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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CDA0039714CDAEustoma exaltatumG.D. Barbe22621977-06-02 ImperialSouthwest of Holtville.
CDA0039715CDAEustoma exaltatumLeo Kroonens.n.1943-10-18 RiversideCorona.
CDA0039716CDAEustoma exaltatumT.C. Fuller1393-581958-09-24 Imperial2 miles south of Imperial Dam, Colorado River.
CDA0039717CDAEustoma exaltatumE. Johnsons.n.1943-07-31 San DiegoNear Vallecito.
CDA0039718CDAEustoma exaltatumF.D. Harriss.n.1973-08-28 RiversideHidden Valley Gun Club, Riverside.
CLARK-A1528-1309CLARKEustoma exaltatumJohn C. Roos29771946-08-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
CLARK-A1528-5030CLARKEustoma exaltatumJohn C. Roos14511937-06-09 ImperialWestmorland
CLARK-A1528-537CLARKEustoma exaltatumJohn C. Roos52591951-09-25 RiversideRiverside
CLARK-A1528-5487CLARKEustoma exaltatumJohn C. Roos52591951-09-25 RiversideRiverside
CSLA003345CSLAEustoma exaltatumF. Hildinger1954-04-17 ImperialLaguna Dam on Colorado River
DAV398134DAVEustoma exaltatumG.R. Ballmers.n.2003-11-22 RiversideRiverside County: Colorado River Valley, Northern Paloverde Valley, east of Hwy 95, c. 5 miles NE of Blythe, east end of 2nd Ave.
GH00384885GHEustoma exaltatumL. Abrams39811903-07-03 San DiegoMason′s between San Felipe + Carisso creek
GH00402407GHEustoma exaltatumEdw. Palmer1961-03-04 San DiegoSouthern part of San Diego Co.
GH00402408GHEustoma exaltatumC. C. Parry1881-01-01 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00402409GHEustoma exaltatumC. C. Parry1876-01-01 San Bernardino[no additional data]
GH00402410GHEustoma exaltatumF. W. Peirson54191924-12-30 Riverside1000-Palm Canyon
GH00402411GHEustoma exaltatum1895-09-01 San BernardinoRedlands
GH00402412GHEustoma exaltatumP. C. Everett82751936-09-29 OrangeRancho Santa Ana, Santa Ana Canyon
GH00402413GHEustoma exaltatumC. C. Parry1881-01-01 San BernardinoColton
GH00402414GHEustoma exaltatumW. G. Wright1361880-01-01 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00402415GHEustoma exaltatumJ. T. Howell31151927-09-24 OrangeSanta Ana Canyon
GH00402416GHEustoma exaltatumS. B. Parish38101895-09-12 San BernardinoVicinity of San Bernardino
GH00402417GHEustoma exaltatumJ. B. Feudge1031923-10-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
GH00402418GHEustoma exaltatumG. R. Hall1905-09-03 RiversideRiverside
JEPS46992UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumLois Chambers7751933-12-31 San DiegoVallecitos
JEPS46993UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumWillis L. Jepson85351920-04-15 San DiegoVallecito
JEPS46994UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumLaura O. Dodge1920-12-05 OrangeOlive; Santa Ana Canon
JEPS46995UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumSamuel B. Parish1887-08-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
JEPS46996UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumSamuel B. Parish1887-09-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
JEPS46997UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumJohn Thomas Howell31151927-09-24 Orangenear Peralta sta. (Santa Ana River bottom, Rancho Santa Ana); Rancho Santa Ana, Santa Ana River
LOB114096LOBEustoma exaltatumJ. Woodward431970-06-16 ImperialAlong the road near Imperial Dam, 1 mile S
POM130427RSAEustoma exaltatumH. M. Hall110231896-08-21 RiversideSanta Ana River, near Riverside
POM155943RSAEustoma exaltatumL. R. Abrams39811903-07-03 San DiegoSan Felipe
POM163315RSAEustoma exaltatumR. C. Bacigalupi12451925-07-01 RiversideRiverside Canon.
