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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
A00385674AGalium andrewsiiP. A. Munz132281934-05-01 Venturaupper Sespe Creek, north of Wheelers Hot Springs
AHUC039807DAVGalium andrewsiiBeecher Crampton19391954-06-08 LakeLake County, 3 miles north of Cobb Mountain, Bottle Rock Road.
AHUC25239DAVGalium andrewsiiC. F. Walkers.n.1958-03-01 San DiegoSan Diego County: location unknown.
CAS-BOT376341CASGalium andrewsiide Nevers, Greg112831998-06-10 SonomaModini Mayacamas Preserves. Pine Flat Road, near end of town of Pine Flat.
CAS-BOT94856CASGalium andrewsiiWenk, R. C.6312007-04-15 San Luis ObispoAlong Pozo Road, 4 mi. W from its intersection with highway 58
CDA0014917CDAGalium andrewsiiG.F. Hrusa108621993-05-02 ColusaFrenzel Creek Research Natural Area. Mendocino National Forest. Above Frenzel Creek, tributary of Little Stony Creek. North Coast Ranges.
CDA0014948CDAGalium andrewsiiG.F. Hrusa145031998-06-06 MontereySanta Lucia Mts. Fort Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation, immediately above Los Bueyes Creek. South Coast Ranges.
CHSC100293CHSCGalium andrewsiiD. Isle15011989-06-22 TehamaMendocino National Forest - North Coast Ranges Thomes Creek Watershed. North rd bank W of Paskenta on road M2. T2 N R0 W S28 SE1-4
CHSC28153CHSCGalium andrewsiiJ. D. Jokerst2371979-05-12 Stanislaus3 N. of Santa Clara County line.
CHSC29500CHSCGalium andrewsiiDibble381979-06-14 GlennNear Black Diamond Ridge. Close to the town of Stonyford. USGS Quadrangle: Stonyford
CHSC29624CHSCGalium andrewsiiDibble851979-07-09 GlennNear Black Diamond Ridge. Close to the town of Stonyford. USGS Quadrangle: Stonyford
CLARK-A1045-87CLARKGalium andrewsiiGeorge K. Helmkamp1978-04-27 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains ca. 2 miles up [east northeast] from Oak Spring; Lake Fulmor 7.5′Q
CLARK-A1045-905CLARKGalium andrewsiiGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-03-24 San DiegoCleveland Mountains south of Bucksnort Mountains; at base of Quercus agrifolia;; Warner Springs 7.5′Q
CLARK-A1528-3941CLARKGalium andrewsiiJohn C. Roos1967-07-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains
CLARK-A1528-3942CLARKGalium andrewsiiJohn C. Roos23851937-06-08 San DiegoWarner Springs
CLARK-A1528-3943CLARKGalium andrewsiiJohn C. Roos7031936-05-03 San DiegoJulian
CSLA015805CSLAGalium andrewsiiLeRoy Abrams36941903-06-01 San Diegohill valley near Campo
CSLA015810CSLAGalium andrewsiiRichard G. Runyon00281977-04-24 LakeWilbur Springs Quad.; at Barrel Springs Campground
CSLA015824CSLAGalium andrewsiiE.P.4061929-06-01 San BernardinoMill Creek Region, San Bernardino Mts.
CSLA015825CSLAGalium andrewsiiBrian C. Miller1963-08-03 Venturabelow McGill, near old ski lift
CSLA015826CSLAGalium andrewsiiW. Griesel1963-07-02 Los AngelesSawmill Campground, Sawmill Mt.; Angeles National Forest
DAV127627DAVGalium andrewsiiG. F. Hrusa111211993-05-22 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Approx. 1 N of Mt. Lowe. Black Butte Research Natural Area.
DAV127731DAVGalium andrewsiiG. F. Hrusa122261995-05-28 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: On ridge WNW of Peak 2. Black Butte Research Natural Area.
DAV168435DAVGalium andrewsiiL. Lina122000-04-22 NapaNapa County, California. McLaughlin Reserve, first ridge South of Knoxville-Berryessa Road, on Southeast side of Devilhead Road.
DAV168436DAVGalium andrewsiiK. Carpenter112000-04-28 NapaNapa County, McLaughlin Reserve, first ridge south of Knoxville Rd., along Devilhead Rd., west side of rd., top of hill.
DAV168445DAVGalium andrewsiiEllen Dean5812000-03-18 NapaNapa County. McLaughlin Reserve. Along Devil Head Rd. First ridge S of Knoxville -- Berryessa Rd., east side of Devil Head Rd. West-facing slope up by air quality station.
DAV179782DAVGalium andrewsiiEllen Dean48562008-04-25 YoloYolo County: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch, central part of ranch along path that has been cut through chaparral to access southwestern portion of ranch.
DAV194058DAVGalium andrewsiiChristopher MallekHS1--1 LakeLake County: Highland Springs.
DAV194658DAVGalium andrewsiiChristopher MallekRR4--32008-05-07 TehamaTehama County: Raglin Ridge.
DAV209924DAVGalium andrewsiiJames A. Neilson, Jr.35521974-06-01 SonomaSonoma County: Mayacmas Mountains, 1-4 mi. south of Geyser Rock area, east Sonoma County. (Elevation estimated by label maker using Google Earth.)
DAV210777DAVGalium andrewsiiJames A. Neilson, Jr.31701974-05-17 LakeBorder of Lake and Sonoma Counties: Mayacmas Mountains, county line ridge 1-4 mile south of Geyser Rock. (Elevation estimated using Google Earth by label maker.)
DAV211691DAVGalium andrewsiiEllen Dean87932015-05-23 NapaNapa County: Butts Canon. Private property owned by Jobst Jesse. Permission for access and collecting granted. Along Butts Canon-Guenoc Road just NW of Shell Valley Rd turn off. South side of road.
DAV214046DAVGalium andrewsiiCraig Thomsen26652006-06-13 YoloYolo County: Along ridgeline trail (accessed at turn-out across the road from Camp Haswell), approximately 0.5 mile south of Hwy 16. Yolo County park adjacent to Canon.
DAV27070DAVGalium andrewsiiJune McCaskill4211956-05-05 San BenitoSan Benito County: Near Picacho Mine; ca. 2 miles northeast of Hernandez and Coalinga Road.
DAV27071DAVGalium andrewsiiJune McCaskill4271956-05-06 San BenitoSan Benito County: San Benito Peak.
DAV34877DAVGalium andrewsiiL. W. Clokey69241935-05-02 VenturaVentura County: North fork Ventura River.
DAV358692DAVGalium andrewsiiCraig D. Thomsen24512001-04-12 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, about 0.5 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, between Colusa Co. milepost 2.63 and 2.17.
DAV358693DAVGalium andrewsiiCraig D. Thomsen24962001-05-24 ColusaColusa Co.: Bear Creek Botanical Management Area. On Caltrans right-of-way, south side of Hwy 20, about 0.5 mile west of Hwy 20-16 instersection, between Colusa Co. milepost 2.63 and 2.17.
DAV358696DAVGalium andrewsiiEllen Dean62012010-06-26 LakeLake County: Cache Creek Wilderness area, southern edge of wilderness, accesssed via eastern forks of Rocky Creek Road and then via a private road owned by Stephen Gilardi (an area known as Brushy Sky High on some maps).
DAV51674DAVGalium andrewsiiJ. M. Tucker39251966-04-08 MontereyMonterey County: Summit of Pinyon Peak, at the lookout; ca. 3 1-4 miles, airline, from the summit of Junipero Serra Peak, Santa Lucia Mountains.
DAV72041DAVGalium andrewsiiSergio Lailhacar81974-04-13 NapaNapa County: 3.9 miles northeast of Pope Canon Road and Chiles Valley Road intersection.
DAV7964DAVGalium andrewsiiP. B. Kennedys.n.1916-05-21 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Between Diablo and Summit.
DAV93814DAVGalium andrewsiiClinton C. Shock701980-05-03 LakeLake County: Walker Ridge, 14.6 miles north of State Highway 20, at crest intersection of the road to Bear Valley.
GH00385656GHGalium andrewsiiV. Rattan241884-06-01 LakeCoast Mts. north of San Francisco Bay
GH00385657GHGalium andrewsiiW. H. Brewer6821860-01-01 Unknown[No Additional Data]
GH00385658GHGalium andrewsiiE. L. Greene1883-08-23 Lake[No Additional Data]
GH00385659GHGalium andrewsiiW. H. Brewer3481860-01-01 Santa BarbaraSta. Inez Mts.
GH00385660GHGalium andrewsiiB. Anderson29431986-05-20 Santa ClaraMines Rd, 6.5 km S of Alameda County line
GH00385661GHGalium andrewsiiB. Bartholomew ; B. Anderson40191896-05-05 San Benitonear top of San Benito Mountain
GH00385662GHGalium andrewsiiL. S. Rose412751941-06-18 Santa ClaraSummit of Mt. Hamilton
GH00385663GHGalium andrewsiiA. A. Heller86191907-05-31 Santa ClaraMt. Hamilton, just below the observatory
GH00385664GHGalium andrewsiiL. Abrams36941903-06-01 San DiegoHill Valley near Campo
GH00385665GHGalium andrewsiiJ. W. Blankinship1893-05-30 Napaback of Capay
GH00385666GHGalium andrewsiiF. V. Coville ; F. Funston10611891-06-23 KernKern River Valley
GH00385667GHGalium andrewsiiL. Abrams ; E. A. McGregor801908-06-04 VenturaTopatopa Mountain
GH00385668GHGalium andrewsiiF. A. MacFadden26431931-04-22 Los AngelesSummit highway from Los Angeles to Lake Hughes
GH00385669GHGalium andrewsiiA. A. Heller119261915-06-03 GlennBetween Mud Flat and Bennet Spring on the Newville-Covelo
GH00385670GHGalium andrewsiiR. S. Ferris83851933-05-01 San BenitoSummit of grade between San Lorenzo Creek drainage and Hernandez Valley
GH00385671GHGalium andrewsiiC. B. Wolf69391935-05-22 VenturaSan Ynez Mts., Ojai to Cuyama Valley Road, Pine Mt., Upper Sespe Creek, 2 mi. so. of summit of Pine Mt. grade
GH00385672GHGalium andrewsiiA. Eastwood1913-06-13 Mendocino[No Additional Data]
GH00385673GHGalium andrewsiiA. A. Heller131221919-05-10 Lake[No Additional Data]
GH00385937GHGalium andrewsiiM. F. Spencer5171917-05-31 San DiegoPine Hills
GH00385938GHGalium andrewsiiM. F. Spencer5171917-05-31 San DiegoDedeano
HSC38152HSCGalium andrewsiiThomas W. Nelson23431976-04-12 NapaAlong Morgan Valley Rd., 0.5 mi. from Lake Co. line
HSC41930HSCGalium andrewsiiEd Cope39B1977-04-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC42019HSCGalium andrewsiiM.A. Baker2191977-04-24 LakeBarrel Springs Campground.
HSC44442HSCGalium andrewsiiR. York1451978-04-23 LakeBarrel Springs Campground.
HSC45703HSCGalium andrewsiiSheila Logan1081978-04-23 LakeBarrel Springs Campground
HSC48146HSCGalium andrewsiiThomas W. Nelson39671978-04-30 ColusaAlong Hwy. 20, E of Colusa-Lake county line
HSC49111HSCGalium andrewsiiJ.P. Smith97721978-04-29 LakeLake-Colusa County line, Walker Ridge Rd., 0.4 mi. from T-intersection to Indian Valley Reservoir.
HSC71303HSCGalium andrewsiiThomas W. Nelson46231979-04-12 ColusaAlong Stony Creek below Digger Pine Campground
HSC72172HSCGalium andrewsiiJ.P. Smith95491978-04-02 ColusaBear Valley Rd., 1.3 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 20
HSC86894HSCGalium andrewsiiRudy Galindo501988-04-16 Colusa19.6 mi. off Hwy. 20 Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC91498HSCGalium andrewsiiSusan H. Bicknellsn1989-04-19 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park.
IRVC26142IRVCGalium andrewsiiS.D. White42081996-06-27 San BernardinoYucaipa - Oak Glen Area: about 0.7 air mi N of Wildwood Canon Rd. and 1 air mi W of Oak Glen Rd
IRVC4832IRVCGalium andrewsiiH.J. Thompsons.n.1960-06-07 VenturaIn wet sand along stream in oak woodland and chaparral; 1.2 miles west of State Hwy 26 (Decker Road) on road just south of Lake Sherwood.
LA00642893LAGalium andrewsiiHenry J. Thompson30821960-06-07 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Canon; S of Lake Sherwood along Carlisle Rd, 1.2 W of State Hwy 26 (Decker Rd)
LA100876LAGalium andrewsiiH. van der Werff38071980-05-19 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Corte Madera Ranch; Pine Valley
LA105482LAGalium andrewsiiBarry A. Prigges.n.1989-04-19 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mountains; San Bernardo Creek: ca 2.8 mi up San Bernardo Creek Rd. from State Hwy 1 and ca 0.2 mi up S-facing slope
LA208382LAGalium andrewsiiMartha Hilends.n.1938-05-29 San DiegoPalomar Mountain
LA208383LAGalium andrewsiiF.R. Fosberg84281932-06-05 San Diego1 W of Warner′s Hot Springs
LA208384LAGalium andrewsiiMarcus E. Jones32391982-05-08 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
LA208385LAGalium andrewsiiCarl Eplings.n.1931-06-08 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges; San Emigdio Mountains; Mt. Pinos
LA208386LAGalium andrewsiiJohn Thomas Howell29791927-08-07 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; between Buckman Springs and Campo
LA208387LAGalium andrewsiiRalph Hoffmanns.n.1931-05-31 Santa BarbaraLompoc moor
LA208388LAGalium andrewsiiJohn Thomas Howell48191930-05-10 San Diego10 N of Warner′s Hot Springs
LA208391LAGalium andrewsiiMartha Hilends.n.1932-05-30 San Diegonear Warner′s Hot Springs
LA208392LAGalium andrewsiiJoseph Andorfer Ewan103471937-05-23 Lake8 mi frmo Lower Lake on Monticello road
LA208393LAGalium andrewsiiHarlan Lewiss.n.1939-05-06 San DiegoPalomar Mountain; Droane [Doane] Valley
LA208394LAGalium andrewsiiA.H. Langes.n.1951-05-27 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; 10 mi S. Hemet Lake
LA208395LAGalium andrewsiiRobert G. Engmans.n.1935-05-22 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; San Jacinto Mts
LA208396LAGalium andrewsiiCarl B. Wolf69391935-05-22 VenturaSanta Ynez Mountains; Pine Mountain; Ojai to Cayuma Valley Road, Pine Mt., Upper Sespe Creek, 3 mi S of summit of Pine Mt. Grade
LA327025LAGalium andrewsiiC. Eplings.n.1931-06-27 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges; Mt Pinos
LA35621LAGalium andrewsiiRonald A. Crosss.n.1952-04-01 RiversidePeninsular Ranges; California State Hwy. 74 near Santa Rosa Summit (aprox. 3 Mi. south)
LA90291LAGalium andrewsiiH. Lewis15111940-05-18 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges; Mt. Pinos
LOB101566LOBGalium andrewsiiJ.S. Folsom3171970-05-21 San BernardinoRt. 18 S of Lake Arrowhead at San Bernardino Mtns.
