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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
A00402872AEriodictyon tomentosumA. Eastwood1902-06-12 UnknownSalinas R. on road to Pozo. Near the boundary between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties
A00402873AEriodictyon tomentosumA. Eastwood69241918-05-16 San BenitoSan Benito
A00402874AEriodictyon tomentosumA. Eastwood68941918-05-14 San BenitoSan Benito
A00402875AEriodictyon tomentosumA. Eastwood ; J. T. Howell23051936-05-08 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Mts.
A00402876AEriodictyon tomentosumJ. T. Howell30081927-08-17 Monterey12 miles from Bradley on road to Jolon, Santa Lucia Mts.
A00402877AEriodictyon tomentosumJ. T. Howell115651933-08-18 Monterey17 miles east of Jamesburg, Santa Lucia Mts.
A00402878AEriodictyon tomentosumJ. G. Lemmon1935-09-29 Unknown[no additional data]
A00402883AEriodictyon tomentosumA. J. Stewart2031942-08-27 Montereyalong Chews Ridge, Tassajara Hot Springs road
A00402886AEriodictyon tomentosumL. Abrams66901913-08-14 San BenitoSan Benito Valley between Tres Pinos and Cooke
AHUC100276DAVEriodictyon tomentosumCollector unknowns.n.1941-06-24 FresnoFresno County: Western part of county.
CAS-BOT188015CASEriodictyon tomentosumPark, Geo.1131912-08-12 San DiegoCleve National Forest
CAS-BOT188016CASEriodictyon tomentosumEastwood, Alices.n.1926-03-31 FresnoCoalinga
CAS-BOT188017CASEriodictyon tomentosumTwisselmann, Ernest C.128171966-10-04 FresnoLos Gatos Canyon near the mouth of White Creek, western portion of county
CAS-BOT188018CASEriodictyon tomentosumTwisselmann, Ernest C.128171966-10-04 FresnoLos Gatos Canyon near the mouth of White Creek, western portion of county
CAS-BOT188019CASEriodictyon tomentosumJones, Marcus E.285841931-10-06 KernFrazier Park
CAS-BOT188022CASEriodictyon tomentosumTwisselmann, Ernest C.6171953-04-10 KernNear the summit of Ross Ridge
CAS-BOT376123CASEriodictyon tomentosumMenke, Marck1372002-03-30 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range, near the eastern end of Pozo Road
CDA0040314CDAEriodictyon tomentosumT.C. Fuller92531962-07-19 San Luis ObispoHighway 178 to Simmler, 15.5 miles northeast of Santa Margarita.
CDA0040315CDAEriodictyon tomentosumT.C. Fuller95781962-09-06 San Luis ObispoHighway to Santa Margarita, 5 miles south of Creston.
CHSC41472CHSCEriodictyon tomentosumL. P. Janeway12251986-02-11 FresnoSlopes along Los Gatos Cr Rd. T20S R14E S05 ,06 USGS Quadrangle: Alcalde Hills 1:24,000
CHSC41473CHSCEriodictyon tomentosumL. P. Janeway17361986-06-18 FresnoVicinity: southwest of Coalinga. Flat riparian-grassland in bend of Jacalitos Cr near Salt Cr. T21S R15E S31 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC53605CHSCEriodictyon tomentosumL. P. Janeway36871990-04-16 San BenitoN-facing slope of Mercey Cyn (Indian Cr) ca 2 W of Panoche Rd in Little Panoche Valley. T14S R10E S0 NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Cerro Colorado 1:24,000
CHSC69768CHSCEriodictyon tomentosumC. A. Janeway1986-05-15 FresnoCanon of Los Gatos Creek about 10-13 miles by road northwest of Coalinga. T20S R14E S05 ,06 USGS Quadrangle: Alcalde Hills 1:24,000
DAV321172DAVEriodictyon tomentosumD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-08-01 San BenitoSan Benito County: King City-Bitterwater. Bitterwater Road.
DAV321173DAVEriodictyon tomentosumR. N. Raynors.n.1940-06-20 MontereyMonterey County: Between San Lucas and Lockwood.
