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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT42830CASErigeron austiniaeCox, B. J.; Gillian, P.26121971-06-03 Modoc6 mi. N of Alturas on Hwy 395.
CAS-BOT42831CASErigeron austiniaeWiggins, Ira Loren; Wiggins, Dorothy B.163711961-06-12 ModocJunction of Cedar Pass road and Hwy 299, 5.5 miles north of Alturas
CAS-BOT42832CASErigeron austiniaeEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas81031940-06-12 ModocW side of Cedar Pass.
CAS-BOT42833CASErigeron austiniaeHanna, M. M.9491956-06-04 ModocTurn of highway Alturas to Cedarville.
CAS-BOT42834CASErigeron austiniaeAustin, R. M.; Bruce, C. C. (Mrs.)21861898-07-01 Modoc
CAS-BOT42835CASErigeron austiniaeBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett4180a1988-05-13 ModocJuniper Flats, 10 km E of Likely on road to Jess Valley, W side of the Warner Mts..
CAS-BOT42837CASErigeron austiniaeHowell, John Thomas119361934-06-11 ModocParker Creek, Warner Mountains
CAS-BOT42838CASErigeron austiniaeCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1935-06-08 ModocS of Marlin.
CAS-BOT42839CASErigeron austiniaeHowell, John Thomas122621934-06-30 ModocDuncan Horse Camp.
CAS-BOT42840CASErigeron austiniaeBartholomew, Bruce66501993-06-14 Modoc2 km E of County Road 114 on County Road 108, NW of Clear Lake Reservoir.
CAS-BOT42841CASErigeron austiniaeDouthitt, Fred D.141916-05-11 ModocJuniper Flats near West Valley.
CAS-BOT42842CASErigeron austiniaeBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett48741989-06-03 ModocBoles Creek, ca. 5.5 km E of the SE corner of Clear Lake Reservoir.
CAS-BOT42843CASErigeron austiniaePaulson, K.; Paulson, Robert51988-05-22 ModocEngle Swamp Road, Devil′s Garden.
RSA42057RSAErigeron austiniaeH. C. Cantelow8621935-06-08 ModocLava beds.
CAS-BOT294905CASErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeSchoolcraft, G.18111988-06-07 LassenAbout 14 air mi. NE of Ravendale
CAS-BOT294906CASErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeApplegate, Elmer I.103121936-05-17 ModocLava Beds National Monument. Top of Gillams bluff
CAS-BOT294907CASErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeSchoolcraft, Gary12271984-06-18 SiskiyouNW of Mt. Dome about 7 miles. 47-2-29
CAS-BOT294908CASErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeMuth, Gilbert J.12161969-08-06 SiskiyouBoulder Peak
CAS-BOT294909CASErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeBalls, E. K.147171950-05-17 Siskiyou1 mi. N. of rd. branching to Black Crater. Lava Beds Nat′l Monument
CAS-BOT294910CASErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise58421949-07-22 SiskiyouTrail to Kings Castle, top of ridge. Paradise Lake, Marble Mountains
CDA0017290CDAErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeG.F. Hrusa163182004-06-17 PlumasWillow Creek Rd. 1.6 W of Hwy 70 & 2.6 mi. W on 70 from town of Portola. Sierra Nevada.
CDA004406CDAErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeT.C. Fuller135951965-06-02 ModocSouth side of Highway 299 to Canby, 10.3 miles west of Alturas.
CDA004407CDAErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeVernon H. Oswald & Lowell Ahart92141998-06-11 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest boundary on Old State Highway, 1.5 miles south of the railroad crossing south of Mount Hebron.
NY2078384NYErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeG. Schoolcraft18111988-06-07 ?  Lassenabout 14 air mi. NE of Ravendale, rocky low sage flat
NY2078387NYErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeC. L. Hitchcock66521940-05-27 ?  Modoc9 miles northeast of Alturas
NY2078420NYErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeG. Schoolcraft18111988-06-07 ?  LassenAbout 14 air mi. NE of Ravendale, rocky low sage flat
NY2078426NYErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeB. M. Bartholomew48741989-06-03 ?  ModocBoles Creek, ca 5.5 km E of the SE corner of Clear Lake Reservoir
POM261272RSAErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeC. L. Hitchcock66521940-05-27 Modoc9 miles northeast of Alturas.
