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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT225265CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaYork, Dana21811998-07-03 FresnoCa. 87 km E of Fresno (FSC), Sequoia National Forest, Monarch Wilderness, 480 m N of Boyden Cave on the N side of Kings River Cnayon, Kings River Basin
CAS-BOT473128CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGardner, Erika M.; De Groot, Sarah6482014-03-22 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada: Scodie Mountains, Kiavah Wilderness. Bureau of Land Managment, Cholla Canyon, about 0.35 (air)miles NE of Cholla Well
CAS-BOT475186CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGardner, Erika M.; Poutasse, Rachel8522014-04-26 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Scodie Mountains, Sequoia National Forest. Scodie Canyon, at the end of the US Fish and Wildlife Ecological Reserve
CAS-BOT94917CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWenk, R. C.; Hopkinson, P.; Hammond, M.; Brownsey, P.7152008-03-24 OrangeChino Hills S.P., S Ridge Road west of San Juan Hill, W of Equestrian Staging Area
CAS-BOT94918CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWenk, R. C.6602007-04-21 VenturaLos Padres N.F., San Emigdio Mountains, along Cerro Noroeste Road, E of Valle Vista campground
CDA0040038CDAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT.C. Fuller81901962-04-11 San BernardinoWest side of Sterling Street, 0.2 miles north of 5th Street, San Bernardino.
CDA0044088CDAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. Beyers10572014-05-20 KernNorth of Tehachapi Mountain (approximately 3.2 crow miles); edge of Water Canon Road near a campgrounds entrance. Tehachapi Mountains.
CDA0053209CDAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaStu RichardsonK05141000-C2008-05-14 KernBLM - Erskine Creek, Kern Co. Stand is located on a steep slope with a SW exposure. Stand is dotted with outcrops with rocky soil. Associated taxa Encelia actonii. 3939227 N, 369388 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 35.588157, -118.441681). Elev 945 m.
CHSC26035CHSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWesley O. Griesel1962-04-29 Los AngelesArroyo Seco near Brookside Park, Pasadena.
CHSC35470CHSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson85971973-03-18 Riverside16 (air) miles E of Temecula, 2.9 miles E of Aguanga along Hwy 71.
CHSC40016CHSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. B. Parish1941-07-18 San BernardinoFoothills of the San Bernardino Mts.
CHSC95702CHSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross21402005-04-28 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region: Ridgeline to Mt. Emma and canyon south of this ridge. West from Mt. Emma (northwest trending ridge, lower part of ridgeline starts to turn southwest.) East of Mt. Emma Road. Near 34.45 N, 118.08 W to 34.46310N, 118.07530W. Than dropped off ridge into canyon bottom back to origin. T4N R12W, 11wS1, 6, NE1-4 of 1, NW1-4 of 6) Alt. 1235-1413m-4052-4635 ft. General collecting started from a slight decline bench south of the ridgeline. USGS Quadrangle: Pacifico Mtn. 1:24,000
CSLA008225CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDieter H. Wilken3171965-06-29 RiversideOne mile north of Poppet Flat along County Route 1, San Jacinto Mtns.
CSLA008229CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJohn Prigge91971-04-30 Los AngelesW. of Fillmore, 0.1 N. of jct. of Hwy. 23 & Sycamore Cyn. Rd. on Hwy. 23.
CSLA008230CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWesley O. Griesel1962-04-29 Los AngelesArroyo Seco near Brookside Park, Pasadena.
CSLA008232CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Kieffer551971-06-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel foothills N of Pasadena near Millard Canon
CSLA008235CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. Bellve14-871970-04-18 Los Angelesca. 2 W of Palmdale, 2 mi. E. of jct. of Elizabeth Lake Rd. on Johnson Rd., Portal Ridge in Angeles Nat. Forest.
CSLA008236CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson22371966-04-16 Los AngelesSoledad Canon; along Escondido Canon Road, 1 mile NW of Hy 14
CSLA008238CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG. D. Brum41969-04-12 Los Angeles20 miles NW of Lancaster on Hwy. 138 in Antelope Valley.
CSLA008239CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJanice Ragsdale261972-05-26 Los Angeles12 N. of Topanga & jct. of Old Topanga Cyn. Rd. & Topanga Cyn. Blvd.
CSUSB90324CSUSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoy W. Martin780520-31978-05-20 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90430CSUSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoy W. Martin760519-21976-05-19 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90521CSUSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoy W. Martin770616-71977-06-16 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB93047CSUSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Earsom1975-05-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; San Bernardino Mountains. Willow Park area, Silverwood Lake
DAV323386DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChuck Hughes1722010-05-04 KernKern County: About 2 miles west of Highway 58.
DAV323387DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson22371966-04-16 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Soledad Canon, along Escondito Canon Road, 1 mile NW of Highway 14.
DAV323388DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant86991950-06-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: in Canon between Mentone and Forest Home.
DAV323389DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team3592008-07-16 KernKern County; Los Padres National Forest.
DAV323390DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team3532008-07-15 KernKern County; Los Padres National Forest.
DAV323392DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAntonio F. Machado8a1993-04-28 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Clarita Valley, east of San Francisquito Road, 0.3 mile north of Seco Canon Road.
DAV323393DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne322991963-05-05 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: near mouth of Cobal Canon, in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, 4 miles north of Claremont.
DAV323394DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne317231963-05-16 KernKern County: 10.7 miles east of Caliente.
DAV323395DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne317561963-05-16 KernKern County: 5 miles east of Alta Sierra.
DAV323396DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne371051967-06-25 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: San Gabriel Mountains, Evey Canon.
DAV323397DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCollector unknown2731923-05-22 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Plume trail, Eaton Canon.
FSC0018511FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJohn C. Meldeen; Jerry Ramsden101956-05-12 FresnoHwy. 180 on granite slope. N.E. slope above hwy. in shallow depressions & cracks in rock
FSC0018512FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJim Blake ; Crystal Erickson181962-04-18 Fresno1.6 mi from junction of dinkey creek rd and batch camp rd toward trimmer
FSC0018513FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara H. Brock941956-04-22 FresnoAt Hampton house, a ranch on Sand Creek Rd. 10 mi. nee. of Orange Cove. Foothill Foodland.
FSC0018514FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRichard Snedden70161960-05-21 Fresno2 miles below highway 180 on Miramonte cut off - highway 65.; Plants taken on the South side of the road.
FSC0018515FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChas. H. Quibell36671954-05-09 FresnoCa. 1000 1-3 - 1-2 way up s. slope of sw. point of basalt capped Big Table Mt. in its western-most sect. above the Winchell Cove sect. of Millerton Lake.
FSC0018516FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. J. Lindner, Jr.1955-05-08 TulareWoodlake end of bridge spanning Kaweah River. Bridge approximately 1-4 mile from intersection of Woodlake highway and State highway 198, one mile N.E. of Lemoncove.
FSC0018517FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSue Quibell; Chas. Quibell24381953-07-01 FresnoBorrowing pit at corner on 168, Big Crk. Grade, above Big Crk. at last view of penstocks.
GH01000186GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-03-31 San Diego[data not captured]
GH01000187GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1961-05-26 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH01000188GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1919-09-30 Ventura[data not captured]
GH01000189GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1939-06-16 Kern[data not captured]
GH01000190GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-07-18 Kern[data not captured]
GH01000191GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1882-05-01 Kern[data not captured]
GMDRC11741GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre412322019-04-17 Los Angeleswestern Transverse Ranges: Pacific Crest Trail at Pine Canon Rd, 2.2 miles west of Three Points, approx. 3 air miles south of Hwy 138
GMDRC11895GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre414862019-04-27 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: Banner Canon along Hwy 78 (Banner Grade), 6.6 miles east of Julian
GMDRC12093GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre418022019-05-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: slopes on west side of Silverwood Lake along Pacific Crest Trail, just below roadside view area along Hwy 138
GMDRC13072GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre431692020-05-15 KernSierra Nevada: Piute Mountains, south side of range along Jawbone Canon Rd - Geringer Grade switchbacks, 1.8 roac miles west of Pacific Crest Trail crossing
GMDRC13125GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre432992020-05-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Summit Valley in Horsethief Cyn watershed, just south of Hwy 138, west of exit Hwy 173, 0.6 air miles from NW shore of Silverwood Lake
GMDRC13273GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre435992020-06-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: north slopes south of Silverwood Lake, just south of Hwy 138 in Sawpit Cyn drainage, on Edison service road
GMDRC13642GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre440112021-05-06 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: vicinity of Pine Creek Trailhead, 1.3 miles SE of Guatay, 2 miles NW of Pine Valley
GMDRC6578GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre305352012-06-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: along Hwy 243, 10.7 mi. south of Interstate 10 (Banning); SB Natl. Forest
HSC214907HSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD.H. Wilken3171965-06-29 Riverside1 N of Poppet Flat along County Rte. 1, San Jacinto Mtns.
HSC214908HSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.F. Thorne611591985-05-18 San DiegoSanta Rosa Plateau: along the road down Cottonwood Canon
IRVC15468IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. W. Rundel10601962-05-05 Los Angeles-x{20 Wash - southeast corner of Pomona College.
IRVC15591IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCharles W. Sextons.n.1974-05-10 VenturaDough Flat Observation Site, Sespe area.
IRVC19846IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Powll12991977-04-09 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, at N fork. 17 miles W Patterson.
IRVC27259IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman88292003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain Wilderness Area (BLM property): southwest of Dulzura: vicinity of Sycamore Canon.
IRVC2857IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.S. Boughey2401968-04-16 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Lower Modjeska Canon, Fleming property.
IRVC2858IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.S. Boughey; Pat Pembrook10511965-06-15 OrangeSaddleback Mt. near Grotto Springs, Modjeska Peak.
IRVC2859IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. Van Condens.n.1965-05-09 OrangeSilverado Canon.
IRVC2870IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-61963-05-27 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts.: below Hemet Hwy. Slope draw, granite soil. Mixed chaparral with scrub oak, sycamore, and annual ground cover.
IRVC2871IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-1621963-06-02 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center-Hemet Hwy
IRVC2872IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-231963-05-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center to Hemet Hwy. Slope NW-10 degrees lower, granite soil. Scrub oak chaparral.
IRVC2873IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-455,4721963-06-14 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns.: Idyllwild-Banning Hwy. Slope N-20 degrees.
IRVC2874IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-161963-05-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center to Hemet Hwy. Slope NW-10 degrees lower, granite soil. Scrub oak chaparral.
IRVC2875IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-281963-05-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center to Hemet Hwy. Slope NW-10 degrees lower, granite soil. Scrub oak chaparral.
IRVC30416IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMichael Simpson23822003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mtn watershed; Mine Cyn, ca. 0.7 N of Marron [Valley] Road.
IRVC8260IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. W. Goodalls.n.1968-04-06 MaderaSan Joaquin Experimental Range, near coarse gold
IRVC8261IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. W. Goodalls.n.1968-04-06 MaderaSan Joaquin Experimental Range, near coarse gold
JEPS122472UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre305352012-06-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; along Highway 243, 10.7 miles south of Interstate 10 (Banning), San Bernardino National Forest. Lake Fulmor 7.5 Q.
JEPS4022UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCharlotte N. Smith6491942-06-11 Kernabout one-fourth mi southerly from the White Sawmill (near the road from Lumreau Creek to the Pettit Ranch, ne from the Basket Peak, abt northerly from Basket Pass); w side Greenhorn Mountains, fr Lumreau Creek to Pettit Ranch
JEPS4023UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. N. Smith2761941-04-03 Kernnear Poso Mine (Poso Creek, Greenhorn Mountains); Greenhorn Mountains, Poso Creek, near Poso Mine
JEPS69536UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFrank W. Peirson1541918-06-04 Los Angelese Rubio Canon (San Gabriel Mountains);, e of Rubio Canon
JEPS69537UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFrank W. Peirson3841919-04-19 Los AngelesPacoima Canon San Gabriel Mountains, Pacoima Canon
JEPS69538UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWalter Fry1381914-01-01 TulareSequoia National Park
JEPS69539UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWalter Fry641913-07-01 TulareSequoia National Park
JEPS69540UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. Van E. Ferguson341917-05-28 San DiegoMesa Grande
JEPS69541UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1929-05-10 Santa BarbaraCanon, Cuyama Valley, Camp Ozena (Cuyama Valley, n Santa Barbara Co.)
JEPS69542UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1929-07-07 Santa BarbaraBig Pine Santa Barbara Region,, Big Pine (San Rafael Mts.)
JEPS69543UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. W. Harshberger1925-08-15 TulareMiddle slopes Alta Peak
JEPS69544UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. B., W. F. Parish1882-05-01 San Bernardinofoothills of San Bernardino Mts.
JEPS69545UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH., M. Dearing14111937-05-27 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Portrero, Salisbury Portrero (Santa Ynez Mts.)
JEPS69546UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson67361916-04-14 KernRowen, Rowen (Tehachapi Mts.)
JEPS69547UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson67401916-04-14 KernRowen Tehachapi Mts., Rowen
JEPS69548UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson71701917-05-26 Kernlower slopes Bear Mt., lower slopes Bear Mt. (Tehachapi Range)
JEPS69549UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson128551928-05-20 MaderaFresno Flats
JEPS69550UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson15151901-05-29 San DiegoKootka, Kootka (= Cootca) (Palomar)
JEPS85777UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoy E. Buck9571988-06-15 Fresnosw slope of ridge along CA Hwy 180 ca 4.8 road mi e Dunlap Road jct. (ca 2.2 air km sw of Fox Spring, 3 air km ne of Dunlap); sw slope Pine Ridge
JEPS97768UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnnetta M. Carter18291947-05-18 San DiegoSummit of Hot Springs Mtn.
JEPS99297UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClare B. Hardham16241957-04-07 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain
LA00624399LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDavid Bradbury3711971-05-12 San DiegoField on Stokes Canon Rd. near Morena Reservoir
LA00624404LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarry A. Prigge75831987-05-09 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; San Bernandino Mts, SW slopes of Morton Peak: ca 3.5 air mi. ENE of Mentone on ridge between Mill Creek and Morton Canon
LA00624408LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO. H. Kappler11761946-04-28 Santa Barbara10 miles south of Surf
LA00634605LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.M. Johnson43691934-03-16 Los AngelesSimi Hills; Johnson′s Ranch beyond Chatsworth.
