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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT229208CASFrasera puberulentaSchweich, Tom6952010-08-01 MonoMono Craters. Southern portion of Mono Craters, south of the Pumice Mine. Mostly north and west slopes.
CAS-BOT552983CASFrasera puberulentaHowald, Ann42452017-06-28 MonoEast of Sierra Nevada: Crowley Lake Drive, c. 0.6 miles south of intersection with South Landing Road
CAS-BOT571809CASFrasera puberulentaRawlings, John22332017-07-26 InyoAlong Black Lake Trail near old resort site on east bluff above Fourth Lake, North Fork of Big Pine Creek, Palisade Basin
CHSC117061CHSCFrasera puberulentaMary De Decker3861956-07-05 InyoSawmille Meadow, Sierra Nevada, north of Independence
CLARK-A1528-2955CLARKFrasera puberulentaJohn C. Roos1967-08-05 InyoInyo Mountains
CLARK-A1528-2956CLARKFrasera puberulentaJohn C. Roos, Lucille Roos58241952-07-26 InyoWhite Mountains
DAV398179DAVFrasera puberulentaGrayson Golden22011-07-30 InyoInyo County; White Mountains. Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Along Methusela Trail.
DAV398180DAVFrasera puberulentaCharles M. Knapps.n.-1979-08-22 MonoMono County: Knoll northeast of Mammoth Mountain.
DAV398181DAVFrasera puberulentaJack Majors.n.1966-08-01 InyoInyo County: Sawmill Meadow, east side below Sawmill Pass, Sierra Nevada.
DAV398182DAVFrasera puberulentaJack Major8891962-07-07 MonoMono County: Slopes west of Bright Dot Lake. Convict Creek Basin, Sierra Nevada.
DAV398183DAVFrasera puberulentaR. H. Pembles.n.1968-08-11 MonoMono County: Convict Creek; ridge W of Bright Dot Lake.
GH00384940GHFrasera puberulentaR. S. Ferris98381939-08-23 InyoOnion Valley-Kearsarge Pass Trail
GH00384941GHFrasera puberulentaJ. C. Roos ; L. Roos58241952-07-26 Inyoeast side Reed Flat at head of Birch Creek, White Mts.
GH00384942GHFrasera puberulentaA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg31981942-07-29 InyoOnion Valley, west of Independence
GMDRC5386GMDRCFrasera puberulentaJ. Andre199802011-08-08 InyoSierra Nevada: along Horseshoe Meadow Rd, 19.6 mi. SSW of Jct with Whitney Portal Rd, at interpretive parking area near entrance to campground
GMDRC5470GMDRCFrasera puberulentaJ. Andre204092011-07-11 MonoEastern Sierra;: along Crowley Lake Drive, 2.4 WNW of Toms Place, just east of Hilton Creek, south of US 395
INF02105INFFrasera puberulentaMorefield, James D.21331984-06-21 InyoWhite Mountains, 1.5 mile S 35 ° W of upper Montenegro Spring, on the north slope of Black Mountain, Owens Valley drainage.
JEPS125174UCJEPSFrasera puberulentaDylan M. Neubauer2942015-07-01 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: North Fork Crooked Creek drainage, .45 air-mile nne UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
JEPS125214UCJEPSFrasera puberulentaDylan M. Neubauer3872015-07-13 Mono(W&I) White Mountains: ridge dividing North Fork Crooked Creek & Poison Creek, 1.26 air-miles ne UC White Mountain Research Center Crooked Creek Station
LOB114097LOBFrasera puberulentaCollector Unknown1972-05-18 InyoWhite Mountains of Inyo National Forest, Grand View
LOB114098LOBFrasera puberulentaCollector Unknown1972-05-18 InyoWhite Mountains of Inyo National Forest, Grand View
NY189449NYFrasera puberulentaJ. D. Morefield40691986-07-08 ?  InyoWhite Mountains: ridge of N wall of S Fork Birch Creek E of Schulman Grove, 1.6 mile S36 ° E of Coldwater Spg. Deep Springs Valley drainage.
