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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    RSA0071695RSAEriogonum elatum var. villosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1881-8-05 NevadaBelow Boca. [State incorrect listed as Nevada]
    CAS-BOT255744CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumSonne, C. F.4031886-7-1 NevadaOn Truckee River at Truckee
    JEPS57001UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumC. F. Sonne1886-7-01 NevadaTruckee Truckee Riv.
    UC192397UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumC. F. Sonne1886-7-01 Nevadaopposite T. L. G. Factory Yard (along Truckee River at Truckee); Truckee, Truckee River
    UC85862UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumT. S. Brandegee1887-7-01 SiskiyouAger
    JEPS57009UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumChesnut, Drew1890-1-01 Shastabetween Mt. Shasta and Lassen Peak
    UC6274UCJEPSEriogonum elatumM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1894-7-25 LassenEagle Lake
    JEPS2576UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumWillis L. Jepson1894-8-01 SiskiyouHorseshoe-Bend Shasta Springs; Horseshoe-Bend, Shasta Springs
    POM105620RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumR. M. Austin4351895-8-1 ModocGoose Lake Valley.
    CAS-BOT246516CASEriogonum elatumCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-8-24 MonoMono Lake
    POM105623RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-6-21 LassenChat.
    CAS-BOT255732CASEriogonum elatumCopeland, Dr. E. B.35251903-7-3 SiskiyouKlamath on Siskiyou County line
    UC77428UCJEPSEriogonum elatumDr. E. B. Copeland35251903-7-03 SiskiyouKlamathon
    POM165179RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumE. B. Copeland35251903-7-08 SiskiyouKlamathon.
    UC71881UCJEPSEriogonum elatumMrs. M. H. Manning3521903-8-01 ModocMt. Bidwell
    CAS-BOT246506CASEriogonum elatumEastwood, Alice10531906-7-27 El DoradoGlen Alpine Region, lower end of Fallen Leaf Lake
    CAS-BOT246527CASEriogonum elatumEastwood, Alices.n.1906-8-20 MonoGreen Creek
    UC465987UCJEPSEriogonum elatumMrs. M. H. Manning1907-1-01 Modoc12 Mile Creek Mt. Bidwell, 12 Mile Creek
    UC375314UCJEPSEriogonum elatumGeo. D. Butler5161908-7-05 Siskiyoudry land near Yreka
    UC375311UCJEPSEriogonum elatumGeo. D. Butler2101908-8-04 Siskiyouhead of Shackleford Creek Shackleford Creek
    JEPS57002UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. elatumGeo. D. Butler2021908-8-06 Siskiyoutrail beyond Whiskey Camp (Independence Creek); Marble Mt. Reg., Independence Creek
    UC375309UCJEPSEriogonum elatumGeo. D. Butler2021908-8-06 SiskiyouIndependence Creek
    RSA0004994RSAEriogonum elatum var. villosumGeo. D. Butler16061910-6-26 SiskiyouDry land near Yreka.
    CAS-BOT33527CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumButler, George Dexter16061910-6-26 SiskiyouNear Yreka
    JEPS2577UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumGeo. D. Butler16061910-6-26 Siskiyounear Yreka; ; Near Yreka, Siskiyou Co.
    UC164079UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumGeo. D. Butler16061910-6-26 Siskiyounear Yreka; ; near Yreka, Siskiyou Co.
    UC163808UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumGeo. D. Butler17971910-7-29 Siskiyounear Yreka
    UC454347UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumI. J. Condit1911-7-13 SiskiyouDunsmuir, bank of Sacramento River Sacramento River, Dunsmuir
    RSA372072RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumR. KingK-451911-9-01 MonoSardine Flats
    UC412785UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. elatumMiss Helen D. Geis1111912-6-01 El DoradoLakeside Park
    CAS-BOT255748CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumEastwood, Alice13681912-7-24 ShastaCastella
    CAS-BOT255749CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumEastwood, Alice13681912-7-24 ShastaCastella
    AHUC101839DAVEriogonum elatumL. M. Sparks771912-8-01 ?  UnknownCalifornia: Lake Tahoe.