POM297954RSAEustoma exaltatumJ. G. Lemmons.n.1881-09-01 San Bernardino[Unspecified]
POM48073RSAEustoma exaltatumJ. B. Feudge1031923-10-01 San BernardinoLoma Linda.
POM48556RSAEustoma exaltatumF. W. Peirson54191924-12-30 RiversideThousand-Palms Canon, Colorado Desert
POM7049RSAEustoma exaltatumP. A. Munz23141919-03-25 RiversidePalm Canon, Palm Springs.
POM77053RSAEustoma exaltatumS. B. Parishs.n.1892-10-01 San Bernardino[Unspecified]
RSA17459RSAEustoma exaltatumPercy C. Everett82751936-09-29 OrangeRancho Santa Ana, Santa Ana River Bottom, Santa Ana Canon.
RSA20205RSAEustoma exaltatumCarl B. Wolf94261938-06-12 San DiegoCarrizo, Carrizo Wash.
RSA392119RSAEustoma exaltatumH. S. Gentry46641939-10-01 ImperialBrawley, Colorado Desert.
RSA392120RSAEustoma exaltatumTheodore Paynes.n.1925-08-01 Orange9 miles E of Florentia, Santa Ana river.
RSA392121RSAEustoma exaltatumGeo. Cantwells.n.1935-04-10 RiversideDos Palmas Springs, Salton Sea
RSA392122RSAEustoma exaltatumAnstruther Davidsons.n.1893-04-01 RiversidePalm Springs.
RSA392128RSAEustoma exaltatumT. W. Minthorns.n.1927-06-21 ImperialNear Westmoreland [Westmorland].
RSA392129RSAEustoma exaltatumAlbert J. Perkinss.n.1916-04-18 San BernardinoPalm Canon
RSA552RSAEustoma exaltatumJ. T. Howell7491927-09-24 OrangeSanta Ana River Bottom, Rancho Santa Ana
RSA602393RSAEustoma exaltatumLouis C. Wheeler71511955-06-10 ImperialColorado River: John′s Boat Landing.
RSA604410RSAEustoma exaltatumLouis C. Wheeler13381932-09-04 RiversideSanta Ana River at Chino Creek
RSA611954RSAEustoma exaltatumLouis C. Wheeler70251952-12-15 RiversideRiverside Mountains: 2-3 miles souith of Mountaineer Mine, north of Johnson′s Camp. Shore of Alligator Slough of the Colorado River.
RSA612273RSAEustoma exaltatumLouis C. Wheeler20781933-08-13 RiversideSanta Ana River at Chino Creek.
RSA69418RSAEustoma exaltatumF. W. Peirson8801917-05-01 Los AngelesTopanga Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA69419RSAEustoma exaltatumF. W. Peirson8791919-04-14 RiversidePalm Canon, near Palm Springs
RSA69420RSAEustoma exaltatumF. W. Peirson54191924-12-30 RiversideThousand-Palms Canon, Colorado Desert
RSA705132RSAEustoma exaltatumSarah J. De Groot10502003-03-01 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Bass Point, along Parker Dam road. Between Colorado River and Parker Dam road.
RSA706648RSAEustoma exaltatumSarah J. De Groot33692003-10-25 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaWhipple Mountains: Gene Wash, toward head. First left off Intake Pump Plant Rd, up canyon past swimming hole. MWD property.
RSA707242RSAEustoma exaltatumSarah J. De Groot31672003-09-27 San BernardinoMetropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaWhipple Mountains: Metropolitan Water District property. Along MWD road near intersection with Parker Dam road.
RSA719299RSAEustoma exaltatumSarah J. De Groot28772003-05-19 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Bass Point, along Parker Dam road just north of Colorado River Indian Reservation.
