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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
AHUC101039DAVGilia capitataBeecher Crampton28491955-06-13 LakeLake County, 4 miles south of Kelseyville, Bottle Rock Road.
AHUC101040DAVGilia capitataA. H. Murphy55L1955-07-29 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Klamath National Forest, Marble Mountains, Clear Lake.
AHUC101041DAVGilia capitataE. H. Stanfords.n.1940-04-07 MercedMerced County: Delhi.
BLMRD0680BLMRDGilia capitataD. Bateman1978-06-12 Unknown
CAS-BOT164070CASGilia capitataRubtzoff, Peter94421980-05-11 MarinSan Anselmo
CAS-BOT183525CASGilia capitataShevock, James R.110721985-03-23 KernPiute Mountains. Along Erskine Creek Road, 2.8 miles from the flume and near the first creek crossing of Erskine Creek
CAS-BOT225274CASGilia capitataYork, Dana12511996-07-19 FresnoCa. 86 km E of Fresno, Sequoia National Forest, Monarch Wilderness, just below Monarch Divide, 2.3 km N-NW of Boyden Cave on the N side of Kings River Canyon
CAS-BOT225275CASGilia capitataKawahara, Saichi6371969-04-26 MaderaSouthern Sierra Miqok Habitation Site (Mad 117), Schwabacher Ranch, on southern bank of Chowchilla River, northeast of gaging station
CAS-BOT225276CASGilia capitataSmith, Doreens.n.1979-03-20 MarinIsland in Nicasio Reservoir
CAS-BOT225277CASGilia capitataElvin, Mark A.33502004-04-24 San DiegoMine Canyon, San Diego Plant Atlas grid - V16, SE side of Otay Mountain, San Ysidro Mountains
CAS-BOT361360CASGilia capitatade Nevers, Greg109371997-04-16 SonomaCavedale Road Area burned Sept. 1996
CAS-BOT366949CASGilia capitatade Nevers, Greg109461997-04-16 SonomaPepperwood Ranch, 3450 Franz Valley Rd., Santa Rosa
CAS-BOT422382CASGilia capitataDaSilva, P.; Garcia, M. A.; Young, A.; Pence, A.; Leist, F.; Camarillo, M.141462014-05-10 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: On Pine Mountain Road, just past gate at Bolinas-Fairfax Road, grassland area to north.
CAS-BOT482460CASGilia capitataSwinney, R. G.120162010-03-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Lopez Canyon Rd., 1.4 mi W of Kagel Canyon Road juncation, NE of Pacoima
CDA0009598CDAGilia capitataD.G. Kelch07.185-B2007-04-20 NevadaSouth Yuba River State Park; E of Bridgeport Covered Bridge near Buttermilk Trail.
CDA0031229CDAGilia capitataM. Beyers6542010-05-29 SolanoStebbins-Cold Canon Reserve. West of Cold Creek on ridgeline (Blue Ridge Loop Trail).
CDA0053712CDAGilia capitataJ. L. Medeiross.n.1973-03-22 FresnoW side of Hughes Ave and 1-4 mi South of Belmont, at Indigent Cemetery grounds. Valley Grassland, sandy loam, flowers blue. [Fresno County Cemetery and Potter′s Field, 36.747375, -119.836677].
CDA0053713CDAGilia capitataC. Ashleys.n.1952-05-08 FresnoFowler.
CDA0053714CDAGilia capitataCharles Elmer Jenneys.n.1914-04-12 FresnoFresno.
CDA0053715CDAGilia capitataCharles Elmer Jenneys.n.1914-06-11 MaderaBass Lake.
CHSC10116CHSCGilia capitataH. D. Sumner1959-07-14 HumboldtOn road between Hoopa and Redwood Creek.
CHSC12050CHSCGilia capitataK. J. Hislop1121970-03-25 SutterFound at top of cliff, ca. 500 yds. e of Cole House, Moore Canon, Sutter Buttes.
CHSC121375CHSCGilia capitataGreg de Nevers140012018-04-23 SonomaPepperwood Natural Preserve, 3450 Franz Valley Road. E. border, N. of Redwood Cyn., S. of Weimer Cyn.
CHSC12400CHSCGilia capitataLowell Ahart1973-05-25 SierraNear Alleghany.
CHSC21118CHSCGilia capitataF. T. Griggs281975-07-02 PlumasEast of road. Buck′s Lake. T2 N R06E S36
CHSC30117CHSCGilia capitataM. S. Taylor28021980-06-10 ShastaSims Road Lookout, ca. 6 mi s of Sweetbriar on I5. T3 N R0 W S29 NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Dunsmuir
CHSC31278CHSCGilia capitataMark Stopher751980-05-28 HumboldtAlong Rte 169, 7.5 mi w of Martins Ferry Bridge.
CHSC32061CHSCGilia capitataL. Ahart2341973-05-25 SierraNear Alleghany.
CHSC32790CHSCGilia capitataJames Jokerst8821980-06-18 TehamaNorth Coast Ranges. Near Mud Flat. USGS Quadrangle: Hall Ridge
CHSC34461CHSCGilia capitataHelen Spaulding561968-05-13 Los AngelesN. City of Pasadena, 1 mi. SW. of Rose Bowl on Arroyo Dr.
CHSC40011CHSCGilia capitataL. Constance22061938-05-07 Madera6 miles SW. of Coarse Gold, Sierra Nevada foothills.
CHSC74998CHSCGilia capitataElmo Agatep251995-06-20 SolanoStebbins Canon, near the entrance on route 1 W. of town of Winters. Cold Canon. Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve.
CHSC79788CHSCGilia capitataG. F. Hrusa146111998-06-19 ColusaAbove upper Little Stony Creek. Goat Mtn. Rd. ˜ 1.5 W of campground. UTM: 10S, 05 N, 43478E. USGS Quadrangle: Gilmore Peak 1:24,000
CHSC83145CHSCGilia capitataRenee Shahrok161986-06-24 PlacerJunction of Old Foresthill Rd. and Hwy 49. T1 N R08E S0 W1-4
CHSC90408CHSCGilia capitataNiall McCarten54681986-06-16 TehamaMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Thomes Creek Watershed. S-2 N29. Overlid, 0.5 mi. due south of Browns Camp, 1 mi. east of Ides Cove Trailhead. T25N R0 W S18 NE1-4
CHSC9199CHSCGilia capitataG. Strausbaugh1241970-06-21 ShastaNear summit of Buckhorn Bally ca. 4.5 mi. s from U.S. Hwy. 2 W 19.5 mi. east of Douglas City.
CHSC9717CHSCGilia capitataNancy Mosman851971-07-11 Plumas100 ft e of Feather River ca. 0.5 mi s of Hwy 70 and the Belden turnoff.
CHSC97940CHSCGilia capitataD. G. Kelch07.185B2007-04-20 NevadaSouth Yuba River State Park; E of Bridgeport Covered Bridge near Buttermilk Trail.
CLARK-A1528-3503CLARKGilia capitataJohn C. Roos12361937-06-18 San DiegoPalomar Mountains
CLARK-A1528-3504CLARKGilia capitataJohn C. Roos, Lucille Roos59231953-06-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CLARK-A1528-708CLARKGilia capitataEllen Predmore1971-05-03 Riverside
CLARK-A346-18CLARKGilia capitataLoraine Thomas1977-05-05 KernBakersfield "Kern Canon, Bakersfield area"; Gosford 7.5′Q
CSLA008219CSLAGilia capitataA. Brenholt1967-06-04 MariposaWawona Camp, Yosemite National Forest in Sierra Nevada.
CSLA008220CSLAGilia capitataFrank Snyder1953-05-12 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills, Glendale
CSLA008221CSLAGilia capitataSteve Brummer1953-05-12 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills, Glendale
CSLA008223CSLAGilia capitataAlbert Hildinger1953-05-12 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills
CSLA008227CSLAGilia capitataJohn Newton1953-04-28 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills
CSLA008228CSLAGilia capitataMarcus haile1957-04-18 StanislausTurlock
CSLA008231CSLAGilia capitataHerbert Hymen1962-04-29 Los AngelesVerdugo Hills
DAV185619DAVGilia capitataEllen Dean55172009-05-03 LakeLake County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road, ca. 1.9 road mi N of intersection with Hwy 20. E side of road in burn area - burned in summer of 2008.
DAV186546DAVGilia capitataRodney Gale Myatt2751970-05-23 CalaverasStanislaus River Canon. Along Hunter′s Road, between Hathaway Pines and NF Stanislaus River.
DAV186585DAVGilia capitataRodney Gale Myatt3521970-05-24 CalaverasHwy 4, near Ganns, about 5 mi. west of Alpine County line.
DAV319474DAVGilia capitataHannah Kang1022019-05-26 NevadaNevada County. Northern Sierra Nevada. Washington Road. 4 miles North of Hwy 20 and approximately 12 miles East from Nevada city.
DAV323398DAVGilia capitataRobert A. Raguso91--4 and 5--0631991-05-04 StanislausStanislaus County: Del Puerto Canon Road, (J-17), 3.2 miles west of Patterson.
DAV323399DAVGilia capitataRyan M. Ross411976-05-16 NapaOn Road 121, approximately 6.8 miles South of Road 128. Found in chaparral plant association, on roadside embankment, on loamy clay soil, with partial sunlight. Flowers, corolla and anthers powder blue, calyx light green-white.
DAV323400DAVGilia capitataAyzik Solomeshchs.n.2008-04-20 NapaNapa County: North side of Pope Canon Road, ca. 2 km west of intersection with Berryessa-Knoxville Road
DAV323401DAVGilia capitataChristopher Malleks.n. ColusaColusa County: Frenzel Creek.
DAV323402DAVGilia capitataRenee Shahrok161986-06-24 PlacerPlacer County: junction of Old Foresthill Rd. and Hwy 49.
DAV323403DAVGilia capitataLisa J. Seemans.n.1993-04-28 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: 0.3 mile north on San Francisquito Canon Road from Seco Canon Road junction.
DAV323404DAVGilia capitataD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-06-24 YoloRumsey. Canon Regional Park. Dense chamise chaparral (Adenostomion fasciculatae Rivas-Martinez 1997).
DAV323405DAVGilia capitataJack Major861954-05-11 MendocinoMendocino County: Hopland, Hopland Field Station, James place (Exact location unknown. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
DAV323406DAVGilia capitataPeter Rubtzoff94421980-05-11 MarinMarin County: San Anselmo.
DAV323407DAVGilia capitataA. Amezcua131995-05-20 LakeLake County: On the west side of Big Canon Road, 2km north of intersection with Harbin Springs Road.
DAV323408DAVGilia capitataCollector unknown2251977-06-08 NevadaNevada County: Ecoplot 33.
DAV323409DAVGilia capitataL. Turner131995-05-24 El DoradoEl Dorado County: opening along Highway 193, 1 meter north of junction with Highway 49.
DAV323410DAVGilia capitataGrady L. Webster75221967-06-24 NevadaNevada County: slopes west of Poorman′s Creek.
DAV323411DAVGilia capitataA. M. Shapiros.n.1989-07-07 SolanoSolano County: Vaca Hills, Blue Ridge Rd. between Mix Canon Rd. and Miller Canon Rd., burn area on Blue Ridge.
DAV323412DAVGilia capitataLaura Tanata171982-05-28 El DoradoAlong the north bank of the North Fork of the Consumnes River, 1-2 mile west of bridge on Bucks Bar Road; foothill woodland community dominated by lupine, on a south facing slope, with dry soil in a sunny area; relatively common erect herb, 3-5 dm tall, flower purple-blue.
DAV323413DAVGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson54721980-06-17 TrinityTrinity County: Shasta-Trinity National Forest, along old State Route 36, 1 mile west of State Route 3 near Peanut.
DAV323414DAVGilia capitataN. Nicola0862001-08-05 YoloEastern foothills of inner north coast range, Capay Valley, 0.9 miles as the crow flies N. of Rumsey; Lowrey Ranch.
DAV323415DAVGilia capitataGordon Pilone351960-05-08 KernKern County: 8 miles southwest of Kernville on Greenhorn Summit Road. Greenhorn Mountain Range.
DAV323416DAVGilia capitataP. J. Plummers.n.1995-05-27 NapaNapa County Barryessa Knoxville Rd. Rocky roadside. Herbs; flowers blue-lavender.
DAV323417DAVGilia capitataPaul Quiggle181976-05-30 TehamaLassen National Forest, approximately 35 miles East of Chico, California, along East bank of Deer Creek. Found in pine plant association, in semi-open area, with shaded sunlight.
DAV323418DAVGilia capitataS. P. Lynch3101973-06-11 TrinityTrinity County: east of Peanut on dirt road to Wildwood, approximately 0.5 mile east of Salt Creek Campground.
DAV323419DAVGilia capitataS. P. Lynch4471974-04-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: On Highway 166, 25 miles east of junction with U.S. 101.
DAV323420DAVGilia capitataS. P. Lynch4471974-04-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: On Highway 166, 25 miles east of junction with U.S. 101.
DAV323421DAVGilia capitataRoxana S. Ferris135691961-06-15 SonomaSonoma County: about 0.125 mile beyond County Dump.
DAV323422DAVGilia capitataHilary Jane Ernst751981-05-24 NapaSage Canon Road, base of Conn Dam, 1.2 miles East of intersection with the Silverado Trail. In a foothill woodland plant association, dominated by Rubus, Salix, and Quercus, on a 70 degree slope, in sandy rocky soil, in a dry area, with sunlight for half the day, growing in scattered patches in area. An herbaceous plant, 1 ft. high. Flowers, light blue.
DAV323423DAVGilia capitataEllen Dean3761997-05-17 El DoradoNE of Placerville. Along Bear Creek Road, near Traverse Creek; ca. 1.6 rd miles from the junction of hwy 193 and Meadowbrook Rd (along Meadowbrook Rd and then Bear Creek Rd); 0.2 rd mi uphill from bridge over Traverse Creek; SE side of the road. Exposed serpentine site with Quercus durata, Rhamnus tomentella, Minuartia douglasii, and Eriogonum tripodum.
DAV323424DAVGilia capitataPatrick Byrne71995-04-30 KernKern County: Maricopa on Cerro Noroeste Road, 9.7 miles SE of CA-Hwy 33.
DAV323425DAVGilia capitataFrederica Bowcutt7651986-05-26 MariposaMariposa County: Trumbull Peak, Stanislaus National Forest, about 10 air miles W of Yosemite Valley and 4 air miles NW of El Portal. Just N of Sierra National Forest and Merced River. Between Ned and Dry Gulchs.
DAV323426DAVGilia capitataGarm Beall221997-05-09 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Mulhollad Highway, 1 mile east of Malibu Canon Road.
DAV323427DAVGilia capitataAllyson Ayalon992012-07-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County. Kyburz. South-facing slopes of the Sierra Neveda found along the North of Highway 50.
DAV323428DAVGilia capitataChristopher MallekAC1--32 ShastaShasta County: Ash Creek.
DAV323429DAVGilia capitataJames A. Neilson, Jr.28671974-05-17 SonomaOn the border of Lake and Sonoma Counties: Mayacmas Mountains, Geyser Rock area, west of Whispering Pines and State Highway 175. (Elevation estimated by label maker.)
DAV323430DAVGilia capitataEllen Dean85982015-03-21 YoloYolo County: Audubon Bobcat Ranch. Western part of ranch, just north of Hwy 128 N of Putah Creek. Area E of Bray Canon at base of large escarpment labeled spring on topo maps. Burned in 2014.
DAV323431DAVGilia capitataJames A. Neilson, Jr.30451973-06-07 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains. Big Geysers. (Elevation estimated using Google Earth by label maker.)
DAV323432DAVGilia capitataA. H. MurphyHF-1021953-06-29 MendocinoMendocino County: Hopland Field Station, Foster pasture. Parson′s Creek.
DAV323433DAVGilia capitataJames A. Neilson, Jr.28721974-04-16 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains. Big Geysers. (Elevation estimated using topo map by label maker.)
DAV323434DAVGilia capitataRoman Gankin421951-05-12 San FranciscoSan Francisco County: city of San Francisco, 0.5 mi. west of Lake Merced.
DAV323435DAVGilia capitataRoman Gankin8921967-07-04 MendocinoMendocino County: in area from summit of Hull Mountain to piont where summit access road joins USFS Road 1 No2.
DAV323436DAVGilia capitataToni Grant261977-05-28 PlacerCalifornia, Placer Co.; 4.6 miles southeast of Auburn-Foresthill Rd. along Mosquito Ridge Road, intersection is 20 miles northeast of the Auburn-Foresthill Bridge.
DAV323437DAVGilia capitataGeorge F. Hrusa76541990-04-04 SutterSutter County: Sutter Buttes, on south side of North Butte.
DAV323438DAVGilia capitataDaryl Koutnik2521978-04-03 VenturaVentura County: Decker Road at Lake Eleanor.
DAV323439DAVGilia capitataC.H. Lamoureux11191956-06-06 El Dorado3.2 miles west of Kyburz.
DAV323440DAVGilia capitataC.H. Lamoureux11191956-06-06 El Dorado3.2 miles west of Kyburz.
DAV358518DAVGilia capitataEllen Dean49312008-05-18 ColusaColusa County: Payne Ranch (owned by BLM), lands to the SW of the intersection of Hwys 20 and 16. Unnamed drainage south of Hwy 20 between Hwy 16 and Lynch Canon that drains to Bear Creek by passing under Hwy 20.
DAV358519DAVGilia capitataCraig D. Thomsen23082000-05-11 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, about 0.5 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, between Colusa Co. milepost 2.63 and 2.17.
DAV358520DAVGilia capitataCraig D. Thomsen24882001-05-24 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, about 0.5 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, between Colusa Co. milepost 2.63 and 2.17.
DAV358521DAVGilia capitataCraig D. Thomsen23232000-05-11 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, 0.25 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, Colusa Co. milepost 3.00.
DAV358522DAVGilia capitataEllen Dean56972009-05-20 ColusaColusa County: Walker Ridge. Til Jones Spring area along Walker Ridge Road.
