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      F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC042374DAVGalium aparineBeecher Crampton61061962-04-02 YoloYolo County, 2 miles west of Winters, Road 89.
    AHUC18680DAVGalium aparineOgden C. Riddle471942-03-30 YoloYolo County: 4 mi. west Recreation Beach, Putah Canon. (note, 4 mi. west is near Wragg Canon in Napa County off of what used to be Putah Canon. This collector may have meant 4 mi. east, which is in Yolo County and also Putah Canon. Record is georeferenced in Napa County.)
    AHUC28700DAVGalium aparineBeecher Crampton61061962-04-02 YoloYolo County, 2 miles west of Winters, County Road 89.
    ARF0367BLMARGalium aparineJennifer Wheeler3672010-07-28 Humboldtalong Pine Ridge Road, common understory
    BFRS465BFRSGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff75321974-06-04 El DoradoBlodgett Forest: Bacchi Meadow area (Comp. 290R).
    BFRS466BFRSGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff81881975-07-10 El DoradoVicinity of Blodgett Forest: Sand Mountain Boulevard ca. 0.05mi. south of County Road.
    BSCA3816BSCAGalium aparineChurchwell, Mary Jo12232016-05-26 San DiegoRanchita; Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, hillside above small drainage below Jasper Trail in Culp Valley, 2.31 air miles E of Ranchita, and .86 air mile E of County Hwy. S-22 and Jasper Trail Primitive Rd.
    BSCA4053BSCAGalium aparineGetty,2141960-08-10 San DiegoBoucher Hill, along road from Boucher Lookout.
    BSCA4061BSCAGalium aparineKarnes, H.K.1142004-05-18 San DiegoWest Mesa.
    BSCA4428BSCAGalium aparineSweet, Melvin M.6712008-06-19 San DiegoStonewall Creek Fire Road; 1 mi E of Hwy 79; just N of intersection with Harper Fire Road.
    CAS-BOT126625CASGalium aparineYork, Dana6291996-04-27 FresnoCa. 82 km E of Fresno, 240 m S of Boyden Cave, Sequoia National Forest, Monarch Wilderness
    CAS-BOT126709CASGalium aparineYork, Dana17381997-04-19 FresnoCa. 67 km E of Fresno (FSC), 11 km SE of Balch Camp, Sequoia National Forest, S side of the Kings River
    CAS-BOT164660CASGalium aparineRubtzoff, Peter; Gankin, Roman79431974-12-17 San MateoSan Bruno Mountain. ″Saddle″ area on north side of Guadalupe Canyon Parkway west of Radio Road junction.
    CAS-BOT173820CASGalium aparineRubtzoff, Peter75321974-06-04 El DoradoU.C. Blodgett Forest Research Station, Bacchi Meadow.
    CAS-BOT183621CASGalium aparineRubtzoff, Peter; Gankin, Roman79661975-05-21 San MateoSan Bruno Mountain. ″Saddle″ area on north side of Guadalupe Canyon Parkway west of Radio Road junction.
    CAS-BOT183624CASGalium aparineRubtzoff, Peter89391977-04-14 San MateoSan Bruno Mountain. ″Saddle″ area on north side of Guadalupe Canyon Parkway west of Radio Road junction.
    CAS-BOT183853CASGalium aparineLaw, Wayne; Hu, Jun392000-05-20 San BernardinoTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mtns.: Miller Canyon next to East fork of West fork Mojave River Elev. given as 3600-3800ft.
    CAS-BOT225042CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett48801989-06-03 ModocBoles Creek, ca. 5.5 km E of the SE corner of Clear Lake Reservoir.
    CAS-BOT225043CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett47971989-06-02 Modoc6.4 km E of Fort Bidwell on road to Fee Reservoir, NE corner of Surprise Valley.
    CAS-BOT225044CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett48641989-06-03 ModocQuaking Aspen Spring, between Goose Lake and Clear Lake Reservoir.
    CAS-BOT225045CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce58031991-06-21 ModocVicinity of Lily Lake, N end of the Warner Mountains.
    CAS-BOT225046CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett47421989-06-01 Modocca. 0.5 km S of State Hwy 299 on road to Shaker Spring.
    CAS-BOT225047CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce53031990-06-17 ModocVicinity of Emerson Camp near roadhead, E side of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT225048CASGalium aparineAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.49581946-07-10 ModocEight Mile Creek.
    CAS-BOT225050CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett55451990-07-20 ModocN edge of Howard Flat, W side of Warner Mts.
    CAS-BOT225051CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce58551991-06-22 ModocNE side of Surprise Valley on road to Fee Reservoir, 6.4 km E of Fort Bidwell.
    CAS-BOT225052CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce58351991-06-22 ModocE slope of S end of Warner Mountains, 3.4 km SW of County Road 1 on road to Patterson.
    CAS-BOT225053CASGalium aparinePayne, Francis Dorris6231932-06-10 ModocParker Creek.
    CAS-BOT225054CASGalium aparineFerris, Roxana Stinchfield; Duthie, R.381919-06-14 ModocParker Creek, near Modoc National Forest boundary.
    CAS-BOT225055CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce71251995-07-31 Modoc6.3 km from Forest Service road 46N30 on Forest Service road 45N34, W side of Warner Mountains. Along N fork of Davis Creek
    CAS-BOT225056CASGalium aparineBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett46721989-04-29 Modoc6.4 km E of Fort Bidwell on road to Fee Reservoir, NE corner of Surprise Valley.
    CAS-BOT225057CASGalium aparineHowell, John Thomas120631934-06-13 ModocFandango Pass.
    CAS-BOT227109CASGalium aparineHelmkamp, George K.; Helmkamp, E. A.172442011-05-10 AmadorNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: along Sutter Creek near Sutter Creek Rd., 2.9 air miles NE (68 ° ) of town of Sutter Creek Elev. given as 1350 ft.
    CAS-BOT227843CASGalium aparineHelmkamp, G. K.; Helmkamp, E. A.173862011-05-26 NevadaNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: SE of Grass Valley near Rollins Reservoir dam, along CA-174 NNW of Colfax, just west of the bridge over Bear River Elev. given as 2010 ft.
    CAS-BOT231862CASGalium aparineWilliams, A.; Shea, E.; Hannibal, M. E.; Tsui, S.7112012-05-05 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Off Laurel Dell Rd., south of culvert LD-15, just north of where Cataract Creek crosses road.
    CAS-BOT248317CASGalium aparineBartholomew, B.; Sun, H.88622002-06-24 ModocFandango Pass on the E side of the Warner Mountains near the crest of the mountains
    CAS-BOT277759CASGalium aparineGosliner, T.; Hannibal, M. E.; Imazumi, S.; Whelan, S.136152013-04-12 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Rocky Ridge Road, first serpentine outcrop after Bon Tempe dam
    CAS-BOT277760CASGalium aparineSchneider, R.; Pollak, T.; Stern, J.; Williams, L.135152013-04-12 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: NE of large turnaround at top of Fish Grade near Filter Plant Road, under solitary coast live oak
    CAS-BOT278109CASGalium aparineBaxter, J.; Kawachi, S.; Westgaard, R.130302013-04-12 MarinMount Tamalpais. Marin Municipal Water District lands: Middle Eldridge Grade Culvert 24
    CAS-BOT418626CASGalium aparineBell, Duncan S.; Garcia, Eric; Morrison, Glen72772014-06-25 FresnoSierra Nevada; Central Sierra Nevada region: Sequoia National Forest; Monarch Wilderness area; approximately 2.75 air miles northwest of Horse Corral Meadow. Elev. given as 7625 ft.
    CAS-BOT473074CASGalium aparineGardner, Erika M.; Columbus, Travis3482013-06-02 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada: Scodie Mountains: Kiavah Wilerness; Sequoia National Forest, McIver′s Spring and Cabin
    CAS-BOT475254CASGalium aparineGardner, Erika M.; Columbus, Travis9992014-05-22 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada region; Scodie Mountains; Kiavah Wilderness; Sequoia Naitonal Forest. Along the Pacific Crest Trail, where the PCT and McIvers 4x4 Road parallel, 1.80 (air) mi N of the Microwave tower
    CAS-BOT581986CASGalium aparineShevock, James R.121451992-05-16 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest. Cap Canyon, about 3 miles SE of Calif. highway 178. Northwest base of the Scodie (Kiavah) Mountains.
    CAS-BOT616442CASGalium aparineElvin, M. A.59862008-05-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, above Eagle Spring, Backbone Trail leading to Will Rodgers Park
    CAS-BOT65175CASGalium aparineYork, Dana3321996-03-14 KernCa. 11 km NE of Bakersfield, adjacent to Hwy 178 at the mouth of the Kern River Canyon.
    CATA00185CATAGalium aparineMark L. Hoefs1541973-04-06 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Middle of Canon
    CATA00211CATAGalium aparineMark L. Hoefs1931973-04-24 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Upper Descanso Canon, west fork
    CATA00597CATAGalium aparineMark L. Hoefs10421991-04-07 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon, above Wrigley Memorial and Garden, near road to Divide
    CATA00970CATAGalium aparineMark L. Hoefs18381994-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Southeast end of Renton Mine Road
    CATA00991CATAGalium aparineMark L. Hoefs18651994-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Canon Mine Road
    CATA01062CATAGalium aparineMark L. Hoefs20021995-05-16 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Near Airport Road, just past road to Black Jack Campground
    CATA01128CATAGalium aparineMark L. Hoefs20961995-05-23 Los AngelesSanta Canon, near Eagles Nest Lodge
    CATA01633CATAGalium aparineMark L. Hoefs29061998-05-02 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Near divide road, east end, 1.7 miles from Wrigley Memorial
    CATA01960CATAGalium aparineF.R. FosbergS-43111931-03-20 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon
    CATA02551CATAGalium aparineSteven A. JunakSN--5691991-03-27 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: N escarpment, N of Airfield runways, E of canyon just E of hairpin turn in Beach Road
    CATA02552CATAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne527501979-05-01 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island: Upper part of sandy, north-facing sea bluff west of Simonton Cove
    CATA02553CATAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne523761979-04-03 VenturaSan Nicolas Island: Bluffs, dunes, and beaches from road to clayey-sandy bluffs and dunes
    CATA02554CATAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne487981977-04-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island: Box Canon
    CATA03326CATAGalium aparineAmy Catalano17-0432017-04-13 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Edge of small rivulet about 170 meters SW of junction of Silver Peak and Water Tank roads
    CDA0007114CDAGalium aparineD. Charlton33211989-06-17 KernSequoia National Forest, 0.5 mile west of Rancheria Road, at a point 2 miles north of Alta Sierra, northeast of Lake Isabella. ,Sierra Nevada Mountains .
    CDA0009115CDAGalium aparineJ. Gregory23302007-05-08 San DiegoBarrett Lake,near western shore,12miles east of Jamul on Barrett Lake Road, 3 miles southeast of junction with Lyons Valley Road, 5.8 miles southeast of Lyons Peak. Square: T18.
    CDA0009394CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa185712014-05-14 LakeSilver Spur Ranch. Benmore Canon at intersection of Box Canon, 1 1-2 mi. S of spillway at Indian Valley Reservoir. North Coast Ranges.
    CDA0009422CDAGalium aparineD.G. Kelch13081991-03-23 Los AngelesCatalina Island. East of Avalon.
    CDA0009524CDAGalium aparineD.G. Kelch7.2532007-05-02 AlamedaPatterson Pass Rd.; roadside- steep cut on S. side.
    CDA0010210CDAGalium aparineJoseph A. Betzler8022004-04-08 San DiegoSan Diego Wild Animal Park, Conservation Area, below the circle′ at the current end of the ′South Ridge Road′ near the drainage locally known as ′Whiskey Creek. Square: J13.
    CDA0011465CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa122271995-05-28 San Luis ObispoBlack Butte Research Natural Area. Ridge immed. WNW of Peak 2.
    CDA0011801CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa77751990-04-20 SacramentoW side of Lake Natoma approx. 1-3 mile above Nimbus Dam. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
    CDA0011806CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa77611990-04-20 SacramentoW side of lake immed. above Nimbus Dam. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
    CDA0012524CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa78221990-05-02 SacramentoWillow Creek Access in vicinity of Willow Bay. Natoma Unit-Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
    CDA0012574CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa76961990-04-13 SacramentoAmerican River Bluffs, immediately E of Snowberry and Benbrook lanes. Natoma Unit - Folsom Lake State Rec. Area.
    CDA0013246CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa130931996-07-08 ButteNear Old Railroad Grade Rd. Paradise Lake Dam, approx. 3 N of Magalia. Plumas National Forest.
    CDA0015178CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa142861998-04-27 San Luis ObispoLower Goat Springs Canon, approx. 2 W of Soda Lake Rd. Caliente Range.
    CDA0016353CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa153402000-04-11 San Luis ObispoGoodwin pasture. Carrizo Plain.
    CDA0016698CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa141571998-03-21 YoloHwy 16 along Cache Creek at the rafting put-in nr. Lake County line. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
    CDA0018872CDAGalium aparineS. JonesPDR 0255692000-05-03 AlamedaSan Leandro.
    CDA0025885CDAGalium aparineMark A. Elvin39372005-02-05 San DiegoW side of Otay Mountains, 1.5 km SSE of Savage Dam (Otay Lake); N of County Prison, near tributary to Otay River, N of O′Neal Canon,Peninsular Ranges, San Ysidro Mountains.
    CDA0028822CDAGalium aparineD.G. Kelch9.4012009-06-09 San MateoChert outcrop and adjacent mixed evergreen forest along Skyline Blvd ˜ 1 W of Skegg′s Point. Santa Cruz Mts.
    CDA0028895CDAGalium aparineD.G. Kelch9.3632009-06-07 Contra CostaEl Cerrito. W. Hillside Park.
    CDA0029080CDAGalium aparineD.G. Kelch9.3212009-06-03 AlamedaHuckleberry Regional Preserve. S of parking lot.
    CDA0030590CDAGalium aparineM. Beyers2782010-03-28 SolanoIn the vicinity of Vacaville; Cherry Glen Road, near freeway exit and turn out here, adjacent to I-8 Westbound traffic.
    CDA0030591CDAGalium aparineM. Beyers3222010-04-03 SolanoAlong Highway 128, just east of the Monticello Dam. In eastbound turnout.
    CDA0030762CDAGalium aparineM. Beyers4042010-05-01 SolanoStebbins-Cold Canon Reserve. Along Homestead Trail, east of Cold Creek.
    CDA0032184CDAGalium aparineM. Beyers7312010-08-20 El DoradoAlong a dirt road below and just north of State Route 88.
    CDA0032338CDAGalium aparineM. Beyers4902010-05-18 Santa BarbaraCreekbed at headwaters, north end of La Brea Canon. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CDA0033985CDAGalium aparineD.G. Kelch10.112010-05-15 Contra CostaMt. Diablo. Trail from Prospector′s Gap to Lower Summit parking lot.
    CDA0034110CDAGalium aparineL. Ahart155482009-04-17 ButteOn the south slope of a ridge about 150 yards west of Highway 32, near the south boundary, Upper Bidwell Park, about 5 miles (air) northeast of Chico.
    CDA0034515CDAGalium aparineD.G. Kelch11.6022011-06-28 El DoradoIce House Rd 0.5 km E of White Meadow Rd.
    CDA0035416CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa183872011-06-10 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre Rd. immed. east of locked gate at McPherson Peak. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CDA0036972CDAGalium aparineCDFA Staffs.n. PlacerNute Ranch, near Nute Road.
    CDA0036984CDAGalium aparineCDFA Staffs.n.1995-05-12 PlacerDry Creek.
    CDA0037053CDAGalium aparineCDFA Staffs.n.1995-05-31 PlacerPino Ranch, near Newcastle.
    CDA0037092CDAGalium aparineCDFA Staffs.n. SolanoPutah Creek Riparian Preserve, UC Davis.
    CDA0040167CDAGalium aparineG.F. Hrusa185642014-05-14 LakeSilver Spur Ranch. Benmore Canon at intersection of Box Canon, 1 1-2 mi. S of spillway at Indian Valley Reservoir. North Coast Ranges.
    CDA0042123CDAGalium aparineT.C. Fuller108971963-07-15 LassenPrescott Canon, 2.5 miles north of Hayden Hill, ca. 15.5 miles south of Adin.
    CDA0042124CDAGalium aparineG.D. Barbe26241980-04-29 Siskiyou200 meters north of Hamilton Street on Highway 3, north edge of Fort Jones.
    CDA0042125CDAGalium aparineD.G. Kelch5.2112005-05-05 Contra CostaPoint Pinole - Giant Marsh. Giant Salt Marsh. ,Canon.
    CDA0042126CDAGalium aparineL.S. Rose322401932-05-13 San MateoSan Andreas Lake.
    CDA0042127CDAGalium aparineA.C. Browne321950-05-10 Santa ClaraMorgan Hill.
    CDA0042128CDAGalium aparineL.P. Janeway49681996-05-13 PlumasSoda Creek, between Road 2 N22 and the creek, 500 m northwest of Hwy 70 and East Branch North Fork Feather River. Northern High Sierra Nevada.
    CDA0042129CDAGalium aparineG.D. Barbe28161980-06-05 ShastaEast of Interstate 5 frontage road, south of Churn Creek Road exit; south of Redding.
    CDA0042130CDAGalium aparineD.H. Byerss.n.1957-06-25 Orange[No further data.].
    CDA0042131CDAGalium aparineA.G. Murdock2232004-03-19 Contra CostaLuzon. Sycamore Avenue just east of Rodeo-Hercules where train crosses Highway 4 (Luzon). Canon.
    CDA0042134CDAGalium aparineT.C. Fuller37231958-05-01 Napa2.5 miles north of Calistoga.
    CDA0042135CDAGalium aparineT.C. Fuller20351958-07-08 Modoc4 miles south of Pine Creek.
    CDA0042136CDAGalium aparineG.D. Barbe6351962-03-31 SolanoEast of Pleasants Valley Road, 0.5 mile south of Putah Creek.
    CDA0042137CDAGalium aparineD.G. Kelch9.0992009-04-13 SolanoSulfur Springs Ridge. Vallejo. N Columbus Parkway.
    CDA0043855CDAGalium aparineG.K. Helmkamp207602013-06-05 SierraAlong CA-49, 1.2 miles north of the Yuba County line. Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills.
    CDA0047936CDAGalium aparineG. K. Waldens.n.2017-06-14 YoloWest Sacramento, Broderick Boat Ramp. Area to north along Sacramento River.
    CDA0047957CDAGalium aparineG. K. Waldens.n.2017-06-13 YoloWest Sacramento, east of River Walk Trail along Sacramento River banks.
    CDA0051109CDAGalium aparineMark A. Elvin59782008-05-30 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges, Santa Monica Mtns, Santa Ynez Cyn, ca 30 N of Verde De La Montura Rd. 34 ° 04′52N, 118 ° 33 W.
    CDA0051557CDAGalium aparineGenevieve K. WaldenPDR# MVAP50000172 ID# 27629282018-06-04 SacramentoCity of Sacramento, William Chorley Park, 7063 20th Street, Sacramento CA 95822. 38.499044, -121.4954 Weeds and other plants in lawn and meadow.
    CDA0052501CDAGalium aparineSteven Serkanic2082018-04-03 El DoradoEl Dorado County, California. Cool; Auburn Lake Trails 38 ° 55 N, 120 ° 57 W, Elev 1600 ft. Opening in oak woodland along hiking trail of low to moderate use.
    CHSC101257CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart155482009-04-17 ButteOn the south slope of a ridge, about 150 yards west of Highway 32, near the south boundary, Upper Bidwell Park, about 5 miles (air) northeast of Chico. T2 N R02E S10 NE1-4
    CHSC101793CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart158542009-06-14 PlumasCut bank of Forest Road 2 N01Y, about 1.3 miles (air) west of Lake Almanor Dam. T27N R08E S2 W 1-4
    CHSC102765CHSCGalium aparineDavid Isle17841993-06-22 LakeMendocino National Forest. North Coast Ranges. Soda Creek Watershed. S of Rd 1 N21 to Lake Pillsbury Resort. MDBM. Center E edge of NE1-4 of SE1-4 of Section. T18N R1 W S15
    CHSC106154CHSCGalium aparineDavid Isle18151993-06-30 MendocinoMendocino National Forest - North Coast Ranges Elk Creek Watershed. ˜ 1 N of Monkey Rock; W of 1N02. T20N R1 W S27 NW1-4 Ctr. lower 1-2
    CHSC112303CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart186152013-04-26 MendocinoNorth Coast. Base of eroding cliffs, above the sand beach, 1.1 miles (air) southeast of Anchor Bay, 2.0 miles (air) northwest of mouth of Gualala River. T1 N R1 W S20 SW1-4
    CHSC113924CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart194442014-05-08 TehamaOn the south side of the paved road to Berris Creek, about 0.4 miles east of the intersection with Black Butte Road, about 12 1-2 miles (air) southwest of Corning. T2 N R0 W S34
    CHSC116925CHSCGalium aparineJ. P. Bergmann2011-05-05 Butte8th and Hazel Street, Chico.
    CHSC117191CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart210202016-06-07 Lassen10 yards west of State Highway 299, Big Valley Mountains, 0.4 mile (air) northeast of Big Valley Summit, 5.0 miles (air) southwest of Bieber.