RSA737118RSAEustoma exaltatumJustin M. Wood1842008-10-15 RiversideTemecula - Murrieta Creek, downstream of 1st street bridge.; Temecula
RSA737217RSAEustoma exaltatumJustin M. Wood1732008-09-30 RiversideSouthwest Perris Basin: Temecula - Murrieta Creek, downstream of first street bridge.; Temecula
RSA795235RSAEustoma exaltatumJustin M. Wood27732010-10-01 OrangeSanta Ana Canon: Santa Ana River plus-minus 1 mi downstream of Gypsum Canon Bridge, just upstream of large commercial development. Near drain outflow from Flood Control Levee on south side of channel.; Black Star Canon
RSA799218RSAEustoma exaltatumSarah J. De Groot67652011-09-01 San BernardinoBLMAlong paved road at edge of Colorado River, SE of Park Moapi County Park, north of Interstate 40 and east of Needles.
SD00008207SDEustoma exaltatumDuffie Clemons8721984-08-18 ImperialMoist sandy soil of Myer Cr, near Mountain Springs (mak 1-06)
SD11223SDEustoma exaltatumFrank F. Gander176-111935-04-17 San DiegoVallecitos Station
SD117937SDEustoma exaltatumAmadeo Rea480a1984-08-26 ImperialColorado River, West Pond, south end in bog or open marshy area
SD12114SDEustoma exaltatumCharles F. Harbisons.n.1935-07-30 San Diegospring on hillside east of mouth of Shaw Canon, Vallecitos Valley
SD125154SDEustoma exaltatumSteven P. McLaughlin30161985-05-31 ImperialSilty flats along Colorado River, Quechan Indian Reservation, 2 miles east of Winterhaven.
SD126580SDEustoma exaltatumMike Kaszubas.n.1989-05-21 ImperialYuha Desert, Pinto Canon, in moist sandy soil of Washingtonia oasis.
SD13009SDEustoma exaltatumFrank F. Gander3901936-01-03 ImperialCarriso Station (mak 6-06)
SD141400SDEustoma exaltatumSuzanne Bell2291997-03-16 ImperialSquaw Lake, alkaline shore of pond near lake
SD143859SDEustoma exaltatumA. C. Sanders158111994-10-09 RiversideSan Bernardino Mountains:Whitewater Canon, 2 miles below trout farm, above Bonnie Bell, in wet soil near spring
SD176725SDEustoma exaltatumJoe Barth6832005-10-15 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park: Carrizo Creek, about 1.4 miles E of confluence with Vallecito Creek, and about 1.3 miles W of Imperial County line.
SD186235SDEustoma exaltatumG. R. Ballmers.n.2003-11-22 RiversideNorthern Paloverde Valley, east of Highway 95, ca. 5.0 miles northeast of Blythe.
SD20151SDEustoma exaltatumFrank F. Gander48451937-12-14 San DiegoMountain Palm Springs
SD231648SDEustoma exaltatumJon P. Rebman253382012-11-06 San DiegoCanon: Training Area Hotel; in the extreme eastern part of the Base; northwest of Fallbrook and south of De Luz Road; along the Santa Margarita River west of the De Luz Road bridge
SD3728SDEustoma exaltatumCharles F. Harbisons.n.1934-09-02 San DiegoVallecito
UC1191684UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumMalcolm A. Nobs, S. Galen Smith5201948-09-04 Imperial5 mi n Westmoreland; Imperial Valley, National Waterfowl Refuge
UC162553UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumunknown1897-08-28 RiversideRiverside
UC169707UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumDr. C. C. Parry, J. G. Lemmon2511876-06-01 San Bernardino
UC189119UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumS. B., W. F. Parish4311884-09-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley
UC191867UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumSamuel B. Parish1886-09-01 San Bernardino
UC1970441UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumSarah J. De Groot30692003-07-19 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Bass Point day use area, along Parker Dam road.
UC2026434UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumLouis C. Wheeler71511955-06-10 ImperialCOLORADO RIVER: John′s Boat Landing.
