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You searched for: Ericameria parryi monocephala

  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CDA0018191CDAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusG.D. Barbe17151973-09-18 Mono1.2 miles S of locked gate to White Mtn Scientific Area (Barcroft Research Station), Inyo National Forest. White Mountains.
POM213165RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusC. B. Wolf25491931-11-05 Mono1-2 mile below Ellery Lake Dam, Tiogo Pass, Sierra nevada
PUA003581PUAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusG.L. Clifton184191988-07-29 MonoLocal landmark: Highway 395. Mt. Morrison Quad.
RSA129803RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusT. M. Hendrix6201937-09-10 Mono2.3 miles SSW of Black Mt.; Bridgeport
RSA129804RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusW. A. Peterson4981936-08-19 Tuolumne2.5 miles NW of Sonora Pass; Dardanelles
RSA129842RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusG. A. Graham1501937-08-06 Mono0.6 mile southwest of Belfort, Mono National Forest
RSA167482RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusR. F. Thorne331191963-08-10 Mono1.3 miles beyond Sardine Creek Meadow, ca. 1 mile east of Sonora Pass, Toiyabe National Forest.
RSA2945RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusC. B. Wolf25491931-11-05 Mono1-2 mile below Ellery Lake Dam, Tiogo Pass, Sierra nevada
RSA301606RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusL. C. Anderson20311961-09-22 MonoBeside state Highway 120 about 0.5 mile below Ellery Lake Dam below Tioga Pass
RSA317262RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusS. Carlquist158501984-08-16 MonoNorth side of Tioga Pass, about 0.5 miles east of the Yosemite Park Boundary
RSA361215RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusJames D. Morefield41181986-07-13 MonoWhite Mts. S spur of hill 11513 on the Montgomery-Marble Creek divide, 2.3 miles S 44 deg. W of Montgomery Pk.
RSA627237RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusMary DeDecker39161975-07-12 MonoSweetwater Mountains: Wheeler Peak.
RSA627238RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusMary DeDecker39681975-07-19 MonoGlass Mountain divide: Obsidian Plateau Natural Area.
RSA627241RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusMary DeDecker43271977-06-26 InyoInyo Mountains: on crest; about 1 mile south of Sidehill Saddle.
RSA627243RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusMary DeDecker47921978-08-02 MonoSierra Nevada: Convict Creek drainage; whitish cliff between Laurel and Bloody mountains.
RSA681232RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusMichael Honer3922000-07-20 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain region, Sentinel Meadows Research Natural Area: Top of plateau overlooking Long Valley, appx. 2 NE of point 10185.; Dexter Cyn. quad
RSA699937RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusMichael Honer2082000-06-12 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mtn. Ridge, broad saddle appx. 2mi. SSE of peak.; Glass Mtn. quad
RSA700150RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusMichael Honer6302000-08-18 MonoInyo National ForestSouth Glass Mountain Peak, near climbers register.; Glass Mtn. quad
RSA700872RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusMichael Honer14072001-08-02 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Peak; NW flank below peak, appx. 8 W of radio structure.; Glass Mtn. quad
RSA708144RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusJames L. Reveal37461974-07-21 MonoSweetwater Mts., along a spring drainage SE of Wheeler Peak
RSA93851RSAChrysothamnus parryi subsp. monocephalusF. W. Peirson112081934-07-13 MonoShores of Virginia Lake, Virginia Lakes Basin
YM-YOSE232241YMEricameria monocephalaTaylor, Dean --Grossenbacher, Dena210812010-09-04 TuolumneYosemite National Park: Mt. Lewis, northwestern flank near the summit ridge
CAS-BOT294407CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaFerris, R. S.37631923-06-27 MaderaAgnew Pass
CAS-BOT294408CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaHowell, John Thomas168761941-08-08 MaderaSan Joaquin Mt.
