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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
NY168281NYDugaldia grandifloraA. Kellogg4691868-01-01 Unknown
CAS-BOT123524CASHelenium bigelovii var. festivumTracy, Joseph Prince1204 1901-05-01 HumboldtNorth Coast Ranges. Humboldt Bay.
GH00008747GHHelenium bigelovii var. festivumH. P. Chandler12041901-05-01 UnknownHumboldt Bay, North Coast Ranges
ARF0493BLMARHelenium bolanderiJennifer Wheeler4932004-07-15 MendocinoOn east side road
CAS-BOT123525CASHelenium bolanderiBolander, Henry Nicholass.n.1897-04-28 Unknown
CAS-BOT123526CASHelenium bolanderiBolander, Henry Nicholass.n.1930-04-11 Mendocino
CAS-BOT306850CASHelenium bolanderiPringles.n.1882-01-01 Unknown
CAS-BOT306851CASHelenium bolanderiKildale, Doris K.62161928-08-02 Del Norte1-4 mi. south of Oregon--California line
CAS-BOT306852CASHelenium bolanderiTracy, Joseph P.154771937-07-22 Del NorteElk Valley. East of Crescent City
CAS-BOT306853CASHelenium bolanderiDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-01-01 Del NorteNorth of Crescent City
CAS-BOT306854CASHelenium bolanderiAbrams, L. R.; Bacigalupi, R.83731922-06-27 Del Norte2 1-2 mi south of Crescent City
CAS-BOT306855CASHelenium bolanderiBreedlove, D. E.31201962-06-08 Del NorteOn south bank of the Smith River, 2.6 miles northeast of Gasquet on U.S. Highway 199
CAS-BOT306856CASHelenium bolanderiVan Deventer, Rubys.n.1934-07-01 Del Norte
CAS-BOT306857CASHelenium bolanderiEastwood, Alice22671912-09-19 Del NorteCrescent City
CAS-BOT306858CASHelenium bolanderiEastwood, Alice122971923-08-12 Del NorteCrescent City
CAS-BOT306859CASHelenium bolanderiEastwood, Alice22671912-09-19 Del NorteCrescent City
CAS-BOT306860CASHelenium bolanderiSmith, Gladys L.67051981-06-22 LakeMt. Sanhedrin, 6.0 km. E. of Mendocino Co. line & 4.8 km. N. of Soda Spring Sta.
CAS-BOT306861CASHelenium bolanderiCovel, Paul F.14291938-07-11 SonomaCoast Rd near Gualala River
CAS-BOT306863CASHelenium bolanderiKildale, Doris K.35921927-06-26 HumboldtPatrick′s Point
CAS-BOT306864CASHelenium bolanderiKildale, Doris K.23841926-07-16 HumboldtBig Lagoon
CAS-BOT306865CASHelenium bolanderiKildale, Doris K.87731929-08-05 HumboldtBig Lagoon
CAS-BOT306866CASHelenium bolanderiKildale, Doris K.83981929-07-10 HumboldtBig Lagoon
CAS-BOT306867CASHelenium bolanderiAbrams, L. R.60781916-07-18 HumboldtArcata to Trinidad
CAS-BOT306868CASHelenium bolanderiWolf, Carl B.90891937-08-10 HumboldtBig Lagoon, bog at state park
CAS-BOT306869CASHelenium bolanderiWolf, Carl B.90891937-08-10 HumboldtBig Lagoon, Bog at State Park
CAS-BOT306870CASHelenium bolanderiRattan, Volneys.n.1879-01-01 Humboldt
CAS-BOT306871CASHelenium bolanderiAbrams, L. R.; Bacigalupi, R.82611922-06-25 HumboldtBetween Trinidad and Big Lagoon
CAS-BOT306872CASHelenium bolanderiKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G. W.4691868-01-01 Humboldt
CAS-BOT306873CASHelenium bolanderiWiggins, Ira L.58911932-07-19 HumboldtAbout 1 1-2 miles north of Trinidad Head
CAS-BOT306874CASHelenium bolanderiSmith, Gladys L.; Wheeler, Clare R.72011981-07-29 MendocinoAt edge of Ledum bog, beach end of Ward Avenue, McKerricher State Park north of Fort Bragg
CAS-BOT306875CASHelenium bolanderiHardham, Clare B.125641967-08-06 MendocinoPoint Arena - P.G.&E.
