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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    UCSB014471UCSBEriogonum gracileC. J. Kraebel San BernardinoBarranca Burn
    CHSC1327CHSCEriogonum gracile var. gracileE. Thomas RiversideTemescal canyon along Santa Ana Wash.
    UC56799UCJEPSEriogonum gracileMiss E. D. Palmer1826-2-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles
    UC6439UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWm. H. Brewer201860-12-01 Los Angelessandy plain s town; Los Angeles
    UC6440UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWm. H. Brewer671860-12-14 Los Angelesin canyon Sierra Santa Monica
    UC6438UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWm. H. Brewer7051861-6-07 MontereyMonterey
    UC6535UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWm. H. Brewer7611861-7-19 San BenitoCamp 4 New Idria Furnace
    UC6521UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileWm. H. Brewer12701862-6-11 StanislausCanada Del Puerto
    SD8026SDEriogonum gracileUnknowns.n.1874-8-01 San DiegoBallena
    RSA14568RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileunknowns.n.1874-10-07 San DiegoBallona
    JEPS56927UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. G. Lemmon1876-4-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mts.
    UC85715UCJEPSEriogonum gracileE. Palmer, M. D.4941876-7-01 San Luis Obispon S.L.O.; Central Coast Range
    CAS-BOT250521CASEriogonum gracileJared, Alonzos.n.1877-1-1 San Luis Obispo
    UC85712UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJ. W. Congdon1881-7-01 MontereySoledad
    UC1601633UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJ. W. Congdon1881-7-01 MontereySoledad
    SD8037SDEriogonum gracileUnknowns.n.1881-7-09 San DiegoAtkinson's, near Foster
    CAS-BOT250498CASEriogonum gracileParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.10331881-8-1 San BernardinoAmong rocks, 15 miles point between Victorville and Rabbit Lane
    JEPS56943UCJEPSEriogonum gracileS. B., W. F. Parish1881-8-01 San BernardinoTyler's Mill San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT250482CASEriogonum gracilePringle, C. G.s.n.1881-8-7 San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT250493CASEriogonum gracileParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.10391881-9-1 San BernardinoSan B.
    CAS-BOT250367CASEriogonum gracileNortons.n.1882-1-1 Unknown
    UC192813UCJEPSEriogonum gracileS. B., W. F. Parish10331882-9-01 San BernardinoMesas, San Bernardino San Bernardino
    SD8043SDEriogonum gracileDaniel Clevelands.n.1883-11-24 San DiegoChollas Valley
    UC85716UCJEPSEriogonum gracileT. S. Brandegee1885-1-01 MontereyJolon
    JEPS56940UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson1887-1-01 SolanoNorthwestern Solano Co.
    JEPS56944UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson1887-9-01 SolanoVacaville
    UC6563UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson1887-10-23 SolanoGates Canon
    JEPS56934UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson1887-10-23 SolanoGates Canon Vaca Valley, Gates Canon
    POM122090RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. E. Hasses.n.1888-8-1 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    JEPS56938UCJEPSEriogonum gracileS. B., W. F. Parish1888-10-01 San Bernardinomesas near San Bernardino
    UC6567UCJEPSEriogonum gracileA. J. McClatchie471890-1-01 Riversidenear Elsinore
    UC85768UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileT. S. Brandegee1890-1-01 Contra CostaMt. Diablo
    UC86005UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileW. E. Bryant1890-6-25 Santa ClaraMount Hamilton
    CAS-BOT253478CASEriogonum gracileHasse, H. E.s.n.1890-9-1 OrangeSanta Monica Range
    CAS-BOT253450CASEriogonum gracileDavidson, Dr. A.s.n.1891-1-1 Los AngelesLos Angeles
    JEPS56942UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson1891-9-21 Solanow Vanden (on the flat at the point of the Pelevo Hills)
    JEPS56896UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileWillis L. Jepson1891-9-22 Solanow on Suisun Valley Road near the Pelevo Hills Vanden
    JEPS56898UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileWillis L. Jepson147761891-9-22 Solano1 mi w on Suisun Valley Road near the point of the Pelevo Hills Vanden
    UC6558UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson1891-9-22 SolanoVanden
    SBBG178712SBBGEriogonum gracileS. B. Parish1891-10-25 San Bernardinodry plains
    CAS-BOT250479CASEriogonum gracileParish, S. B.22831891-10-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
    CAS-BOT250464CASEriogonum gracileParish, Samuel B.22851891-11-5 San DiegoFallbrook
    UC6312UCJEPSEriogonum gracileA. J. McClatchie481892-5-01 Riversidenear Elsinore
    UC6565UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileE. L. Greene1892-6-20 Contra CostaMount Diablo
    POM105151RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileEdward Palmer26941892-8-25 TulareBetween Tulare and Tulare Lake.
    UC6311UCJEPSEriogonum gracileA. J. McClatchie461892-9-05 Los Angelesnear Pasadena
    JEPS56941UCJEPSEriogonum gracileF. T. Bioletti1892-9-09 San JoaquinLathrop
    CAS-BOT253449CASEriogonum gracileDavidson, Dr. A.s.n.1893-1-1 Los Angeles
    CAS-BOT253457CASEriogonum gracileMcC, A. J.1481893-7-3 Los AngelesNear Redondo
    RSA393240RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileAnstruther Davidsons.n.1893-8-1 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    CAS-BOT250374CASEriogonum gracileAlderson, R. D.3381893-9-1 San DiegoWitch Cr.
    UC161728UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJ. Burtt Davy2941893-9-01 Santa ClaraSaratoga
    CAS-BOT250575CASEriogonum gracileDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-9-24 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Taafe Ranch, near Rose Hill
    JEPS56900UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileWillis L. Jepson1893-10-01 SacramentoKnott's Landing Lower Sacramento River
    UC86024UCJEPSEriogonum gracileT. S. Brandegee1894-6-06 San DiegoCuyamaca
    UC6308UCJEPSEriogonum gracileR. D. Alderson1894-8-01 San DiegoWitch Creek
    UC86025UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJ. W. Toumey1894-9-27 RiversideBanning
    CAS-BOT250561CASEriogonum gracileDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-10-12 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Old excavation w. of Encina Hall, Stanford University
    CAS-BOT253417CASEriogonum gracileDudley, W. R.1091895-5-31 FresnoOn trail from Gilroy Hot Springs to Madrone Springs
    POM122091RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileunknowns.n.1895-7-1 San DiegoNear San Diego.
    CAS-BOT250496CASEriogonum gracileStokes, S. G.s.n.1895-7-1 San DiegoBuckman Sps.
    POM105740RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileunknowns.n.1895-8-1 San DiegoBuckman Springs.
    CAS-BOT250480CASEriogonum gracileParish, S. B.38221895-10-24 San BernardinoVicinity of San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT250481CASEriogonum gracileParish, S. B.38221895-10-24 San BernardinoVicinity of San Bernardino
    UC6310UCJEPSEriogonum gracileS. B. Parish38221895-10-24 San Bernardinovicinity San Bernardino
    CAS-BOT251114CASEriogonum gracilePettibone, Nora; Hubby, Frank W.s.n.1895-11-26 VenturaOjai Valley and vicinity
    POM2263RSAEriogonum gracileMinnie Reed39961896-9-01 San DiegoLa Jolla.
    UC6520UCJEPSEriogonum gracileAlice Eastwood1896-9-01 Santa ClaraLos Gatos
    UC56805UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJ. B. Davy27481896-10-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica
    UC6307UCJEPSEriogonum gracileL. Jared1897-3-04 San Luis ObispoEstrella South Coast Ranges, Estrella
    UC64569UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. M. Hall8661897-8-29 RiversideRiverside
    CAS-BOT250527CASEriogonum gracileGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1897-11-14 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
    UC128096UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJ. A. Sanford2421898-4-13 StanislausKnight's Ferry
    UC56077UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJ. H. Barber1898-7-24 Los AngelesSepulveda Canon
    JEPS56891UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson1898-10-18 Contra CostaDeer Flat Mt. Diablo
    CAS-BOT253501CASEriogonum gracileDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-5-31 San BenitoAbove New Idria
    CAS-BOT253502CASEriogonum gracileDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-6-1 San BenitoNear Harrison's, Hernandez
    RSA393237RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileAnstruther Davidsons.n.1899-6-25 Los AngelesSanta Monica Range, near Sherman.
    UC6304UCJEPSEriogonum gracileHarley P. Chandler1899-7-29 Santa Clarasummit of Mt. Hamilton Mt. Hamilton
    CAS-BOT250587CASEriogonum gracileKnoche, E. L. H.s.n.1900-6-3 Santa ClaraSE of Coyote Station
    POM2322RSAEriogonum gracileN. R. Shaws.n.1900-6-07 Los AngelesClaremont.
    POM122113RSAEriogonum gracileMarcus E. Joness.n.1900-7-12 Los AngelesPasadena.
    UC85709UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes1900-7-12 San DiegoChollas Valley
    CAS-BOT253445CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, Le Roy10501900-8-1 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Wash
    CAS-BOT253470CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, LeRoy10411900-8-1 Los AngelesBallona Harbor
    CAS-BOT253500CASEriogonum gracileKnoche, E. L. H.s.n.1900-9-6 Santa ClaraSan Juan Bautista, SE of San Jose
    CAS-BOT250585CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, Le Roy10871900-10-1 Santa ClaraClarita Vineyard
    CAS-BOT253486CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, Mrs. J. D.s.n.1901-5-1 RiversideElsinore
    CAS-BOT250446CASEriogonum gracileElmer, A. D. E.32501901-6-1 MontereyTassajara Hot Springs
    SD22524SDEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokess.n.1901-6-24 KernNear Tehachapi
    CAS-BOT250499CASEriogonum gracileStokes, S. G.s.n.1901-7-10 San DiegoSand near Ocean Beach
    UC85708UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes1901-7-10 San Diegonear Ocean Beach
    CAS-BOT250465CASEriogonum gracileStokes, S. G.s.n.1901-7-12 San DiegoChollas Valley
    CAS-BOT250491CASEriogonum gracileStokes, S. G.s.n.1901-7-17 San DiegoDulzura Valleys [Valley]
    UC85710UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes1901-7-17 San DiegoValleys, Dulzura Dulzura
    CAS-BOT253473CASEriogonum gracileGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1901-8-15 Los AngelesPasadena
    POM2333RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. R. Abramss.n.1901-9-1 Los AngelesBallona Harbor.