LA00634606LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaArthur C. Gibson49582003-05-01 Los AngelesSimi Hills; China Flat
LA00642248LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaArthur C. Gibson45372005-03-10 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Santa Rosa Trail
LA00642320LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler41940-05-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W-fork Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon; N slope
LA00647822LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Sauer62531983-05-15 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near Stokes Canon
LA00647823LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.M. Johnson41011932-05-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Brent′s Mountain; Crag′s Camp
LA00647824LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary V. Hood42-25k*1942-04-26 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Tapia Park; unspecific
LA00647826LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaW. O. Griesels.n.1936-04-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Sepulveda Canon
LA00647828LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary Reynolds1551937-05-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; at mouth of Malibu Creek
LA00647829LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1929-05-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topango [Topanga] Canon
LA00647831LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler2571941-05-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Cold Creek; North slope, Las Virgenes Canon; Near Malibu Fire Station headquarters
LA00647832LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBruce Douglas Clayton211972-03-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mountain Park Research Campus; firebreak E of upper canyon entrance
LA00647833LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBruce Douglas Clayton351972-03-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mountain Park Research Campus; N end of Drawbridge firebreak
LA00647834LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBruce Douglas Clayton361972-03-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mountain Park Research Campus; N end of Drawbridge firebreak
LA100912LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler38631980-06-07 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Corte Madera Ranch; Pine Valley
LA102237LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJohn C. Roos55851952-04-27 RiversideSan Timoteo Canon in Redlands
LA103317LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJonathan Sauer54611973-05-12 KernGreenhorn Mountains, above Rattlesnake Creek
LA103477LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarry A. Prigge71081986-04-27 Los AngelesSierra Nevada; Tehachapi Mountains; 0.4 mi. E of Gorman on Lancaster Road
LA103964LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarry A. Prigge71081986-04-27 FresnoSierra Nevada; Mill Creek; within 1 mi. of Kings River
LA200747LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJonathan Sauer62531983-05-15 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near Stokes Canon
LA201779LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaArthur C. Gibson48662001-05-18 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Big Sycamore Canon; Point Mugu State Park; near waterfall
LA202019LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaArthur C. Gibson50282003-02-01 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Santa Rosa Trail
LA202768LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Warrens.n.1952-05-08 Los AngelesUniversity of California, Los Angeles; near Hershey Hall
LA202769LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. Bellers.n.1926-03-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near Calabasas
LA206504LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS.B. Parish63651907-05-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; S of San Bernardino Mountains
LA206506LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDoris Daw21940-05-07 Los AngelesElizabeth Lake
LA206507LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDoris Daws.n.1940-04-22 Los AngelesArroyo Seco
LA206508LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1938-04-09 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mt
LA206509LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1920-05-01 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Ranges; Mint Canon
LA206520LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC.B. Wolf77751936-04-26 Los AngelesSouth Coast; San Fernando Valley, W side of Burbank at Victory Blvd and Elm Ave
LA206521LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC.B. Wolf77751936-04-26 KernUpper San Joaquin Valley. Tejon Ranch, Tejon Creek, 4.40 mi above Ranch Headquarters
LA206523LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHarlan Lewiss.n.1969-05-06 Los AngelesGorman
LA34987LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary V. Hoods.n.1945-07-02 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; High Sierra trail, near Buck Creek
LA52326LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaElizabeth McClintocks.n.1936-04-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; at mouth of Malibu Creek
LA52327LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1931-04-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Los Alisos Canon
LA81933LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler1391941-03-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Tigertail, above Brentwood
LA88496LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler9221945-06-16 San DiegoPalomar Mountain; road to Henshaw Dam
LOB101880LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.E. Fisher, Mark Porter, Sandy Namoff, Nick Jensen5382018-05-23 OrangeCleveland National Forest, Trabuco Dist, Main Divide Truck Trail, just East of Pleasants Peak
LOB101881LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMelvin Kunkle891972-04-21 Orange1 mile north of Upper San Juan Campground, off Ortega Hwy.
LOB101882LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. H. Blankenship801975-04-19 Kern7.5 miles from Highway 178 on Rancheria Rd.
LOB101883LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDale McMahons.n.1975-04-19 Kern3 mi from Hwy 174 on Rancheria Rd.
LOB101885LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPeter H. Ravens.n.1960-04-02 Los AngelesDecker Canon 1.5 miles N of Coast Highway
MACF031031MACFGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFay A. McFadden110521933-06-15 Los AngelesStar Canon, Berduyo Hills
OBI147981OBIGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDavid Keil266761998-04-09 San Luis ObispoUSFS trailhead area on Hwy 1 NE of Tepesquet Canon Rd.
OBI147982OBIGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDavid Keil270501998-05-04 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest. Just S of junction with Hwy 58 on Red Hill Rd. T29S R16E S1-2 S17.
PGM273PGMGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaYadon, Vern1962-05-28 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cruikshank Tr, 1-4 mi above trail head
PGM842PGMGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaYadon, Vern1970-05-10 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, Salmon Cr Tr 0.75 mi from Hwy 1
POM10175RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz38571920-05-15 San DiegoFallbrook.
POM10417RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCharlotte M. Wilders.n.1907-04-06 RiversideWhitewater Ranch
POM10428RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaReeds.n.1996-04-24 RiversideRiverside.
POM10441RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. A. Zumbro951898-07-01 San BernardinoSan Bernandino Mountains.
POM122410RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-06-20 Riverside20 miles north of Idyllwild.
POM13004RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz54341922-05-19 RiversideHemet Valley, San Jacinto Mountains.
POM145934RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. R. Abrams119701927-05-02 KernBetween Hobo and Democrat Hot Springs. Kern River Canon.
POM155824RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. L. Bryan82 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, near Santa Monica.
POM156140RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. R. Abrams37391903-05-24 San DiegoNear Campo.
POM17535RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. B. Feudge61923-04-12 San BernardinoWest end of Little Mountain.
POM17826RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz70731923-06-14 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains: Santiago Peak.
POM199558RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokey44761929-03-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
POM202281RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz132131934-05-01 VenturaUpper Sespe Creek, north of Wheelers Hot Springs.
POM21153RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. A. McGregors.n.1918-06-20 San DiegoJulian.
POM230760RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokey68181933-03-13 KernArvin.
POM256716RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaW. Pequegnats.n.1940-05-24 OrangeModjeska Flat.
POM280072RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson30821932-03-12 KernGreenhorn Mountains, Mt. Breckenridge road, Kern River drainage.
POM280075RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson58641934-04-15 VenturaSierra-Madre Mountains, Ventura-Maricopa vicinity.; Sierra-Madre Mountains
POM282247RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson36431932-06-05 KernGreenhorn Peak, 5 mi. E of Glennville.
POM293636RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson124681947-05-20 San BernardinoRoad to Rim of World Drive above San Bernardino.
POM304920RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHenry J. Ramsey3211938-08-06 TulareMineral King. [Tehama County incorrectly cited on label.]
POM305754RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHenry J. Ramsey9391937-06-27 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest: Bear Creek, north of Pacoima Reservoir.
POM307529RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHenry J. Ramsey24211938-04-10 Santa BarbaraNorth of Lompoc.
POM308753RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoxana S. Ferris106861942-07-17 TulareHalfway between Silver City and Mineral King. Sequoia National Forest.
POM3478RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. L. Crawfords.n.1915-06-27 Los AngelesBear Canon, Claremont.
POM3504RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. F. Bakers.n.1904-04-22 Los AngelesMonrovia.
POM3517RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnson Lisks.n.1903-05-01 Los AngelesCollected near Pasadena.
POM3526RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. T. Streets.n. RiversideTemecula Canon.
POM3531RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. B. Parish113061917-06-05 San BernardinoHighland. San Bernardino Valley.
POM3532RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. M. Johnstons.n.1917-05-06 Los AngelesEvey Canon, north of Claremont.
POM3654RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. F. Illingworth631898-04-01 Los AngelesClaremont Canon.
POM46988RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary F. Spencer11521919-05-26 San DiegoMesa Grande.
POM50043RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA. D. E. Elmer39161902-05-01 Santa ClaraSan Antonio Valley.
POM50153RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. R. Abrams13531901-04-01 Los AngelesChatsworth Park.
POM65671RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaNorman Stiners.n.1897-06-28 San DiegoMorena [Village-Reservoir, near Potrero].
POM6928RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz28221919-05-30 San BernardinoDark Canon Road, near Pine Crest.
POM6977RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz24801919-04-19 Los AngelesLone Hill, San Dimas.
POM74778RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMarcus E. Jones102801903-05-20 KernTehachapi.
POM75104RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMarcus E. Jones102611900-07-19 San BernardinoClarks. San Bernardino Mountains.
POM7628RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-15 San BernardinoSan Antonio Mountains. Canon Valley, Canon Pass.
POM7633RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-17 San BernardinoVictorville.
POM78915RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. M. Johnstons.n.1925-07-08 San BernardinoBaldy Lookout hills.
POM8769RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz33081920-03-13 Los AngelesPuddingstone Canon, San Dimas
POM96378RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Jaegers.n.1925-05-25 San DiegoNellie
POM96612RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz100171926-04-04 Los Angeles2 miles north of Saugus.
POM96943RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz94091925-04-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon.
POM96984RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. D. Keck991925-05-01 San DiegoSan Felipe Creek at Banner.
POM97005RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz104251926-05-02 Riversideabout rocks, 5 miles NW of Dripping Spring
POM97034RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz89621925-03-19 KernNorth base of Tehachapi Pass.
POM97044RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz96441925-05-15 San Diego4 miles SE of Buckman′s Springs.
POM97183RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. D. Keck361925-05-17 San Diego1 mile east of Warner′s Ranch
PUA30274PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1971-08-19 AlpineLocal landmark: stanislaus River. Dardanelles Cone Quad.
PUA64138PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1986-05-26 FresnoLocal landmark: Pine Ridge. Shaver Lake Quad.
PUA64956PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1986-05-23 TulareLocal landmark: Kaweah River. Giant Forest Quad.
PUA65240PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1986-06-07 KernLocal landmark: Bald Eagle Peak. Isabella Quad.
PUA68164PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1988-08-12 San BernardinoLocal landmark: Little Mill Creek. Harrison Mtn. Quad.
RSA0034370RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA. C. Sanders338042007-05-15 KernTehachapi Mountains: steep SW-facing slopes above Crane Canon, c.1 mile SE of Castac Lake.; Lebec 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0039742RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross66302014-06-10 FresnoMonarch Wilderness; Trail 30E01 (forest service, guide to the Monarch & Jennie Lakes Wilderness map). Off Highway 180, along the South Fork of Kings River. Deer Cove Creek to Deer Cove Saddle, where a trail branches off to Choke Creek.Started near 36.80 N 118.71 W. Ended near 36.82590N 118.72246W.
RSA0060601RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross71002015-04-15 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy.McConica Ranch Property; Along the river wash, between a short distance from the end of S. Hallock Drive, and end of Willard Road, south of Highway 126. East of Santa Paula.; Santa Paula 7.5 quad.
RSA0064462RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErika M. Gardner6482014-03-22 KernScodie Mountains; Kiavah Wilderness. Cholla Canon, about 0.35 (air) miles northeast from Cholla Well.
RSA0064463RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErika M. Gardner3722013-06-02 KernAbout 0.60 miles south of PCT-4x4 road and 1.10 miles northwest from the end of Sage Canon Road.; Horse Canon 7.5
RSA0064464RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErika M. Gardner14682015-05-24 KernAbout 1 mile north of the PCT-McIver′s 4x4 road. Head of Scodie Canon.; Horse Canon 7.5
RSA0064465RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErika M. Gardner8522014-04-26 KernScodie Canon. At the end of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ecological Reserve.; Onyx 7.5
RSA0074214RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokeys.n.1935-05-04 VenturaSespe Creek.
RSA0076389RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant93731954-04-27 San Luis ObispoMountains E of La Panza.
RSA0076390RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPaul C. Silva12121947-03-30 San Luis Obispo4 miles east of Cuyama Post Office, Cuyama Valley.
RSA0077199RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCNPS-SSNF Team80092011-04-22 KernPrivateWindwolves Wildlife Refuge; foothills of the San Emigdio Mountains, about 2.1 air miles SW of the town of Grapevine.; Grapevine
RSA0077392RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta8091992-09-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Oak Spring Trail; Tujunga Ranger District. Near nothern end of trail.
RSA0082508RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann62461961-05-24 KernGiegis Ridge.
RSA0082667RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann69611962-04-18 KernTejon Ranch: Oso Canon.
RSA0083761RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson200561985-05-31 San Bernardinoca. 20 air miles W of San Bernardino, 3 miles NW of Angeles Oaks, near junction of Deer Creek and Santa Ana River near Filaree Flat.
RSA0093982RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann62461961-05-24 KernTejon Ranch, Giegis Ridge.
RSA0093990RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf63501935-04-15 KernAlong Tejon Creek, Tehon Ranch, 4.4 miles above Ranch Headquarters.
RSA0095189RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta5521992-06-12 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region: Cow Canon, (Road 2N29 EA- from Saddle to 2nd main drainage).
RSA0098764RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. G. Swinney145012011-04-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Islip Canon, tributary of San Gabriel Cyn., from Hwy 39 to 0.4 mile upstream, NE of Morris Reservoir; Glendora 7.5 Q.
RSA0100236RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJessica Orozco10762015-05-03 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed.
RSA0101297RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJessica Orozco1422013-05-21 TulareTule River Indian Reservation.
RSA0101573RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJessica Orozco4902014-04-04 TulareTule River Indian Reservation, off main Reservation road, past the pavement, at the first major switch back.
RSA0113651RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross74662016-04-14 TulareCraig Ranch Road (Salt Creek) off Highway 198, east of Three Rivers. Collections along this road from 36.44 N 118.84 W to Cinnamon Gap, near 36.40771N 118.82811W.
RSA0119163RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPam De Vries81662016-05-21 KernLPNFOff Forest Route 9N19, about 1.6 air miles WSW of Escapula Peak.; Cuddy Valley
RSA0130766RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPam De Vries82312017-03-29 VenturaLPNFBallinger Canon OHV area, unnamed dry wash 1.75 air miles ENE of Ballinger Canon Campground.; Ballinger Canon
RSA0139678RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaNaomi Fraga53012015-04-07 Los AngelesThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Strumpel Parcel owned by The Nature Conservancy, Santa Clara River.; Acton
RSA0148595RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman329182017-04-11 San DiegoCanon: northeastern portion of Base just south of De Luz Road and east of De Luz Creek; Training Area Hotel: vicinity of the entry gate at De Luz Road. Atlas Square: C6.
RSA0154181RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJoy D. England16762017-04-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: eastern San Gabriel Mountains, Lone Pine Canon, along Sheep Creek Road ca. 100 yds. from its jct. with Swarthout Canon Road.
RSA0157769RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaEdward F. Anderson2190 San DiegoFallbrook.
RSA0173333RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman341412018-04-25 San DiegoCanon: northeastern portion of Base; Training Area Range 409A: East of Roblar Road at the bottom of the canyon; along Roblar Creek to the north of Roblar Canon Road.
RSA0179806RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJoy D. England20672018-05-09 Los AngelesTejon Pass region, Angeles National Forest, along Whitaker Peak Road near head of Ruby Canon, at communications facility just above junction with Whitaker Ridge Road (Rd. 6N53B).
RSA0210596RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFred M. Roberts85722018-05-18 OrangePeninsular Ranges. Santa Ana Mountains: Tributary to Upper Blind Canon, west of Upper Blind Canon Road, 3.4 km ESE Robbers Peak.; Black Star Canon 7.5′
RSA0419744RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVanessa Ashworth2321995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA0420413RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChristina Varnava8782020-06-23 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. 1-2 W of Pine Mountain Campground.
RSA0429811RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChristina Varnava3122019-06-20 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Chorro Grande Trail, approaching from Hwy 33.
RSA0429812RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChristina Varnava1212019-04-27 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Near a tributary of Sespe Creek along Middle Sespe Trail.
RSA102008RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Weatherby11451950-04-02 KernKern Canon, 2 miles from Democrat Springs on road to Breckenridge Mountain.
RSA107873RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSue Quibell24381953-06-01 Fresnocorner on 168. Big Creek, Grade, above Big Creek. On side of deep canyon of Big Creek.
RSA107939RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRichard Mallory1841954-03-28 FresnoOne third way up basalt talus on south facing slope of Big Table Mountain, northeast section at northwest corner of Auberry Valley.
RSA11014RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolfsw.n.1928-04-01 Los AngelesSanta Susanna Pass, 0.5 miles from summit.
RSA11029RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf15991928-03-29 Los AngelesCastaic; South base of Ridge Route road
RSA113960RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCharles B. Fiker35071946-06-03 San DiegoDuermit Ranch, near Julian.
RSA115623RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1956-05-16 Santa BarbaraBetween San Marcos Pass and Brush Peak, Santa Ynez Mts. area of the Refugio Pass Burn of 1955.
RSA11766RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. Lloyds.n.1933-05-13 Los AngelesTemescal canyon.
RSA118215RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann36771957-06-21 TularePortugese Pass Road, 5.1 miles east of Posey
RSA119293RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1956-05-15 Santa BarbaraSan Roque Canon, west of Lauro Reservoir, Santa Barbara.
RSA120288RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChas. H. Quibell36671954-05-09 FresnoBig Table Mt. in its western-most sect. above the Winchell Cove sect. of Millerton Lake
RSA12292RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. D. Stark56671934-04-15 San Diego4 miles from Bonsall on road to Moosa Canon.
RSA12331RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf57061933-06-27 Fresnoalong Mill Creek. 3-10 mi above Miramonte on rd. to Gen. Grant Park.
RSA123816RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoxana S. Ferris133571958-06-25 Fresnoca. 5 mi. above Barton Flat, on road to Cedar Grove, above Kings River canyon
RSA124873RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClare B. Hardham46761959-05-29 Santa BarbaraEight miles north of Manzana Camp Ground, San Rafael Mountains.