NY189453NYFrasera puberulentaB. Ertter30241979-07-02 ?  InyoGrandview Campground at S end of White Mts.
NY189457NYFrasera puberulentaJ. D. Morefield21331984-06-21 ?  Inyo1.5 mile S 35 ° W of upper Montenegro Spring on the north slope of Black Mountain, Owens Valley drainage.
NY189458NYFrasera puberulentaR. S. Mitchell21401964-07-12 ?  InyoSecondary Canyon of Black Canyon.
POM13065RSAFrasera puberulentaF. W. Peirson26401921-08-05 InyoBig Pine Creek. Sierra Nevada.
POM175469RSAFrasera puberulentaF. W. Peirson75601927-06-26 MonoVolcanic mountains between Deadman Creek and June Lake.
PUA66541PUAFrasera puberulentaG.L. Clifton1987-07-13 MonoLocal landmark: Cottonwood Creek. Mt. Barcroft Quad.
PUA68217PUAFrasera puberulentaG.L. Clifton1988-06-30 MonoLocal landmark: Wheeler Crest. Mt. Tom Quad.
RSA0003728RSAFrasera puberulentaAnstruther Davidson27051911-07-01 InyoSouth Lake, Bishop Creek.
RSA116003RSAFrasera puberulentaP. A. Munz210191955-07-19 InyoWhite Mountains, near Reed Flat
RSA281039RSAFrasera puberulentaRobert F. Thorne388071969-07-22 InyoSierra Nevada, E Slope, Onion Valley: above Independence Creek.
RSA282592RSAFrasera puberulentaWalter Wisura37291979-07-21 InyoWhite Mtns, Shulman Grove.
RSA39103RSAFrasera puberulentaP. A. Munz126631948-07-31 InyoKearsarge Pass to Onion Valley. Sierra Nevada.
RSA44363RSAFrasera puberulentaH. M. Pollards.n.1947-07-05 InyoSawmill Creek.
RSA463613RSAFrasera puberulentaJames D. Morefield40691986-07-08 InyoWhite Mtns. ridge of No wall of S Fork Birch Creek E of Schullman Grove, 1.6 miles S36 E of Coldwater Springs.
RSA50527RSAFrasera puberulentaP. A. Munz140251949-07-17 InyoLittle Cottonwood Creek.
RSA613837RSAFrasera puberulentaMary DeDecker4581956-07-21 InyoInyo Mountains: Near Hillside Crest.; Independence
RSA614004RSAFrasera puberulentaMary DeDecker3861956-07-07 InyoSierra Nevada: Sawmill Meadow, dry slope.; Mt. Whitney
RSA69433RSAFrasera puberulentaF. W. Peirson26401921-08-05 InyoBig Pine Creek. Sierra Nevada.
RSA69436RSAFrasera puberulentaF. W. Peirson8741913-08-22 InyoTaboose Pass, Sierra Nevada.
RSA69437RSAFrasera puberulentaF. W. Peirson8711914-08-20 InyoNorth Fork of Bishop Creek, Sierra Nevada.
RSA69438RSAFrasera puberulentaF. W. Peirson75601927-07-26 MonoBetween Deadman Creek and June Lake.
RSA71718RSAFrasera puberulentaJ. C. Roos58241952-07-26 InyoEast side Reed Flat at head of Birch Creek, White Mts.
RSA74753RSAFrasera puberulentaE. Robinsonb1401936-07-16 InyoNorth side of Rock Creek Lake, below Little Lakes valley. NE of Mono Pass, E side of crest.
RSA76847RSAFrasera puberulentaE. Robinsonb481936-07-16 InyoNorth of Rock Creek Lake, below Little Lakes Valley, NE of Mono Pass, on E side of crest.
