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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT190971CASEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumBartholomew, Bruce63961992-08-09 ModocUpper region of Owl Creek drainage, on cliffs, E of Summit Trail, E side of Warner Mountains.
CAS-BOT497332CASEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumSchoolcraft, G.26961997-08-10 ModocWarner Mtns. S of N. Emerson Lake
CAS-BOT94897CASEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumWenk, R. C.3232005-07-19 SiskiyouAlong Pacific Crest Trail, 2 mi. S of parking lot at top of pass on N.F.R. 17, going toward Mt. Eddy
CDA0013563CDAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumG.F. Hrusa133911996-07-22 PlumasPlumas Natl. Forest. Little Long Valley Creek. Approx. 1-2 N. of Hwy 70 about 15 m. E of Quincy. Sierra Nevada.
CHSC1125CHSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumV. Holt1942-08-04 TrinitySapphire Lake, Trinity Alps.
CHSC46577CHSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumVernon Oswald22491986-07-28 ShastaTrail between Bumpass Hell and Cold Boiling Lake at a point overlooking Crumbaugh Lake, Lassen Volcanic National Park. T3 N R04E S1 W1-4
CHSC79784CHSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumHelen Constantine-Shull5571995-08-17 MonoShepherd camp spring at N side of Glass Creek Meadow. Floristic Affinities of the San Joaquin Roadless Area, Inyo National Forest. T02S R26E S36 USGS Quadrangle: Mammoth Mtn.
CHSC96170CHSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumR. Fischer8812006-09-09 ModocCollection from the Warner Wilderness within the Warner Mountains, ca. 1 mile south of Patterson Lake along the Summit Trail, near the junction of Pine Creek Basin Trail. USGS Quadrangle: Patterson Lake 1:24,000
CHSC96690CHSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGordon Leppig3641996-07-09 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, Russian Wilderness, Little Duck Lake Fen. Subalpine fen in cirque west of Little Duck Lake. NAD 27 UTM Zone 10, 503813E, 4572 N.
DAV302349DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumDean W. Taylor26661973-07-21 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass. Along Schnider Camp Road, near Capels Lake, just E of the El Dorado County line.
DAV302350DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumRobert E. Preston15562001-06-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Klamath National Forest, N slope of Rainbow Mtn. Rainbow Mountain 7.5 quad.
DAV302351DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumRobert E. Preston15852001-06-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Klamath National Forest, N slope of Rainbow Mountain, at Hemlock Lake.
DAV302352DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumRobert E. Preston18962002-07-11 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Rainbow Mountain and Vicinity. Klamath National Forest, Trout Creek Meadow
DAV302353DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumDean W. Taylor41881974-07-17 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass. SE face of Red Lake Peak.
DAV302354DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumDean W. Taylor41801974-07-14 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass. SE face of Red Lake Peak.
DAV302355DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumEllen Dean90932016-07-12 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Southern end of D.L. Bliss State Park. South of unnamed drainage on east side of Highway 89.
DAV302356DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumDean W. Taylor26661973-07-21 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass. 1 mile E of Schnider Camp near Capels Lake.
DAV302363DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumEllen Dean96842018-06-21 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Emerald Bay State Park. Along service road between Boat Camp and Vikingsholm.
DAV302369DAVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumEllen Dean90622016-07-12 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. Near southern boundary of D.L. Bliss State Park. Along unnamed drainage on west side of Highway 89.
