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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT175886CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaHenrickson, James101491973-05-26 San BernardinoCa 9.5 (air) miles ENE of Kelso on open N & N-E-facing shale and limestone slopes of Globe Canyon just E of Globe Mine, in N. Providence Mts.
CAS-BOT219701CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaHenrickson, James47191970-05-15 San BernardinoEastern side of mid-Providence Mts., in canyon NW of Bonanza King Mine
CAS-BOT219703CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.96081940-05-26 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Clark Mt. Coliseum Mine (1 mi. west of)
CAS-BOT219704CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaBlakley, E. R.32511960-04-24 San BernardinoHole in the Wall, Providence Mts. west of the Essex to Cima Road
CAS-BOT219705CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJepson, W. L.182541937-05-06 San BernardinoMohave [Mojave] Desert. Gilroy Canon [Canyon], Providence Mts.
CAS-BOT219706CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.96081940-05-26 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Clark Mt. Coliseum Mine (1 mi. west of)
CAS-BOT219707CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.70631935-05-28 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Clark Mt. 3 3-10 mi. N.W. of Coliseum Mine
CAS-BOT219708CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaWolf, Carl B.68551935-05-15 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Kingston Mts. (South. part), N.E. base of pass between Kingston & Francis Spring
CAS-BOT219709CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaBeal, Mary7951939-04-29 San BernardinoMohave [Mojave] Desert, Providence Mts. Mitchell′s hill
CAS-BOT219710CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaCastagnoli, Steve; de Nevers, Greg; Stone, R. Doug1541980-05-08 San BernardinoKingston Range. 2 mi. S. of Mesquite VABM, W. slope of hill ″5177″
CAS-BOT219711CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMunz, P. A.; Johnston, I. M.; Harwood, R. D.41271920-05-21 San BernardinoVicinity of Bonanza King Mine, East slope of Providence Mountains, Mojave Desert
CAS-BOT219712CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaFerris, Roxana S.; Bacigalupi, Rimo81441932-04-27 San BernardinoAbove Bonanza King Mine, eastern base of Providence Mts.
CAS-BOT219713CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMunz, P. A.; Harwood, R. D.35191920-03-30 San BernardinoBonanza, Providence Mts.
CAS-BOT219714CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaAbrams, L. R.142791941-05-15 San BernardinoBetween Kingston and Valley Well, Kingston Mts., Mojave Desert
CAS-BOT324031CASHedeoma nana subsp. californicaSchweich, Tom4552005-04-21 San BernardinoMesquite Mountains. Near top of Mesquite Mountains.
CLARK-A1045-753CLARKHedeoma nana subsp. californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-05-14 San BernardinoMesquite Mountains steep limestone slope 1.5 miles east of Winters Pass;; Clark Mt. 15′Q
CLARK-A1045-846CLARKHedeoma nana subsp. californicaGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-05-29 San BernardinoMesquite Mountains Clark Mt. 15′Q
CLARK-A1528-3097CLARKHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJohn C. Roos44471949-06-21 San BernardinoNew York Mountains
CSLA004768CSLAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaBarry Prigge2431972-07-07 San BernardinoClark Mountain, W-facing canyon, 5.4 miles NW of Mountain Pass
CSLA004772CSLAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJames Henrickson101491973-05-26 San BernardinoCa 9.5 (air) miles ENE of Kelso on open N & N-E-facing shale and limestone slopes of Globe Canon just E of Globe Mine, in N. Providence Mts.
CSLA004773CSLAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaBarry Prigge9401973-05-19 San BernardinoClark Mt. Range a north fork of the Little Pachalka Cyn, 4.6 miles NW of Mt. Pass
DAV322993DAVHedeoma nana subsp. californicaGeoffrey Levin12491977-05-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Keystone Canon about 5 miles W of Ivanpah Road. Near Keystone Spring. New York Mts. Steep northwest slope.
DAV322994DAVHedeoma nana subsp. californicaDean W. Taylor73601979-04-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Clark Mountains; on slopes facing south.