RSA124970RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClare B. Hardham43901959-05-04 VenturaMunson Creek, Rte. 399.
RSA128239RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann52381959-05-21 KernGreenhorn Range: Southwest flank of Bohna peak.
RSA128241RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann52941959-06-02 KernTecuya Ridge [mountain]
RSA15071RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDaniel Clevelands.n.1881-05-01 San DiegoFallbrook.
RSA150752RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler7541962-05-11 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Potrero.
RSA150753RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler5591962-04-16 Santa BarbaraBallinger Canon about 1 mile E of US highway 399.
RSA150775RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. A. Piehl62981962-05-10 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Potrero, Sierra Madre Mts. (S of Cuyama)
RSA150845RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler8201962-06-08 KernNear Mt. Abel Road about 15 miles E of Reyes Station.
RSA152186RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWesley O. Griesels.n.1962-04-29 Los AngelesArroyo Seco near Brookside Park, Pasadena.
RSA156141RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. R. Abrams38821903-06-25 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
RSA15991RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf68951935-05-21 VenturaSanta Ynez Mts., Ojai to Cuyama Valley Road, North Fork. of Ventura River, 1.7 mi. above Wheelers Hot Springs, Wheeler Gorge Camp. Ft.
RSA16480RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPercy C. Everett72271935-06-19 RiversideMain Divide Motorway, Bear Spring
RSA166020RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler11901963-05-31 Santa BarbaraNear Escondido Canon Canon Pendola Flat road about 3.3 miles down from Romero Canon saddle on north slope of Santa Ynez Mts.
RSA166885RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley22631958-05-09 Los AngelesHills 2 miles east of Gorman
RSA166887RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley22491958-05-07 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain
RSA17136RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf77751936-04-26 Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley, West side of Burbank at Victory Blvd. and Elm Ave.
RSA172170RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne317231963-05-16 Kern10.7 miles E of Caliente. Piute Mountains.
RSA172279RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne317561963-05-16 Kern5 miles E of Alta Sierra.
RSA180617RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann95621964-06-10 KernTecuya Ridge
RSA185797RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJosephine Randalls.n.1908-05-01 San MateoCorte de Madera Canon near Alpine Road Santa Cruz Peninsula
RSA186932RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann121561966-05-10 KernHigh slope west of Spanish Needle Creek.
RSA187076RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann122381966-05-20 KernLoop Ranch: summit of the high ridge 5 miles NW of Tehachapi.
RSA187867RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne361951966-04-28 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: roadside S of golf links, Avalon Canon
RSA191137RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne371051967-06-25 Los AngelesEvey Canon
RSA191244RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne370421967-06-08 Tulare5.7 miles WNW of Milo on Blue Ridge above Milo Fire Station on road to Yokohl Valley.
RSA191675RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne356031965-03-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains, Along Highway 154 SE from San Marcos Pass at high voltage power line.
RSA192344RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. W. Lathrop62741966-05-09 Riverside3 miles SW of Murrieta between Mesa de la Punta and Sandia Canon.
RSA20211RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaTheodore Paynes.n.1938-05-17 Los AngelesFrom seed obtained between Glendale and Montrose.
RSA20212RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaTheodore Paynes.n.1938-05-17 Los AngelesFrom seeds collected near Glendale
RSA221056RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. W. Lathrop64391966-05-08 Riverside3 miles SW of Corona. Hagador Canon, Cleveland National Forest. Trabuco District.
RSA222952RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGerald L. Benny4581971-05-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; Day Canon.
RSA225719RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne397061971-05-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Near mouth of Fish Canon.
RSA225875RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne409101971-07-07 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest: Near San Sevaine Cow Camp.
RSA225980RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne397421971-05-22 Los AngelesFish Canon.
RSA226224RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGary D. Cromwell6601971-05-14 Los AngelesOn west side of canyon mouth, about 1300. Mystic Canon, Angeles National Forest, San On southeast-facing slope to west of canyon mouth, about 1350 feet. Mystic Canon, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mtns.2 miles NE of Glendora, CA.Gabriel Mts. 2 NE of Glendora.
RSA233565RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne421281972-06-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Sevaine Cow Camp
RSA251011RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJack Delaini1801974-05-09 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon area.
RSA263678RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. W. Lathrop69291968-05-22 RiversideMain Divide Truck Trail between El Carriso and Santiago Peak, Cleveland National Forest.
RSA278313RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. W. Tilforth17991979-05-18 RiversideAlo Hwgy 243, 3.5 miles south of Banning at turn-off to Mt. Edna.
RSA282928RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. W. Tilforth19611980-05-23 San BernardinoRoad south of entrance road to Silverwood Lake, E of Canon Canon.
RSA29729RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheeler7901932-05-28 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA303693RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne533691979-07-12 San BernardinoCanon branch at Skyland near Crestline at headwaters of Waterman Canon.
RSA304906RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. R. Shevock7501971-03-07 VenturaLake Piru.
RSA314459RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne554701983-04-23 RiversideSan Bernardino Mountains: side canyon on W side of Whitewater Canon, ca. 3.3 miles N of Whitewater Post Office.
RSA31507RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1946-05-25 VenturaCamino Cielo. (Ventura River Basin.)
RSA333762RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne542701980-06-02 San BernardinoSan Bern. Mts: near Mojave River, S of Hesperia and 5.2 miles N of junction of Silverwood Lake and Hesperia roads.
RSA343872RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne611591985-05-18 San DiegoSanta Rosa Plateau: Along road down Cottonwood Canon.
RSA346582RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarry Burnell3961971-05-09 San BernardinoLytle Creek Road 1-2 mile above the Pennstock Firebreak. Lytle Creek to Pacific Slope drainage.
RSA347558RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. A. Prigge69771986-03-20 Los Angeles0.4 miles east of Gorman on Lancaster Road
RSA369685RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. A. Prigge71081986-04-27 FresnoMill Creek, within 1 mile of Kings River; Sierra Nevada.
RSA43407RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1947-04-06 VenturaBurn above Kennedy Canon.
RSA450540RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. A. Prigge75831987-05-09 San BernardinoSW slopes of Morton Peak: 3.5 miles ENE of Mentone on ridge between Mill Creek and Morton Canon.
RSA470056RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheeler5891932-04-09 Los Angeles1 W mouth Kings Canon, near Elizabeth Lake.
RSA470071RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheeler10011932-07-22 San BernardinoSquint′s Ranch, Deep Creek, San Bernardino Mts.
RSA470075RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheeler7681932-05-27 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. 1-4 W. of Thompson Creek Dam.
RSA470076RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheeler7901932-05-28 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA470203RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRuth Herleys.n.1976-03-05 Los AngelesNear Dekker Ranch in recently burned area.
RSA470204RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCameron Blake9531962-06-02 Los AngelesOff Angeles Crest Hwy, ca. 5 N of La Canada
RSA470205RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert Gustafson4111977-04-20 Los AngelesEscondido Cyn. Road, about 1 NE of junction with Agua Dulce Cyn. Road.
RSA470206RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert Gustafson9961978-06-01 Los AngelesCa. 0.5 mile east off main dirt road running through Hungry Valley, summit of hills overlooking upper Freeman Canon, ca. 1 mile S of Gorman.
RSA470207RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFlorence Collinss.n.1942-02-27 Los AngelesGriffith Park Planetarium.
RSA470208RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnonymouss.n.1922-05-01 Los AngelesVicinity of Los Angeles.
RSA470209RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert M. Perkinss.n.1935-03-17 VenturaSanta Susana
RSA470210RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1896-05-01 Los AngelesNewhall.
RSA470211RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1892-06-14 Los AngelesWilson′s Peak
RSA470212RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1890-04-10 Los AngelesFoothills, Los Angeles.
RSA470213RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1890-04-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
RSA470214RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1914-05-01 Los AngelesLa Crescenta.
RSA470215RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1908-05-14 Los AngelesSierra Madre.
RSA470216RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1895-05-06 Los AngelesManzana.
RSA470217RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidson25001929-04-13 Los AngelesCold Brook, San Gabriel Canon.
RSA470218RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1971-06-30 Los AngelesHollywood or Toluca.
RSA470219RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidson23941910-05-01 Los AngelesSierra Madre, Cal.
RSA470220RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.2005-05-06 VenturaHueneme.
RSA470221RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidson14581906-05-12 Los AngelesProvidencia Ranch, Hollywood.
RSA470222RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidson17981908-05-01 Los AngelesHollywood.
RSA470223RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1998-06-24 RiversideBetween Shaver′s Well and Desert Center.
RSA470224RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN. C. Cooper21931945-05-01 Los AngelesTapia Park area, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA470225RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN. C. Cooper36191949-04-19 Los AngelesNewhall.
RSA470226RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSlocum42581949-04-27 Ventura[County unknown; filed under Ventura] Los Padres National Forest.
RSA470227RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGale Sphon3381959-05-10 Los AngelesAbout 3.5 miles west of Soledad Canon turnoff on Highway 6, Mint Canon.
RSA470228RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeo Cantwells.n.1930-05-01 Los AngelesMint Canon.
RSA470229RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFordyce Grinnell, Jr.s.n.1910-04-01 Los AngelesSan Rafael Hills, Pasadena.
RSA470230RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1931-05-14 Los AngelesPacoima Canon, Angeles National Forest.
RSA470231RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaParkdale Schools.n.1929-05-18 Los AngelesLos Angeles River.
RSA470232RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFay A. MacFaddens.n.1931-03-29 Los AngelesTuna Canon, Verdugo Hills.
RSA470233RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. C. Templetons.n.1939-04-26 Los AngelesHuntington Palisades, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA470234RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. C. Templetons.n.1930-06-17 Los AngelesFranks [Franklin] Canon, north of Beverly Hills.
RSA470235RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. C. Templeton14611931-05-19 Los AngelesMint Canon, San Gabriel Mts.
RSA470236RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. C. Templeton10281930-04-08 Los AngelesOne mi. no. of Elizabeth Lake.
RSA470237RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. C. Templetons.n.1931-03-29 Los AngelesMandeville Canon.
RSA470238RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFreda Detmerss.n.1931-04-28 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Hills.
RSA470239RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. Eplings.n.1931-03-18 Los AngelesLos Alisos Canon.
RSA470241RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAgatha1831938-04-10 Los AngelesCampus.
RSA470242RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSamuel R. Tysons.n.1942-05-07 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon.
RSA470243RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHoward Mullinss.n.1931-03-15 Los AngelesSanta Susana. [pass?]
RSA470244RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames B. McNairs.n.1934-05-01 Los AngelesVerdugo Woodlands, N. Glendale
RSA470245RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeo L. Moxley3181915-05-09 Los AngelesLow hills
RSA470246RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeo L. Moxley3181915-05-08 Los AngelesCota, near Long Beach.
RSA470247RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChristopher Davidson25511975-05-25 Los AngelesCa. 1 NE of Old Ridge Route (8N04) on rd 7N23 to Liebre Mountain. Angeles Nat. For
RSA470248RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChristopher Davidson17371973-03-26 Los AngelesEscondido Canon Rd, ca. 1 NE of jct with Agua Dulce Rd.
RSA470249RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1931-05-18 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon.
RSA470250RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. E. Hoffmans.n.1929-05-14 Los AngelesPacoima Canon, Angeles National Forest
RSA470251RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOra M. Clark17991929-03-29 Los AngelesEast of Sandberg.
RSA470252RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOra M. Clark19151929-03-30 Los AngelesWest of Lancaster.
RSA470253RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJeannette B. Edges.n.1934-05-05 San BernardinoTwo miles east of Forest Home, California.
RSA470254RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFreda Detmerss.n.1931-05-10 San BernardinoLytle Creek Canon [canyon].
RSA470255RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAloys Nicholsons.n.1930-05-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., Canon Pass.
RSA470256RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMargaret Muchmores.n.1930-06-16 San BernardinoNear Arrowhead Lake.
RSA470257RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaUra J. Jensen291949-05-28 San Bernardino2 W [of] Crestline.
RSA470258RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidson22141901-07-01 San Bernardino7 Oaks. San Bernardino Mountains.
RSA470259RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMartha Hilend2591928-04-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley Canon Pass area near Devore Station.
RSA470260RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaW. B. McDougals.n.1930-04-26 KernEast Mojave
RSA470261RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJulian P. Donahues.n.1973-06-03 KernPiute Mountains, Rancheria Creek.
RSA470262RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. E. Hasse17211907-06-14 KernTehachapi Mountains.
RSA470263RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. B. Dunkle5255-a1938-04-23 KernRound Mountain.
RSA470264RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. Zigmond759-8031919-04-12 KernTehachapi cut-off to Jawbone Canon.
RSA470265RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1935-04-27 OrangeCorona Del Mar.
RSA470266RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. B. Dunkle35791933-05-30 OrangeSanta Ana Canon.
RSA470267RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN. C. Cooper13651944-06-04 RiversideElsinore Mountain; Lookout at top.
RSA470268RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClaire Kibbes.n.1936-07-01 OrangeSanta Ana Canon.
RSA470269RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN. C. Cooper12211944-05-21 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, West side
RSA470270RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN. C. Cooper16251945-05-24 RiversideBig Oaks Canon, Banning.
RSA470271RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN. C. Cooper14301944-06-17 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountain. West side.
RSA470272RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJean Carnines.n.1932-02-28 RiversideSanta Ana River
RSA470273RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1916-04-01 RiversideBetween Banning and Palm Springs
RSA470274RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN. C. Cooper41241949-06-03 San DiegoCuyamaca State Park.
RSA470275RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN. C. Cooper15001944-07-02 San DiegoPalomar Mountain. Upper Campground.
RSA470276RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidsons.n.1925-05-01 San DiegoEl Monte Park.
RSA470277RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. B. Dunkle5315 RiversidePalm Springs
RSA470278RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. S. Spaldings.n.1925-06-09 San DiegoLaguna Mountains; Road to Monument Peak
RSA470279RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHelen V. Witham1351969-06-19 San DiegoWest slope of Middle Peak, Cuyamaca.
RSA470281RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. R. Fosberg77001932-03-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Smuggler′s Cove
RSA470282RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaK. K. Muller10231960-05-19 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero, near Salisbury Potrero. Sierra Madre Mountains.
RSA470283RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1965-03-28 Santa BarbaraChapala and Figueroa Streets, Santa Barbara.
RSA470284RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnstruther Davidson16541908-07-01 TulareSequoia National Forest.
RSA470285RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFrances Holzwarts.n.1929-05-04 VenturaOjai Valley near Lyons Springs.
RSA482080RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaK. K. Muller10231960-05-19 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero, near Salisbury Potrero. Sierra Madre Mountains.
RSA483575RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. Charlton19721988-05-21 RiversideThomas Mountain Rd, from North to South. West of Garner Valley and South of Lake Hemet on Hwy 74
RSA487183RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG. A. Levin17351986-06-07 San DiegoHot Springs Mountain, along Hot Springs Mountain Road 6.2 miles north of BIA road 42, Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.
RSA48943RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. F. Smith7411944-04-09 Santa BarbaraColony on Jesuisita Trail, Mission Canon, in foothills overlooking Santa Barbara, coastal slope of Santa Ynez Mts.
RSA48944RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. F. Smith12371945-04-19 Santa BarbaraAlong trail in Rattlesnake Canon in foothills overlooking Santa Barbara, coastal slope of Santa Ynez Mts.
RSA48945RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant87021949-04-28 VenturaOn highway 101 seven miles south of Oxnard.
RSA48946RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant87051949-04-28 Ventura1.5 miles below Wheeler Hot Springs on highway 399.
RSA48947RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant84901948-05-10 FresnoHwy 180, 4.3 miles east of Squaw Valley in Kings Canon
RSA48948RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant8481b1948-05-09 TulareKaweah River, 0.5 miles east of Three Rivers.
RSA48949RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant84841948-05-10 FresnoGrassy slope on granite soil in Kings′s Canon, 12.2 miles east of Squaw Valley.