LOB101567LOBGalium andrewsiiDick Zembal1972-03-26 Venturaoff State Highway 33, 2 miles W of Sespe Creek, on Piedro Blanca Creek
LOB101568LOBGalium andrewsiiT. Penland1421973-05-18 Venturain mats on forest floor, off of Mt. Pinos Rd. 6 miles from summit
LOB101591LOBGalium andrewsiiLinda Williams1091970-04-11 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain Lookout
OBI109356OBIGalium andrewsiiW. Kent Allenders.n.1962-12-17 San Luis ObispoCollected in burn area, Cuesta Summit N of US 101, San Luis Obispo
OBI109357OBIGalium andrewsiiJason Dart1522003-04-02 San Luis ObispoSanta Margarita Ranch
OBI109359OBIGalium andrewsiiLynne Dee Oyler3241986-02-22 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn blue oak study site in cattle exclosure. Los Padres natl Forest S1-2 W 1-4, sec 28 R16E, T30S, MDBM
OBI109360OBIGalium andrewsiiRobert F. Hoover77221949-05-22 San Luis Obispo12 mi E of Crston on La Panza rd, in sandy soil
OBI109361OBIGalium andrewsiiLynne Dee Oyler3951986-04-05 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn blue oak study site in cattle exclosure. Los Padres natl Forest S1-2 W 1-4, sec 28 R16E, T30S, MDBM
OBI109362OBIGalium andrewsiiLynne Dee Althouse481977-04-16 San Luis ObispoWolfe′s horse ranch near San Luis High School
OBI109363OBIGalium andrewsiiPatricia Wiese681971-05-31 San Luis ObispoCuesta Ridge Botanical Area. 2 W of Cuesta Pass
OBI109364OBIGalium andrewsiiPenny Principes.n.1982-05-02 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts, E Cuesta Ridge, 2.7 mi SE of hwy 101
OBI109365OBIGalium andrewsiiPatricia Wiese381971-05-07 San Luis ObispoCuesta Botanical Area. 2 W of Cuesta Pass
OBI109367OBIGalium andrewsiiRobert F. Hoover89081964-06-05 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Range. Ridge SE of Cuesta pass
OBI109368OBIGalium andrewsiiDavid J. Keil194361986-05-13 San Luis ObispoHi Mtn Rd near Hi Mtn lookout
OBI109370OBIGalium andrewsiiKrystoff-Spasbo191982-04-18 San Luis Obispo22 mi E of Arroyo Grande
OBI109371OBIGalium andrewsiiIsabelle Tavares13081962-05-31 VenturaOn Hwy 399, 5.5 mi S of Pine Mtn Summit
OBI109372OBIGalium andrewsiiJoy H. Nishida2151982-04-10 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn campgrund
OBI109373OBIGalium andrewsiiRimo Bacigalupi52161955-05-24 San Luis ObispoPalo Prieto Cyn, 2.4 mi above its confluence with Cholame crk, northern end of the Temblor Range
OBI109375OBIGalium andrewsiiDavid J. Keil163311982-06-27 San Luis ObispoHills overlooking Los Osos from the south
OBI109376OBIGalium andrewsiiG.F. Hrusa110981993-05-02 San Luis ObispoBlack Butte Research Natural Area. Approx 1-2 N of Mt. Lower
OBI109377OBIGalium andrewsiiJeffery Null291980-05-12 San Luis ObispoEcological Study Area, Calif Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
OBI109378OBIGalium andrewsiiDavid J. Keil192941986-05-02 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts just N of San Luis Obispo in Reservoir Cyn
OBI109379OBIGalium andrewsiiDavid J. Keil192941986-05-02 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Mts just N of San Luis Obispo in Reservoir Cyn
OBI109380OBIGalium andrewsiiRussell Gorman291955-11-23 San Luis ObispoLos Berros Cyn approx. 4 N of Nipomo
OBI109381OBIGalium andrewsiiRobert F. Hoover93721965-05-20 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Range. Hill W of Poly Cyn, San Luis Obispo
OBI109382OBIGalium andrewsiiDavid J. Keil245081994-06-06 NapaJust south of Lake Hennessy on south side of Highway 128
OBI109383OBIGalium andrewsiiRussell Gorman511956-04-06 San Luis ObispoLos Berros Cyn approx. 4 N of Nipomo
OBI109384OBIGalium andrewsiiRobert L. Allen3121981-05-17 San Luis Obispo7.6 NE of Santa Margarita, Calf Cyn, N end of La Panza mts
OBI109385OBIGalium andrewsiiRobert J. Rodin59461954-04-03 San Luis ObispoBishop′s Peak, San Luis Obispo
OBI109386OBIGalium andrewsiiElizabeth Rudd2851971-05-23 San Luis Obispo3 NE of Santa Margarita
OBI109388OBIGalium andrewsiiMark Schneider271973-05-05 Santa Barbara11 mi past turn off, Figueroa Rd, San Rafael mts
OBI109390OBIGalium andrewsiiElinor Lehto172391971-06-04 San DiegoI-8 and Sunrise hwy. Cleveland Natl Forest
OBI149758OBIGalium andrewsiiReed Kenny5712019-05-08 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
OBI174945OBIGalium andrewsiiTheo Fitanides1502010-04-23 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda BLM ACEC.
OBI174946OBIGalium andrewsiiDavid J. Keil296072001-06-15 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo. Chorro Creep drainage. Chorro Creek Bog Thistle exclosure. Vicinity of 35.3442 ° N, 120.6800 ° W
PASA44PASAGalium andrewsiiStason1930-05-01 San DiegoGrade S. of Oak Grove
PASA45PASAGalium andrewsii1928-05-11 San Luis ObispoSanta Rita Canon
PGM6804PGMGalium andrewsiiHowitt, Beatrice F13651962-06-30 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Junipero Serra Pk, From The Indians about 4 miles along tr
PGM6805PGMGalium andrewsiiHowitt, Beatrice F15311963-05-19 MontereyDiablo Range, Thomason Ranch near Parkfield, From Thomason Ranch
POM10491RSAGalium andrewsiiCharlotte M. Wilders.n.1930-07-03 RiversideNear Pine Flat.
POM11687RSAGalium andrewsiiF. M. Reed27751909-06-24 San BernardinoYucaipa [Mts?] below Forest Home.
POM11691RSAGalium andrewsiiKatherine Brandegees.n.1906-06-15 San DiegoDescanso.
POM158406RSAGalium andrewsiiPhilip A. Munz109021927-05-28 San BernardinoOak Glen.
POM17888RSAGalium andrewsiiPhilip A. Munz72801923-06-28 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
POM18378RSAGalium andrewsiiPhilip A. Munz69821923-06-10 VenturaSeymour Creek, Mt. Pinos.
POM202394RSAGalium andrewsiiW. R. Dudley44941896-06-14 VenturaNear Cuddy′s. Mt. Pinos region.
POM202766RSAGalium andrewsiiPhilip A. Munz132281934-05-01 VenturaUpper Sespe Creek. N of Wheeler Hot Springs.
POM204016RSAGalium andrewsiiM. S. Jussels.n.1931-04-19 NapaPope Valley
POM230702RSAGalium andrewsiiI. W. Clokeys.n.1933-05-02 VenturaSespe Creek.
POM250373RSAGalium andrewsiiI. W. Clokey69241935-05-02 Santa BarbaraNorth fork Ventura River.
POM284278RSAGalium andrewsiiLyman D. Benson66181935-05-18 LakeCobb Valley. Middle N Coast mt. range, Clear Lake watershed.
POM312118RSAGalium andrewsiiN. C. Cooper14861944-07-02 San DiegoPalomar Mtn.
POM367619RSAGalium andrewsiiAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1920-05-04 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles, Perkins Ranch.
POM367640RSAGalium andrewsiiF. R. Fosbergs.n.1931-08-17 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake.
POM367641RSAGalium andrewsiiE. Deans.n.1929-05-05 San DiegoOak Grove, N.E. San Diego Co.
POM367642RSAGalium andrewsiiM. B. Dunkle53031949-09-22 San DiegoLaguna Mountains.
POM367643RSAGalium andrewsiiPaul C. Silva33-21941-06-18 San DiegoDescanso.
POM367644RSAGalium andrewsiiE. S. Spaldings.n.1925-06-08 San DiegoNear Little Laguna Lake.
POM367645RSAGalium andrewsiiNoel Wallace2991938-07-29 KernPainted Rocks, Horse Creek Canon.
POM367646RSAGalium andrewsiiBarbara Kelly3331977-04-23 Lake0.4 miles N of State Rte 20 on the walker Ridge Rd.; Wilbur Springs
POM367649RSAGalium andrewsiiThekla Mohrs.n.1911-01-01 Los AngelesTopanga Canon.
POM367650RSAGalium andrewsiiH. L. Bauer175161933-06-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts.
POM367651RSAGalium andrewsiiH. L. Bauers.n.1931-06-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica foothills.
POM367652RSAGalium andrewsiiThekla Mohrs.n.1911-07-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains.
POM367653RSAGalium andrewsiiRobert Gustafson26541982-06-11 VenturaCa 1.5 miles above the Mt. Pinos campground on the road leading to the summit of Mt. Pinos.
POM4423RSAGalium andrewsiiunknowns.n.1897-07-30 San DiegoCuyamaca Peak.
POM4424RSAGalium andrewsiiL. R. Abrams36941903-06-01 San DiegoNear Campo.
POM48690RSAGalium andrewsiiMary F. Spencer5171917-05-31 San Diego(male) Pine Hills. (female) Descanso.
POM59600RSAGalium andrewsiiW. J. Williamson301919-05-06 TuolumneAbove Indian Creek.
POM60864RSAGalium andrewsiiGeorge B. Grant53591903-04-30 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles.
POM67227RSAGalium andrewsiiMarcus E. Jones32391882-05-08 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo.
POM97165RSAGalium andrewsiiD. D. Keck411925-05-17 San Diego1 mile east of Warner′s Ranch.
PUA16811PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1972-05-26 NapaLocal landmark: Butts Canon. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA2085PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1972-05-05 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA30750PUAGalium andrewsiiDibble And Griggs1979-07-09 GlennLocal landmark: Black Diamond Lookout. Stonyford Quad.
PUA30811PUAGalium andrewsiiDibble And Griggs1979-06-14 GlennLocal landmark: Black Diamond Ridge. Stonyford Quad.
PUA33896PUAGalium andrewsiiJoe Callizo1979-06-02 NapaLocal landmark: Mast Serpentine Hill. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA46837PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1981-04-26 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
PUA47069PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1981-04-06 NapaLocal landmark: Manhattan Mine. Knoxville Quad.
PUA47569PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1981-05-06 NapaLocal landmark: Devilhead Road. Knoxville Quad.
PUA55659PUAGalium andrewsiiBill Grummer1982-05-09 LakeLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA55716PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1982-04-26 Santa BarbaraLocal landmark: Purisima Canon. Lompoc Quad.
PUA55789PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1983-05-27 SonomaLocal landmark: Squaw Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57360PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1983-06-14 LakeLocal landmark: Cobb Valley. Whispering Pines Quad.
PUA60015PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1984-05-30 SonomaLocal landmark: Socrates Mine. The Geysers Quad.
PUA61679PUAGalium andrewsiiJoe Callizo1984-04-01 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Orville. St. Helena Quad.
PUA64216PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1986-06-07 KernLocal landmark: Bald Eagle Peak. Isabella Quad.
PUA65076PUAGalium andrewsiiJames Jokerst1985-05-08 LakeLocal landmark: Coyote Peak. Wilbur Springs Quad.
PUA66273PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1984-04-22 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA66658PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1984-05-19 ColusaLocal landmark: Mill Creek. Fouts Springs Quad.
PUA67507PUAGalium andrewsiiG.L. Clifton1988-03-15 San DiegoLocal landmark: Warner Springs. Warner Springs Quad.
RSA0018364RSAGalium andrewsiiDuncan S. Bell49572013-05-18 San DiegoBLMMcCain Valley; north of McCain Valley Road, along Manzanita-Cottonwood Road.; Sombrero Peak
RSA0019870RSAGalium andrewsiiJoan Stewart7221998-05-22 KernPiutes.
RSA0019871RSAGalium andrewsiiJoan Stewart5861997-05-03 KernSand Canon
RSA0081702RSAGalium andrewsiiR. G. Swinney128032010-05-19 Los AngelesOracle Hill summit, abandoned Naval Analytics Station, at end of Pacific Telephone Access Rd., just west of Angeles Natl. Forest boundary, 2.05 air miles due east of Angeles Forest Hwy, 0.8 miles due west of Mt. Emma Rd.; Pacifico Mt. 7.5 Q.
RSA0108846RSAGalium andrewsiiR. G. Swinney131442010-06-01 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Kentucky Springs, c. 1 mile west of Angeles Forest boundary sign at Angeles Forest Hwy, c. 0.5 mile south of Kentucky Springs Rd.; Pacifico Mt. 7.5
RSA0120004RSAGalium andrewsiiDuncan S. Bell92572016-04-13 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Rosa Mountains; Santa Rosa Wilderness area; collecting along the Cactus Spring Trail, in the vicinity of Horsethief Creek.; Toro Peak Quad.
RSA0127736RSAGalium andrewsiiM. M. Fullers.n.1993-05-08 RiversideS of Beaumont, about 2 mi S of [Interstate] 10 and 1 mi E of [Highway] 79.
RSA10726RSAGalium andrewsiiCarl B. Wolf21001928-05-07 Lake6 miles east of Houghs Mineral Springs on the road to Williams.
RSA135184RSAGalium andrewsiiPeter H. Raven154091960-05-21 Los AngelesJunction of Mulholland Highway with Latigo Canon Rd.
RSA16103RSAGalium andrewsiiCarl B. Wolf69391935-05-22 VenturaOjai to Cuyama Valley Road, Pine Mountain, Upper Sespe Creek, 3 miles south of summit of Pine Mountain grade.
RSA167069RSAGalium andrewsiiE. R. Blakley40401961-04-16 Santa BarbaraOn ridge N of Zaca Lake. San Rafael Mtns.
RSA170242RSAGalium andrewsiiIsabelle Tavares13081962-05-31 VenturaOn Hy. 399, 5.5 miles south of Pine Mountain Summit.
RSA202682RSAGalium andrewsiiL. T. Dempster40691964-11-21 FresnoTop of Canonterey Co too?)
RSA226331RSAGalium andrewsiiC. W. Tilforth4401971-08-17 San DiegoIn the area of Mt. Palomar Observatory.
RSA23132RSAGalium andrewsiiI. L. Wiggins90211938-08-19 MontereyReliz Canon 4 miles S of jct of Arroyo Seco Rd.
RSA232995RSAGalium andrewsiiD. A. YoungP-3861969-04-26 Santa BarbaraApprox. 200 yds. NE of the Burton Mesa Golf course, Lompoc.
RSA261397RSAGalium andrewsiiJ. M. Tucker39251966-04-08 MontereySummit of Pinyon Peak. At the lookout. Ca 3.25 miles airline from the summit of Junipero Serra Peak. Santa Lucia Mtns.
RSA292948RSAGalium andrewsiiReino Alava8941957-05-20 StanislausTop of Mt Oso
RSA31586RSAGalium andrewsiiH. M. Pollards.n.1946-05-11 VenturaMatilija Canon.
RSA44297RSAGalium andrewsiiE. Z. Lovegroves.n.1946-04-28 SonomaMt St Helena.
RSA489580RSAGalium andrewsiiJames L. Reveal65451987-06-24 VenturaPine Mountain on ridge east of Reyes Peak Campground, Los Padres National Forest, about 16 airline miles NNW of Ojai and 7 miles ESE of California Hwy 33.
RSA518502RSAGalium andrewsiiO. F. Clarkes.n.1971-06-07 VenturaChorro Grande Canon, draining into Sespe Creek from the N off Pine Mountain, N of Ojai, near U.S. Gypsum quarry.; Wheeler Sprs.
RSA600054RSAGalium andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd98091997-05-20 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Northern flank of Sawmill Mountain, upper Heryford Canon drainage, just northeast of Sawmill Summit at the junction of Forest Service roads 7N23 and 7N08.; Burnt Peak
RSA612599RSAGalium andrewsiiLouis C. Wheeler17591933-06-02 Los AngelesRidge Route near Summit.
RSA674782RSAGalium andrewsiiScott D. White78482000-05-16 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Northern foothills near Acton. Bajada slopes and unnamed ephemeral tributaries to Arrastre Cyn.; Acton
RSA701376RSAGalium andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd111462004-05-04 San DiegoHills north of Warner Springs, north Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05.
RSA701982RSAGalium andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd110302004-05-04 San DiegoHills north of Warner Springs, Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05.
RSA702032RSAGalium andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd113112004-05-18 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestAtmore Meadows area.
RSA703440RSAGalium andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd113782004-05-26 San DiegoIn-Ko-Pah Mountains, western flank of Thing Valley, northeast of transit station Posta, Cleveland National Forest along forest service road.
RSA750825RSAGalium andrewsiiScott D. White127502009-05-19 KernPrivateTehachapi Mountains: Tehachapi Willow Springs Road, 3.5 miles S of Hwy 58, just NW of Oak Creek Pass; Tehachapi South
RSA757RSAGalium andrewsiiJ. T. Howell6181927-08-07 San DiegoBetween Campo and Buckman Springs.
RSA761735RSAGalium andrewsiiLeRoy Gross45222010-05-13 KernUS Fish and WildlifeBitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; far west end of the San Emigdio Mountains. Unit 11 area. Southwest of Pelato Peak and Cerro Noroeste Road. Started off a dirt road near 34.91 N, 119.42 W.; Ballinger Canon 7.5 quad.Headed southeast and stopped by 34.90254N, 119.41684W, then proceeded west northwest to 34.90391N, 119.42276W, (the north slope of this spot had nice woodland of Pinus monophylla- Quercus john-tuckeri above this tributary that drains into Ballinger Canon), then back to starting point.