DAV321174DAVEriodictyon tomentosumD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-08-01 San BenitoSan Benito County: King City-Bitterwater. Bitterwater Road.
DAV321175DAVEriodictyon tomentosumD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-08-01 San BenitoSan Benito County: King City-Bitterwater. Bitterwater Road.
DAV321176DAVEriodictyon tomentosumG. H. Vansells.n.1934-06-23 FresnoFresno County: 20 miles west of Coalinga.
DAV321178DAVEriodictyon tomentosumT. H. Harriss.n.1948-07-01 MontereyMonterey County: The Indians, Santa Lucia Mts.
DAV321179DAVEriodictyon tomentosumRoman Gankin6671966-02-17 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Along roadside, ca. 2 miles east of Cuesta Pass off U.S. Highway 101.
DAV321180DAVEriodictyon tomentosumWilliam Andersons.n.1964-08-19 San BenitoSan Benito County: Panoche.
DAV321181DAVEriodictyon tomentosumMrs. B. S. MacLean31932-07-01 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: La Panza.
FSC0019553FSCEriodictyon tomentosumChas. H. Quibell1931-03-21 San BenitoCherry Hill above Panoche Valley on road to Hollister
FSC0019554FSCEriodictyon tomentosumE. R.1934-12-16 San BenitoIn a dry wash of an old stream bed along Panoche Pass road near Emmett
FSC0019555FSCEriodictyon tomentosumB. L.; E. R.1935-03-27 Fresnohillslope in Los Gatos Crk, Canon West of Coalinga.
FSC0019556FSCEriodictyon tomentosumBob Kincade171451957-04-16 FresnoLos Gatos Creek rd. 1 W of Coalinga. R14E. T20s. Sect. 4 near center; sandstone cliff on N side.
FSC0019557FSCEriodictyon tomentosumC. A. Janeway; L. P. Janeways.n.1986-05-15 FresnoAlcalde Hills quad T20S, R14E, Section 5, 6l Slopes along Los Gatos Cr ca 8-10 mi northwest of Coalinga via hwy 198.
GH00402871GHEriodictyon tomentosumA. Eastwood1902-06-10 UnknownBet. Pozo + La Panza. Near the boundary between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties
GH00402880GHEriodictyon tomentosumM. K. Curran1885-07-01 Monterey[no additional data]
GH00402881GHEriodictyon tomentosumT. S. Brandegee1873-04-01 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00402882GHEriodictyon tomentosumT. S. Brandegee1885-01-01 UnknownSt. Lucia Mts.
GH00402884GHEriodictyon tomentosumT. S. Brandegee1491909-01-01 MontereyVicinity of Jolon
GH00402885GHEriodictyon tomentosumC. M. Belshaw27321936-11-14 MontereyN fork of Priest Valley, 2 miles N of Priest Valley School
HSC213860HSCEriodictyon tomentosumP. Markle421960-05-01 VenturaMaricopa Hwy. [399]
JEPS21098UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumG. T. Nordstrom13501937-06-17 San Luis Obispo2.9 mi ene Lime Mtn.; Adelaida Quad., ene of Lime Mtn.
JEPS2963UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumMrs. Julia A. Bettys1925-06-16 San BenitoBettys place
JEPS40UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumWillis L. Jepson159181931-06-05 MontereyStone Canon
JEPS41UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumWillis L. Jepson47351911-09-24 MontereySanta Lucia Peak; Santa Lucia Mts., Santa Lucia Peak
JEPS47UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumWillis L. Jepson121761927-05-31 FresnoLos Gatos Creek; w Fresno Co.
JEPS49UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumWillis L. Jepson119881927-04-26 San Luis ObispoPozo Range
JEPS50UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumWillis L. Jepson159181931-06-05 MontereyStone Canon; se Monterey Co.
