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  F     CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountyelev. (M)locality
        CAS-BOT9686 CAS Mimulus androsaceus Breedlove, D. E. 2743 1962-05-12   Ventura 1798 3.0 miles south of Lockwood Valley Road, on road to Thorn Meadows, San Emigdio Range
        CAS-BOT9691 CAS Mimulus androsaceus Hardham, Clare Butterworth 5388 1960-04-08   Ventura 1097 Rose Lake
        DAV398430 DAV Erythranthe androsacea NULL 862 2008-06-03   Ventura 1289 Ventura County: 0.3 miles north of Pine Mountain Inn on southwest side of Highway 33 at road marker 33 N 39_12, about 10 meters from the road.
        JEPS108281 UCJEPS Mimulus androsaceus David Gowen 319 2005-05-11   Ventura NULL NW of Mt. Pinos. Noroeste Road west of Quatal Canyon Rd.
        JEPS30981 UCJEPS Mimulus androsaceus D. E. Breedlove 2743 1962-05-12   Ventura 1798 3.0 mi s Lockwood Valley road (on road to Thorn Meadows); San Emigdio Range
        OBI138322 OBI Erythranthe androsacea Clare B. Hardham 5388 1960-04-08   Ventura 1097 Ross Lake
        OBI138323 OBI Erythranthe androsacea NULL 12760 1978-01-01   Ventura NULL 1.2 mi SW of Kern Co line along Lockwood Valley Rd, SW of Lake of the Woods
        RSA0119094 RSA Mimulus androsaceus Pam De Vries 8123 2016-04-13   Ventura 1412 LPNFWestern Transverse Range, Mt. Pinos region; Dry Canyon, about 2.9 mi north of the intersetion of Dry Canyon Rd (Forest Road 8N40) and Lockwood Valley Road.; Sawmill Mountain
        RSA0344509 RSA Erythranthe androsacea C. F. Smith 9636 1967-06-02   Ventura NULL About gravel in formerly moist fan in Pinyon-Juniper woodland, chaparral of Sandstone Campground on State Highway 33 (399) in upper Sespe Creek watershed.
        RSA0344511 RSA Erythranthe androsacea E. R. Chandler 3590-A 1967-06-21   Ventura 1447 Dry slope near Sandstone Public Camp, Route 33, in upper Sespe watershed.
        RSA182308 RSA Mimulus androsaceus J. D. Olmsted 3362 1962-04-26   Ventura 1706 Junction of Thorne Meadows Road and Pine Springs Road; S of Frazier Mt. Park- U.S. 399 hwy.
        RSA737680 RSA Mimulus androsaceus LeRoy Gross 3328 2008-05-06   Ventura 1569 Southwest end of the San Emigdio Mountains: Far east end of Cowhead Potrero, near the border with Kern County. North and south side of Highway 95 (Cerro Noroeste Road).; Apache Canyon 7.5 Quad.
        SBBG120865 SBBG Mimulus androsaceus NULL 1935 1996-04-12   Ventura 1706 Los Padres National Forest; rd to Yellow Jacket Meadows, jct with trail 2 W04
        SBBG120931 SBBG Mimulus androsaceus NULL 2761 1998-04-26   Ventura 1432 N side of Lockwood Valley rd, mile marker 11.5
        SBBG122164 SBBG Mimulus androsaceus D. Wilken with R. Muller 16802 2008-06-09   Ventura 1710 Los Padres National Forest; N Fk of San Guillermo Crk, just N of Piano Box Loop, ca. 2.4 NNE of Pine Spring
        SBBG16310 SBBG Mimulus androsaceus Clare B. Hardham 5388 1960-04-08   Ventura 1097 Rose Lake, Los Padres National Forest
        SBBG175556 SBBG Erythranthe androsacea NULL 11227 2019-05-08   Ventura 1743 San Guillermo Mtn area, Mike Foster Bear Ponds, vicinity of middle pond, Los Padres National Forest
        SBBG181609 SBBG Erythranthe androsacea NULL 6746 2005-04-09   Ventura 1097 Upper Cuyama Valley, Apache Canyon, gentle bench on S-side Apache Canyon Road.
        SBBG192051 SBBG Erythranthe androsacea NULL 10582 2017-05-30   Ventura 1706 Piano Box Loop, moist swale across Leopold Flats, San Guillermo Mtn area, Los Padres National Forest.
        SBBG192052 SBBG Erythranthe androsacea NULL 8619 2010-04-10   Ventura 1469 Cerro Noroeste Rd, vicinity of Valle Vista Campground, W flank of Mt Abel, Los Padres National Forest.
        SBBG192053 SBBG Erythranthe androsacea NULL 5765 2003-05-11   Ventura 1706 Los Padres National Forest; Mutau Rd, S of rd to Pine Springs Cmpgrd
        SBBG192054 SBBG Erythranthe androsacea NULL 5720 2003-04-25   Ventura 1280 Los Padres National Forest; Gold Hill Rd, N of rd to Kings Camp
        SBBG192055 SBBG Erythranthe androsacea NULL 5603 2003-03-30   Ventura 975 Los Padres National Forest; Apache Cyn, shady slope on S side of Apache Cyn Crk; upper Cuyama Valley
        SBBG24301 SBBG Mimulus androsaceus E. R. Chandler 2840 1966-04-28   Ventura 1371 near Sandstone Public Camp on Hwy 33
        SBBG27008 SBBG Mimulus androsaceus E. R. Chandler 3482 1967-06-02   Ventura 1371 Los Padres National Forest; SE edge of Sandstone Cmpgrd
        SBBG66022 SBBG Mimulus androsaceus Clifton F. Smith 9636 1967-06-02   Ventura NULL Sandstone Campground
        UCSB009257 UCSB Mimulus androsaceus Tom Carr 76 1978-05-07   Ventura NULL On Lockwood Valley Road, 3 miles from its junction with Calif. 33
        UCSB009258 UCSB Mimulus androsaceus Higley, L. 88 1978-05-07   Ventura NULL Off of Lockwood Ozena Rd, 3 mi. past Hwy 33 on left side of road
        UCSB009259 UCSB Mimulus androsaceus Clark, Sharon 71 1978-05-07   Ventura NULL 3 miles on Lockwood Valley Road, from junction with Route 33
        UCSB009260 UCSB Mimulus androsaceus Dennis E. Breedlove 2743 1962-05-12   Ventura NULL 3.0 miles south of Lockwood Valley Road, on road to Thorn Meadows; San Emigdio Range
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