RSA763998RSAGalium andrewsiiJustin M. Wood17962010-05-14 San DiegoNorth of Chihuahua Valley: Cooper Canon: Twin Lakes; Beauty Mountain
RSA769068RSAGalium andrewsiiRobert F. Thorne321541963-06-07 San Luis ObispoAlong Cuesta Ridge road, 1.8 miles NW from Cuesta Pass Freeway.
RSA773273RSAGalium andrewsiiLeRoy Gross54582011-05-04 VenturaLos Padres National ForestQuatal Canon, south off Forest Service Road 9N09, east of Highway 33 and the upper Cuyama Valley. Started just off the road near 34.82 N, 119.40 W. Surveyed SSE across large wash to south slope.; Cuyama Peak 7.5 quad.
RSA784346RSAGalium andrewsiiAnna Kostikova302010-06-17 VenturaLockwood Valley road
RSA788676RSAGalium andrewsiiDuncan S. Bell36762012-05-21 San BernardinoYucaipa Ridge; approximately 3.25 air miles northeast of the San Gorgonio Ranger station, or approximately 0.5 air mile northwest of Allen Peak.; Forest Falls
RSA86225RSAGalium andrewsiiRoxana S. Ferris127981955-05-23 San Luis ObispoSummit of grade along road from Creston to Sandon; 4.5 miles N of cemetery
RSA87348RSAGalium andrewsiiF. W. Peirson47301923-07-01 Contra CostaNear summit of Mt. Diablo.
RSA87349RSAGalium andrewsiiF. W. Peirson35671923-06-11 VenturaSeymour Creek, Mt. Pinos.
RSA87350RSAGalium andrewsiiF. W. Peirson44991920-06-24 San DiegoOn east trail to Palomar Mtn.
SBBG123313SBBGGalium andrewsiiMichael Honer26062007-06-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; Gaviota Pk Fire Rd, ca. 200m downhill (W) from saddle below Gaviota Pk
SBBG137544SBBGGalium andrewsiiR. C. Benkendorf4762017-04-26 San Benitojust upland of a seep [between Clear Creek and Goat Mtn]
SBBG140481SBBGGalium andrewsiiC. Matt Guilliams39962018-04-16 Santa BarbaraTunnel Trail to Gibraltar Road, starting at East Camino Cielo Trailhead. Along trail.
SBBG140567SBBGGalium andrewsiiR. C. Benkendorf7102017-06-01 San Benito[SW of Spanish Mine, SE of Sampson Peak]
SD132276SDGalium andrewsiiO.F. Clarkes.n.1971-06-07 VenturaChorro Grande Cyn, draining into Sespe Crk. From the N off Pine Mountain, N of Ojai, near U.S. Gypsum quarry
SD140005SDGalium andrewsiiI.W. Clokeys.n.1935-05-02 VenturaSespe Creek
SD175853SDGalium andrewsiiG. F. Hrusa168782006-06-10 Santa BarbaraManzana Creek Canon, San Rafael Wilderness, Los Padres National Forest, 3.0 miles downstream of Nira trailhead (Sunset Valley Rd.). At and west 1.0 mile of Coldwater Campt.
SD58421SDGalium andrewsiiIsabelle Tavares13081962-05-31 VenturaOn Hy. 399 [Hwy 33], 5.5 miles south of Pine Mountain Summit [aka Reyes Peak]
SDSU09278SDSUGalium andrewsiiWedberg6431961-06-29 San DiegoPaso Picacho Campground, Cuyamaca State Park.
SDSU09279SDSUGalium andrewsiiHarvey, D. R.1929-08-02 San DiegoCuyamaca.
SDSU09280SDSUGalium andrewsiiHarvey21351938-05-22 San DiegoPalomar
SDSU09310SDSUGalium andrewsiiCollier, Gerald1951-05-27 RiversideSan Jacinto Mtns., San Bernardino National Forest. About 4.0 miles W of Pinon Flats roadside, Hwy 74.
SDSU14301SDSUGalium andrewsiiAndrade, Kristin42002-03-17 San DiegoHarrison Park Road in Julian. 1-2 mile from mailboxes across from Christian center.
SDSU18075SDSUGalium andrewsiiKeeley, Sterling Carter5901971-06-26 San DiegoBoulder Creek, San Diego Co., California, USA
SFV112876SFVGalium andrewsiiJ. M. Tucker39251966-04-08 MontereySouth Coast Ranges; Santa Lucia Range. Summit (at lookout) of Pinyon Peak, about 3.25 miles (airline) from the summit of Junipero Serra Peak.
SFV112877SFVGalium andrewsiiJ. H. Nishidas. n.1991-08-17 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains; San Antonio Canon. Glacier Picnic Ground.
SFV112878SFVGalium andrewsiiT. R. Gordon3811974-07-12 VenturaVentura Mountains; Pine Mountain. 5 miles east of Highway 33.
SHTC6445SHTCGalium andrewsiiGuy, Kristin M.552005-04-19 StanislausFrank Raines Park, Del Puerto Road, 16 miles west of I-5, 4 miles west of patterson. 550 ft. south of the road.
SJSU11544SJSUGalium andrewsiiA. Berlowitz1965-06-27 San BenitoNew Idria
SJSU14514SJSUGalium andrewsiiC.W. Sharsmith91371990-05-20 Santa Claraby end of S Spring Rd, E side of summit, Mt Hamilton, Mt Hamilton Range
SJSU410SJSUGalium andrewsiiA.W. Jacobs1938-07-25 San DiegoCrouch Valley c. 4 mi SW of Mt Laguna, Laguna Mts
SJSU4110SJSUGalium andrewsiiC.W. Sharsmith7443A1966-05-29 StanislausAdobe Cr, Red Mts, Mt Hamilton Range
SJSU4111SJSUGalium andrewsiiC.W. Sharsmith7443B1966-05-29 StanislausAdobe Cr, Red Mts, Mt Hamilton Range
UC1618025UCJEPSGalium andrewsiiDonald G. Nelson3861936-05-22 Riversideon the Pines-to-Palms Hwy. at Ribbonwood Camp (San Jacinto Mts.); San Jacinto Mts.
UCR0045113UCRGalium andrewsiiTim Thomas23511999-05-31 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, upper San Emigdio Canon
UCR0045114UCRGalium andrewsiiTim Thomas54242011-06-06 Kerntop of Blue Ridge at FS fence line and road
UCR0045115UCRGalium andrewsiiTim Thomas33062004-05-05 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, west end Blue Ridge
UCR0045116UCRGalium andrewsiiDavid Charlton36561989-07-16 KernLos Padres National Forest, end of paved road up Mt. Pinos [near Chula Vista Campground]
UCR0045117UCRGalium andrewsiiGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1981-08-06 KernPinon Pines Camp near Mt. Pinos. [Lake of the Woods] Near the junction of Cuddy Valley Rd. and Lockwood Valley Rd
UCR0045118UCRGalium andrewsiiSteve Morgans.n.1991-06-16 KernLos Padres National Forest, Marian Campground, slopes of Brush Mountain, 2 miles north of Mill Potrero Road. Northwest of town of Pine Mountain
UCR0045119UCRGalium andrewsiiA.C. Sanders339012007-05-24 KernPastoria Creek (Bear Trap) Canon, below Bench Mark (3364 ft.) Tejon K, c. 6 miles NE of Lebec
UCR0045120UCRGalium andrewsiiT.B. Salvato25052007-05-14 Kerndry slopes of peninsula on the eastern shore of Castac Lake
UCR0045121UCRGalium andrewsiiA.C. Sanders336372007-05-03 KernNE of upper Oso Canon, c. 3 miles ESE of Castac Lake, below peak 4908
UCR0045122UCRGalium andrewsiiR.G. Swinney131442010-06-01 Los AngelesKentucky Springs, c. 1 mile west of Angeles Forest boundary sign at Angeles Forest Hwy, c. 0.5 mile south of Kentucky Springs Rd.
UCR0045123UCRGalium andrewsiiR.G. Swinney128032010-05-19 Los AngelesOracle Hill summit, abandoned Naval Analytics Station, at end of Pacific Telephone Access Rd., just west of Angeles Natl. Forest boundary, 2.05 air miles due east of Angeles Forest Hwy, 0.8 miles due west of Mt. Emma Rd.
UCR0045124UCRGalium andrewsiiDan S. Cooper511--55B2011-05-05 Los AngelesPortal Ridge, east of Three Points, 6.1 mi southeast (148 ° ) of Neenach
UCR0045126UCRGalium andrewsiiHenry J. Thompson30821960-06-07 Ventura[Thousan Oaks], 1.2 miles west of CA Hwy 26 (Decker Rd) on road just south of Lake Sherwood [Lake Sherwood Dr]
UCR0045127UCRGalium andrewsiiSteve Boyd113112004-05-18 Los AngelesAtmore Meadows area
UCR0045129UCRGalium andrewsiiT.B. Salvato37882009-06-26 RiversideRouse Ridge, east of Rouse Hill on 4WD road 2E17 (becoming a foot trail), c. 0.7 mile north of Rouse Ridge Road (5S1 NE of Milky Spring, San Bernardino National Forest
UCR0045130UCRGalium andrewsiiMitch Provance90102004-05-08 Riversidec. 0.05 miles south on Santa Rosa Mt. Road from Hwy 74
UCR0045133UCRGalium andrewsiiA.C. Sanders249352002-04-09 Riversidehills and canyons west of Laborde Canon, 1 mile northeast of Eden Hot Springs, southwest of Beaumont
UCR0045136UCRGalium andrewsiiLouis B. Ziegler2521967-09-28 RiversideHemet (Garner) Valley
UCR0045137UCRGalium andrewsiiFrank C. Vasek580426--131958-04-26 San DiegoDodge Valley. CA Hwy 79, 2.3 miles east of Oak Grove Campground
UCR0045139UCRGalium andrewsiiSteve Boyd113782004-05-26 San DiegoIn-Ko-Pah Mtns, western flank of Thing Valley, northeast of transit station Posta, Cleveland National Forest along forest service road
UCR0045144UCRGalium andrewsiiA.C. Sanders8531976-07-28 San Diegohills west of Boulder Oaks
UCR0045147UCRGalium andrewsiiBeecher Crampton19391954-06-08 Lake3 miles north of Cobb Mountain, Bottle Rock Road
UCR0045148UCRGalium andrewsiiScott D. White42081996-06-27 San BernardinoYucaipa - Oak Glen Area: about 0.7 air mi north of Wildwood Canon Rd. and 1 air mi west of Oak Glen Rd
UCR0045149UCRGalium andrewsiiA.C. Sanders138531993-04-29 San Bernardinoeast side of Water Canon, a tributary of Wildwood Canon from the north; southwest foot of Pisgah Peak. Porter Ranch
UCR0045151UCRGalium andrewsiiSteve Morgan1191974-05-04 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mountains: USFS Figueroa Campground, Los Padres National Forest, 14 mi east of Los Olivos
UCR0045152UCRGalium andrewsiiO.F. Clarkes.n.1971-06-07 VenturaSanta Ynez Mountains. Chorro Grande Canon, draining into Sespe Creek from the north off Pine Mountain, north of Ojai, near U.S. Gypsum quarry
UCR0112711UCRGalium andrewsiiFrank C. Vasek640613--101964-06-13 San DiegoLaguna Mountains. Lake near entrance to Laguna Public Campground
UCR0113042UCRGalium andrewsiiA.C. Sanders441972021-08-07 San BernardinoYucaipa Ridge, along Y. R. Truck Trail, 1.4 km (1.88 mi) SE (166 ° ) of Thurman Flats, 1.4 km (226 ° ) SW of Mountain Home Village
UCR0113198UCRGalium andrewsiiMitch Provance519--302019-05-29 Los AngelesAbout four miles N of City of Malibu, Castro Peak, in the vicinity of the microtower
UCSB017525UCSBGalium andrewsiiChou, C.1971-07-01 Santa BarbaraZaca Ridge, San Rafael Mountains
UCSB017526UCSBGalium andrewsiiClare B. Hardham143991967-03-03 San Luis ObispoDiablo Canon
UCSB017527UCSBGalium andrewsiiDavid L. Magney161-831983-08-02 Ventura12 miles N of Ojai, western Transverse Ranges. T5N, R2 W, S 1, 2 &3. Wheeler Springs Quadrangle
UCSB017528UCSBGalium andrewsiiDavid L. Magney39-871987-05-16 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges; Lockwood Valley Quad.; NE 1-4 W 1 NW 1-4, S33, T7N, R21W, San Bernardino BM; found in upper Piru Creek drainage; along Thom Meadows Rd., about 4.5 mi. S of Lockwood Valley Road
UCSB017529UCSBGalium andrewsiiBrian C. Miller1963-08-03 VenturaBelow McGill, near old ski lift
UCSB017530UCSBGalium andrewsiiPete Atsatt911958-05-02 Santa Barbara9.1 miles up Refugio Pass Rd. off highway 101
UCSB017531UCSBGalium andrewsiiNorman Haller1953-05-24 RiversideHwy. 74, Vandeventer Flats, 5 miles W. of Pinyon Flats, San Jacinto Mts.
UCSB017532UCSBGalium andrewsiiSmith, Clifton9921944-06-21 Santa BarbaraTunnel Trail, Mission Canon, Santa Barbara
UCSB017533UCSBGalium andrewsiiDennis E. Breedlove1411961-03-12 Santa BarbaraAlong the Alamo Pintado Creek from 7-8 miles north of Los Olivos; base of Figueroa Mountain, Birbent Canon, San Rafael Range.
UCSB017534UCSBGalium andrewsiiJohn R. Haller19431962-05-31 VenturaLockwood-Ozena Road, 4.7 miles east of Grade Valley Road, 6.1 miles west of Mount Pinos Road junction at Lake of the Woods
UCSB017535UCSBGalium andrewsiiHickson, Diana801986-03-24 Santa Barbara3,000 feet NW of Mission, La Purisima Mission State Historic Park, Burton Mesa, Lompoc, California
UCSB017536UCSBGalium andrewsiiWayne R. FerrenLP 69a1982-08-24 Santa BarbaraLa Purisima Mission State Historic Park: 2 NE of Lompoc City Limit; Junction of service roads west of the ranger′s residences (southwest end of loop road)
UCSB017537UCSBGalium andrewsiiGray, V.0711980-05-05 Santa BarbaraMono-Alamar trail above Mono Debris Dam, 0.5 miles above the junction of the trail and Forest Service Route 5N15
UCSB017538UCSBGalium andrewsiiWayne R. FerrenLP 3181983-04-02 Santa BarbaraPine Grove, northwest corner of park; LA PURISIMA MISSION STATE HISTORIC PARK: 2 NE of Lompoc City Limit
UCSB017539UCSBGalium andrewsiiO′Neal, Mike331980-05-18 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mtn. Road, 1.5 miles east of Figueroa Mtn. Campground on north side of road
UCSB017540UCSBGalium andrewsiiTaylor, A.501980-05-11 Santa BarbaraS. side of Quatal Canon Road, 1.8 miles east of Highway 33
UCSB017541UCSBGalium andrewsiiBridget Recht421980-06-09 Ventura13.2 miles from Canon Wagon Wheel Canon Road-- west of Lockwood Valley.
UCSB017542UCSBGalium andrewsiiRice, Stanley1071978-05-19 KernAlong Ptiute Mountain Road 2 miles east of junction with Caliente-Bodfish Road
UCSB017543UCSBGalium andrewsiiHawkins, L.631956-04-02 Santa Barbaraabove Refugio Canon
UCSB017544UCSBGalium andrewsiiDay, Fran981964-04-25 Venturat 5.2 miles north of Pine Mtn. Summit on U.S. Highway 399
UCSB017545UCSBGalium andrewsiiKiehn, David971980-05-23 Kern2 miles east on Piute Mountain Road from its junction with Caliente-Bodfish road
UCSB017546UCSBGalium andrewsiiLehmann, Karla1301964-05-02 Santa Barbara1 mile SE of Ranger Peak;
UCSB017547UCSBGalium andrewsiiWilliams, M.23132000-07-12 Santa Barbarasouthern foothills of the San Raphael Range, Sedgwick Reserve, Chumash Quarry Hill
UCSB050431UCSBGalium andrewsiiGregory A. Wahlert2092018-05-13 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest, W Camino Cielo Rd. Forest Route 5N12.
UCSB055761UCSBGalium andrewsiiDavid Magney283-192019-07-18 VenturaSW Calif, Transverse Ranges, Western Transverse Ranges, Frazier Mountain, along FS Road 8N04, above water trough spring, Waypoint 417; Frazier Mountain, Calif. too quad.; SE1 NE1-4NE1-4S16, T8N R2 W San Bernadino Base Meridian.