JEPS51UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumWillis L. Jepson192591939-04-22 Montereyw of Parkfield Cholame Hills
JEPS52UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumWillis L. Jepson202311940-10-09 FresnoLos Gatos Creek; sw Fresno County
JEPS53UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumJ. G. Lemmon1878-07-01 San Luis ObispoSan Diego to Cholame Valley; San Diego to Cholame Valley
JEPS79000UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumEdward Lee11771934-09-08 MontereySanta Lucia Mts., Upper Milpitas Road
JEPS85841UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumBarbara Ertter85631989-06-10 San Luis Obispo20 air mi ene of San Luis Obispo (e side of Black Mountain, 3 1-2 mi from Hwy 58 on road to Navajo Campground); La Panza Range, Black Mountain
JEPS99148UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumClare B. Hardham62821960-06-19 Monterey7.5 mi SW of Jolon (Los Burros Creek)
LA205708LAEriodictyon tomentosumJoseph Andorfer Ewan89831934-04-08 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains; upper San Antonio River, near China Gulch
LA205709LAEriodictyon tomentosumJoseph Andorfer Ewan91831935-03-30 MontereyPinnacles National Monument; N of Stonewall Creek
LA205710LAEriodictyon tomentosumJoseph Andorfer Ewan103101937-04-25 San BenitoCherry Hill Sch. W of Llanada
LA205711LAEriodictyon tomentosumC.B. Wolf23171931-08-16 Monterey5 mi. above King City on Pine Valley Road
LA205712LAEriodictyon tomentosumCarl Clawson Epling84261925-06-06 San BenitoInner South Coast Ranges; Pinnacles
NY43037NYEriodictyon tomentosumJ. B. Walker13661995-04-17 ?  MontereyLos Padres National Forest, Milipitas Rd, 6km S of Memorial Park Campground
OBI116077OBIEriodictyon tomentosumKyle R. Weichert62014-08-30 San Luis ObispoSalinas River floodplain near Atascadero; De Anza Trail. About 1-4 mile east of Atascdero Water Treatment Plant
OBI116078OBIEriodictyon tomentosumD. R. Miller611.9662011-06-24 San Luis ObispoRocky Butte-Pine Mountain region. South end of Tobacco Ridge ATV trail (then foot trail 500 m more).
OBI116079OBIEriodictyon tomentosumDavid J. Keil273731998-05-22 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest. Vicinity of Red Hill Rd. and Hwy. 58.
OBI116080OBIEriodictyon tomentosumDavid J. Keil275821998-06-01 San Luis ObispoE of Templeton on Lowes Canon Rd., 1 mile from junction with Cross Canon Rd.
OBI116082OBIEriodictyon tomentosumTracey and Viola Call21431962-07-13 San Luis Obispo4 mi E of Pozo, about 1 mi into Natl Forest.
OBI116083OBIEriodictyon tomentosumDavid J. Keil179391983-09-04 MontereyDiablo Range, 13 mi S of point where Peach Tree rd becomes Indian Valley rd on Indian Valley rd.
OBI116084OBIEriodictyon tomentosumDavid J. Keil283271999-05-04 San Luis ObispoCamp Roberts. Sulfur Springs Road, 0.5?1.1 miles w of junction with Deer Trail Road.
OBI116085OBIEriodictyon tomentosumJohn Jackman681980-00-01 San Luis ObispoMacGillivary Ranch, Adelaida.
OBI116086OBIEriodictyon tomentosumJesse Arnold111964-02-16 San Luis Obispo7 mi from Pozo on Black Mt road
OBI116087OBIEriodictyon tomentosumRobert F. Hoover98991966-07-13 San Luis Obispo5.5 mi SE of Santa Margarita
OBI116088OBIEriodictyon tomentosumClifton F. Smith124911993-06-15 San Luis ObispoAlong Branch Creek Rd, 7.8 mi from Hwy 166.
OBI116089OBIEriodictyon tomentosumRobert F. Hoover114001969-06-26 San BenitoFirst summit on Hernandez road after leaving King City-pinnacles road
OBI116090OBIEriodictyon tomentosumP.A. Holden4471968-06-15 San Luis Obispo3 mi south of Creston dump on Creston Rd about 10 mi E by road from Santa Margarita
OBI116091OBIEriodictyon tomentosumJoy Nishida4251982-06-05 San Luis ObispoAmerican cyn. .4 mi S of American Cyn campground near stream.