    CHSC117272CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart212232016-07-15 LassenAbout 400 yards south of the 4 tall poles, Ash Creek State Wildlife Area, about 5.5 miles (air) northeast of Bieber, Big Valley. T3 N R08E S3 W1-4
    CHSC118528CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart214302017-06-27 NevadaNear seeps, mountainside, about 200 yards north of Carpenter Meadow, about 4.9 miles (air) west of Hobart Mills, about 6.1 miles (air) northwest of Truckee, Basin of Prosser Creek, Carpenter Valley. T1 N R15E S23 NE1-4
    CHSC120363CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart216962018-04-12 ShastaAbout 70 yards east of the gravel road, Plateau top, near Eagle Canon, just northeast of confluence of North Fork Battle Creek and Digger Creek, 2.6 miles (air) west-southwest of Manton, 4.8 miles (air) south-southwest of Shingletown. T3 N R01E S25 NE1-4
    CHSC121545CHSCGalium aparineSandy Leatherman2011-132011-05-02 OrangePeninsular Ranges; Chino-Puente Hills region; along a trail 65 meters north of the water tanks at the terminus of Olinda Road in Canon Canon in the City of Brea
    CHSC121596CHSCGalium aparineL. P. Janeway126662018-06-12 ModocDevils Garden area; along Road 4 N70 13.5 road-km north of Road 136 (Crowder Flat to Clear Lake); 4.1 road-km northwest of crossing of North Fork Willow Creek 1.9 air-km southwest of Fourmile Valley. TRS: 47N, 09E, NW1-4 of SW1-4 of sec. 2. Steele Swamp 7.5 quad.
    CHSC123336CHSCGalium aparineL. P. Janeway130902019-07-05 SiskiyouKlamath Ranges. Along 4 N28 (Ridge Road) 10.1 road-km west of its crossing of Yreka-Walker Road, along the west slope of Gunsight Peak. T45N, R8W, NE 1-4 of NW 1-4 of sec. 21. Indian Creek Baldy 7.5 quad.
    CHSC123456CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart222852021-04-04 ButteAbout 10 yards west of the siphon, about 10 yards south of Rocky Honcut Creek, about 2 1-4 miles (air) northwest of Bangor.
    CHSC124159CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart224762021-06-13 LassenOn the south side of a small stream, area north of RR Tracks, north side of Highway 70, 0.4 mile east of Beckwourth Pass, 3.4 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction, west edge of Long Valley. T2 N, R17E, northeast 1-4 Section 5.
    CHSC124603CHSCGalium aparineL. M. Moe22442002-04-16 KernFt. Tejon State Park. Mostly N-facing hillsides throughout park.
    CHSC1613CHSCGalium aparineE. Crouch1929-04-18 ButteBidwell Park.
    CHSC19947CHSCGalium aparineM. S. Taylor4271975-03-25 HumboldtBetween 11th and 12th Sts, at end of Citrus Ave, Chico.
    CHSC20035CHSCGalium aparineM. S. Taylor4591975-04-12 ShastaClear Creek and Hwy 299 junction, ca. 3 W of Whiskeytown.
    CHSC21061CHSCGalium aparineM. S. Taylor6641975-06-04 Santa CruzOn both sides of Cresant Drive, ca. 2 mi E of Los Gatos Hwy, Scott′s Valley.
    CHSC21612CHSCGalium aparineWillis Ball4401975-02-23 Contra CostaContra Loma Regional Park. In area #2. On SE side of hill ca. 20 W of boat ramp at W side of lake.
    CHSC25058CHSCGalium aparineL. B. Barlow201967-06-23 LassenVic. Eagle Lake Biological Station, east central side of Eagle Lake.
    CHSC27271CHSCGalium aparineP. Moyer1591972-04-09 ButteCSUC Campus. S bank of Chico Ck., W of Warner St. Bridge.
    CHSC27832CHSCGalium aparineEric J. Miller161978-04-24 TehamaCa. 1 W of Sacramento River to Woodson Bridge.
    CHSC30016CHSCGalium aparineL. Ahart21581980-05-04 ButteSouth-west of intersection of Nelson Ave and 20th St, in Thermalito.
    CHSC30378CHSCGalium aparineJ. D. Jokerst11521979-03-20 ButteTop of North Table Mt., W edge at the waterfalls of the S branch of Coal Cr. T2 N R04E S08
    CHSC31315CHSCGalium aparineMark Stopher841980-06-04 HumboldtAlong Elk River near Rte 101 bridge. T0 N R0 W S04 SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Eureka 1:24,000
    CHSC31810CHSCGalium aparineL. Ahart4201974-04-24 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, Honcut.
    CHSC3430CHSCGalium aparineJudy Potter2071966-03-28 ButteOn Table Mountain.
    CHSC34633CHSCGalium aparineJames Jokerst7831980-05-31 MendocinoNear Baldy Ridge. Plants of California Coast Ranges. USGS Quadrangle: Newhouse Ridge
    CHSC35216CHSCGalium aparineM. S. Taylor37111981-05-14 ButteN side of Four Mile Ridge, S of Sly Creek, ca. 1.5 NE of Mt House on Oroville-Quincy Hwy. T22N R06E S33 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Brush Creek
    CHSC35256CHSCGalium aparineM. S. Taylor43051982-04-14 GlennN side of Alder Springs Rd, ca. 1-2 W of its jct with Rd 306, ca. 5 N of Elk Creek. T22N R06W S21 NE 1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chrome
    CHSC36264CHSCGalium aparineL. Ahart33301982-04-23 SutterW of Myers home, Myers Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
    CHSC36475CHSCGalium aparineMargaret E. Holloran141982-06-06 LassenN of Eagle Lake Field Station on a point directly E of Pelican Pt.
    CHSC36542CHSCGalium aparineL. Ahart35571982-06-04 Butte1.5 mi E of Camp 18, ca. 8 mi E of Feather Falls.
    CHSC37264CHSCGalium aparineL. Ahart35691982-06-15 ButteCa. 1.5 mi E of Camp 18, ca. 8 mi E of Feather Falls.
    CHSC38655CHSCGalium aparineVernon Oswald1621983-03-13 ButteUpper Bidwell Park, Chico, along Yahi Trail between Salmon Hole and Parking area P (1.7 mi E of the power lines).
    CHSC4005CHSCGalium aparineE. P. Parreno1967-03-30 ButteUpper Bidwell Park ca. 400 yards NE of Chico Municipal Golf Course.
    CHSC40099CHSCGalium aparineA. Petlock1281985-04-28 MendocinoOn Vista Ranch ca 6 W of Boonville. T14W R14N S USGS Quadrangle: Boonville
    CHSC4070CHSCGalium aparineH. E. Lindahl51967-03-25 Butte1-2 mi. S and 100 yds. W of forks of dry creek Pentz.
    CHSC4192CHSCGalium aparineL. R. Alexander141967-04-07 ButteFound in abundance ca. 75 yds. S of covered bridge on Humbug Rd.
    CHSC4194CHSCGalium aparineAnn Dolder1967-04-24 ButteCa. 50 yards from road of Bare Hole, Bidwell Park, Chico.
    CHSC42415CHSCGalium aparineL. P. Janeway13001986-03-13 MercedAlong Los Banos Cr between the Los Banos Detention Reservoir and Los Banos Valley. T11S R09E S2 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Los Banos Valley 1:24,000
    CHSC42432CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart55791987-05-09 ButteAlong Pulga Road, about 1-4 mile west of Bardees Bar along the North Fork of the Feather River, about 2 1-2 miles south-west of Pulga.
    CHSC43363CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart12731977-04-07 SutterAbout 3-4 mile south-west of the Myers home, Myers Ranch, Sutter Buttes.
    CHSC46404CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart62951989-05-28 ButteSouth of Oregon Gulch road, about 1-2 mile north of the Cementery, about 1 1-4 miles west of Rocky Point, about 10 miles east and 3 miles north of Oroville.
    CHSC47476CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart9091975-07-20 PlumasAbout 1 mile north of the Bunker Hill Mine, west of Bunker Hill Creek, about 11 miles north-east of La Porte.
    CHSC47477CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart3981974-04-14 ButtePeter Ahart Ranch, about 1 mi north and 1 1-4 miles east of Honcut, about 12 miles south of Oroville.
    CHSC48879CHSCGalium aparineVernon Oswald35271988-06-27 TehamaTrail between Ides Cove Trailhead and 2 N16 along the E side of the Yolla Bolly - Middle Eel Wilderness W of Paskenta. T25N R0 W S15 NE1-4
    CHSC4902CHSCGalium aparineBill Wilson181967-06-23 LassenCollected at Eagle Lake Biological Station, 10 N of Susanville.
    CHSC52129CHSCGalium aparinePatricia Haberkern201974-03-24 ButteCa. 0.25 NE Sycamore Pool off South Park Drive, Bidwell Park, Chico.
    CHSC54164CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart66461991-04-19 ButteOn the west side of North Honcut Creek, Peter Ahart Ranch, about 1 1-2 miles north and 2 and 3-4 miles east of Honcut, about 12 miles south-east of Oroville. T1 N R04E S11
    CHSC54347CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart66461991-04-19 ButteOn the west side of North Honcut Creek, Peter Ahart Ranch, about 1 1-2 miles north and 2 and 3-4 miles east of Honcut, about 12 miles south-east of Oroville. T1 N R04E S11
    CHSC55274CHSCGalium aparineL. P. Janeway39001991-04-18 TehamaBattle Creek Wildlife Area. Tablelands on south side of and above Battle Creek, ca 1 1-2 mi east of the Sacramento River. T2 N R0 W S02 SW1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Balls Ferry 1:24,000
    CHSC58198CHSCGalium aparineVernon H. Oswald50091992-06-22 PlumasLassen Volcanic National Park. Willow Lake-Terminal Geyser Trail just W of Hot Springs Creek. T3 N R05E S3 W1-4 of SE1-4
    CHSC59595CHSCGalium aparineVirgina V. King221975-05-11 SolanoBlue Ridge Road, 1.9 miles north of intersection with Mix Canon Road.
    CHSC60402CHSCGalium aparineMary Ann Showers2586a1992-06-26 TehamaLassen Volcanic National Park. Canon bottom along West Sulphur Creek east of Sulphur Works Entrance Station. T2 N R04E S2 W1-4
    CHSC60404CHSCGalium aparineMary Ann Showers26371992-06-28 TehamaLassen Volcanic National Park. Mill Creek Falls Trail. Between West and East Sulphur Creeks. T2 N R04E S2 W1-4
    CHSC60766CHSCGalium aparineVernon H. Oswald55481993-06-14 LassenEagle Lake Rd. (Lassen A1) at Sandy Beach on the W shore of Eagle Lake, ca. 2.0 mi ENE of Spaulding Tract Rd. (Rd. 518, 3 N89). T33N R11E S2 W1-4
    CHSC61007CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart69881993-06-20 ButteJackass Flat, Mooreville Ridge, about 1 (air) mile north-west of the Lost Creek Reservoir Dam. T2 N R07E S2 W1-4
    CHSC62945CHSCGalium aparineVernon Oswald60621994-04-06 ColusaGoat Mtn. Rd. at Sullivan Creek, 1.2 mi SW of Digger Pine Flat, S of Stonyford. T0 N R0 W S36 SE1-4 of SW1-4
    CHSC63169CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart74631994-07-07 SierraOn the north side of the Pacific Crest Trail, on Bunker Hill Ridge, about 3-4 mile (air) south of Pilot Peak. T2 N R10E S16 NE1-4
    CHSC64558CHSCGalium aparineVernon Oswald65951995-04-03 TehamaCascade Range Foothills. Dales Lake Ecological Reserve. W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 2 N of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi NE of Red Bluff. On top of the basalt ridge crossing the NW corner of the reserve. T29N R0 W S26 NW1-4 of NW1-4
    CHSC65585CHSCGalium aparineL. P. Janeway47721995-06-06 ButteSouth-trending ridgetop at the far western end of Jackson Ranch Ridge, about 0.9 mi east-northest of the falls of Feather Falls. T2 N R06E S2 W1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Bush Creek 1:24,000
    CHSC65769CHSCGalium aparineVernon Oswald73341996-04-08 TehamaHog Lake Plateau. Cascade Range Foothills. BLM parcel along Hwy. 3 NE of Red Bluff. On a bluff on the N side of the Sacramento River just downstream from the mouth of Paynes Creek. T28N R0 W S22 SW1-4 of SE1-4
    CHSC69023CHSCGalium aparineVernon Oswald87291997-07-17 TrinityForest Road 29 (Bramlot Rd.) 2.9 mi south of Hwy. 36 N R1 W S10
    CHSC70398CHSCGalium aparineC. A. Janeway1986-03-27 MercedIn the canyon of South Fork Los Banos Creek about 2-3 mi south of its confluence with North Fork. T11S R08E S33 USGS Quadrangle: Los Banos Valley
    CHSC70997CHSCGalium aparineVernon Oswald89881998-05-06 ButteUpper Bidwell Park (new addition), Pine Trail between the trailhead on Hwy. 32 between Chico and Forest Ranch opposite Santos Rd. and South Rim Trail. T2 N R02E S0 W1-4 of NE1-4
    CHSC73991CHSCGalium aparineSusi Urie98-1351998-08-28 PlacerMiddle of Page Meadows; about 2 mi west of Lake Tahoe and Sunnyside. T1 N R16E S1 W1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Tahoe City
    CHSC74120CHSCGalium aparineSusi Urie98-0601998-08-17 PlacerAbout 0.5 mi north of Ward Creek, along a small tributary; about 2 mi west of Lake Tahoe and Sunnyside. T1 N R16E S15 SE1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Tahoe City
    CHSC78099CHSCGalium aparineDarhl Bradford251998-04-20 NevadaEmpire State Park, 200 meters SW of Borne Mansion.
    CHSC78268CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart85342000-06-29 ButteIn Flea meadow, about 1-2 mile west of Flea Mountain, about 3 1-2 miles (air) north of Concow Reservoir, about 5 miles (air) east of Magalia. T2 N R04E S2 W1-4
    CHSC7951CHSCGalium aparineRichard Buchholz371969-06-20 LassenEagle Lake Biological Statioon.
    CHSC81405CHSCGalium aparineL. P. Janeway49681996-05-13 PlumasNorthern High Sierra Nevada. Soda Creek, between Road 2 N22 and the creek, 500 m northwest of Hwy 70 and East Branch North Fork Feather River. T25N R09E S08 NE1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Twain 1:24,000
    CHSC82424CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart96302002-05-07 ButteHigh banks of a pond, at the beginning of a southeast branch of Schirmer Ravine, about 50 yards east of the pond on the east side of Cherokee Road, North Table Mountain, about 4 miles (air) north of Oroville. T2 N R04E S2 W1-4
    CHSC8367CHSCGalium aparineEdward L. Smith2691957-06-21 AlamedaLocated near Sather Gate, Univ of Calif., Berkeley.
    CHSC86039CHSCGalium aparineJenny Marr1998-04-08 GlennVicinity of Logan Creek and Squaw Flat. T1 N R0 W S and R05W USGS Quadrangle: Logan Ridge-Rail Canon 1:24,000
    CHSC86591CHSCGalium aparineL. P. Janeway77592003-04-19 ButteSacramento Valley. City of Chico residential area; West 12th Street between Broadway and Oakdale. T2 N R01E S3 W1-4 of NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chico 1:24,000
    CHSC90021CHSCGalium aparineSteve Mathews362001-04-27 SutterPass Road at the Sutter Bypass. UTM: 594310E-4338 N-zone 10S.
    CHSC9075CHSCGalium aparineHelga Keys581970-06-24 Lassen1 1-2 miles south east of Eagle Lake Field station.
    CHSC90915CHSCGalium aparineNiall McCarten54581986-06-15 TehamaMendocino National Forest; North Coast Ranges; Thomes Creek Watershed. Ovenlid, S side Rd. 2 N29. T25N R0 W S18 NE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Yolla Bolly SE
    CHSC91392CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart120912005-06-10 SiskiyouRocky hill, north of the rock fence, about 200 yards east of the pump house along the Shasta River, about 1.9 miles (air) south of Highway 99-97 Cutoff, about 6 miles (air) east-southeast of Grenada. T4 N R0 W S05 NW1-4
    CHSC91518CHSCGalium aparineD. Isle4331996-07-02 MendocinoMendocino National Forest--North Coast Ranges. Upper Middle Fork Eel River Watershed. Grass Lake. T2 N R1 W S14 NE1-4 of SW1-4 of NE1-4
    CHSC91754CHSCGalium aparineG. Douglas Barbe32751981-06-24 PlumasSierra Nevada. 1.4 miles above (south of) Main Street, Taylorsville (end of China Grade) along road bank. T2 N R10E S34
    CHSC9181CHSCGalium aparineG. Strausbaugh921970-05-30 ShastaW bank of stream ca. 10 ft. above where inlets to 3rd cove W of Brandy Creek Swimming Area.
    CHSC93456CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart125972006-05-08 ButteSteep bank on the south side of a small stream, about 50 yards east of the fence and reservoir, about 2 1-4 miles west of the parking area, cow chute, and Cherokee Road, North Table Mountain, about 7 miles (air) north of Oroville. T2 N R04E S1 W1-4
    CHSC94150CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart128262006-06-21 SierraOn the north side of the road, about 2 miles (by road) west of Forest. T1 N R10E S2 W1-4
    CHSC95773CHSCGalium aparineLeRoy Gross5082002-04-04 Los AngelesLos Angeles Basin: Verdugo Mountains Region: Southwest side; From saddle along main crest where the dirt roads of Verdugo Mountain Way & Chandler Fire Road meet, (Thomas Guide 1998 street guide and directory) head north down Wildwood Fire Road, (closed road and plants growing back onto road) to old home site near La Tuna Canon Road. This home was burned down a long time ago, and road abandoned. T0 N R1 W S26 USGS Quadrangle: Burbank 1:24,000
    CHSC96547CHSCGalium aparineLowell Ahart136242007-04-03 TehamaOn the west side of Brush Creek (a north branch), about 4 miles (air) northeast of the intersection of Highway 99 East and Vina Road, about 7 miles (air) southeast of Los Molinos. T2 N R0 W S26
    CLARK-A1528-3948CLARKGalium aparineJohn C. Roos1937-05-02 RiversideLa Sierra
    CLARK-A1528-828CLARKGalium aparineFred B. Essig1967-05-07 RiversideBox Springs Mountain
    CSLA015857CSLAGalium aparineJames Henrickson; E. Parker106371973-06-08 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts., 1 mile NW of Topanga along Monte Vista Dr. in open grassy pastures around oak chaparral
    CSLA015858CSLAGalium aparineHarris, S; Ferguson, B.; Smith S1980-04-19 LakeT1 N, R6W; Coldsprings Campground, along access road to Indian Valley Dam
    CSLA015861CSLAGalium aparineM.S. Taylor8871975-08-31 ButteOn Ernie′s Island in Butte Creek, ca. 500 yds s of Humboldt Rd, ca. 1-2 mi e of Butte Meadows.
    CSLA015862CSLAGalium aparineFrederick W. Oettinger11311969-08-01 Siskiyounorth of wiregrass meadow near english lake, high lake basins in the vicinity of english peak marble mountain wilderness area
    CSLA015864CSLAGalium aparineJames Henrickson95781973-05-12 Los AngelesCa 6 (air) miles NE of La Canada, 3.1 (rd) miles N of N3, off Angeles Crest Hwy; in canyon along road in granitic slopes of San Gabriel Mts.
    CSLA015866CSLAGalium aparineCheryl Stites741970-05-23 Tulare25 NE of Springville off Hwy 190, ca. 3 mi. NE of Wishon Camp off fire trail
    CSLA015868CSLAGalium aparineWesley O. Griesel1961-04-18 Los AngelesSwitzers Inlet; San Gabriel Mts.
    CSLA015876CSLAGalium aparineJeanne Muro1391972-05-13 Tulareca. 10 NE of Springville, 1 mi. SW of Canon on rd. to Coffee Creek Camp in Sequoia Nat′l Forest.
    CSLA015878CSLAGalium aparineCheryl A. Lawson1972-03-05 San Diego3 miles northwest of Ramona on California State Highway 78.
    CSUSB90152CSUSBGalium aparineRoy W. Martin760430-81976-04-30 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB90395CSUSBGalium aparineRoy W. Martin770428-161977-04-28 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CSUSB93550CSUSBGalium aparineJ. Bennetts.n.1979-06-04 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts., Crestline, Darfo Dr. NE-facing roadside of bank growing in shade from shrubs
    DAV104092DAVGalium aparineB. Pitzer4781987-04-11 RiversideRiverside County: West of Murrieta at Santa Rosa Plateau Preserve, Mesa de Colorado.
    DAV10527DAVGalium aparineBob Rodin1081943-04-03 AlamedaAlameda County: West of Botanical Garden. Strawberry Canon, University of California Campus, Berkeley.
    DAV106072DAVGalium aparineFrederica Bowcutt6531986-04-11 MendocinoMendocino County: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. Needle Rock. Between Whale Gulch and Bear Harbor. About 20 miles W of Garberville.
    DAV111608DAVGalium aparineG. Ledyard StebbinsC-1131981-04-07 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. North end of Blue Ridge.
    DAV115982DAVGalium aparineL. P. Janeway13001986-03-13 MercedMerced County: Along Los Banos Cr between the Los Banos Detention Reservoir and Los Banos Valley.