    CAS-BOT253443CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.s.n.1901-9-1 Los AngelesBolona Harbor
    CAS-BOT253444CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, Geo. D.s.n.1901-9-1 Los AngelesBolona Harbor
    UC6306UCJEPSEriogonum gracileM. R. Lyell1901-9-01 Los AngelesAntelope Valley
    CAS-BOT253476CASEriogonum gracileGeis, Helen D.s.n.1902-3-1 OrangeSantiago Canyon
    CAS-BOT253451CASEriogonum gracileElmer, A. D. E.37251902-6-1 Los AngelesActon
    POM21159RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileA. C. Herres.n.1902-7-1 San DiegoSan Diego.
    CAS-BOT250495CASEriogonum gracileHerre, A. C.s.n.1902-7-1 San DiegoSan Diego
    POM7641RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. R. Abrams15611902-7-05 Los AngelesNear the power house, San Gabriel Canon.
    POM2264RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. R. Abrams27211902-7-05 Los AngelesNear the power house, San Gabriel Canon.
    CAS-BOT253441CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.27211902-7-5 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Wash near Azusa
    CAS-BOT253442CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.27211902-7-5 Los AngelesAzusa
    CAS-BOT253446CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, Le Roy29531902-7-5 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Wash near Azusa
    CAS-BOT253447CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, Le Roy27211902-7-5 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Wash near Azusa
    CAS-BOT253452CASEriogonum gracileAbrams15611902-7-5 Los AngelesAzusa
    CAS-BOT253469CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, LeRoy27211902-7-5 Los AngelesSan Gabriel wash near Azusa
    UC75289UCJEPSEriogonum gracileAbrams15611902-7-05 Los AngelesAgusa
    UC407286UCJEPSEriogonum gracileLeRoy Abrams27211902-7-05 Los Angelesnear Azura; San Gabriel Wash
    CAS-BOT253435CASEriogonum gracileBraunton, Ernest5281902-7-6 Los AngelesElysian Park
    UC56796UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. M. Hall26551902-8-06 Riversidevicinity of Riverside
    POM158127RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. R. Abrams29321902-8-10 San BernardinoMentone.
    CAS-BOT250492CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, LeRoy29321902-8-10 San BernardinoMentone
    CAS-BOT250459CASEriogonum gracileHerre, A. C.s.n.1902-8-16 San DiegoSan Diego
    POM7642RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileT. S. Brandegee16291902-9-01 San DiegoSan Diego.
    POM2265RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileT. S. Brandegee16291902-9-01 San DiegoSan Diego.
    CAS-BOT250475CASEriogonum gracileBrandegee, T. S.16291902-9-1 San DiegoSan Diego
    UC85412UCJEPSEriogonum gracileT. S. Brandegee16291902-9-01 San DiegoSan Diego
    POM165225RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileEdward L. Greene16751902-9-10 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
    POM165619RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileEdward L. Greene16761902-9-15 Santa ClaraMountain View
    CAS-BOT250564CASEriogonum gracileB., C. F.16761902-9-15 Santa ClaraMountain View
    UC77429UCJEPSEriogonum gracileC. F. Baker16761902-9-15 Santa Clarain oil fields, Mountain View Mountain View
    CAS-BOT250542CASEriogonum gracileDudley, W. R.s.n.1902-9-21 San MateoSanta Cruz Peninsula. Whipple Road near Crystal Springs Lake
    CAS-BOT250543CASEriogonum gracileA., L. R.29881902-9-21 San MateoCrystal Lake
    UC429743UCJEPSEriogonum gracileL. R. Abrams29881902-9-21 San MateoCrystal Lake
    UC56798UCJEPSEriogonum gracileE. A. Zumbo3641902-10-01 RiversideRiverside
    POM88154RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. R. Abrams30921902-10-19 Santa ClaraMountain View
    CAS-BOT250563CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.30921902-10-19 Santa ClaraMountain View
    CAS-BOT250562CASEriogonum gracileElmer, A. D. E.42041903-5-1 Santa ClaraStanford University
    CAS-BOT250559CASEriogonum gracileDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-7-6 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. Monte Bello Road, Black Mt.
    CAS-BOT250560CASEriogonum gracileDudley, W. R.s.n.1903-7-6 Santa ClaraSanta Cruz Mountain Peninsula. First Chaparral Mt., Page Mill Road, Black Mt
    CAS-BOT250582CASEriogonum gracileElmer, A. D. E.49821903-8-1 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    UC306657UCJEPSEriogonum gracileA. D. E. Elmer49821903-8-01 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    UC412945UCJEPSEriogonum gracileK. Brandegee1903-10-01 San DiegoRamona
    CAS-BOT250494CASEriogonum gracileParish, S. B.52681903-10-4 San BernardinoVicinity of San Bernardino
    POM10480RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileCharlotte M. Wilder3761904-7-06 RiversideWilder's Canon. Jurupa Hills.
    UC66084UCJEPSEriogonum gracileHarley P. Chandler58361904-7-06 San DiegoPalomar Mt.
    RSA393235RSAEriogonum gracileGeorge B. Grants.n.1904-9-15 Los AngelesCommon autumn weed of waste and dry land, Pasadena
    POM122070RSAEriogonum gracileGeorge B. Grants.n.1904-9-15 Los AngelesPasadena.
    CAS-BOT253471CASEriogonum gracileGrant, Geo. B.64221904-9-15 Los AngelesPasadena
    CAS-BOT253472CASEriogonum gracileGrant, Geo. B.64221904-9-15 Los AngelesPasadena
    CAS-BOT253479CASEriogonum gracileGrant, Geo. B.64221904-9-15 OrangePasadena
    UC412777UCJEPSEriogonum gracileGeo. B. Grant450-64221904-9-15 Los AngelesPasadena
    UC72023UCJEPSEriogonum gracileMiss E. D. Palmer1904-10-05 Los AngelesHighland Park Los Angeles, Highland Park
    UC178339UCJEPSEriogonum gracileKatharine Brandegee1905-7-01 TulareOld Colony Mill
    UC77419UCJEPSEriogonum gracileKatharine Brandegee1905-7-01 FresnoFresno
    UC72558UCJEPSEriogonum gracileDr. J. Q. Adams1905-9-01 Los Angelesnear Soldier's Home
    POM2262RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. M. Reed8181905-9-16 RiversideTeraces Ranch.
    UC69224UCJEPSEriogonum gracileF. M. Reed8181905-9-16 Riversidevicinity Riverside (Terraces Ranch); Terraces Ranch
    UC161887UCJEPSEriogonum gracileKatharine Brandegee1907-9-01 San Joaquinnear Lathrop
    UC412858UCJEPSEriogonum gracileHarriet A. Walker8851907-9-08 San JoaquinLathrop
    UC54943UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. P. Chandler20521907-9-11 Los AngelesVerdugo Canon
    CAS-BOT253440CASEriogonum gracileDudley, W. R.s.n.1907-11-22 Los AngelesNear sanatarium, Monrovia
    JEPS56937UCJEPSEriogonum gracileElizabeth Day Palmer1908-8-15 Los AngelesLos Angeles
    CAS-BOT250553CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alice2251908-9-1 Santa BarbaraEllwood
    UC454342UCJEPSEriogonum gracileI. J. Condit1910-8-11 Montereydry coast above Salmon Creek; San Cajajaro
    CAS-BOT250373CASEriogonum graciles.n.1910-8-13 MonoEastern Sierras, Little Antelope Ranger Station, Inyo National Forest
    UC178338UCJEPSEriogonum gracileKatharine Brandegee1914-8-01 El DoradoRiverton
    JEPS56893UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson61991914-10-14 Santa ClaraCoyote
    CAS-BOT250368CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.53301915-7-28 UnknownSan Joaquin Valley - between Tulare and Delano
    JEPS56935UCJEPSEriogonum gracileOlive Thacher111915-8-04 VenturaOjai Valley
    CAS-BOT253455CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alice4894a1915-8-25 Los AngelesDuarte
    CAS-BOT250371CASEriogonum gracileStinchfield, Roxana3071916-6-18 ColusaNear College City
    RSA393243RSAEriogonum gracileAnstruther Davidsons.n.1916-7-01 Los AngelesCrescenta.
    RSA393244RSAEriogonum gracileAnstruther Davidsons.n.1916-7-01 Los AngelesCrescenta.
    RSA393241RSAEriogonum gracileAnstruther Davidsons.n.1916-7-01 Los AngelesCrescenta.
    JEPS56897UCJEPSEriogonum gracileMiss R. R. Reed1916-10-10 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
    POM47348RSAEriogonum gracileMary F. Spencers.n.1916-11-08 San DiegoFoster
    UC507780UCJEPSEriogonum gracileOrcutt1611917-4-01 San DiegoMountain Springs Grade
    CAS-BOT253505CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.67001917-8-14 San BenitoSan Benito Valley between the Pinnnacles and Tres Pinos
    CAS-BOT250571CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.66611917-8-14 Santa ClaraCoyote Creek on Madrone Springs Road
    CAS-BOT250580CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.66551917-8-14 Santa ClaraPine Ridge, Mt. Hamilton Range
    CAS-BOT253437CASEriogonum gracileGrinnell Jr., F.s.n.1917-8-19 Los AngelesPacoima Wash Near San Fernando
    RSA393234RSAEriogonum gracileM. Bisbees.n.1917-9-1 Los AngelesNorth hills, Eagle Rock
    CAS-BOT253458CASEriogonum gracileGrinnell Jr., F.s.n.1917-9-23 Los AngelesNegro Canyon, near Pasadena, San Gabriel Mts.