    UC184900UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumHarry S. Yates5001914-7-13 Trinityroadside, Stuarts' fork Stuarts' fork
    JEPS57004UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. elatumWillis L. Jepson61641914-8-14 SiskiyouDunsmuir
    RSA65204RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumF. W. Peirson17541914-8-25 MonoAlong old road south from Mammoth, above Crooked Creek
    CAS-BOT197828CASEriogonum elatumSmith, Leland S.751917-7-18 ModocSoldier Creek.
    JEPS57006UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. elatumWillis L. Jepson78951918-8-07 ModocMt. Bidwell
    JEPS57005UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. elatumWillis L. Jepson79191918-8-09 Modoc3 mi s Ft. Bidwell
    CAS-BOT255758CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumAbrams, L. R.99071922-8-6 SiskiyouBetween summit and Hornbrook
    CAS-BOT255733CASEriogonum elatumApplegate, Elmer I.39451923-9-6 SiskiyouKlamath River about 20 miles below the mouth of Shasta River
    CAS-BOT197824CASEriogonum elatumSmith, Leland S.14441924-6-29 ModocHappy Camp Ranger Station.
    POM87034RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumF. W. Peirson60551925-6-25 MonoRock Creek, volcanic tablelands.
    RSA65205RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumF. W. Peirson60551925-6-25 MonoRock Creek, Sierra Nevada.
    CAS-BOT246531CASEriogonum elatumPeirson, Frank W.60551925-6-25 MonoRock Creek
    UC634522UCJEPSEriogonum elatumF. H. Frost1925-7-12 ModocStow's Meadow - Cedar Canon Warner Mts., Cedar Canon
    CAS-BOT255760CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumHeller, A. A.139061925-7-25 SiskiyouAbout 7 miles south of Yreka
    UC725958UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumA. A. Heller139061925-7-25 Siskiyou7 mi s Yreka
    CAS-BOT246515CASEriogonum elatumHall, H. M.121381925-8-13 MonoNear pass between E. & W. forks Walker R.
    UC295929UCJEPSEriogonum elatumH. M. Hall121381925-8-13 Mononear pass between E. and W. fork Walker R. (up canyon n of road)
    RSA65181RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumF. W. Peirson68601926-6-25 ModocWest slope of Warner Mountains on Cedarville Road.
    CAS-BOT246507CASEriogonum elatumKlyver, Freds.n.1926-7-28 InyoVolcanic Tableland. Rock Creek, north of Bishop
    POM105616RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumF. H. Hillmans.n.1927-5-21 PlumasSierra Valley
    RSA766440RSAEriogonum elatumF. W. Peirson75711927-7-27 MonoSilver Lake. 200 feet above lake.
    RSA65179RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumF. W. Peirson75711927-7-27 MonoNorth end of Silver Lake.
    CAS-BOT246526CASEriogonum elatumPeirson, Frank W.75711927-7-27 MonoCanyon slope west of camp at north end of Silver Lake
    RSA15652RSAEriogonum elatum var. villosumCarl B. Wolf10021927-8-26 SiskiyouKlamath River, 5 miles below Hornbrook.
    CAS-BOT255757CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumWolf, Carl B.10021927-8-26 SiskiyouOn the Klamath River, 5 mi. below Hornbrook
    RSA393294RSAEriogonum elatum var. villosumAnstruther Davidsons.n.1928-7-01 PlumasFeather River [county not specified: Butte, Plumas or Sierra]
    SBBG180523SBBGEriogonum elatumH. Dearing1928-7-10 MonoTom's Place, Rock Creek
    SBBG180522SBBGEriogonum elatumH. Dearing1928-7-10 MonoTom's Place, where hwy crosses Rock Creek at highest place
    POM161219RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumLester Rowntrees.n.1929-9-21 MonoEast slope of Sonora Pass.
