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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
ARF0275BLMARGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJennifer Anthony-Wheeler2752008-06-13 Humboldtgrwng in Prosper Prairie near hdwaters of Mill Creek
ARF0276BLMARGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJennifer Wheeler2762012-06-05 HumboldtMattole beach bluffs
ARF0277BLMARGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJennifer Wheeler2772009-06-23 HumboldtOn King Peak road
ARF0368BLMARGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJennifer Wheeler3682011-06-21 HumboldtPine Ridge Road
CAS-BOT123915CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGrant, Verne; Grant, A. D. (Mrs.)86011948-07-08 MendocinoJust S of mouth of Navarro River, by highway 1
CAS-BOT226138CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaTracy, Joseph P.163531939-07-25 Del NorteLake Earl
CAS-BOT226139CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-01-01 Del NorteCrescent City
CAS-BOT226140CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaAbrams, L. R.; Bacigalupi, R.83331922-06-27 Del Norte6 mi south of Crescent City
CAS-BOT226141CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaKildale, Doris K.10281925-07-12 Del NorteSouth of Crescent City
CAS-BOT226142CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaMorrell, Peter L.; Krause, D. E.4831995-07-08 Del NortePacific Coast: north of Lake Earl-Lake Talawa area near Crescent City, Placone Rd. east of Tell Blvd. south of Kellogg Rd, c. 0.9 mi east ocean, 0.9 mi west of Lower Lake Rd. Elev. given as 20 ft.
CAS-BOT226143CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaWolf, Carl B.89011937-08-11 HumboldtFleener Creek, 1-2 mi. So. of Centerville
CAS-BOT226144CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaKelly, Mrs. G. Earles.n.1924-06-01 HumboldtCastle Island near Crescent City
CAS-BOT226145CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaKildale, Doris K.7941925-06-28 HumboldtKneeland Prairie - ″bald hills″
CAS-BOT226146CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaTracy, J. P.; Parks, H. E.07931930-05-25 HumboldtNear Bridgeville
CAS-BOT226147CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaKildale, Doris K.13721925-06-28 HumboldtKneeland Prairie - ″bald hills″
CAS-BOT226148CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaKildale, Doris K.19941926-05-09 HumboldtKneeland Prairie
CAS-BOT226149CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaKildale, Doris K.36261927-07-01 HumboldtAlton Hill
CAS-BOT226150CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaParks, H. E.; Tracy, J. P.07931930-05-25 HumboldtNear Bridgeville
CAS-BOT226151CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaKildale, Doris K.32951927-05-15 HumboldtMattole River Valley
CAS-BOT226152CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGates, Mrs. Marys.n.1918-06-01 MendocinoPoint Arena
CAS-BOT226153CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaTracy, Joseph P.63191923-06-20 MendocinoHead of Whale Gulch, SE of Shelter Cove
CAS-BOT226154CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaDuncan, Carl D.2201920-07-13 MendocinoOn the banks of the Noyo River, Noyo
CAS-BOT226155CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas44121937-05-29 Mendocino8 miles west of Navarro
CAS-BOT226156CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaKildale, Doris K.31681927-05-15 HumboldtBack of Cape Mendocino
CAS-BOT226157CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaSmith, Gladys L.58791980-06-06 MendocinoFour miles north of Willits along Redwood Highway
CAS-BOT226158CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaKeck, David D.59311948-06-30 Mendocino2 miles north of Point Arena
CAS-BOT226159CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaRipley, H. D.; Barneby, R. C.68421945-06-17 Mendocino15 miles N. of Fort Bragg
CAS-BOT226160CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaHead, Annas.n.1921-05-01 MendocinoFort Bragg
CAS-BOT226161CASGilia capitata subsp. pacificaEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas61721938-07-08 MendocinoFort Bragg
CDA0040044CDAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGordon Leppig19902003-06-25 HumboldtThe Pacific Lumber Company, THP 1-02-306 HUM. East side headwaters of Brushy Creek.
CHSC96753CHSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGordon Leppig19742003-06-24 Del NorteNorth Coast Region. Lake Earl, UTM Zone 10, 399976E, 4631 N.
DAV323449DAVGilia capitata subsp. pacificaMary M. Hektner0501974-06-21 SonomaSonoma County: Unit 2 Owners Map, Sea Ranch, near State Highway 1.
FSC0018524FSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJ. M. CrawfordJMC-441960-05-07 San MateoCollected 5 miles southwest of Palo Alto, in a flat area.