FSC0018518FSCGilia capitataE. K. Balls; L. W. Lenz171711952-05-11 Mendocino5.1 mi. n.e. on road to Dos Rios from Hwy 101 at Longvale.
FSC0018519FSCGilia capitataLes Olinger70161988-04-30 Fresno1-4 mile west from Santa Fe R.R. on Mt. View Avenue. Cultivated Valley grassland. Growing on roadside in adjoining barley field.
FSC0018520FSCGilia capitataMarty Allred77-01311977-04-14 FresnoGrown in a garden in Fresno from a wildflowers seed mixture.
FSC0018521FSCGilia capitataConrad Bitters691381969-04-09 FresnoTable Top Mountain
GH00403605GHGilia capitataY. W. Winblad1933-04-22 FresnoFedora Avenue near Blockstone, Fresno
GH01000106GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1926-06-13 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01000109GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-06-29 Lake[data not captured]
GH01000110GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-06-28 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01000111GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1880-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01000112GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1942-08-18 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01000113GHGilia capitataJ. C. Fremont 4711846-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01000114GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-04-24 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH01000115GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1875-01-01 Calaveras[data not captured]
GH01000116GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1905-06-15 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH01000117GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1897-04-01 Butte[data not captured]
GH01000118GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1903-05-27 Plumas[data not captured]
GH01000119GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1904-04-05 Plumas[data not captured]
GH01000120GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1924-06-02 Plumas[data not captured]
GH01000121GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1916-08-15 Shasta[data not captured]
GH01000122GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-03-25 Butte[data not captured]
GH01000123GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-07-28 Shasta[data not captured]
GH01000124GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1879-05-01 Shasta[data not captured]
GH01000125GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1926-01-02 Contra Costa[data not captured]
GH01000126GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1918-04-16 Butte[data not captured]
GH01000127GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1905-06-08 El Dorado[data not captured]
GH01000129GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1880-05-13 Lake[data not captured]
GH01000130GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1872-01-01 Lake[data not captured]
GH01000131GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1949-05-26 Shasta[data not captured]
GH01000132GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-06-04 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH01000133GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1896-04-01 Los Angeles[data not captured]
GH01000134GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1964-04-27 Amador[data not captured]
GH01000135GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1932-04-20 Humboldt[data not captured]
GH01000136GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1913-04-21 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH01000137GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1963-04-29 Yuba[data not captured]
GH01000138GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;2012-03-26 Marin[data not captured]
GH01000139GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1894-10-01 Humboldt[data not captured]
GH01000140GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-09-13 Glenn[data not captured]
GH01000141GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1907-07-07 Siskiyou[data not captured]
GH01000142GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1901-06-01 Madera[data not captured]
GH01000143GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1930-06-15 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH01000144GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-05-23 Mendocino[data not captured]
GH01000145GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-09-11 Tulare[data not captured]
GH01000146GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1888-08-18 Lake[data not captured]
GH01000147GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01000148GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1945-07-03 Tulare[data not captured]
GH01000149GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1918-06-29 Shasta[data not captured]
GH01000150GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1916-08-06 Nevada[data not captured]
GH01000151GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1950-05-28 Humboldt[data not captured]
GH01000152GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1912-06-15 Sonoma[data not captured]
GH01000154GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1952-10-26 Monterey[data not captured]
GH01000155GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1857-01-01 Tuolumne[data not captured]
GH01000156GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1965-04-25 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01000172GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1853-01-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01000173GHGilia capitata;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1939-03-28 Unknown[data not captured]
HREC317HRECGilia capitataA. H. M.HF1021953-06-29 MendocinoFoster Pasture.
HREC318HRECGilia capitataH. F. Heady6531953-04-30 MendocinoSouth Pasture - Hopland Field Station.
HSC100591HSCGilia capitataCarl C. Marshall1031885-06-01 HumboldtEel River region.
HSC104595HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson70081982-05-30 GlennAlong Forest Service Rd. 1 N03, 1.7 mi. from junction with FS Rds. 18N30 & 18N50 near summit of Black Diamond Mtn.
HSC214405HSCGilia capitataJames Regan252010-06-23 HumboldtNanning Creek, east of Scotia
HSC214407HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith42631970-06-30 Del Norte22.9 mi. from junction with Hwy. 199 on French Hill Rd.
HSC214408HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith38421970-06-14 HumboldtAlong Hwy. 96 Whitmore Creek
HSC214409HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith39471970-06-15 SiskiyouRoad between Forks of Salmon and Cecilville.
HSC214411HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith100291978-07-22 TehamaShasta-Trinity National Forest, Tedoc Mtn.
HSC214412HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith93331977-07-14 LakeMendocino National Forest, FS Rd. M1, 5.3 mi. from junction with FS Rd. 2 N01
HSC214413HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith82981975-06-23 ShastaBuckhorn Bally, 3.5 mi. S of Hwy. 299 at Buckhorn Summit on road to Bully Choop
HSC214414HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith75051974-05-25 SiskiyouAlong Rd. 8, 2.4 W of its junction with Hwy. 3
HSC214415HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith76321974-05-27 SiskiyouAlong FS Rd. 4 N03
HSC214416HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith81011975-05-17 TrinitySE-facing slope on the trail to Denny at confluence of New River and Trinity River
HSC214417HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith68161973-05-26 HumboldtScotia Bluffs along the Eel River near Rio Dell
HSC214418HSCGilia capitataJ.P. Smith65451973-05-05 SiskiyouScott Bar along the Scott River
HSC214419HSCGilia capitataJ.O. Sawyer5631968-07-23 SiskiyouAlong trail from Browns Valley to Caribou Basin including areas around Snowslide Lake and Caribou Lake
HSC214420HSCGilia capitataJ.O. Sawyer22121970-06-24 HumboldtRidge on Big Hill Rd., E of Hoopa
HSC214422HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson9371973-05-28 HumboldtMcKeown Ranch N of Dinsmore
HSC214426HSCGilia capitataGail Newton8541980-07-01 TrinityNear Hayden Roughs
HSC214427HSCGilia capitataGail Newton9481980-07-02 TrinityNear N Kelsey Peak
HSC214428HSCGilia capitataGail Newton9911980-07-03 TrinityNear Horsehead Mtn.
HSC214429HSCGilia capitataGail Newton15571980-07-15 HumboldtNear Sims Mtn.
HSC214430HSCGilia capitataGail Newton13281980-07-11 HumboldtNear Red Mtn.
HSC214431HSCGilia capitataGail Newton14991980-07-14 HumboldtNear Last Chance Ridge.
HSC214432HSCGilia capitataGail Newton11511980-07-10 TrinityNear Senteney Rock.
HSC214433HSCGilia capitataGilbert Muth72381979-07-12 HumboldtNear Cedar Creek, close to the town of Willow Creek
HSC214434HSCGilia capitataOverton51911979-06-19 Del NorteNear Bear Basin Butte, close to the town of Gasquet
HSC214435HSCGilia capitataOverton99041979-07-25 HumboldtNear Grouse Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek
HSC214436HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson44731978-07-23 ShastaAlong rd. to Bully Choop 9 mi. from jct. with county Rd. A 16
HSC214438HSCGilia capitataK. Irwin3931977-05-22 SiskiyouOn S Fork Salmon River Rd., 4.5 W of Cecilville
HSC214440HSCGilia capitataH.D. Sumnersn1959-07-14 HumboldtBetween Hoopa and Redwood Creek
HSC214441HSCGilia capitataJ. Wendell Howesn1931-06-07 HumboldtWildcat Rd. W of Ferndale
HSC214442HSCGilia capitataDoris K. Kildale10281925-07-12 Del NorteNear Crescent City
HSC214443HSCGilia capitataBrad Klipfel6631975-06-17 TrinityAlong Titlow Hill Rd.
HSC214444HSCGilia capitataD.L. Goforth2391979-07-08 Del NorteSix Rivers National Forest, Siskiyou Mtns., Elk Valley
HSC214445HSCGilia capitataC.B. Wolf21111928-05-07 Lake6 mi. E of Houghs Mineral Springs on the road to Williams
HSC214446HSCGilia capitataJennifer Whipple23241978-06-05 SiskiyouWeston Gulch in Scott Valley
HSC214447HSCGilia capitataJane Hildreth211981-06-04 Riverside7 mi. S of Banning along Hwy. 243
HSC214448HSCGilia capitataMaureen Pendletonsn1988-02-15 Riverside2 W of Alberhill on E side of Horsethief Canon wash
HSC214449HSCGilia capitataC.S. Appersonsn1967-06-11 Los Angeles1.0 mi. down Canon Canon trail from the end of Townsend Park Rd.
HSC214450HSCGilia capitataCarl W. Mize611972-06-21 Siskiyou0.25 mi. from main rd.
HSC214451HSCGilia capitataK.T. Stillman511976-06-25 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area, SW facing slope.
HSC214452HSCGilia capitataTim Baroni881971-07-05 Humboldt8 mi. E of Petrolia
HSC214453HSCGilia capitataJ.F. Knezevich1741967-06-01 TrinityW of Junction City on Hwy. 299
HSC214454HSCGilia capitataR. Spellenberg4221964-06-16 TrinitySpellenberg property, 2 mi. E of Burnt Ranch
HSC214455HSCGilia capitataC.E. Fellows501965-04-13 Ventura1 N of Moorpark on Hwy. 23
HSC214456HSCGilia capitataR. York7491980-05-25 TrinityNear Shannon Butte
HSC214457HSCGilia capitataScott M. Kruse311975-05-17 TrinityOn the trail to Denny at the confluence of the New River and the Trinity River
HSC214458HSCGilia capitataR.A. Magie1141964-07-16 Tulare3 W of Atwell Mill Ranger Station, Sequoia National Park
HSC214459HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson46321979-04-13 GlennAlong FS Rd. 1 N01 at junction with County Rd.
HSC214460HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson54551980-06-16 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, just N of Philpot Campground
HSC214461HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson42861978-06-22 TrinityAlong Dubakella Rd., 3.7 mi. from junction with State Route 36
HSC214462HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson55371980-06-17 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along FS Rd. 1N12, 1.1 mi. from junction with FS Rd. 2N07
HSC214463HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson56931980-06-20 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along FS Rd. 3 N46 at Blue Point on Blue Point Ridge
HSC214464HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson55071980-06-17 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along Salt Creek Rd. at junction with FS Rd. 3 N24
HSC214465HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson56181980-06-19 TrinityAlong Salt Creek Rd., 2 mi. from junction with Hwy. 3
HSC214466HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson56611980-06-19 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along FS Rd. 2 N59, 0.5 mi. E of junction with FS Rd. 30N29, Rattlesnake Ridge
HSC214467HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson57081980-06-20 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along FS Rd. 3 N28, 1 mi. E of junction with FS Rd. 29N73
HSC214468HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson55891980-06-18 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along FS Rd. 1N10, 1 mi. from junction with FS Rd. 2N07
HSC214469HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson54721980-06-17 TrinityShasta-Trinity National Forest, along old Hwy. 36, 1 W of Hwy. 3 near Peanut
HSC214473HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson40631978-05-27 TrinityAlong trail to Red Mtn.
HSC214474HSCGilia capitataThomas W. Nelson53841980-05-30 TrinityAlong Rd. 60 (Underwood Mtn. Rd.) 0.5 mi. S of junction with FS Rd. 4N34 (Eltapom Rd.)
HSC214475HSCGilia capitataH.E. Parks112661935-06-02 Del NorteVicinity of Darlingtonia Canon the Smith River, 2 mi. E of Gasquet
HSC214476HSCGilia capitataCara Witte1582007-05-31 HumboldtAlong National Forest Route 1 Near Kinsey Ridge and Cow Creek. 1.25 miles north of intersection with FS Road 4N09
HSC214477HSCGilia capitataM.A. Ericksen3261979-06-22 TrinityW slope of Horsehead Mtn.
HSC214478HSCGilia capitataM.A. Ericksen3131979-06-22 TrinityHorsehead Mtn.
HSC214481HSCGilia capitataWilliam J. Ferlatte20361966-06-01 Trinity2 N of Junction City
HSC214482HSCGilia capitataWilliam J. Ferlatte20211966-06-01 Trinity1 W of Hayden Flat campground along Hwy. 299
HSC214483HSCGilia capitataWilliam J. Ferlatte4031966-08-17 SiskiyouNW side of Caribou Mtn.
HSC214484HSCGilia capitataWilliam J. Ferlatte5451967-06-28 TrinityE side of Packers Peak
HSC214485HSCGilia capitataMaralyn A. Renner8441980-06-09 SiskiyouRidge SE of FS Rd. 4 N35
HSC214486HSCGilia capitataMaralyn A. Renner10481980-06-24 Siskiyou1-2 mi. E of Cook and Green Pass
HSC214487HSCGilia capitataMaralyn A. Renner9881980-06-23 SiskiyouW Fork Seiad Creek
HSC214488HSCGilia capitataRobert M. Specht4341976-05-15 Lake11 mi. S on Bottle Rock Rd. from Hwy. 29, 1 W on Union Oil Rd. to geysers
HSC214489HSCGilia capitataRobert M. Specht8671977-05-14 LakeUkiah District
HSC214490HSCGilia capitataRuby Van Deventersn1964-07-11 Del NorteBear Basin Heliport
HSC214491HSCGilia capitataRuby Van Deventersn1938-05-22 Del NorteVan Deventer Ranch along N Bank Rd.
HSC214492HSCGilia capitataRuby Van Deventersn1959-07-09 SiskiyouPoker Flat
HSC214493HSCGilia capitataM.A. Baker23511980-06-25 TrinityNear Castle Rock
HSC214494HSCGilia capitataM.A. Baker28191980-07-12 TrinityNear Black Lassic
HSC214495HSCGilia capitataM.A. Baker13641980-05-18 HumboldtNear Black Mtn.
HSC214496HSCGilia capitataM.A. Baker15611980-05-25 TrinityNear Shannon Butte
HSC214497HSCGilia capitataM.A. Baker29771980-07-15 HumboldtNear Whiting Ridge.
IRVC16333IRVCGilia capitataMignonne Bivin731978-05-11 TulareS of Sequoia National Park entrance station; Three Rivers.
IRVC16423IRVCGilia capitataJerry A. Powell9791972-06-13 Mendocino2.5 air mi N of Eel River Ranger Station.
IRVC26155IRVCGilia capitataA.C. Sanders262432003-05-01 Los AngelesNE side of Canonal Forest boundary, ca. 0.6 mi. due west of confluence of Bitter and Charlie Canons
IRVC26202IRVCGilia capitataMark A. Elvin29192003-05-24 Los AngelesStagecoach Road at junction with HW 154, SE of Lake Cachuma.
IRVC26356IRVCGilia capitataA.C. Sanders260382003-04-16 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, ca. 0.4 north of Hwy 126, west of Castaic Creek and north of its confluence with the Santa Clara River, 0.6 mi. south of Commerce Center Dr. along Franklin Parkway, vicinity of large water tank
IRVC26466IRVCGilia capitataA.C. Sanders257102003-03-05 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, Grapevine Mesa ca. 1.5 mi. ESE of Del Valle, west side and slopes of adjacent canyon
IRVC26495IRVCGilia capitataA.C. Sanders261412003-04-28 Los AngelesCastaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, north of the filtration plant along a dirt track near the crest of the hills, east of and above Lake Hughes Rd., near Castaic Lake dam
IRVC27155IRVCGilia capitataMark A. Elvin33502004-04-24 San DiegoSE side of Otay Mountain: Mine Canon; San Diego Plant Atlas grid-V16
IRVC27215IRVCGilia capitataA.C. Sanders264662003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, along trail between Copper Canon and Wild Bill′s Draw on the south side of the mountain just barely north of the Mexican border
IRVC28448IRVCGilia capitataFred M. Roberts; Andy Pigniolo, Kam Muri57082003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, south side in lower ?Butteweg Canon ca. 0.4 mi. north of the Mexican border, Tijuana River watershed
IRVC2860IRVCGilia capitataMike McCartins.n.1965-04-24 RiversideDripping Springs guard station.
IRVC2861IRVCGilia capitataSusan Parks.n.1965-04-24 Riverside9 Miles North of Sage, Rt. 79.
IRVC2862IRVCGilia capitataSteve Gilberts.n.1965-04-24 RiversideHighway 74 [79], 1 mile west of Dripping Springs.
IRVC2863IRVCGilia capitataBruce Reynoldss.n.1965-04-24 RiversideHwy. 71 [79]. 1 mi. west of Dripping Springs Guard Station.
IRVC2864IRVCGilia capitataBarbara Mawdsleys.n.1965-04-24 RiversideSW Portion, Highway 74, 1 mile from Grand Ave, Elsinore.
IRVC2865IRVCGilia capitataC. Thompsons.n.1965-04-24 RiversideUpper San Juan Camp
IRVC2866IRVCGilia capitataLorraine Aldiss.n.1965-04-24 RiversideRoute 74, 1 mi SW Mountain Center.
IRVC2867IRVCGilia capitataGail Howards.n.1965-04-24 RiversideIdlewild
IRVC2868IRVCGilia capitataC. Weirs.n.1965-04-24 RiversideRoute 74.
IRVC2869IRVCGilia capitataPolly Brechts.n.1965-04-24 RiversideElsinore: 1-2 mi SW of Jct. Grand and Hwy 74.
IRVC30151IRVCGilia capitataJerry A. Powell9791972-06-13 MendocinoEel River Ranger Station, 2.5 air miles N of Station.
JEPS124896UCJEPSGilia capitataM. Wheelis871964-06-25 Sierra4 W of Downieville. Highway 49.