RSA793987RSAFrasera puberulentaJim Andre204092011-07-11 MonoEastern Sierra;; along Crowley Lake Drive, 2.4 WNW of Toms Place, just east of Hilton Creek, south of US 395 at saddle in road.; 7.5 Quad: Toms Place
RSA794804RSAFrasera puberulentaJim Andre216882012-07-12 MonoAlong Antelope Springs Road, 3.8 miles east of Junction Highway 395 (at Mammoth Road exit).; Old Mammoth 7.5
RSA79697RSAFrasera puberulentaJ. C. Roos59551953-07-09 InyoNear head of Tamarack Canon.
RSA797042RSAFrasera puberulentaTasha La Doux6272010-07-27 InyoInyo Mountains; Inyo National Forest, along road to Papoose Flat 7.0 miles south of Death Valley Road, southwest of Andrews Peak.; Waucoba Mountain 7.5
SFV107493SFVFrasera puberulentaT. R. Gordon11131975-08-02 InyoSierra Nevada; In coarse granitic soil of pine flat near Taboose Creek.
SFV107494SFVFrasera puberulentaS. Kimball2882001-07-10 InyoSierra Nevada; Half way between Mule Lake and trail around South Lake.
SFV107495SFVFrasera puberulentaJ. D. Dilley2231997-08-07 InyoWhite Mountains; Grandview Campground, 13 miles east of Big Pine on CA-168 and 3 miles north on USFS Route 4S01.
SFV107496SFVFrasera puberulentaM. S. Valenzuela111997-07-11 MonoSierra Nevada; Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Rock. Limestone rock outcrop on the side of Mammoth Rock.
SJSU6085SJSUFrasera puberulentaH.L. Buckalew1958-06-30 InyoMt Whitney Rd below Whitney Portal
SJSU6247SJSUFrasera puberulentaC.W. Sharsmith78911972-08-14 MonoNE slope Gold Mt ridge between Coldwater Cr & Sherwin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes region
UC1980391UCJEPSFrasera puberulentaTom Schweich6952010-08-01 MonoMono Craters, Southern portion of Mono Craters, south of the Pumice Mine, in bare loose cinders in open areas among Jeffrey pines. Mostly north and west slopes.
UCR0097123UCRFrasera puberulentaJim Andre220362008-08-26 Inyoon ridge east of Horseshoe Meadows, 0.6 mi southeast of Mulkey Pass, at south end of Research Natural Area; Sierra Nevada
UCR0097124UCRFrasera puberulentaJim Andre199322011-08-08 Inyoalong Horseshoe Meadow Rd, 18.0 mi. SSW of junction with Whitney Portal Rd, just south of Wonoga Peak, near Little Cottonwood Creek crossing; Sierra Nevada
UCR0097125UCRFrasera puberulentaJim Andre199802011-08-08 Inyoalong Horseshoe Meadow Road, 19.6 mi. south-southwest of its junction with Whitney Portal Road, at interpretive parking area near entrance to campground; Sierra Nevada
UCR0097126UCRFrasera puberulentaJim Andre204092011-07-11 Monoalong Crowley Lake Drive, 2.4 WNW of Toms Place, just east of Hilton Creek, south of US 395; Eastern Sierra;
UCR0097127UCRFrasera puberulentaJim Andre216882012-07-12 Monoalong Antelope Springs Rd, 3.8 miles east of junction with Hwy 395 at Mammoth Rd exit
UCR0097128UCRFrasera puberulentaTasha La Doux6272010-07-27 InyoInyo National Forest, along road to Papoose Flat [Hines Road], 7.0 mi south of Death Valley Road, southwest of Andrews Peak
UCR0097129UCRFrasera puberulentaJim Andre138452009-06-23 InyoInyo Mountains, along 4WD dirt road c. 2.5 miles east of Badger Flat
UCR0097130UCRFrasera puberulentaJohn C. Roos58241952-07-26 Inyoeast side of Reed Flat at head of Birch Creek
UCR0097131UCRFrasera puberulentaJohn C. Roos59551953-08-09 InyoInyo Mountains, near head of Tamarack Canon
UCR0097132UCRFrasera puberulentaCharles S. Papp3331963-07-27 InyoWhite Mtns
UCR0097133UCRFrasera puberulentaJohn C. Rooss.n.1967-08-05 InyoInyo Mountains, 1 mi. east of Badger Flat on the summit ridge
UCR0097134UCRFrasera puberulentaAnn Howald42452017-06-28 MonoCrowley Lake Drive, c. 0.6 mile south of intersection with South Landing Rd.