RSA48951RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant84731948-05-08 KernRidge of granitic sand on east slope of Greenhorn Mountains, near summit of road from Kernville to Glenville. Alt. 3500 ft.
RSA48952RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz131861949-05-13 KernWest slope of Greenhorn Mountains, east of Glennville on road to Kernville.
RSA48953RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz133421949-05-21 KernKern River Canon, 1-2 mile south of Tulare county line
RSA48954RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant84721948-05-08 KernGranite roadcut between Kernville and Johnsonville [Johnsondale?] near Kern-Tulare county line.
RSA48955RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant84681948-05-08 Kern17 miles west of Isabella in Kern Canon.
RSA48956RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz131591949-05-12 Kern1.5 miles from Kernville road, east slope on road to Greenville [Glenville?]; Greenhorn Mts.
RSA489579RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames L. Reveal65541987-06-24 VenturaPine Mountain on ridge east of Reyes Peak Campground, Los Padres National Forest, about 16 airline miles NNW of Ojai and 7 miles ESE of California Hwy 33.
RSA49106RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz131591949-05-12 Kern1 mile from Kernville road on east slope of Greenhorn Mountains.
RSA49108RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz133421949-05-21 KernKern River Canon, 1-2 mile south of Tulare county line
RSA49112RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz131861949-05-13 KernWest slope of Greenhorn Mountains, east of Glennville on road to Kernville.
RSA491783RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames L. Reveal67931988-05-17 Los AngelesAlong the Bouquet Canon Road east of Bouquet Reservoir, 3.1 miles east of the junction of Green Valley (or Spunky Canon) Road and 3.3. miles southwest of the junction of Elizabeth Lake Road (County Road N2) in Leona Valley.At the junction of San Franciscito Road at the Angeles National Forest boundary.
RSA507943RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd22611988-05-28 RiversideCahuilla Mountain, west of Anza, mostly along the crest.
RSA516991RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter60691986-04-22 Tulareca 1 N of Kern Co. line in Kern River Canon N of Kernville, E side of road.
RSA518092RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. F. Smith102001969-06-07 Santa BarbaraPt. Arguello.
RSA518983RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter74751988-05-23 Los AngelesPine Canon Rd along San Andreas fault on N side of San Gabriel Mts (Co Rd N2)
RSA523920RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG. H. True1691935-03-27 Los AngelesFoothills. 5 miles southwest of Palmdale.
RSA525315RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaW. Wisura44861991-04-27 Los Angeles3.3 mi S of Lancaster Rd. on Munz Ranch Rd. Antelope Valley.
RSA525422RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd45301990-05-03 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, Vail Lake area, rolling terrain at jtn of Hwy R3 and Powerline Road, NE of the lake.
RSA526176RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd46781990-05-11 RiversideVail Lake area, Arroyo Seco drainage, canyon bottom at N base of Wild Horse Peak, SE of Dripping Springs campground of Cleveland National Forest.
RSA543745RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd60491991-05-02 RiversideVail Lake region, SW & W flanks of Billy Goat Mountain, 3 miles N Hwy 79, 1 mile W of Hwy 3 N of Aguanga.
RSA548866RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFred M. Roberts40291988-06-02 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Silverado Canon. Maple Springs Truck trail. 4.3 km above gate, 1.0 WSW Bald Peak.
RSA554167RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMegan Phillips91-81991-06-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Hwy 189 (Arrowhead Hwy), near Blue Jay; adjacent to Pine Crest Camp.
RSA559955RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd70661992-04-23 RiversideSan Mateo Canon Wilderness Area, along San Mateo Creek from Riverside Co. line, following San Mateo Trail upstream to the confluence with Bluewater Canon.
RSA562470RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd72761992-05-06 San DiegoSouthern Santa Ana Mountains, San Mateo Canon Wilderness Area. South side of Miller Mountain along Miller Canon, the major drainage on the southern flank of the mountain.From Road 8S02 upstream to the area of contact between lower granitic and higher basaltic rocks.
RSA562542RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd80041993-04-23 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mountains, north of Sylmar and south of Santa Clarita, within the Tujunga Ranger District of the Angeles National Forest. Western edge of the Forest, upper portion of ridge on southern side of Whitney Canon.
RSA563406RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann25381959-05-21 KernGreenhorn Range: Southwest flank of Bohna peak.
RSA563469RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. Charlton53641991-06-06 KernSkyline Drive Bear Valley, hilltop SW of Tehachapi.
RSA570061RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross48881991-04-30 Los AngelesCanonfluence of Fish Canon and general vicinity; Whitaker Peak 7.5
RSA570177RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross47911991-04-29 Los AngelesParker mountain and ridge to SW: SW of Acton and NNE of Ravenna.; Acton 7.5 Quad.
RSA575396RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. G. Swinney24991993-07-16 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains. 1.2 mi SE San Sevaine Flats well on Big Tree Truck Rd (San Sevaine Rd.); Devore 7.5
RSA578294RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross76621994-05-04 Los AngelesNortheast summit of Grass Mountain: north slopes draining toward Elizabeth Lake; south slopes toward Green Valley.; Lake Hughes Quad.
RSA579802RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross78541994-05-24 Los AngelesNortheast summit of Grass Mountain: north slopes draining toward Elizabeth Lake; south slopes toward Green Valley.; Lake Hughes
RSA581008RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJamie Kneitel261995-04-15 Los AngelesGorman, 0.5 mi. east from Interstate 5
RSA584167RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. G. Swinney24591993-07-14 San BernardinoLytle Creek Canon, unnamed side canyon from the W, 2 N of San Sevaine Road near the Hitching Ranch.; Devore
RSA586875RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. L. Banks02941995-05-03 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. N slope of Agua Tibia Mtn., E of the Dripping Springs Alcove Area, along the lower alluvial benches of Arroyo Seco.; Vail Lake
RSA587314RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. L. Banks06391995-06-13 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, W slope of Agua Tibia Mountain, SSW of the Crosley Saddle.; Vail LakeN branch of upper Agua Tibia Creek, at the confluences of two large drainages from the E. North of the wilderness boundary.
RSA590551RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross71661993-05-19 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestWestern San Gabriel Mtns: ca.80m S of Wilson Canon Saddle along old loop road; San Fernando 7.5
RSA59068RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG. R. Campbell145921950-04-17 Los AngelesEscondido Canon, on road to Malibu Lake, 7 miles from Hwy Alt. 101.
RSA59129RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG. R. Campbell145721950-04-16 Ventura2.5 miles above Wheeler Hot Springs, N.W. of Ojai.
RSA591909RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheeler92711967-05-02 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains. North side of northwestern most end of foothills (of San Gabriel Mts.) between Bouquet Junction and Bonelli Ranch.
RSA593001RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd87311996-04-25 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, southwestern flank of Liebre Mountain, north side of Cold Canon along Forest Service Road 7N23 ca 1.1 road miles N of jtn with 7N22.; Liebre Mountain
RSA594964RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross83771995-04-26 Los AngelesSouthwesterly slope of Liebre Mountain along Forest Service Road 7N23; ca 3900 ft SW of Sandberg Triangulation Point (5345 ft).; Liebre Mountain 7.5
RSA595170RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd86861996-04-25 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, Knapp Ranch area at upper end of Castaic Creek drainage in broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canon, south of Liebre Mountain.; Liebre Mountain
RSA596692RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. G. Swinney47571996-06-01 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains: ridgetop NW of Grande Cielo Buffalo Ranch. W of Canon Wash and S of Swarthout Canon Road.
RSA597366RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross35631990-06-18 San BernardinoEpipactis Canon. Un-named canyon draining ENE to Lone Pine Canon, originating near E end of Upper Lytle Creek Ridge. [Sheep Creek Truck Road, 2N56, drops NEward through the lower half of this canyon]; Canon 7.5
RSA597450RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross85011995-05-04 Los AngelesTexas Canon: ca 2.65 road miles NE of Bouquet Canon Road.; Green Valley 7.5
RSA598466RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. F. Smith88021965-06-15 VenturaAlong sandy bank in chaparral on Pine Mountain Rd., W of Reyes Peak.
RSA59880RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant88111950-06-01 Santa BarbaraPlants grown in Stanford from seeds collected in Yellow Pine forest at Public Campground on Figueroa Mt.
RSA599258RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd94331997-03-31 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Knapp Ranch area at upper end of Castaic Creek drainage in broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canon, south of Liebre Mountain; Liebre Mtn
RSA599496RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd93211997-03-25 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Upper end of broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canon, southern base of Liebre Mountain, at end of dirt road leading 1 km northeast of Knapp Ranch.; Liebre Mountain
RSA599516RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd94691997-04-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Upper watershed of Osito Canon between Interstate 5 and the Old Ridge Route, vicinity of Osito Flat, a distinctive, open grassy break in slope under the high tension power lines.; Liebre Mtn
RSA599848RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd97641997-05-06 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Fish Canon just upstream from the confluence with Castaic Creek.; Whitaker Peak
RSA599901RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheeler16981933-05-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Fish Canon
RSA59991RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant86991950-06-01 San BernardinoPlants grown in Stanford from seeds collected in Coastal Sage Scrub in Canon between Mentone and Forest Home.
RSA600407RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd96411997-04-30 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains Region: About the confluence of Bear Canon and Pine Canon, between the southern flank of Liebre Mountain and northern flank of Red Rock Mountain, southwest of Gillette Mine.; Liebre Mtn
RSA602639RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. Pitzer26881996-04-20 Los AngelesWestern Mojave Desert Antelope Valley, north side of Hwy 138 (Ave. D), c. 2 mi. west of Neenach (c. 30 mi. west of Hwy 14).
RSA607026RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheelers.n.1968-05-24 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Northwest slope of Smith Mountain, along Bear Creek Trail.
RSA611633RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd101151998-03-24 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Plum Canon southwest of Cruzan Mesa along Arline Road ca 2 miles west of junction with Sierra Highway in Mint Canon.; Mint Canon
RSA6151RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf50151933-06-26 Tulare2.5 mi below Canon, Upper Tule River
RSA617086RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary DeDecker30591973-03-18 KernSierra Nevada: South Fork Kern River east of Lake Isabella.
RSA617473RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaScott D. White67641998-06-23 Los AngelesSoledad Canon area; proposed quarry area N of Soledad Canon. Road, S of I-14 freeway, E of Bee Canon and W of Agua Dulce Canon.; Agua Dulce Quad
RSA618171RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. L. Banks20151997-05-05 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: Pechanga Indian Reservation, east of San Gabriel Church along Pechanga Road, east of its intersection with Pechanga Creek.; PechangaEast of where the road crosses to the southern bank of the south fork of Pechanga Creek.
RSA618590RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheelers.n.1973-04-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: North of Mill Canon off Soledad Canon near Ravennna.
RSA628623RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSandy Leatherman131998-05-23 OrangeBlack Star Canon: Spur Road off of Black Star Canon Road.; Black Star Canon 7.5
RSA633321RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne380811969-06-24 RiversideSan Bernardino National Forest, San Jacinto Mountains: Above James Reserve in Hall Canon.
RSA63392RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant8481b1948-05-09 TulareKaweah River, 0.5 miles east of Three Rivers.
RSA63394RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant84681948-05-08 Kern17 miles west of Isabella in Kern Canon.
RSA63395RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant85781948-05-23 RiversideNear Hemet.
RSA63396RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant87021949-04-28 VenturaOn highway 101 seven miles south of Oxnard.
RSA63717RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant87051949-04-28 Ventura1.5 miles below Wheeler Hot Springs on highway 399.
RSA648043RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta6801992-07-13 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Los Pinetos Spring Canon Trail.
RSA649284RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDebi Jones311982-05-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., Hwy. 38; 7 mi. from mid Mentone.
RSA653687RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie L. Soza8692000-05-10 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, north side: Verdugo Crestline Dr., N of La Tuna Canon and S of Pasko Park. Fire road south of Verdugo Crestline Dr. from fire gate to powerlines to peak 1936.; Burbank
RSA653741RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie L. Soza8952000-05-12 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, northwest side: Northwestern end of Verdugo Crestline Drive from New Home Avenue, Sunland. Ridge east of 210 Fwy and west of fire road, south (above) water tank.; Sunland
RSA653782RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Bogdanoff-Lord201989-05-21 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest: 3.9 miles NNE of the intersection of Base Line & Mills, Claremont, on west side of Mt. Baldy Road.
RSA653851RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie L. Soza7582000-04-25 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, south side: Above Burbank, Wildwood Canon, west of Wildwood Canon Road. Trail along ridgetop to Forester Grove, Radio Towers, and Verdugo Mtwy.; Burbank
RSA656061RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson197931985-03-30 Los AngelesCa. 3 air mi. nnw. of Newhall in proposed North Hills development just north of Santa Clara River and just e. of San Francisquito Creek
RSA656169RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJoseph M. Keefe221561977-06-11 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Trail to Water Caves, south fork of Engleheard Canon, one km south of Camp Max Straus, Glendale.
RSA656360RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson19825b1985-05-12 San BernardinoCa 12 air mi. NW of San Bernardino in lower Lytle Creek Wash 2-4 N of Interstate 15.
RSA657346RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Keeling191980-05-26 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains Region: 1-2 mile east of dam, Childs Canon, end of Allen St., Glendale.
RSA660776RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLaura Moore412000-06-08 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; La Tuna Canon Park. Off La Tuna Canon Road, on Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Land.; Burbank
RSA67075RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant160041951-06-01 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon.
RSA67076RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAlva Grant160071951-06-03 Los AngelesOn south slope of Cow Canon, 1.9 W of jct. with San Antonio Canon Road.
RSA67077RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant160101951-06-04 RiversideSmall canyon 2 mi. s. of Temecula on Hwy 395.
RSA67078RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant160151951-06-04 San DiegoPalomar Mountain.
RSA67103RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant84831948-05-09 TulareKaweah River, 0.2 mi. e. of Three Rivers
RSA67104RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant8481-B1948-05-09 TulareKaweah River, 0.5 miles east of Three Rivers.
RSA672033RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Mark Porters.n.2002-05-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Cedar Pines Park, along Crest Forest Drive at the junction of Mojave River Road.
RSA67269RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant91011952-04-21 VenturaCuyama-Ojai road just SE of Santa Barbara county line.
RSA67270RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant90941952-04-21 Los AngelesCa. 10 mi. s. of Gorman on Tejon Pass Rd.
RSA67623RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz163381951-04-14 Kern4.9 miles S of Hwy 166 on Hwy 384, toward Mt Pinos.
RSA67708RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant175801952-04-23 Los AngelesFoothills, s. side of Antelope V., rd. to Lake Hughes.
RSA678392RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie L. Soza13752002-04-03 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestWest side of Bouquet Canon, canyon opposite Texas Canon. Stables Fire 2001 area.; Mint Canon
RSA678430RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-05-07 San BernardinoArrowhead Grade, San Bernardino Mts.
RSA6813RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf47361933-05-16 Fresno1 mile below Miramonte on road to Dunlap.
RSA682665RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross10832003-06-19 Los AngelesNorth side of mountains: South of Hostetter Motorway (On the Thomas guide) just off La Tuna Canon Road, south of and you can see the 210 freeway.; Burbank 7.5
RSA685575RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. H. Wilken160842003-05-14 VenturaEast Fk of Derry Crk, ca. 1 linear km NNE of confluence with Sespe Crk at St Hwy 3 Near 34.59185N, 119.25 W.
RSA691041RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. P. Rebman73342001-05-10 San DiegoBetween Guatay and Pine Valley; near Pine Creek Trailhead southwest along trail to Pine Creek Wilderness; west of Pine Valley.
RSA695241RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. H. Wilken160212003-04-24 VenturaApache Canon, ca. 2.1 linear km ENE of junction of Apache Canon Road and State Highway 33.
RSA695752RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDana York6171996-04-26 FresnoCa. 79 km E of Fresno, 5.6 W-NW of Boyden Cave, Yucca Pt. Trail above the S Fork of Kings River.