ELH00766ELHEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGary Schoolcraft23571994-07-06 LassenAbout 2 miles west of Boot Lake
ELH00767ELHEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGary Schoolcraft26961997-08-10 ModocWarner mountains south of north Emerson Lake
GH01671643GHEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1919-07-01 Mono[data not captured]
GH01671644GHEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1914-08-01 Mariposa[data not captured]
GH01671645GHEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1940-04-01 Alpine[data not captured]
GH01671646GHEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1902-03-29 Tulare[data not captured]
GH01671647GHEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatum;lsqb;data not captured;rsqb;1931-08-04 Unknown[data not captured]
GMDRC11373GMDRCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ. M. Andre404252018-08-03 MonoSierra Nevada: along Rock Creek Rd at East Fork Campground, 6.4 miles south of Hwy 395 (at Tom′s Place)
GMDRC4913GMDRCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ. Andre156572008-07-27 InyoBig Pine Canon: North Fork watershed, growing on steep rocky slopes on north end of Third Lake
GMDRC7386GMDRCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ. M. Andre324382009-09-03 InyoEastern Sierra Nevada: Big Pine Canon, south fork drainage, in gorge 0.3 mi. below outlet of Finger Lake, just west of Brainard Lake
HSC217923HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumM. R. Mesler10042011-08-02 HumboldtCrogan Rocks, ˜ .25 mi. east of Crogan Hole
HSC217924HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ.O. Sawyer15141969-07-24 SiskiyouSE facing slope W of Sugar Lake
HSC217925HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ.O. Sawyer16651969-08-01 SiskiyouSE facing slope above Duck Lake Creek
HSC217926HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGordon Leppig3641996-07-09 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, Russian Wilderness, cirque W of Little Duck Lake
HSC217927HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGordon Leppig4741997-06-27 SiskiyouRussian Wilderness, cirque W of Little Duck Lake
HSC217928HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGordon Leppig10191998-08-14 SiskiyouKlamath National Forest, Russian Wilderness, Little Duck Lake Fen, cirque W of Little Duck Lake
HSC217929HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumWilliam J. Ferlatte8181967-08-06 TrinityHead of Canon Creek
HSC217930HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumHelen Constantine-Shull6531995-08-23 MonoOpen avalanche path on NE side of Deadman Creek
HSC217931HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumHelen Constantine-Shull10131996-07-29 MonoAlong stream E of Deadman Pass
HSC217932HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJennifer Whipple14671976-07-04 SiskiyouWagon Creek drainage near Wagon Creek
HSC217933HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJennifer Whipple15941976-07-26 TrinityAbove Deadfall Creek
HSC217934HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumD.E. Anderson54681971-07-28 TrinityNear E Weaver Lake, 1 mi. from Weaver Bally Lookout on FS Rd. 3 N38
HSC217935HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumMaralyn A. Renner25041980-08-19 SiskiyouS side of Caribou Lake
HSC217936HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumG.L. Clifton119231979-08-01 HumboldtNear Horse Trail Ridge, close to the town of Hoopa
HSC217937HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumG.L. Clifton110281979-07-29 Del NorteNear Elk Valley, close to the town of Orleans
HSC217938HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ.O. Sawyer18681969-08-04 SiskiyouSlopes W of S Sugar Lake
HSC217939HSCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumCara Witte4772007-07-11 HumboldtCold Spring. 1-2 mile south of Titlow Hill.
IRVC112881IRVCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumG.K. Helmkamp; E. A. Helmkamp109692006-07-12 El DoradoNorthern Sierra Nevada Mtns: Sierra-at-Tahoe road (west end of Phillips), 1.5 miles south of Hwy US-50.
JEPS123441UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJulie Kierstead Nelson, Marie Buell2015-1122015-07-18 TrinityYolla Bolly Wilderness; near Tehama County line; 0.3 miles W of North Yolla Bolly; headwaters of the east fork of the south fork of Trinity River.
JEPS127508UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumSteve Matson6632002-08-04 PlacernSNH: Martis Valley; about 4 miles SE of Truckee; Martis Creek Wildlife Area; south side of Highway 267, south of Martis Creek, southern limit of Wildlife Area close to fence line.
JEPS39336UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumWillis L. Jepson101021923-08-09 AlpineSilver Valley
JEPS99602UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumMelanie Arnett83112001-07-03 MaderaDevils Postpile National Monument; E-facing 35% midslope of granite outcrop in lodgepole pine forest on W side of Middle Fork San Joaquin River. Degrading granite.
NY3296653NYEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumC. G. Pringles.n.1881-08-16 ?  Siskiyou
OBI173056OBIEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJim Andre324382009-09-03 InyoBig Pine Canon, south fork drainage, in gorge 0.3 mile below outlet of Finger Lake, just west of Brainard Lake
POM171926RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumF. W. Peirson91301930-08-07 InyoSpring on west shore of Ruby Lake, Rock Creek Lake Basin.
