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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC101162DAVEriastrum densifoliumBeecher Crampton70171964-6-21 InyoInyo County: 11.5 miles south of Big Pine, Goodale Creek Area.
    BSCA1913BSCAEriastrum densifoliumBostic, Dennis L.1964-7-23 San DiegoTwo miles west of Park via S-6.
    CAS-BOT187985CASEriastrum densifoliumHeller, A. A.67531903-5-19 MontereyAlong the railroad near Seaside, beyond Del Monte
    CAS-BOT187986CASEriastrum densifoliumHeller, A. A.67531903-5-19 MontereyAlong the railroad near Seaside, beyond Del Monte
    CAS-BOT187987CASEriastrum densifoliumHeller, A. A.67531903-5-19 MontereyAlong the railroad near Seaside, beyond Del Monte
    CAS-BOT300527CASEriastrum densifoliumErtter, B.; Strachan, J.30091979-6-29 Los AngelesN edge of Angeles Nat'l Forest ca 9 airmiles ESE of Pearblossom, 1.7 mi N of Mile High on County Hwy N4
    CDA0016573CDAEriastrum densifoliumG.F. Hrusa155462000-6-20 Santa BarbaraAlong Sierra Madre Rd, E of Miranda Pine Mtn. Sierra Madre Mountains.
    CHSC40089CHSCEriastrum densifoliumT. Craig18751933-7-03 San Luis ObispoSand hills 1-3 miles south of Pismo Beach.
    CLARK-A1045-1337CLARKEriastrum densifoliumGeorge K. Helmkamp1977-7-04 San Luis ObispoLos Osos vacant lot; ; Morro Bay S 7.5'Q
    CLARK-A1528-3488CLARKEriastrum densifoliumJohn C. Roos15881940-6-26 San BernardinoLytle Creek
    CLARK-A1528-3491CLARKEriastrum densifoliumJohn C. Roos1965-7-22 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains
    CSUSB93026CSUSBEriastrum densifoliumNed Curtis1974-6-29 San BernardinoNear a bridge on Greenspot Road, 2 miles east of East Highland.
    CSUSB93027CSUSBEriastrum densifoliumSchreiner1973-6-25 San BernardinoCSUSB [California State University, San Bernardino] campus
    CSUSB93029CSUSBEriastrum densifoliumR.C. Smith1972-7-13 San BernardinoMojave River south of Victorville.
    CSUSB93030CSUSBEriastrum densifoliumSchreiner1973-7-23 San BernardinoHesperia
    CSUSB93031CSUSBEriastrum densifoliumKen Turk1973-7-1 San BernardinoWild Horse Meadow
    CSUSB93032CSUSBEriastrum densifoliumKen Turk1973-7-18 San BernardinoWild Horse Meadows, Moist rich soil near stream
    CSUSB93752CSUSBEriastrum densifoliumMike Kelly61991-6-10 San BernardinoMitigation area off Institution Road. Transect 2.
    DAV323184DAVEriastrum densifoliumCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team3732008-8-5 TulareTulare County: US Forest Service - Lake Isabella Area.
    DAV323185DAVEriastrum densifoliumJack Majors.n.1967-6-24 InyoKern County: 2 miles north Cantil near Hwy 195.
    DAV323186DAVEriastrum densifoliumRamona Robison4782000-5-26 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Huerhuero Creek south of Highway 46 bridge crossing.
    DAV323187DAVEriastrum densifoliumMitch Provance90012004-5-8 RiversideRiverside County: Santa Rosa Mountains: Along Hwy 74 on the Santa Rosa Mountain Grade, ca. 0.8-0.5 mile NE of Black Hills.
    IRVC24723IRVCEriastrum densifoliumKarlin G. Marshs.n.1988-4-07 Los AngelesPalmdale: Anaverde Basin S of Rayburn Rd. between Tierra Subida Dr. and the Antelope Valley Fwy.
    IRVC25726IRVCEriastrum densifoliumKarlin G. Marshs.n.1990-6-12 Los AngelesSanta Clara River,′Canon Country.
    IRVC27008IRVCEriastrum densifoliumA.C. Sanders271702003-8-7 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, Santa Clara River bottom southwest of Del Valle, east of Mayo Spur
    IRVC28208IRVCEriastrum densifoliumA.C. Sanders; Mark A. Elvin272342003-10-5 San BernardinoSheep Hole Pass; W side Amboy Road between highway and large wash.
    IRVC2851IRVCEriastrum densifoliumR.H. WhittakerSJ-2781963-6-07 RiversideSanta Rosa MTS: Palms to Pines Hwy.