    CAS-BOT253517CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alice67341917-10-21 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
    RSA393254RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileI. M. Johnston21341918-9-01 Los AngelesSan Antonio Mountains: Browns Flat
    POM47018RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileMary F. Spencer10491918-11-1 San DiegoMesa Grande.
    CAS-BOT250472CASEriogonum gracileSpencer, Mary F.1049.1918-11-1 San DiegoMesa Grande
    RSA66026RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. W. Peirson2961918-11-02 Los AngelesHennigers Flat, north San Gabriel Mts.
    JEPS56939UCJEPSEriogonum gracileFrank W. Peirson2961918-11-02 Los AngelesHennigers Flats San Gabriel Mountains
    CAS-BOT253456CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alice90491919-6-21 Los AngelesSan Fernando
    POM47241RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileMary F. Spencers.n.1919-9-30 San DiegoMesa Grande.
    POM47242RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileMary F. Spencer13991919-10-02 San DiegoMesa Grande.
    SD1365SDEriogonum gracileRalph W. Sumners.n.1920-7-01 San DiegoDesert slope of Laguna Mt., probably Boulevard
    POM11456RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz43811920-8-11 Los AngelesClaremont.
    FSC0006029FSCEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. J. Condit.1920-8-29 FresnoCenterville.
    SD1377SDEriogonum gracileUnknowns.n.1920-9-17 San DiegoBalboa Park
    CAS-BOT253431CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.77791920-9-30 MercedDelhi
    CAS-BOT253432CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.77781920-9-30 MercedDelhi
    UC912857UCJEPSEriogonum gracileL. R. Abrams77791920-9-30 MercedDelhi
    CAS-BOT250379CASEriogonum gracileBassinger, A. J.s.n.1920-10-29 YoloUpper Capay Valley along Arbuckle Road
    POM9639RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz44001920-12-05 Los AngelesClaremont.
    CAS-BOT250570CASEriogonum gracileClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1921-6-6 Santa ClaraMadrone
    RSA66024RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. W. Peirson17431921-7-19 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSan Gabriel Mts: junction of Coldwater Canon and Canon
    RSA393250RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileKesslers.n.1921-9-1 RiversideMt. San Jacinto.
    RSA423103RSAEriogonum gracile var. incultumRobert Kesslers.n.1921-9-01 RiversideSummit of Tahquitz.
    CAS-BOT253454CASEriogonum gracileGrant, G. B.s.n.1921-10-3 Los AngelesLos Angeles
    CAS-BOT250581CASEriogonum gracileFerris, Roxana S.36281922-7-15 Santa ClaraMt Umunhum, Sierra Azule Ridge
    RSA766141RSAEriogonum gracileRaymond J. Dobbss.n.1922-8-03 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Lower arroyo near Teddy
    POM12413RSAEriogonum gracile var. incultumP. A. Munz63611922-9-06 RiversideNorth of Dark Canon.
    CAS-BOT253453CASEriogonum gracileHart, Cecils.n.1922-9-12 Los AngelesHoward and Smith's Nursery, Montebello
    RSA393252RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileA. R. Rooss.n.1922-11-12 San BernardinoS of Loma Linda.
    RSA66027RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. W. Peirson33341922-12-26 RiversideCanon, W edge of Colorado Desert.
    SD44808SDEriogonum gracileIra L. Wiggins10091922-12-29 San DiegoCampo, northern exposure
    CAS-BOT250500CASEriogonum gracileWiggins, Ira L.10091922-12-29 San DiegoCampo, northern exposure
    CAS-BOT253480CASEriogonum gracileHart, Cecils.n.1923-6-17 OrangeSan Gabriel River
    CAS-BOT251100CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alices.n.1923-7-23 StanislausKnights Ferry
    RSA66031RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. W. Peirson41641923-10-07 Los AngelesRailroad station at Newhall.
    POM18224RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz77871923-10-07 Los AngelesNewhall.
    CAS-BOT253462CASEriogonum gracilePeirson, Frank W.41641923-10-7 Los AngelesNewhall at R.R. Station, San Gabriel Mts.
    UC284762UCJEPSEriogonum gracileP. A. Munz77871923-10-07 Los AngelesNewhall
    POM145357RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. B. Feudge4701923-11-12 RiversideCanon, Colorado Desert.
    POM48877RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz87111924-7-26 RiversideSouth of Banning.
    RSA66029RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. W. Peirson50291924-7-29 RiversideBanning to Idyllwild road, San Jacinto Mountains.
    RSA393247RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileT. W. Minthorns.n.1925-7-04 RiversideNear Perris.
    POM145356RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. B. Feudge10801925-8-12 VenturaUpper Ojai Valley.
    JEPS56919UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileWilliam S. Cooper1601925-8-20 San Luis ObispoCallender
    CAS-BOT250572CASEriogonum gracileAbrams, L. R.109771925-9-8 Santa ClaraEdge of Inner Coast Range near Coyote
    POM96270RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileE. C. Jaegers.n.1925-11-09 San DiegoMontezuma Valley.
    JEPS56923UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileEdmund C. Jaeger1925-11-09 San Diegonear Warner's Hot Springs; Montezuma Valley
    CAS-BOT250421CASEriogonum gracileMexia, Yness.n.1926-5-1 MontereyBig Sur
    CAS-BOT250584CASEriogonum gracileMexia, Yness.n.1926-6-13 Santa ClaraLoma Prieta
    UC634599UCJEPSEriogonum gracileYnez Mexia1926-6-13 Santa CruzLoma Prieta Peak Santa Cruz Mts., Loma Prieta Peak
    CAS-BOT250426CASEriogonum gracileDudley, Chesters.n.1926-7-1 MontereyUpper Cachagua Creek
    CAS-BOT253468CASEriogonum gracileHart, Cecils.n.1926-7-19 Los AngelesCajon Pass
    CAS-BOT253419CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alices.n.1926-8-16 FresnoFriant
    SD48693SDEriogonum gracileIra L. Wiggins21651926-11-12 San DiegoRoadside between Alpine and El Canon, 5 mi. below Alpine.
    CAS-BOT250462CASEriogonum gracileWiggins, Ira L.21651926-11-12 San DiegoCuyamaca Mountains Region. Between Alpine and El Cajon, 5 mi. below Alpine
    UC1087361UCJEPSEriogonum gracileIra L. Wiggins21651926-11-12 San Diego5 mi below Alpine (roadside between Alpine and El Canon); Cuyamaca Mountains Region
    SBBG178622SBBGEriogonum gracileJ. T. Howell27811927-7-16 OrangeN side of Santa Ana Cyn
    RSA227RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. T. Howell4111927-7-16 OrangeBotany Garden, Rancho Santa Ana.
    RSA393245RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. T. Howell27811927-7-16 OrangeHills on N side of Santa Ana Canon.
    CAS-BOT253481CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas27811927-7-16 OrangeSanta Ana Canyon
    RSA230RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. T. Howell4711927-7-24 OrangeClaymine Canon near Sierra Peak.
    CAS-BOT253482CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas28321927-7-24 OrangeClaymine Canyon, N. Santa Ana Mts.
    CAS-BOT250534CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alice149971927-7-30 San Luis ObispoAlong road from Arroya [Arroyo] Grande to Huasna
    CAS-BOT250463CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas29581927-8-6 San DiegoAbout two miles north of San Diego River
    RSA766308RSAEriogonum gracileRaymond J. Dobbss.n.1927-8-13 Los AngelesNear Devil's Lake.
    RSA17962RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileCarl B. Wolf7181927-8-15 San MateoJasper Ridge near Searsville Lake
    RSA228RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. T. Howell6421927-8-17 San Luis ObispoNew Templeton.
    CAS-BOT250510CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas30031927-8-17 San Luis ObispoFour miles s. of Templeton
    CAS-BOT250535CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas30031927-8-17 San Luis Obispo4 miles south of Templeton
    SBBG178579SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmanns.n.1927-8-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: near Mission Crk
    UCSB014454UCSBEriogonum gracileHoffmann, Ralph1927-8-23 Santa Barbaranear Mission Creek
    RSA229RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. T. Howell7061927-8-27 San JoaquinNear Manteca, San Joaquin Valley
    CAS-BOT250507CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas30661927-8-27 San Joaquin3 miles west of Manteca
    SD48806SDEriogonum gracileIra L. Wiggins26241927-8-29 San DiegoOpen hillside along highway, 2 mi. above Santa Ysabel on road to Julian.
    CAS-BOT250501CASEriogonum gracileWiggins, Ira L.26241927-8-29 San DiegoAlong highway 2 mi. above Santa Ysabel on road to Julian
    SBBG178662SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-8-30 Los Angelesnear Castaic
    SBBG178703SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-8-30 VenturaSanta Paula
    SBBG178590SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-8-30 Los Angelesnear Castaic
    UCSB014455UCSBEriogonum gracileHoffmann, Ralph1927-8-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Paula
    UCSB014462UCSBEriogonum gracileHoffmann, Ralph1927-8-30 Santa Barbaranear Castaic
    JEPS97055UCJEPSEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-8-30 Los Angelesnear Castaic
    SBBG178661SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-8-31 Los AngelesOak's Garage, Mint Cyn
    JEPS97054UCJEPSEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-8-31 Los AngelesOaks Garage; Mint Canon
    SD48805SDEriogonum gracileIra L. Wiggins27271927-9-01 San DiegoDry hillside, S.E. exposure near Cold Spring.