RSA697015RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDana York21811998-07-03 FresnoCa. 87 km E of Fresno (FSC), Sequoia National Forest, Monarch Wilderness, 48 N of Boyden Canon the N side of Kings River canyon
RSA697060RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross10572003-06-17 Los AngelesSouth side of mountains: Brand Canon, above the large waterfall, where the canyon forks off.; Burbank 7.5
RSA6982RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf46921933-05-14 TulareNorth Fork Tule River, 0.5 mile above Milo; West slope Sierra Nevada.
RSA700200RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. P. Rebman93892003-07-15 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna.
RSA701681RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd114972004-06-08 VenturaLos Padres National ForestTopa Topa Mountains, Tar Creek, east of its confluence with Sespe Canon near point where stream is crossed by Tar Creek Road trail.
RSA704334RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. P. Rebman79622002-05-06 San DiegoKelley-Rebman Ranch at 565 Anderson Truck Trail on northwest side of Viejas Mountain: approx. 2 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine.
RSA704762RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. P. Rebman88292003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain Wilderness Area (BLM property): San Ysidro Mountains; southwest of Dulzura: vicinity of Sycamore Canon.
RSA704823RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. P. Rebman92562003-06-05 San DiegoViejas Mountain: northwest side along northern trail which originates off of Anderson Truck Trail-West Boundary approx. 1.8 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine.
RSA705173RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Mark Porter144112005-05-23 San BernardinoCanon Pass, San Bernardino National Forest; Lone Pine Canon Road.
RSA705175RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Mark Porter144132005-05-23 San BernardinoCanon Pass, San Bernardino National Forest; Lone Pine Canon Road.
RSA705657RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Mark Porter143542005-04-24 San DiegoBetween San Diego (El Canon) and Tecate, along Hwy. 94, at the 36.50 mile marker; near Barrett Smith Rd.
RSA708481RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. M. Moe22552002-04-16 KernFt. Tejon State Park. Above lower Johnson Canon.
RSA709789RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross21402005-04-28 Los AngelesRidgeline to Mt. Emma and canyon south of this ridge. West from Mt. Emma (northwest trending ridge, lower part of ridgeline starts to turn southwest.) East of Mt. Emma Road.; Pacifico Mtn. 7 Near 34.45864N, 118.08 W to 34.46310N, 118.07530W. Then dropped off ridge into canyon bottom back to origin.
RSA710037RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp7531A2002-04-23 MaderaWestern Sierra Nevada foothills: 2.5 N of Oakhurst along CA-41Mt St. Helena
RSA710707RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie L. Soza16272003-04-11 Los AngelesBrand Park vicinity, head of Brand Canon, alongside Brand Park Mtwy, north side of powerline tower.
RSA711158RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. P. Rebman89282003-05-09 San DiegoHauser Canon Wilderness Area (USFS property), north of Hauser Mountain: southwest of Morena Lake and northwest of Canon Corners; on a lower, north-facing slope along Hauser Creek.
RSA71797RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirson3841919-04-19 Los AngelesPacoima Canon, west end of San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA71798RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirson50341924-07-29 RiversideBanning to Idyllwild road, San Jacinto Mountains.
RSA71818RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirson47051923-05-21 Los AngelesSouth face of San Gabriel Mountains. Fish Canon
RSA71819RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirson54971925-03-19 KernNorth slope of Tehachapi Mountains.
RSA71820RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirson28311921-04-21 Los AngelesTrail below Sycamore Flat, on way to San Dimas, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA71821RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirson88371930-05-13 KernRiver embankment, Kern River.
RSA71822RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirson88531930-05-14 KernRoad from Kernville to Glenville, east slope of Greenhorn range.
RSA718233RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. G. Swinney35301995-04-22 San BernardinoLower Lytle Creek Ridge, 1.5 miles SW of junction of Swarthout Canon Rd. and Applewhite Rd., c. 0.8 mi. east of Glenn Ranch.; Canon
RSA71886RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirsons.n.1919-02-12 Los AngelesField near foot of Lukens Trail, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA71887RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirson9291908-07-09 TulareTule River
RSA71901RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. W. Peirson9161903-03-28 Los AngelesBenedict′s Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA719273RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. G. Swinney35721995-04-29 San BernardinoWest of Canon Wash and south of Hwy 138, c. 1 mile SSW of Canon Junction, off FS road 3N49.; Canon 7.5 Quad.
RSA7195RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf50561933-06-27 Fresnoalong Mill Creek. 3-10 mi above Miramonte on rd. to Gen. Grant Park.
RSA72065RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert L. Dressler7091949-04-23 Los AngelesCa. 15 mi. w. of Vincent.
RSA723110RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross26872007-05-08 VenturaLos Padres National ForestEast of Topatopa Mountains: Sespe Wildlife Area. (Condor Sanctuary) Dough Flat, end of road (Goodenough road) from the town of Fillmore. Beyond Dough Flat the road has been reverted to a hiking trail.; Devils Heart Peak 7.5′General collecting from Dough Flat near 34.52 N, 118.89 W, to where the road had been washed out, crossing Redrock Creek near 34.53070N, 118.89483W.
RSA724531RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaK. Dobryd-6701991-05-22 Los AngelesSoka University NE section. Santa Monica Mts. 1 mi East of Las Virgenes Rd off Muholland Hwy.
RSA724532RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaK. Dobryd-6711991-05-22 Los AngelesSoka University NE section. Santa Monica Mts. 1 mi East of Las Virgenes Rd off Muholland Hwy.
RSA724533RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaK. Dobryd-6721991-05-22 Los AngelesSoka University NE section. Santa Monica Mts. 1 mi East of Las Virgenes Rd off Muholland Hwy.
RSA729734RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. G. Swinney69791998-06-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns.: ridge c. 400 m SE of summit of Lookout (Antonio) Mtn.; Mt. Baldy 7.5
RSA732968RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDaniel Williford202004-07-10 San DiegoFox Outdoor School, SW of entrance, 3.5 miles NW of Lake Henshaw, Highway 76, Santa Ysabel.
RSA736137RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRosemarie Zimmermann3381964-01-05 Los AngelesE. side of U.S. Hwy 99. About one mi. S. of Labec Lodge. s. of Castac lake.
RSA737702RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross33462008-05-06 Santa BarbaraEast end of the San Rafael Mountains: Upper reaches of Santa Barbara Canon, south from the mouth of Alamo Canon. Off Big Pine Road. Area within the Dick Smith Wilderness.; Fox Mountain 7.5′From near 34.77 N, 119.57 W to 34.76376N, 119.57038W.
RSA741207RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaScott D. White11,9602008-05-15 RiversideUSFSSan Jacinto Mountains: Garner Valley, NW of Fobes Ranch Rd and NE of Hwy 74, valley bottom.; Idyllwild
RSA742093RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPeter L. Morrell2261993-05-01 RiversideSan Bernardino Mtns.: c. 30 W of Whitewater Canon Rd. along stream bed (upstream), 3.3 miles N of I-10.; White Water 7.5
RSA746490RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPam De Vries72512009-04-07 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mtns. Region; Ballinger Canon 7.5 USGS quadrangle; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; ca. 1.10 air miles ENE of the junction of Cerro Noroeste and Klipstein Cyn Rd.
RSA746579RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Mark Porter149852009-04-28 VenturaNorthwestern side of Apache Potrero, on the south side of County Road 95 (Cerro Noroeste Road) at Valle Vista Campground.
RSA746586RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Mark Porter149912009-04-28 KernBitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, 0.2 mi (o.32 km) north of County Road 95 (Cerro Noroeste Road) along an abandoned dirt road.
RSA748919RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPeter L. Morrell4611995-05-04 RiversideAgua Tibia Wilderness Area, 2.4 mi. (air) WSW of Radec; Vail Lake 7.5
RSA749230RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne395591971-05-24 FresnoCa. 1.5 miles below Tollhouse, wooded slope of valley.
RSA749309RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFred M. Roberts51951999-04-22 OrangeLomas de Santiago: ridges between Limestone Cyn. and Santiago Creek wash opposite mouth Williams Cyn., 2.0 km SE Silverado Sch. and 2.2 W Bolero Lookout.; El Toro
RSA749432RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFred M. Roberts68962008-04-14 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.: Upper Weir Cyn., east fork, 3.1 km E Robbers Peak, Irvine Ranch Conservancy.; Black Star Cyn.
RSA752274RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJustin M. Wood5102009-04-22 Los AngelesPrivateCity of San Dimas, Sycamore Canon, Falcon Ridge Ranch.; Glendora
RSA752639RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAmber Maurice32003-04-24 Los AngelesGorman Pass, Tejon Ranch.
RSA753986RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDoug Tolbert700521-021970-05-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: Lytle Creek Road, 2.8 miles from junction with Devore road. Across streambed from Hwy, up spur canyon near waterfall
RSA755272RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaStephen Hill333532001-04-22 Los AngelesNorth side of San Gabriel Mts., south side of Antelope Valley, Johnson Road, 6.2 miles NNE of junction with Elizabeth Lake Road, 3 miles S of junction of Avenue I and 110th Street West.
RSA755959RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta23052008-04-04 Los AngelesNorth of State Hwy 14 along Southern California Edison Transmission Line in the vicinity of Tuckerway Ranch Road (Segment 5, structure 58 per TRTP survey; 2008)
RSA756875RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta23232008-04-04 Los AngelesNorth of State Hwy 14 along Southern California Edison Transmission Line in the vicinity of Peaceful Valley Road (Segment 5, structure 54 per TRTP survey; 2008).
RSA761573RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross46462010-05-24 KernUS Fish and WildlifeBitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; Far west end of the San Emigdio Mountains. Unit # 3. Surveyed the middle drainage north of Pelato Peak.; Ballinger Canon 7.5′Started by saddle southeast of Pelato near 34.91 N, 119.40 W. Traveled north, east of the peak, then finished at Cerro Noroeste Road, near 34.93626N, 119.40217W.
RSA763551RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDoris Bowers17471971-07-04 San BernardinoDeep Creek, San Bernardino Mts. Found on road to Deep Creek.
RSA767062RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. P. Rebman195522010-06-12 San DiegoEast of Campo; along Shockey Truck Trail approx. 1.75 miles north of the USA-Mexico border; on Bureau of Land Management lands
RSA768449RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross47232010-06-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSurveyed Forest Service Road (1N72) from Glass Road NE of Barton Creek, [from] 34.17 N, 116.90 W. High bench above the southern side of the Santa Ana River to 34.17894N, 116.89166W.; Big Bear Lake 7.5
RSA769708RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. W. Lathrop74451973-06-28 RiversideBear Springs on the Main Divide Truck Trail, 1 mi E of Santiago Peak, Cleveland National Forest.
RSA770700RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta48062010-04-12 RiversideWhitewater Cyn. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes below Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm).
RSA771114RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta49292010-04-13 RiversideTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains region: Whitewater Canon. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes 1-2 miles above Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm).Between N34.019 W116.68175 N34.01041 and W116.67141.
RSA771695RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta46912010-04-12 RiversideTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains region: Whitewater Cyn. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes below Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm).Between N33.975 W116.65161 N33.97538 and W116.65119
RSA772127RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta48292010-04-13 RiversideWhitewater Canon. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes 2-3 miles above Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm); between N34.025 W116.69098 N34.02135 and W116.68712.
RSA774891RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta50322010-04-13 RiversideWhitewater Canon. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes 0-1 miles above Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm); between N34.004 W116.67238 N33.99629 and W116.66010
RSA776280RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaThomas Stoughton8822011-03-29 RiversideBLMHaugen Lehmann exit, Pacific Crest Trail up into canyon east of Cottonwood Canon; White Water
RSA783253RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. D. Olmsted34561962-05-02 RiversideIn small arroyo north of turn from US 60 to Gilman Hot Springs, San Timoteo Badlands
RSA796519RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne497291977-05-18 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains: Bear Spring [east slope of Santiago Peak].
RSA84883RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG. Thomas Robbins32971950-04-02 KernAbove Kern River, about 1 mile northeast of Isabella.
RSA84897RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1946-04-20 VenturaBurn near Kennedy Canon.
RSA84898RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1946-05-25 VenturaCamino Cielo. (Ventura River Basin.)
RSA84899RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. C. Foster3251937-06-02 Los AngelesEvey Canon, Foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, northeast of Claremont.
RSA85117RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. C. Roos55851952-04-27 RiversideSan Timoteo Canon south of Redlands.
RSA86604RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant93661954-04-27 Santa BarbaraFloodplain in Ballinger Canon, Cuyama Valley.
RSA95517RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. T. Howell279751951-07-19 TulareMonarch Lakes trail.
RSA97648RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. T. Howell263241950-05-20 TulareThree Rivers
SBBG158416SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne361951966-04-29 Los AngelesSanta Canon Cyn, S of golf links
SBBG158417SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. R. Fosberg77001932-03-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Smugglers Cove
SBBG159383SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. B. Salvato33152008-04-22 Los Angeles[SW of ] Neenach in Antelope Valley, S of Hwy 138 W of 265th St, slopes W of Pine Cyn
SBBG161405SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDenise Knapp2018-1612018-05-06 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre; Buckhorn Road; northeast from middle of stretch between Potrero and Cox flat.
SBBG162041SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert Gustafson4111977-04-20 Los AngelesEscondido Canon Road, about 1 mile NE of the junction with Agua Dulce Canon Road.