    DAV12110DAVGalium aparineRobert Kehlors.n.1951-05-06 ButteButte County: J. M. Kehlor ranch, 6 1-4 miles east of Oroville.
    DAV12120DAVGalium aparineRobert C. Bechtel581952-04-12 Contra CostaContra Costa County: West side Mt. Diablo.
    DAV12140DAVGalium aparineEvertt H. Everson301951-04-14 SolanoSolano County: Mix Canon, 8.2 miles northwest of Vacaville.
    DAV123237DAVGalium aparineG. F. Hrusa92531992-04-22 San JoaquinSan Joaquin County: Caswell Memorial State Park.
    DAV124411DAVGalium aparineGeorge F. Hrusa107851993-04-18 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Steep east facing slope on west side of Cold Creek, near reserve southern boundary.
    DAV127608DAVGalium aparineG. F. Hrusa122271995-05-28 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: On ridge immed. WNW of Peak 2.
    DAV127756DAVGalium aparineA. Browns.n.1993-05-14 MarinMarin County: 4.2 km ne of mouth of Tomales Bay near Ocean Roar w. Highway 1 by Pacific Narrow guage railroad grade, Walker Creek Delta.
    DAV127844DAVGalium aparineRobert E. Preston7341995-04-01 SacramentoSacramento County: ca. 0.8 mi sw of int. Hwy 16 and Sloughhouse Road.
    DAV130852DAVGalium aparineJ. Boyce31996-04-09 Santa ClaraSanta Clara Co.: 12 mi SW of Gilroy, 1.5 W of Hwy 101.
    DAV131473DAVGalium aparineK. Pinney201975-04-08 SacramentoSacramento Co.: Fair Oaks - Phoenix Airfield. 1-4 mi E of Sunset Rd, off hazel Ave. Elev. Ca. 200 ft.
    DAV132434DAVGalium aparineFuni Takeda51977-04-16 NapaNapa County: Hwy. 128, 6.4 mi. sw Monticello Dam, west facing slope.
    DAV132435DAVGalium aparineCaryn Franscioni61977-04-24 NapaNapa County: Eticuera Creek, 2.6 mi. SE of Knoxville mine.
    DAV132455DAVGalium aparineWesley Ebert171977-04-09 SonomaPenngrove, 6000 Soldiers Ln. on the W. side of Sonoma Mt. on E. facing slope.
    DAV132960DAVGalium aparineK. Twitchell311996-05-27 MaderaMadera County: Lewis Creek trail head, 20 miles out of Yosemite Highway 41.
    DAV133059DAVGalium aparineMukunda Ranjit41982-04-18 SolanoSolano County: at Mix Canon Road 1.3 km w. of Pleasant Valley Road.
    DAV133060DAVGalium aparineMukunda Ranjit41982-04-18 SolanoSolano County: at Mix Canon Road 1.3 km w. of Pleasant Valley Road.
    DAV133534DAVGalium aparineKathleen A. Robson321981-05-17 Santa ClaraSanta Clara County: 0.5 mile along Loop Trail, Los Trancos Open Space, from Foothills Park, approximately 4 miles West on Page Mill Road.
    DAV133715DAVGalium aparineDavid Barnett81982-04-18 SolanoSolano County: c. 3 mi nw Vacaville, on Mix Canon Road 0.8 mi w. Pleasant Valley Road.
    DAV134651DAVGalium aparineEtienne and Laurie Oleksiewicz81981-04-18 NapaNapa CO.: On Knoxville Rd., 8.9 miles north of Pope Canon Rd., north facing slope.
    DAV135464DAVGalium aparineM. H. Mills1401996-04-12 PlacerPlacer County: 5 Walden Lane, Loomis.
    DAV135837DAVGalium aparineJ. fFine271975-05-25 El DoradoAlong hwy 50, ca. 100ft up the American River from Kyburz Lodge.
    DAV137099DAVGalium aparineLing Tseng101976-05-01 El Dorado0.7 mi E of River Pines on Shenandoah Rd.
    DAV137123DAVGalium aparineS. Fairres331976-05-01 El Dorado0.7 NE of the town of River Pines, along hwy E-16.
    DAV139539DAVGalium aparineShirley Mator231978-05-13 PlacerPlacer Co.: 3.7 miles NE of the intersection Forest Hill Road and Highway 80 off ramp;
    DAV149389DAVGalium aparineG. F. Hrusa141571998-03-21 YoloYolo County: Hwy 16 along Cache Creek at the rafting put-in. Nr. Lake County line. North Coast Biodiversity Arena.
    DAV150638DAVGalium aparineFrederica Bowcutt1851b1994-06-12 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 50 air miles N of San Francisco, 10 air miles E of Santa Rosa, 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood and 18 air miles NW of Napa. Along Pony Gate Trail along east west trending stretch before entering oak woodland, out of view of kiosk and campground.
    DAV150639DAVGalium aparineErik Beever2221993-05-08 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 50 air miles N of San Francisco, 10 air miles E of Santa Rosa, 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood and 18 air miles NW of Napa.
    DAV15113DAVGalium aparineJ. M. Tucker19351950-07-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: West of Mount Shasta High School, town of Mount Shasta.
    DAV152148DAVGalium aparineCaitlin Lewis201993-04-17 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 40 miles N of San Francisco, 11 air miles E of Santa Rosa and 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood. In Adobe Canon N of Sugarloaf Ridge and S of Red Mtn 1 mile. Near visitor center. Along Sonoma Creek.
    DAV154379DAVGalium aparineFrederica Bowcutt7601986-05-26 MariposaMariposa County: About 10 air miles W of Yosemite Valley and 4 air miles NW of El Portal. Just N of Sierra National Forest and Merced River. Between Ned and Dry Gulchs. Trumbull Peak, Stanislaus National Forest.
    DAV154993DAVGalium aparineN. Nicola0102001-03-16 YoloYolo County: Eastern foothills of inner north coast range, Capay Valley, 0.9 miles as the crow flies N. of Rumsey; Lowrey Ranch.
    DAV155934DAVGalium aparineG. F. Hrusa153402000-04-11 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Goodwin pasture. Carrizo Plain Natural Area.
    DAV157338DAVGalium aparineJennifer Bury2671993-05-08 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 40 air miles N of San Francisco; about 11 air miles E of Santa Rosa and 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood. In Adobe Canon N of Sugarloaf Ridge and S of Red Mtn 1 mile. Near visitor center. About 100 ft. above parking lot.
    DAV161330DAVGalium aparineFred Hrusa77611990-04-20 SacramentoSacramento County: Throughout the W side of lake in shaded sites. Immediately above Nimbus Dam. Folsom Lake -- Natoma Unit.
    DAV166343DAVGalium aparineRex PalmerN-6301979-07-12 PlacerPlacer County: Headwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River.
    DAV166344DAVGalium aparineRex PalmerN-3781979-06-21 PlacerPlacer County: Headwaters basin area of the North Fork of the American River.
    DAV168344DAVGalium aparineA. Laffin112002-04-13 YoloYolo County, McLaughlin UC Reserve. W side of Davis Creek Reservoir, along road that goes from Soda Spring area to Rayhouse Rd. Ca. 0.5 airline mile due N of Soda Springs and ca. 1.0 airline mile WNW of UC Davis Aquatic Lab facility, south of running stream, 20 yards from the N side of the road.
    DAV168400DAVGalium aparineYumee Kim132002-04-13 YoloYolo County: McLaughlin UC Reserve. W side of Davis Creek Reservoir, along road that goes from Soda Spring area Rd. Ca. 0.5 airline mile due N of Soda Springs and ca. 1.0 airline mile WNW of UC Davis Aquatic Lab facility. Along edges of running stream and slopes to the north and south of stream on the W side of the road.
    DAV170055DAVGalium aparineS. Colby282001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam, along South Decker Canon Rd., N of jct with Cut-Off Rd.
    DAV170056DAVGalium aparineAnne Mini32001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam, Decker Canon, along South Decker Canon Rd., just N of jct with Cut-Off Rd., near dilapidated buildings.
    DAV170057DAVGalium aparineA. Van Houtte42001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam, in Decker Canon on W side of S. Decker Canon Rd., near ruined cabins.
    DAV170058DAVGalium aparineE. Gottschalk12001-04-28 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam. Along West Rd., near jct with South Decker Canon Rd.
    DAV170059DAVGalium aparineL. Wynholds82001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: SW end of Lake Barryessa, Quail Ridge Reserve, along stream that runs along the E side of South Decker Canon Rd. S of North Decker Canon Rd. and N of the Cut-Off Rd. 10-20 ft. from stream.
    DAV171261DAVGalium aparineG. K. Helmkamp102202006-04-25 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Foothills: E of Sacramento and just SW of Placerville. Forni road between US Hwy 50 and Diamond Springs, at Weber Creek.
    DAV172883DAVGalium aparineJ. Buck542000-05-01 SacramentoCALIFORNIA: SACRAMENTO COUNTY: Cosumnes River Preserve: Valensin Ranch, located east of Highway 99 and south of Dillard Road.
    DAV175968DAVGalium aparineG. K. Helmkamp116012007-03-10 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains Foothills: Rattlesnake Bar Rd, 3.0 miles southwest of CA-49 W of Pilot Hill.
    DAV176039DAVGalium aparineG. K. Helmkamp118322007-04-26 CalaverasCalaveras County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: along CA-49, 1 mile west of Mokelumne Hill, 1.7 miles south of the Amador County line.
    DAV176098DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean33982007-03-23 YoloYolo Co.: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range northwest of the City of Winters between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. SW portion of ranch.
    DAV176138DAVGalium aparineG. K. Helmkamp119052007-04-30 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: hiking trail leaving from CA-49, 3.4 miles northwest of Placerville.
    DAV176699DAVGalium aparineG. K. Helmkamp118012007-04-23 AmadorAmador County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: junction of Tonzi Road and CA-124 about 7 miles north of Ione.
    DAV178075DAVGalium aparineG. K. Helmkamp120642007-05-23 PlacerPlacer County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Humbug Canon Road, 0.2 mile northwest of Forest Hill Road, generally southwest of Westville.
    DAV178429DAVGalium aparineA. H. MurphyHF-761953-04-03 MendocinoMendocino County: Hopland Field Station, Buck pasture.
    DAV180695DAVGalium aparineElaine Chow72008-04-06 YoloYolo County; Audubon Bobcat Ranch, lands to the north of Hwy 128 on north side of Putah Creek downstream of Monticello Dam. Bray Canon.
    DAV181390DAVGalium aparineJennifer W. Burt1322005-08-16 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Iron Mountain abandoned ski area (near intersection of Mormon-Emigrant Trail and Hwy 88) - collected from center of an abandoned ski run.
    DAV181769DAVGalium aparineJocelyn Brodeur82005-04-30 SacramentoCalifornia: Sacramento County, Deer Creek Hills Reserve, north of Latrobe Rd., starting out along Latrobe 1.5 road miles W of intersection with Michigan Bar Rd.
    DAV183948DAVGalium aparineCNPS SN Foothill TeamSNFN-0028b2005-03-30 ButteButte County: CDFG, North Table Mountain Wildlife Area.
    DAV186241DAVGalium aparineRobin McMaster3181973-04-15 YoloYolo Co.: 7 W Rumsey on Hwy 16.
    DAV187091DAVGalium aparineRodney Gale Myatt3431970-05-23 CalaverasStanislaus River Canon. Along Hunter′s Road, between Hathaway Pines and NF Stanislaus River.
    DAV190196DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean65402010-06-30 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. W side of park across the street from hot springs facility.
    DAV190218DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean65122010-06-30 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. N of Hot Springs Creek along lower reaches of Buck Creek where it transitions into meadow.
    DAV190642DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean and Margaret Starbuck67572010-08-02 AlpineAlpine County: Grover Hot Springs State Park, W of town of Markleeville. West side of park, NW of hot springs, S of Hot Springs Creek.
    DAV192053DAVGalium aparineAlina Downer32011-04-30 El DoradoEl Dorado County: North of Canon Park. Pine Hill Preserve. Kanaka Valley Unit. Kanaka Valley near main dirt road.
    DAV192252DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean69502011-04-22 San JoaquinSan Joaquin County: Contra Costa Water District land (recently purchased), Canon Area at 32322 Corral Hollow Road west of CA-580 just north of junction with Interstate 5. Canon with Amsinckia grandiflora population. Upper end of population.
    DAV194016DAVGalium aparineChristopher MallekRP4--35 AmadorAmador County: River Pines.
    DAV194062DAVGalium aparineChristopher MallekHV1--11 LakeLake County: High Valley.
    DAV194541DAVGalium aparineChristopher MallekAS2--212008-05-12 NapaNapa County: Aetna Springs.
    DAV195138DAVGalium aparineAnn Biglieri81977-04-16 NapaNapa County: Near Highway 128, 6.4 miles by road SSW of Monticello Dam.
    DAV195794DAVGalium aparineEileen Hollett32012-04-29 NapaNapa County: Las Posadas State Experimental Forest. Along dirt road that goes northeast of fire station. In ditch on south side of road.
    DAV198924DAVGalium aparineGeri Hulse-Stephens10102002-06-02 LakeLake County: Goat Mountain. East side of Fallen Fir Marsh.
    DAV199259DAVGalium aparineGeri Hulse-Stephens8442001-09-08 LakeLake County: Goat Mountain. Wyman Creek.
    DAV199418DAVGalium aparineGeri Hulse-Stephens9582002-06-02 LakeLake County: Goat Mountain. Addington Glade.
    DAV200220DAVGalium aparineFei Chen42013-04-14 LakeLake County: Clear Lake State Park. NE of Kelseyville. Lower northern slope of Mount Konocti. South side of park, south of Soda Bay Road. North of road that goes southeast from Glebe Road at gate.
    DAV201258DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean76202013-04-06 SutterSutter County; Sutter Buttes. Dean Ranch. South of North Butte. Western slope of Sunrise Ridge.
    DAV205379DAVGalium aparineHeather Phillips62014-04-26 LakeLake County: Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. Southeastern corner of Clear Lake. West of Hwy 53, north of Lower Lake. Lower reaches of Lewis Ridge.
    DAV211485DAVGalium aparineAlice Warricks.n.2007-04-01 NapaNapa County: Quail Ridge UC Reserve. 2005 Pleasure Fire burn site, along west loop road, north of Decker canyon.
    DAV212133DAVGalium aparineJames A. Neilson, Jr.29981973-06-03 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains. The Geysers. Site I. (Location and elevation of Site I estimated from Neilson 2994 which has Township-Range data and says that Site I is in Geyser Canon. Coordinates estimated by label maker.)
    DAV215707DAVGalium aparineCraig Thomsen2266b2000-04-28 ColusaColusa County: Between Bear Creek and Bear Valley Rd. about 0.3 mile north of junction with Hwy 20.
    DAV216525DAVGalium aparineHenry House1995--161995-05-23 YoloYolo County: Davis.
    DAV216679DAVGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff79661975-05-21 San MateoSan Mateo County: San Bruno Mountains. Saddle area on north side of Guadalupe Canon Parkway, west of Radio Road junction.
    DAV216925DAVGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff75321974-06-04 El DoradoEl Dorado County: The Georgetown Divide, Sierra Nevada. U.C. Blodgett Forest Research Station, Bacchi Meadow.
    DAV217649DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean92262016-08-02 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. D.L. Bliss State Park. Northern boundary of park near Balancing Rock and boulder fields.
    DAV21919DAVGalium aparineR. C. Wilson4881938-04-02 MontereyMonterey County: Swain Valley.
    DAV219875DAVGalium aparineJ.W. Barrys.n.1980-04-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Hungry Valley SVRA. (Exact location unknown. This park is mostly in Los Angeles county, but also includes parts of Ventura and Kern counties. Coordinates estimated by the label maker.)
    DAV226673DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean96232018-06-01 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Along trail-old road from Vikingsholm to Hwy 89 parking lot.
    DAV230429DAVGalium aparinePatrick Byrne41994-04-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mtns., Topanga State Park, Topanga, near entrance at end of Waveview Dr. alongside a dirt fire road.
    DAV231229DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean101502019-06-21 PlacerPlacer County: Northwest corner of the Tahoe Basin. Burton Creek State Park. North side of Antone Meadow along bike trail.
    DAV239073DAVGalium aparineJake Ruygt67672020-04-18 NapaEast side Markley Canon, Spencer property; Quad Mt. Vaca.
    DAV239745DAVGalium aparineShane HanofeeHAN-1632022-04-05 NevadaWildflower Ridge Trail, 30 W of intersection of Rough and Ready HWY and Ridge Rd.
    DAV26532DAVGalium aparineJune McCaskill4501956-06-06 El Dorado3 miles west of Kyburz, U.S. Highway 50.
    DAV27798DAVGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann51741959-05-02 KernKern County: Breckenridge Mountain Road, 8.7 miles west of Munzer Meadow.
    DAV28438DAVGalium aparineMalcolm A. Nobs14251949-08-19 PlumasPlumas County: Bog at Taylorsville, south end of Indian Valley.
    DAV32046DAVGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann67521962-04-05 MontereyMonterey County: Old San Juan Grade, 7.8 miles west of San Juan Bautista.
    DAV338132DAVGalium aparineKonshau Duman272019-04-13 GlennBird Haven Ranch, Butte City, on side of dirt road.
    DAV34429DAVGalium aparineJack Maze11963-03-08 YoloYolo County: ca. 3 1-2 miles east of Monticello Dam on State Highway 128.
    DAV358697DAVGalium aparineEllen Dean34722007-03-25 ColusaColusa Co.: BLM Payne Ranch. Lands to the southwest of the intersection of Hwy. 16 and Hwy. 20. Destinella Flat, just E of the Lake County Border. Canong Hwy. 20 from junction of Hwy. 20 and Hwy. 16.
    DAV358698DAVGalium aparineCraig D. Thomsen21892000-04-28 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. Caltrans right-of-way, on south side of Hwy 20, ca. 0.25 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, near Colusa Co. milepost 3.00.
    DAV358699DAVGalium aparineCraig D. Thomsen20702000-03-31 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, 0.25 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, Colusa Co. milepost 3.00.
    DAV358700DAVGalium aparineCraig D. Thomsen20792000-03-31 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, 0.25 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, Colusa Co. milepost 3.00.
    DAV358701DAVGalium aparineCraig Thomsen29072009-05-14 ColusaColusa County on Walker Ridge: south of spur road about 1-2 mile east of Walker Ridge Road, en route to Eaton Springs.
    DAV36114DAVGalium aparineRolf Y. Berg80091964-03-14 YoloYolo County: State Highway 16, ca. 2.5 miles northwest of Rumsey.
    DAV44131DAVGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne323171963-05-05 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Open slopes of Cobal Canon, foothills of San Gabriel Mts., ca. 4 N of Claremont.
    DAV44761DAVGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne363911966-05-28 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: San Gabriel Mts., San Bernardino National Forest: rocky ledges near Sheep Spring.
    DAV50403DAVGalium aparineRoman Gankin9571967-07-04 MendocinoMendocino County: Near summit of Monkey Rock, 1.9 road miles north of junction Hull Mountain summit access road on USFS Road 1 NO2.
    DAV51635DAVGalium aparineJ. M. Tucker38371965-06-23 KernKern County: Summit of Purdy Ridge, Tejon Ranch, Tehachapi Mountains.
    DAV61111DAVGalium aparineGary D. Cromwell5851971-04-30 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Mystic Canon, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mtns. 2 NE of Glendora.
    DAV63410DAVGalium aparineC. W. Tilforth1951969-05-31 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Small canyon east of Colima Ave., north of Whittier.
    DAV65688DAVGalium aparineDean W. Taylor26771973-07-21 AlpineAlpine County: 1 mile west of Schnider Camp near Capels Lake.
    DAV66941DAVGalium aparineDonald R. Bissing401973-04-06 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Evey Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    DAV66948DAVGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne379941969-05-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: Angeles National Forest: Chapman Ranch above Baldy Village, San Antonio Canon.
    DAV72036DAVGalium aparineHelen Kennedy31967-04-09 SolanoSolano County: On highway, 1 mile southwest of Rockville.
    DAV72037DAVGalium aparineMary Lou Linvill141972-05-16 San MateoSan Mateo County: Coast Range; Mountain Home Road, 0.2 mile east of Mountain Wood Lane, Woodside.
    DAV72038DAVGalium aparineAllen Allison61971-04-25 MontereyMonterey County: 40 miles up river from the Farm Center Bridge across the Carmel River, Carmel Valley.
    DAV72039DAVGalium aparinePam Berry211967-05-07 MarinMarin County: 492 Ethel Ave., Mill Valley.
    DAV72040DAVGalium aparineWilliam Pyott231962-04-28 ColusaColusa County: West of road in Bear Valley.
    DAV78954DAVGalium aparineGeoffrey Levin7411976-05-02 San DiegoSan Diego County: Pala Creek about 1 mi. north of Pala Mission on State 76. Agua Tibia Mts. Mt. Range. San Luis Rey River drainage area.
    DAV78955DAVGalium aparineGeoffrey Levin451974-04-27 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Evey Canon, a side canyon of San Antonio Canon. San Gabriel Mts. Mt. Range. Santa Ana River, Pacific slope drainage area.
    DAV7972DAVGalium aparineH. A. Borthwick19861925-05-29 El DoradoPlacerville.