CAS-BOT309361CASHelenium bolanderiHardham, Clare B.153081967-09-16 MendocinoPoint Arena
CAS-BOT309362CASHelenium bolanderiRose, Lewis S.690731969-07-05 MendocinoPoint Arena
CAS-BOT309363CASHelenium bolanderiRose, Lewis S.373431937-06-07 Mendocino4 mi. S of Point Arena
CAS-BOT309364CASHelenium bolanderiBreedlove, D. E.2948-A1962-06-06 MendocinoAlong road to Comptche, 0.4 mile west of Little River
CAS-BOT309365CASHelenium bolanderiBreedlove, D. E.29451962-06-06 MendocinoAlong road to Comptche, 0.4 mile west of Little River
CAS-BOT309366CASHelenium bolanderiAbrams, L. R.75641920-07-02 MendocinoFort Bragg to Casper
CAS-BOT309367CASHelenium bolanderiEastwood, Miss A.s.n.1894-07-01 MendocinoNear Fort Bragg
CAS-BOT309368CASHelenium bolanderiDuncan, Carl D.2541920-07-13 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT309369CASHelenium bolanderiJones, Marcus E.291011931-07-10 MendocinoMendocino
CAS-BOT309370CASHelenium bolanderiThomas, J. H.; Thomas, H. A.7041955-06-26 MendocinoNear State Highway 1, 2 miles NW of Anchor Bay
CAS-BOT309371CASHelenium bolanderiRoderick, Waynes.n.1967-08-26 MendocinoHavens Neck, n. of Gualala
CAS-BOT309372CASHelenium bolanderiEastwood, Alice114861922-06-29 MendocinoNear Greenwood
CAS-BOT309373CASHelenium bolanderiEastwood, Alice15971912-08-08 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT309374CASHelenium bolanderiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomass.n.1936-05-21 MendocinoNear Cleone
CAS-BOT309375CASHelenium bolanderiMcCallum, Mrs. Alexanders.n.1895-08-01 MendocinoGlen Blair [Glenblair]
CAS-BOT309376CASHelenium bolanderiFuller, T. C.44821960-06-15 MendocinoAirport road, S-Van Damme State Park, 0.5 mi. E-Little River
CAS-BOT650217CASHelenium bolanderiEddy, Pearl731972-08-18 San MateoHighway 1 15 miles south Half Moon Bay west side of highway.
CDA0006448CDAHelenium bolanderiG.D. Barbe9551972-06-29 MendocinoLittle River Road south of Van Damme State Park, near airport.
CDA0006449CDAHelenium bolanderiT.C. Fuller44821960-06-15 MendocinoAirport road, south of Van Damme State Park. 0.5 mile east of Little River.
CLARK-A1528-1937CLARKHelenium bolanderiJohn C. Roos66401957-07-02 MendocinoPoint Arena
DAV239149DAVHelenium bolanderiDean Wm. Taylor183412002-09-12 HumboldtCa. 0.5 N of Lake Prairie.
GH00008749GHHelenium bolanderiH. N. Bolander64911867-01-01 UnknownFrom Humboldt County to Alliance River
GH00404105GHHelenium bolanderiC. B. Wolf110961941-07-29 MendocinoAlong Coast, 3.7 mi. N. Westport
HSC35869HSCHelenium bolanderiThomas W. Nelson21251975-08-05 HumboldtBeside rd. to Table Bluff 1.0 W of Copenhagen Rd.