GMDRC1258GMDRCHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJ. Andre42162004-04-13 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns: Providence Mtns: N. side of Foshay Pass east of Vulcan Mine in limestones. Elev. 4196 ft.
GMDRC1592GMDRCHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJ. Andre47592003-05-10 San BernardinoNew York Mtns: New York Mtns: lower Keystone Cyn, growing in rocks in main wash. Elev. 5288 ft.
GMDRC4191GMDRCHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJ. Andre126812010-05-08 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: on crest of limestone ridge approx. 0.8 mi. E. of Canon, 0.6 N. of NY Mtns Road, southeast end of NY Mtns
GMDRC502GMDRCHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJ. Andre37171998-05-09 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve: Gilroy Canon, Providence Mtns, ca. 5,500
GMDRC9859GMDRCHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJ. M. Andre381812017-04-19 San Bernardinoapprox. 1 W of Stateline Pass, approx 6 mi. SSE of Mesquite Lake, canyon between eastern Clark Mtn Range and western end of Stateline Hills
HSC208574HSCHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre131762010-04-30 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns., Mojave National Preserve, canyon 0.7 W of Bonanza King Mine
JEPS100951UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaDean W. Taylor73601979-04-23 San BernardinoClark Mountains, tall shrubs on limestone slopes near Umberci Mine
JEPS51833UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMary Beal3391937-05-18 San BernardinoGoldstone Mine Providence Mountains
JEPS51834UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMary Beal4681938-05-20 San BernardinoCanon Providence Mountains
JEPS51835UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMary Beal6311939-05-22 San BernardinoMitchell′s Caverns Mojave Desert, Providence Mountains (Canon)
JEPS51836UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMary Beal6141939-05-16 San BernardinoMitchell′s Caverns Mojave Desert, Providence Mountains (peaks above Mitchell′s house)
JEPS51837UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMary Beal6181939-05-18 San BernardinoBonanza King Mine; Mojave Desert, Providence Mountains
JEPS51838UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMary Beal7951940-04-29 San BernardinoMitchell′s Caverns Mojave Desert, Providence Mountains (hill at Mitchell′s)
JEPS51839UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMary Beal2251937-05-06 San BernardinoGilroy Canon Providence Mountains
JEPS63217UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaWillis L. Jepson181721937-05-04 San BernardinoMitchell′s Caverns; Providence Mts.
JEPS63218UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaWillis L. Jepson182541937-05-06 San BernardinoGilroy Canon Mohave Desert, Providence Mountains
JEPS63219UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaWillis L. Jepson182371937-05-06 San BernardinoGilroy Canon; Providence Mts.
JEPS63426UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaP. A. Munz41271920-05-21 San BernardinoBonanza King Mine Mohave Desert, E slope, Providence Mountains
JEPS8549UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRimo Bacigalupi, L. Constance, G. T. Robbins, G. W. Gillett, L. R. Heckard36821952-04-29 San Bernardinoalong trail to limestone caverns, Mitchell′s Caverns Mohave Desert, at southern end of E side of Providence Mount
JEPS96520UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaDean W. Taylor73481979-04-22 InyoFuneral Mountains, southern flanks Bat Mountain
LA55367LAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRoxana S. Ferriss.n.1932-04-27 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains; canyon above Bonanza King Mine
POM179279RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaE. C. Jaegers.n.1930-06-22 San BernardinoClark Mountain.
POM187372RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaE. C. Jaegers.n.1933-06-01 San BernardinoClark Mountain.
POM203388RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRoxana S. Ferris81441932-04-27 San BernardinoCanon above Bonanza King Mine, eastern slope of Providence Mountains.
POM213740RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaP. A. Munz137431935-05-04 San BernardinoKeystone Spring, New York Mountains, eastern Mojave Desert.
POM267949RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaC. W. Tilforth13661977-07-08 San BernardinoKeystone Canon, New York Mountains
POM69779RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-05-03 San BernardinoKelso.
