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  F     CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountyelev. (M)locality
        FSC0002182 FSC Gastridium ventricosum True Hoyle 67-279A 1967-07-09   Humboldt 609 Collected next to the cattle guard on the west side of Roy Fulton′s Big Bend of the Mas River Ranch, near to Ioqua Gen Club.
        GH00360021 GH Gastridium ventricosum J. W. Blankinship NULL 1893-06-22   Humboldt NULL Blocksburg
        GH00360032 GH Gastridium ventricosum H. P. Chandler 1506 1901-06-01   Humboldt 426 Klamath River
        JEPS71220 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum Willis L. Jepson 17855 1936-08-07   Humboldt NULL Upper Butte Creek Bear Buttes;, Bear Buttes
        PUA36811 PUA Gastridium ventricosum Marc Baker NULL 1980-06-26   Humboldt 610 Local landmark: Sims Creek. Pilot Creek Quad.
        UC1103734 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum Joseph P. Tracy 4380 1913-07-20   Humboldt 304 at Berry′s ranch Redwood Creek; Northern Coast Ranges, Redwood Creek
        UC1103735 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum Joseph P. Tracy 13663 1934-07-06   Humboldt 609 Iaqua; North Coast Ranges, Iaqua
        UC1714442 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum Joseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale 5684 1899-06-19   Humboldt NULL Hoopa Mt.
        UC185004 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum Joseph P. Tracy 3824 1912-07-26   Humboldt 762 Kneeland Prairie; Northern Coast Ranges, Kneeland Prairie
        UC34067 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum J. P. Tracy 951 1900-09-09   Humboldt 60 bar of Yager Creek near Hydesville; bar of Yager Creek
        UC50488 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum J. Burtt Davy 5868 1899-06-26   Humboldt NULL Hoopa Valley; North Coast Ranges, Hoopa Valley
        UC589848 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum H. S. Yates 5877 1936-06-23   Humboldt NULL 4 mi nne Cathay Peak; Dyerville Quadrangle
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