    DAV7973DAVGalium aparineMorris Halperins.n.1930-05-10 AlamedaAlameda County: Oxford Tract, Berkeley.
    DAV7974DAVGalium aparineA. A. Heller118211915-04-16 GlennGlenn County: 7 miles east of Newville.
    DAV7975DAVGalium aparineCollector unknowns.n.1932-04-17 El DoradoColoma.
    DAV7976DAVGalium aparineK. Esau19191929-04-13 ButteButte County: Chico.
    DAV7977DAVGalium aparineA. A. Heller127641917-07-04 GlennGlenn County: Alder Springs in the Coast Range, near the spring.
    DAV7978DAVGalium aparineA. A. Heller86251907-05-31 Santa ClaraSanta Clara County: Mt. Hamilton.
    DAV7979DAVGalium aparineE. H. Hydes.n.1938-06-03 MariposaMariposa County: Yosemite Valley.
    DAV7980DAVGalium aparineJ. G. Lemmons.n.1982-08-05 County unknownCounty and location unknown.
    DAV7981DAVGalium aparineJ. G. Lemmons.n.1982-08-05 County unknownCounty and location unknown.
    DAV81677DAVGalium aparineLinda M. Barker16011976-06-14 HumboldtHumboldt County: Lanphere-Christensen Dunes. 3 miles west of Arcata.
    DAV82967DAVGalium aparineDaryl Koutnik2311978-04-03 VenturaVentura County: Decker Road at Lake Eleanor.
    DAV85044DAVGalium aparineDaryl Koutniks.n.1978-02-21 VenturaVentura County: Thousand Oaks on Olsen Road and just east of Moorpark Road.
    DAV85967DAVGalium aparineMary M. Hektner0331974-06-19 SonomaSonoma County: Unit 24 Owners Map, Sea Ranch, near State Highway 1.
    DAV86470DAVGalium aparineBarbara Yungert211974-04-12 YubaYuba County: North of Yuba River, Sierra Foothill Field Station.
    DAV88424DAVGalium aparineTom Gordon2341974-06-06 TulareTulare County: Cedar Slope.
    DAV89629DAVGalium aparineMark Hoefs1541973-04-06 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Catalina Island: Middle of Canon.
    DAV91177DAVGalium aparineJack Delaini951974-04-05 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Lodi Canon, San Dimas Experimental Forest, Angeles National Forest.
    DAV95752DAVGalium aparineE. W. Lathrops.n.1982-08-05 RiversideRiverside County: 3 miles SW of Corona. Hagador Canon, Cleveland Nat′l Forest, Trabuco District.
    DAV96180DAVGalium aparineJoseph M. DiTomaso4341976-05-02 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County: 10 miles north of Santa Cruz off Highway 1, 4 miles east on Swanton Road.
    ELH01019ELHGalium aparineGary Schoolcraft24081994-08-02 LassenAbout 1.5 miles southwest of Boot Lake
    GH00385627GHGalium aparineL. Abrams ; E. A. McGregor4711908-06-26 KernWater Canyon, Tehachapi Mountains
    GH00385628GHGalium aparineB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson47421989-06-01 Modocca. 0.5 km S of State Hwy 229 on road to Shaker Spring. T41N R9E S21
    GH00385629GHGalium aparineF. G. Meyer13331938-04-03 ShastaAbout 17 miles north of Red Bluff
    GH00385630GHGalium aparineE. B. Copeland4721930-07-15 ButteJonesville
    GH00385631GHGalium aparineGlad. L. Smith54131979-05-25 MendocinoLaytonville
    GH00385632GHGalium aparineW. Gambel1967-07-04 Los AngelesPuebla delos Angles
    GH00385633GHGalium aparineL. Abrams ; I. L. Wiggins21930-04-25 Santa BarbaraVicinity of Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
    GH00385634GHGalium aparineB. Trask1901-04-01 VenturaSan Nicolas Island
    GH00385635GHGalium aparineG. T. Robbins16471944-06-03 El DoradoC.C.C. Camp Snowline, three miles east of Camino
    GH00385636GHGalium aparineH. K. Sharsmith34711936-04-02 Santa Clarahills north of Arroyo Bayo, Mount Hamilton Range, Inner South Coast Ranges
    GH00385637GHGalium aparineR. A. Plaskett591898-03-01 MontereyThe Santa Lucia Mountains
    GH00385638GHGalium aparineL. C. Wheeler35801935-06-13 SiskiyouShackleford Creek, Marble Mts., S9, T43N, R10W
    GH00385639GHGalium aparineA. Eastwood7791912-06-29 ShastaGoose Valley
    GH00385640GHGalium aparineL. E. Smith7241914-06-24 Siskiyou[No Additional Data]
    GH00385641GHGalium aparineL. E. Hoffman1857-01-01 Los AngelesMillard′s Canyon, Angeles Forest
    GH00385642GHGalium aparineA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg21081941-05-03 Riverside13 miles southwest of 29 Palms
    GH00385643GHGalium aparineF. J. Youngberg1937-04-01 Los AngelesPuddingstone, near San Dimas
    GH00385644GHGalium aparineN. C. Sweet; Jr.551941-07-01 MariposaBroncho Hollow Ranch, 8 mi. south of Bootjack
    GH00385645GHGalium aparineS. K. Harris; J. P. Tracy ; H. S. Yates34271936-06-17 HumboldtNorthwest slopes of Buck Mountain
    GH00385646GHGalium aparineC. F. Baker6711902-04-24 Santa ClaraFoothills near Stanford University
    GH00385647GHGalium aparineL. Abrams ; E. A. McGregor261908-06-01 VenturaSulphur Mountain Spring, Sulphur Mountains
    GH00385648GHGalium aparineL. Abrams33221903-04-27 San DiegoMoro hills, Fallbrook
    GH00385649GHGalium aparineM. E. Jones1926-04-27 VenturaCamarilla [Camarillo]
    GH00385650GHGalium aparineEman. Samuels1021913-05-12 Sonoma[No Additional Data]
    GH00385651GHGalium aparineD. D. Keck11421931-05-31 MariposaHog Ranch Ranger Station, Yosemite Nat′l Park, Mather, Tuolumne County
    GH00385652GHGalium aparineJ. F. Collins1918-05-11 MariposaFloor of the valley, Yosemite
    GH00385653GHGalium aparineA. A. Heller127641917-07-04 GlennAlder Springs in the Coast Range
    GH00385654GHGalium aparineA. A. Heller58861902-07-15 LakeAbout Summit Lake, near the summit of Mt. Sanhedrin
    GH00385655GHGalium aparineJ. W. Blankinship1893-04-29 SutterMarysville Buttes
    GMDRC11934GMDRCGalium aparineJ. M. Andre415532019-05-03 RiversidePeninsular Ranges: far southern San Jacinto Mountains, 0.2 miles north of Hwy 74 about 2 miles west of Pinyon Flat, 18 miles SW of Palm Desert
    GMDRC12304GMDRCGalium aparineJ. M. Andre421232019-07-12 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Just south of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) at Kitchen Creek Rd
    GMDRC12818GMDRCGalium aparineJ. M. Andre428062020-04-26 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: UC Granite Mtns Desert Research Center; upper Granite Cove at base of the Dyke of Jewels
    GMDRC4165GMDRCGalium aparineJ. Andre125962010-05-09 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: UC GM Desert Research Center at Kissing Rocks Spring, approx 0.7 W. of Kelbaker Rd, 2 mi. ENE of GMDRC headquarters in Granite Cove.
    GMDRC4300GMDRCGalium aparineJ. Andre133462010-04-20 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: eastern end of range in UC Granite Mtns Desert Research Center, upper Granite Cove in Granite Cove Spring area
    GMDRC593GMDRCGalium aparineJ. Evens981998-03-24 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: N side Granite Mtns, Junk Car Wash, ca 1-2 mi. upstream from the road (ca. 1-2 air mi ENE of Coyote Spr.) 3250
    GMDRC8667GMDRCGalium aparineJ. M. Andre355602016-04-06 San BernardinoKingston Range: north end of range, 0.7 mi. SE of Horse Thief Spring, 0.3 mi. south of Excelsior Mine Rd
    GMDRC9699GMDRCGalium aparineJ. M. Andre378822017-04-09 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: UC Granite Mtns Desert Research Center; upper Cottonwood Basin, approx 2 mi. west of parking area at mouth of basin
    HREC58HRECGalium aparineH. F. Heady11121957-06-04 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Pond, Natural Area
    HREC59HRECGalium aparineH. F. Heady5661953-05-27 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Pond Pasture
    HREC60HRECGalium aparineA. H. M.HF 761953-04-03 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Buck pasture
    HSC100641HSCGalium aparineCarl C. Marshall4021887-07-01 HumboldtHumboldt.
    HSC102052HSCGalium aparineM. R. Mesler9572011-07-13 HumboldtForest edge surrounding Patterson Meadows
    HSC102634HSCGalium aparineM. R. Mesler16192013-06-29 HumboldtBret Hole. 1.1 km SW of Trinity Summit
    HSC104656HSCGalium aparinePeter Sorensensn1976-06-02 HumboldtWoodley Island
    HSC12787HSCGalium aparineM.J. Athey41970-11-08 HumboldtBetween Moonstone and Luffenholtz beaches on old Trinidad Rd., Trinidad
    HSC19781HSCGalium aparineB.D. Rogers20871966-06-08 HumboldtForest Glen Campground
    HSC19783HSCGalium aparineM.T. Milligan3041965-06-23 ModocN end Jess Valley
    HSC19785HSCGalium aparineGreg Bos861963-04-20 Contra CostaPinole Valley Rd., SE of Pinole Flat Meadow area
    HSC19788HSCGalium aparineJohn L. Heywood18571968-03-31 TehamaHwy. 36, 56 mi. E of Shasta Co. line
    HSC19789HSCGalium aparineJohn L. Heywood17561968-03-30 TrinityAlong Trinity River, Hwy. 299, 3.5 mi. E of Humboldt Co. line
    HSC19791HSCGalium aparineM.T. Milligansn1964-04-04 TrinityCedar Flat on Hwy. 2 N side of Trinity River
    HSC19792HSCGalium aparineR.C. Wunner1891965-06-15 SiskiyouCalifornia Lava Beds National Monument; SE side of Caldwell near cinder pit
    HSC19793HSCGalium aparineJoel W. Reinhard291966-04-30 HumboldtN of College Cove
    HSC19822HSCGalium aparineJohn L. Heywood18541968-03-31 TehamaHwy. 36, 56 mi. E of Shasta Co. line
    HSC19845HSCGalium aparineS.N. Wiemeyer231962-04-20 Sonoma0.75 mi. E of County Hospital along Chanate Rd.
    HSC19847HSCGalium aparineElrid H. Spinas501948-06-16 HumboldtHorse Mtn.
    HSC19850HSCGalium aparineJ.W. Johnson12621962-04-18 HumboldtBetween the Mad River mouth and the Hunt Farm, Samoa Peninsula
    HSC22537HSCGalium aparineD.E. Anderson50591970-05-10 HumboldtAlong road from Redwood Creek to Hoopa, 1-3 W of Hoopa
    HSC23331HSCGalium aparineG. Strausbaugh921970-05-30 ShastaW bank of stream, 10 ft. above where inlets to 3rd cove W of Brandy Creek Swimming Area
    HSC23653HSCGalium aparineJ.O. Sawyer2538A1970-05-02 TrinityAbove New River
    HSC24062HSCGalium aparineJ.O. Sawyer2480A1970-04-18 TrinityAbove New River.
    HSC26464HSCGalium aparineT.O. Osborne171970-05-17 HumboldtSugarloaf Rock, Cape Mendocino
    HSC27440HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith51351972-04-01 Lake0.2 N of junction of Hwy. 20 Walker Ridge Rd.
    HSC27530HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith59681973-04-07 TrinityNew River Trail from Grays Falls Campground, on the N side of the Trinity River and W side of the New River.
    HSC29315HSCGalium aparineFrederick W. Oettinger11311969-08-01 SiskiyouMarble Mtn. Wilderness Area: N of Wiregrass Meadow near English Lake
    HSC30288HSCGalium aparineWilliam J. Ferlatte11851969-06-25 SiskiyouBig Flat
    HSC32325HSCGalium aparineD.E. Anderson56661972-06-14 ?  HumboldtSenteney Rock, a large barren Franciscan Rock along Swayback Ridge.
    HSC32639HSCGalium aparineR.A. Vanbianchi2401974-04-20 ButteTable Mtn.
    HSC32861HSCGalium aparineThomas W. Nelson9401973-05-28 HumboldtMcKeown Ranch N of Dinsmore
    HSC32914HSCGalium aparineThomas W. Nelson9631973-05-28 HumboldtMcKeown Ranch N of Dinsmore
    HSC33102HSCGalium aparineThomas W. Nelson13201974-05-27 MendocinoMendocino National Forest near Mendocino Pass
    HSC35101HSCGalium aparineJohn S. Palmer3301975-05-16 TrinityTrails above Trinity River at Grays Falls Campground
    HSC35674HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith70681973-07-04 TrinityTrail 1 W26 from Rd. 80, between Dubakella and S Dubakella Mtn.
    HSC37363HSCGalium aparineGary S. Lester4951974-07-24 HumboldtAlong Lost Man Creek.
    HSC37854HSCGalium aparinePeter Sorensensn1976-06-02 HumboldtWoodley Island, Humboldt Bay
    HSC37894HSCGalium aparineThomas W. Nelson22941976-04-11 LakeBeside Hwy. 20, 1 W of Upper Lake
    HSC38060HSCGalium aparineThomas W. Nelson24671976-05-10 ButteBeside SR 191 just N of its junction with SR 70
    HSC38696HSCGalium aparineGary S. Lester10491976-05-15 MendocinoLower Wilderness Meadow
    HSC39587HSCGalium aparineThomas W. Nelson28021976-06-22 TrinityBelow Senteney Rock
    HSC40954HSCGalium aparineLinda M. Barker16011976-06-14 Humboldt3 W of Arcata
    HSC41933HSCGalium aparineEd Cope331977-04-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
    HSC45634HSCGalium aparineDiane L. Reed301978-04-22 HumboldtTish Tang Campground, 5 N of Willow Creek on Hwy. 96
    HSC45711HSCGalium aparineSheila Logan851978-04-22 ColusaBear Valley Rd., 1.5 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 20
    HSC46259HSCGalium aparineSheila Logan1561978-05-13 ShastaBeegum Gorge Rd. (FS Rd. 1S02)
    HSC47571HSCGalium aparineSheila Logan1161978-05-13 TrinityPhilpot Campground, 1 mi. from Hwy. 3 on Trinity Pines Rd.
    HSC48874HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith98821978-05-07 TrinityCounty Line Rd. along Browns Creek.
    HSC49116HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith97121978-04-09 ShastaCounty Rd. A16, 9.7 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 36
    HSC49622HSCGalium aparineR. York2071979-04-08 NapaAlong Silverado Trail Rd., 5 N of Napa
    HSC52985HSCGalium aparineG.L. Clifton36051979-06-03 TrinityNear Browns Canon, close to the town of Forest Glen.
    HSC52995HSCGalium aparineG.L. Clifton39861979-06-04 TrinityNear Van Duzen River, close to the town of Alderpoint.
    HSC53906HSCGalium aparineGriswold69131979-07-11 HumboldtNear Snow Camp Mtn., close to the town of Willow Creek.
    HSC57208HSCGalium aparineGriswold71861979-07-12 HumboldtNear Groves Prairie, close to the town of Willow Creek.
    HSC57266HSCGalium aparineGilbert Muth82901979-07-17 TrinityNear Barry Creek, close to the town of Mad River
    HSC59258HSCGalium aparineThomas Wood1671979-05-12 Trinity3.9 mi. S on Deer Lick Springs Rd. from junction with Hwy. 3, S fork of Deer Lick Springs Rd., above Browns Creek
    HSC59306HSCGalium aparineM.A. Ericksen2341979-04-28 TrinityAt the edge of the first parking lot on the access road to the Trinity River suspension bridge
    HSC62075HSCGalium aparineRuby Van Deventersn1960-05-17 Del NorteShelly Creek
    HSC62809HSCGalium aparineJ.M. DiTomaso8701979-04-14 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
    HSC65829HSCGalium aparineD. Boyd751980-05-03 Tehama0.5 mi. SSW of BM1797 on Rd. 2 N15
    HSC66690HSCGalium aparineDebbie Stamp11980-04-19 LakeColdsprings Campground, along access road to Indian Valley Dam
    HSC67626HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith60611973-04-14 ButteRock Rd., 1 W of Cohasset Rd. near Chico
    HSC68323HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith38591970-06-14 Siskiyou
    HSC68347HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith63821973-05-05 SiskiyouIn and around the O′Neill Campground near Seiad Valley.
    HSC68357HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith65031973-05-05 SiskiyouAlong Cook and Green Pass Rd.
    HSC68363HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith66461973-05-06 TrinityBlanchert Flats near Douglas City
    HSC68373HSCGalium aparineJ.P. Smith63741973-05-05 SiskiyouIn and around the O′Neill Campground near Seiad Valley.
    HSC68498HSCGalium aparineMaralyn A. Renner8961980-06-22 SiskiyouSlopes N of Little Shasta River
    HSC69634HSCGalium aparineR. Kalal251980-06-03 HumboldtAlong Samoa Blvd.
    HSC70322HSCGalium aparineM.A. Baker18731980-06-07 HumboldtNear Ammon Creek
    HSC70583HSCGalium aparineGail Newton10091980-07-03 TrinityNear Horsehead Mtn.
    HSC70724HSCGalium aparineGail Newton15191980-07-14 HumboldtNear Deadman Ridge
    HSC70928HSCGalium aparineR. York5791980-05-18 HumboldtNear Black Mtn
    HSC71129HSCGalium aparineGail Newton10881980-07-09 TrinityNear Shanty Creek.
    HSC73126HSCGalium aparineM.A. Baker13051980-05-18 HumboldtNear Black Mtn.
    HSC73464HSCGalium aparineGrunert221961-09-09 Shasta
    HSC73484HSCGalium aparineGail Newton13491980-07-12 TrinityNear Red Lassic
    HSC73541HSCGalium aparineGail Newton14771980-07-14 HumboldtNear Last Chance Ridge.
    HSC73588HSCGalium aparineGail Newton12901980-07-10 TrinityNear Senteney Rock
    HSC75888HSCGalium aparineD.H. Norris192781971-06-22 LassenAlong Hwy. 395, 4 mi. E of Standish
    HSC76230HSCGalium aparineAlerie Gizinski1871981-07-29 TrinityNear Senteney Rock
    HSC77962HSCGalium aparineL.P. Janeway7611984-05-07 HumboldtN Spit of Humboldt Bay, on BLM lands near the Coast Guard Station
    HSC79374HSCGalium aparineKenneth Clark5511980-03-27 HumboldtAbove S Fork of Dead Mans Gulch
    HSC79511HSCGalium aparineKenneth Clark6951980-06-14 HumboldtN Fork of Dead Mans Gulch
    HSC80761HSCGalium aparineG.M. Riegel9351980-07-24 ModocSouth Warner Mtns.
    HSC81605HSCGalium aparineThomas W. Nelson52611980-05-25 HumboldtAlong road from Dinsmore to Anderson Crossing- McKeown Ranch Rd.- 0.5 W of McKeown house
    HSC82114HSCGalium aparineThomas W. Nelson52541980-05-25 HumboldtAlong road from Dinsmore to Anderson Crossing, McKeown Ranch Rd. 10 N of junction of road to Hindley Cabin
    HSC83379HSCGalium aparineBob Wych221975-05-11 SolanoBlue Ridge Rd., 1.7 N of intersection with Mix Canon Rd.
    HSC84010HSCGalium aparineM. Theroux6941985-05-25 KernFarnsworth Ranch SE of Glennville, 1-3.5 mi. E of Glennville-Granite Rd. and 1-2 mi. S of Fulton Ranger Station, near confluence of Fulton and Cedar Creeks
    HSC84045HSCGalium aparineL.P. Janeway2481983-04-30 TrinityBurnt Ranch USFS campground
    HSC84175HSCGalium aparineSusan Dakuzaku411975-05-11 SolanoBlue Ridge Rd., 1 N of Mix Canon Rd.
    HSC86912HSCGalium aparineB. Pitzer4781978-04-11 MendocinoW of Murrieta at Santa Rosa Plateau Preserve, Mesa de Colorado.
    HSC87467HSCGalium aparineGladys L. Smith79991983-06-25 MendocinoSummit ridge of Etsel Ridge, USFS, N of Grizzly Flat Ranger Station, Mendocino National Forest
    HSC87879HSCGalium aparineGladys L. Smith84291984-06-21 MendocinoAlong road at plateau in front of park museum above Bear Harbor, Sinkyone Wilderness State Park
    HSC89467HSCGalium aparineP.A. Daly1011986-03-12 HumboldtTrinidad Head, along trail
    HSC89756HSCGalium aparineM. Roantree741985-05-30 HumboldtE side of Trinidad Head along dirt road
    HSC90413HSCGalium aparineC. Wilson311992-04-16 TrinityHwy. 299, Caltrans Rest Area, Salyer
    HSC90531HSCGalium aparineJennifer Whipple11431976-06-25 TrinityMt. Eddy, S facing slopes N of Deadfall Lake in the Deadfall drainage
    HSC90532HSCGalium aparineJennifer Whipple11541976-06-29 TrinityMt. Eddy, S facing slopes N of Deadfall Lake in the Deadfall drainage
    HSC91494HSCGalium aparineSusan H. Bicknellsn1989-04-17 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park, MDO 1
    HSC95075HSCGalium aparineAndrea Pickart1332002-06-30 HumboldtLanphere Dunes Unit, Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge
    HSC95390HSCGalium aparineAndrea Pickart1882002-07-21 HumboldtAlong entrance to Lanphere Dunes at end of Lanphere Rd.