CAS-BOT294409CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaHowell, John Thomas204141944-08-12 TuolumneGaylor Lakes
CAS-BOT294410CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaHowell, John Thomas206181944-08-16 TuolumneMono Pass
CAS-BOT294411CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaEastwood, Alice5961907-08-22 TuolumneTioga road, Yosemite National Park
CAS-BOT294412CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Vale, James42241981-07-18 MonoOne mile north of Mammoth Jct. on hwy US 395
CAS-BOT294413CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaTiehm, Arnold; Archer, Jeffrey C.102341985-08-25 MonoSweetwater Mountains, southeast side of Wheeler Peak on the southeast side of the range
CAS-BOT294414CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaAnderson, Loran C.20311961-09-22 MonoBeside state hiway 120 about 1-2 mile below Ellery Lake Dam below Tioga Pass
CAS-BOT294415CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaStebbins, G. L.C75091975-08-10 MonoNear summit of Lost Cannon Peak, northeast of Sonora Pass
CAS-BOT294416CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaVale, James T.s.n.1973-01-01 MonoVirginia Lakes
CAS-BOT294417CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaCongdon, J. W.s.n.1898-08-13 MonoBloody Canon [Canyon]
CAS-BOT294418CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaThorne, Robert F.; Henrickson, J.331191963-08-10 Mono1.3 mi. beyond Sardine Meadow and ca 1 mi. E of Sonora Pass
CAS-BOT294419CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaWolf, C. B.25491931-11-05 Mono1-2 mile below Ellery Lake Dam, Tioga Pass, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT294420CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaHowell, John Thomas202921944-08-10 MonoDana Plateau
CAS-BOT294421CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaEastwood, Alice5321907-08-20 MonoMono Pass
CAS-BOT294422CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaMichaels, Enids.n.1937-09-01 MonoMono Pass
CAS-BOT294423CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaSharsmith, C. W.27801937-07-25 MonoOn northeast end of Tioga Crest, east of Saddlebag Lake, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT294424CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaWolf, C. B.25491931-11-05 Mono1-2 mile below Ellery Lake Dam, Tioga Pass, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT294425CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaWolf, C. B.25491931-11-05 Mono1-2 mi. below Ellery Lake Dam, Tioga Pass, Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT294426CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaBolanders.n.1941-08-08 MonoMono Pass
CAS-BOT294427CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaSharsmith, Carl W.29261937-08-02 MonoOn north (and east) slope of Dunderberg Peak
CAS-BOT294428CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaKeck, David D.43841936-08-17 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, Slate Creek Basin. On N. slope of White Mtn. Elev. given as 11500 ft
CAS-BOT294429CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaKeck, David D.43841936-08-17 MonoHarvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, Slate Creek Basin. On N. slope of White Mtn. Elev. given as 11500 ft
CAS-BOT445307CASEricameria parryi var. monocephalaReveal, James L.; Reveal, Caroline G.37461974-07-21 MonoSweetwater Mountains, southeast of Wheeler Peak
CDA0052988CDAEricameria parryi var. monocephalaAnn Howald47402018-08-02 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada, Inyo National Forest, Upper Lee Vining Cyn, steep north slope of Dana Plateau, penstock maintenance road, c. 0.4 mile northeast of Ellery Lake dam. TRS 1N 25E S21 (Mount Dana 7.5 Q.), 37 56 19.6, -119 13 32.6 (37.938778, -119.225722). Elev 2904 m, 9527 ft. Steep north-facing slope of granite boulders w- Pinus albicaulis, Tsuga mertensiana, Juniperus communis, Ericameria parryi monocephala, etc. Common shrub, 2.5 dm tall, corollas yellow; in granite roadbed.
DAV344300DAVEricameria parryi var. monocephalaG. L. Stebbins, Jr.C-75091975-08-10 MonoMono County: near summit of Lost Canon Peak, northeast of Sonora Pass.
DAV344301DAVEricameria parryi var. monocephalaDean W. Taylor75411979-07-30 MonoMono County: Cirque just S N of lower end of Ellery Lake, Sierra Nevada.