GH00078825GHGilia capitata subsp. pacificaV. E. Grant ; A. D. Grant86011948-07-08 Mendocinojust south of mouth of Navarro River, by highway 1
HSC214894HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGreg O′Connellsn2013-06-27 HumboldtSummit of Mt. Andy
HSC214895HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJames Regan42004-06-03 HumboldtKneeland, near Kneeland Airport
HSC214896HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJames Regan242010-06-23 HumboldtMonument Ridge, near Brushy Creek
HSC214897HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGordon Leppig1762A2002-06-25 HumboldtLarabee Valley, Atwell Prairie
HSC214898HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGordon Leppig19892003-06-25 HumboldtE side headwaters of Brushy Creek
HSC214899HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGordon Leppig19792003-06-24 Del NorteTalawa Dunes State Park, 1 N of Kellogg Rd.
HSC214900HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGordon Leppig19902003-06-25 HumboldtE side headwaters of Brushy Creek
HSC214901HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGordon Leppig19742003-06-24 Del NorteLake Earl
HSC214902HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaPeter Warner2192011-06-16 SonomaJenner Headlands property, ˜ 3 W of Jenner, lower Russian Gulch, near large rock outcrop, downslope from Muniz Ranch Rd., ˜ 400 m N20 ° E from Hwy. 1, Russian Gulch Bridge.
HSC214903HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaR. Sutherland14.24.4.781978-04-24 Humboldt
HSC214904HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaGary S. Lestersn1977-05-11 Del NorteCastle Rock, 1.5 W of Crescent City and 1.5 mi. S of Point St. George, The Pit
HSC214905HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaR.E. Jones501966-05-13 HumboldtCape Mendocino
HSC214906HSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJ.D. Ackerman2661974-05-25 Humboldt0.25 mi. S of Lufenholtz Beach between Moonstone and Trinidad
JEPS117089UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaPeter Warner1572010-05-20 SonomaJenner Headlands, upper Middle Pasture, ˜ 16 W of road (Willig Extension Dr.) at drainage, ˜ 514 m W 305 deg. N of barn, ˜ 15 m W of fence
JEPS69562UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaW. C. Mathews701914-01-01 MendocinoFort Bragg
JEPS79895UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy163531939-07-25 Del NorteLake Earl
POM193010RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaH. E. Parks07931930-05-25 HumboldtNear Bridgeville.
POM208997RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaLincoln Constance6211934-05-23 HumboldtLook Prairie, Bull Creek Watershed, Humboldt Redwood Park
POM88043RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaL. R. Abramss.n.1922-06-27 Del Norte6 miles south of Crescent City
PUA56954PUAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaG.L. Clifton1981-06-07 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion Bluffs. Albion Quad.
RSA0004759RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaVerne Grant86011948-07-08 MendocinoOcean bluffs just south of mouth of Navarro River, Hwy 1.
RSA0113526RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaHenry J. Ramsey8281939-10-12 Del NorteCrescent City, Highway 199.
RSA0155154RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaC. B. Wolf95191939-07-08 HumboldtDevil′s Gate, south of Cape Mendocino.
RSA0155155RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJ. Mark Porter140702004-03-18 HumboldtAlong Matthole Road, N of Singley Creek, near Cape Mendocino.
RSA0155156RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy182251950-06-01 MendocinoGrown in Stanford from seeds collected on Coastal Strand at Cape Mendocino.
RSA0155157RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJ. P. Smith68161973-05-26 HumboldtScotia Bluffs along the Eel River near Rio Dell.
RSA0155158RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaE. Norland112411942-04-29 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. Wild Flower Nursery (in rows).
RSA21031RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaC. B. Wolf89011937-08-11 HumboldtFleener Creek, 0.5 mile south of Centerville.
RSA23650RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaC. B. Wolf95191939-07-08 HumboldtDevil′s Gate, south of Cape Mendocino.
RSA46733RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaDoris K. Kildales.n.1927-07-01 HumboldtAlton Hill
RSA469340RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaE. E. Stanford18431930-06-27 Del NorteRedwood Hwy between Crescent City and Requa Bluffs
RSA47173RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaDoris K. Kildales.n.1927-05-15 HumboldtCape Mendocino
RSA49006RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJ. B. Tracy182251949-06-01 HumboldtGrown in Berkeley from seeds collected at Cape Mendocino
RSA659011RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJ. Mark Porter122572000-06-30 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
RSA71916RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaF. W. Peirson38111923-07-08 MendocinoFort Bragg
RSA742109RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaPeter L. Morrell3171993-08-14 HumboldtNorth Coast: about 1 mile south of McNutt-Mattole Rd., 5.2 miles south of Devil′s Gate, 8.4 miles south of Cape Mendocino.; Petriolia 7.5
RSA748777RSAGilia capitata subsp. pacificaPeter L. Morrell4831995-07-08 Del Nortenorth of Lake Earl-Lake Talawa area near Crescent City, Placone Rd. east of Tell Blvd. south of Kellog Rd, c. 0.9 mi east ocean, 0.9 mi west of Lower Lake Rd.; Crescent City 7.5
SD197859SDGilia capitata subsp. pacificaPeter L. Morrell4831995-07-08 Del NorteNorth of Lake Earl-Lake Talawa area near Crescent City, Placone Road east of Tell Boulevard, south of Kellog Road, c. 0.9 miles east ocean, 0.9 miles west of Lower Lake Road.
