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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
ELH00786ELHEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiGary Schoolcraft14921985-07-29 LassenWest slopes of Fort Sage Mountain
NY01012936NYEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiG. Schoolcraft14921985-07-29 ?  LassenWest slopes of Fort Sage Mountains
NY01012939NYEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiM. Honer2252000-06-13 ?  MonoGlass Mountain Region: Along FS road 3S01 (paralleling powerline - east of Deep Spring) approximatly 1000m west of Benton Crossing road 200 m west of cattle tank (Banner Ridge quad)
NY01012940NYEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiR. M. Lloyd26641963-06-18 ?  InyoWhite Mountains: Westgard Pass, 7.4 miles west of White Mountain Road
NY01012941NYEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiG. Schoolcraft7731982-07-07 ?  LassenFort Sage Mountains
NY01012943NYEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiV. E. Grant173081952-07-22 ?  MonoHot springs area 2 miles southeast of Bridgeport
NY01469234NYEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiB. Ertter100661991-05-27 ?  InyoCa 2 1-2 airmiles ENE of Big Pine in Owens Valley, 0.4 mi from Hwy 168 (Westgard Pass Rd) on rd to Death Valley.
NY01469235NYEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiB. Ertter192202008-07-27 ?  MonoOld Sherwin Grade-Lower Rock Creek Road northwest of Bishop, tuffaceous summit south of Rock Creek Crossing
NY3280833NYEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiJ. S. Henrickson183021979-06-12 ?  InyoCa. 24 air miles SSE of Olancha, 6.5 air miles ENE of Little Lake, on E side of cinder cone.
NY3280837NYEriastrum sparsiflorum var. wilcoxiiB. Ertter192232008-07-28 ?  InyoCa. halfway between Independence and Onion Valley (= Kearsarge Pass trailhead), area burnt during previous summer.
CAS-BOT187908CASEriastrum wilcoxiiHardham, Clare B.23730D1980-08-16 MonoBuckeye Creek, Sierra Nevada Mountains
CAS-BOT187909CASEriastrum wilcoxiiHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.545781981-08-13 MonoAt Rock Creek Bridge on Old Sherwin Grade Road, 3.5 miles N of Paradise Camp
CAS-BOT187910CASEriastrum wilcoxiiHowell, John Thomas; Fuller, T. C.; Barbe, G. D.545691981-08-13 Mono0.7 mile S of Paradise Camp on Old Sherwin Grade Road
CAS-BOT187912CASEriastrum wilcoxiiTaylor, M. S.48581982-07-17 MonoN side of graded road on S side of Mono Lake, ca. 0.5 mile E of Rush Creek, ca. 4 mile SE of Lee Vining
CAS-BOT187913CASEriastrum wilcoxiiHarnach, W.; Harnach, N.3891990-06-16 PlumasFrank Dotta Ranch, Sierra Valley
CAS-BOT294734CASEriastrum wilcoxiiVale, Jamess.n.1979-07-17 InyoHwy. 168. Gilbert Pass
CAS-BOT500471CASEriastrum wilcoxiiHowald, Ann34652015-06-17 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada Mtns: Lower Rock Creek Rd, c. 3.6 mi SE of jct with Hwy 395
CAS-BOT515199CASEriastrum wilcoxiiRaven, Peter H.70321954-06-17 InyoEast slope of Westguard Pass
CAS-BOT515200CASEriastrum wilcoxiiMcCracken, Dr. Isabels.n.1935-04-27 InyoBetween Death Valley & Darwin
CAS-BOT515204CASEriastrum wilcoxiiRose, Lewis S.421871942-07-31 InyoBishop Creek Canyon, 9 mi W of Bishop
CAS-BOT515205CASEriastrum wilcoxiiKerr, Marks.n.1937-05-04 InyoIndependence
CAS-BOT515206CASEriastrum wilcoxiiKerr, Marks.n.1937-05-26 Inyo1-2 mi E of Aberdeen RR Station
CAS-BOT515207CASEriastrum wilcoxiiCoville, Frederick V.; Funston, Frederick8861891-06-07 InyoNear Lone Pine
CAS-BOT515208CASEriastrum wilcoxiiCoville, Frederick V.; Funston, Frederick21431891-05-15 InyoPanamint Mountains
CAS-BOT515209CASEriastrum wilcoxiiHowell, John Thomas38971928-06-14 InyoPanamint Mountains: Surprise Canyon near Panamint City
CAS-BOT515210CASEriastrum wilcoxiiHowell, John Thomas38971928-06-14 InyoS side of Surprise Canyon near Panamint City, Panamint Mts.
CAS-BOT515211CASEriastrum wilcoxiiMunz, Philip A.135281949-06-13 Inyo1 mi E of Westgard Pass, White Mts.
CAS-BOT515212CASEriastrum wilcoxiiMunz, Philip A.117521947-05-13 InyoCanyon to Santa Rosa Mine, on side road from road to Saline Valley
CAS-BOT515213CASEriastrum wilcoxiiKeck, David D.5371930-06-22 Inyo10 mi NE of Big Pine on road to Westgard Pass
CAS-BOT515214CASEriastrum wilcoxiiFerris, Roxana S.13741918-07-15 InyoIn canyon of Wyand Creek near Deep Springs Valley
CAS-BOT515215CASEriastrum wilcoxiiRoos, J. C.s.n.1965-07-11 InyoWildrose Canyon at kilns, Panamint Mtns.
CAS-BOT515216CASEriastrum wilcoxiiRoos, J. C.65081955-07-23 InyoSoldier Flat at E base Waucoba Mountain, Inyo Mountains
CAS-BOT515217CASEriastrum wilcoxiiDuran, Victor26811930-06-01 InyoBlack Canyon, White Mountains
CAS-BOT515218CASEriastrum wilcoxiiDuran, Victor26811930-06-01 InyoBlack Canyon, White Mountains
CAS-BOT515219CASEriastrum wilcoxiiAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise42491945-06-14 InyoBishop Creek
CAS-BOT515220CASEriastrum wilcoxiiAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise29511942-06-09 InyoWalker Creek, SW of Olancha, east slope of Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT515221CASEriastrum wilcoxiiAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise56781949-05-27 InyoFish Lake Valley on road to Oasis
CAS-BOT515222CASEriastrum wilcoxiiMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.2731961-06-25 InyoSilver Canyon
CAS-BOT515223CASEriastrum wilcoxiiMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.1161961-06-07 InyoSilver Creek Road
CAS-BOT515224CASEriastrum wilcoxiiMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.191961-05-04 Inyo2.9 mi E of Big Pine (Westgard Pass)
CAS-BOT515225CASEriastrum wilcoxiiRaven, Peter H.70291954-06-17 InyoNear the School, Deep Springs Valley
CAS-BOT515226CASEriastrum wilcoxiiEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas95621941-05-16 Inyo12 mi. S of Bishop
CAS-BOT515227CASEriastrum wilcoxiiKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja; Vale, James; Wagnon, Keith42281981-07-14 InyoAlong Hwy US 395 on S side of Sherwin Grade toward Bishop
CAS-BOT515228CASEriastrum wilcoxiiPenalosa, Javier17231961-06-14 InyoInyo-White MOuntains, 3 mi S of Westgard Pass
CAS-BOT515229CASEriastrum wilcoxiiWallace, Gary5901966-06-18 InyoEast side of the Sierra Nevada along Hwy 395, 15 mi S of Big Pine
CAS-BOT515230CASEriastrum wilcoxiiTrain, Percys.n.1937-05-15 InyoDeath Valley Region: Owens Valley at Independence
CAS-BOT515231CASEriastrum wilcoxiiBourell, M.; Patterson, R.30501986-05-02 InyoAlabama Hills, ca 5 mi from Whitney Portal X Movie Rds on Moffit Ranch Rd.
CAS-BOT515232CASEriastrum wilcoxiiPeterson, P. M.5501982-06-02 InyoNE of White Top Cabin
CAS-BOT515233CASEriastrum wilcoxiiFerris, Roxana S.74581928-04-30 KernBetween Coso Hot Springs and Coso Junction
CAS-BOT515234CASEriastrum wilcoxiiBacigalupi, Rimo; Robbins, G. T.54181955-07-21 LassenSouthern edge of Secret Valley, along the Smoke Creek road, 6.8 mi E of US Hwy 395
CAS-BOT515235CASEriastrum wilcoxiiAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise45261945-07-25 MonoBodie, west crest of hill
CAS-BOT515236CASEriastrum wilcoxiiAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise18201940-07-03 MonoCasa Diablo Mountains, west of divide
CAS-BOT515239CASEriastrum wilcoxiiFerris, Roxana S.110201945-08-03 Mono2 mi NW of Masonic, hills E of Bridgeport
CAS-BOT515240CASEriastrum wilcoxiiKeck, David D.; Abrams, L. R.28831934-06-30 MonoSouth of Mono Lake, 4 mi N of Mono Mills
CAS-BOT515241CASEriastrum wilcoxiiKeck, David D.; Abrams, L. R.28831934-06-30 MonoSouth of Mono Lake, 4 mi N of Mono Mills
CAS-BOT515242CASEriastrum wilcoxiiKeck, David D.38721935-07-20 MonoMouth of Leevining Canyon
CAS-BOT515243CASEriastrum wilcoxiiKeck, David D.38721935-07-20 MonoMouth of Leevining Canyon
CAS-BOT515244CASEriastrum wilcoxiiBaker, Milo S.58311932-07-04 MonoMouth of Leevining Canyon
CAS-BOT515245CASEriastrum wilcoxiiPittman, Edward1241965-09-05 MonoNegit Island, Mono Lake
CAS-BOT515246CASEriastrum wilcoxiiThomas, John H.97771961-09-14 Mono3.5 mi up Rock Creek fro Tom′s Place
CAS-BOT515247CASEriastrum wilcoxiiLorraine, Lauras.n.1938-08-06 MonoNear Mono Lake between Leevining and Tioga Lodge
CAS-BOT515248CASEriastrum wilcoxiiRose, Lewis S.354181935-07-20 MonoMammoth Lakes Region: Whitmore Hot Springs
CAS-BOT515249CASEriastrum wilcoxiiRose, Lewis S.501981950-07-26 Mono3 mi S of Leevining
CAS-BOT515250CASEriastrum wilcoxiiBurton, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E.s.n.1961-08-01 MonoWhite Mts.