SBBG172085SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Burgess111512019-04-18 VenturaTopatopa Mtns, Foothill Trail ca. 0 W of Pratt Trail, Los Padres National Forest
SBBG178249SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaStewart H. Burnham1894-06-10 MaderaRaymond
SBBG186037SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaKatherine K. Muller10231960-05-19 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero near Salisbury Potrero
SBBG186038SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. P. Broughton11791967-05-19 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa Blvd between Vandenberg Village and Hwy 1
SBBG186039SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. E. Allen1965-03-16 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Romero Cyn
SBBG186040SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. E. Allen1965-05-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: upper Rattlesnake Cyn, Santa Barbara
SBBG186041SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. E. Allen1965-03-26 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; between Pendola Flats and Mono Flats
SBBG186042SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. E. Allen1965-03-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; Camino Cielo ca. 1.5 mi E of upper Painted Cave Rd
SBBG186043SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. W. Edge3221973-04-23 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley: Hwy 166 ca. 35 mi E of US Hwy 1 New Cuyama
SBBG186044SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeota Davidson2311966-03-19 Los AngelesAgua Dulce Cyn, off Soledad Cyn
SBBG186047SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDonald Myrick16221967-06-09 San Bernardinobelow Crestline on Miller Cyn Rd to Lake Arrowhead
SBBG186048SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHenry M. Pollard1962-05-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; Arroyo Burro Trail
SBBG186049SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHenry M. Pollard1963-07-02 VenturaTaylor Ranch, ca. 1 W of Ventura River
SBBG186050SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Smith, E. Neese, P. Douglas, E. Painter, C. Popolizio, N. HastingsHL13151995-04-04 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Oak Flat, ca. 0.3 km E of Nacimiento River, ca. 2.3 km S of Woodrow Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG186051SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. Neese, E. PainterHL16081995-05-17 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: lower Sulphur Spring Cyn, ca. 4 W of Jolon Crk, ca. 7 N of San Antonio River; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG186052SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. Wilken w- E. Painter160212003-04-24 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Apache Cyn, ca. 2.1 linear km ENE of jct of Apache Cyn Rd and St Hwy 33
SBBG186053SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. Orrill1942-05-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Cold Springs Cyn
SBBG186054SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1925-05-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Knapp′s Lodge
SBBG186055SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1925-04-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Riviera, Santa Barbara
SBBG186056SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1930-05-10 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Zaca Lake
SBBG186057SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. Bartholomew1937-05-08 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Mono C.C.C. Camp
SBBG186058SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. Bartholomew1938-06-08 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Big Pine
SBBG186059SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. Bartholomew1939-05-12 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Little Pine
SBBG186060SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1931-05-03 Los AngelesBouquet Cyn
SBBG186061SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1930-06-06 Los AngelesLiebre Station, Ridge Route [historic site]
SBBG186062SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaNoraine Meng1965-05-02 Kern3 W of Wofford Heights, edge of Evans Rd
SBBG186063SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaNoraine Meng3531967-06-10 Kernjust above Poso Crk bridge near jct St Hwy 155 and Jack Ranch Rd
SBBG186064SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. and M. Dearing14121937-04-24 Santa BarbaraBuckhorn Cyn, Tepusquet Cyn
SBBG186065SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaIra W. Clokey68201935-05-02 VenturaSespe Crk
SBBG186066SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1930-04-28 KernBodfish
SBBG186067SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1929-04-26 Venturanear Camulos
SBBG186068SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. N. Ackley8041927-04-10 KernMaricopa to Taft
SBBG186069SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1931-04-28 Los Angelesupper Bouquet Cyn
SBBG186070SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. Benson30821932-03-12 KernBreckenridge Mtn
SBBG186071SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. Wilken w- E. Painter160842003-05-14 VenturaE Fk of Derry Dale Crk, ca. 1 linear km NNE of confluence with Sespe Crk at St Hwy 33
SBBG186072SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Burgess79492008-05-10 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Bear Cyn, Mine Camp Trail
SBBG186073SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Burgess56372003-04-05 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; N border of Sespe Condor Sanctuary, Bucksnort Trail, between Bucksnort Springs and Ant Camp
SBBG186074SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley43141961-05-03 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Zaca Ridge Rd, NE of Zaca Pk at the head of Sulphur Springs Cyn
SBBG186075SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley45101961-06-29 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; saddle between East and West Big Pine Mtn
SBBG186076SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley22491958-05-07 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Figueroa Mtn
SBBG186077SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley22631958-05-09 Los Angeles2 mi E of Gorman
SBBG186078SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley40191961-04-15 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Santa Cruz Trail on Oso Crk
SBBG186079SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler21751965-05-07 Santa BarbaraBallinger Cyn, ca. 1 mi E of Hwy 33
SBBG186080SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler23211965-05-18 Santa Barbaramesa between Bates Cyn and Schoolhouse Cyn
SBBG186081SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler29061966-05-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Cherry Crk Cyn Rd, ca. 1 mi in from Hwy 33
SBBG186082SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler33901967-03-19 VenturaHwy 33 ca. 3 mi above Sespe Gorge (upper Sespe watershed)
SBBG186083SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler24551965-06-15 Venturanear start of trail to Reyes Pk from Reyes Pk Rd
SBBG186084SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler8201962-06-08 Kernnear Mt Abel Rd [Cerro Noroeste Rd] ca. 15 mi E of Reyes Station
SBBG186085SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler7101962-05-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; Juncal Public Camp
SBBG186086SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler5001962-04-08 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: near De La Guerra Springs Camp
SBBG186087SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler7051962-05-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: near Pendola Flat Rd between Escondido Cyn and Santa Ynez River
SBBG186088SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler5591962-04-16 Santa BarbaraBallinger Cyn, ca. 1 mi E of Hwy 33
SBBG186089SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler7541962-05-11 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Potrero
SBBG186090SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAdam J. Searcy2142018-05-09 Santa BarbaraAlamar Creek.
SBBG186091SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAdam J. Searcy2232018-05-09 Santa BarbaraDutch Oven - Puerto Suelo crossing Alamar Trail.
SBBG186092SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Burgess104892017-05-11 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; upper Sespe Valley, vicinity of Potrero John Cmpgrd
SBBG186093SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann95621964-06-10 KernLos Padres National Forest; Tecuya Ridge
SBBG186094SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. and M. Dearing60281945-06-20 MaderaChepo Saddle Fire Rd, near Bass Lake
SBBG186095SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHenry M. Pollard1965-06-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; E fk Trail in Cold Spring Cyn
SBBG186096SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. J. Ayers w- S. A. Junak7621989-06-22 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest; powerline rd 0.3 mi SW of intersection with Tassajara Crk Rd, ca. 1.8 W of Hwy 101
SBBG186097SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Johnson, M. Boggs221986-05-11 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest; East Cuesta Ridge, ca. 12 N of San Luis Obispo, off US Hwy 101
SBBG186098SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. A. Piehl62981962-05-10 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Potrero
SBBG186099SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. and M. Dearing14111937-05-27 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Potrero
SBBG186101SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnuja Parikh, N. Gale32542010-06-02 Los AngelesSierra Pelona, 3.8 W of State Hwy 14, 2.2 km SW of California AqueductE Liebre Mts
SBBG186102SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnuja Parikh, N. Gale34592011-06-13 Los AngelesN of Aliso Cyn, 0.1 km E of Angeles Forest Hwy, 1.3 N of Aliso Cyn Rd; San Gabriel Mtns
SBBG186103SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith94971966-05-24 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest Manzana River above Nira Cmpgrd
SBBG186104SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith88021965-06-15 VenturaPine Mtn Rd, W of Reyes Pk
SBBG186105SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith99561968-05-28 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Santa Lucia Cyn on mesa, S of Burton Mesa Rd, N of Lompoc
SBBG186106SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith97461967-06-09 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest lower Lost Valley Cyn, on way to Hurricane Deck
SBBG186107SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith102001969-06-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: back of headland at Pt Arguello
SBBG186108SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith123301992-04-15 Santa BarbaraPurisima Hills: old Buell Ranch in upper Dry Crk area, NW of Buellton
SBBG186109SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith93521966-05-24 Santa BarbaraColson Cyn near Tepusquet Cyn Rd
SBBG186110SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDenise Knapp2018-3872018-06-19 Santa BarbaraMission Pine Trail Junction.
SBBG186111SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDenise Knapp2018-1972018-05-07 Santa BarbaraTinta trail; dry bench above dry streambed
SBBG186112SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Burgess75562007-05-27 Venturaupper Sespe drainage, above Chorro Grande Creek on E side Hwy 33, Los Padres National Forest.
SBBG186113SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. Douglas, E. PainterHL3161994-05-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: W of to N and NE of head of Basket Spring Drainage, ca. 3 NNE of Alder Pk, ca. 2.5 W of Round Spring; USFS-Ft Hunter Liggett interface
SBBG186114SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith123131992-04-15 Santa Barbarard of Canada de la Laguna, ca. 1 mi off Hwy 2 W of Buellton
SBBG186115SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClare B. Hardham16241957-04-07 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mtn
SBBG186116SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClare B. Hardham20031957-05-20 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Hurricane Deck
SBBG186117SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd w- L. Arnseth, Y. Rasmussen, H. Cota45301990-05-03 RiversideVail Lake area at jct of Hwy R3 and Powerline Rd, NE of the lake
SBBG186118SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. Criswell311977-04-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns:N side of Paradise Rd ca. 3 mi E of Lower Oso Cmpgrd
SBBG186119SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. E. Hickson2101988-03-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Vandenberg Air Force Base; 1000 ft E of Pt Pedernales
SBBG186120SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. T. Howell, G. H. True47771971-06-15 KernFlying Dutchman Crk Cyn on Havilah-Mt Breckenridge Rd
SBBG186121SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. LaRue1990-04-10 Riversidemidway between Pauba Valley and Wolf Valley, 0.5 N of the Pechanga Indian Reservation
SBBG186122SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Patman1963-05-30 San Luis Obisporoad to Nipomo, S of Oceano, E of Hwy 1
SBBG186123SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd w- T. Ross, M. Hammitt60491991-05-02 RiversideSW and W flanks of Billy Goat Mtn, 3 N of Hwy 79, 1 W of Hwy 371, N of Aguanga
SBBG186124SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClare B. Hardham43901959-04-04 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Sespe River
SBBG186125SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Burgess12611994-04-29 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Burges Cyn Trail, ridgetop NE of E end of Long Cyn
SBBG186126SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Burgess28451998-05-01 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; S side of Santa Paula Pk, Santa Paula Pk trail
SBBG191320SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMabel M. Miless.n. San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County
SBBG191321SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith54451997-05-23 Santa BarbaraOn hillside in loamy Pine Corral Potrero, Sierra Madre Mountains.
SBBG191322SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith83701963-06-26 Santa BarbaraOn steep loamy hillside in coniferous forest near summit of Big Pine Mountain, San Rafael Mountains.
SBBG191324SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie Soza8692000-05-10 Los AngelesVerdugo Mtns, N side: Verdugo Crestline Dr., N of La Tuna Cyn and S of Pasko Park. Fire rd S of Verdugo Crestline Dr. from fire gate to power lines to peak 1936.
SBBG191325SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross26872007-05-08 VenturaTransverse Ranges; Mount Pinos region: East of Topatopa Mountains: Sespe Wildlife Area. (Condor Sanctuary) Dough Flat, end of road (Goodenough road) from the town of Fillmore. Beyond Dough Flat the road has been reverted to a hiking trail.
SBBG192195SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Burgess66732005-03-06 VenturaHappy Camp Cyn, un-named W-trending drainage in upper cyn, Moorpark
SBBG228485SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. G. Swinney82091930-03-20 Los AngelesSan Dimas, Sycamore Canon
SBBG231382SBBGGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRyan O′Dells.n.2017-05-08 KernSaddle Springs Road (road to Piute Peak).
SD281752SDGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDick Swinney192102017-05-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, City of Glendale, Deukmejian Wilderness Park, Rim of the Vlley Trail, Cook Cyn. bottom, Sunland Quad
SDSU03056SDSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHarrell, James H.III2V87G1987-05-02 San Diego8 miles north of Julian at base of Volcan Mtn. 0.2 miles from locked gate, 250 yards upstream, 30 yards uphill from stream.
SDSU03057SDSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBeauchamp, R. M.4681967-05-13 San DiegoAbove road in area near bottom of Old Viejas Grade.
SDSU12649SDSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSimpson, Michael G.11VI97AG1997-06-11 San Diegocold springs trail. Ca. 1.3 miles south-southeast of Stone wall Peak, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.
SDSU14949SDSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaReiser, Craig H.13-V-871987-05-13 San DiegoDe Luz Creek. Camp Joseph Pendleton MCB. San Diego County, California. Base Section: 70-96.
SDSU14950SDSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWier, Harold A.S1.81993-05-10 San DiegoCentral portion of Sierra One (Bravo One), Marine Corps Base Canon. Sect. 2 NE 1-4, T.8 S., R.6 W., USGS 7.5 minute San Clemente Quadrangle.
SDSU16244SDSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSimpson, Michael G.23822003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain watershed, Miners canyon, ca. 0.6 miles north of Marron Road.
SDSU16971SDSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLauri, Robert1102002-05-14 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park along fire road on east side of park. Approximately 1 mile northeast of Doane Pond near Cleveland National Forest Boundary.
SDSU18076SDSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaKeeley, Sterling Carter5701971-06-15 San DiegoBoulder Creek, San Diego Co., California, USA
SFV110897SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Turners. n.1962-06-02 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Edge of wash off Route 2 (Angeles Crest Highway) about 5 miles north of La Canada.
SFV110899SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaV. L. Soza16272003-04-11 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; Head of Brand Canon in vicinity of Brand Park, alongside Brand Park Mountainway, north side of powerline tower on west-northwest-facing slope.
SFV110900SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaV. L. Soza7582000-04-25 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; South side of Verdugo Mountains. Above Burbank, Wildwood Canon, west of Wildwood Canon Road. Trail along ridgetop to Forester Grove, Radio Towers, and Verdugo Mountainway. Open, west-northwest-facing slope below trail along ridgetop.
SFV110901SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. Moore412000-06-08 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; La Tuna Canon Park. Off La Tuna Canon Road on Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Land. Southwest-facing slope off of trail.
SFV110902SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaV. L. Soza8952000-05-12 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; Northwestern end of Verdugo Mountains. Crestline Drive from New Home Avenue in Sunland. Ridge east of 210 Freeway and west of fire road, south (above) water tank. Northeast-facing slope of ridgetop.
SFV110903SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaV. L. Soza8692000-05-10 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; North side of Verdugo Mountains. Verdugo Crestline Drive, north of La Tuna Canon and south of Pasko Park. Fire road south of Verdugo Crestline Drive from fire gate to power lines to peak O-19 West-northwest-facing, open burned slope of west-facing ridgetop below summit at western edge of August 1999 burn.
SFV110904SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaK. N. Sheffron261994-05-11 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Along top of Stunt High Trail, 1 mile southeast on Stunt Road from junction with Mulholland Highway.
SFV110905SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley22631958-05-09 Los AngelesTehachapi Mountains; North slope of hills 2 miles east of Gorman.
SFV110906SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley22491958-05-07 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains; Figueroa Mountain.
SFV110907SFVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. A. Smallwoods. n.1985-04-12 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mishe Mokwa Trail north northeast of Sandstone Peak. 1.5 - 3 miles along trail from Circle X Ranch.
SHTC876SHTCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLamb, T.252016-04-10 KernOn roadside
SJSU11612SJSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN.D. Addy1962-04-16 RiversideRailroad Canon Rd c. 5 mi E of E shore, Lake Elsinore
SJSU11613SJSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaN.D. Addy1962-04-16 RiversideHwy 71 5 mi SE of Alberhill
SJSU1890SJSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ.W. Tilden11021957-04-18 Riversidenear Whitewater E of San Gorgonio Pass
SJSU3135SJSUGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ.W. Tilden11671957-07-18 KernGreenhorn Mts midway between Glenville & Kernville
THRI-SEKI18941THRIGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPilewski, L.; Kane, S.SEKI.0224.042001-06-30 UnknownVM.SEKI.0224. north of Lewis Creek, Cedar Grove
THRI-SEKI6213THRIGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaStocking, S.K.650031965-06-15 UnknownLewis Cr
THRI-SEKI6214THRIGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaStocking, S.K.67-231967-06-14 UnknownAbove Yucca Pt Heliport
THRI-SEKI6215THRIGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRockwell, Jack A.70-7041970-07-19 UnknownSequoia National Forest Grizzly Cr Falls
THRI-SEKI6216THRIGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRockwell, Jack A.67-00881967-05-03 UnknownAsh Mtn Entrance Sta
UC106629UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaKatharine Brandegee1905-05-02 San DiegoFront and Spruce Sts. San Diego (San Diego)
UC106825UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Brandegee1888-01-01 Santa Barbaranear Santa Barbara (Santa Inez Mountains);, near Santa Barbara
UC1123662UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. M. Hendrix9671939-04-05 Santa Barbara1.1 mi sse Twin Rocks; Branch Mt. Quad., Los Padres National Forest
UC1123663UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. A. Graham4891939-04-13 Santa Barbara1 3-4 mi se Plowshare Springs; Los Padres National Forest, Branch Mt. Quad.
UC1123668UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG. E. Sindel2321935-04-06 Santa Barbara5 1-2 mi se Surf; Guadalupe Quad., se of Surf
UC1123673UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. C. Lee2611935-04-20 Santa Barbara3 mi sw Bicknell; Lompoc Quadrangle, Santa Barbara National Forest
UC1123731UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. L. Johannsen3291934-03-21 VenturaPiru Creek Piru Quad., Piru Creek
UC1123737UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. Axelrod2791935-04-27 San Bernardino3 mi se of mouth Deep Creek; Deep Creek Quad., San Bernardino National Forest
UC1123752UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaW. E. Bullard381935-06-06 FresnoBlack Mtn. summit Kaiser Quad., Sierra National Forest
UC1123754UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. F. Schlobohm1341935-05-15 Mariposa1.5 mi ne Lookout Mtn.; Mariposa Quad.
UC1123848UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJerome S. Horton4721936-06-16 Los Angeles2100 trail - He < ? > er Gate, West Fork San Dimas Canon West Fork San Dimas Canon, Pomona Quad.