    HSC95750HSCGalium aparineSteven Lee232004-04-25 HumboldtFrom Hwy. 299, take South Fork Rd. to County Rd. 341. River access trail is at the end of the road.
    HSC96241HSCGalium aparineKaylea Eickhoff32005-06-03 Humboldt19.3 mi. S of Hwy. 299 NF1
    HSC96831HSCGalium aparineS. Lyon32006-06-03 SiskiyouE side of Eddy Gulch Rd., 3 mi. S of the intersection with Sawyers Bar Rd.
    HSC96965HSCGalium aparineL. Ahart128262006-06-21 SierraN side of the road, 2 W of the forest
    HSC97507HSCGalium aparineC. Witte752007-05-22 HumboldtCold Spring. 1-2 mile south of Titlow Hill.
    HSC99414HSCGalium aparineK. A. Wayman632010-06-28 HumboldtNear North Trinity Mtn, 11.9 mi east of Hoopa on Big Hill Rd (8N01), at Box Canonal Forest.
    HSC99827HSCGalium aparineJimerson5411979-06-13 HumboldtNear Slate Creek Butte, close to the town of Orleans
    IRVC113524IRVCGalium aparineMichael G. Simpson43292020-03-21 OrangePatriot - Flagpole hill trail, ca. 1-2 mile from trailhead at Via Cerro Rebal.
    IRVC16319IRVCGalium aparineMignonne Bivin241978-03-26 TulareSequoia National Park: Ash Mtn. housing development.
    IRVC16762IRVCGalium aparineA.B. McGee5801979-10-03 OrangeCorona Del Mar: Buck Gully to Little Corona Beach. Sea level to 50 ft. elev.
    IRVC17340IRVCGalium aparineGordon A. Marshs.n.1980-04-04 OrangeUC Irvine Ecological Preserve.
    IRVC18568IRVCGalium aparineA.B. McGees.n.1981-03-25 OrangeSan Joaquin Freshwater Marsh, by fence along bluffs.
    IRVC18666IRVCGalium aparineGordon Marshs.n.1981-04-17 OrangeSan Joaquin Freshwater Marsh, W side, roadside.
    IRVC20169IRVCGalium aparineR.L. Allens.n.1977-04-10 OrangeSANTA ANA MTS: Ortega Hwy, roadside 111, 1.5 N San Juan Guard Stn
    IRVC20783IRVCGalium aparineFred M. Roberts4631982-04-02 OrangeLaguna Niguel: hills, N of Del Avion St., 3.5km ESE Aliso Peak; 3.2km SSE Alicia Fire Station.
    IRVC21954IRVCGalium aparineFred M. Roberts14811985-03-12 OrangeSan Clemente: bluffs above el Camino Real, o.3km by road west of Ave. Pico; 0.7km SE bench Mark 16 (sect. 32)
    IRVC22805IRVCGalium aparineFred M. Roberts18451985-06-07 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.: Viejo Canon, 2.5 W Lower San Juan Picnic Ground, .7 N Hwy 74.
    IRVC24836IRVCGalium aparineFred M. Roberts28791986-05-16 OrangeSanta Ana Mtns.: ridge above San Juan Canon, Sitton Peak Tuck Trail, 3.9km Q Sitton Peak.
    IRVC26088IRVCGalium aparineA.C. Sanders264272003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain, lower Copper Canon on the south side of the mountain ca. 0.25 km north of the Mexican border
    IRVC26143IRVCGalium aparineS.D. White26621995-03-30 RiversideMoreno Valley; hills ca. 0.7 air mi directly S of 60 Fwy and W of bend in Moreno Beach Drive. Topo Q. shows Moreno BM 2067 at top of hill.
    IRVC26614IRVCGalium aparineM.B. Dunkle72201939-04-03 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; Chenetti Canon.
    IRVC27057IRVCGalium aparineMark A. Elvin39372005-02-05 San DiegoW side of Otay Mtn; 1.5km SSE of Savage Dam (Otay Lake); N of County Prison; near tributary to Otay River, N of O′Neal Canon. Rocky (granite) clay with scattered clay lenses; SD Plant Atlas grid V14
    IRVC27480IRVCGalium aparineMark A. Elvin41412005-04-02 San DiegoE side of Otay Mtn; Marron Creek along Marron Valley Road; 2.1km (air) N of Mexico; near gate to City of San diego Preserve.
    IRVC28402IRVCGalium aparineA.C. Sanders; Tricia Wotipka266982003-05-15 Venturacanyon below old ranch site in upper south fork of Salt Canon along dirt road to the crest of the range, Newhall Ranch
    IRVC30159IRVCGalium aparineMignonne Bivin241978-03-26 TulareSequoia National Park: Ash Mtn. housing development.
    IRVC3347IRVCGalium aparineR.H. WhittakerSJ-2231963-06-06 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: 5509 San Jacinto Ridge Rd. NE-28degreeds lower-middle slope, granite soil. Coulter pine-oak woodland.
    IRVC3348IRVCGalium aparineR.H. WhittakerSJ-1701963-06-02 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Mt. Center-Hemet Hwy
    IRVC3349IRVCGalium aparineR.H. WhittakerSJ-4721963-06-14 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns.: Idyllwild-Banning Hwy. Slope N-20 degrees.
    IRVC3352IRVCGalium aparineFred M. Robertss.n.1983-05-27 OrangeCanon canyon: Near La Vida Mineral Springs.
    IRVC4150IRVCGalium aparinePeter H. Ravens.n.1960-04-02 Ventura0.2 miles east of Lake Enchanto
    IRVC4905IRVCGalium aparinePeter H. Ravens.n.1960-05-21 Los Angeles
    IRVC8976IRVCGalium aparineP. W. Rundel10251962-04-12 San MateoOld La Honda Road. Santa Cruz Mt. Range. SF Bay drainage area.
    IRVC8977IRVCGalium aparineP. W. Rundel10561962-05-05 Los Angeles-x{20 Wash - southeast corner of Pomona College.
    IRVC8987IRVCGalium aparineP. W. Rundel15161965-02-06 Los AngelesPalmer Canon; just north of Padua Hills, west slope.
    IRVC9044IRVCGalium aparineTaylor181918-03-01 Los AngelesBlanchard Park, Pomona College
    JEPS108125UCJEPSGalium aparineDean Kelchs. n.1992-04-29 Santa ClaraSilver Creek Hills, San Jose.
    JEPS108824UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart125972006-05-08 ButteSteep bank on the south side of a small stream, about 50 yards east of the fence and reservoir, about 2 1-4 miles west of the parking area, cow chute, and Cherokee Road, North Table Mountain, about 7 miles (air) north of Oroville
    JEPS109710UCJEPSGalium aparineDean W. Taylor180752002-05-29 MariposaWawona Tunnel, Yosemite National Park, ca. 100 meters South of the eastern portal of the tunnel
    JEPS110368UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart128262006-06-21 SierraOn the north side of the road, about 2 miles (by road) west of Forest
    JEPS110607UCJEPSGalium aparineJake Ruygt2581978-04-06 Napa1.0 mile west of Dry Creek Rd. on Redwood Rd.
    JEPS111526UCJEPSGalium aparineD. G. Kelch05.2112005-05-05 Contra CostaPoint Pinole - Giant Marsh Giant Salt Marsh
    JEPS112102UCJEPSGalium aparineA. G. Murdock2232004-03-19 Contra CostaLuzon Sycamore Ave. just east of Rodeo-Hercules where train crosses Highway 4 (Luzon)
    JEPS112106UCJEPSGalium aparineD. G. Kelch03.3522003-04-03 Contra CostaCummings Skyway South of Cummings Skyway and Crockett Blvd
    JEPS112111UCJEPSGalium aparineD. G. Kelch05.532005-03-24 Contra CostaPoint Pinole. Southern Pt. Pinole.
    JEPS115294UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart155482009-04-17 ButteOn the south slope of a ridge, about 150 yards west of Highway 32, near the south boundary, Upper Bidwell Park, about 5 miles (air) northeast of Chico
    JEPS115802UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino158542009-06-14 PlumasCut bank of Forest Road 2 N01Y, about 1.3 miles (air) west of Lake Almanor Dam
    JEPS121130UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino186152013-04-26 Mendocino1.1 air miles SSE of Anchor Bay, 2.0 air miles NW of mouth of Gualala River.
    JEPS122011UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart194442014-05-08 TehamaOn the south side of the paved road to Berris Creek, about 0.4 mile east of the intersection with Black Butte Road, about 12 1-2 miles (air) southwest of Corning.
    JEPS125817UCJEPSGalium aparineWilliam Harnach13312013-05-01 Sierra1.6 miles West of Goodyears Bar on Highway 49 North of the Ramshorn campground.
    JEPS126534UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart, John Dittes210202016-06-07 Lassen10 yards west of State Highway 299, Big Valley Mountains, 0.4 mile (air) northeast of Big Valley Summit, 5.0 miles (air) southwest of Bieber.
    JEPS127170UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart, John Dittes212232016-07-15 LassenAsh Creek State Wildlife Area, about 5.5 miles (air) northeast of Bieber, Big Valley.
    JEPS127517UCJEPSGalium aparineSteve Matson3661998-07-28 PlacernSNH: Tahoe north shore; Snow Creek watershed, Tahoe Vista-Kings Beach; west fork of Snow Creek, north end of main boggy site.
    JEPS127813UCJEPSGalium aparineAdam C. Schneider, C. Matt Guilliams772013-04-07 San Mateo
    JEPS128248UCJEPSGalium aparineRoger Raiche114.002000-05-28 SonomaThe Cedars. Lower Russian River, Big Austin Creek watershed.
    JEPS130828UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart, John Dittes, Josephine Guardino224762021-06-12 LassenArea north of old RR Tracks, north side of Highway 70, 0.4 mile east of Beckwourth Pass, 3.4 miles (air) northwest of Hallelujah Junction, west edge of Long Valley.
    JEPS21765UCJEPSGalium aparineJ. H. Thomas16001950-04-16 Santa Cruzbetween Watsonville Slough and dunes at Palm Beach Speedway (near mouth of Pajaro River)
    JEPS23560UCJEPSGalium aparineJ. H. Thomas70981958-04-18 San FranciscoCorona Heights San Francisco
    JEPS23591UCJEPSGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann54941959-07-08 Tulareat the Johnsondale-Quaking Aspen Road Sierra Nevada, Ice Creek
    JEPS24084UCJEPSGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann51741959-05-02 KernBreckenridge Mt. Rd 8.7 mi w Munzer Meadow; Tehachapi-Kernville Region
    JEPS24104UCJEPSGalium aparineHenry J. Thompson19561959-04-19 Los AngelesMulholland Hwy 1 mi w Las Virgenes Rd.; Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu Creek drainage
    JEPS24235UCJEPSGalium aparinePeter H. Raven139491959-04-04 Los Angeleshillside just e Zuma Beach; Santa Monica Mountains, Point Dume
    JEPS24304UCJEPSGalium aparineClare B. Hardham2571956-05-24 San Luis ObispoAtascadero Santa Lucia Mountains, Paradise Valley
    JEPS24308UCJEPSGalium aparinePeter H. Raven140631959-05-03 Los AngelesMulholland Drive near Beverley Glen Boulevard; Santa Monica Mountains
    JEPS24681UCJEPSGalium aparinePeter Raven, Clifton F. Smith152251960-04-26 Santa Barbaraabove Christy′s; Channel Islands, Santa Cruz Island
    JEPS24682UCJEPSGalium aparinePeter Raven149411960-04-05 Santa Barbararidge on e side at head Water Canon; Santa Rosa Island
    JEPS25525UCJEPSGalium aparineRimo Bacigalupi, Lincoln Constance71371959-07-16 LassenUS Hwy 395 one fourth mi s junction of road to Smokey Creek (playa beside road)
    JEPS25596UCJEPSGalium aparineRimo Bacigalupi72281959-07-02 Siskiyoujust s Trinity Co. boundary ( < Co. boundary is low divide separating Coffee Creek drainage from that of the Salmon River > ); Caribou Mtn., Salmon River, Coffee Creek, Big Flat Campgroun
    JEPS25679UCJEPSGalium aparineP. C. Hutchison20031961-05-21 Mendocino6.5 mi s of Cummings (9 mi n of Laytonville, at junction with side road to Spy Rock, e side of creek); Highway US 101, Rattlesnake Creek
    JEPS25681UCJEPSGalium aparineP. C. Hutchison2005B1961-05-21 HumboldtUS Hwy 101 1-4 mi s Holbrook Grove boundary (1-2 mi n of Redway, 3 1-4 mi n of Garberville, rocks e of hwy facing nw)
    JEPS25689UCJEPSGalium aparineP. C. Hutchison20111961-05-22 Humboldton road to Horse Mt. 1.1 mi s Berry Summit (( < Berry Summit > is at 2871 ft alt. on hiway US 299), nw-facing exposure)
    JEPS25693UCJEPSGalium aparineP. C. Hutchison20211961-05-22 HumboldtUS 299 5.4 mi ne Klamath River bridge at Weitchpec (10 mi sw of Orleans, w side of river); Klamath River
    JEPS25698UCJEPSGalium aparineP. C. Hutchison20341961-05-22 SiskiyouUS 299 at Browns Creek (3.7 mi s of Clear Creek, on w side of river, s of Happy Camp); Klamath River
    JEPS31217UCJEPSGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann67521962-04-05 Monterey7.8 mi w San Juan Bautista; Old San Juan Grade
    JEPS31406UCJEPSGalium aparineLewis S. Rose631741963-06-09 MontereyAsilomar
    JEPS32585UCJEPSGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann84111963-06-11 Kernmouth Cow Flat Creek; Tehachapi-Kernville region, Kern Canon
    JEPS32591UCJEPSGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann83041963-06-03 Kern0.5 mi below Neasons Flat; San Emigdio Range and Mt. Pinos Region, San Emigdio Range, P
    JEPS32838UCJEPSGalium aparineE. R. Blakley60461963-06-27 Santa Barbara1-2 mi w of Alamar Guard Station (head of river); San Rafael Mts., Sisquoc River, Bear Camp
    JEPS33060UCJEPSGalium aparineE. R. Blakley34551960-05-20 Santa BarbaraSalisbury Potrero
    JEPS33401UCJEPSGalium aparineCharlotte N. Smith10281961-05-31 Kernon westerly-facing slope near summit of main ridge (about 1 1-2 or 2 mi sw from head of Eugene Grade); Greenhorn Mountain
    JEPS38124UCJEPSGalium aparineTheodore Niehaus4421965-04-04 Los Angelesfirst canyon n of Randal Point (e side of island, also in canyon below Lemon Tank); San Clemente Island
    JEPS45268UCJEPSGalium aparinePerry Allen1961-03-24 StanislausVicinity of La Grange
    JEPS52109UCJEPSGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann123121966-05-20 Kernslope at head Tollgate Canon; Tehachapi-Kernville region
    JEPS54398UCJEPSGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann134211967-06-26 Tularejust above Cherry Hill road bridge; Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, Bush Creek
    JEPS58891UCJEPSGalium aparineJohn Thomas Howell209421945-06-03 Marinnear Shell Beach; near Shell Beach
    JEPS64602UCJEPSGalium aparineErnest C. Twisselmann165331970-05-07 Tulareopposite Dry Meadow Creek Falls; Sierra Nevada, Kern River Trail
    JEPS6578UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson128091928-05-18 MariposaChowchilla School
    JEPS6579UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson18151902-05-17 CalaverasGwin Mine
    JEPS6580UCJEPSGalium aparineAdele Lewis Grant10a1915-05-14 TuolumneItalian Bar Sierra Nevada
    JEPS6581UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson186181938-04-08 El Dorados Chili Bar (steep hillside); South Fork American River, Big Canon
    JEPS6582UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson104611924-05-25 Mariposabelow Nevada Fall; Yosemite Valley, Silver Apron
    JEPS6583UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson1891-04-20 SutterSouth Peak Region of the Marysville Buttes
    JEPS6584UCJEPSGalium aparineCharlotte N. Smith6121942-05-15 Kern2 3-8 mi se Poso Mine; North-facing watershed of Poso Creek
    JEPS6585UCJEPSGalium aparineCharlotte N. Smith5231941-06-09 Kern1-2 mi w of summit Eugene Grade (Greenhorn Mts.); Greenhorn Mts.
    JEPS6586UCJEPSGalium aparineVirginia Bailey1938-04-16 Tehamaon Paskenta-Covelo rd 6 mi w Paskenta
    JEPS6587UCJEPSGalium aparineBlankinship1911-05-11 ShastaOlinda
    JEPS6588UCJEPSGalium aparineBlankinship1911-04-16 ShastaReading; < =Redding >
    JEPS6589UCJEPSGalium aparineLincoln Constance6291934-05-24 Humboldts slope of Lower Look Prairie; Bull Creek Region, South Fork Eel River
    JEPS6590UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson187501938-05-10 Solanohigh point of new American Canon road Benicia Hills (high point of the spur, going n)
    JEPS6591UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson1892-05-17 SolanoWalker Canon Vaca Mts.
    JEPS6592UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson103471924-04-12 San FranciscoMt. Davidson San Francisco
    JEPS6593UCJEPSGalium aparineE. Kraeger101926-04-10 San FranciscoLand′s End San Francisco
    JEPS6594UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson100201923-07-04 AlamedaBerkeley
    JEPS6595UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson1886-11-11 AlamedaVicinity of Berkeley
    JEPS6596UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson2014-05-18 SiskiyouRegion of the Upper Sacramento; Sisson
    JEPS6597UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson91231921-04-13 Santa BarbaraRattlesnake Canon Santa Ynez Mts.
    JEPS6598UCJEPSGalium aparineF. W. Peirson11841921-06-19 Los AngelesNorth Fork San Gabriel River San Gabriel Mts.
    JEPS6599UCJEPSGalium aparineS. B. Parish1890-01-01 San Bernardinonear San Bernardino
    JEPS6600UCJEPSGalium aparineCarl V. Meyer201927-03-01 San Diegohillslopes Escondido
    JEPS6601UCJEPSGalium aparineAlice King581908-04-01 OrangeSanta Ana River
    JEPS6602UCJEPSGalium aparineSamuel B. Parish1888-05-01 San Bernardinofoothills
    JEPS6603UCJEPSGalium aparineWillis L. Jepson15061901-05-17 San DiegoAugustine′s Ranch Palomar
    JEPS75515UCJEPSGalium aparineP. F. Yorks505a1976-04-11 Contra Costaon Hampton Rd ca 1.4 km s Bear Creek Road (n of Briones Reservoir); Hampton Road Natural Preserve
    JEPS77202UCJEPSGalium aparineRobert M. Lloyd23491963-04-24 Marinon Bolinas Road 3.5 mi s Fairfax
    JEPS79416UCJEPSGalium aparineEdward Lee8231934-05-23 San Franciscobetween n and s lake San Francisco, Lake Merced
    JEPS79748UCJEPSGalium aparineM. LavinSW441980-06-19 Mono6 mi s Coleville; Sierra NV, West Walker River
    JEPS80392UCJEPSGalium aparineL. R. Heckard, J. Hickman56251981-06-22 ColusaDark Hollow Trail Snow Mt.
    JEPS88458UCJEPSGalium aparineVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart73341996-04-08 TehamaBLM parcel along Hwy. 36 n.e. Red Bluff (bluff on n. side of Sacramento R. just downstream from the mouth of Paynes Creek, Hog Lake Plateau); Cascade Range Foothills, Hog Lake Plateau
    JEPS90075UCJEPSGalium aparineDean W. Taylor33371974-05-05 AlpineIndian Creek Reservoir rd. 0.5 mi. e. of Diamond Valley rd.; Sierra Nevada
    JEPS93021UCJEPSGalium aparineDana York3351996-03-14 Kernca. 11 km. n.e. Bakersfield (adjacent to Hwy. 178 at the mouth of the Kern River canyon, on n.-facing slope s. of hwy.); Kern R. Basin
    JEPS93683UCJEPSGalium aparineE. R. Blakley5050-A1962-04-02 Santa Barbarajunction of the toyon tree canyon and Willow Canon (San Miguel Isl.); Channel Isl.′s, San Miguel Isl.
    JEPS93685UCJEPSGalium aparineE. R. Blakley, Clifton Smith30791960-04-05 Santa Barbaraat head of small cnayon Torrey Pine Grove; Channel Isl.′s, Santa Rosa Island, Torrey Pine Grove
    JEPS93688UCJEPSGalium aparineE. R. Blakley50381962-04-02 Santa Barbarabottom of Willow Canon (s.e. of ranch house, San Miguel Isl.); Channel Isl.′s, San Miguel Isl., Willow Canon
    JEPS93709UCJEPSGalium aparineE. R. Blakley49881962-04-01 Venturan.e. of highest peak on the west island Anacapa Isl.; Channel Isl.′s, Anacapa Isl.