UCSB063476UCSBGalium andrewsiiR. A. Lerner701974-06-21 Santa BarbaraSummit of Big Pine Mtn.
UCSC100008628UCSCGalium andrewsiiGrey Hayes2000-04-20 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton, Isabel Valley Ranch -
UCSC2632UCSCGalium andrewsiiGrey Hayes872000-04-26 Santa Clarain canyon Mount Hamilton, Simon Newman Ranch
VVC3358VVCGalium andrewsiiTim Thomas241973-05-05 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain Road, 12 miles east of Los Olivos; Los OlivosWestern Transverse Range
BLMRD0777BLMRDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJ. Molter1993-06-17 Tehama
BSCA3815BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiChurchwell, Mary Jo8812014-03-25 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Old Paroli Homesite, 5.97 air miles SW of borrego Springs and .47 air mile WSW of intersection of Old Culp Valley Road and County Hwy. S-22.
BSCA4048BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauri, Robert1132002-05-16 San DiegoAlong Doane Creek Trail, ca. 700 m northwest of Doane Pond.
BSCA4049BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMerkel, Dalton (Mike)1271956-08-17 San Diego
BSCA4050BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiNull,s.n.1967-06-29 San DiegoCedar Grove Trail from Doane Valley to Cedar Grove, along trail.
BSCA4054BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiKarnes, H.K.1302004-05-18 San DiegoWest Mesa.
BSCA4062BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiHendrickson, Larry107122000-06-16 San DiegoSoutheast of Lost Valley Boy Scout Camp, 0.5 miles NW of boundary gate with Los Coyotes Reservation.
BSCA4063BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiHendrickson, Larry107492000-02-18 San DiegoNear western boundary of Park, north of S-22.
BSCA4064BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiPigniolo, Andrew R.14052003-06-08 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake, Lucky 5 Acquisition, Location 10 - ecotone between Meadow grassland and chaparral.
BSCA4065BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRebman, Jon P.93472003-07-15 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna.
BSCA5669BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiHendrickson, Larry51892010-09-25 San DiegoCuyamaca Mountains. Upper Green Valley Fire Road W of Sweetwater River watershed, 0.2 mile N of locked gate near County Outdoor School, and 0.2 mile S of intersection with connecter to Cool Stream Trail.
BSCA5997BSCAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiChurchwell, Mary Jo7762013-05-23 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Old Culp Valley Rd.; 0.81 mile W of junction with Highway S-22 at Chimney Spring; just S of curve of Highway S-22.
CAS-BOT223004CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiGriesel, W.; Miller, B.s.n.1963-07-02 Los AngelesSawmill Campground, Sawmill Mt., Angeles National Forest
CAS-BOT223005CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRattan, Volneys.n.1881-05-01 MontereyUpper Salinas
CAS-BOT223006CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRattan, Volneys.n.1881-01-01 MontereySalinas
CAS-BOT223007CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiWiggins, Ira L.; Ferris, Roxana S.90211938-08-19 MontereyReliz Canyon 4 miles south of junction of Arroyo Seco road
CAS-BOT223008CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLathrop, Laura M.s.n.1903-05-19 San BenitoHernandez
CAS-BOT223009CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFerris, Roxana S.83851933-05-01 San BenitoSummit of grade between San Lorenzo Creek drainage and Hernandez Valley
CAS-BOT223010CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiBacigalupi, R.s.n.1923-05-20 Santa ClaraAbove Isabel Creek on Livermore Road
CAS-BOT223011CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDudley, W. R.210691895-05-29 Santa ClaraBy trail to Pine Ridge, Mt. Hamilton Range
CAS-BOT223012CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-05-30 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Peninsula. Loma Prieta Peak
CAS-BOT499147CASGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSoza, Valerie; Boyd, Steve17292004-06-22 San DiegoHot Springs Mountains, at base of mountains, Warner Springs area, along Camino San Ignacio Rd to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, S of Camino Ortega
CDA0011553CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiG.F. Hrusa110981993-05-22 San Luis ObispoApprox. 1-2 N of Mt. Lowe. Black Butte Research Natural Area.
CDA0019990CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJ. Hunters.n.1994-05-01 San Luis ObispoBlack Butte Research Natural Area, Los Padres NF, Cuesta Ridge East.
CDA0042140CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. Ahart87862001-06-08 TehamaOn the west side of road M2, about 9 miles west of Paskenta.
CDA0042141CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiT.C. Fuller1958-05-27 ColusaSouth of Highway 20, 1 mile west of junction with Highway 16.
CDA0053246CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMelinda ElsterQ07091605-A2008-07-09 Santa BarbaraStand runs down hillside in opening in pine woodland, most regeneration coming from established shrubs, some very wide with dead centers, sparse understory under shrubs, deep litter under pines, off Forest Service Rd. 9N19A. Associated taxa Arctostaphylos parryana. 3858594 N, 310663 UTME (NAD 83 GPS, 11 Zone; 34.852067, -119.71010). Elev 1916 m.
CHSC108066CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiB. Castro12852000-06-11 TehamaInner North Coast Ranges. E-facing slope below Raglin Ridge Rd, near the top of Raglin Ridge, around the lower edge of Pepperwood Spring. T2 N R0 W S21 SE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Raglin Ridge 1:24,000
CHSC109433CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. P. Janeway102772011-05-11 GlennInner North Coast Ranges. Along Black Diamond Road 5.3 road km west of Road 306 (the road from Elk Creek to Stonyford); overlooking lower Black Diamond Creek; 5.5 air km northwest of Stonyford. T1 N R0 W S13 NW1-4 of SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Stonyford 1:24,000
CHSC111262CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. P. Janeway103922011-06-11 GlennHigh North Coast Ranges. Northeast side of the top of Red Moun-tain; 5.5 air km east of Chrome. T2 N R0 W S23 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Chrome 1:24,000
CHSC112317CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLowell Ahart186942013-05-01 ColusaInner North Coast Range. Near a small drainage, north of the wash and State Highway 20, just east of Lake County Line, 12.2 mile (air) east-northeast of Clear Lake (town), 17.1 miles (air) west of Williams. T1 N R0 W S34 SW1-4
CHSC113047CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLowell Ahart190672013-10-01 ColusaInner North Coast Range. Near a small drainage, north of the wash and State Highway 20, just east of Lake County Line, 12.2 miles (air) east-northeast of Clear Lake (town), 17.1 miles (air) west of Williams. T1 N R0 W S34 SW1-4
CHSC43737CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiVernon Oswald20121986-05-12 ColusaBrim Rd. (Bartlett Springs Rd.) 2.1 W of Bear Valley Rd. T1 N R06W S12
CHSC48878CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiVernon Oswald20181986-05-12 LakeBrim Rd. (Bartlett Springs Rd.) at the jct. Of the road to Barrel Spring. T1 N R0 W S11 NE1-4 of SE1-4
CHSC54111CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiVernon H. Oswald46081991-05-22 TehamaRaglin Ridge Rd, 3.2 miles south-southwest of Colyear Springs Rd, north-west of Paskenta. T2 N R0 W S21
CHSC55273CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. P. Janeway20971987-05-24 FresnoCyn of Warthan 8-9 mi west of Coalinga via hwy 198. T21S R14E S20 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC72462CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. P. Janeway57171998-07-03 LakeKanaka Glade, a spring at the head of Spanish Creek East Fork; near top of Pacific Ridge. T1 N R0 W S30 SW1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Hough Springs 1:24,000
CHSC80684CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLowell Ahart87862001-06-08 TehamaOn the west side of road M2, about 9 miles west of Paskenta. T2 N R0 W S34 near center, west border
CHSC83393CHSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. P. Janeway75482002-05-12 NapaInner North Coast Ranges. Northeast-facing slope along Devilhead Road 0.8 km south of Berryessa-Knoxville Road and Knoxville Creek. T1 N R0 W S07 SW1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Knoxville 1:24,000
DAV168345DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRobert Wolfson382000-04-22 NapaNapa Co, McLaughlin Reserve, approx. 0.5 miles South of Berryessa-Knoxville Rd. Along east side of Devilhead Rd, 1st ridge south of Devihead Rd.
DAV168459DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC. D. Kennedy22000-04-22 NapaMcLaughlin Reserve, first ridge S of Knoxville-Berryessa Rd., along E-side of Devilhead Rd. 38 deg. 49′ 9 N; 122 deg. 21 11 W; 480 m.
DAV184060DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEllen Dean55542009-05-06 ColusaColusa Co.: Payne Ranch, lands to the SW of the jct. of Hwys. 16 and 20. Destinella Flat area on the S side of Hwy. 20. Ridge so the south of Destanella Flat.
DAV195939DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiAmber Kimpel32012-05-05 NapaNapa County: Las Posadas State Experimental Forest. Northeastern part of property, uphill and north of Recreation Flat, along undeveloped road.
DAV206946DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEllen Dean81092014-04-29 NapaNapa County: Knoxville public lands. California Department of Fish and Wildlife property. Headwaters of Nevada Creek. Most northwestern part of property.
DAV224890DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiD.O. Burge22462017-04-25 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Santa Ynez Mountains, roadside on Camino Cielo Road.
DAV224895DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiD.O. Burge22402017-04-08 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Monica Mountains, Rocky Oaks Dam.
DAV225030DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiD.O. Burge22612017-05-01 VenturaVentura County: Dry Lakes Ridge area, roadside on California State Route 33.
DAV358694DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMichael Raines52009-05-03 LakeLake County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road, ca. 0.6 road miles north of junction with Hwy 20. East side of the road.
DAV358695DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiHildegarde Durkin52007-04-29 ColusaColusa County: Payne Ranch (owned by BLM), lands to the SW of the intersection of State Routes 20 and 16. Central part of ranch. Thompson Canon. North side of Thompson Creek.
GMDRC12303GMDRCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJ. M. Andre421222019-07-12 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Just south of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) at Kitchen Creek Rd
GMDRC13579GMDRCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJ. M. Andre439452021-05-05 RiversidePeninsular Ranges: San Jacinto Mountains; Garner Valley, hillside just east of Morris Ranch Rd, north of Kenworthy Fire Sta, 0.2 miles N of Hwy 74, 4.9 miles west of Hwy 371
GMDRC13723GMDRCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJ. M. Andre440932021-05-20 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges: Laguna Mountains; on road-cut along Sunrise Hwy, about 1 mile north of Kwaaymii overlook area
HSC31574HSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiTeresa Prendusi261974-05-04 LakeWalker Ridge, 0.5 N of junction with Hwy. 20
HSC31590HSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiBonnie Prangesn1974-05-04 LakeNear Walker Ridge Rd., 0.5 N of junction with Hwy. 20.
HSC31706HSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiThomas E. Higley501974-05-04 Lake1-2 mi. from Hwy. 20 Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC34228HSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDonald Spalinger371974-05-04 LakeWalker Ridge Rd., 0.5 mile S of Clyde Mine
JEPS102868UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLowell Ahart87862001-06-08 TehamaW side road M2, 9 W of Paskenta
JEPS105205UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDean W. Taylor149191995-05-26 StanislausQuinto Canon, at the Bald Eagle Mine
JEPS105208UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDean W. Taylor149581995-06-01 StanislausSouth Fork Orestemba Creek; (about 6 road miles downstream of Gill Ranch, ca. 18 air miles west of Gustine); about 2 miles above (west) of the confluence with the North Fork Orestemba Creek (site is ca. 15 air miles W of Newman
JEPS110565UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJake Ruygt6741979-06-03 NapaOat Hill Mine Rd. North
JEPS111397UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJack, Betty Guggolz15211997-05-31 SonomaSouth Pine Flat
JEPS114005UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiTimothy S. Ross, Steve Boyd76151994-05-04 Los AngelesSan Fracisquito Canon: headwaters of the canyon, NE of Green Valley; ca 600 W of summit of grade; ca 2460 m ESE of Grass Mountain summit.
JEPS120483UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. P. Janeway102772011-05-11 GlennInner North Coast Ranges. Along Black Diamond Road 5.3 road km west of Road 306 (the road from Elk Creek to Stonyford); overlooking lower Black Diamond Cree; 5.5 air km northwest of Stonyford.
JEPS121119UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLowell Ahart186942013-05-01 ColusaN of the wash and Hwy 20, just E of Lake County line, 12.2 air miles ENE of the town of Clear Lake, 17.1 air miles W of Williams.
JEPS14569UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. T. Dempster, R. Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins10291956-06-23 Fresnohillside 2.3 mi nw Fresno Co. Ind. Road Camp; Los Gatos Creek
JEPS25756UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster14371961-05-10 Kernhills w Bodfish
JEPS41353UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiErnest C. Twisselmann109491965-06-03 Kernhill e Bodfish Gap (nw end of mt.); Tehachapi-Kernville Region, Piute Mountain
JEPS4989UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRoxana S. Ferris, R. Bacigalupi126721953-07-24 Santa Barbaraon State Hwy 1 ca 5 mi n Lompoc
JEPS52615UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins42311966-06-03 Lakes side of Pope Valley-Middletown road 0.6 mi nw Black Oak Villa (along gully)
JEPS52775UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, Stebbins, Hardham40711964-11-21 Fresnosummit grade between Coalinga and Parkfield (Fresno-Monterey counties)
JEPS52776UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiG. Ledyard Stebbins62011964-12-25 San Luis Obispos side of bay above Bay View Terrace (n-facing slope along a horizontal strip 200-400 ft wide near bottom of steep part of hill); Morro Bay
JEPS52777UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins40631964-11-20 San Benito2.9 mi se junction of road to Hernandez with Hwy 25
JEPS52778UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins42791966-06-19 Riversideabout 2 1-2 mi above lower end of road to Santa Rosa Peak
JEPS52779UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, Clare Hardham41361965-06-18 Riversidejunction of Route 71 and Route 74 Paradise Valley (at s end of San Jacinto Mts.); s end of San Jacinto Mts., Paradise Valley
JEPS52780UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, Clare Hardham41401965-06-19 San BernardinoOak Glen Rd 3.6 mi e Bryant Street (ne of Yaicapa)
JEPS52782UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins41801966-01-21 San DiegoHwy 79 6.5 mi nw Warner Springs
JEPS52783UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins41851966-01-21 San Diego2.2 mi se Julian
JEPS52784UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins43561967-04-08 ColusaBartlett Springs road 2.5 mi w Leesville (1.8 mi w of junction with Bear Valley Rd, w-facing slope)
JEPS52785UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster40911965-05-15 Napan slope above (s of) Knoxville; Cedar Valley
JEPS52786UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiG. Ledyard Stebbins61601964-05-24 Napagentle n-facing slope about 1-2 mi w Corona Mine (in hills w of Aetna Springs); Calistoga Quadrangle
JEPS52787UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins37901963-05-26 Lakeon road from Pope Valley to Middletown just 1-2 mi n Lake-Napa county line; Butts Canon
JEPS52788UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiG. Ledyard Stebbins61511964-05-24 Lakeon road from Middletown to Pope Valley about 1-2 mi n Napa County line; Butts Canon
JEPS52789UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins40061964-06-13 Tehamaalong road below Colyear Springs
JEPS52790UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins40961965-05-21 ColusaHwy 20 along creek 1 mi w junction with Hwy 16; Bear Creek
JEPS52791UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins39971964-06-13 Tehamaw Paskenta (junction of Eagle Creek and Patton Mills road)
JEPS52792UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins39951964-06-13 TehamaToomes Camp Rd w Paskenta
JEPS52822UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins40001964-06-13 Tehamajust e Round Mountain (w of Paskenta)
JEPS54952UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster, E. R. Dempster43731968-05-05 San Diego1.4 mi by road e Julian (road bank)
JEPS5617UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRoxana S. Ferris, R. W. Holm127801954-05-30 San Benitoserpentine outcrop shoulder of peak above New Idria; San Carlos Peak
JEPS7025UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiCharlotte N. Smith8021943-05-01 Kernsteep ridge 3 3-4 mi e Pozo Mine (on n-facing mt. slopes above Badger Gulch)
JEPS7026UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJulia A. Bettys1850-05-13 San BenitoBettys place San Lorenzo Creek, headwaters of San Benito River
JEPS7027UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiWillis L. Jepson1892-07-29 LakeKnoxville Grade to Lower Lake
JEPS7028UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRalph W. Sumner1918-08-27 San DiegoDescanso
JEPS7029UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiWillis L. Jepson188341938-05-22 NapaSouth Fork Butts Canon
JEPS7034UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. F. Hoover48611941-04-19 Stanislausmiddle part Del Puerto Canon
JEPS7035UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiCarl V. Meyer7781929-06-18 Riversidesummit of Hamilton Grade San Jacinto Mts.
