MCCC1352MCCCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiLani Dahlman1981-7-16 MendocinoNear edge of Inglenook Fen
    MCCC1728MCCCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiGladys L. Smith72101981-7-30 MendocinoStable dunes between Rte. 1 and logging road on beach, Ten-Mile dunes just S. of bridge over Ten-Mile River
    OBI137610OBIHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiLewis S. Rose660871966-8-20 San MateoSan Bruno Mtn, summit
    OBI137611OBIHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMonika Richardson1012017-7-13 Santa CruzGrowing on Santa Cruz Terrace
    OBI149494OBIHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMonika Richardson3002011-2-12 Santa CruzLions flat road
    OBI161828OBIHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiReed Kenny9522019-7-12 Santa CruzSwanton pacific ranch
    POM87056RSAHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiF. W. Peirson64171925-8-10 Mendocino1 mile S of Albion
    SBBG115381SBBGHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBeecher Crampton99041984-11-19 MendocinoN of Ft Bragg, NW of Cleone
    SBBG21784SBBGHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiDonald Myrick10021964-7-29 MendocinoHeritage House Pt, Little River
    SBBG32393SBBGHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiLewis S. Rose660871966-8-20 San Mateosummit, San Bruno Mtn
    SBBG34340SBBGHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiDonald Myrick21011969-7-29 MendocinoHavens Neck, 0.25 mi back from ocean bluff, just N of Gualala
    SBBG45062SBBGHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiCarl B. Wolf1927-8-30 Humboldt2 mi S of Petrolia on Mattole River near where road crosses river
    SD30675SDHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiEdith A. Purer54001933-8-04 San MateoAlong Bayshore Highway near Redwood City.
    SD40442SDHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiE.A. Purer41121932-7-25 MendocinoNear mouth of Big River.
    SD56756SDHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiD.F. Howe35811963-7-03 Mendocino10.4 miles north of Mendocino-Sonoma County line.
    SDSU01711SDSUHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHowe, D.F.35811963-7-03 Mendocino10.4 miles north of Sonora - Mendocino Co. line.
    UC1005684UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiFrank W. Gould8501939-7-23 Marin3 mi nw Inverness (on road to Tomales Point)
    UC1093931UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHerbert L. Mason54051929-9-01 Mendocino3 mi n Fort Bragg
    UC1174785UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiP. C. Everett239931959-10-27 Mendocino3 mi n Mendocino
    UC1177271UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiJohn Thomas Howell148311939-7-02 Marinridge between Tennessee Cove and Pirates Cove
    UC1281346UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiH. E. McMinn19671930-10-25 Mendocino
    UC129767UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMiss H. A. Walker1641906-5-30 Alamedahill < to > rear of Blind Inst. (vicinity of Berkeley)
    UC135252UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiKatharine Brandegee1907-7-07 MarinTiburon
    UC1598593UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiH. S. Yates40541934-7-29 Santa CruzCastle Rock Ridge Santa Cruz Quadrangle
    UC1613319UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiCharles M. Belshaw30261937-6-13 MarinGolden Gate Bridge, Fort Baker North Coast Range, Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Baker
    UC1619961UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBarbara Ertter, Brad Olson, Diane Lake101451991-6-21 Alamedabetween San Pablo Avenue and Interstate 80 (Albany Hill in Albany); Albany, Albany Hill
    UC1619993UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBarbara Ertter97701991-5-05 Contra Costas of Pittsburg (s side of Rose Hill above cemetery, Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve); Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, Rose Hill
    UC1999787UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiH. E. M. Dobson2701977-10-15 AlamedaVolmer Peak, Berkeley Hills.
    UC2012981UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBarbara Ertter149651996-7-13 AlamedaAlbany Hill in northwest Albany, west-facing slope partially shaded by eucalyptus.
    UC2013036UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBarbara Ertter, Niall McCarten, Mark Fogiel, Dan Pritchett91281990-6-16 MarinTiburon Peninsula on San Francisco Bay, NE side of ridge at narrow part of peninsula, between Paradise Drive and Hacienda Drive.