    JEPS94417UCJEPSGalium aparineVernon Oswald, Lowell Ahart87291997-07-17 TrinityForest Road 29 (Bramlet Road) 2.9 mi s of Highway 36; Forest Road 29
    JEPS95487UCJEPSGalium aparineVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart60621994-04-06 ColusaT1 N R7W SE1-4 W1-4 Sec. 36, 1540 ft, Chaparral. Goat Mtn. Rd. at Sullivan Creek, 1.2 mi SW of Digger Pine Flat, S of Stonyford
    JEPS95679UCJEPSGalium aparineVernon H. Oswald, L. Ahart65951995-04-03 TehamaT2 N R2 W1-4 NW1-4 Sec. 26, 660 ft, Cascade Range Foothills, Blue Oak Woodland, basalt substrate. Dales Lake Reserve on the W side of Manton Rd. (A6) ca. 2 mi n of Dales Station on Hwy. 36, ca. 14 mi ne of Red Bluff
    JEPS98370UCJEPSGalium aparineLowell Ahart85342000-06-29 Butte5 air miles E of Magalia (Flea Meadow, 1-2 W of Flea Mountain, 3 1-2 air miles N of Concow Reservoir)
    JEPS99852UCJEPSGalium aparineMelanie Arnett82292001-06-25 MaderaDevils Postpile National Monument; S-facing 30% moist slope in mist of Rainbow Falls. Platy rhyodacite.
    JEPS99947UCJEPSGalium aparineS. O′NeilSEO152003-03-11 Contra CostaMt. Wanda; Martinez; John Muir National Historic Site; Mt. Wanda, John Muir National Historic Site
    JOTR28868JOTRGalium aparineLa Doux, Tasha11022004-05-06 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Little San Bernardino Mountains; bouldery outcrops with small ephemeral washes in restricted area northeast of Key′s Ranch
    JOTR29419JOTRGalium aparineLa Doux, Tasha14962006-05-22 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. Willow Hole
    JOTR32340JOTRGalium aparineLa Doux, Tasha24602011-05-09 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. West of Queen Mountain, Wonderland of Rocks; narrow wash with large granitic boulders throughout corridor (Stop 2)
    JOTR32341JOTRGalium aparineLa Doux, Tasha24602011-05-09 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Park. West of Queen Mountain, Wonderland of Rocks; narrow wash with large granitic boulders throughout corridor (Stop 2)
    JROH3782JROHGalium aparineJohn H. Thomas115661966-04-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    JROH3783JROHGalium aparineJohn Hunter Thomas199141980-05-01 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University
    LA00642923LAGalium aparinePeter H. Raven148511960-04-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Old Topanga Canon; 0.7 W of Topanga Canon
    LA00642925LAGalium aparineO.H. Kappler1381941-03-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Benedict Canon; N of Beverly Hills
    LA00642928LAGalium aparinePeter H. Raven140631959-05-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mulholland Drive near Beverly Glen Blvd
    LA201364LAGalium aparineArthur C. Gibson42222001-04-20 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Santa Rosa Trail along crest
    LA212913LAGalium aparineElwood Fordhams.n.1963-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga; Robinson Road
    LA212989LAGalium aparineCarol Haines801964-04-16 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Robinson Road, Topanga
    LA33611LAGalium aparinePeter H. Raven139491959-04-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Point Dume Natural Preserve; just E of Zuma Beach
    LA33613LAGalium aparineHenry J. Thompson19561959-04-19 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mulholland Hwy, 1 W of Las Virgenes Rd, Malibu Creek drainage
    LA38798LAGalium aparinePeter H. Raven154051960-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Triunfo Canon
    LA50672LAGalium aparineCarl Epling64481925-03-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Griffith Park
    LA83061LAGalium aparineO.H. Kappler14171947-05-24 KernGreenhorn Mountains; Kern County Park
    LOB101582LOBGalium aparineT. Waters881970-04-17 Riverside2.3 miles SW of Murrieta on De Luz Road, Santa Ana Mountains
    LOB101583LOBGalium aparineDeBoyd L. Smiths.n.1956-04-24 Los AngelesEast 7th Street, Norwalk Boulevard, East of Long Beach
    LOB101584LOBGalium aparineH. Hollis351986-04-19 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island Black Jack Mtn Rd 1.2 W of junction with Avalon-Airport rd.
    LOB101585LOBGalium aparineRonald Osborn291970-04-09 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains, Lion Canon, 2.25 miles E of San Juan Guard Station on Hwy 74
    LOB101586LOBGalium aparineMelvin Kunkle1521972-05-18 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains, Los Pinos Spring on Ortega Highway
    LOB101587LOBGalium aparineSophia G. Schepes.n.1954-04-04 RiversideTin Mine Canon
    LOB101588LOBGalium aparineJ.B. Hall161970-05-15 Riverside2.7 miles S of Wesley St. on Co. Rd. R-1
    LOB101589LOBGalium aparineRichard W. Grogan191970-04-11 Santa BarbaraStagecoach Road, Just North of summit of San Marcos Pass
    LOB101590LOBGalium aparineJ.B. Hall111970-04-25 VenturaSespe Mountains, Squaw Flat Road, Maple Creek area
    NY1577128NYGalium aparineR. S. Mitchell22471964-07-27 ?  MonoOn Lone Tree Creek
    NY2729227NYGalium aparineA. M. Howald29142012-08-12 ?  MonoEastern Sierra Nevada Mtns.: Univ. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203 (Old Mammoth 7.5′ Q; +- 100m.)
    NY3452152NYGalium aparineB. Bartholomew46721989-04-29 ?  Modoc6.4 km E of Fort Bidwell on road to Fee Reservoir, NE corner of Surprise Valley.
    NY3452241NYGalium aparineA. Eastwood7791912-06-29 ?  ShastaGoose Valley
    NY3452262NYGalium aparineB. Bartholomew47421989-06-01 ?  ModocCa. 0.5 km S of State Hwy 299 on road to Shaker Spring.
    OBI109391OBIGalium aparineDavid Keil359262019-05-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Stop 1. Cojo Ranch Unit. 1.34 miles east from Cojo Gate along Long Canon Rd. and 1.5 miles east from the Pacific coast. Site with wells and weather station.
    OBI109392OBIGalium aparineDavid Keil321242014-03-30 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park; hike north from Turri Road along Chumash Trail and eastward along Crespi Trail loop
    OBI109393OBIGalium aparineDavid Keil322222014-04-12 San Luis ObispoElfin Forest along lowest trail above the bay
    OBI109394OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil291982001-03-28 San Luis ObispoDiablo Range, Avenal Ridge. Cottonwood Pass along Highway 41, 1.1 mile west of Kern County line.
    OBI109396OBIGalium aparineDavid Keil188541985-06-15 TulareVicinity of Stony Creek Campground. Circa 0.3 miles north of Stony Creek Village and west along dirt road.
    OBI109397OBIGalium aparineSharon Jochums1371974-04-10 San Luis ObispoW of hwy 1 on marine terr of Point San Simeon
    OBI109398OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil268331998-04-20 San Luis ObispoNW of Paso Robles on Nacimiento Lake Drive, 2.5 miles W of junction with Chimney Rock Road.
    OBI109399OBIGalium aparineF. Rush1221971-04-26 San Luis ObispoMt SLO
    OBI109400OBIGalium aparineRobert L. Allen2631981-05-03 San Luis Obispo7.6 NE of Santa Margarita, Calf Cyn, N end of La Panza Mts 1-2 down NW facing slope
    OBI109401OBIGalium aparineLynne Dee Oyler3171986-02-22 San Luis ObispoAmer Cyn blue oak study site in deeer exclosure. Los Padres Natl Forest
    OBI109403OBIGalium aparineRobert F. Hoover67091947-03-21 San Luis ObispoW base of Mt Bishop, near San Luis Obispo
    OBI109405OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil158341982-04-04 San Luis ObispoNipomo Mesa along Black Lake Cyn
    OBI109406OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil157121982-03-13 San Luis ObispoPennington Crk Biological Reserve, W of San Luis Obispo
    OBI109407OBIGalium aparineDavid Keil336432016-03-14 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
    OBI109408OBIGalium aparineJoy Nishida3241982-04-16 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn. .6 mi S of campground
    OBI109409OBIGalium aparineJoy Nishida2091982-04-10 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn campground
    OBI109410OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil139011990-04-26 San Luis ObispoAlong town Crk near Lime Mtn mine, W of Paso Robles
    OBI109411OBIGalium aparineJoy Nishida2521982-04-10 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn. Near stream in campground
    OBI109412OBIGalium aparineAllison Berry41982-04-24 San Luis ObispoApprox 6.5 W of Paso Robles on Ca rte G14. 1-2 mi inside entrance to Devil′s Gorge campgd. On ridge above E shore of Lake Nacimiento
    OBI109413OBIGalium aparineDave Imper781977-02-24 San Luis ObispoPrice Cyn Tarsands Project. 1 mi SW of Hwy 227 on Price Cyn Rd
    OBI109414OBIGalium aparineLynne Dee Oyler3671986-03-21 San Luis ObispoAgua Escondido, USFS blue oak study area. NE of Arroyo Grande
    OBI109415OBIGalium aparineJay N. Holliday, Jrs.n.1960-05-11 San Luis ObispoPoly Cyn
    OBI109417OBIGalium aparineGeorge K. Helmkamp209002013-06-19 El DoradoNorthern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Mormon emigrant Trail at the junction with Pilliken Road (Leek Spring Hill)
    OBI109418OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil126601978-03-19 KernAlong State hwy 178 in Kern River Cyn area, 8 W of jctn with Bodfish Rd
    OBI109420OBIGalium aparineRobert F. Hoover98151966-04-20 San Luis ObispoE of Atascadero on Creston Rd, on grade E of Salinas River
    OBI109421OBIGalium aparineRobert F. Hoover67091947-03-21 San Luis ObispoW base of Mt Bishop, near San Luis Obispo
    OBI109422OBIGalium aparineSteven A. JunakM-631978-04-09 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Range. Lower Coon Crk trl
    OBI109423OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil264611998-03-27 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park. Slopes W of Valencia Peak burned over in summer 1997
    OBI109424OBIGalium aparineGary Westbrook441980-04-12 San Luis ObispoCalif Polytechnic State Univ campus. In Poly cyn near Botanical Garden footbridge
    OBI109425OBIGalium aparineMargaret Przybylski1952004-05-08 AlamedaThe Oakland Zoo, lower park. S side of crk
    OBI109426OBIGalium aparineR. Mike Arens111994-03-12 San Luis ObispoCalif Polytechnic State Univ campus. In Poly cyn near Botanical Garden footbridge
    OBI109427OBIGalium aparineLarry Kelly5891991-07-01 Santa CruzSoquel Demonstration State Forest off of Highland Ave
    OBI109428OBIGalium aparineE. R. Blakley49881962-04-01 VenturaAnacapa Island. NE of the highest peak on the W island
    OBI109429OBIGalium aparineJulie M. Vanderwier601978-05-28 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
    OBI109430OBIGalium aparineWalter F. Chesebro250J1978-05-26 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State park. Coon Crk
    OBI109432OBIGalium aparinePenny Principes.n.1982-05-02 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts, E Cuesta Rdge, 2.7 mi SE of hwy 101
    OBI109433OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil123671977-05-14 Monterey3.5 W of Ponderosa camground along Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd
    OBI109434OBIGalium aparineCarrie Wilson291982-05-09 San Luis ObispoN of San Luis Obispo. 10 mi 1-4 mi E of CA Rte 101 on CA Rte 58-Santa Margarita. Site to R of rd; 50 yds from RR tracks
    OBI109437OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil228231992-04-12 San Luis ObispoLaguna Lake City Park
    OBI109438OBIGalium aparineD. R. Miller494.1651994-04-05 San Luis ObispoPine Mt Region. From the confluence area, Cyn trl, Pico Crk drainage
    OBI109439OBIGalium aparineD. G. Kelch7.0912007-03-24 Contra CostaOzol; between Port Costa and Martinez near old brick quarry
    OBI109441OBIGalium aparineJan Barber1691994-05-08 San Luis ObispoSan Simeon State Park; on north-facing slope in Monterey pine woods near main park road
    OBI109442OBIGalium aparineMelissa Luckow4401980-06-30 MaderaSierra Natl Forest. Minerets Ranger District. Willow Sale. 1-8 mi on E side of FS rd 8S09
    OBI109445OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil169551983-05-01 San Luis ObispoRidge system and coastal terr between Arroyo de la Cruz and Arroyo de los Chinos
    OBI109446OBIGalium aparineJoy Nishida4011982-05-29 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn .3 mi S of Amer Cyn campground
    OBI109447OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil159361982-05-08 San Luis Obispo2.35 mi E of jctn with Santa Rosa Crk Rd and Fiscalini Ranch Rd on dirt rd leading onto slopes to Cypress Mtn
    OBI109448OBIGalium aparineTurnquist841982-05-01 San Luis ObispoNE side of Laguna Lake Park
    OBI109449OBIGalium aparineJulie M. Vanderwier601978-05-28 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
    OBI109450OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil159651982-05-08 San Luis Obispo3.8 mi E of jctn with Santa Rosa Crk Rd on dirt rd leading up Cypress Mtn along Steiner Crk
    OBI109451OBIGalium aparineSteven A. Junak42791990-05-01 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge Botanical Area. Los Padres NF; Santa Lucia Mts: at N edge of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, along power line access rd which intersects Tassajera Crk Rd ca 2.4 W of hwy 101, ca 1.2 rd mi S of Tassajera CRk Rd
    OBI109452OBIGalium aparineFred Hrusa101980-04-12 San Luis ObispoRidge above botanic garden. Looking down on cluster of houses. [Poly Cyn; Cal Poly campus]
    OBI109453OBIGalium aparineGreg Wilvert2232005-04-13 San Luis ObispoSE half of the Caliente Range. 4 km SSW of Lawson Spring
    OBI109454OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil186301985-04-27 San Luis Obispo19.5 mi from Canong San Simeon Crk Rd, N of Rocky Butte lookout at locked gate
    OBI109455OBIGalium aparineGary Westbrook381980-04-12 San Luis ObispoCalif Polytechnic State Univ campus. In Poly cyn near Botanical Garden footbridge
    OBI109456OBIGalium aparineAnthony Baniaga882010-04-04 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda Mtn BLM ACEC
    OBI109457OBIGalium aparineLarry Kelly1541988-05-21 MaderaBass lake, Crane Valley campground
    OBI109458OBIGalium aparineSue Weis2711995-05-22 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB
    OBI109459OBIGalium aparineAl Lindholm1971967-04-23 San Luis ObispoFitzhugh property [6 miles north of Cayucos, Santa Lucia Mountains. Cypress Mountain Quadrangle, T28S, R10E, sections 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17. 1000-acre property containing within its boundaries the origins of Cottontail, Cayucos, Villa, and Cienega Creeks. Property contains Geode Mountain (rhyolite), sedimentary formations, and serpentine. Soils vary from hard rock to rich humus. Land mostly occupied by oak woodland and chaparral]. 1-2 mile southeast of Geode Mountain.
    OBI109460OBIGalium aparineElizabeth Rudd2481971-04-26 San Luis Obispo3 NE of Santa Margarita
    OBI109461OBIGalium aparineRobert F. Hoover87901964-05-11 San Luis ObispoNear Hi Mtn Spring Cmap
    OBI109462OBIGalium aparineLynne Dee Althouse891977-05-22 San Luis ObispoOak grove near arena on Wolfe′s horse ranch, N of San luis High School
    OBI109463OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil191401986-04-08 San Luis ObispoFire Ecology class trip to BLM land on E side of Santa Margarita Lake
    OBI109464OBIGalium aparineLynne Dee Oyler4481986-05-06 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Ranch. Estadio field in E part of the ranch
    OBI109465OBIGalium aparineKatherine K. Muller10011960-05-18 Santa BarbaraSlopes of Santa Barbara Potrero, Sierra Madre Mts
    OBI109466OBIGalium aparineMichael Theroux2721982-05-23 KernAlta Sierra, Greenhorn Mts, Sequoia NF, 8 N of Lake Isabella off hwy 155 (Glennville quad 7.5′)
    OBI109467OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil147521981-05-25 San Luis ObispoN of San Simeon in vicinity of Arroyo de la Cruz. Near Hwy 1
    OBI109468OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil193901986-05-08 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. S of Pine Cyn Gate, ca 2 mi up Pine Cyn
    OBI109469OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil142791981-03-07 San Luis ObispoAlong Los Osos Valley Rd between Foothill Blvd and Turri Rd
    OBI109470OBIGalium aparineRobert L. Allen3381981-05-20 San Luis Obispo7.6 NE of Santa Margarita, Calf Cyn, N end of La Panza mts. Lower portion of NW slope, in ravine area
    OBI109471OBIGalium aparineRobert F. Hoover83441954-05-15 San Luis ObispoCalf Cyn
    OBI148222OBIGalium aparineDylan M. Neubauer17322020-06-11 Santa Cruz(SnFrB) Central Santa Cruz Mtns., Ben Lomond Mtn., headwaters of Big Creek, .66 air-mile southeast Eagle Rock
    OBI171693OBIGalium aparineReed Kenny1392019-03-30 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
    OBI174949OBIGalium aparineDavid J. Keil326892015-02-21 San Luis ObispoSoutheastern portion of San Luis Range. Pismo Preserve. Along Coastal Ridge Trail between trailhead at Longview Ave. loop and junction with road northeast toward Thousand Hills Road (between 35.154857 °, -120.635700 ° and 35.159323 °, -120.646219 ° ).
    OBI186359OBIGalium aparineKathryn Bay5511989-04-28 San Luis ObispoBotanical survey of El Morro Elfin Forest. Nature preserve located along the fringe of the Morro Bay salt marsh north of Santa Ysabel Ave. and west of South Bay Blvd. at the northern fringe of the Baywood Park-Los Osos residential area.
    PASA41PASAGalium aparineSally Ellis1939-04-07 Los AngelesPuddingstone Dam
    PASA42PASAGalium aparineSally Ellis1940-04-16 Los AngelesClairemont, LA Co.
    PGM3532PGMGalium aparineGriffin, James R1973-06-05 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Chews Ridge, Calaboose Creek at head of
    PGM3897PGMGalium aparineYadon, Vern1990-04-24 San BenitoLaguna Mtn 3600 N side of mtn burn area
    PGM6809PGMGalium aparineHowitt, Beatrice F12511962-04-23 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Malpaso Canon along road, About 1.5 miles from Hwy 1
    PGM950PGMGalium aparineLind, Helen1971-05-10 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Carmel Valley Robinson Cyn, 2 mi fr Farm Center Bridge
    POM123381RSAGalium aparineMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-04-28 Santa BarbaraGaviota Canon.
    POM148009RSAGalium aparineJ. B. Feudge7271923-07-29 HumboldtRohnerville.
    POM155814RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle18671928-04-21 Los AngelesSanta Canon side Renton Mine Road
    POM158340RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle17641928-03-31 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Little Harbor
    POM160597RSAGalium aparineMarcus E. Joness.n.1929-03-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island.
    POM171077RSAGalium aparinePhilip A. Munz118011930-04-10 Santa BarbaraSan Miguel Island.
    POM171212RSAGalium aparinePhilip A. Munz115431930-04-08 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Canon at Hazard′s Harbor.
    POM182536RSAGalium aparineD. D. Keck11421931-05-31 TuolumneHog Ranch Ranger Station; Yosemite Nat′l Park, Mather.
    POM187474RSAGalium aparineC. Epling17861933-06-03 VenturaWest side of Frazier Mountain.
    POM18975RSAGalium aparinePhilip A. Munz67721923-04-11 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: low shore, west coast.
    POM19217RSAGalium aparinePhilip A. Munz64421923-04-09 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island.
    POM220752RSAGalium aparineM. Canby2341929-05-27 Santa Clara[Unspecified]
    POM244895RSAGalium aparineF. R. FosbergS46131931-04-15 Los AngelesSanta Canon.
    POM258804RSAGalium aparineFlorence J. Youngbergs.n.1938-05-29 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island.
    POM260124RSAGalium aparineC. Leo Hitchcock65421940-05-24 ShastaHat Creek, 20 miles W of Fall River Mills.
    POM283985RSAGalium aparineArthur L. Cohen5341935-03-28 KernKern Canon; Watershed: Kern River; Mt. Range: Greenhorn.
    POM283986RSAGalium aparineArthur L. Cohen1981934-04-03 KernLower Kern Canon
    POM283987RSAGalium aparineH. E. Brown2621897-05-15 ShastaNear Pit River Ferry.
    POM283990RSAGalium aparineLyman D. Benson3179a1932-03-26 RiversideTemecula Grade. Temecula Valley.
    POM283992RSAGalium aparineLyman D. Benson841928-04-16 Santa ClaraStanford University. Santa Cruz Mtn Range. San. Fran. Bay watershed.
    POM283993RSAGalium aparineLyman D. Benson27351931-04-18 Madera5 miles W of Coarsegold; Mt. Range: Sierra Nevada; Watershed: Fresno River.
    POM283995RSAGalium aparineLyman D. Benson75931936-05-03 KernGreenhorn Mt, Kern River.
    POM304089RSAGalium aparineNathan C. Sweet551941-07-01 MariposaBroncho Hollow Ranch. 8 miles S of Bootjack.
    POM367618RSAGalium aparineL. E. Hoffmans.n.1931-04-21 Los AngelesMillard′s Canon, Angeles Forest.