OBI116092OBIEriodictyon tomentosumRobert F. Hoover71941947-05-24 San Luis ObispoPilitas Crk district
OBI116093OBIEriodictyon tomentosumAnthony Baniaga1962010-05-16 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda Mtn BLM ACEC.
OBI124868OBIEriodictyon tomentosumLogan Urrutia32019-02-01 San Luis Obispo1 mile up Rinconada trail in Santa Margarita, located on right side of trail
OBI148242OBIEriodictyon tomentosumReed Kenny2472019-03-19 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch, Curran Ranch
PGM4364PGMEriodictyon tomentosumYadon, Vern1992-06-07 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Hanging Valley N of, Los Padres National Forest Indians Rd
PGM530PGMEriodictyon tomentosumYadon, Vern1960-05-23 San BenitoGloria Grade, 5.2 mi inside SBT Co fr MNT Co
PGM5918PGMEriodictyon tomentosumHowitt, Beatrice F07201955-07-16 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Lambert Range 1.5 mi from Hastings, Lambert Range near Hastings Reservation
PGM5919PGMEriodictyon tomentosumHowitt, Beatrice F00501956-06-27 MontereySierra de Salinas, Hastings Reservation near, Melin′s Rd to near Hastings Res
POM147885RSAEriodictyon tomentosumJ. B. Feudge17491927-07-15 MontereySummit of Inner Coast Range, Priest Valley.
POM160648RSAEriodictyon tomentosumLester Rowntrees.n.1929-06-28 MontereyChews Ridge, Santa Lucia Mountains.
POM211530RSAEriodictyon tomentosumCarl B. Wolfs.n.1931-08-16 MontereyBottom of ravine in flat, 5 miles above King City on the Pine Valley Road.
POM292891RSAEriodictyon tomentosumLyman Benson155891955-09-03 San BenitoEntrance to the Pinnacles National Monument. South Coast range, Pacific Slope drainage area.
POM73965RSAEriodictyon tomentosumKatherine Brandegees.n.1909-06-08 MontereyVicinity of Jolon.
POM87751RSAEriodictyon tomentosumA. D. E. Elmer32101901-06-01 MontereyTassajara Hot Springs.
PUA48212PUAEriodictyon tomentosumG.L. Clifton1981-04-21 FresnoLocal landmark: Jacalitos Creek. Coalinga Quad.
RSA0037306RSAEriodictyon tomentosumLeRoy Gross64832014-05-20 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range: Northern end of the Machesna Mountain Wilderness. Pine Mountain area, off Forest Service Road 30S17 Near 35.32621N 120.23 W, along trail pass Castle Crags. Stopped at the southern end of a knoll. Near 35.31575N 120.22483W.
RSA0039772RSAEriodictyon tomentosumLeRoy Gross65162014-05-21 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range: Western side of the Machesna Mountain Wilderness. American Canon Campground.Near 35.28 N 120.26 W. Follow trail up to last creek crossing, below stock pond. Near the main ridge line. Ended near 35.29415N 120.23097W.
RSA0064142RSAEriodictyon tomentosumMarck Menke1372002-03-30 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Range, near the eastern end of Pozo Road.
RSA0128932RSAEriodictyon tomentosumLouis C. Wheeler83941963-09-17 San BenitoAirline Highway at Murphy Road near Paicines.
RSA105929RSAEriodictyon tomentosumHarry L. Buckalew70341956-05-12 San BenitoAlong Hiway into Pinnacles Nat. Monument
RSA1072RSAEriodictyon tomentosumJ. T. Howell2321927-08-17 MontereyBetween Bradley and Jolon, Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA11111RSAEriodictyon tomentosumCarl B. Wolf13931927-09-25 San BenitoTres Pinos Creek at west base of Panoche Pass.
RSA114127RSAEriodictyon tomentosumH. K. Sharsmith44221954-07-07 MontereyLittle Cholame Creek drainage, 5.9 miles beyond Parkfield on road to Coalinga.
RSA115522RSAEriodictyon tomentosumE. C. Twisselmann22281955-07-07 KernRoss Ridge, Temblor Mountains.