    IRVC29107IRVCEriastrum densifoliumA.C. Sanders; Mark A. Elvin270052003-6-20 Los AngelesDel Valle area, between San Martinez Grande Canon Rd. and (San Martinez) Chiquito Canon Rd., north of Hwy 1 Newhall Ranch
    IRVC4743IRVCEriastrum densifoliumH. Lewiss.n.1940-8-18 San BernardinoCedar Springs, San Bernardino Mts.
    JEPS116870UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumDavid Gowen7882007-7-19 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa area north of Lompoc. Sandy flats outside entrance to Vandenberg AFB west of Hwy 1 and Vandenberg Village.
    JEPS116885UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumDavid Gowen7672007-6-13 San BenitoRoadside of Hwy 25, north of the Pinnacles and ca. 2.9 miles south of La Gloria Rd.
    JEPS116899UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumDavid Gowen9552008-6-20 Los AngelesPlum Canon Road at drainage from north, just southwest of following coordinates.
    JEPS123322UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumDavid Gowen4872005-7-14 KernCuddey Valley Road. Just west of junction with Frazier Mountain Park Road.
    JEPS15015UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumT. Craig18751933-7-03 San Luis Obisposand hills 1-3 mi s Pismo Beach
    JEPS48796UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumMarjorie D. Clary9261932-6-05 RiversideDead Indian Trail west side Colorado Desert, Santa Rosa Mts.
    JEPS68998UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumS. B., W. F. Parish1888-6-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino; mesas
    JEPS68999UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumWillis L. Jepson50911912-7-23 InyoCottonwood Creek
    JEPS69000UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumWilliam S. Cooper2441919-8-01 Santa BarbaraCasmalia
    JEPS69001UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumAdele Lewis Grant16881923-7-03 Santa Barbaranear Mono Flat Ranger Station; upper Santa Inez River, Mono Flat
    JEPS69002UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumAlmeda Nordyke1917-6-04 InyoGerkin Ranch Bishop
    JEPS69003UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumM. French Gilman7461921-1-01 RiversideBanning
    JEPS69004UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumMiss Alice Rhine1891-5-17 InyoIndependence
    JEPS69005UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumCharlotte N. Smith2021940-6-05 Kernupper ridge between Poso Creek and Badger Canon (on backbone of mt.); Greenhorn Mts., Bald Mt.
    JEPS69006UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumRalph Hoffmann1929-7-06 Santa Barbarabefore Big Pine Basin; Santa Barbara Region, San Rafael Mts.
    JEPS69007UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumFrank W. Peirson4821919-6-18 Los AngelesRock Creek San Gabriel Mountains
    JEPS69008UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumFrank W. Peirson5211919-7-29 Los AngelesMt. Wilson San Gabriel Mts. (summit)
    JEPS69009UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumWillis L. Jepson9021900-7-15 Inyobetween Kearsarge Pass and Independence (w Inyo Co.); Kearsarge Mill
    JEPS69011UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumCarl V. Meyer6221928-8-01 RiversideSaunder's Meadow San Jacinto Mts.
    JEPS69012UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumWilliam S. Cooper1571925-8-20 San Luis ObispoCallender
    JEPS69013UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumH., M. Dearing13831931-6-10 Venturanear Mt. Pinos; Cuddy Canon
    JEPS69014UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumH., M. Dearing13811935-6-23 VenturaUpper Sespe Valley
    JEPS69019UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumJoseph A. Ewan90061934-9-09 MontereyJunipero Serra Peak Santa Lucia Mts. (about summit)
    JEPS69020UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumRalph Hoffmann1928-7-27 Santa BarbaraLompoc Santa Barbara Region
    JEPS70191UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumRobert J. Rodin64721959-7-18 VenturaLockwood Valley; in an arroyo (dry riverbed and surrounding hillsides)
    LOB101863LOBEriastrum densifoliumS. Haydens.n.1972-4-30 RiversideRoadside Cal. 74, 1.7 miles South of entrance to Chapman Ranchos
    OBI160816OBIEriastrum densifoliumDavid J. Keil320332013-9-6 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay State Park. Northeast of Los Osos Middle School
    OBI160845OBIEriastrum densifoliumR. F. Hoover62231946-6-30 San Luis ObispoN base of La Panza Range (NW of Cammatti Ranch)
    OBI160850OBIEriastrum densifoliumL.A. Eliassen3062011-7-18 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett. ca. 1.49 air km NNW of Twin Valley Reservoir, 2.48 air km NE of El Piojo Reservoir Dam, 2.67 air km SW of intersection of River and Sam Jones Rds., Training Area 24, Fort Hunter Liggett Military Installation; Jolon 7.5' Quadrangle.