LA206653LAGilia capitataCarl Eplings.n.1935-07-20 TrinityFawn Lodge near Weaverville
LA206654LAGilia capitataCarl Eplings.n.1935-07-08 MariposaSierra Nevada; Wawona
LA206655LAGilia capitataC.L. Hitchcock64961940-05-20 Shasta25 mi E of Redding
LA206656LAGilia capitataA.L. Hainess.n.1938-08-17 MariposaSierra Nevada; Yosemite National Park; Wawona (Clark′s) Meadow
LA206657LAGilia capitataA.L. Hainess.n.1938-08-17 MariposaSierra Nevada; Yosemite National Park; Wawona (Clark′s) Meadow
LA206658LAGilia capitataC. W. Hollis64561935-03-01 MontereyCarmel Highlands
LA206659LAGilia capitataCarl Eplings.n.1935-07-08 MariposaSierra Nevada; Wawona
LA325840LAGilia capitataW.B. Welchs.n.1928-05-05 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; Idyllwild
LA39490LAGilia capitataJane TurnerC--4101960-05-29 TulareSierra Nevada; 14 NE of Springville on Hwy 190
LA88232LAGilia capitataH.L. Bauer11031942-08-06 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; High Sierra Trail
LA88500LAGilia capitataO.H. Kappler17811948-07-16 Del NorteSmith River, along highway 199
LA88501LAGilia capitataO.H. Kappler18011948-07-16 SiskiyouSiskyou Mountains; on rd to Happy Camp
LOB101886LOBGilia capitataH. Carpenter581970-03-15 Riverside8.8 miles south of Wesley St. on County Road R-1
LOB101887LOBGilia capitataPete Morris871970-05-15 Riverside2.7 miles south of Wesley St. on County Road R-1
LOB101888LOBGilia capitataH. Dickinson421970-05-15 Riverside8.8 miles south of Wesley St. on County Road R-1
LOB101889LOBGilia capitataPete Morris981970-05-15 Riverside2.7 miles south of Wesley St. on County Road R-1
LOB101890LOBGilia capitataRobert Durbins.n.1950-04-14 Los AngelesSanta Ana Botanical Gardens
LOB101891LOBGilia capitataP.C. Baker52101965-02-00 Santa Barbara1.0 miles south of Cachuma Campground Happy Cyn. Rd.
LOB101892LOBGilia capitataP.C. Baker52101965-02-00 Santa Barbara1.0 miles south of Cachuma Campground Happy Cyn. Rd.
LOB101893LOBGilia capitataP.C. Baker53071965-03-27 Santa Barbara5 miles up Figueroa Mountain Rd. from Midland School
LOB101894LOBGilia capitataLinda Williams1251970-04-12 Santa Barbara0.8 miles SE of Figueroa Campground on Figueroa Mountain
MCCC1091MCCCGilia capitataClare R. Wheeler29451982-04-29 MendocinoOn Mountain House Road-Hopland Road (Rte 111) ca. 5 N. of Hwy. 128
MCCC1092MCCCGilia capitataClare R. Wheeler29451982-04-29 MendocinoOn Mountain House Road-Hopland Road (Rte 111) ca. 5 N. of Hwy. 128
MCCC1546MCCCGilia capitataWolfgang Ronnefeldt1984-06-09 UnknownIntersection of Schow Road and Rhenolds Hwy. N. of Willits
MCCC2103MCCCGilia capitataClare Wheeler10141979-05-18 MendocinoHwy. 1 N. of Laytonville, 76 mi. N. of Sonoma Co. line
MCCC2553MCCCGilia capitataBill1948-06-12 MarinAlpine Dam Road
NY3281356NYGilia capitataA. Eastwood21481936-04-19 ?  Contra CostaAntioch sand hills
NY3281378NYGilia capitataA. Eastwood6101912-06-20 ?  Nevada
NY3281379NYGilia capitataA. Eastwood7781912-06-29 ?  ShastaGoose Valley
OBI147943OBIGilia capitataMichael Walgren2682012-04-16 San Luis ObispoNear the inland terminus of Thunder Cyn Rd, which runs N-E off of Cayucos Crk Rd, Cayucos
OBI147944OBIGilia capitataKristie Haydu42015-04-14 San Luis ObispoSeveral individuals located in a sandy, ephemeral erosional drainage channel adjacent to Park Hill Road.
OBI147946OBIGilia capitataElizabeth Rudd2351971-04-24 San Luis Obispo3 miles NE of Santa Margarita
OBI147952OBIGilia capitataChristian Smith1974-06-01 San Luis ObispoAlong Santa Rita Creek road on southwesterly facing slope in rocky crumbling serpentine soil
OBI79045OBIGilia capitataMatt Ritters.n.2014-07-04 TuolumneCanon Falls Trail, near Evergreen Road.
PASA776PASAGilia capitataMargaret Stason San Luis ObispoNear Arroyo Grande
PASA777PASAGilia capitataAnnetta Carter1929-05-23 MariposaYosemite
PASA778PASAGilia capitataJ. E. Giguette Los AngelesFlintridge
PASA779PASAGilia capitataFrank W. Peirson1940-05-14 KernGreenhorn Range, east slope
PGM6458PGMGilia capitataHowitt, Beatrice F13061962-05-27 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cruikshank Trail along, 0.25 miles from Hwy 1 trailhead
PGM6459PGMGilia capitataHowitt, Beatrice F15831963-05-26 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cruikshank Trail along, 0.25 miles from Hwy 1 trailhead
PGM6461PGMGilia capitataHowitt, Beatrice F08871956-04-17 MontereySierra de Salinas, Carmel Valley Rd (Paloma Cr Rd), Along Road
PGM6463PGMGilia capitataHowitt, Beatrice F08921965-04-14 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Canong Road
PGM6487PGMGilia capitataHowitt, Beatrice F1958-05-18 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Arroyo Seco River trail above, Rocky Creek Trail along
PGM7200PGMGilia capitataYadon, Vern2003-03-29 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Reliz Canon 4 miles up canyon, Prop belonging to Deborah Rich (shale)
PGM7201PGMGilia capitataYadon, Vern2003-03-29 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Reliz Canon 4 miles up canyon, Prop belonging to Deborah Rich (shale)
POM10431RSAGilia capitataF. M. Reeds.n.1903-09-28 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mtns.
POM127015RSAGilia capitataP. E. Goddard1161907-06-05 HumboldtVan Duzen
POM173633RSAGilia capitataH. Lallet81831-07-01 Los AngelesSanta Canon, below Salta Verde turnoff.
POM188372RSAGilia capitataMarcus E. Joness.n.1931-06-16 HumboldtJunction East of Arcata
POM253004RSAGilia capitataA. A. Heller153361937-05-09 SonomaRoadside bank in clay soil between Hopland and Mountain House.
POM260277RSAGilia capitataC. L. Hitchcock64961940-05-20 Shasta25 miles east of Redding.
POM260280RSAGilia capitataC. L. Hitchcock65371940-05-24 ShastaHat Creek, 20 miles W of Fall River Mills.
POM280076RSAGilia capitataLyman Benson5791928-05-26 LakeHighland Springs. Mayacamas mtn range, Dobe Creek.
POM280079RSAGilia capitataLyman Benson1651928-04-30 LakeLakeport; Summit, Rocky Hill 2 miles S Lakeport; Mt. Range: Mayacamas; River: Clear Lake.
POM65721RSAGilia capitataGeo D. Butler13111910-05-08 SiskiyouNear Yreka.
POM65746RSAGilia capitataA. A. Heller59981902-07-28 LakeNear summit of Mt. Sanhedrin.
POM65943RSAGilia capitataEdward L. Greene29591903-05-09 LakeNear Lakeport.
POM74356RSAGilia capitataMarcus E. Jones102591881-06-01 Santa CruzSanta Cruz.
POM75060RSAGilia capitataGeo D. Butler321908-08-06 SiskiyouSummit above Cold Spring, [Molly] Creek
POM75062RSAGilia capitataGeo D. Butler7411909-05-10 SiskiyouNear Yreka.
POM75069RSAGilia capitataGeo D. Butler13111910-05-08 SiskiyouNear Yreka.
PPWD1491PPWDGilia capitataG. de Nevers139882018-04-01 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - East border; N. of Redwood Cyn.; S. of Weimar Cyn. Chaparral burned in Oct. 2017 fire; with Adenostoma; Ceanothus; Salvia sonomensis. 38.58 N.; 122.68 W. 974 ft.
PPWD1501PPWDGilia capitataG. de Nevers140012018-04-23 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - E. border; N. of Redwood Cyn.; S. of Weimar Cyn. Chaparral burned in Oct. 8 2017 fire; with Adenostoma; Ceanothus; Salvia sonomensis. 38.8 N; 122.68 W. 789ft.
PUA14602PUAGilia capitataClifton & Ground1978-06-13 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Forest House. Yreka Quad.
PUA14902PUAGilia capitataClifton & Ground1978-06-15 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Soap Creek Ridge. Yreka Quad.
PUA14949PUAGilia capitataClifton & Ground1978-06-18 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Gunsight Peak. Fort Jones Quad.
PUA15032PUAGilia capitataClifton & Ground1978-06-19 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bray. Bray Quad.
PUA1504PUAGilia capitataRay Larson1968-07-02 GlennLocal landmark: Plaskett Meadows. Hull Mt Quad.
PUA15635PUAGilia capitataClifton & Ground1978-07-12 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Butcher Gulch. Cecilville Quad.
PUA1614PUAGilia capitataLavern C. Wolcott1951-06-26 MendocinoLocal landmark: Albion. Albion Quad.
PUA17298PUAGilia capitataBill Grummer1978-05-27 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17309PUAGilia capitataBill Grummer1978-05-27 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17324PUAGilia capitataBill Grummer1978-05-16 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA19080PUAGilia capitataClifton And Overton1979-06-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Hettenshaw Valley. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA19166PUAGilia capitataClifton And Overton1979-06-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA19262PUAGilia capitataClifton And Overton1979-06-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA20043PUAGilia capitataOverton And Butler1979-06-19 Del NorteLocal landmark: Bear Basin Butte. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA21156PUAGilia capitataOverton And Butler1979-06-25 Del NorteLocal landmark: Peak 8. Ship Mt Quad.
PUA23306PUAGilia capitataGriswold & Butler1979-07-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Board Camp Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA23336PUAGilia capitataClifton & Butler1979-07-17 TrinityLocal landmark: mad River. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA23497PUAGilia capitataGilbert Jerome Muth1979-07-12 HumboldtLocal landmark: Cedar Creek. Ironside Mt Quad.
PUA23758PUAGilia capitataClifton & Butler1979-07-18 TrinityLocal landmark: Jones Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA23941PUAGilia capitataOverton And Butler1979-07-25 HumboldtLocal landmark: Sims Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA23949PUAGilia capitataOverton And Butler1979-07-25 HumboldtLocal landmark: Grouse Mountain. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA24205PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1979-07-29 Del NorteLocal landmark: Elk Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA24576PUAGilia capitataTerry Griswold1979-07-22 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Shasta River. Copco Quad.
PUA2602PUAGilia capitataW.D. Sumner1971-05-28 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Springs. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA31489PUAGilia capitataBill Grummer1979-05-23 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA32524PUAGilia capitataMarc Baker1980-05-18 HumboldtLocal landmark: Black Mountain. Hoopa Quad.
PUA32716PUAGilia capitataRichard York1980-05-24 TrinityLocal landmark: Long Ridge. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA33260PUAGilia capitataMarc Baker1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Shannon Butte. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA33714PUAGilia capitataJoe Callizo1979-06-01 NapaLocal landmark: Mast Serpentine Hill. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA34409PUAGilia capitataRichard York1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Shannon Butte. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA34760PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Elk Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA34985PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-06-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Ladder Rock. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA35124PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35172PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-06-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mad River Butte. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
PUA35257PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35311PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: North Kelsey Peak. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35356PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-07-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA35530PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA35709PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-07-11 HumboldtLocal landmark: Red Mountain. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA35862PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-07-14 HumboldtLocal landmark: Last Chance Ridge. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA35951PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-07-15 HumboldtLocal landmark: Sims Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA36889PUAGilia capitataMarc Baker1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Kettenpom Quad.
PUA36988PUAGilia capitataGail Newton1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Swim Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA37017PUAGilia capitataMarc Baker1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
PUA37137PUAGilia capitataMarc Baker1980-06-20 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bald Mountain. Orleans Quad.
PUA37202PUAGilia capitataMarc Baker1980-06-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Castle Rock. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA37263PUAGilia capitataMarc Baker1980-06-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Castle Rock. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA37434PUAGilia capitataMarc Baker1980-07-12 TrinityLocal landmark: Black Lassic. Blocksburg Quad.
PUA37604PUAGilia capitataMarc Baker1980-07-15 HumboldtLocal landmark: Whiting Ridge. Pilot Creek Quad.
PUA38561PUAGilia capitataJames Jokerst1980-06-18 TehamaLocal landmark: Mud Flat. Hall Ridge Quad.
PUA40221PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-06-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Peanut. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40249PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-06-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Dubakella Mountain. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40282PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-06-19 TrinityLocal landmark: Rattlesnake Ridge. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40331PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-06-18 TrinityLocal landmark: V Spring. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA40445PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-05-30 TrinityLocal landmark: Underwood Mountain. Hyampom Quad.
PUA40500PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-06-16 TrinityLocal landmark: Philpot Creek. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40527PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-06-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Mud Spring. Pickett Peak Quad.
PUA40556PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-06-19 TrinityLocal landmark: Dubakella Mountain. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40613PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-06-20 TrinityLocal landmark: Blue Point Ridge. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA40629PUAGilia capitataThomas Nelson1980-06-20 TrinityLocal landmark: Dubakella Mountain. Dubakella Mt Quad.
PUA41285PUAGilia capitataLinda M. Barker1975-06-18 Del NorteLocal landmark: Patrick Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA41444PUAGilia capitataLinda M. Barker1975-05-31 Del NorteLocal landmark: Twelvemile Creek. Gasquet Quad.
PUA42039PUAGilia capitataMaralyn Renner1980-06-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: seiad Creek. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA42174PUAGilia capitataMaralyn Renner1980-06-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Moffett Creek. Yreka Quad.
PUA42634PUAGilia capitataMaralyn Renner1980-06-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Soap Creek. Yreka Quad.
PUA42997PUAGilia capitataMaralyn Renner1980-06-10 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Mill Creek. Yreka Quad.
PUA43056PUAGilia capitataMaralyn Renner1980-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Copper Butte. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA43176PUAGilia capitataMaralyn Renner1980-06-09 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Soap Creek Ridge. Yreka Quad.
PUA45156PUAGilia capitataMaralyn Renner1980-06-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA45210PUAGilia capitataMaralyn Renner1980-06-25 SiskiyouLocal landmark: little S Fk. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA4628PUAGilia capitataGilbert Jerome Muth1968-08-06 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Marble Valley. Scott Bar Quad.
PUA4629PUAGilia capitataGilbert Jerome Muth1966-07-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Marble Valley. Scott Bar Quad.
PUA46983PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1981-04-26 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
PUA5136PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1975-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA55770PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1983-05-26 SonomaLocal landmark: Squaw Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA56017PUAGilia capitataTom Jimerson1983-07-07 Del NorteLocal landmark: Haystack. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA56214PUAGilia capitataDavid Imper1983-06-15 HumboldtLocal landmark: Gregg Creek. Willow Creek Quad.
PUA56937PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1983-06-02 LakeLocal landmark: Golden Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57258PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1983-05-26 SonomaLocal landmark: Squaw Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57287PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1983-05-19 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57310PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1983-06-14 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58191PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58445PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1983-05-28 SonomaLocal landmark: Geyser Rock. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58481PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1983-06-13 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58494PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1983-06-13 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58746PUAGilia capitataBill Grummer1983-06-05 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA58789PUAGilia capitataBill Grummer1983-05-28 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA5941PUAGilia capitataGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA5942PUAGilia capitataGilbert Jerome Muth1975-07-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Cook And Green Pass. Seiad Valley Quad.
PUA59670PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1984-06-02 SonomaLocal landmark: Colman Valley Road. Duncans Mills Quad.
PUA6122PUAGilia capitataCarolyn Thomas1974-05-18 NapaLocal landmark: Silverado Trail. Yountville Quad.
PUA61375PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1984-06-22 SonomaLocal landmark: Anderson Creek. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA62184PUAGilia capitataJoe Callizo1984-04-11 NapaLocal landmark: Manahan Ranch. Chiles Valley Quad.
PUA66600PUAGilia capitataG.L. Clifton1984-05-20 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA7512PUAGilia capitataGilbert Jerome Muth1976-07-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Poker Flat. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA7513PUAGilia capitataGilbert Jerome Muth1976-07-27 Del NorteLocal landmark: Poker Creek. Preston Peak Quad.
PUA7797PUAGilia capitataClifton & Ground1978-06-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Bailey Hill. Hornbrook Quad.
RSA0013371RSAGilia capitataGeorge K. Helmkamp168832010-09-01 AmadorNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains: along CA-88, 2.6 miles southwest of its junction with Mormon Emigrant Trail, e. 2.75 W of Upper Bear River Reservoir.; Bear River Reservoir 7.5
RSA0014265RSAGilia capitataJustin M. Wood25582010-09-02 ShastaNorthwest face of Round Mtn: +-- 1.2 mile northwest of general store (highway 299), just northwest of communication towers along road leading to the peak.; Montgomery Creek Quad.
RSA0014386RSAGilia capitataJoan Stewart7571998-06-10 ColusaBear Valley
RSA0029372RSAGilia capitataGreg Wilvert682005-03-30 San Luis Obispo400 W of dead end of Padrones Cyn Rd., near Padrones Spring.
RSA0036975RSAGilia capitataR. G. Swinney126662010-05-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Acton, 0.7 road miles SE of jct. of Soledad Canon Rd. & Crown Valley Rd., 0.3 miles east of Crown Valley Rd. on dirt Rd., below US Forest Service boundary.; Acton 7.5 Quad
RSA0054877RSAGilia capitataKeith E. Hoffmaster9341939-04-26 YoloPutah can.
RSA0055773RSAGilia capitataR. G. Swinney123912010-04-28 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: near Sylmar, Wilson Canon Park, from the mouth of eastern fork of Wilson Cyn. (at Wilson Debris Basin) to 0.5 miles east (upstream), below Natl. Forest boundary.; San Fernando 7.5
RSA0056282RSAGilia capitataW. M. Arbaugh2301968-04-14 San Luis ObispoSanta Magarita, 3 miles east of town, near the bridge.
RSA0083311RSAGilia capitataR. G. Swinney120162010-03-22 Los AngelesLopez Canon Rd., 1.4 miles west of Kagel Canon Road junction, NE of Pacoima.; San Fernando 7.5
RSA0088479RSAGilia capitataJ. G. Ocon152016-03-14 KernTejon Ranch.