HSC36271HSCHelenium bolanderiJohn Rehling341974-08-22 HumboldtBig Lagoon Bog along the dryer margins
HSC49311HSCHelenium bolanderiMaralyn A. Renner6371978-07-17 Del NorteDarlingtonia seep
HSC5768HSCHelenium bolanderiH.E. Parks154311937-06-16 HumboldtTrinidad
HSC5771HSCHelenium bolanderiJos. Burtt Davy60271899-06-24 MendocinoPt. Arena near the Sight House
HSC5773HSCHelenium bolanderiL.S. Rose690731969-07-05 MendocinoPt. Arena
HSC61612HSCHelenium bolanderiRuby Van Deventersn1939-07-12 Del NortePebble Beach
HSC70363HSCHelenium bolanderiM.A. Baker16851980-06-01 Del NorteNear Browns Mine
HSC70887HSCHelenium bolanderiR. York8721980-06-01 Del NorteNear Stony Creek.
HSC83143HSCHelenium bolanderiGladys L. Smith72011981-07-29 MendocinoIn roadside ditch at edge of Ledum bog, west end of Ward Avenue, McKerricher State Park, N of Fort Bragg
HSC83190HSCHelenium bolanderiGladys L. Smith67051981-06-22 LakeAbove and below rd. [FS 2 N04], Mt. Sanhedrin, 6.0 km. E of Mendocino County line and 4.8 km. N of Soda Springs Ranger Station.
HSC91912HSCHelenium bolanderiE. Mackeysn1986-08-02 HumboldtPatricks Point State Park; near Ceremonial Rock
HSC93468HSCHelenium bolanderiGordon Leppig10771998-08-23 HumboldtBig Lagoon County Park
HSC96470HSCHelenium bolanderiGordon Leppig4541997-06-19 HumboldtBig Lagoon County Park, Big Lagoon Bog
HSC96485HSCHelenium bolanderiGordon Leppig4531997-06-19 HumboldtBig Lagoon Bog, Big Lagoon County Park
HSC96487HSCHelenium bolanderiGordon Leppig6321997-08-03 HumboldtBig Lagoon County Park, Big Lagoon Bog.
JEPS109581UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiDean W. Taylor183412002-09-12 HumboldtLake Prairie, remnant of the original bog vegetation on the eastern end of the lake
JEPS35026UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy154771937-07-22 Del Norteflats e of Crescent City; Elk Valley
JEPS35027UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy154311937-07-16 HumboldtTrinidad
JEPS35431UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiW. L. Jepson, J. P. Tracy58851921-08-08 Del Norte1 mi s Winchuck River (near State line); Northern Coast Region
JEPS35531UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiWillis L. Jepson93251921-08-07 Humboldt0.5 to 2 mi back from ocean between Mad River Little River; Dow′s Prairie
JEPS35535UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiWillis L. Jepson21621902-06-10 MendocinoCleone
JEPS35627UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiWillis L. Jepson178241936-08-02 MendocinoJughandle Creek
JEPS59965UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiLewis S. Rose690731969-07-05 MendocinoPoint Arena
LOB119094LOBHelenium bolanderiDr. Hardys.n.1950-04-14 OrangeSanta Ana Botanic Gardens
MCCC1538MCCCHelenium bolanderiTeresa Sholars4531985-06-14 MendocinoCa. 25 m from ocean bluff, Glass Beach just south of Pudding Creek
MCCC1570MCCCHelenium bolanderiTeresa Sholars4551985-06-20 Mendocino5 W. of Albion-Airport Road by power pole, ca. 1-2 mi. S. of its juncture with Little River Airport Rd.