    POM367735RSAGalium aparineF. R. FosbergS43111931-03-20 Los AngelesSanta Canon Canon.
    POM367736RSAGalium aparineFreda Detmerss.n.1929-04-13 Los AngelesHorse Trail, Santa Catalina Island.
    POM367737RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle73111939-04-06 Los AngelesMosquito Harbor, San Clemente Island.
    POM367738RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle20871929-04-07 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. White′s Landing.
    POM367739RSAGalium aparineL. E. Hoffmans.n.1929-05-05 Los AngelesPacoima Canon
    POM367740RSAGalium aparineLouis Greatas.n.1901-03-01 Los AngelesHighland Park.
    POM367741RSAGalium aparineAnstruther Davidsons.n.1889-08-01 Los AngelesL.A. River.
    POM367742RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle33171933-04-19 Los AngelesPalos Verde Hills, north slope.
    POM367743RSAGalium aparineSam Tysons.n.1942-06-18 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon
    POM367744RSAGalium aparineEdwin Klines.n.1925-05-26 Los AngelesArroyo Seco.
    POM367745RSAGalium aparineE. S. Spaldings.n.1923-05-02 Los AngelesFish Canon, near Monrovia, [San Gabriel Mountains].
    POM367746RSAGalium aparineBlanche Sells.n.1923-06-12 Los AngelesTopanga Pass.
    POM367747RSAGalium aparineDonald R. Bissing1051973-06-02 Los AngelesEvey Canon; San Gabriel Mountains.
    POM367748RSAGalium aparineD. A. YoungP3851969-03-10 Los Angeles1-2 mi. from gate 6 of Puddingstone State Park off of san Dimas Ave., in a canyon 300 yds. NW of the road.
    POM367749RSAGalium aparineWm. Martin76H371B1972-05-12 Los AngelesGold Creek, Little Tujunga.
    POM367750RSAGalium aparineBonnie C. Templeton49301932-06-18 Los AngelesJackson Lake, Big Pines Park, San Gabriel Mountains.
    POM367751RSAGalium aparineL. E. Hoffmans.n.1967-04-08 Los AngelesMillard′s Canon, Angeles Forest.
    POM367752RSAGalium aparineL. E. Hoffmans.n.1929-05-05 Los AngelesHermon Hills, Ave-57. Pasadena.
    POM367753RSAGalium aparineMartha Hilend1921928-04-18 Los AngelesGriffith Park.
    POM367754RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle25021931-07-18 AlamedaStrawberry Canon, Berkeley
    POM367755RSAGalium aparineHoward de Forests.n.1930-04-13 FresnoRoad thru N end Mt. Diablo Range.
    POM367756RSAGalium aparinePricilla Osborns.n.1930-06-01 KernBakersfield.
    POM367757RSAGalium aparineChristopher Davidson28811975-06-28 KernPine Mountain Club, off road 9N0 N slope of Mt. Pinos. Up Zion Way, past water tank.
    POM367758RSAGalium aparineD. Boyd81980-04-19 LakeColdsprings Canond, along access road to Indian Valley Dam.
    POM367759RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle49881949-09-26 MaderaEast of Madera.
    POM36776RSAGalium aparineN. C. Cooper20401947-04-05 RiversideLos Alamos Canon, Elsinore.
    POM367760RSAGalium aparineHoward de Forests.n.1930-04-21 MarinLake Lagunitas.
    POM367761RSAGalium aparineAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1923-04-27 OrangeTrabuco Canon.
    POM367762RSAGalium aparineRobert Gustafson31151985-05-20 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns., R-1, between Lake Fulmar and Allandale.
    POM367763RSAGalium aparineN. C. Cooper13761944-06-17 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns. West side.
    POM367764RSAGalium aparineN. C. Cooper16641944-05-24 RiversideBig Oaks Canon, Banning.
    POM367765RSAGalium aparineN. C. Cooper12361944-05-21 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains, West side
    POM367767RSAGalium aparineAloys Nicholsons.n.1931-05-26 San BernardinoCanon Pass, San Bernardino Mtns.
    POM367768RSAGalium aparineFreda Detmerss.n.1933-06-11 San BernardinoLake Arrowhead, San Bernardino Mountains.
    POM367769RSAGalium aparineFreda Detmerss.n.1931-05-10 San BernardinoSheep Canon.
    POM367770RSAGalium aparineLarry E. DeBuhr6691972-07-06 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; Snake Creek on Forest Service Road 2N 18, east of Lake Arrowhead.
    POM367771RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle52761950-04-18 San DiegoPalomar.
    POM367772RSAGalium aparineK. K. Muller10011960-05-18 Santa BarbaraSlopes of Santa Barbara Potrero, Sierra Madre Mountains.
    POM367773RSAGalium aparineMalcolm M. Rices.n.1924-04-29 Santa BarbaraEast of Museum of Oology, Santa Babara.
    POM367774RSAGalium aparineF. R. Fosberg76681932-03-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Prisoners Harbor.
    POM367775RSAGalium aparineD. D. Keck14161932-04-07 Santa ClaraStanford University.
    POM367776RSAGalium aparineF. R. Fosberg552001931-06-04 Santa CruzNear Glenwood, Santa Cruz Mts.
    POM367777RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle90161944-06-25 SiskiyouSiskiyou National Forest.
    POM367778RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle36131933-06-17 Los AngelesSan Antonio River Canon. Coastal Southern California.
    POM367779RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle49641934-03-18 StanislausKnight′s Ferry.
    POM383991RSAGalium aparineLyman D. Benson8481928-04-17 LakeHighland Springs. Mayacamas Mtn Range. Clear Lake watershed.
    POM4425RSAGalium aparineL. R. Abrams4711908-06-26 KernWater Canon
    POM4426RSAGalium aparineMinnie Reeds.n.1896-04-02 Los AngelesPomona.
    POM4427RSAGalium aparineL. T. Streets.n.1918-05-19 Los AngelesMt. Wilson at Camp Ualtee.
    POM4533RSAGalium aparineM. L. M.s.n.1912-06-15 Los AngelesClaremont.
    POM4534RSAGalium aparineO. W. Robinsons.n.1916-04-10 San BernardinoMouth of Cucamonga Canon.
    POM4535RSAGalium aparineD. L. Crawfords.n.1916-03-28 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains.
    POM50546RSAGalium aparineL. R. Abrams13471901-04-05 Los AngelesSan Fernando Mts.
    POM59550RSAGalium aparineA. D. E. Elmer44241903-05-01 San MateoSan Mateo.
    POM60866RSAGalium aparineHarriet Ann Walker4131906-07-01 AlamedaVicinity of Berkley.
    POM67221RSAGalium aparineMarcus E. Joness.n.1882-06-01 PlacerEmigrant Gap.
    POM67921RSAGalium aparineMarcus E. Joness.n.1903-05-16 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
    POM6991RSAGalium aparineI. M. Johnston29411919-06-08 San BernardinoFredalba.
    POM8557RSAGalium aparinePhilip A. Munz41511920-05-21 San BernardinoVicinity of Bonanza Mine, East Slope of Providence Mountains, Mojave Desert.
    POM8759RSAGalium aparinePhilip A. Munz37541920-04-24 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains, Sierra [Freemont] Canon.
    POM87643RSAGalium aparineL. R. Abrams83081922-06-27 Del NorteRegina.
    POM96595RSAGalium aparinePhilip A. Munz106941926-07-13 San BernardinoBluff Lake.
    POM97201RSAGalium aparineD. D. Keck1211925-05-18 San DiegoChariot Canon, San Felipe Creek
    POM99061RSAGalium aparineE. C. Jaegers.n.1926-05-01 RiversideJoseph Canon, Santa Ana Mts.
    PPWD1799PPWDGalium aparineP. Rockwood16472019-04-20 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Hades Hill
    PPWD2056PPWDGalium aparineP. Rockwood17372021-04-09 SonomaPepperwood Preserve -- Garrison Canon
    PPWD487PPWDGalium aparineG. de Nevers9411981-05-05 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Hansel′s Oak Woodland; cow pasture.
    PUA10939PUAGalium aparineF.W. Oettinger1969-08-01 SiskiyouLocal landmark: English Lake. Sawyer′s Bar Quad.
    PUA14868PUAGalium aparineClifton & Ground1978-06-18 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Gunsight Peak. Fort Jones Quad.
    PUA17212PUAGalium aparineBill Grummer1978-04-28 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA17222PUAGalium aparineBill Grummer1978-04-29 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA1808PUAGalium aparineW.D. Sumner1972-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Veterans Home. Yountville Quad.
    PUA21018PUAGalium aparineClifton And Overton1979-06-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Browns Canon. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA21020PUAGalium aparineClifton And Overton1979-06-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Murphy Glades. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA21023PUAGalium aparineClifton And Overton1979-06-03 TrinityLocal landmark: Hettenshaw Valley. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA21028PUAGalium aparineClifton And Overton1979-06-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA21035PUAGalium aparineClifton And Overton1979-06-04 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA21603PUAGalium aparineClifton And Overton1979-05-28 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Klamath River. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA23133PUAGalium aparineGriswold & Butler1979-07-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Board Camp Mountain. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA23204PUAGalium aparineGriswold & Butler1979-07-11 HumboldtLocal landmark: Snow Camp Mountain. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
    PUA23263PUAGalium aparineGriswold & Butler1979-07-11 HumboldtLocal landmark: Snow Camp Lake. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
    PUA23500PUAGalium aparineGriswold & Butler1979-07-12 HumboldtLocal landmark: Cedar Creek. Ironside Mt Quad.
    PUA2604PUAGalium aparineJohn Roos1939-04-16 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA2606PUAGalium aparineW.D. Sumner1971-04-11 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Springs. Aetna Springs Quad.
    PUA27445PUAGalium aparineGriswold & Butler1979-07-12 HumboldtLocal landmark: Groves Prairie. Ironside Mt Quad.
    PUA27464PUAGalium aparineClifton & Butler1979-07-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Horse Ridge Mountain. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA27481PUAGalium aparineG.L. Clifton1979-07-16 TrinityLocal landmark: South Fork Mountain. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA27503PUAGalium aparineGilbert Jerome Muth1979-07-17 TrinityLocal landmark: Barry Creek. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA27561PUAGalium aparineOverton And Butler1979-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Black Rock. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA28401PUAGalium aparineClifton And Griswold1979-08-02 HumboldtLocal landmark: Oregon Creek. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA28538PUAGalium aparineOverton And Butler1979-08-02 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bret Hole. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA31437PUAGalium aparineBill Grummer1979-04-30 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
    PUA32501PUAGalium aparineRichard York1980-05-17 HumboldtLocal landmark: Le Perron Peak. Hoopa Quad.
    PUA32583PUAGalium aparineRichard York1980-05-18 HumboldtLocal landmark: Black Mountain. Hoopa Quad.
    PUA32598PUAGalium aparineRichard York1980-05-18 HumboldtLocal landmark: Black Mountain. Hoopa Quad.
    PUA32647PUAGalium aparineRichard York1980-05-23 HumboldtLocal landmark: Buck Mountain. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA33132PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-05-17 HumboldtLocal landmark: Le Perron Peak. Hoopa Quad.
    PUA33158PUAGalium aparineRichard York1980-05-18 HumboldtLocal landmark: Black Mountain. Hoopa Quad.
    PUA33190PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-05-18 HumboldtLocal landmark: Black Mountain. Hoopa Quad.
    PUA33291PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Browns Canon. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA33418PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-06-07 HumboldtLocal landmark: Brush Mountain. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA33819PUAGalium aparineJoe Callizo1979-05-02 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Canon Road. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA34327PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-05-24 TrinityLocal landmark: Long Ridge. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA34385PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-05-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Shannon Butte. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA34494PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-06-07 HumboldtLocal landmark: Ammon Creek. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA35185PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1980-06-28 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mad River Butte. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
    PUA35307PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: North Kelsey Peak. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA35510PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1980-07-09 TrinityLocal landmark: Shanty Creek. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA35667PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA35732PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1980-07-12 TrinityLocal landmark: Red Lassic. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA35883PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1980-07-14 HumboldtLocal landmark: Last Chance Ridge. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA36772PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-06-26 HumboldtLocal landmark: Sims Creek. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA36922PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-07-01 TrinityLocal landmark: Hayden Roughs. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA36970PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Swim Ridge. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA37016PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-07-02 TrinityLocal landmark: Horsehead Mountain. Black Rock Mountain Quad.
    PUA37178PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-06-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Castle Rock. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA37218PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-06-25 TrinityLocal landmark: Castle Rock. Willow Creek Quad.
    PUA37312PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-07-10 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA37599PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-07-15 HumboldtLocal landmark: Whiting Ridge. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA37683PUAGalium aparineMarc Baker1980-07-22 HumboldtLocal landmark: Salmon Mountain. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA38630PUAGalium aparineDwain Goforth1980-04-09 SolanoLocal landmark: Blue Ridge. Lake Berryessa Quad.
    PUA38976PUAGalium aparineDwain Goforth1980-04-26 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Mckinney Creek. Condrey Mt Quad.
    PUA39532PUAGalium aparineJacqueline Greenleaf1980-07-15 TrinityLocal landmark: Van Duzen River. Pickett Peak Quad.
    PUA39561PUAGalium aparineJacqueline Greenleaf1980-07-16 HumboldtLocal landmark: Buck Mountain. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA40060PUAGalium aparineJacqueline Greenleaf1980-05-24 TrinityLocal landmark: Browns Canon. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA42891PUAGalium aparineMaralyn Renner1980-06-24 SiskiyouLocal landmark: seiad Creek. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA43020PUAGalium aparineMaralyn Renner1980-06-07 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Greenhorn Creek. Yreka Quad.
    PUA43035PUAGalium aparineMaralyn Renner1980-07-23 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Copper Butte. Seiad Valley Quad.
    PUA43254PUAGalium aparineMaralyn Renner1980-06-22 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Little Shasta River. Copco Quad.
    PUA45229PUAGalium aparineMaralyn Renner1980-06-25 SiskiyouLocal landmark: little S Fk. Preston Peak Quad.
    PUA46815PUAGalium aparineBill Grummer1979-05-15 SonomaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Mt. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA46911PUAGalium aparineG.L. Clifton1981-04-26 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
    PUA46942PUAGalium aparineG.L. Clifton1981-04-26 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
    PUA48040PUAGalium aparineJames Jokerst1980-05-31 MendocinoLocal landmark: Baldy Ridge. Newhouse Ridge Quad.
    PUA49925PUAGalium aparineValerie Gizinski1981-07-29 TrinityLocal landmark: Senteney Rock. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA50391PUAGalium aparineCathy Ferguson1981-07-20 TrinityLocal landmark: Russ Place. Kettenpom Quad.
    PUA5053PUAGalium aparineG.L. Clifton1971-06-26 PlumasLocal landmark: Quincy Creek. Quincy Quad.
    PUA50870PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1981-08-06 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bug Creek. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
    PUA50957PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1981-07-10 HumboldtLocal landmark: Board Camp Butte. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA51012PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1981-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Chaparral Mountain. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
    PUA51048PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1981-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bug Creek Butte. Iaqua Buttes Quad.
    PUA51110PUAGalium aparineGail Newton1981-05-16 HumboldtLocal landmark: Bug Creek. Pilot Creek Quad.
    PUA51471PUAGalium aparineTeresa Prendusi1981-07-24 HumboldtLocal landmark: Whiteys Peak. Salmon Mt Quad.
    PUA58697PUAGalium aparineBill Grummer1983-05-08 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
    PUA59076PUAGalium aparineG.L. Clifton1983-04-14 TuolumneLocal landmark: Red Hills. Chinese Camp Quad.
    PUA59857PUAGalium aparineG.L. Clifton1984-05-05 SonomaLocal landmark: Squaw Creek. The Geysers Quad.
    PUA61080PUAGalium aparineBill Grummer1983-04-05 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
    PUA61680PUAGalium aparineJoe Callizo1984-04-01 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Orville. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA62135PUAGalium aparineJoe Callizo1986-04-09 NapaLocal landmark: Doe Lake. St. Helena Quad.
    PUA6235PUAGalium aparineDennis E. Anderson1972-06-14 TrinityLocal landmark: Swayback Ridge. Blocksburg Quad.
    PUA64146PUAGalium aparineG.L. Clifton1986-05-26 FresnoLocal landmark: Pine Ridge. Shaver Lake Quad.
    PUA64308PUAGalium aparineG.L. Clifton1986-05-29 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Ruins Creek. Felton Quad.
    PUA65020PUAGalium aparineJames Jokerst1985-03-24 ButteLocal landmark: Serpentine Point. Cherokee Quad.
    PUA66618PUAGalium aparineG.L. Clifton1984-04-22 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
    RSA0013626RSAGalium aparineLeRoy Gross60332013-04-30 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSurveyed from Apela Drive, right at junction of road to sewage disposal ponds, south to Strawberry Creek. Started near 33.73 N, 116.75 W. And ended at 33.72912N 116.75098W.; Idyllwild 7.5 quad.
    RSA0014932RSAGalium aparineLeRoy Gross6038-a2013-05-07 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestWest of the community of Pine Cove, near Idyllwild. Out-skirt of the community and Red Hill road (5S1 Near; Lake Fulmor 7.5 quad.
    RSA0016922RSAGalium aparineKelly Middleton361988-05-08 Los AngelesGlendora Ridge Road, 4.4 miles west of Mt. Baldy Road intersection. Roadside collection.
    RSA0016923RSAGalium aparineRichard Noyes5551988-04-30 Los AngelesClaremont. San Gabriel Mountains: Burbank Canon, northwest of Thompson Creek Dam.
    RSA0016924RSAGalium aparineNaomi Zohman371985-04-28 Los AngelesJunction of CA Hwy 39 along west fork of San Gabriel River. Forest Service Road, along west fork.
    RSA0016925RSAGalium aparineRoxanne Smith281991-05-12 Los AngelesHills about 0.6 mile south-east of Golden Springs and Diamond Bar Blvd.
    RSA0018601RSAGalium aparineDuncan S. Bell53952013-07-17 FresnoSequoia National Forest; collecting in Wildman Meadow in the Monarch Wilderness area.; Cedar Grove Quad.
    RSA0019873RSAGalium aparineJoan Stewart5941997-05-14 TulareOff Hwy 190, Mahogany Flat (1 mile above Moorehouse Hatchery toward river
    RSA0019874RSAGalium aparineJoan Stewart26112006-06-06 TulareTrail to Tray′s (Dicentra) Pond.
    RSA0020772RSAGalium aparineGreg Wilvert2232005-04-13 San Luis Obispo4 km SSW of Lawson Spring.
    RSA0021879RSAGalium aparineDuncan S. Bell51092013-06-13 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSheep Mountain Wilderness; Coldwater Canon off of Canon, on the southwestern flanks of Mount San Antonio.; Mount Baldy
    RSA0022211RSAGalium aparineD. W. Stevens8341966-05-21 RiversideThomas Mt. Camp.
    RSA0022213RSAGalium aparineD. W. Stevens8331979-07-17 FresnoShaver Lake.
    RSA0026260RSAGalium aparineFred M. Roberts77902013-06-12 OrangePeninsular Ranges: Santa Ana Mtns: Lower Silverado Canon along Silverado Creek on north side of Silverado Canon Road, 0.6 kilometers ENE Silverado School and 1.4 kilometers up stream Black Star Road Crossing.; El Toro 7.5
    RSA0036244RSAGalium aparineKatherine K. Muller10011960-05-18 Santa BarbaraSlopes of Santa barbara Potrero, Sierra madre mountains.
    RSA0039077RSAGalium aparineGeorge K. Helmkamp204662013-05-03 PlacerSW edge of Foresthill, Mosquito Ridge Road, 0.2 mile south of Forest Hill Road; Forest Hill 7.5 Q.
    RSA0039973RSAGalium aparineDuncan S. Bell72772014-06-25 FresnoSequoia National Forest; Monarch Wilderness area; approximately 2.75 air miles northwest of Horse Corral Meadow.; Wren Peak Quad.
    RSA0040361RSAGalium aparineLeRoy Gross66072014-06-10 FresnoMonarch Wilderness; Trail 30E01 (forest service, guide to the Monarch & Jennie Lakes Wilderness map). Off Highway 180, along the South Fork of Kings River. Deer Cove Creek to Deer Cove Saddle, where a trail branches off to Choke Creek.Started near 36.80 N 118.71 W. Ended near 36.82590N 118.72246W.
    RSA0042519RSAGalium aparineRobert MacGregor301984-05-19 San DiegoCounty Hwy S7, 2.5 W of junction with East Grade Road, Cleveland National Forest, S side of road.
    RSA0042904RSAGalium aparineLeRoy Gross62792014-04-29 San Luis ObispoEast end of the Santa Lucia Wilderness. Started at locked gate to lookout on Hi Mountain, then south southeast to Hi Valley, then east to Road 30S05.2.; Santa Margarita Lake, Tar Spring Ridge 7.5′Trail started near 35.26 N 120.42 W. ended at 35.24926N 120.38324W. T31S R15E S8 NE1-4.
    RSA0042945RSAGalium aparineLeRoy Gross65372014-05-21 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range: Western side of the Machesna Mountain Wilderness. American Canon Campground.Near 35.28 N 120.26 W. Follow trail up to last creek crossing, below stock pond. Near the main ridge line. Ended near 35.29415N 120.23097W.