    OBI160851OBIEriastrum densifoliumKyle R. Weichert52014-3-30 San Luis ObispoSalinas River floodplain near Atascadero; De Anza Trail. About 1/4 mile east of Atascdero Water Treatment Plant
    OBI160852OBIEriastrum densifoliumL.A. Eliassen3062011-7-18 Montereyca. 1.49 air km NNW of Twin Valley Reservoir , 2.48 air km NE of El Piojo Reservoir Dam, 2.67 air km SW of intersection of River and Sam Jones Rds., Training Area 24, Fort Hunter Liggett Military Installation (Jolon 7.5' Quadrangle)
    OBI160853OBIEriastrum densifoliumL. A. Eliassen3062011-7-18 Monterey1.49 air km NNW of Twin Valley Reservoir, 2.48 air km NE of El Piojo Reservoir Dam, 2.67 air km SW of intersection of River and Sam Jones Rds., Training Area 24, Fort Hunter Liggett Military Installation; Jolon 7.5' Quadrangle.
    OBI160865OBIEriastrum densifoliumD. Waive Stager311972-8-14 San Luis ObispoMorrow Bay State Park Sand Spit. On well stabilized slopes above Shark's Inlet
    RSA0050461RSAEriastrum densifoliumSarah J. De Groot71542014-7-7 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains area, Pipes Wash west of Highway 247, south of Flat Top Mesa, east-southeast of Hill 4485.; Yucca Valley North 7.5'
    RSA0085404RSAEriastrum densifoliumR. G. Swinney133382010-6-23 Los AngelesHansen Dam Flood Control Basin, 0.1-0.4 miles E of Orcas Park on N side of Big Tujunga Wash, east end of survey area due south of Christy Ave.; Sunland 7.5' Q.
    RSA0089507RSAEriastrum densifoliumR. G. Swinney154162011-6-30 Los Angeles200 m below Camp Colby (Colby Ranch) Lodge, along Coldwater Canon; Chilao Flat 7.5' Q.
    RSA716938RSAEriastrum densifoliumLeRoy Gross25362006-6-26 KernBLMScodie Mountains; Sequoia National Forest. Kiavah Wilderness area. Horse Canon-Canon Saddle (Near 35.58 N, 118.12 W). South along the Pacific Crest Trail to 35.57852N, 118.13255W.; Canon & Horse Canon 7.5' quads.From here the trail switchbacks east towards Skinner Peak. I stopped at 35.56343N, 118.12070W. Southeast of Skinner Peak. Near where the trail will drop down to Bird Springs Pass.
    SBBG186650SBBGEriastrum densifoliumR. N. Philbrick1968-6-07 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: just N of Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG186653SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClare B. Hardham109211963-7-03 MontereyBryson
    SBBG186654SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClare B. Hardham61881960-6-21 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; Chews Ridge
    SBBG186655SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClare B. Hardham61881960-6-21 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; Chews Ridge
    SBBG186656SBBGEriastrum densifoliumNoraine Meng4621967-8-13 San Bernardinoquarry 0.5 mi E of Big Bear-Lucerne Valley Rd, ca. 6 mi S of Permanente cement plant
    SBBG186657SBBGEriastrum densifoliumJohn M. Tucker14861946-10-20 San Bernardinoca. 1 NE of junction of hwys 138 and 66
    SBBG186658SBBGEriastrum densifoliumL. E. Allen1966-8-24 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG186659SBBGEriastrum densifoliumHenry M. Pollard1968-6-07 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: near Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG186660SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith56441957-10-16 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: Dune Lakes, S of Oceano
    SBBG186661SBBGEriastrum densifoliumNoraine Meng4771967-8-19 TulareKennedy-Troy Meadow Rd, 5 W of South Fork bridge
    SBBG186662SBBGEriastrum densifoliumJohn M. Tucker3751941-8-09 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Beartrap Crk, upper Cuyama watershed; beside the rd from Scheideck Camp to the Ozena-Frazier Park Rd
    SBBG186663SBBGEriastrum densifoliumH. and M. Dearing13831931-6-10 KernCuddy Cyn
    SBBG186664SBBGEriastrum densifoliumJohn M. Tucker3751941-8-09 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Beartrap Crk, upper Cuyama watershed; beside the rd from Scheideck Camp to the Ozena-Frazier Park Rd
    SBBG186665SBBGEriastrum densifoliumM. A. Piehl636561963-6-07 VenturaQuatal Cyn, 7.3 mi from Hwy 399 (near Ventucopa)
    SBBG186666SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith88981965-8-04 VenturaPine Mtn ridge W of Reyes Pk
