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  F     CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountyelev. (M)locality
        JEPS101422 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum Dean W. Taylor 17167 1999-05-21   Calaveras 594 Fricot Ranch Road 1.5 miles by road East of Fricot Ranch School, on ridge forming North rim San Antonio Creek
        UC1132033 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum B. Bolt 357 1935-07-29   Calaveras 762 1 mi ne Sheep Ranch; Big Trees Quadrangle
        UC1132038 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum J. A. Rutter 210 1935-05-20   Calaveras 243 1 1⁄2 mi wnw Lightner Pk.; Copperopolis Quad.
        UC1132047 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum R. D. Roseberry 226 1935-06-10   Calaveras 396 3 1⁄2 mi nw Golden Gate Hill; Jackson Quad., nw of Golden Gate Hill
        UC1132055 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum P. L. Johannsen 878 1936-05-26   Calaveras 426 2 mi nw Altaville; Jackson Quad.
        UC38570 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum J. Burtt Davy 1381 1895-05-18   Calaveras NULL Copperopolis
        UC569794 UCJEPS Gastridium ventricosum P. L. Johannsen 881 1936-05-26   Calaveras 365 Hawkeye; Jackson Quad., Hawkeye
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