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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
SDSU20653SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRyan, Sean902011-4-1 San Luis Obispo40m S and uphill from the Reservoir Canon Trail at the primitive dwelling clearing, just beyond a large Eucalyptus tree with a swing.
SD00034346SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraR. Mitchel Beauchamp17011971-2-27 San DiegoAdobe soil on grassy north slope, Jamul Mountains.
SDSU20658SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRyan, Sean742011-3-13 San DiegoAlong dirt road off of Otay Mountain Truck Trail, approx. 1.7 mi from its intersection with Otay Lakes Rd. Just E of Otay County Open Space Preserve.
SDSU20654SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRyan, Sean912011-5-13 San DiegoAlong the W side of the path just N of the peak of McGinty Mountain.
SD99552SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraThomas Oberbauer1331978-5-29 San DiegoAmong broken rocks from an old feldspar mine, McGinty Mountain.
SDSU19708SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRyan, Sean212010-3-31 MontereyApproximately 0.6 miles along Los Burros Road from the intesection of Hwy 1. South side of road, at the top of the road cut. North facing slope. Los Padres National Forest.
SD24735SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFrank F. Gander72371939-4-23 San DiegoBlack Canon, Otay Ranch
SD79882SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraHelen V. Witham12261971-3-09 San DiegoBlack Mountain Road, ca. 8 miles east of Del Mar.
SD00040391SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJerry Green3792019-3-29 San DiegoBlack Mountain; near Fairbanks Ranch area; along Black Mountain access road; Glider Port Parking Lot
SD696SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraCharles R. Orcutts.n.1936-9-20 San DiegoBluffs and banks in chaparral, San Diego River
SD6481SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraUnknowns.n.1876-3-01 San DiegoCanon
SD195674SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon P. Rebman170902009-4-15 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: Papa 3 Training Area in the northwestern portion of base and on the east side of the San Onofre Mountains; south of Horno Canon Road along a dirt road to Pulgas Lake; area burned in Horno Fire
SD184167SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon P. Rebman141622008-2-26 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: northwestern portion of base; east side of San Onofre Mountains, west of Horno facility
SD00021741SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon Rebman332472017-5-11 San DiegoCanon: eastern portion of Base; north of the horse stables along Vandegrift Blvd.; slopes just east of Chrisman Circle
SD00026446SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon Rebman354472019-4-12 San DiegoCanon: northern portion of Base; Training Area Delta; north of Canong Devil's Canon Ridge Road
SBBG203761SBBGFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon Rebman354471947-5-13 San DiegoCanon: northern portion of Base; Training Area Delta; north of Canong Devil's Canon Ridge Road
SBBG162108SBBGFritillaria biflora var. bifloraR. Burgess85622010-3-12 VenturaConejo Valley, N side of Conejo Mtn, City of Thousand Oaks
SD700SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraUnknown1351921-3-05 San DiegoEncanto
SDSU20650SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRyan, Sean852011-3-26 MendocinoEvergreen Cemetery, Booneville, CA. 55m SSE of the parking lot.
LA22120LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraCarl Eplings.n.1938-4-09 Santa BarbaraFigueroa Mountain
SBBG162142SBBGFritillaria biflora var. bifloraE. PainterHL25171996-4-11 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: shoulder of Crystal Knob, ca. 0.3 NNE of summit, ca. 2.5 km SE of Gold Hill; Ft Hunter Liggett
CAS-BOT124022CASFritillaria biflora var. bifloraLathrop, Laura Myrtles.n.1903-4-11 San BenitoHernandez
CAS-BOT124021CASFritillaria biflora var. bifloraLathrop, Laura Myrtles.n.1903-4-7 San BenitoHernandez
CAS-BOT124023CASFritillaria biflora var. bifloraLathrop, Laura Myrtles.n.1903-4-7 San BenitoHernandez
SD39118SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraMelvin Tweedy24751932-2-01 San DiegoHillside, east of San Diego
RSA753421RSAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraD. E. Bramlet42462008-4-28 OrangeIRCEast Fort of Upper Weir Cyn., on the north side of the existing access road. The site is found 1.22km east of the main Cyn. & 122m west of the upper boundary of Gypsum Cyn.; Black Star Cyn
SDSU19707SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRyan, Sean202010-3-31 San Luis ObispoJust beyond a wooden fence at the intersection of Vista Del Mar Ave. and Balboa Ave. 0.16 miles west of Hwy 1. San Simeon.