MCCC1729MCCCHelenium bolanderiGladys L. Smith72011981-07-29 MendocinoBeach end of Ward Avenus, MacKerricher State Park N. of Fort Bragg
MCCC1769MCCCHelenium bolanderiGladys L. Smith67051981-06-22 LakeMt. Sanhedrin, 6.0 km E. of Mendocino County line and 4.8 N. of Soda Springs Station, Mendocino National Forest
MCCC1971MCCCHelenium bolanderiP. Cuttitta1962-08-15 MendocinoCalifornia State Park
MCCC3891MCCCHelenium bolanderiTeresa Sholars10631994-07-19 MendocinoWet coastal Bluff at Point Cabrillo ca. 5 mi. S. of Fort Braff
NY179023NYHelenium bolanderiH. N. Bolander67911866-01-01 ?  Mendocino
NY2882347NYHelenium bolanderiC. G. Pringles.n.1882-08-02 ?  Mendocino
OBI154032OBIHelenium bolanderiCarl B. Wolf90891937-08-10 HumboldtBig Lagoon, Bog at State Park
POM161461RSAHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy37921912-07-22 HumboldtNear Loleta.
POM187908RSAHelenium bolanderiMarcus E. Jones291011931-07-10 MendocinoMendocino.
POM203674RSAHelenium bolanderiI. L. Wiggins58911932-07-19 Humboldt1.5 miles N of Trinidad Head.
POM301637RSAHelenium bolanderiC. B. Wolf110961941-07-29 MendocinoAlong the coast, 3.7 miles north of Westport.
POM359767RSAHelenium bolanderiM. B. Dunkle51661937-08-05 MendocinoPot Handle Creek.
POM51488RSAHelenium bolanderiAlice Eastwood114861922-06-29 MendocinoNear Greenwood.
POM87547RSAHelenium bolanderiL. R. Abrams83731922-00-01 Del Norte2.5 miles S of Crescent City.
POM87954RSAHelenium bolanderiL. R. Abrams82611922-06-25 HumboldtBetween Trinidad and Big Lagoon
PUA005055PUAHelenium bolanderiJoe Callizo1986-07-12 NapaLocal landmark: Fagan′s Marsh. Cuttings Wharf Quad.
PUA005056PUAHelenium bolanderiGilbert Jerome Muth1968-07-11 MendocinoLocal landmark: Point Arena Lighthouse. Point Arena Quad.
PUA005057PUAHelenium bolanderiLavern C. Wolcott1951-07-04 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
PUA32958PUAHelenium bolanderiMarc Baker1980-06-01 Del NorteLocal landmark: Browns Mine. Gasquet Quad.
PUA33015PUAHelenium bolanderiMarc Baker1980-06-02 Del NorteLocal landmark: Peridotite Canon. Gasquet Quad.
PUA56139PUAHelenium bolanderiJimerson-imper1983-07-16 HumboldtLocal landmark: Table Bluff Lighthouse. Ferndale Quad.
RSA12262RSAHelenium bolanderiC. B. Wolf58071934-06-29 Mendocino6 miles S of Pt. Arena on coast road.
RSA167314RSAHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy116861950-07-16 HumboldtPark′s place, 2 miles N of Trinidad.
RSA18613RSAHelenium bolanderiC. B. Wolf90891937-08-10 HumboldtBig Lagoon, bog at state park.
RSA20846RSAHelenium bolanderiC. B. Wolf88861937-06-18 HumboldtTable Bluff between Humboldt Bay and Eel River.
RSA212218RSAHelenium bolanderiL. S. Rose290731969-07-05 MendocinoPoint Arena.
RSA246777RSAHelenium bolanderiR. F. Thorne352861965-08-09 HumboldtBig Lagoon.
RSA25752RSAHelenium bolanderiC. B. Wolf110961941-07-29 MendocinoAlong the coast, 3.7 miles north of Westport.
RSA357497RSAHelenium bolanderiGladys L. Smith67051981-06-22 MendocinoBog extending above and below the road, Mt Sanhedrin, 6km E of Mendocino County line & 4.8 miles N of Soda Spring Station
RSA93884RSAHelenium bolanderiF. W. Peirson39101923-07-11 Humboldt7 miles north of Arcata.