    CAS-BOT250458CASEriogonum gracileWiggins, Ira L.27271927-9-1 San DiegoNear Cold Spring
    SBBG178580SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-9-15 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa:N of Lompoc
    SBBG178697SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-9-15 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa:N of Lompoc
    JEPS56920UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileRalph Hoffmann23761927-9-15 Santa Barbara5 mi n Lompoc
    SD1366SDEriogonum gracileFrank Stephenss.n.1927-9-18 San DiegoLa Puerta Valley
    SBBG178584SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-9-21 Los AngelesCastaic
    SBBG178583SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-9-21 Los Angeles5 mi S of Sandberg's
    SBBG178585SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-9-21 Los Angelesnear Castaic
    SBBG178587SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-9-26 San BernardinoArrowhead Springs
    RSA766134RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan15231927-10-01 Los AngelesTujunga Wash in San Fernando Valley
    CAS-BOT253474CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas31431927-10-9 Los AngelesOne miles sw. of San Fernando, San Fernando Valley
    SBBG178589SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1927-10-14 Santa BarbaraAlamo Crk, near river
    RSA766307RSAEriogonum gracileRaymond J. Dobbss.n.1927-11-11 Los AngelesLower Arroyo near Teddy's
    RSA698457RSAEriogonum gracile var. incultumJ. R. Bruffs.n.1927-11-12 San DiegoFelipe Ranch, San Jose.
    CAS-BOT250474CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas32621927-11-26 San DiegoUpper end of San Felipe Wash
    CAS-BOT250473CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas32691927-11-27 San Diego12 miles s. of Warner's Hot Springs
    POM184381RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileT. Craig13721928-6-12 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument, roadside at entrance
    RSA231RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. T. Howell10211928-6-30 VenturaSanta Susana Pass.
    SBBG178586SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1928-7-09 Los Angeles5 mi S of Elizabeth Lake
    RSA766312RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan70051928-7-09 Los AngelesTujunga Wash near Lankershim.
    RSA1557RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. T. Howell10631928-7-09 RiversideTemescal Canon, 6 miles south of Glen Ivy
    JEPS56936UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson129471928-7-20 Madera3 mi w on Madera - Frian road Table Mt.
    RSA393230RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileG. J. Hoffenbergs.n.1928-7-24 Los AngelesEl Segundo.
    SBBG178700SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1928-7-30 Santa Barbara1 N of Buellton
    JEPS56917UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileCarl V. Meyer5761928-7-30 RiversideSaunder's Meadow San Jacinto Mt., Saunder's Meadow
    UC489265UCJEPSEriogonum gracileC. V. Meyer6331928-8-08 San DiegoEscondido
    SBBG178702SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1928-8-14 Venturaabove Ventura River; Ventura to Ojai
    RSA766136RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan15221928-8-16 Los AngelesNichols Canon. Santa Monica Mts.
    RSA766313RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan15241928-8-23 RiversideStrawberry Valley. San Jacinto Mtns.
    POM158211RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz111411928-9-04 Los AngelesPacoima Wash, near San Fernando.
    RSA66033RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. W. Peirson81841928-9-04 Los AngelesEast of Palmdale.
    CAS-BOT253463CASEriogonum gracilePeirson, Frank W.81841928-9-4 Los AngelesMohave Desert east of Palmdale
    SBBG178595SBBGEriogonum gracileP. A. Munz112841928-9-06 Riversidenear Santa Ana River, Ontario to Corona Rd
    POM158201RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz112841928-9-06 RiversideSanta Ana River, Ontario-Corona Road [Hwy. 71].
    SBBG178659SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1928-9-11 Los Angelesbetween Lang and Acton
    SBBG178706SBBGEriogonum gracileP. A. Munz, I. M. Johnston112531928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Cyn
    SBBG178707SBBGEriogonum gracileP. A. Munz, I. M. Johnston112551928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Cyn
    SBBG178596SBBGEriogonum gracileP. A. Munz, I. M. Johnston112561928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Cyn
    UCSB014470UCSBEriogonum gracileMunz, Philip; Johnston, D.8611928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Cyn
    POM153380RSAEriogonum gracile var. incultumP. A. Munz112511928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Canon.
    POM153377RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz112521928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Canon.
    POM153383RSAEriogonum gracile var. incultumP. A. Munz112501928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Canon.
    POM153373RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz112541928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Canon.
    POM153375RSAEriogonum gracile var. incultumP. A. Munz112531928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Canon.
    POM153369RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz112561928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Canon.
    POM153371RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileP. A. Munz112551928-9-12 RiversideTemescal Canon.
    SBBG178578SBBGEriogonum gracileL. Rowntree1928-10-03 San DiegoPalomar Mtn
    SBBG178704SBBGEriogonum gracileL. Rowntree1928-10-03 San DiegoFoster Grade to Sentence Cario [Sentenac Canon]
    UCSB014448UCSBEriogonum gracileJohn R. Hodgson1928-10-12 Los AngelesUpper Peace Valley
    SBBG178663SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1928-10-21 San DiegoJacumba
    UCSB014446UCSBEriogonum gracileHoffmann, Ralph1928-10-21 San DiegoJacumba
    JEPS97053UCJEPSEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1928-10-21 San DiegoJacumba
    SD1369SDEriogonum gracileLawrence W. Nuttalls.n.1928-11-01 San DiegoMission Valley, San Diego River Bed
    SBBG178582SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1928-11-09 Los AngelesActon
    UCSB014459UCSBEriogonum gracileHoffmann, Ralph1928-11-09 Santa BarbaraLang-Acton
    SBBG178581SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1928-11-11 Los Angelesnear Balestier's, Mint Cyn
    CAS-BOT250457CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas32621928-11-26 San DiegoSan Felipe Wash, west of Borrego Valley
    SBBG178594SBBGEriogonum gracileL. Rowntree1929-6-27 Montereyroad to Jamesburg, Santa Lucia Mountains
    SD1325SDEriogonum gracileFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1929-7-01 San DiegoCuyamaca Mts., Pine Valley
    SBBG178593SBBGEriogonum gracileL. Rowntree1929-7-05 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Jolon
    SBBG178592SBBGEriogonum gracileL. Rowntree1929-7-06 MontereyBradley Grade, Jolon
    POM161207RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileLester Rowntrees.n.1929-7-06 MontereyBradley Grade, Jolon
    UCSB014468UCSBEriogonum gracileHoffmann, Ralph8571929-7-09 Santa BarbaraMono River, Mono Ranger Station; Santa Ynez River
    CAS-BOT250384CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas43301929-7-20 Contra Costa2 miles s. of Oakley
    CAS-BOT250387CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas43301929-7-20 Contra Costa2 miles s. of Oakley
    CAS-BOT253434CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas43401929-7-21 MercedMerced River bottom at Hopton Bridge
    SBBG178699SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1929-7-30 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley, 20 mi from coast
    SBBG178591SBBGEriogonum gracileL. Rowntree1929-8-15 MontereyPriest Valley
    RSA766135RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan15291929-9-04 San BernardinoJobs Peak, San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT250380CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas43921929-9-21 Contra CostaMarsh Creek Road 8 miles se. of Clayton
    CAS-BOT250382CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas43921929-9-21 Contra CostaMarsh Creek Road 8 miles se. of Clayton
    MACF031322MACFEriogonum gracileJ. Evan1929-10-03 Los AngelesTuna Canon, Orchard
    CAS-BOT250517CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas44741929-10-12 San Luis Obispo9.5 miles w. of Atascadero on road to Morro
    CAS-BOT250422CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas45091929-10-13 MontereySalinas River bridge at Bradley
    CAS-BOT250427CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas45101929-10-13 MontereySalinas River bridge, Bradley
    POM162688RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. M. Reed66841929-11-08 RiversideNear old ranch north of Snow Canon, western edge of Colo. Desert.
    SD1324SDEriogonum gracileFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1929-11-11 San DiegoJulian
    UC692017UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileMary L. Bowerman2791930-6-07 Contra Costasummit of Mount Diablo Mount Diablo
    JEPS56930UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileRalph Hoffmann1930-6-07 Los AngelesElizabeth Lake Canon
    RSA393236RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. R. FosbergS30891930-7-03 Los AngelesLexington Wash, San Gabriel River, El Monte.
    JEPS56892UCJEPSEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1930-7-08 Santa Barbaraupper Cuyama Valley Cuyama Valley
    SBBG178696SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1930-7-26 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Santa Cruz Crk
    SD1268SDEriogonum gracileE. E. Barlows.n.1930-9-01 San DiegoLaguna Mountains Growing in abnormal drainage. Grows very large in loose soil on sides of gulleys.
    SD1323SDEriogonum gracileFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1930-9-01 San DiegoLaguna Mts.
    UC635433UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. L. Mason59101930-9-01 Montereylow hills at upper end of Elkhorn Slough between Watsonville and Castroville; Elkhorn Slough
    UC692050UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileMary L. Bowerman4581930-9-09 Contra CostaNorth Peak, Mount Diablo Mount Diablo; above Gabriel-Hinks'?
    SD1322SDEriogonum gracileE. E. Barlows.n.1930-9-10 San DiegoNear summit, Laguna Mountains
    UC692049UCJEPSEriogonum gracileMary L. Bowerman4681930-9-27 Contra CostaWest base spring Mount Diablo
    UCSB014466UCSBEriogonum gracile8911930-9-28 Santa BarbaraParadise Camp; Santa Ynez River
    SBBG178660SBBGEriogonum gracileL. R. Abrams1930-9-30 MercedDelhi
    UC1925867UCJEPSEriogonum gracileEthel Crum9111930-10-01 NapaConn Creek Road, Yountville to Pope Valley.