RSA0088975RSAGilia capitataMitch Provance416-862016-04-27 KernTehachapi Mountains: Monolith, W side of Jameson Rd., adjacent to SE corner of SCE Highwind Laydown Yard.; Tehachapi South 7.5
RSA0094785RSAGilia capitataDuncan S. Bell79372015-04-02 RiversideBLMSan Gorgonio Pass area, between Canon and Whitewater, just south of Interstate 10, where the Pacific Crest Trail passes under the freeway.; White Water
RSA0116830RSAGilia capitataR. G. Swinney134912010-08-11 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; San Olene Canon, below Chantry Flats, junction with Chantry Flats Trail- service road.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Quad.
RSA0167517RSAGilia capitataDuncan S. Bell106502017-05-03 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; post-fire surveys on the Pilot Fire of 2016; collecting in the meadow area of the Pinnacles approximately 0.5 air mile south of their summit.; Lake Arrowhead
RSA0175325RSAGilia capitataGreg de Nevers140012018-04-23 SonomaPepperwood Natural Preserve 3450 Franz Valley Road. E. border, N. of Redwood Cyn., S of Weimar Cyn.
RSA0327517RSAGilia capitataPaul H. Woods.n.1941-04-17 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Wash.
RSA10188RSAGilia capitataC. B. Wolf19561928-05-05 Lake2 mi. from Clear Lake on the Bartlett Springs Grade.
RSA105502RSAGilia capitataG. D. Barbe0261955-06-28 Siskiyou1.5 miles north of Callahan
RSA10718RSAGilia capitataC. B. Wolf21111928-05-07 Lake6 miles east of Houghs Mineral Springs on the road to Williams.
RSA113936RSAGilia capitataH. K. Sharsmith43631953-06-26 TrinityForest-Glen-Peanut road 4.2 miles west of Cold Springs, Trinity National Forest.
RSA119156RSAGilia capitataJohn H. Thomas43191954-06-24 Santa Cruz0.4 miles w of Alba School, along Alba Grade.
RSA119160RSAGilia capitataJohn H. Thomas51411955-05-21 NapaSarco Creek drainage, near State Hwy No. 37 about 6 miles from Napa.
RSA12330RSAGilia capitataC. B. Wolf57051934-05-23 Unknown[No location data on label]
RSA132210RSAGilia capitataDelzie Demaree369711955-06-12 SonomaWestminister Woods. P.O. Camp Meeker.
RSA144719RSAGilia capitataRoxana S. Ferris135691961-06-15 SonomaAbout 1-8 mile beyond County Dump
RSA148689RSAGilia capitataClare B. Hardham73981961-06-15 PlumasBetween Taylorsville and Indian Falls
RSA184633RSAGilia capitataClare B. Hardham130181965-08-20 SiskiyouMarble Mts. Near Cudahy Lakes
RSA185783RSAGilia capitataH. A. Thomas44071954-07-21 SiskiyouSalmon-Trinity Mts. About 6 miles SE of Cecilville. West side of Rush Creek.
RSA189451RSAGilia capitataL. S. Rose671231967-06-13 PlumasRich Bar
RSA20758RSAGilia capitataC. B. Wolf89631937-06-20 TrinityNorth Coast Range, 13 7-10 mi S of Zenia on Covelo Rd.
RSA20992RSAGilia capitataC. B. Wolf88481937-06-16 Del NorteCrescent City- Grants Pass Road, Smith River Canon, 1 mi. above Hiougchi Redwood Park.
RSA211087RSAGilia capitataWilliam J. Ferlatte5451967-06-28 TrinityEast side of Packers Peak.
RSA21318RSAGilia capitataC. B. Wolf92191937-08-13 HumboldtNorth coast range, 8 mi. east of Hoopa Valley on new road towards Trinity summit.
RSA2264RSAGilia capitataJ. W. Blankinships.n.1924-05-24 LakeKelseyville.
RSA237278RSAGilia capitataFrederick W. Oettinger1441967-06-28 SiskiyouAlong road 1-2 mile south of Kelly Gulch toward Sawyers. The Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA237947RSAGilia capitataFrederick W. Oettinger5361968-08-16 SiskiyouRed Hill north of Hancock Lake. Salmon Mountains. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA237950RSAGilia capitataFrederick W. Oettinger5361968-08-16 SiskiyouSummit of Red Hill, N of Hancock Lake. Salmon Mtns. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA237953RSAGilia capitataFrederick W. Oettinger6751968-09-03 SiskiyouWestern bank of Horse Range Lake. Salmon Mtns. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA237958RSAGilia capitataFrederick W. Oettinger5451968-08-16 SiskiyouBelow Red Hill summit north of Hancock Lake. Salmon Mtns. High Lake Basin in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mountain Wilderness Area.
RSA249606RSAGilia capitataR. F. Thorne347641965-06-04 FresnoSequoia National Forest: Above King′s River along Hwy 180.
RSA256739RSAGilia capitataScott Kruse0311975-05-17 TrinityHumboldt Meridian, on the trail to Denny at the confluence of New River and Trinity River
RSA27064RSAGilia capitataC. L. Hitchcock65371940-05-24 ShastaHat Creek, 20 miles W of Fall River Mills.
RSA275284RSAGilia capitataJ. P. Smith68161973-05-26 HumboldtScotia Bluffs along the Eel River near Rio Dell.
RSA29020RSAGilia capitataLincoln Constance28271941-05-28 ButteS Branch of the Feather River at Magalia, Sierra Nevada foothills.
RSA319141RSAGilia capitataPatricia Wilder51321971-06-21 PlumasPrattville-Butt Reservoir Road 1.7 miles south of Junction with Seneca Road; north of Caribou and Belden and California State Highway 70
RSA31958RSAGilia capitataA. A. Heller161531941-05-30 Shastaat the river bridge below Redding on the Sacramento
RSA339156RSAGilia capitataMargaret J. Williams84-14-21984-05-22 Lake2 NE of Middletown
RSA34055RSAGilia capitataA. A. Heller130171918-05-12 ShastaFish hatchery on McCloud River
RSA34078RSAGilia capitataA. A. Heller131411919-05-10 LakeValley below summit
RSA413356RSAGilia capitataMignonne Bivin731978-05-11 TulareBureau of Land Management property, Sequoia National Park entrance station, the Flume study site
RSA469329RSAGilia capitataCopelands.n.1933-04-15 SacramentoNear Folsom.
RSA469330RSAGilia capitataN. G. Sugihara731977-05-28 Siskiyouhillside 3 miles up road toward Sawyers Bar from hgwy 96 south of Somes Bar.
RSA469332RSAGilia capitataChristopher Davidson26431975-06-04 ShastaHwy 89, 10 miles N of jct with Hwy 299.
RSA469334RSAGilia capitataChristopher Davidson21641973-05-26 Shastaca. 15 W of Burney on St Hwy 299. Above roadbank on abandoned dirt rd near Hwy 299
RSA469336RSAGilia capitataH. F. Copeland6101928-04-22 SacramentoNear Folsom, Sacramento.
RSA469337RSAGilia capitataM. B. Dunkle9328 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, Marble Mountains
RSA469338RSAGilia capitataM. S. Jussels.n.1930-07-10 TuolumneCamp Baxter, 20 mi from Dorrington
RSA48220RSAGilia capitataRoxana S. Ferris117061948-06-11 Trinity1.5 miles above Peanut on State Hwy 36.
RSA49003RSAGilia capitataVerne Grant85741948-06-15 LakePlant grown in Berkley from seeds collected on serpentine area near Middletown
RSA49107RSAGilia capitataP. A. Munz132351949-05-15 Trinity1 mile below Dedrick
RSA49123RSAGilia capitataP. A. Munz133861949-05-10 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
RSA491814RSAGilia capitataB. Pitzer6721988-05-27 SierraAbove Ramshorn Campground, on Hwy. 49, ca. 15 miles NE of Canonville and ca. 5 miles W of Downieville.
RSA493579RSAGilia capitataL. M. Shultz61221982-05-09 Los AngelesFoothills: near Claremont.
RSA50024RSAGilia capitataE. K. Balls137121949-07-01 TrinityAbove Canon Creek Meadow, Canon Creek.
RSA518982RSAGilia capitataBarbara Ertter75101988-06-04 LakeScotts Valley road 1 mile S of Hwy 20, 7 airmiles NW of Lakeport
RSA523893RSAGilia capitataBarbara Ertter85121989-05-28 NapaNear Knoxville 2 miles SE of Lake Co. line on Berryessa Rd.
RSA537483RSAGilia capitataBarbara Ertter86011989-07-01 ColusaRoad to Goat Mt Lookout 2.2 mi S of Rt M-10 (Bear Creek, ca 12 airmiles WSW of Stonyford
RSA611745RSAGilia capitataJ. Mark Porter118451998-04-28 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Cultivated Research Collection: Seed collected at RSABG, escaped cultivar.
RSA611746RSAGilia capitataJ. Mark Porter118451998-04-28 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Cultivated Research Collection: Seed collected at RSABG, escaped cultivar.
RSA611747RSAGilia capitataJ. Mark Porter118451998-04-28 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Cultivated Research Collection: Seed collected at RSABG, escaped cultivar.
RSA63412RSAGilia capitataMalcolm A. Nobs5171948-06-26 Shastaon Highway 99 ca. 20 miles south of Dunsmuir. Outcrop by Slate Creek.
RSA63414RSAGilia capitataVerne Grant80231947-07-13 Shasta2.9 miles east of Hatchet Creek on Hatchet Mt.
RSA63719RSAGilia capitataVerne Grant79851947-05-11 Napaca. 8 miles NE of Vichy Springs on Monticello road, Mayacama Mountains.
RSA64852RSAGilia capitataV. F. Hesse3361943-07-20 Santa CruzBoulder Creek
RSA64853RSAGilia capitataV. F. Hesse3291943-06-10 Santa CruzBoulder Creek.
RSA651528RSAGilia capitataTeri Gardners.n.1975-06-12 San BernardinoManitoba and Calgary Dr., Arrowhead.
RSA651529RSAGilia capitataTeri Gardners.n.1975-06-12 San BernardinoCalgary & Manitoba rd., Arrowhead.
RSA651539RSAGilia capitataTeri Gardners.n.1975-06-12 San BernardinoManitoba and Calgary Dr., Arrowhead.
RSA660914RSAGilia capitataMitch Provance11651999-05-07 San Bernardino0.25 to 0.75 miles NE of the Riverside Ave. crossing.; San Bernardino South 7.5
RSA670430RSAGilia capitataI. W. Clokey44761929-03-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA670763RSAGilia capitataJoseph M. Keefe17,5801975-05-23 Santa BarbaraPoint Sal Ridge, 3.6 miles east of Point Sal Beach State Park, southwest of Santa Maria.
RSA674640RSAGilia capitataScott D. White78592000-05-16 Los AngelesNorthern foothills near Acton. Bajada slopes and unnamed ephemeral tributaries to Arrastre Cyn.; Acton
RSA674648RSAGilia capitataScott D. White78942000-05-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts: Southern foothills above Irwindale. Fish Creek cyn, from the mouth of the Canon at CalMat quarry upstream to falls.; Azuza
RSA67482RSAGilia capitataP. A. Munz166941951-07-19 Trinity1 W of Stuart Gap, North base of North Yolla Bolly Mts.
RSA681890RSAGilia capitataScott D. White95712003-06-18 Los Angelesprivate, proposed for developmentLiebre Mountains: Canon Country. Steep, actively eroding slopes immediately above homes and detention basins in tributary to west of Tick Canon.; Mint Canon
RSA682086RSAGilia capitataA. C. Sanders264662003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, along trail between Copper Canon and Wild Bill′s Draw on the south side of the mountain just barely north of the Mexican border.; Otay Mountain 7.5
RSA682275RSAGilia capitataA. C. Sanders267452003-05-18 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mtns.; Cleghorn Road, 0.5 NE of Canon.; Canon 7.5 Quad
RSA696142RSAGilia capitataFred M. Roberts57082003-05-03 San DiegoPeninsular Range, San Ysidro Mtns.: Otay Mountain, south side near crest of ridge east of lower Butteweg Canon along the border trail, Tijuana River watershed.; Otay Mtn. 7.5
RSA698339RSAGilia capitataAnonymouss.n.1932-05-01 OrangeField weed near Anaheim.
RSA698340RSAGilia capitataElisabeth Norlands.n.1929-04-14 Los AngelesHansen-Canong roadside.
RSA698341RSAGilia capitataPomeroys.n.1929-04-07 Los AngelesBenedict Canon.
RSA699134RSAGilia capitataFrances Batteys.n.2004-03-14 TrinityInner North Coast Range, Red Bluff, Eureka Road, 6 2-10 mi E of Mad River Store
RSA700028RSAGilia capitataScott D. White91082003-04-25 RiversidePrivateSan Bernardino Mountains: Whitewater Canon, about midway between Bonnie Bell and Whitewater Trout Farm. West side of road, on alluvial fan adjacent steep east-facing mountain slope.; White Water
RSA700989RSAGilia capitataJ. P. Rebman78962002-04-26 San DiegoKelley-Rebman Ranch at 565 Anderson Truck Trail on northwest side of Viejas Mountain: approx. 2 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine.
RSA708379RSAGilia capitataMark Elvin33502004-04-24 San DiegoSan Ysidro Mountains: SE side of Otay Mountain: Mine Canon; San Diego Plant Atlas grid-V16
RSA712913RSAGilia capitataA. C. Sanders260382003-04-16 Los AngelesSanta Clara River watershed: Newhall Ranch, ca. 0.4 north of Hwy 126, west of Castaic Creek and north of its confluence with the Santa Clara River, 0.6 mi south of of Commerce Center Dr. along Franklin Parkway, vicinity of large water tank.; Val Verde 7.5
RSA717370RSAGilia capitataScott D. White113862006-05-09 Los AngelesSE Tehachapi Mtns: Gorman area, valley and slopes along Gorman Creek, NE of I-5 Fwy. and SW of Gorman Post Rd.; Lebec
RSA71915RSAGilia capitataF. W. Peirson103281932-07-17 ShastaWallace Ranch, Goose Valley
RSA71917RSAGilia capitataF. W. Peirson63201925-07-08 El Doradoroad down American River
RSA725925RSAGilia capitataA. C. Sanders262432003-05-01 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mtns.: southeast side of Castaic Mesa, east of Lake Hughes Rd. and the filtration plant, Newhall Ranch.; Newhall 7.5
RSA74042RSAGilia capitataAnonymous117671947-05-12 Sonomasouthwest slope of Hood Mt. near base of Sugar Loaf.
RSA74043RSAGilia capitataAnonymous117761947-05-30 Sonomaca 2 NE of Occidental along Harrison grade
RSA746893RSAGilia capitataR. G. Swinney82092005-04-09 Los AngelesSan Dimas, Sycamore Canon; Glendora 7.5
RSA749805RSAGilia capitataP. De Vries71392008-05-07 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mountains Region; ca. 0.5 mi northeast of the entrance to Mil Potrero Park north of Mil Potrero Road, west of Pine Mountain Club
RSA758897RSAGilia capitataA. C. Sanders353392008-05-13 OrangeLomas de Santiago, Santiago Canon at mouth of Hangman Tree Canon and lower Hangman Tree Cyn, c. 1-2 mile below Modjeska Canon confluence.; El Toro 7.5
RSA767665RSAGilia capitataR. F. Thorne630581995-04-25 San BernardinoEast of hwy. I-15 and Canon Pass, via hwy. 138, Elliott′s Ranch area.
RSA768212RSAGilia capitataJustin M. Wood14602010-04-10 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County Flood ControlCity of Yucaipa, near confluence of Wilson Creek and Oak Glen Creek, just SW of Bryant St-Oak Glen Rd.; Yucaipa
RSA768808RSAGilia capitataThomas Stoughton3522010-07-19 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Watershed, Radford Road (FS road 2n06); Big Bear Lake 7.5
RSA780163RSAGilia capitataJ. Mark Porter144492005-06-10 KernSequoia National Forest, along Hwy. 155, between Wilford Heights and Alta Sierra.
RSA780429RSAGilia capitataJ. Mark Porter144532005-06-10 KernAlong Hwy. 155, at the 5000 foot elevation marker.
RSA780432RSAGilia capitataJ. Mark Porter144452005-06-10 KernTehachapi Pass,a long Bodfish-Caliente Road
RSA780972RSAGilia capitataNaomi Fraga34222010-06-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestForest Service Rd IN0 W of Clarks Grade, near Filare Flat.; Big Bear Lake 7.5
RSA78193RSAGilia capitataP. A. Munz178252019-06-29 Trinity0.5 mi. s. of Hobo Gulch Public Camp, North Fork of Trinity River, north of Helena.
RSA783533RSAGilia capitataJ. D. Olmsted1801958-06-15 RiversideMay Valley Truck Trail 3 mi. SE of Saunder′s Meadow Southwest of Idyllwild California (turn south from Idyllwild-Hemet Road at Idyllwild school).
RSA783535RSAGilia capitataJ. D. Olmsted4511959-04-22 Los AngelesSycamore Canon 100 yards past locked fire gate along Wildwood truck trail. San Gabriel Mt. Range.
RSA783536RSAGilia capitataJ. D. Olmsted1151958-10-26 Los AngelesNear eastern boundary of Los Angeles County. Blanchard Park on Pomona College campus.
RSA784349RSAGilia capitataAnna Kostikova152010-06-16 Los Angelesroad 7N23 turn from road 7N08.
RSA784887RSAGilia capitataPam De Vries77252010-06-01 KernAbout 0.3 mi north of the intersection of Cuddy Valley Road and Forest Rte 9N22.; Cuddy Valley 7.5 Quad.
RSA785060RSAGilia capitataPeter Rubtzoff94421980-05-11 MarinSan Anselmo.
RSA78824RSAGilia capitataP. A. Munz179021952-07-02 SiskiyouBaldy Mountain about 6 miles (by air) west of Happy Camp.