CAS-BOT515251CASEriastrum wilcoxiiDeDecker, Mary9071958-07-12 MonoLong Valley, N side of Crowley
CAS-BOT515252CASEriastrum wilcoxiiWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1938-07-26 MonoNear Mono Lake
CAS-BOT515253CASEriastrum wilcoxiiClausen, J.8011933-08-23 MonoLeevining
CAS-BOT515254CASEriastrum wilcoxiiCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1941-07-24 Mono2.5 miles E of Virginia Lakes
CAS-BOT515255CASEriastrum wilcoxiiReveal, James L.3871962-07-06 Mono2 mi W of Benton (Station), 1-4 mi N of Hey 120
CAS-BOT515256CASEriastrum wilcoxiiWillard, Beatrice1271945-06-15 MonoS. side of Mammoth Creek above Ranger Station, Mammoth Lakes area, Inyo Natl. Forest
CAS-BOT515257CASEriastrum wilcoxiiBalls, E. K.148541950-05-23 MonoAbove Paradise Camp, off Hwy 395, just north of Inyo Co. line
CAS-BOT515258CASEriastrum wilcoxiiRaven, Peter H.37011951-07-29 Mono1-2 mi E of Mammoth Post Office
CAS-BOT515259CASEriastrum wilcoxiiBurch, J.; Robins, J.; Wainwright, T.901976-07-01 MonoMono Lake and vicinity, N of Lee Vining
CAS-BOT515261CASEriastrum wilcoxiiCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-08-24 MonoMono Lake
CAS-BOT515262CASEriastrum wilcoxiiCongdon, J. W.s.n.1895-08-16 MonoMono Lake
CAS-BOT515263CASEriastrum wilcoxiiTwisselmann, Ernest C.; Bedell, Donald J.187411972-07-05 TulareSierra Nevada, Kern Plateau: Honey Bee ridges, near the summit
CAS-BOT515264CASEriastrum wilcoxiiShevock, James R.; Norris, Larry L.; McNeal, Dale116101986-06-09 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada, Kern Plateau, BLM-Owens Peak Wilderness. Along western slope of Sawtooth Peak along upper saddle E of Lamont Meadow
CAS-BOT569215CASEriastrum wilcoxiiDe Groot, Sarah J.50622005-06-22 InyoOwens Valley: Along Mazourka Canyon Road just outside of Independence, ca. 0.8 miles from junction with Highway 395.
CAS-BOT569216CASEriastrum wilcoxiiDe Groot, Sarah J.50642005-06-22 InyoInyo National Forest. Inyo Mountains: Badger Flat near end of Mazourka Canyon Road, northwest part of range.
CAS-BOT569330CASEriastrum wilcoxiiDe Groot, Sarah J.50942005-06-22 InyoInyo National Forest. Inyo Mountains: Along Mazourka Canyon Road south of Badger Flat, north of road to Santa Rita Flats.
CAS-BOT591430CASEriastrum wilcoxiiKaiser, Andrew; Ellis, Lucy16-82016-05-23 InyoDeath Valley National Park; Panamint Range; Pinon Mesa Rd (Charcoal Kiln Rd) off Upper Wildrose Rd
CAS-BOT94912CASEriastrum wilcoxiiWenk, R. C.; Hopkinson, P.; Hammond, M.; Brownsey, P.8652008-06-17 MonoMono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, N end of lake
CDA0014863CDAEriastrum wilcoxiiG.D. Barbe35401981-08-13 MonoFrom southbound Highway 395, overlooking Sherwin Hill and Round Valley; 4.8 miles north of Inyo-Mono county line.
CDA0018273CDAEriastrum wilcoxiiG.D. Barbe19381974-08-20 LassenHallelujah Junction, northwest corner of jct of US Hwy 395 and Hwy 70. Long Valley.
CDA0050293CDAEriastrum wilcoxiiR.A. Price16452010-06-12 MonoAbout 5 miles south of Toms Place at vista area on Highway 395, north of Bishop.
CDA0053870CDAEriastrum wilcoxiiAnn Howald49542019-06-01 MonoFish Lake Valley, south end, near Oasis, 0.1 mi southwest of the intersection of highways 168 and 266.
CDA0053882CDAEriastrum wilcoxiiAnn Howald49832019-06-07 MonoNorthern foothills of Sweetwater Mountains, Rickey Canon, c. 0.6 mi. east of canyon mouth.
CHSC109189CHSCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre144002010-06-20 InyoEastern Sierra; along McMurry Mdw Rd 3.2 mi southwest of junction with Glacier Lodge Road, 1.2 WSW of Crater Mtn. USGS Quadrangle: Fish Springs 1:24,000
CHSC111050CHSCEriastrum wilcoxiiH. C. ForbesFS 4761986-05-03 InyoJust W of Fish Slough Rd., 2 miles N of Jean Blanc Rd. Fish Slough: a desert wetland system 4.5 mi. north of Bishop at the northern end of Owens Valley; study site includes 14 sq. mi. along a 7 mi. drainage axis.
CHSC27698CHSCEriastrum wilcoxiiThomas E. Lewis, Jr.411978-05-22 InyoCa. 30 m (100 ft.) s of the Underwood Ln.--Owens River Canal bridge, sw of Bishop. T07S R32E S1 NE1-4 of NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Bishop
CHSC34581CHSCEriastrum wilcoxiiJames Henrickson183201979-06-14 InyoCa 19 air miles SSE of Olancha, on top of Cactus Peak. At E base of Cactus Peak. T21S R29E S30
CHSC37795CHSCEriastrum wilcoxiiR. N. Bowman32191982-06-13 Mono28.7 miles E of US Highway 395 on State Highway 120; ca. 50 m. SW of road.
CHSC62574CHSCEriastrum wilcoxiiB. Castro4971993-08-13 InyoAt side of road on Hwy 395 ca 16 miles NW of Bishop, ca 8 mi S of Tom′s Place. T05S R31E S19 SE1-4 of SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Tom 1:24,000
CLARK-A1045-1529CLARKEriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamp1978-05-29 MonoEast Walker River CA State Highway 182 along River [near Nevada State Line?]; Sweetwater Creek 7.5′Q
CSLA008198CSLAEriastrum wilcoxiiJames Henrickson; P. Bekey183031979-06-12 Inyoca 23 air miles S of Olancha, on S side of Sugarloaf Mt. T22S, R38E; sect 13
CSLA008199CSLAEriastrum wilcoxiiJames Henrickson; P. Bekey183201979-06-14 Inyoca 19 air miles SSE of Olancha, on top of Cactus Peak at E base of Cactus Peak; T21S. R29E; sect 30
CSLA008200CSLAEriastrum wilcoxiiJames Henrickson176631978-10-19 Inyoca 16 air miles SSE of Olancha, ca 1 mile E of Coso Jct.
DAV323249DAVEriastrum wilcoxiiC. A. Tofts.n.1980-06-28 InyoInyo County: 12 miles E of Keeler, Highway 190.
DAV323250DAVEriastrum wilcoxiiRichard R. Halse10401974-06-24 InyoInyo County: Along State Highway 168 in the foothills W of Bishop, 14.7 miles W of its junction with U.S. Highway 395 in Bishop.
DAV323251DAVEriastrum wilcoxiiJune McCaskill2551954-04-29 InyoInyo County: Ca. 100 yards from road, E side of Highway 395, 10.1 miles N of Independence.
DAV323252DAVEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos61351954-06-12 InyoInyo County: North face Wild Rose Peak at head of Trail Canon.
DAV323253DAVEriastrum wilcoxiiC. A. Tofts.n.1980-05-31 InyoInyo County: 12 miles E of Keeler, Highway 190.
DAV323254DAVEriastrum wilcoxiiWilliam Andersons.n.1963-06-26 LassenLassen County: Honey Lake.
DAV323255DAVEriastrum wilcoxiiSteve Matson26082011-06-13 InyoInyo County: SNE; Owens Valley, east of Independence along Mazourka Canon Road; at Kearsarge RR crossing.
DAV323256DAVEriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre183742011-05-26 MonoMono County: Owens Valley, along dirt road to Casa Diablo Mountain, 0.3 mi west of Fish Slough Road, 3.3 mi north of Mono-Inyo County line.
DAV323257DAVEriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre184902010-06-19 InyoInyo County: Eastern Sierra Nevada Range, Big Pine Canon, northeast flanks of Kidd Mountain, 0.5 mi south of Glacier Lodge Road.