RSA130866RSAEriodictyon tomentosumE. K. Balls235581958-07-18 Monterey1.5 miles south from China Canong road to Tassajara Hot Springs.
RSA131987RSAEriodictyon tomentosumGale Sphon3611959-06-06 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Campground, Los Padres National Forest.
RSA137064RSAEriodictyon tomentosumJ. T. Howell305591955-07-07 MontereyRidge southeast of Bear Mt., Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA142488RSAEriodictyon tomentosumClare B. Hardham62821960-06-19 MontereyLos Burros Creek. 7.5 miles southwest of Jolon.
RSA181342RSAEriodictyon tomentosumJames I. McMurphy7261909-08-22 MontereyJolon.
RSA23568RSAEriodictyon tomentosumCarl B. Wolf95651940-03-12 Monterey5 miles west of King City on Pine Valley Road.
RSA285641RSAEriodictyon tomentosumD. C. Michener40351981-09-03 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains. 7.5 miles west of junction with Quinado Canon road on Pine Canon road (southwest of King City).
RSA289524RSAEriodictyon tomentosumEdward Lee11771934-09-08 MontereyUpper Milpitas Road, Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA30227RSAEriodictyon tomentosumCarl B. Wolf111741941-10-03 San BenitoInner Coast Range Mountains, Tres Pinos Creek about 5 miles above (southeast of) Paicines.
RSA3061RSAEriodictyon tomentosumCarl B. Wolfs.n.1931-08-16 MontereyBottom of ravine in flat, 5 miles above King City on the Pine Valley Road.
RSA455052RSAEriodictyon tomentosumBonnie C. Templetons.n.1956-09-21 MontereyOn road to Tassasara Hot Springs.
RSA455053RSAEriodictyon tomentosumF. R. Fosberg849931931-06-06 San Benito10 miles below San Benito.
RSA455054RSAEriodictyon tomentosumLester Rowntrees.n.1929-06-27 MontereyChews Ridge, Santa Lucia Mtns.
RSA455055RSAEriodictyon tomentosumLester Rowntrees.n.1929-06-28 MontereyChews Ridge, Santa Lucia Mountains.
RSA455056RSAEriodictyon tomentosumL. S. Rose362521936-05-08 San Luis Obispo7 miles east of Pozo.
RSA492655RSAEriodictyon tomentosumC. F. Smith121361988-05-17 San Luis ObispoAlong dirt road up north slopes of Pine Mountain, about 1 mile or so below summit. McChesney Wilderness, La Panza Range.
RSA735800RSAEriodictyon tomentosumSteve Boyd117122007-02-17 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest along Pozo Road at Pozo Summit, at divide between Pozo Creek drainage and Mariana Creek drainage.
RSA749830RSAEriodictyon tomentosumA. C. Sanders352052008-05-04 San BenitoNew Idria Rd., 14.3 miles below New Idria; Panoche 7.5 Q.
RSA77243RSAEriodictyon tomentosumAlice Eastwood23051936-05-08 San Luis ObispoLa Panza Mts
RSA8478RSAEriodictyon tomentosumJ. T. Howell115411933-08-17 San Benito4 miles N of Pinnacles
RSA89779RSAEriodictyon tomentosumE. K. Balls185571953-10-06 MontereyAlong Paloma Creek, between Greenfield and Jamesburg.