POM69781RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-05-02 San BernardinoKelso, Providence Mountains, Mohave Desert.
POM7733RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaP. A. Munz41271920-05-21 San BernardinoVicinity of Bonanza King Mine, East Slope of Providence Mountains, Mojave Desert.
POM7897RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaP. A. Munz35191920-03-30 San BernardinoBonanza Mines, Providence Mountains
PUA69251PUAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaG.L. Clifton1988-05-05 San BernardinoLocal landmark: Clark Mtn. Clark Mtn. Quad.
RSA0020631RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaDuncan S. Bell49212013-05-11 San BernardinoBLMClark Mountains; Stateline Wilderness area, approximately 1.75 air miles northeast of Umberci Mine.; State Line Pass
RSA0104394RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaDuncan S. Bell81352015-04-29 San BernardinoBLMMescal Range; about 2.5 air miles south of Mountain Pass; collecting on north facing slopes and canyons below the summit in the interior of the range.; Mescal Range
RSA0190973RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim M. Andre381812017-04-19 San BernardinoBLMApprox. 1 mi. nw of stateline pass, approx 6 mi. sse of mesquite lake, canyon between eastern clark mtn range and western end of stateline hills.; State Line Pass 7.5
RSA0337407RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMary DeDecker42601977-05-16 InyoNopah Range: California Valley drainage; SBB&M.
RSA16019RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaCarl B. Wolf68551935-05-15 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Kingston Mountains (South. Part), NE base of Pass between Kingston and Francis Spring
RSA16217RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaCarl B. Wolf70631935-05-28 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Clark Mtns. 3 3-1 W of Coliseum Mine
RSA23489RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaCarl B. Wolf96081940-05-26 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Clark Mt. Colosseum Mine (1 mi west of).
RSA24445RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaCarl B. Wolfs.n.1941-05-27 San BernardinoMojave Desert, W. slope of Providence Mountains, 6 miles E. of Hayden (U.P.R.R.) Tough Nut Mine
RSA247001RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRobert F. Thorne439491973-06-19 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains: N end of Mts. c. 7 mi SE of Kelso (by road); upper part of Globe canyon below the Globe mine
RSA252044RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRobert F. Thorne431711973-04-28 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert, Providence Mts.: 4.5 mi. SE of Kelso near mouth of Cornfield Spring Canon.
RSA252104RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRobert F. Thorne441391973-06-21 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: Near mouth of Sagamore Mine.
RSA264193RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaC. W. Tilforth13971977-08-03 San BernardinoAbout 1-2 mile into Keystone Canon along road-trail. New York Mtns.
RSA269605RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaBarry A. Prigge11481973-06-15 San BernardinoClark Mtn Range. Little Pachalka Canon, first canyon E of Pachalka Spring, ca. 5.5 miles NW of Mt. Pass.
RSA269606RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaBarry A. Prigge9401973-05-19 San BernardinoClark Mtn Range. A north fork of the Little Pachalka Canon, 4.6 miles NW of Mt Pass.
RSA270606RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJames Henrickson126281973-08-29 San BernardinoAbout 45 (air) miles east of Baker, 5.5 (road) miles south of Ivanpah at Keystone Springs in New York Mtns.
RSA270607RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJames Henrickson102821973-05-28 San Bernardino7.5 miles ESE of Kelso in Providence Mtns, in open limestone SE-facing crast of peak 1 1-4 miles NW of Bonanza King Mine.
RSA272014RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJames Henrickson47191970-05-15 San BernardinoEastern side of mid-Providence Mts., in canyon NW of Bonanaza King Mine.
RSA275795RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRobert F. Thorne491201977-05-27 San BernardinoClark Mountains: above Pachalka Spring on exposed limestone of rocky slopes.
RSA275915RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRobert F. Thorne513361978-05-10 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert; Mesquite Mts: Winters Pass
RSA284280RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRobert F. Thorne479821976-10-29 San BernardinoNew York Mts.: Keystone Canon above Keystone Spring.