GH00303686GHEriastrum wilcoxiiF. V. Coville ; F. Funston8861891-06-07 Inyonear Lone Pine
GH01092866GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1941-10-22 Inyo[data not captured]
GH01092867GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1926-04-30 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01092868GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1897-05-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01092869GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1933-05-28 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01092870GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1904-07-07 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01092871GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1854-05-01 Calaveras[data not captured]
GH01092872GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1891-04-17 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01092873GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1938-08-28 Mono[data not captured]
GH01092874GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1866-01-01 Mono[data not captured]
GH01092875GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1882-05-01 Unknown[data not captured]
GH01092876GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1906-06-01 Mono[data not captured]
GH01092877GHEriastrum wilcoxii;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1884-06-01 San Bernardino[data not captured]
GMDRC10232GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. M. Andre387102017-05-08 InyoOwens Valley: Alabama Hills, south side of Lubkin Cyn Rd, 0.7 mi. west of US Hwy 395
GMDRC3047GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre101972003-04-15 InyoOwens Valley: Owens Valley: southwest corner of Manzanar Historic Site, near Bairs Creek.. - 3971 ft.
GMDRC3179GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiT. La Doux2802009-05-30 InyoInyo Mountains: Inyo Mountains: along Death Valley Rd (to Eureka Valley), 3.6 mi. ESE of Jct with Hwy 168 37 ° 10.1 N 118 ° 11.6 W. - 4708 .
GMDRC3543GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre107972009-05-27 InyoManzanar Historic Site: Manzanar Historic Site: along Bairs Creek in SW corner of Manzanar Historic Site, approx. 1.3 mi. west of Hwy 3 National Park Service 36 ° 43.142 N 118 ° 9.5 W. Elev. 3917 ft.
GMDRC3865GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre115792008-05-18 InyoOwens Valley: along Death Valley Rd (to Eureka Valley) at Jct of Hwy 168, approx 2.5 mi. E. of town of Big Pine
GMDRC3888GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre116122008-05-17 InyoOwens Valley: Approx. 5 W of town of Independence. Growing in recent burn (summer 2007), just N. of Oak Creek Campground.
GMDRC3938GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre117222008-05-19 InyoBaker Creek: Lower Baker Cr. drainage at end of dirt road (Sugarloaf Rd), approx. 5 mi. west of town of Big Pine.
GMDRC4726GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre150512010-06-21 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: along Buttermilk Road approx. 2 mi. west of Hwy 168, 8 miles WSW of Bishop, CA
GMDRC8294GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. M. Andre349552016-05-12 MonoFish Lake Valley, along Hwy 266 5.5 mi. SE of NV-CA border
GMDRC9929GMDRCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. M. Andre383212017-05-10 InyoOwens Valley: just south of Hwy 168, 2.1 mi. east of Big Pine, 0.3 mi. west of Death Valley Rd
HSC214378HSCEriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre202982011-08-06 InyoBig Pine Canon; Eastern Sierra; along Big Pine Creek at Hines property, approx. 8.5 mi. west of Big Pine.
HSC214379HSCEriastrum wilcoxiiWendell Wood1101970-07-13 MonoAbove Hwy. 158 near turn off to Grant Lake marina
HSC214380HSCEriastrum wilcoxiiRichard Spjut33811973-05-15 InyoBetween Deep Springs and Fish Lake Valley, W of Oasis along Hwy. 168
HSC214381HSCEriastrum wilcoxiiJ.D. Ackerman3891974-07-21 Mono3 NE of Twin Lakes on road to Bridgeport and Hwy. 395
HSC214382HSCEriastrum wilcoxiiTim Messick4601979-06-14 MonoBodie Hills; hillside above NE end of Mormon Meadow, 0.4 N of road to Bodie
HSC214383HSCEriastrum wilcoxiiTim Messick6881979-07-28 MonoAlong the road to Bodie in Lower Clearwater Canon, 1.2 mi. E of Hwy. 395
HSC214384HSCEriastrum wilcoxiiTim Messick4001979-06-13 MonoBeside road to Bridgeport Canon, 0.6 mi. S of Mormon Meadow
HSC214385HSCEriastrum wilcoxiiTim Messick5341979-06-19 MonoS of The Hot Springs, 0.1 mi. E of Hwy. 395
HSC214386HSCEriastrum wilcoxiiTim Messick8741979-08-12 MonoN of Rd. to Bodie from Hwy. 395, 0.1 W of mouth of Cinnabar Canon
JEPS111295UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiSteve Matson12352005-05-05 InyoOwens Valley, east of Big Pine, jnctn. of 168 and Death Valley Rd.latitude 37.1850 longitude -118.2530. Elevation 3,900 ft.
JEPS116755UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen6502006-08-02 AlpineNear Woodfords, on Hwy 88 at junction with Crystal Springs Rd.
JEPS116765UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen6392006-07-11 MonoWildrose Canon west of Benton Crossing Rd.
JEPS123181UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen10442009-06-10 InyoHwy 395 about 1.5 miles north of Lone Pine, just south of power tower crossing over east side of road,
JEPS123235UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen10812009-07-19 FresnoEast of Kaiser Pass on Mono Hot Springs Road, southwest of Mono Hot Springs.
JEPS123237UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen10842009-07-20 FresnoEast of Kaiser Pass near Mono Hot Springs Road. Northeast of Mono Hot Springs in pipeline tailings.
JEPS123245UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen5152005-07-23 MonoRock Creek Road.
JEPS123326UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen5122005-07-22 MonoRock Creek Road.
JEPS123333UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen5182005-07-23 MonoWhite Mountains. Hwy 168 east of Tollhouse Spring.
JEPS123334UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen5192005-07-23 MonoWhite Mountains. Hwy 168 White Mountain Road turnoff.
JEPS123336UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Gowen5162005-07-23 MonoMcGee Creek trail.
JEPS128521UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiRyan E. O′Dell2016-07-02 MonoSweetwater Mountains, east side.
JEPS129658UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky10612017-06-19 MonoEastern Sierra Land Trust. On the western shore of Black Lake, near the fence of the preserve. 2,00 feet south of intersection of Highway 120 and the road that leads to Black Lake.
JEPS129660UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky2842017-05-23 MonoBureau of Land Management. In the southern part of the Benton Range, after intersection between two powerline roads. Take 120 west of Benton to powerline road, continue on this road past the first intersection and past the powerlines.
JEPS129661UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky6612017-06-08 MonoBureau of Land Management. Cow Camp off Highway 120. Elevated pinyon outcrop, BLM campground, east of Highway. 4.5 miles north of Highway 120 intersection with Benton Crossing road.
JEPS129663UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky5892017-06-07 MonoEastern Sierra Land Trust. Along the west shore of Black Lake. 700 feet east of Highway 120 intersection with Black Lake 4WD road.
JEPS129665UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky9132017-06-11 MonoInyo National Forest. Rock outcrop off the road to Pizona. 1.5 miles past the intersection of the Powerline road and road to Pizona there is a fork with two 4WD roads. 2,00 feet north of this intersection.
JEPS14040UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiRimo Bacigalupi, G. T. Robbins54181955-07-21 Lassenalong Smoke Creek rd. 6.8 mi e U.S. Highway 395 (s edge of valley); Secret Valley
JEPS15409UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiJoseph, Hilda Grinnell10231937-06-07 Inyomouth of Waucoba Wash Inyo Mountains
JEPS28136UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiRimo Bacigalupi [and P. C. Hutchison, L. Heckard]80251961-07-28 Monoalong US 395 at Rock Creek crossing; 0.5 mi n of Tom′s Place
JEPS68694UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg18201940-07-03 MonoCasa Diablo Mts.
JEPS69063UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiVictor Duran26811930-06-01 InyoBlack Canon White Mts.
JEPS69064UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiOtto Renner801937-01-01 InyoDarwin Mesa
JEPS69065UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiFrank W. Peirson107551933-07-31 Monon slope Mono Craters
JEPS69066UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAlice M. Ottley10521920-07-05 MonoMono Lake
JEPS69067UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAlice M. Ottley11001920-07-06 Mononear Mono Lake; Freshwater Spr.
JEPS69069UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiWalter Bryant1888-07-01 Lassen
JEPS69071UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiWillis L. Jepson77921918-08-02 LassenLong Valley
JEPS69074UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAlmeda Nordyke1917-06-01 InyoBishop Owens Valley
JEPS69080UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAdele Lewis Grant1493a1990-06-23 Fresnonear Mono Hot Sprs.; Sierra Nevada, South Fork San Joaquin River, Mono Mdw.
JEPS69084UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAdele Lewis Grant14901918-08-03 Fresnonear Mono Hot Springs; Sierra Nevada, Mono Meadow
JEPS768UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg37941944-06-30 Mono2 mi se Bridgeport (road to Hot Springs)
JEPS8652UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiRimo Bacigalupi, Lincoln Constance38231952-07-02 Monoalong US 395 1 1-2 mi below and s summit of Sherwin Grade
JEPS91141UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDean W. Taylor39121974-06-22 AlpineWest Fork Canon River ca. 1 mile W of Woodfords along Crystal Springs Road
JEPS91157UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDean W. Taylor64131977-05-24 Inyoalong road to Pleasant Valey Dam 1 mile N of junction Highway 395
LA93284LAEriastrum wilcoxiiFrancis M. Ball1966-08-01 InyoWhite Mountains; Westgard Pass
LOB101875LOBEriastrum wilcoxiiRichard Zembal1974-05-18 InyoChina Lake Naval Weapons Center, Coso Mountains, along Renegade Canon Road.