RSA788682RSAGilia capitataDuncan S. Bell36842012-05-21 San BernardinoYucaipa Ridge; approximately 3.25 air miles northeast of the San Gorgonio Ranger station, or approximately 0.5 air mile northwest of Allen Peak.; Forest Falls
RSA83096RSAGilia capitataMalcolm A. Nobs5271948-06-26 Trinityon ridge northeast of Cabin Peak, Trinity Primitive Area
RSA83097RSAGilia capitataMalcolm A. Nobs5371948-06-26 Trinityone-quarter mile south of Hobo Gulch Camp, just south of Trinity Wilderness area
RSA83099RSAGilia capitataMalcolm A. Nobs517b1948-06-26 Shastaon Highway 99 ca. 20 miles south of Dunsmuir. Outcrop by Slate Creek.
RSA83100RSAGilia capitataMalcolm A. Nobs517a1948-06-26 Shastaon Highway 99 ca. 20 miles south of Dunsmuir. Outcrop by Slate Creek.
RSA83101RSAGilia capitataVerne Grant77021946-07-07 Napawooded canyon on east slope of Mayacama Mountains, ca. 8 miles from Vichy Springs on Montichello road.
RSA83102RSAGilia capitataVerne Grant79601947-05-04 SonomaRincon grade, 4 miles northwest of Santa Rosa on road to petrified forest.
RSA83103RSAGilia capitataVerne Grant79641947-05-03 NapaWest slope of Mt. St. Helena, ca. 2-3 miles from Knight′s Valley.
RSA83138RSAGilia capitataVerne Grant79661947-05-04 Lake3 miles north of Middletown, Hill 1030
RSA83139RSAGilia capitataVerne Grant79851947-05-11 Napaca. 8 miles NE of Vichy Springs on Monticello road, Mayacama Mountains.
RSA83140RSAGilia capitataVerne Grant80231947-07-13 Shasta2.9 miles east of Hatchet Creek on Hatchet Mt.
RSA84895RSAGilia capitataH. M. Pollards.n.1944-09-08 HumboldtOrleans Mountain
RSA8554RSAGilia capitataM. S. Jussel1781933-06-26 LakeBetween Cobb Mountain and Adams Springs on the Binkley Ranch.
RSA88578RSAGilia capitataL. S. Rose540511954-05-24 NapaSummit, Wooden Valley grade, 6 miles N E of Napa.
RSA90475RSAGilia capitataMilo S. Baker125471953-04-26 Tehama5 W of Paskenta along Crane Lumber Co. road.
RSA96729RSAGilia capitataLee W. Lenz183121953-05-17 SiskiyouSalmon River, 1 1-4 mi. above junction with Klamath River
SBBG159199SBBGGilia capitataRyan O′Dell2018-06-12 MendocinoForest Service Rd M6 NE of Hull Mountain]
SBBG180555SBBGGilia capitataR. G. Swinney69791998-06-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns: ridge ca. 400 m SE of summit of Lookout (Antonio) Mtn
SBBG186045SBBGGilia capitataLeota Davidson3191965-10-12 AlpineEbbetts Pass
SBBG186046SBBGGilia capitataDonald Myrick1081958-06-30 AlpineW side of Strawberry Grade
SBBG191319SBBGGilia capitataHenry M. Pollard1965-04-17 Santa BarbaraAlong trail in burned-over area East fork of Cold Spring Cyn, Santa Ynez Mtns.
SD106539SDGilia capitataHenk van der Werff38631980-06-07 San DiegoPine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch
SD125655SDGilia capitataMichael Theroux2031982-05-02 KernGreenhorn Mountains, 5.0 miles north of Lake Isabella along Highway 155 southeast of Black Mountain.
SD132320SDGilia capitataO. F. Clarkes.n.1971-06-07 VenturaChorro Grande Canon, draining into Sespe Creek from the North off Pine Mountain, north of Ojai near U. S. Gypsum quarry.
SD132321SDGilia capitataO. F. Clarkes.n.1971-05-01 VenturaChorro Grande Canon, draining into Sespe Creek from the north off Pine Mountain, north of Ojai near U. S. Gypsum quarry.
SD140030SDGilia capitataScott White12261993-04-22 RiversideNorth Alberhill Ranch, in hills north of Walker Canon.
SD146196SDGilia capitataA. C. Sanders203781997-04-12 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, hills around major tributary of Pleitito Creek, ca. 3.0 km north of Eagle Rest Peak.
SD178204SDGilia capitataA.C. Sanders296822005-04-26 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel-Liebre Mtns. Region: Santa Clarita area, Plum Canon Rd. in Mint Canon, northwest of Forest Park and south of Cruzan Mesa. On south-facing slopes.
SD186281SDGilia capitataA. C. Sanders260382003-04-16 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, ca. 0.4 north of Highway 126, west of Castaic Creek and north of its confluence with the Santa Clara River, 0.6 mile south of Commerce Center Dr. along Franklin Parkway.
SD197857SDGilia capitataR.G. Swinney82092005-04-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: San Dimas, Sycamore Canon.
SD232741SDGilia capitataJ. Mark Porter144532005-06-10 KernAlong Hwy 155, at the 5000ft elevation marker.
SD232742SDGilia capitataJ. Mark Porter144492005-06-10 KernSequoia National Forest, along Hwy 155, between Wilford Heights and Alta Sierra.
SD232743SDGilia capitataJ. Mark Porter144452005-06-10 KernTehachapi Pass, along Bodfish-Caliente Rd.
SD234476SDGilia capitataA.C. Sanders262432003-05-01 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel Mtns.: SW side of Castaic Mesa, E of Lake Hughes Rd., and the filtration plant, Newhall Ranch (Newhall 7.5 Q)
SD234981SDGilia capitataA.C. Sanders257102003-03-05 Los AngelesNE end of Santa Susana Mountains: Newhall Ranch, Grapevine Mesa ca. 1.5 mi. ESE of Del Valle, west side and slopes of adjacent canyon (Val Verde 7.5 Q)
SD261624SDGilia capitataJon Rebman335372017-06-01 San DiegoCanon: northeastern portion of Base; Training Area Hotel: along De Luz Creek near the crossing of De Luz Road
SD29558SDGilia capitataEdmund R. Crosss.n.1942-06-23 UnknownHigh Sierra Trail, Sequoia National Park.
SD31174SDGilia capitataEdith A. Purer9891931-03-16 Los AngelesPalos Verdes Hills.
SD38786SDGilia capitataEdith A. Purer53241933-07-26 MariposaBelow Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite National Park, on valley floor.
SD38803SDGilia capitataEdith A. Purer58171934-04-21 San DiegoLaguna Lake District
SD3972SDGilia capitataUlysses S. Grant IVs.n.1925-06-01 San FranciscoSan Francisco
SD40745SDGilia capitataCarl B. Wolf50151933-06-26 TulareWest slope Sierra nevad; Upper Tule River, 2.5 miles below Canon.
SD43633SDGilia capitataDarley F. Howe18491948-05-23 PlacerAmerican River
SD61122SDGilia capitataD. F. Howe38751964-07-27 Sierra14.3 miles west of Downieville on North Fork of Yuba River, Tahoe National Forest.
SD69967SDGilia capitataDarley F. Howe45251968-05-23 Mendocino3.0 miles west of Mendocino-Lake County line on road from Clear Lake to Hopland.
SD7658SDGilia capitataMrs. R. M. Austins.n. PlumasBig Meadows
SD98869SDGilia capitataDarley Howes.n.1976-05-19 VenturaNorth of Ojai on Highway 33, 21.2 miles beyond entrance to Los Padres National Forest.
SDSU03073SDSUGilia capitataHowe, D.F.45251968-05-23 Mendocino3.7 miles west of Mendocino-Lake Co. line on road from Clear Lake to Hopland.
SDSU03078SDSUGilia capitataCollier, Gerald1957-05-15 Los AngelesJust S of Sunset Blvd. Near Provosts Residence - UCLA Campus.
SDSU15207SDSUGilia capitataRehlaender, Wende1071983-05-22 RiversideReche Canon, approx. 6 miles from NW end of Reche Canon Road., just SE of Reche Vista Road; about 3 miles north of Sunnymead.
SDSU21372SDSUGilia capitataBullock, S. H.461968-04-06 Los AngelesClaremont. North side of Foothill Blvd. between Darthmouth and College Ave.
SDSU21383SDSUGilia capitataBullock, S. H.161968-03-26 Los AngelesClaremont, Blanchard Park, Mills Ave. between 1st and 6th Streets. No slope.
SDSU21384SDSUGilia capitataBullock, S. H.161968-03-26 Los AngelesClaremont, Blanchard Park, Mills Ave. between 1st and 6th Streets. No slope.
SFV110892SFVGilia capitataM. L. Vincent4021963-06-08 ButteSierra Nevada; Honey Run Road. West of Paradise.
SFV110893SFVGilia capitataP. W. Byrne71995-04-30 KernVentura Mountains; Southeast of Maricopa on Cerro Noroeste Road, 9.7 miles southeast of CA Highway 33.
SFV110894SFVGilia capitataW. A. Kelleys. n.1966-06-01 Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley; Los Angeles, North Hollywood. Sandy lots near the intersection of Chandler Blvd. and Coldwater Canon Ave.
SFV110895SFVGilia capitataT. R. Gordon2321974-06-06 TulareSierra Nevada; Cedar Slope.
SFV110896SFVGilia capitataD. L. Koutnik2521978-04-03 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Decker Road at Lake Eleanor.
SFV110898SFVGilia capitataL. L. Zung252006-05-07 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains; Verdugo Mountains. Fire road off of South La Tuna Canon Road.
SHTC1048SHTCGilia capitataRequillo, C.232016-03-30 Stanislausgrowing on the sandy soil along del Puerto Canon Rd at Patterson CA, west of 1-5
SHTC199SHTCGilia capitataWorsham, J.S.111994-04-28 Merced0.5 km northeast of Hwy. 99 on Golden state blvd on the north side of the road.
SHTC3876SHTCGilia capitataMariano, R.351995-05-03 MercedIntersection of Linwood Ave and Santa Fe Drive
SHTC3877SHTCGilia capitataMilam, David-1971-04-19 MercedState Highway J-14 about 1 mile south of the Merced River bridge
SHTC3878SHTCGilia capitataCordrey, Kenneth-1964-05-23 TuolumneFound on Mt. Baldy, near Tuolumne
SHTC3879SHTCGilia capitataCallagher, C.191994-03-06 Los AngelesI-5 at the Gorman offramp, north bound east side of street,
SHTC3881SHTCGilia capitataBorba, Jennifer631994-05-17 Merced1-2 mile south of El Canon Santa Fe Drive along the Merced River
SHTC3882SHTCGilia capitataJohnson, Cheryl D.61994-05-17 StanislausOrange Blossom Rd
SHTC3883SHTCGilia capitataGretchen, M.321966-04-28 San JoaquinCastle Rd., 4 miles North of Manteca
SHTC3929SHTCGilia capitataAulakh, Dayakaran D.472012-04-17 MariposaLake McSwain Recreational Ranger Station, Lake McClure Road. 6.3 miles north east up road. on old rail road path, 600 ft north of northern trail tunnel entrance 10 ft uphill
SHTC3930SHTCGilia capitataHerbel, Corinna L.211996-04-22 MercedLake McClure, 5 miles north of entrance gates. on left hand side of road along trail
SHTC3931SHTCGilia capitataRicucci, Diane A.641996-05-06 TuolumneRed Hills Recreation Area, 3 miles west of Chinese Camp
SHTC3932SHTCGilia capitataJones, W.311996-04-17 StanislausTurlock, Geer Road. in vacant lot wat of Emmanuel Medical Center
SHTC3933SHTCGilia capitataArounsack, Steve S.441998-04-24 TuolumneRed Hills Recreational Park, 2 miles up Red Hills Road from intersection of Red Hills Road and La Grange Road
SHTC3940SHTCGilia capitataDavis, M.A.401996-04-22 MercedRoad 17 on roadside near Snelling Park
SHTC3950SHTCGilia capitataTucker, Jennifer R.352002-04-23 TuolumneRed Hills, 1.3 miles down Red Hills Road off of La Grange Road, North of Don Pedro
SHTC3961SHTCGilia capitataSasser, J.832001-04-20 StanislausCorner of Balico Ave. and South Ave. in Balico.
SHTC437SHTCGilia capitataGoodfellow, S. & Moll Lee, K.152016-04-19 StanislausFound along the pathway at Knight′s Ferry, CA.
SHTC5349SHTCGilia capitataSwanson, Carlene21968-04-03 Merced3 miles West of Hilmer, CA
SHTC7030SHTCGilia capitataL. Sanchez132018-05-02 StanislausRed Hills next to a tree
SHTC7125SHTCGilia capitataCarmack, Aaron132018-05-14 StanislausLa Loma Neighborhood Native Garden, along Encina Rd
SHTC726SHTCGilia capitataRamirez, V.172016-05-05 Mercedfound growing 2 ft from the South Ave bridge surrounded by sunflowers and mustards, growing on moist soil
SHTC7368SHTCGilia capitataA. Carmack132018-05-14 StanislausLa Loma Neighbourhood Native plant garden, along the side of Encina Rd.
SJSU15287SJSUGilia capitataGerry Hakkert331977-03-20 Santa ClaraSanta Theresa Blvd. and Cheltenham Way
STNF-4647004-TEMPAIDSTNFGilia capitataBud Adamson1981-08-05 TrinityHayfork Creek
STNF-4647005-TEMPAIDSTNFGilia capitataViviane Parker1993-06-01 TrinityHayfork Ranger Disctrict
UC1613303UCJEPSGilia capitataCharles M. Belshaw28701937-04-01 ColusaInner North Coast Range. Vicinity of Cook′s Spring, Devil′s Ridge.
UC1613521UCJEPSGilia capitataCharles M. Belshaw28531937-04-25 ColusaInner North Coast Range. Vicinity of Cook′s Spring, Devil′s Ridge.
UC1614025UCJEPSGilia capitataCharles M. Belshaw11451935-07-09 El DoradoCentral Sierra Nevada near 41 milestone, Placerville Road to Tahoe.
UC163788UCJEPSGilia capitataD. Douglas26981953-08-07 Unknown
UC1737030UCJEPSGilia capitataKay H. Beach, Frank Gould4251940-05-17 Lakenear Middletown.
UC2027138UCJEPSGilia capitataGreg Wilvert682005-03-30 San Luis ObispoSoutheast Half of Caliente Range: 400 W of dead end of Padrones Canon Road near Padrones Spring
UC2062977UCJEPSGilia capitataAnna Kostikova, Glen Litsios, Sarah Burgy152010-06-16 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges, Liebre Mountains Region, downhill from the saddle between Sawmill Mountain and Liebre Mountain, Road 7N23 turn from Road 7N08.
UCR0107021UCRGilia capitataTim Thomas36592005-04-12 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, San Emigdio Canon 1 mile above confluence with Doc Williams Cyn.
UCR0107022UCRGilia capitataTim Thomas25052001-04-14 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, Pleito Canon
UCR0107023UCRGilia capitataMitch Provance416--862016-04-27 KernMonolith, west side of Jameson Rd., adjacent to SE corner of SCE Highwind Laydown Yard
UCR0107028UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders380202010-04-26 Kernmouth of Canon de la Lecheria, north of the end of 290th St. West
UCR0107029UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders381082010-04-27 Kerngranite boulder outcrop on hilltop on ridge west of Bronco Canon, c. 0.7 W (340 ° ) of confluence with Pescado Creek
UCR0107035UCRGilia capitataJune Lattings.n.1972-05-05 KernFort Tejon, Castac Valley
UCR0107036UCRGilia capitataEd LaRues.n.1995-05-01 KernHoffman Canon, 1.5 km north of confluence with Jawbone Canon, c. 25 km (air) NW of California City, along Jawbone Canon Road
UCR0107038UCRGilia capitataMelissa Luckow7581982-04-13 KernEl Tejon Mountains. Hwy 223, 4 miles southwest of junction with Hwy 58
UCR0107039UCRGilia capitataVal Chase0611965-04-13 KernKern River Canon, 1.5 miles west of junction of the road from Bodfish to Freeman [Caliente Bodfish Rd]and the road to Kernville [Hwy 178]
UCR0107040UCRGilia capitataMichael Theroux1651982-04-25 KernSouth Fork Kern River, Prince Ranch and the Nature Conservancy tract
UCR0107041UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders203781997-04-12 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, hills around major tributary of Pleitito Creek, c. 3 km (air) north of Eagle Rest Peak; Hills S of San Joaquin Valley
UCR0107043UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders348272008-04-10 Los Angeleshills south of Hwy 138, c. 1 mile south of Neenach School, slopes N & E of VABM Pine
UCR0107044UCRGilia capitataD.E. Bramlet25301997-04-22 Los AngelesDoc Larsen Trail, vicinity of Fascination Spring Trail
UCR0107045UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney147362011-05-16 Los AngelesCamp Colby (C. Ranch), upper Coldwater Cyn., 150 m south of lodge in center of camp, 1.18 miles at 73 ° SSE of jct. of Colby Ranch Rd. and FS Rd 3N19 in Big Tujunga Cyn.
UCR0107046UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney134912010-08-11 Los AngelesSan Olene Canon, below Chantry Flats, junction with Chantry Flats Trail- service road
UCR0107052UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders379582010-04-20 Los AngelesCrane Canon, 1.0 mi. SE (144 ° ) of Castac Lake, 1.7 NE (43 ° ) of Gorman, just S of Kern Co. line
UCR0107053UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders349012008-04-16 Los Angeleswest end of Antelope Valley, hills c. 1.25 NE of Quail Lake, c. 0.7 mile north of Hwy 138
UCR0107056UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney120162010-03-22 Los AngelesLopez Canon Rd., 1.4 miles west of Kagel Canon Road junction, NE of Pacoima
UCR0107057UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney123912010-04-28 Los Angelesnear Sylmar, Wilson Canon Park, from the mouth of eastern fork of Wilson Cyn. (at Wilson Debris Basin) to 0.5 miles east (upstream), below Natl. Forest boundary
UCR0107058UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney126662010-05-11 Los AngelesActon, 0.7 road miles SE of jct. of Soledad Canon Rd. & Crown Valley Rd., 0.3 miles east of Crown Valley Rd. on dirt Rd., below US Forest Service boundary
UCR0107059UCRGilia capitataSarah C. Pasquini192008-04-19 Los AngelesSan Pedro, White Point Nature Preserve, c. 300 m off West Paseo del Mar
UCR0107060UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney82092005-04-09 Los AngelesSan Dimas, Sycamore Canon
UCR0107065UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney66241998-08-01 Los AngelesVincent Gulch, c. 2.5 miles ESE of the summit of Mt. Baden-Powell, c. 0.6 mi. above confluence with San Gabriel River
UCR0107066UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney69791998-06-16 Los Angelesridge c. 400 m SE of summit of Lookout (Antonio) Mtn.
