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      F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
    AHUC101118DAVEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesA. A. Beetles.n.2007-5-23 InyoInyo County.
    CAS-BOT159989CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesMooney, H.; St. Andre, J.; Wright, R.1171961-6-7 InyoSilver Creek Road
    CAS-BOT159990CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesDeDecker, Mary33441973-8-4 InyoSierra Nevada west of Independence, Symmes Canyon
    CAS-BOT159991CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesTiehm, Arnold57541980-5-29 LassenNorth end of Honey Lake Valley, 2 air miles NW of Wendel
    CAS-BOT159992CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesStage, G. L.62-1311962-6-14 Lassen19 miles southeast of Ravendale
    CAS-BOT159993CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesHeller, A. A.152121938-6-23 LassenNorth of Balls Canyon on U. S. Highway #395
    CAS-BOT159994CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesKeck, David D.; Clausen, J.37411935-6-24 Lassen2 mi. S. of Ravendale Elev. given as 4800 ft
    CAS-BOT159995CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesBruce, Mrs. C. C.21391898-6-1 LassenShumway
    CAS-BOT159996CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesMonnet, P.79511913-7-4 LassenHot Springs Peak, S.E. of Lassen County Elev. given as 5000-6000 ft
    CAS-BOT159997CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1941-5-22 Lassen7 miles south of Secret Valley, C.C.C. Camp, U.S. Hy. 395
    CAS-BOT159998CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesMunz, Philip A.118691947-5-19 Lassen19 miles south of Ravendale, on Highway 395
    CAS-BOT159999CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesCantelow, Mrs. H. C.s.n.1941-5-22 Lassen7 miles south of Secret Valley C.C.C. Camp
    CAS-BOT160000CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesApplegate, Elmer I.89181934-5-4 LassenSecret Valley
    CAS-BOT160001CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesKeck, David D.; Clausen, J.37411935-6-24 Lassen2 mi. S. of Ravendale Elev. given as 4800 ft
    CAS-BOT171461CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesBass, Louellas.n.1982-6-20 LassenCemetery gate, McKissick
    CAS-BOT191118CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesBartholomew, Bruce57091991-5-24 ModocSurprise Valley, E of Eagleville at the Nevada State boundary.
    CAS-BOT191119CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesBartholomew, Bruce; Gilbert, M.; Skog, L. E.64511993-5-10 ModocAt the Nevada border directly E of Eagleville, E side of Surprise Valley.
    CAS-BOT191120CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesBartholomew, Bruce; Anderson, Barrett48121989-6-2 ModocSand dunes at the SE corder of Upper Alkali Lake, E side of Surprise Valley.
    CAS-BOT550545CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesGriffith, Gerald931937-4-20 KernSecond China Grade, Kern River watershed
    CAS-BOT554233CASEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesGriffith, Gerald1051937-4-17 KernComanche Point, San Joaquin Valley watershed
    CHSC122694CHSCEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesL. P. Janeway123312017-6-16 LassenModoc Plateau. Honey Lake Valley, at the base of the Skedaddle Mountains near Amadee Canon; along the west side of Wendel Road 15.3 road-km southeast of Hwy 595. TRS: T2 N, R16E, SE1/4 of sec. 3 Wendel 7.5' quad.
    CHSC27718CHSCEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesRobert A. Schlising33081978-7-02 LassenSE of Horse Lake, 15.5 mi SW of jct Hwy 395 and Horse L. Road, along the latter. T3 N R13E S11
    CHSC64793CHSCEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesVernon H. Oswald67651995-5-24 LassenModoc Plateau. Wendel Rd. (Lassen 320) 3.3 mi e of Amedee Rd. at Wendel. At the base of the Amedee Mtns. T2 N R16E S3 W1/4 of NW1/4
    CHSC8312CHSCEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesEdward L. Smith3751958-3-21 RiversidePlant found 6 mi. of Rice, near Priests Well. Little Santa Maria Mtns.
    DAV302603DAVEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesWilliam Andersons.n.1963-6-02 LassenLassen County: Wendel.
    DAV302604DAVEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesK. Esaus.n.1935-5-11 KernKern County: Caliente Creek, 17 miles from Bakersfield on the road to Mohave.
    DAV302605DAVEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesR. N. Raynors.n.1933 KernCounty Unknown. Southern California.