SBBG103507SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumClifton F. Smith124911993-06-15 San Luis ObispoBranch Crk Rd, 7.8 mi from St Hwy 166
SBBG104953SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumF. L. Johnson, E. A. YoungROB5231993-05-23 San Luis ObispoTwin Bridges on Boy Scout Rd; Camp Roberts
SBBG107831SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumClare B. Hardham62821960-06-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Los Burros Crk
SBBG108069SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumClare B. Hardham9071956-06-10 San Luis Obispohills, foot of Tierra Redonda
SBBG109704SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumClare B. Hardham216741978-06-21 KingsGarza Cyn
SBBG110916SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL4931994-05-22 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: ca. 1.2 km SE of Ruby Cyn ca. 1.2 W of Jolon Rd, ca. 2.7 N of Mission Crk Rd; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG112486SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumCarol Bornstein, B. Collins1994-04-23 San Luis ObispoHuerhuero Rd, 2.5 mi S of Hwy 58
SBBG113302SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL31994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett: Del Venturi Rd, near ford on San Antonio River, ca. 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir; Ft Hunter Liggett
SBBG114909SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumCarol Bornstein1999-06-05 MontereyArroyo Seco Rd, 1.8 N of Memorial Park Cmpgrd
SBBG135535SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumM. Florence3551982-10-23 San BenitoT16S R7 W SE S33
SBBG208887SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumRoy Upton2020-07-14 MontereyRoute 146, Soledad
SBBG54414SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumLincoln Constance36151955-07-30 MontereyTularcitos Crk 8.3 mi SE of Carmel Valley Post Office
SBBG6088SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumH. and M. Dearing43861940-06-16 San Luis Obispoupper Salinas River near Pozo
SBBG87777SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumClare B. Hardham9081956-06-13 San Luis ObispoBlack Mtn, Highland District
SBBG87866SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumClifton F. Smith107751974-10-04 San Luis Obisponear Paradise burn, NW of Big Rocks near lower Cuyama Valley
SBBG88000SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumClifton F. Smith121361988-05-17 San Luis ObispoPine Mtn ca. 1 mi or so below summit, Machesna Wilderness
SBBG89169SBBGEriodictyon tomentosumS. A. Junak1980-09-18 MontereyCarmel Valley Rd just S of Hastings Reservation
SD00019132SDEriodictyon tomentosumLee Ripma1992009-07-14 Fresno3 miles east of I-5, 500 west of S. Sutter Ave, 3-4 of a mile south of Jayne Ave.
SD116563SDEriodictyon tomentosumBarbara Ertter33531980-05-11 MontereyArroyo Seco Road west from Greenfield a few miles east of Los Padres National Forest.
SD224991SDEriodictyon tomentosumKathy Harpers.n.1989-05-06 San BenitoPinnacles national Monument: Shirttail Canon Rd. (out of park)
SD25203SDEriodictyon tomentosumFrank F. Gander75421939-05-15 San Luis ObispoNear La Panza Public Camp, Los Padres National Forest.
SD27932SDEriodictyon tomentosumCarl B. Wolf13931927-09-25 San BenitoTres Pinos Creek at west base of Panoche Pass.
SD4121SDEriodictyon tomentosumLester Rowntrees.n.1929-06-28 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains
SD47988SDEriodictyon tomentosumL. Constances.n.1955-07-30 MontereyTularcitos Creek, 8.3 miles southeast of Carmel Valley Post Office.
SD53171SDEriodictyon tomentosumDarley F. Howe33211962-05-26 San Benito1.8 miles north of Paicines on Highway 25.
SDSU06030SDSUEriodictyon tomentosumHowe, D. F.1962-05-26 San Benito1.8 miles north of Paicines on state #25.
SFV103746SFVEriodictyon tomentosumB. C. Templetons. n.1956-09-21 MontereyOn road to Tassasara Hot Springs.
SJSU3195SJSUEriodictyon tomentosumR.Y. Takaha391958-06-01 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument
SJSU5449SJSUEriodictyon tomentosumW. Savage4751965-09-05 San Benitoby Hwy 25, 3 mi S of Tres Pinos
SJSU5658SJSUEriodictyon tomentosumW. Savage4811965-09-05 Montereyo.5 mi E of Jolon by Jolon-King City Rs
SJSU8884SJSUEriodictyon tomentosumH.E. McMinn26531931-08-29 San Benito2 N of Pinnacles P.O.