UCR0097135UCRFrasera puberulentaGeorge K. Helmkamp1791993-07-28 MonoLong Valley along Owens Gorge Road about 5 miles north of Toms Place
CAS-BOT94967CASSwertia puberulentaWenk, R. C.6782007-06-24 InyoN end of Brown Lake, along trail from South Lake to Brown Lake
CDA0011198CDASwertia puberulentaG.F. Hrusa72611989-08-01 InyoE side of Sawmill Pass,John Muir Wilderness.
FSC0018470FSCSwertia puberulentaE. Robinsonb1401936-07-16 Inyon. of Rock Crk. Lake, below Little Lakes Valley, n.e. of Mono Pass, e. of crest.
FSC0018471FSCSwertia puberulentaE. Robinsonb481936-07-16 InyoN. of Rock Crk. Lake, n.e. of Mono Pass on e. side of the crest.
GMDRC4402GMDRCSwertia puberulentaJ. Andre138452009-06-23 InyoInyo Mountains: along 4WD dirt road approx. 2.5 mi. east of Badger Flat, growing on calcareous knife-edge crest of ridge
GMDRC4447GMDRCSwertia puberulentaJ. Andre140852006-07-07 InyoBig Pine Canon: south fork of canyon, approx. 1.5 mi. SW of Glacier Lodge cabins
INF02103INFSwertia puberulentaHoner, Michael10881962-12-08 MonoInyo National Forest. Glass Mountain Region: -x{20 Wilfred Peak; S end of the Glass Mtn. Ridge, adjacent to and N of Wilfred Cyn.; Watterson Cyn. quad
INF02104INFSwertia puberulentaSlaton, Michele1702004-08-26 InyoMount Thompson Quad. Approx. 100 ft. above trail over-looking Second Lake in Big Pine Creek
JEPS39955UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaCharlotte N. Smith12571963-08-28 Inyonot far from Schulman Bristle Cone Grove; White Mts.
JEPS46361UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaVictor Duran18021926-07-13 InyoBaker Creek Sierra Nevada Mts.
JEPS46364UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaFrank W. Peirson75601927-07-26 Monobetween Deadman Creek and June Lake
JEPS91317UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaDean Wm. Taylor, Glenn Clifton99251988-06-29 MonoWheeler Ridge, along jeep road to prospects on E slope Round Valley Peak, 0.7 map miles NNE Round Valley Peak
JEPS91318UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaDean W. Taylor6694a1977-08-28 Monosummit plateau of Glass Mountains
JEPS91319UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaDean W. Taylor75291979-07-27 MonoMono Craters, Inyo National Forest, on summit ridge near top of Crater Mountain
RSA630761RSASwertia puberulentaMary DeDecker47911978-08-02 MonoSierra Nevada, above Convict Lake;: Between Laurel and Bloody Mountains. MDB&M.
