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GET:taxon_name=Geranium molle&fips=Fresno

BM TABFILE==>CHC_1712961203_UCJEPS.txt

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Results for search: County=fresno; Scientific name=geranium molle (including synonyms);
DEBUGGING QUERY STRING taxon=geranium%20molle&fips=Fresno&BMtabUCJEPS=CHC_1712961203_UCJEPS.txt&BMtabUNC=CHC_1712961203_UNC.txt&BMtabYF=CHC_1712961203_YF.txt&QSUMM=1

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  F     CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountyelev. (M)locality
        CDA0019389 CDA Geranium molle J. Dunnicliff PDR 583774 1986-05-29   Fresno 500 Squaw Leap, 3 W of Auberry, < 1 mi E of San Joaquin R. Sierra Nevada.
        JEPS74738 UCJEPS Geranium molle Robert D. Haines 74068 1974-03-15   Fresno 304 above Pine Flat Lake (just s of where old bridge crosses Sycamore Creek)
        JEPS74741 UCJEPS Geranium molle Robert D. Haines 74096 1974-03-22   Fresno 411 just below Big Table Mountain (dirt road at the end of Wellbarn Road)
        RSA360066 RSA Geranium molle Barry A. Prigge 7065 1986-04-27   Fresno 329 Kings Canyon: vinicity of Mill Flat campground where Mill Creek joins Kings River.
        UCR0098036 UCR Geranium molle Scott D. White 4795 1997-03-18   Fresno 305 Kings Canyon Road (Calif. Hwy 180), c. 20 road miles east of Sanger
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