SD206389SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon P. Rebman189532010-4-6 San DiegoLawrence & Barbara Daley Preserve: southeast of Jamul; south of Honey Springs Road and east of its junction with Hwy. 94; north-facing slope in central part of Preserve
SDSU19699SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRebman, Jon P.189532010-4-6 San DiegoLawrence & Barbara Daley Preserve: southeast of Jamul; south of Honey Springs Road and east of its junction with Hwy. 94; north-facing slope in central part of Preserve
SD134350SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraR. Mitchel Beauchamp22311971-4-23 San DiegoLos Penasquitos, field east of Highway 395 and Carmel Mountain Road. Grassy slope. (IPB 1/07)
SD20455SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFrank F. Gander49921938-3-23 San DiegoMesa near San Ysidro
LA22126LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraBayard H. Brattstroms.n.1949-4-21 San DiegoMesa, about 2 W of San Diego State College
SD203961SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraVictoria Marshall6822008-2-11 San DiegoMiramar Reservoir, city of San Diego, accessed from Scripps Lake Rd ca. 0.75 mi east of intersection of Scripps Ranch Blvd and Scripps Lake Dr., along the reservoir perimeter road at the ENE finger of Lake Miramar
SD218444SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraP. Seiley42003-1-31 San DiegoMission Trails Regional Park, Rim loop trail
SD138955SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraMarsha Hansons.n.1996-3-17 San DiegoMission Trails Regional Park, about a 3 minute walk up path from the end of the road at Playa Catalina, left of path, overlooking Route 52. (IPB 1/07)
SDSU17130SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraSimpson, Michael G.27832007-3-9 San DiegoMission Trails Regional Park, mesa west of Fortuna Mtn., north of jeep road.
SD694SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1929-3-01 San DiegoMurray Dam Road to Bostonia, top of grade near the boulevard
SD695SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1929-4-01 San DiegoMurray Dam Road, halfway to Bostonia
SDSU19704SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRyan, Sean12010-2-27 San Luis ObispoNE facing slope just below serpentine outcrops on north side of Via Laguna Vista, approximately 10 W of its intersection with Donegal Drive. San Luis Obispo, CA.
SD173986SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJim Lightner10282005-4-2 San DiegoNE of Descanso. Cleveland National Forest, 0.25 miles N on Conejos Valley Rd from intersection with Old Viejas Grade Rd (due N of Viejas Indian Reservation).
SD42811SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraCowless.n.1948-3-01 San DiegoNear Encanto, 61st and Pittsburg Streets
SD10832SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFrank F. Gander1551935-3-28 San DiegoNorth slope of San Miguel Mt.
SD697SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRuth B. Randall2911931-2-01 San DiegoNorth slope of low foothill, Poway
SD249337SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraMatt Kedziora532010-2-19 San DiegoOtay Mesa; Dennery West (Caltrans), property in NE portion of intersection of Ocean View Hills Pkwy & Otay Mesa Road, Dennery west vernal pool upland restoration site north mesa
SD171747SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon P. Rebman115032005-4-8 San DiegoOtay Mountain Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): south of Lower Otay Lake; southern part of the reserve in the vicinity of the Olive Grove
UCR171500UCRFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon P. Rebman115032005-4-8 San DiegoOtay Mountain Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish & Game): south of Lower Otay Lake; southern part of the reserve in the vicinity of the Olive Grove. San Diego Atlas Square U14
RSA710522RSAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon P. Rebman115032005-4-8 San DiegoOtay Mountain Ecological Reserve (California Dept. of Fish and Game): south of Lower Otay Lake; southern part of the reserve in the vicinity of the Olive Grove.
SD699SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraUnknowns.n.1931-4-01 San DiegoOtay Ranch
SD16653SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFrank F. Gander31091937-4-01 San DiegoOtay, south side of the river.
SD245189SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJosh Willems22013-3-2 San Luis ObispoPoly Canon: E. side of Poly p hill.
SD196114SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraVictoria Marshall4682007-3-1 San DiegoPoway, on the South Poway Trail 0.25 mi east of Community Rd and 0.25 mi south of Poway Rd.
SD249338SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJonathan K. Snapp-Cook2572010-4-24 San DiegoRancho Jamul Ecological Reserve; 0.7 mile N of Pio Pico Campground and Otay Lakes Road; 250 yards SW of small dam; W of powerlines; at San Diego Thornmint site
SD16558SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFrank F. Gander30421937-2-23 San DiegoRancho Santa Fe, near golf course
SD10227SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFrank F. Gander1171935-2-01 San DiegoRolando, East San Diego
LA22125LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraBayard H. Brattstroms.n.1949-3-08 San DiegoS of Lake Murrary Boulevard. 1 W of La Mesa Ditch
SD698SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraMary S. Snyders.n. San DiegoSan Diego
SD6474SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraDaniel Clevelands.n.1882-3-16 San DiegoSan Diego
SD6476SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraUnknowns.n.1874-3-01 San DiegoSan Diego
SD6477SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraUnknowns.n.1882-3-18 San DiegoSan Diego
SD6479SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraUnknowns.n.1878-3-01 San DiegoSan Diego
SD10371SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraWalter J. Renshaws.n.1935-2-22 San DiegoSan Diego
SD6475SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraUnknowns.n.1884-4-23 San DiegoSan Diego Mesa
SD215736SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon P. Rebman212622011-4-27 San DiegoSan Diego National Wildlife Refuge: southeast of Sweetwater Reservoir; west side of Mother Miguel Mountain; in a small canyon and on the grassland slopes around it
SD198853SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraDick Schwenkmeyer2492007-3-16 San DiegoSan Diego, Mission Trails Regional Park (western edge), Tierrasanta, ca ¬ ESE of junction of Rueda Drive and Calle de Vida Drive, ¬ S of Seda Drive
SD6478SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraDaniel Clevelands.n.1884-2-01 San DiegoSan Diego, mesa
LA22123LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraLouis C. Wheeler4531932-3-06 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; San Dimas Canon; near mouth of canyon
SD45662SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraWoodards.n.1954-5-01 San DiegoSan Miguel Mt.
