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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT183052CASFrasera tubulosaShevock, James R.105001983-6-20 KernGreenhorn Mountains. Along forest trail 32E46 toward Black Mountain
    CAS-BOT183222CASFrasera tubulosaShevock, James R.96291982-5-29 TulareKern Plateau. Domeland Wilderness. Off trail 35E12 along divide between Manter Meadow & Rock House [Rockhouse] Meadow toward White Dome. South Fork Kern River Drainage
    CAS-BOT209891CASFrasera tubulosaShevock, James R.94841982-5-14 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Forest. Scodie Mountains, Kiavah Wilderness. Along the Pacific Crest Trail about 2.5 miles south of Walker Pass toward McIvers Spring
    CDA0032765CDAFrasera tubulosaG.D. Barbe30031980-7-16 TulareSummit of Bald Mountain. Plants of Kern Plateau.
    POM130723RSAFrasera tubulosaCulbertson43291904-8-03 TulareKern River
    POM247916RSAFrasera tubulosaNoel Wallace2781938-7-15 Kern2 miles east of Lander meadow, Piute Mts.
    PUA65181PUAFrasera tubulosaG.L. Clifton1986-6-07 KernLocal landmark: Landers Meadow. Emerald Mountain Quad.
    RSA0082429RSAFrasera tubulosaErika M. Gardner10412014-5-31 KernAlong the PCT.; Walker Pass 7.5'
    RSA169188RSAFrasera tubulosaE. C. Twisselmann97891964-7-23 KernSaddle between Cane Peak & Black Mtn.
    RSA220303RSAFrasera tubulosaE. C. Twisselmann160031969-8-30 TulareWest end of the summit ridge of Bald Mountain.
    RSA223724RSAFrasera tubulosaE. C. Twisselmann171431970-7-27 TulareNorthwest border of Templeton Meadow
    RSA392159RSAFrasera tubulosaGeorge R. Johnston155701932-7-02 KernGreen Horn Mts.; Mt. Alta Sierra
    RSA51474RSAFrasera tubulosaDonna Howell259341949-7-30 TulareNear the Tunnel
    RSA516841RSAFrasera tubulosaBarbara Ertter63511986-6-09 Tulare24 air miles ENE of Kernville, between ridge S of Chimney Creek Campground and lateral knoll S of end of road.
    RSA563341RSAFrasera tubulosaE. C. Twisselmann147581968-8-12 TulareLow ridge on the southwest side of Monache Meadow (above the horse corral).
    RSA58488RSAFrasera tubulosaP. A. Munz151891950-7-17 TulareTempleton Meadows at South Fork of Kern River, southern Sierra Nevada.
    RSA58804RSAFrasera tubulosaMunz150911950-7-15 TulareRidge between Bakeoven Meadows and South Fork of Kern River, southern Sierra Nevada.
    RSA616633RSAFrasera tubulosaMary DeDecker21301969-6-27 TulareSierra Nevada: Dome Lands.
    RSA617873RSAFrasera tubulosaMary DeDecker36521974-8-07 InyoSierra Nevada: Northeast of Mulkey Pass; Foxtail Pine Research Natural Area.
    RSA69425RSAFrasera tubulosaF. W. Peirson875a1908-7-12 TulareLower Kern Lake, southern Sierra Nevada
    RSA69426RSAFrasera tubulosaF. W. Peirson8751911-8-08 InyoCottonwood Creek, probably near Horseshoe Meadow, southern Sierra Nevada.
    RSA748753RSAFrasera tubulosaJim R. Shevock109081984-6-23 TulareKern Plateau, BLM-Owen's Peak Wilderness. Along the summit ridge on the NNE face of Lamont Peak.
    RSA748754RSAFrasera tubulosaJim R. Shevock115831986-6-09 TulareKern Plateau, BLM-Owen's Peak Wilderness. Along the W slope of Sawtooth Peak E of Lamont Meadow.
    RSA748755RSAFrasera tubulosaJim R. Shevock117961987-5-26 TulareKern Plateau, Owen's Peak Wilderness. North face of Lamont Peak.
    RSA788068RSAFrasera tubulosaJim R. Shevock105001983-6-20 KernGreenhorn Mountains. Along forest trail 32E46 toward Black Mountain.
    UCR0097140UCRFrasera tubulosaJames R. Shevock115831986-6-09 Tularewestern slope, Kern Plateau, BLM - Owens Peak Wilderness, along the western slope of Sawtooth Peak east of Lamont Meadow
    UCR0097141UCRFrasera tubulosaBarbara Ertter66621986-8-08 TulareSummit Meadows NW of Olancha Pass, Inyo National Forest, c. 1.5 airmiles SW of Olancha
    UCR0097142UCRFrasera tubulosaRoger Twitchells.n.1977-7-19 KernSequoia National Forest. Upper Jawbone Canon Road, 2-3 miles north of Geringer Grade
    UCR0097143UCRFrasera tubulosaErnest C. Twisselmann147581968-8-12 TulareKern Plateau, low ridge on SW side of Monache Meadow (above the horse corral)
    UCSB69967UCSBFrasera tubulosaJames W. Tatum5241976-8-06 TulareOlancha Peak; Buck Meadows. Located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha.
    VVC2562VVCFrasera tubulosaTim Thomas14821991-8-06 InyoCottonwood Lakes Basin; SE shoulder of the Mesa.