UCR0107067UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney69701998-06-16 Los Angelesc. 0.6 mi. north of Cow Canon Saddle (Glendora Ridge Rd. at Cow Canon Rd.) near trail to Lookout (Antonio) Mtn.
UCR0107070UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders296822005-04-26 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area, Plum Canon Rd. in Mint Canon, NW of Forest Park and south of Cruzan Mesa
UCR0107071UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders299412005-05-05 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area, west edge of Cruzan Mesa, north of Bench Mark Plum
UCR0107072UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders302452005-05-24 Los AngelesSanta Clarita area, nameless canyon NW of community of Mint Canon, tributary of Santa Clara River
UCR0107077UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders261062003-04-28 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, Castaic Mesa, east of the filtration plant and Lake Hughes Rd., north of Charlie Canon
UCR0107078UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders261412003-04-28 Los AngelesCastaic Mesa, Newhall Ranch, north of the filtration plant along a dirt track near the crest of the hills, east of and above Lake Hughes Rd., near Castaic Lake dam
UCR0107079UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders262432003-05-01 Los AngelesNE side of Canonal Forest boundary, c. 0.6 mi. due west of confluence of Bitter and Charlie Canons
UCR0107081UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders260382003-04-16 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, c. 0.4 north of Hwy 126, west of Castaic Creek and north of its confluence with the Santa Clara River, 0.6 mi. south of Commerce Center Dr. along Franklin Parkway, vicinity of large water tank
UCR0107082UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders257102003-03-05 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, Grapevine Mesa c. 1.5 mi. ESE of Del Valle, west side and slopes of adjacent canyon
UCR0107083UCRGilia capitataMark A. Elvin29192003-05-24 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, head of Salt Creek, northern crest of Santa Susana Mtns.
UCR0107084UCRGilia capitataBonnie C. Templeton10281930-04-08 Los Angeles1 mile north of Elizabeth Lake
UCR0107085UCRGilia capitataBonnie C. Templeton14611930-05-19 Los AngelesMint Canon, near Mojave Desert
UCR0107087UCRGilia capitataB.G. Pitzer26881996-04-20 Los AngelesAntelope Valley, north side of Hwy 138 (Ave. D ), c. 2 miles west of Neenach, c. 30 miles west of Hwy 1 Western Mojave Desert
UCR0107090UCRGilia capitataAmanda C. Swanson272013-04-21 Orangehiking trail across from Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, less than 0.1 mile from trailhead
UCR0107092UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders353392008-05-13 OrangeLomas de Santiago, Santiago Canon at mouth of Hangman Tree Canon and lower Hangman Tree Cyn, c. 1-2 mile below Modjeska Canon confluence
UCR0107106UCRGilia capitataMitch Provance512--08A2012-05-24 RiversideBanning, near its border with Beaumont, Smith Creek Wash vicinity, E of Highland Springs Rd., both N and S of W Wilson St.
UCR0107108UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders414202015-03-23 RiversideSan Gorgonio River wash, c. 3.7 miles east of Canon, c. 1.25 NNE of One Horse Spring, south of I-10 and east of water bottling plant, between wind farms
UCR0107109UCRGilia capitataJ. Mendozas.n.2011-05-13 RiversideSanta Ana River Regional Park near Louis Rubidoux Nature Center
UCR0107111UCRGilia capitataTracy TennantMOR--091998-04-30 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, lower Hathaway Canon along Hathaway Canon Rd.
UCR0107112UCRGilia capitataBrent Barnes162007-05-12 Riversidedirt forest service road north of Poppet Flats, west of Hwy 243
UCR0107113UCRGilia capitataOleg Pryadko0852008-05-02 Riversidewestern Riverside near Pedley, Hidden Valley Wildlife Area, c. 1200 ft. south of Clay St. and General Road, 1000 ft. east of Van Buren Blvd., north bank of Santa Ana River
UCR0107116UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders357972008-07-11 RiversideColdwater Creek along trails in vicinity of junction of South Ridge and Coldwater Trails, 1.25 NE of Mountain Center, c. 3-4 mile NE of Keenwild Fire Station
UCR0107117UCRGilia capitataHeidi A. Haid64515--051964-05-15 RiversideReche Canon Road, c. 5 mi. from junction with Barton Road
UCR0107118UCRGilia capitataScott D. White91082003-04-25 RiversideWhitewater Canon, about midway between Bonnie Bell and Whitewater Trout Farm, west side of road
UCR0107121UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders300062005-05-07 RiversideUC Emerson Oaks Reserve, c. 8 miles southeast of Temecula, south of Hwy 79 at east end of Pauba Valley, end of Los Caballos Road in vicinity of water tank
UCR0107122UCRGilia capitataJeffrey RossMOR--2011998-05-21 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation, Hathaway Canon, c. 0.55 mile north of the junction of the lower and upper canyons; San Bernardino Mtns.
UCR0107123UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders267452003-05-18 San BernardinoCleghorn Road, 0.5 mile northeast of Canon
UCR0107125UCRGilia capitataDavid C. Hawkss.n.1986-04-16 RiversideAlta Mesa wind turbine field, on the ridge above Whitewater Canon, west of Bonnie Bell
UCR0107127UCRGilia capitataScott D. White14801993-05-29 RiversideBanning Canon & Big Oaks Canon along the road to Raywood Flat on Yucaipa Ridge
UCR0107128UCRGilia capitataScott D. White39401996-04-20 RiversideBundy Canon, east of Lake Elsinore; c. 1 road mi. east of Bundy Canon Rd exit from the Interstate Hwy 15 exit
UCR0107129UCRGilia capitataLouis B. Ziegler4751972-06-05 Riversidecanyon at lower end of Poppet Flats.
UCR0107130UCRGilia capitataP.J. MacKay0051996-06-15 RiversideReche Canon, 2.5-3 miles south of San Bdno. county line on Reche Cyn. Rd.
UCR0107131UCRGilia capitataJohn N. BullockP-331970-05-18 Riverside50 m east of Maitri Rd at a spot 200 m south of the junction of Maitri Rd and CA Hwy 71
UCR0107132UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders206661997-05-04 Riversidenorth side along Hwy 243, 1.5 mi below Twin Pines Ranch Road (McMullen Flat), north slope of Peak 3740; San Jacinto Mountains
UCR0107133UCRGilia capitataG.R. Ballmers.n.1995-06-25 RiversidePacific Crest Trail, near Pyramid Peak [c. 3 km (airline) SSE of Palm View Pk.--A. C. Sanders]
UCR0107134UCRGilia capitataSteve Boyds.n.1981-05-15 RiversideGavilan Hills, confluence of the major drainage off the west slope of Estelle Mountain with Temescal Wash
UCR0107136UCRGilia capitataNaomi Fraga34222010-06-01 San Bernardinoroadside along FS road 1N09, west of Clarks Grade, near Filaree Flat
UCR0107140UCRGilia capitataT.B. Salvato14702006-05-23 San BernardinoCanon Wash at Glen Helen Parkway, south of Canon Blvd at Devore
UCR0107141UCRGilia capitataJohn C. Roos59231953-06-18 San Bernardinonear Baylis Park, Crestline
UCR0107142UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney35301995-04-22 San BernardinoLower Lytle Creek Ridge, 1.5 miles SW of junction of Swarthout Canon Rd. and Applewhite Rd., c. 0.8 mi. east of Glenn Ranch
UCR0107143UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney35721995-04-29 San Bernardinowest of Canon Wash and south of Hwy 138, c. 1 mile SSW of Canon Junction, off FS road 3N49
UCR0107144UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney34691995-04-05 San BernardinoNW of Grande Cielo Buffalo Ranch, 0.8 mile SW of junction of Applewhite Rd. and Swarthout Canon Rd., west of Edison powerline road
UCR0107145UCRGilia capitataScott D. White110902005-05-19 San BernardinoYucaipa. Bajada below San Bernardino Mtns. east of Jefferson St., south of Carter Ave., and north of Wilson Creek. Proposed for development
UCR0107146UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders154431994-08-25 San BernardinoAlder Creek at and above Forest Service road 1N09 (City Creek Truck Trail)
UCR0107147UCRGilia capitataJohn Wears.n.1994-06-09 San BernardinoEast Highlands, San Andreas Ranch at the mouth of City Creek Canon, north of Highland Ave., east of Hwy 330 and SE of San Bernardino Nat. Forest, west of agricultural areas
UCR0107148UCRGilia capitataScott D. White51041997-05-13 San BernardinoCanon Wash, between Blue Cut and stream crossing at Swarthout Canon Road; c. 3 miles south of Hwy 138 crossing
UCR0107149UCRGilia capitataTeri Gardners.n.1975-06-12 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead, Manitoba Drive and Calgary Drive
UCR0107150UCRGilia capitataScott D. White35121995-07-30 San BernardinoUnnamed dirt road from crest of Yucaipa Ridge (5400 ft) to Bear Paw Ranch (4500 ft)
UCR0107151UCRGilia capitataR.G. Swinney24991993-07-16 San Bernardino1.2 miles SE of well at San Sevaine Flats on Big Tree Truck (San Sevaine) Rd
UCR0107153UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders124121992-06-19 San Bernardinoeast of Yucaipa, Water Canon, a tributary of Wildwood Canon from the north
UCR0107157UCRGilia capitataMichael L. O′Leary0302008-05-25 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, trail that begins past equestrian center on road [Pine Valley-Las Bancas Rd.] west of Old Hwy 80 between Pine Valley and Guatay
UCR0107161UCRGilia capitataMark A. Elvin33502004-04-24 San DiegoSE side of Otay Mountain: Mine Canon; San Diego Plant Atlas grid-V16
UCR0107162UCRGilia capitataFred M. Roberts57082003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, south side near crest of ridge east of lower Butteweg Canon along the border trail, Tijuana River watershed
UCR0107163UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders264662003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, along trail between Copper Canon and -x{00 Wild Bills Draw on the south side of the mountain just barely north of the Mexican border
UCR0107165UCRGilia capitataFrank C. Vasek640613--151964-06-13 San DiegoOn the road to View Point, 0.1 mile east of its junction with road to Mt. Laguna
UCR0107166UCRGilia capitataGeorge K. Helmkamp92312005-03-25 San Luis Obispoupper Lopez Canon; 2.2 mi north of Hi Mountain Road along Upper Lopez Canon Road
UCR0107167UCRGilia capitataDavid J. Keil159111982-05-02 San Luis Obispoc. 1 mi west of jct. of Hueruero Rd. with Canon dirt road
UCR0107170UCRGilia capitataJune Latting2321958-05-04 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mountains. Two miles south of Hwy 166 on Sisquoc [Tepusquet] Road
UCR0107172UCRGilia capitataDave Cerfs.n.1971-05-09 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest, Figueroa Mtn Road, 5-6 miles west of Figueroa Mtn. public campground
UCR0107177UCRGilia capitataO.F. Clarkes.n.1971-06-07 VenturaSanta Ynez Mountains. Chorro Grande Canon, draining into Sespe Creek from the north off Pine Mountain, north of Ojai, near U.S. Gypsum quarry
UCR0107180UCRGilia capitataA.C. Sanders266352003-05-14 VenturaNewhall Ranch, west side of Salt Canon watershed, toward Tapo Canon, 1.2 km west of Los Angeles Co. line
UCR0107189UCRGilia capitataLinda Hines.n.1967-03-27 FresnoTrimmer Springs Rd., along the Kings River, 0.25 mile west of Piedra Rd.
UCR0107191UCRGilia capitataLarry F. LaPres.n.1985-04-26 Lake2.6 miles north of Middletown on Hwy 29
UCR0107195UCRGilia capitataGeorge K. Helmkamp21021997-06-25 MendocinoCA Hwy 128, about 5 miles northwest of Cloverdale
UCR0107201UCRGilia capitataB.G. Pitzer8721988-05-27 Sierraabove Ramshorn Campground on Hwy 49, c. 15 miles northeast of Comptonville and c. 5 miles west of Downieville
UCR0107203UCRGilia capitataMichelle A. Strull381985-06-27 Trinity0.1 mile east of Hayfork Bally lookout on Love Letter Springs Rd
UCR0107204UCRGilia capitataKathy Harpers.n.1992-05-15 TrinityHells Gate Forest Service Campground along NW side of south fork of Trinity River, 1 mile east of Forest Glen on Hwy 36
UCR0108694UCRGilia capitataD.E. Bramlet35652004-04-28 OrangeWilliams Canon
UCSB013207UCSBGilia capitataPowell, Jerry9791972-06-13 Mendocino2.5 air mi. N of Eel River Ranger Station
UCSB013208UCSBGilia capitataMignonne Bivin731978-05-11 TulareS of Sequoia National Park entrance station, Generals Hwy., Three Rivers, across from Huffacker′s Candy Store
UCSB013209UCSBGilia capitataThomas, Kathryn; Houng, LynnSR-981993-04-05 Santa BarbaraSouthern foothills of the San Rafael Range, Sedgwick Reserve, upper ranch south of USFS sign
UCSB062141UCSBGilia capitataFran Day1401964-05-03 Santa BarbaraNorth end of Cachuma Campground.
UCSC100004557UCSCGilia capitataN. French3831934-05-31 PlacerMamouth Springs. Colfax. -
UCSC100004558UCSCGilia capitataGrey Hayes922000-04-26 Santa ClaraS facing slope - Mount Hamilton, Simon Newman Ranch -
UCSC100004560UCSCGilia capitataRandall Morgan67942015-04-17 KernCerro Noroeste Road near Cowhead Potrero
US2998748USGilia capitataJ. H. Thomas43191954-06-24 UnknownSanta Cruz County, 0.4 miles west of Alba School, along Alba Grade.
VVC1837VVCGilia capitataA.C. Sanders267452003-05-18 San BernardinoCleghorn Road, 0.5 NE of Canon; Canon 7.5′ Q.San Bernardino Mtns
VVC377VVCGilia capitataEd LaRues.n.1995-05-01 KernHoffman Canon, 1.5 N of confluence with Jawbone Canon, ca. 25 km (air) NW of California City, along Jawbone Canon Road.Southern Sierra Nevada Mtns.
YM-YOSE59936YMGilia capitataHOOD, MARY V.1967-06-26 ?  MariposaALDER CREEK TRAIL.
CAS-BOT225265CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaYork, Dana21811998-07-03 FresnoCa. 87 km E of Fresno (FSC), Sequoia National Forest, Monarch Wilderness, 480 m N of Boyden Cave on the N side of Kings River Cnayon, Kings River Basin
CAS-BOT473128CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGardner, Erika M.; De Groot, Sarah6482014-03-22 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada: Scodie Mountains, Kiavah Wilderness. Bureau of Land Managment, Cholla Canyon, about 0.35 (air)miles NE of Cholla Well
CAS-BOT475186CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGardner, Erika M.; Poutasse, Rachel8522014-04-26 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Scodie Mountains, Sequoia National Forest. Scodie Canyon, at the end of the US Fish and Wildlife Ecological Reserve
CAS-BOT94917CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWenk, R. C.; Hopkinson, P.; Hammond, M.; Brownsey, P.7152008-03-24 OrangeChino Hills S.P., S Ridge Road west of San Juan Hill, W of Equestrian Staging Area
CAS-BOT94918CASGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWenk, R. C.6602007-04-21 VenturaLos Padres N.F., San Emigdio Mountains, along Cerro Noroeste Road, E of Valle Vista campground
CDA0040038CDAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaT.C. Fuller81901962-04-11 San BernardinoWest side of Sterling Street, 0.2 miles north of 5th Street, San Bernardino.
CDA0044088CDAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. Beyers10572014-05-20 KernNorth of Tehachapi Mountain (approximately 3.2 crow miles); edge of Water Canon Road near a campgrounds entrance. Tehachapi Mountains.
CDA0053209CDAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaStu RichardsonK05141000-C2008-05-14 KernBLM - Erskine Creek, Kern Co. Stand is located on a steep slope with a SW exposure. Stand is dotted with outcrops with rocky soil. Associated taxa Encelia actonii. 3939227 N, 369388 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 35.588157, -118.441681). Elev 945 m.
CHSC26035CHSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWesley O. Griesel1962-04-29 Los AngelesArroyo Seco near Brookside Park, Pasadena.
CHSC35470CHSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson85971973-03-18 Riverside16 (air) miles E of Temecula, 2.9 miles E of Aguanga along Hwy 71.
CHSC40016CHSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. B. Parish1941-07-18 San BernardinoFoothills of the San Bernardino Mts.
CHSC95702CHSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross21402005-04-28 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region: Ridgeline to Mt. Emma and canyon south of this ridge. West from Mt. Emma (northwest trending ridge, lower part of ridgeline starts to turn southwest.) East of Mt. Emma Road. Near 34.45 N, 118.08 W to 34.46310N, 118.07530W. Than dropped off ridge into canyon bottom back to origin. T4N R12W, 11wS1, 6, NE1-4 of 1, NW1-4 of 6) Alt. 1235-1413m-4052-4635 ft. General collecting started from a slight decline bench south of the ridgeline. USGS Quadrangle: Pacifico Mtn. 1:24,000
CSLA008225CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDieter H. Wilken3171965-06-29 RiversideOne mile north of Poppet Flat along County Route 1, San Jacinto Mtns.
CSLA008229CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJohn Prigge91971-04-30 Los AngelesW. of Fillmore, 0.1 N. of jct. of Hwy. 23 & Sycamore Cyn. Rd. on Hwy. 23.