OBI118057OBIEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos1965-07-11 InyoWild rose Canon at kills, Panamint Mtns.
OBI118058OBIEriastrum wilcoxiiLewis S. Rose681471968-07-17 MonoLee Vining
OBI118060OBIEriastrum wilcoxiiJames M. Andre180692011-05-25 InyoOwens Valley; approx. 12 NE of Independence, 9.1 mi N of Mazourka Cyn Rd, 4 mi E of US 395, growing along powerline rd
PUA2358PUAEriastrum wilcoxiiG.L. Clifton1974-08-02 LassenLocal landmark: Long Valley. Chilcoot Quad.
PUA31549PUAEriastrum wilcoxiiG.L. Clifton1979-09-17 MonoLocal landmark: Wilson Creek. Bodie Quad.
PUA56898PUAEriastrum wilcoxiiG.L. Clifton1983-07-02 MonoLocal landmark: Star City. Bridgeport Quad.
PUA6482PUAEriastrum wilcoxiiG.L. Clifton1971-08-05 LassenLocal landmark: Beckwourth Pass. Chilcoot Quad.
PUA65997PUAEriastrum wilcoxiiG.L. Clifton1987-07-15 MonoLocal landmark: Rock Creek. Casa Diablo Mtn. Quad.
PUA66103PUAEriastrum wilcoxiiG.L. Clifton1987-07-14 InyoLocal landmark: Toll House. Waucoba Mtn. Quad.
PUA68844PUAEriastrum wilcoxiiG.L. Clifton1988-10-12 InyoLocal landmark: Hunter Mountain. Marble Canon Quad.
RSA0012484RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Mark Porter151162012-05-27 InyoLast Chance Mountains, near (NW of) Crater, 1.4 W of the junction of Sulfur Road and Death Valley-Eureka Valley Road (on Death Valley Road).
RSA0071137RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMarcus E. Jones99431887-08-05 NevadaBelow Boca.
RSA0078184RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. M. Andre299102014-04-23 InyoUnknownRand Mountains; Fiddler Gulch, at northern base of range, near large wash crossing along Golen Rd, 0.6 mi. north of Garlock Rd, approx 2 mi. west of US Hwy 395.; El Paso Peaks 7.5
RSA0097137RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJim M. Andre318822012-07-18 MonoUSFSEastern Sierra Nevada; along June Lake Loop at south end of Grant Lake.; June Lake 7.5 Quad
RSA0103487RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre115532008-05-18 InyoOwens Valley; along transmission line road, approx. 4 miles north of Big Pine, 1 mile east of Hwy 395, and 0.5 miles north of Klondike Reservoir.; Big Pine 7.5 Quad
RSA0103489RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiTasha La Doux202001-07-03 InyoWhite and Inyo Range: White Mountains, Westgard Pass along Highway 168.
RSA0103490RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiD. F. Howes.n.1980-05-29 Inyo7.7 miles north of Lone Pine on Highway 395.
RSA0103491RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos65081955-07-23 InyoSoldier Flat at east base Waucoba Mountain, Inyo Mountains.
RSA0103492RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre108832009-06-21 InyoDeep Springs Valley: along dirt road accessing Deep Springs Lake, approx. 0.3 miles south of SR Highway 168.; Deep Springs Lake 7.5
RSA0103494RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos64161955-06-17 Inyo2 miles NE of Willow Springs, Last Chance Mountains.
RSA0106538RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJames D. Morefield40271986-07-01 MonoWhite Mountains: mouth of Marble Creek 4.4 miles S56 degrees E of Benton.
RSA0120057RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre115082009-06-22 Monoalong Hwy 120, 1.8 W. of Benton.; Benton 7.5 Quad
RSA0120058RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMary DeDecker9071958-07-12 MonoLong Valley: Owens River drainage, north side of Crowley Lake.
RSA0124785RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiChas. H. Quibell3461951-07-28 FresnoFlorence Lake extens. of 168 over Kaiser Pass to ft. of grade - tailings from Ward tunnel (at corner where it turns SW) over the hump to left just after crossing crk.
RSA0124786RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiAdele Lewis Grant14901918-08-03 FresnoMono Meadow.
RSA0124788RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos61351954-06-12 InyoNorth face Wild Rose Peak at head of Trail canyon.
RSA0124789RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos61521954-06-25 InyoInyo Mountains: East side Badger Flat.
RSA0124790RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiLeRoy Gross24302005-10-04 InyoWest of the town of Lone Pine. Off road 14S04, from Hogback Creek Road. This road ends just inside the mouth of Hogback Creek.
RSA0124791RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiLyman Benson59831934-04-29 InyoLake Sabrina Road, Sierra Nevada. Owens River watershed.
RSA0124792RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. A. Munz135281949-06-13 InyoWhite Mountains: 1 mile east of Westgard Pass.
RSA0124793RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiRichard L. ZembalCHSA-3691978-05-21 InyoAlong Coso Rd., 1 mi. SW of Coso Hot Springs.; Haiwee Reservoir Quad
RSA0124794RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. A. Munz180721968-05-02 InyoNorth part of Alabama Hills.
RSA0124795RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMary DeDecker27561971-07-02 InyoSierra Nevada: West of Bishop. Pine Creek Canon.
RSA0124796RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMary DeDecker20611969-05-29 InyoInyo Mountains: Canon north of Whiteside Mine, Branching east from Mazourka Canon.
RSA0124797RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMary DeDecker15401963-05-05 InyoOwens Valley; Independence.
RSA0124798RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. A. Munz143221949-07-30 InyoTrail from Carroll Creek to Little Cottonwood Creek, east slope of Sierra Nevada.
RSA0124799RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos61351954-06-12 InyoNorth face Wild Rose Peak at head of Trail canyon.
RSA0124800RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiGary D. Wallace5901966-06-18 InyoEast side of the Sierra Nevada along Hwy 395, 15 mi south of Big Pine.
RSA0124840RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMarcus E. Jones99321897-05-14 InyoLone Pine. Owens Valley.
RSA0124841RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre147732007-06-12 InyoBig Pine Canon; at confluence of South and North Forks of Big Pine Creek just upstream from Glacier Lodge.; Split Mountain 7.5 Quad
RSA0124842RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiR. F. Thorne561851983-07-04 InyoPanamint Mountains: Hike up Water (Thorndike) Canon from mouth to upper end on the north slope of Rogers Peak, Death Valley National Monument; elevation ca. 7440 to 7900 ft.
RSA0124843RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamp24821997-09-30 InyoEast side of White Mountains.
RSA0124844RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-08-25 InyoBishop Creek.
RSA0124845RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre202982011-08-06 InyoBig Pine Canon; Eastern Sierra; along Big Pine Creek at Hines property, approx. 8.5 mi. west of Big Pine along banks of creek.; Coyote Flat 7.5 Quad
RSA0124846RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiHolly C. ForbesFS 4761986-05-03 InyoJust W of Fish Slough Road, 2 N of Jean Blanc Road.
RSA0124847RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiT. La Doux5642006-07-01 InyoBig Pine Canon; Eastern Sierra Nevada; along Big Pine Creek at private cabin 3 miles east of Glacier Lodge cabins.; Coyote Flat 7.5 Quad
RSA0124848RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre188662011-07-11 InyoOwens Valley; just west of Owens River, 1.5 mile SSW of Laws, approx. 3 miles east of Bishop; Laws 7.5 Quad
RSA0124849RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre180592011-05-25 InyoOwens Valley; approx. 4 miles east of Independence, 0.6 miles north of Mazourka Canon Road, along powerline road.; Independence 7.5 Quad
RSA0124850RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre180692011-05-25 InyoOwens Valley; approx. 12 miles NE of Independence, 9.1 miles north of Mazourka Canon Road, 4 miles east of US 395, along powerline road.; Blackrock 7.5 Quad
RSA0124851RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre115792008-05-18 InyoOwens Valley: along Death Valley Road (to Eureka Valley) at Jct of Hwy 168, approx. 2.5 miles east of town of Big Pine.; Big Pine 7.5 Quad
RSA0124852RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiBarbara Ertter100661991-05-27 InyoAbout 2.5 air miles east-northeast of Big Pine in Owens Valley, 0.4 miles from Highway 16 Westgard Pass Road) on road to Death Valley.
RSA0124853RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre144002010-06-20 InyoEastern Sierra; along McMurry Mdw Rd 3.2 mi. southwest of junction with Glacier Lodge Road, 1.2 WSW of Crater Mtn.; Fish Springs 7.5 Quad
RSA0124854RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiBarbara Ertter192232008-07-28 InyoCanon Valley (Kearsarge Pass trailhead)
RSA0124855RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. M. Peterson12781983-07-04 InyoThorndike Campground, Panamint Range, Death Valley National Monument.
RSA0124856RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiF. W. Peirson9341911-08-07 InyoHockett Trail, Sierra Nevada.
RSA0124859RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. T. Howell38971928-06-14 InyoSurprise Canon, near Panamint City, Panamint Mountains.
RSA0124860RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiAnstruther Davidson26521911-07-01 InyoOwenyo. [5 mi. south of Lone Pine along Southern Pacific RR]
RSA0124861RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiChristopher Davidson39531976-05-21 Inyoca. 5 miles N of Little Lake on St. Hwy 395.