    RSA393289RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumLester Rowntrees.n.1930-8-22 AlpineEast side of Canon Pass
    RSA393288RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumRalph Hoffmans.n.1930-8-22 AlpineEast side of Canon Pass
    SBBG180519SBBGEriogonum elatumMrs. L. Rowntree1930-8-22 AlpineE side of Canon Pass [Alpine County]
    CAS-BOT255735CASEriogonum elatumVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1931-6-23 TrinityNash Mine above Carville
    RSA766441RSAEriogonum elatumF. W. Peirson103621932-7-22 MonoSteep slope along Robinson Creek below Barney Lake (Twin Lake Basin)
    RSA65180RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumF. W. Peirson103621932-7-22 MonoSteep slope along Robinson Creek below Barney Lake (Twin Lake Basin)
    CAS-BOT197825CASEriogonum elatumPayne, Francis Dorris7381932-7-22 ModocParker Creek.
    JEPS56998UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. elatumFrances D. Payne7381932-7-22 Modocs and e Alturas; Warner Mountains, Parker Creek
    CAS-BOT255727CASEriogonum elatumTraugh, D. M.1111933-8-7 SiskiyouKlamath Forest
    CAS-BOT197823CASEriogonum elatumHowell, John Thomas120701934-6-13 ModocFandango Pass, Warner Mts.
    RSA393292RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumFay A. MacFadden127081934-7-18 El DoradoTruckee River, on road to Reno.
    MACF031278MACFEriogonum elatumFay A. McFadden127081934-7-18 SierraTruckee River.
    CAS-BOT246533CASEriogonum elatumRose, Lewis S.344211934-7-23 PlumasChilcoot, Sierra Valley
    UC1032037UCJEPSEriogonum elatumC. W. Hanks51934-8-06 Plumasn end of Sierra Valley Plumas National Forest, Sierraville Quadrangle, Sierra Valle
    CAS-BOT255731CASEriogonum elatumLee, Edward10961934-8-14 SiskiyouNear summit of Little Grayback
    UC637041UCJEPSEriogonum elatumEdward Lee10961934-8-14 Siskiyounear summit of Little Grayback; Siskiyou-Del Norte County line
    UC1032039UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumC. G. Albertus2191935-7-20 Plumas1.5 mi sw Lava Peak; Plumas National Forest, Downieville Quadrangle
    CAS-BOT255736CASEriogonum elatumTracy, Joseph P.144541935-8-3 TrinityMary Blaine Mt.
    CAS-BOT255750CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumTracy, Joseph P.144611935-8-3 TrinityMary Blaine Mt.
    UC672915UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumJoseph P. Tracy144611935-8-03 TrinityMary Blaine Mt.
    UC672917UCJEPSEriogonum elatumJoseph P. Tracy144541935-8-03 TrinityMary Blaine Mt.
    UC672916UCJEPSEriogonum elatumJoseph P. Tracy144541935-8-03 TrinityMary Blaine Mt.
    UC1032038UCJEPSEriogonum elatumG. T. Nordstrom9131936-7-09 Sierra2 1/4 mi nnw Dog Valley; Sierraville Quadrangle
    CAS-BOT246532CASEriogonum elatumCassel, J. D.4311936-7-17 MonoLaurel Creek, Sierra Nevada
    UC1081575UCJEPSEriogonum elatumHerbert L. Mason114791936-8-01 MonoLeevining Canon Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park, Leevining Canon
    CAS-BOT255751CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumHowell, John Thomas128271936-8-26 TrinityScott Mts. 13.5 miles n. of Carrville
    UC577807UCJEPSEriogonum elatumT. Hendrix3521937-7-13 Monoe side of Upper Irwin Lake Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quadrangle, Upper Irwin Lak
    CAS-BOT255726CASEriogonum elatumHowell, John Thomas131541937-7-21 SiskiyouSouth Fork of Salmon River near Big Flat
    UC609321UCJEPSEriogonum elatumEleanor Burks Hart9261938-8-15 Siskiyoun side of Upper Wright Lake Upper Wright Lake
    SBBG180520SBBGEriogonum elatum var. villosumH. and M. Dearing37951939-7-02 SiskiyouEtna
    CAS-BOT255762CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumHowell, John Thomas148851939-8-2 SiskiyouSpirit Lake, Marble Mts.
