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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CHSC105750CHSCGentiana affinis var. ovataChristine C. Lorain23001995-8-20 Del NorteLow Divide located 5.7 mi E up rowdy Creek road from Hwy 101 at Smith River, CA; a large intersection of roads at the top of grade; Six Rivers National Forest/ T1 N R01E S3 W1/2
    CHSC115697CHSCGentiana affinis var. ovataL. P. Janeway118322015-8-11 ModocWarner Mountains. East side of Squaw Peak a little above Squaw Peak Trail. T4 N R15E S0 W1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Warren Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC115704CHSCGentiana affinis var. ovataL. P. Janeway118562015-9-8 Del NorteKlamath Ranges. Along the Stoney Creek Trail, east side of North Fork Smith River; about 1.6 km north of town of Gasquet. T1 N R02E S1 W1/4 of SW1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Gasquet 1:24,000
    CHSC115705CHSCGentiana affinis var. ovataL. P. Janeway118592015-9-8 Del NorteKlamath Ranges. Along Old Gasquet Toll Road 8.0 road-km east-northeast from its start in Gasquet. Road cutbank across steep southwest-facing serpentine slope overlooking Middle Fork Smith River. T1 N R02E S1 W1/4 USGS Quadrangle: Gasquet 1:24,000
    CHSC115713CHSCGentiana affinis var. ovataL. P. Janeway118632015-9-9 Del NorteKlatmath Ranges. Along Low Divide Road/Wimer Road 2.1 road-km north of Low Divide; about 0.7 km west of North Fork Smith River. T1 N R01E S26 NE1/4 of SE1/4 USGS Quadrangle: High Divide 1:24,000
    CHSC32718CHSCGentiana affinis var. ovataJ. P. Smith48791971-10-02 Del NorteDarlingtonia bog and surrounding area along Stony Creek near Gasquet. T1 N R02E S16 &17
    CHSC48450CHSCGentiana affinis var. ovataVernon Oswald16581984-8-22 MendocinoManchester Beach State Park. T1 N R1 W S13 SW1/4
    CHSC662CHSCGentiana affinis var. ovataV. Holt1936-9-02 Del NortePatrick's Creek.
    DAV398208DAVGentiana affinis var. ovataEllen Dean63012010-6-29 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. Western side of park, N of hot springs and S of Hot Springs Creek.
    DAV398209DAVGentiana affinis var. ovataEllen Dean66192010-7-17 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. W side of park, N of hot springs, S of Hot Springs Creek.
    DAV398210DAVGentiana affinis var. ovataEllen Dean and Margaret Starbuck67632010-8-2 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. West side of park directly N of hot springs near culvert where hot spring effluent emerges on N side of road.
    DAV398211DAVGentiana affinis var. ovataDaniel Sanchez-Matas.n.2006-7-26 Del NorteDel Norte Co.: Gasquet. Low Divide Road across North Fork Smith River.
    HSC100377HSCGentiana affinis var. ovataL.D. Hooversn2010-8-6 Del NorteSmith River National Recreation Area, along the Stony Creek Trail.
    JEPS24348UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataL. S. Smith10101918-7-29 ModocPatterson Mill Warner Mts.
    JEPS30899UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataH. E. Parks65091933-8-01 Del NorteMcNaught Place, Smith River Smith River
    JEPS41331UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataRuby Van Deventer1061939-9-09 Del NorteSmith River Reservation road, old state highway through Reservation
    JEPS47039UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataWillis L. Jepson179411936-8-18 Humboldts of Eel River mouth; Wildcat Ridge
    JEPS47040UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataMilo S. Baker2291923-8-09 Del Norte4 mi n Crescent City
    JEPS47041UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataW. C. Mathews971914-1-01 MendocinoFort Bragg
    JEPS47043UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataMilo S. Baker244f1923-8-14 Del NorteCanon Siskiyou National Forest
    JEPS47044UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph P. Tracy91101930-7-27 HumboldtBear River Ridge North Coast Ranges
    JEPS47045UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataWillis L. Jepson94111921-8-11 HumboldtBig Lagoon, Humboldt coast Big Lagoon
    JEPS47046UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph P. Tracy130781933-10-01 HumboldtBig Lagoon
    JEPS47047UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataWillis L. Jepson21341902-8-01 HumboldtLoleta
    JEPS47048UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataMilo S. Baker1981923-8-06 Del Nortehighway between Requa and Crescent City
    JEPS47049UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataWillis L. Jepson146491897-7-31 MendocinoWestport
    MCCC151MCCCGentiana affinis var. ovataTeresa Sholars581981-9-14 MendocinoManchester State Park, Davis Lake, N. of picnic area ca. 3/4 mi.