JEPS7039UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJohn Thomas Howell29791927-08-07 San Diegobetween Buckman Springs and Campo
JEPS78998UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. Mitchel Beauchamp, R. C. Pierce27101971-06-02 San DiegoOasis Spring Laguna
JEPS79436UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEdward Lee, J. Ewan, H. L., L. Mason11701934-09-08 MontereyKing City-Indian Canon rd up canyon just s Pine Canon (about 2 mi beyond Hollon [? Jolon] Junction toward The Indian, n-facing slope); Santa Lucia Mts.
JEPS80799UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. R. Heckard, J. C. Hickman57691981-07-30 Colusaabout 100 ft above on n side Trout Creek (se side of mt); Snow Mt.
JEPS90072UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDean Wm. Taylor, David J. Keil, John M. Miller137211993-06-22 San Luis Obisporidge between Coon Creek and Crowbar Canon (ca. 0.5 mi. e. of Last benchmark, on PG & E Diablo Canon Nuclear Power Plant facility site, Irish Hills); S. Coast Ranges, Port San Luis 7 1-2 Quad. 1979 ed., Irish H
JEPS90073UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDean W. Taylor135811993-06-09 Stanislausunnamed side canyon Del Puerto Canon; S. Coast Ranges, Mt. Boardman 7 1-2 Quad., Del Puerto Canon
OBI109354OBIGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDavid Keil335602016-03-10 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
OBI109355OBIGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDavid Keil335602016-03-10 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
OBI109366OBIGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDavid J. Keil274121998-05-22 San Luis ObispoCanong Caliente Ridge Rd. between wildlife guzzler (35 ° 03.4 N x 119 ° 46.9 W) and Caliente Peak.
OBI109374OBIGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiT.J. Ayers7241989-05-10 San Luis ObispoLos Padres Natl Forest, just N of Pick and Shovel Mine along western fork of stream at Dead Miners Camp
OBI109389OBIGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDavid J. Keil246771995-03-30 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. W of intersection of Azalea Rd and Calif Rte 1 (Lompoc-Vandenberg Rd), 1.7 W of Santa Lucia Cyn rd exit from hwy 1
PGM312PGMGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiYadon, Vern1966-05-23 MontereyDiablo Range, Hwy 198 near Priest Valley, nr mile marker 22
POM11431RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiPhilip A. Munz59581922-07-03 RiversideSouth side of Santa Rosa Mts.
POM13009RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiPhilip A. Munz54361922-05-19 RiversideHemet Valley, San Jacinto Mountains.
POM172216RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiM. French Gilman11551928-05-27 RiversideBanning.
POM307260RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiHenry J. Ramsey21261937-05-30 RiversideSanta Rosa Mountains.
POM367648RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiAnstruther Davidsons.n.1892-07-04 Los AngelesActon.
POM367654RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiChristopher Davidson25351975-05-25 VenturaE of Ozena Sta. on Forest Serv. Rd 9N03, jct of Rd 9N03 and 9N03C.
RSA0040446RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLeRoy Gross63002014-04-29 San Luis ObispoEast end of the Santa Lucia Wilderness. Started at locked gate to lookout on Hi Mountain, then south southeast to Hi Valley, then east to Road 30S05.2.Trail started near 35.26 N 120.42 W. ended at 35.24926N 120.38324W.
RSA0060507RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiValeria Soza17292004-06-22 San DiegoHot Springs Mountains, at base of mountains, Warner Spring area, along Camino San Ignacio Rd to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, south of Camino Ortega.
RSA0172804RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJoe Barth17902011-06-30 San DiegoBear Valley Rd, Descanso District of Cleveland National Forest. ˜ 1.5 miles air ˜ SE of downtown Pine Valley. ˜ 1.1 miles air ENE of Long Valley Pk. Square: Q22.
RSA202683RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. T. Dempster39951964-06-13 TehamaToomes Camp Rd, W of Paskenta.
RSA271425RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC. W. Tilforth16171978-06-08 KernCuddy Valley Rd., NW of Lake of the Woods.
RSA282792RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC. W. Tilforth19831980-06-10 RiversideAlong Thomas Mtn. Rd., west of Hwy 74 andGrown in Botanic Garden from seed collected Aug. 21,1952, by P.A.Munz and E.K.Balls, 1 mi. w. of Fuller Mill Creek, Banning-Idyllwild. south of Lake Hemet.
RSA293049RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiReino Alava7641957-05-05 NapaMt St Helena.
RSA33607RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiN. C. Cooper12431944-05-20 RiversidePalms to Pines Hwy.
RSA33833RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiN. C. Cooper12441944-05-22 RiversidePinyon Flats, Palms to Pines Highway. San Jacinto Mtns.
RSA500082RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd32301989-04-02 RiversideVail Lake area: Between Kolb Creek and Temecula Creek, forming peninsula at SW end of lake.
RSA508016RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd22921988-05-28 RiversideCahuilla Mountain, west of Anza, mostly along the crest.
RSA518670RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiBarbara Ertter85201989-05-28 LakeMorgan Valley R. 0.6 W. of Napa County line ca. 12 airmiles SE of Lower Lake (town), at public access road.
RSA535883RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiTim S. Ross59061991-09-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mtns. Near Mulholland Highway x Yerba Buena Rd.; Triunfo Pass
RSA567522RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiTim S. Ross39161990-06-27 Los AngelesLiebre Mtn: N slope, between Cow Spring Canon and Horse Canon.; Liebre Mountain
RSA578298RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiTim S. Ross76151994-05-04 Los AngelesLiebre Mtns. San Francisquito Canon. Headwaters of the canyon. NE of Green Valley. Ca 600 W of summit of grade. Ca 2460 m ESE of Grass Mtn cummit.; Lake Hughes
RSA585751RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiD. A. YoungROB-1011992-06-18 San Luis Obispo0.5 NE of Chorro Res.
RSA585752RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiF. L. JohnsonROB-5691993-05-24 San Luis Obispo2 km SE of Twin Bridges on Boyscout Rd.
RSA586071RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiM. D. ProctorROB-4311993-04-16 San Luis ObispoWhiskey Spring.
RSA587549RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiD. L. Banks6581995-06-14 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, NE slope of S summit of Eagle Crag, SE of the Crosley Saddle; along fire break on the ridge of Eagle Crag, W of the Palomar-MaGee Trail.
RSA599476RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd94941997-04-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Upper watershed of Osito Canon between Interstate 5 and the Old Ridge Route, vicinity of Osito Flat, a distinctive, open grassy break in slope under the high tension power lines.; Liebre Mtn
RSA600174RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd96661997-05-01 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains Region: Sierra Pelona ridgeline, about 1.5 miles west of Mt. McDill and 1.3 miles south-southeast of Lincoln Crest, the head of Bouquet Canon.; Sleepy Valley
RSA609658RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. S. Woglum5541937-05-22 RiversideSanta Rosa Mountains.
RSA618180RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiD. L. Banks20481997-05-11 San DiegoNW Palomar Mountains, Agua Tibia Mountains: South of the Cleveland National Forest and the Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. Approximately 0.4 miles north of the intersection of the Gomez Truck Trail and the Palomar Divide Road (9S07).; Boucher HillWest of Gordon Point and Morgan Hill.
RSA700960RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiGary D. Wallace20071982-05-15 RiversidePalms to Pines Highway (74), just E of Spring Crest.
RSA727293RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSteve D. Boyd109912004-04-27 San DiegoHills north of Warner Springs, south of Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05.
RSA740085RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiScott D. White121482008-06-16 RiversideUSFSSan Jacinto Mountains: Meadow at Quinn Flat.; Idyllwild, Palm View Peak
RSA740635RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiScott D. White122112008-06-18 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: K Flat Meadow.; Idyllwild
RSA740938RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiScott D. White124402008-07-09 RiversideK Flat, from large pond downstream to meadow.; Idyllwild
RSA740942RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiScott D. White121842008-06-17 RiversideGarner Valley- Kenworthy Station (USFS); Butterfly Peak
RSA753481RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiScott D. White128652009-05-21 RiversideUSFSSan Jacinto Mountains: Garner Valley, 0.5 miles NW of Morris Ranch Rd (Kenworthy Ranger Station).; Idyllwild, Anza
RSA775541RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiW. R. FerrenLP69a1982-08-24 Santa BarbaraLa Purisima Mission State Historic Park: 2 kilometers NE of Lompoc City Limit; at junction of service roads west of the ranger′s residences (southwest end of loop road)
RSA90807RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiKeith Wagnon126661953-05-03 TehamaW of Paskenta along logging road.
SBBG104580SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDavid A. Young, F. L. JohnsonROB1011992-06-18 San Luis Obispo0.5 NE of Chorro Reservoir; Camp San Luis Obispo
SBBG110637SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL5541994-05-24 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: flood plain and bench of San Antonio Reservoir, ca. 1.5 km SE of mouth of McGowan Cyn, ca. 1.8 W of mouth of Laguna Cyn; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG118073SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiE. Painter, M. WetherwaxSLO1402000-06-12 San Luis ObispoChorro Crk Rd; Camp San Luis Obispo
SBBG119698SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiCarol Bornstein, A. Wyatt, E. Collins2003-09-09 KernLos Padres National Forest; Mount Pinos Rd, ca.2.3 mi S of jct with Cuddy Valley Rd
SBBG120106SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiE. Painter, M. WetherwaxCR1372001-02-21 San Luis Obispobench above Nacimiento River, W of Boy Scout Rd, SW of Twin Bridges; Camp Roberts
SBBG120782SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. Burgess9181992-04-11 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Red Reef Trail (USFS 2 W08), off Sisar Fire Rd; Topatopa Mtns
SBBG122350SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDavid Keil, T. Teed, M. Uchida296072001-06-15 San Luis ObispoChorro Crk bog thistle exclosure, Chorro Crk drainage; Camp San Luis Obispo
SBBG124461SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. NeeseHL34131997-05-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: 1.5 W of Peanut Mtn, near Stony Crk, 2.5 km N of Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd, 5.7 km NW of N shore of Lower Stony Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG142834SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiStephanie M. Calloway18-3142018-06-04 Santa Barbarabulldozer line on top of ridge. [near Zaca Ridge Road, ca. 1.4 air km N of Zaca Lake]
SBBG142846SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC. Matt Guilliams43232018-05-07 Santa BarbaraCuyama Peak, at summit.
SBBG143298SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDenise Knapp2018-1752018-05-06 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre; Buckhorn Road; northeast from middle of stretch between Potrero and Cox flat.
SBBG152198SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. Burgess70972005-09-16 VenturaSimi Hills, above Lang Ranch Parkway, trail N of ridgeline, SE of Oakbrook Regional Park, Thousand Oaks.
SBBG152542SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDenise Knapp2018-3822018-06-19 Santa BarbaraMission Pine Trail Junction.
SBBG153741SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSarah TermondtSET-0952018-06-01 Santa BarbaraPotrero Seco - Burn from 2017 Thomas Fire.
SBBG154089SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDenise Knapp2018-5172018-06-28 Santa BarbaraBuckhorn Road to Madulce Trailhead.
SBBG161417SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiStephanie M. Calloway18-4712018-07-10 Santa BarbaraMeadow near Mission Pine Spring.
SBBG230839SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC. Matt Guilliams37912017-08-31 Santa BarbaraAlong Sierra Madre Rd, first stand of Coulter pines.
SBBG83235SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. F. LaPre LakeThree Peaks, at the N end of Livermore Rd near the Napa Co line, 5 mi SE of Middletown
SBBG94333SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiT. J. Ayers, S. Junak, D. Shaw7241989-05-10 San Luis Obispojust N of Pick and Shovel Mine along W fork of stream of Dead Miners Camp
SD00015629SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJerilyn Hirshberg22652010-07-05 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; NW of Cuyamaca Mtns,near gate to McGee Flat on Eagle Peak Road, about 1.5 miles SW of intersection of Eagle Peak Road with Boulder Creek Road
SD00015630SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRichard L. Breisch7572011-06-10 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, NE of Morena Lake; north side Corral Canon Road; near junction with Buckman Springs Road.
SD00015631SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiChar Glacy2152011-05-05 San DiegoWarner Springs; N of, along Puerta La Cruz Road; near junction with Lost Creek Road and Pacific Crest Trailhead
SD00015632SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJoe Barth17902011-06-30 San DiegoBear Valley Rd, Descanso District of Cleveland National Forest. ˜ 1.5 miles air ˜ SE of downtown Pine Valley. ˜ 1.1 miles air ENE of Long Valley Pk.
SD00015633SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRyan Meszaros32013-05-21 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; at junction of La Posta Truck Trail and Thing Valley Rd; 8.25 miles east of Pine Valley; 12.5 miles north of Campo, and 4 miles north of Interstate 8.
SD00015634SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMary Jo Churchwell8812014-03-25 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Old Paroli Homesite, 5.97 air miles SW of Borrego Springs and .47 air mile WSW of intersection of Old Culp Valley Road and County Hwy. S-22.
SD00016318SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiIan Cain17522012-06-09 San DiegoBoulevard; along McCain Valley Road, 7.68 miles NNW of junction with Old Highway 80; 0.37 miles N of roadside
SD00016319SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMary Jo Churchwell8892014-03-25 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, Cottonwood Spring, 6.37 air miles SW of Borrego Springs and .77 air mile W of intersection of Old Culp Valley Road and County Hwy. S-22.
SD00016320SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMillie Basden-Thomas802008-06-29 San DiegoJulian; 0.5 miles SW of junction Hwy 79 and Old Cuyamaca Rd; about 1 mile east of Pine Hills Road along Van Deusen Road
SD00016321SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLarry Hendrickson67982016-05-29 San DiegoCleveland National Forest. Aguanga Ridge, south side of Palomar Divide Road adjacent to wildlife guzzler, 8.1 surface miles NW of intersection with State Route 79.
SD00016322SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMary Jo Churchwell7762013-05-23 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; Old Culp Valley Rd; 0.81 mile W of junction with Highway S-22 at Chimney Spring; just S of curve of Highway S-22
SD00016323SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJerilyn Hirshberg25522014-06-28 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park; along Sunrise Highway (S-1); 0.90 mile south of entrance to Lucky 5 Ranch (Deer Park Road).
SD00062487SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiCharles Wolfinger1372010-05-31 San DiegoWarner Springs, ca 5 miles NE of, 11 miles on Chihuahua Valley Rd. from Rt. 79 (south) at the intersection with the Pacific Crest Trail; 3 miles south on PCT, east 300 yards to woodland meadow between tributaries of Agua Caliente Ck.,
SD00062488SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLarry Hendrickson51892010-09-25 San DiegoCuyamaca Mountains, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. Upper Green Valley Fire Road W of Sweetwater River watershed, 0.2 mile N of locked gate near County Outdoor School, and 0.2 mile S of intersection with connecter to Cool Stream Trail.
SD106754SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiHenk van der Werff38071980-05-19 San DiegoPine Valley, Corte Madera Ranch
SD11118SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFrank F. Gander173-491935-04-17 San Diego2 miles east of Banner
SD11435SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFrank F. Gander206-41935-05-15 San DiegoNear Cuyamaca Lake
SD114359SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDarley F. Howe3921936-07-01 San DiegoLaguna Mts.
SD118418SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDuffie Clemons10321985-04-20 San DiegoMcCain Valley
SD118421SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDuffie Clemons10491985-04-25 San DiegoCommon along Pacific Crest Trail, Beauty Mountain quad
SD122502SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiGeoffrey A. Levin17121986-06-07 San DiegoCommon under pines, Nelson Camp, Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.
SD12364SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFrank F. Gander275-81935-10-31 San DiegoHipass
SD128361SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. Mitchel Beauchamp28711971-07-23 San DiegoCottonwood Valley beneath shrubs (IPB 9-06)
SD13495SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSusan G. Stokess.n.1898-08-01 San DiegoSmith Mt. [Palomar] (IPB 9-06)
SD135395SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiGeoffrey A. Levin22691993-07-03 San DiegoVolcan Mountain, Rutherford Ranch, near AT&T transmission station. Heavily shaded slope in mixed coniferous forest.
SD137628SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDarin L. Banks6581995-06-14 San DiegoNorthwest Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area, northeast slope of eagle Crag, southeast of the Crosley Saddle; west of the Palomar-Magee Trail, west of upper Arroyo Seco.
SD154252SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJeannie Gregory2812003-05-30 San DiegoMaple Lode Mine, Palomar Divide Truck Trail, near Oakgrove, California
SD155554SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiAndrew R. Pigniolo14052003-06-08 San DiegoCuyamaca Lake, Lucky 5 Acquisition, Location 10 - ecotone between Meadow grassland and chaparral.