    UC669154UCJEPSEriogonum elatumAnnie M. Alexander18331940-7-04 Monoabove No. Fork Walker R. (Leavitt Meadows); Leavitt Meadows
    CAS-BOT246528CASEriogonum elatumNobs, Malcolm461940-9-14 MonoLeevining [Lee Vining] Creek, below Leevining [Lee Vining] side of Mono Lake
    UC767811UCJEPSEriogonum elatumR. F. Hoover46351940-9-28 Lassen3 mi ne Susanville
    SBBG180521SBBGEriogonum elatumH. Dearing46871941-8-14 AlpineSheep Herders Creek, Hope Valley
    CAS-BOT246530CASEriogonum elatumAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise34361942-9-3 MonoNorth of Sherwin Hill
    UC704034UCJEPSEriogonum elatumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg34361942-9-03 Monon Sherwin Hill
    CHSC1323CHSCEriogonum elatum var. elatumV. Holt1943-8-10 SiskiyouMarble mountains.
    RSA393290RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumN. C. Cooper24581944-8-25 MonoBode [=Bodie?]
    RSA393293RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumM. B. Dunkle92751945-8-02 SiskiyouParadise Lake, Klamath National Forest, Marble Mountains.
    CAS-BOT255729CASEriogonum elatumDunkle, M. B.92751945-8-2 SiskiyouParadise Lake, Klamath Forest
    CAS-BOT255730CASEriogonum elatumDunkle, M. B.92751945-8-2 SiskiyouParadise Lake, Marble Mts., Klamath Nat'l Forest
    CAS-BOT246522CASEriogonum elatumFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura110551945-8-5 MonoNear outlet of lower Twin Lakes west of Bridgeport. Mono National Forest
    CAS-BOT246529CASEriogonum elatumFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura110551945-8-5 MonoNear outlet of lower of Twin Lakes west of Bridgeport. Mono National Forest
    UC733185UCJEPSEriogonum elatumRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine110551945-8-05 Monoslopes near outlet of Lower Twin Lakes (w of Bridgeport); Mono National Forest
    CAS-BOT197827CASEriogonum elatumAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.49191946-7-7 ModocHighway south of town, Fort Bidwell.
    CAS-BOT197826CASEriogonum elatumAlexander, Annie Montague; Kellogg, L.49191946-7-7 ModocHighway south of town, Fort Bidwell.
    UC1250292UCJEPSEriogonum elatumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg49191946-7-07 Modocs, on highway Fort Bidwell
    RSA60784RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumDorothy Parker1721948-8-05 SiskiyouPlowman's Valley, east fork of Scott River
    CAS-BOT255761CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumParker, Dorothy1721948-8-5 SiskiyouPlowman's Valley, e. fork of Scott River
    UC909325UCJEPSEriogonum elatumDorothy Parker1721948-8-05 Siskiyoudry rocky and sandy field, e. fork of Scott River Plowman's Valley, e. fork of Scott River
    UC1035866UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg55821948-9-05 SiskiyouSouth Fork Salmon River at Matthews Creek; South Fork Salmon River, Matthews Creek
    UC902111UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumJoseph P. Tracy185501949-9-14 SiskiyouSalmon River at mouth of Mathews Cr.; Salmon River, Mathews Cr.