PGM279PGMFritillaria biflora var. bifloraAllison, Ward1963-4-14 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Cruikshank Tr (Villa Cr), Toward summit
PGM3592PGMFritillaria biflora var. bifloraYadon, Vern1988-3-24 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Ft Hunter Liggett Davis Ranch Rd, Little Salmon Rd 2 mi E from end of
PGM2509PGMFritillaria biflora var. bifloraYadon, Vern1984-3-22 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Pacific Valley Hwy 1 Nr Plasket Creek Camp Ocean edge
PGM4661PGMFritillaria biflora var. bifloraYadon, Vern1995-4-14 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Plaskett Cr above Plaskett Cr Camp, Plant from Cultivation origin fr Plaskett Cr
PGM13PGMFritillaria biflora var. bifloraYadon, Vern1967-4-08 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Salmon Cr Tr, Above Spruce Camp near Esterella Camp
PGM6227PGMFritillaria biflora var. bifloraHowitt, Beatrice F11041960-4-08 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, San Marcos Rd to Nacimiento Dam, Along route
LA22124LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraMartha Hilends.n.1929-3-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Cahuenga Hills; W of Hollywood Lake
LA22100LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraKatherine Kinsel10741930-3-22 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Hollyhock Canon; Mandeville Canon
LA29020LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraMary V. Hood40-13k* a,b1940-3-08 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Laurel Canon
LA22121LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraW. O. Griesels.n.1936-3-14 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mandeville Canon
LA22122LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraK. Kinsels.n.1930-3-22 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mandeville Canon; unspecific
LA33609LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraHenry J. Thompson18811959-3-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Saddle Peak, 0.5 mi. E of peak
LA33608LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraPeter H. Raven139131959-4-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Saddle Peak; 0.5 NE of peak
LA94808LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFrank AlmedaTCSP-10-761976-4-05 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon State Park; in horse pasture next to pond, near the telescope mount
LA82367LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraO.H. Kappler1031941-3-08 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W-fork Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon; N slope
LA201999LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraArthur C. Gibson45232004-4-10 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Lynnmere Trail
SD16579SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraL. W. Walkers.n.1937-3-05 San DiegoSantee
SD103746SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraLinda Allen5651979-4-19 San DiegoSeen sparingly among dried grasses on southeast exposure on lower slope of Viejas Mountain; more common on adjacent Poser Mountain.
SD24347SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraBreckenridges.n.1939-3-07 San DiegoSweetwater Lake
SDSU19715SDSUFritillaria biflora var. bifloraRyan, Sean302010-4-3 San Luis ObispoTop of ridge west of Reservoir Canon and east of San Luis Obispo Adult School, accessed from Lizzie Street. Approximately 60 yards northeast of orange tower.
OBI151582OBIFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJason Dart3242009-3-30 San Luis ObispoUndeveloped lot on Balboa Ave, San Simeon
SD27032SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraFrank F. Gander83691940-5-02 San DiegoUpper San Onofre Canon
SD164371SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon P. Rebman98442004-4-8 San DiegoViejas Mountain: northwest side along the northern trail which originates off of Anderson Truck Trail/West Boundary approx. 1.8 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine; area burned in Cedar Fire of Oct. 2003
SD160783SDFritillaria biflora var. bifloraJon P. Rebman83022003-3-12 San DiegoViejas Mountain: west side of mountain along Anderson Truck Trail/West Boundary, near trailhead of the major, western trail; approx. 0.8 miles north of Victoria Road in Alpine
SBBG173621SBBGFritillaria biflora var. bifloraR. Burgess111012019-3-18 VenturaWestern Santa Monica Mtns, burned ridgeline on S side Deer Cyn Rd
JEPS41015UCJEPSFritillaria biflora var. bifloraWayne Roderick1965-4-19 Mendocinoat cemetery in Booneville Booneville
SBBG162109SBBGFritillaria biflora var. bifloraR. Burgess92792013-4-20 Venturajoel McCrea Wildlife Preserve, E-side of Norwegian Grade, at sycamore grove adjacent to Moorpark Rd; Thousand Oaksh
UC638977UCJEPSFritillaria biflora var. bifloraBernard Miossi2251940-3-19 San Luis Obisponear Hwy. 101 4 mi. s. Santa Margarita
LA29021LAFritillaria biflora var. bifloraMary V. Hood39--9*1939-4-29 Kernnear Toad Springs
JEPS40994UCJEPSFritillaria biflora var. bifloraWayne Roderick1965-4-19 Mendocinoseabluff ca 4 mi s Point Arena

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