SD42503SDHelenium bolanderiCarl B. Wolf90891937-08-10 HumboldtBig Lagoon, bog at state park.
SD53400SDHelenium bolanderiDarley F. Howe33691962-07-30 Mendocino3.6 miles south of Ft.Bragg on Highway 1.
SDSU02675SDSUHelenium bolanderiHowe, D.F.33691962-07-30 Mendocino3.6 miles south of Ft. Bragg on #1.
UC1041112UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJ. W. Congdon1901-08-08 Mendocinobelow Pt. Arena
UC1199146UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy156751934-08-22 HumboldtTable Bluff
UC1222895UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy, H. E. Parks116861950-07-16 Humboldt2 mi n Trinidad (Park′s place)
UC127566UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJ. Burtt Davy60271899-06-24 Mendocinonear the Light House; North Coast Ranges, Pt. Arena
UC127567UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJ. Burtt Davy61491899-06-29 MendocinoFort Bragg North Coast Range, Fort Bragg
UC127568UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJ. Burtt Davy60811899-06-27 MendocinoAlbion North Coast Ranges, Mendocino City, Albion
UC129437UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJ. Burtt Davy61491899-07-29 MendocinoFort Bragg North Coast Ranges, Fort Bragg
UC1409057UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiRobert F. Thorne, P. Everett351941965-08-07 Humboldtat s end Big Lagoon
UC175963UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy38081912-07-24 HumboldtEureka Northern Coast Region, Eureka
UC175964UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy37951912-07-22 Humboldtbetween Fields Landing and Elk River; Northern Coast Region, Humboldt Bay Region
UC175986UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJ. P. Tracy37921912-07-22 Humboldtnear Loleta
UC176474UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy43551913-07-13 HumboldtPatrick′s Point Northern Coast Ranges, Patrick′s Point
UC278934UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiH. E. Parks1925-06-01 Del NorteCrescent City
UC278978UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiH. E. Parks82601925-06-17 Del NortePebble Beach, Crescent City Crescent City
UC32225UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiF. T. Bioletti1892-07-06 MendocinoPoint Arena
UC32226UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiH. N. Bolander64911867-01-01 Mendocinonear sea coast;; ; Mendocino Co.
UC32227UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiH. N. Bolander64911867-06-01 MendocinoMendocino City
UC34187UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiH. P. Chandler, J. P. Tracy12041901-05-01 HumboldtHumboldt Bay North Coast Ranges
UC479398UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiMarcus E. Jones291011931-07-10 Mendocino
UC566768UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiH. L. Mason56251930-06-01 MendocinoFort Bragg
UC582667UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy154771937-07-22 Del Norteflats e of Crescent City; Elk Valley
UC582769UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiH. E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy154311937-07-16 HumboldtTrinidad
UC630520UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiH. E., S. T. Parks59371937-06-01 HumboldtSpruce Cove Trinidad, Spruce Cove
UC668203UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiJoseph P. Tracy160171938-07-06 HumboldtBig Lagoon
UC774515UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiCarl B. Wolf110961941-07-29 Mendocino3.7 mi n Westport (along coast)
UC897324UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiAlice Eastwood114861922-06-29 Mendocinonear Greenwood
UC897325UCJEPSHelenium bolanderiAlice Eastwood15971912-08-08 MendocinoFort Bragg
UCR23818UCRHelenium bolanderiJohn C. Roos66401957-07-02 MendocinoPoint Arena Lighthouse
UCSB025928UCSBHelenium bolanderiDennis E. Breedlove29451962-06-06 MendocinoAlong road to Comptche, 0.4 mile west of Little River
UCSB025929UCSBHelenium bolanderiDennis E. Breedlove31201962-06-08 Del NorteOn south bank of Smith River; 2.6 miles northeast of Gasquet on U.S. Highway 199
US3710231USHelenium bolanderiR. D. Edwards5472016-09-06 AlamedaTilden Regional Park, Botanic Garden

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