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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    CAS-BOT242564CASEriogonum crocatumJones, Marcus E.s.n.1926-4-26 Los AngelesMalibu Hills
    CAS-BOT242565CASEriogonum crocatumHowell, John Thomas65671931-5-29 VenturaConejo Grade
    CAS-BOT242566CASEriogonum crocatumRaven, Peter H.; Thompson, Henry J.151071960-4-24 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains (Lat. N. 34 deg. ; Long. 118 deg. to 119 deg. W.). West end of Santa Rosa Valley, north of Conejo Grade
    CAS-BOT242567CASEriogonum crocatumAbrams, L. R.65541917-6-12 VenturaCanejo [Conejo] Grade
    CAS-BOT242568CASEriogonum crocatumPayne, Theodore90131937-6-19 VenturaConejo Grade
    CAS-BOT242569CASEriogonum crocatumThorne, Robert F.; Thorne, M. Z.377211968-6-8 VenturaSanta Monica Mts.: lower end of Long Grade Canyon ca. .5 mi. E. of Camarillo State Hospital
    CAS-BOT242570CASEriogonum crocatumAbrams, L. R.65541917-6-12 VenturaCanejo [Conejo] Grade
    CAS-BOT242571CASEriogonum crocatumWolf, Carl B.109611941-7-9 VenturaSanta Monica Mts., Conejo Grade on Ventura Blvd. about 2 mi. above its W. base
    CAS-BOT242572CASEriogonum crocatumAbrams, L. R.65541917-6-12 VenturaCanejo [Conejo] Grade
    CAS-BOT242573CASEriogonum crocatumRoos, J. C.s.n.1958-5-22 VenturaConejo Grade summit on N. base of Santa Monica Mtns.
    CAS-BOT242574CASEriogonum crocatumNakai, K.; Broadbent, B.5891980-5-4 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains, end of Camarillo Spring Rd. at base of Conejo Mtn.
    CLARK-A1528-3623CLARKEriogonum crocatumJohn C. Roos1958-5-22 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains
    DAV303353DAVEriogonum crocatumT. E. Weiers.n.1942-6-26 YoloYolo County: Davis, University Abroretum.
    DAV303354DAVEriogonum crocatumRobert F. Thorne377211968-6-08 VenturaVentura County: lower end of Long Grade Canon, 0.5 mile east of Camarillo State Hospital.
    DAV303355DAVEriogonum crocatumJ. C. Rooss.n.1958-5-22 VenturaVentura County: Conejo grade summit on N. base of Santa Monica Mountains.
    DAV303356DAVEriogonum crocatumDaryl Koutnik1451978-3-24 VenturaVentura County: West side of Westlake Blvd., south of Potrero Rd. along Lake Eleanor.
    DAV303357DAVEriogonum crocatumCraig Campbell331995-4-29 VenturaVentura County: Thousand Oaks, Wildwood Park, 3 miles W of Hwy 23 on Avenida de los Arboles.
    HNT5651HNTEriogonum crocatumTheodore Payne1970-4-27 VenturaConejo Grade, Southern Ventura County
    LA100959LAEriogonum crocatumKei Nakai5891980-5-04 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Conejo Mountain; ravine on the N-side of mountain
    LA104175LAEriogonum crocatumKei Nakai10331983-4-11 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; E of Lake Eleanor spillway
    LA201292LAEriogonum crocatumArthur C. Gibson42062001-4-20 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Santa Rosa Trail
    LA36071LAEriogonum crocatumPeter H. Raven151071960-4-24 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Santa Rosa Valley; N of Conejo Grade, W-end of valley
    OBI150008OBIEriogonum crocatumRon Pecoffs.n.1961-4-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Botanical Garden; from Mt. Pinos area
    POM121820RSAEriogonum crocatumMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-4-26 Los AngelesMalibu Hills. [Santa Monica Mountains]
    POM306152RSAEriogonum crocatumHenry J. Ramseys.n.1938-6-16 VenturaConejo Grade.
    RSA0004974RSAEriogonum crocatumRobert Kesslers.n.2010-5-10 Ventura[No location data on label]
    RSA0004975RSAEriogonum crocatumunknown35761923-6-11 VenturaVentura.
    RSA0065510RSAEriogonum crocatumGrant Garlands.n.1948-5-09 VenturaHighway from Castaic to Ventura near Piru.
    RSA0065541RSAEriogonum crocatumBob Cochranes.n.1948-5-02 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
    RSA0177164RSAEriogonum crocatumR. Burgess87012010-7-3 VenturaConejo volcanics off Hill Canon Road. Thousand Oaks.
    RSA135130RSAEriogonum crocatumPeter H. Raven151071960-4-24 VenturaWest end of the Santa Rosa Valley, north of Conejo Grade.
    RSA199060RSAEriogonum crocatumRobert F. Thorne377211968-6-08 VenturaSanta Monica Mts. lower end of long Grade Canon ca. 0.5 mi E of Camarillo State Hospital.
    RSA20919RSAEriogonum crocatumTheodore Payne90131937-6-19 VenturaConejo Grade.
    RSA25652RSAEriogonum crocatumCarl B. Wolf109611941-7-09 VenturaConejo Grade on Ventura Blvd. about 2 miles above its W base
    RSA350564RSAEriogonum crocatumRobert Kesslers.n.2016-8-31 Ventura[No location data on label]
    RSA449974RSAEriogonum crocatumJ. C. Rooss.n.1958-5-22 VenturaConejo grade summit on N. base of Santa Monica Mtns.