POM247506RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumA. M. Alexander25821941-07-16 InyoTrail between 2nd and 3rd Lakes. Pig Pine Creek.
POM256974RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumD. D. Keck44541936-08-19 MonoSlate Creek Valley, east of Mt. Conness, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area, above cabin of Timberline Station
POM261625RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ. T. Howell159101940-08-02 TulareWest of Reflection Lake.
POM262688RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumBud Fuller571936-07-10 Modoc15 miles northeast of Alturas
POM304526RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ. T. Howell167781941-08-05 MaderaNear Garnet Lake
POM306949RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumHenry J. Ramsey17631938-08-04 TulareFranklin Lake, Mineral King.
POM37921RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJoseph Clemenss.n.1910-07-25 FresnoCharlotte Lake.
RSA0086804RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumAnn Howald20141998-09-06 MonoEastern Sierra Nevada Mtns.: Univ. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203.; Old Mammoth 7.5
RSA0116788RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJim M. Andre324382009-09-03 InyoUSFSEastern Sierra Nevada: Big Pine Canon, south fork drainage, in gorge 0.3 mi. below outlet of Finger Lake, just west of Brainard Lake.; Split Mountain 7.5
RSA109313RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumH. K. Sharsmith45801955-08-09 MaderaMinaret Creek drainage ca. 0.2-0.5 mile below Minaret Lake. Ritter Range, Sierra Nevada.
RSA113940RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumM. Lewis3541955-08-15 MonoHead of Canon Timberline Station, Slate Creek Valley
RSA136680RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumDavid Gregory4461960-07-01 InyoOn High Sierra rail from Bearpaw Meadow to Crecent Meadow.
RSA171044RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumRobert F. Thorne331571963-08-10 Mono1.3 miles beyond Sardine Creek meadow. Ca 1 mile E of Sonora Pass. Toiyabe National Forest.
RSA172222RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumRobert F. Thorne330701963-08-09 MonoNear Sardine Creek, ca 1.5 miles SE of Sonora Pass, Toiyabe National Forest.
RSA211349RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumWilliam J. Ferlatte7911967-08-06 TrinityCanon Creek Lakes, Trinity Alps
RSA211352RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumWilliam J. Ferlatte8181967-08-06 SiskiyouHead of Canon Creek. Trinity Alps.
RSA31261RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumYnez Whilton Winblads.n.1938-07-25 MonoTioga Pass.
RSA34675RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ. T. Howell228081946-07-27 InyoBetween Ruby Lake and Mosquito Flat. Rock Creek Lake Basin.
RSA39240RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumP. A. Munz126501948-07-31 FresnoTrail, Vidette Meadow to Bullfrog Lake; Sierra Nevada, southeastern Fresno County.
RSA39972RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumMark Kerrs.n.1937-07-11 InyoOnion Valley.
RSA44282RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ. T. Howell239041947-08-08 InyoThird to fifth Lake, Big Pine Lakes.
RSA516804RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumE. C. Twisselmann157871969-07-30 TulareKern Plateau: Salmon Creek on the E slope of Sirretta Peak.
RSA588494RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumN. C. Cooper25581944-08-30 MonoMammoth Lakes (San Joaquin Camp)
RSA588578RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumAnstruther Davidsons.n.1892-07-04 RiversideSan Jacinto.
RSA610437RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumR. S. Woglum28941940-08-29 MonoCentral Sierra Nevada Mountains: Yosemite National Park, Ansel Adams Wilderness, southwest of Mono Lake, Ellery lake.
RSA610438RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumR. S. Woglum28851940-08-29 MariposaCentral Sierra Nevada Mountains: Yosemite National Park, east of Mt. Hoffman, Lake May.
RSA66618RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumP. A. Munz169111951-07-26 TehamaSouth base of South Yolla Bolly Mountains.
RSA72115RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumF. W. Peirson91301930-08-07 InyoRock Creek Lake Basin, Sierra Nevada
RSA72182RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumF. W. Peirson94661931-07-24 InyoAt foot of escarpment of Heart Lake, Rock Creek lake Basin.