CSLA008230CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWesley O. Griesel1962-04-29 Los AngelesArroyo Seco near Brookside Park, Pasadena.
CSLA008232CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Kieffer551971-06-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel foothills N of Pasadena near Millard Canon
CSLA008235CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. Bellve14-871970-04-18 Los Angelesca. 2 W of Palmdale, 2 mi. E. of jct. of Elizabeth Lake Rd. on Johnson Rd., Portal Ridge in Angeles Nat. Forest.
CSLA008236CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson22371966-04-16 Los AngelesSoledad Canon; along Escondido Canon Road, 1 mile NW of Hy 14
CSLA008238CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG. D. Brum41969-04-12 Los Angeles20 miles NW of Lancaster on Hwy. 138 in Antelope Valley.
CSLA008239CSLAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJanice Ragsdale261972-05-26 Los Angeles12 N. of Topanga & jct. of Old Topanga Cyn. Rd. & Topanga Cyn. Blvd.
CSUSB90324CSUSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoy W. Martin780520-31978-05-20 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90430CSUSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoy W. Martin760519-21976-05-19 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90521CSUSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoy W. Martin770616-71977-06-16 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB93047CSUSBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Earsom1975-05-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; San Bernardino Mountains. Willow Park area, Silverwood Lake
DAV323386DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChuck Hughes1722010-05-04 KernKern County: About 2 miles west of Highway 58.
DAV323387DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson22371966-04-16 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Soledad Canon, along Escondito Canon Road, 1 mile NW of Highway 14.
DAV323388DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant86991950-06-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: in Canon between Mentone and Forest Home.
DAV323389DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team3592008-07-16 KernKern County; Los Padres National Forest.
DAV323390DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team3532008-07-15 KernKern County; Los Padres National Forest.
DAV323392DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAntonio F. Machado8a1993-04-28 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Clarita Valley, east of San Francisquito Road, 0.3 mile north of Seco Canon Road.
DAV323393DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne322991963-05-05 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: near mouth of Cobal Canon, in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, 4 miles north of Claremont.
DAV323394DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne317231963-05-16 KernKern County: 10.7 miles east of Caliente.
DAV323395DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne317561963-05-16 KernKern County: 5 miles east of Alta Sierra.
DAV323396DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRobert F. Thorne371051967-06-25 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: San Gabriel Mountains, Evey Canon.
DAV323397DAVGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCollector unknown2731923-05-22 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Plume trail, Eaton Canon.
FSC0018511FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJohn C. Meldeen; Jerry Ramsden101956-05-12 FresnoHwy. 180 on granite slope. N.E. slope above hwy. in shallow depressions & cracks in rock
FSC0018512FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJim Blake ; Crystal Erickson181962-04-18 Fresno1.6 mi from junction of dinkey creek rd and batch camp rd toward trimmer
FSC0018513FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarbara H. Brock941956-04-22 FresnoAt Hampton house, a ranch on Sand Creek Rd. 10 mi. nee. of Orange Cove. Foothill Foodland.
FSC0018514FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRichard Snedden70161960-05-21 Fresno2 miles below highway 180 on Miramonte cut off - highway 65.; Plants taken on the South side of the road.
FSC0018515FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChas. H. Quibell36671954-05-09 FresnoCa. 1000 1-3 - 1-2 way up s. slope of sw. point of basalt capped Big Table Mt. in its western-most sect. above the Winchell Cove sect. of Millerton Lake.
FSC0018516FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. J. Lindner, Jr.1955-05-08 TulareWoodlake end of bridge spanning Kaweah River. Bridge approximately 1-4 mile from intersection of Woodlake highway and State highway 198, one mile N.E. of Lemoncove.
FSC0018517FSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSue Quibell; Chas. Quibell24381953-07-01 FresnoBorrowing pit at corner on 168, Big Crk. Grade, above Big Crk. at last view of penstocks.
GH01000186GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-03-31 San Diego[data not captured]
GH01000187GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1961-05-26 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GH01000188GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1919-09-30 Ventura[data not captured]
GH01000189GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1939-06-16 Kern[data not captured]
GH01000190GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-07-18 Kern[data not captured]
GH01000191GHGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifolia;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1882-05-01 Kern[data not captured]
GMDRC11741GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre412322019-04-17 Los Angeleswestern Transverse Ranges: Pacific Crest Trail at Pine Canon Rd, 2.2 miles west of Three Points, approx. 3 air miles south of Hwy 138
GMDRC11895GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre414862019-04-27 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: Banner Canon along Hwy 78 (Banner Grade), 6.6 miles east of Julian
GMDRC12093GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre418022019-05-24 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: slopes on west side of Silverwood Lake along Pacific Crest Trail, just below roadside view area along Hwy 138
GMDRC13072GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre431692020-05-15 KernSierra Nevada: Piute Mountains, south side of range along Jawbone Canon Rd - Geringer Grade switchbacks, 1.8 roac miles west of Pacific Crest Trail crossing
GMDRC13125GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre432992020-05-21 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Summit Valley in Horsethief Cyn watershed, just south of Hwy 138, west of exit Hwy 173, 0.6 air miles from NW shore of Silverwood Lake
GMDRC13273GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre435992020-06-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: north slopes south of Silverwood Lake, just south of Hwy 138 in Sawpit Cyn drainage, on Edison service road
GMDRC13642GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre440112021-05-06 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: vicinity of Pine Creek Trailhead, 1.3 miles SE of Guatay, 2 miles NW of Pine Valley
GMDRC6578GMDRCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre305352012-06-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: along Hwy 243, 10.7 mi. south of Interstate 10 (Banning); SB Natl. Forest
HSC214907HSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD.H. Wilken3171965-06-29 Riverside1 N of Poppet Flat along County Rte. 1, San Jacinto Mtns.
HSC214908HSCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.F. Thorne611591985-05-18 San DiegoSanta Rosa Plateau: along the road down Cottonwood Canon
IRVC15468IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. W. Rundel10601962-05-05 Los Angeles-x{20 Wash - southeast corner of Pomona College.
IRVC15591IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCharles W. Sextons.n.1974-05-10 VenturaDough Flat Observation Site, Sespe area.
IRVC19846IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Powll12991977-04-09 StanislausDel Puerto Canon, at N fork. 17 miles W Patterson.
IRVC27259IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman88292003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain Wilderness Area (BLM property): southwest of Dulzura: vicinity of Sycamore Canon.
IRVC2857IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.S. Boughey2401968-04-16 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains: Lower Modjeska Canon, Fleming property.
IRVC2858IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.S. Boughey; Pat Pembrook10511965-06-15 OrangeSaddleback Mt. near Grotto Springs, Modjeska Peak.
IRVC2859IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. Van Condens.n.1965-05-09 OrangeSilverado Canon.
IRVC2870IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-61963-05-27 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts.: below Hemet Hwy. Slope draw, granite soil. Mixed chaparral with scrub oak, sycamore, and annual ground cover.
IRVC2871IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-1621963-06-02 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center-Hemet Hwy
IRVC2872IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-231963-05-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center to Hemet Hwy. Slope NW-10 degrees lower, granite soil. Scrub oak chaparral.
IRVC2873IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-455,4721963-06-14 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns.: Idyllwild-Banning Hwy. Slope N-20 degrees.
IRVC2874IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-161963-05-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center to Hemet Hwy. Slope NW-10 degrees lower, granite soil. Scrub oak chaparral.
IRVC2875IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR.H. WhittakerSJ-281963-05-28 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center to Hemet Hwy. Slope NW-10 degrees lower, granite soil. Scrub oak chaparral.
IRVC30416IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMichael Simpson23822003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mtn watershed; Mine Cyn, ca. 0.7 N of Marron [Valley] Road.
IRVC8260IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. W. Goodalls.n.1968-04-06 MaderaSan Joaquin Experimental Range, near coarse gold
IRVC8261IRVCGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. W. Goodalls.n.1968-04-06 MaderaSan Joaquin Experimental Range, near coarse gold
JEPS122472UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. M. Andre305352012-06-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; along Highway 243, 10.7 miles south of Interstate 10 (Banning), San Bernardino National Forest. Lake Fulmor 7.5 Q.
JEPS4022UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCharlotte N. Smith6491942-06-11 Kernabout one-fourth mi southerly from the White Sawmill (near the road from Lumreau Creek to the Pettit Ranch, ne from the Basket Peak, abt northerly from Basket Pass); w side Greenhorn Mountains, fr Lumreau Creek to Pettit Ranch
JEPS4023UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. N. Smith2761941-04-03 Kernnear Poso Mine (Poso Creek, Greenhorn Mountains); Greenhorn Mountains, Poso Creek, near Poso Mine
JEPS69536UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFrank W. Peirson1541918-06-04 Los Angelese Rubio Canon (San Gabriel Mountains);, e of Rubio Canon
JEPS69537UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFrank W. Peirson3841919-04-19 Los AngelesPacoima Canon San Gabriel Mountains, Pacoima Canon
JEPS69538UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWalter Fry1381914-01-01 TulareSequoia National Park
JEPS69539UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWalter Fry641913-07-01 TulareSequoia National Park
JEPS69540UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. Van E. Ferguson341917-05-28 San DiegoMesa Grande
JEPS69541UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1929-05-10 Santa BarbaraCanon, Cuyama Valley, Camp Ozena (Cuyama Valley, n Santa Barbara Co.)
JEPS69542UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRalph Hoffmann1929-07-07 Santa BarbaraBig Pine Santa Barbara Region,, Big Pine (San Rafael Mts.)
JEPS69543UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. W. Harshberger1925-08-15 TulareMiddle slopes Alta Peak
JEPS69544UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. B., W. F. Parish1882-05-01 San Bernardinofoothills of San Bernardino Mts.
JEPS69545UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH., M. Dearing14111937-05-27 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Portrero, Salisbury Portrero (Santa Ynez Mts.)
JEPS69546UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson67361916-04-14 KernRowen, Rowen (Tehachapi Mts.)
JEPS69547UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson67401916-04-14 KernRowen Tehachapi Mts., Rowen
JEPS69548UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson71701917-05-26 Kernlower slopes Bear Mt., lower slopes Bear Mt. (Tehachapi Range)
JEPS69549UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson128551928-05-20 MaderaFresno Flats
JEPS69550UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWillis L. Jepson15151901-05-29 San DiegoKootka, Kootka (= Cootca) (Palomar)
JEPS85777UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoy E. Buck9571988-06-15 Fresnosw slope of ridge along CA Hwy 180 ca 4.8 road mi e Dunlap Road jct. (ca 2.2 air km sw of Fox Spring, 3 air km ne of Dunlap); sw slope Pine Ridge
JEPS97768UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnnetta M. Carter18291947-05-18 San DiegoSummit of Hot Springs Mtn.
JEPS99297UCJEPSGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClare B. Hardham16241957-04-07 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain
LA00624399LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDavid Bradbury3711971-05-12 San DiegoField on Stokes Canon Rd. near Morena Reservoir
LA00624404LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarry A. Prigge75831987-05-09 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; San Bernandino Mts, SW slopes of Morton Peak: ca 3.5 air mi. ENE of Mentone on ridge between Mill Creek and Morton Canon
LA00624408LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO. H. Kappler11761946-04-28 Santa Barbara10 miles south of Surf
LA00634605LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.M. Johnson43691934-03-16 Los AngelesSimi Hills; Johnson′s Ranch beyond Chatsworth.
LA00634606LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaArthur C. Gibson49582003-05-01 Los AngelesSimi Hills; China Flat
LA00642248LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaArthur C. Gibson45372005-03-10 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Santa Rosa Trail
LA00642320LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler41940-05-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W-fork Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon; N slope
LA00647822LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Sauer62531983-05-15 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near Stokes Canon
LA00647823LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.M. Johnson41011932-05-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Brent′s Mountain; Crag′s Camp
LA00647824LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary V. Hood42-25k*1942-04-26 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Tapia Park; unspecific
LA00647826LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaW. O. Griesels.n.1936-04-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Sepulveda Canon
LA00647828LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary Reynolds1551937-05-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; at mouth of Malibu Creek
LA00647829LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1929-05-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topango [Topanga] Canon
LA00647831LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler2571941-05-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Cold Creek; North slope, Las Virgenes Canon; Near Malibu Fire Station headquarters
LA00647832LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBruce Douglas Clayton211972-03-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mountain Park Research Campus; firebreak E of upper canyon entrance
LA00647833LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBruce Douglas Clayton351972-03-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mountain Park Research Campus; N end of Drawbridge firebreak
LA00647834LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBruce Douglas Clayton361972-03-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mountain Park Research Campus; N end of Drawbridge firebreak
LA100912LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler38631980-06-07 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Corte Madera Ranch; Pine Valley
LA102237LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJohn C. Roos55851952-04-27 RiversideSan Timoteo Canon in Redlands
LA103317LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJonathan Sauer54611973-05-12 KernGreenhorn Mountains, above Rattlesnake Creek
LA103477LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarry A. Prigge71081986-04-27 Los AngelesSierra Nevada; Tehachapi Mountains; 0.4 mi. E of Gorman on Lancaster Road
LA103964LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarry A. Prigge71081986-04-27 FresnoSierra Nevada; Mill Creek; within 1 mi. of Kings River
LA200747LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJonathan Sauer62531983-05-15 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near Stokes Canon
LA201779LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaArthur C. Gibson48662001-05-18 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Big Sycamore Canon; Point Mugu State Park; near waterfall
LA202019LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaArthur C. Gibson50282003-02-01 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Santa Rosa Trail
LA202768LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. Warrens.n.1952-05-08 Los AngelesUniversity of California, Los Angeles; near Hershey Hall
LA202769LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. Bellers.n.1926-03-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; near Calabasas
LA206504LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS.B. Parish63651907-05-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; S of San Bernardino Mountains
LA206506LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDoris Daw21940-05-07 Los AngelesElizabeth Lake
LA206507LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDoris Daws.n.1940-04-22 Los AngelesArroyo Seco
LA206508LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1938-04-09 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mt
LA206509LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1920-05-01 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Ranges; Mint Canon
LA206520LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC.B. Wolf77751936-04-26 Los AngelesSouth Coast; San Fernando Valley, W side of Burbank at Victory Blvd and Elm Ave
LA206521LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC.B. Wolf77751936-04-26 KernUpper San Joaquin Valley. Tejon Ranch, Tejon Creek, 4.40 mi above Ranch Headquarters
LA206523LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHarlan Lewiss.n.1969-05-06 Los AngelesGorman
LA34987LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary V. Hoods.n.1945-07-02 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; High Sierra trail, near Buck Creek
LA52326LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaElizabeth McClintocks.n.1936-04-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; at mouth of Malibu Creek
LA52327LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCarl Eplings.n.1931-04-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Los Alisos Canon
LA81933LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler1391941-03-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Tigertail, above Brentwood
LA88496LAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaO.H. Kappler9221945-06-16 San DiegoPalomar Mountain; road to Henshaw Dam
LOB101880LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA.E. Fisher, Mark Porter, Sandy Namoff, Nick Jensen5382018-05-23 OrangeCleveland National Forest, Trabuco Dist, Main Divide Truck Trail, just East of Pleasants Peak
LOB101881LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMelvin Kunkle891972-04-21 Orange1 mile north of Upper San Juan Campground, off Ortega Hwy.
LOB101882LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. H. Blankenship801975-04-19 Kern7.5 miles from Highway 178 on Rancheria Rd.
LOB101883LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDale McMahons.n.1975-04-19 Kern3 mi from Hwy 174 on Rancheria Rd.
LOB101885LOBGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPeter H. Ravens.n.1960-04-02 Los AngelesDecker Canon 1.5 miles N of Coast Highway
MACF031031MACFGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFay A. McFadden110521933-06-15 Los AngelesStar Canon, Berduyo Hills
OBI147981OBIGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDavid Keil266761998-04-09 San Luis ObispoUSFS trailhead area on Hwy 1 NE of Tepesquet Canon Rd.
OBI147982OBIGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDavid Keil270501998-05-04 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest. Just S of junction with Hwy 58 on Red Hill Rd. T29S R16E S1-2 S17.
PGM273PGMGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaYadon, Vern1962-05-28 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cruikshank Tr, 1-4 mi above trail head
PGM842PGMGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaYadon, Vern1970-05-10 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, Salmon Cr Tr 0.75 mi from Hwy 1
POM10175RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz38571920-05-15 San DiegoFallbrook.
POM10417RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCharlotte M. Wilders.n.1907-04-06 RiversideWhitewater Ranch
POM10428RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaReeds.n.1996-04-24 RiversideRiverside.
POM10441RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. A. Zumbro951898-07-01 San BernardinoSan Bernandino Mountains.
POM122410RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-06-20 Riverside20 miles north of Idyllwild.
POM13004RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz54341922-05-19 RiversideHemet Valley, San Jacinto Mountains.
POM145934RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. R. Abrams119701927-05-02 KernBetween Hobo and Democrat Hot Springs. Kern River Canon.
POM155824RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. L. Bryan82 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, near Santa Monica.
POM156140RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. R. Abrams37391903-05-24 San DiegoNear Campo.
POM17535RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. B. Feudge61923-04-12 San BernardinoWest end of Little Mountain.
POM17826RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz70731923-06-14 RiversideSanta Ana Mountains: Santiago Peak.
POM199558RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokey44761929-03-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
POM202281RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz132131934-05-01 VenturaUpper Sespe Creek, north of Wheelers Hot Springs.
POM21153RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. A. McGregors.n.1918-06-20 San DiegoJulian.
POM230760RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokey68181933-03-13 KernArvin.
POM256716RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaW. Pequegnats.n.1940-05-24 OrangeModjeska Flat.
POM280072RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson30821932-03-12 KernGreenhorn Mountains, Mt. Breckenridge road, Kern River drainage.
POM280075RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson58641934-04-15 VenturaSierra-Madre Mountains, Ventura-Maricopa vicinity.; Sierra-Madre Mountains
POM282247RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson36431932-06-05 KernGreenhorn Peak, 5 mi. E of Glennville.