DAV344302DAVEricameria parryi var. monocephalaR. H. Pembles.n.1967-09-10 MonoMono County: Tioga Crest.
DAV344303DAVEricameria parryi var. monocephalaR. H. Pembles.n.1967-08-12 MonoMono County: Tioga Crest, below Dore Cliff.
DAV344304DAVEricameria parryi var. monocephalaR. H. Pembles.n.1967-08-12 MonoMono County: Dore Pass, Tioga Crest.
DAV344305DAVEricameria parryi var. monocephalaR. H. Pembles.n.1967-08-11 MonoMono County: Tioga Crest.
DAV344306DAVEricameria parryi var. monocephalaR. H. Pembles.n.1967-08-08 MonoMono County: Hall Natural Area; ridge south of Fantail Lake. On east facing 13* slope.
DAV344307DAVEricameria parryi var. monocephalaR. H. Pembles.n.1967-07-29 MonoMono County: On southeast face of saddle between Mt. Conness and the metamorphic ridge to the east.
GH00417390GHEricameria parryi var. monocephalaH. N. Bolander61351866-01-01 MonoMono Pass
GH00417391GHEricameria parryi var. monocephalaJ. W. Congdon1241894-08-20 MonoMt. Warren Pass
GH00417392GHEricameria parryi var. monocephalaJ. T. Howell206181944-08-16 TuolumneMono Pass
HSC210161HSCEricameria parryi var. monocephalaHelen Constantine-Shull5741995-08-18 MonoAlong top of San Joaquin Ridge
HSC210162HSCEricameria parryi var. monocephalaJames D. Morefield31071985-08-20 Mono0.9 N 40 ° E of Eva Belle Mine, upper Cottonwood Creek basin, Fishlake Valley drainage.
INF00482INFEricameria parryi var. monocephalaSlaton, Michele2012-08-22 MonoSierra Nevada Region; N of Lake Helen, just above hiking trail.
INF00534INFEricameria parryi var. monocephalaMorefield, James D.1985-08-20 MonoWhite Mts. Region; Fish Lake Valley Basin; 0.9 N 40 deg E of Eva Belle Mine in upper Cottonwood Creek basin; Quad
INF00535INFEricameria parryi var. monocephalaReveal, Jack L.1964-09-05 MonoSierra Nevada Region; Tioga Pass, rock benches above and north of Ellery Lake dam.
INF00536INFEricameria parryi var. monocephalaMorefield, James D.1984-08-02 MonoWhite Mts. Region; Fish Lake Valley Basin; 0.8 N 80 deg E of Eva Belle Mine in Cottonwood Basin; Quad
INF00537INFEricameria parryi var. monocephalaReveal, Jack L.1964-09-22 MonoSierra Nevada Region; Mt. Warren Bench ˜ 1 N of Log Canon broken rock pavement
JEPS22378UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg42171944-09-03 Monosw of Sonora Pass
JEPS90952UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaDean W. Taylor155311995-09-19 Monoheadwaters Walker Creek in Bloody Canon (along trail about 350 meters e of the summit, Inyo National Forest, Mono Pass, Mono Lake Watershed); Sierra Nevada, Inyo National Forest, Mono Pass
LA00601239LAEricameria parryi var. monocephalaM. Lewis5471955-08-01 MonoH.M. Hall Natural Area
LA16405LAEricameria parryi var. monocephalaM. Lewis5471955-08-01 MonoSierra Nevada; H.M. Hall Natural Area; Big Horn Lake
SJSU13612SJSUEricameria parryi var. monocephalaC.W. Sharsmith51971944-08-17 Monowest slope Dana Plateau above Glacier Canon
SJSU13630SJSUEricameria parryi var. monocephalaC.W. Sharsmith56501948-08-20 Tuolumnesouth slope Mt. Gibbs above Mono Pass, Yosemite National Park
SJSU6232SJSUEricameria parryi var. monocephalaC.W. Sharsmith78741972-08-14 Monocrest of Gold Mt Ridge between Coldwater Creek & Sherwin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes region, southern Mono County.