RSA0124863RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMarcus E. Joness.n.1927-05-13 InyoLone Pine.
RSA0124864RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiF. W. Peirson9351913-08-22 InyoTaboose Pass, Sierra Nevada.
RSA0124865RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMary DeDecker3721956-07-05 InyoOn trail from Division Creek to Sawmill Pass, east slope of Sierra Nevada, north of Independence.
RSA0124866RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. A. Munz117521947-05-13 InyoInyo Mountains, canyon to Santa Rosa Mine, on side road from road to Saline Valley.
RSA0124867RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. A. Munz148251937-07-07 InyoThorndykee′s Canon, upper Wild Rose Canon, Panamint Moutains.
RSA0124871RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMary DeDecker62831991-06-15 InyoOwens Valley: Independence.
RSA0125123RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiPercy Trains.n.1937-05-15 InyoOwens Valley at Independence.
RSA0125124RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. M. Peterson5501982-06-02 InyoNE of White Top Cabin.
RSA0125125RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiR. F. Thorne448011974-07-11 InyoDeath Valley National Monument, Panamint Mountains.: Wildrose Canon near mouth of Thorndyke Canon
RSA0125126RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiVictor Duran26811930-06-01 InyoBlack Canon, White Mountains.
RSA0125127RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiGary D. Wallace5901966-06-17 InyoAlong Hwy. 395 15 mi. S of Big Pine.
RSA0125128RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos28341947-07-12 InyoWildrose canyon, Panamint Mountains.
RSA0125129RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. A. Munz149361950-07-12 InyoTrail from Sage Flats to Olancha Pass, east slope of Sierra Nevada.
RSA0125130RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJames D. MorefieldJDM-1930-(f)1984-05-25 InyoWhite Mountains: 1.7 N 0 deg. of Antelope Springs, on hill E of old mining road. Deep Springs drainage.
RSA0125131RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiPercy C. Everett219401956-07-08 Inyo0.6 mi. e. of entrance to narrows, Westgard Pass.
RSA0125132RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiVerne Grant94301954-06-23 InyoSeveral miles east of summit of Westgard Pass, White Mountains
RSA0125133RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiD. D. Keck5371930-06-22 InyoWhite Mountains. 10 miles NE of Big Pine on road to Westgard Pass.
RSA0125134RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos28341947-07-12 InyoWildrose canyon, Panamint Mountains.
RSA0125135RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiD. W. Taylor91881987-07-14 InyoDeadhorse Meadow, along jeep road from Wyman Canon.
RSA0125136RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMary DeDecker3721956-07-04 InyoSierra Nevada: Sawmill Trail. NW of Independence; Mt. Whitney
RSA0125137RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiF. F. Gander94801941-06-07 InyoOlancha.
RSA0125138RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMark Kerrs.n.1937-05-28 Inyo0.5 mi. E of Aberdeeu RR station.
RSA0125139RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. A. Munz110771928-06-21 MonoRock Creek, 5 miles N. of Sherwin Grade.
RSA0125140RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiLyman Benson37911932-07-01 MonoLeevining Canon. Sierra Nevada Mtn Range. Mono Lake watershed.
RSA0125141RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer10332001-06-29 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: Dry Fork drainage to Adobe Valley. Appx. 1 N of FS Rd. 1S01 (Sawmill Mdw. Rd), along and below 4WD ranch road running N.; Glass Mtn. Quad
RSA0125142RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer7062001-05-27 MonoBLMGlass Mountain Region: S end of Adobe Valley: Dry wash running down to S base of Black Lake from hills W. Appx. 1 W of Hwy 120, as the wash canyon begins to narrow.; Benton Hot Sprs. Quad
RSA0125143RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer15852001-09-29 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: Deadman Summit; along E side of Hwy 395, 100m SE of turnoff to FS Rd. 1S05.; June Lake Quad
RSA0125144RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJames D. Morefield44211987-05-14 MonoAt the mouth of Furnace Creek 0.7 N80 degrees W of Wildhorse benchmark 5484. Fishlake Valley Drainage.
RSA0125145RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJames D. Morefield37111986-05-29 MonoMilner Creek Canon, 0.8 mi. above its mouth, 0.5 N5 deg. E of Cooper Queen Mine. Owens Valley drainage.
RSA0125146RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiE. K. Balls148541950-05-23 MonoAbove Paradise Camp, off Highway 395, just north of Inyo Co. Line.
RSA0125147RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer7672001-05-29 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: N edge of Long Valley: Conspicuous solitary rhyodacite dome arising from valley floor, appx. 4 N of Benton Crossing - Owens River.; Dexter Canon. Quad
RSA0125148RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Andre219742012-07-19 MonoSierra Nevada: Baxter Pass, south side.Sierra Nevada; McGee Creek trailhead area, along creek.; Convict Lake 7.5 Quad
RSA0125150RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJames L. Reveal3871962-07-06 Mono2 mi. west of Benton (Station), 1-4 mi. north of highway 120.
RSA0125151RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiI. E. Diehl391902-07-09 NevadaCastle Peak.
RSA0125152RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiE. Robinsonc511935-05-30 MonoNear Benton Stat. on U.S. 6 about 7-8 m. from the Nevada border, near foot of fan on Montgomery Crk., 7-8 m.w. of 13,500 northern end of White Mts.
RSA0125153RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer8262001-06-05 MonoInyo National ForestNorth Canon; near mouth of canyon as it opens up into Adobe Valley. Adjacent to Adobe Ranch.; Indian Meadows Quad
RSA0125154RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer8482001-06-06 MonoBLMGranitic hill along road to Frazier Canon, appx. 1 mile SE of intersection of Hwy 120 and Benton Crossing Rd.; Benton Hot Sprs. Qad
RSA0125159RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer12642001-07-23 MonoBLMGlass Mountain Region: S tip of Adobe Valley; along jeep rd. running W from S base of Black Lake, appx. 1.5 W of Hwy 120.; Benton Hot Sprs. Quad
RSA0125160RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer6642001-05-26 MonoBLMKlondike Canon. Along ranch road running S towards mouth of cyn., appx. 0.5mi SW of Hwy 120.; Benton Hot Sprs. Quad
RSA0125161RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer12732001-07-23 MonoBLMGlass Mountain Region: Adobe Valley; along Taylor Cyn Rd. (FS Rd. 1S17), appx. 300 W of Hwy 120.; Indian Mdws. Quad
RSA0125162RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer16802002-07-04 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: E-slope of Black Mountain, appox. 2.5 km S of peak, at end of old mine-ranch road from Kelty Meadows area.; Glass Mtn. Quad
RSA0125163RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer9362001-06-20 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: Ford Spring: S-facing slopes appx. 1-4 mi. SE of end of road, overlooking N end of Long Valley.; Dexter Cyn. 7.5 Quad
RSA0125164RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiDerham Giuliani21984-07-08 MonoAdobe Valley; at north end of Adobe Lake.
RSA0125165RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiAlva Day78-931978-06-06 MonoNear north end of Black Lake, NW of Benton Hot Springs, Hwy 120.
RSA0125166RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiAnn Howald25852010-07-18 MonoConvict Creek, UC Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab, Mt. Morrison Rd, 0.8 W of intersection with Hwy 395; Convict Lake 7.5 Quad
RSA0125167RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer8132001-06-04 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: North Canon. appx. 750 meters S of Hwy 120, due S of Granite Mountain.; Cowtrack Mtn. Quad
RSA0125168RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMichael Honer2252000-06-13 MonoInyo National ForestAlong FS rd. 3S01 (paralleling powerline - E of Deer Spr.), appx 10 W of Benton Crossing rd. 200m W of cattle tank.; Banner Ridge 7.5
RSA0125169RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiL. S. Rose681461968-07-17 MonoLee Vining.
RSA0125170RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiF. W. Peirson107551933-07-31 MonoMono Craters.
RSA0125171RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiF. W. Peirson107171933-07-28 MonoSummit of Sherwin Hill, [north of Bishop]
RSA0125172RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiBeatrice Willard1271945-06-15 MonoSo. side of Mammoth Creek above Ranger Station, Mammoth Lakes area, Inyo National Forest.
RSA0125173RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiH. M. Hall106471917-02-04 MonoCanon west of Benton.
RSA0125174RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiL. R. Abrams28831934-06-30 MonoSouth of Mono Lake, 4 N of Mono Mills.
RSA0125175RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMary DeDecker9071958-07-12 MonoLong Valley: Owens River drainage, north side of Crowley Lake.
RSA0125176RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiP. A. Munz151471950-07-16 TulareSouth fork of Kern River, Southern Sierra Nevada.
RSA0130860RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiAndrew Kaiser16-82016-05-23 InyoDeath Valley National Park. Panamint Range. Pinon Mesa Rd (Charcoal Kiln Rd) off Upper Wildrose Rd.
RSA0135744RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. De Groot50872005-06-22 InyoInyo National ForestInyo Mountains: Along Mazourka Canon Road just south of Badger Flat.
RSA0135746RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. De Groot50902005-06-22 InyoInyo National ForestInyo Mountains: Along Mazourka Canon Road south of Badger Flat, north of road to Santa Rita Flats.
RSA0135768RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. De Groot50622005-06-22 InyoLocal governmentOwens Valley: Along Mazourka Canon Road just outside of Independence, ca. 0.8 miles from junction with Highway 395.