SD158645SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJerilyn Hirshberg8832004-10-10 San Diegounderstory of burned oak woodland, 1.2 miles SE of entrance to Heise County Park, Julian
SD159985SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiPaula Knoll162004-05-21 San DiegoPioneer Mail area of Laguna Recreation Area, Cleveland National Forest, ca. 10 miles north of I-8 on Sunrise Hwy (S1) on the west side of S1, south of Garnet Mountain
SD159986SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiKim Marsden782004-04-30 San DiegoAt southern end of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park off Hwy 79 on the South Boundary Fire Road (entrance is directly across from the East Mesa Fire Road entrance).
SD162218SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRobert Lauri1132002-05-16 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park. Along Doane Creek Trail, ca. 700m northwest of Doane Pond.
SD163382SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLinnea Spears1302004-05-18 San DiegoRancho Cuyamaca State Park, West Mesa.
SD164151SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman93472003-07-15 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
SD165431SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJeannie Gregory9222004-05-22 San DiegoLaguna Mountains, Sunrise Highway, Kitchen Creek Truck Trail.
SD165432SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiAndrew R. Pigniolo11072003-05-09 San DiegoBoulevard - Garza Property near Shasta Lane - Location 5 - saddle near north end of property.
SD167489SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJeannie Gregory15842005-06-22 San DiegoLaguna Mountains, S end of Laguna Meadow, N of Sunrise Hwy, 1 mile NE of Crouch Valley
SD169593SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLarry Hendrickson6982005-05-05 San DiegoLos Caballos equestrian campground, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. Approx. 0.8 air mile north of Stonewall Peak and 0.4 mile east of interesection of State Hwy 79 and paved access road to Stonewall Mine. on slope just SE of entrance to campground.
SD171317SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman114112005-03-22 San DiegoWalker Canon Ecological Reserve (Ca. Dept. of Fish & Game): between Boulevard and Jacumba on the north side of Interstate 8, on the northeast side of the reserve.
SD174628SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman120792005-06-29 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Cleveland National Forest; S of Garnet Peak and above Storm Canon, Penny Pines area, 0.1 miles E of Sunrise Highway
SD175661SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman119772005-06-22 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Cleveland National Forest; N of Sunrise Highway, between Noble Canon Trail and Sunrise Trail, N of Crouch Meadow
SD176482SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMargaret R. Mulligan14652006-05-10 San DiegoWarner Springs area, Vista Irrigation District land, just S of the intersection of S-2 (San Felipe Rd) and a gated truck trail opposite to Warner Springs ranch house (begins ca. 0.5 mi SE from S-2′s junction with SR-79.)
SD182429SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRichard L. Breisch1802006-06-17 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, in Morena Village, W of Lake Morena Drive, E of Lupine Drive, S of Cleveland Forest Drive.
SD183454SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJeannie Gregory20642006-06-30 San DiegoTown of Potrero, Hauser Mountain, Harris Ranch Rd, near old house site; ca. 3 N of Canon City at Highway 94, ca. 4 W of Canon Corners (inters of Hwy 94 & Buckman Springs Rd).
SD183455SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. Louise Jee752006-06-10 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park, ca. 1 N of Little Stonewall Peak, 0.14 mi ENE of the intersection of (Los Vaqueros Camp Rd) Soapstone Grade road and Stonewall Mine Rd, on the north-facing hillside overlooking Lake Cuyamaca.
SD18357SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFrank F. Gander44031937-09-01 San DiegoLaguna Mts.
SD185910SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiPatrick McConnell882005-06-03 San DiegoVolcan Mountains, San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area, approx. ? mi E of Catfish Spring. East-facing broad gully, 5-10 degree slope.
SD19294SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFrank F. Gander45791937-09-28 San DiegoDeer Flat, northeast slope of Palomar Mountain (IPB 9-06)
SD194027SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiRichard L. Breisch2862007-05-19 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, north edge of Morena Village, approx 0 W of junction of Buckman Springs Road and Oak Drive
SD196641SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLarry Hendrickson23522007-06-04 San DiegoChariot Canon Road near Banner, 0.2 mile southeast of intersection with State hwy. 78.
SD204664SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiBarbara Booth1682009-05-03 San DiegoSW of Oak Grove, NE slope of Aguanga Mountain, Cleveland National Forest, at edge of Oak Grove Truck Trail (USFS 9S09).
SD204666SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMelvin M. Sweet6892008-07-01 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park; East Mesa Fire Road, about 3-4 mile E of intersection with Hwy 79
SD204667SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJeannie Gregory27452008-06-15 San DiegoBoulevard, Mc Cain Valley Road, 6 N of Interstate 8 underpass, 1.15 mi S of turnoff to desert lookout, Lost Valley area.
SD206246SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDick Schwenkmeyer3942008-01-10 San DiegoLaguna Mountains, eight tenths of a mi. SW of the intersection of Kitchen Creek Road and Sunrise Highway along Kitchen Creek Road, about 1 mi E of Crouch Valley
SD209787SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman202842010-08-15 San DiegoSouthwest of Combs Peak: canyon off of Chihuahua-Lost Valley Road just east of Sky Oaks Field Station; on Bureau of Land Management lands
SD209788SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman200772010-08-14 San DiegoAlong Cooper Cienega Truck Trail: S of the Riverside-San Diego County border and N of Chihuahua Valley Road; on Bureau of Land Management lands in the vicinity of a pond and canyon below
SD210408SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman193332010-05-26 San DiegoEagles Nest: Fletcher Family Ranch; E of Warner Springs on the SW side of Hot Springs Mountain; at the end on Eagles Nest Road; spring area northeast of lake
SD21643SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFrank f. Gander58761935-05-27 San DiegoHarper Ranch, Rattlesnake Valley
SD217372SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDarin L Banks20481997-05-11 San DiegoAgua Tibia Mountains: South of the Cleveland National Forest and the Agua Tibia Wilderness Area. Approximately 0.4 miles north of the interesection of the Gomez Truck Trail and the Palomar Divide Road (9S07), west of Gordon Point and Morgan Hill.
SD217945SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDick Schwenkmeyer4832009-06-18 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park, Fry Creek campground, 2.7 mi. north of the summit of the south Palomar grade, E of Canfield Road
SD217946SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiIan Cain12252009-06-28 San DiegoNorth of Julian. Volcan Mountain Open Space Preserve. 820 meters east north east of the intersection of Farmer and Wynola Road
SD219958SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLarry Hendrickson39712009-05-21 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park. East Mesa Fire Road, 2.0 air miles E of intersection with State hwy. 79.
SD22073SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFrank F. Gander62101938-08-04 San DiegoDoane Valley, Palomar Mt. (IPB 9-06)
SD225658SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman234962012-05-02 San DiegoCleveland National Forest: vicinity of Buckman Springs, NE of Morena Reservoir; in a canyon just N of Morena Stokes Valley-Corral Canon Rd. and W of Buckman Springs Road
SD228631SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiNancy Nenow9952010-04-14 San DiegoCleveland National Forest; Puerta La Cruz Road; 1.4 miles SE Mitchell Camp Road and Chihuahua Valley Road at small, dry riverbed that crosses the road.
SD228632SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiNancy Nenow12212010-05-20 San DiegoNorthern San Diego County; along Old Mitchell Camp Road 0.17 mile N of junction with Chihuahua Valley Road
SD237898SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJoe Barth16502011-06-12 San DiegoLaguna Junction, Cleveland National Forest. SW corner of the intersection of Interstate 8, the Sunrise Hwy (county rd S1), and Ol Hwy 80. About 1 mile SE of Pine Valley.
SD243710SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLarry Hendrickson54362011-06-26 San DiegoVolcan Mountain. Volcan Mountain Foundation property 4.4 air miles N of Julian, 1.8 miles N of locked gate at the end of Farmer Road and 0.2 mile NW of intersection of Volcan Road and northern spur road to Oak Ridge area.
SD243989SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiis.n.1978-07-12 San DiegoNorthwest McCain Valley
SD262980SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSusan T Welkers.n.1993-06-14 San DiegoWest of Rattlesnake Mountain, east of Tierra del Sol Road, north of Tierra del Sol
SD264670SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSusan T. Welker15671993-05-25 San DiegoVolcan Mountain Open Space (Rutherford Ranch) north of Julian. Extension of Farmer Rd. Grid I 20.
SD28503SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFrank F. Gander90771941-04-29 San DiegoFresh burn at Montezuma View Point
SD33045SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiCharles F. Harbison2351944-06-27 San DiegoBurn, Hauser Creek
SD33119SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiCharles F. Harbison3081944-06-28 San DiegoCorte Madera Rancho
SD37335SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEdith A. Purer66301935-05-18 San DiegoHillside, Valley of the Oaks, south of Cuyamaca State Park
SD37336SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEdith A. Purer62621935-04-19 San DiegoWash, rather open, plants under large shrubs, east of Banner
SD37337SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEdith A. Purer66531935-05-25 San DiegoFirebreak, Laguna Mountains
SD40359SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEthel Bailey Higginss.n.1946-06-09 San DiegoGirl Scout Camp, Cuyamaca
SD40379SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEthel Bailey Higginss.n.1946-06-08 San DiegoVolcan Mt.
SD4926SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1929-07-01 San DiegoPine Valley
SD4927SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiUnknowns.n.1920-07-09 San DiegoDesert View, Laguna Mts.
SD4928SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1928-06-19 San DiegoClover Flats, near Campo
SD4936SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEvelyn Grays.n.1925-05-01 San DiegoColorado desert, near Carriso Gorge
SD6269SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDaniel Clevelands.n.1881-06-19 San DiegoCuyamaca
SD6277SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDaniel Clevelands.n.1881-06-19 San DiegoCuyamaca
SD6592SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDaniel Clevelands.n.1882-07-01 San DiegoCuyamaca
SD70477SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauramay T. Dempster40741964-11-22 Fresno0.5 mile southeast of divide between Los Gatos Creek & San Benito River
SD85732SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. Mitchel Beauchamp25301971-05-30 San DiegoShady area, north shore of Cuyamaca Lake.
SD86103SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. Mitchel Beauchamp27101971-06-02 San DiegoMoist, shady area, Oasis Spring, Laguna.
SD87700SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiF. W. Peirsons.n.1920-06-24 San DiegoPalomar, East Trail (IPB 9-06)
SD98981SDGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDarley Howes.n.1976-06-03 VenturaNorth of Ojai on highway 33, 21.3 miles beyond entrance to Los Padres N.F.
SDSU09281SDSUGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiHarvey and Dixon27001942-05-23 San DiegoCuyamaca Peak.
SDSU10283SDSUGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiWilliams-Anderson, Alison241995-05-20 San DiegoJust W of SDSU Sky Oaks Research Station, on site.
SDSU16948SDSUGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiLauri, Robert1132002-05-16 San DiegoPalomar Mountain State Park. Along Doane Creek Trail, ca. 600m north of Doane Pond.
SDSU17375SDSUGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiGuilliams, C. Matt3472007-06-06 San DiegoCuyamaca Rancho State Park, Cuyamaca Mountains. Paso Picacho Campground at Cypress cabin.
UC1039517UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiHerbert L. Mason56781930-06-01 LakeSt. Helena Creek Mt. St. Helena
UC1094365UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiS. Galen Smith, J. Anderson29691957-06-07 Lake0.5 mi w intersection of Big Canon and Harbin Springs roads (ca 1.5 mi nw of Middletown)
UC1196109UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC. M. Wilder10261909-08-01 San BernardinoPine Bench San Bernardino Range, San Gorgonip, Head of Yucaipa (base of San Gorgonio)
UC1196110UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJoseph P. Tracy14661902-05-15 Napa3-4 mi e Angwin′s (hills at head of Moore′s Creek); Northern Coast Ranges, Howell Mountain
UC1282696UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJ. R. Sweeney7681952-05-02 Lake0.4 mi se Black Oak Villa (1.1 mi from Lake-Napa Co. line on Pope Valley Rd); Butts Canon
UC1299479UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFreed W. Hoffman19001947-04-09 LakeBucksnort Creek North Coast Ranges, Hennesey Ranch
UC1375442UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC. W. Tilforth, J. Dourley4401971-08-17 San Diegoarea of Mt. Palomar Observatory
UC139383UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiT. S. Brandegee1894-06-17 San DiegoJulian
UC139384UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiH. C. Orcutt1231882-07-25 San DiegoSouth Mt. (Palomar)
UC1424861UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC. W. Tilforth, J. Dourley, W. Wisura16171978-06-08 KernCuddy Valley Rd. nw Lake of the Woods
UC1478711UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC. W. Tilforth, B. Busenberg19831980-06-10 Riversides Lake Hemet (w of Hwy 74, along Thomas Mtn. Rd.)
UC1502965UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiL. T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins42311966-06-03 Lake0.6 mi nw Black Oak Villa (s side of Pope Valley-Middletown Hwy)
UC1562740UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiBarbara Ertter, Annetta Carter85201989-05-28 Lake0.6 mi w Napa Co. line (Morgan Valley Rd., ca 12 air mi se of Lower Lake (town), at public access rd)
UC1736453UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDean William Taylor9551971-04-06 KernTemblor Range
UC1736457UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDean W. Taylor124671992-04-29 San Benitomouth of Lorenzo Vasquez Canon near confluence with San Benito River, flats near Section 8 BLM administrative site
UC173737UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEdward Palmer, M. D.1221875-01-01 San DiegoSan Diego
UC1738519UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiT. J. Ayers, S. Junak, D. Young7181989-04-27 San Luis Obispojust W of Botanical Area western boundary Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area
UC1787860UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman, Jeannie Gregory, Jim Rocks93472003-07-15 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
UC1949164UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiBarbara Ertter, Brad Olson102041991-07-04 TehamaToomes Camp Rd (Mendocino FR 2 N01) 7.0 W of Paskenta, ca 23 airmiles W of Corning;
UC28154UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiH. M. Hall11551899-05-01 RiversideKenworthy San Jacinto Mountains
UC353888UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiMilo S. Baker2112a1927-05-01 Lake3 or 4 mi n Toll House (Calistoga-Middletown Hwy)
UC354448UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiEdmund C. Jaeger1925-05-01 San Diegotop of grade near Warner Hot Springs; Grape Vine Canon Grade
UC416620UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiF. M. Reed27751909-06-25 San BernardinoPipe Line Trail Yucaipe Mts.
UC429746UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiIra L. Wiggins31821928-06-15 San Diegonear Cuyamaca Lake
UC473781UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiIra L. Wiggins31821928-06-14 San Diegoabove Cuyamaca Lake
UC602571UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJoseph P. Tracy140351935-07-04 Laken side of valley near Glenbrook; Cobb Mountain, Cobb Valley
UC60915UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. J. Smith891903-06-01 San Bernardinoriver bed Menton
UC64385UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiH. M. Hall11551899-05-01 RiversideVan deVenter′s San Jacinto Mountains
UC66556UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiHarley P. Chandler53681904-07-08 San DiegoPalomar Mt.
UC677497UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiFrederick V. Coville, Frederick Funston10611891-06-23 KernKern River Valley
UC766037UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiR. F. Hoover41021939-05-11 Tehamafoothills above Paskenta (on road to Covelo)
UCR0045128UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiTimothy S. Ross59061991-09-02 Los Angelesnear Mulholland Hwy junction with Yerba Buena Rd
UCR0045131UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSteve Boyd22921988-05-28 RiversideCahuilla Mountain, west of Anza, along hiking trail, mostly along the crest
UCR0045132UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiGeorge K. Helmkamp66782001-05-20 RiversideMorris Ranch Rd, 2.1 miles northeast of CA-74
UCR0045134UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiScott D. White121842008-06-17 RiversideGarner Valley, USFS Kenworthy Station
UCR0045135UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiScott D. White122112008-06-18 RiversideK Flat Meadow
UCR0045138UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiSteve Boyd109912004-04-27 San Diegohills north of Warner Springs, south of Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05
UCR0045140UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman114112005-03-22 San DiegoWalker Canon Ecological Reserve (c. Dept. of Fish & Game): between Boulevard and Jacumba on the north side of Interstate 8, on the northeast side of the reserve. Square: T27
UCR0045142UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman93472003-07-15 San DiegoLucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks, E side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna
UCR0045143UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiJon P. Rebman119772005-06-22 San DiegoCleveland National Forest, north of Sunrise Hwy between Noble Canon Trail and Sunrise Trail, north of Crouch Meadow. Square 022
UCR0045146UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiC.G. Phillips0181984-04-28 LakeWalker Ridge. Indian Valley Access Road, 1.1 mi. north of Blue Oak Campground, Wilbur Springs 15′ Q.