    RSA497544RSAEriogonum crocatumWalter Wisura43801989-6-13 VenturaLong Grade Canon, S side Potrero Rd.
    RSA65104RSAEriogonum crocatumJ. T. Howell65671931-5-29 VenturaConejo Grade
    RSA659186RSAEriogonum crocatumJ. C. Rooss.n.1958-5-22 VenturaConejo grade summit on N. base of Santa Monica Mtns.
    RSA659704RSAEriogonum crocatumGary D. Wallace28281988-5-26 VenturaLong Grade Canon
    RSA705644RSAEriogonum crocatumStefan Szalkowski422005-7-29 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
    RSA705645RSAEriogonum crocatumStefan Szalkowski412005-7-29 Los AngelesRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.
    RSA784558RSAEriogonum crocatumElizabeth A. Kempton3792006-5-2 Los AngelesRSABGGrowing on grounds of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. [City of Claremont]
    SBBG179184SBBGEriogonum crocatumR. Burgess107822018-4-17 VenturaWestern Santa Susana Mtns, volcanic bluffs in vicinity of Camarillo Sewage Treatment Plant, Camarillo
    SBBG179185SBBGEriogonum crocatumR. Burgess87012010-7-3 VenturaVolcanic cliffs off Hill Cyn Rd, Thousand Oaks.
    SBBG179186SBBGEriogonum crocatumR. Burgess103822017-3-7 VenturaDos Vientos Open Space, SW flank of Conejo Mtn along Powerline Trail; Thousand Oaks
    SBBG179187SBBGEriogonum crocatumJ. Storrer1989-5-12 Venturafoot of Mountclef Ridge, S edge of E Santa Rosa Valley near jct of Santa Rosa Rd and Santa Rosa Crk, on slope of ephemeral drainage behind Canon property
    SBBG179188SBBGEriogonum crocatumRalph Hoffmann1928-6-07 VenturaConejo Pass
    SBBG179189SBBGEriogonum crocatumG. D. Wallace28281988-5-26 VenturaLong Grade Cyn
    SBBG201480SBBGEriogonum crocatumR. Burgess61992004-1-18 VenturaCamarillo Regional Park, hills S of Main access rd, E of Model Airplane Field, Camarillo
    SBBG208280SBBGEriogonum crocatumR. Burgess114342020-2-18 VenturaPowerline trail, SE side of Conejo Mountain, near summit
    SD231845SDEriogonum crocatumR. Coxs.n.1991-5-21 San DiegoEncinitas, Quail Botanical Gardens
    SD36878SDEriogonum crocatumC. I. Jerabeks.n.1945-7-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Botanic Garden
    SD98841SDEriogonum crocatumDarley F. Howe49001976-6-02 VenturaThousand Oaks Water Reclamation Facility, 0.6 mi. S of 9600 Santa Rosa Valley
    SDSU06549SDSUEriogonum crocatumHowe, D. F.49001976-6-02 VenturaEntrance to 1000 Oaks Water Reclamation Facility, Santa Rosa Valley.
    SFV111297SFVEriogonum crocatumC. Gassers. n.1956-3-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains; Santa Barbara. 789 Mountain Drive.
    SFV111298SFVEriogonum crocatumD. L. Koutniks. n.1977-12-14 VenturaAt top of rocky peak on Conejo Grade.
    SFV111299SFVEriogonum crocatumS. P. Collinss. n.1995-4-29 VenturaThousand Oaks. Wildwood Park. 3 miles west of CA Highway 23 on Avenida de los Arboles.
    UC579432UCJEPSEriogonum crocatumN. French3221934-4-30 Ventura2.3 mi s and 1.25 mi e Camarillo; Hueneme Quadrangle
    UCR0086324UCREriogonum crocatumJoseph Cahills.n.2012-6-20 VenturaConejo Mountain, off Edison Road trail, c. 0.95 mi. south of Hwy 101 and c. 0.95 mi. west of Newbury Park
    UCR0086325UCREriogonum crocatumJohn C. Rooss.n.1958-5-22 VenturaConejo Grade, north base of the Santa Monica Mtns.
    UCSB014287UCSBEriogonum crocatumMooney, Melissa311977-3-12 VenturaNorth base of Conejo Mt., Camarillo Springs Rd. off Hwy 101.
    UCSB014288UCSBEriogonum crocatumJohn C. Roos1958-5-22 VenturaConejo Grade summit on N. base of Santa Monica Mtns.
    UCSB014289UCSBEriogonum crocatumHendrick, Roy371977-5-21 VenturaCamarrillo Springs Rd., 1 mi. west of U.S. 101
    UCSB035432UCSBEriogonum crocatumRick A. Burgess4391985-5-06 VenturaSE side of Conejo Creek between Hwy 101 and Calleguas Creek. Immediately opposite Camarillo Sewage Treatment Plant. Site B.
    UCSB049127UCSBEriogonum crocatumSarah Termondts.n.2016-11-3 VenturaPac Rock Quarry
    VVC2022VVCEriogonum crocatumJames L. Reveals.n.1997-7-1 UnknownJepson field class on Eriogonum

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