    SBBG186667SBBGEriastrum densifoliumH. and M. Dearing13811935-6-23 Venturaupper Sespe
    SBBG186670SBBGEriastrum densifoliumDavid Keil w/ L. D. Oyler252921995-6-08 Santa BarbaraBurton Mesa: Vandenberg Air Force Base; 0.6 N of Main Gate along Vandenberg Rd (St Hwy 1), hills N and E of unnamed wetland; Vandenberg Air Force Base
    SBBG186673SBBGEriastrum densifoliumE. R. Blakley44991961-6-30 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Bluff Camp at head of Indian Crk
    SBBG186675SBBGEriastrum densifoliumE. R. Blakley44811961-6-12 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; San Rafael Mtn Rd W of Cold Spring and N of the head of Lazaro Cyn
    SBBG186676SBBGEriastrum densifoliumL. E. Allen1972-5-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Valley: near Lompoc
    SBBG186677SBBGEriastrum densifoliumL. S. MatlovskyDM3387-571974-5-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Las Flores Cyn, ca. 16 W of Goleta
    SBBG186679SBBGEriastrum densifoliumP. Bartholomew1938-9-13 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Big Pine Mtn
    SBBG186680SBBGEriastrum densifoliumRalph Hoffmann1930-7-25 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest; Mission Pine
    SBBG186682SBBGEriastrum densifoliumR. Burgess13491994-6-17 VenturaSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; Ocean View Trail, vicinity of Divide Pk
    SBBG186683SBBGEriastrum densifoliumR. Burgess9571992-7-03 VenturaOzena Cmpgrd
    SBBG186684SBBGEriastrum densifoliumR. Burgess48282001-7-13 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; vicinity of jct of Little Mutau Crk trail and trail to McDonald Cabin
    SBBG186685SBBGEriastrum densifoliumRoxana S. Ferris97731939-6-09 San Luis Obisponorthern edge of Atacasdero
    SBBG186686SBBGEriastrum densifoliumHerbert L. Mason124741941-7-03 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: sand dunes, Oso Flaco Lake, N of mouth of Santa Maria River
    SBBG186687SBBGEriastrum densifoliumMark Kerr1937-6-14 InyoLone Pine Cyn
    SBBG186688SBBGEriastrum densifoliumNoraine Meng3411966-7-17 KernSt Highway 14 Walker Pass
    SBBG186689SBBGEriastrum densifoliumRalph Hoffmann1927-6-14 Los Angelesfoothills, Palmdale
    SBBG186690SBBGEriastrum densifoliumRalph Hoffmann1927-6-13 Los Angelesnear Chandler's
    SBBG186691SBBGEriastrum densifoliumRalph Hoffmann1928-7-09 Los AngelesPine Cyn
    SBBG186692SBBGEriastrum densifoliumMrs. R. W. Summers1883-5-1 San Luis Obisponear sea, San Luis Obispo County
    SBBG186693SBBGEriastrum densifoliumRalph Hoffmann1928-7-09 Los Angelesbetween Palmdale and Lancaster
    SBBG186694SBBGEriastrum densifoliumS. B. Parish71391909-6-29 San BernardinoLytle Crk
    SBBG186695SBBGEriastrum densifoliumDavid Keil163231982-6-27 San Luis Obisporidgetop, hills overlooking Los Osos from the south
    SBBG186696SBBGEriastrum densifoliumL. Rowntree1929-6-28 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; Chews Ridge, ca. 5 mi SSE of Jamesburg
    SBBG186697SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith101011968-7-30 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: dunes at Oceano State Beach
    SBBG186699SBBGEriastrum densifoliumD. H. Wilken152821997-6-11 VenturaQuatal Cyn, ca. 6 W of jct with Cerro Noroeste Rd, ca. 3.5 km E of Blue Rock Spring
    SBBG186700SBBGEriastrum densifoliumE. R. Chandler2522a1965-6-22 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Cuyama River ca. 5 mi E of Hwy 33 on the Ozena-Lockwood Valley Rd
    SBBG186701SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith88191965-6-22 VenturaLos Padres National Forest Cuyama River in crossing of rd from Lockwood Rd to Scheidecks Cmpgrd
    SBBG186702SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith3523a1952-7-07 Venturabetween Ozena and summit of first grade on rd to Lockwood Valley
    SBBG186703SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith60831959-6-23 Venturaroad to Potrero Seco, W of Pine Mtn summit on Hwy 399
    SBBG186704SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith48251956-7-12 ?  Santa BarbaraLos Padres National Forest road, Reyes Pk on Pine Mtn ridge off Hwy 399
    SBBG186705SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith85711964-6-25 VenturaCuyama River at Ozena