RSA0135769RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. De Groot50942005-06-22 InyoInyo National ForestInyo Mountains: Along Mazourka Canon Road south of Badger Flat, north of road to Santa Rita Flats.
RSA0139188RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. De Groot50642005-06-22 InyoInyo National Forest. Inyo Mountains: Badger Flat near end of Mazourka Canon Road, northwest part of range.
RSA0175069RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMarc A. Baker188352017-05-10 InyoOwens Valley, 3 W of Lone Pine, 22km east of the summit of Mount Whitney.; Union Wash 7.5
RSA0187075RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiJim M. Andre383212017-05-10 InyoUnknownOwens Valley. Just south of hwy 168, 2.1 mi. east of big pine, 0.3 mi. west of death valley rd.; Big Pine 7.5
RSA0187313RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiW. Harnach3891990-06-16 PlumasSierra Valley. Frank Dotta Ranch.
RSA0261008RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky7062017-06-09 MonoAlmost to the summit of Antelope Mountain. .75 miles from the summit, to the southeast of the summit, last switchback. Inyo National Forest.
RSA0279369RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiL. M. Moe2651970-07-06 LassenHalleluja Junction (Hwy #395), along dry side of Valley Creek.
RSA0323943RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky6242017-08-06 MonoHistoric Adobe Ranch. Along Adobe Creek shore, just east of Hwy 120 (400 feet north along the creek).
RSA0323944RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky2842017-00-01 MonoBureau of Land Management. In the southeastern part of the Benton Range, after intersection between two powerline roads. Take 120 west of Benton to powerline road, continue on this road past the first intersection and past the powerlines.
RSA0323946RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky12002017-02-07 MonoInyo National Forest. Along the Pizona road between Pizona homestead and Upper Pizona Spring.
RSA0324850RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky2312017-00-01 MonoBureau of Land Management. Along powerline road on the east side of Bentons. East of Trafton Mountain. 1-2 mile north of powerline road intersection with Foothill road.
RSA0325372RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky6292017-08-06 MonoCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife. North side of River Spring Road. 200 feet east of Hwy 120.
RSA0325373RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky4852017-00-01 MonoBureau of Land Management. In the southern most part of the Benton range, north of 120 as it curves into the Adobe Valley. 1-2 mile east of the intersection with Benton Crossing Road.
RSA0325375RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky5892017-07-06 MonoEastern Sierra Land Trust. Along the west shore of Black Lake. 700 feet east of Hwy 120 intersection with Black Lake 4WD road.
RSA0326671RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky10612017-00-06 MonoEastern Sierra Land Trust. On the western shore of Black Lake, near the fence of the preserve. 2,000 feet south of intersection of Hwy 120 and the road that leads to Black Lake.
RSA0327509RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky9132017-11-06 MonoInyo National Forest. Rock outcrop off the road to Pizona. 1.5 miles past the intersection of the Powerline road and road to Pizona there is a fork with two 4WD roads. 2,000 feet north of this intersection.
RSA0327510RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky6802017-08-06 MonoBureau of Land Management. Off dirt road between Hwy 120 and Antelope Lake.
RSA0327511RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiSophia Winitsky6612017-08-06 MonoBureau of Land Management. Cow Camp off Hwy 120. Elevated pinyon oucrop, BLM campground, east of highway. 4.5 miles north of Hwy 120 intersection with Benton Crossing road.
RSA0397457RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMaria Jesus6062019-06-06 InyoInyo Mountains, ˜ 1 air mile SSE of Conglomerate Mesa summit.
RSA0397458RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMaria Jesus7532019-07-05 InyoInyo Mountains, near campsite ˜ 1.4 W of Cerro Gordo townsite along Swansea Grade.
RSA0397459RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMaria Jesus2072019-04-12 InyoInyo Mountains, Malpais Mesa Wilderness, 0.75 air miles E of jct with CA-136 and CA-190.
RSA0397461RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMaria Jesus1202018-07-16 InyoInyo Mountains, 0.8 air miles S of Conglomerate Mesa summit.
RSA0397462RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMaria Jesus4802019-05-20 InyoInyo Mountains, Malpais Mesa Wilderness, ˜ 0.2 W of Santa Rosa Mine.
RSA0397466RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMaria Jesus5142019-05-21 InyoInyo Mountains, just north of Malpais Mesa Wilderness boundary, ˜ 1.5 air miles W of BLM route S5.
RSA0402959RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiMaria Jesus9662020-07-10 InyoInyo Mountains, ridge ˜ 0.3 air miles NNE of Mexican Spring.
RSA334163RSAEriastrum wilcoxiiR. F. Thorne435931973-05-30 San Bernardino1 mile E of Joshua Tree
SBBG186415SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. DeGroot50622005-06-22 InyoOwens Valley, along Mazourka Cyn Rd just outside of Independence, ca. 0.8 mi from junction with Hwy 395.
SBBG186416SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. DeGroot50942005-06-22 InyoMazourka Cyn Rd S of Badger Flat, N of rd to Santa Rita Flats; Inyo Mtns
SBBG186417SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiBarbara Ertter192232008-07-28 Inyohalfway between Independence and Onion Valley
SBBG186418SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiH. and M. Dearing7571941-08-30 MonoConvict Lake
SBBG186732SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiRalph Hoffmann1931-08-31 InyoBig Pine Creek
SBBG199690SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiD. H. Wilken180682019-05-14 Inyonear Tinnemaha Creek, 1.2 WSW of Tinnemaha Campground, 0.4 km S of Fuller Rd, 1.4 km W of Tinnemaha Rd
SBBG200926SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid Keil196091986-05-28 San Luis Obispoca. 0.25-0.5 W from junction with Parkhill Rd along Las Pilitas Rd
SBBG200927SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiMary DeDecker27561971-07-02 InyoW of Bishop, Pine Creek Cyn; Sierra Nevada
SBBG200928SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiDonald Myrick26A1958-06-20 InyoSherwin Grade, Hwy 395 ca. 10 N of Bishop
SBBG200929SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiRalph Hoffmann1930-07-10 InyoWestgard Pass
SBBG200930SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiRalph Hoffmann1930-07-10 MonoJune Lake
SBBG200931SBBGEriastrum wilcoxiiDonald Myrick21541970-05-13 InyoIn Mary DeDecker′s garden at Independence
SD00026405SDEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J De Groot50622005-06-22 InyoOwens Valley: Along Mazourka Canon Road just outside of Independence, ca. 0.8 miles from junction with Highway 395.
SD00026406SDEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J De Groot50642005-06-22 InyoInyo Mountains: Badger Flat near end of Mazourka Canon Road, northwest part of range.
SD00026407SDEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J De Groot50872005-06-22 InyoInyo Mountains: Along Mazourka Canon Road just south of Badger Flat.
SD00026408SDEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J De Groot50942005-06-22 InyoInyo Mountains: Along Mazourka Canon Road south of Badger Flat, north of road to Santa Rita Flats.
SD128699SDEriastrum wilcoxiiDarley F. Howes.n.1980-05-29 Inyo7.7 miles north of Lone Pine on Highway 395
SD211653SDEriastrum wilcoxiiBarbara Ertter100661991-05-27 InyoCa. 2.5 airmiles eastnortheast of Big Pine in Owens Valley, 0.4 mile from Highway 16 Westgard Pass Road) on road to Death Valley.
SD28856SDEriastrum wilcoxiiFrank F. Gander94801941-06-07 InyoOlancha
SD3856SDEriastrum wilcoxiiKatherine Brandegees.n.1894-07-01 InyoOwen′s Valley
SD3861SDEriastrum wilcoxiiVictor Duran26811930-06-01 InyoWhite Mountains, Black Canon
SD53003SDEriastrum wilcoxiiJ.C. Roos65081955-07-23 InyoSoldier Flat at East base Waucoba Mts. Inyo Mts.
SD62075SDEriastrum wilcoxiiDarley F. Howe40501965-05-18 Inyo2.8 miles north of Big Pine
SD81056SDEriastrum wilcoxiiD. F. Howe47461971-06-26 Mono12.4 miles North of Mono _ Inyo Co. Line on # 6.
SD81070SDEriastrum wilcoxiiD. F. Howes.n.1971-06-23 Inyo4.5 miles from entrance to Inyo National Forest, east of Lone [Big] Pine, Inyo Co.
SD81131SDEriastrum wilcoxiiDarley F. Howes.n.1971-06-21 Inyo7.0 miles south of Big Pine.
SDSU03051SDSUEriastrum wilcoxiiHowe, D. F.47461971-06-26 Mono12.4 miles north of Mono-Inyo Co. Line on #6.
SDSU03052SDSUEriastrum wilcoxiiHowe, D. F.40501965-05-18 Inyo2.8 miles north og Big Pine on #395.
SDSU18254SDSUEriastrum wilcoxiiNewhauser, Judy1982-04-20 San BernardinoEmerson Lake, MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms, CA
SFV110851SFVEriastrum wilcoxiiD. H. Hoovers. n.1969-08-28 MonoSierra Nevada; South shore of Convict Lake.
SFV110852SFVEriastrum wilcoxiiF. M. Balls. n.1965-08-01 InyoWhite Mountains; Westgard Pass.
SFV110853SFVEriastrum wilcoxiiT. R. Gordon15161976-06-08 InyoInyo Mountains; Junction of Waucoba Road and Harkless Flat Road.
SFV110854SFVEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Turners. n.1963-06-01 InyoOwens Valley; Just south of Olancha.