    UC1198072UCJEPSEriogonum elatumJoseph P. Tracy185611949-9-16 Siskiyou1 mi e Etna; Scott Valley
    CAS-BOT246523CASEriogonum elatumHowell, John Thomas274181950-7-28 MonoLeevining [Lee Vining] Canyon
    CAS-BOT255759CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumBarbe, Douglas0871955-7-4 Siskiyou1.3 miles south of Etna on the Westside Road to Callahan, Klamath Mountains
    UC1096795UCJEPSEriogonum elatumMilo S. Baker, Douglas Barbe861955-7-04 Siskiyou1.3 mi s on the Westside Rd. to Callahan Etna (near the gate, meadow on s side of road)
    UC1072718UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. villosumDouglas Barbe871955-7-04 Siskiyou1.3 mi s on the Westside Road to Callahan Etna (near the gate, meadow on s side of road)
    RSA107481RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumL. S. Rose551411955-7-19 PlumasBeckworth
    CAS-BOT246534CASEriogonum elatumRose, Lewis S.551411955-7-19 PlumasBeckwourth
    CAS-BOT246535CASEriogonum elatumHowell, John Thomas307471955-7-19 PlumasBeckwourth
    CAS-BOT255752CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumHowell, John Thomas308261955-7-19 PlumasMohawk, Sierra Nevada
    RSA107490RSAEriogonum elatum var. villosumL. S. Rose551591955-7-20 PlumasMohawk.
    CAS-BOT255754CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumRose, Lewis S.551591955-7-20 PlumasMohawk
    CAS-BOT255755CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumRose, Lewis S.551591955-7-20 PlumasMohawk
    RSA116036RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumP. A. Munz211071955-7-22 MonoSweetwater Creek, Sweetwater Mts.
    CAS-BOT246518CASEriogonum elatumMunz, Philip A.211071955-7-22 MonoSweetwater Creek, Sweetwater Mts.
    UC1075875UCJEPSEriogonum elatumPhilip A. Munz211071955-7-22 MonoSweetwater Creek Sweetwater Mts., Sweetwater Creek
    UC1087468UCJEPSEriogonum elatumE. C. Nord, W. R. BentleyN-551957-7-08 MonoConvict Lake Burn Inyo National Forest, Convict Lake Burn
    CAS-BOT246520CASEriogonum elatumCantelow, Mrs. Ella D.s.n.1957-7-26 MonoNear Walker River, a few miles south of Coleville
    UC1085307UCJEPSEriogonum elatumJ. Powell811957-8-12 Mono1 mi w Tom's Place
    JEPS24036UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. elatumRimo Bacigalupi, Drs. Reino, Aloha Alava69001958-9-03 SiskiyouPoker Flat Siskiyou Mountains, Poker Flat
    CAS-BOT246514CASEriogonum elatumHardham, Clare B.65031960-8-4 MonoDesert Creek, Sweetwater Mt.
    CAS-BOT255753CASEriogonum elatum var. villosumHowell, John Thomas368901961-9-23 PlumasEnglemine, Sierra Nevada
    RSA185252RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumJames L. Reveal4091962-7-14 MonoIn the Mono Lake cemetery grounds on the north shore of Mono Lake
    CAS-BOT246525CASEriogonum elatumReveal, James L.; Reveal, Jack L.4091962-7-14 MonoIn the Mono Lake cemetery grounds on the north shore of Mono Lake
    UC1338705UCJEPSEriogonum elatum var. elatumJames L. Reveal, Jack L. Reveal4091962-7-14 Monoin Mono Lake cemetary grounds on the n shore of Mono Lake Mono Lake, Mono Lake cemetary
    RSA196061RSAEriogonum elatum var. elatumMary DeDecker14991962-7-22 MonoSierra Nevada: Fern Creek, near Silver Lake, away from stream.
    RSA618439RSAEriogonum elatumMary DeDecker14991962-7-22 MonoSierra Nevada: Fern Creek, near Silver Lake, away from stream.
    CDA0022580CDAEriogonum elatumT.C. Fuller93981962-8-18 MonoMono Village Campground, head of upper Twin Lake, ca. 15 miles southeast of Bridgeport.
    CDA0022581CDAEriogonum elatum