    SBBG186708SBBGEriastrum densifoliumM. A. Piehl637911963-8-04 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: 0.1 W of N arm of Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG186709SBBGEriastrum densifoliumE. R. Chandler8771962-6-15 San Luis ObispoGuadalupe Dunes: adjacent to Oso Flaco Lake
    SBBG186710SBBGEriastrum densifoliumD. Wilken w/ E. Painter151961995-6-20 Kernnear confluence of Dove Spring Cyn and upper Red Rock Cyn
    SBBG186712SBBGEriastrum densifoliumErnest C. Twisselmann111621965-7-06 KernCanon Cyn
    SBBG186713SBBGEriastrum densifoliumE. R. Chandler26861965-9-10 KernMt Abel Rd [Cerro Noroeste Rd] ca. 5 mi SE of St Hwy 166
    SBBG186714SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClare B. Hardham104321962-5-30 MontereyLos Padres National Forest; Junipero Serra Pk
    SBBG186715SBBGEriastrum densifoliumT. Criswell481977-5-01 Riversideeast side of Hwy 74 about 13 mi S of its jct with Hwy 111
    SBBG186716SBBGEriastrum densifoliumScott D. White41990-6-25 San BernardinoCanon Wash, just N of Institution Rd and NE of the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Facility
    SBBG186717SBBGEriastrum densifoliumD. Swinney24741993-7-16 San BernardinoSan Sevaine Flats, ca. 20 W of jct of USFS Rds 1N34D and 1N34
    SBBG186718SBBGEriastrum densifoliumJ. F. Copp11990-7-26 San Diegonear mouth of Blue Cyn, along Palomar Divide Rd of Aguanga Mtn
    SBBG186719SBBGEriastrum densifoliumR. M. Beauchamp, D. Preston28491971-7-23 San DiegoCottonwood Valley
    SBBG186724SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith89471965-8-10 VenturaLos Padres National Forest Lockwood Rd near summit in upper Cuyama Valley, before entering Lockwood Valley from Ozena
    SBBG186725SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith88951965-8-04 VenturaPine Mtn ridge
    SBBG186726SBBGEriastrum densifoliumC. Davidson29891975-7-13 Venturanear McGill Cmpgrd, W of jct of cmpgrd rd and rd to Pine Mtn Summit; across a small stream toward Pine Mtn Camp
    SBBG186727SBBGEriastrum densifoliumErnest C. Twisselmann110221965-6-18 KernPleito Ridge
    SBBG186728SBBGEriastrum densifoliumL. W. Edge4541974-7-10 San Luis ObispoLos Osos
    SBBG186729SBBGEriastrum densifoliumJ. Latting1973-6-10 San BernardinoMormon Rocks, along St Hwy 138
    SBBG186752SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith85561964-6-24 Santa Barbararidge Rd, above Bates Cyn
    SBBG186753SBBGEriastrum densifoliumE. R. Chandler23781965-6-03 Santa BarbaraCuyama Valley: Foothill Rd, ca. 1.5 W of Kirschenmann RdCuyama Valley
    SBBG186754SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith110851977-6-29 Santa Barbaracrest of Sierra Madre above Bates Cyn
    SBBG186755SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith36421952-7-10 Santa Barbarard to Miranda Pine Mtn in Smith Cyn area
    SBBG186756SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith99981968-6-12 Santa BarbaraTimber Peak area, E of Miranda Pine
    SBBG186757SBBGEriastrum densifoliumL. E. Allen1965-8-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: Los Padres National Forest; below Juncal Dam
    SBBG186758SBBGEriastrum densifoliumClifton F. Smith42861955-6-27 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: El Camino Cielo, W of Santa Ynez Pk
    SBBG186759SBBGEriastrum densifoliumL. W. Edge3941973-6-14 Santa BarbaraSolomon Hills: Union Oil Company lease, Palmer Rd
    SBBG186760SBBGEriastrum densifoliumErnest C. Twisselmann78441962-9-19 TulareKennedy Meadows Rd, 0.9 mi E of Rodeo FlatKern Plateau
    SD255822SDEriastrum densifoliumMitch Provance108512009-6-26 KernTehachapi Mountains Foothills: Tejon Ranch, Canon del Gato Montes, north of Neenach, west side of 270the St., 5 miles north of Los Angeles Co. line (La Liegre Twins 7.5'Q)
    SDSU03044SDSUEriastrum densifoliumRehlaender, Wende E.1111983-5-28 RiversideSanta Rosa Mountains; next to Hwy 74, about 12 miles along road from Palm Desert; 1/2 mile W of Deep Canon, 3 miles NW of Sheep Mountain.
    SDSU03045SDSUEriastrum densifoliumHowe, D. F.33271962-5-21 Santa Barbara13.6 Miles south of Orcutt on #1.
    SFV110822SFVEriastrum densifoliumJ. M. Tucker39911966-7-10 InyoSierra Nevada; 0.25 miles below Sage Flat maintenance station, 5 miles west of Highway 395, and 5.1 miles south of Olancha.