SJSU8888SJSUEriodictyon tomentosumW. Savage10551976-06-04 San Benito4.7 mi E of Paicines on Paicines-Panoche Rd, Panoche Valley
SJSU8889SJSUEriodictyon tomentosumW. Savage5251966-06-15 Monterey100 yds S of Univ of Calif Francis Symes Reserve, head of Carmel Valley
UC1004613UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumL. Constance36151955-07-30 MontereyTularcitos Creek 8.3 mi se Carmel Valley Post Office; Tularcitos Creek
UC1004614UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumL. Constance36151955-07-30 MontereyTularcitos Creek 8.3 mi se Carmel Valley Post Office; Tularcitos Creek
UC1046391UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumEarl Jackson241954-06-15 San BenitoPinnacles National Monment Pinnacles National Monument (Flats near headquarters area, Romero)
UC1051392UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumHelen K. Sharsmith44221954-07-07 Montereyon road to Coalinga 5.9 mi beyond Parkfield (Little Cholame Creek drainage); Inner South Coast Ranges, Little Cholame Creek drainage
UC107127UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumT. S. Brandegee841893-03-29 FresnoZapato Chino Creek
UC107128UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumE. Palmer, M. D.3891876-06-01 San Luis ObispoS < an > L < uis > O < bispo > < San Luis Obispo > S < an > L < uis > O < bispo >; Central Coast Range, S < an > L < uis > O < bispo > < San Luis Obispo >
UC107129UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumJ. G. Lemmon, wife1880-01-01 San Luis ObispoCholame
UC1124356UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumB. Bolt7061936-05-13 San Luis Obispo3 mi wnw Santa Margarita; Santa Barbara National Forest, San Luis Obispo Quad.
UC1124357UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumC. A. Graham1851937-12-14 Monterey4 3-4 mi sw Alberto School; King City Quad.
UC1124359UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumG. T. Nordstrom12431937-05-16 San Luis Obispo2.1 mi ese Chimney Rock; Adelaida Quad.
UC1124360UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumT. M. Hendrix1891937-05-17 San Luis Obispo4.8 mi se Highland School; Los Padres National Forest, Pozo Quad.
UC1124361UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumH. C. Lee6191936-05-21 San Luis Obispomouth of Oso Creek; Santa Barbara National Forest, Nipomo Quad., Oso Creek
UC1124362UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumH. A. Jensen201930-06-25 Montereyhead Copperhead Creek; Bryson Quad., head of Copperhead Creek
UC1124363UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumA. E. Wieslander1301929-07-01 MontereyIndians; Junipero Serra Quad.
UC1124364UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumN. French6681936-01-13 San Luis Obisposummit e Pozo; Santa Barbara National Forest, Pozo Quad.
UC1124365UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumJ. A. Rutter1936-05-12 San Benito1-2 mi s Mascott Springs; Pinnacles National Monument, San Benito Quad.
UC1124366UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumE. Armstrong11551934-04-01 San Luis ObispoRinconado Creek; San Luis Obispo quad., Rinconado Creek
UC1124367UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumB. Bolt5501936-01-16 San Luis Obispo1-2 mi e Cuesta Pass; Santa Barbara National Forest, San Luis Obispo Quad.
UC1181196UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumE. K. Balls235581958-07-18 Montereyalong road to Tassajara Hot Springs 1.5 mi s from China Camp; s from China Canong rd to Tassajara Hot Springs
UC1285008UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumR. F. Hoover71941947-05-24 San Luis ObispoPilitas Creek district
UC1299126UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumFreed W. Hoffman14881947-05-08 MontereyHunter Liggett Reservation; Nacimiento River, Hunter Liggett Reservation
UC130917UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumMrs. K. Brandegee1491909-06-08 Montereyvicinity Jolon; vicinity of Jolon
UC130918UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumMrs. K. Brandegee1491909-06-08 Montereyvicinity of Jolon
UC131716UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumAlice Eastwood1902-06-10 San Luis Obispobet. Pozo and La Panza (near the boundary between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties); bet. Pozo and La Panza
UC1392735UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumR. F. Hoover114001969-06-26 San Benitofirst summit on Hernandez Road after leaving King City-Pinnacles Road King City-Pinnacles Road
UC1392973UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumR. F. Hoover114001969-06-26 San Benitofirst summit on Hernandez Road after leaving King City-Pinnalces Road
UC1586078UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumBarbara Ertter85631989-06-10 San Luis Obispo20 air mi ene of San Luis Obispo (e side of Black Mountain, 3 1-2 mi from Hwy 58 on road to Navajo Campground); La Panza Range, Black Mountain
UC1613414UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumCharles M. Belshaw2991934-12-28 Montereylower end of near Vacquero Canon (Santa Lucia Mts.);, lower end of near Vacquero Canon
UC185491UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumKatharine Brandegee1910-07-01 Montereynear Jolon
UC1929582UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumSteve Boyd117122007-02-17 San Luis ObispoCoast Ranges, La Panza Range; Los Padres National Forest along Pozo Road at Pozo Summit, at divide between Pozo Creek drainage and Mariana Creek drainage.