RSA72184RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumF. W. Peirson23061908-07-13 TulareVolcano Creek, tributary of Kern River, Sierra Nevada
RSA72185RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumF. W. Peirson7661916-08-25 TulareSilver Lake, Little Kern River tributary, Sierra Nevada.
RSA72190RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumF. W. Peirsons.n.1934-07-26 InyoRock Creek Lake Basin.
RSA7448RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumCarl B. Wolf52801933-08-13 AlpineBelow dam at West Blue Lake. Sierra Nevada.
RSA790243RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumRebecca Wenk3232005-07-19 SiskiyouAlong Pacific Crest Trail, 2 miles south of parking lot at top of pass on National Forest Road 17, going towards Mt. Eddy.
RSA89994RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumPeter H. Raven77281954-08-03 FresnoSierra Nevada: Trail below Lake Italy
RSA89998RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumPeter H. Raven77941954-08-05 FresnoSierra Nevada: John Muir trail north of Bear Creek
RSA96187RSAEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumP. A. Munz200121954-08-19 MonoCabin Creek, north tributary of Slate Creek, Sierra Nevada.
SD00050809SDEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumDarley F. Howe27531959-07-30 UnknownSouth of Sonora Pass,
SFV109407SFVEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumS. Kimball1942000-06-28 InyoSierra Nevada; Plot 41a of Bishop Creek drainage gradient analysis. Seepage above the first Tyee Lake.
SJSU10679SJSUEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumC.W. Sharsmith51081944-07-09 Tuolumneabove W end May L, Yosemite National Park
SPIF01927SPIFEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumMatthew C. Bergers.n.2018-08-07 SiskiyouElk Spring 7.5 USGS quad. Along Mud Creek near Mt. Shasta. Growing in wet sand along the creek. Associated species: Erythranthe primuloides, Erythranthe guttata, Chamerion angustifolium, Juncus bolanderi, Anaphalis margaritacea.
THRI-SEKI6072THRIEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumStocking, S.K.68-361968-07-28 UnknownE Mineral King Guard Sta
UC1036039UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumHelen K. Sharsmith45801955-08-09 Madera0.2-0.5 mi below Minaret Lake (bog adjacent to creek); Sierra Nevada, Ritter Range, Minaret Creek drainage
UC1183589UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumM. Lewis3541955-08-15 Monohead of Canon Timberline Station
UC1197002UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJoseph P. Tracy166371940-06-25 AlpineEbbet′s Pass Hwy 2 mi w pass
UC125484UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumKatharine Brandegee1907-08-01 TulareAlta Meadows
UC421137UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumMilo S. Baker4361a1930-07-13 TulareMineral King-Farewell Gap Trail
UC495823UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumMark Kerr741932-09-20 Inyoamong rocks in live falls Heart Lake
UC562854UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumRoxana S. Ferris89881934-07-25 Inyotrail to Big Pine Lakes Sierra Nevada, north fork of Big Pine Creek (along creek)
UC579714UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJ. Clausen11181935-07-22 Monojust above headwaters of creek (on talus slope above cabin, e of Mount Conness); Slate Creek Basin, Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area
UC671626UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg25821941-07-16 Inyotrail between 2nd Lake and 3rd Lake; Big Pine Creek
UC873366UCJEPSEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumCarl B. Wolf52801933-08-13 Alpinebelow dam; Sierra Nevada, West Blue Lake
UCR0062064UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp229702014-07-28 El Doradoat the junction of Wentworth Springs Road and Ice House Road
UCR0062065UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp196742012-08-19 El Doradounnamed dirt road along Ice House Road, 0.4 mile south of Robbs Peak Road, N of Union Valley Reservoir
UCR0062066UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp195772012-08-04 El DoradoMormon Emigrant Trail, 1.4 miles west of its junction with CA-88
UCR0062068UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp169032010-09-01 El DoradoMehrten Springs Road, 0.6 mile north of its junction wtih CA-88
UCR0062070UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp181932011-09-01 El DoradoSilver Fork Road, 0.9 miles south of its junction with US-50 in Kyburz