    UC31098UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiH. N. Bolander64901928-6-16 Mendocino
    UC31099UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMichener, Bioletti1891-8-01 AlamedaLake Temescal
    UC31100UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiF. T. Bioletti1891-7-01 San FranciscoMission Hills San Francisco
    UC31101UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiF. T. Bioletti1891-9-01 San FranciscoSan Bruno Road San Francisco
    UC31102UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiState Survey24662009-8-27 AlamedaOakland Hills
    UC31148UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiF. T. Bioletti1891-7-01 MarinEl Campo
    UC479500UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMarcus E. Jones291401931-7-10 MendocinoMendocino
    UC480925UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHarriet A. Walker11671908-6-13 MarinOlema
    UC480926UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMiss Harriet A. Walker13761908-7-11 MarinMill Valley
    UC485469UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiKatharine Brandegee1941-8-14 MarinTamalpais
    UC521539UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiLincoln Constance1931-9-03 Alameda
    UC521789UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiJoseph A. Ewan79751933-9-24 AlamedaBerkeley Hills
    UC580703UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiH. S. Yates49541934-7-29 Santa Cruz
    UC589359UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiBeryl O. Schreiber6761932-7-25 MarinLone Pine Beach Tomales Bay
    UC590452UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiRoxana S. Ferris93811937-8-19 Mendocino
    UC674781UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiThomas Morley831940-11-10 Marinsw slope on top of ridge w Bottini; Bolinas Ridge
    UC87445UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiPalmer1887-6-1 SonomaPetaluma
    UC87446UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiT. S. Brandegee1889-7-01 MarinTamalpais
    UC87447UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiT. S. Brandegee1892-6-01 MarinLiberty
    UC894595UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiA. A. Heller153131938-8-10 Mendocinojust n Albion (hill overlooking ocean)
    UC894596UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiAlice Eastwood2961912-6-09 MarinSausalito
    UC912313UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiHerbert L. Mason54051929-9-01 Mendocinosand dunes 3 mi n Fort Bragg
    UCSB026144UCSBHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiJoseph M. Keefe7341963-9-08 Mendocino2 miles north of Anchor Bay
    UCSC100005803UCSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiMonika Richardson2242015-3-26 Santa CruzEdge of Santa Cruz Terrace
    UCSC11528UCSCHeterotheca sessiliflora subsp. bolanderiR.C. Benkendorf2017-6-14 Santa CruzCotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument
    CHSC120519CHSCHeterotheca sessiliflora var. bolanderioidesBarbara Ertter152751996-9-02 Contra CostaSouth side Mount Diablo, west end of Blackhawk Ridge, above chaparral on south slope.
    DAV345918DAVHeterotheca sessiliflora var. bolanderioidesCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team92008-6-17 KernKern County; Wind Wolves Preserve, west side, off middle road.
    RSA0010319RSAHeterotheca sessiliflora var. bolanderioidesJ. C. Semple93391990-8-16 Contra CostaCharles Tilden Reg. Park, Vollmer Peak.
    SBBG141123SBBGHeterotheca sessiliflora var. bolanderioidesBarbara Ertter152751996-9-02 Contra CostaS side Mount Diablo, W end of Blackhawk Ridge.
    UC1999903UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora var. bolanderioidesJ. C. Semple, B. A. Suripto, T. Ahmed93331990-8-14 MarinSan Geromino, grass covered, rocky ridge N of golf course.
    UC1999904UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora var. bolanderioidesJ. C. Semple, B. A. Suripto, T. Ahmed93361990-8-15 MarinBolinas Rd., W of Fairfax, near ridge top trail, S of golf course.
    UC2000000UCJEPSHeterotheca sessiliflora var. bolanderioidesJ. C. Semple, B. A. Suripto, T. Ahmed93391990-8-16 Contra CostaCharles Tilden Reg. Park, Vollmer Peak.

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