UCR0045150UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiGeorge K. Helmkamp85122004-04-23 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain, VABM lookout tower north of Figueroa Mountain Rd.
UCSB047549UCSBGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDavid L. Magney237-012001-05-28 VenturaWestern Transverse Ranges, Rose Valley, Lion Canon Quad., S1-2, SE1-4, S4, T5N, R2 W, San Bernardino Base Meridian, lower Rose Lake.
UCSC10370UCSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDylan M. Neubauer5942016-03-30 Colusa(NCoRI) Walker Ridge, Bartlett Springs Road, 1.22 air-miles sse Baldy Mountain
UCSC9033UCSCGalium andrewsii subsp. andrewsiiDylan M. Neubauer1352015-04-26 Napa(NCoRI) Butts Canon Road, .29 air-mi NW junction w- Snell Valley Road
CAS-BOT626460CASGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseRawlings, John; Hickman, Ken26122019-07-05 Santa ClaraSierra Azul Open Space (MROSD) - Mt. Umunhum Area; Loma Prieta Rd. near intersection with Loma Chiquita Rd
CDA0033841CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseD.G. Kelch10.1192010-05-15 Contra CostaMt. Diablo. Trail from Juniper Camp to Deer Flat.
JEPS112893UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDean W. Taylor124681992-04-29 San Benitomouth of Lorenzo Vasquez Canon near confluence with San Benito River, flats near Section 8 BLM administrative site
JEPS112894UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDean W. Taylor124801992-04-29 San BenitoSan Benito Mountain,ca. 0.6 mi SE of San Carlos Peak, on slopes tributary to San Carlos Creek
JEPS124431UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDaniel Slakey, Don Mayall, Steve Rosenthal, Elinor Gates922015-04-13 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton, near 120-inch telescope. About 1 WSW of Copernicus Peak summit.
JEPS124438UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDaniel Slakey, Don Mayall, Steve Rosenthal, Elinor Gates992015-04-13 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton, about 300 meters NW of Copernicus Peak summit.
JEPS124455UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDaniel Slakey, CNPS Volunteers1302015-06-13 Contra CostaMt. Diablo State Park, east side of Burma Road.
JEPS124467UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDaniel Slakey, CNPS Volunteers1402015-07-06 Contra CostaMt. Diablo, along Oak Knoll Trail about 700 meters east of Summit Rd.
JEPS124468UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDaniel Slakey, CNPS Volunteers1392015-07-06 Contra CostaMt Diablo, along Oak Knoll Trail about 350 meters east of Summit Rd.
JEPS13234UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseRimo Bacigalupi, R. S. Ferris, G. T. Robbins52161955-05-24 San Luis Obispocanyon 2.4 mi above its confluence with Cholame Creek (n end of mt. range); Temblor Range, Palo Prieto Canon
JEPS14613UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseR. Bacigalupi, J. R. Sweeney5652-A1956-05-25 San Benitoabout 3 1-2 mi e Bitterwater (on the Smith-Coalinga grade, near S. Smith Ranch, on bluffs above the San Benito River); bluffs above San Benito River
JEPS17674UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster10521957-05-19 StanislausSouth flank Mt. Oso; South flank Mt. Oso
JEPS17675UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster10531957-05-19 Stanislausjust below summit of Mt. Oso
JEPS21758UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseL. R. Short, I. H. JohnsonS-1401934-04-19 FresnoLos Gatos Creek Priest Valley Quad.
JEPS25734UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseJames R. Griffin5311961-05-12 San Benitoheadwaters of creek n and w Clear Creek Mine; Clear Creek
JEPS26487UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseV. F. Hesse2655a1959-05-03 San BenitoClear Creek rd 3.3 mi nw Idria Summit
JEPS26492UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseV. F. Hesse26551959-05-03 San BenitoClear Creek road 3.3 mi nw Idria summit
JEPS28868UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseV. F. Hesse31231962-06-02 San BenitoClear Creek rd 6.3 mi e Coalinga Road
JEPS28870UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseV. F. Hesse31321962-06-03 San BenitoClear Creek rd 6.3 mi e Coalinga road
JEPS35300UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseR. F. Hoover77221949-05-22 San Luis ObispoLa Panza rd 12 mi e Creston
JEPS3586UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseV. F. Hesse9541952-06-06 Santa Clarasummit Loma Prieta
JEPS52812UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster40901965-05-02 Contra Costaabove Bridlepath Campground; Mount Diablo
JEPS52813UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster40891965-05-02 Contra Costajust above Bridlepath Campground; Mt. Diablo
JEPS52814UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins40621964-11-20 Santa Claraon San Antonio Valley Rd 3.7 mi e Mt. Hamilton Observatory
JEPS52815UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseG. L. Stebbins1964-05-09 Santa Clararoad from Mt. Hamilton to Patterson 1-2 mi w Stanislaus County line
JEPS52816UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster40641964-11-21 Montereytop and ne-facing slope of mt Table Mt. (sw od summit of Castle Peak)
JEPS52817UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins40721964-11-21 Montereyroad from Parkfield to Coaling about 1 mi s summit of the grade
JEPS52818UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins41621966-01-18 Monterey8.2 mi se Cahoon Ranch (7.7 mi se of summit of grade, e and ne-facing slopes above (sw) of creek and road); Palome Creek
JEPS52819UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins40761964-11-22 San Benito3 mi from start of Clear Creek Road toward New Idria
JEPS52820UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins40791964-11-22 San Benito6.4 mi from sw end of Clear Creek Road (towards New Idria)
JEPS7030UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseWillis L. Jepson76061918-06-05 Contra Costasummit North Peak Mt. Diablo
JEPS7031UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseMiss Ferguson1912-06-29 Contra CostaDonner Canon Mt. Diablo
JEPS7032UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseMary L. Bowerman2831930-06-07 Contra CostaMeridian Peak summit Mount Diablo
JEPS7033UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseWillis L. Jepson96951922-05-28 Santa Claranear Gilroy; Santa Cruz Mts., Greeninger Creek
OBI109358OBIGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDavid J. Keil270611998-05-04 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest. Just S of junction with Hwy 58 on Red Hill Rd. T29S R16E S1-2 S17.
PGM1577PGMGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseGriffin, James R.1973-06-22 San BenitoSan Benito Mountain Natural Area, On summit San Benito Pk
PGM1578PGMGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseGriffin, James R.1973-07-25 San BenitoSan Benito Mountain Natural Area, Sawmill Cr 4,500 ft el
PGM1579PGMGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseGriffin, James R.1973-05-11 San BenitoClear Creek Cyn, Above narrow gorge
PGM2599PGMGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseYadon, Vern1985-06-20 San BenitoSan Benito Mountain, summit
PGM3514PGMGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseYadon, Vern1987-05-21 San BenitoSanta Rita Peak, E side just below summit
PGM3935PGMGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseGriffin, James R.1973-07-25 San BenitoSan Benito Mountain, Sawmll Creek 4,100 ft el
PGM3936PGMGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseGriffin, James R.1973-07-25 San BenitoSan Benito Mountain Summit, San Benito Mountanin summit
RSA202684RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster40761964-11-22 San Benito3 miles from start of Clear Creek road, toward Idria;
RSA798707RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseP. DouglasHL-641994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 2). near ford of San Antonio River on Del Venturi Road, ca 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir, ca 4 air km SW of Coleman Reservoir dam.
SBBG125486SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL641994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: near ford of San Antonio River on Del Venturi Rd, ca. 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
SD70478SDGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLauramay T. Dempster40791964-11-22 San Benito6.4 miles from southwest end of Clear creek road toward New Idria
UC1039515UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseYnez Mexia1926-06-13 Santa CruzLoma Prieta Peak Santa Cruz Mts.
UC1143116UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseC. M. Belshaw20581936-05-08 Contra Costase slope Mt. Diablo Quadrangle, Mt. Diablo (Plot 5)
UC1177368UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatensePeter H. Raven24781950-07-05 Contra Costanear summit Mt. Diablo
UC154609UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseRensselaer J. Smith61906-07-01 Santa ClaraMt. Hamilton
UC171670UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseK. Brandegee1889-05-01 Contra CostaAntioch
UC1736454UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDean W. Taylor135851993-06-09 StanislausDel Puerto Canon; unnamed side canyon
UC1927759UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseDavid Keil270611998-05-04 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest. Just S of junction with Hwy 58 on Red Hill Rd. T29S R16E S1-2 S17.
UC2027879UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseBarbara Ertter, Lee Main, Brad Olson155991997-05-10 AlamedaTarraville Creek in extreme SE corner of county, between Mines Road and Mount Boardman.
UC28155UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseF. T. Bioletti1894-05-13 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
UC28156UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseJ. B. Hickman1886-01-01 Monterey
UC28157UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseBolander1851-02-28 Unknown
UC28158UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseL. Jared1822-03-04 San Luis ObispoSouth Coast Ranges
UC416619UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseR. L. Pendleton9061907-05-31 Santa Clarabetween Brick yard and Lick Observatory
UC455888UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseI. J. Condit1910-06-12 MontereyStone Canon
UC524030UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseRoxana S. Ferris83851933-05-01 San Benitosummit grade between San Lorenzo Crk. drainage and Hernandez Valley
UC596643UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseRensselaer J. Smith1903-06-01 San BernardinoMill Creek
UC671982UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseEvelyn Hart Nelson16a1940-05-18 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Santa Cruz Mountains
UC671983UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseEvelyn Hart Nelson161939-07-29 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta Santa Cruz Mountains
UC691532UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseMary L. Bowerman2831930-06-07 Contra Costasummit Mount Diablo
UC723064UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseHelen K. Sharsmith12591934-06-10 Santa Claraw-facing slopes above Santa Isabella Creek (ne base of mt.); Inner South Coast Ranges, Mt. Hamilton Range, Mt. Hamilton
UC888697UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseLewis S. Rose412751941-06-18 Santa Clarasummit Mt. Hamilton
UCR0045145UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseP. DouglasHL--641994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett, Training Area 2, near ford of San Antonio River on Del Venturi Road, c. 1.7 km west of Milpitas Reservoir, c. 4 air km southwest of Coleman Reservoir Dam
UCSC100008625UCSCGalium andrewsii subsp. gatenseRandall Morgan23781995-04-11 NapaIntersection west of Horse Valley
CAS-BOT494158CASGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumSoza, Valerie1725b2004-06-21 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, dirt road off Rd. &N23, just W of Sawmill Camp entrance
CDA0011376CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG.F. Hrusa120961995-04-15 San Luis ObispoApprox 1 m. S of Queen Bee Camp, 1 m. S of La Panza Summit on La Panza Rd. La Panza Range.
CDA0011464CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG.F. Hrusa122261995-05-28 San Luis ObispoBlack Butte Research Natural Area. Ridge WNW of Peak 2.
CDA0016300CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG.F. Hrusa154052000-05-21 NevadaWolf Creek, opposite to Cerrito Rd on W side of Hwy 4 Wolf Creek Drainage.
CDA0016880CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG.F. Hrusas.n.1992-03-27 San Luis ObispoHwy 46 W approx. 6 mi. E of Paso Robles. Upper Salinas Valley.
CDA0020657CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG.F. Hrusa168782006-06-10 Santa BarbaraManzana Ck. Canon, San Rafael Wilderness, +-- 3 mi. downstream of Nira trailhead (Sunset Valley Rd.). San Rafael Mountains.
CDA0020659CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG.F. Hrusa168822006-06-10 Santa BarbaraManzana Ck. Canon, San Rafael Wilderness, +-- 3 mi. downstream of Nira trailhead (Sunset Valley Rd.). San Rafael Mountains.
CDA0035000CDAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumM. Beyers4652010-05-18 Santa BarbaraHeadwaters of south fork of La Brea Creek to creekbed in north end of La Brea Canon. Sierra Madre Mountains.
DAV155972DAVGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumJ. Dilley1791997-05-10 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia District. La Panza Campground on Pozo Road, 3 miles E of Pozo Summit.
JEPS114003UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumTimothy S. Ross, Steve Boyd83011994-09-21 Los AngelesLiebre Mountain: upper west summit area on broad northerly ridge extending northward toward Tentrock Canon drainage; ca 340-460 NE of Sandberg Triangulation Point
JEPS114004UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumTimothy S. Ross, Steve Boyd83451994-09-21 Los AngelesCow Spring Pond: sag pond on the San Andreas Fault Zone at the foot of Liebre Mountain and on the S side of West Oakdale Canon Road, co 10 W of the Cow Spring Canon drainage.
JEPS13236UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumRimo Bacigalupi, R. S. Ferris, G. T. Robbins51871955-05-23 San Luis Obispoon road from Creston to Shandon 4.5 mi n Creston Cemetary (roadcut near summit of grade)
JEPS18332UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG. T. Nordstrom12311937-05-16 San Luis Obispo2.1 mi ese Chimney Rock; Adelaida Quadrangle
JEPS24301UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumL. T. Dempster11901960-05-11 San Luis Obispojust s Bee Rock (near Monterey Co. border)
JEPS24750UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumPeter H. Raven154091960-05-21 Los Angelesjunction of Muholland Hwy with Latigo Canon Rd Santa Monica Mountains
JEPS25741UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumJohn Weiler61112a1961-05-12 Los Angelesin e-facing ravine on Ridge Route Rd 0.4 mi n U.S. Weather Bureau lateral (1.9 mi se of the junction of Ridge Route Rd with State Hwy 138 (nr. Quail Lake))
JEPS27012UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumRimo Bacigalupi, F. Chisaki, L. Dempster73941960-05-09 Montereyalong Lockwood-Bradley road 1 mi w turn-off for Pleyto and Bryson
JEPS27712UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumErnest C. Twisselmann62761961-06-22 Kernhead of Cuddy Valley San Emigdio Range and Mt. Pinos Region
JEPS27713UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumErnest C. Twisselmann62941961-06-22 KernMt. Pinos Rd 1.2 mi e Bitter Creek Saddle (Kern and Ventura counties); San Emigdio Range and Mt. Pinos Region
JEPS35328UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumR. F. Hoover89081964-06-05 San Luis Obisporidge se Cuesta Pass; Santa Lucia Range
JEPS52793UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumWayne Roderick1963-04-30 San Luis Obispoe San Luis Obispo; Cuesta Pass
JEPS52794UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Dempster, Hardham40731964-11-22 San Luis Obisposw Paso Robles (n-facing slope); Kiler Canon
JEPS52795UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG. Ledyard Stebbins62001964-12-25 San Luis Obispo1-4 mi away Highway 101 (just w of pass summit); Cuesta Grade
JEPS52796UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Aloysia Kooij42191966-04-08 Montereys side of road to Bradley 4.4 mi e Jolon
JEPS52797UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Albert Yu43611967-06-21 Tuolumneon Shell rd 4 mi s junction with Rawhide Road (near Jamestown, on talus to w of sheer cliffs)
JEPS52798UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Albert Yu43621967-06-21 Tuolumneon road to Coulterville 5 mi se Moccasin Creek Power House
JEPS52799UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Clare Hardham41101965-06-15 VenturaHwy 33 Pine Mountain Summit (n slope)
JEPS52800UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Clare Hardham41121965-06-15 VenturaUpper Sespe Creek
JEPS52801UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Aloysia Kooij42171966-04-08 Kernroad to Mt. Pinos just above head of Cuddy Valley (s-facing slope)
JEPS52802UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Clare Hardham41081965-06-15 Venturaon Hwy 33 2 mi nw Brubaker Canon (steep slopes)
JEPS52803UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins42831966-06-20 Santa BarbaraFiguero Rd 2.8 mi below Figuero Station (roadbank and e-facing slope); Figuero Mountain
JEPS52804UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins43271967-03-18 Santa Barbaraon State Hwy 154 (from Santa Ynez) below Canon Point
JEPS52805UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins43261967-03-18 Santa Barbararoadside 2.8 mi below Figuero Guard Station; Figuero Mountain
JEPS52806UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Aloysia Kooij42131966-04-07 Los Angelesn end of Francisquito Canon rd at junction with road from Gorman to Palmdale; Andrade Corners
JEPS52807UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins41711966-01-20 Los Angelesjust n junction between Mulholland Blvd. and Latigo Canon Road (gentle n-facing slope); Santa Monica Mts.