RSA681094RSASwertia puberulentaMichael Honer13082001-07-24 MonoInyo National ForestWet Canon; steep W-facing slopes leading down to stream, appx. 1 NE of confluence of Dexter Cyn. and Wild Cow Cyn. streams.; Dexter Cyn. quad
RSA681231RSASwertia puberulentaMichael Honer3932000-07-20 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain region, Sentinel Meadows Research Natural Area: Top of plateau overlooking Long Valley, appx. 2 NE of point 10185.; Dexter Cyn. quad
RSA682206RSASwertia puberulentaMichael Honer10882001-07-01 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: -x{20 Wilfred Peak; S end of the Glass Mtn. Ridge, adjacent to and N of Wilfred Cyn.; Watterson Cyn. quad
RSA682545RSASwertia puberulentaMichael Honer11592001-07-05 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: Steep avalanche chute leading down to McGee Meadow from Glass Mtn. Peak.; Glass Mtn. quad
RSA682731RSASwertia puberulentaMichael Honer3582000-07-19 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: O′Harrel Canon Spring: appx 1.5 NE of road end.; Glass Mtn. quad
RSA685921RSASwertia puberulentaMichael Honer12012001-07-21 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: Sentinel Meadow Research Natural Area; SW-facing canyon on W edge of RNA.; Dexter Cyn. quad
RSA688889RSASwertia puberulentaMichael Honer6492000-08-18 MonoInyo National ForestOpen broad ridgeline approx. 1 mi. E of Glass Mtn. Peak.; Glass Mtn. quad
RSA718405RSASwertia puberulentaMichael Honer23332006-08-11 InyoInyo National ForestN Fork of Bishop Creek: 2 NE of North Lake outlet. Ridge and slopes along vague stock trail from Aspendell to North Lake.; Mt. Thompson quad
SBBG34312SBBGSwertia puberulentaG. K. Helmkamp1791993-07-28 MonoLong Valley, along Owens Gorge Rd, ca. 5 N of Toms Place
SBBG5654SBBGSwertia puberulentaH. and M. Dearing13201937-08-21 InyoHunters Flat, Lone Pine to Whitney Trail
SBBG5655SBBGSwertia puberulentaH. and M. Dearing13191936-07-16 Inyoabove South Lake, Bishop Crk
SBBG58587SBBGSwertia puberulentaMark Kerr1939-07-09 InyoMt Whitney Portal
SD62239SDSwertia puberulentaRichard S. Mitchell21401964-07-12 InyoWhite Mountains; Secondary Canon of Black Canon.
UC1010174UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaJ. C., A. R. Roos59551953-08-09 Inyonear head of Tamarack Canon; Inyo Mts., Tamarack Canon
UC105624UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaC. A. Purpus30651896-08-01 InyoCottonwood Creek Canon;; Cottonwood Creek Canon, Inyo Co.
UC1075853UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaPhilip A. Munz210191955-07-19 Inyoedge of Reed Flat White Mts., Reed Flat
UC1223712UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaJack Major, Samuel A. Bamberg8891962-07-07 Monow of Bright Dot Lake; Sierra Nevada, Convict Creek Basin
UC1299915UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaRichard S. Mitchell21401964-07-12 InyoSecondary Canon of Black Canon White Mountains, Black Canon
UC1494266UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaJ. C. Roos1967-08-05 Inyoe of Badger Flat; Inyo Mtns., Summit Ridge
UC1550051UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty40691986-07-08 Inyo1.6 mi s 36 degrees e Coldwater Springs (ridge of n wall of South Fork Birch Creek, e of Schulman Grove, Deep Springs Valley drainage); White Mountains, Deep Springs Valley
UC160453UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaA. Davidson, M. D.27051911-07-01 InyoNorth Lake Bishop Creek; North Lake, Bishop Creek
UC1787128UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaMichael Honer3582000-07-19 MonoGlass Mountain Region; O Harrel Canon Spring: appx 1.5 NE of road end.
UC495870UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaMark Kerr801932-07-02 InyoSquaw Flat, w Inyo County Independence Region
UC559219UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaVictor Duran17361926-07-07 InyoWyman Creek White Mts.
UC669934UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg25831941-07-16 Inyotrail between 2nd Lake and 3rd Lake; Big Pine Creek
UC694227UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg31981942-07-29 Inyow of Independence; Sierra Nevada, Onion Valley
UC716284UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaRoxana S. Ferris98381939-08-23 InyoOnion Valley, Kearsarge Pass Trail Sierra Nevada
UC771313UCJEPSSwertia puberulentaMark Kerr5151939-07-07 Inyoe side of Sierra Nevada, Independence, Mount Whitney Portals Independence; Sierra Nevada,, Mount Whitney Portals

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