    RSA66030RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJoseph A. Ewan29291930-10-17 San BernardinoNear Devore, Canon Pass.
    CAS-BOT250488CASEriogonum gracileEwan, J.29291930-10-17 San BernardinoNear Devore, Cajon Pass
    JEPS56918UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileJoseph A. Ewan29291930-10-17 San Bernardinonear Devore; Canon Pass
    RSA393242RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileG. R. Johnstones.n.1930-10-19 Los AngelesNear rosemead
    UCR0093371UCREriogonum gracileGeorge R. Johnstones.n.1930-10-19 Los AngelesRosemead, in the dry bed of the Rio Hondo River
    UC419723UCJEPSEriogonum gracileMrs. H. P. Bracelin1101930-10-19 Napanear entrance Conn Creek; Sage Canon
    RSA393225RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJoseph A. Ewan34301930-10-22 Los AngelesBouquet canyon, 4 miles above mouth.
    CAS-BOT253438CASEriogonum gracileEwan, J.34301930-10-22 Los Angeles4 miles from mouth of Bouquet Canyon
    CAS-BOT250420CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas56471930-10-24 Monterey12.3 miles east of 'The Indians', Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT250439CASEriogonum gracileLinsdale, J. M.s.n.1930-10-24 MontereyFrances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation
    CAS-BOT250419CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas56891930-10-25 MontereyCanyon of the Arroyo Seco River, Santa Lucia Mts.
    UC634592UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. L. Mason57791930-10-25 Montereyalong San Antonio River between Jolon and Santa Lucia Ranger Station; Foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountainsm San Antonio River
    RSA393260RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. R. FosbergS41631930-10-26 San DiegoCoches Creek, 2 miles east Bostonia.
    SD72853SDEriogonum gracileF. R. FosbergS-41631930-10-26 San DiegoCoches Creek, 2 mi. west Bostonia
    SD1320SDEriogonum gracileFidella G. Woodcocks.n.1931-5-01 San DiegoRoad to Warner's Hot Springs, Borego, San Felipe Inner South Coast Ranges
    CAS-BOT250546CASEriogonum gracileRose, L. S.s.n.1931-5-15 San MateoEmerald Lake in hills near Redwood City
    DAV303547DAVEriogonum gracileP. Hills.n.1931-6-01 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County: Watsonville.
    JEPS56946UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson159151931-6-04 MontereyCholame Creek, upper end Cholame Creek
    JEPS56945UCJEPSEriogonum gracileWillis L. Jepson158941931-6-04 MontereyCholame Valley, upper end Cholame Valley
    RSA306196RSAEriogonum gracileFay A. MacFaddens.n.1931-7-1 Los AngelesLa Tuna Canon, Verdugo Hills
    SBBG178709SBBGEriogonum gracileJ. Ewan1931-8-03 San BernardinoLundy's Landing, Big Bear Lake
    RSA393255RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileE. S. Spaldings.n.1931-8-06 San BernardinoOak Glen.
    LA52286LAEriogonum gracileNesta Hutchinsons.n.1931-8-17 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mandeville Canon; unspecific
    RSA393259RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. R. Fosberg73561931-8-17 San DiegoDescanso.
    RSA393258RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. R. Fosberg73001931-8-17 San DiegoAlpine.
    RSA393257RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. R. Fosberg73381931-8-18 San DiegoHatfield Creek below Ramona.
    SD72861SDEriogonum gracileF. R. Fosberg73181931-8-18 San Diego5 mi south of Julian Open slope Upper Sonoran Zone
    RSA393256RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. R. Fosberg73181931-8-18 San Diego5 mi. S Julian.
    RSA393223RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileLouis C. Wheeler381931-8-30 Los AngelesSan Antonio Canon.
    RSA393227RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. R. Fosberg8121931-8-30 Los AngelesEl Segundo.
    SDSU04951SDSUEriogonum gracileStakes, Susan B.1931-9-01 San Diego
    RSA393224RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileLouis C. Wheeler491931-9-01 Los Angeles2 miles north of Claremont
    CAS-BOT253436CASEriogonum gracileWheeler, Louis C.491931-9-1 Los Angeles2 mi. N Claremont
    CAS-BOT253464CASEriogonum gracileWheeler, Louis C.491931-9-1 Los Angeles2 mi. N Claremont
    MACF031323MACFEriogonum gracileLouis C. Wheeler491931-9-01 Los Angeles2 N Claremont
    CAS-BOT253516CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas80411931-9-6 San Benito7 miles south of Paicines
    CAS-BOT250568CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas80251931-9-6 Santa Clara5.5 miles south of San Jose
    CAS-BOT250398CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas80551931-9-7 Monterey6 miles north-east of King City
    SBBG191389SBBGEriogonum gracileBonnie C. Templeton15881931-9-07 San BernardinoBetween Baldwin lake and Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino Mts.
    UC692048UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileMary L. Bowerman10381931-9-12 Contra Costaspur jutting into west fork of Mitchell Canon Mount Diablo, Mitchell Canon
    UC1032301UCJEPSEriogonum gracileR. W. Lundh601931-9-17 Santa ClaraMetcalf Canon New Almaden Quadrangle, Metcalf Canon
    POM180154RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJoseph A. Ewan52471931-10-11 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Sepulveda Canon Rd., north of Mullholland.
    POM180174RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJoseph A. Ewan52431931-10-11 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Sepulveda Canon Rd., north of Mullholland.
    RSA766310RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan52431931-10-11 Los AngelesSepulveda Canon Rd. N of Mulholland.
    RSA766311RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan5247-a1931-10-11 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains, Sepulveda Canon Rd., north of Mullholland.
    CAS-BOT253459CASEriogonum gracileEwan, J.52471931-10-11 Los AngelesSepulveda Canyon Road north of Mulholland, Santa Monica Mts.
    CAS-BOT253460CASEriogonum gracileEwan, J.52431931-10-11 Los AngelesSepulveda Canyon Road north of Mulholland, Santa Monica Mts.
    CAS-BOT253461CASEriogonum gracileEwan, J.52471931-10-11 Los AngelesSepulveda Canyon Road north of Mulholland, Santa Monica Mts.
    UC472153UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan52471931-10-11 Los AngelesSepulveda Canon Rd. n Mulholland; Santa Monica Mts.
    POM216535RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileD. D. Keck13241931-10-18 Stanislaus6 mi E of Oakdale
    CAS-BOT251098CASEriogonum gracileKeck, David D.13241931-10-18 StanislausSix miles east of Oakdale
    CAS-BOT251099CASEriogonum gracileKeck, David D.13241931-10-18 StanislausSix miles east of Oakdale
    CAS-BOT251105CASEriogonum gracileKeck, David D.13241931-10-18 StanislausSix miles east of Oakdale
    POM180162RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJoseph A. Ewan52761931-10-24 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains: 0.5 mile below Seminole Hot Springs.
    CAS-BOT253439CASEriogonum gracileEwan, J.52711931-10-24 Los AngelesOne mile above Malibu Lake
    POM180160RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJoseph A. Ewan52711931-10-29 Los AngelesOne mile above Malibu Lake.
    UC486413UCJEPSEriogonum gracileFidella G. Woodcock1261932-1-01 San DiegoPine Valley
    SD22412SDEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokess.n.1932-7-08 MontereyNacimiento
    SBBG178588SBBGEriogonum gracileRalph Hoffmann1932-7-14 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: 5 N of Lompoc
    RSA766138RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan77381932-7-29 OrangeRoad around Newport Lagoon.
    POM201803RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. M. Booth13311932-7-29 OrangeNewport Lagoon
    UC536903UCJEPSEriogonum gracileL. M. Booth13311932-7-29 OrangeNewport Lagoon
    JEPS56922UCJEPSEriogonum gracileLawrence M. Booth13691932-8-09 OrangeNewport Bay
    SBBG178619SBBGEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes51932-8-27 Santa CruzSkyline Blvd to Big BasinSanta Cruz Mtns
    RSA13447RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes51932-8-27 MontereySkyline Blvd. to Big Basin.
    CAS-BOT250381CASEriogonum gracileBowerman, Mary L.15241932-8-27 Contra CostaMount Diablo. South of Turtle Rock
    CAS-BOT250451CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan51932-8-27 Santa CruzSkyline Blvd. to Big Basin
    UC691087UCJEPSEriogonum gracileMary L. Bowerman15241932-8-27 Contra Costas Turtle Rock; Mount Diablo
    SD22414SDEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes141932-8-28 MontereyKing City
    POM209866RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes141932-8-28 San BenitoHillsides, road from San Benito to King City.
    RSA13443RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes141932-8-28 San BenitoHillsides, road from San Benito to King City.
    CAS-BOT250437CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.141932-8-28 MontereyRoad from San Benito to King City
    CAS-BOT253519CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.141932-8-28 San BenitoRoad from San Benito to King City
    UC535067UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes141932-8-28 San Benito11 mi on road to King City San Benito (2 mi toward King City)
    SBBG178711SBBGEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes111932-8-29 San Luis ObispoAtascadero
    POM209860RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes111932-8-29 San Luis ObispoAtascadero.
    CAS-BOT250511CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan111932-8-29 San Luis ObispoAtascadero
    CAS-BOT250531CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan111932-8-29 San Luis ObispoAtascadero
    UC535077UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes111932-8-29 San Luis ObispoAtascadero
    SD22415SDEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokess.n.1932-8-30 Los AngelesPasadena
    CAS-BOT250466CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.s.n.1932-8-30 San DiegoNear Buckman Springs
    SD66015SDEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes271932-9-03 San DiegoDesert washes near Warner's Hot Springs
    POM209372RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes241932-9-03 San DiegoMuzzey's Grade.