UC1119152UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaA. H. Hawbecker1936-08-15 Tuolumnebetween Soldier and Spiller Lakes; Yosemite National Park, Bridgeport Quad.
UC1119153UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaH. S. Yates62201936-08-19 Alpine2 mi ssw Sonora Peak; Dardanelles Quad.
UC1119154UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaA. D. Gifford7711936-09-18 Mono2.25 mi. e.-s.e. Sonora Pass; Dardanelles Quad.
UC1119156UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaG. A. Graham1501937-08-06 Mono0.6 mi sw Belfort; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quad.
UC1445375UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaMary DeDecker47921978-08-02 Monowhitish cliff between Laurel Mountain and Bloody Mountain (Convict Creek drainage); Sierra Nevada, Convict Creek
UC1523934UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaJames D. Morefield31071985-08-20 Mono0.9 mi n 40 degrees e Eva Belle Mine (in upper Cottonwood Creek basin, Fishlake Valley drainage); White Mountains, Cottonwood Creek Basin, Fishlake Valley
UC1786796UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaMichael Honer3922000-07-20 MonoGlass Mountain Region; Sentinel Meadows Research Natural Area: Top of plateau overlooking Long Valley, appx. 2 NE of point 10185.
UC1787227UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaMichael Honer6302000-08-18 MonoGlass Mountain Region: South Glass Mountain Peak. Near climbers′ register. (Glass Mountain 7.5 quad.)
UC195489UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaMiss Maud Minthorn2241908-09-08 Monovicinity Lundy
UC1980599UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaJames L. Reveal, Caroline G. Reveal37461974-07-21 MonoSweetwater Mountains, along a spring drainage southeast of Wheeler Peak.
UC527164UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaC. B. Wolf1931-11-05 Mono0.5 mi below Ellery Lake; Tioga Pass
UC572426UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaW. A. Peterson4981936-08-19 Tuolumne2.5 mi nw Sonora Pass; Stanislaus National Forest, Dardanelles Quad.
UC579399UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaT. M. Hendrix6201937-09-10 Mono2.3 mi ssw Black Mountain (near Virginia Lake); Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quad.
UC648679UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaJ. Clausen16531937-08-05 Monorocky and gravelly saddle on ne side Mt. Conness; Sierra Nevada,, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area
UC712305UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaC. W. Sharsmith27801937-07-25 Monoe of Saddlebag Lake (on ne end of Tioga Crest); Sierra Nevada, Tioga Crest
UC712533UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaC. W. Sharsmith26051937-07-17 Monoon w ridge Mount Gibbs; Sierra Nevada, Mount Gibbs
UC712535UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaC. W. Sharsmith28441937-07-28 Monos slope Mount Warren (Tioga Pass region); Sierra Nevada, Tioga Pass, Mount Warren
UC712552UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaC. W. Sharsmith29261937-08-02 Monoon n (and e) slope Dunderberg Peak; Sierra Nevada, Dunderberg Peak
UC712553UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaCarl W. Sharsmith41441939-08-05 Tuolumnenw slope Excelsior Mountain (Virginia Canon region); Sierra Nevada,, Virginia Canon
UC87225UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaJ. W. Congdon1894-08-21 MonoMt. Warren
UC87226UCJEPSEricameria parryi var. monocephalaJ. W. Congdon1894-08-16 MonoBloody Canon
UCR255562UCREricameria parryi var. monocephalaAnn Howald32842014-08-17 Monoeast end Gardisky Lake, c. 0.3 mile northwest of Tioga Peak
UCR44212UCREricameria parryi var. monocephalaJames D. Morefield31071985-08-20 MonoInyo National Forest, 0.9 mi. northeast (40 ° ) of Eva Belle Mine, upper Cottonwood Creek basin, Fishlake Valley drainage.; White Mtns

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