UC1173692UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy163531939-07-25 Del NorteLake Earl
UC1197922UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy54981921-05-30 HumboldtKneeland Prairie Northern Coast Ranges, Kneeland Prairie
UC1197923UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy70101925-05-24 HumboldtKneeland Prairie
UC1197924UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy185951949-10-29 HumboldtEureka
UC1197925UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaHarold E. Parks, Joseph P. Tracy112661935-06-02 Del Norteabout 2 mi e Gasquet (on Smith River, vicinity of Darlingtonia Camp); Smith River, e of Gasquet, vicin Darlingtonia Camp
UC1197926UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy87251930-05-25 HumboldtBridgeville
UC1197928UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy153101937-05-30 Humboldtnear Bosworth′s (Larrabee Creek); Northern Coast Ranges, Larrabee Creek
UC133633UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy25831907-07-04 Humboldtsandy hillside of coast bluffs between Trinidad and mouth Little River; Northern Coast Ranges, btw Trinidad and Little River
UC133634UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy21881905-06-11 Humboldtnear Bucksport (region about Humboldt Bay); Region about Humboldt Bay, Northern Coast Region
UC133647UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy30681908-08-01 HumboldtKneeland Prairie Northern Coast Ranges, Kneeland Prairie
UC133788UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaH. E. Brown9151898-06-01 Mendocinonear Mendocino; near Mendocino
UC176953UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy36721912-06-09 HumboldtAlton Northern Coast Region, Alton
UC427877UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaH. E. Parks, J. P. Tracy7931930-05-25 Humboldtnear Bridgeville; near Bridgeville
UC52485UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale55611899-05-01 HumboldtAlton Alton (Old river bluffs, North-Western California)
UC604650UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy159621938-06-17 Humboldts of point Cape Mendocino (near ocean shore); s of point of Cape Mendocino
UC907883UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaHerbert L. Mason48861928-07-10 SonomaJenner
UC907896UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJ. P. Tracy, H. E. Parks7931930-05-25 Humboldtnear Bridgeville; near Bridgeville
UC907897UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy63191923-06-20 Mendocinose Shelter Cove (head of Whale Gulch); North Coast Ranges, Whale Gulch, se of Shelter Cove
UC907902UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy182251948-09-25 HumboldtEureka
UC907967UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy148941936-06-09 Humboldts of point of Cape Mendocino s of point Cape Mendocino (near ocean shore)
UC907968UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaJoseph P. Tracy148791936-06-09 HumboldtBear River Ridge Northern Coast Ranges, Bear River Ridge
UC914319UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaVerne Grant, Alva Grant86011948-07-08 Mendocinojust s mouth of Navarro River (by Highway 1);; S of mouth of Navarro River, by Hwy. 1, Mendocino Co.
UC931986UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaVerne Grant, Alva Grant86011948-07-08 Mendocinoby highway 1 ocean bluffs just s Navarro River; s of mouth Navarro River
UC962110UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. pacificaH. L. Mason56261930-06-01 MendocinoFort Bragg
UCR0107187UCRGilia capitata subsp. pacificaPeter L. Morrell4831995-07-08 Del Nortenorth of Lake Earl-Lake Talawa area near Crescent City, Placone Rd. east of Tell Blvd. south of Kellog Rd, c. 0.9 mi east ocean, 0.9 mi west of Lower Lake Rd.
UCR0107188UCRGilia capitata subsp. pacificaE.E. Stanford18431930-06-27 Del NorteRedwood Hwy between Cresent City and Requa
UCR0107190UCRGilia capitata subsp. pacificaPeter L. Morrell3171993-08-14 Humboldtabout 1 mile south of McNutt-Mattole Rd., 5.2 miles south of Devils Gate, 8.4 miles south of Cape Mendocino
UCSB013231UCSBGilia capitata subsp. pacificaDennis E. Breedlove6761961-07-05 Del NorteSmith River; 15.1 mi. S of Patrick Creek.
UCSC100004561UCSCGilia capitata subsp. pacificaD. Styer1642011-07-06 MontereyGeneral Jim Moore Boulevard, Ford Ord National Monument (Region C10)

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