    POM209496RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes271932-9-03 San DiegoHills near Warner's Hot Springs.
    CAS-BOT250460CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.271932-9-3 San DiegoNear Warner's Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT250461CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.241932-9-3 San DiegoMuzzey's [Mussey] Grade
    CAS-BOT250469CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.271932-9-3 San DiegoNear Warner's Hot Springs
    CAS-BOT250470CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.241932-9-3 San DiegoMuzzey's [Mussey] Grade
    UC534941UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes241932-9-03 San Diegoroadside, Muzzey's Grade Muzzey's Grade
    UC692016UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileMary L. Bowerman15401932-9-03 Contra Costasummit of Mount Diablo Mount Diablo
    UC534872UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes271932-9-03 San Diegodesert washes near Warner's Hot Springs
    RSA66028RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileF. W. Peirson104661932-9-14 San Diego4 miles west of Campo.
    RSA6072RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileCarl B. Wolf40831932-9-15 Los AngelesMint Canon, 9.5 miles above Saugus (opposite Glenwood's Canon Highway).
    CAS-BOT253448CASEriogonum gracileWolf, Carl B.40831932-9-15 Los Angeles9 1/2 mi. above Saugus, opposite Glenwood's Cafe on Highway, Mint Canyon
    JEPS56895UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileMarjorie D. Clary15631932-9-22 San BernardinoWildwood Canon San Gorgonio Mts., Wildwood Canon
    CAS-BOT253418CASEriogonum gracileKeck, David D.18401932-9-27 Fresno15 miles east of Llanada at foot of Big Panoche Pass, western Fresno County
    CAS-BOT250383CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas107891932-10-2 Contra CostaMarsh Creek Road southwest of Brentwood
    CAS-BOT250497CASEriogonum gracileKeck, David D.19381932-10-2 San DiegoSutherland (6 miles northeast of Ramona)
    CAS-BOT250504CASEriogonum gracileKeck, David D.19381932-10-2 San DiegoSutherland (6 miles northeast of Ramona) Elev. given as 2000 ft
    SBBG178623SBBGEriogonum gracileCarl B. Wolf42511932-10-10 San Bernardino2 mi below Oak Glen, Potato Cyn
    POM223886RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileCarl B. Wolf42511932-10-10 San Bernardino2 4/10 mi below Oak Glen, Potato Canon, S slope of San Bernardino Mountains.
    CAS-BOT250483CASEriogonum gracileWolf, Carl B.42511932-10-10 San BernardinoOak Glen (2.4 miles below), Potato Canyon, south slope of the San Bernardino Mts.
    CAS-BOT250484CASEriogonum gracileWolf, Carl B.42511932-10-10 San BernardinoOak Glen (2.4 miles below), Potato Canyon, south slope of the San Bernardino Mts.
    UC545887UCJEPSEriogonum gracileCarl B. Wolf42511932-10-10 San Bernardino2.4 mi below Oak Glen (Potato Canon, south slope of the San Bernardno Mts.); San Bernardino Mts., Potato Canon
    POM215024RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. T. Howell108361932-10-16 Alameda8 miles from Livermore on Tesla Road
    CAS-BOT250369CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas108401932-10-16 Alameda1.5 miles west of Tesla
    CAS-BOT250370CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas108361932-10-16 Alameda8 miles from Livermore on Tesla Road
    CAS-BOT250506CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas108441932-10-16 San Joaquin9 1/2 miles from Tracy on Tesla Road
    UC903296UCJEPSEriogonum gracileEthel Crum14781932-10-16 Alameda2 mi n Tesla; Mount Hamilton Range
    UC692018UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileMary L. Bowerman16391932-11-11 Contra CostaLittle below Moses Rock Spring (ridge leading up from Buckle Point (on west road)); Mount Diablo
    SBBG178701SBBGEriogonum gracileCarl B. Wolf44111932-11-18 Santa BarbaraCuyama River, 1.4 mi below mouth of Buckhorn Crk
    POM223993RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileCarl B. Wolf44111932-11-18 Santa BarbaraCuyama River, 1.4 miles below mouth of Buckhorn creek.
    CAS-BOT250554CASEriogonum gracileWolf, Carl B.44111932-11-18 Santa BarbaraCuyama River, 1.4 miles below mouth of Buckhorn Creek
    CAS-BOT250556CASEriogonum gracileWolf, Carl B.44111932-11-18 Santa BarbaraCuyama River, 1.4 miles below mouth of Buckhorn Creek
    UC545896UCJEPSEriogonum gracileCarl B. Wolf44111932-11-18 Santa BarbaraCuyama River 1.4 mi below mouth of Buckhorn Creek; Cuyama River
    POM184174RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileM. French Gilman121932-11-30 RiversideCanon.
    UC532282UCJEPSEriogonum gracileE. W. Voegelin2261933-6-01 Kern2 mi n, on road to Steban Miranda's rancheria Weldon
    PASA1471PASAEriogonum gracileMargaret Stason4811933-6-17 MonoAbout 3 miles from the base of Sherwin Hill
    SD6198SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Ganders.n.1933-6-21 San DiegoNear Campo
    RSA11586RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileC. Eplings.n.1933-6-24 RiversideLittle San Bernardino Mountains: Near Morongo Pass
    CLARK-A1528-3738CLARKEriogonum gracileC. Epling, William Robison1933-6-24 RiversideSan Gorgonio Wash
    UC574981UCJEPSEriogonum gracileC. Epling, Wm. Robison1933-6-24 RiversideSan Gorgonio Wash Little San Bernardino Mountains, San Gorgonio Wash
    SBBG178710SBBGEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes681933-7-06 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
    SBBG178713SBBGEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes751933-7-06 Santa Claranear San Jose
    POM209433RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes681933-7-06 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles.
    RSA209856RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes751933-7-06 Santa ClaraField near San Jose
    CAS-BOT250523CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.681933-7-6 San Luis ObispoPaso Robles
    CAS-BOT250566CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.751933-7-6 Santa ClaraField near San Jose
    CAS-BOT250567CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.751933-7-6 Santa ClaraField near San Jose
    UC535086UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes751933-7-06 Santa Clarafield near San Jose
    SD22450SDEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokess.n.1933-7-26 San DiegoDulzura
    RSA13636RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes771933-8-16 San BenitoRoadside cliff. Hollister.
    SD22456SDEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokess.n.1933-8-16 San BenitoSo. Of Paicines
    RSA22362RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. S. Rose333161933-8-16 Santa ClaraSouth of San Jose
    CAS-BOT253508CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.771933-8-16 San BenitoHollister
    CAS-BOT253512CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas115211933-8-16 San Benito4 miles s. of Paicines
    CAS-BOT253520CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.771933-8-16 San BenitoHollister
    UC912826UCJEPSEriogonum gracileLewis S. Rose333241933-8-16 San BenitoPacines
    UC534907UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes771933-8-16 San Benitoroadside cliff, Hollister Hollister
    UC912825UCJEPSEriogonum gracileLewis S. Rose333161933-8-16 Santa Claras San Jose
    SBBG178708SBBGEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes841933-8-17 San BenitoPinnacles to Hernandez
    SBBG178658SBBGEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes841933-8-17 San BenitoPinnacles to Hernandez
    POM209511RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes841933-8-17 San BenitoRoadsides, Pinnacles to Hernandez.
    RSA204405RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileStokes115431933-8-17 San BenitoSan Benito.
    CAS-BOT253509CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.841933-8-17 San BenitoPinnacles to Hernandez
    CAS-BOT253510CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.841933-8-17 San BenitoPinnacles to Hernandez
    CAS-BOT253511CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas115421933-8-17 San Benito4 miles n. of the Pinnacles
    CAS-BOT253513CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas115431933-8-17 San BenitoSan Benito
    CAS-BOT253514CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas115431933-8-17 San BenitoSan Benito
    CAS-BOT253515CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas115551933-8-17 San BenitoNear Hernandez
    UC517494UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJohn Thomas Howell115431933-8-17 San BenitoSan Benito
    UC534915UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes841933-8-17 San Benitoroadsides from Pinnacles to Hernandez
    POM209512RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes1031933-8-18 MontereyNear summit of Santa Lucia Mts., on road leading to Carmel
    POM204409RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJ. T. Howell115841933-8-18 Monterey5 miles east of Jamesburg, Santa Lucia Mountains.
    SD22455SDEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes851933-8-18 San BenitoHernandez to Pinnacles
    RSA13648RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes1771933-8-18 MontereySource of Carmel creek, near summit of Santa Lucia Mts.
    POM209503RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileS. G. Stokes1771933-8-18 MontereySource of Carmel creek, near summit of Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT250406CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas11561A1933-8-18 Monterey6 miles w. of Greenfield, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT250424CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas115841933-8-18 Monterey5 miles east of Jamesburg, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT250429CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas11561B1933-8-18 Monterey6 miles west of Greenfield, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT250430CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas115681933-8-18 Monterey17 miles east of Jamesburg, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT250431CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas115821933-8-18 Monterey5 miles east of Jamesburg, Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT250442CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.1031933-8-18 MontereyNear summit of Santa Lucia Mts., on road leading to Carmel
    CAS-BOT250443CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.1041933-8-18 MontereyNear source of Carmel River, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT250444CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.1041933-8-18 MontereyNear source of Carmel River, Santa Lucia Mountains
    CAS-BOT250447CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.1771933-8-18 MontereySource of Carmel Creek, near summit of Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT250448CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.1031933-8-18 MontereyNear summit of Santa Lucia Mts., on road leading to Carmel
    CAS-BOT250453CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.1771933-8-18 MontereySource of Carmel Creek, near summit of Santa Lucia Mts.