SFV110881SFVEriastrum wilcoxiiT. R. Gordon15511976-06-16 San BernardinoMojave Desert; Eastern Mojave Desert. Northwest slope of Kingston Mountains. About 1.5 miles west of Horse Thief Springs.
SJSU8729SJSUEriastrum wilcoxiiG.R. Ostrander791965-07-14 Siskiyouby Hwy 89, 10 mi E of McCloud
SJSU8732SJSUEriastrum wilcoxiiM.D. Fleschner1965-07-12 Lassenby Hwy 395, 1 N of Milburn
SJSU9735SJSUEriastrum wilcoxiiC.W. Sharsmith87141982-07-05 Mononear Dechambeaus Ranch c. 1.5 N of Black Point, Mono L
UC1075605UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiP. C. Everett, E. K. Balls219401956-07-08 Inyo0.6 mi e entrance to narrows; Westgard Pass
UC1123883UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiA. D. Gifford8671937-08-20 MonoPaoha Island Mt. Lyell Quadrangle (se portion)
UC1123885UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiT. M. Hendrix3571937-07-13 Mono1-4 mi s Lower Twin Lake; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quadrangle
UC1123887UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiG. A. Graham841937-07-27 Mono2.8 mi nw Belfort; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quadrangle
UC1123888UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiC. W. Hanks61934-08-06 Plumasne end of Sierra Valley Plumas National Forest, Sierraville Quadrangle
UC1234677UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos65081955-07-23 InyoSoldier Flat Inyo Mts., east base Waucoba Mts.
UC1234865UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. C. Roos64161955-06-17 Inyo2 mi ne Willow Spring; Last Chance Mountains
UC1275781UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiHerbert L. Mason152151963-06-24 MonoPaoha Island Mono Lake
UC1299922UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiRichard S. Mitchell21571964-07-13 InyoWyman Creek White Mountains
UC1299924UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiRichard S. Mitchell21621964-07-14 Monolower Cottonwood Creek White Mountains
UC1299949UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiRobert M. Lloyd27091963-06-18 Inyo4 mi w White Mountain Road; White Mountains, Westgard Pass
UC1299977UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiRobert M. Lloyd26641963-06-18 Inyo7.4 mi w White Mt. Road; White Mountains, Westgard Pass
UC1300057UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiRobert M. Lloyd29591963-07-11 Inyomouth of Mollie Gibson Canon White Mountains
UC133605UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiS. W. Austin1940-08-05 Unknown
UC133776UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiKatharine Brandegee2017-06-17 Unknown
UC1338656UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiJames L. Reveal3871962-07-06 Mono2 mi w Benton (Station) (1-4 mi n of Hwy 120)
UC133905UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiT. S. Brandegee1892-06-22 LassenHoney Lake
UC134006UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiC. A. Purpus54821897-06-01 Inyodry beds of creeks
UC134007UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiWalter Bryant1888-07-01 Lassen
UC1548620UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiW. R. FerrenFS2861984-04-28 Monoslope on e side of Rocked-in-Spring Owens Valley, Fish Slough and vicinity (n end of Valley)
UC1554390UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAlice M. Ottley11001920-07-06 Monofreshwater spring by Mono Lake
UC1554394UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAlice M. Ottley10521920-07-05 Mononear Mono Lake
UC1618373UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiBarbara Ertter, T. Daniel, D. Bramlet63881986-06-10 Tulare23 air mi e of Kernville (Pacific Crest Trail on Inyo County Line, s side of saddle at head of Sand Canon); Sand Canon, Pacific Crest Trail
UC193882UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiC. F. Sonne1888-07-01 Nevadaalong r.r. below Boca
UC1949091UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiBarbara Ertter, Mats Toepel192202008-07-27 MonoOld Sherwin Grade-Lower Rock Creek Road NW of Bishop, tuffaceous summit south of Rock Creek crossing
UC1949092UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiBarbara Ertter, Mats Toepel192232008-07-28 Inyoca halfway between Independence and Onion Valley (= Kearsarge Pass trailhead)
UC1949339UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiBarbara Ertter100661991-05-27 Inyoca 2 1-2 airmiles ENE of Big Pine in Owens Valley, 0.4 mi from Hwy 16 Westgard Pass Rd) on rd to Death Valley
UC1973705UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiTom Schweich5862009-07-08 MonoBlack Point, 0.3 mi (0.4 km) south of the highest point.
UC1980407UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiTom Schweich7252010-09-01 MonoRush Creek, On drying formerly flooded sandy banks of Rush Creek, 2.8 mi. downstream from US Highway 395, and 1.5 mi. upstream from Test Station Road.
UC2062539UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. De Groot50622005-06-22 InyoOwens Valley: Along Mazourka Canon Road just outside of Independence, ca. 0.8 miles from junction with Highway 395.
UC2062542UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. De Groot50942005-06-22 InyoInyo Mountains: Along Mazourka Canon Road south of Badger Flat, north of road to Santa Rita Flats.
UC23547UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiunknown1925-07-24 Unknown
UC23553UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiM. S. Baker, Frank Nutting1892-07-02 Lassens side Dixey Mts.
UC30165UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDr. G. H. Horn28501863-01-01 InyoOwens Valley
UC334429UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiunknown1181935-10-11 Inyonear Big Trees
UC335494UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiunknown1925-05-17 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
UC335496UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiunknown1874-07-01 UnknownSierra Valley
UC423616UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid D. Keck5371930-06-22 Inyo10 mi ne Big Pine (on road to Westgard Pass)
UC449748UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiChesnut, Drew1889-07-17 MonoBloody Canon
UC505325UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiMark Kerr1261933-05-25 InyoIndependence
UC506538UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiJ. Burtt Davy34081897-06-17 LassenAmedie Honey Lake Valley
UC511736UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiFrank W. Peirson107171933-07-28 Monosummit Sherwin Hill
UC532089UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiL. R. Abrams, David D. Keck28831934-06-30 Mono4 mi n Mono Mills (s of Mono Lake)
UC569627UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiJoseph, Hilda W. Grinnell1023a1937-06-07 Inyomouth Waucoba Wash
UC572169UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiWilliam Hovanitz1937-06-18 InyoTuba Canon Panamint Mountains
UC572482UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiC. W. Hanks61934-08-06 Plumasne end of Sierra Valley Plumas National Forest, Sierraville Quadrangle
UC573591UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiG. A. Graham841937-07-27 Mono2.8 mi nw Belfort; Mono National Forest, Bridgeport Quadrangle
UC577910UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiA. D. Gifford8671937-08-20 MonoPaoha Island Mt. Lyell Quadrangle, Mono Lake
UC579702UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiDavid D. Keck38721935-07-20 Monomouth Leevining Canon
UC604908UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiLaura Lorraine1938-08-06 Monobetween Leevining and Tioga Lodge (near Mono Lake)
UC666376UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg23331941-06-10 San BernardinoTecopa Pass Mohave Desert, Kingstone Range (s side of summit)
UC669147UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAnnie M. Alexander18201940-07-03 Monoflat w divide; Casa Diablo Mts.
UC702911UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAlice Eastwood, John Thomas Howell95621941-05-16 Inyo12 mi s Bishop
UC703339UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg37941944-06-30 Mono2 mi se Bridgeport (road to Hot Springs)
UC826666UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiC. Epling1937-07-07 Inyoabove Pinon Mesa; Panamint Mts., Wildrose Canon
UC908535UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiVictor DuranM131933-06-15 MonoBirch Creek White Mountains
UC908565UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg42491945-06-14 Inyos-facing wall of canyon Bishop Creek
UC908609UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg45261945-07-25 Monow crest of hill Bodie
UC909059UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg29511942-06-09 Inyosw Olancha (n slope of canyon); east slope of Sierra Nevada, Walker Creek
UC909122UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiVictor Duran16901926-07-03 MonoWyman Creek White Mountains, Roberts Ranch (flat canyon floor)
UC909148UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiVictor Duran26811930-06-01 InyoMarble Fork White Mountains, Black Canon
UC933475UCJEPSEriastrum wilcoxiiAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg56781949-05-27 Inyoon road to Oasis Fish Lake Valley
UCR0106295UCREriastrum wilcoxiiOnkar Singh50312014-09-20 Inyoeast side of Hwy 168 at bend near Gilbert Pass, c. 8 km northeast of Deep Springs
UCR0106296UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre230342010-07-29 Inyoalong Coyote Road, north side of Coyote Plateau, 10.5 road miles south-southwest of Bishop, at first crossing of Coyote Creek
UCR0106297UCREriastrum wilcoxiiCharles S. Papp2811963-06-16 Inyo6 miles south of Big Pine, near the wells of the California State Fish Hatchery [apparently near Fish Springs]
UCR0106298UCREriastrum wilcoxiiCathy A. Tofts.n.1980-05-31 Inyo12 miles [southeast] of Keeler on Hwy 190
UCR0106299UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1974-05-04 InyoOwens River, Pleasant Valley
UCR0106300UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1974-07-27 InyoOwens River Peasent Valley, 9 miles northwest of Bishop
UCR0106301UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre117222008-05-19 Inyolower Baker Creek drainage at end of (dirt) Sugarloaf Road, c. 5 mi west of town of Big Pine
UCR0106302UCREriastrum wilcoxiiTasha La Doux2802009-05-30 InyoInyo Mountains, along Death Valley Rd (to Eureka Valley), 3.6 miles ESE of junction with Hwy 168
UCR0106303UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamp24821997-09-30 Inyo[Deep Springs Valley], east side of White Mountains
UCR0106305UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre139932008-05-16 InyoBig Pine Canon, along north side of Glacier Lodge Rd at sharp switchback at mouth of canyon; Big Pine Canon
UCR0106306UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre150512010-06-21 Inyoalong Buttermilk Road c. 2 miles west of Hwy 168, 8 miles west southwest of Bishop
UCR0106307UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre151202010-06-21 Inyoalong Buttermilk Road 6.7 miles west of Hwy 168, 12 miles WSW of Bishop, along McGee Creek at base of Grouse Mountain
UCR0106308UCREriastrum wilcoxiiTasha La Doux5642006-07-01 InyoBig Pine Canon, along Big Pine Creek at private cabin 3 mi east of Glacier Lodge cabins
UCR0106309UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJohn C. Roos61351954-06-12 InyoPanamint Mtns., north face Wildrose Peak at head of Trail Canon
UCR0106310UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJohn C. Roos39151948-07-04 InyoThorndike Camp, upper Wildrose Canon, Panamint Mountains
UCR0106311UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJohn C. Roos61521952-06-25 InyoEast side of Badger Flats, Inyo Mtns.