    RSA0045483RSAGalium aparinePaul M. Inman51583-71983-05-15 Los AngelesUnited States, California, Los Angeles County. Big Santa Anita Canon in the Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains, about 1 mile north of Arcadia, from bank of Winter Creek trail, at the first weir above Hoegee′s Camp. 792.48
    RSA0048368RSAGalium aparineJames R. Shevock19171972-06-06 Tulare1-4 mi. east of Pyles Boy′s Camp, Lloyd Meadows Basin.
    RSA0048508RSAGalium aparineCarol Haines801964-04-16 Los AngelesRobinson Road, Topanga, Santa Monica Mountains.
    RSA0048513RSAGalium aparineElwood Fordhams.n.1951-04-15 Los AngelesTopanga.
    RSA0048535RSAGalium aparineW. M. Arbaugh2431968-05-05 San Luis ObispoLopez Dam, 1-2 mile above in a disturbed area.
    RSA0051245RSAGalium aparinePaul McLaughlin05267661976-05-26 San BernardinoIce House Canon Three-quarters mile above the Ice House Lodge.
    RSA0054814RSAGalium aparineKeith E. Hoffmaster9101939-04-06 NapaPutah can.
    RSA0067962RSAGalium aparineLeRoy Gross67172015-03-17 VenturaThe Nature ConservancyOrmond Beach at end of McWane Blvd., west of Arcturus Ave. South of Port Hueneme, Oxnard.
    RSA0068342RSAGalium aparineErika M. Gardner3482013-06-02 KernMcIver′s Spring and Cabin.; Horse Canon 7.5
    RSA0070071RSAGalium aparineErika M. Gardner2022013-05-18 KernAbout 1.50 (air) miles northwest (NWW) of Pinyon Peak. In drainage where runoff exits eastward from western high ridge.; Walker Pass 7.5
    RSA0071976RSAGalium aparineErika M. Gardner9992014-05-22 KernAlong the PCT, were the PCT and McIvers 4x4 Road parallel, 1.80 (air) miles north of the Microwave tower.; Horse Canon 7.5
    RSA0072339RSAGalium aparineErika M. Gardner14112015-04-19 KernIn burn site from Nicholls Fire in 2014. Along ridge, head of Smith and Scodie Canon.; Walker Pass 7.5
    RSA0073656RSAGalium aparineFred M. Roberts71422009-04-07 OrangeDana Point Headlands: Dana Point CNLM Preserve, 0.8 WNW Dana Point Marine Institute at Dana Point Harbor.; Dana Point 7.5
    RSA0080213RSAGalium aparineMichael J. Moore31772015-06-02 KernTejon Ranch: S side of Tehachapi Mtns, at mid elevation.
    RSA0082899RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney125862010-05-07 Los AngelesLake View Terrace, Oliver Canon, 0.85 air miles north of I-210 Fwy., c. 100 meters east of cyn. bottom along private dirt service rd.; Sunland 7.5 Q.
    RSA0087964RSAGalium aparineSteven A. JunakSC-43802002-03-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Just S of valley road, just E of junction with Valley Peak, Matanza Road, ca. 1.67 W of Valley Anchorage.
    RSA0088011RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney132912010-06-21 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest, within 75 meters of Los Pinetos Spring, Los Pinetos Cyn., 0.18 miles N of Santa Clara Truck Trail via trail W of spring.; San Fernando 7.5 Q.
    RSA0092488RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney147152011-05-12 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: along Canon Creek near the confluence with Aliso Canon.; Pacifico Mountain 7.5 Quad
    RSA0093275RSAGalium aparineSteven A. JunakSC-37041993-04-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. S side of Potato Harbor, E of canyon, draining into W end of harbor S.
    RSA0093370RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney142022011-03-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts.: San Dimas Experimental Forest, West Fork San Dimas Canon, 0.1 to 0.6 mile upstream from confluence with San Dimas Canon.; Glendora 7.5
    RSA0098766RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney145972011-05-06 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: north of Glendora, Glendora Mountain summit along old fire break.; Glendora 7.5 Q.
    RSA0098936RSAGalium aparineJessica Orozco1792013-06-03 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. On road to Eagle Meadow, near where the road crosses by Eagle Creek.
    RSA0099564RSAGalium aparineJessica Orozco8302015-03-16 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River Watershed. Gibbon Creek road. Gibbon Creek.
    RSA0100226RSAGalium aparineJessica Orozco11122015-06-01 TulareSequoia National Forest. South Fork Tule River Watershed. Off forest service road 22S03.
    RSA0100879RSAGalium aparineJessica Orozco9232015-03-18 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Off Gibbon Creek road.
    RSA0101043RSAGalium aparineJessica Orozco10422015-05-03 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Along main reservation road, past Chollolo camp ground, off old abandon mining road to dolomite mine.
    RSA0101467RSAGalium aparineJessica Orozco9742015-04-17 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Along main reservation road, near a small creek just past Kessing road.
    RSA0101609RSAGalium aparineJessica Orozco5722014-05-03 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Cholollo campgrounds, on the trail that follows the South Fork Tule River to the Chollolo falls.
    RSA0102718RSAGalium aparineJessica Orozco12622015-06-04 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. South Fork Tule River watershed. Off Solo peak road, just past switch backs, along ridge line to Black Mountain peak.
    RSA0102741RSAGalium aparineJessica Orozco582013-03-22 TulareTule River Indian Reservation. Off cow mountain road, on a disturbed turn out on side of road before you get to residental housing.
    RSA0106116RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney140722011-03-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Arcadia Wilderness Park, north area of park, 2240 Highland Oaks Dr., lower Santa Anita Cyn.; Mt. Wilson 7.5
    RSA0107228RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney147862011-05-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Camp Colby (Colby Ranch), 0.6 miles SSE of jct. of Colby Ranch Rd. and FS Rd. 3N19, upper Big Tujunga Cyn., south side of Coldwater Cyn. creek.; Chilao Flat 7.5
    RSA0115440RSAGalium aparineJim M. Andre355602016-04-06 San BernardinoBLMKingston Range: north end of range, 0.7 mi. SE of Horse Thief Spring, 0.3 mi. south of Excelsior Mine Rd.; Horse Thief Springs 7.5
    RSA0116485RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney129502010-05-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Placerita Canon Natural Area, 0.1 mile east of Nature Center along Placerita Cyn. bottom.; Mint Cyn. 7.5 Q.
    RSA0122892RSAGalium aparineDuncan S. Bell94472016-04-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestCollecting in the San Gorgonio Wilderness, in the South Fork of the Whitewater River, approximately 3.25 air miles west southwest of Wathiers Landing.; San Gorgonio Mountain
    RSA0124385RSAGalium aparineDuncan S. Bell93292016-04-16 RiversideBLMWhitewater Watershed; Whitewater Canon; collecting in Rainbow Canon, approximately 2.5 air miles east northeast of Kitching Peak.; Catclaw Flat
    RSA0127424RSAGalium aparineFred M. Roberts80192016-03-17 OrangeSan Joaquin Hills: City of Irvine, Ridge between Coyote Canon and Bommer Canon along Turtle Ridge Trail, 0.6 NNE Signal Peak and 1.1 km SW Cattle Camp.; Laguna Beach 7.5
    RSA0139333RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney167232014-06-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Glendora, 0.48 miles north of Sierra Madre Ave. at Rainbow Dr.; Glendora 7.5
    RSA0139543RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney165402014-05-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Azusa Peak, 0.06 mile south of Glendora Ridge Motorway, 1.34 miles due east of Hwy. 39, 0.15 mile east of Garcia Trailhead.; Azusa 7.5
    RSA0139928RSAGalium aparineNaomi Fraga49802015-03-17 VenturaThe Nature Conservancy (TNC). Ormond Beach.; Oxnard 7.5 quad
    RSA0152697RSAGalium aparineEdward F. Anderson6511955-04-28 San BernardinoMill Creek Road Quad 3. Mt. Range: San Bernardino. Drainage Area: Pacific slope.
    RSA0152698RSAGalium aparineEdward F. Anderson6521955-04-28 San BernardinoMill Creek Road Quad 4. Mt. Range: San Bernardino. Drainage Area: Pacific slope.
    RSA0165658RSAGalium aparineP. DouglasHL 11061995-03-31 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett, Training Area 13, ca. 0.3 km E of Jolon Creek, ca. 4.8 N of San Antonio River, ca. 6.75 km E of San Antonio River.
    RSA0166681RSAGalium aparineP. DouglasHL 1551994-05-17 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 2, 5), near Del Venturi Road, ca. 1.1 km S of Milpitas Reservoir, ca. 3.5 air km SW of Coleman Reservoir, ca. 9.1 W of intersection with Mission Creek Road.
    RSA0167185RSAGalium aparineDuncan S. Bell106882017-05-03 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; post-fire surveys on the Pilot Fire of 2016; collecting in the meadow area of the Pinnacles approximately 0.5 air mile southeast of their summit.; Lake Arrowhead Quad.
    RSA0167670RSAGalium aparineDuncan S. Bell104462017-04-06 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Rosa Mountains; collecting in Palm Canon, approximately 3.5 air miles southwest of the summit of Asbestos Mountain.; Butterfly Peak
    RSA0168420RSAGalium aparineDuncan S. Bell105882017-04-24 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSand to Snow National Monument; San Gorgonio Wilderness area; collecting in the East Branch of Millard Canon, approximately 0.8 air miles northwest of the summit of Kitching Peak.; San Gorgonio Mountain
    RSA0172584RSAGalium aparinePhillip Roullard3352011-05-06 San DiegoBorder Field State Park; 1.65 mile WSW of intersection Hollister Road and Monument Road; 550 yards N of the border EPA restoration site between the sediment basins on the East and Monument Rd. Square: W10.
    RSA0175833RSAGalium aparineNaomi Fraga42632013-04-30 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestPeninsular Ranges; San Jacinto Mountains region. Strawberry Fuel break just north of Idyllwild Arts Academy.; Idyllwild 7.5 quad
    RSA0179115RSAGalium aparineJoy D. England20092018-04-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest, Big Tujunga Canon. Vogel Flats picnic area near Big Tujunga Station.
    RSA0179826RSAGalium aparineJoy D. England20762018-05-10 Los AngelesTejon Pass region, Angeles National Forest: along old Highway 99 ca. 3.5 air miles SE of Pyramid Lake, at Oak Flats Campground area.
    RSA0181045RSAGalium aparineW. Harnach5411991-06-01 SierraSierra Valley. Maddallena Ranch.
    RSA0195483RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney170912015-04-02 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Pasadena, Eaton Canon Natural Area and Nature Center, 1 N Altadena Drive, Eaton Cyn bottom, from the south end of the park at the New York Dr overpass to 0.4 miles up-canyon.; Mount Wilson 7.5
    RSA0205029RSAGalium aparineSarah J. De Groot98612018-05-16 InyoBLMSoutheast Argus Mountains, Great Falls Basin: Canon above waterfall near end of road P27. Ca. 0.15 air miles south of Austin Spring.; Trona West 7.5 quad. Mt. Diablo meridian
    RSA0225936RSAGalium aparineR. G. Swinney169652015-03-28 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Glendora, Big Dalton Canon Wilderness Park, Wren Cyn. on Wren-Meacham Trail, 0.2-0.4 mile east of Big Dalton Cyn. Flood Control Channel.; Glendora 7.5
    RSA0327524RSAGalium aparinePaul H. Woods.n.1941-04-16 Los AngelesCollege Hills.
    RSA0374779RSAGalium aparineJ. Brown0961993-04-08 San DiegoNaval Weapons Station. Along River Road. Fallbrook Quadrangle.
    RSA0374780RSAGalium aparineJ. Brown0291993-03-04 San DiegoNaval Weapons Station. Approximately 2 mi SW of Main Entrance.
    RSA0403982RSAGalium aparineChristina Varnava8822020-06-23 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. 1-2 W of Pine Mountain Campground.
    RSA0417339RSAGalium aparineVanessa Ashworth2011995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    RSA0417359RSAGalium aparineVanessa Ashworth2271995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    RSA0427537RSAGalium aparineChristina Varnava7922020-06-10 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Raspberry Springs.
    RSA101002RSAGalium aparineG. Oberlander1131949-04-30 San MateoPilarcitos Canon. San Francisco Watershed Reserve.
    RSA101360RSAGalium aparineR. Weatherby16231955-07-08 Modoc6 miles N of Ft. Bidwell. Northern Warner Mtns.
    RSA101755RSAGalium aparineR. Weatherby11111950-03-31 TulareCoffee Campground near Tule River. Above Springville.
    RSA10657RSAGalium aparineCarl B. Wolf18321928-05-03 NapaSummit of Mount St. Helena Grade, N of Calistoga
    RSA116564RSAGalium aparineChas. H. Quibell39451954-07-21 Fresno2 miles N of Shaver Lake left off Highway 168 to Big Creek onto road to Music Mtn Lookout, then within 100 yrds rt. and down onto old road to former logging camp on saddle and around onto E side of canyon at ft. of 6801 Music Mtn.Before road crosses to W side; 5390.
    RSA121072RSAGalium aparineL. R. ShortS-3671936-06-02 LassenLassen forest. MDM, Burgess Spr. Exp. Range.
    RSA127595RSAGalium aparinePeter H. Raven54311953-05-09 Butte8 miles from Bangor on Oroville Rd.
    RSA130596RSAGalium aparineF. G. Krauss.n.1893-04-12 Santa ClaraNear Lake Lagunita. Stanford University.
    RSA130681RSAGalium aparineHarry A. Duttons.n.1900-03-25 San MateoThe Santa Cruz Peninsula
    RSA130682RSAGalium aparineJames I. McMurphys.n.1906-05-08 San MateoNear head of Crystal Springs Lakes
    RSA130683RSAGalium aparineF. G. Krauss.n.1893-04-03 Santa ClaraCounty rd near Arboretum. Stanford University.
    RSA130692RSAGalium aparineF. G. Krauss.n.1893-04-12 Santa ClaraNear Stanford University.
    RSA13257RSAGalium aparineCarl B. Wolf17131928-04-07 San BenitoGriswold Creek. 5 miles south of Panoche, on road to New Idria.
    RSA134458RSAGalium aparineE. R. Blakley33531960-04-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Along stream bank of small stream that empties into Alberts Anchorage.
    RSA135488RSAGalium aparinePeter H. Raven152251960-04-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Edge of large pine grove above Christy′s.
    RSA15037RSAGalium aparineDaniel Clevelands.n.1885-03-17 San DiegoSan Diego.
    RSA15235RSAGalium aparineCarl B. Wolf3931927-04-28 Santa ClaraCooley′s Landing, San Francisco Bay near Palo Alto
    RSA15766RSAGalium aparineCarl B. Wolf17401928-04-08 San BenitoNew Idria.
    RSA166083RSAGalium aparineE. R. Blakley63381963-12-07 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, [near] Lighthouse, N. of Pyramid Head.
    RSA168953RSAGalium aparineJoseph P. Tracy188911950-06-25 HumboldtBurr Valley. On NW slope of Buck Mtn.
    RSA170451RSAGalium aparineJ. D. Olmsted14651960-05-15 Los AngelesBase of Cedar Falls, Main Fork Snow Creek, San Jacinto Mts, alt 3500ft. San Gorgonio River.
    RSA177669RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne344871965-05-10 Los AngelesUpper end of Gallagher Canon, Santa Catalina Island.
    RSA177936RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne343331965-04-20 SonomaParker Hill Rd, 2.5 miles N of Santa Rosa and 1 mile N of Sonoma County Hospital.
    RSA180291RSAGalium aparineE. W. Lathrop53841964-05-24 Riverside14 miles west of Murrieta.
    RSA18284RSAGalium aparineFred Zumwalt4341927-05-02 San FranciscoSan Francisco.
    RSA183272RSAGalium aparinePeter H. Raven207791966-04-23 VenturaSan Nicolas Island. above pier near southeast end of island.
    RSA187434RSAGalium aparineI. L. Wiggins37191929-05-21 San Luis ObispoAtascadero Creek Canon 3 miles above Atascadero.
    RSA191014RSAGalium aparineJames Henrickson323171963-05-05 Los AngelesAbout 4 miles N of Claremont. Burned-over, rocky, open slopes of Cobal Canon, Foothills of San Gabriel Mts.,
    RSA191186RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne371761967-07-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest: Big Cienega Springs, above Crystal Lake Recreation Area.
    RSA191255RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne369401967-06-07 TulareSequoia National Forest. Along N Fork of Middle Fork of Tule River. 2.4 miles up Canon Rd from power plant.
    RSA191597RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne318731963-05-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Nat′l Forest; along E fork of Mt. Home Creek where crossed by Hwy 38, ca. 5 miles NW of Forest Home
    RSA195511RSAGalium aparineJohn H. Thomas115661966-04-22 San MateoJasper Ridge Biological Experimental Area. About 5 miles SW of Palo Alto.
    RSA195640RSAGalium aparineJohn H. Thomas15601950-04-15 Santa CruzAbout 6 miles E of Watsonville along Riverside Rd.
    RSA195641RSAGalium aparineJohn H. Thomas14981950-04-09 Santa CruzSanta Cruz City Dump. Vicinity of about 2-3 miles W of Santa Cruz.
    RSA19724RSAGalium aparineChas. H. Quibell18111953-05-05 FresnoUpper portion of section of lake basin behind Pine Flat Dam (Kings River) leading up to saddle north of Hughes Mountain - but well below high water mark.
    RSA199092RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne375221968-04-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island. Lower part of Canon.
    RSA209657RSAGalium aparineE. R. Blakley56271963-05-04 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island. Near center of Canon.
    RSA213278RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle74171940-03-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Island. West end.
    RSA213392RSAGalium aparineReid V. Moran5811941-02-17 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. Middle Ranch, East side of arroyo.
    RSA213395RSAGalium aparineM. B. Dunkle72201939-04-03 Los AngelesChenetti Canon, San Clemente Island.
    RSA216645RSAGalium aparineE. C. Twisselmann165331970-05-07 TulareOpposite Dry Meadow Creek Falls.
    RSA221069RSAGalium aparineE. W. Lathrop62611966-05-01 Orange5 miles east of Trabuco Oaks, Trabuco Canon, Cleveland Nat′l Forest, Santa Ana Mountains.
    RSA221520RSAGalium aparineArthur C. Gibson18941971-04-18 San BernardinoStoddard Canon, Angeles National Forest
    RSA222948RSAGalium aparineGerald L. Benny4291971-04-28 San BernardinoDay Canon, San Bernardino National Forest. Gaging station
    RSA223647RSAGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff23381956-04-27 San FranciscoSan Miguel Hills. Bottom of canyon E of O′Shaughnessy Blvd.
    RSA226251RSAGalium aparineGary D. Cromwell5191971-04-16 Los AngelesMystic Canon, Angeles National Forest, 2 miles NE of Glendora.
    RSA226972RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne398151971-06-05 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest: SanSevaine Cow Camp
    RSA233401RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne360021966-04-15 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island: Canon mouth on rocks 2-3 mile SSE of Eel Point (and N of Seal Cove, SW side of island).
    RSA233476RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne379941969-05-29 San BernardinoAngeles National Forest; Chapman Ranch, above Baldy Village, San Antonio Canon
    RSA2365RSAGalium aparineJ. W. Blankinships.n.1924-05-02 LakeKelseyville.
    RSA238877RSAGalium aparineFrederick W. Oettinger11311969-08-01 SiskiyouN of Wire Grass Meadow. The Salmon Mtns. High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak. Marble Mtn Wilderness Area.
    RSA239492RSAGalium aparineM. A. Piehl6310331963-12-07 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island. N slope of point opposite Pyramid Head on SE tip of island.
    RSA240646RSAGalium aparineC. W. Tilforth8841973-06-14 Santa BarbaraSouth face of Purisima Hills, n. of Lompoc.
    RSA25092RSAGalium aparineCarl B. Wolf104491941-05-13 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Kingston Mts., 1.5 miles east of Horse (thief) Spring by road and 1-8 mile south of same road.
    RSA251466RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne428111973-04-11 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island, upper part of Middle Ranch Canon.
    RSA254257RSAGalium aparineRobert A. Norris22361975-02-24 San FranciscoTwin Peaks, San Francisco
    RSA263735RSAGalium aparineE. W. Lathrop69181968-05-22 RiversideMain Divide Truck Trail between El Carriso and Santiago Peak, Cleveland National Forest.
    RSA264725RSAGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff18621955-05-21 SonomaForestville Marsh.
    RSA264745RSAGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff53951964-07-07 SonomaDuncan Mills Marsh.
    RSA264746RSAGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff40681959-05-30 SonomaFreestone Marsh.
    RSA264747RSAGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff48631962-06-01 SonomaFreestone Marsh.
    RSA264748RSAGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff54391964-07-29 SonomaBrooks Gulch Marsh.
    RSA273263RSAGalium aparineGlenn A. Gorelicks.n.1966-03-22 Solano0.25 miles NW Rockville on Rockville Rd.
    RSA276856RSAGalium aparinePeter Rubtzoff53951964-07-07 SonomaDuncan Mills Marsh.
    RSA286991RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne487701977-04-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Canada Lobos.
    RSA287785RSAGalium aparineRobert F. Thorne487981977-04-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Rosa Island. Box Canon. SW of SE Anchorage