    UC534868UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes1771933-8-18 Montereysource of Carmel Creek summit of Santa Lucia Mts.; Santa Lucia Mts., Carmel Creek
    UC534895UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes1021933-8-18 Montereyupper Carmel Creek Santa Lucia Mts., Carmel Creek
    UC534913UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes1031933-8-18 Montereynear, on road to Carmel summit; Santa Lucia Mts.
    CAS-BOT253475CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.951933-8-19 MontereySummit of Santa Lucia Mts., near road to Carmel
    CAS-BOT250449CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.951933-8-19 MontereySummit of Santa Lucia Mts., near road to Carmel
    UC534944UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes951933-8-19 Montereynear road to Carmel (summit of Santa Lucia Mts.); Santa Lucia Mts.
    POM230600RSAEriogonum gracile var. incultumI. W. Clokey65931933-8-21 RiversideHemet Lake.
    POM201860RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. M. Booth13861933-8-26 OrangeNewport Lagoon.
    CAS-BOT253477CASEriogonum gracileBooth, L. M.13861933-8-26 OrangeNewport Lagoon
    UC537258UCJEPSEriogonum gracileL. M. Booth13861933-8-26 OrangeNewport Lagoon
    UC535080UCJEPSEriogonum gracileSusan G. Stokes821933-8-27 NapaSage Canon Napa Mountains, Sage Canon
    SD1296SDEriogonum gracileFlorence Youngbergs.n.1933-8-28 RiversideFern Valley, Idyllwild
    SD38717SDEriogonum gracileEdith A. Purer55961933-10-07 Los Angelesstabilized sand dunes, El Segundo
    RSA393231RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileE. A. Purer55961933-10-07 Los AngelesEl Segundo.
    RSA766140RSAEriogonum gracileDelzie Demaree105381933-10-07 Los AngelesLos Angeles.
    RSA766314RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan81301933-10-08 Santa ClaraTributary of Isabel Creek. E slope of Mt. Hamilton.
    POM187775RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileThos. Craig20061933-10-09 Los AngelesSoledad Canon, about 8 miles west of Ravenna.; Agua Dulce
    RSA602691RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileLouis C. Wheeler22511933-11-11 San BernardinoLone Pine Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
    RSA393098RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileLouis C. Wheeler22821933-12-01 RiversideSan Gorgonia Wash at S. P. RR, San Gorgonio Pass.
    RSA602690RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileLouis C. Wheeler22821933-12-01 RiversideSan Gorgonia Wash at S. P. RR, San Gorgonio Pass.
    RSA393226RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileLouis C. Wheeler23301933-12-21 Los AngelesW side mouth of 'Big' Santa Anita Canon.
    CAS-BOT250467CASEriogonum gracileStokes, Susan G.s.n.1934-1-1 San DiegoGrown at Miss Stokes' home, 1519 Madison Ave., San Diego
    RSA29225RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileJoseph A. Ewan89881934-4-08 MontereyUpper San Antonio R. near China Gulch, Santa Lucia Mts.
    UC723266UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileHelen K. Sharsmith11001934-5-20 Santa Clarae side of Mount Hamilton Inner South Coast Ranges, Mount Hamilton
    UC723035UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith12821934-6-11 Santa ClaraSanta Isabella Creek, e base of Mount Hamilton Mount Hamilton, Santa Isabella Creek
    UC1032303UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. S. Yates3891934-7-28 Santa Cruzw Scott Valley; Santa Cruz Quadrangle
    CAS-BOT250445CASEriogonum gracileBaker, Milo S.78561934-8-7 MontereyTrail from China Camp towards Pine Ridge about 1 1/2 mi. distant
    RSA766137RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan89461934-9-01 Santa ClaraW. slope Mt. Hamilton.
    CAS-BOT250576CASEriogonum gracileEwan, Joseph Andorfer89461934-9-1 Santa ClaraOn dry roadbank of Blue Oak country auto road, w. slope Mt. Hamilton
    UC723241UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. K. Sharsmith13471934-9-01 Santa Claraon w side of Mount Hamilton above Hall's Valley; Mount Hamilton
    UC723038UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith13751934-9-02 Santa ClaraSan Antonio Valley Mount Hamilton Range, San Antonio Valley
    JEPS80980UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileEdward Lee, Joe Ewan, H. L., L. Mason11731934-9-08 MontereyUpper Milpitas Road Santa Lucia Mts., Upper Milpitas Road
    UC762633UCJEPSEriogonum gracileRobert F. Hoover181934-9-15 StanislausModesto
    UC723264UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith14071934-9-16 Santa Claranear summit of Copernicus Peak; Mount Hamilton, Copernicus Peak
    UC1785045UCJEPSEriogonum gracileC. W., H. K. Sharsmith13961934-9-16 Santa Clara3 mi by road above Smith Creek on road to summit of Mount Hamilton
    UC723259UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. K. Sharsmith13961934-9-16 Santa Claraw side of Mount Hamilton Mount Hamilton
    POM209237RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileAnnetta Carter7341934-10-14 Santa ClaraLong Branch of Isabel Creek, Mount Hamilton Range.
    CAS-BOT250574CASEriogonum gracileCarter, Annetta M.7341934-10-14 Santa ClaraLong Branch of Isabel Creek, Mount Hamilton Range
    UC534924UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileAnnetta M. Carter7341934-10-14 Santa ClaraLong Branch of Isabel Creek Mount Hamilton Range, Long Branch of Isabel Creek
    UC768560UCJEPSEriogonum gracileR. F. Hoover491934-10-21 San Joaquinnear Escalon
    UC1032090UCJEPSEriogonum gracileG. T. Nordstrom4531935-4-13 Ventura3 3/4 mi e by ne Frazier Mountain; Tejon Quadrangle
    UC723037UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith32531935-6-02 Santa Clarae side of Mount Hamilton Mount Hamilton
    UC723040UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith32971935-6-08 Santa Claradivide between headwaters of Arroyo Bayo and San Antonio Valley; Mount Hamilton Range
    UC723041UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith33771935-6-16 Santa Clarasummit of Santa Isabella Peak Mount Hamilton Range, Santa Isabella Peak
    JEPS56933UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileMrs. R. W. Hart4961935-8-10 San Luis ObispoRiver Road Paso Robles
    SBBG178705SBBGEriogonum gracileIra W. Clokey65931935-8-21 RiversideHemet Lake
    RSA393249RSAEriogonum gracile var. incultumI. W. Clokey65931935-8-21 RiversideHemet Lake
    UC849445UCJEPSEriogonum gracileI. W. Clokey65931935-8-21 RiversideHemet Lake
    SD38962SDEriogonum gracileEdith A. Purer68211935-9-06 San DiegoHillside, View Point Ranch, north of Lake Hodges
    SD12148SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander243-31935-9-18 San DiegoCole Canon of Twin Oaks Valley
    UC1032331UCJEPSEriogonum gracileJerome S. Horton2401935-9-20 Los AngelesDalton Canon above C.C.C. Camp; Pomona Quadrangle, Dalton Canon
    RSA14777RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileE. C. Sutliffes.n.1935-10-04 Santa ClaraAlum Rock Canon.
    CAS-BOT250577CASEriogonum gracileSutliffe, Dorothys.n.1935-10-4 Santa ClaraAlum Road Canon [Canyon]
    SD12267SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander261-21935-10-17 San DiegoAnahuac School near Boulder Creek
    SD12292SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander265-21935-10-24 San DiegoWarner's Hot Springs
    SD12347SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander269-111935-10-24 San DiegoCounty Line northwest of Oak Grove
    SD12394SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander278-21935-10-31 San Diego6 mi. west of Jacumba
    UC723039UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileHelen K. Sharsmith37531936-5-24 Stanislauscanyon wall of Adobe Creek Red Mountains, Adobe Creek, tributary to Arroyo del Puerto
    UC723042UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith37541936-5-24 Stanislausslopes of Arroyo del Puerto Mount Hamilton Range, Red Mountains, Arroyo del Puerto
    UC723043UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith37931936-5-25 Santa Claraw side of divide between Arroyo del Puerto and San Antonio Valley; Mount Hamilton Range
    UC1032092UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileC. M. Belshaw22671936-5-29 Santa Clara0.3 mi sw Madrone; Morgan Hill Quadrangle
    UC1613511UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileCharles M. Belshaw26101936-7-01 El Doradoca. 40 mi. e. Placerville (on rd. to Tahoe); Sierra Nevada
    UCSB014458UCSBEriogonum gracile1936-7-24 Mononear Mammoth-Owens Valley
    UCSB014467UCSBEriogonum gracile8931936-7-24 InyoOwens River
    CAS-BOT253507CASEriogonum gracileStokes, S. G.s.n.1936-9-5 San Benito5 mi. south of Tres Pinos
    CAS-BOT250565CASEriogonum gracileStokes, S. G.s.n.1936-9-9 Santa ClaraSouth of San Jose
    UC723263UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith38431936-9-12 Santa Claraabove, e slope of Mount Day Ridge Long Branch Creek; Mount Hamilton Range, Mount Day Ridge
    UC723262UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. K. Sharsmith38621936-9-13 Santa Claran side of Mount Hamilton Mount Hamilton
    UC1613507UCJEPSEriogonum gracileCharles M. Belshaw26671936-9-13 Santa Clara1/8 mi. w. Madrone; Santa Clara Valley
    UC723261UCJEPSEriogonum gracileH. K. Sharsmith38691936-9-13 Santa ClaraArroyo Bayo Mount Hamilton Range, Arroyo Bayo
    UC1076551UCJEPSEriogonum gracileHerbert L. Mason115301936-9-13 Santa Claraw Madrone Station
    CAS-BOT251103CASEriogonum gracileSharsmith, Helen K.39341936-9-27 StanislausMount Hamilton Range, Inner South Coast Ranges. Arroyo del Puerto, Red Mountains
    UC723248UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileH. K. Sharsmith39341936-9-27 StanislausArroyo del Puerto Mount Hamilton Range, Red Mountains, Arroyo del Puerto
    JEPS56921UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileR. F. Hoover16041936-10-01 MercedEl Nido
    UC762632UCJEPSEriogonum gracileR. F. Hoover16041936-10-01 MercedEl Nido
    JEPS78653UCJEPSEriogonum gracileEdward Lee26031936-10-05 San Benitoroadside, Fremont Peak Fremont Peak
    SBBG178665SBBGEriogonum gracileH. and M. Dearing441936-10-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: above Paradise Camp
    UCSB014469UCSBEriogonum gracile8921936-10-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley; above Paradise Camp
    SBBG178720SBBGEriogonum gracileH. and M. Dearing431936-11-03 Venturanear Rose Valley off Maricopa Rd
    UC1613280UCJEPSEriogonum gracile var. gracileCharles M. Belshaw27371936-11-14 Fresno5 mi. w. Alcade (Waltham Creek); I:nner Coast Ranges, Waltham Creek
    UCR0093406UCREriogonum gracile var. gracileJohn C. Roos15091937-7-12 RiversideReche Canon
    CAS-BOT250540CASEriogonum gracileTrue, Gordon H.8311937-7-31 San MateoAlpine Road near Skyline Blvd.