UC22677UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumH. M. Hall26721901-08-10 Riversidenear Riverside
UC22678UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumW. G. Wright17281889-01-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Valley
UC334149UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumunknown1881-09-01 San Bernardino
UC444840UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumunknown2671905-09-28 Riversidenear Salt Lake Bridge (Santa Ana River); Santa Ana River
UC56492UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumF. Gilman231902-01-01 RiversidePalm Springs
UC566919UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumFrank W. Peirson54191924-12-30 Riverside1000-Palm Canon
UC60914UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumR. J. Smith891903-08-01 San Bernardinonear San Bernardino
UC73478UCJEPSEustoma exaltatumGeo. R. Hall1905-09-03 RiversideRiverside
UCR0097056UCREustoma exaltatumLouis C. Wheeler71511955-06-10 RiversideColorado River at Johns Boat Landing
UCR0097057UCREustoma exaltatumSteven P. McLaughlin30161985-05-31 ImperialQuechan Indian Reservation, 2 miles east of Winterhaven
UCR0097058UCREustoma exaltatumG.R. Ballmers.n.2003-11-22 RiversideNorthern Paloverde Valley, east of Hwy 95, c. 5 miles NE of Blythe, east end of 2nd Ave.
UCR0097059UCREustoma exaltatumA.C. Sanders158111994-10-09 RiversideWhitewater Canon, 2 miles below trout farm, above Bonnie Bell
UCR0097060UCREustoma exaltatumO.F. Clarke660922--021966-09-22 RiversideSanta Ana River bottom near Riverside Sewage Plant, Riverside
UCR0097061UCREustoma exaltatumLouis C. Wheeler70251952-12-15 RiversideRiverside Mountains, shore of Alligator Slough of the Colorado River; [near] Mountaineer Mine, north of Johnsons Camp
UCR0097062UCREustoma exaltatumJon M. Stewart84471984-06-18 RiversideBear Creek Oasis
UCR0097063UCREustoma exaltatumC. Butschs.n.1988-07-07 RiversideRubidoux, Rancho Jurupa Park.
UCR0097064UCREustoma exaltatumB.G. Pitzer43452001-08-19 RiversideCarrizo Canon, sheep guzzler c. 0.5 mi. SW of where Hwy 74 crosses canyon
UCR0097065UCREustoma exaltatumSuzanne Bell2291997-03-16 ImperialSquaw Lake
UCR0097066UCREustoma exaltatumMike Kaszubas.n.1989-05-21 ImperialYuha Desert, oasis in Pinto Canon
UCR0097067UCREustoma exaltatumG.R. Ballmers.n.1996-09-22 RiversideMurrieta, Warm Springs Creek, SE of Hogbacks
UCR0097068UCREustoma exaltatumSarah J. De Groot30692003-07-19 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Bass Point day use area, along Parker Dam road.
UCR0097069UCREustoma exaltatumGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1986-10-18 San BernardinoColorado River, Parker Strip at Cross Roads
UCR291659UCREustoma exaltatumGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1994-12-04 RiversideSalton Sink: oasis of Dos Palmas TNC Preserve, NE of North Shore
DAV398136DAVEustoma exaltatum subsp. exaltatumMalcolm A. Nobs5201948-09-04 ImperialImperial County: Imperial Valley. National Waterfowl Refuge, 5 miles north of Westmoreland.
DAV398137DAVEustoma exaltatum subsp. exaltatumR. N. Raynors.n.1941-07-24 ImperialImperial County: Ditchbank, El Centro.
IRVC111677IRVCEustoma exaltatum subsp. exaltatumRon Vanderhoff42013-07-19 OrangeAbove S bank Santa Ana River, 1.15 W Gypsum Canon Road, Yorba Linda.
SD00021566SDEustoma exaltatum subsp. exaltatumJon Rebman335982017-08-08 San DiegoCanon: east-central portion of Base; Training Area SMR2: west of Lake O′Neill and southwest of the old naval hospital; along the Santa Margarita River
SD00061422SDEustoma exaltatum subsp. exaltatumW. P. Medlers.n.1937-11-24 San DiegoSanta Margarita River near Fallbrook
SDSU07146SDSUEustoma exaltatum subsp. exaltatumHarvey, D.R.18321936-01-02 San DiegoVallecito.
CSLA003343CSLAEustoma silenifoliumG.R. Hall1905-09-03 RiversideRiverside

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