    JEPS26303UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaCharlotte N. Smith8491943-8-27 Tulareabout 4 mi n Kern County Line (near the summit of the ne slope of Baker Point (Baker Point is a rocky spur extending e from Baker Range (divide between Bull Run Ck and Kern Riv)); Greenhorn Mts., Baker Range, Baker Point
    JEPS26304UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaCharlotte N. Smith1939-12-18 Kern4 mi ne Greenhorn Summit Store (trail over n side of Black Mt., above Cane Springs, between the gap at the end of the logging road at the w foot of Black Mt., and Cane Springs); Greenhorn Mountains, Black Mt.
    JEPS39842UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaWillis L. Jepson49171912-6-29 Tularenear Trout Meadows; Little Kern River
    JEPS46354UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaHelen Lillis1938-8-01 TulareUpper Funston Meadow Kern River Region
    JEPS46358UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaCharlotte N. Smith1761940-5-08 Kern1 mi s of Claraville (se of Piute Lookout, near road to Kelso Valley, Piute Mountains); Piute Mountains
    JEPS46359UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaCharlotte N. Smith2221940-6-25 Kernca 0.25 mi above Canong upper trail to the Greenhorn Summit Store, Black Mt.); Greenhorn Mts., Black Mt.
    JEPS50694UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaCharlotte N. Smith15121966-7-19 Tularenear the trail s The Tunnels to Ranshaw Meadow; The Tunnels Area
    RSA793150RSASwertia tubulosaDuncan S. Bell38192012-7-17 TulareChurch Dome, on the western edge of the Domeland Wilderness in the Sequoia National Forest.; Cannell Peak
    SBBG21148SBBGSwertia tubulosaErnest C. Twisselmann98151964-7-23 Tularetrail to Baker Pt
    SBBG38520SBBGSwertia tubulosaErnest C. Twisselmann160031969-8-30 TulareW end of the summit ridge of Bald Mtn
    SBBG58602SBBGSwertia tubulosaMark Kerr1934-7-24 InyoKearsarge Valley [Onion Valley]
    SBBG93314SBBGSwertia tubulosaBarbara Ertter w/ J. Shevock66621986-8-08 TulareSummit Meadows NW of Olancha Pass
    SD135603SDSwertia tubulosaErnest C. Twisselmann146091968-7-16 TulareRidge between Ratttlesnake Meadow and South Dry Lake.
    SD58413SDSwertia tubulosaCharlotte N. Smiths.n.1939-12-18 KernAlong the steep trail over the north sider of Black Mountain, above Cane Springs, ca. 4.0 miles northeast of Greenhorn Summit Store.
    THRI-SEKI19050THRISwertia tubulosaPilewski, L.; Bartlett, C.; Werner, L.SEKI.0297.032001-7-17 UnknownVM.SEKI.0 W of Big Arroyo bridge in Kern Canon
    THRI-SEKI4571THRISwertia tubulosaStephenson, Nate1181983-8-01 UnknownG.a.plot 1 N Slope Of Knoll W Of Willow Cr On S Side Of Big Arroyo
    UC124759UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaC. A. Purpus1932-3-8 Tularenear Little Kern (Broder's Cabin)
    UC124760UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaC. A. Purpus14071895-8-01 Tularealong the Kern River Kern River; Broders Cabin Little Kern fide FB
    UC127425UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaS. W. Austin1171899-6-21 InyoSummit w Olancha Olancha
    UC140561UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaCulbertson43291904-8-03 TulareKern River
    UC1561372UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaBarbara Ertter, Tom Daniel, Doug Bramlet64011986-6-10 Tulareca 23 air mi e Kernville (Pacific Crest Trail e of Lamont Meadow, e end of Lamont VABM); Lamont VABM
    UC1562791UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaBarbara Ertter, James R. Shevock66621986-8-08 Tulareca 1.5 air mi sw Olancha (Summit Meadows nw of Olancha Pass); Inyo National Forest, Summit Meadows
    UC1562947UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaBarbara Ertter, Robert Holland, Virginia Dains63511986-6-09 Tulare24 air mi ene Kernville (n side of ridge s of Chimney Creek Campground)
    UC195235UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaunknown1911-7-24 Tularenear Taylor Meadow; Sierra Nevada Mts.
    UC63290UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock54011904-7-01 Tularenear Lion Meadow; Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Basin of the Upper Kern Ri
    UC63319UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock52711904-6-25 Tularesw side Olancha Mountain; Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains
    UC63320UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock54121904-7-01 TulareSoda Springs, in ne corner of enclosure Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Basin of the Upper Kern Ri
    UC721884UCJEPSSwertia tubulosaRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine107131942-7-21 Tulare1-1.5 mi below Coyote Meadows (on trail from Coyote Pass to Camp Lewis); Sequoia National Park, Kern River
    UCSB002377UCSBSwertia tubulosaJohn R. Haller20731965-6-20 KernJawbone Canon Road; 3 miles south of French Meadow Ranger Station; 1 mile south of Claraville, Piute Mountains
    UCSB041381UCSBSwertia tubulosaJames W. Tatum5941977-7-12 TulareWest-facing slopes above Monache Creek Junction of forks. Located on the county line along the crest of the Sierra Nevada, and within the Inyo National Forest; 5.2 miles WSW of the town of Olancha.
    VVC819VVCSwertia tubulosaP.J. MacKay2501997-6-07 InyoHorseshoe Meadow Road at top of rise.

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