    SFV110823SFVEriastrum densifoliumJ. D. Dilley821996-7-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Angeles National Forest, Mill Creek Summit on Angeles Forest Highway. Growing in gravely soil on a ridge top.
    SFV110824SFVEriastrum densifoliumJ. N. Hogue84.81997-6-18 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Gleason Canon, near Mount Gleason. Roadside.
    SFV110825SFVEriastrum densifoliumT. R. Gordon5721974-8-14 Los AngelesMojave Desert; County Road N4 about 0.5 miles south of Highway 138.
    SFV110826SFVEriastrum densifoliumM. L. Vincent4451963-10-19 RiversideWithin 3 miles of California State Highway 74 (Pines to Palms Highway) as highway crosses Santa Rosa Indian Reservation. About 1.5 miles west of Santa Rosa summit.
    SFV110827SFVEriastrum densifoliumP. G. Kilburn7941958-5-16 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; Agua Canon. Palm Canon, 3 miles south of Palm Springs or 2 miles north of Palm Canon Trading Post.
    SFV110828SFVEriastrum densifoliumT. R. Gordon3821974-7-12 VenturaVentura Mountains; Pine Mountain. 5 miles east of Highway 33.
    SFV110829SFVEriastrum densifoliumT. R. Gordon4451974-7-18 VenturaVentura Mountains; Alamo Mountain.
    SHTC3973SHTCEriastrum densifoliumGarcia, Henri R.832000-5-2 MariposaLake McClure, from Modesto travel east on Keys Road to Merced Falls Road., to Lake McClure/McSwain Park. North 5 miles
    UC1187094UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumDavid D. Keck, Wm. M. Hiesey51081940-5-30 San Luis Obisponear Black Lake (4.8 mi s of Arroyo Grande on road to Oso Flaco); Nipomo Mesa
    UC124573UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumunknown1886-6-1 InyoOwens Valley
    UC1278717UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumG. L. Stebbins, Jr., L. A. Snyder37731947-6-19 Montereys Jamesburg (ridge summit); Chew's Ridge
    UC1280739UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumH. E. McMinn10471923-6-15 Santa Barbara4-8 mi from Lompoc
    UC1280740UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumH. E. McMinn25841931-7-05 KernRidge Route Tehachapi Mts.
    UC1280741UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumH. E. McMinn38491935-6-06 San Luis Obispos Oceano
    UC1283710UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumBeecher Crampton70171964-6-21 Inyo11.5 mi s Big Pine; Goodale Creek area
    UC1329879UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumJames E. Cole9111941-6-15 San BernardinoBlack Spring Wash Joshua Tree National Monument
    UC1334640UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumAustin Griffiths, Jr.53791967-8-13 San Luis Obispojust s Black Lake (near n end of Nipomo Dunes)
    UC1585888UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumBarbara Ertter79031988-8-06 Kernroadside 1.9 mi nw junction to Breckenridge lookout (s of Lightners Flat, ca 12 air mi ssw of Lake Isabella)
    UC1785042UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumJoseph A. Ewan90061934-9-09 Montereyabout summit of Junipero Serra Peak, Santa Lucia Mountains
    UC1980552UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumC. Rose Broome, James L. Reveal, Darin Reveal, Crissie Cagle22721978-7-06 San BernardinoBryman Rd., 0.8 W of its junction with National Trails highway, 5.3 mi S of Helendale
    UC674934UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumF. W. Pennell, A. L. Grant259271940-6-19 San DiegoPalomar Mountain
    UC73655UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumM. F. Gilman321904-1-01 RiversideBanning
    UC908276UCJEPSEriastrum densifoliumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg31391942-7-22 InyoWhitney Portal Rd w Lone Pine; Sierra Nevada
    UCR0036986UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney178212015-10-19 Los AngelesMount Disappointment, northwest of San Gabriel Peak
    UCR0105628UCREriastrum densifoliumScott D. White24001994-8-28 San BernardinoSanta Ana River Canon, Seven Oaks area, Forest Service Road 1N54.
    UCR0105631UCREriastrum densifoliumMitch Provance416--1262015-6-15 KernCummings Valley, California Correctional Institution, about 7 miles W of Tehachapi, slope route towards Brite Valley Lake
    UCR0105632UCREriastrum densifoliumJack Majors.n.1967-6-24 Kern2 miles north of Cantil near Hwy 195
    UCR0105633UCREriastrum densifoliumMitch Provance108512009-6-26 KernTejon Ranch, Canon del Gato Montes, north of Neenach, west side of 270th St., 5 miles north of the Los Angeles Co. line
    UCR0105634UCREriastrum densifoliumMitch Provance105142009-4-21 KernCanon del Gato Montes, north of Neenach, along 270th St., c. 4.5 miles north of Los Angeles Co. line
    UCR0105635UCREriastrum densifoliumMichael Honer25562007-4-27 Kernsteep slopes west of Los Alamos Creek, 2 miles WNW of South Portal No. 4 of State Water Project
    UCR0105640UCREriastrum densifoliumK.H. Berrys.n.1995-7-15 KernMojave Desert, Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area, NNE of California City
    UCR0105646UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney154162011-6-30 Los Angeles200 m below Camp Colby (Colby Ranch) Lodge, along Coldwater Canon
    UCR0105654UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney133382010-6-23 Los AngelesHansen Dam Flood Control Basin, 0.1-0.4 miles E of Orcas Park on N side of Big Tujunga Wash, east end of survey area due south of Christy Ave.