PUA004123PUAErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeG.L. Clifton180401988-06-19 ModocLocal landmark: Boles Creek. Steele Swamp Quad.
PUA65131PUAErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeJames Jokerst1985-07-22 SierraLocal landmark: Carman Creek. Calpine Quad.
RSA59500RSAErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeE. K. Balls147171950-05-17 Siskiyou1 mile N of road branching to Black Crater, Lava Beds National Monument
RSA59825RSAErigeron chrysopsidis subsp. austiniaeE. K. Balls146921950-05-14 Modoc0.2 mi. south of boundary Modoc National Forest, trail from Alturas to Thomas Reservoir.
AHUC107034DAVErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeBeecher Crampton5686A1960-06-17 ModocModoc County: 5 miles south of Perez, Plant Quarantine Station area.
CHSC66992CHSCErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeJames D. Jokerst28341987-05-11 ModocRadar Survey Site S of Doublehead Mtn., S of Clear Lake Reservoir, W of dry lake, ca. 0.33 mi to end of dirt road, then ca. 200 N. T45N R07E S29 NE1-4
CHSC66995CHSCErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeJames D. Jokerst28611987-05-13 ModocRadar Survey Site S of Doublehead Mtn., S of Clear Lake Reservoir, S end of northern sector. T4 N R07E S2 W1-4 of NE1-4 c S edge
CHSC71281CHSCErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeVernon H. Oswald92141998-06-11 SiskiyouKlamath NF boundary on Old State Hwy. 1.5 mi south of the RR crossing south of Mount Hebron. T4 N R0 W S08 SW1-4 of SW1-4
HSC210315HSCErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeR.C. Wunner3251965-07-01 ModocTop of Gillems Bluff above NW ranger residence. California Lava Beds National Monument
HSC210316HSCErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeR.C. Wunner1661965-06-13 ModocNW entrance of Gillems Camp near Howitzer Circle
HSC210317HSCErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeJ.P. Smith52701972-05-06 ModocAlong Hwy. 299, 4 W of Modoc County Rd. 58, E of Alturas
JEPS100353UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeDean W. Taylor178242001-06-28 PlumasDiamond Mountains, Crystal Peak, along the ridgeline at the summit Sierra Nevada
JEPS33854UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeGilbert Muth4361966-07-22 SiskiyouMarble Rim Marble Mt. Wilderness Area
JEPS94250UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart92141998-06-11 Siskiyou1.5 mi s of the Rail Road crossing s of Mount Hebron (Klamath National Forest boundary on Old State Highway); Klamath National Forest boundary on Old State Highway
OBI153724OBIErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeLewis S. Rose405421940-06-12 Modoc9 NE of Alturas, Cedar Pass Rd
RSA302220RSAErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeJ. R. Shevock18081972-05-20 ModocWest of Alturas, highway 299.
SBBG222642SBBGErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeH. and M. Dearing36211939-06-09 Modocnear Squaw Peak, Warner Mtns
UC1228140UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeBeecher Crampton5686A_1960-06-17 Modoc5 mi s of Perez
UC1514875UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeMrs. R. M. Austin841894-05-01 ModocLassen Creek
UC1553393UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeG. Schoolcraft18111988-06-07 Lassenabout 14 air mi ne Ravendale
UC1731082UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeDean W. Taylor3642b1974-06-02 MonoSweetwater Mountains, Sweetwater Canon, 0.3 miles West of the California State Line, along the dirt road up the canyon
UC31421UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeMrs. R. M. Austin1894-05-01 Modoc
UC87550UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeMrs. R. M. Austin841894-05-01 ModocLassen Creek
UC895614UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeC. L. Hitchcock66521940-05-27 Modoc9 mi ne Alturas
UC895684UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeLewis S. Rose405421940-06-12 Modoc9 mi ne Alturas; Cedar Pass Rd
UC922270UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg58421949-07-22 Siskiyoutrail to Kings Castle (top of ridge); Marble Mountains, Paradise Lake
UC952857UCJEPSErigeron chrysopsidis var. austiniaeE. K. Balls14691950-05-14 Modoctrail from Alturas to Thomas Reservoir Modoc National Forest (0.2 mi s boundary); Northern Juniper Woodland, Plant Community

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