    MCCC2475MCCCGentiana affinis var. ovataV.A. Barnes1962-11-08 MendocinoVan Damme State Park
    MCCC2476MCCCGentiana affinis var. ovataVernon Bridges1961-7-17 MendocinoAlong path in pygmy forest, Van Damme State Park
    MCCC579MCCCGentiana affinis var. ovataTeresa Sholars2331982-7-24 Mendocino20 yds. south of Davis Lake, Manchester State Park Beach
    RSA392216RSAGentiana affinis var. ovataLester Rowntrees.n.1930-7-17 MarinBetween woodland and Point Reyes
    RSA609412RSAGentiana affinis var. ovataLouis C. Wheeler73721958-8-09 Del NorteLittle Rattlesnake Mountain.
    SBBG125012SBBGGentiana affinis var. ovataClare B. Hardham152531967-8-06 MendocinoPoint Arena
    SBBG34346SBBGGentiana affinis var. ovataDonald Myrick21071969-7-29 Mendocinopoint of Havens Neck just N of Gualala
    SBBG34354SBBGGentiana affinis var. ovataDonald Myrick21001969-7-29 Mendocino0.25 mi back from ocean bluff at Havensneck just N of Gualala
    SBBG53809SBBGGentiana affinis var. ovataC. M. Hoak1931-7-13 MendocinoTen Mile River
    SBBG58579SBBGGentiana affinis var. ovataS. W. Hutchinson12191931-7-1 MendocinoTen Mile Crk [River]
    SBBG58580SBBGGentiana affinis var. ovataL. Rowntree1931-7-17 Mendocinonear Fort Bragg
    SBBG58583SBBGGentiana affinis var. ovataL. Rowntree1930-7-17 Marinbetween woodlands and Pt Reyes
    SBBG93344SBBGGentiana affinis var. ovataHarold E. Parks14061933-8-1 Del NorteSmith River near Mill Creek Grove.
    UC1123431UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataA. E. Wieslander2701932-9-17 Del Norte4 mi e French Hill; Siskiyou National Forest, Preston Peak Quadrangle
    UC1173687UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph P. Tracy164591939-9-02 Del Nortemountain slopes near Gasquet (n side of Middle Fork of Smith River, on old Gasquet Toll Road)
    UC1198638UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJ. P. Tracy151896-8-08 Humboldtimmediate vicinity Eureka; Rick's Prairie
    UC1198639UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph P. Tracy44011913-9-09 Humboldtprairies at s end Big Lagoon; Northern Coast Ranges
    UC1198640UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph P. Tracy161641938-9-10 Del Norte7 mi e Smith River Village (damp place); Low Divide
    UC1222139UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph P. Tracy193421950-8-28 Mendocino3 mi e Albion; Mendocino Airport
    UC123659UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataMilo S. Baker1893-6-01 Modocnear bank McCloud R.
    UC141166UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJ. W. Congdon1902-7-31 MendocinoWestport
    UC153982UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJ. P. Tracy21401904-8-07 Humboldtimmediate vicinity Eureka
    UC153983UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJ. P. Tracy21391904-8-07 Humboldtimmediate vicinity Eureka (open grassy lands)
    UC1541482UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataHarold E. Parks14061933-8-01 Del Nortenear Mill Creek Grove; Smith River
    UC154164UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale61991899-7-30 Humboldtnear Ferndale; Russ Ranch
    UC159902UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataMiss C. M. Hoak1906-7-01 MendocinoMendocino County
    UC22763UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataF. T. Bioletti1892-1-01 MendocinoPoint Arena
    UC22764UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJ. Burtt Davy60311899-7-24 Mendocinosandy soil near the point Point Arena
    UC405416UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataMrs. R. M. Austin961894-8-01 Modocheadwaters Lassen Creek
    UC405441UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataKatharine Brandegee1905-6-01 SonomaBodega Bay
    UC444818UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataCharlotte M. Wilder1912-9-15 Humboldtn Capetown (road banks); Seven Mile Hill
    UC444850UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataMrs. M. H. Manning1896-10-1 Modocnorth-eastern Modoc County
    UC478983UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataMarcus E. Jones290241931-7-13 MendocinoRockport
    UC535124UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataH. E. Parks1933-8-01 Del NorteMcNaught Place Smith River
    UC535875UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataElmer I. Applegate5260a1927-8-19 Del NorteHigh Pass Road near Stone Corral Ranger Station (slope); region of North Fork of Smith River
    UC562300UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph P. Tracy130781933-10-01 Humboldthillsides Big Lagoon
    UC562301UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph P. Tracy91101930-7-27 HumboldtBear River Ridge Northern Coast Ranges
    UC56324UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph Burtt Davy60791899-7-24 MendocinoAlbion to Mendocino City
    UC56340UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataJ. Burtt Davy67511900-6-18 MarinPoint Reyes
    UC566921UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataH. L. Mason7761923-10-01 Marins slopes Mount Tamalpais
    UC566922UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataF. H. Frost1691925-7-27 ModocClear Lake Warner Mts.