    UCR0105658UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney85132005-8-22 Los AngelesDevil's Punchbowl County Park, lower Holcomb Canon
    UCR0105666UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney111912009-6-17 Los Angelesridge north of Big Pine Hwy and Shoemaker Canon, 1.2 air miles east of Big Rock Creek Rd.
    UCR0105707UCREriastrum densifoliumGeorge K. Helmkamp40761998-6-27 RiversideGarner Valley, along Hwy 74 at Morris Ranch Rd.; San Jacinto Mtns.
    UCR0105708UCREriastrum densifoliumA.C. Sanders408512013-7-6 RiversideSE of Idyllwild on South Ridge along FS Rd. 5S11, at and near sharp bend
    UCR0105730UCREriastrum densifoliumDuncan S. Bell3942009-7-1 San Bernardinoheading northeast along narrow canyon from Coon Creek Jumpoff Road, at head of drainage area just southeast of Heart Bar Peak
    UCR0105766UCREriastrum densifoliumDan S. Cooper613--062013-6-11 Venturasouth side of Arroyo Simi, N of Tierra Rejada Park near West Easy St.
    UCR0105777UCREriastrum densifoliumTim Thomas32332004-5-4 KernSan Emigdio Ranch, mid Santiago Creek drainage on road to Blue Ridge road jct.
    UCR0105802UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney116282009-11-16 Los Angeles20 m east (up canyon) from east edge of Kentucky Springs, tributary of Kentucky Springs Canon, 3/4 mile W of Angeles Forest Hwy at Angeles National Forest boundary, 0.4 mi. west of junction of Mt. Emma Rd. and Angeles Forest Hwy
    UCR0105803UCREriastrum densifoliumMark A. Elvin29652003-7-1 Los Angelescrest of the mountains at head of Salt Creek, 6.5 km SW of Stevenson Ranch
    UCR0105804UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney112152009-6-17 Los AngelesFenner Canon just above confluence with Big Rock Creek
    UCR0105805UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney113592009-7-22 Los AngelesSulphur Spring Campground, on South Fork Little Rock Creek
    UCR0105806UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney112592009-6-24 Los Angelessummit of Roundtop Mountain, south end of USFS Rd. 3N90, 2.3 rd. miles south of Pacifico Mtn. Rd.
    UCR0105807UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney113832009-7-23 Los AngelesHorse Flats, 1 air mile NNW of Newcomb's Ranch at Hwy 2/Angeles Crest Hwy.
    UCR0105808UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney114352009-7-29 Los AngelesPacifico Mountain summit
    UCR0105809UCREriastrum densifoliumR.G. Swinney113012009-7-22 Los Angelessummit of Mt. Hillyer, north of Horse Flats
    UCR0105810UCREriastrum densifoliumDuncan S. Bell27612011-7-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest, NW of Holcomb Valley, just south of the junction of forest service roads 3N16 N17, c. 1.6 air mi. NW of Hitchcock Spring
    UCSC100004509UCSCEriastrum densifoliumAdam Searcy712015-7-24 Los AngelesVista Canon Ranch, Santa Clara River
    UCSC100004510UCSCEriastrum densifoliumAdam Searcy752015-7-10 Los AngelesVista Canon Ranch, Santa Clara River
    VVC370VVCEriastrum densifoliumScott D. White41531996-6-08 San BernardinoSiberia Creek Trail, USFS Road 1N64 to Siberia Creek
    VVC371VVCEriastrum densifoliumW.W. Mayhews.n.1959-6-23 San BernardinoCanon Pass on Hwy 66
    CDA0052563CDAEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumC. Cowans.n.1977-7-1 VenturaCorolla blue. Reyes Peak, elev 2300 m.
    CDA0052573CDAEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumRobert Patterson13141978-6-19 Los AngelesHwy 138, elev 1600 m. Corolla blue.
    CHSC108412CHSCEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumNaomi Fraga8902003-7-5 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: The Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Spur trail to Morris Peak. USGS Quadrangle: Owens Peak 1:24,000
    CHSC5091CHSCEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumM. MacArthur761967-7-16 Los AngelesCharlton flat about 1 mi. from Angeles Crest Hwy., below parking area #12, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mts. Near path.