    DAV302606DAVEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesEllen Dean22852005-3-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: SE of town of Ludlow, south of Hwy. 40. Along National Trails Rd. (Route 66), 9.4 road miles E of intersection of Hwy. 40 and Route 66 at Ludlow. Take dirt road S from Route 66 0.2 road miles.
    DAV302607DAVEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesEllen Dean2304a2005-3-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: SE of town of Ludlow, S of Hwy. 40, along National Trails Rd. (Route 66), 9.4 road miles E of intersection of Hwy 40 and Route 66 at Ludlow. Take dirt road S from Route 66 0.2 road miles. Just S of Cadiz Valley.
    DAV302608DAVEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesEllen Dean58482010-4-8 ImperialImperial County: BLM Algodones Dunes Natural Area. E side of dunes. 6 N of Hwy 78, along Kipf Rd. E and W side of road.
    JEPS29748UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesRimo Bacigalupi, L. R. Heckard8502A1962-5-28 Lassen2 mi e Wendel Junction (n of Honey Lake, on road from US 395 past Flanagan to Pyramid Lake NV)
    SBBG196350SBBGEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesRalph Hoffmann5351931-5-16 InyoDarwin Mesa [probably Darwin Plateau]
    SBBG196351SBBGEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesRalph Hoffmann1930-7-10 InyoWestgard Pass [Rd]
    SBBG196352SBBGEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesMark Kerr1937-5-01 Inyo4 W of Indian Ranch
    SBBG196353SBBGEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesMark Kerr1937-7-25 Mono2 N of Benton Station
    SBBG196354SBBGEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesM. N. Ackley7681926-2-1 Riversideentrance to Painted Cyn
    SJSU13314SJSUEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesC.W. Sharsmith54801946-8-05 MonoS shore Mono L
    SJSU9731SJSUEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesC.W. Sharsmith87101982-7-05 Mononear Dechambeaus Ranch c. 1.5 N of Black Point, Mono L
    UC1297446UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesVictor Duran17471926-7-08 InyoBlack Canon White Mountains, Bishop U.S.G.S. Quad. (open areas)
    UC1299990UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesRobert M. Lloyd26431963-6-18 Inyo7.4 mi w White Mountain Road; White Mountains, Westgard Pass
    UC1442753UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesMary DeDecker46701978-5-13 InyoWaucoba Rd e Big Pine; Inyo Mountains
    UC1483875UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesG. Schoolcraft2341980-5-16 Lassenon Wendell Hwy n kiln
    UC1979821UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesThomas Stoughton, Christi Gabriel, Stephanie Rockwood12062011-5-9 InyoMojave Desert; Northcentral Mojave Desert region: SW edge of Coso Range Wilderness, Cactus Flat area, west of China Lake Naval Air Station, east of North Haiwee Reservoir, East of Hwy 395.
    UC20409UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesMrs. C. C. Bruce21391898-6-01 LassenShumway
    UC477409UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesVictor Duran26941930-6-08 InyoBlack Canon White Mountains
    UC725471UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesA. A. Heller152121938-6-23 Lassenon Hwy 395 about midway between Mapes and Secret Valley
    UCR0072586UCREremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesJim Andre188702011-7-11 Inyojust west of Owens River, 1.5 mi. SSW of Laws, c. 3 mi. east of Bishop; Owens Valley
    UCR0072620UCREremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesJim Andre77101993-5-28 LassenAlong Hwy 395 c. 25 NE of Susanville at Viewland exit, NE of Shaffer Mtn
    UCR0073407UCREremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesJim Andre109142009-6-21 InyoWhite Mountains; White/Inyo Mtn. transition, along SR Hwy 168 just east of Westgard Pass
    UCSB007052UCSBEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesRandy Agbayani751978-5-26 KernJoshua Tree Woodland, 3.5 miles past Walker pass (East)
    UCSB007053UCSBEremothera boothii subsp. alyssoidesWalker, R.341980-6-01 Inyo15km north of Trona, off highway 178 in the Mojave desert
    DAV302609DAVEremothera boothii subsp. condensataC. H. Lamoureux12701957-5-19 StanislausStanislaus County: 17 miles west of Patterson, on Del Puerto Road.
    UC1537655UCJEPSEremothera boothii subsp. condensataGordon H. True6781937-4-05 San BenitoSan Benito

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