POM293636RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLyman Benson124681947-05-20 San BernardinoRoad to Rim of World Drive above San Bernardino.
POM304920RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHenry J. Ramsey3211938-08-06 TulareMineral King. [Tehama County incorrectly cited on label.]
POM305754RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHenry J. Ramsey9391937-06-27 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest: Bear Creek, north of Pacoima Reservoir.
POM307529RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaHenry J. Ramsey24211938-04-10 Santa BarbaraNorth of Lompoc.
POM308753RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoxana S. Ferris106861942-07-17 TulareHalfway between Silver City and Mineral King. Sequoia National Forest.
POM3478RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. L. Crawfords.n.1915-06-27 Los AngelesBear Canon, Claremont.
POM3504RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. F. Bakers.n.1904-04-22 Los AngelesMonrovia.
POM3517RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaAnson Lisks.n.1903-05-01 Los AngelesCollected near Pasadena.
POM3526RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. T. Streets.n. RiversideTemecula Canon.
POM3531RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaS. B. Parish113061917-06-05 San BernardinoHighland. San Bernardino Valley.
POM3532RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. M. Johnstons.n.1917-05-06 Los AngelesEvey Canon, north of Claremont.
POM3654RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. F. Illingworth631898-04-01 Los AngelesClaremont Canon.
POM46988RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMary F. Spencer11521919-05-26 San DiegoMesa Grande.
POM50043RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA. D. E. Elmer39161902-05-01 Santa ClaraSan Antonio Valley.
POM50153RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. R. Abrams13531901-04-01 Los AngelesChatsworth Park.
POM65671RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaNorman Stiners.n.1897-06-28 San DiegoMorena [Village-Reservoir, near Potrero].
POM6928RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz28221919-05-30 San BernardinoDark Canon Road, near Pine Crest.
POM6977RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz24801919-04-19 Los AngelesLone Hill, San Dimas.
POM74778RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMarcus E. Jones102801903-05-20 KernTehachapi.
POM75104RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaMarcus E. Jones102611900-07-19 San BernardinoClarks. San Bernardino Mountains.
POM7628RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-15 San BernardinoSan Antonio Mountains. Canon Valley, Canon Pass.
POM7633RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-17 San BernardinoVictorville.
POM78915RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. M. Johnstons.n.1925-07-08 San BernardinoBaldy Lookout hills.
POM8769RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz33081920-03-13 Los AngelesPuddingstone Canon, San Dimas
POM96378RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Jaegers.n.1925-05-25 San DiegoNellie
POM96612RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz100171926-04-04 Los Angeles2 miles north of Saugus.
POM96943RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz94091925-04-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon.
POM96984RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. D. Keck991925-05-01 San DiegoSan Felipe Creek at Banner.
POM97005RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz104251926-05-02 Riversideabout rocks, 5 miles NW of Dripping Spring
POM97034RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz89621925-03-19 KernNorth base of Tehachapi Pass.
POM97044RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaP. A. Munz96441925-05-15 San Diego4 miles SE of Buckman′s Springs.
POM97183RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaD. D. Keck361925-05-17 San Diego1 mile east of Warner′s Ranch
PUA30274PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1971-08-19 AlpineLocal landmark: stanislaus River. Dardanelles Cone Quad.
PUA64138PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1986-05-26 FresnoLocal landmark: Pine Ridge. Shaver Lake Quad.
PUA64956PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1986-05-23 TulareLocal landmark: Kaweah River. Giant Forest Quad.
PUA65240PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1986-06-07 KernLocal landmark: Bald Eagle Peak. Isabella Quad.
PUA68164PUAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaG.L. Clifton1988-08-12 San BernardinoLocal landmark: Little Mill Creek. Harrison Mtn. Quad.
RSA0034370RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaA. C. Sanders338042007-05-15 KernTehachapi Mountains: steep SW-facing slopes above Crane Canon, c.1 mile SE of Castac Lake.; Lebec 7.5′ Quad.
RSA0039742RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross66302014-06-10 FresnoMonarch Wilderness; Trail 30E01 (forest service, guide to the Monarch & Jennie Lakes Wilderness map). Off Highway 180, along the South Fork of Kings River. Deer Cove Creek to Deer Cove Saddle, where a trail branches off to Choke Creek.Started near 36.80 N 118.71 W. Ended near 36.82590N 118.72246W.
RSA0060601RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross71002015-04-15 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy.McConica Ranch Property; Along the river wash, between a short distance from the end of S. Hallock Drive, and end of Willard Road, south of Highway 126. East of Santa Paula.; Santa Paula 7.5 quad.
RSA0064462RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErika M. Gardner6482014-03-22 KernScodie Mountains; Kiavah Wilderness. Cholla Canon, about 0.35 (air) miles northeast from Cholla Well.
RSA0064463RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErika M. Gardner3722013-06-02 KernAbout 0.60 miles south of PCT-4x4 road and 1.10 miles northwest from the end of Sage Canon Road.; Horse Canon 7.5
RSA0064464RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErika M. Gardner14682015-05-24 KernAbout 1 mile north of the PCT-McIver′s 4x4 road. Head of Scodie Canon.; Horse Canon 7.5
RSA0064465RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErika M. Gardner8522014-04-26 KernScodie Canon. At the end of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ecological Reserve.; Onyx 7.5
RSA0074214RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaI. W. Clokeys.n.1935-05-04 VenturaSespe Creek.
RSA0076389RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVerne Grant93731954-04-27 San Luis ObispoMountains E of La Panza.
RSA0076390RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPaul C. Silva12121947-03-30 San Luis Obispo4 miles east of Cuyama Post Office, Cuyama Valley.
RSA0077199RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCNPS-SSNF Team80092011-04-22 KernPrivateWindwolves Wildlife Refuge; foothills of the San Emigdio Mountains, about 2.1 air miles SW of the town of Grapevine.; Grapevine
RSA0077392RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta8091992-09-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Oak Spring Trail; Tujunga Ranger District. Near nothern end of trail.
RSA0082508RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann62461961-05-24 KernGiegis Ridge.
RSA0082667RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaErnest C. Twisselmann69611962-04-18 KernTejon Ranch: Oso Canon.
RSA0083761RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJames Henrickson200561985-05-31 San Bernardinoca. 20 air miles W of San Bernardino, 3 miles NW of Angeles Oaks, near junction of Deer Creek and Santa Ana River near Filaree Flat.
RSA0093982RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann62461961-05-24 KernTejon Ranch, Giegis Ridge.
RSA0093990RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf63501935-04-15 KernAlong Tejon Creek, Tehon Ranch, 4.4 miles above Ranch Headquarters.
RSA0095189RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaOrlando Mistretta5521992-06-12 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region: Cow Canon, (Road 2N29 EA- from Saddle to 2nd main drainage).
RSA0098764RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. G. Swinney145012011-04-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Islip Canon, tributary of San Gabriel Cyn., from Hwy 39 to 0.4 mile upstream, NE of Morris Reservoir; Glendora 7.5 Q.
RSA0100236RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJessica Orozco10762015-05-03 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed.
RSA0101297RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJessica Orozco1422013-05-21 TulareTule River Indian Reservation.
RSA0101573RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJessica Orozco4902014-04-04 TulareTule River Indian Reservation, off main Reservation road, past the pavement, at the first major switch back.
RSA0113651RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaLeRoy Gross74662016-04-14 TulareCraig Ranch Road (Salt Creek) off Highway 198, east of Three Rivers. Collections along this road from 36.44 N 118.84 W to Cinnamon Gap, near 36.40771N 118.82811W.
RSA0119163RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPam De Vries81662016-05-21 KernLPNFOff Forest Route 9N19, about 1.6 air miles WSW of Escapula Peak.; Cuddy Valley
RSA0130766RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPam De Vries82312017-03-29 VenturaLPNFBallinger Canon OHV area, unnamed dry wash 1.75 air miles ENE of Ballinger Canon Campground.; Ballinger Canon
RSA0139678RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaNaomi Fraga53012015-04-07 Los AngelesThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Strumpel Parcel owned by The Nature Conservancy, Santa Clara River.; Acton
RSA0148595RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman329182017-04-11 San DiegoCanon: northeastern portion of Base just south of De Luz Road and east of De Luz Creek; Training Area Hotel: vicinity of the entry gate at De Luz Road. Atlas Square: C6.
RSA0154181RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJoy D. England16762017-04-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest: eastern San Gabriel Mountains, Lone Pine Canon, along Sheep Creek Road ca. 100 yds. from its jct. with Swarthout Canon Road.
RSA0157769RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaEdward F. Anderson2190 San DiegoFallbrook.
RSA0173333RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJon P. Rebman341412018-04-25 San DiegoCanon: northeastern portion of Base; Training Area Range 409A: East of Roblar Road at the bottom of the canyon; along Roblar Creek to the north of Roblar Canon Road.
RSA0179806RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJoy D. England20672018-05-09 Los AngelesTejon Pass region, Angeles National Forest, along Whitaker Peak Road near head of Ruby Canon, at communications facility just above junction with Whitaker Ridge Road (Rd. 6N53B).
RSA0210596RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaFred M. Roberts85722018-05-18 OrangePeninsular Ranges. Santa Ana Mountains: Tributary to Upper Blind Canon, west of Upper Blind Canon Road, 3.4 km ESE Robbers Peak.; Black Star Canon 7.5′
RSA0419744RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaVanessa Ashworth2321995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA0420413RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChristina Varnava8782020-06-23 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. 1-2 W of Pine Mountain Campground.
RSA0429811RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChristina Varnava3122019-06-20 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Chorro Grande Trail, approaching from Hwy 33.
RSA0429812RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChristina Varnava1212019-04-27 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Near a tributary of Sespe Creek along Middle Sespe Trail.
RSA102008RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. Weatherby11451950-04-02 KernKern Canon, 2 miles from Democrat Springs on road to Breckenridge Mountain.
RSA107873RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaSue Quibell24381953-06-01 Fresnocorner on 168. Big Creek, Grade, above Big Creek. On side of deep canyon of Big Creek.
RSA107939RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRichard Mallory1841954-03-28 FresnoOne third way up basalt talus on south facing slope of Big Table Mountain, northeast section at northwest corner of Auberry Valley.
RSA11014RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolfsw.n.1928-04-01 Los AngelesSanta Susanna Pass, 0.5 miles from summit.
RSA11029RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf15991928-03-29 Los AngelesCastaic; South base of Ridge Route road
RSA113960RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaCharles B. Fiker35071946-06-03 San DiegoDuermit Ranch, near Julian.
RSA115623RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1956-05-16 Santa BarbaraBetween San Marcos Pass and Brush Peak, Santa Ynez Mts. area of the Refugio Pass Burn of 1955.
RSA11766RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. Lloyds.n.1933-05-13 Los AngelesTemescal canyon.
RSA118215RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann36771957-06-21 TularePortugese Pass Road, 5.1 miles east of Posey
RSA119293RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1956-05-15 Santa BarbaraSan Roque Canon, west of Lauro Reservoir, Santa Barbara.
RSA120288RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaChas. H. Quibell36671954-05-09 FresnoBig Table Mt. in its western-most sect. above the Winchell Cove sect. of Millerton Lake
RSA12292RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. D. Stark56671934-04-15 San Diego4 miles from Bonsall on road to Moosa Canon.
RSA12331RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf57061933-06-27 Fresnoalong Mill Creek. 3-10 mi above Miramonte on rd. to Gen. Grant Park.
RSA123816RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaRoxana S. Ferris133571958-06-25 Fresnoca. 5 mi. above Barton Flat, on road to Cedar Grove, above Kings River canyon
RSA124873RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClare B. Hardham46761959-05-29 Santa BarbaraEight miles north of Manzana Camp Ground, San Rafael Mountains.
RSA124970RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaClare B. Hardham43901959-05-04 VenturaMunson Creek, Rte. 399.
RSA128239RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann52381959-05-21 KernGreenhorn Range: Southwest flank of Bohna peak.
RSA128241RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann52941959-06-02 KernTecuya Ridge [mountain]
RSA15071RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaDaniel Clevelands.n.1881-05-01 San DiegoFallbrook.
RSA150752RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler7541962-05-11 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Potrero.
RSA150753RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler5591962-04-16 Santa BarbaraBallinger Canon about 1 mile E of US highway 399.
RSA150775RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaM. A. Piehl62981962-05-10 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Potrero, Sierra Madre Mts. (S of Cuyama)
RSA150845RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler8201962-06-08 KernNear Mt. Abel Road about 15 miles E of Reyes Station.
RSA152186RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaWesley O. Griesels.n.1962-04-29 Los AngelesArroyo Seco near Brookside Park, Pasadena.
RSA156141RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. R. Abrams38821903-06-25 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
RSA15991RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf68951935-05-21 VenturaSanta Ynez Mts., Ojai to Cuyama Valley Road, North Fork. of Ventura River, 1.7 mi. above Wheelers Hot Springs, Wheeler Gorge Camp. Ft.
RSA16480RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaPercy C. Everett72271935-06-19 RiversideMain Divide Motorway, Bear Spring
RSA166020RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Chandler11901963-05-31 Santa BarbaraNear Escondido Canon Canon Pendola Flat road about 3.3 miles down from Romero Canon saddle on north slope of Santa Ynez Mts.
RSA166885RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley22631958-05-09 Los AngelesHills 2 miles east of Gorman
RSA166887RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. R. Blakley22491958-05-07 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain
RSA17136RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. B. Wolf77751936-04-26 Los AngelesSan Fernando Valley, West side of Burbank at Victory Blvd. and Elm Ave.
RSA172170RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne317231963-05-16 Kern10.7 miles E of Caliente. Piute Mountains.
RSA172279RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne317561963-05-16 Kern5 miles E of Alta Sierra.
RSA180617RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann95621964-06-10 KernTecuya Ridge
RSA185797RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJosephine Randalls.n.1908-05-01 San MateoCorte de Madera Canon near Alpine Road Santa Cruz Peninsula
RSA186932RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann121561966-05-10 KernHigh slope west of Spanish Needle Creek.
RSA187076RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. C. Twisselmann122381966-05-20 KernLoop Ranch: summit of the high ridge 5 miles NW of Tehachapi.
RSA187867RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne361951966-04-28 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: roadside S of golf links, Avalon Canon
RSA191137RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne371051967-06-25 Los AngelesEvey Canon
RSA191244RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne370421967-06-08 Tulare5.7 miles WNW of Milo on Blue Ridge above Milo Fire Station on road to Yokohl Valley.
RSA191675RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne356031965-03-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains, Along Highway 154 SE from San Marcos Pass at high voltage power line.
RSA192344RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. W. Lathrop62741966-05-09 Riverside3 miles SW of Murrieta between Mesa de la Punta and Sandia Canon.
RSA20211RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaTheodore Paynes.n.1938-05-17 Los AngelesFrom seed obtained between Glendale and Montrose.
RSA20212RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaTheodore Paynes.n.1938-05-17 Los AngelesFrom seeds collected near Glendale
RSA221056RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. W. Lathrop64391966-05-08 Riverside3 miles SW of Corona. Hagador Canon, Cleveland National Forest. Trabuco District.
RSA222952RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGerald L. Benny4581971-05-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; Day Canon.
RSA225719RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne397061971-05-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Near mouth of Fish Canon.
RSA225875RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne409101971-07-07 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest: Near San Sevaine Cow Camp.
RSA225980RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne397421971-05-22 Los AngelesFish Canon.
RSA226224RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaGary D. Cromwell6601971-05-14 Los AngelesOn west side of canyon mouth, about 1300. Mystic Canon, Angeles National Forest, San On southeast-facing slope to west of canyon mouth, about 1350 feet. Mystic Canon, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mtns.2 miles NE of Glendora, CA.Gabriel Mts. 2 NE of Glendora.
RSA233565RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne421281972-06-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSan Sevaine Cow Camp
RSA251011RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJack Delaini1801974-05-09 Los AngelesSan Dimas Canon area.
RSA263678RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaE. W. Lathrop69291968-05-22 RiversideMain Divide Truck Trail between El Carriso and Santiago Peak, Cleveland National Forest.
RSA278313RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. W. Tilforth17991979-05-18 RiversideAlo Hwgy 243, 3.5 miles south of Banning at turn-off to Mt. Edna.
RSA282928RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaC. W. Tilforth19611980-05-23 San BernardinoRoad south of entrance road to Silverwood Lake, E of Canon Canon.
RSA29729RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheeler7901932-05-28 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA303693RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne533691979-07-12 San BernardinoCanon branch at Skyland near Crestline at headwaters of Waterman Canon.
RSA304906RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaJ. R. Shevock7501971-03-07 VenturaLake Piru.
RSA314459RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne554701983-04-23 RiversideSan Bernardino Mountains: side canyon on W side of Whitewater Canon, ca. 3.3 miles N of Whitewater Post Office.
RSA31507RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1946-05-25 VenturaCamino Cielo. (Ventura River Basin.)
RSA333762RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne542701980-06-02 San BernardinoSan Bern. Mts: near Mojave River, S of Hesperia and 5.2 miles N of junction of Silverwood Lake and Hesperia roads.
RSA343872RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaR. F. Thorne611591985-05-18 San DiegoSanta Rosa Plateau: Along road down Cottonwood Canon.
RSA346582RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaBarry Burnell3961971-05-09 San BernardinoLytle Creek Road 1-2 mile above the Pennstock Firebreak. Lytle Creek to Pacific Slope drainage.
RSA347558RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. A. Prigge69771986-03-20 Los Angeles0.4 miles east of Gorman on Lancaster Road
RSA369685RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. A. Prigge71081986-04-27 FresnoMill Creek, within 1 mile of Kings River; Sierra Nevada.
RSA43407RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaH. M. Pollards.n.1947-04-06 VenturaBurn above Kennedy Canon.
RSA450540RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaB. A. Prigge75831987-05-09 San BernardinoSW slopes of Morton Peak: 3.5 miles ENE of Mentone on ridge between Mill Creek and Morton Canon.
RSA470056RSAGilia capitata subsp. abrotanifoliaL. C. Wheeler589