    CLARK-A1528-3489CLARKEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJohn C. Roos26601943-5-23 RiversideLittle San Bernardino Mountains
    CSLA008175CSLAEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumWesley Griesel1960-7-08 San BernardinoPoop Out Hill, San Bernardino Mountains
    CSLA008176CSLAEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumBrian C. Miller8101967-7-12 Los AngelesAngeles Forest; E. Fork Cedar Cr. just below Crystal Lake entr. Road, San Gabriel Canon
    CSLA008177CSLAEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumC. Frederick451967-7-29 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mtns., Highway 38 about 2 miles south of Big & Little Cienega Seca
    CSLA008178CSLAEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumWesley O. Griesel1959-6-26 Los AngelesCharleton Flats, San Gabriel Mtns.
    CSLA008181CSLAEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumBrian C. Miller8101967-7-12 Los AngelesE. Fork Cedar Cr. just below Crystal Lake entr. Road, San Gabriel Canon
    CSLA008182CSLAEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumH. Spaulding1221968-7-07 Los Angeles1/2 mi. S of Charlton Flats, San Gabriel Mts.
    CSLA008183CSLAEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumD.A.J.111972-7-16 San BernardinoSmiley Camp Rd. & Hwy. 30 in Running Springs area in San Bernardino Mtns.
    CSUSB91932CSUSBEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJohn Kitasakos.n.1972-9-03 RiversidePalm Spring Alajo Site Ia Ib
    DAV235765DAVEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumKonshau Duman3192020-8-26 San BernardinoOn top of the ridge line that runs north of Wrightwood. Straight above the Jensen's Grocery Store.
    DAV323179DAVEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team3272008-8-6 TulareTulare County: US Forest Service - Lake Isabella Area.
    DAV323180DAVEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJ. N. Hogue123.21998-7-26 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains, Camp Cumorah Crest, 3 NE Newcomb Ranch.
    DAV323181DAVEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team3712008-8-5 TulareTulare County: US Forest Service - Lake Isabella Area.
    DAV323182DAVEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1998-7-28 InyoInyo County: Lone Pine-Whitney Portal. Whitney Portal Road. Inyo National Forest. John Muir Wilderness.
    DAV323183DAVEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJohn M. Tucker39911966-7-10 InyoInyo County: 1/4 mile below Sage Flat maintenance station, 5 miles west of Highway 395, and 5.1 miles south of Olancha.
    GMDRC12234GMDRCEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJ. M. Andre420342019-6-27 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains: along Hwy 2 (Angeles Crest Hwy), 2 miles NE of Wrightwood
    GMDRC12263GMDRCEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJ. M. Andre420662019-6-27 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Lone Pine Canon, on Rd # 2N29, 0.2 miles south of Long Pine Cyn Rd, approx 3 air miles WSW of Canon Junction on Interstate 15
    GMDRC12295GMDRCEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJ. M. Andre421142019-7-12 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: along Pine Creek Rd (# 14S05) 0.6 miles west of Sunrise Hwy (S-1), 1.5 air miles NNW of El Prado Group Camp
    GMDRC6577GMDRCEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJ. M. Andre305342012-6-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains: along Hwy 243, 10.7 mi. south of Interstate 10 (Banning); SB Natl. Forest
    GMDRC8533GMDRCEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJ. M. Andre353492015-7-23 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: 2 mi. south of Holcomb Valley, along Poligue Cyn Rd, 3.7 mi. north of jct Hwy 3 N Big Bear Lake)
    IRVC2850IRVCEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumR.H. Whittakers.n.1963-6-03 RiversideSanta Rosa Mtns., Palms to Pines Hwy.
    JEPS101984UCJEPSEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumDean W. Taylor14419A1994-6-16 VenturaSanta Ynez Mountains, N facing slope of unnamed summit 0.4 mi E of Divide Peak along Ocean View Trail
    JEPS108691UCJEPSEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumK. Ferrell-IngramBMP-152003-8-27 InyoAlong Horseshoe Meadows Rd., W of Lone Pine
    JEPS122473UCJEPSEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumJ. M. Andre305342012-6-15 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountains; along Highway 243, 10.7 miles south of Interstate 10 (Banning), San Bernardino National Forest. Lake Fulmor 7.5' Q.
    JEPS22752UCJEPSEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64031958-7-20 Los Angelesclose to Angeles Crest Highway (State Highway 2); San Gabriel Mts., Angeles National Forest, Charlton Flat
    JEPS23132UCJEPSEriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanumRimo Bacigalupi, Reino Alava64501958-7-21 Los AngelesChilao Flat San Gabriel Mts., Angeles National Forest