UCR0062071UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp109692006-07-12 El DoradoSierra-at-Tahoe road (west end of Phillips), 1.5 miles south of Hwy US-50
UCR0062074UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp166052010-07-23 El DoradoWrights Lake Road at the entrance to a camping area, 0.2 mile west of the lake, 5.5 miles NE (35 ° ) of Kyburz
UCR0062105UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp169082010-09-01 AmadorDufrene Road 0.7 mile east of its junction with CA-88, north of Lower Bear River Reservoir
UCR0062107UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp168862010-09-01 Amadoralong CA-88, 2.6 miles southwest of its junction with Mormon Emigrant Trail, c. 2.75 miles NNW of Upper Bear River Reservoir
UCR0062108UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp194242012-07-14 AmadorTragedy Spring, near Canon Pass Hwy, along Tragedy Spring Road 0.3 mile east of its junction with CA-88
UCR0062110UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJim Andre324382009-09-03 InyoBig Pine Canon, south fork drainage, in gorge 0.3 mile below outlet of Finger Lake, just west of Brainard Lake
UCR0062111UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp43431998-08-12 InyoOnion Valley, west of Independence, Inyo National Forest
UCR0062112UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumJim Andre156572008-07-27 InyoBig Pine Canon, North Fork watershed, north end of Third Lake
UCR0062113UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumAnn Howald31912014-07-17 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles from its intersection with Hwy 203
UCR0062114UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumAnn Howald20141998-09-06 MonoUniv. of California Valentine Camp Reserve, 2380 Old Mammoth Road, 2.3 miles southwest of its intersection with Hwy 203
UCR0062116UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumGeorge K. Helmkamp58992000-07-19 MonoRock Creek Lake Rd, 1.1 miles north of the Inyo County line
UCR0062117UCREpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumAnn Howald29762013-08-01 MonoWarren Canon, upper Lee Vining Creek drainage
VVC2526VVCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumTim Thomas30302003-07-17 InyoCottonwood Lakes Basin; wet meadow along main trail on south side of valley mid way btw log xing and tr jct for S Fk Lk and Army Pass.Southern High Sierra
VVC2548VVCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumTim Thomas26402002-07-04 InyoCottonwood Lakes Basin; Jenny LakeSouthern High Sierra
VVC3189VVCEpilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatumP.J. MacKays.n.2013-07-12 InyoCottonwood Lakes Basin, east base of the Mesa just west of the Golden Trout Camp; Cirque PeakSouthern High Sierra
ELH00765ELHEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumGary Schoolcraft1641979-08-02 ModocNear edge of meadow at 10 mile creek
ELH00768ELHEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumSchoolcraft et al.1780B1987-10-18 ModocAt Cedar Pass campground in Warner Mountains
PUA24197PUAEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumG.L. Clifton1979-07-29 Del NorteLocal landmark: Elk Valley. Dillon Mt Quad.
PUA24409PUAEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumClifton And Griswold1979-08-01 HumboldtLocal landmark: Mill Creek Lakes. Salmon Mt Quad.
PUA2465PUAEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumG.L. Clifton1974-07-12 PlumasLocal landmark: Dixie Mountain. Portola Quad.
PUA24918PUAEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumClifton And Griswold1979-08-08 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Windy Canondrey Mt Quad.
PUA42218PUAEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumMaralyn Renner1980-08-19 SiskiyouLocal landmark: Caribou Lake. Coffee Creek Quad.
PUA47545PUAEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumG.L. Clifton1981-05-07 NapaLocal landmark: Knoxville Road North. Jericho Valley Quad.
PUA59925PUAEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumG.L. Clifton1984-08-09 PlumasLocal landmark: Swamp Creek. Pulga Ne Quad.
PUA61907PUAEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumG.L. Clifton1984-09-11 SierraLocal landmark: Bellevue. La Porte Quad.
SDSU08801SDSUEpilobium glaberrimum var. fastigiatumHowe, D. F.27531959-07-30 MonoRocky stream bed south of Sonora Pass.

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