    UC1537293UCJEPSEriogonum gracileGordon H. True, Jr.8311937-7-31 San Mateoroadside, Alpine Road Alpine Road
    RSA766309RSAEriogonum gracileJoseph A. Ewan110401937-8-22 San BernardinoSan Sevaine Flat. San Gabriel Mtns.
    SBBG178657SBBGEriogonum gracileP. Bartholomew1937-8-23 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Mono Guard Station
    POM306339RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileHenry J. Ramsey14211937-8-23 Los AngelesAltadena.
    POM279895RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileGerald Griffith5361937-8-29 KernPoubles. (Not sure of locality).
    CAS-BOT555126CASEriogonum gracileGriffith, Gerald5361937-8-29 KernDoubles Canal, San Joaquin Valley watershed
    RSA393262RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. S. Rose376491937-9-06 Santa ClaraSmith Creek, West slope of Mt. Hamilton
    CAS-BOT250578CASEriogonum gracileRose, Lewis S.376491937-9-6 Santa ClaraSmith Creek, W. slope of Mt. Hamilton
    UC849443UCJEPSEriogonum gracileLewis S. Rose376491937-9-06 Santa ClaraSmith Creek, w slope of Mt. Hamilton Mt. Hamilton, Smith Creek
    SD18746SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander44631937-9-16 San DiegoPine Valley
    CAS-BOT250557CASEriogonum gracileRose, Lewis S.376701937-9-21 Santa ClaraCastle Rock Ridge, 7 mi. S. of the junction of Skyline Blvd. and Saratoga road, Santa Clara Co.-Santa Cruz Co. Boundary
    UC849444UCJEPSEriogonum gracileLewis S. Rose376701937-9-21 Santa Cruz7 mi s junction of Skyline Blvd. and Saratoga road; Castle Rock Ridge, Santa Clara Co. - Santa Cruz Co. Boundary
    SD19236SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander45211937-9-28 San DiegoChihuaha Valley
    UC1032304UCJEPSEriogonum gracileG. T. Nordstrom14091937-10-28 Contra Costa1.6 mi nne Somersville; Mt. Diablo Quadrangle
    UC1032290UCJEPSEriogonum gracileC. A. Graham1671937-12-08 Monterey2 3/4 mi sse Alberto School; King City Quadrangle
    CAS-BOT250505CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas57931938-5-24 San JoaquinHospital Canyon
    CAS-BOT251104CASEriogonum gracileHoover, Robert F.35311938-6-6 StanislausDel Puerto Canyon (lower part)
    UC767893UCJEPSEriogonum gracileR. F. Hoover35311938-6-06 StanislausDel Puerto Canon (lower part) Del Puerto Canon
    CAS-BOT253412CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas; Eastwood, Alice58331938-6-12 FresnoWaltham Creek Canyon
    CAS-BOT253413CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas; Eastwood, Alice5858A1938-6-13 FresnoRange south of Jocalitos Creek
    CAS-BOT253414CASEriogonum gracileHowell, John Thomas; Eastwood, Alice58461938-6-13 FresnoSouth of Curry Mt.
    POM246658RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileE. C. Jaegers.n.1938-6-15 San DiegoLaguna Mts
    SD22124SDEriogonum gracile var. gracileFrank F. Gander62621938-8-05 San DiegoRoadside spring, Palomar Mt.
    CAS-BOT250407CASEriogonum gracileWiggins, Ira L.; Ferris, Roxana S.9015A1938-8-19 MontereyReliz Canyon 4 miles south of junction of Arroyo Seco road
    SD114054SDEriogonum gracile var. gracileDarley F. Howe7481938-8-28 San DiegoSouth slope of Palomar.
    SD114051SDEriogonum gracileDarley F. Howe7311938-9-04 San DiegoCampo
    RSA22212RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileAlice Eastwood62701938-9-05 Santa ClaraWest side of Pacheco Pass
    CAS-BOT250586CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas62701938-9-5 Santa ClaraWest side of Pacheco Pass
    FSC0006037FSCEriogonum gracileHoward Roth Deter. H.R.1938-10-07 FresnoEast of Fresno, at Butler and 12 th streets
    SBBG178698SBBGEriogonum gracileP. Bartholomew1939-8-04 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Mono Silt Reservoir
    RSA766139RSAEriogonum gracileE. L. Peterson8851939-8-26 San BernardinoMill Creek. San Bernardino Mts.
    RSA568839RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileBonnie C. Templetons.n.1939-9-06 Los AngelesPlaya del Rey.
    RSA568838RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileBonnie C. Templetons.n.1939-9-06 Los AngelesPlaya del Rey.
    RSA393232RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileBonnie C. Templetons.n.1939-9-06 Los AngelesPlaya del Rey.
    UCR0093341UCREriogonum gracile var. gracileBonnie C. Templetons.n.1939-9-06 Los AngelesPlaya del Rey [El Segundo Dunes]
    HSC66620HSCEriogonum gracileB.C. Templetonsn1939-9-06 Los AngelesPlaya del Rey [El Segundo Dunes]
    CHSC69827CHSCEriogonum gracileBonnie C. Templeton1939-9-06 Los AngelesPlaya Del Rey
    SD156613SDEriogonum gracileUnknowns.n.1939-12-14 San DiegoBox Canon (IPB 3/06)
    RSA393228RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileM. B. Dunkles.n.1940-9-04 Los AngelesMill Creek.
    SD28196SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander88281940-9-25 San DiegoNear O'Neill Lake
    SD28203SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander88351940-9-25 San DiegoSanta Margarita River near Fallbrook
    SD28216SDEriogonum gracileFrank F. Gander88481940-9-25 San DiegoDe Luz
    CAS-BOT250555CASEriogonum gracileEastwood, Alices.n.1940-10-12 San Luis ObispoNipoma [Nipomo?] Mesa
    UC762738UCJEPSEriogonum gracileR. F. Hoover46921940-11-22 Alamedae summit; New Altamont Pass Rd.
    CAS-BOT250385CASEriogonum gracileHoover, Robert F.46951940-11-23 Contra CostaTwo miles west of Byron
    UC762634UCJEPSEriogonum gracileR. F. Hoover46951940-11-23 Contra Costa2 mi s Byron
    UC762631UCJEPSEriogonum gracileR. F. Hoover47051940-12-01 San Joaquinmiddle part of Corral Hollow Corral Hollow
    CAS-BOT250441CASEriogonum gracileMorley, Thomass.n.1941-7-4 MontereyFrances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, upper Carmel Valley about 2 miles northeast of Jamesburg
    DAV303541DAVEriogonum gracileH. T. Hartmanns.n.1941-8-14 El DoradoEl Dorado County: near Sutter's Mill Monument, Coloma.
    DAV303546DAVEriogonum gracileH. T. Hartmanns.n.1941-8-14 LakeLake County: Middletown.
    UC912833UCJEPSEriogonum gracileLewis S. Rose414321941-9-02 San Mateow Redwood City; Emerald Lake
    RSA40333RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. S. Rose414361941-9-09 Santa Clara5 miles south of San Jose
    DAV303538DAVEriogonum gracileLewis S. Rose414361941-9-09 Santa ClaraSanta Clara County: 5 miles south of San Jose.
    UCR0093530UCREriogonum gracileLewis S. Rose414361941-9-09 Santa Clara5 mi south of San Jose
    HSC17402HSCEriogonum gracileL.S. Rose414361941-9-09 Santa Clara5 mi. S of San Jose
    CAS-BOT250569CASEriogonum gracileRose, Lewis S.414361941-9-9 Santa Clara5 mi s of San Jose
    UC750649UCJEPSEriogonum gracileLewis S. Rose414361941-9-09 Santa Clara5 mi s San Jose
    RSA393261RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. S. Rose414371941-9-12 Santa ClaraNew Almaden
    POM263680RSAEriogonum gracile var. gracileL. S. Rose414371941-9-12 Santa ClaraNew Almaden
    CAS-BOT250588CASEriogonum gracileRose, Lewis S.414371941-9-12 Santa ClaraNew Almeden [Almaden]
    CAS-BOT250589CASEriogonum gracileRose, L. S.414371941-9-12 Santa ClaraNew Almaden
    CAS-BOT250590CASEriogonum gracileRose, L. S.414371941-9-12 Santa ClaraNew Almaden
    MACF031453MACFEriogonum gracileLewis S. Rose414371941-9-12 Santa Clara