UC124602UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA. Davidson M.D.17981908-05-01 Los AngelesHollywood
UC125849UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAlice Eastwood1851908-05-16 Santa Barbaracountry adjacent to Santa Barbara (Ellwood); country adj to Santa Barbara, Ellwood
UC125988UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA. A. Heller76631905-04-12 KernKern Canon
UC125989UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA. A. Heller78321905-05-05 KernTehachapi
UC1302353UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne317561963-05-16 Kern5 mi e Alta Sierra; e of Alta Sierra
UC1302371UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne317231963-05-16 Kern10.7 mi e Caliente
UC133803UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBelle Sumner Angier61895-03-22 KernRed Cliff - nr river bank
UC133996UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Brandegee1894-06-14 San DiegoJulian
UC133997UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Brandegee1894-04-30 San DiegoWarners Ranch
UC134010UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaKatharine Brandegee1896-06-01 San DiegoDescanso
UC1375385UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne, C. W. Tilforth, J. Dourley, J. Benny409101971-07-07 San Bernardinonear San Sevaine Cow Camp (San Gabriel Mts.); San Bernardino National Forest, San Gabriel Mts.
UC1488862UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaKatherine K. Muller10231960-05-19 Santa Barbaranear Salisbury Potrero (Pine Corral Potrero, chaparral s of corral, Sierra Madre Mountains); Sierra Madre Mountains, near Salisbury Potrero
UC1515999UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBaki Kasapligil32071960-04-10 KernCaliente Creek
UC1546697UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarry A. Prigge75831987-05-09 San Bernardino3.5 mi ene Mentone (on ridge between Mill Creek and Morton Canon, on sw slopes Morton Peak); San Bernardino Mountains, sw slopes Morton Peak
UC1561266UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter, Teresa Sholars69841987-05-24 San Bernardinoon Hwy 18 ca 1 mi w Rim Forest ((Rim of the World Dr), head of Strawberry Creek in San Bernardino Mts.); San Bernardino Mts., w of Rim Forest, Strawberry Creek
UC1561933UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter, James R. Shevock59531986-04-19 Kerns Isabella Lake (ca 5.5 mi from hwy (Spring Gulch?), on nw side of Piute Mts); nw side Piute Mts., n side Erskine Creek
UC1562559UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter, L. Heckard, T. Sholars, J. Hickman74751988-05-23 Los AngelesPine Canon Road along San Andreas Fault (n side of mts (Co Rd N2), steep slope and roadcut on n side of road); San Gabriel Mts.
UC1562829UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter, James R. Shevock60691986-04-22 Tulareca 1 mi n Kern Co. Line (in Kern River Canon n of Kernville, e side of road); Kern River Canon, n of Kernville
UC1585898UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter86011989-07-01 Colusaroad to Goat Mt. Lookout 2.2 mi s Rt M-10 (Bear Creek-Fouts Spring Rd) (ca 12 mi wsw of Stonyford, sw side of ridge, at head of creek); S. Fk. Stony Creek
UC1595590UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd, Laurel Arnseth, Yvonne Rasmussen, Hugo Cota45301990-05-03 Riversiderolling terrain at jtn of hwy R3 and Powerline Rd ne lake (Vail Lake area); Vail Lake area
UC1602097UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl B. Wolf47361933-05-16 Fresnoon road to Dunlap 1 mi below Miramonte; w slope Sierra Nevada, below Miramonte
UC1602098UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl B. Wolf46921933-05-14 Tulare1-2 mi above Milo; w slope Sierra Nevada, North Fork Tule River
UC1746125UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnnetta M. Carter18121947-05-17 San DiegoRidge E of summit of Hot Springs Mtn.
UC1746126UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnnetta M. Carter18291947-05-18 San DiegoSummit of Hot Springs Mtn.
UC1787510UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman, A. Pigniolo73342001-05-10 San DiegoBetween Guatay and Pine Valley: near Pine Creek Trailhead southwest along trail to Pine Creek Wilderness; west of Pine Valley
UC1790075UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman89282003-05-09 San DiegoHauser Canon Wilderness Area (USFS property), north of Hauser Mountain: southwest of Morena Lake and northwest of Canon Corners; on a lower, north-facing slope along Hauser Creek
UC1871055UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross, S. D. Boyd, L. Arnseth47911991-04-29 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Liebre Mountains region; Parker mountain and ridge to SW: SW of Acton and NNE of Ravenna. T4N R1 W edge section 2, E and SE edge section 3 NE edge section 10. Collected between 3670-4131 (summit) feet elevation.
UC1871166UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. S. Ross, S. D. Boyd, L. Arnseth48881991-04-30 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Liebre Mountains region; Canonfluence of Fish Canon and general vicinity. T6N R1 W SE 1-4 section 16, and N 1 NE 1-4 section 22; elevation 1615′-1880 (riparian area and lower adjacent slopes).
UC191267UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. B., W. F. Parish541882-05-01 San Bernardinofoothills of San Bernardino Mts.
UC1922232UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie L. Soza, Laura Moore8692000-05-10 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Verdugo Mountains region; Verdugo Mountains, north side: Verdugo Crestline Dr., N of La Tuna Canon and S of Pasko Park. Fire road south of Verdugo Crestline Dr. from fire gate to powerlines to peak 193 Near 34deg 14′ 22.9′ N 118deg 18 .7 W T2N R14W NE-4, SW-4 sec. 24.
UC1922306UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie L. Soza, Eileen Edwards, LeRoy Gross, Bart O′Brien7582000-04-25 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Verdugo Mountains region; Verdugo Mountains, south side: Above Burbank, Wildwood Canon, west of Wildwood Canon Road. Trail along ridgetop to Forester Grove, Radio Towers, and Verdugo Mtwy. Near 34deg 12′ 23 N 118deg 17 45 W T1N R14W N-2, NE-4 sec. 1; T2N R14W SE-4, SE-4
UC1922362UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie Soza, Susan Caplow16272003-04-11 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Verdugo Mountains region; Brand Park vicinity, head of Brand Canon, alongside Brand Park Mtwy, north side of powerline tower.
UC1922647UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie L. Soza, LeRoy Gross, Adelina Munoz8952000-05-12 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Verdugo Mountains region; Verdugo Mountains, northwest side: Northwestern end of Verdugo Crestline Drive from New Home Avenue, Sunland. Ridge east of 210 Fwy and west of fire road, south (above) water tank. Near 34deg 15′ 12 N 118deg 19 16 W T2N R14W SW-4 sec. 14. Elev. 1
UC1930008UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaV. Soza, LeRoy Gross13752002-04-03 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Liebre Mountains region; West side of Bouquet Canon, canyon opposite Texas Canon. Stables Fire 2001 area.
UC1980250UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Mark Porter, Linda Prince149852009-04-28 VenturaUSA California. Ventura County. Northwestern side of Apache Potrero on the south side of County Road 95 (Cerro Noroeste Road) at Valle Vista Campground.
UC2073618UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJoy D. England20672018-05-09 Los AngelesTejon Pass Region, Angeles National Forest, along Whitaker Peak Road near head of Ruby Canon, at communications facility just above junction with Whitaker Ridge Road (Rd. 6N53B).
UC2081499UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter141551995-05-16 MaderaRoad 600 (Ahwahnee Road, Grub Gulch road) at Fresno River, ca 1 1-2 mi SW Ahwahnee-Highway 49.
UC218261UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz, I. M. Johnston54341922-05-19 RiversideHemet Valley, Hemet Valley (San Jacinto Mts.)
UC23343UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. P. Chandler1898-03-10 Los AngelesClaremont
UC23344UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaState Survey3901800-01-01 Unknown
UC23345UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaState Survey23801800-01-01 Unknown
UC23351UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeo. F. Reinhardt1897-06-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
UC23354UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. D. Alderson1894-05-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
UC23355UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Burtt Davy26601896-05-09 Los Angelesnear Manzana (Antelope Valley, S California); Antelope Valley, near Manzana
UC23357UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. H. Barber1441897-04-20 Los Angelesnear Pomona (Expt Station); near Pomona
UC23358UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. H. Barber1081897-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Monica Canon Santa Monica Canon (Southern California)
UC23359UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall20341901-06-01 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains San Jacinto Mountains (along creeks, s side)
UC23440UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMcLean1875-01-01 UnknownDe Long′s
UC23447UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaNorman C. Wilson1893-01-01 San BernardinoCanon Pass
UC23743UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Burtt Davy23071896-05-09 Los Angelesfoothills at Llano Verde (W Palmdale, Antelope Valley); Antelope Valley, foothills at Llano Verde
UC303590UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. B. Parish114051917-06-14 San BernardinoWaterman Canon San Bernardino Mts., Waterman Canon
UC303700UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. L. Crawford1913-06-01 Los Angelesmts. above Claremont; mts. above Claremont
UC303707UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. B. Parish113061917-06-05 San BernardinoHighland San Bernardino Valley (San Bernardino Valley)
UC310671UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPhilip A. Munz104251926-05-02 Riversideabout 5 mi nw Dripping Springs; nw of Dripping Springs
UC310903UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPhilip A. Munz96441925-05-15 San Diego4 mi se Buckman′s Springs; se of Buckman′s Springs
UC419063UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. E., S. T. Parks5681930-04-01 Fresnoon rocky hillsides near Dunlap; near Dunlap
UC450823UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFay A. MacFadden64E1931-03-29 Los AngelesTuna Canon, Tuna Canon (Verdugo Hills)
UC455672UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. J. Condit1910-06-24 Riversideroad to Strawberry Valley (San Jacinto Mts.);, rd to Strawberry Valley
UC457255UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Epling1931-04-18 Los AngelesLos Alisos Canon Santa Monica Mountains, Los Alisos Canon
UC489136UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. V. Meyer1927-06-01 RiversideSaunder′s Meadow, Saunder′s Meadow (San Jacinto Mts.)
UC494784UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. Craig9941928-04-28 San BernardinoLytle Creek cut-off over Canon Pass
UC494805UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT. Craig4061927-06-08 Los AngelesBear Canon Trail to summit Mt. San Antonio (eastern Los Angeles Co.); Bear Canon Trail to summit Mt. San Antonio
UC505650UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMrs. Marie Cole, E. W. Voegelin1211933-05-12 Kerntwo mi e Weldon (s side of highway); e of Weldon
UC507018UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA. L. HormayH-1431933-05-16 MaderaClark Admin. Site, Clark Admin. Site (Sierra Forest)
UC511128UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson30821932-03-12 KernCottonwood Creek watershed Greenhorn Mt. Range, Cottonwood Creek watershed (Mt. Breckenridge Rd., Greenhorn Mt. Range)
UC511228UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson36431932-06-05 Kern5 mi e Glennville (Greenhorn Peak, Poso Creek watershed, Greenhorn Mt. Range); Greenhorn Mt. Range, Poso Creek watershed, Greenhorn Peak
UC519858UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. Epling, M. Darsie, C. Knox, Wm. Robison1932-06-20 San DiegoDescanso
UC52411UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall9281898-05-30 San BernardinoMill Creek Canon San Bernardino Mountains, Mill Creek Canon
UC52465UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall1141895-04-22 San BernardinoYucuipe Ranch [Yucaipa]
UC52472UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall6401897-06-09 San BernardinoEdgar Canon San Bernardino Mountains, Edgar Canon
UC52481UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMiss Jessie Nutting4411897-04-08 RiversideWinchester
UC52526UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErnest Braunton2381902-04-01 Los AngelesGriffith Park
UC52528UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler2711900-06-15 FresnoPine Ridge Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pine Ridge
UC52529UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler5061900-07-06 FresnoTehipite Valley Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tehipite Valley
UC526653UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRimo Bacigalupi22901934-04-26 MaderaNorth Fork
UC52695UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeo. B. Grant40011901-06-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts.
UC52701UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Burtt Davy20601896-05-07 KernSan Emigdio Canon, San Emigdio Canon (head San Joaquin Valley)
UC52708UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Burtt Davy2638c1896-05-09 Los AngelesLeonis Valley Antelope Valley, Leonis Valley
UC52724UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall30591902-05-01 Los Angelesnear Elizabeth Lake; near Elizabeth Lake
UC52725UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall29851902-04-26 RiversideGreene Canon vicinity of Riverside, Greene Canon
UC52744UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall31591902-05-06 VenturaCasitas Pass
UC52772UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaW. H. Brewer3901861-04-02 Santa Barbaranear Gaviota Pass (Dos Pueblas);, near Gaviota Pass
UC52773UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaW. H. Brewer4421937-06-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
UC535503UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaIra W. Clokey, B. Templeton44761929-03-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon Santa Monica Mountains, Mandeville Canon
UC536987UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz132131934-05-01 Venturan Wheelers Hot Springs (dry flats Upper Sespe Creek); Upper Sespe Creek, n of Wheelers Hot Springs
UC54708UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. Braunton8721903-04-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles
UC57535UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeo. B. Grant54331903-04-23 Los AngelesSaugus
UC575675UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMrs. C. E. Derby1935-03-29 Kernnear Bakersfield; near Bakersfield
UC60876UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall38441903-04-01 RiversideMorena Valley
UC614698UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. Constance22061938-05-07 Madera6 mi sw Coarse Gold (Sierra Nevada foothills);, sw of Coarse Gold
UC63298UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock50631904-06-02 Kerne side Greenhorn Range Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, e side Greenhorn Range
UC674943UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFrancis W. Pennell251371940-04-18 Los AngelesRoute 99 e Gorman; e of Gorman
UC69146UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Hall63311905-06-01 VenturaLockwood Valley Mt. Pinos, Lockwood Valley
UC702833UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCharles B. Fiker35071946-06-03 San Diegonear Julian (Duermit Ranch); near Julian
UC714929UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. C. Foster3251937-06-02 Los Angelesne Claremont (Evey Canon, foothills San Gabriel Mts.); foothills San Gabriel Mts., ne of Claremont, Evey Canon
UC718483UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl B. Wolf63501935-04-15 Kern4 4-10 mi above Ranch Headquarters (Tejon Creek, Tejon Ranch, Upper San Joaquin Valley); Upper San Joaquin Valley, Tejon Ranch, Tejon Creek
UC718490UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl B. Wolf68951935-05-21 Ventura1 7-10 mi above Wheelers Hot Springs (Wheeler Gorge Camp, Ojai to Cuyama Valley Road, No Fork Ventura River, Santa Ynez Mts.); Santa Ynez Mts., No Fork Ventura River, Wheelers Hot Springs
UC721999UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine106861942-07-17 Tularehalfway between Silver City and Mineral King (Sequoia National Forest); Sequoia National Forest
UC809611UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant84681948-05-08 Kernon granite road cut 17 mi w Isabella (in Kern Canon); w of Isabella in Kern Canon
UC809612UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant84721948-05-08 Kernnear Kern-Tulare County line (between Kernville and Johnsonville); btw Kernville and Johnsonville
UC809613UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant84731948-05-08 Kernnear summit road from Kernville to Glenville (e slope Greenhorn Mts.); e slope Greenhorn Mts.
UC809614UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant84941948-05-10 MaderaHwy 41, 5.1 mi w Coarsegold; w of Coarsegold
UC809615UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant8481b1948-05-09 Tulare0.5 mi e Three Rivers (by Kaweah River); e of Three Rivers, Kaweah River
UC809618UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant84841948-05-10 Fresno12.2 mi e Squaw Valley (in Kings Canon); e of Squaw Valley, Kings Canon
UC809619UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant84901948-05-10 Fresnoon Hwy 180, 4.3 mi e Squaw Valley (in Kings Canon); e of Squaw Valley in Kings Canon
UC809620UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant87051949-04-28 Venturaon Hwy 399, 1.5 mi below Wheeler Hot Springs; below Wheeler Hot Springs
UC809621UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant, Alva Grant87021949-04-28 Venturafacing ocean on Hwy 101, 7 mi s Oxnard; s of Oxnard
UC809622UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith12371945-04-19 Santa Barbarain foothills overlooking Santa Barbara (along trail in Rattlesnake Canon, coastal slope of Santa Ynez Mts.); Santa Ynez Mts., < nr > Santa Barbara, Rattlesnake Canon
UC809623UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith7411944-04-09 Santa Barbarain foothills overlooking Santa Barbara (on Jesuisita Trail, Mission Canon, coastal slope of Santa Ynez Mts., Mission Canon Watershed); Santa Ynez Mts., < nr > Santa Barbara, Mission Canon
UC809650UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPhilip A. Munz131591949-05-12 Kern1 mi from Kernville road (on e slope Greenhorn Mts.); e slope of Greenhorn Mts.