RSA296644RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaR. D. Stone2501980-06-09 InyoKingston Range. S-facing slope of Beck Spring, Dolomite ridge, 1.0 NE of Crystal Spring, 0.9 mi. SE of Silver Rule Mine, NW part of range.
RSA303318RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaS. Castagnoli1541980-05-08 San Bernardino2 mi S of Mesquite VABM. W slope of hill 5177′
RSA30949RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaR. S. Woglum2792-B1940-05-31 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, Eastern Mohave National Scenic Area, Keystone Canon.
RSA314572RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRobert F. Thorne555731983-05-06 InyoDeath Valley Nat′l Monument, Funeral Mtns, upper end of Red Amphitheatre, at mouth of canyon, perhaps 1.5 miles up cyn
RSA334949RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRobert F. Thorne517171978-05-25 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains: Head of Gilroy Canon.
RSA400911RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRobert Gustafson26101982-05-23 San BernardinoPower Line Road, east side of Keany Pass, Clark Mountains
RSA400912RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaChristopher Davidson57161977-05-26 San BernardinoClark Mountains; Pachalka Spring.
RSA47423RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJ. C. Roos44471949-06-22 San BernardinoNew York Mountains; Keystone Canon
RSA517984RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaSteve Boyd52891990-10-07 San BernardinoEastern Mojave Desert Gilroy Canon drainage, E flank of Providence Mts, from canyon mouth to summits of Edgar, Mitchell Peaks
RSA562213RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaAlan Romspert2921975-05-25 InyoDeath Valley National Monument, Panamint Mountains. Johnson Canon area. on slope of side canyon below Hungry Bills.
RSA653869RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaValerie L. Soza9172000-05-15 San BernardinoClark Mountains, East Mojave Desert: Above Pachalka Spring.; Pachalka Spring
RSA657263RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJames Henrickson188051981-04-25 San Bernardino45 air miles NE of Baker in Mojave Desert, on W-facing limestone outcrop of road from Searchlight (now Primm) Nev, to umberci Mine, 5 miles W of Stateline
RSA745375RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaDuncan S. Bell3722009-06-13 San BernardinoBLMClark Mountains: west of Umberci Mine Road along a steep limestone slope.
RSA773883RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaDuncan S. Bell26202011-05-29 San BernardinoMesquite Mountains; rugged canyons approximately 1.5 air miles northeast of Winters Pass.
RSA777475RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaAmber Swanson6132011-05-29 San BernardinoBLMIn the Mesquite Wilderness E. of the Rd through area.
RSA777598RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaAmber Swanson5922011-05-27 San BernardinoBLME of Rd to Radio Tower on Mohawk Hill (S side), NW of Jct of Bailey Rd and Clark Mtn Rd, N of I-15.
RSA793012RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaDuncan S. Bell42762012-09-22 San BernardinoClark Mountain: south side of range, approximately 0.6 air mile south east of Clark Mountain summit.; Clark Mountain
RSA794133RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre204962011-06-01 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range; Mojave National Preserve. Southeast end of range 0.5 miles northwest of Picnic Area; Clark Mountain 7.5
RSA89986RSAHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJ. C. Roos49771950-09-03 San BernardinoSouth of Clark Mountains, NW of Mountain Pass
SDSU07287SDSUHedeoma nana subsp. californicaHowe, D.F.45941969-05-17 San BernardinoClark Mt.
SFV107907SFVHedeoma nana subsp. californicaT. R. Gordon15741976-06-17 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Eastern Mojave Desert. New York Mountains. Just below Keystone Spring.
UC104798UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaT. S. Brandegee1902-05-26 San BernardinoProvidence Mts.