    UC583007UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataP. A. Munz143971936-8-14 Del Norteslopes 22 mi ne Crescent City
    UC615556UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataBeryl O. Schreiber9321932-8-16 Marinbrushy slope Point Reyes Lighthouse Road
    UC615558UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataBeryl O. Schreiber4681932-7-29 Maringrassy slope Point Reyes Peninsula
    UC665621UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataAnnetta Carter, Ethel Crum16381941-6-22 Sonomaon steep ne-facing slope 3.3 mi e Bodega Bay; North Coast Ranges
    UC878537UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataAlice Eastwood15481912-8-03 MarinKent Trail Mt. Tamalpais
    UC878538UCJEPSGentiana affinis var. ovataAlice Eastwood21931912-9-14 Del NorteGasquet French Hill
    UCSB002378UCSBGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph M. Keefe7321963-9-08 Mendocinoon Sheet's Promentory; 2 miles north of Anchor Bay
    UCSB002379UCSBGentiana affinis var. ovataJoseph M. Keefe7461963-9-09 Mendocinoon Summers Lane; 2.0 miles north of California Highway 20; 3 miles southeast of Fort Bragg
    POM130484RSAGentiana oreganaP. A. Munz64531922-8-05 MarinMt. Tamalpais
    POM163338RSAGentiana oreganaR. C. Bacigalupis.n.1925-6-20 MarinRattlesnake Canon, Mt. Tamalpais.
    POM187397RSAGentiana oreganaMarcus E. Jones290241931-7-13 MendocinoRockport
    POM264463RSAGentiana oreganaAnnetta Carter16381941-6-22 Sonoma3.3 miles E of Bay (Bodega Bay).
    PUA4593PUAGentiana oreganaD.V. Hemphill1955-9-02 MendocinoLocal landmark: Van Damme Beach State Park. Mendocino Quad.
    PUA46585PUAGentiana oreganaGilbert Jerome Muth1968-7-11 MendocinoLocal landmark: Point Arena Lighthouse. Point Arena Quad.
    RSA107023RSAGentiana oreganaCharlotte M. Hoaks.n.1956-7-17 MendocinoMendocino pine barrens
    RSA120712RSAGentiana oreganaS. S. Tillett5731956-6-30 MarinSouth of marsh in Drakes Bay, south of Drake Memorial, Point Reyes Peninsula.
    RSA123250RSAGentiana oreganaA. E. Wieslander2701932-9-17 Del NorteFour miles east of French Hill.
    RSA15567RSAGentiana oreganaCarl B. Wolf11941927-8-29 Humboldt7 miles south of Ferndale and Capetown, Bear River Ridge, Mt. Glen.
    RSA170032RSAGentiana oreganaRobert F. Thorne342451964-10-21 MendocinoHeadland W of Haven's neck, W of Hwy 1.
    RSA18142RSAGentiana oreganaCarl B. Wolf8071927-8-22 Humboldt1 mile south of Orick.
    RSA201909RSAGentiana oreganaW. C. Mathews97 MendocinoFort Bragg.
    RSA256968RSAGentiana oreganaGary D. Wallace14871975-8-22 HumboldtNorthwest of Trinidad, on level area back from bluff edge Megwil Point, Elk Head.
    RSA309619RSAGentiana oreganaWalter Wisura39331983-9-03 Del NorteStony Creek, off North Fork of Smith River at Gasquet.
    RSA392215RSAGentiana oreganaCharlotte M. Hoaks.n.1931-7-13 MendocinoGrassy hill, Ten Mile River.
    RSA46856RSAGentiana oreganaDoris K. Kildale23701926-7-11 HumboldtBear River, ridge near Mt. Glen.
    RSA505689RSAGentiana oreganaH. E. Parks14061933-8-1 Del NorteSmith River near Mill Creek Grove.
    RSA69784RSAGentiana oreganaF. W. Peirsons.n.1923-7-07 Mendocino2 miles east of Mendocino City.
    UCR0097176UCRGentiana oreganaCharlotte M. Hoaks.n.1931-7-13 MendocinoTen Mile River

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