UC1934625UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumV. J. Krajina1953-06-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez River Valley
UC1953348UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumAnthony Baniaga, Theo Fitanides1962010-05-16 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda Mountain.
UC24065UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumunknown1881-06-01 Montereycanyons w of Eastland Soledad (Soledad)
UC280157UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumunknown1925-08-14 San BenitoIdria
UC306116UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumKatharine Brandegee1927-07-28 MontereyParkfield
UC483476UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumL. E. Cox1908-07-01 Montereynear Tassajara Hot Springs; near Tassajara Hot Springs
UC527470UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumC. B. Wolf23171931-08-16 Montereyon the Pine Valley Road 5 mi above King City; above King City on the Pine Valley Road
UC570389UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumChas. M. Belshaw27321936-11-14 Monterey2 mi n Priest Valley School; Inner Coast Range, north fork Priest Valley
UC573201UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumG. T. Nordstrom13501937-06-17 San Luis Obispo2.9 mi ene Lime Mtn.; Adelaida Quad., ne of Lime Mountain
UC699648UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumAlfred J. Stewart2031942-08-27 Montereyalong Chews Ridge (Tassajara Hot Springs Road);, along Chews Ridge
UC723781UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumJoseph A. Ewan91831935-03-30 Montereyn Stonewall Creek; Pinnacles National Monument, n of Stonewall Creek
UC765876UCJEPSEriodictyon tomentosumR. F. Hoover38801938-10-09 San BenitoTres Pinos
UCR0084554UCREriodictyon tomentosumDavid J. Keil317392013-05-20 MontereyHamann family ranch (Flentge Ranch) between Vinyard Canon Road and Parkfield
UCR0084555UCREriodictyon tomentosumSteve Boyd117122007-02-17 San Luis ObispoLos Padres National Forest along Pozo Road at Pozo Summit, at divide between Pozo Creek drainage and Mariana Creek drainage
UCR0084556UCREriodictyon tomentosumA.C. Sanders352052008-05-04 San BenitoNew Idria Rd., 14.3 miles below New Idria
UCR101286UCREriodictyon tomentosumLouis C. Wheeler83941963-09-17 San BenitoAirline Hwy at Murphy Road near Paicines
UCR159849UCREriodictyon tomentosumGeorge K. Helmkamp96422005-06-12 San Luis Obispoalong Canon Hwy), 6.7 miles east of Santa Margarita
UCR160392UCREriodictyon tomentosumGeorge K. Helmkamp96172005-06-09 San Luis ObispoArroyo Grande to Huasna Road along Arroyo Seco Creek, 9.6 miles NE of Huasna Townsite Road
UCR51678UCREriodictyon tomentosumLyman Benson128171947-09-10 Fresno25 miles east of San Lucas Summit, east of Priest Valley, Diablo Mountains, San Joaquin Valley drainage
UCR90867UCREriodictyon tomentosumKathy Harpers.n.1989-05-06 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument, Shirttail Canon Rd. (out of park)
UCSB029739UCSBEriodictyon tomentosumDennis E. Breedlove37741962-07-07 MontereyAlong Arroyo Seco-Jamesburg Road, 3.8 miles northwest of Arroyo Seco-Greenfield Road; Santa Lucia Mountains.
UCSC100000758UCSCEriodictyon tomentosumD. Styer, J. Styer6882014-10-27 MontereyFt. Ord National Monument (Region C8, near the Blue Line in cut area)

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