UC1442745UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaMary DeDecker42601977-05-16 InyoCalifornia Valley drainage Nopah Range
UC219151UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaP. A. Munz, I. M. Johnston, R. D. Harwood41271920-05-21 San Bernardinovicinity Bonanza King Mine (e slope of Providence Mountains); Mojave Desert, Providence Mountains
UC499856UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaRoxana S. Ferris, Rimo Bacigalupi81441932-04-27 San Bernardinoabove Bonanza King Mine (e base of Providence Mts); Providence Mts.
UC666180UCJEPSHedeoma nana subsp. californicaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg14801940-05-14 San BernardinoKeystone Canon, New York Mountains
UCR0068719UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaTom Schweich4552005-04-21 San Bernardinonear top of Mesquite Mountains
UCR0068720UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre211372011-05-01 San BernardinoMojave National Preserve; NE Providence Mtns, on ridge 1.5 miles north of Bonanza King Mine, c. 1 mile SE of Globe Mine area, 11 miles east of Kelso; Providence Mountains
UCR0068721UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre131762010-04-30 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains, Mojave National Preserve, canyon 0.7 mi northwest of Bonanza King Mine
UCR0068722UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre126812010-05-08 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, crest of limestone ridge c. 0.8 mile east of Canon, 0.6 mile north of New York Mountains Road, southeast end of New York Mountains
UCR0068723UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre87592007-10-24 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range, along Yates Well Road c. 1 mi west of Colosseum Mine Road, north side of Clark Mountain
UCR0068724UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre87242007-10-24 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range, small canyon just north of homestead site, c. 0.5 mile west of Colosseum Mine, north side of Clark Mountain
UCR0068727UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre47182004-04-29 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns, north side of Foshay Pass
UCR0068729UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaValerie Soza9172000-05-15 San BernardinoClark Mountains, above Pachalka Spring
UCR0068730UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaOnkar Singh33752013-04-18 San Bernardinoeastern part of Clark Mtn Range, c. 6.5 miles NW of Primm, 0.25 mile west of CA-NV border, eastern boundary of State Line Wilderness Area
UCR0068734UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre103322008-04-23 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range, NE side of Clark Mtn at Greens Well, just west of Colosseum Mine on slopes behind old homestead site
UCR0068735UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaEd LaRue92--92.21992-05-24 San BernardinoNew York Mts: Keystone Canon
UCR0068736UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaBarry A. Prigge34201979-06-06 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: Keystone Canon
UCR0068737UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaSteve Boyd52891990-10-07 San Bernardinoeast flank of Providence Mountains, Gilroy Canon drainage. From canyon mouth to summits of Edgar and Mitchell Peaks
UCR0068739UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJohn C. Roos44471949-06-22 San BernardinoNew York Mountains, canyon bottoms and up to the summit of Keystone Canon
UCR0068740UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1977-05-14 San Bernardino1.5 miles east of Winters Pass in the Mesquite Mountains
UCR196075UCRHedeoma nana subsp. californicaJim Andre87902008-04-29 San BernardinoIvanpah Valley, just north of major transmission line, c. 3.5 mi east of Keany Pass, 5-6 mi west of Primm, in the Mesquite Wilderness, east of Clark Mountain Range
SD107772SDHedeoma nana var. californicaRobert F. Thorne491201977-05-27 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range; above Pachalka Spring on exposed limestone.
SD181471SDHedeoma nana var. californicaJames Henrickson188051981-04-25 San BernardinoAbout 45 airmiles northeast of Baker in Mojave Desert, on west-facing limestone outcrop of road from Searchlight (now Primm) Nev, to Umberci Mine, ca. 5 miles west of state line.
SD29271SDHedeoma nana var. californicaW. L. Jepson182541937-05-06 San BernardinoGilroy Canon, Providence Mountains.
SD42312SDHedeoma nana var. californicaCarl B. Wolf107741941-05-27 San BernardinoWest slope of Providence Mountains, 6.0 miles east of Hayden. Tough Nut Mine.
SD99358SDHedeoma nana var. californicaChristopher Davidson57161977-05-26 San BernardinoClark Mountain, Pachalka Spring.

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