UC809732UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPhilip A. Munz131861949-05-13 Kernon road to Kernville e Glenville; w slope Greenhorn Mts., e of Glenville
UC84808UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaKatharine Brandegee1905-08-08 TulareAlta Grade, Giant Forest (Giant Forest)
UC879812UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokey, B. C. Templeton44761929-03-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon Santa Monica Mts., Mandeville Canon
UC879813UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson68201935-05-02 VenturaSespe Creek
UC879816UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokey, B. C. Templeton46601930-04-08 Los Angelesmi n Elizabeth Lake; n of Elizabeth Lake
UC879817UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokey44861929-05-08 Los AngelesMandeville Canon Santa Monica Mts., Mandeville Canon
UC907855UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHerbert L. Mason140121949-04-25 VenturaOjai-Maricopa Road one mi below Wheeler Hot Springs; below Wheeler Hot Springs
UC908222UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHerbert L. Mason117161938-05-14 Tularerocky hill 4 mi e Exeter; e of Exeter
UC908400UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHerbert L. Mason83651935-05-01 TulareKern River n Kernville (Sequoia National Forest);, Kern River n of Kernville
UC908401UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHerbert L. Mason29521926-04-26 Los Angeles4 mi w Saugus; w of Saugus
UC908918UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClifton F. Smith13151945-05-27 Santa Barbarae upper Manzana Canon, e upper Manzana Canon (sw Figueroa Mountain)
UC908919UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHerbert L. Mason128551946-06-08 Santa BarbaraBig Pine San Rafael Mountains Region, Big Pine (summit of road)
UC908922UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHerbert L. Mason31961926-05-02 RiversideTemecula Valley
UC908954UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary L. Bowerman33861936-04-11 Santa Barbaraon Point Sal Road 10 mi from Santa Maria; 10 mi from Santa Maria
UC908979UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChas. M. Belshaw5151935-03-27 Kernten mi w Tehachapi (on road to Bakersfield); Tehachapi Area, w of Tehachapi
UC908981UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHerbert L. Mason117981938-05-08 Santa Barbaravicinity of the summit Figueroa Mountain; vicin summit Figueroa Mountain
UC916692UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFrank W. Gould22051944-04-04 Riverside2.3 mi s Corona; s of Corona
UC964830UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG. Thomas Robbins32971950-04-02 Kernabout 1 mi n and e Isabella (above Kern River);, n and e of Isabella
UC967391UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPeter Kamb22411952-04-27 Ventura0.2 mi below Devil′s Gateway (Agua Blanca Creek Canon);, below Devil′s Gateway
UCR0106406UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ.M. Porter149852009-04-28 VenturaMt. Pinos Region. Northwestern side of Apache Potrero, on the south side of County Road 95 (Cerro Noroeste Road) at Valle Vista Campground
UCR0107024UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMitch Provance105982009-04-22 KernTejon Ranch, 8 miles NNE of Neenach, about 0.7 W of Canon del Gato Montes and 270th St.
UCR0107025UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMitch Provance104232009-04-20 KernTejon Ranch, Pescado Creek at the mouth of Bronco Canon, 7.5 miles NE of Quail Lake
UCR0107026UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.C. Sanders336072007-05-03 KernNE of upper Oso Canon, c. 3 miles ESE of Castac Lake, below peak 4908
UCR0107027UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.C. Sanders338042007-05-15 Kernsteep SW-facing slopes above Crane Canon, c. 1 mile SE of Castac Lake
UCR0107030UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.C. Sanders341672007-06-12 KernGeghus Ridge c. 10 miles NE of Lebec, large side canyon above Bear Trap Canon, SE of the corral near bench mark 4821
UCR0107031UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.C. Sanders333492007-04-03 Kerncanyon just west of Bronco Canon, but draining toward mouth of Big Sycamore Canon
UCR0107032UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJune Lattings.n.1973-04-28 KernArvin Road [Calif. Hwy 223, Bear Mtn. Blvd.] southwest of Calif. Hwy 58
UCR0107033UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant84681948-05-08 Kern17 miles west of Isabella in Kern Canon
UCR0107034UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp65112001-04-27 KernHart Flat turnoff from CA Hwy 58
UCR0107037UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter59531986-04-19 Kernnorthwest side of Piute Mountains. Erskine Creek, south of Isabella Lake, 5.5 miles from hwy (Spring Gulch?)
UCR0107042UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMitch Provance411--572011-04-19 Los AngelesBroad Canon, vicinity of 160th St. W, just W of Fairmont Butte, about 1.5 miles NNE of Fairmont
UCR0107047UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.G. Swinney145012011-04-26 Los AngelesIslip Canon, tributary of San Gabriel Cyn., from Hwy 39 to 0.4 mile upstream, NE of Morris Reservoir
UCR0107049UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.C. Sanders321752006-04-25 Los Angeles1-2 W of La Liebre Ranch on the south side of Hwy 138, west of the mouth of Tentrock Canon
UCR0107050UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.C. Sanders335892007-04-25 Los AngelesOso Canon, 0.75 mi. SE of the Kern Co. line along Oso Cyn. Rd.
UCR0107051UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT.B. Salvato13452006-04-24 Los Angelesc. 4 mi east of Quail Lake and 0.5 mi north of Hwy 138
UCR0107054UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT.B. Salvato33152008-04-22 Los Angeleseast of Neenach in the Antelope Valley, south of Hwy 138 and west of 265th Street, slopes west of Pine Canon
UCR0107055UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.C. Sanders334712007-04-19 Los Angeleshills north of Oso Canon and south of the National Cement Plant
UCR0107061UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie Soza8952000-05-12 Los Angelesnorthwest side, northwestern end of Verdugo Crestline Drive from New Home Avenue, Sunland. Ridge east of 210 Fwy and west of fire road, south (above) water tank
UCR0107062UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie Soza7582000-04-25 Los Angelessouth side, above Burbank, Wildwood Canon, west of Wildwood Canon Road. Trail along ridgetop to Forester Grove, Radio Towers, and Verdugo Motorway
UCR0107063UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie Soza8692000-05-10 Los Angelesnorth side, Verdugo Crestline Drive, north of La Tuna Canon and south of Pasko Park. Fire road south of Verdugo Crestline Drive from fire gate to powerlines to peak 1936
UCR0107064UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaValerie Soza16272003-04-11 Los AngelesBrand Park vicinity, upper Brand Canon, alongside Brand Park Motorway, north side of powerline tower
UCR0107068UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta6801992-07-13 Los AngelesLos Pinetos Spring Canon Trail
UCR0107069UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.C. Sanders294482005-04-13 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area, lower Mint Canon at the community of Mint Canon
UCR0107073UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson197931985-03-30 Los Angelesc. 3 air miles NNW of Newhall in proposed North Hills development just north of Santa Clara River and just east of San Francisquito Creek
UCR0107074UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta18351995-06-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Lookout Mt. Trail; Orobanche valida survey
UCR0107075UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLouis C. Wheeler92711967-05-02 Los AngelesLiebre Mtns, north side of northwesternmost end of foothills (of San Gabriel Mtns) between Bouquet Junction and Bonelli Ranch
UCR0107076UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp40471998-05-21 Los Angelesjunction of Munz Ranch Rd and Lake Elizabeth Rd., north of Lake Elizabeth
UCR0107080UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMark A. Elvins.n.2003-05-01 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, Castaic Mesas. c. 1 mi SW of Castaic Lagoon at the W edge of a mesa, north of Charlie Canon
UCR0107086UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteven R. Hill333532001-04-22 Los AngelesS side of Antelope Valley, Johnson Road, 6.2 NNE of junction with Elizabeth Lake Road, 3 mi south of junction of Avenue I and 110th Street West
UCR0107088UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLouis C. Wheelers.n.1973-04-29 Los Angelesnear Ravenna, north of Mill Canon off Soledad Canon
UCR0107089UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1931-04-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Los Alisos Canon
UCR0107091UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFred M. Roberts68962008-04-14 OrangeUpper Weir Canon, east fork, 3.1 km eat of Robbers Peak, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
UCR0107093UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp16601997-04-24 OrangeCleveland National Forest, 1.6 miles SE of Ortega Hwy (Canon Forest Route 7S14
UCR0107094UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.E. Riefner, Jr.20--3882000-04-27 OrangeNorth Ranch Policy Plan Area, along dirt road running south from Baker Canon Road to Silverado Road
UCR0107107UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJim Andre305352012-06-15 RiversideBanning, along Hwy 243, 10.7 miles south of Interstate 10, San Bernardino National Forest
UCR0107110UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT.B. SalvatoMOR--3401998-06-09 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, Lion Canon up to fork in stream
UCR0107114UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPeter L. Morrell2261993-05-01 Riversidec. 300 m west of Whitewater Canon Rd. along stream bed (upstream), 3.3 miles north of I-10
UCR0107115UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPeter L. Morrell4611995-05-04 RiversideAgua Tibia Wilderness Area, 2.4 mi. (air) WSW of Radec
UCR0107119UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT.B. Salvato5592004-05-27 Riversidehead of Banning (San Gorgonio River) Canon close to the San Bernardino Co. line, 1 mile southeast of Oak Glen Conservation Camp
UCR0107120UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT.B. Salvato9262005-05-17 RiversideSan Jacinto River east of Valle Vista, just downstream from the Forest Service boundary and north of CA Hwy 74
UCR0107124UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSteve Boyd22611988-05-28 RiversideCahuilla Mountain, west of Anza, along hiking trail, mostly along the crest
UCR0107126UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJohn C. Roos55851952-04-27 RiversideSan Timoteo Canon, south of Redlands
UCR0107137UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMitch Provance76222003-07-06 San BernardinoSanta Ana River Wash, from N. Main St.- Riverside Ave. to c. 0.25 mi. west of the bridge
UCR0107138UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMitch Provance11651999-05-07 San Bernardino0.25 to 0.75 miles NE of the Riverside Ave. crossing; Santa Ana River Wash
UCR0107152UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara Ertter69841987-05-24 San Bernardinoc. 1 mi. west of Rim Forest on Hwy 18 (Rim of the World Drive), head of Strawberry Creek
UCR0107154UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRonald L. Needham100801962-05-17 San BernardinoMill Creek Canon, c. 0.4 mi up Newport Ave. from CA Hwy, above Mentone
UCR0107155UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Atzets.n.1961-04-26 San BernardinoCanon Pass, 3 miles north of Devore and 0.5 mile west of Hwy 395 on a fire break
UCR0107156UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.G. Swinney47571996-06-01 San Bernardinoridgetop northwest of Grande Cielo Buffalo Ranch, west of Canon Wash and south of Swarthout Canon Road; San Gabriel Mountains
UCR0107158UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman121732005-06-29 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, vicinity of Penny Pines of Storm Canon, east of Sunrise Hwy and west of the Pacific Crest Trail, southwest of Garnet Peak. Square N23
UCR0107159UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMichael G. Simpson23822003-05-03 San DiegoMiners Canon, c. 0.6 miles north of Marron Road
UCR0107160UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman73342001-05-10 San DiegoBetween Guatay and Pine Valley: near Pine Creek Trailhead, SW along the trail to Pine Creek Wilderness, west of Pine Valley (Square: P21)
UCR0107164UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.F. Thorne611591985-05-18 San DiegoSanta Rosa Plateau: along the road down Cottonwood Canon
UCR0107168UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1990-04-19 San Luis ObispoCA Hwy 58 at Parkhill Road, c. 3 miles northeast of Santa Margarita
UCR0107169UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaF. Raymond Fosberg77001932-03-21 Santa BarbaraSmugglers Cove, Santa Cruz Island
UCR0107171UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp74002002-04-15 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Mountains. Miranda Pines Road, 8.3 miles southeast of CA Hwy 166; beside Miranda Pine Mountain
UCR0107173UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaKatherine K. Muller10231960-05-19 Santa BarbaraPine Corral Potrero near Salisbury Potrero, Sierra Madre Mountains
UCR0107178UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant87021949-04-28 VenturaHwy 101 seven miles south of Oxnard
UCR0107179UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant87051949-04-28 Ventura1.5 miles below Wheeler Hot Springs on Hwy 399 [=SR33]
UCR0107192UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGeorge K. Helmkamp7531A2002-04-23 Madera2.5 miles north of Oakhurst along CA Hwy 41
UCR0107206UCRGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJohn Thomas Howell443181968-05-13 TulareKern Plateau, Cherry Hill Rd., Brush Creek Canon
UCSB013210UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMartin Fletcher8311981-05-07 Santa Barbara0.8 miles north of the coast on the east rim of Alegria Canon; Hollister Ranch
UCSB013211UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaParikh, Anuja; Gale, NathanVAFBSAT 0381994-05-17 Santa BarbaraSlopes of created wetland site Wildflower Wetland; Vandenberg AFB
UCSB013212UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Paul271986-05-25 VenturaEast-facing slope, 30 meters west of Hwy 33, 4.6 miles north of Rose Valley turnoff
UCSB013213UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFarneman, H.891967-04-08 Santa BarbaraEast side of Happy Canon Rd., 7.1 m. north of its junction with Armour Ranch Rd.; San Rafael Mts.
UCSB013214UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWinn, Will3041963-05-03 Los AngelesMint Canon Campground, U.S. Highway 6, 7.7 miles north of Solemint
UCSB013215UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCoz, Susan761977-06-04 Los Angeles5 miles north on Malibu Canon Road from Hwy. 1, on east side of road; across from Tapia Park
UCSB013216UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRick A. Burgess2261983-05-22 VenturaEast side of Hwy 33, mile marker 36.33
UCSB013217UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. Blakley22631958-05-09 Los AngelesHills 2 miles east of Gorman
UCSB013218UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaKathleen A. Brownell1881980-05-16 Riverside2 W. on Murieta Rd. from DeLuz Rd.; Santa Ana Mts.
UCSB013219UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWesley O. Griesel1962-04-29 Los AngelesArroyo Seco near Brookside Park, Pasadena
UCSB013220UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSauls, Mary491977-05-01 San Diego.5 mi. E. of Sandia Creek Rd. along Public Utility District access road; Fallbrook
UCSB013221UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnonymouss.n.1934-05-01 Los AngelesPanorama.
UCSB013222UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. J. Kraebel1932-06-05 San BernardinoWaterman Canon
UCSB013223UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaKamb, Peter11121948-06-19 OrangeSE slope of Santiago Peak; Santa Ana Mts.
UCSB013224UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeen, Rosemary1977-05-29 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts.; Highway 243, south of Twin Pines Road turnoff
UCSB013225UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWelton, Patti191983-03-28 Los AngelesNortheast side of Mulholland Hwy.; 1 mile north of Cold Canon Road; Santa Monica Mtns.
UCSB013226UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWedberg, H.2971958-05-10 Los AngelesAcross street from 1781 So. Latigo Rd.; Santa Monica Mtns.
UCSB035321UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRick A. Burgess4361985-05-03 VenturaMcCrea Wildlife Preserve. East side of Norwegian Grade, Thousand Oaks.
UCSB039199UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMichael E. Theroux1651982-04-25 KernSouth Fork Kern River. Pierce Ranch portion of Nature Conservancy property above Cottonwood-Willow Woodland of S. fork.; 35.654922 -118.467713
UCSB039217UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMichael E. Theroux2031982-05-02 KernKern Canon; Hwy 155 (Evans Rd.); 4-5 W of Wofford Hts. SE of Black Mtn; Sequoia Natl. Forest.
UCSB039283UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMichael E. Theroux1641982-04-25 KernSouth Fork Kern River. Pierce Ranch portion of Nature Conservancy property above Cottomwood-Willow Woodland of S. fork.
UCSB040679UCSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPaul A. SchmalzerV2331987-06-01 Santa BarbaraVandenberg Air Force Base, Honda Canon; 34.615539 -120.633504
UCSC100004556UCSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. J. Norman3411969-03-31 Kernnear Weldon, along the S. fork of the Kern River, growing on dry slope in Valley Grassland, across river at Sierra Way bridge. Weldon, Kern River, Valley Grassland, Sierra Way bridge.
VVC3366VVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaTim Thomas151973-04-24 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Mulholland Hwy at Cold Creek; Malibu CreekTransverse Range

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