JEPS52808UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins39831964-01-27 Los AngelesHwy 99 4.1 mi s junction with Hwy 38 (e side of ridge, n-facing slope, se of Gorman)
JEPS52809UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins43551967-04-08 ColusaHwy 20 along creek 1 mi w junction with Highway 16; Bear Creek
JEPS52810UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, G. L. Stebbins43571967-04-08 Colusa2.7 mi by road ne Lodoga (s-facing roadbank)
JEPS52811UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG. L. Stebbins, Jr.63071966-02-22 Yolon side Canon (near mt summit); Glasscock Mountain
JEPS7036UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson69241935-05-02 VenturaNorth Fork Ventura River
JEPS7037UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumFrank W. Peirson3991919-05-10 Los AngelesArraster Canon San Gabriel Mountains
JEPS7038UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumS. B., W. F. Parish18961887-06-01 Los AngelesElizabeth Lake
JEPS86840UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumDavid A. Young, S. A. Junak, T. J. Ayers19681989-04-27 San Luis Obispoupper end of Chaparral Road near east end of the Botanical area (below T.V. antennas); Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area
LA00642892LAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumArthur C. Gibson48172001-05-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Rocky Oaks National Recreation Area; along trail
OBI109369OBIGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG.F. Hrusa120961995-04-15 San Luis ObispoApprox 1 mi S of Queen Bee Camp, La Panza Range. 1 mi S of La Panza summit on La Panza Rd
OBI109387OBIGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumFred Rushs.n.1957-08-01 San Luis ObispoSouth Morro Bay.
OBI174947OBIGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumDavid J. Keil316922013-05-02 San Luis ObispoAvenales Ranch, south of Pozo. Upper Alamo Creek drainage. Hike from 35.178659 °, -120.196577 ° to 35.16639227 °, -120.1875824 °
POM122767RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-06-07 Los AngelesSouth of Lebec, Liebre Mountains.
POM367647RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumFay A. MacFadden26431931-04-22 Los AngelesSummit of highway from Los Angeles to Lake Hughes.
RSA0051338RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumValerie Soza1725b2004-06-21 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, dirt road north off of Rd 7N23, just west of Sawmill Camp entrance.
RSA0062862RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLeRoy Gross67752015-03-19 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Arrastre Canon, south of Acton.; Acton 7.5 Quad.
RSA0180739RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumJoy D. England20832018-05-10 Los AngelesTejon Pass region, Angeles National Forest: along old Highway 99 ca. 3.5 air miles SE of Pyramid Lake, at Oak Flats Campground area.
RSA0403970RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumChristina Varnava8202020-06-10 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Trail leading to capped oil well, S fork off trail to Reyes Peak. About 2 mi from fork.
RSA0403975RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumChristina Varnava1402019-04-28 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Middle Sespe Trailhead, Beaver campground.
RSA0403978RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumChristina Varnava2972019-06-06 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Rose Valley, riparian area near trail to Nordhoff Ridge.
RSA0403979RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumChristina Varnava4892019-07-11 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Chorro Grande Trail, from Pine Mountain side.
RSA0427536RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumChristina Varnava772019-04-21 VenturaLos Padres National Forest. Cherry Creek trail.
RSA164822RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumWesley O. Griesels.n.1963-07-02 Los AngelesSawmill Campground, Sawmill Mtn. Angeles National Forest.
RSA506196RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLouis C. Wheeler94031967-05-09 Los AngelesGleason Canon, south of Aliso Canon.
RSA571544RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumSteve D. Boyd83091994-04-29 Los AngelesNorthern slope of the San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest, side draw on southeastern side of Mt. Emma, Santiago Canon drainage.; Pacifico Mtn
RSA579337RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumTim S. Ross83011994-09-21 Los AngelesLiebre Mountain: upper west summit area on broad northerly ridge extending northward toward Tentrock Canon drainage; ca 340-460 NE of Sandberg Triangulation Point (5345-ft). (east into adjacent 64th section); Liebre Mountain
RSA580104RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumTim S. Ross83451994-09-21 Los AngelesCow Spring Pond′: sag pond on the San Andreas Fault Zone at the N foot of Liebre Mtn and on the S side of West Oakdale Canon Road, ca 1 W of the Cow Spring Canon drainage.; Liebre Mountain
RSA587023RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumOrlando Mistretta13621994-06-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Santiago Canon.
RSA588857RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumOrlando Mistretta14811994-09-13 Los AngelesSantiago Canon. Santiago Creek near jct of Forest Road 4N20 and BM 3980.; Pacifico Mtn 7.5
RSA592280RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLouis C. Wheeler94031967-05-09 Los AngelesGleason Canon, south of Aliso Canon.
RSA593434RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumSteve D. Boyd88901996-06-25 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, along summit of Sawmill Mountain, west of Sawmill Camp and just north of 7N23.; Liebre Mountain
RSA593776RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumSteve D. Boyd85551996-04-18 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains, upper Osito Canon between Interstate 5 and the Old Ridge Route on gentle slope with grassland patch and adjacent steeper slopes and canyon bottom.
RSA594881RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumTim S. Ross83861995-04-26 Los AngelesLiebre Gulch: along Forest Service Road 8N05 descending into the gulch from the Tumble Inn (site) on the Old Ridge Route.; Liebre Mountain
RSA699469RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLeRoy Gross13802004-06-10 Los AngelesEast end of the main crest; (Road surveys for the Angeles National Forest, road 7N23) Traveled from east to west [west to east] from the junction with Atmore Meadows road (7N19) along Sawmill Mountain to Burnt Peak road (7N23A); Burnt Peak 7.5 Quad.
RSA703554RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumGary D. Wallace20701983-05-18 Los AngelesDirt road W of Mt. Emma Rd.
RSA746569RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumOrlando Mistretta3971992-05-21 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mtns region: Right Star Mine, S of Acton.
RSA750081RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLeRoy Gross38772009-05-12 KernUS Fish and WildlifeNear west end of the San Emigdio Mountains: Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; North facing headwall of Bitter Creek. North of Cerro Noroeste Road, east of Pelato Peak.; Ballinger Canon Quad.7.5Southwest end of Unit #2 of Refuge map. Started near 34.91 N, 119.38 W dropped down along an old dirt road that more or less strarting to turn to a trail. to a flat area with Artemisia tridentata, Atriplex spp. that you can see from the starting point, to 34.92206N, 119.38200W.
RSA87347RSAGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumF. W. Peirson3991919-05-10 Los AngelesArraster [Arrastre] Creek.
SBBG103547SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith125021993-06-22 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: Castro Cyn within Forest Service boundary
SBBG104858SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumF. L. Johnson, E. A. YoungROB5691993-05-24 San Luis Obispo2 km SE of Twin Bridges on Boy Scout Rd; Camp Roberts
SBBG105137SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith125361994-04-28 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: cattle guard on Happy Cyn Rd, ca. 0.5 mi above USFS gate, S of De La Guerra Springs
SBBG105421SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith126221994-11-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Vandenberg Air Force Base rd near summit of Tranquillon Mtn Vandenberg Air Force Base
SBBG109946SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClare B. Hardham181651971-06-26 FresnoMustang Pk
SBBG111686SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumAnuja Parikh, N. GaleSEM-261992-05-09 Venturaca. 1.4 km ENE of Mystery Spring; San Emigdio Mesa
SBBG112647SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith12651b1995-06-02 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: ca. 4 mi S of Dabney Canon Manzana Crk
SBBG112651SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith126691995-07-13 Venturaroad to Frazier Mtn, 1.6 mi above Chuchupate Cmpgrd
SBBG112664SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith125851994-06-08 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: upper Bates Cyn
SBBG112715SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith, G. Ricard12651C1995-06-23 VenturaLockwood Rd, ca. 3 mi above Ozena
SBBG116806SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumD. Wilken w- E. Painter160822003-05-14 VenturaE fk of Derry Dale Crk, ca. 1 linear km NNE of confluence with Sespe Crk at St Hwy 33
SBBG118262SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumE. Painter,M. Wetherwax, D. Norris, C. BrattSLO1762001-02-22 San Luis ObispoW of Chorro Reservoir; Camp San Luis Obispo
SBBG119758SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumJ. Olson2002-04-09 San Luis ObispoCamp San Luis Obispo; ca. 0.2 mi from gate at water treatment plant, S side of rd; Camp San Luis Obispo
SBBG12451SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumE. R. Blakley40401961-04-16 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: ridge N of Zaca Lake
SBBG132782SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumR. Burgess, L. Simpson96332014-06-06 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Pine Mtn Ridge, SW side of Reyes Pk, along old oil exploraion rd from parking lot to oil platform
SBBG13855SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumE. R. Blakley27421959-04-19 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: 0.5 mi S of De La Guerra Springs
SBBG140390SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumAdam J. Searcy1392018-05-07 Santa BarbaraDon Victor Fire Road
SBBG15089SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumE. D. Rowe1938-05-01 Santa BarbaraS of Purisima State Park, Lompoc
SBBG15897SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumDennis E. Breedlove24801962-04-21 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Alamo Pintado Crk from 7-8 N of Los Olivos; base of Figueroa Mtn, Birabent Cyn
SBBG24797SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumR. N. PhilbrickB65-12181965-05-26 Santa Barbarajust N of Old Man Mtn Summit
SBBG26589SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumE. R. Chandler33271967-04-26 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: near intersection of St Hwy 1 and Burton Mesa Rd, N of Lompoc
SBBG27402SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumIra W. Clokey69251935-05-02 VenturaSespe Crk
SBBG27426SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumN. C. Cooper14861944-07-02 San DiegoPalomar Mtn
SBBG34229SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumCarol Bornstein, E. Collins2000-05-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: East Camino Cielo, 1.5 mi E of jct with Gibraltar Rd
SBBG35455SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumHenry M. Pollard1968-04-20 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: West Camino Cielo near rd to C.H.Muller′s Adenostoma inhibition site [near Gun Club]
SBBG39004SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumK. K. Muller, J. Broughton12361967-06-22 VenturaLockwood Valley, near Pine Springs Cmpgrd
SBBG43216SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumE. R. Chandler28731966-05-02 Venturanear jct of Route 33 and Cherry Crk Cyn Rd
SBBG44029SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumE. R. Chandler3521-I1967-06-09 Venturaedge of firebreak near the maintenance yard, 2.3 mi above Beaver Camp turn-off on Route 33, upper Sespe watershed
SBBG44296SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumKatherine K. Muller10041960-05-18 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: Santa Barbara Potrero
SBBG44793SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumN. W. Baker571959-07-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Camino Cielo
SBBG44878SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumL. W. Edge1561972-03-08 San Luis Obispoabove Cabrillo Estates, Los Osos
SBBG46735SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLeota Davidson3261966-05-14 Los AngelesHwy 99 (Ridge Route), S of Oak Flat campground on Whitaker Park Rd
SBBG68800SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumHenry M. Pollard1944-04-09 VenturaNordhoff Peak
SBBG68801SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumP. Bartoholomew1937-05-04 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Pie Cyn
SBBG68802SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumRalph Hoffmann1927-06-19 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Ranch
SBBG68803SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumMabel M. Miles San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County
SBBG68804SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumL. G. Yates1895-06-04 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Windy Camp
SBBG68805SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumRalph Hoffmann1928-09-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: rd to Jalama
SBBG68806SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumRalph Hoffmann1927-07-03 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Figueroa Mtn
SBBG68807SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumRalph Hoffmann1931-05-03 Los Angeleshills bordering Antelope Valley, 3 mi E of Elizabeth Lake
SBBG68808SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumRalph Hoffmann1929-05-11 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley
SBBG68809SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumRalph Hoffmann1929-07-06 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: big Pine Basin [Mission Pine Basin]
SBBG7284SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith9921944-06-21 Santa BarbaraTunnel Trail, Mission Cyn
SBBG7285SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith3631943-10-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: El Camino Cielo, Mission Cyn watershed
SBBG7286SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumH. and M. Dearing18621937-05-16 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Mtns: Figueroa Mtn
SBBG84208SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumH. L. Wilson2501952-08-08 Santa BarbaraSierra Madre: Salisbury Cyn
SBBG84209SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith36121952-07-10 Santa BarbaraMiranda Pine Mtn
SBBG93558SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumT. J. Ayers, S, Junak, D. Young1989-04-27 San Luis Obispojust W of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area
SBBG93677SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith2631943-10-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: El Camino Cielo between Mission Cyn Watershed and La Cumbre Peak
SBBG96861SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumDavid A. Young, S. A. Junak, T. J. Ayers19681989-04-27 San Luis Obispoupper end of Chaparral Rd near E end of Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area, below TV antennas
SBBG97092SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumDavid A. Young, S. A. Junak, T. J. Ayers19441989-04-27 San Luis Obispo0.1 W of sign denoting W end of the Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area
SBBG98096SBBGGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumClifton F. Smith122071991-06-12 Venturaroad to Thorn Meadows, ca. 2 mi S of turnoff to Lockwood Valley, at summit of first grade
SFV112879SFVGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumJ. D. Dilley1791997-05-10 San Luis ObispoSouth Coast Ranges; La Panza Range. La Panza Campground on Pozo Road, 3 miles east of Pozo Summit.
UC1077084UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumHerbert L. Mason128301946-06-07 Santa Barbararidge between Camuesa Creek and Oso Creek (s of Little Pine Mt.)
UC1143114UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumA. D. Gifford5571935-04-10 Los Angeles7 mi nw Redrock Mountain; Angeles National Forest, Tejon Quadrangle
UC1143115UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumH. C. Lee9061937-05-10 San Luis Obispo1-2 mi n Lake Ysabel; Paso Robles (130D) Quadrangle
UC1146701UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumFreed W. Hoffman8451946-08-21 Napaheadwaters of creek North Coast Ranges, Hunting Creek (Napa-Lake county line)
UC1250316UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumIsabelle Tavares13081962-05-31 Ventura5.5 mi s Pine Mountain Summit (on Hwy 399)
UC1296298UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumR. F. Hoover93721965-05-20 San Luis Obispohill w Poly Canon; Santa Lucia Range, San Luis Obispo
UC1324391UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Clare Hardham41081965-06-15 Venturaon Hwy 33 2 mi nw Brubraker Canon; Cuyama Valley; Cuyama Valley, Ventura Co.
UC1332288UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumLauramay T. Dempster, Clare Hardham41081965-06-15 Ventura2 mi nw Brubaker Canon (on Hwy 33); Cuyama Valley; Cuyama Valley, Ventura Co.
UC1587575UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumTim Ross59061991-09-02 Los Angelesnear Mulholland Highway x Yerba Buena Road; Santa Monica Mountains, Triunfo Pass USGS 7.5 quadrangle
UC166759UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumGeo. B. Grant490b1903-05-01 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
UC171669UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumK. Brandegee1888-05-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Inez Mountains
UC188982UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumS. B., W. F. Parish18961887-06-01 Los AngelesElizabeth Lake
UC28152UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumW. H. Brewer6821861-05-30 Montereynear Monterey (by the sea)
UC28153UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumW. H. Brewer3481861-03-26 Santa Barbaracamp 19 [FB] Santa Inez Mountains
UC303451UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG. B. Grant53591903-04-30 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
UC450832UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumFay A. Macfadden26431931-04-22 Los Angelessummit hwy from Los Angeles to Lake Hughes via San Francisquito Canon
UC455887UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumI. J. Condit1909-04-13 San Luis ObispoNorth School Ridge C. P. S.
UC463168UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumW. R. Dudley, F. H. Lamb47491896-06-29 VenturaGoodenough Meadow Mt. Pinos Region
UC496155UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumW. R. Dudley, F. H. Lamb44941896-06-14 Venturanear Cuddy′s; Ventura Mts.
UC52205UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumR. W. Summers3811908-06-27 San Luis Obisposummit Santa Lucia Mt.
UC580771UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumG. T. Nordstrom12311937-05-16 San Luis Obispo2.1 mi se Chimney Rock (w of Paso Robles); Adelaida Quadrangle
UC765885UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumR. F. Hoover21741937-05-16 Mariposa3 mi nw Coulterville
UC888695UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson69241935-05-02 VenturaNorth fork Ventura River
UC888696UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson69251935-05-02 VenturaSespe Creek
UC888698UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumMarcus E. Jones32391882-05-08 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
UC914282UCJEPSGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumVerne Grant, Alva Grant85671948-05-28 San Luis Obispocanyon 2-3 mi n Santa Margarita (on Hwy 101)
UCR0045125UCRGalium andrewsii subsp. intermediumOrlando Mistretta14811994-09-13 Los AngelesSantiago Canon, Santiago Creek near junction of Forest Service Road 4N20 and BM 3980
UC661024UCJEPSGalium andrewsii var. gatenseL. R. ShortS-1401934-03-19 FresnoLos Gatos Creek Priest Valley Quadrangle; Priest Valley, Fresno area

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