UCR0106312UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1973-06-15 InyoOwens River at Pleasant Valley, near Mono county line
UCR0106313UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre178972011-05-24 Inyoalong Mazourka Canon Road, 3.7 mi east of Independence
UCR0106314UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre184902010-06-19 InyoBig Pine Canon, northeast flanks of Kidd Mountain, 0.5 mile south of Glacier Lodge Road
UCR0106315UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre187942011-07-10 Inyonorth end of range along Waucomba - Saline Rd, 1.5 mi. south of junction with Death Valley Rd.; Inyo Mountains
UCR0106316UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre188232011-07-10 Inyonorth end of range along dirt road NW of Little Cowhorn Valley, 1.8 mi. north of Death Valley Rd; Inyo Mountains
UCR0106317UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre203892011-07-11 Monoalong Lower Rock Creek Rd just south of junction with US 395; Eastern Sierra;
UCR0106318UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre199042011-08-08 InyoAlong switchbacks of Horseshoe Meadow Road, 11.2 mi south-southwest of the junction with Whitney Portal Road; eastern Sierra Nevada
UCR0106319UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamp24161997-09-12 MonoRiver Spring Lake, 3.1 miles northeast of CA Hwy 120 on River Spring Road
UCR0106320UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamp59382000-07-19 MonoMcGee Creek Rd about 4 miles southwest of US-395
UCR0106321UCREriastrum wilcoxiiAnn Howald25852010-07-18 MonoConvict Creek, UC Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab, Mt. Morrison Rd, 0.8 W of intersection with Hwy 395; Eastern Sierra Nevada Mtns.
UCR0106322UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJim Andre183742011-05-26 Monoalong dirt road to Casa Diablo Mountain, 0.3 mi west of Fish Slough Road, 3.3 mi north of Mono-Inyo County line
UCR0106323UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamp1841993-07-28 MonoLong Valley Mesa at the junction of Owens River Road and Lake Crowley
UCR0106324UCREriastrum wilcoxiiAnn Howald34652015-06-17 MonoLower Rock Creek Rd, c. 3.6 miles southeast of intersection with Hwy 395
UCR0106325UCREriastrum wilcoxiiMichael D. Wilcoxs.n.2011-09-08 Monomouth of Lundy Canon, just off Hwy 395, 1 mile WNW of Mono City
UCR0106326UCREriastrum wilcoxiiJohn F. Greens.n.2006-09-19 Monoslopes above west end of Mono Lake, N of Lee Vining
UCR0106327UCREriastrum wilcoxiiIan G. Gillespie572000-05-26 Monoon property of Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory, 0.5 km west along Convict Creek from research buildings
UCR0106328UCREriastrum wilcoxiiAnn Howald35022015-07-20 MonoHwy 120, c. 22 miles SE of intersection with Hwy 395, & SE of Cowtrack Mtn.
UCR0106329UCREriastrum wilcoxiiAnn Howald36632016-05-14 MonoFish Lake Valley, Hwy 266, c. 1.1 mile northwest of intersection Hwys 266 and 168- Oasis Ranch
UCR0106330UCREriastrum wilcoxiiAnn Howald42462017-06-28 MonoCrowley Lake Drive, c. 0.6 mile south of intersection with South Landing Rd.
UCR0106331UCREriastrum wilcoxiiAnn Howald30802014-05-28 MonoVolcanic Tableland, Gorge Rd. on edge of Owens River Gorge, c. 4.2 miles north of intersection with Hwy 395
UCR0106332UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamps.n.1974-06-09 Monoat Toms Place, US 395 north of Bishop
UCR0106333UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamp12591996-10-17 Mono0.2 mile south of Benton Hot Springs, beside CA Hwy 120
UCR0106334UCREriastrum wilcoxiiGeorge K. Helmkamp01--021995-09-21 MonoMammoth Lakes, south edge of Lake Mary
UCR0106335UCREriastrum wilcoxiiA.C. Sanders15221980-05-24 San Bernardinonear the Kingston Mountains Along the Excelsior Mine Rd. about 13 miles from Kingston Rd. Toward Horse Thief Spring
UCR0114328UCREriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. De Groot58252008-05-16 Inyoalong Onion Valley Road c. 7 miles west of Independence, right behind space # 36 of Lower Grays Meadow Campground
UCR0114329UCREriastrum wilcoxiiSarah J. De Groot58492008-05-17 Inyosand dunes east of Olancha, along high voltage powerline road
UCR0114680UCREriastrum wilcoxiiL. Maynard Moe2651970-07-06 LassenHalleluja Junction (Hwy 70-Hwy 395), along dry side of Valley Creek
UCR0115091UCREriastrum wilcoxiiMaria Jesus4802019-05-20 InyoSouthern Inyo Mountains. Malpais Mesa Wilderness, c. 0.2 mile west of Santa Rosa Mine
UCR0115094UCREriastrum wilcoxiiMaria Jesus6062019-06-06 InyoSouthern Inyo Mountains. About 1 air mile south-southeast of Conglomerate Mesa summit
UCSB013097UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiSavage, Lise1481967-05-28 InyoSouth side of State Highway 78, 2.9 miles east from its junction with U.S. Highway 395; Owens Valley
UCSB013098UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiRoberts, Dar; Ferren, WayneFS 1171983-07-23 MonoFish Slough; 1 mile S of Rocked-in-Spring on east side of slough
UCSB013099UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiWayne R. FerrenFS 1201983-07-23 MonoFish Slough; 0.5 miles south of BLM Spring on east side of slough
UCSB013100UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiWayne R. FerrenFS 2861984-04-28 MonoFish Slough; slope rising on E side of Rocked-in-Spring.
UCSB013101UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiHolly C. ForbesFS 4761986-05-03 InyoFish Slough; Just W of Fish Slough Rd., 2 miles N of Jean Blanc Rd.
UCSB013102UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiHolly C. ForbesFS 2181984-04-27 InyoFish Slough; 1 mile N on Fish Slough Rd. from jct. with Jean Blanc Rd. at barrier separating slough and Owens River canal
UCSB013103UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiClare B. Hardham151181967-07-02 MonoRough Creek
UCSB013104UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiWalker, R.411980-06-01 Inyo20 km north of Trona, near the Panamint Valley in the Mojave desert
UCSB013105UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiBawis, Michele601980-05-31 InyoTo the left of Route 168, 5 miles east of Big Pine
UCSB013106UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiFrykman, P.451977-05-22 KernAdjacent to State Highway 14, approximately 4.5 miles south of State Highway 178
UCSB013107UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiAnn M. Howald8371976-08-01 MonoUniv. of Calif. Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve
UCSB013108UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiBurns, Pat1391967-05-28 Mono14.4 miles east of Bishop
UCSB013109UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiLawrence, M.1341982-05-22 Inyo2 miles east of Owen′s River on Ca. 168; foothills of White Mountains
UCSB013110UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiAlan P. Romspert68(13)1977-08-15 InyoRoad to Augerberry Pt., Panamint Mts.
UCSB013111UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiAlan P. Romspert68(11)1977-08-12 InyoCharcoal Kilns, Wildrose Cyn.; Panamint Mts.
UCSB013112UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiAlan P. Romspert68(5)1976-06-18 InyoEnmigrant Cyn., Panamint Mts.; 4,500-5,150 ft.
UCSB013113UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiAlan P. Romspert68(9)1976-10-03 InyoThorndike Camp, Wildrose Cyn., Panamint Mts.
UCSB013114UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiAlan P. Romspert68(1)1972-08-05 InyoSourdough, Surprise, Water Cyns., Panamint Mts.
UCSB038985UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiBruce K. Orr1531978-07-01 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada, Convict Creek, UC Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab, Mt. Morrison Rd, 0.8 W of intersection with Hwy 395
UCSB041064UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiWayne R. Ferren32611993-05-19 InyoFish Slough. 2.2 mi on Fish Slough Rd from Jean Blanc Rd.
UCSB062106UCSBEriastrum wilcoxiiR. D. Fuller501973-05-20 Mono3 Northeast of Bishop.
PASA792PASAGilia wilcoxiiMargaret Stason4761933-06-17 MonoRoadside near base of Sherwin Hill

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